Hello everyone! I FINALLY took a dump today after a good week of constipation. As you all know my toilet is not in the best of shape right now (my move date has been pushed back to Saturday the 11th) so I've been making do with flushing through my tank. Anywho for the past few days I've been extremely gassy-I mean I've been ripping some mean farts. I knew that signaled the approaching of a poop session but everytime I went to sit on my toilet I couldn't go. So today I was online in IMs and I kept farting but this time when I would fart I could feel the head of the poop poking my asshole. So finally I put up my away message and went upstairs to my john (the bulbs in my bathroom went out too so I have no light LOL) and pulled down my tight stretch jeans and light yellow panties and positioned my round ass over the toilet bowl. A few seconds later I felt the tip of my poop moving towards my asshole and I leaned forward with my lower arms on my thighs and stared at the floor in ! concentration. The poop moved slowly out of my ass (it felt sooooo good I can't even tell ya!) and at the beggining it was kind of hard but it got soft as it came out. I could hear it too. The softer it got the louder it crackled. Finally the last of it exited my ass in a loud sppppllleeeshhh! and plopped into the water below. I could tell it had tapered off. I still felt really full so I sat there a little longer but only expelled a shit pebble. I wiped a good 6 times (it was pretty messy) then stood up and looked in the bowl as I dressed myself. It was pretty dark in my bathroom due to my busted bulbs but I could see the dark mass that was my shit and it was maybe 6-7 inches long and a good 3 inches around. I didn't see the pebble. I felt much better after that. Have a good evening everyone! Love,Breanna

Husband of a pooping wife
My wife and I were shopping when she said that she needed to poop and could not wait until she got home, when we found the ladies toilet we noticed that the door was propped open and an electrician was wiring a hand drier in the wash room, by now she was desperate and had to go.
She tried to tiptoe quietly to the nearest cubicle opposite the entrance hoping that the electrician would not notice her, but she was wearing stilletos which made a loud clicking noise on the tiled floor, and he did notice her.
She went in the cubicle and closed the door, I stayed by the entrance. I heard her adjust her skirt, pantyhose and panties and settle on the toilet seat. A couple of seconds later there was a loud plop followed by a couple of quieter plops, the electrician looked towards the direction of her cubicle. Then she did a loud wet fart accompanied by some loose runny poo which really started to smell. The electrician bent down to get something from his toolbox and looked towards the gap under the cubicle door, all he could see was her black high heeled shoes in front of the toilet.
After another fart and squirt of wet poo I heard her stand up and start wiping her bottom, as she was adjusting her clothes the electrician pretended to be busy with the hand drier. She flushed the toilet but it obviously did not all go away because she waited and flushed it a second time. She left the cubicle and went over to a sink to wash her hands. Both she and the electrician tried not to look at each other, I don't know who was the more embarrased.

Hi, I've been a lurker here for some time, and although I don't have a story at the moment, I'll give a description of myself anyway, just for future reference. I'm 5'7", dark brown hair, hazel eyes, I weigh only 130 lbs, and people say I have a body like Bruce Lee, because I'm a big time amateur athlete.

I know this is kind of late, but to Vicky who posted a few days ago, I loved your story. If it's not too much trouble, could you please post what your dump was like when you made it down (detailed stories rule) and if you woke up your parents or not? I've been in a similar situation and was just curious. And I find females taking a crap fascinating.. it's hard to beleive somthing so beautifull can take a dump. I think it's cool. This website is great, I've never seen so many people open about their bodily functions, and I think that's really somthing special. People are too up tight about things like this these days.

~* Candi *~
Here's something I found interesting.......

If guys were given a chance right before death to either have sex or have a great shit, most chose to shit! Now, honestly. But i guess it has something to do with their prostate gland... whatever. Lol. So what about the guys on here?! What would you all choose?!

~ *Candi* ~

Hi everybody! I am 18 years old, and just found this site. My dad is always asking about my poops - not wierd or anything, just something he teases me about. My sis gets teased about stuff, not poops, but stuff, and my brothers also. That is just his thing with me. It started because I do such huge poops, which seems to really shock people when they hear about it. It is no problem for me to pass logs that are way over a foot in length, and very thick. I do have to strain quite a bit, and my butt hole hurts some, but I can do it. Since he was teasing me about it, I thought I would see if anything was on the internet that I could find some stuff and tease him back. Now that I found this place, I have some stuff! Thanks!

