Jess (a girl)

I'm new to the forum, but I've enjoyed reading the posts for a year or so. I'm in grad school. I'm 24, 5'4', brown hair, fair skin, over 100 pounds (ain't saying more than that!).

I'm not "fascinated" by bodily functions, but I love a good toilet joke as much as a ten year old. I think pooping jokes and farting jokes are hilarious. I had my share of accidents when I was a kid, but only once or twice have I had interesting bathroom experiences as a teen or adult (eww, did I just use the term adult in reference to myself?).

I'll start with the last time. Sophomore year at college. I was on my way home. I had intended to wait until morning, but left at night because I missed my boyfriend (the fact that he'd be asleep by the time I got home didn't occur to me). Anyway, it was a dark and rainy night and I was alone. About a five hour drive.

About two hours into it, I started to feel my guts cramping up. I supposed it was the greasy fast food I had at the beginning of my trip (bad idea), but thought I'd make it home. Within a half hour, I felt a massive dump coming on, and not a nice one. I felt a small fart escape, and with it, a tiny squirt of diarrhea, which I was able to stop with my clenched buns. I knew I couldn't hold it until a rest stop.

I pulled to the side of the road (it was raining and pitch black), jumped out and ran to the passenger side. I fumbled with my belt and zipper and finally managed to get my jeans and underpants down and squatted. I groaned as I crapped diarrhea into the mud by the side of the road. I must have squatted there for five or six minutes, farting and shitting and crying as the pain in my guts slowly receded. If anyone drove by during that time I didn't notice. It was horrible! HORRIBLE!

So, now drenched to the bone, and with nothing to wipe my ass, I pulled up my soaking wet underpants and jeans and got back in my car. I figured I could deal with slimy poop squished in my ass crack until I reached the next rest stop or gas station.

I got back on the road and was barely driving for two minutes when a sign for a rest stop appeared. Had I waited another three or four minutes I would've had an actual toilet to shit in! I went in, bringing dry clothes with me, and changed in a handicapped stall. To my amazement, other than being soaking wet, my underpants were clean. I even tried to squeeze a little more diarrhea out, but I had left everything inside on the road two miles back.

I got home at three in the morning and went to bed. In the morning, I didn't bother to tell anyone of my roadside shitting experience. In fact, this is the first time I've told the story to anyone (and I'd like to keep it that way).

Well, I took much longer to tell that than I thought. I'll write more at a later date.

Bye for now!

Punk Rock Girl
SUSAN: I've actually NEVER wet my pants (not since I was a little kid, anyway). But I have shit my pants more then once. Once, when I was ten or eleven, I was haging with my boy friends and they were having a farting contest. One of them asked if I ever farted, and another answered girls don't fart. I said, Oh yeah? I put my hands on my knees and let it rip, and sprayed a small amount of wet crap into my panties. I was soooooooooo mortified, I didn't say anything at first. After about ten or fifteen minutes, however, I could no longer stand the squishy feeling between my cheeks and in my panties, so I said I had to go home. That was pretty gross. Another time, I had passed out at a college party from drinking a tad too much. I woke up with my panties filled with a load of crap. Yeachh! Luckily I was able to make it to the showers without being seen. That was pretty nasty!

More later, nothing of interest right now!



Infantry SPC
To the Crank,

MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat, for all the inquiring)plug me up, and yes when I finally go after what seems like endless farting, it keeps coming out!

to Kellie: Try diapers

To TV Fan:

Only thing I saw was the episode of the surreal life where they had to go camping. When they were getting ready to go, the camera showed one of the good looking female "has beens" walking across the living room with a roll of toilet paper in her hand. The opportunity was perfect for addressing potty issues but, alas, they never touched on it. Oh well, maybe next time.


To Madeleine: Liked your story about your daughters.

To Alexis: Loved your story about the hike.

To Emma & Brooke: I love your stories.

To wetguy: I haven't been able to seem to catch the whole show about top bathrooms or what ever its called.

To COYOTE: Enjoyed your story

To Vanessa: I liked your story..were you ok? and did you have any more diahreaha at the hospital?

To Luke: Liked your story.

To MICHAEL P: Liked your story of the scouts

To Justin: Loved your story about your cousin.

To Nasty: Sounds like a cool movie

To Sara: good luck...hope your pooping soon

To jr: Liked your story.

Last night i was online and i was a little gassy, suddenly my stomach felt funny and i had mild cramps. I got off here 2x and pooped twiced the first time i had soft strands then followed by wet chunky stuff on top, the same thing 2nd time i pooped..wiped alot too
gotta run bye

Poop smells good
Once, before a dance, I had been constipated for a few days and was bloated. I didn't want to look gross in my dress so I took a strong laxative that said it would work overnight. It didn't. The next day, during gym class, I knew it was working. I asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom, but he wouldn't let me even though I said it was an emergency. We were playing tennis, and as I went to hit the ball, I burst into my gym shorts. My teacher made me go to the nurse, and the nurse made me go home, because there was a stomach flu going around and she thought I had it. My mom came to get me, and I didn't want her to know that I'd taken a laxative, so I told her I had the flu. I had diarrhea all night, and she wouldn't let me go to school the next day, the day of the dance. I ended up missing the dance all because I wanted to look good in my dress. My date found out about my accident and called me to ask if I was okay. I thought it was sweet of him until he asked if it wo! uld be okay if he went with someone else. I said okay, but I wished that I had had the flu and had given it to him.

