I was at a mall this evening and it tends to get kina crowded there around this time. I needed to take a crap so I went to the nearest restroom but there were alot of people coming and going from there and it looked very crowded so I decided to try a diferent one. My friend Karen didn't care becuse she didn't need to go. I found a restroom that didn't look nearly as bustling so Karen said she would wait ouside for me. When I got in there I found out one of the reasons this place wasn't to popular. The stalls couldn't be taller than 3 feet. Someone walking by could easily glance over and see everything. I decided to poop here anyway cause there wasn't anyone in there. I got in a stall, pulled down my jeans and panties and sat down. The stall barely came up to my head. I peed till my bladder was empty. Then the tip of my poop started to emerge. I pushed a few inches out but there was still more to come. I havn't gone in 2 days. Just then I heard the door open and there were 2 voices. I got nervous and my poop stopped coming out. I could see what they looked like as they were getting in stalls next to me and I know they could see me. One had long brown hair and the other shortish red hair. They kept on talking to eachother and I could tell this was no big deal to them so I just relaxed and resumed pooping. A few more inches came out and then my turd broke off and plopped into the toilet. They were peeing as I started pushing out some more. It was getting fatter and was taking more effort to get out. Parts of that kept falling off and splashing into the toilet. They were done peeing so they left and I was alone again.I kept on pooping and a long turd came out. I was done so I wiped my butt which took a while cause I really messy. I told Karen all about this. She laughed and said it sounded embarassing. It wasn't that bad, kind of turned me on.

From Eddie.
A friend of mine is the manager of a London Underground Station, he was paged to get to the main platform urgently, what's the problem he asked several times, with the same reply, please! just get here quickly, he hurried to the platform to see a large crowd and shots of disgust and disapproval, as he approaced the crowd parted and he could see this Kosavo immegrant woman crouching not in a corner but right in the middle of the platform, she was totally unconcerned about the commotion around her, her eyes were crunched shut as she jacked herself up off the ground, as the manager admonished her and told her she was disgusting, she stood up and screemed at him "You are the disgusting one, you disturb me when I am doing toilet" she then pulled out some tissues, and wiped her ass, as the manager continued to tell her off, she just wiped her ass, she had a hanful of tissues full of serious skid marks, which she casually stuffed in her pocket and without another word got aboa! rd the train that had just pulled in. no member of staff would clear it, so it was left for the night cleaner, who they thought would think it was from a dog (big dog). That was the week before Christmas. Just to finish, On the CCTV they saw a very smart buisness women in a suit with brief case crouch in the corner and have a very quick dump, I guess it can happen to anyone,ugh. Eddie..

I need to poop right now and I think I'm going to poop on the floor. I got some newspapers layed out on the floor and I'm gonna take off my panties so they don't get in the way. I really need to crap so I'm gonna do this... Alright that was great. I pooed out an 8" turd with little effort as soon as I pulled up my skirt and squated down. It came out pretty fast and felt really good. I need to wipe my ass and clean this up so thats it for now.

Hi i'm new and i love this site. so yesterday in school (i'm in 11 grade) i was in first period and i had a slight urge to shit, but by the 2 period i really really had to go and so i asked to go and as i was walking out of the classroom my best friend walked out and i got in and sat down and i all just came out man it was huge. my friend walked and he sat down and let a huge fart and we talked and stayed in together until the end of the period shitting. but i was on til about 3 minutes into the next peroid and finally finished and the toilet was probably permanately stained. it was enormous!

Upstate Dave
I have not posted in a bit so I want to say Happy New Year to everyone. Welcome to the new posters. First with JR's survey:
1. Most of the time less then 5 minutes.

2.Once a day.

3. In the morning after breakfast.

4. I am quit. When I shit it is very easy for me it comes right out.

5. Scince I'm male yes on the chest hair.

Jenna several pages back you asked about pooping standing up if others do it. I knew two girls that did. This was a time when I was 10-12 yrs old. The one girl would only do it over the toilet inside. The other would do it inside or outside.

Katrina my wife and I put out campfires by pissing on them. Fun buddy pee! Sometimes those coals sure could put out some heat! Well thats it for now. Catch everyone later. Upstate Dave


Loved your story! Way to show that asshole what's up.

