i everyone!

R. Smith of AR - I promised you a story about me so here goes...

I have NEVER liked public bathrooms, especially at school. I don't like to pee in them but I will, I refuse to poop in them. I hate public toilets so much so that when I was being potty trained if I had to go while we were out in public I would hold it until we got home. If I couldn't or didn't want to hold it until we got home I would poop in my training pants on purpose.

A few months ago I woke up feeling like I needed to go #2 so after eating breakfast and getting dressed I went into the bathroom and tried to go. I tried for about 10 minutes with no success, and I couldn't stay in there any longer or I would be late for school.
There were many moments during the day when I was sure I was going to lose control, but I still refused to poop in the school bathrooms.

After school I had to go across the street and pick Brooke up and walk home with her. Brooke noticed my clutching my stomach and asked me if I was okay. I told her I was okay; I just had to poop really bad. She asked me like 5 times over the next 10 minutes if I was going to poop in my pants, and kept telling her no even though I wasn't sure myself. About 5 minutes from home I knew I wasn't going to make it so I took Brooke by the hand and dragged her to this alley where no one would see us.

"What's wrong?" She asked me.
"I can't hold it anymore."
"What are you going to do?"
"I'm going to poop here in the alley."
"Won't someone see?

I took of my jacket and told her where to stand and hold it up to block anyone from seeing. As soon as she was in position I pulled my pants down and started pushing. It took a minute or two to get started but once I did I thought I'd never stop. First there were two 6 inch pieces that were about 2 inches in diameter followed by two waves of soft half-solid half-liquid poop. While I was pooping Brooke was making really funny faces, especially during the liquid poop. For a minute I thought she was going to throw up. When I finished pooping I spread my legs a little bit and peed. When I was finished I wiped with some Kleenex’s that Brooke had in her pocket. I pulled my pants up and held my jacket up so Brooke could pee with some privacy.


One more story.

Every once in a while I help Brooke with her bath like my mom used to do for us when we were little; it's kind of a sisterly bonding thing. The other day when I was bathing her she stood up quickly and began to get out of the tub.

"What are you doing?" I asked her, confused.
"I gotta go."
"You need to pee?"
"Brooke, I have a question."
"Ok, well hurry cause I have to go kinda bad."
"When you flush the toilet where does that water go?"
"In the pipes and to the sewer, I guess."
"Ok and when you drain the tub where does that water go?"
"Down the drain."
"Ok, one more question. If the water from the toilet goes in the pipes and to the sewer, and the water from the tub goes down the drain and through the same pipes as the toilet...Why are you getting out to pee, it all ends up the same place in the end."

She thought for a minute and didn't say anything. I showed her how to spread her legs and told her to "just go." She couldn't make herself go standing up so she sat back down. A few seconds later the water around her began to turn yellow.

"Are you sure it's okay?" She asked me as if she was worried about getting in trouble.

"At home it's okay, and maybe even at grandma's, but I wouldn't do it at anyone else's house."

She seemed to accept my answer and didn't ask me anything else. She's taken two baths since then and both times she's come into our room afterwords with a big smile on her face. It always happens like this.

"You did it didn't you?"
"Yup, I sure did."

I think I've created a monster! Anyway, that's all for now. I'll write again in a few days.



P.S. I showed Brooke this site and she wants to write here too so I'm pretty sure you'll hear from her within a day or two.

