First time poster here. This is a cool site. Anyway, I have a story I want to tell you about my cousin Rachel. I have lived with her since right after I turned 6 yrs old and she is the same age as me now (13 yrs old), her birthday is a day after mine. Well, When I moved in with her and my aund and uncle I found out that she was having trouble with the bathroom, and my aunt said she had been doing this for a couple months before I moved in. What would happen is she didnít want to poop because it hurt, so she would hold it in and get constipated. After being constipated for a few days, she would start having poop accidents, but she didnít know it (her underwear would have poop in them, but she wouldnít feel it come out and she didnít smell it. My aunt said this was because smaller softer poops would lead around the big constipated one. After a week or so of this, she would have a really big poop in the toilet which was so big that it usually clogged the toilet. It wou! ld hurt really bad, so she would not want to poop again after that, so she would hold it again. She would stay clean for a few days, but after that the constipation came back and she would have accidents and the cycle happened all over again. My aunt and uncle decided that maybe it would help her out if we went to the bathroom together, then that way maybe she could learn from me that pooping didnít hurt if she didnít hold it, and that way she would stop getting constipated. So whenever I went to the bathroom she was supposed to come, and whenever she went to the bathroom I was supposed to go with her. Then she was supposed to try to poop, whether she thought she had to or not. My aunt and uncle thought this might help. Also, since she couldnít tell when she had an accident, I was supposed to pay attention and if she had one, tell her so she could head to the bathroom and get cleaned up and change her underwear.

Well, both of us got used to being in the bathroom with each other, and we both got to liking to do that (we still go to the bathroom together today). Plus it made me feel important being her ďspecial bathroom helperĒ. But it still didnít help her bathroom problem, she either didnít want to poop or she couldnít poop, except for her accidents and when the big poop came out. Finally after a while of this we went to see a doctor about it and after that she had to take medicine that would help her poop, and help it not to hurt so much. So Rachel started taking the medicine and it didnít work, the doctor said if it doesnít work she might need more of it to work, so we were supposed to give her more of it. Well, having a lot of that medicine worked, the only problem with it was that it worked too well and would make her have to poop a lot, but since it was soft it was difficult to hold the poop in, which I guess was the point but it meant she had a lot of poop accidents. ! I think she had one like every other day or so. So she had to wear a pull-up when she wasnít at home (at home she could usually make it to a toilet in time) so that meant when we both started 1st grade she had to wear them to school. Pretty soon the other kids found out about it and she got teased. The teacher had been told that if Rachel had to go to the bathroom she should go, so Rachel would get the need to poop and get up and go to the bathroom, sometimes she would make it on time but sometimes she had an accident on the way there, if that happened she was supposed to go to the SCE room (where they had the kids that had special needs, so some of them had accidents and wore diapers so they had a changing table in there) and they would change Rachel into a new pull-up and send her back to class. But anyway, she was teased a lot, and since I was always with her and defended her (I was in the same class as her, my aunt and uncle requested that) I was teased too. I didn! ít really like the teasing but I could deal with it, but sometimes they were so mean to Rachel that she would cry.

After a while she stopped needing so much of the medicine to keep from getting constipated; by the end of second grade she was on a much smaller dose and as a result she was having less accidents, instead of every other day she was only having 2 or 3 a month, so on her 8th birthday, she didnít have to wear pull-ups anymore. This is still about the same number of accidents she has now. She doesnít have to wear a pull-up, but sheís allowed to if she wants to, especially if sheís somewhere where thereís not a toilet convenient, so that way itís not only if she has a poop accident, but also if she just has to pee and she canít find a toilet she can use that rather than trying to hold it in. To be fair to me, Iím allowed to do that too. Since Iím the same size as Rachel, we just keep a pack of pull-ups in the bathroom cabinet and either of us can use one if we want. Our aunt and uncle donít care if we use them even when we donít need to, the only restriction is that sinc! e we are 13, weíre old enough to clean ourselves up if we use them.

I have a ton of stories about Rachel (I asked her and she said it was ok to post them) and I also have some stories about myself, but I think Iíve typed for too long already so I will tell them some other time.


Hi again everyone

Thanks for the kind comments about my first post and for making me feel so welcome! I'll answer ur questions one by one

Lukey - My dump was really large, and it took three flushes to get rid of it! It came out easily, I just sat down and it just slipped out slowly and easily. It was light brown in colour, and one of the most satisfying dumps I've ever had! I didn't wake my parents up, which surprised me, cos I accidentaly ripped a really loud fart just as I was walking past their room!!! Does anyone else find that they get uncontrollable farts when they really need a poo?

Adrian - thanks! You are right, there should be no restrictions on going to the toilet at school/college. Its so inhumane!

