Hello everyone. I've been on the road for a while with various singing gigs and haven't checked the boards. There were some good pee stories. I hope everyone had happy holidays, and a happy new year to all. I was in Japan before Christmas doing a Messiah. The conductor went to college with me and he invited me to his house for supper one night. While there, I drank a lot of green tea and sake and had to pee really bad so I asked to use the restroom. A lot of the toilets in Japan are computerized and have buttons that do all kinds of things, and this one was even more hi-tech than most, but I had to go so bad I didn't ask how to work it first because my host loves to talk and I didn't want to be dancing around while he explained. After a long pee,I could not for the life of me figure out how to flush this toilet, and felt too stupid to ask him (plus, I didn't think it would be appropriate for him to see my foamy pee in the toilet.) I started pushing a bunch of buttons, and all of a sudden the water in the toilet came up and hit me in the face and completely soaked my clothes. I was now covered in my own pee. I'm part African-American and I have very curly hair which I had straig! htened with an iron that night.It now began to curl. I had to clean and dry myself as best I could, brush and tie my hair back and fix my makeup before rejoining the dinner guests (several other performers were there.) I didn't want to say anything to them or ask for clean clothes so I just hoped no-one noticed, but I felt disgusting and was worried that I might smell (hopefully the water in the toilet diluted the pee enough not to.)I was gone so long, they probably thought I was pooping, and one woman asked me if I was OK. I could not wait to get home that night. My friends and my man found the story hilarious when I told them later. In regards to the issue of men or women holding pee longer, my man can definitely hold it longer than me. With other guys I know,it varies. My honey refuses to use plane bathrooms and will hold it through international flights (he once had to pee on a 12-hour leg of a flight to Asia, and held it until we landed and went through customs and got our luggage. I on the other hand used the plane bathroom 2 or 3 times at least.) An ex-boyfriend I had at the beginning of college told me at the time that we were dating that he usually only peed once or twice a day. He didn't like to go away from home, and he said that if he had to go really bad, he'd put his hands in his pocket and squeeze his penis closed and everyone just thought he was chilling out with his hands in his pockets. I think I've usually had to go more than most of my boyfriends have, and they have teased me about it. I had one brother who could hold it all day when we were little. Most operas I've done see the girls ! peeing more than the guys, and I remember one trip to Europe where all the people who had to pee often were female. That isn't to say I don't know guys with weak bladders, or that I can't hold my own. I can hold for a long time while desperate if I have to (as a singer and one who travels, I've often had to) but I usually get too uncomfortable. As a nurse posted here, if you are in pain and literally feel like bursting, you should go, so I do. As a kid, I was too proud to tell anyone I had to go, so I would hold it for hours, sometimes almost a whole day, and risk wetting my pants rather than tell anyone I was desperate, and once in a while I had an accident and a lot of times I lost squirts, but a lot of the time, I did hold it succesfully until I could go dicreetly. I sometimes had holding contests with other kids and I was determined never to lose. Once I got over my shyness in high school, I preferred to go when I had to, so I haven't held it for a long time in ages, I've had my fill of that. The longest I recall ever holding my pee is for about 11 1/2 hours, from 12 noon till about 11.30 at night, and I was absolutely bursting to go like never in my life. Here's the story. I was in college, and at lunch hour (12), I had to pee, so I went, and then went to the cafeteria to eat lunch, with 2 tall glasses of orange juice and a cup of tea. I usually liked to pee before class, but that day, I was having fun hanging with my friends and didn't have time, as we were writing a test and I didn't want to be late. Class was 1.30 to 2.45, and during the test, I drank a 1/2 litre bottle of water and began to feel the need to pee, but ignored it. I was intending to go after class before chamber choir rehearsal, but the test was hard and the teacher gave us extra time. Our choir director was strict about being late, so I didn't have time to pee. During rehearsal, I drank another 1/2 litre of water as I was fighting a cold and needed it to sing comfortably. Rehearsal was from 3-5, and by about 4 o'clock, I could no longer ignore that I had to go and was shifting about in my chair. Usually if we had to go in choir we'd get up and go while another section was re! hearsing, and people had been doing so continually. I decided to make my move (I usually always held it in choir, but I had to go pretty bad) when our director decided to be in a bad mood and said "OK thats it! We have a concert next week! No-one is going anywhere! You can go to the bathroom in an hour, not now." I whispered to the girl next to me "That's bad news, because I really have to go." She said "Me, too." I sat through the rehearsal on the edge of my chair with crossed legs counting the minutes. I was planning to make a dash for it right after, but I was detained by the director to talk about a solo. I was supposed to meet a friend from another faculty right after so that we could go to the movies and see Titanic, which at the time was in cinemas. I hoped I could pee first, but when I finally left the rehearsal hall, she was waiting and said we had to hurry because our bus came at 5.15 and the next one would be too late. I told her I had to pee urgently and she said! "Too bad." Well, the bus ended up being late and I was mad at her. It was a 50-minute ride or so to where we were going. On the bus I was complaining to my friend that I could have peed quickly and that she didn't understand how much I had to go because I hadn't peed since lunch. She said she did understand because all of a sudden, she was desperate to pee and poop and wanted me to distract her. I did so by engaging in gossip, and also distracted myself from peeing, so much so that when we got to the theatre with only 5 minutes to spare, I offered to get the soda and popcorn while she went to the restroom (I didn't really want to go with her if she was pooping.) The popcorn line was long, and by the time I had our stuff, the movie had started, so I decided to go in first, get a seat, and then sneak out to pee. Well, I was completely absorbed in the movie and my litre and a half of soda and when I drink soda, I have to drink water, so I had another 1/2 litre of that (I keep bottles in my bag) and I completely forgot about peeing until near the end with all the water. Those of you who saw Titanic know it's over 3 1/2 hours long and full of water. Lots of people left to pee. When my friend did, I noticed my legs were crossed so tightly they were stuck together and I was jiggling in my chair. I became afraid of squirting urine in my panties, so I snuck a hand down into my lap and began holding myself tightly while rocking, which helped a lot. When my friend came back, she noticed and said "You really have to go, huh? Why don't you just go? You've been holding it forever." I don't know, I guess I was stubborn or I really liked the movie,! but I didn't leave, although all I could think about was how good it would be to fill my empty popcorn or soda container with hot pee. I was so desperate, I really considered it. As soon as the movie was done, I shot out of my seat to run to the restoom, but my friend said "Here's the deal. It's 9. 