Hi, heres a story I have for you all. To let you know what I look like is that im 5'11 long blonde hair, blue eyes and skinny, about 115 lbs.

One time I was camping with a couple of my friends in these woods near a lake and on the same day two terrible things happened to me. One is when I was swimming in my 2 piece and had to take a piss. Actually I wasnt in the water yet I was on a dock. Since no one was around i decided to do it in the water. So at the end of the dock I slowly stepped into the water.Where I was it was about 2 ft. deep. The bottom felt really mushy and slimy. I pulled down my bottom piece and tried to pee under water but nothing came out so I just sat there in my squatted position and waited. Then I felt something slimy all over my legs, buns, and inside my butt crack. Then I realized i was sitting over a leech nest! I quickly got up and looked down at my lower body. It was completely covered with leeches. I sreamed, lost my balance and fell back right into the nest with my butt landing first and right into the
nest. I felt more leeches attach right on. I got back up and ran to the shore. I frantically pulled them all off of my legs, around my pussy, and buns and my buttcrack. Then as I was about to pull up my trunks I felt one left on me or in me. This is kinda gross but it was inside my ass hole! So I stuck my two fingers up my ass and pulled it out. Which kinda hurt. The end.
Who wants to hear the second story?

I remember when I was dating Jean, she would poop anyway I wanted her to.One time I asked her to sit on the bathtub with her ass hanging over the side so I could get a good shot of her asshole.I loved how her asshole puckered as she started to poop.It reminded me of a dougnut or bagel when it started to open to let the poop out.I also liked when it slid out nice and slow,she did a lot of poops like that.She was some kind of girl willing to do almost anything.I dated this girl for 5yrs.and I'll never forget any of those years.

I was at school today peeing and I noticed a faint brown splotch in my panties. It must have been a wet fart or something even though I don't remember anything like that happening. It was dry so I just changed them when I got home. That's about the closest I've ever come to having an accident since I was a little kid.

Donnie M - I've never seen that commercial but it sounds really stupid. As for that virus, no I haven't got it but I seriuosly doubt that it has anything to do with terrorists. They always have problems with disieses on boats and the stomach flu just comes and goes every now and then.

shy pooper
I am like one of those people who are afraid to poop anywhere but home. Last week I had to go all day, but couldnt bring myself to use the bathroom at work. I would do almost anything to not let someone know I have to poop. I can remember going camping for a weekend, and I didnt go till I got back. I had to shit the second day there, but held it in, cause I was ashamed of someone seeing me on the toilet.Its weird, but I am still lklike this.

Pooping In Football Player Fashion

While in the locker room I needed to poop. I entered the stall; the lid was up; I did not look but sat on it. I then got up and decided to poop using a three point football stance (like its 1st and 10 with the ball on our own 20 yard line).

In that stance I squeezed out a log. My rear was too far over so part of the log broke off on the back edge of the bowl. I cleaned the small mess then finished sitting down.

To super soaker - I also wear just boxers, but have also found that they hold absolutely nothing. I'm actually thinking of putting on some tighter underwear on under by boxers. As a senior in high school, I have yet to take a dump in school at any point all the way up, and dont plan to.

To Scarlet - Thanks for responding to my survey, unfortunate as it may be that the pooping ones are more popular.

To Ace - Welcome to the board...I enjoyed your comments...I am 17/m and can usually hold my pee about 15-16 hours or so if i want to. By that point, I usually have to be in constant motion to avoid squirting in my pants. How did you manage 26 hours???

Yesterday in the local pizza shop I saw a kid that I know (he's 12) playing a video game. He was wearing baggy blue cargo pants and a sweatshirt. After a minute or two, he started noticably shifting from foot to foot. To be honest, I didnt pick up on the fact that he really needed to pee until i looked back a minute later and he was running to the bathroom. It was a pretty cool sighting.

As far as I'm concerned, last week i had to sit through the final exam in a computer class totally desperate to pee. We had to do this stupid programming, and since I didnt know what i was doing, I had to work with my friend next to me but I would have fallen behind if i stopped to go pee. I had to hold it. By the final 15 minutes, I was constantly scissoring my legs and clenching my muscles real tight. Once I laughed at something and was so thankful that i didnt just start pissing my pants right then. I barely made it to the next class, where this easy teacher let me go to the bathroom. It was without a doubt as desperate to pee as I've ever been in four years of high school.


I had to poop late last night, I had to run out of bed. I pooped a small log but very gassy. Weird.

Ps. New Here, Hi

TV Fan
Has anyone watched the new Celebrity Mole airing here in the US? Last week, the participants were talking about their most embarrassing moments. One of the women on the show is a model named Frederique. She said her most embarrassing moment was when she was in school and she felt herself having to sneeze. When she tried to suppress the sneeze she ended up farting instead!

This reminds me of a question that has been discussed here in the past. Does anyone know of any female celebrities who farted on live TV? The only one I know about for sure is Jenny McCarthy, who farted deliberately once or twice on her old TV series. Someone mentioned here a while back that Joan Lunden once farted on Good Morning America, but I don't know if that actually happened. If it did, she has never talked about it, to my knowledge.

Does anyone know of any other examples of female celebrities farting on TV?

To GaryUSA:

I agree with you about not wanting to waste tp. But I go one step further than you do. I take about 12 sheets off the roll, fold it in half and then fold it in half again. Then I wipe. The first wipe usually gets a lot of poop and if the paper is messy, I will fold the paper in half and wipe again using a clean spot. But this time after I wipe, I don't fold it in half. I wipe again using the same spot I just wiped with. I do that three or four times with the same spot. I will also do it this way on the first wipe if it isn't too messy. Surprisingly, this works very well. Eventually, you can't keep wiping with the same spot, so I will fold it in half again and then I will again wipe four or five times with the new spot. It sounds gross to wipe with the same spot of paper that you already used, but for some reason it works.

Does anyone else do this??

To super soaker: Thats intresting about the guys who wear boxers or briefs..I liked your story too.

To yellow stream: Enjoyed your story about peeing ouside at the amusment

To Dana: Maybe your slightly constipated?

To Sara: I think i was talking about the news, that was 1 day segment only i thing, doubt it will be on again. Did you have to poop after you farted?

To Jessica: Enjoyed your story about pooping at the store.

To DONNIE M: What commercal is that for? im not sure if i've seen it before...sounds cool. Liked your storys..did you happen to have a urinary tract infection or something since it was burning. Oh and i had a touch of that virus i think the end of last week, just diahreaha nothing else...but it could have been something i ate. Thats intresting about the water that was making people sick.

