Emma & Brooke

Hi everyone. Both Brooke and I are gonna write a story so I gotta keep it short.
I remember once when I was like 7 I let some boys tie me to a chair in my shed because they wanted to play a game where two of them would be bad guys and two of them would be good guys. Well the good guys were supposed to come rescue me but I guess everyone got tired of that game and went to do something else. Problem is they forgot to untie me. So I stayed there, yelling for help. No one heard me for like 30 minutes. Well, a combination of being scared and being tied up for a long time made me need to pee. I held on for about 10 more minutes but eventually I peed all over myself. There wasn't a single dry spot on the front of my jean shorts. Eventually my mom came to check on me and I told her what happened and she called the boys' mom's and they got in trouble.



I know my big sister Em has told you all about me so I'll just get right to my story.
Last year I played on a baseball team. It was a boys team and I was the only girl (because there isn't a girls team). I play outfield and about halfway through the game I started feeling like I needed to go #2. So next time I was in the dugout I told the coach what I needed to do. He said I would have to wait until after the game, and I was afraid of getting in trouble if I left so I just held it. As the game continued I started needing to go worse and worse. After the game I rushed over to the port-o-potty (yes, there was only one.) but there was a long line. When I got about 3 people from the front of the line I got a really bad cramp and soft peanut butter type poop started coming out. When I say peanut butter poop i don't mean the color, I mean it felt like peanut butter. Em saw the whole thing and helped me to the car. When we got home she helped me clean up. We had to throw away my panties because they were ruined. My mom complained to the other parents and the coa! ch asn't our coach for very much longer. All the kids who saw me poop my pants called me "poopy diaper butt" for the longest time.


Hope you liked our stories, we'd like to write more but it's bedtime.


Em and Brooke.

Long time no post. I had some problems with my Internet service. Anyway I loved alot of the stories I have been reading, but would like to address afew things.

First of all to the unmamed person who asked about naps after a bm, that has never happened to me. On the contrary, I feel somewhat energised after a long hard piss or crap. You may need to be more carful about what you eat and get on some kind of an exercise regiment. That will help to build energy reserves and it will make your bowls and bladder stronger.

Holdit man, I have done that to ppl too. Sometimes when I am on the cell phone, and I realy have to pee, I will just walk into the bathroom and hiss away while on the phone. I did that to an auto mechanic one time. It was a typical 'full moon' type of a shift, where I went in to work and went 14 hours straight without even a break to take a piss. I had also been nipping at a two litre bottle of water through out that day, so by the time my shift was over I was ready for the bathroom. I dropped off my car the night before. While walking to the bathroom, I called the mechanic to check on my car. It was the night shift, which ended at 9 that morning. Anyway I called him, he was telling me all the things that had to be done, spark plugs, oil change, yadda yadda yadda, and while he was explaining this, I was readying myself for a long, hissy pee.

When I let my flood gates go, he got quiet, and didn't say a work for about 30 seconds. Just stone silence.

When my friend dropped me off to pick up my car, he was smiling at me.

Rebecca, John Q, and Jill-dl, diaper wearing and incontenence is not something that you should feel embarassed about, any more then a diabetic should beel embarassed about having to take insolin. The fact that you use diapers is an indication that you are willing to be considerate of those around you as opossed to leaving messes or puddles in public. I have changed alot of diapers in my time, ages ranging from infant to old age. I have changed alot of guys who suffer incontenence, and as hard as it is for them to believe, I do not think they are "spastic," "whimps," "weaklings," "dorks," "freaks" or anything else. They have a MECICAL CONDITION, it all. Even guys and girls who wear diapers just because they like to. I have nothing against that at all. It's just an under garment, nothing more. In fact, I would have to say that all three of you show great character, which is very important quality that I look for in a guy or girl I am considering a romantic relati! onship with.

An incontenent guy with character and honesty has a better chance then a dishonest guy with great hold capacity.

As of the 2002-03 school year, I am a 9th grader (freshman in high school).

I was in English class today when suddenly, a big urge to take a dump gripped me from nowhere. I tried to hold it but it got worse. Finally, I asked my teacher and he gave me a break. I was able to get to the girls' bathroom without problem, but everything continued to deteriorate. Luckily, I still had no problem when I locked up the stall I entered . I took down my pants, but I felt that by this time, any improper movement would cause a big accident. So, I decided to sit down slowly and cautiously. Just then, another girl came in and saw me slowly sitting down, and asked, "Are you okay?" I replied, "Yeah. I have to take a dump but the urge has gotten so bad that I want to be cautious." She then said, "I think I am experiencing some minor diahrrea." Shortly after that, I got myself totally down on the seat, and she asked if anything leaked out. I said nothing leaked out and I feel lucky. Then I said, "Now, I will have to release my worn-out anal gates ..." and, just as I! finished saying that, the unthinkable happened! Shit rushed out of my butt, and kept coming out non-stop for about 5 seconds. The other girl said, "Wow! That must have felt very terrible!" I replied, "Sure did, but I feel much more comfortable now." Although the turd was not loose, it did obscure 75% of the toilet water. Then, seconds later, the other girl's diahrrea also came out. I asked if she was okay and she said it was fine. We discussed our nutritional habits and I mentioned to her that eating plenty of foods with fiber (roughage) was healthy and can make it easier to take a dump.
After a while, I was finished, I started to wipe. It certainly took a long time! The other girl just asked if I felt alright. I said I did, and I flushed and got out a short time later. By that time, she also started to wipe. Before returning to our classes, we had some final words and I told her that it was kind of fun. :)

I'm a 22 year old male. Every now and then I like to hold my urine to see how much I can hold. Today I held it and got a 44oz cup, one that I had purchased eariler full of mt. dew. When I finally went, I filled that 44oz cup to the top in about a minute and thirty seconds, and I still wasn't in danger of uncontrollably wetting myself, which I've never done. I found a conversion chart and it said that 44oz is the equivalent to 1.56 liters. Is this correct? And does anyone else this capacity?

i took a shit in the sink it was so cool. has anyone done this before!

hey everyone i'm new here. a lil bout myself, 4 11, 13 and i have a really really urgent ques to ask you guys..