45 and our bus comes at 9.50 and we have to walk a block. If you go to the restroom, there's bound to be a line up and we'll miss the bus, and the next one's not till 10.30. You held it this long, why not see if you can make it back." Some bravado in me decided to try and we left. I was pee dancing at the bus stop, unable to stand still. I really wanted to hold myself again but didn't want people to see. I felt like the dam would break any minute and I'd made a really bad decision. As soon as we got on the bus, I headed for the back and began holding myself again. At first, I was OK, but about 20 minutes into the ride, with another 30 to go, my stomach began to hurt. My belly was! so bloated I was bursting out of my pants. I took off my belt, loosened the fly and stuck my hand right down the front and held myself that way. I was also bouncing up and down in my seat crossing and uncrossing my legs. At first, my friend was laughing at me, but about 10 minutes after I started doing that, the bus hit a big bump and I squirted a little in my pants. The only way I could stop the flow was to shove the other hand down my front as well and press like crazy, stand up and cross my legs and kind of slouch down (luckily the people in front of us didn't seem to be noticing me.) I was almost crying, I had to go so bad and was so scared of peeing myself, and my friend realized it was serious. We began discussing what to do. It was 20 minutes to campus and a 15 minute walk to my dorm. We thought of me squatting in the aisle, but it was too risky. Then we debated getting off the bus, but didn't want to wait 40 minutes for another one in the cold rain, me with a cold a! nd a concert coming. We contemplated me peeing into one of my water bottles, but the top was too narrow for the gusher it would be. I had no choice but to hold it. I was doubled over in my seat with pain and desperation holding myself like crazy. About 5 minutes from campus, I began to pee myself again. I told my friend I was giving up and was going to finish the job, but she told me not to give up, so I grabbed my bag and shoved it between my legs, bunched up my scarf and wedged it between the bag and my hands, and put one leg up on the seat jammed into my crotch while still holding myself (I used to do that a lot as a kid) and the added pressure stopped the flow again before more than one little squirt came out. We decided that when we got off the bus, we'd go right to the campus bar where I could pee, as it was much closer than my dorm and better than outside. I waddled from the bus stop to the bar still holding myself. I was walking slow so as not to spill out, but I wanted to walk fast so I could pee. It was the most agonizing feeling. A couple of times I had to stop, cross my legs and hunker down to prevent wet pants. My friend was very encouraging and apologetic for making me wait. She said she'd never seen anyone so desperate and if I wanted to pee outside, I should, but campus police ticketed people for that and they were always around the bar. When we got to the bar, it was a busy night and there was a line up. We didn't know what to do. I had to pull up my pants and stop holding myself as there were people everywhere, so I tried to dance inconspicuously while my friend asked the bouncer how long the line was moving, and he told her a couple of minutes, so we waited. Some friends of ours were in line, and my friend told them how bad I had to go and that I hadn't peed since noon (it was now after 11.00.) They were amazed that I could or would do that. I had abandoned all pride and was holding myself and jumping up and down like a little kid. We waited more than a couple of minutes and then another squirt came. This one was even more difficult to stop and my agony was obvious to everyone in line. We decided to plead for mercy to the bouncer. As I told him my plight, I was dancing, crossing and uncrossing my legs, and holding myself. At first, he thought we were just trying to get in quicker, but he saw the tears in ! my eyes and the fear on my face that there would soon be a large puddle on the floor, so he said "Lucky you girls are pretty," and let us in. Thank God! In college, I was famous for my long, desperate, gushing, hissing pees, and the girls decided to come with me and time this one. There was a line up in the bathroom, and I decided to just pee myself right there, but we knew a lot of the girls, and my friend yelled "Let Diva cut! She's gonna piss herself! She hasn't peed since lunch!" and all the girls let me through. I had already yanked down my pants before I got in the stall. I began wetting myself the minute the stall door closed, and had to once more cross my legs and bend down before I could proceed. The minute my butt hit the seat, my pee began gushing in a huge, thick, gushing stream that was flying out so hard, it was hitting the back of the toilet bowl, and my friends began counting the seconds on their watches as I pissed out a cup of tea, two litres of juice, 1 1/! 2 litres of water and 1 1/2 litres of pop. Even though I'd squirted in my panties four times and they were soaked through, I had 2 minutes and 13 seconds of continuous pee left. It semed to go on forever. When it dribbled away, I was so spent I continued to sit there, and I had a few more little dribbles before I was done. My friends were laughing and cheering and congratulating me on holding it. I got up and looked in the toilet and it was full of an immense anount of light yellow foam like soap suds.When I was done, I told them I'd wet my pants a little and one girl who had her period lent me her spare pair of panties and I wrapped mine in a lot of paper towels and put them in my bag to be washed later. They wanted me to stay at the bar, but I was spent and my pants were a little wet too, so I decided to go back to my dorm. I must not have finished peeing, because by the time I got back, I felt desperate again and had another 15 or 20 second hard pee. That was not pleasant! and I would never voluntarily do it again. It was a college legend for a while and that friend still brings it up. That was definitely one of my most desperate times, easily avoided by better luck and less stubbornness. This is long but I hope to share my MCAT story before I take off to sing Dialogues of the Carmelites.