To Emma: Liked your stories...if your sister had to go that bad they should have put your brother in a diaper and let her use the toilet...liked the part of your sister pooping in her good nighty..did you see it?

To Scarlet: That movie Life as a House seen it but i think i've seen it at the video store..was almost tempted to rent it..maybe i should next time. I've seen Dude Wheres my Car..LOL

To Mark R: I see..thanks for replying

To grunge jimm: Thats an intresting way to poop

To Beth: Thats intresting about it feeling like the walls were closing when you use the non still feel like that now? Liked your story too.

To Zip: Thats cool what your buddy told you..liked your story too.

To Unnamed poster: who put a picture of Bush in the toilet and craped on it LOL LOL!!!!

To Marc: Liked your story...I'd like to hear the story about your twin!

To CC: Thats cool what your saw on tv

To jim: Liked your story about your cousin...did he get caught by your mom? You should show him this site

To Honeymonster: Thanks for replying..enjoyed your stories.

To Ace: Liked your story about holding your pee and about your dump you!

Movie Fan
Hey CC..

That story about the female celebrity pooping on Elton John's lawn sounds a lot like a similar story that circulated a couple of years ago about Farrah Fawcett. She was at a producer's house when she supposedly had to take a shit and couldn't get into the bathroom because of long lines. So the story goes that she went outside and crapped on the guy's lawn in plain view of some of the guests. Farrah was asked about the story and vehemently denied it. Supposedly, she said she is so modest about bathroom functions that she will even hold it for long times on plane flights because she doesn't want to go in the airplane bathroom. But the fact that she went to the trouble of denying it at all makes me wonder if it might not be true. Now there is a sight to think about...Farrah Fawcett pooping. It doesn't get much better than that!

Anyone have any other good female celebrity pooping stories? A few years ago there was one posted here that Deborah Norville once crapped herself during a newscast, but I never saw it verified and I don't think she was ever asked about it. It wsa also mentioned here that Margaret Thatcher and possibly even Queen Elizabeth both had public poop accidents, but I never saw either of those verified either. Rock star Suzi Quattro was said to have crapped herself once during a concert, after which she ran off the stage and didn't come back. Again, I don't think it was ever verified.

Anyone know of any other verifiable poop stories involving female celebs?

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

super soaker
Hello everyone-

To wetguy- No, I am not a senior. I am a freshman (14/m). Thanks for the response to my question.

In my last post, I said that my school is weird and there are many accidents. It started about six years ago when the boxer craze was hitting America (my town included). At that time, I was in third grade and most boys still wore briefs. As I got older, through 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, probably 85% of boys in my grade wore boxers (I still wore briefs). In elementary school, there weren't that many accidents because the teachers were very lax on bathroom passes. However, as people entered 7th and 8th grades, the middle school teachers were much more strict on bathroom passes. This led to more boys having to hold it longer, resulting in more accidents. Also, since guys were eating more, they started having dumps more often. Some guys weren't able to hold their poop until the end of the day. It was still "taboo" to take a dump at school unless it was diarrhea. Of course boxers can't hold anything, so some guys were soiling themselves, leading to a slow, but steady switch t! o briefs or boxer-briefs. Many guys wear boxers over their "tight" underwear. Surprisingly, many of these are skateboarders and athletes. Currently, I estimate that 60% of guys wear boxers only, while 40% wear something under them. As more boxers-only guys have accidents, many will switch over.

There are three types of guys in my school. The first type are guys who wear a type of underwear that holds any poop. I have already discussed this group. The second type are "macho" guys who believe that wearing tight underwear is for "girls". These guys are usually the guys who smoke, vandalize, and drink. The third type, about 50% of the guys in my grade (me included) wear boxers-only; most in this group haven't had an accident yet, but will probably switch as it is inevitable that they will have an accident in their high-school career. However, I don't wear briefs because I switched over to boxers a year and a half ago and I like them more, the only disadvantage being that they cant hold a load.

Last week, I was at the "center" of the school, where are the hallways converge and thats where the cafeteria and office is. I was waiting in line at the attendance window to ask a question at the beginning of the day, when I saw a pair of the "macho" guys go by. Both of them were wearing baggy shorts, even though it is winter and the temperature here has been averaging in the 20s (fahrenheit). Right then, one of them farted (I heard it about ten feet away) and then he grabbed below his butt. I saw a huge bulge begin to fill the back of his pants, and then piss started streaming out of his shorts onto the floor. His bulge kept growing for about 15 seconds; he must have had to shit bad. He ran into the bathroom, with piss still streaming out of his pants. A couple of minutes later, after I got the answer to my question, I was leaving the attendance window to go back to class, when I saw this same pair of guys walking out of the bathroom. The one who had the accident must ! have really had to pee, because the front of his shorts were soaked, and his socks were bright yellow.

That's it for the first post. In my next post I will share my huge accident I had in 7th grade.

yellow stream
For those of you who are wondering, I'm a female, but i won't reveal my age. I have another peeing story for you. This one is still when I was little. I remember we were at an amusement park and they have the best lemonade there. I had 2 large glasses of it, and decided to go on a couple of rides. After about an hour or so, I could feel the urges of haveing to pee. I waited about 15 minutes and they just kept getting worse. I knew that the only restrooms in this place were porta potties, and I decided I wasn't goin to use them. I was determined to hold it for the rest of the day. A couple of hours went by and I was starting to bob up and down and cross my legs. A couple of people asked if I was okay and I said yea, but didn't say I had to piss. I waited another half hour or so and decided I wasn't going to make it. I waddled over to some gras, looked around to see if anyone was watching, and peed. I learned how to pee standing up when I was young, so I just had to unzip my f! ly and let it go. It felt sooooooooooooo good! Afterwards people asked me if I had a penis or not! Gotta go cya

I just pooped.

It was hard to puah. I couldn't get it out of me, it hurt! It was soft but, it didn't come out. I was in pain. Whats wrong? This hasn't ever happend before!

hey guys. I was wondering, what happend to peeing stories? You never seem to show them anymore!

Bryian - no I've never seen the show your talking about but I have seen that book 'Everybody Poops', so true. Funniest thing I ever saw.

I was watching tv with some friends and I suddenly farted really loud. Everyone kind of laughed and one of my friends said "excuse you, Sara" and I apologised and she just said it was alright, it happens to everyone. I'm turning 18 next week and hpefully I'll have some good bms between now and then so I can tell you about them.