Hello everybody!!! I have been looking at this sight for quite a while, finally thought I would share an experience with everyone! I guess it is customary for me to describe myself at this point. I am an active 15 year old girl, I have blonde/brownish shoulder length hair, green eyes, braces and I'm 5'6" & 105 lbs. I am presently a sophomore in high school, live in Texas. I have always loved going to the restroom, especially when it comes to pooping. For me it is such a cool experience, I love to disappear to the restroom and enjoy the whole act. I think this is a very cool forum, it seems that many others feel the same as me. I usually take a dump daily, almost always after school at home. Sometimes though I have to go at school or other places. Having to go at school or the mall or the library is fine with me. There are PLENTY of girls I know who poop at school. I have read some posts on here where girls have had various hang-ups about dumping at school, lu! ckily I have not had that trouble. At my school if a girl is pooping, it is not a big deal, I guess everyone realizes that we all do it so its no big deal. All girls have to sit to pee AND poop. We just have to sit longer to poop! I do have a good story to share from this weekend. My mom, my little sister Amber (who is 9), and me all went to the mall yesterday (Sunday). About 2:00 I began to feel the need for my daily poop. Me and Amber were looking at some clothes when I thought I heard her fart. She must have realized what she did and looked up and smiled. I asked if she needed to poop and she said she did. We still had lots of shopping to do and the mall is about an hour from home so I told my mom that Amber and me needed to poop. She said okay and told us to meet her back in the store when we were done. Amber and me left the store and found a mall restroom nearby. We went in and got into ajoining stalls. Amber usually poops everyday also, she always takes a! long time. I am amazed how a little girl can poop for so long! Anyway, I dropped my jeans and panties to my ankles and sat down. Amber had apparently done the same and I heard her fart again a few times into the toilet. I pushed a little to get things going. I ended up pushing quite a bit for several minutes until my first poop came out. I pooped out 4 little pieces about 3 inches long. After a few minutes, a turd finally came out. I looked down to see it. It was about 8 inches long and an inch wide, firm but not hard. I sat a while, listening to Amber, who kept straining and pushing out poop balls that splashed into the toilet. I pushed some more to finally get out another small piece of poop, about 4 inches long. I wiped 5 times and flushed. It took me about 10 minutes to poop. I sat, waiting for Amber who kept going. After several minutes, I thought she was done but then she farted again and I could hear her hole crackle open followed by a splash. After an! other minute, I heard her tear off some paper and wipe, she had pooped for about 20 minutes! We washed up and went back to mom. Hope everyone liked my story, I am sure I will have another one tomorrow!! Take care, see you soon! Courtney

I've been reading stories here for a few months now. I must say I truly enjoy it. My ex really enjoyed it when I watched her on the toilet. I had never thought about it before, but she always asked me to join her. Now I find it quite intruiging.
Anyway, here's my story...
I use a tanning salon, or fake n' bake during the cold winter months to keep my tan. I've found that I really become relaxed and get the urge to pee when I'm basking in the warmth of the UV intensive bulbs. I always ensure that I use the facilities before I tan now, as on a couple of occasions I have almost pissed the bed. But the most amazing thing happened the other day... I had the urge to take a shit and it just started poking out while I layed there. I could do anything about it. Normally I can hold either urges for hours no problem. But I just can not do it in the tanning beds.
No accident actually has ever happened but it has been very close.

so im laying here getting ready to post about something that happend last week and i get this aweful cramp and the next thing I know, ive shit my panties! laying on my bed! i didnt even see it coming but it felt so good....I better go empty this into the toilet.


Hello Everyone

Annie and Robby - I appreciate your concern. No I haven't tried that. I guess it could have helped though I haven't felt eating a whole lot of nything lately. I spent the past few days with the runs and fighting the urge to puke. I didn't luckily because I really hate that. I think I had the flu. I feel better now and I just had my first somewhat solid dump in a while. It was real soft though, like ice cream and it took forever to wipe and I'm real sore.

I'm going to tell you about a friend of mine. Her name is Jeane. In my opinion I would say she is probably the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. But what I really admire about her is how open and honest she is. When she needs to go she tells you by either saying "I've gotta take a piss" or "I've gotta take a dump." She pees a lot, too. Several more times than I do. One time she was at my house and she nedded to poop. She went into the bathroom and did her buisiness but there wasn't any toilet paper in there. She asked me for some more and when I opened the door to give it to her I got to see her sitting on the toilet. She really didn't seem to mind and just thanked me.

Punk Rock Girl
Janet: I posted a story last year about an unfortunate incident I had at work. I was filing away some documents (thank God I was alone), and I felt like I had to fart. I went ahead and let it rip, but ended up dumping a load of wet crap in my pants...and I was wearing a thong! Yuck yuck yuck. I wound up having to waddle out to the street, take the train all the way home, and take a shower and change. Luckily my pants were very tight around my ass, so very little shit oozed down. It was a horrible experience. Other than that, I haven't shit my pants since I was a kid. Hope that satisfies your curiosity!

More posts soon, everyone, I've just been too busy lately!



Just a question or two..
1. Have you ever made a fountain in the tub? (please state sex when answering)

2. Have you ever peed in a sink??

3. do you read while in the toilet?

4. Do you sing while on the toilet?

5. If you are female do you sit on the toilet with your legs open or closed? and Why?

Thank you to those of you who choose to answer.

I'm 14/f and new to this site, what fun it is. I'm 5'4, blond, blue eyes. Love peeing.

I don't like peeing in toilets that much, not fun... I use my own things to go in. Cool whip containers, bottles (neat trick for a girl), and my favorite is maxwell house coffee cans.

My bladder seems to be bigger than normal, particularly for 14y. I start feeling like I have to go at 100ml (which is a tiny amount) since I drink almost nothing throughout the day. If I load up on water, I feel it coming only at 400ml, and only need to go at 750, and can hold it till 1500ml!