Enema Guy
Marc. I enjoyed your post. I sometimes push a soapy finger up my hole to assist the turd down. It stings a bit at first, but it makes you push harder too and helps the turd on its way. Would love to hear about your twin brother

Do you think anyone inspects my panties to see whether there are marks on them, or sniffs them to see how they smell. I have two brothers, so I wouldn't be surprised, and I guess then there is also my mother. Let me know what you think, especially from your own experience.

I must say every night when I take them off I have a good look, and have a little (sometimes a BIG) sniff. Mostly there are no poop marks, but a some very faint marks / stains in front. Usually they smell of me, not of poop. Sometimes there are little faint poop 'skid' marks, and then you can just faintly smell the poop. I wonder why the marks are like 'skids' - that is thin and long, and not round spots? You would think that if there was a little poop left on you after a poop that it would make spots on your underwear rather than the long 'skids' - anyone have an explanation of that? Sometimes there are bigger marks, especially if I have had diarrhoea, and then you can clearly smell the poop.

I can identify with the person who uses the stall next to an occupied one and likes to sit on the warm seat that has just been vacated.

I often follow someone into the ladies room, deliberately take the adjoining stall and try do everything she does as much in sync as poss, weeing at the same time, pooing (if I'm lucky!) in time, wiping with exactly the same amount of tp, pulling up my panties and leaving the toilet. Then I'll take the next basin to wash my hands, smile and make some innocuous remark. Sometimes she'll smile back in a sort of complicit way, though I've never tried to take it further (though tempted!). It's almost as if one had had a realtionship which in a way one had. Sometimes of course the reaction is less friendly as if the person's privacy had been invaded. Not everyone finds going to the toilet provocative, alas.

Have never been able to mention this to a living soul before. Love this site, though Im quite a bit older than most of you.


R. Smith of AR
Dear Emma,

Here I am on January 16, and I just got through with reading the story about your younger sister Brooke. All I can say for her is bless her little heart. I understand completely about what she is going through right now, because I used to have a problem with having accidents in my drawers when I was Brooke's age. However, I always was, and still am to this day, able to go when the "call of nature" arrived. I was rarely constipated in my life as a youngster, and was never afraid of having a full-sized bowel movement, because they were seldom painful. My heart goes out to you and your sister Brooke.

I must admit that I am truly amazed by your description of the size of your sister's bowel movement in the first story. If Brooke is able to have a BM this big at age nine, it sounds to me as if she will be able to "deliver" TREMENDOUS bowel movements as a teenager and young adult. Speaking of the BM that Brooke had in your first story, you never did tell us the actual diameter of her bowel movement. All you told us was "Her poop was almost two feet long and very big around." I surely would like to know about the thickness of Brooke's remarkably big BM--that is, if you do not have a problem with sharing this. I mean, not all 9-year-old girls are able to produce such a large bowel movement. Not even I could deliver any BMs that massive when I was Brooke's age, and I still am not able to do so, even at the age of 32.

Like several other people here, I have always had these fascinations about lovely women having such gigantic BMs. Though I have never been given an opportunity to do actually do this, I cannot help but think about it every so often. And even if I were married, I would have a difficult time trying to work up the courage to ask my spouse if she would allow me to watch her have a big bowel movement on our toilet. I suppose it all depends on how the woman feels about it. As you can probably tell, I am a caucasian (white) male, and I am usually grabbed by the BM stories of my contemporaries on this website. However, your story about Brooke is an exception to the rule, because, like I said in the previous paragraph of this entry, not all female youngsters are able to deliver such gigantic bowel movements. I must admit that your first story really did intrigue me. Perhaps one day, you could share with us one of YOUR BM stories here, and please do remember to include the ! dimensions of your bowel movements. I really would appreciate it. Besides, I have not read near enough stories about an attractive girl having a big bowel movement, which included her BM's dimensions. They all seem to have disappeared in recent months.

Well, Emma, that is all for now. I wish you and your siblings the very best in life, and I am looking forward to reading more of your stories in the near future. Anyway, Emma, you take the best care of your two siblings, especially Brooke, and I hope things will get better for you and her in the distant future. May God always bless you.

Sincerely Yours,

R. Smith of AR

John L
I was in wal- mart one time and i felt like a big dump was coming on and it was, so i finally made it to the bathroom. Then soon after i just farted twice and it all started falling.

John Q Public
Venessa, that would have had me pissing and crapping all over the place. I do not like leaches, spiders or snakes of any kind. I would love to hear your 2nd story.

Well, folks, I almost did it again. I was on my way home from work last evening, and I did not bother to use the bathroom before I left. I stopped at Subways, and had a small diet pop with my sandwitch, then I got back in my car and headed home. It was late evening, around 8 or so, and the roads were pretty much deserted, but I had to make a special business trip and had a very long way to go. I was not even half way home when my bladder was about to burst, and I just had to stop and take a leak on the side of the road.

I did not want anyone to see what I was doing, but I also didn't want anyone to not see my car and hit it so I left the lights on and turned on the emergency flashers before I got out. Luckily nobidy came by. I slid over to the passenger side, opened the door, opened my fly and did my business. It was a little harder stream then I usualy do, but nothing to write home about. It also only lasted about 20 seconds, which is pretty much my longest possible pee time. Anyway it was bitter, bitter cold out, and my piss froze up almost imediately as it hit the ground. When I was done, there was a little frozen puddle of piss on the shoulder of the road, which I could see in the dim dome light. It fealt sooo good to let that out, and the cold also made it easier for me to pee for some reason.

I ended up having to do that another time before I got home, and by the time I got home, I was rushing to the bathroom ready to burst again. The next time I have to make a long trip like that, I am either going to wear a diaper, or keep a container or a cup with a lid on it in the car.

super soaker
To wetguy- I am planning to eventually get tighter underwear, but not until I am able to drive (I will be turning 16 in spring 2004).

Okay, last time I promised a story from 7th grade (middle school) about a big accident. I still wore briefs then, but most people wore boxers-only. I hadn't pooped in 4 days, and knew when I went to school that day that I would probably have to go. Sure enough, around 9:30 in 3rd period, I started to get the urge. I didn't want to go, because everyone would know that I was taking a dump because I would be gone for a while. So I decided to hold it. About a half hour later, I started feeling the need for a pee as well. My urge for a poop was still worse; however, I could not empty my bladder without doing the same for my intestines.

The minutes passed; with each passing minute my need for an emptying of both #1 and #2 was increasing. Finally, lunch came. I was hoping for some relief, but the lunch duty teacher wouldn't let anyone go. I was at the point of complete desperation. I was at my lunch table, and I was bouncing around quite a bit. The bell rang to go to 7th period (by now it is 12:45), but passing time was only 3 minutes and the bathrooms are really crowded. My 7th period class was Technical Education (Tech Ed, like shop class). I get into class, and he says to sit down because he needed to explain the next project. It took him 15 minutes to explain it.