Rebecca - hav u ever tried pooping on newspaper because u wer reading one of these posts and u got the sensation...this ques is to anyone???? pleaz answer n reply to me..i wanna kno thanks xoxo luv ya

hey i'm new here!!! i am 13 yrs old, and 4 foot 11!! well i have a story.
Ok last saturday, i went over to my friend Noahs house. We've known each other for like ever litterally. anyway we were listening to linkin park in his room wen all of a sudden, i got this huge feeling to take a GIGANTIC CRAP!! i jus found this site a month ago, and read only a few posts. i'm not really shy too. so i told noah that i needed to go to the bathrooom bad!! he asked me which one n i sed number 2. i told him he can come if he want, but not to look or anytin lol.
Anyways, he came in and sat on the tub while i took off my shirt n pants n pink underwear. i lifted up the seat, then rested my ass on it. lol it felt warm! i put a towel on my leg, so he couldnt see my "you kno wat lol". i was wering my black bra. i started to push a little, and after like 5 seconds, a piece of poop dropped into the toilet. noah heard the splash and sed..."boy alicia not in my toilet u dont" lol..hes soo kool n funny. we kept toking. luckily, his parents werent home so we could do this. i then burped, and pushed a little as 2 pieces exited my ass. we kept toking n it didnt really smell. i felt a little embaressad but we knew each other n wer very open. i told him to turn around, as i slid off the towel n looked under my legs. There were THREE pieces.
i then looked back up n put the towel back on. i told him i was done n he told me to stand up cuz he wanted to look at my awesome creation. so i stood up, ( i read the kim n scott posts n told him bout it) so he went an got measuring tape. the harder brown one measured 8 1/2 inches, while the other 2 measuerd 5 inches long!!!!!!! i think he liked this. i then wiped my little round butt 3 times n threw it on top of the poop!! i told him to turn around once again, as i pulled up my pink underwear n zipped up. he then flushed for me n then we made out on his bed !! ha hoped u enjoyed


Courtney - you sure are lucky. It's nothing like that at my school. It's amazing the way people will actualy go out of their way to humuliate you at my school.

Just a question or two... or five? - sure why not?

1. Have you ever made a fountain in the tub? (please state sex when answering) WTF?! What is "making a fountain" and what does that have to do with sex? And what does that have to do with this forum?

2. Have you ever peed in a sink?? No

3. do you read while in the toilet? No

4. Do you sing while on the toilet? No

5. If you are female do you sit on the toilet with your legs open or closed? and Why? I keep them legs together 'cause that's how I usually sit.

Tess - here are the answers to your survey:

1) In whose company do you delay farting? I try to delay it until I get to the bathroom.

2) In whose company do you fart silently, but risk the smell, and why? I try to avoid this if I can.

3) In whose company do you fart and it doesn't matter if they smell or hear? Nobody

4) In whose company do you try and fart loudly? No one

5) Taking the three main noise sources (farting, plopping, grunting and straining) where do you suppress these, and which do you suppress? I never supress any of them.

6) With the above where don't you mind if they are heard? in the bathroom

7) Is there anywhere where you make more noise than nescessary? No

I was asleep all evening so I been up since real early this morning. I took a nice shit not that long ago. It was semi-solid and not real big but I let it come out slowly. I thought of a poem while I was pooping.

People everywhere have gotta poop
On the toilet or in a pan
Or even in a garbage can
People, we gotta poop

Now you really can say my writing sounds like I wrote it on the toilet.

Punk Rock Girl

My boyfriend was out of town last night, so I spent the night alone (freezing, as the heat in my building sucks). Anyway, I'm kind of glad he wasn't home, as I had a mild case of diarrhea and would not have wanted him in the bathroom with me!

For the last hour or so of work, my guts felt kind of funny, and the entire train ride home was spent clenching my buns and crossing my legs. When I finally got home, I took off my coat and gloves and headed straight for the crapper. I pulled my jeans and thong down and and winced as my bare bottom touched the chilly seat. I relaxed and groaned as about a gallon of gooey shit oozed and spurted out of my ass. Lots of farting, splashing and a few mini explosions. It really sucked, but at least I made it home!

I finished, took a warm shower and got in my comfy clothes (sweatpants and one of my BF's flannel shirts. I had some plain chicken and biscuits for dinner, figuring that would firm up my bowels. Instead I had a couple more shitting sessions before I went to bed, both liquidy and gassy. Bleah. It stank the bathroom up, too! Oh well, got some reading in, anyway.

Usually I sleep naked, or with only underwear on, but last night I slept, with my sweats and shirt on, all curled up in my comforter! BRRRRRRRRR!!! When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was get up, go in the bathroom, sit on the toilet and crap some more, although it was a bit firmer than last night. I haven't had to shit yet since I've been at work, so maybe my bowels are regaining their regularity! I hope.

Well, back to work. Hope everyone's doing well and surviving the cold!



