Miss Belinda.
This is a total open door stall nightmare for those of You who are a little shy to using these facilities. I was a seventh grade math teacher in the late seventies and usually had my huge morning poops in the teacher's lounge bathroom located in the school's office. I made it to school one morning and after getting everything lined up for the upcoming class I felt a little tingle in my hole. I had been slightly constipated for the past few days and when the feeling struck I wasn't going to ignore it and wait until class started to try and struggle with a turd that was eager to be free. I went to the teache's lounge and the door was locked tight and occupied. I wasn't in a real hurry so I thought to myself, well, I'll just go use the regular girl's bathroom since it is fairly early and weren't many students in yet. I walked in to the bathroom which was fairly nice for a school bathroom. It had six stalls and clean toilets. The only drawback that there were no doors on the s! tall. I made My way in and for some reason or the other I took the middle stall. I backed up to the toilet, lifted my skirt and eased down my pantyhose to the middle part of my thighs. I let out a loud torrent of pee which echoed in the ambience of the large bathroom. My pee was followed by a hissing poot which became louder as it came out and made a nice echo. I leaned forward and felt the tip of my poo poo breaking the crown of hole. It was going to be a long one. My poo made it about half way out and stopped when suddenly I heard the door open and in walked two of my students. I thought to myself that they are going to see a side of me that they have never seen before. "Good morning Miss Belinda" they said as I looked up they were standing right in front of me. I replied in a semi-strained voice, "good Mmmmmmorning". This didn't bother me too much but the smell was starting to ease up from behind me since my turd was still hanging. the girls were now leaning against the o! utside of the stall conversing with me while I was struggling with the long poop. As I sat and chatted the turd broke off and made a loud "FLOOOOP" into the commode. No one said anything but the two girls did look at one another with a slight grin. It must have amazed them to see their teacher sitting there in all her glory. I thought that I might just try and pinch the rest of the poo off and get out of there but after the initial turd broke off the rest of it just flowed right out making very audible "FLOOOOP, PLOOP, PLOOP, and the finally a loud "FLADOOP" sound as I finished up. By this time There were four girs standing there. We continued the conversation as I wiped and pulled my pantyhose up and I know that they saw my poo poo in the commode. I flushed and one of the larger turds struggled to get down the hole and did'nt make it but I did'nt flush again since I was in a hurry to get out of there. As I went over to the sink and washed my hands I looked back and noticed ! that the girls were in my stall flushing the toilet and giggling about the turd that wouldn't flush away.

~* Candi *~
Hey everyone....

I was in Pittsburgh over the weekend. It was a lot of fun, me and my friend visited her boyfriend. He's a fireman, so we got to ride in his truck. How cool is that!? So anyways, while we were at the firehouse, i had to shit, so i was like fuuuu.... haha, yeah. so i went to the bathroom, they only had a men's room... yeah a little sexist if you ask me. well, it only had a urinal and a stall. so i went in the stall, did my business, and just as i was about to finish, some assh0le busts in and uses the urinal.... i was so mad haha. OH and by the way, my friend dared me to pee in the urinal.... AND I DID haha. it was funny :)


~* Candi *~ xoxo

I just dropped a whopper load!

I was feeling really full about an hour ago, but I was doing some work and didn't want to get up. So I kept working, but after a while, I really felt ready to burst! So I got up and went to the bathroom, and pulled down my white sweatpants. All of a sudden, my hole was forced open, and this huge log started coming out really quick, like within ten seconds I was done, without even pushing once. I got up, and saw four logs in the bowl, about three inches thick, and 8 or 9 inches long! I was kinda shocked, but hey, I feel empty now, so it's all good.

question: I have often wondered why many toilet bowls are usually filled with water from the back all the way up to the rim or at least pretty close . I have seen some of the older models with have only a little bit of water toward the back like right by the drain. but many of the more modern ones made after the 1950's have the water all the way up to the front it seems, except for those newer " water saver" types.

Track Star
Hey all, long time reader, first time poster. I'm an 18 year old guy out of the Great Lakes Region USA, senior in HS, about 5'10" 150 pounds or so, pretty decent build. I'm a three sport athlete between Track, Cross-Country, and Wrestling, so I manage to stay in shape for the most part. Also, for the most part, I share some of the same interests as many people here. I will note beforehand that I absolutely do not enjoy watching/anything about other guys taking a dump. I do have the occasional locker room 5 stall load down with a few of my guys in track, but I'm definately into chicks doing it. As you could imagine with Track and Cross-Country both being very Co-Ed sports, I seem to get myself into a number of these situations. Most of my situations will be Track related or just casual date settings, as I am much better Track Runner than anything else(as my name suggests) and Wrestling is all guys anyways, so whats the fun in that?