Got Guts
Hi, I'm a long-time fan of this site, never had anything to post5 til today, but anyway, here goes. So, today I learned a valuble lesson: Never eat McDonalds for Lunch, and Chinese for dinner, in the same day. But this is not the basis of the story. After these two meals, both of which I'd had with someone I USED to consider one of my good friends, she started to drive me home in her car. Well, the 2 cheeseburgers and the lo mein were NOT getting along inside me, and as I'm sitting there squirming, my friend anounces she HAS to go get gas for her car. NOW. She "Hates getting gas by herself" she says. I say HELL no, woman, I have to crap, NOW. Take me home. "No!" She says. Meanwhile I'm thinking, Oh my God, one of my best friends is refusing to take me home in THIS kind of situation!? I had to get nasty. Take me home NOW or I shit in this damn car, NOW. And yo, it was true. I would not have lasted much longer, and the area I live in, which will remain a large international n! ameless city in the USA, at the gas stations here, there ARE no public bathrooms, to keep people like ME who NEED them DESPERATELY, from using them. So, she gives in, and takes me home (we were a block away anyway!). I hand her $5 and say "This is for yer damn gas", and I went inside, and proceeded to crap out 2 cheeseburgers and a plate of chinese food in liquid form. I'll spare you the details of the smells and such. But my GOD. What kind of a friend DOES that sort of thing!? If someone has ta go and go NOW in MY car, by golly, I'll drive them anywhere they WANT!

The Prof
In humans, soft Poo is really one long, mostly continuous sausage before it comes out. It gets its "link" look because we tend to pinch off lengths of it with the anal sphincter as the Poo emerges. If a person pinches hard enough, the Poo separates into several Poo units. If the person doesn't pinch that hard, the Poos may stay connected. If you can remain sufficiently relaxed, you can produce an awesomely long Poo that will coil up inside the toilet. The challenge is to stay relaxed and poo long coils. Tell me tomorrow how successful you've all been.

hi, everybody. I'm a new poster here and thought I would share a story with you guys.

Just the other night I made the terrible choice to eat mexican food. When ever I eat mexican food I usually have to poop really bad the next day. I made it to 3rd period the next day. Just before my teacher started the leason, it hit me, i got a very strong urge poop. you must keep in mind that i haven't pooped in about a week. i raised my hand immediatley. can i go to the bathroom, i asked. if you want me to mark you absent, he said. i decided to just get up and go because i knew there was noway i could hold my load in any longer.

i ran down the hall clinching my buttcheecks together, praying to make it before i pooped my pants. as i turned the corner and entered the bathroom i saw that there was no one there, thank god this was going to be one stinky poop. the pressure mounted and i clinched my thick cheecks tighter as i dashed into a stall. i barely got my pants and panties down as the turd pushed its way out of my nice thick ass. it was followed by about 10 other ones at about 8" long a peice. by the time i was finished the toilet was almost full of poop.i looked over to the paper holder, and to my horror there was none on the roll or for that matter any in the other stall either. i had no choice but to pull up my panties and let them wipe the poop off my nasty anus.

i didn't flush the toilet because i knew it would over flow, and i walked sheepishly back to class. i was bothered by the hideous stench of poop all day long. when i got home i surveyed the damage.

Michael M.
While I got a minute I want to add this little story from school days.
It seemed to me I was surrounded by classmates that had a marked need to pee an awful lot including myself.
We we in class one day and we were rotating around the room as each student went to read a bit out of the lesson book out loud that day standing by your desk. All was well until it came to this girl Charlotte whose turn it was to read. She stood up and read a page and then stopped. The teacher said, "go on,go on Charlotte," the last words were "In America". She stood there yet for a few seconds and then as we watched amazed,spread her legs apart a bit and then peed, I mean pissed her pants like dumping a bucket of water on the floor between her legs. She stood peeing there a loud hissing sound for a full minute as everyone was in shock. She looked down at the floor and there was a huge puddle under her feet, and steam rising off the pee on the floor as it was cold.
"Charlotte, what did you do, said Miss White the teacher. She took the girl out of the room and down to the girls bathroom and then called her mother. The janitor came up and mopped up the pee puddle on the floor.
So much for that,, or is it?
One week later teacher called on Charlotte to stand and read again.
She stood there reading aloud and all of a sudden piss splashed out hissing loudly from her panties on the floor again in a huge flood. Miss Whie was really mad, and made the girl stand on a hot air register in the hall until her panties dried. Again the janitor had to mop up the pee.
I could go on and on about this boy that sat by me, or the boy across the aisle from me peeing. I hadda pee once bad too, I was wearing dress shorts above the knee and a white shirt. My weener was like almost poking out of one pantleg. I held on though, if I wouldnt have, I just would have squirted a stream straight out of my pantleg on the floor. Yipes.!!
Well I will save the other stories for later, if you all want to hear about em, let me know

the "HOLD IT" man
Leaky, that was one way to stop those other kids from teasing you. I was wondering if there were any boys who tried to match your capacity. So 4th grad would make you about 9 or 10 if you had to repeat a year. My cousen and I use to have similar contests with other kids of the same ilk. My cousen, Katie allways won, and in almost all contests, the girls did better then the boys.

Brian, I will be going to pick up my power amp next Saturday, and I am hoping that the woman who was on the phone with me will be there because I plan to attempt a pee hold. There is a bathroom with a very th in door at that shop, and sincd "turn about is fair play" I thought I would attempt to match her time, though I don't realy know what it was. It's a two hour drive from my house. In order to be on the safe side, I am going to attempt a 5 hour hold, and water will be my drink of choice. I am goint to drink two bottles on the way there, and one before I begin my hold.