Courtney-- What a neat bonding experience you had with your sister Amber, I'm an only child...never had any sibs, I always wondered is sibs use the bathroom together? Tell us some more stories please. Why does it take Amber so long to poop? Is she usually constipated? Are you ever together in your bathroom at home when you poop? Have you ever had to help Amber with her poop? Did you take an part in her toilet training? Please tell us more-- JW

Courtney-- What a neat bonding experience you had with your sister Amber, I'm an only child...never had any sibs, I always wondered is sibs use the bathroom together? Tell us some more stories please. Why does it take Amber so long to poop? Is she usually constipated? Are you ever together in your bathroom at home when you poop? Have you ever had to help Amber with her poop? Did you take an part in her toilet training? Please tell us more-- JW

yeah. Sorry to here about your........problem. You and leaky could be good friends! Anyway. Good luck!

I was walking to the library one day with the sudden urge to poop. So, I walked a little faster. Hoping they'd be open. I walk inside. I see 13 people from my school in there! They all stoped to say hi from me. They kept saying how weird it was. I finally got them off my back and ran into the bathroom. A few people thought I was sick and followed me in. I told them I had really needed to go and it was nothing. They aggreed and left. I sat on the toilet and out came this really soft log. Followed by a few others. It felt soooooooooooooooooooooo good! I washed my hands (not doing a acceptable job of it!)and went back to looking at books!

yellow stream
hey pple, i haven't really heard any responses on the last couple of stories that ive posted, just lemme no if ya like em or not! i have a story 2 share w/ u though. My dad used 2 alwayz take me golfing, and on the golf course there werne't any bathrooms. My dad all of a sudden got the urge 2 pee. he stopped the golf cart right in the middle of the road and kinda leaned over. i thought that he was gonna loose it right there. he went over into the tall brush. There he unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick and let out the stream. I swear i sat on that golf cart for 5 minutes b4 i saw the stream subside. Just when i thought it was done there was more. Finally his dick went bsck in his pants and we went back 2 golfing!

I still haven't got any replies for my doubt on what is wee wee??

Hello! Well I finally got moved into my new place Saturday and just had my first dump. My apartment has a bath and a half-the half bath is in my room at the end of my walk-in closet. I've been pretty gassy all morning but then suddenly felt the urge to go and do some damage! So I grabbed a book and went into my half bath and settled on the toilet for a satisfying dump. After a few seconds I could feel the first piece coming-it felt pretty firm and big but it slid out easily. After that a second piece came that was much softer and took a few seconds to plop into the toilet. Then there was a hesitation-and a pfffftttt of gas as some more poop plopped into the toilet splashing water. After that I was finished so I wiped twice-pretty slimy-then felt more pressure on my belly so I sat back and waited. I farted again then felt empty. I wiped 2 more times then wiped my pussy with another sheet a couple more times (I cannot stand to drip) stood up and admired my work. There was a fi! rm log about 5-6 inches and on top of that was a softer,thinner piece about the same length-it was slimier and the top of it was sticking out of the water and was stuck against the porcielan (sp?) of the toilet bowl. At the very bottom were several hard poop balls the size of a small lemon. I wiped my toilet seat and flushed leaving behind some extremely prominent skid marks on the sides of my new toilet. It was wonderful. Well that's about it for right now! Bryian can you give me a description of what you look like and how old are you? Thanks! Bye!

the "HOLD IT" man
Leaky, 1500 militres for a 14 year old girl is phenominal! I have been into this for a number of years, and my best ever was slightly over 1100 militres. My cousen Katie use to play those sort of games, too. When she was about 12, she wanted to measure her pee, she held it as long as she could, drank water like it was going out of style, and without waiting until she was at the point of desperation, hissed about a litre of pee into one of those 2 litre soda bottles. She filled it half way, making her flood to be at around a litre. I think you are rightr about your kidneys still working while you were taking those pauses. That is still quite a bit, however. As for yellower pee causing greater desperation then diluted pee, the reason for that is more likely that strong, acidic piss is heaver then water, and since diluted pee is mostly of not all water, the heaver weight of the yellower pee would put more pressure on the bladder.

Now for a wierd story that heppened to me just the other night. I am a stereo nut, and have a strong preference for vacume tube amplifiers. I had to bring my tube power amp in to replace a few resistors and have it retubed. I won't bore you with all the technicle details, but here is where it got wierd.

Last night, I got home from work, and the stereo place called me up to let me know what was needed, what I can espect to pay, and ask what tubes I perfered. The person on the other end of the phone was a very sexy woman who is mainly a sales person, but also negotiates busines with customers and the technitions. Well she called me up, and we were talking business, nothing highly unusal, she gave me the pricing information, gave me all the 'pros and cons' of tube options, and during this conversation, I start hearing thie imense SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS in the back ground. It started out as a strong hiss, and rose to a flood that swelled and ebbed with this woman's breathing. It very much reminded of my cousen Katie when she is realy desperate. I sort of knew what she was doing, but could not be sure. It could have been a sink, but that hiss was so much like well you know. We spoke for quite a while, and this peeing sound went on for close to 4 minutes! .. I did not want to come right out and ask her, so I simply asked if she was okay. She started to laugh, and said. "Sorry about that, but I was about that, but I didn't get a chance to go to the bathroom since 5 this morning, and I was about to flod my panties. Hope you didn't mind the water works in the back ground." "Not at all. When you have to go you have to go. Don't worry aboutit." We both laughed it off.

I sure hope she is there when I go to pick up my power amp.