And to wetguy - yeah, I have a couple of peeing experiences. One time not long after I had started school, I really needed to pee, but the teacher wouldn't let me out the class to go. So I tried to hold it, but it was no use, cos I had a bladder problem at the time. I ended up totally wetting myself, the chair and the floor! There was another time when I was coming home from a party and I was desperate for a pee, so I went at the side of a quiet road but, unfortunately, a car came along while I was doing my business, and the driver saw me! That was so embarassing.

I don't really have anything else to say now. I've just been having my regular three dumps a day! Although I am really, really gassy tonight for some reason!! It is round about the time of my period - do any other girls of my age (17) find that they fart a lot more during their time of the month?

Thats all for now
Vicky x

Breanna. It sounds like you were well and truly overdue for a good motion. Constipation can be a nuisance and I'd be very worried if I couldn't do anything for a week. Fresh fruit and vegetables are good for maintaining regularity though as is frequent exercise.

Candi. I'd prefer a good poo anytime! Opportunities for the 'other' are, alas, few and far between. I don't know though which the ladies prefer.

Stephanie. Large motions are perfectly normal. My guess is that you probably eat a lot though.

Katrina. Hi! Read your post with interest. I'm glad to know that you realise what the safe limits are for holding. If you've any more advice about preventing water infections I'd be glad to hear it.

Suzie. Hi! I enjoyed your post about going for a poo at work when you've got your uniform on. Have you any experience of other nurses needing a motion badly whilst at work?

Best wishes to all


To Breanna: Sounds like you had a good dump!

To Candi: If i had my choice before death i'd choose to have a great shit that was about a 12" log and hard and i'd have it coil around in the bowl :)

To Stephanie: Liked your whats your brothers and sisters and your dad's poop like?

To Sara: Liked your story..thats horrible what those girls had said...i used to hate dumping at school cause of that reason..they guys would hang in the bathrooms smoking. hated that.

To Holding it in lover: I liked to hold it in to...but i can't hold too long after i have an urge.

To yellow stream: Liked your story..did you tell your dad why you were swimming cause you needed to pee? How old are you? and are you a male?

To wetguy: Well it seems like i've been having those dreams often. I had those dreams 2 nights in a row. Thats cool about your dreams.

To John Q Public: Liked your story about peeing on the camp fire. did your parents find out what all you guys did?

To JaLe: Liked your story

To super soaker: I see..thats cool...hey we both like to see some of the same guys on the toilet :) I liked your story from to hear some from that!

To DNA: liked your stories.

To Kelly: 1. 1 dump 2. 5 squares 3. yes sometimes 4. 6 days 5. Im a male.

I pooped last night had a few small logs then i had chunky soft stuff on top..Wiped alot too. Latly ever since i had that surgery my poop has been softer and i've been pooping like every day or every other day..well gotta run bye

Jean,she use to be my girl friend and someone I'll never forget.I told you all on I think, pg.1050 or 1051 about the first time she pooped in front of me.Well once she knew how much it turned me on,she did it all the time.She would come up to me,give me a big hug and kiss and wisper in my ear that she had to take a big poop and would I like to watch.She always wore skirts all the time and as she walked to the toilet with me following she would start raising up her skirt,she had no panties on,slowly so I could see her nice,sweet beautiful ass.I was so turned on.She would than sit on the toilet and do her thing,lifting up every time she pooped.She also had a very sexy way of asking me if I would like to wipe her.WOW.

Mark R
To Suzie
Please tell us a story about you pooping on the toilet while in uniform.

I remember something that happened to me a while ago. I went to the movie and got a medium popcorn and a large soda. I ate all the popcorn but there's just one problem. Popcorn gives me bad gas. It must be the shells or something. About half way through the picture I was getting cramps and was feeling like I had to have a massive fart and I had to pee pretty bad too. I didn't want to disturb everyone in the theater by letting it off right there so I decided to spare myself the embarassment and go to the bathroom. The rstroom was completely empty. I went into a stall, pulled down my pants and sat down. It felt like I needed to poop. I gave alittle push and ripped a huge fart! I'm sure anyone outside could of heard that. No poop after all but I did have a long pee. I felt totally releived afterwards.

Kelly - Decided to answer your survey:

1) What is the AVERAGE number of poops you do a day? Once a day

2) When you shit, what is the AVERAGE number of squares of tp you use?
I use 15.

3) When you wipe, do you ever reuse a portion of the paper you already wiped with? Yeah, it saves paper.

4) What is the most number of days you have ever gone without pooping? A week. I had the biggest shit of my life after that!

5) Are you male or female? Female

Traveling Guy
*CANDI* - Oh, that *is* a hard choice to make. Hmm... Let me think about it some more. LOL! Hey, where did you see that survey? What percentage of guys chose having a great shit over sex before they died?