I'll give you a quick story to introduce myself. Last summer my cross-country team took a running related trip to some fairly large campgrounds. It was a one week trip and the campground had many trails and things to do while we weren't running. We only ran like 2 times a day for about an hour and a half, so that left us with quite a bit of free-time for the 7 guys and 8 girls that went. Well, in one of these downtimes on the second day, the rest of the guys on the team left camp to go play basketball about a mile down the road, I had twisted my ankle earlier that morning, forcing me to stay at camp. The girls team were all still at camp also, expect Brianne, who went to play ball with the guys. Anyways, the other 7 wanted to go trailblazing, but one of them also was slowed by an injury so we just decided to all go walk the trails, with Laura and I kind of hobbling on one another. About 10-15 minutes after we left camp I started smelling some bad air, but I figure! d I was just imagining it. When we got closer to the bottom, the girls spotted a small waterfall and ran ahead to check it out, teasing that we could catch up when we had healed, no hard feelings. =) After they had ran ahead, Laura confided that she really had to go to the bathroom, but didn't know if she could support herself in the woods and asked if I would help her. Laura is definately hott, about 5'4" 110 pounds, GREAT figure, smile like sunrise. I couldn't say no, plus I was dying for a chance to get to know her better. She pointed to a rock wall and said that she thought it was out of view for the most part, not that this trail was travelled much anyway. So we limped over to the rocks together and she leaned on me for support. "Now," she said, "How do you want to do this? If I take my arm off of you I'll fall, but I need two hands to get my shorts down." I offered to have her face me in an embracing hug position and said that I would take her shorts down if sh! e didn't mind. She turned around and gave me a big hug and a wink saying "Get to work stud, I would have waited if I didn't have to go RIGHT NOW. ;)" So I unbuttoned her jean shorts and slid them and her red silk bikinis down to her ankles, and I must admit I was getting pretty turned on, but Laura still had business to take care of so I asked how she wanted to do it. Laura assumed the squat position and asked me to go behind her so she could lean on my shoulders for support of her leg. As soon as she got comfortable I heard a forceful pee begin splashing on the rocks below us, which lasted for about a minute and half. I said something like "All Better?" to which she sharply responded "Not on your life (small fart and sigh) that was just an appetizer." She wiggled around a bit trying to get comfortable and I tried to get her to stop and just let it go, but she insisted that she wasn't comfy, so she moved closer and I was sunk. She backed into my crotch area and notice! d that I was little more excited than I was 5 minutes ago, busted! =o She joking mocked that her back itched and would I mind if she gently rocked to and fro, and let my manhood do all the work. Then the real show began, as the joking and playing was cut short by a monstrous fart, her face got a little red and I answered "Whos laughing now?" only to get "The Look." A look of concentration formed on her cute face and I looked down to see that there was activity between her perfectly formed muscular ass. The logs were pretty light brown and about an inch think and soft. I couldn't really complain about the smell, just kinda sat back and enjoyed the situation and made some small talk. After about five minutes it was all in a pretty large pile at my feet, prolly about 2.5 feet of soft shit all curled up. She asked if I would do the honors, to which I replied "With what?" "Ummmm..... =( I don't know... I don't want soft poo all over my underwear though." So I tore off the! sleeves on my shirt and wiped her with them and pulled up her shorts as she stood up. Afterwards I got a big hug and a long kiss, we actually sorta took an interest in one another after that and have been really good friends since then, she really wants to get closer than friends now and add some intimacy to it all, so we'll see what happens.

Sorry that was so long, I have more stories about myself, Laura and a lot of my other friends female and male, so tell me if you like it. I may post again if the response is good. Keep up the stories chicks.

It is sooooo cold here! Hope everyones winter is going well. lots of peeing and pooping to warm you up!

I had the best experience today. My buddy and I went to the gym and he pooped his pants right in the middle of the gym!! He is about 5'10 with dark hair and a body like Marky Mark. we were doing squats and on his set I heard him grunting as he was crouching, as he went to straighten up I heard him fart and he said oh shit! I asked him what was wrong did he hurt himself and he said no, I just shit my shorts!! He was embarassed but we were both laughing. He asked me to walk behind him to the change rooms so no one would see the big bulge in the back of his tight shorts. I told him my story of when I shit my pants at the gym way back (in an older post). We hit the showers and he cleaned himself up. It was so hard to fight the urge to shit my shorts with him!

wetguy: I like your stories. I had many similiar experiences with peeing my pants on purpose as a teenager. I like your stories cause I dont feel like I was the only one doing this... keep them coming.