HI everyone! I am new to this site...only looked at it a few times and find it somewhat interesting! I have some stories about going piddle and poo. I have relieved (poo) myself once by the shed at my grasndparents house and it felt strange but at the same time good! It was wonderful being able to squat down and just let the log slide out of my butt. It was a good size log that kinda curled around as it came out of my anus. I wiped with a paper towel I had with me and just left it there! I have also recently had to go poo and went intot the bath room and locked the door, layed some papertowels down and squated and just let the nice firm log plop onto the towels. It felt sooo good to do that and I dont understand why I like doing this sometimes. Sometimes I also even like to put a mirror intfront of me prop my legs up and watch the poo as it comes out of my ass.
Is it strange to like doing this? I do not lke messing with poo in sexual ways I just lke watching it come out sometimes. Is this normal?

1. Have you ever made a fountain in the tub? Yes, One time I tried to pee while doing a hand stand in the tub. So, I was going to take a shower at night when I was home alone. I got naked and went into the tub. I did a hand stand and tried to start peeing. Only a few dribbles came out. So, I got back down and started to pee standing up, then I quickly put my arms down and swung my legs in the air, I could actually keep peeing. The fountain went straight up about three inches, then came down on top of me and drained down my body, When I was done I let my self down and I peed some more because I ran out of pressure while doing a hand stand. Another time I lay on my back and started to pee then I eased my bum up and it drained all over me.

2. Have you ever peed in a sink?? Yes In a hotel one time when there was someone else on the toilet. The other guy was pooping across from me so I took of my panties and lifted my skirt and peed in the sink with my legs spread and keeping my weight up with my arms because it was cold to sit down.

3. do you read while in the toilet? Sometimes. Not often, only when we have books due for school.

4. Do you sing while on the toilet? Never. My pee and poop makes enough noise

5. If you are female do you sit on the toilet with your legs open or closed? and Why? I always have them spread open so that I can lean forward and put my body between my legs because it is easier to poop. I think it also opens my bum cheeks more. For peeing it doesnt matter. It also depends if someone is nearby.

I'M BACK AGAIN! Hey Bryian, I'm not sure but I think everyone saw everyone's turds. Lmao. LIKED YOUR SORRY DANA. HEY! have you guys ever pooped into a 2liter bottle? I did the other day, but the poop got stuck half way down inside and I had to finish on the toilet. Happy poopee!

shy pooper
Well its me, and again yesterday I was at work and had to poop, but couldnt do it. I had to go so bad that I was letting out those dry, pre poop farts for like three hours. On the way home I was praying not to catch all the lights, or I wasnt going to make it. I wonder how many other people do this? I cant be the only one. But I would never shit at work.

To Adrian.
To answer your question,I was working and I didn't know this girl,all though I wished I did.After she was done with me I guess she went to change and go home.By the smell of her farts I just thought that she had to poop and was going to do it real soon and that I would have loved to had been there when she did.I know when I have to go,I fart a lot.

I.P.Daily here,with another tale about my ex-girlfriend Jean.Well Jean and I both loved to go to the beach.We loved the water,sun and the different sights.I would check the babes out and her the guys.This one fine day we where sun bathing on the beach we decided to take a walk.We walked quiet a ways,where nobody was.Thats when Jean came over to me and said,know what I have to do.I said what and she said I have to poop.Like I said there was nobody around,so she pulled her bottoms down, bent over,took a nice long pee,let out a hissing fart,than let out a long thick log followed by two more shorter ones.I could see her asshole pucker when she started to poop.I could see it so good because the sun was shinning on her ass and there isn't better light than that.After she she did her thing,she had nothing to wipe with,as we didn't think to bring anything with us.So she just pulled up her bathing suit bottoms and we walked back,all the while telling me how mushy it felt between her! ass crack.When we got back,Jean went to the ladies room to clean up.

Uncle Fester
1. Have you ever made a fountain in the tub? (please state sex when answering)
Yup, spraying all over myself. male.

2. Have you ever peed in a sink??
Yup. kitchen, bathroom, demo sink in store.

3. do you read while in the toilet?
Yup. magazines, books, anything

4. Do you sing while on the toilet?
Nope. Don't sing anywhere else, either.

5. If you are female do you sit on the toilet with your legs open or closed? and Why?
I'm male but my girlfriend sits on the toilet with her legs closed. Says it's more comfortable.

John Q Public
Rebeca, please don't be embarassed about that. There are alot of people with bladder control problems, and I wore diapers until I was in college, and for a while still had to wear them at night. In fact, I still can't sit through a movie with out a bathroom break unless I wear a diaper.

If you think having your mother changing you is bad, one time I had a realy bad case of the flu complicated by strep throat. I mean high fever, hacking, caughing, it was unreal. I was a junior in High school at the time, and my younger sister, Mis SUPER BLADDER U.S.A. who was in 8th grade at the time, had to change me because I was too sick, and my parents were at work. There have also been other times when my diaper was changed by my younger sister, mother, aunt, and cousen, all of whome can hold Lake Superior in their bladders for a year. It was very humiliating at times. I was very lucky to have the family I had because alot of people like us end up being rideculed and in some cases even abused. In hs, the football bullies were allways on my ass. Mercifully, they did not know about my bladder condition, but I was small for my age and they had a ball with me.

If you read alot of my posts, you probably noticed that I tell this story often, as many here will attest. I only do so to let other posters who share my situation that they are not alone. I don't mean to belabor my point or be a bore. If I did, please forgive me. I often have told stories, and may even sound like I had fun with my condition, and to an extent, it did lead me down a fetish road which I won't discuss here, but there were alot of embarassing and unhappy moments on the head of it as well. Sure, I decided that I would try to make "lemonaid out of the lemons that life handed me' but as much as my younger sister loved me and I her, as much as I loved my family, it was extremely humiliating to have her towering over me, physicaly stronger, faster, better at any sport, and in some cases the one who came to my rescue when I was being bullied by the neighborhood punks. It was very frustraiting, the countless hours that I put in and the money spent on my blad! der condition and I still have a hard time.