At 1:00, he let us get to work. I rush over to my teacher's desk to ask for a bathroom pass. Coincidentally, my friend had to go to the bathroom as well (desperately). We both get to the teacher's desk at the same time and we both ask. By that time, I could feel the firm log start to poke out of my hole. He gave both of us passes, and warned us not to fool around in the bathroom. I thanked him and walked briskly to the door. I walked out of the door into an entrance room into the Tech Ed rooms. By then, the first log is already halfway into my briefs. My friend was grabbing his crotch real hard too. We exit the entrance room and started to go down the hall. Right then, my first log finished coming out and I started dribbling pee into my pants. I wasn't going full force yet because another log started coming out. I grabbed my crotch to try to "control" my piss, and then I noticed that was unsuccessful with my friend. He had a rapidly growing wet spot on his denim jeans th! at went from a grapefruit size to streaks down his legs in mere seconds. He removed his hand from his crotch and it started dripping on the floor.

We turned the corner into the connector hall and I felt the second log finish sliding into my briefs. Now, my bladder just opens full force and I start pissing a gusher into my pants. I noticed that my friend was trying to bunch his boxers up so they could hold something, but I didn't make the connection until I saw a bulge grow in his pants. We finally get to the bathroom (it really isnt that long of a walk, unless you're unloading into your pants at the same time) and I farted, and a third log came with it. I enter one stall, and my friend enters the other. Both of us were still pissing a gusher; I probably pissed for 90 seconds. Finally, when I stopped pissing, I peeled off my jeans and underwear. My three logs were good-sized, each were 8 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. My pants were soaked to the brink; the whole front and the inside and front of my legs were drenched. Also, my socks were bright yellow. I asked my friend if he was a mess and he gave me a descriptio! n similar to mine. He was wearing boxers, however. I dumped my briefs (no skids) into the toilet and wiped my butt and pulled up my pants.

I had a change of clothes for myself in my locker, so I decided to brave the halls and I ran to my locker (upstairs), grabbed the plastic bag, and ran back down into the bathroom. I finished cleaning up and changed my clothes (I decided to not wear my socks). My friend asked me about what he should do, so I told him to wait there and I would get a change for him from the nurse. I went up to the nurse (in clean clothes) and told her the situation. She gave me a pair of briefs and jeans for him, so I went into the bathroom and gave it to him under the stall wall. We both had to go to the nurse to get a pass back to class so our teacher wouldn't think we were fooling around. We went back to class, and didnt get into trouble. He had ended up putting his clothes into a bag in his locker, and I put my clothes in my locker. To my knowledge, he went home wearing the borrowed clothing. The whole incident took 15 minutes.

Hope that was a good story.
super soaker

To the "Hold it" man - I don't hold my pee for longer than I have to but when i do go it does usually gush out of my vagina in a multi directional spray as I have thick set lips which are quite hairy so my wee has to force itself out. In fact the shape of my lips can usually be seen through my knickers. It's feels nice when i wipe them, as my fingers often wander if you know what i mean!!

To Adrian - His eyes were open wide and i'm sure there was a bulge in his trousers. I'm not sure if he actually saw my vagina weeing or not but he did express an interest in watching again, but that's another post.

To Mark R - Once when i was about 17 at home i was really having problems having a poo and my dad did come into the toilet and rub my back to try and help me.

Here I am dropping in again. I realized the other day some might confuse my name a little bit. FED POOP refers to the fact that I am a Federal Government employee.

I had an urge to poop a bit ago. I went to the men's room and covered the electronic eye of the automatic flusher. I pulled down my pants, sat down, and pulled out my cellphone. While playing a card game on the phone, I peed and then felt a good turd moving down. With very little pushing or effort on my part, the turd slipped out, about a foot long. I wiped once, stood up, and laid the paper on the seat. I then took the paper off the electronic eye and put it in the trash, along withthe paper I had wiped with. There it was for the next guy. The water a little yellow, the big turd lurking to surprise. It is fun to defeat these fanct toilets.

the "HOLD IT" man
Vanessa, that would have been a horrific experience for anyone, man or woman. I won't even go swimming in small lakes of ponds unless I know there aren't any leaches in it. I usualy perfer to swim in the Ocean, or Lake Michigan, or a swimming pool.

I had a similar experience when I was about 12. I was on a family trip and was swimming in Big Thunder Lake up in Minisota when a leach latched onto my balls. I was completely freaked, and spent most of that vacation in the boat. That was the year that I learned how to operate a motor boat, and I got lost on Big Thunder and didn't get home until late that evening. By the way, I would love to hear your 2nd story.

To Katrina, Doug and others, yes it realy reeks to high heaven when your piss comes in contact with those hot coals in a camp fire. I know this because I pissed out a camp fire on a dare once. It was another contest that we were having back in my youth. My cousen Katie put out a camp fire with her pee about a month before, and was so proud of herself. It was completely out by the time she was done, and the smell was like the wrath of God.

She dared me to try it a month later when we went back out that place for a weekend. We were having one of our contests when she dared me to try it. As usual, I was ready to burst and jumping all over the place while she calmly sat by the fire side and smiled. Anyway, when I finaly let loose, I had drasticaly slowed that fire down, but there were still a few embers and some flame left. Katie was able to stoke it with smaller sticks, then larger sticks and get it going again. "Not bad for a first time." she comented. The stench was aweful. After about 8 more hours of stoking that fire, Katie finaly decided to relieve herself and put out the fire. She was not desperate, but very uncomfortable when she removed her panties and squated next to the fire. She hissed out a high pressure ribbon of pee, and that fire was completely out long before she finished. By the time s he was done, everything was saturated in piss, the smell of burnt and fresh pee hung in the air, ! and there was no getting that fire started again without karosene and a match.


I am not a real major fan of pooping, and don't often pay attention to it, but I have had some pretty spectacular dumps on occasion. I try to dump on a regular basis for health reasons, so my pooping ability is not anything like my peeing ability. Peeing stimulates me in a certain way which is why I got into it. I have plugged up my toilet on a few ocasions when I get constipated, or haven't had a chance to take a dump for a while. Two feet is about the greatest length I have accomplished, mainly because very often my turds break apart as they come out of me, but I have had some very thick turds. at a guess, I would say at least 3 inches in diameter.


Make sure you follow advice that is geared towards males. I did read a coupld of posts about Prostrait cancer, a condition which is very high among men. I don't know how old you are, but if you are over 30, it would be highly advisable to have your prostrait checked in addition to exercise and diet.

John Q.

Again, I do n't know how old you are, but if you are over 30, I would also advise you to have your prostrait checked, and STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE SWEETS, ESPECIALY THE STORE-BOUGHT PROCESSED ONES!!!!! If you do n't I will give you a cyber spanking!! (only kidding) but SERIOUSLY, that stuff is garbage! Processed sugar is just another harmful white powder that ppl put into their bodies. Please, if you don't make any other resolutions for the New Year, give up processed sweets.