I saw that question about laughing so hard you peed your pants. I remembered what happened one afternoon in english class in school. We were all Juniors and the class was more or less sort or loose as we would talk freely and the teacher would talk to us and explain the lessons out of the books, we never really had to read anything.
So this one day everyone was getting a bit noisy and roudy and sort of out of hand. The teacher Miss Koler asked us to all be quiet and just stop please. After a few requests everyone did shut up and the room was quiet for a few minutes. She started to write on the blackboard and then all of a sudden this boy in the front row cuts a huge loud fart!
Like Brippppppph! In this quiet room too!. Everyone bust out laughing, and the teacher turned around and said, "what was that, who did that?" and that made it worse. Everyone one just screamed with laughter it was so funny. Some of the kids were falling out of their seats and almost on the floor it was so halarious. I was one too, leaned over my seat and almost hit the floor I was laughing so hard. That is for about 30 seconds. Although I never had any need for felt a need to pee, all of a sudden a long squirt of pee shot into my briefs. I felt the hot pee run down my leg from my crotch, I had actually wet my pants, not badly though. I went from screaming and laughing with tears in my eyes to all of a sudden soberness. I stopped laughing, my mouth dropped, my expression went to surprise and dead sober. I held my pee then and sat up feeling my crotch thru my pants and felt it wet. It didnt show outside though. I noticed a few other kids in the room had suddenly stoppe! d laughing too, so I suspect they might have had a little accident too.
It really was funny, and I went and laughed again but not too hard. I learned after that no matter how funny to control my self least I do it again and then much worse.
I asked a couple buddies like, making a comment, Oh, I almost pissed my pants. They too admitted they had leaked in their shorts. One said he almost shit his pants, a turtle head poked out on him.
So I didnt feel too bad after that, I wasnt alone.
Yes it is possible to pee your pants when something REALLY funny and crazy gets to you and you just lose all control. It will happen!
Can anyone else add to this with their story??

To fil
I could have gone but i was holding it on purpose. my usual length is about 12-13 hours but this time i went to bed so early that i forgot to take my night piss. So whenb i got up the next morning i was dyin to go. I think i was there fo about 4 minutes letting it all go

Nate in AZ
Just discovered something that could help everyone on this site that suffers from constipation. On advice from my ex, I got a step stool about 8" high and placed it in front of the toilet. This morning I was feeling my rectum filling up so went and sat, putting my feet up on the stool, I wrapped my arms around my legs and started pushing. It was really a hard one so I had to grunt to get it past my sphincter, but once my ring was dilated and even though the movement was knobby and hard, it slipped out easily with little pain. I'd been having difficulty getting it out and keeping it moving once it got past my hole, but this method seemed to make the process easier. Having my legs up against my chest also gave me leverage. So those of you like me who have some physical limitation that makes squatting difficult can use this way to make your movements easier when they are constipated. Just get a low stepstool and try it! It worked for me.

This quesrtion is to all the readers how are troubled by constipated bowel movements. Have you ever wished you could redesign the toilet? I'm in my earily fifties and the constipation problems I had as a kid have come back in full force. When I was a kid I used a potty chair that had two handles, one on each side of the seat just below the level of my butt. When I was really struggling to get a pop going I'd grab the handles and pull my butt down into the potty. I use the same trick now only I find I only hve the seat between my legs to grab hold of an the grip I get isn't as good. Does anyone else wish they had handles to pull on when straining and grunting?-- JW

Yep I had a urinary tract infection. Started out like after getting washed up before bed I might have got a little soap in my weener pee hole, that does burn I ran and put my weener under the sink fawcett and ran cold water on it and went back to bed. Nope, didnt help, I had burning in my penis and butt and prostate all night. Its miserable, I know girls get it, but they got a uretha like a few inches, us guys got several long inches.

About classroom peeeing, yes some teachers were pretty good on letting you go to the bathroom if you hadda go. But in Jr. High they got more strict, I think cause some peoples were smoking in the restrooms.
However every year in school someone had an accident. In the 5th grade I sat next to this boy as we where having some kind of writing lesson and I noticed him squirming a bit. He had his hand down in his crotch and legs squeezed together. I thought nothing much of it. He looked at me and our eyes met and then he took a look at the floor by his seat. I thought that was odd, but I was writing my lesson. Soon I heard a trickle sound, and saw pee dripping off the front and back of his seat and a huge puddle forming on the floor. It was a wooden floor and so the pee started to run along the boards down the aisle and across the aisle to my desk. Again he looked at me and under his chair, and ya, there was a big puddle now. It ran down uder this girls desk behind him and puddled up. The teacher was making rounds to check the work and came up our aisle and saw all the water. She said to Barb, the gril, "did you have an accident?" Barb looks red faced and said, "oh no". ! then she comes up to me and says, "Donnie, did you wet your pants?", I said no, and pointed over to Billy. He acted like nothing ever happened. She then whispered to him and left. We then went to lunch about 10 minutes later and Billy stayed seated.
Well then after lunch, Billy has a change of pants and the floor is mopped up.
But two weeks later, same time same class. I looked over again and saw a huge stream of pee pour from Billys chair again! Teacher noticed it again and made Billy stay during lunch, and he came back with clean pants.
And so on every year we had one. That year in 7th grade this bitch of an english teacher would not let the girl next to my right go to the bathroom I Knew she was in trouble too. I felt sorry for he, she was a nice quiet girl, real nice. Vera sat there and squrirmed and flipped up her dress from under her ass and sat on her panties. Soon shes holding her crotch thru her dress. She puts up her hand again and teacher says no. Im waiting for the flood to start. I noticed a little wet spot on her dress where she was pushing into her crotch. Again she raised her hand and asked to go and said this time, "its an emergency". The teacher sort of flustered said, "oh, ALL RIGHT", dont make it a habit:.Vera dashed for the door and I could see very clear on her white legs and her short white socks a little thin stream of pee starting to run down her leg. She did make it back and I looked over at her and she gave me a sort of grouchy look. I cant help it I had a
Thats a couple that I thought Id mention to the others that have written here. I know sometimes students will wait too long or some even like to wet their pants secertly.
I almost wet my pants in my senior year, but thats a different story, if you want, let me know....