On that note I have an interesting idea about bladder capacity. Has everyone ever noticed that if they don't drink any water, they feel desperate at small amounts (200-300ml) but if they drink lots of water, desperation sets in much later, say 500-750ml. I think this is because the kidneys produce concentrated pee when you don't drink water, and the bladder is more sensitive to acidity than to volume, so when you drink loads you don't feel the need until you're REALLY full.

Now if that's true, wouldn't there be a midpoint of drinking that allows the longest hold time? EG dilutes the pee, but doesn't add too much to the volume?

On to some stories. To test my bladder capacity a couple years back, I drank as much water as I could for a half an hour. 15min after I started drinking, I could feel something in there. In 30min (when I stopped drinking), I was squirming around. In 45min I felt sooo full, and by 1 hour I was gonna burst. My bladder was so big that my skin was domed out an inch. Parents were out, so I got out a 2l soda bottle and put it against my girl stuff, and let rip. It was sooo good feeling... (and btw my pee always shoots out in a stream, never dribbles around like come girls do, so the bottle is easy to use) After a minute, my stream stopped, but I could feel I wasn't even half done yet! The soda bottle was half full! By pushing I started again, and by the time the bottle was 3/4 full my stream wasn't responding well to pushing and I was getting tired. I wasn't done yet. By pushing for 3sec, rest for 5, push for 3, I got the bottle filled. Not done yet! Got another bottle, kept a! t it... by the time I had gotten every last drop out, the 2nd bottle was 1/4 filled. It took me 15 minutes, 5 of which were spent actually peeing (I always time my pees). I emptied the bottles into the toilet (which has some odd problem, it flushes easily on its own if anything is added to the water), it flushed by itself, lol!

I've done that on occaison just peeing straight into it, my mom always give me a funny look when I haven't hit the flush and it goes by itself, lol! If it doesn't flush there's usually a big head of foam on the toilet. Btw I never wipe after peeing, I'm always dry and even if I'm not that's what underwear is for.

Now that all comes out to 2500ml, which I think is unbelieveable even for me. I think the reason it was so big was that my kidneys were still going full blast while I was peeing, so that I never really held more than 2l, although when I caught up with my kidneys I had let out 2.5l.

Today I'm drinking water a lot, trying to have several pleasurable pees.. I had one 1/2 hour ago, it was 600ml into the maxwell house can in 14sec (just over 40ml/sec, a good blaster). I love their slogan stamped on the plastic lid, "good to the last drop" LOL. I didn't feel really full, but I wanted to let rip and fill up again. I had stopped drinking 1/2 way through that time my bladder filled, so my pee was actually semi concentrated, which was why I wanted to go. My bladder's filling up again, I might get to 1l this time.

Handy fact: Maxwell house coffee cans are almost exactly 200ml of liquid to each inch of height of the can that's filled.

so, I don't know how it happend but it did.

Right before I went to bed, this was at nine, I went into my parent's room to watch Joe Millonare. When it started, I had to fart really badly. I decided to hold it ntil I got into my room. I held for an hour and then the show ended and I ran in my room. I let out this huge fart! It lasted forever! Then, I went to bed and farted for the rest of the night.

Weird, huh?

Pretty Women Need to Poop

My friend, my friend's friend and my friend's sister were on a drive to another city. The sister said very quietly (I did not hear it) she needed to go to the bathroom. Before I was picked up they had a meal so I thought it was most likely #2.

We then stopped at a gas station and store combination. The sister went into the restroom. I look around the store seeing what they had (I would have liked to have listened to hear pretty young lady do her dump however that would be inappropiate) so I just looked around the store.

I finally got tired of looking around the store so I went outside to see my friend and his friend. I told then that she was still in the bathroom. My friend said "women". I thought it but did not say it.
"she has to have a bowel movement from time to time just like we do."

You did not have to pee in a corner of the fast food restroom. You could have done it in a sink!