Pissing out a camp fire can be a smelly affair indeed, but it depends on the strength (or yellowness) of the pee. In the case of that chouvenist I wasted, I was drinking mostly water all that day to clean myself out. I did have a can or two of diet pepsie, but for the most part it was water, so my pee was very diluted. It was just warm water and nothing significantly more then that. My pee often ranges to being just water to being very strong smelling. Esparagas especialy does it to me. Take a wiff the next time you eat esparagas and have to pee. When I eat esparagas, the smell of my fresh pee will permiate the entire room and actualy hand in the air for a while. My bf loves it. I only had one experience peeing on something hot when it was an esparagas pee. I was trying to see how far I could project my morning stream, and I was in the bathroom, aiming at the bath tub. I slightly undershot the tub and got some of it into a heating vent. The furnace was go! ing, and that vent was very warm. The bathroom stank so bad that I had to open a window and air it out for an hour. I also turned off the furnace, removed the vent and washed out the head duct as best I could. That dank urine smell almost made me vomit.

Thursay, January 16, 2003

Business lady (Wendy). I enjoyed your post enormously. What surprised me though was that Heathrow actually had toilets of the type you describe. Interesting.

Candy in the UK. I'm not surprised your boyfriend needs to go fuve times a day for a motion if he eats as much as you say he does. What goes in one end must, sooner or later, come out of the other.

I have read a few stories on here about guys weeing their swim wear at the beach. I did this by accident while in the Caribbean. I was lying in a hammock drinking beer and had been all afternoon.

I felt the need to wee but held it until I knew I had to get up or I'd wet myself. I had started to fidgit and was uncomfortable so decided it was best to go.

I went to get up and got my foot caught up in the hammock and was struggling to free it. This took my concentration of bladder control and the next thing I knew I was wetting myself. The relief was so overwhelming I didn't want to stop.

I didn't think I was ever going to stop but eventually I did and looked down at the damp patch I'd made on the sand. It was quickly absorbed but my bum was soaked and I'd got a wet patch on my front.

I stood up and covered my bum with my hands and headed to the sea. I knew some people had seen what I'd done and I was embarrassed but there was nothing I could do to stop myself weeing once I'd started.

Hey guy's, posting virgin here. The basics - M 26, 6'2, 180

First off, to all of the regulars - you guys totally ROCK!

Wetguy - celebs having accidents...remember about 18 months ago the BMW commercial (online only) where it looks like Madonna pisses herself - classic moment. Think it would be totally awesome to watch Justin Timberlake or Ryan Phillipe piss themselves (in fact, I think Ryan did in White Squall, or some movie like that).

I have a theory about libraries....not necessarily bookstores though. I had smoked some marijuana (years ago) when a good female fried asked me if I had to go everytime I was in a library...and without thought (or reason) I responded, "That's due the acid in the paper of the old books, it must stimuate a nerve." Think about it, who here doesn't love the smell of an old book? And that's why we read in there.

I have had several accidents lately, but the wierd thing is I'm totally unaware of it happenning. I've busted ass in my pants twice in a week, but not a major amount usually just a nugget or two, but way messy.

Can we discuss position and technique here?
When I mount the thrown, I pull each ass cheek as far as I can (but comfortably) as to eliminate any hangers. Also I wipe from back to front (through the space left open my penis) this common? I've seen one other guy take a dump and he slid all of the way forward on the seat and wiped from behind.

Longest constipation - 9 days after surgery on a pylonidol cist (not a doctor can't spell) doc asked if I had made a BM, and I lied and said yeah, for fear that they would have to "go in and get it out". lol

I'd rather use a public restroom anyday - the smell is pretty erotic and the grafitti is better than HBO (I know this isn't a sexual board).

I do love reading stories of guys catching other guys in the act of #2, but truley love the piss stories even more!

Thanks, and glad to be part of the group now.

Mark and Cindy
Yesterday I posted an experience that Cindy and I had at her father’s house. Today I thought I’d let you know a little bit more about Cindy, and her beautiful turds. The girl has the ability to lay the thickest longest logs I have ever seen. She’s petite, so I am always astonished at the size of them, and how her little pink rosebud stretches to push them out. They always seem to come out in one piece, and glisten wetly although they are firm and solid to the touch. She loves laying them, and likes to do them in different places as you probably have guessed, and doesn’t mind an audience – in fact seems to thrive on one at times. They always have a sharp smell – unmistakenly poo, you can’t miss it, even if you go to the toilet up to an hour after she’s been you know that she’s been there pooing. I like the smell, and she’s really proud of it. Obviously the skid marks she leaves are awesome, and this backs up something I saw posted previously about girls leaving better skid ma! rks than us.