Joe, the basement of the house where I grew up in had several small dranes through out the room. One time Katie, one of my buddies and I decided to have a contest as to who had the best aim, so all of us started drinking water like there was no tomorrow, and held as long as we could. Katie, was naturaly the winner, I came in 2nd and my buddy brought up the rear. I removed the grating from the small drain. He took aim and let loose. Not one drop got on the edge or floor until he was almost finished and his stream started to ebb. Nest up was me. I had been practicing doing this when my parents weren't home, so I got it all down the drain without spilling so much as a drop on the floor. About two or three hours later, it was Katie's turn. She had remarkable aim for a girl, but her stream was so wide and so forceful that it was hard to get in to that small hole, so she ended up making a pubble on the floor. She peed for an eternity, and most of it did go down that! floor drane, but again, it hissed out of her like a broken water mane. She finaly used her hands to spread her pubic lips which made her stream rounder and narrower, but it still hit the side of the drane so hard that it shot up a little and ended up on the floor. Finaly she managed to lean her body in such a way that her thick stream shot directly down into the drane. She still had quite a bit left in her. She beared down and expeled the rest of her piss, and as she did this, foam started backing up out of that drane.

By the time she was done, there was a head of foam covering the drane and a several inch area of floor around it.

big d
My opinion.....if it takes you 45 minutes to take a dump, it's because you didn't have to go.

I've posted here before, but under a different name. Here's a thing I published a little while ago on a different site that I thought some of you all might like. For those who don't, sorry.
Movie theater pooping is awesome! I found that out like three months or so ago when I ended up (Don't even ask how *Groan!*) all by myself at a late show of "I Spy". Well I thought "What the ****?!" So I propped my feet comfortably up on the seat in front and filled up my briefs! Very kewl! Later on I did it at a show of "Harry Potter" degrees, baby! I made that crap last for an hour and a half, no joke! Not quite through the whole movie, but not bad. It was sweet! I'd raise my ass just a bit and let the long, wide, firm and pretty dry logs slide by slooow inches! Then I'd sit back and watch the flick for awhile before doing some more. This was even better than the first theater poop in a way, cause there were other people in the theater this time, though none were too near me. I wonder if they could smell something? Muahahahahaha!
Once when I was at another movie later that month I was just really in the mood for something different, and there were only a few peeps there. I was by myself in the back row and I dropped trou in back--just right below my hole and kind of shifted sideways on the seat...I wanted to lay a pile of logs right there but it just didn't work out. A few farts only :(--butt then I said "**** it!", dropped em all the way to the floor and pissed the seat. By the way this wasn't as easy as it sounds, cause I had to concentrate on something else to trick my woody into going down so the piss didn't blast up in the air! It felt awesone to feel the warm piss spread under my ass!
For Joe: When I was around 8 or 9 (I am 17 now)if I had to take a piss at night I usually did it under the bed. I'd just kneel down, point and let it fly! Once when I was spending the night with my cousins and we were all about 5 or something, 3 of us were sleeping in these 3 beds all pulled right up against each other so it was like one big bed. I was way in the middle and it was around 12 at night and I had to take a wicked piss so I just moved over to where the bed was next to the other, stuck my dick as far down between the mattresses as I could and let go! It felt good and the sound it made on the carpet-"Shplaaaaaaaaapppppp!" was actually pretty funny.

Stay cool!

Traveling Guy
MADELEINE - Bravo!! Your daughters are blessed with a compassionate mom. Sad to say, some parents might have opted for punishment after a pee accident. Haven't they ever known desperation? Instead, your girls got rewarded for their helpfulness to each other in an awkward moment and they also learned for themselves, the best way, about the importance of planning and self control. Thanks to you, they're likely to grow up with a healthy understanding of themselves and others - not just in situations like that one, but all around. Three cheers for enlightened parenting!

Potty Pooper
Someone mentioned a "Top 10 Bathrooms" show that was "probably on the Travel Channel,"
Well, I've seen another show about great bathrooms, "The 10 Most Glamerous Bathrooms"
(or something like that) on HGTV. It featured several very-elaborately-decorated
household bathrooms of the rich. One of them was done up like an old-style regal
theater (the kind with all the ornate gold trim and marble). Another had an ancient
Roman look that was all the rage 100+ years ago, with antique style tub, footwashing
mini-tub, and one of those old-style toilets with the tank near the ceiling and with
a square, wooden toilet seat and lid. I LIKE that bathroom! Hehe!

The same night, there was also an episode of "Designers Challenge" in which a couple
wanted their date 1970's bathroom remodelled, and commissioned the obligitory (for the
show) 3 design teams to choose from.

Those of you with HGTV can probably catch repeats of these later on in the week.

On an entirely different note, I'm going to repeat an anecdote I tried to post earlier
but that doesn't seem to have made it.

A few years ago, I was with my folks at an Olive Garden or something of the sort, and
went to the bathroom to wash my hands. While I was there, I heard a man saying "GOOD
BOY!!!" for all the world like he was rewarding a trained cocker-spaniel for bringing
back a stick or something, but obviously there weren't any doggies in there.