Uncle Allen
Thank You for your concern over my illness. I do feel better now, but I cannot believe how sick I was for a while. I hope it is a long time before that happens again. I never fully believed the adults on the site who say they have so many accidents until I was sick and dealt with it myself. Well, I hope everyone is doing well and I will post some stories when time allows.

bethany, yes it is quite normal for your periods to wreck you toileting habits... i tend to get really bad diareha when i am on my period even though i'm normally constipated. if it last for too long though i would talk to your gyn about it especially if you are throwing up too and have other period problems... there are medicines that can help. :)

Poop smells good
Is there anything wrong with me?cause i poop about 4 to 5 times a day and it takes me about 45 minutes for each poop.Am i sick?

This is kinda a wierd question and i hope no one will get mad but wahts the bulge look like when you poop your pants please tell im just very curious

the "HOLD IT" man
Katrina, I would have paid admission to see that. Good story. Blue eyes, that is nothing to be ashamed of. There were similar incidents in my life with diareah.

The one that stands out most vividly was when I was on a long road trip. I was not yet into driving motorcycles, and I had a 1984 Toyota Pick up truck. I was driving home from Springfield Illinois, and I ate something that made me very sick. My stomach started cramping like nobody's business, and I pulled into a rest area, but I didn't make it. The worst thing was that it was the middle of the day and very crowded, and several people saw a stream of liquid shit running down my pant leg and over my shoes, and some began to laugh. I just got back in my truck and drove home. Luckily I had gassed up before this incident so I was able to make it home without having to stop. The inside of that truck reeked abomidably, and my asshole started to burn. I had four more shits in my pants because I did not want people to see this mess.

When I got home, there was shit all over my drivers seat and some on the floor. Luckily the floor had rubber matts instead of carpeting, and the seats were vinal and not fabrick.

The next day, I went out and washed my truck inside and out, and it was as gross as could be. The stink was enough to knock a man over, and it took several washings with pin sol and three days of leaving my windows opened, even in the rain, to get rid of it. I even removed the seats and washed underneath. and took every thing piece of paper, gloves, scraper, etc, threw it all away and bought new ones. All in all it took about 6 hours to clean up my truck, and mercifully the smell was finaly gone.

To Punk Rock Girl: saying hi back..liked your story..don't you hate when you wipe so much it hurts?

To blue eyes: Liked your story...never done it but i have done it on purpose and pooped my pants once.

To Amy: I liked your story..has your cousin had any more accidents?

To Sara: Intresting story.

To Karrel: Thats cool

To Bethany: Liked your story..were you embarrsed?

To wetguy: Enjoyed your story.

To Chris: Loved your story..what was a matter with you? and how old are you?

To the "HOLD IT" man: Speaking of dreams not to long ago i had one and i was dreaming something about peeing and i had to crawl in the hot oven to pee it was weird..i don't think i posted about this.

To JW: Liked your story.

To Zip: I liked your always have cool experiences!

To Honeymonster: Liked your story..did she ever watch you poop?

To Mark R: Thats intresting about you being how do you know when you have to poop? and has it ever just come out cause you can't feel it?

I got up early this morning and i put the tv on and there was something on about potty training kids and it was a song some kids were singing about using the potty. It showed some kids on the potty and a monkey too. It also featured a book called every one poops(seen that before) I thought it was intresting..any one see this? well gotta run bye

Detrol La

A commercial ad for Detrol La, I gotta go, I gotta go right now. Ladies are shown running to the bathroom. At the end a middle-aged woman exclaims in a southern accent "Excuse me nau Ah gotta pee in the toarlet, raht nau". Then she runs to the bathroom. After that the announcer discusses Detrol La.


I'm a 55 year old guy which will not excite anyone. When I was younger, all the way up to age 51, I had a normal to slightly higher bladder capacity. No accidents ever. I would not have won any contests with the lovely ladies here but would have loved to try as I'd get to watch them.

At age 51, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. A bummer for sure. I took it in stride and after consulting three different urologists, who all had the same recommendation, had my prostate removed.

Since then, my bladder capacity has been greatly reduced. From the time I first feel the need to go until I am frantic to go is very short. I will sometimes leak some, not a lot, just enough to make the U Trow a little damp, before I find a place to go. This is a hassle when I'm taking long drives. Restrooms can be few and far apart. Many times I have to stop and pee by the car on the side of the road to avoid a total dam break. I don't care who sees me or what they think.