I am a 17year old from India. Once i went to my friend's house to play. After playing for few hours my friend went for classes and I stayed back for his return for going to some places with him. While I was sitting in the drawing room watching TV, I had an urge to poop. As the need was so intense, I went to the common toilet in the hall room. After hearing the sound of opening the toilet door, my friend's mom came and asked me whether it is a pee pee or poo poo. I told her it's a poo poo. she told me to go to the toilet in the next room. I went there and it was a squat model toilet(Indian style). I removed my pants and brief squat on the bowl and started peeing. I farted twice and started to poop. A long turd started it's way to the bowl and I was enjoying it. Suddenly the door was opened and my friend's mom came to the toilet. I was shocked to see her there. She told me that she wanted to clean the wash basin and bath tub. She started cleaning it with frequent looks to my a! ss. I was feeling shy and hot. She was a tall white beautiful lady in her early forties. I farted again and she smiled. I dropped few turds while she was watching me. Within few minutes there was a good pile of turds in the bowl. She finished the cleaning and was looking under my ass. I passed few more turds and started to wash. I asked her to leave as I felt shy to clean infront of a beautiful lady. She told me that she wanted to watch. After the performance I stepped out and to my shock she came and squat there infront of me and started farting and peeing. beore the pee stopped huge turds started falling from her big ass. another loud fart came out and she closed her eyes with shyness. she filled almost the entire bowl with her turds. Then she wiped and flushed. I can never forget the first toilet experience.

well today I tried to see what it would be like to pee like a girl again and see how it feels. okay first of all I had not peed in hours even after drinking three small cups of coffee . the last piss I took was about 1:30 PM right before going to the car dealers to get my oil changed at 2 PM. it was there that I drank those three small cups of black coffee but did not have to pee before leaving at all. anyway from there I went to my friend's house , then to this bookstore where I had asked to use the restroom even though I did not have to go that badly ; it was not working .[ allready 4:30 PM-3 hours] and so, after that we had soup for dinner and I still did not have to pee yet that bad , so I did not go at all.[6:20 PM-almost 5 hours] by the time I left my friend's house it was about 6:50 PM[ 5 hrs and 20 mins, so far ] and I had stopped at this store and bought a 24 oz pepsi , then drove to this CODA meeting in manchester drinking this soda on the way , there is this ! woman who goes there whom I would love to have the pleasure of seeing piss into the toilet and watching her pretty little hissy stream hit the water . but since I am not that close to her , I guess I will have to just pretend I am her and see what it would feel like to be her pissing. anyway, I got to the church where it is held by 7:15 PM and finally had to pee . it was a unitarian church and they have two unisex restrooms instead of having the usual separate boy's room and girl's room like many places do. anyway, so I went in to pee in the first restroom on the left at 7:20 PM after not having to pee for a total of 5 hours and 50 minutes ! I flipped on the light on the outside of the door, went in, locked the door, and the seat was down with the toilet lid up ; this is the toilet with the water filling the whole elongated bowl pretty much all the way up to under the rim . I pulled down my jeans and underwear ,placed my penis between my legs straight down to simulate how ! a girl would pee; then sat down on the seat and proceeded to pee. I could hear a somewhat soft but steady tinkling sound as I urinated into the clear toilet water and could see the foam forming toward the front of the bowl a bit as my pee hit the water forming little swirls and kept on tinkling for about at least one minute and 30 seconds, before the pee stream slowed down to a dribble, then stopped. I began to pee again in two little spurts, each time with a slow dribble, then one last push and I was done. it must have taken about 2 minutes total at least, and then I got up, pulled up my underwear and jeans and looked to see what the pee looked like in the toilet bowl; it was a real golden yellow and a soft foam had covered about half the water's surface toward the back of the bowl. the foam did not seem to fade too quickly like it often does. rather it sort of hesitated to dissipate and just seemingly clung to the water's surface untill I flushed the toilet and watched it! swirl down with the golden yellow pee. I tried to imagine what her pee would look like all this time as when she is there I often do, but I bet it would look the same as what I made .

Adrian, it is almost impossible to have a bm without letting out a piss, unless the bladder is completely empty. The reason for that is that when you bear down to evacuate the fecal matter, pressure is also put on the bladder, and more often then not, when the signal from the brain is given to open the sphincter muscles, all sphincter muscles get the same messages, so if there is any amount of piss in the bladder, even a tiny amount, it will come out with the poop. That's not to say that people don't have completely dry poops, but I never hava had one.

John Q, it's good that your girl friend keeps you away from that crap, but fast food is almost as bad. I was thinking of you the other day when I was at the drug store. I probably put this in my earlier post about urinary health, but I will repeat it here. Cranberry Juice and Concentraited Cranberry pills work wonders for the urinary system. It will help to clear you out, and might even help a little with your bladder control.

Holdit man, that is not a good thing to do, though the same thing has happened to me. I would suggest that if you should find yourself in a similar situation that you take a cranberry suppliment, or try to drink at least one quart of water during that time. When you put in long hours like that, the body needs nutrients and liquids. NOT soda, (though I do drink soda) but fruit juices, preferably orange or grape fruit juice to keep your pee acidic, a cranberry suppliment to keep everything clean, and water to keep you hydrated.