I looked around, and saw a man with a boy of perhaps 2yo or younger, naked (the boy,
that is), and was basically dangling him in front of the urinal! :-D

(And no, I'm not trying to suggest he was "treating him like a dog!" :-)

Hi all,

The Aus TV poop-fixation continues: now we have a comedy sketch show called "Skithouse." The slogan? "It gives you the skits."

I think someday we might actually *see* something on TV here!


I love to watch people poop
1. Have you ever been afraid of enlongated seats?Nope!

2. What is your favorite color of enlongated seats? i would have to say black.

3. What is your favorite toliet seat: a. round,b. enlongated? a. round totally!

4. Have you ever seen a man pissing in a urinal or toliet?yeah i am a man but whenever i go to a public washroom,I always look at the man pissing in the urnal beside me.

5. How many times have you pissed or pooped in your underwear or pants?20 times maybe!and about 10 of those times were on hikes!

6. Females what is the worst conditions you ever saw in a restroom or bathroom? i am a man;

7. Men where was the dirtyiest restroom or bathroom you ever used?At a park!there were about 6 really dirty toilets all lined up in a row with seporators or doors.

8. When you saw a dirty restroom or bathroom did you use the toliet or urinal? Yeah!!!i had to go for a really big dump.

This week started nicely. I went for routine pee this morning to our officeís ladies room. There is only two stalls and as I stepped in I noticed that nearest stall from door was occupied. Almost immediately I heard a huge plop. I entered in next stall and lowered my trousers and panties. I smelt a mild odour of poop. It certainly came from adjacent stall. As I sat on then pan I learned forward and took a look under the wall. I saw the shoes, but I didnít recognize them. So I didnít have no idea who was sitting there. I let out a long, soothing pee. While I peed my neighbour was puffing quietly. In the end of my pee she moaned quite ardently a couple of times and very soon a crackling sound was heard. It ended up with impressive plop. Lady sighed deeply, her relief must be complete. She started wipe instantly. I lingered and waited until she was finished and left. I came out of my stall and checked the adjacent stall. The smell of poop was pretty strong and I saw wide poop s! treaks at the bottom of bowl.
Later in the afternoon I went for poop myself. Unfortunately I was alone all the time. I sat there about 5 minutes. After a good stream of pee I let out few hissing farts and then started straining. Result of my exertions was three firm 5-6 inches long turds.

Michael M
My first experience with a friend actually pooping in front of me was when I was 13.
This new family moved to town, and had a kid whose first name was same as mine and so the teachers had to use our last names when called on. We were good friends doing biking and fishing and hanging out.
Then this one fall day walking home I noticed Mikey grabbing his crotch and I asked if he was ok. He said he hadnt peed all afternoon in school and now he hadda go bad. We were walking pretty fast and then he slowed up, and I noticed a long dark streak running down his pantlegs and crotch got real dar. Mikey had peed in his jeans. He asked me to come along to his home as we walked, his parents were working. Ok, so I went home with him, we went upstairs and in his room he took down his peed in jeans and he had on these white boxers that had a big yellow stain on the front and back. He dropped them off and was bare ass naked. I never saw friend naked like that cept for a few guys naked in P E class when we took a shower. He then stepped into the shower and rinsed off and sat onthe toilet. He had to take his after noon after school shit.
His tool was showing up pretty good and you can guess what went on then. Well soon his sister came home and called his nzme as he was cleaning up and heres this big yellow log in the to8let.. We got dressed and I left, heading home..
Ok then a few days later we met and walked home again and this time he changed clothes (didnt pee his pants again) and we went and go my bike and went riding. Awhile later we went to the river down by our town and sat on a huge sand pile that was about 15 feet high, where sand was stored for he making of cement. It was unloaded from river barges every day. Then Mikey hadda do his afternoon shit. He wanted to to join him. We both dropped our jeans and underpants and squatted over a hole we dug in the sand. I pooped first and covered it up. Mikey was still trying, I saw his anus bulge out and this long long yellow log come out and curled as it fell into the hole he dug. I knew right away it was yellow as he did drink a lot of milk.
Then we got dressed again and headed out with our bikes. Though I never will forget the first time I had a chance to watch a friend take a poop right in front of me-twice.
After that summer we sort of drifted apart, he found new friends and so did I. It was a great esperience, especially watching Mikey pee in his pants walking home from school.
Anyone have a similar experience?

To Madeleine - I enjoyed your story about your daughters. Did you have to pee at all during this incident??

To Alexis - I liked your story, that must have been embarrasing at first. I will post an account of being seen peeing outside below...

To Emma - Liked your story. Your sister came so close!

To kelli - Please post your stories, especially pee ones, to try and balance the scale here!

To Michael P - Liked your story. When I was 14 and on my 8th-grade trip to Washington, we were about an hour into the ride and I had to pee. Luckily, there was a bathroom on the bus, but it was totally gross so i put off going until i could no longer wait. Not as exciting as your story, but i definitely get your point about needing to pee on busses.

Now, my account about someone seeing me pee outside. It also happened when i was 14 and in between 8th and 9th grades. I was playing golf with my freind Justin, also 14 one day in June, and everything was going well until about the 13th hole, when i began to have to pee pretty bad. It was a hot day for June and I had been drinking tons of water, and it had caught up with me. Problem was, there were absolutely no bathrooms on this course and we were getting as far from the clubhouse as the course got. As we advanced to the 15th hole, I was beginning to have trouble concentrating on playing, further complicated by the fact that we were walking the course. I told Justin that I had to pee bad, and I wasnt too surprised when he said that he did too. I was surprised though when he immediately grabbed himself and did a little dance. Obviously, he had been concealing his need as I had been concealing mine, and was now taking advantage of the fact that it was known. I was a bit m! ore modest, as I only crossed my legs and sneaked a small squeeze.