The other day I was in a department store and I started to feel like I needed to take a dump so I went to look for the restroom. There was 5 stalls and 1 was taken so I took the one next to that one. I pulled down my jeans and paintes and sat down. I let out a long pee and then started to push..I could feel the first log start to peak out but I was having some trouble getting it out so I leaned foward and I was doing this the lady in the stall next to me let out a loud fart. I grunted for about 3 minutes then my log started coming out and it made a loud plop when it hit the water. I then pushed a little more and a few more logs came out..they were softer then the first one which was long and firm. So I felt empty after that but decided to stay in the stall to see if I could hear anything else from the lady in the next stall I stayed for about 10 minutes but all I heard was soft grunting and a few farts..she must have been constipated so I decided to wipe and lea! ve. I only had to wipe 3 times it was a pretty clean dump then I pulled up and jeans and paintes washed my hands and went to continue my shopping.

I think this tv commercial warrants some comment.
Its a c you go on a vacation.
Heres this couple and little boy on a trip when the boy says, "I gotta go potty" while drinking this big cup of soda. The couple look at each other and soon they stop at a gas station. The boy and dad approach the restroom. A big gorilla of a guy comes out and fumes following. The Boy and dad turn up their nose at the smell and move on. They find another toilet, but it needs a quarter, they dont have. Another stop and upone opening the door to the restoom the toilet and sink are missing, only holes in the floor.
So next scene shows a big pile of bags and suitcases and stuff from the SUV piled up along side the road as they unloaded the truck. Heres the boy taking a pee (dont show it though) and running back to the truck.
How nice!
LIke if you got to pee, then you MUST find the proper receptical to do it in. You cant stop along the road and hide the kid behind a door or stand in front of him. Its an ad to show what all you can get into the SUV. but otherwise kinda dumb. I would just find a good spot and open a door and let the boy pee sight unseen along the road. Hmmmmm You know, I would have held our breath and pissed at the first restroom. Or the one with the toilet missing, just pissed in the hole. I wonder if those sponsors ever hear anything about that commerical and how really dumb it is?
What are all your thoughts on this commercial?

Havent posted in awhile, but heres more.
Last week I go to bed about 2 AM and wake to pee. I hit the bathroom and pee and get back in bed. Then my Penis and whole package is on fire, buring like mad. I got to go pee again. I get back in bed and Im burning all over down there, like I know its UTI now. Like chicks got a short tube for pee to come out, but guys got quite a few inches more depending on how they are endowed.OWW. Finally I just got some towels and put it down my crotch and just peed all nite about every 10 min inot the towel rather than jump up and down. I called the Dr. next day and got a percription for Cipro that killed it off. Whew, I dont wish that on anyone.

Now this week, I go to bed and wake up having to poo about 3AM. I got the cramps and hit the toilet and let loose with some chunky normal turds. Then I get the craamps again and let loose with the dirahea for about half hour. I have this terrible acid stomach that wont let me lay down, Im taking anti-acids like mad. Like in the early morning I let loose with the barfing big time. More shitting and then I feel better but sick. Later I call the doctors again and ( they must thing Im nuts) and they say its a stomach virus.
Well its now 4 days later, Im better but it isnt all gone yet, still lots of smelly farts and acid stomach.
I read about the cruise ships and the stomach virus they have a problem with that wont go away. I suspect its terrorist related, or they all are taking on water or some food or something that is doing this.
Question is, How many of all of us out there have been hit with this so called bug? I head its going around but I wonder?

PS About 25 yrs ago everyone in our town got sick the same way, except me. My family was all sick, I was working though and didnt eat or drink at home.
It was finally found and traced to our water supply resivor up on the hill. There were dead deer carcasses and even crap where some campers stayed over there. They did put giant covers on the pool and put an end to that problem.

Hope I see some responses it would be interesting


I've been reading here for over a year but I haven't posted until now. I'm 15 years old and in the 9th grade. I have a 9 year old sister named Brooke that is in 4th grade and a 4 year old brother that hasn't started school yet because he isn't potty trained, his name is Brandon. We live with our mom. Our parents got divorced right after Brandon was born and our mom got custody, we see our dad every other weekend. We live in a two bedroom apartment, and my brother and sister and I all share one of the bedrooms. As a result we are very open with each other. My mom worries sometimes about my brother seeing us when we're getting dressed and stuff but I don't think it's a big deal, less embarrassing questions for mom to answer later.

I've got two stories and not very much time so here goes...

Story #1

My mom is trying to potty train Brandon for the 2nd time, and Brooke and I were told to encourage him in every way possible, including not rushing him while he's in the bathroom.
Last week Brooke got a little backed up, so to speak and wasn't able to go for like 3 days. Thursday after school I got home a few minutes before her. I greeted my mom and I was just getting ready to turn the TV on when Brooke rushed in the front door shouting "GottaGoGottaGoGottaGo!" She ran towards the bathroom. When she got to the bathroom I heard her groan loudly.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.
"I really need to go and Brandon is in the bathroom!" She whined.

My mom told her she would have to wait.

After about five minutes I could hear her whimpering so I decided to go check on her.

"You okay?"
"No. I haven't...gone in three days and if Brandon doesn't hurry up in there I'm going to explode!"

I gave her a sympathetic look and kept her company while she waited. A few minutes later she groaned so loud I think the people in the next apartment heard her. She hesitated for a second then squatted down. A few seconds later she let out a couple of loud farts followed by a crackling sound. She looked at me helplessly and her face turned red. She held her breath was and began grunting softly. It took about 5 minutes for her to finish. When Brandon came out I led Brooke into the bathroom and helped her clean up. Her poop was almost 2 feet long and really big around. It was really dry and hard and barely left a stain in Brooke's panties. Her eyes bugged out of her head when she saw it. Our mom scolded Brooke a bit but told her than she understood, and that accidents happen.


Story #2

Last winter (2001) our power went out and stayed out for like a day and a half. When we got ready to go to bed our mom told us to dress extra warm (no power=no heat), to sleep in the same bed so our combined body heat would keep us warm during the night and to only get out of bed in an emergency. My mom came up with the idea that since Brooke wets the bed sometimes me and her could wear her Goodnites so that we wouldn't have to get up to pee. We each wore a Goodnite and 2 layers of PJs, and we dressed Brandon (still in diapers) up really warm too. It was cramped having all 3 of us kids in the same bed, and no one could really move but it was extra warm in the bed. I woke up shortly after midnight and needed to pee. It took some work to forget my potty training but eventually I was able to empty my bladder in the Goodnite. It felt really warm at first but eventually t cooled off and wasn't very comfortable. I dozed off a short time later and didn’t wake up until morning. ! I found out the next day that apparently Brooke woke up in the middle of the night and needed to go #2, but she was afraid she'd wake Brandon and me up so she stayed in bed. Eventually she couldn't hold it anymore and she pooped in her Goodnite.