The good part of story is that I have been given a clean bill of health so far. No reoccurence of the cancer anywhere else. 10% of all prostate parients die within 5-10 years of a diagnosis of the condition.

I love the stories of the women who have huge hissings pees. I also love to hear girl about dumps -- especially outside dumps. Wish I could see that. Sometimes I doubt the size alluded to. How about letting us see via video recording. Hide your face and post it to a news group. That would prove it once and for all. :)

Do keep the stories coming as they are great.

Adrien, there are alot of things you can do. Vitamin suppliments help alot, as does fruit juices. Cranberry juice and/or cranberry capsules which are available in the vitamin section of most drug stores are also a termendous help against bladder and kidney infections. Believe it or not, exercise and fitness are also great for the bladder and kidneys as it is for all other parts of the body as well. Lots and lots of vegitables and fruits for fiber will benifit the bladder and kidneys as much as it will the rest of the body. Remember, the objective is to piss healthy, not just massive ammounts.

Kegal exercies also make the bladder and sphincter stronger and more elastic. It is also very important to keep the inside of your body clean by drinking plenty of water. Salt is a big problem because you find it in every processed food. Like everyone else, I don't allways have time to cook optimal meals. I am primaraly a vegan, but I do on very rare ocassions eat a little meat. It is important to clense your body of fat and salt through eating right, exercise and drinking lots of fluids. It is important to keep your pee acidic to kill off infections, but some times it's a good idea to drink huge amounts of good pure water (bottled not tap) to clear out the kidneys and bladder. That will also help to prevent kidney stones.

Finaly, there are tones of great resources on the Internet, but because of the policy of this board I can't post the URL's here. I would suggest you to to YAHOO or any other half-way decent search engine and enter key words "Urinary Health" or "Women's / Men's urinary health depending on which one you are. You might also try "Bladder" or "Kidneys." There are alot of on-lone medical books out there that contain valuable information on excretory health.

Pooping is also important. Make sure you crap regurlarly, because that is a vital part of the cleansing process. At least one good BM per day is optimal. That does not mean that if you don't have a poo every day that you won't be healthy, but the more waste, impurities and toxins you can eliminate, the better your general health will be, and hence the better your kidneys and bladder will be.

Sorry about the lecture.


Just to clarify that I can,t feel poo between my cheeks or actually in my rectum.

A Fat Person
Hey Katrina:

I can understand your anger at that man for degrading women the way he did, but why must you degrade people who are overweight just because of the way we look? You wouldn't make a comment illuding to somebody who was "black as the ace of spades," why would allude to that guy "who must have weighed 500 pounds?" I am not trying to be mean or start an argument, but I just think you are being a bit unfair.

Just for the record, I am female, I've lurked on this site for about 3 months, and I am into both pissing and pooping, and am darn good at both.

John Q Public
Blueeyes and Vickie

Bladder control problems are very himiliating and frustrating as I can personaly vouch for you. I had to put up with alot of bulllying and bull shit because of my problems, and if that wasn't bad enough, I had a younger sister who was a coupld of inches taller then I was when she was 12 and I was 15, and towered over me when I was finished with high school. Very often, people who didn't know us thought she was the older sibling. The good news was is that my family, and especialy my sister were very loving and understanding people. My sister, especialy, was a God-send in my life, and because of her, I met a wonderful girl who is now engaged to be my wife.


No, my parents never did find out. They were sound asleep and it was after midnight when we finaly decidde to put out the fire. I did try to help piss out the fire, but my stream was too weak. It didn't even reach the fire, and it was a little too hot for me to move in closer. My sister and cousen were about the same distance away from the fire, and had to adjust themselvs so their streams wouldn't over shoot it. It was realy something to see.


In my own little unimportant opinion, that was the BEST story ever posted to this site. I would love to have seen the humiliated look on that guys face when he wet his pants trying to prove how "superior" he was to you. That was one hell of a way to condition a bully. I hope you don't mind, but I liked your 'camp fire' story so much that I just had to cut and paste it into a word document and store it on a disk. My gf read it and laughed her ass of. In fact, both of us are still laughing our asses off, as I am sure my sister will when she comes over to visit us next saturday. I am also going to e-mail a copy to my cousen. She would get a kick out of that. I had to deal with alot of bullies in my time. I had a few 'creative' ways of getting back at them, but NOTHING beats your method.