R. Smith of AR - To be honest I couldn't tell you an exact diameter, and I'm terrible at estimating. Poor Brooke didn't feel right for at least a day after that. She normally has big BM's but not like THAT. Anyway, I need to get some sleep but I'll tell a story about myself tomorrow.

P.S. Thanks for the reply. I wasn't sure anyyone would be interested in reading my stories.


This past week i had been constipated for about 4 days. Well last night i had eatten a really big dinner and decided to go shopping for a friends b-day. well anyway when i got to the store i got a little bit of an urge to poo but decided to wait since i probaly wouldnt be able to go anyway well i kept looking around when i started to fell that i might actually go this time so i head for the bathroom. Right as i walked in another lady(quite large) walked in and saw that they didnt have stalls or doors or anything just toilets i sat down and she took the one next to mine . We both peed at the same time but her lasted a little longer. I thought she was done after that cuz she flushed but she stayed seated. I started to push but nothing was happening. Right then the lady next to me started grunting and pushing and i heard a little plop but that waas all. i kept on push and grunting as well, After i had been pushing about 5 min my huge, thick turd poked its head out it really hur! t because it was so large. THe lady next to me was moaning really loudly and sounded as though she wass in pain.Her face was red I asked her if she was Ok and she said that she had been constipated for about 9 days. I told her that i to was constipated. She said that she wasnt leaveing till it was out. I started to push again and the turd moved so slowly. then it jusst stopped when it was about 3inches around and about 4inches sticking out of my butt. It hurt so bad i started moaning and still pushing. i heard one of the other ladys turds hit the water and heard her sigh in reilf. i asked if she was done but she said she still had a lot more inside of her.I countinued to pushand it started to move i had to stop and catch my breath in between i pushed one more time reallly hard and it came oout and landed in the toilet it felt so good i flushed but wasnt done just wanted to get that one down . My other turds werent has hard to get out but were still kinda hard.After about 10 ! more thick, long turds i got this softer chunckyer stuff. It came out easdy. The lady next to me was almost done she said. Right then i got some really bad type diarreah stuff it was horrible. I had the diarreah for about 20 minutes and got really bad cramps and was moaning the other lady was done but asked if i wanted her to stay for help i said if she wasnt uncomfortable then yes i would like that. She said it wasnt a problem and she knew what i was going through.She sat on the toilet next to me and held my hand and rubbed my back . My stomach hurt so bad that i didnt even care that this stanger wwas helping me poop. About five min later the weirdest thing happened the diarreah stopped and i felt i still need to go but it was as hard as my first turd to get out. I told the Lady that she could go but she said thaqt she would stay and help me. I started pushing really hard but it wouldnt move. i started moaning and she asked if i was Ok but i said that my stomach hurt reall! y bad i lifted my shirt up a little to massage my stomach while i push but she asked if i wanted her to massage my belly while i pushed i said that, that would help. She massaged my belly while i push but i didnt think i did anyhting so i got up and was going to just sop and go home but when i got up the lady said that my turd was about 1 inch out so i sat down and kept going she kept on massageing my stomach while would jsut push.I was there about 30 more minutes when i was finally done. i wiped about 9 times. and had to flush 3 times. When i left i thanked the lady and we left and went or seperate ways. i wish there were more people like that in the world.

To wetguy: Liked your story

To Luke: I've been having a little gas too..i liked your story too

To ANON: I liked your story about wetting your self at the beach.

To Sara: Enjoyed your story..i had diahreaha last week.

To Punk rock girl: I liked your story from work...i like the story about your b/f in the bathroom and seeing it.

To the "HOLD IT" man: Liked your story...i thought it was funny about the drug store.

To italy: Liked your story

To Phil D. Grave: liked your story

To FART LOVER: Enjoyed your story..did any one see you pee?

To jim: Liked your story.

To Tess: Maybe your brothers are curious and like lookin at them

To super soaker: Loved your story..were you glad that he pooped? is he your friend? any more stories? would love to hear them.