Well, I would love to write more but I'm tired and need to get to bed. I'll write more in a day or two.


The "HOLD IT" man
Hi Suzie: I liked your story about peeing in the portable camode. I am from the States, Chicago to be exact. I realy enjoy pee stories, especialy those that involve the amount of pee that comes out, and how hard as well as hold time.

I was curious about a few more details about that pee you took. Was it a real 'gusher?" Do you often hold for long periods of time? Do you ever measure your output? Do you or anyone you know have contests?

Just curious. Hope you don't mind me asking these questions.

Hello people! SO sorry its been so was full of viruses and had to stay in the shop for awhile. Miss me? lol

WETGUY--Here's my response to celebrities I'd like to see pee/poop themselves:
female--Natalie Portman, Avril Lavigne, Rose McGowan, Natalie Imbriglia
male--Daniel Johns, Hayden Christensen, Seann William Scott, Travis Fimmel, Billy Martin (Good Charlotte)

MOVIES WITH POOP SCENES/TALK: Over the time I was computer-less, I saw two really good movies with guys and bathroom related stufff. The first was "Life as a House", in which Sam (Hayden Christensen) is living in a shack with his father (Kevin Kline). The toilet is sitting out in the open, and Sam has to poop really bad, but refuses to go with his dad in the room. He keeps going on about how wrong it is to poop and cook so close together and refuses to go without privacy. He's obviously getting desperate, when the dad leaves, and Sam turns up the TV to block out poopingsounds. Good talk, but never actually shows him on the toilet. Also, at the beginning, the dad is in his breifs peeing outside. They show him from the back.
The other movie is "Dude, Where's my Car?" In the beginning, some unknown guy walks out of a closet and pees on a house plant. Later, Chester (Seann William Scott) and Jesse (Ashton Kutcher) are talking about their girlfriends and Jesse says, "I have this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach" and Chester says, "Maybe you should sit on the toilet." Jesse says, "No, its love." Then they decide to go see the girls, and Jesse says, "Wait. I gotta take a crap first." And Chester says, "See? I told you! I know your body!" lol pretty funny. nd hot guys. :)

Well, I'll try to stay updated now!

The "HOLD IT" man
Hi Suzie: I liked your story about peeing in the portable camode. I am from the States, Chicago to be exact. I realy enjoy pee stories, especialy those that involve the amount of pee that comes out, and how hard as well as hold time.

I was curious about a few more details about that pee you took. Was it a real 'gusher?" Do you often hold for long periods of time? Do you ever measure your output? Do you or anyone you know have contests?

Just curious. Hope you don't mind me asking these questions.

Mark R
To Suzie I am British I just used one particular phrase cos i didnt know where you where from I just tried to make it easy to understand.

To Bryian
yes it sometimes comes out when i dont want it to but this, believe it or not is not very often i could go months without this problem.

To Katrina It can be hard to poo if you are paralised we need to push down harder.

grunge jimm
i noticed a while back a few people started talking about pooping standing up. I do that occasionally, just for fun.. It's actually not very hard, you just have to wait till the poop is ready to come out, and start pushing. I usually put some t.p. in the bowl so it doesn't splash up. Then, i stand with my back to the bowl, poke my ass out a bit, and start pushing. It can actually be good excersize, but alot of the time it doesn't take too much effort. It actually sorta feels different in a good way, you feel the poop pushing its way out between your buns.
The only trouble i have doing this, is i often have to pee when i'm taking a dump, so i have to point my wang between my legs so i don't pee all over the floor. Unless ofcourse my bladder is empty beforehand.
Anway, I just took a dump standing up a few hours ago... i took my pants off and got in position. about four 4-inch chunks came out, hit the water and paper without spalshing. sometimes, a piece of poop will get stuck in there since my butt cheeks aren't spreadd out, but this time only a bit of soft poo. as usual, i didn't wipe. i put my sweatpants back on and flushed. i washed my hands and left.
-Jimm [now grunge jimm]

To Sara: I liked your story about the

To From Eddie: Liked your story that was intresting.

To Sara: Sounds like a nice

To Adam: liked your story..sounds like you and your friend had a nice dump. cool

To Uncle Allen: Your welcome...did you have diahreaha with that? i forget...but i had diahreaha the other night.

To the "HOLD IT" man: Liked your story...must have been emabrssing...i hope that never happens to me again.

To John Q Public: Thats good that your parents never found out.

To Traveling Guy: Liked your story about your co worker.

To Mark R: Sounds like your had a nice dump

To Hermione: Liked your story about your big co-worker..think she poops that big all the time?

To CC: Liked your story...i had diahreaha the other day..its gone but my poop has still been on the soft ready for a big soild log too.

As i mentioned before diahreaha is gone and i feel poop has still been soft, it was soft since before i had diahreaha. I just pooped and it was still soft and chunky, atleast i didn't have to wipe nearly as much as i did the other night, i was so sore on my butt the other night i put cream on it..any one else ever do that? i found it soothing. g2g bye

To Katrina: Hi. A while back you stated that you can poop an average of 2 feet at a time!!!! reading your stories of your amazing pissing abilities, I, and I'm sure many others, would just LOVE to hear stories of many of your shitting experiences?
Please describe in detail, the length, diameter, color, and consistency, of your recent huge B.M.s?
How often do you go?
Do you have much trouble with your toilet alway's clogging?
I hope you don't mind answering these questions, but hearing how much you can poop just makes 'little willy stand tall'!!!
Please answer, thanks.

Hi everyone! :)

I'm 30 years old and female 8O

I've noticed how the stall doors (except for the handicapped) open inwards. This is fine when there is enough space between the door and toilet but with most I almost have to climb onto the toilet to get into the stall and close the door. I have been desperate enough to use one when the lock was broken. ')

When I was a kid I used to feel like I was in a coffin and the walls were closing in when I used the nonhandicapped.

I always pee sitting down. I can do it standing up but my bladder doesn't empty fully. When go out of the bathroom and sit down I pee all over myself. Sometimes as soon as I walk out of the stall!

Until recently I never pooped in public bathrooms. But since I enjoy the erotic sensations of my anus I decided to give it a try! :) I waited until everyone was out of a particular bathroom. I went into the handicapped stall door and took off my dress. I sat down with my legs spread and peed a long hot stream that made me MOAN. Then I felt the brown thick piece come out. I GASPED. It splashed into the bowl. I tried to stop myself but I started to masturbate. I waited until the final piece came out and then I 0rgasmed. :D I do this everyday. Once in the morning then in the afternoon. If the bathroom is used often then I the nonhandicapped one farthest from the entrance door. When I have to pee I do the same. If I'm in a rush I don't have time to take off my dress :(

No matter how clean the toilet seat is, some woman will still hover and pee all over it?!