Wet Guy:

I don't realy have a celebrity who I would like to see piss or crap in their pants, but I would love to see Pamela Anderson, Lucy Lawless, Carol Oconor and Marina Sirtes hold, hold and hold more until they are total desperate, then let out their streams as hard as they could each into their own bucket to see how 'endowed' they are.

I wonder if celebrities have the same propensity towards large and strong bladders because of their occupations. You would think not, but Pamela Anderson looks like she's been working out alot, and appears to have a very hard body. I wonder if any of that hardness was extended to her bladder and sphincter muscles.

I haven't felt so great tonight....But right now i feel fair. I felt good all day then i went out to dinner and i had a big meal. Right after i ate i felt full and bloated like i could poop. I was at the table(me and another person). The other person went to pay the bill went i started not feeling good. Im like hurry up i gotta go(in my mind). I was sitting there starting to get nervous cause it kinda felt like i started to loose it in my pants. This person came back and i got up in a hurry and dashed for the bathrooms. Theres 2 single person mens room there(i hate these big restrooms that only have 2 toilets for the guys..any one else like that). I sat down and instantly i had diahreaha. I sat for a few and i came back and said stomach isn't feeling good. Then i went again there and pooped more wet diahreaha out. I sat a bit longer to make sure i was done. Then i came back and it was almost time to leave and im like...i better try and poop 1 more time so i don't have to go ! on the way home. I walked back there and some guy beat me in there...luckly i didn't have to go too bad at the time so,nothing came out. I left. I pooped some chunky stuff out 2 more times at home. I've been laying/sitting around and i keep feeling like i have to poop but i think its gas. Im afraid to push too hard don't wanna poop my self. Any one else feel like that? well gotta go see ya.

Traveling Guy
*CANDI* - In my first answer to your question on a dying guy choosing sex vs. a good crap, I stuck to the two choices you gave. But you can put me down with some of the other posters here who chose a third option: watching that same woman take a good dump before saying so long. What's up with guys like us? I dunno, but that would be my way to go. About the prostate sensation you mentioned, it's really hard to determine, at least for me, just how much feeling comes from that. It seems to me that when I get a buzz from a really good dump, it comes from the anal area. It's hard to judge the prostate's contribution.

ALL - Back to reality, yesterday at work I saw a cute, petite, athletic, brunette coworker, Megan, head through a door that leads to a hallway, not thinking much of it. About 5-10 minutes later, I went that way myself, headed for the unisex, first door on the right down that hallway. Just as I was about to push on the door, it opened and out came Megan. She greeted me with a big smile on her face, and I jokingly said to her, "Hey, thanks for warming up the seat for me." She laughed and told me I was very welcome.

When I went in, the toilet tank was still refilling and there was that lingering, faint poop smell we often speak of here. I must say that it turned me on. Megan is one of those women I would really like to watch taking a dump, and coming at least this close was a nice treat. Before I sat down, I noticed a few skid marks at the bottom of the bowl. Then I settled in for a nice crap. I hope hers was as enoyable as mine.

Thanks and greetings to all those who say 'hi' here from time to time.

Mark R
This is a post for Suzie about a poo I had today.

Today at around 3.50pm I had a slight stomach ache so I went to sit on the toilet I first transfered myself onto the toilet before pulling my pants to beween my feet and knees I grabbed a piece of toilet roll to see if their was anything their which their was so I leaned forward and pushed then I checked again to see If it was moving I then had to sqeeze my buttocks to help it along I then resumed my forward position and began to push as normal a few times whilst checking I felt that my bum open through the tissue I did not fart when the poo came out it made a SLOOMP Noise I leaned over to wipe my bum which was only a little dirty. Could used some help from you Suzie to help it out. speak to you soon.

Mark R

I am glad I am not the only one who has to poop at book stores!

I was visiting a colleague on the 3rd floor of the office at about 1.45 pm when I saw Wendy, the fattest lady in our large City office, waddle into the ladies loo. I followed at a discreet distance and went in behind her just catching a glimpse of her entering the third cubicle. I quietly went into the adjoining cubicle and sat down.

Wendy is a large jovial West-Indian lady from Jamaica in her late forties. She must weigh at least 300 lbs.

I heard a rustle of clothing and then a long squeaky fart. This was followed by vocal and uninhibited straining and grunting noises that went on for over five minutes. She was becoming breathless with all the exertions - and I did not think she thought anyone else was in the cloakroom.