John Q Public
I had quite an interesting weekend with my gf. She read Katrina's story about how esparagas effects her piss, so she decided to try it out. My gf also says that doing alot of exercies will also make the pee more yellow, so in addition to exercising for 8 hours, she ate a whole can of exparages for breakfeast, and even drank the water is was packed in, she took 8 cranberry capsules, and only drank orange joice and grapt fruit juice all day. Her exercise routine included dancing, weight lifting, running and raquet ball. She would work out for 2 hours, then take some more grape fruit juice, alternating that with orange juice, then work out another two hours, then she ate a bundle of fresh esparagas for lunch, washed ie down with 32 oz of orange juice, worked out another two hours, drank some more grape fruit juice, and for dinner, she had two cans of esparagas, juice and all and washed it down with another 32 oz of ournge juice.

All this time, she did not make one trip to the bathroom, She ate very little over then her ???? so she wouldn't spoil it by having to take a dump. She must have held for close to 20 hours, and she was realy desperate by the time she decided to let loose. She wanted to know how much she was holding. We had one of those flasks that ppl use in chemisstry classes, so she peed into a bucket, then when she was done we measured it. Her piss came out a wild, thick, hissing torrent that went on for over 3 minutes. That smell of fresh urine that you get when you first pee was so strong that it literaly filled the room. Again, the foam was as thick as it could be, almost filling that bucket to t he top. When she was done, she poured her piss into that flask until it was full, wrote down the measurement on a piece of paper, then poured it into the toilet and filled it again. She would fill it to 1200 militres twice, and the last pouring was slightly under 700 militres,! making her total to be just a little under 3100 militres of the raunchiest, strongest smelling yellowest piss that I had ever seen. The toilet looked like a giant beer mug when she was finised, and foam lingered in the bucket after the pee was all pourd out. It too, reeked as strongly as I ever smelled in my life.

It's amazing what a woman's body can do.

the "HOLD IT" man
Blue eyes, the exact same thing happened to me just today. I woke up feeling like my stomach was going to explode all over the place. I had to take a leak, but I also thought I had diareah again, so I got up, sat on the toilet and let rip. When I did, the longest fart I ever blew erupted from my rear end. It was like nothing I had ever done before in my life. It must have gone non stop for abut 45 seconds or so. Then I let out a series of normal length farts and a little turd came out. I farted a little more, then I was fine. I must have been swallowing air in my sleep or something, but it sure was wierd.

i have a little bit to add to the whole uti discussion. since girls have a smaller urethra it makes us get uti's more frequently. i will have about two or three a year. usually they don't hurt me that much, but the last one i had was real severe. if you take the azo standard stuff it will make your pee tuen red or orange depending on the strength of your pee.

Well, I did it. I took a shit in my trash can on Sunday afternoon. I really didn't feel like being nervous in the bathroom. It was VERY awkward but at the same time, very easy. My trashcan had been stuffed to the brim for the past week, so I went and got three trashbags. The first twho I double-bagged. I then put them in the can and sat on it. I had a very large log come out and I could feel it distinctly hit and weigh down the trashbag. A few more smaller logs came out, but the awkwardness of the situation was geting to me. I then wiped with a paper-towel (not all that great). The stanch in the room was pretty bad but I took the soiled bag and tied it and mixed it with some other garbage (2 separate bagg in one). Then I opened the window and sprayed some cologne in the room. I thrw my trash away in the dumpster outside. On the way back in I stopped and taked to a few people (laughing to myself because they had no clue as to what I had just done). I was thinking t! he whole time how great it felt. Until next time,

Hi Alexa. WOW!That was some 32 to 36in long turd you had.I'm surprised it all went down without stopping up.I wish I could have dumps like that.

I 'M 13/F

One day i was at my house watching tv and i started to feel really really sick i felt like throwing up. so i ran into the bathroon and pulled my pants down and out came a long turd after that i threw up twice. I was sick for 3 weeks.

JENNY - Did you boyfriend watch you while you went in the outdoors, and if he did how do you feel about that? Did he hear you? I once watched a friend go, he had to go desperately while we were out hiking, and went off into the bushes - I followed without him knowing, and because he was so desperate heard loads of wet load farts and runny poo squirting out.

To FART LOVER: liked your story...LOL about your log playing with the other logs, think any one else saw your logs?

To blue eyes: Sounds like a good you feel better.

To Unnamed poster: Liked your story about peeing on the bathroom floor..should have peed in the sink.

To Dennis-M: Liked your you think any one found the garbage can filled with pee?