Last summer my wife Jenny (45) and I (50) spent our holiday in Croatia. Jenny is a ????er woman with big sagging tits and a fat ass, but she doesn´t mind and even at the nude beach she has no problems if strangers, esp. men, look at her huge body. She has a shaved cunt which is also quite big and wide so that you get a good view inside if you look between her naked legs. So it was usual that at the nude beach single men were lying in front of us to get a good view between Jenny´s legs and into her cunt. She found it funny and always allowed them a good and long view on her cuntwith wide spread legs. As there were no toilets close to that remote beach we daily went we had to go behind the bushes, although in summer the bushes are rare and dry. So after some days we went only some meters from our blanket to have a pee. You can imagine that the most of that single men tried to have a good view on my peeing wife. During the first days they were still a little bit shy but after ! they realized that Jenny had no problem to be watched while peeing they came closer to her and even tried to watch from close down under. Depending on her thickness she bends her upper body only a little bit forward with wide spread legs and pees nearly standing. For a voyeur an ideal position and from close down under you can see really every detail. As Jenny does not like dripping pee she pushes very strong so that a thick yellow jet shoots backwards out of her bladder. After appr. a week usually 4 - 5 men stood up every time during the day when Jenny went for peeing and joined her openly to watch her pee ceremony. Jenny explained to me that she liked it how keen these guy were to have a look at her pissing hole - from front and from rear. The problem for her appeared at the beginning of the second week. It was a tuesday and although we had a big dinner on sunday night, Jenny had constipation on whole monday. As we had a good and plentiful dinner also on monday evening wit! h a lot of red wine on tuesday late morning at the beach it happened: Jenny told me that she could not hold it and it was a must for her to make a #2. But what to do? The way she moved and some words of our discussion made it clear to the surrounding men that this time it was not only a problem of peeing for Jenny. At least we decided to go some more meters from our blanket and that I would join her. But naked with a box of tissues in her hands confirmed to the blokes that their thoughts were right: this woman needed to shit urgently. Although that I joined Jenny this did not stop these guys to follow us in a distance of only 3-4 meters. We could clearly see how nervous and aroused they all were. After appr. 20 m Jenny could not walk further. "I will and have to do it here and now!" she said. She stood with her legs spread and her upper body bent a little bit forward, but less than usual depending on her stomach-ache. The watchers stood in a half circle around us. I began to! massage her thick belly and Jenny spread her chicks wide open with her hands to support the beginning act of human nature. While she pushed the surrounding men came closer and closer as if they could miss something. Then the head of a thick, hard and dark brown turd slowly moved outside of her asshole. Nearly 5 cm of the sausage had moved out when it stuck. "WOWWWW" came the comments of the guys and on mentioned: "Doesn´t it look nice. And it is so big!" But although Jenny pushed and pushed nothing happened. "Help me Peter! Please help me! It does not want to come out!" So I turned to her rear and broke the turd with me right hand. Then I pushed two fingers of my right hand into Jenny´s asshole which was still wide open. Slowly I began circulating with my fingers in her poopy asshole while I pushed them additionally for- and backward. Then it began to move again. More and more my fingers were pushed out of her asshole joined by a massive poop. Meanwhile it had a length of 1! 0 cm but did not break. After 12 cm I supported it with my left had to keep it unbroken. While Jenny pushed some more cms of poop out of her ass the lurking men gave her a big applause with different kind of comments like wonderfull, amazing, unbelievable how thick and long etc. After Jenny had finished the guys watched every detail of wiping her ass clean with the tissues. I layed the super turd on the tissue. The blokes came closer and took a look from close. One of them had a brillant idea: He held his penis in the direction of Jenny´s turd and began to piss on it. Two other guys followed him. Jenny began loud laughing. At least we both have to admit that we liked this personal happening where we were the main actors. Late night we discussed if the guys should have a second show during the next days.

Had a big poo in my pants when i was younger. I was out shopping with my mummy and i really needed a poop. I told mummy and she told me to wait a bit longer. I was really desperate after 10 minutes and told my mummy again. She said that if i couldn't hold it, just go in my pants.
I'm 15 now but at the time i was 6.
I still have the occasional accident but not as bad as then.

Hello to you all!
I am slowly catching up with reading.

Only now have I discovered that Robby’s dad has passed away. May he rest in peace. I would like to add my sincere condolences to Robby, Annie, Sarah S. and Meghan. You telling each other funny stories about pooing together must have eased the wake. I hope that you, as a close family, will keep Robby surrounded by loved ones. Hugs to you all from Rizzo

Adrian, apart from the sound advice from Katrina, may I add that men may become prone to cystitis when the bladder is not voided completely as happened to my father-in-law. But you do not have to be old for that. The reason for this could be lack of training of the pelvic floor muscles due to a sedentary life; an enlarged prostrate gland could also be the cause. I have never had cystitis so far, but if I sit on cold surfaces such as stone benches or metal chairs, the next night I might wake up with a “pain in the ass”, a boner, and difficultiy in peeing from a chilled and probably enlarged prostrate gland. It happens rarely now, because I take precautions. I avoid cold surfaces to sit on, or put some insulation in between such as a folded newspaper if nothing else is available. Then I have read that pumpkin seeds are supposed to be good for the prostrate gland. My wife mixes some into the bread mix for the bread-baking machine. They give a good taste to the whole-meal br! ead, and later, monster turds! Keep well, Rizzo.

Steve, you continue to be a very lucky guy to have a bevy of beautiful women demonstrating their peeing capabilities in that shower cubicle at the pool for you! I envy you so much!

Eleanor, dear, I came to your post where Kendal teased your brother when it came to peeing off your skid marks from the toilet bowl! You are right, she takes things in her stride, gives me the impression that she can express her emotions and not keep things bottled up inside, which is her best defense against possible depression. I am glad for her that you two get on so well, and I hope that you are spared jealousy because of her close bond to Andrew. Keep up your stories, please. Love from Rizzo

A few days ago, and just after I had linked on to this site, the urge for my morning shit hit. I ran downstairs into the nearest toilet – there is a choice – yanked down my corduroy trousers (it’s been chilly over here) and my flowered lurid boxer shorts, and plonked my bottom on to the white-varnished wooden toilet seat of solid Swedish manufacture. Ahhh! With a soft knobbly rush a good heap of hot soft shit was slammed on to the procelain ramp at the back of this toilet. A lengthy but silent pee against the porcelain in front followed. Now for the wipe. My bum felt a bit messy, so I folded three squares of double layered toilet paper and took a trial wipe from the back, lifting myself up on one side. I had a look at the result, and to my horror my eyes were greeted with a large dark red smudge. Blood! I’m bleeding inside! I already dreaded the results of that colonoscopy which is on my agenda for the next month. Well, I cleaned my hole, got up and looked into the bowl.! A broad dark red skid mark made an ominous contrast against the white porcelain. I flushed it all away. The flush was powerful enough to make the evidence disappear. I then searched for my wife, and when I found her she looked at my face, smiled, and said: ‘You look as if you have seen a ghost! Did you have a dark red motion like I did?’ The expression on my face must have looked priceless. ‘ You know’, she continued, ‘we gorged ourselves on beetroot yesterday! And I was surprised how much you ate!’ So that was it! The relief was total. Beetroot. Of course! Not the bland stuff you buy in jars that tastes slightly sour and of nothing else, but real beetroot, fresh from the field, cooked, peeled, sliced, and served with salt, freshly ground black pepper and a few drops of good olive oil. Very tasty! Beware of th colour of your poo later!