To Tom: Liked your story

To Diva: Congratulations on one of the best pee stories I have ever read. The holding and the desperation as well as the final gusher were wonderfully described. I have a question about your boyfriend who didn't use the plane bathroom at all during a 12 hour flight. Pee shy people usually can't go in an airplane, train, or bus. Is that why he held so long? Or does he just have a huge bladder? Also the other guy, who goes only once or twice a day and never away from home fits the pattern of pee shy persons. Any ideas?

To Jamie - Liked your story.

To ANON - Cool story about wetting at the beach. I do it all the time just because it's convenient

To italy - Liked your story, your English was fine!

To Bryian - No, I didnt follow him to the bathroom, but it was obvious that that was where he went and the reason for his fidgeting. But it was a one-person bathroom so i wouldnt have been able to follow him anyway.

To Phil D. Grace - Cool story, must have been embarrasing.

To jim - I liked your story.

To poopmeister - In my next post, I will repost a story of when I laughed so hard I peed my pants. I believe I have posted it here before, but i have no problem putting it back up again.

To Diva - Liked your stories.

To Sportyboy - I did not catch that ad or the movie you refer to. Justin Timberlake wouldnt be bad in peed pants though!

To super soaker - Any particular reason you're going to wait until you're driving? Also, I loved your story, cant say that big of an accident has ever happened to me beyond like 1st or 2nd grade in school. But did anyone say anything to you and/or your friend when you returned to class after a longer time than normal and with a different pair of pants on???

That's all for now.


I think i have posted this story before, but Poopmeister asked for laughing so hard you pee your pants stories, so here it is again. If you've already read it, simply keep scrolling or enjoy this encore performance!!

My accident from laughing to hard happened when i was probably about 14 (i'm 17 now) and over at my freind Brian's house (he's a year younger than me). At that time i was always trying to avoid peeing in other people's houses - don't really know why. Anyway, me, Brian, and his mom and dad were watching this kids TV show and throughout the show i was getting pretty desperate to pee. I was sitting on the floor, and i kept having to shift around to prevent going in my pants. I just couldnt bring myself to admit i had to pee in front of all of them. I probably would have made it, except for the fact that Brian's mother was making fun of the entire TV show, which was some sort of kids contest game show. Well, the announcer announced the name of the final contest just before going to break, and it was some dumb name, but funny. Brian's mother repeated the name in a funny mocking voice, and i laughed so hard that i started peeing my pants! Horrified, I finally had to say i had ! to go to the bathroom, and i did, peeing all the way! I have no idea how no pee dripped onto the carpet. I finished peeing into the toilet, but i now had the problem of a totally wet crotch, and light blue jeans which made it show. I decided my only option was to splash water and pretend that something went wrong with the faucet, so i did. Luckily for me, Brian's parents had left the room when i returned and he was the only one i had to explain myslef to, and he bought my story! I was so relieved. So this was defintiely a wetting as a result of holding it too long and laughing too hard!

There it is, hope you enjoyed. Anyone else, feel free to post your laughing too hard stories!


I was hiking in the woods once when this urge to defecate gripped me so tightly. Luckily, I found a public bathroom nearby and went in. I got into the first stall, locked myself up, put down the seat, pulled down my pants, sat down, and then, KABOOM! The water inside the toilet immediately became brown, and the flusher didn't work. Anyhow, after I had finished defecating, I decided to wipe in the neighboring stall. After doing so, I got outside, found a rock, and placed it on the floor of the first stall.

I am new to this websit, but I have read some of the posts before and I wanted to add a story of my own. When I was in my first year of high school (I am in college now), I was in my first period class when I felt the urge to go number 2. I didn't like to use the bathroom at school so I decided to hold it in. The urge to go was fairly strong, but by sitting on my foot while I was in my seat I had a way of pushing my poop back in as it tried to come out. I did this for the next two classes till finally the urge to go faded and I just had to pee. I peed during lunch. Then as I went to my locker for my fifth period class I felt the urge to go number 2 come back again. This time I had to go pretty bad because as I stood getting my books out of my locker I had to clench my buttocks together and pull my poop back in. As soon as I pulled my poop back in, it would start trying to come out again. I hurried to my next class and sat in my seat. (I always have to go worse when ! I am standing up). I then tried to lean forward in my chair with my legs outstretched. I have done this before when I have had to poop because I could really tighten my buttocks and use the pressure of the chair to force my poop back inside of me. However, the urge to poop was more severe this time. I really had to poop bad. As my history teacher lectured I tried to once again sit on my foot to try to hold back my poop. However, my poop was really pushing hard to come out. When my history teacher finished talking, I asked him if I could use the restroom. As much as I hated going number 2 in public I really had to go. To my relief he said I could go. However, as I was leaving the classroom the fire alarm went off! I had to go outside with my class for a fire drill. Once outside I had to lean against a railing to hold my poop in. When the drill was over it was time for the next class. I asked my math teacher if I could use the restroom as soon as I walked in the do! or. She told me no though. I had to go really bad at this point but did my best to hold it in. Even sitting on my foot was not helping anymore. I was not farting but I smelled the odor of gas. Finally, the class ended and I made my way to the next class on the other side of the school. I had to keep clenching and unclenching my buttocks to keep from having an accident. My music teacher agreed to let me go to the restroom as soon as I had set my music stand got my violin ready to play. I rushed to get set up so I would be ready to play when I got back from the restroom. A girl friend in the music class said I stunk so I must have farted and did not know it because I knew I had not had an accident yet. I hurried to the restroom with my buttocks clenched tight and quickly pulled my jeans and panties down. In a matter of seconds my poop shot out of my butt. The poop formed a long and wide log that was so big it actually almost came to the top of the toilet. As my poop! was coming out and for a while afterwards I was so relieved that I actually felt orgasmic. I then peed and even peeing gave me great pleasure. I noticed I had already peed a little bit in my panties and my panties also had a round brown spot where my poop must have made contact with my panties before I went to the bathroom. I wiped and flushed the toilet several times but the poop did not go down the toilet. I could not believe I had taken such a huge poop. Later on the busride home I heard some girls talking about a huge turd in the girl's restroom. I felt so embarrassed and I hoped noone would realize I was the one who the super turd belonged to. I just wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience or am I just unique.