I also posted a story on an earlier page about a girl that I had a crush on, and an incident that heppened at a doctors office with this girl.

At the risk of being redundant, I will tall it in a shorger version. What happened is that she was at the office seeing another doctor for a check-up while I was in the room across the hall from her because of my physical problem. While I was waiting, the nurse came in and changed me, and while I was being changed, my bladder gave out and I squirted out a small tinkly stream onto the examination table. The girl who I had the crush on was curious, and she snuk out of her room and peeked in and saw everything. I was very young (I think about 11 or 12) when this happened, and even though she did blab it all over the neighborhood, it was soon forgotten, but the humiliation sticks with me to this very day.

To Rebecca: Loved your about someone stepping in it..must have been old are you that your mother changes your diaper?

To Emma: Liked your old are you and brooke?

To Courtney: I loved your story about you and your sister.thats cool your open about pooping with her etc.

To unnamed poster: about tanning...i enjoyed your story

To oops: sorry to hear your shit your pants

To Sara: Cool story about your friend.

To Just a question or two: 1. Yes i have im a male 2. Yes 3.Not usally 4. No 5. N/A

To leaky: I liked your story...thats cool that you pee in different things.

To sajan: I love your that what got you into this kind of stuff? are you a male?

To IndianaMAN: Liked your story..thats cool you shit in a trash can!

To PV: That sounds intresting what you saw on tv.

To ThE PoTtY PoEt: LOL at the poem

To Zip: Liked your story

I haven't pooped since i posted my last message, i think that was Sunday night..going on 3-4 days..gonna be another good 1 i think :)

Rebecca: Dont feel imbarrased about having to wear diapers, I do. I used to be totaly incontinent, but have regained about %80 controll, so i dribble slightly all day and if i sneeze, caugh or laugh hard i tent to loose it. I have had plenty of accidents out and aboutsome while i was protected and some when i was just wearing a pad.

There was this one time; I had to go into town for a meeting with a client. I got dressed in my power suit and threw on a pullup (they make less noise and hide well under pantyhoes) I decided to take the train because trafic was realy bad. I remember that i had a feeling that i needed to go #2 but it wasn't strong and i was in a rush so i held it. I got on the train only to find that there were no seats and i had to stand. it was about a half hour ride into town with 2 stops . i was about 3/4 of the way there I was standing infront of this woman who was reading the paper, when i felt a sneez comming on. I tried to hold it but i sneezed hard and i felt my bowels unload themselves. It wasn't very soft, but there was a lot of it, I instantly turned red and looked at the woman, she was staring at my but in disgust. she started to use her paper to fan the smell (which was verry faint but she did anyways) the look on her face was priceless though. I almost wanted to sway my bu! t back and forth in front of her and wiggle it just to see her reaction :) I got off at the next stop and ran to the public bathrooms, there were like 500 people in there but i managed to find an open stall... i almost threw up when i went in. Girls, if you are going to hover at least LIFT THE SEAT!!! there must have been an inch of dried pee on the toilet seat and around the bowl. ( I still cant picture how this could be, i mean it was everywhere) well i pulled down my hoes and slowly slit the pullup down. there was a ball of poo a little bigger than a softball in them. I tore away the sides and dropped the poo in the toilet and wraped the pullup up and put it in the box. i wiped 3 times (it was quite clean) and grabbed another out of my bag. I had to blance on one highheel while i took one leg out of the pantyhoes and slipped it in the new pullup and then back into the hoes. then the other. thank gawd i didn't loose my ballance or i would have had to chop off my foot, the ! floor was so nasty. i got everything all set and and washed up. I made it to my meetng just in time but i swore to my self that the next time i felt that i needed to go i would go!! :)

Hope to here more stories about you and [i] your [i/] diapers. by the way, why do you wear? and why not in school?

Have a great day all :)

hello all i've been lurking here for a while and now i feel ready to post.Forst off i'm a 16 yr old male with lots of stories so here goes.
My first one is from when i was about 5 and my cousin was 6. We were very close and always did things together. Anyway we were playing outside one day and she started to fidget a little. I ask her if she was ok and she said yeah she just had to poop Since we were young i suggested we have a contest to she how could wait the longest because i had to poop too. She agreed and we began the wait. From this point on there was a lot of farting from both of us which caused us to giggle. After about thirty minutes i began to have cramps and my butt started sweating. She said we should go inside incase we had to go to the bathroom quickly. We went straight to my room and crawled under my bed to wait it out finally 1 hour and 23 minutes later she said she could wait anymore, and left to go to the bathroom. I ofcourse followed so as soon as she was done i could go. when we got to the bathroom my mom was in there and said she was pooping and if my cousin had to go bad she should go o! utside. we started to hed outside but then she stopped and said we should just poop our pants and say it was an accident. she then scruched uo her face and turned red as she began to push. i moved around behind her and saw a huge bulge grow and push out her shorts it was the size of 2 softballs. when she finished she turned around and said it was my turn. so i squatted down and pushed out a huge load into my own pants. ofcourse my mom was mad but she understood because she was holding up the bathroom. I always like to consider this the start of my fascination with girls and poop.

I have a question. Have any of you had such a hard time pooping that you had to take a nap afterwords? That happened to me yesterday. I had to give myself an enema, and when I did, it took me 20 minutes of very hard grunting, and finaly several huge thick logs came out,but I was so tired after I finished that I took a nap.

By the way, I am 13, and a boy. I weigh 95 pounds, and am 4'6" tall.

I will also answer these questions that I found on this forum.

1. Have you ever made a fountain in the tub? (please state sex when answering)

Yes. I make fountains all the time.