Bye for now, my special fiends, Rizzo

Adrian, yes, my boyfriend does eat a huge amount of food as he has a very demanding manual job. Which I guess would account for his large "output". I think it's about time I gave him a name, as it's easier to type every time - he is called Dave. I myself also eat quite alot, and I usually feel the need to go at least twice a day, if not 3 times, but I tend not to snack during the day like he does, which I guess accounts for the difference. I also tend to spend longer on the toilet than him - I usually have to sit for around 25-30 minutes, while he's normally done in around 15, although his first visit to the toilet in the morning is usually longer. Maybe if he sat for longer during the day, he could reduce the number of times in a day he has to go, but I guess he's busy during the day at work, whereas I am a housewife, and can sit on the toilet as long as I wish without worrying about getting somewhere.

Consequently, if Dave has a reduced output during the early part of the day, he gets backed up fairly quickly. It seemed like yesterday was one such day. I had just finished washing up after dinner, and we were lounging on the sofa together. It was almost time for bed, and I realised that Dave hadn't been for his usual after-dinner motion, which is very unusual for him. I also noticed that he was slowly and deliberately rubbing the lower part of his stomach. I asked him "What's up, sweetie?" Although I posted before that he was shy about his toilet habits and does not let me see him on the toilet, he has no problem discussing them with me. He replied "You know, it's so odd, Im usually so regular, but I couldn't manage to go all day at work today. Actually, I had to put it off a couple of times as I was so busy. I went this morning, but nothing since then, and I have a little stomach ache, I think I might be a bit backed up." I pointed out to him that he hadn't been for ! his usual after-dinner bowel movement, and he said "You're right. I think I'll go and sit on the toilet for a while and see what happens. If you need to pee, I'd go now, because I might be some time." I said "No, that's okay, you go ahead."

He picked up his newspaper, loosened his buckle and went upstairs to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. As I've mentioned before, our house is very small, and you can hear pretty much everything that goes on in the bathroom even with the door closed, although it is a little more difficult from downstairs, but still audible. I don't think that he knows I can hear him, as my movements are usually a little softer than his, wheras his loads are always broken up into lots of smaller, harder chunks which make more audible "plops" when they hit the water, with alot of small farts thrown in for good measure. Tonight though, all I could hear was the sound of him turning the pages of his paper. After around 10 minutes, i heard 3 small trumpeting farts - "pffft-pffft-pfffffffttttttt". Then the door opened, and he called downstairs. "Candy, please can you do something for me?" he said "Sure honey, what?" I replied. He called back "Could you bring me up a cup of tea? I'm rea! lly backed up, and the warm drink might help to get things moving." I duly complied with his request, and could hear him making more "pfft" noises as I carried the tea up the stairs. I knocked on the door before opening it, and I was greeted by the site of him sitting on the toilet in all his glory, boxers and jeans around his ankles, reading his paper, which he put down on the floor in order to take his tea. "Thanks, angel," he said. "I'm sorry I'm taking so long, but I just can't get things moving." "No problem", i replied, and left him to his tea, which he drunk down fairly quickly. Another ten minutes passed, followed by four more "pfftt" sounds, and then the sound of a few small hard chunks hitting the water - "plip, plip, plip plop plop", and another fart to finish off. He sat for another 10 minutes, and then he gave up, wiping only twice before flushing and coming back downstairs. We watched the film for another hour or so, and then we both went to bed.

I was just nodding off to sleep at around 11pm, when suddenly i felt the duvet being thrown over me, and Dave got out of bed and hurried towards the bathroom. He didn't say anything, so I think he assumed that I was asleep. Further confirmation of this followed when I heard him sitting down on the toilet, without shutting the door. We have a nightlight on our landing, and he must have decided to do his business in the semi-dark so as not to wake me by turning on a light. It must have been a tough decision, given his shyness. He's never left the door open before, and I was half awake, but soon came to my senses when I realised he was about to take a dump with the door open. I sat up in bed, my heart pounding as I heard several small farts exit his behind and echo in the toilet bowl. To my delight, a long torrent of small, hard chunks started hitting the water in rapid succession, making loud plopping noises. I did try to count them as they fell, but I was tired and lost c! ount after about 20. 5 minutes of silence passed, and then Dave farted again. This time it was a long, wet fart which seemed to echo throughout the house, followed by some crackling, and a huge 20 second wave of firm chunks, plip-plip-plip-plip to start off with, then several larger PLOP sounds, finishing off with 5 large THUD's into the toilet. I heard Dave breathing quietly for a few minutes, making quiet "phew" noises.

By this time he'd been on the toilet for around 10 minutes, and I guess he figured he was going to be in there for a while, as I heard him rise from the toilet and walk across the bathroom to get something to read. He had left his newspaper in the bathroom from his failed attempt earlier, and I heard him pick it up, turn around and walk back towards the toilet, and the creak of the wooden toilet seat as he sat down again. He carried on sitting, quietly rusting the pages of his paper. Around 8 minutes later, another wet fart came. Dave made a slight pushing noise under his breath, followed by two large THUD's. This pattern carried on for quite a while. Every couple of minutes or so, a long, soft, wet fart followed by a quick, quiet "hnn" pushing noise, and the sound of two or three slightly larger logs falling into the toilet with very audible thudding noises. After around 15 minutes of this, Dave became quiet, and he sat for another 10 minutes, after which he let go with! another long, wet fart of about 8 seconds, and started dropping another 30 second torrent of small chunks at a very regular pace, one hitting the water every second or two. A few minutes silence followed, after which Dave let go another "pfftttt" type fart, another quiet pushing noise, followed by another crackling sound, and 7 larger logs slowly fell out of him into the water, one every 10 seconds or so, the last one making a very large THUD noise. He stopped to get his breath back, sat for a few minutes more producing a few more "pfftts", followed by another long, wet fart, and the sound of his final load of 6 medium sized logs exploding into the toilet, each one preceeded by a "pffftt" and a slight pushing noise. A couple of minutes later, I heard him put his newspaper down and start pulling the toilet paper off the roll to wipe himself. It rattled and rattled against the wall, and after about 10 wipes, he was finally done. I hurriedly turned over as I heard the toilet f! lush for the second time, so I could pretend I was still asleep, checking the time on the alarm clock before I did so. It was 11.53 - poor Dave had been on the toilet for almost an hour. I guess he really was backed up and it seems like his entire day's output had come out at once. Apparently, the warm tea I'd taken him earlier finally did the trick. He got into bed without a word, and fell asleep.