To nitecruzr: I liked your peeing story

To IndianaMAN: That sounds good..shitting in the trash can..would like to hear about that.

To Miss Belinda: I enjoyed your story

To Candi *~: I loved your story..thats cool you used a urinal

To Alexa: That sounds like a nice dump

To Track Star: Loved your experience..did you take your used sleeve back as a memory? thats cool that gave her your sleeves to wipe with.

To irishguy: I liked your story..since you were at the gym when your buddy shit him self, he had a change of clothes right? thats good.

To DONNIE M: I liked your story..what grade were you in? Thats cool about your classmates almost having an accident and about "turtle head" thats a new one to me.

To Nate in AZ: Thats a good idea...liked your story

To Lacy: cool experience..liked your story.

To wetguy: Thats too bad your couldn't follow that guy to the bathroom. I liked your story too.

To Anonymous: Enjoyed your story

To Lisa: Welcome...i enjoyed your story.

To John L: Bet that felt good to get rid of

To Jenny: I loved your story..did any one see you poop?

To Annie and Robby: Thanks for liking my stories!
To Unnamed poster: Who watched your brother pee...I loved your story

I got a few stories to tell first of all i pooped last night for the first time in several days. I felt the urge come on at 6:30 and i held on for about an hour. I went upstairs and pooped. I had this big log light brown in color and it was about 9 inches and curled around in the shape of a "C" I stood up looked at it and peed(i really had to pee too hadn't been in hours). Then i sat back down cause i didn't feel done and i pushed more. I farted then softer poop came out..i wiped alot. this was my best dump in a while

Then i had a dream last night about being at the mall and having to poop and i went to the bathroom and put a seat cover on and i had trouble getting it on. Some guy was in the next stall. came out of the bathroom and my party was waiting for me.
gotta run
sorry for the long posts

Funny story Fart Lover! play with the other logs? lol

To Track Star - I liked your story. You're pretty lucky!

To DONNIE M - Enjoyed your story about laughing.

To the "Hold It" man - Liked your story.

To an unnamed poster who wrote of the dog walk with her 15-year-old brother - Liked your story. How old are you? Was your brother at all uneasy about peeing in front of you, as you were in front of him?>

I dont have anything to report today. Maybe next time!


Miss Belinda. Interesting story. I suppose it was a case of "needs must." Have you had any other big motions which wouldn't flush since?

Jenny. I enjoyed your story about having to stop the car and go for a good poo on route to Sunday lunch. You say on your own admission that you'd not been for a motion before setting out. Had you been for a wee though? Somehow I don't think I'd risk not going for one before an 80-mile journey.

Annie & Robbie. Hi! Happy New Year. It sounds as though you had an eventful New Year party bathroom wise. No doubt it was even more eventful when all the pasta had been eaten.

Best wishes


I don't Understand this...
How come so many women find doorless stalls, EVERY bathroom zip EVER goes in has NO DOORS....and I (a 50 y/o male ) has NEVER seen a doorless stall ??? Curious, thats all..

Tuesesday, January 21, 2003

Hi all,

It's been a long, long time since I was around here! Greetings and Happy New Year to all my friends.

I wanted to pass on some toilet references that have ammassed lately. Just this evening I saw a TV add that would have made you all howl, Australia's poop fixation is at work again. Our tennis champ Leyton Hewitt has made a commercial for Sorbent toilet paper, it's airing during the championships that are on daily. We see under the stall doors in a spotless white bathroom, tracking along to the right, and stop at a stall with a pair of feet in tennis shoes framing the bottom of the loo. Unfortuately there's no paper... Then we cut out to the arena where a lady gets a call on her cellphone. She takes out a four-pack of Sorbent and hands it across the crowd down to the front, then it's transported by the ball-boys to the loo off the court, and moments later the champ comes bounding out to play the match. At the finish he victoriously whacks a toilet roll up in the air... Chuckle! This country has a wry attitude.

Other sightings -- while out and about over Christmas/New Year, one evening I spotted a store selling party stuff, called "Party Time." Naturally, I *read* "Potty Time..." The same evening I saw a lady watering her garden and from the angle at which she was casually holding the hose it looked like she was having an enormous standing wee!

Recently observed Cockney rhyming slang: "Gypsies" -- Gypsey Rose Lee = Pee...

I've been watering my back garden a lot lately in the warm evenings, under the stars, which is always a delightful experience.