PRG - Thanks for the info. Actually, the park toilets weren't that bad, but I'd agree that a commercial establishment is a better bet.

to:Bryian-it was really weird cause she had just pooped about 2 hours ago!I don't know why it was so big,but when she got home,she phoned her friends about her big poop!she was really proud!

Hello, long-time lurker. Enjoy the stories. I had a wild hair and tried something different. I selected a text, highlighted it, dragged it to my desktop. It created a Simple Text file. Now, most of you probably know that Simple Text files have speaking programs available in any number of different voices Ė from Deranged to Bubbles, from Agnes to Princess and Victoria (high quality). I picked a longish story about a woman at a movie theatre who was finally going to kick out her intestinal tenant. I didn't read the article before I played it. Victoria high quality told the story. IT WAS FREAKING HILARIOUS!! YOU GOTTA TRY THIS. Especially funny was the program trying to interpret the sound effects. Crackle (pause) crackle (pause). You gotta try makes a funny story a gut-buster...

Hi, how are you all doing? I haven't posted lately, but today I feel that I should.
(I'm 5'10", 120lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, athletic, and a graduate student working on my masters...22 years of age)

Many of you may think that this is gross, but if you are mature (especially men, do not laugh, do not make gross remarks, be humane) you may want to know what a woman goes through when she is having her period. Men, don't laugh about this either, because what we go through is nothing compared to what you have to go through. Have some sympathy....(Read below for what I am talking about).

About a few hours ago, I was studying at the University Library. The library was closing early tonight because of some collegiate conference. Anyway, when the librarian came up to me telling me that we were closing, I knew that I needed to use the ladies room. I have had stomach cramps for the day, and w/ the long ride home, I knew I needed to poo. (I am also having my period, and when I have my period, I frequently get a nasty case of diarrhea). I asked the librarian if it were possible if I could use the restroom, especially since I had a long ride ahead of me. She told me that it was no problem, so I proceeded.

The library was totally dead tonight, no one was there at all. As I walked into the restroom, I rested my backpack on the floor, and hung my coat on the hook. I toilet papered the seat, pulled down my pants, and panties, and sat down. First I urinated a little, then I started to evacuate mushy poo. After I completed the first wave, the stomach cramps were getting stronger. As I was sitting, the security guard who closes the library every evening knocked on the door and told me that we were closing. Since I was the only one left in the library, I yelled out that I will be out in about 5 minutes. I then evacuated out the second round of semi-soft poo. After evacuating the second round, my stomach cramps were subsiding, but I knew I had some more left inside of me. I decided that I would let the security guard wait until I was 100% complete. I knew he wanted everyone out of the building, I understand that, but when you need to go, you finish!

So I sat there for about 5 minutes or so, then I heard another knock on the door. "We are closing up are you almost done?" I then stated.."Almost done....Almost Done....I have diarrhea at the moment, and I have a long drive ahead of me. I'm sorry, but it will be some more time before I can leave the toilet. I'm terribly sorry.....I have had stomach cramps all day and now it's letting up." I could tell the security guard was getting angry, and he said "well hurry up."

I could have cared less, I'm paying alot of money for my tuition, they can at least wait until my diarrhea has subsided. Anyway, while I was sitting there, the librarian came into the restroom. Knocked directly at my stall door, and w/ a kind voice asked "Miss, are you okay in there?" I stated "I have cramps, and I have a long ride, I'm almost done...I swear." Just as I stated that I let out a few wet farts, and the third round of semi-mush poo. The librarian understood how I felt, and she told them to leave the library, she will close up. Just when she stated that outside to the security guard, she came back in to the ladies room and stated "Dear, I understand how you feel, you stay here as long as you need too. I will lock up once you finish, take your time." I thanked her, and just sat.

Just when I thought the stomach cramps were ending, another cramp took effect. It was so painful, I honestly felt like crying. I sat there waiting for the diarrhea to come out, I swear it felt like 30 years before it exited from my behind. When it finally came, It was pure liquid, and it came out w/ alot of force. It felt as if I was urinating from my behind. This watery diarrhea lasted for about 10 to 15 minutes. It would start then stop, then I would have gas, then some watery diarrhea, then more gas. It was simply crazy. I knew I was done, but if I got up, I didn't want to have to sit back down. I sat there, and sat there.....nothing happened. I looked into the toilet bowl, and it was simply gross. I got naucious by looking at it (the smell didn't help either). Just then she came into the restroom and asked if I was okay. I told her that I felt better, and once again apologized for the delay. She said she didn't care about that, just as if i wasn't sick,! that's all she cared about. She was like a mother to me while I was in discomfort. I thanked her so much. While she was in there, I felt so relaxed, that I let out a small wet diarrhea fart. I apologized for that. As I was wiping, there was not much toilet paper (it's only a one stall toilet) and I asked if it were possible to have some more toilet paper. She said that it was no problem, and while I was waiting, she handed me a new roll from the janitorial closet. As she handed me the roll, I told her I will be no more than 5 minutes. I wiped, and wiped, and wiped. It took forever to get clean. It took 3 flushes to get everything down, and I also left quite a bit of skidmarks in the bowl. Since I was having my period, I changed my pad, washed up and left. I personally thanked her for what she did to me.....She was like a mother to me when I was in pain.