She eventually sounded as if in pain, and then held her breath for some time – whilst there was a crackling noise followed by a loud sh-looom-phh. A multi-barreled series of farts - of elephantine proportions, immediately followed this.

I heard her wipe just once, pull up her knickers, flush and go out. She briefly washed her hands and sauntered out of the cloakroom.

I got up and looked in her cubicle expecting to find nothing. To my amazement there was a massive fat turd stuck in the bowl. At its fattest, down at the bottom under the water, it was no less than 3” in diameter, with the remainder curving up the front of the bowl and out of the water, tapering to about 2” diam. A good 14” long. It was light brown in colour, and for at least the first 8 inches looked dry and hard, and was full of lumpy compacted boluses.

No wonder it took such a time and effort to pass. Even with Wendy’s large bodily size it must have felt uncomfortable prior to passing. I was envious at such a size !

I still wanted a pee so I shut the door of the cubicle and sat down on the loo. Just as I flushed and was coming out of the cubicle, 3 women including my office-room buddy Sarah swept in.

“Hi there” Sarah said, I will use your cubicle and simultaneously went in. “Good heavens Hermione !” she said, and the two others went in also to see what all the fuss was about. “Wow – how could you ?” they gasped when they saw Wendy’s mammoth turd. A mixture of horror, amazement, disgust, and wonderment all rolled into one.

I did not try to explain, but just said “I feel more comfortable now !” and left the cloakroom.

Back in my room Sarah said, “Hermione, I know you can get very constipated, but how on earth could you physically pass such a fat monster ?” “With difficulty” I said.
Sarah was clearly shocked and her face had reddened appreciably. I know Sarah well and believe she was quite turned on by it, but would never admit it.

Saturday, January 11, 2003

To Adrian - I haven't had much opportunity to watch other female nurses have a poo with the exception of my friend and a male nurse on our ward. I have seen the odd nurse sitting on the toilet but never really saw their genitals. I have seen patients both male and female go to the loo and even wiped them when they're too ill to do it themselves. i did have a funny experience with one of the male nurses on a night shift. It was about 4am and the ward was very quiet. There was one other nurse on who was at the nurses station. We went into a side room to have a coffee. While in there i commented that i needed a wee but the loos were the other end of the ward. He pointed to a mobile commode and laughing he said why not use that. I smiled back at him and said "Good idea". I walked over and checking it was clean, i slipped my panties down and lifted my skirt just above my bum before sitting on it. He couldn't believe his eyes. He walked over to me and said you wouldn't dare, so i ! opened my legs a little and let it go. The hot steamy pee shot out from between my legs making quite a noise as it hit the plastic bowl underneath me. Afterwards i let him watch me as i wiped my vagina and then then stood and pulled my panties back up. He looked at the foaming pee in the bowl completely amazed and admitted that it was the first time he had ever watched a girl on the loo. There's a poo story attached to this but maybe next time..
To Mark R - I'm sorry but i didn't know about your condition but you have my love and best wishes. I'm from the UK, i guess your in the states? Yes my poos can be gassy, depends on what i've been eating. They're also usually very firm and makes wiping my bottom easy. i love to wee and poo at the same time because my wee sometimes runs down to my bottom and makes it all wet, it's a lovely feeling. Post again soon

Hello to all of you!
As I haven't been around here for some time I wish everyone a belated Happy New Year! There are dozens of pages to catch up with, something I still have to complete.
But there are some items that stuck.

Coprogolgist, I think it was you who described a toy Santa capable of shitting sweets! Man, did I laugh; especially at the comment that the toy could become constipated if fed to large sweets!

Yes, and Kendal, my dear, I greatly enjoyed the story of your predicament when your dress was splashed with water, a teacher thought it had been an accident, and you actually held up your dress to be sniffed to prove it wasn't wee! I cracked up laughing! It really made my day and cheered me up, because I have had a very sad week. But I won't bother you with details.
But now I will make a second attempt (the first did not make it) to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Thirteen! That literally makes you a teenager! Have a good party with your friends, and maybe a good story will come of it too! Here's my special extra-smooth hug with a touch of Antaeus by Chanel. Yours, Rizzo.

Just Another Guy, I really enjoyed your description of that lovely Californian girl, your friend's sister, who could also do Guiness-Record-type pees.

And Donna, how sweet you described your daughters when all three of you squatted on the beach for your Trio in Pee Major! Hugs!