Cheers all,


Twice Shy
The use of one's alternative voice

I'm not sure why I enjoy talking about turdulence lately on this board. Maybe because a whole hell of a lot is going on at work and at home, and this works my bowels into a real frenzy at times. "Short Bowel", I think it's called, or perhaps "irritable" ones. There are times that this vigor blows out my entire inwards, first with the chunks that had a chance to develop, then degenerating into a diarrheal torrent that resembles the time I had to take Colyte in order to get a colonoscopy. Turns out it was just hemorrhoids. When this storm builds up, we're talking the whole spectrum of anal emissions, often including whopper farts of a truly "interesting" odor (at least to me). Maybe this is what's called "explosive" butt-production. Maybe this way of life isn't healthy; I think of my cousin who got diagnosed with Crohn's disease at the age of 35. Something I do is driving a whole lot of nervous stimulation towards my inner channel. It's almost as if I'm trying to ! "say something" about how worked-up I am, using my butt-hole instead of my mouth, which usually gets me in trouble. A trip to the john in these conditions often approaches the caliber of true anal "anger", as if I could point my ass at the things that oppose me and shoot colon-crud like an automatic firearm. Imagine if a man could truly do that: stand up in a confrontation, drop trou', and blast his opponent flat. It would be like a shitting duel. This is how I think of my operation of this long-arm. Like a gun sometimes. I need things in my life that get out the anger at things like bullshit bosses and arbitrary quotas. "You want production, do you? Well take a gander at this [blows massive farts, etc.]! THAT is production!" Yes sir, the long train is running, down around the corner, half a mile from here. Watch 'em disappear around the corner, down the toilet bowl. Without shit, where would we be right now?

Man, when the accelerator has been primed and charged, you better look out. Oh, the poo-ulence, oh, that rotten doo, chugging out the everlasting crack! It is such an intransitive act, the shit, only I sometimes post targets in some unconscious realm of direct objects. I would poo upon you, if I could, dear manager-man. You fill me with the urge to DEFECATE!

The thought of motion, the wielding of one's personal bazooka. A bazooka for the doo-ka. Pow! One could almost write an underground comic book about it.

ThE PoTtY PoEt
Tinkle, tinkle, wee wee
have some fun.
Do it while you walk,
Do it while you run.

Wee Wee is the water of life,
It is always there in a moment of strife.
If it comes from a girl, or comes from a boy,
Wee Wee is a source of joy.

You piss if you are short,
You piss if you are tall,
Piss was made for the joy of all!!

A survey about noise that you make:

1) In whose company do you delay farting?
2) In whose company do you fart silently, but risk the smell, and why?
3) In whose company do you fart and it doesn't matter if they smell or hear?
4) In whose company do you try and fart loudly?
5) Taking the three main noise sources (farting, plopping, grunting and straining) where do you suppress these, and which do you suppress?
6) With the above where don't you mind if they are heard?
7) Is there anywhere where you make more noise than nescessary?

For me the answers are:
1) Everyone except those mentioned below in 2) and 3)
2) My brothers, dad, and some of my cousins because we can always joke about it, and I can probably get away with blaming them if its really bad smell.
3) My mum.
4) No one.
5) I don't mind plopping anywhere. I don't mind farting at home - I try and strain softly.
6) At home I don't mind any of these being heard.
7) Sometimes in a public toilet I will make a lot of noise if there is no one I know around, especially groaning and straining.

I was taking a dump at the park and this guy, about 40, took the stall directly across from me. Since there are no doors, I was able to see him pretty easily. He wiped the seat, then turned to face me, and dropped his shorts and white jockeys. Looked like the same brand I had on. He kept them at his thighs and sat down. Immediately, I could hear the "crackling" as the turd exited, and he did make a bit of a face. He was done quickly, though. He wrapped the paper around his right hand, reached around and wiped. He repeated that and then he was done. He pulled up his briefs as he stood up, adjusted them, and then pulled up his shorts. He washed up and was outta there!

Looks like the department store with no doors on the stalls finally got some doors installed. Too bad! No more giving or getting sightings!

I took a dump at the swap meet and used the large handicapped stall. The lock doesn't always work right so sometimes guys will open it while it's occupied. The toilet is around the corner from the door and so you actually sit with your back to the door. Alot of times the door will open and the guy is already inside the stall before he sees you. Sometimes I'll be standing up, wiping, as the guy comes in, so he gets a good shot of me cleaning up. Other times, I'll be bent over, pulling up my underwear, so they almost walk into my bare butt. I't funny to see their reaction when they do realize I'm there. I did see one Latino guy on the can there. He wore olive colored shorts and barely had them below his butt. He was bent way over, with his chest to his knees. He just looked at me and said "busy" as I entered. Not too many other sightings to report, though.