John L

I was walking in Hastings Entertainment store, and i started to feel like i needed to crap so i waited awhile until we left and when we got home i thought i was going to lose it. I started to pull my underwear down and then i started farting and there it all come out in piles it felt so good getting it out.

the "HOLD IT" man
Nice to hear from you again, Diva. Your story reminds me of an incident that happened in college. I was working the 'grave yard' shift at a UPS office, and it was close to the holiday season so we wer very busy. I had put in 8 hours without any sort of a break at all, so I did not drink anywhere what you drank. I was very uncomfortable, but not yea at the fidgiting stage. After work, I had to get to an early morning History class because it was the last meeting before our finals, so I decided that I would relieve myself when I got to school. Unfortunately I was caught in a traffic jam, and by the time I got to school, I had only about a minute to spare. My instructor got realy annoyed with late-comers and would give you a 0 for the day if you came late, so I went straight to class. About halfway through the class, I was starting to fidgit around, and my bladder fealt as thoug it was going to burst.

I was in real trouble, because this instructor had a tendency to talk through the class, and we almost never had our class breaks. Luckily for this class, he decided to give us a break, mainly because he also had to go to the bathroom. I RAN to that bathroom, walked into a stall, undid my fly and let loose. I had been holding for about 10 hours, so I timed my pee like I often do. My stream continued non-stop for one minute and 3 seconds, then I squirted for another 15 seconds. I had drank very little water during that hold time, so the pee was also very strong. If I had drank as much as you did, I probably would not have made it.

Jamie. that was a great story. I peed alot of times in bushes and outside when there was no place to to. I did just like John Q did once on a cold winter night and left frozen puddls of pee on the side of the roads. I even signed my name with piss in the snow once as a joke. My cousen, Katie was with me when I did it. She just hissed out a huge torrent that melted away about two square feet of snow.

Suzie, thanks for answering my question. Katie pees very similarly when she does not seperate her pubic lips. She also does not shave her vagina, but does trim it once in a while. She is also a nurse at a major hospital, and is very well endowed.

Jane (& Gary)
Belated Happy New Year to everyone. It's been a long time since I last posted. I've been very busy.

Robby, I was very sorry to hear about the loss of your father.

Here's a quick story from yesterday. I was having one of those days in which I had a slight upset stomach throughout the day. The feeling lingered until the late afternoon, when I had a sudden and urgent need to poop. I had had small to medium poop loads for weeks and was way overdue for a major dump. I was on the phone with a client and had to cut off the call early and went straight to the ladies room.

I went into a stall, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose and white panties and sat. I peed first and farted. As soon as I finished peeing, I felt a cramp and pushed out a massive wave of soft gooey chunky poop that lasted 20 seconds. I flushed the toilet while seated. I pushed out a solid continuous motion of soft thick poop. As it almost displaced all of the water, the poop smell was very strong. I flushed the toilet again while seated. After another solid motion of soft thick poop dispensed like soft serve ice cream, I flushed the toilet again. I felt a strong stomach cramp and unleashed a nasty wave of soft poop, flushed the toilet while seated, repeated the same nasty wave and flushed the toilet again. I pushed out a couple of thick pieces of poop and thought I was done. Then I felt another urge and pushed out more thick pieces of poop. After a dozen more pieces, I was done. I flushed the toilet and started to wipe. I flushed a final time and! saw a little brown stain at the bottom of the bowl and a lingering poop smell. I felt much better after that.