We had no choice but to continue playing though, two 14-year-olds totally desperate to pee. At this point, we were still trying to make it to the end of the round where we could piss at the clubhouse. We began the 15th hole and were both doing a pee-dance when we weren't hitting. On the green, I remembered that there was a cluster of thick woods at the next tee, and the first squirt into my shorts told me i had no choice but to pee there. For whatever reason, I usually dont like to appear so helpless in front of friends, but I was starting to pee my pants, and I'm pretty sure Justin was too. So i told him about the woods, and he looked relieved. Since we had a group behind us, we decided that as I was already having an accident, I would piss while he teed off, and then he would pee while I teed off. As soon as we reached the tee, I rushed down a small hill to the woods, which didnt provide as much cover as I had thought they would. Again, I was totally embarrased to expo! se my dick in front of someone (the only way was to pee facing the course), especially since i had to do a major dance while unzipping. But I peed, and it was hige relief. The damage was minimal, just a golf ball (haha) sized wet spot on my boxers and less on my shorts. I looked up and saw Justin again jumping around doubled over, waiting for me to come up (we couldnt leave our stuff unattended) I came up, he went down, and i noticed a similar sized wet spot on his shorts. I teed off, much relieved, while Justin also peed facing me. Man, we were both 14, just out of 8th grade, and we both were just totally desperate to pee and exposed ourselves in front of each other, not to mention wetting our pants a little. Looking back, I actually dont think it was as bad as i thought at the time (I'm 17 now).

So sorry this went longer than i thought it would.


To super soaker - Hey man, are you still here? I miss your posts, please post again if you can!!

I'm a 17-year-old guy, and the other day I shit my boxers by accident, and it was totally disgusting. It was at home, and I had to go for awhile but had been holding it and putting it off (as I'm doing now so I'll keep this short!). I finally couldnt take it anymore and got to the bathroom, and naturally was having a minor problem with my zipper. However, i was at the point of no return and the crap started to slide out of my butt. I finally pushed my pants down with it halfway out, but I was simply too late. It was coming out, so I sat on the toilet with my boxers still on and just finished crapping and pissing in them. It was so gross cleaning up, it reminded me why i dont enjoy crapping my pants for fun. Those who do it, I'm genuinely interested in hearing how you can possibly do it and be able to put up with the clean up over and over again. For now, I think i'll stick to peeing my pants. It's more fun and much easier to clean up. I better run now though before it ha! ppens again!...



To Madeleine:
My family made a cross-country trip from Florida to Oregon in record time with three (3) kids thanks to a tip from my father-in-law, a retired Navy man, who had to move his kids across country frequently - take a pee-pee cup! The only problem was one side of our family minivan was clean...and the other was caked in dust - wonder why?

To Alexis:
I hope I never go hiking with you! In the stream?!? Next time dig a hole. Remember, "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute!"

I'm usually a caffeine clean eliminator but last two days have been strange. I'm afraid I'll end up passing something long and nasty. I ate R*cola Breath Mints which have the highest concentration of Sorbitol and that can cause the runs! That should work things out. By the way, R*cola Breath Mints has a warning on the side. It's a laugh. And it is truly a warning!

Todd MN
Hey, I am new to the forum. Have been reading these stories for a long time and I love them. I have a fetish for women going to the bathroom. I love to watch and hear. There is nothing better than a female sitting on the toilet and exposing her vagina and taking a huge dump. I love to see and or hear about women who read on the toilet. It is such a turn on. I'll post in good time.

Cindy, Hey, Where are you a police officer at? Because I am studying to become a police officer at North Hennepin Community College, Brooklyn Park. I am 20 years of age and will be 21 in May. I hope to be POST Certified within the next year or year and a half. I live in Princeton if you know where it is at or even heard of it. Yeah I hope to become an Elk River Police Officer. Well I really enjoyed your story and keep in touch. Officer Todd!

Thank you, Adrian. I will never understand why there is so much stigma placed on incontenence and diaper wearing. It seems that people who suffer from incontenence, sleep apnia or mental retardation are subject to ridecule and get very little sympathy from others, while the very same people who would make fun of those with the afore mentioned ailments would be apalled if they say somebody in a wheel chair being made fun of. Go figure.

Leaky, that is a very accurate observation about the stretching of the bladder. Over time it does stretch, and the sphincter muscles get stronger. Girls have a tough enough time in public places and in places where toilets are scarce because of their "equipement" and I also hated using the toilets wher I went to school because of the stink. Like you, I have also challenged others to try to hold as long and as much as I could, and in grade school, I never lost those contests. Also the girls usualy did better then the boys. I personaly never lost to a male to this very day. There was one boy in my grade school who came pretty close, though. I don't know all the details because most of us did not like peeing infront of the oposite sex back in those days, but as far as holding and drinking liquids is concerned, this guy was the only boy who could last as long as he did. I was the only one he couldn't beat, out of all of those who competed in these contests.

I do have a distinct advantage, however that I may or may not have told this forum. For some reason, when I hold my pee, it stimulates certain nerves that cause me plasure, the nature of which I won't discuss in detail. I also get termendous pleasure when the hard stream hits my &%$^^#% if you know what I mean, so I have a motivation in addition to the ones that are already present in life. This happens to alot of women that I know.