2. Have you ever peed in a sink??

Yes. I was curiout as to what concentraited pee looked like so one morning I plugged the sink and peed in it.

3. do you read while in the toilet?

Yes. Usualy my homework books. If I have to go realy bad and I am in the middle of a book or doing homework I will take it to the bathroom with me and read on the toilet.

4. Do you sing while on the toilet?

No. I ocasionaly sing when I am taking a bath, but not on the toilet, because I have to work so hard to get my poops out.

5. If you are female do you sit on the toilet with your legs open or closed? and Why?

I can only speak for my sister here. Sue usualy sits with her legs opened, and leaned forward. I don't have any clue as to why.

Thats all for now.

to discochick:
One time I had almost the same experience. I was very sick at the moment. I went to the bathroom because I needed to poop. I didnt lock the door, because I have a very close family. I was wearing my night gown that reaches down to my thighs, I wasnt wearing panties. I sat down on the toilet and quickly found out I had diahrea. I pooped only a bit untill I coughed and felt that I needed to throw up. My mom heard me, so she came running. My stomach pushed and I felt the barf coming, I quickly got of the toilet and turned around and barfed into the toilet. by now my mom was in the bathroom wiht me. I squatted down on my knees and puked. Halfway through the process My stomach pushed so hard that my whole body relaxed and I had fluids coming out of every hole. I pooped diahrea on the floor, I dribbled some pee and I was puking inthe toilet. The poop wiped all over my bum, vagina and the floor. My mom said it will be ok, and she kept me company. When I was done puking, I sat b! ack on the toilet and finished pooping. As i pooped I took off my nightgown because it was dirty. Then My mom turned on the shower and I went in to get cleaned up. We had to wash the floor later also because there was a puddle of poop and pee.

To Emma - I liked your story. How old are you and your sister? (I'm 17 amd male) I guessed that you are older than her, but it was tought to tell!

To leaky - Liked your stories! Do you have any wetting stories, wither deliberate or accidental, in addition to the holding ones?? Would love to hear some!!

I only pee in the morning before going to school about half of the time. If I'm not real desperate when i wake up, i will skip it to save time and just go at school when it gets bad. Anybody else do this???


I am a brunette who is 22 and weighs 125 lbs. I had an experience over the weekend I wanted to share with the readers of this sight.

I went on my first date with a boy I met at school last weekend. He took me to dinner then to a movie. We ate at Ryan's which had an all you can eat buffet bar. About half way through our dinner, I felt the need to go poo. The restaurant was very crowded and I did not want to go poop in a crowded restroom around other strange women. I also don't like public restrooms because they are usually dirty. So I held it in. The more I ate, the more I had to go. So I pushed my plate aside and my date asked me, "Are you already done?" I told him I was full but he could keep eating. As I sat across from him in a booth seat I was squirming a little, and as we talked I was grunting faintly under my breath. I do this when I have to poop because as I hold back my poop I also take a breath and hold it and then as I release it I kind of make a grunting noise. My date kind of picked up on this and asked me if I was O.K. I said yes and that I was just real full. ( I didn't tell! him I was really full of poop!). I hadn't pooped in a couple of days and the big meal must have stimulated my bowels into action.
Finally, my date finished eating and said we had better leave to get to the movie on time. As he drove me to the movie I kind of slid forward in my car seat and kept my butt cheeks tight to make sure I didn't have an accident in his car. When we got to the movie and sat down I really had to go badddd! I leaned back in my seat and stretched my legs out in front of me and tightened my buttocks as tight as I could. The movie was good but it was long. I kept hoping it would hurry up and end. Finally the movie ended and we got up to leave. My date asked me if I would like to walk around in the mall for a little while. I said it was getting late and I really needed to get home because I had some things I needed to do (like take a big dump in my private bathroom!). He asked me if we could just run into a card shop so he could buy a birthday card. I reluctantly agreed. My poop was really wanting to come out and I had to keep moving around in the card shop to keep from! having an accident. My date kept showing me cards and asking my oppinion. I was really figitting and he asked me again if I was all right. In desperation I told him I needed to go home so I could use the bathroom. He said he would buy a card we had picked out and then he would drive me home. There was a checkout line so as I waited for him to pay for the card I kneeled down in an aisle and looked at cards. I was rocking back and forth as I sat on the heel of my shoe. A lady stared at me and I think she knew I had to go to the bathroom. I also think I was putting off a little odor. Finally my date said he was ready and we left in his car. I leaned back in my seat with my legs outstretched and kept my buttocks sealed tight. The closer we got to my house the more I seemed to have to go. Finally we arrived. My date walked me to the door and proceeded to give me a goodnights kiss. I enjoyed kissing him but this excitement took my mind off of holding in my poop. As! we kissed my poop started to come out of my butt and into my panties. In desperation I said I have to go and ran into the house. By the time I got to the bathroom I had already pooped in my pants. Fortunately, although the poop completely filled my panties it was solid and I didn't have a hard time getting cleaned up. My older sister asked me if I was O.K. and I told her yes I just needed to use the bathroom and would be out in a minute. No one knew I had pooped in my pants. My date has since talked to me on the phone and has asked me out again. I am glad he didn't know I pooped in my panties. What would he think if he knew that while he was kissing me I was pooping in my pants. Maybe I can tell him one day that his first kiss was so good that I just shit myself!


My name is Heidi and I'm a senior in college. This seems like a good place to tell about my most embarrassing moment. There's not very much to tell, but it was mortifying to me then, but funny now.

My second year of college I had moved into an apartment with a few other students. We were known for our wild parties. One night when we were having one of our parties, I went into the bathroom to take a dump. The bathroom door closed, but it didn't lock or latch shut, so it was understood that if the door was closed, someone was in there.