For the ladies out there, when you all get your period, is it normal to get diarrhea? I have had it now for 2 days, but tonight was by far the worst night that I can ever remember. PLEASE let me know if this is normal.



In response to Candi's post, I'd choose to take a dump first. Death means muscle relaxation which means if you haven't used the 'room pretty recently, when you check out you leave a surprise behind. I'd rather not be found with pants full of poop. I wonder if you can ask God to wait just a few more minutes before taking you so you can visit the john first.

Pissing out a camp fire, as long as it isn't a huge bon fire is easy for me to do, John Q. I did it once while I was on a camp out with some fellow students when I was in college.

It was one of these off-campus seminars on the environment which I took as an elective. There were about 20 of us there. For the most part, the people were nice, but there was one chovenistic pig of a man who could not control his chouvenistic comments about "the weak, dumb broads." To make things worse, one of the girls on the trip came down with a bad case of diareah, and we had to stop several times so she could use the bathroom. This asshole guy, who had to weigh at least 500 pounds and could hardly get out of his own way kept complaining and demagrading her about it. Everyone was starting to get peeved at him at this point, but we all just ignored it for the most part.

As I stated before, I am very athletic, a dancer to be exact, and am also quite tall. Despite this bafoon's attitude, I think he had a little crush on me.

Well we all got to the camp site and did the seminar thing. Afterwords, we decided to set up our camp. Fat moron had his own tent, which took hom 2 hours to set up. After he finaly set it up, he built a nice camp fire for himself and was roasting hot dogs on a stick. We all had our own food and some people brought camp stoves, but this guy just built a fire, which in and of itself was not bad. However, while he was stuffing his face with one hot dog after another, he kept complaining about all the "afirmative action" hand-outs the "broads' get, and how men are stronger then women in every way. (I only saw him use the out house 5 times on the first day and 7 or 8 times on the second dsy) I was holding my pee all day and did not want to use those outhouses.

Later that evening, this guy stoked up his camp fire and began round 2 with the hot dogs, and I thought I would teach him a lesson. "What is it with you and women?" I asked. "I am sick and tired of all you women, who can't even go to the bathroom right, getting all the breaks, and I am fed up with all the bull shit attitudes.......yadda yadda yadda......" He went on. Then he started complaining about that girl who had diareah again, stating that the men and women should had gone on seperate busses so "all you weak-bladdered women" could stop all you want and us men could ge to where we were going!" "So you think men have stronger bladders then women. If that's so, why do you run to the outhouse every two hours or so?" I asked. "Because I'm drank alot of pop and water. I always drink more when I travel." What he didn't realize was that I drank even more then he did, and did not go all day. "Well, you probably do not have a girlfriend, and I would bet money that you are stil a virgin, so I am going to show you something that you will probably never see again in your pathetic life." He gave me a hurt look at first, then an astonished look when I removed my panties, revealing my pussy. I stood facing him, spread my legs a little and seperated my piss flaps. He started to smile. Just then, I let out a thick stream of piss right into his camp fire, while he held his 5th or 6th hot dog on the stick over it. It made a hard hissing sound as it made contact with the burning wood, but the flames started to die out. I must have peed for a minute and a half when the flames were completely out, and I still had quite a bit more to go. I completely peed out his camp fire. His look of astonishment turned to disgust and anger as this went on, and it also turned to humiliation. "I have not peed since 6:00 this morning. I drank water before we left, and I probably drank at least twice as much as you did through out the day. Tomorrow eveni ng, if you can put out your camp fire the same way I did, I will give you ANYTHING you want. A ???????????, I'll let you have sex with me, ANYTHING. BUT if you can't, you have to publicaly apologise to all the women here, and especialy that girl. Is it a deal?" I said. He agreed right away, and told me how sorry I was going to be.

It didn't happen. He realy tried hard, but he ended up wetting himself, and he had to apologise. He was also the quietest for the rest of the trip.


Choices, choices? If I had a choice between having sex with a terrific lady or taking a huge shit before I kick the bucket, I would not want either, nada, zip. What I would want is to see a lady take a huge dump, and enjoy the aroma afterwords. Now that is a nice way to check out!

To yellow stream - Liked your story. I definitely think the peeing stories are better than the crapping ones.

To John Q Public - Cool story about the camping trip!