And another pee story I liked was Louise's. Being carried by Steve in a double-crossed-finger state and weeing from on high! Cheers to both of you. Give my love to Damsel. She must be busy, he he!

There seem to be quite a few here with prodigious bladder capacities. I cannot say that for myself. I believe that mine is just an unceremonious average in size. Nothing to brag about. But it can be quite a nuisance. Whenever I am about to do something like setting clamps to glue a complicated piece of furniture for the boat's interior, my bladder detrusor muscle contracts! I then have to either drop everything and rush to the bathroom, or pee myself. It is worse if I have been engrossed with my task and forgotten my bladder for some time, so that it might be quite full. If such is the case, the urge hits with a vengeance. Once I stood peeing in the bathroom and having left the door wide open when my wife came by. Her loud laughter made me jump and my stream wiggle She remarked that I looked as if I were doing something dangerous, like peeing into concentrated sulfuric acid! It was because I had had to interrupt a job – it must have been sharpening a tool with a disk gr! inder - for which I had donned my white lab overcoat, and against dust a face mask of the kind surgeons use, held by elastic loops over the ears, and covering the lower half of my face. I had also donned goggles for eye protection, and I must have looked weird peeing dressed up in that garb.

Good bye to you all, get-mended wishes for Meghan, hellos to Tim and Sarah, and to PV, Rizzo

Hi everyone,
I haven't posted here for a while, I recently went on holidays and unfortunatly the last week or so I have had bad diarreah.

It all started last week when I felt less energetic than usual. Then one night I got a feeling of diarreah in my bowels so I went to relieve myself. It turned out that for the next couple of days I would be going every hour or two which was a pain in the bum, literally. A couple of times I would go to fart but instead do poo, the consequence being messed underwear and bed sheets. Fortunatly I'm much better now, I got some tablets from the doctor but I've still being having loose movements although usually just once in the morning. The worst part of it all was the emotional side, I felt incredibly lonely and in despair (I was on my own for most of it). Has anyone else had this?

I can't wait to do a nice big solid poo!

Punk Rock Girl
JR's survey:

1. how long do you take to shit? anywhere from five minutes to a half hour; depends on how easy it is and if I have anything else to do (I have sat on the crapper for an hour in the past reading)

2. how many times a day do you go? At least once, usually twice

3. what time of day do you most often go? Once in the morning, once at night

4. do you grunt and groan or are you quiet? I grunt and groan

5. do you have chest hair? Not that I'm aware of (BTW, what does that have to do with anything?)

I had a very, very stubborn dump today. I felt the need to shit late in the morning, around ten o'clock, so I made my way to the restroom and went in my fave stall. I pulled my jeans and thong down and sat. I peed, then started pushing out a big load. It came out slowly, and kept breaking off and plopping into the water. No farting, no odor, but a lot of work! I was really straining. Finally, I had a big, solid log hanging out of my ass, but it would not come all the way out. I kept pushing and it would just shift a little. I kept straining and pushing, then for some reason I clenched and squashed the shit between my buns. Great! Now I get to wipe my ass for twenty minutes!

So, after managing to get another few mushy chunks out, I went about wiping my ass, which was quite a task (about eight wipes). What a frigging pain. My ass was a bit sore from all the work, so I was careful pulling my thong back up. I washed my hands and headed back to my desk, shifting in my chair a bit for the next couple of hours. Ooooch! Nothing like an achey anus to keep you awake!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday! Hello to Bryian, Rizzo, Leather Pants Girl, Carmalita (if your reading), Traveling Guy, and anyone I have forgot to mention!



blue eyes
the other night i was walking home in the snow. it was really cold. i had to pee. when i got to my house i had trouble with the key. i had to pee so bad. i peed in my pants. i couldn't help it. it just came out while i struggled with the key. i spread my legs apart when it started gushing out but it still ran down the inside of my legs and into my socks. i ruined a good pair of pants. the crotch of my light blue panties was now a very dark blue. i was so ashamed. i waddled into the house, my legs were sticking to my pants and it itched and was cold. i went to my room and threw out the clothes i had ruined. i am very ashamed of myself. i posted awhile back about doing this at an atm. i can't believe it happened again! had anyone else ever had this happen? i feel like a child.

does anybody have anymore peein/pooping stories when you go swimming at the beach or the pool

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