It is physicaly impossible for any man to get stimulated by holding his bladder. That's not to say that they can't hold for long periods of time, but women who have the ability to hold for pleasure will almost allways be able to out piss most any man.

An unmamed Poster
Thanks for the advice Katrina. My parents keep telling me the same thing, but the p e coach at my school is such an asshole. I usualy don't get that constipated. It only happens to me once or twice in a year. I would say that I was about average when it comes to how often I have to take a leak. I am not into holding or anything like th at. When I feel a need to go I just go.

Twice Shy
Tatum Pushing the limit

Most folks, I think, have recollection of the great character played by Madeline Kahn in the 1973 film "Paper Moon". I am thinking now of the scene in which she, her maid Imogene, Addie and Mose have finished with a roadside picnic on a generally treeless hillside. Addie has complained about Kahn's character, Miss Trixie, needing to "winky-tink" all the time--"she must have a bladder the size of a peanut". On the hillside, Addie is sitting stubbornly, with Mose yelling at her to come join the rest in the car, but she won't, since Trixie has taken her place in the front seat. Finally, Addie is persuaded to come on down, once Trixie says that she will ruin things for both of them. The line she then utters is something like "If you don't find a little old gas station pretty soon, this Snowflake is going to wet her pantaloons". It occurs to me after reading some of this board that Addie may well have wanted to see such a spectacle, and therefore refuses to move. The s! cenery was wide open, too--with nowhere for a modest lady like Miss Trixie to hide while she hikes up the white dress her Daddy (Mose) has bought for her so as to "winky-tink" on some of the broad and fertile lands of eastern KS as depicted in the movie. I recall many references to the bathroom in that Peter Bogdanovich classic, now that I think of it. This was about the time of "All in the Family"; when toilets finally appeared in media representations.

John Q Public
To the movie fans on the forum. I just rented "The Panic Room" on DVD, starring Jody Foster, and there is a toilet scene where Jody pees. They don't show anything, but you see her prepare herself, sid down on this wierd looking toilet and you hear a respectable stream (Not a hisser) hit the water for about 4 seconds before they cut to the intruders who are just starting to break in. I replayed that scene several times.

I was wondering if Jody Foster was realy peeing, or if that was just a sound effect for the sake of the movie. I think the latter to be the case. It would be interesting to see how good she could do if she held her pee for a long time like my gf and sister.


There have been numerous times when I peed on the floor because I didn't make it to the toilet. That happened alot after I stopped using diapers 24/7. I was in college, and I was finaly gaining some semblence of control, but if I waited too long, I would wet myself, and very often I would make it to the bathroom, and make getting my fly undone and my dick out, but the pee would start to flow before I was aimed and half of it would end up on the floor. Another time while doing my laundry I had to pee realy bad. In fact this was only about a year ago. I knew that I had to go bad, but I wanted to make sure that I put my wet cloths in the dryer before I forgot and I thought I could last, but while I was pulling all the cloths out, my bladder started spazzing out on me, so I just wipped it out and let loose on the laundryroom floor. I mopped it up imediately afterwords and washed that section of floor with Lisol water. It was not a huge flood, but it did have a smell an! d since my gf was comming over to do her wash, I wanted to make sure that she didn't smell what I did.


thanks for your kind statement regarding diaper wearing. I only wear them when I am going to be in a situation where I might not be able to get to a bathroom, or if I want to see a movie without having to leave the theatre to pee, but I did use to have to wear them 24/7, and it was very often a drag. On long car trips, it was hard to find a place to change, so I got pretty wet at times. I also think it's great that you look at the whole person and not just their physical strength or lack there of as a criteria for judgement. Having bathroom problems is embarassing and can lead to ridicule for anyone. Guys, according to all the "macho" stereotypes that many of us grew up with, tend to have a harder time with something like that in my opinion. Don't get me wrong. I do not in any way try to diminish the suffering of women who share in those problems, but alot of people still expect men to be the "strong ones," and if they don't fit that image, they are often picked ! on, ignored by women, or looked on as "weak."

Finaly, to leaky:

My sister hated using the bathrooms at school back in our grammor school days, and she very seldomly used them. The only thing that would make her go to those washrooms was a real emergency, usualy diareah or a realy bad dump that she had to do or end up with it in her pants. Like clock work, she allways had to have a bm when she got home from school and was quite desperate, so the very first thing she would do is head right for the bathroom. I would do the same thing, but usualy because I needed to change my diaper. I usualy had my bm after dinner for some reason. I still hold pretty much to that pattern, but there have been exceptions. Anyway, she would rush into the bathroom, very often while I was changing myself, plop herself down on the toilet and the hissing and farting would begin in ernest. For some reason, it seemed that her kidneys worked overtime at school, too because she not only crapped, but she also peed for what seemed like for ever. When she w! as in 4th grade, was when she started getting into holding her pee for fun. My cousen was the one who got her into it. About mid year of her 4th grade, she turned 10. I was 13 and in 7th, and no matter how hard I tried, I allways ended up with a wet diaper because of my condition. Some times she and my cousen would come home from school, my sister would be desperate to have her bm, then after she did her business, my cousen would hiss out Niagra Falls, but would show no sign of desperation or urgency. I remember the very first contest they had in my presence. In fact, I was asked to be the time keeper. This was on a Saturday. The weather was cold and bordom had set in for the winter. They wanted to see how far they could push themselve so both of them started drinking water until they could not drink another drop. They were total 'water loged.' They held, held held and held until they were both jumping all over the place. Niether one of them wanted to lose, but ! my cousen, starting to lose control, was the one who gave up first. My sister danced and jumped while my cousen spewed a long, hissy, wide stream of clear piss into a bucket. There was no odor and no foam. We didn't have any way to measure the exact amount so I used a Magic Marker to make a "high water" mark in the bucket. I d on't remember the exact time, but I do remember that she peed for over 2 minutes.