John Q Public
Diva, that was incredible. I could never have done that. I can not even make it through a movie without having to go, even when I don't drink anything. I went and saw "Titanic" with my gf when it was out in the theatres, and I had to run to the bathroom in the middle of the show, I was desperate after the show, and I was desperate when I got home. I only had a medium sized soft drink, too. My gf drank a large ditet pop during the movie, she put down 500 mltrs of water before th movie and another 500mltrs after the movie. She was not holding for as long as you were, but she waited until we got home, let me run to the bathroom first, and when I was done, she very casualy and calmly walked towards the bathroom, but remembered that she needed to get a book that she had bought out of her car, got into a conversation with a neighbor for about 30 minutes, came back in, made a phone call and was on the phone for another 15 minutes or so, then she finaly did her business. Aga! in, she anounced that she had to pee, and showing not the slightest sign of discomfort or desperation, very casualy walked into the bathroom, pulled down her pants and panties, sat on the toilet, leaned forward and hissed out a torrent that lasted over a minute, then dribbled a few seconds after that. The foam was about two inches thick on top of the toilet water. By the way, I see what you are saying about men and womdn having stronger or weaker bladders, but I based my postings on my personal experience. I have never been able to hold longer or for even as long as any woman I know. My father, brother, have slightly stronger then normal bladder control, but the women in our family are much better endowed by far. I have found that to be the case with everyone I know.

Holdit man, I do get constipated on ocassion. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, WATCH OUT! It suprises me that Fleet would put such a strong medication in something that was intended to be administered to a child. I have used Fleet supositories and enemas, too but I will have to try out the ones you mentioned the next time I have a need for it.

Katrina, my gf "spanks" me all the time about my eating habbits. We do work out together all the time, but she is a bit more dilligant then I am. She also eats alot less meat, more ???? and drinks bottled water like a fish. Even during the holidays, an Atomic Cake was served at one of the parties we attended, and when I went to get a piece of that cake, she literaly grabbed my arm and yanked me away from that table. She yells at me in public if I even tough Hostess producs or the various candy bars that are sold. We very seldomly eat fast food, and when we do, we order one value meal and split it between the two of us. Sometimes I sneak some in while at work, but not often, because it effects my bowls in a bad way.

Jamie, that was a cool story. I don't know how long you can hold your pee, but if you gushed the way you described in your post, you must have a pretty good capacity. My sister, cousen and gf have all peed outside in various places, so don't feel too bad.

Hi Diva, long time, no see. I read a few of your past posts, and realy liked them. The main reason why I am into holding is because of the stimulation both by the holding and by the hard stream that comnes out.

I know that alot of men have strong bladders, but I have yet to meed one who could either out wait or out pee me. You stated that alot of girls pee more often then the guys do while traveling. That does not mean that they have weaker bladders. Women, as you know, don't get as many oportunities to use a bathroom, and it is also a lot harder for us to just find a spot and let go, so we are in a 'feast of famine' situation. My occupation also contributes to that. Alot of times, when it's a full moon, we get very busy, and I can easily go through a 12 to 14 hour shift with out even a chance to take a leak. That happens all the time, and more often then not, the female nurses have to cover for the male staff who run to the bathroom every 2 or 3 hours. We hve two male nurses on our staff who are okay for 6 to 8 hours, but they will need a pee break long before we do.

11 and a half hours is also nothing to sneez at, especialy with the volume of liquid you drank. My boy friend's best wait time is 9 hours, my girl friend's best was about 12. My all time best was 48 hours, but I have not been able to repeat that.

Hold it man, the reason why those little enema things worked so well is because the glycerine was already disolved. When you insert a solid supository, it takes a while for it to disolve and work. If I get constipated, which does happen on ocasion, I perfer to use a fiber based laxative. It's better for the body, and it's easier to control the bowls when it finaly kicks in.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Jamie. It sounds like you had a wet and windy night at that concert!

I.P. Daily. You obviously realised from the way she was farting that Emily needed to go for a #2 when you showed her round the gym. I suspect that you found the fact that she didn't apologise or admit to needing the toilet something of a turn on. From what you've said it's almost certain that she needed to evacuate sooner rather than later. What's not known is whether or not she went to the toilet to do it, if you get my meaning.

Katrina. Thanks for the advice. I'm over 30 (nearer to 40 actually) and if I feel any reason for concern regarding my prostate I will, of course, discuss the matter with my doctor. Historically I've never had a strong bladder and I did have one or two operations (urinary reconstruction) when I was young which may have contributed to the problem. However, I will try to follow your advice. On a separate note, when you go for a poo do you ever have a completely dry motion when you don't wee as well - either before, during or after the 'main' event? I can't ever recall having a completely 'dry' motion when I didn't wee as well.

Suzie. Thanks for your reply. Look forward to hearing more of your experiences.