To super soaker - Looks like everyone is voting for Aaron Carter for a male they'd like to see pee his pants. I sure would, and no im not gay either! About that post from about a year ago, I did follow up on that conversation several times. This kid and his family went on vacation with us last August and I think I told about the time when i was sitting next to him on the beach and just totally pissed my bathing suit right there. I really had to go bad, and didnt want to walk all the way down to the water. Anyway, he was pretty surprised that I did that, and he told me a few weeks ago that all his talk was just talk - he's never peed his pants on purpose. He still doesnt know that I do (other than that time on the beach), but it didnt make me feel any worse about doing it on the beach. He's 14 now and one of those kids that's always concerned with his image, so he's someone else I'd like to see piss himself as an accident, but on purpose would do. BTW, I liked your story ! (and your name here too, it's cool!). Are you a senior??

Anyone else wish to respond to the survey of which male AND felmale celebs you would most like to pee/crap their pants??? (no limit on the number of celebs for each gender. Again, here are mine, sligtly modified:

male - Leonardo DiCaprio, Aaron Carter, Nick Carter
female - Anna Kournikova, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears

Please respond to the survey!


Ok... First off, my name is chris. i live in Virginia. And i have a story to tell you guys, but before i do, I want to make some comments.

Blake (if you are still here)- i must say that you accident storys a some of the most interesting i have ever read.

That is all the comments for today... Now i will post once a week, if this actually gets put up. Well, here is my story

Last Year i had on of the worst days of my life, not because of the accident, just because. Well, anyway, i am in band and we went on a trip to Florida to go to Disney World. I was all excited about going down there to ride the rides. Well, anyway, i was hungy and it being a 9 hr trip by bus i figured i would go for the Slim Jim's. Well, i ate all of them while watching a movie. Well, as the night went on, i was getting really sleepy. I finally dozed off. Well, i woke up at about 3 A.M feeling nauseous and dizzy i got up to walk around, while everyone else was sleeping. Well, the girl across from me name Denielle saw me acting weird and she got up to see if i was ok. I told her i wan;t feeling good. Well, that is when i got really really dizzy and all's i saw was Denielles hands going for me and then waking up with about 6 band mom;s all around me. Well, we at the stop for breakfast, Well, i was ok for the moment and wanted to go eat. The band mom's took my temperature j! ust to make sure i was ok. And by then all 567 of us new what happend with me and were asking me questions. Well, i was starving again and went for the dairy section, and meats. I ate alot. Well, after a while, my stomach start to cramp up, and hurt, just like it hurts right before you throw up. Well, i was sitting trying to look fine when my friend Betsy walked up to me and asked me if i was ok, and i basically said not feeling to good... and then i just went crazy at both ends. I threw up all over myself, the floor, and betsy, and then i realized that i had crapped my pants and it was oozing down my legs. Well, i just stood there throwing up and shitting my pants until i had no strength and just passed out again. This time i knew it was over for me for the trip, because i was sick. I had a fever of 104.5 when i got the the ER. The entire band came with me, they were all worried about me. Well, i have more stories, but i gotta work early tom. Good night all


the "HOLD IT" man
That is very interesting, Wet Guy. I have similar dreams about pissing, but the sisuations are usualy not so pleasant.

For instance, though I probably posted this before, I would dream that I had to pee realy bad, and the only available toilet would be in a very public spot, like right in the middle of a convenience store, or on a street corner or hotel lobby, and I would be surrounded by beautiful woman who would stare at me.

I think I may have an insite into what causes this to happen. The bladder fills up, and the nerves sends the message to the brain that you have to pee. When this happens while you are asleep, the brain incorperates your need to empty your bladder into a dream, abd tiy start dreanubg about toilets or urinals. The kicker is that your brain also knows that in reality you are in your bed, so it devises a 'safety' program to keep you from wetting the bed, hence it places the 'dream toilet' in a situation and place where you would normaly never actualy use a toilet. Then in most cases, the dreamer wakes up and goes to the toilet, such is my case. I seldomly get an urge to pee while asleep, however because I have very good control.

These dreams usualy only occur if I drink alot of liquids before I go to bed, or if I go to bed earlier then usualy. The last time it happened was about a week before the Christmas holiday. I had a cold, and I did not want to miss any work, so I turned in at about 8:00 that evening, and I was drinking alot of water and orange juice to fight off the cold. Later that evening, I drempt that I had to pee and crap realy bad, and the only toilet was in my 6th grade Math class, right next to the teacher's desk, in ful view of everyone. The class was full and the teacher was seated at her desk. I was so desperate I went up to that toilet, everyone stared and nothing came out. Then I woke up and did my business.

Hi Stephanie, and welcome to this forum!! PLEASE tell us some detailed stories about your huge logs of shit! You say that it's no problem for you to poop well over 1 foot in length? Are you often constipated? Do your logs have a difficult time being flushed down? I'd love to have you shit in my toilet, here in my basement!!!
Thanks for posting and PLEASE write often!