Then about 20 minutes later, my sister decided that since she already won, there was no longer any need to hold on, though she probably could have lasted another 2 hours. I em ptied the bucket for her. She removed her panties, squated over the bucket, leaned forward, and spewed a wild gusher into that bucket, pushing as hard as she could. So hard, infact, that she farted. She also peed for over two minutes. It was just a little longer then my cousen did. Her "high water" line was about a quarter of an inch above my cousens. It was hard to judge because her pee foamed up and I had to blow some of it out of the way before I could get a clear view of the water line. Her pee was slightly yellower then my cousens, but there was no smell that I could discern.

JENNY - I once just had to poo in front of my brother. He was in the bath and I had cramps and had no choice but to use that toilet. It was very noisy and messy and of course very very smelly. It came out in four or five spurts - more like explosions which got all over the toilet bowl right up to the rim, under the seat, and made the water splash back onto my bum. My brother laughed and complained loudly about the smell, and made sure he had a good view of my lower half naked. I couldn't cover anything because of how sore my stomach was, and all I was thinking about was pooing.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I have lurked round the site and posted a few stories.
I am a 40-year-old man and sometimes get into desperate situations because Iím lazy about going to the toilet.

I put it off as long as I can and this has led to me having to take extreme action ... like trying to discreetly wee while ordering drinks at a bar Ė it was a busy club, my round and I had been waiting ages to get served by which time I was absolutely bursting for a wee.

After such occasions I always promise myself I wonít ever wait again ... only months later to find myself in a desperate state.
If Iím with my partner she can always tell when Iím desperate even if Iím doing my best to act normally.

She always warned me that one day I would wet myself ... well, I hate to say it but she was right.

We were at a wedding and I had been in the pub before hand and had three pints. Like most men the only thing I like about weddings is the booze.

We were friends of the bridegroom and were sitting in the church midway back and in the middle of a pew.

I had a comfortably full bladder but wasnít bursting or anything ... but 20 minutes after the service started it was a different story. My bladder had started to thump a little.

We stood up to sing a hymn and I must have given myself a way with a bounce or something because my partner said: ďDo you want the toilet?Ē

Angry that she knew I just said: ďIím okay.Ē
We sat down and I crossed my legs which eased the situation and it was even better when I could bend double to say a prayer and took the opportunity to press down on my crotch.

ďHow much longer do you think itíll last,Ē I asked my partner as quietly as I could as the vicar started his address.

ďYou do want the toilet donít you?Ē she countered.
ďYesĒ I admitted and crossed my legs and thrust my hand between them holding myself.

It was another 15 minutes before the service was over and the bride and bridegroom went off to sign the register.

I shifted about on the bench not wanting to disturb people to get out and it wouldnít be long now surely.

We watched them come back along the aisle and stood up to follow them outside and I headed to look for a toilet. I was clutching myself and was so desperate I didnít care who saw me.

It was a country church and I couldnít find a toilet and I couldnít pee behind a tree or anything because there were old gravestones and the chances of me being seen were too great.

I went back to my partner and by now I was in agony for a piss. ďCan we go to the hotel, there isnít a public loo here?Ē I said to her.
ďWeíll miss the photographs.Ē

Iíd been desperate for more than 45 minutes and I really didnít care about photographs.

ďIíll piss myself if we donít,Ē I said unable to stand still or keep from grabbing at my penis.

I hobbled to the car and got in. My bladder throbbed, my ears throbbed and I had to keep squeezing my penis and letting out moans of need. The hotel was 15 minutes drive away and, to be fair, my partner was going as fast as she could.

She put the radio on to see if that would take my mind of my desperation but it didnít. Every muscle in my body was tense, my legs shook, even my fingers were crossed and my teeth gritted.

I shifted in the seat and that was it. I started weeing myself and just gave in to what was an enormous feeling of relief.

ďDonít say I told you so,Ē I said to my partner as, alerted by the soft hissing sound, she looked at my crotch.

Iíd raised myself up a little and was pissing hard. The wee steamed on to the seat and the floor. I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. I ruined my underwear and my trousers and had to clean out the car.

We missed the reception because I didnít have a change of clothes.
Did it cure me? I wish it had but thatís another story.

Alexis, please do not shit in the water. It is drinking water and could cause cholera

Jacob G in FL
Hello everyone! Itís freezing in Florida!

Thom and BrentC! Itís great to see both of you are still around. Your posts were always among my favorites. Thom, you started a mini-reunion when you posted the other day. Youíve been around since before page 100 because one of my favorite posts is one by you posted on page 65. I love that story!

Pete (US), and Justin - hello to you guys also. I too hope to hear more of your stories, along with more stories from Carlos, Fernando, Drew, Daniel, Craig, Zip, Brad, Plunging Plop Guy, Byrian, Marc, and the other guys Iím sure I missed. Guys, please post some stories and I promise to do the same.