Best wishes


My boyfriend and I were driving to my parents house for Sunday lunch, they live eighty miles away. We set out early that morning and I had not had a poo before leaving, I usually get to wherever I am going before having to go.
We had been driving for about an hour when I started to feel the need to go, I asked my boyfriend to stop if we saw anywhere that may have a toilet. Within ten minutes I felt that I could not hold it in much longer, we were driving through countryside so I told him to pull off the main road so that I could find somewhere secluded to have a poo.
He turned into a country lane and parked by a pathway, I got out, grabbed a box of tissues from the back shelf and headed off down the pathway. I felt a big jobbie in my anal passage trying to force its way out and I had to stop and squeeze the cheeks of my bum together, I carried on looking for somewhere to go, I did not really want to walk on grass or soft ground as I was wearing black trousers and high heeled boots. I carried on and found some firm ground which was surrounded by bushes, I pulled my trousers and pants down to my knees and crouched with my knees together and feet apart.
My poo was more solid than I thought and I had to push quite hard, I felt a jobbie start to come out of my rectum and I pushed harder, it slowly came all the way out and dropped to the ground, it was a foot long.
I pushed again and a couple of smaller jobbies came out, I pushed again and some softer poo came out along with a fart. I then wiped my bum clean with some tissues and pulled my pants and trousers back up. I could not help admiring my pile of deposits on the ground before going back to my boyfriend in the car.
We carried on to my parents house for lunch, later that afternoon I had to have another poo, but at least I had a toilet to sit on and did not have to worry about getting my trousers and high heels muddy. It was just as well as it was a loose sloppy one which ended with a really wet fart which spattered the entire toilet pan. That left me with a really sore rectum which was probably caused by the big jobbie that I left in the countryside. My bum was really sore all the way home.

Masked Bastard
PUNK ROCK GIRL: "If I can have a baby in me and squeeze it out my vagina, what makes you think I can't have that much shit in me and squeeze it out my ass?"

That's so F?????G sexy. That's the wonderful thing about women: THEIR BODIES ARE DESIGNED TO HOLD MORE!!!!!!!!!! It's so hot to hear a woman say that. Women are good SQUEEZERS. I know a woman with MEGA COLON. She's Japanese-American and can hold GOBS of shit in her body for days on end. She can fill up the toilet water, TWICE. The length and width are equally amazing. But anyway. . .

Thanks for sharing, PRG. You're a very open DUMPER.

More Bastard Than Masked

Annie and Robby
Hi All!
We are finally back at the ranch and settled. I have a New Years funny! On New Years eve we always fix pasta and other goodies. Sarah was helping her Dad and I was "entertaining" the other relatives. It was nearly midnight, the pasta was done, and the champagne was ready. Just as the clock hit midnight Meghan yelled happy New year and limped into the loo. She naturally had to have help so I sat her down. She let out a few trumps and got started. The wee started coming out. All of the suddend my sons rushed in,took out their willies, and started weeing in the tub. I was astounded and so was Meg. Mind you, they are twins and 20 years old. This was a new thing. Meg started laughing and pushed out some soft poo. The twins turned very red and the wee arch started getting longer. By this time we had an audience. My daughters and Sarah were rolling on the floor laughing. Meg let out another round of soft poo and said she was ready to get wiped. The boys finished and left the to! ilet. I wiped Meg and Robby started yelling for us to get our asses into the dining room. There were several more trips to the loo for all of us that morning. Well, Robby and I will be more active posters on the forum. We have missed it!!
KENDAL, ANDREW, ELEANOR, and ELLEN: Hi there! Your story about the runs and constipation had us laughing and feeling sorry for you! We hope for more stories in the future! Lots of Lovexxxx, Annie and Robby
JAMIE: Hi there! We both know what it is to be on stage and have to wee and poo. Robby sang opera for many years and has many stories to tell. We loved the story. Keep with us! Love, Annie and Robby
DIVA: Hi! Glad you are back! It seems you have been all over!! Yes, males can and do have weak bladders. I have seen my share!! Enjoyed the peeing stories!! Love, Annie and Robby
BRYIAN: Enjoyed the stories!! Take care!! Annie and Robby
RIZZO: Hi dear man! Glad you are back! Hope you are over your sadness! Your wife is like me sometimes. I look in on Robby and am amazed what shortcoming he has,LOL! Robby weed all over the seat yesterday. He couldn't aim,LOL!! This is true. That poor man!! Give our best to your wife!! Lots of Lovexxx Annie and Robby
SARA: We feel so sorry for you! Robby's daughter, Meghan has had diarrheoa for a few days now. Did you try some bran to stop it? Take care! Lovexx Annie and Robby
We MISS and Love: Ina, Louise and Steve, Damsel, PV, Jane and Gary, Carmalita, Todd and Diana, Tim and Sarah, LindaGS, Donna!
We also say Hello to: Adrian, Wetguy, Poopmeister, Upstate Dave, Punk Rock Girl, Katrina, Vanessa, the "hold it" man, Anon, Kelly, and all of the other wonderful posters here!!

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