>To JW-
>I was just wondering. Yuo always talk about your mother watching you >grunt snd strain in the toilet when you were a kid and how >embarrassing that was for you. But were the roles ever reversed? Did >you ever see HER on the toilet and was she embarrassed and inhibited?

Actually I told thios story on another board and was accused of lying. This is no lie. I only remember one time when I saw my mother on a toilet and it was a time when she must have been REALLY constipated because she had a really tough time of it. She grunted and strained
for what must have been fifteen minutes. I was sitting on my potty at the time...she didn;t appear to be embarrassed or inhibited in fact she commented on how it was stuck and she "just couldn't budge it". She finally wound up giving herself an enema. She did that right there on the toilet and I remember seeing her snake the red tubing between her legs and up into herself. I alwasy find the stories on the WEB about enemas kind of odd, they all make it sound like an enema just pours out of you. It surely wasn't so for my Mother, she struggled and grunted for another fifteen or twenty minutes before all of it was out of her and by the time she finished the sweat was dripping off her.-- JW

I stopped in to take a dump at the local taco shop, the one with a coin lock on the door. I guess the management got tired of having to unlock the door for the customers, so they fixed the lock so that it is always open. I entered and saw one guy on the toilet. He looked to be a construction-worker type, wearing a dirty t-shirt, jeans, and boots. He had his jeans and plaid boxers around his thighs. He was probably about 22 or so, good-looking in an unshaven, Northern Exposure way, and had a great deer-in-the-headlights look as I opened the door. I think I caught him as he was about to wipe, because he had a wad of paper in his hands. I backed up and let him finish in private. It's always funny to see these guys as they come out of the bathroom afterwards. They are somewhat embarrassed and make sure they don't even look at you.

I entered and dropped my jeans and briefs down and had a seat. Still warm. I was only there about a minute when another construction-worker type opened the door. He was sipping on a drink and just said "excuse me" and backed out. I finished up and made sure I greeted him by saying "All yours" and holding the door open when I exited. He smiled and thanked me as he walked past. I've got to try that a couple more times before they start locking the door again.

I just took a nice dump....i was sitting here and farting then i felt my turds slide down. I was almost at the point where i couldn't concentrate on what i was doing, thats how big the urge was. I gott off here and got ready for bed and i was gonna try and hold till i got off but then i got back on and the urge was really strong so i got off and went to poop. I sat and i strained a bit and some logs came out. I then peed sitting(hadn't peed in hours) I wiped like 12 times and i looked in and there was soft stuff on top(its been soft latly) and then i put my hand in there and there were a few hard logs. i then flushed and at first i didn't think it was gonna go down all the way but then i did. Latly i've been pooping every day. Oh and right before i had to poop(about an hour or so) i ate an orange..maybe it was that what made me had to poop...well its past my bedtime..goodnight

John Q Public
Hi Yellow Stream.

Just a question. Are you male of female? I have alot of peeing in the water stories from my childhood and adlesence.

Star Shine, that is truely amazing. Your story reminds me of my gf and sister when we would go out to movies. I try to hold as best as I could sometimes, but I have a very small bladder and below avarage sphincter strength. My younger sister and gf, on the other hand, are just like you. We would go to movies and they both would drink a 32 oz soft drink, and some times they would have more then one, and not even need to pee until they get home. Just this past holiday season, I went to see "Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers" with my gf. She ordered a 32 oz diet pop, and a bottle of water, and drank it all down. I just had a 16 oz pop, and we both had pop corn. She did not pee before leaving the house. She drank all that pop, and that entire litre bottle of water, sat oug the entire movie, and all the way home, waited until I did my business, then she very casualy walked into the bathroom and hissed out a two and a half minute stream as though it were nothing to h! er at all, which it was.

This brings me to my response to Adrian. I know exactly where you are coming from, Dude. Infact, unlike StarShine, my sister, cousen or gf, I have a very weak bladder. I spend my entire childhood in diapers, even through most of my Junior Year in High School. Even after I finaly achieved day time bladder control, it took me until I was almost out of college before I stopped pissing the bed. It is physicaly impossible for me to get through even a normal length movie without having to pee unless I wear a diaper. I did not want to miss any pare of "Two Towers" so I wore a diaper there. My gf even helped me put it on before we left. I ended up wetting that diaper 4 times during that movie. By the time the movie was over, I had to go, but tried to make it home. We got home, and I was absolutely bursting. I quickly got the wet garment off and let out a 15 second stream which felt soooooo good. Then my gf went in and flooded the toilet.

I am doing much better, but I still have a long way to go. (Pardon the pun.)

By the way, I love reading good pee stories, too.