It's a lot of fun to be sitting and have a woman go into the next stall and start peeing/pooping. I love listening. Also If the person used the toilet then I use it I feel the warmth from their butt. ymmmm... it makes me horny fast! It's even more fun if it's a teacher or a friend. This makes from some fun day dreams during class :) One stall has two slits in the door frame. Once when I was standing in the bathroom waiting for friend/to pee I watched the librarian. mmmmmmm.....

My friends have seen me go pee and poop. I don't like to go into strange bathrooms. I've asked my friends to go into the single toilet ones with. If I'm having a bad experience they will rub my back and hold my hand. I would love to see them! heheheheheheheh

If I hold my pee/poop for a long time It takes a while for me start. I feel like I'm going to EXPLODE. Sometimes the pee feeling is INTENSE and I get scared. Holding the poop for a long time makes cleaning up messy. Sometimes I have to pee before I poop. Sometimes I have to poop before I pee. Sometimes I will cry, shake, moan and gasp. I like to hold it and feel the sensations but I'm hypoglycemic. There does come the point of no return.

When I do poop I have a low blood sugar attack. This makes me horny or more horny!

I do use the single use unisex bathrooms but there are not enough on campus.

I talked with Facilities Management and they agreed about the stall doors! heeheeheheh

Here are a few answers to the survey:
1. What is the average number of poops You do during the day? Usually one in the morning soon after I get up or shortly after breakfast. Once in while I go at night bu not too often.
2. When you shit, what is the average number of squares of tp do you use? Usually 6 which I fold in half and in half again. I wipe then fold over the part that has the skid mark on it and use a clean area to wipe again. I get about thre good wipes before I need to use more. A lot of times my poo is firm enough that I only need to wipe once.
A friend wraps it all the way around hid hand and I ask if his ass is so messy that he needs the back of his hand too? To me that is wasteful.
3. I guess I answered that one. Yes I do use a new portion of the tp to wipe. I've always thought it was wasteful to throw away a perfectly good piece of tp. I use the double thickness tp which I carefully fold up and fold over the dirty section and then slightly unfold it to expose a clean section repeating the process until it is all used up. Maybe I'm just too meticulous. It would be nice to know that I am not the only one who does this.
5. I am male.

I was talking to a buddy of mine and he said that whenever he goes out dancing at the clubs, he always has to take a dump. He thinks that it's probably because he's excited to be out there, having a great time. I guess his bowels can't handle all the excitement, because he always has to go. At the club, I mean. Even if he craps before he goes out, he still ends up dumping in the club. He's a slim guy, but with a nice toned body and a very handsome face. Some of these clubs don't have doors on most of the stalls, and it would be cool to walk in on him crapping, with his boxers (no briefs, unfortunately) and jeans down around his ankles, unloading away!

At the park, some latino guy was taking a dump in the stall that faces the other two. He was better than average looking, with a ball cap, jeans and long-sleeved t-shirt. He had his jeans and underwear only at thigh level. He looked surprised that I was going to crap directly across from him. It was the only stall available, though. I wiped down the seat, put down the paper, dropped my jeans and red Hanes, and crapped away. A little noisy. The guy wiped real quick, and pulled up his black boxer-briefs and pants in one motion. I think it's funny when guys get a bit freaked by crapping in public. I always make sure I don't stare at them, only a very quick glance or two, usually through sunglasses.

I put a picture of President Bush in the toilet and let out a big
piece of crap on his face. It felt wonderfull.

John Q, I can understand what you went through. As an RN, I see alot of people who have problems with bladder and bowel control and their lives are often very unhappy, especialy for young people. You are lucky to have a family like you have. I have seen parents and siblings to some of these people act very cruel, and even down right abusive. I can't get into any details because of the "privelaged information" situation, but I can list a few of the things I have seen. I saw a17-year-old boy with a bladder control problem forced to wear diapers with nursery pictures all over it, I saw another father refer to his son as a "loser, faggot and pussy" I saw a girl of about 12 in diapers, with wealts all over her breasts, abdoman, back and face, a punishment for losing control of her bowls, and it goes on and on. There was even one suicide attempt when a guy got cruely dumped by his girl friend after she found out that he was a bed wetter.

To the overweight person, Yes you are right. I was being unfair, and I am sorry if I offended you. I know that very often, obeasity occurs as the result of a medical condition is not allways the fault of the person in question. Again my experience as an RN has taught me that. But I will say this. This guy went through two or more packages of 5 Oscar Mayer weiners in one sitting, and atleast one and part of another in another sitting, and the fact is that if any person scarfs one hot dog after another like this guy did, that person would be obeas, no doubt about it.

Since I was a little girl, I have allways had deep respect and love for the human body, and I get angry when I see it abused, regardless of who does the abusing. When I was in my Senior year high school, and was into taking Judo, I met one of my first boyfriends at the Judo school. He was a Sophmore at another school. Nice looking, but a bit skinny and very shy. I sort of liked him so I struck up a conversation with him while we waited out in the lobby for our rides to get there. I towered over him, and was easily stronger then him by far. He had just started Judo classes about 3 days prior. While we were talking, he pulled out a Hostess Twinkie and started to open the package. Please keep in mind that I have mentioned before that I am a dominant woman by nature, and I realize that I was wrong to do what I did, but that is what I am. I slapped that twinkie out of his hand, sat him on my lap, and DEMANDED that he was NEVER to put that garbage into his body agai! n.

He became my boyfriend after that, and we went out together until I went away to college and both of us fell for different people. We still keep in tough once in a while, though. He is not into holding or bathroom habbits like I am, and he is about normal when it comes to those abilities. I taught him some better eating and exercise habbits, and his holding ability did get a little better. I base that on the few times I had the oportunity to see him go to the bathroom.

I had an interesting dump this morning. It had been several days since I had been able to go. I have not been drinking enough water and eating too much peanut butter. I tried to shit several times, but only farted a lot. Anyway, this morning I could feel the crap was at the end of my colon, so I got a magazine and sat on the comode. I strained and passed some puffs of air, but I could not pass my turd. I could not even get it to poke out of my ass. So, I lubed my rectum with lotion. But that did not do any good. I got up and walked around, squatted and did not knee bends, massaged my buns and ass hole. I sat again, thinking I could have some success. I rocked back and forth. Then sideways. I strained and grunted, but I could not move the budge the turd one inch. I realized I had to help it out manually. I haven't done that for a long time, but I learned this technique when I was a teenager. I poked my middle finger up my ass and felt the turd. All the little ! cannon balls had turned into a hard rock. I started breaking up the turd and pushing hard. My ass was hissing with relief and the hard chunks were plopping in the water. After I got it out I took a break. Then I shit a few more hard balls after about an hour. One time my twin brother was constipated like that and I helped him out. I'll tell you about it if any of you guys are interested.