So, I pulled down my jeans and my underpants to my ankles and sat on the toilet and relaxed. I should mention that the toilet is not blocked by anything, when you open the door the first thing you see is the toilet.

I toom my dump. It was very, very stinky. I was about to roll off some toilet paper, when the door burst open and three of the guys at the party fell into the room. They were wrestling, and had stumbled down the hall. The three of them, and about five or six other people (all MEN from where I sat) got a really nice long look at me on the toilet. I probably wouldn't have minded so much if I was just peeing, but I had really smelled the bathroom up with my dump. Even I thought it was gross.

The guys scrambled to their feet, said they were sorry and stumbled out and closed the door. I heard one of them yell "Phew!!!" when he got outside! Everybody laughed at that. I was so embarrassed, I just sat there for a few minutes. Finally, I wiped my butt, pulled up my pants and flushed the toilet. I sprayed some air freshener and opened the door. Everyone was acting like nothing happened. I went in my room and spent the rest of the night alone.

The next day one of my roommates (who is friends with the three guys who fell into the bathroom) said the guys really were sorry. I said, yeah, well, I was mortified. He said, big deal, so they saw you on the toilet, I've seen you on the toilet. I said, yeah, but you're my roommate and we've been friends for a while.

Anyway, after a few days, the incident replayed over and over in my head and I started seeing the humor in it. Now I laugh when I tell people about it. I guess we all have embarrassing moments happen to us in the bathroom. It's one of the things that makes us all human!

I really love this site, I visit everyday.

REBECCA-Don't worry about the little accident. Next time tell the coach you're feeling sick and just leave. Diapers are okay too. Sometimes you can't learn to be toilet trained until you reach adulthood. Sometimes even adults have to wear diapers, I new a 98-year old woman once and she had a major stock of depends. However, most people I know in diapers are babies. It would take a lot to be a mom, but I don't ever expect to change a diaper on a young woman. You probably already know this this but they make medicine for over-active bladders. Thought ya'll might like to know this important information.

hi to alllllllll
for question which i read
i am male 23yo who piss to muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh
1.ya i made many nfountains
thnx for allllllllll

A couple of work stories involving female colleagues. One of my male co-workers made some joke about farting and then looked at one of the women present, a 20-something, and said, "Oh, but Sue is the kind of girl who doesn't fart."

"Oh, I fart, all right, but I don't poop," she retorted, to laughter.

To which I added, "Now there's a highly refined digestive system!"

Another young female colleague who was working with me on a project told me she'd be right back after a trip to the restroom. Maybe six to eight minutes passed before she returned, protesting. She had chosen the nearby, one-toilet women's. "I stood at the door for about five minutes, waiting for whoever was in there to come out. Then I decided that I probably wouldn't want to go in there anyway."

"Might be a bit rank in there?" I asked.

"Yeah. So I just used the guys' room beside it."

"That's cool," I replied, stopped by better judgment from asking her what she'd done, although I wanted to, wondering if she'd actually had a good dump but didn't want me to think so.

PV - Great use of humor in the Sorbent TP ad there, down under. (Sorry, love.) Here in the USA, we're finally moving beyond the fluffy cloud and teddy bear images in TP ads, but maybe in the wrong way. One brand, Cottonelle, is running TV spots and print ads featuring the bums of women clad in bathing suits. They talk about getting yourself really clean. While I'm glad the ads are more open than in the past about wiping one's arse, I'm sorry they chose to use sex appeal to make their point. We also have ads showing both men and women wriggling about uncomfortaly in public situations, wishing they'd used Prep H for their "hemmies"; and poor Santa stuck coming down the chimney recently: "Where will *you* be when your diarrhea comes back?" And we abound in "I'm so constipated" ads. So you can talk about those things on TV, but don't admit straight out that you just took a dump and have to clean your bum. We need some of your open humor up here.

~* CANDI *~ - In Pittsburgh, did you pee facing the urinal, or did you back up to it? Just curious.

While we're on that topic, has anyone here ever used one of those female urinals that project out from the wall, shaped sort of like a guitar case, wide near the wall, narrow under your legs? Same question for you as for ~* Candi *~: facing it or back to it?

1. Have you ever made a fountain in the tub? (please state sex when answering) Yes had to lie on my back and tilt up wards to do it, being a girl

2. Have you ever peed in a sink?? Yes, a few times. Once when the toilet was busy and I was bursting, once in a toilet on a trail where the toilet itself was filthy.

3. do you read while in the toilet? No.

4. Do you sing while on the toilet? Sometimes hum to myself.
5. If you are female do you sit on the toilet with your legs open or closed? and Why? Open, because it feels more comfortable lets you see whats falling into the bowl as well.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

To the Annonymous Pollster:

1. Have you ever made a fountain in the tub? (please state sex when answering)

Yes -- used to all the time when I was a kid, heaps of fun! (female)

2. Have you ever peed in a sink?? Regularly -- again, heaps of fun!

3. do you read while in the toilet? Nope, never.

4. Do you sing while on the toilet? Used to as a kid, it was outside!

5. If you are female do you sit on the toilet with your legs open or closed? and Why? Both -- usually spread widem it's just more comfortable, ad I wipe from the front. But I also sit with them together, leaning forward, sometimes whe it's just a piss, then wipe standing. I learned that recently, from folks here as it happens!



Hi all,

Latest TV event:

Farscape, Season 3 episode "Losing Time." Astronaut John Crichton thinks there's something wierd goig on and needs his fellow inmates of the living ship Moya to watch him for the evidence developing. He and the three aboard at that time, D'Argo, Chiannna and new girl Jool, sit round a table staring...