Katrina, I noticed in my own family, the women seem to have better control then the men. My mom allways was a stronger pisser then my father or brother, my married aunt was a stronger pisser then her husband, my unmaried aunt is very much like my sister, and when I use to travel with my family, and when ever I travel with my gf, sister or cousen, I am allways the one who needs to use the bathroom the most. I hate like hell to admit that, but it's the truth. My older brother has never had any wheres near the problems with bladder control that I have had, but he is still no match for my younger sister, cousen or gf. In fact, my sister at age 10, was able to out wait and out piss him when he was almost 20. She out waited and peed me all the time. She is also the tallest member of my family, male of female.

Thursday, January 19, 2003

Hi everyone.
I'm a guy, 45 years old and think this is a brilliant site. My first experience of watching someone poo was when i was about 9. I used to play with a girl from the next street and we would often go and play in the builders yard at the top of my street after everyone had gone home. One day we were playing mums and dads as you do at that age, when she suddenly announced that she needed a poo. We found a pile of timber to hide behind and i asked if i could watch. She said if you want to, and kneeling on the floor she pulled her knickers halfway down her legs, lifted her skirt above her waist and bending over on her hands she said tell me when it starts to come out. WoW!! in that position i was able to see her bottom and vagina in full rear view. she didn't want to wee unfortunately, but i saw the cheeks of her bottom open and watched as this big lump of poo squeezed itself out of her back passage. After a few more squeezes and lumps she announced she had finished and pulled! her knickers back up before carefully standing up. We didn't have any tissues or anything so she couldn't wipe her bottom. I often wondered if any of it stuck to her knickers.

To Candi If given the chance before I die to either have sex with the woman of my dreams(like say any woman with red hair and a big ass) or take a really great shit I have to honestly say I would chouse the sex hands down. but between watching the same woman take a realy big shit and having sex with her that would be a tough call for me.

Mark R
To Suzie

As you may know I have Spina bifida which basically means I am paralised from the waste down So I use an intermittent catheter for my bladder and I push down as normal to poo I sometimes get stomache ache when I need a poo. Sometimes when I do a big poo I get sensation when my bum opens but mainly I have no feeling or control.

Where are you from?

Are your poos gassy?

Yesterday, I decided to take a shopping trip into London to catch the last of the january sales. After a nice healthy breakfast of bran and toast, I left my house and headed for the train.

I parked my car in the carpark and made my way over to the platform. As I was waiting for the train, I felt the urge to poop build up in my lower stomach. Nothing too drastic I thought, and I drank my milky coffee and decided to ignore it. I got on the train and found a seat, and settled into my journey. About 10 minutes later, the urge was starting to get stronger, and and enormous stomach cramp hit me. I knew I should have gone before I left the house, but I was rushing for my train and it slipped my mind. I still had 20 minutes left of my train journey to complete, and as the train rattled down the tracks, bumping me up and down in my seat, I began to realise that I wouldn't be able to hold it in for much longer. Guess I shouldn't have drunk something so milky when I was already building up an urge. I decided to try and find a toilet on the train, but this was one of the new commuter trains, and they didn't have one, so I returned, very slowly to my seat clutching my ! stomach. As I sat down, another stomach cramp hit me and I let out an "Ohhhh!" sound, and doubled up in my seat holding my stomach. A lady sitting opposite me said "Are you alright, dear?" I replied, "Yes, thank you. I'm fine." By now I could feel my face begin to redden and a small bead of sweat dripped from the edge of my brow down my cheek. Another huge stomach cramp doubled me over, and much to my embarrasment as well as having one hand on my stomach, I also now had to lift my cheeks and put my other hand over my bottom. The lady said again "Dear, are you sure you are alright?" I leaned forward, as much as my predicament would allow, and replied through clenched teeth - "I'm absolutely desperate for the toilet, and there don't appear to be any on this train! I have terrible stomach cramps and I'm not sure I'm going to make it in time". This seemed to embarras her, so she returned to reading her newspaper and left me alone for the rest of the journey, which was a comple! te nightmare as the urge was getting stronger, my face getting redder and cold sweat was dripping down my face.

The train finally pulled into the station at London after what seemed like an eternity, and everyone got up to leave the carriage. Rather rudely I'm afraid, I pushed my way past them and bolted out of the train, flashed my ticket at the guard and ran as fast as I could across the concourse to the toilets. Luckily, I knew where they were. I fumbled in my pocket for my 20p to let me in through the barriers, and ran towards an empty stall. In my hurry I almost fell over the cleaning attendant and her bucket. "I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry!" i said, and the cleaner looked at me strangely. I lurched for the last remaining empty stall, slamming the door shut behind me and frantically pulling my jeans and panties down. My ass hit the seat and I immediately let go with a huge wave of soft chunks, piece after piece cascading out me in very rapid succession and hitting the water with resounding sploshes. The wave lasted about a minute, after which I heaved a huge sigh of relief and le! aned back against the toilet, mopping my brow. In my desparate hurry to get to the toilet in time, I hadn't noticed that when I'd slammed the door, it had simply banged and not locked properly, and had swung back open again. As I had been sitting on the toilet with my head in my hands, I simply hadn't noticed it! Everyone standing at the sinks had seen my performance, and I could see myself in the mirrors opposite. Very gingerly, I rose from the toilet with my jeans and panties still around my ankles, waddled across to the door, excused myself to the people watching me and closed the door again and locked it firmly this time. I heard an American lady whisper to her friend "Boy, she really had to go!". I was so relieved, that the embarrasment didn't bother me in the slighest. A few more pieces fell out of me after that, and I was on the toilet there for about 15 minutes. I finally felt done, wiped, cleaned up and left. Phew, what a relief, I thought, right, now for some shopp! ing!