John Q Public

I don't understand why those comercials allways feature women in urgant need to go. It was allways me who "hat do go right now" in my family, and the problem of 'overactive bladder' from what I hear is more prevelent among men then it is among women. I could be wrong, but that is what I was told.

Besides that, I never knew a woman who was like that. In fact, all the women I know have very strong bladders. I do know a few other guys who have weak bladders, however and one guy who had to have his prostrait gland removed, and has been incontenend ever since. He is about 70ish.

ooopppsss's story reminded me of that person. He was allways a normal guy before the cancer was diagnosed, and very athletic. His wife died about 2 years before the operation. I felt sorry for the guy because I have a good idea as to what he goes through.


I do exercise 3 times a week, but I do notice that I pee better when I am careful about what I eat. Fast food effects me the same way it does Holdit Man, and I also notice that when I eat sweets, or too many fattening foods, that my peeing capacity does drop. Thanks for the advice.

Overweight Person:

Respect is a two-way street. I will agree that poking fun at an overweight person or alluding to the fact that he or she is overweight is unfair, but to my shame, I have done it when I was being bullied by such a person. When people are angered or hurt by the coments of others, they tend to act unfair. I embarassed myself realy bad one time. I was being riduculed by one of the football bullies who also happened to be black. I won't repeat what I called him because all of you can gues what it was, but I felt so bad about it afterwords, that I felt it only right for me to apologise to him, though he never offered any opology for his actions. When I was young, I had a vile temper because of all the harrassment I had to go through, and it often lead to my mouth going off before the brain was engaged. I was not the toughest person in the world so very often it landed me in heaps of trouble. The embarassing part was that there were a few ocassions where my younger sis ter had to help me out with some of the neighborhood bullies. Of course, there was the councilation that I allways had to help her with her Math, Science, English and History.

Poop smells good. I think in order to answer your question about whether you're healthy or not, people would need rather more information than you've given. Four or five motions a day may be excessive for some people but if it's a normal, regular occurence for you, I wouldn't worry too much. Any unexpected changes in bowel habit could well signal problems though as could the passing of blood or motions of an unusual consistency for you. If you're at all worried though I'd pay a visit to your doctor and discuss it with him or her. My 'sixth sense' suggests to me that you might have an over active bowel or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) in which case your doctor will be able to advise ways of treating it. It's best to be checked out though if unsure.

Katrina. Thanks for all the good kind advice on urinary health which is very much appreciated. I do try to drink plenty and I have Cranberry tablets on a regular basis as well as juice occasionally. Also, I usually have a poo two or three times a day which is normal for me. I'm a guy by the way!

Suzie. Thanks for your latest post. Your colleagues's eyes must have been on stalks seeing you on that commode! My guess is that it's not that uncommon for nurses to discreetly use portable commodes or bedpans in situations where nature calls urgently and access to a loo isn't readily available. I've been in various hospitals over the years both as a patient and a visitor but I've yet to find one that's exactly over-endowed with toilets for the use of either staff or patients.

Best wishes to everyone!


I was watching TV the other day and one of the music channels on pay tv here has a short news section that they repeat several times a day. Anyway, one of the news stories was that apparently a female guest at a recent party held by Elton John did a poo on his lawn because the lines for the toilet were too long. She was drunk and they didn't say who it was unfortunatly. Elton wasn't impressed (I would be though!).

A Question

When you ladies pee out a campfire does the campsite stink to high heaven?

When I was in college I heard a guy say he use to pee on a heater next to the urinal when he was in a private highschool. If he got cought he would be in big trouble. The peeing on the heater made a big stink.

hi my 8 year old cousin messed himself today at my house. i dont remember if i said before but he is living with us now. but we were playing ouside and it is cold so i had on a big coat and he had on a snow suit and boots, there was still snow on the ground. and we were running around and playing tag an stuff, then i wanted to go in and play nintendo so we went in and i took off my coat and we left his on, i told him to take it off and he saidno so i went over and unzipped it and pulled it off. when he lifted his legs out i saw this big wet stain al the way to his feet, his socks were soaked and i smelled poop real strong. i said gross and he didnt say anything. i pulled his jeans down and he just sttod there like he was used to this or something. then i pulled down his undies, big old pile of poop in them. i didnt know he could poop that much. it wasnt mushy or anything but it was in a ball shape so i dumped it in the toilet. i told him to get in the shower and take one. h! e did and i left him some clothes to put on. i felt like my mom when she cleaned me up, kinda weird. my cousin said thanks and hugged me. i told him it was ok and pushed him back and said ew cooties. i was just playing with him. then we ran around the house tagging each other. well i gotta go. my cous wants to play nintendo again. by

Monday, January 13, 2003

To Bryian - No she never watched me have a poo after that we only played the usual games like touching each others bottoms etc. But in the eighties we had a couple of friends staying with us for a few months. One evening anna was in the bath and i was busting for a poo. I asked if she minded if i used the loo. No come in was the reply. I walked into the bathroom and she was sat in the bath with her hands across her breasts. i dropped my trousers and pants and sat on the loo and almost immediately i could feel a turd squeezing out my bum. It shot into the water with a splash, she looked over and said that she didn't realise i wanted to do that and promptly continued to wash her breasts while watching me. She watched me wipe myself and get dressed. After having a good look at her top half i thanked her and left. Days later i came home from work to an empty house. I had just made some tea when she walked in the front door. Hi she said i need a wee while making for the stairs, ! i followed her up into the toilet and standing by the door i watched as she pulled her knickers down to her knees and sat on the pan. She then looked up and saw me standing there. I smiled at her and asked if she would let me watch, after all she could only tell me to bugger off. But she laughed and said sure come in. With that she slipped her knickers lower and opened her legs wide for me while sitting back and let it go. BOY just the sight of her steamy wee gushing out between her legs was a real turn on. As a bonus she even allowed me to wipe her vagina for her. She never told her bf but informed me that he often watched her at home. We got up to a lot more over next few weeks. See you soon

To Katrina It can be hard to poo if you are paralised we need to push down harder.