I havenít posted in a while, but I do enjoy and keep up with the posts. Iíve led such a boring existence lately. Well, I have had the opportunity several times to listen to a friend grunting and plopping, but otherwise, absolutely nothing worth reporting. Maybe itís the cold weather. That has got to change soon and I promise to post when the next interesting experience occurs.

women survey for women-do you love farting?

do you fart because its fun?

do you try to make yourself fart? do you love your smelly farts?

awnser these and post me. kaameehaameemaaaa!

Well, my bowel movements have been back to normal for the last week or so, it feels great to have a nice solid poo come out instead of watery diarreah.

Last week I started some work experience at a local library. It's a small place and they have one staff toilet which is used by the three women who work there. It gave me a buzz to sit on the same toilet they do. I heard one of them go one day, I was in the staff toilet so they used the public one (the toilets are single in a room to themselves). I could just make out the tinkling of wee.

PV: I saw that ad for Sorbent with Leyton Hewitt. I cringed a bit and laughed. Have you seen that ad, if I remember correctly it is for 'Reece Plumbing' and it has people's bathrooms and gives them a different name, eg 'The lounge room' which features a couple having a bath watching tv. The final one they have features some old bloke sitting on the toilet reading a book, he looks up at the camera and shuts the door, they call it 'The library'.

I spotted a couple of toilet scenes in a movie recently on tv. It was called 'Via Sattelite' I think it's from New Zealand (either that or Australia). Anyway I was sort of watching it on and off and I switched over to see this good looking woman go into the bathroom. 'Look's promising' I thought. Anyway, it shows this bloke also going in to talk to this woman. He's doing something in the mirror while talking and you can see the reflection of the woman sitting on the toilet. As camera pans around to show her, undies and all, we briefly see her grabbing paper and bringing it to her backside (she was only in for a wee). She then gets up and pulls her undies up. She leaves while the bloke stays. A couple of scenes later we see another woman go into the bathroom. She pulls her pants down and sits on the toilet (we see a shot from the waist up). She then notices the guy who is behind the shower curtain and gets up, pulling up her pants and tells him to get out. Great stuff!

I am in the US Army-the toughest, most competent fighting force this Earth has ever seen. I live in a world of tough guys, real men (and women) who can do anything and win all the time.... right.

I am 6'1", 200lbs of lean muscle, I am a helicopter pilot, and I was educated at the world's greatest military academy, West Point. I am a man's man, right? Right, except for when it comes to my nemesis the urinal. Can't do it. Well to make my long story short, I have always felt like I was less of a man because of my "problem." For years I have been subjected to being woken up at the wee hours of the morning for surprise drug tests. No pun intended. These test involve gathering large groups of soldiers together, using one "secured" latrine and have a designated observer watch every soldier piss into a small plastic cup. Well if you don't go the first time around they proceed to walk you back to the meeting place with empty cup held high and announce "we've got a choker!" You can't hide in the stall, the man, by regulations must watch urine leave penis and enter cup...for legal purposes. When you don't go, you must drink water until you do--since the problem must be tha! t you are not well hydrated. Well I have drank until I almost puked-no dice. There is lot of resentment towards the guys (there are always three or four) who take forever. The observers are always peers chosen at random. I have seen lots of hazing, and bullying go on while callous observers can't understand why someone like me who just drank nearly a gallon of water can't go pee pee. They only way that I have survived this affliction is to go through the humiliation of having to sit on the pot and push as hard as I can until something comes out. Invariably I crap myself and yet still can't pee. The last time this happened, the guy who had to stand in front of the open stall door and watch the spectacle happen was real unsympathetic. He stood there watching while I wiped and then watched while I squeezed out a few drops of urine while still seated. But at least the mission was accomplished.... So for all you folks out there, being macho doesn't have anything to do with w! hether you can piss in public. I should know...

I am behaving myself. My poos are easier and I have to go more in the day than before. Therefore I get a good "cleaning out". I eat v????s and fruits. Also pasta! You asked if Annie and I have had any "tete a tetes". Well, not recently because I have been so sick it hasn't been that much fun. I do have a story from the past for you and Kendal. Here goes! It was 1965 and I was still in England. We had been to a school play and had just gotten home when Annie whispered;"I have to poo"! That lit up a light in my head. The problem was her parents were home. This was going to be dangerous. We quietly went to the upstairs loo. Annie closed the door,lifted her skirt and pulled down her knickers. I sat on the tub rim. She shifted forward and strained. She started weeing. It lasted about 20 seconds. Then I saw a snake of a log start to come out of her bum. She strained and let a out a loud trump. Just then her mum knocked on the door and aske! d;"Who is in there?" We froze. Annie sa! id that it was she. Her Mum asked;"Where is Robby?" Annie was great! She replied I must be in the flower bushes having a squat. Her Mum yelled; "I'll find that naughty boy!" and ran down the stairs. Annie giggled and dropped the first log and some soft poo came out,too. She grabbed my hand and held on for dear life. She grunted and some more soft poo came out. She relaxed and tore some tissue off the roll. She wiped and then hugged and kissed me. She said;"Thank you so much, dear cousin. Don't you need to have a go,too?" Well that is another story that I will let Annie tell. That adventure was a REAL close call. Now then, don't let my girls drive you bonkers. They are a little off center like their old man and cousin, hahaha! By-the-way, do you follow the local football team or another one? Annie and I yell for Manchester United. Andrew, take care my dear friend! Good luck on those "A" levels. Lots of Love from Kendal

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