I made my way up on the tube towards Oxford Street, did some shopping and as my stomach was now feeling quite empty, I decided to hit McDonalds for a spot of lunch. I ate a Big Mac and fries, and had another coffee. I finished up my shopping and decided to head back to the station for the train home. As I was riding the tube, I felt the stomach cramps returning. Oh no, I thought, I guess the greasy Big Mac wasn't such a good idea. 15 minutes later, I got off the tube and ran back towards the toilets again, the same place I had carried out my oscar winning performance a couple of hours earlier. I'd debated going to the other set, but as this one was nearer, I thought it was safer. This time, there was a queue - and I felt my stomach lurch. As soon as someone vacated a stall, I pushed past the queue, clutching my stomach and my bottom. "I'm sorry, Im absolutely despearate, please forgive me!" I said. The cleaning attendant was still there, and said "Oh my god, you again?" ! I flashed her a desperate smile and closed the door quickly behind me, making sure it was locked this time! I pulled down my jeans and panties and sat firmly on the toilet, my shopping bags strewn over the floor in front of me, and immediately let go a booming wet fart, which lasted about 10 seconds. Chunk after chunk fell out of me as I sat there with my head in my hands, hitting the water with audible sploshes. The first wave lasted about 30 seconds, and I during this I released about 25 chunks. I heaved another huge sigh of relief and leaned back against the toilet again. I sat for a few minutes more, when another cramp hit me and another long wave of about 30 mushy chunks flew out of me and hit the water, this time lasting more than a minute, finishing off with a wet fart. The noise was very audible. I stopped to get my breath back for a couple of minutes, during which time I leaned forward while still seated and started to put my shopping back in the bags. Well I suppos! e leaning forward got things moving again, and as I sat back up, I felt a sharp pain in my lower stomach followed by another 30 second wave of looser chunks. I leaned forward and clutched my stomach, groaning softly as it came out. By now I'd been on the toilet for a good 20 minutes, and to my horror there was a knock on the door. "Yes?" I said gingerly. "Hey lady, there's a queue out here" - it was the cleaning attendant! Damn, this made me cross! So I said "Well, I'm sorry, but I have diarrhea, and they're just going to have to wait until I'm done. I'm going to be a while yet and...ohhhhh!" I groaned as another huge cramp doubled me over and I felt another huge load slide down my rectum towards my open hole. I gave a tiny push and another wave of mush hit the water. This one went on for well over a minute, and I was beginning to wonder if it would ever end! I sat for a while longer, as I didn't quite feel done. I checked my watch as I was worried about the train times, and! I had been on the toilet for over half an hour by now. I figured I was just going to stay here until I was done, so I leaned back and relaxed for a while. Things finally started to ease up, and I had a few more cramps, each time producing several soft turds, 3 or 4 for each cramp, which as time passed, got larger and firmer than before. Thank god, i thought, but I still didn't feel done, so I continued sitting. The toilet was getting full up by now, so I reached around and flushed and moaned a sigh of relief as the cool water hit my ass, which was getting quite sore by now. I was tired, and didn't feel like i had the energy to push out any more, but my stomach was still churning and cramping. So I just sat back and relaxed. About 10 minutes later, a soft, wet fart exited me followed by 9 more larger chunks. One more cramp followed and I produced a nice, much firmer large turd of about 8 inches, and to my relief, I felt my hole starting to close up. I sat for a few minutes m! ore, just to make sure, and finally began to wipe. 20 pieces of paper later, I exited the stall and washed my hands. I've never crapped so much in all my life. I checked my watch again, and I had been on the toilet for an hour and a quarter, and had missed my train. I thanked the cleaning attendant, and left.

I made it home without further incident, but had to go again as soon as I got in. I was on the toilet at home for another 20 minutes, and that evening I had to go five more times. I seemed to spend the whole day on the toilet! Thank god I was at home. I feel much better today, but I can feel more brewing, so I'm going to sit on the toilet for a while now.

And the moral of this story is - don't eat bran, wholemeal toast and a greasy big mac if you're going out for the day!

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