Just on the subject of cranberry juice I am prone to urinary infections which are unpleasant I drink cranberry Juice and this lessens the risk of infections as well as the other method I use to empty my bladder cos of my disablity my bladder does not work properly it does not empty properly without the catheter.

Suzie what did you think about my poo post? Please tell us all the poo story attached to your last post also stories of when you,ve watched coleagues go.

To Suzie thanks for your kind words. I have my problems but you have to get on with it try to be positive. by the way has anyone ever pressed your ???? to help you do a poo and have you ever done this for someone else would love to hear stories.

all the best
from Mark

To Suzie I am British I just used one particular phrase cos i didnt know where you where from I just tried to make it easy to understand.

To Bryian
yes it sometimes comes out when i dont want it to but this, believe it or not is not very often i could go months without this problem.

Business lady
My name is Wendy and I am a 42 year old strawberry blonde, last week I had an experience that I want to share with you.
I attended a business meeting in a terminal at Heathrow Airport, half way through the meeting I started to feel the urge to have a poo. When I left the meeting I found a ladies toilet, by now my bowels were about to explode and I could hardly walk for fear of pooping myself.
I went into the toilet and to my horror the only two vacant cubicles had hole in the floor toilets intended for women wearing Middle Eastern type clothes, I was so desperate to go I knew that I either had to go in the hole in the floor or in my panties.
I went into the cubicle wondering how to go about this without getting messy, luckily I was wearing stockings and suspenders. I took off my skirt and panties and hung them on the hook on the cubicle door, but I decided to leave my jacket on.
I placed my feet either side of the hole and squatted down as low as I could, I was wearing 4 inch heels which actually made squatting feel quite comfortable. Then I just let it go, ooh it was heaven. Soft mushey poo slipped out of my bottom, I could not resist the temptation to watch it coming out and splash into the water below.
I had been squatting for about 5 minutes and had watched quite a lot of poo come out when my mobile phone rang inside my handbag which was hanging on the door. I stood up and took the phone out, I knew I had not finished pooping and I squatted down again.
I answered the phone, it was my boyfriend. I told him that I was in the process of pooping into a hole in the floor in the middle of the world's busiest airport. I did not know if he believed me or not so I held the phone down as I passed more poo which splashed into the water below along with three well timed farts. He seemed quite turned on and suggested that we should go together sometime.
I finished the call and put the phone in my jacket pocket, I then stood up and wiped my bottom clean and flushed the toilet (or hole). I put my panties and skirt back on, when I left the cubicle I decided that I had just had a brilliant experience.
P.S. I will let you know if anything comes of my boyfriend and I going together.

To Mark R - I would have happily helped you to get your poo out Mark that's part of our job. But i have to warn you i would almost certainly have watched you while you had your poo. and would want to wipe you afterwards. I had a painful experience this morning. I woke up and needed a wee so i jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I only had my nightie on so it was easy. I lifted it up and sat on the toilet started to wee, it felt so good, plus i sprayed my legs a bit cause i didn't open my legs far enough. While peeing i felt the urge so i strained a little and sure enough there was something there, so i strained some more and OUCH! this huge turd forced open my bottom hole really wide as it emerged. I had to squeeze me cheeks to slow it down cause it really hurt. I let it slide out of my bottom carefully before it hit the water at a rate of knots splashing my bum. After that the rest slid out without effort. Have you ever had a large one like that that hurt? Post ! again soon

I've onl;y posted one other post, so im quite new to posting but i love the website.
I've noticed that holdng pee has become quite a subject on here. I'm a 16 year old male and my record for it so far has been 26 hours so far.
I've also noticed that most of the girls can hold it for a long time and most of the lads on here can not due to weak bladders. I thought i'd just post to say that there is hope for the lads.
Also just come back from a huge turd and it really stung my hole. It must have been about 8-9 inches long and 4-5 inches thick. I never knew you could somthing so big up there.

Candy in the
Hello everyone. I noticed after I posted my story the other day (the desperation on the way to London story) that there was another Candy on the forum, so from now on I'll post under Candy in the UK.

I wanted to tell you about my boyfriend. He's a big guy, and eats like a horse. In the 7 years we've been together, he has regularly crapped at least 5 times a day. I was surprised when we first got together, but it's totally normal for him and just something that he's always done. He usually goes when he wakes up in the morning, it's the first thing he does before going downstairs, sometimes twice before he leaves for work. He always goes after dinner in the evening, and once more before coming to bed - it's the last thing he does at night. During the weekends he might go one or more times during the day aswell, so I'm imagining that he goes a couple of times during the day at work too. We live in a very small house with thin walls, and the bedroom is right next to the bathroom so I always get to listen in. He usually poops large loads in small portions, so I always get to hear a large amount of plops during his sessions. However, in all the time we've lived together, I! 've never got to actually "see" him on the toilet, which would be a dream come true. I've had experiences where he's asked me to pass him some more toilet roll, and he's opened the door and I've seen him sitting there while I passed it to him, but I've never actually seen him doing it. Only after he's done. I guess he's still shy about his bathroom matters even after all this time. But here's a story about the one time when I came pretty close.

I had come home from work early as I had a bit of a headache, so I decided to run myself a nice warm bath. I was relaxing in the bath with the shower curtain pulled right across so as to dim the light a little and not hurt my eyes, and I was almost asleep, I was so relaxed. Suddenly I heard the key go in the front door, and the sound of footsteps racing up the stairs, and the creak of the bathroom door as it was pushed open quickly, and the sound of his ass slamming down on the toilet seat. I couldn't believe my luck! He let go with a massive booming wet fart, and I was so surprised that I guess I splashed the water in the bath. "Oh my god!" he said - "I didn't realise you were in here...!" His voice sounded strained as he was obviously shocked and was trying to hold in his rapidly emerging poop. "Honey, hang on two seconds," I said, "Just get off the toilet for a second, wait outside and I'll get out of the bath and leave you in peace". "Oh, god," he said, "I can't, it'! s too late, there's absolutely no way I can get off the toilet now - just stay there, OK? I'd much rather you stay there and I didn't see you, than have you walk past me and see me while I'm sitting here. Then I can pretend this isn't happening". "OK honey, whatever makes you comfortable," I said. I sat there in the bath as quiet as I possibly could so as not to disturb him. What followed was the performance of a lifetime!