Chiana says: "Great... What if I need to piss?"

D'Argo says: "Then we all ... urinate ... together."

Chianna catchs him by the end of the braided beard and says slyly: "You promise...?"



I was at basketball practice one night and I felt the urge to poop. I knew I was going to have to leave practice to go really soon. I went to ask the coach to go, but he said no. I went in for a lay up and I felt a piece of poop hit my panties. I knew there was a bulge in the back of my shorts. On my next lay up I felt the terd roll out of my panties and on to the floor. No one noticed at first until my boyfriend walked in to the gym to talk to the coach about his team and he stepped in it.I was in line to pass the ball and I let out a smelly fart and blamed it on someone else. The coach gave us a break and I went to my locker and got my emergency panties which is on of those adult diapers. I wear diapers at home because I have a bad bladder problem. My mom usually changes my diaper at home. I was kind of embressed to tell you all that.

Sarah S( and Meghan)
Hi There!
I finally have some time to write. I have enjoyed reading the stories. I have had trouble with constipation. My sister, Meghan, and I went out to eat and we had fajitas. We ate quite a lot and came home. Meghan was all ready to take her dump. I led her into the toilet and set her down. She let out a few trumps(farts) and her poo dropped straight away. I wiped her and then I pulled down my jeans and sat down. I started to push and push. There was nothing. Not a fart, not a ripple. I did pee but I was in a desparate state. Meg rubbed my ???? and I strained and strained. It was of no use!! I wiped a little bit and got up. My Dad(Robby) and Cousin(Annie) told me to eat bran but that hasn't helped. I am in the public eye, being a lawyer, and I feel like my insides are going to burst. It is hard arguing a case and feeling you have to shit all of the time!! Any ideas? Meg says hello and thanks to everyone. She is in physical therapy now. I am sitting right near the loo and I'm! heading that way when I finish. Time for some repies.
Kendal, Andrew, Ellen, and Eleanor-just wanted to say hello and hope you get back with some poo and wee stories!! Lots of Lovexxxx from Sarah and Meghan.
Diva- glad you are back! Those were wonderful stories about your tour!
Rebecca- I feel so sorry for you. That coach should be tied.
Courtney- welcome! I have had some fun times with friends in the toilet. stay with us!
Sara-I hope your flu is over. Dad told you right about the bran. I hasn't helped me this time.
Katrina-I agree that most women pee as they take a dump. I know I have to.
PV- hi gal!! Glad to see you back!! That commercial about toilet paper had Meg and I roaring!! Wished we could have seen it! Also we wish that we could have garden to "water"! Love from Sarah and Meg
I need to run! Our BIG hellos go to: Dear Rizzo, Ina-hi sweetie, Ephermal-where are ya!, Tim and Sarah, Josie and Loewie, Steve and Louise, Damsel, Donna, Diana and Todd, Adrian, Bryian, Emma, LindaGS, Jenny, Donny M, Gopweller, Upstate Dave! I know I have left out loads of posters. someone out! This to all the other poster, too! Welcome to: Sajan and Lisa! Anyone know about Scott and Kim?

I Don't Understand This-Glad to see that someone reads my stories! It may seem that I find lots of doorless stall bathrooms, but the truth is that I only know of about 3 of them. Actually, 2 now. Most of these stories happen in the same bathrooms, albeit on different days and times. Thats the reason I don't post alot. The bathrooms are about 15 miles apart and If I'm not in that area, then there's no sighting to report. Also, some of the doorless stall bathroom stories are from a few years ago when I used to travel more, and lived in a different part of the state.

The doorless stalls are my favorite, so thats why it's what I usually write about. Most of my pee and poop activities are pretty uneventful, otherwise.

When I was little, I was looked after by a babysitter who in. Her name was Annie and her parents were farmers in Austria. My father and loved the idea of their little girl. Annie really loved me and I loved her with all my heartas she gave me evrithing that made up my happy life. The most important part of the day was the bm I wanted to please Annie and the best way by far was through a really good poo. She would moisten her little finger and slip it into my tush to start the process. She would encourage me to press, kissing my hair and crooning to me. When it was over, what joy. Cheering and clapping we would go over to the pan and solemnly tip in my dear little turds. shw would wipe me tenderly and the day had got off to the best start. Whe I graduated to the toilet, I would sometimes askfor the finger "just to get me started". Not all the time because I realised even then not to seem to enjoy it. The most vivid image of my entire childhood is of that glistening fi! nger! But it was not all one way. When Annie went to the toilet I always went with her ontrains, airplanes and public restrooms. I would stand between her legs while she pushed and strained and she would stroke my hair and say sweet things. She did huge shits with five or six logs When she'd finished we inspected them together and I'd say to her "good Annie, clever Annie." I there was not an impure thought in her head. She had been brought up close to nature where defecating is as natural as breathing So it is. It is we who have made it dirty and furtive. However my whole life has been coloured early images and they have not always been easy to fit into "normal" life. It is so liberating to be able to write this down. If anything have written touches a chord in anyone, please write. I'll carry on with my story another day.

love to you all


I have posted lots of times before but for some reason my posts never seem to get through (even though I always comply with the FAQ's).

As I say LANCASHIRE is a county in the Northwest of England, I am also 31 and I'm in a wheelchair because I have CP

I just have a few questions:


Back on page 815 you said you saw your Mum again on the pot. Since has she let you watch her openly or not? Does she now know you want to watch her if so tell us what it was like if you have any more stories?

AMY (CO-ED) and FAT WOMAN where have you gone? AMY any more stories about you and your sister?

Hope I get some replies

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