This morning, he was back to normal, and he had his usual long, unhurried bowel movement before leaving for work, although this morning he only went once. Its nice that he's regular again, but I'm kind of hoping that he'll have to go in the middle of the night again sometime, so I can hear him with the door open.

As I usually have 3 movements a day myself, I have some great stories of my own, but I'll save them for another time.

I forgot to mention it earlier in the week but on Wednesday night there was a five-minute short on Channel Four about the problem of weeing in public, especially late night revellers in city centres. It largely revolved around shopkeeps and business people having to clean up outside their premises the 'morning after the night before' so to speak. The point was made that in the UK at least, local councils have no statutory duty to provide public toilets and the trend in recent years had been more towards closing them down than opening new ones. Combined with moves towards increasing liberalisation of the licensing laws this has led to problems, with some people doing what their forebears would have done before the introduction of public toilets around 1860 onwards. In consequence, a number of important public buildings have suffered from the ill effects of uric acid deposited by late night revellers.

One solution might be for local councils to be required by law to keep open staffed public toilets in the major city centres 24/7. Another cheaper solution which has been piloted by some councils is that of street urinals which appear at night but disappear during the day.

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for being away and not posting for a while, just been busy with other things. I have been feeling a bit ill lately, and my stomach just will not stop aching me. I eat and it feels like a brick lying in my stomach and even my chest hurts a bit, almost like when I have a really bad gas attack. Hard to explain, but it is really annoying and to the point that I will be telling my doctor about it when I go to my monthly appointment in a couple weeks. I feel so tired too lately, and I hate it. I am a bit worried to say the least. Anyone here ever experience these kinds of symptoms?

Well, today I ate some oatmeal when I got up from bed, then later on had some coffee and cookies, and finally this evening I ate some chicken noodle soup and ate some cheese on crackers, which was really good. I drank water with my meal.

Well, about an hour later, I felt my bowels wanting to move so I went to my bathroom. Didn't take long and I had a nice bowel movement. Very easy and it did ease some of the pressure and discomfort I had been feeling on my ???? the past week or so.

Well, I came back down here after that, and got on my computer to work on my website. I drank some soda, not a lot, but about a half hour later, it seemed to REALLY irritate my stomach a lot, and I began to feel my lower bowels growling and filling up. I knew that this time I was really going to have diarrhea, and had to get to the bathroom fast. I got there and sat down, and it was just nothing but a watery movement. Felt like I was peeing out the wrong end to be honest! It kept coming for almost 4 or 5 minutes, until finally it stopped. Then another wave hit me, and I emptied out again, this time it lasted a shorter time span though. I did feel a lot more of that uncomfy pressure off of my upper stomach, so maybe I needed to get that all out of me.

I am not used to have two bowel movements in one day, one being totally solid and the other being nothing but diarrhea, but it happened today. I am now drinking lots of water to keep myself hydrated, since I don't want to dehydrate after that bad bought of diarrhea I just had. I do feel a bit better, but still tired, and my chest still aches a bit. I really cannot wait to get to my doctor and see what this could be, and hope it isn't anything serious. It probably isn't, but I am the type that worries when symptoms like this persist for more than a week. My stomach feels so tender when I press on it. It is not really painful or anything, just uncomfy and is tender to the touch. I have an appetite, but when I begin eating, I fill up so fast, and my stomach just starts aching, and if I push myself to eat more, then I get bad nausea. I am not used to this at all, and it is causing me to eat much lighter meals throughout the day, so that I don't risk getting the nausea! or worse yet, throwing up, which I really cannot handle at all.

So far I haven't had anymore boughts of the diarrhea tonight, so I think I am all emptied out, thankfully. Now I REALLY have to pee, LOL, so I better get going. Wow, I must not be dehydrated, since the water I drank has gone right through my kidneys and to my bladder! I am really getting urges to pee now, so I am off!

Take care all!

P.S. - Please do write if any of you have had any of the symptoms I have described above. I am wondering if I am alone in this discomfort in my stomach, the chest achiness that goes along with it, and fatigue too, and if I should be worried. I will be seeing my doctor in a couple weeks though, but wondering if I should make my appointment a bit sooner. Thanks everyone for your help in this.

~~* StarShine ~~*

Mark and Cindy
Cindy and me were at her mother’s house for lunch. Luckily her father, the jerk, wasn’t there. Cindy’s two sister’s (15 and 14), and a friend were there. Just after lunch we were all in the sitting room. Someone let go of a silent but really smelly fart. I immediately recognized it as one of Cindy’s. I noticed a few of the girls shifting uneasily, and felt a little embarrassed as the only male there that they may just assume it was me. Cindy caught my eye and winked. A few minutes later another even stinkier one hit the airwaves. Again there was uneasy shifting, and then Cindy said “Mark you must really do something about your stomach.” Looking at the others she said, “Mark has had this problem with his stomach in that he hasn’t been able to poo lately. Your lunch must have caused him even more problems, mum.” I blushed, and felt dreadfully embarrassed. What Cindy was saying was completely untrue, I had in fact had a large crap the day before, but what could I say? The other! s looked a little embarrassed, but also quite amused. Cindy’s mother looked like she was about to say something but didn’t, and I just sat there going redder and redder. Someone quickly changed the subject, and I thought that bar a bit of embarrassment it was all over. However, five minutes later the fart to beat all farts hit us all squarely in the nose. I was feeling that I had to say something when Cindy quickly said “Mum, can you help Mark with his stomach do you think?” Cindy’s mum smiled at me (with a look in her eye which I recognized as very similar to her daughter’s) “Yes of course.” The friend said “How so?” “We’ll give Mark a really good cleaning, a little Castile Soap, warm water, and Mark won’t be polluting the air like he is now for at least a week!” I felt mortified, but worse was to come. I didn’t realize that Cindy’s mum didn’t see anything wrong with giving me the enema in front of a full audience! Well 6 Quarts of warm soapy water was pumped through my bow! els that day (OK separately in three successive sessions, letting me squirt out the brown poo grunge each time) with five women watching very closely as my stomach ballooned, cramped then exploded time and again. At first I tried to cover my privates (which had reacted in a way that I wasn’t expecting), but as the cramps got worse and the explosions started I gave up. Suffice to say I didn’t crap for about four days after that, as with the last expulsion I think there was no poo at all in my lower intestines. It was also very interesting afterwards to remember the reactions of the girls, and what they had done and looked at

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