Hi all,
Have you ever had an Acciedent as a child in public or at in a car?

HELLO EVERYONE! Just a little note to let all of you good pooping, pee, and farting people know that I enjoy each and everyone of you all stories. LOVED YOUR STORY JAMIE! I always love a good fart story. LOVED YOUR'S TOO I.P.DAILY. I was in the bathroom today at work, and I didn't know the toilets were out of order. I really had to pee bad, so I walked into all three stalls, and all three toilet bowels were filled with someone elses piss and poop. I had to use it bad, so I held my breath as much as I could, and took down my pants and panties; then squatted and let it rip. floods of piss and fart roared from me, as I held my breath and rushed my piss from me. I farted a fat loud fart as it felt as though I was beginning to push a turd. I didn't want to take a dump in all of that shit, so I tried to hold it. But my farts was coming more and I could feel my butthole opening. I finished my pee, as a turd crackled through my hole. I allowed it to come, as it slid right out on top! of someone's massive load. I let out another large fart then wiped thoroughly. I washed my hands thoroughly, then left my log to play with the other logs.

blue eyes
jamie- i liked your story. did you go in your pants when you were onstage? what kind of concert was it that you got to finish naked?
here's a poop story for everyone. i woke up this morning and had a sharp pain in my stomach. it hury every time i breathed. i laid there for about 20 minutes or so, then i decided to get up and go to the bathroom. i had a long pee and then i started to poop. it was fat and hard to push out. slowly it came out pushing my anus open very wide. when i was dome i swear it was like 3 inches think and a foot long. i felt much better after that.

I came upon your site by accident so this is my first post. I'm a 32 year old guy with a desperation story to tell. I was stuck in traffic on the freeway one day and really had to pee. Luckily, I was alone in my car and could fidget and squeeze my dick as often as I needed to without anybody seeing but it really didn't help matters. I knew if I didn't get to a restroom pretty quick, I was going to be in big trouble Finally, when I felt I couldn't hold it any longer, traffic started moving and I immediately looked around for a gas station or something and came to a fast food place. I pulled into the parking lot, found a parking space and ran inside...making a beeline for the men's room. Unfortunately, all the urinals and stalls were occupied and nobody seemed to be in any hurry to finish their business. I grabbed my dick and squeezed as hard as I could, not even caring if anybody noticed and said, "Hurry up!! I gotta piss!!!" I was about to lose complete control a! nd pissing my pants would be totally humiliating since I was on my way to give a public speech and had no change of clothes with me. So, in sheer desperation, I walked over to a corner, opened my fly, pulled out my dick and started pissing right there on the floor! It was probably the wrong thing to do but
, as far as I could see, there was no other

choice. The other guys looked at me like I

must have lost my mind and I was starting to feel really embarrassed about the whole incident. There was really nothing I could do except say, "Sorry, I was stuck in traffic for over an hour and couldn't wait any more!" One guy asked why I didn't say it was an emergency
and I said, "I TOLD you I hadda piss but nobody paid any attention!!'

Hey everyone. im 14/m..
I have a pee story to tell everyone it's actaly funny.. When i was in 6th grade the class had just come back from lunch so about a half hour ater i hadn to pee extreamly badly.. so the teacher let me. 10 minuts later i had to pee badly again but she said no so i had been in trouble a lot so she had put me in the back room with these dividers up everywhere so i wouldent annoy anyone and they wouldent annoy me.. So when she said no i was jst pissed so the teachers assistant was up talking to her so i took the garbage can over to me (they couldent see me getting it) and i just pissed in the garbage can about 2 times.. Hey when you gotta go you gotta go...


I got caught at the beach once.

I had been sitting on the sand - it was hot and the beach was quite crowded. A bunch of college kids nearby drinking beer and whatever else. I was doing the same.

After a while, I had to pee. No problem - I just lay back relaxed and let go. And continued so for a couple hours or so.

I had forgotten that the particular bathing suit that I had chosen to wear that day was a water repellant fabric. So, instead of my pee soaking thru the suit into the sand -

I stood up, to go into the water, and Niagara Falls down my legs. The college kids were staring at everybody, not just me, so maybe they didn't see anything??

Stopped at a nearby restaurant on the way home. Halfway thru the meal, that same bunch of kids came in and sat down nearby. And started giggling and pointing at me.

Yep - they knew.

Hey Ya'll
Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. Christmas break was the shit (pun intended). It was so nice to be able to have a toilet all to myself. Needless to say, being back here at college isn't all that great when it comes to the shitter. I'm really thinking about taking a shit in my room in the trash can. I'l let all of you know about this great (hopefully) experience.

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