Several small farts followed, pfft, pfft, pfft, followed by a long wet booming fart. His poop started to fall out of him in small firm chunks as usual, two small ones to start off with, plip, plip, then a more rapid succession of slightly larger ones that hit the water with plip-plip-plip-plip, noises, then plop,plop plop-plop-plop, finishing off with two large "THUD" noises, and the sound of him breathing quietly. I was trying to remain as quiet as I could, for his sake, but I'm sure he could hear the sound of my heart pounding. Another small "pffft" fart followed, then he made a quiet "hnnnn" sound under his breath, after which around 12 larger sized chunks fell out of him, slowly at first, then becoming faster, again finishing with a thud. Then it all went quiet for a few minutes. I debated asking him if he was done, but thought better of it, but I didn't want him to feel like I was hurrying him. I was right, as there was more to come. I heard the sound of him turnin! g over the pages of his newspaper as he read. Several minutes later, another soft fart came, followed by a cascade of more poop, plop, plop, plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop, I estimated around 18-20 smaller chunks, this time ending in four larger thuds. By now this had been going on for at least 10 minutes. Then silence for another five minutes or so. I bet he was glad the shower curtain was closed. It was him who finally broke the silence. "I didn't go to the toilet all day at work, I was too busy" he said, "and I guess it's all coming out now in one go. I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be, but quite a while probably." I just said "OK honey, no problem." He carried on turning the pages of his paper. After another few minutes silence, another "pfftt" echoed around the bathroom, and another large cascade of smaller firm chunks came pouring out. I counted 17, again ending in a large THUD which reverberated around the room. Then silence again. A few more minute! s later, he farted again, and five large thuds fell into the toilet, followed by the sound of him getting his breath. I guess after that he was done, but he continued sitting for about another 5 minutes, to make sure I guess. A couple more farts followed, and that was it. I heard him put his paper down on the floor and reach for the toilet roll. It rattled and rattled against the wall as he pulled off sheet after sheet of paper, wiping about 12 or 13 times. He then flushed the toilet, washed his hands and left. He had been on the toilet for around 25 minutes or so.

I was lucky to hear such a great performance, although I wished I'd been able to see it. When I finished my bath, I went back downstairs, and we never spoke of it again.

Mark and Cindy
Apologies for the delay in posting, but what with this time of the year and holidays what can you expect. I see some of you liked our posts, so I will repost to let you know what had happened, and carry on with the story.

My girlfriend who is the same age as me - 17 and I have had some really fun times that I need to tell you about.

Cindy's Dad is a real jerk. He banned me from her house. That night her folks went out, so Cindy and I staged a break-in. We broke a side window with a screw-driver, then let ourselves in with her key. They have this white long haired rug in the middle of the hall. Cindy dropped her jeans, and her really cute and sexy little white flowery knickers. She squatted over the rug, and I heard her grunt a little. We hadn't discussed exactly what we would do, but I had thought we would just make some sort of mess. When I saw Cindy's bare white bum as she squated I knew exactly what she had in mind. A little fart escaped, and she laughed - so did I. I could see the little rosebud between her ivory cheeks expanding, a little brown dot getting bigger and bigger. I couldn't help staring, and in fact squatted down next to her, my eyes fixed on that brown spot. The natural smell of her rose from the glistening dark brown cigar that was starting to grow from the spot. It was thick, gli! stening brown, almost steaming. I couldn't beleive something that thick could be growing out of that tiny little hole. I could hear the soft noise it made as it was pressed out, accompanied by tiny little grunts that Cindy made in clenching her muscles. It just came and came, until it stretched all the way from her bum to the white furry rug - a good ten inches. She had to start straightening her legs to let it grow to its full length, a proud straight fifteen inches, before her bum nipped closed, cut the log free and let it fall softly into the long hair of the rug. We both looked down proudly as it lay in the middle of the rug - a gift from her to her Dad. We looked at each other, and started laughing until the tears rolled down our cheeks. It smelt wonderful, filled the room with a fulsome natural stench, unmistakable and rich.

Cindy's thick fifteen inch log lay gloriously enmeshed in her Dad's long haired white rug, a perfect large glistening brown log in a forest of white. "So" she said to me, her face flushed with excitement, "now its your turn". My whole body tingled with anticipation, but also nervousness. I had never layed a log in front of anyone before, although thinking back Cindy seemed to have been close by a number of times, and may have even barged into the toilet a few times. Before I could say anything Cindy had undone my belt, the button at the top of my jeans and my fly, and pulled my pants down. I often don't wear underwear, and that night was one of those times. I felt totally exposed, and it felt good. I squatted down, Cindy behind me, her proud thick log in front of me, and started pushing. Unfortunately that afternoon after a large lunch of sausage, beans, cabbage and potatoes and two beers I had dropped a huge satisfying untidy load... if only I had known. I managed a hig! h pitched feeble fart despite huge efforts at pushing, much to Cindy's amusement. "Come on Mark" she said grabbing a cheek and squeezing playfully. Another fart was emitted, but nothing more, although I pushed and pushed, my face getting very hot, and no doubt red, and my stomach hard from the muscles all trying to push a little bit of poo out. "Oh well" said Cindy, her eyes alive with excitement, "we will have to do something about this".

Before I knew it she had inserted her long finger into my bum… It felt odd, a little uncomfortable, but really good at the same time. I could feel it searching around inside me, and it felt like I needed to poo right away. “Nothing here” she said. She whipped it out, held it up, and it was only a little brown at the end. She stood up and walked out, and was back in seconds with a large plastic bucket with a long red hose attached to its base. At the time I had no idea what it was (I have since grown to know that bucket very well!). It was full of water (warm water I soon learnt). She had bought a can of beer as well, which she cracked open and poured into the bucket. “Ok” she said on “your knees with your bum in the air and your face on the floor.” I had an idea of what was to follow, and was right. As soon as I adopted the “position” she pushed the tube into my bum, opened a small tap on the bucket, and I felt the sensation of my body filling up with the wonderful warm! liquid. It felt sooo good and warm as I filled, fuller and fuller until I thought I was full – how wrong I was. “Ok Cindy, that’s enough” I said. “No” she said, and I filled fuller, I REALLY needed a poo now. I thought my stomach would explode, as cramps started to grip my lower stomach, and even lower than that. I heard a gurgle as the bucket emptied. Cindy quickly pulled the hose out of my bum, and then took a large chrystal vase off the table and put it next to her log on the carpet. I hardly had time to turn and squat before a stream of dirty brown sloppy liquid shot from my bum into the vase. It shot out with so much force that it splashed back up onto me, Cindy and in fact all over the carpet. The flow lasted a bout 10 seconds before plopping to an end, and I thought it was over. Cindy smiled as I quickly returned to the squatting position and unloaded a second, third fourth and even a fifth out-pouring into the vase, until it overflowed with the sloppy mess onto the ! carpet. I felt really clean after it was all out, and my initiation by Cindy into the delights of pooing and enema’s was complete.

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