To JW-
I was just wondering. Yuo always talk about your mother watching you grunt snd strain in the toilet when you were a kid and how embarrassing that was for you. But were the roles ever reversed? Did you ever see HER on the toilet and was she embarrassed and inhibited or did she just relieve herself shamelessly? I would love to hear a story about your mother. Thanks.

I went back to school today. I'll be turning 18 this month and I'm a senior in highschool an I can tell you that in my 4 years I have totally avoided pooping at school as much as I can. It's no fun being harassed with your pants around your ankles and shit hanging out your ass. I went to the bathroom today to pee and there was another girl who was goin at the same time - medium length chestnut hair, moderate size and height - no one I knew. As usual there was a group of girls who were just in there standing around talking. We took the only two empty stalls which were next to each other. I peed while she farted and immediatley started pooping. It sounded like she needed to go badly. A large sounding turd quickly slid out out of her and splashed into the toilet. Smoeone noticed and said 'it stinks inhere. Someones taking a shit.' Somone else said 'gross. Its disgusting to poop at school. Who is it?' 'I don't know, let's see when she comes out.' This has happened to me before. ! I was finished so I quickly got out of there.

Dana - I know exactly what you mean. I always have to poop whenever I'm at a book store. It's a real relaxing feeling and I usually end up going to the bathroom while I'm there. I don't know why though.

Holding it in lover
Is it just me that loves to hold my shit in? I read somewhere that this is actually very bad for you, but I do not care, I love it, its actually like a quarter of an orgasm for me. I like to sit around at the computer and hold it in right at the edge of my band, so that the turtle is just poking and able to see daylight, but not touching cloth. Its actually an awesome sensation, and I have become extremely proficient at holding in my shit. If I have to now, I can hold one in for hours, unless it is a serious anus squirt, in which case if I try, well it ends in disaster and a new pair of undercrackers.

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, Traveling Guy

The toilets in both the Washington Square Park women's restroom and the East Village Dog Park restroom have stalls but no doors, at least the last time I went in them, which hasn't been for a couple of years. I don't care if anyone (male or female) sees me on the crapper, but those bathrooms are a last resort for me. I'd much rather find a Starbucks or Barnes and Noble and crap/pee in there!


The ladie's room is for doing what is not lady-like.
The gentlemen's room is for doing what is not gentlemanly.

yellow stream
I remember when I was little we would go to the lake. we had a big tube that went on the back of the boat by a string. you would be behind the boat in the water sittin on the tube. Once I had this huge urge to pee. I doubled over and grabbed my bathing suit. I thought it was gonna come out in the tube. All of a sudden a huge squirt came out. We went over a jump and another squirt came out. Finally when we were done with the ride I told my dad that I would swim back to the boat. I let out the longest pee. It felt sooo good.Keep the peeing stories coming they're better than the crappin 1's! Let me know if ya like my posts or not! :)

Ooops, forgot one reply...

To Bryian - How often have you been having these dreams lately? When I have dreams like that, it's almost exclusively about peeing and usually a situation where I'm with someone who's desperate to pee, and someone with whom I've wanted to be in that situation in real life (either a friend or a celebrity). That's what makes them enjoyable for me.


Ooops, forgot one reply...

To Bryian - How often have you been having these dreams lately? When I have dreams like that, it's almost exclusively about peeing and usually a situation where I'm with someone who's desperate to pee, and someone with whom I've wanted to be in that situation in real life (either a friend or a celebrity). That's what makes them enjoyable for me.


John Q Public

Those were great stories. I have read a few 'camp-out' stories on t his site, and your reminded me of a trip that I took right before I went into college.

I was with my parents, sister and cousen, who were both 15 at the time. We use to love having a camp fire when we tented out, but it was allways the rule that the fire was to be put out before going to sleep.

My parents were the first to turn in, and the three of us just sat around the camp fire. My sister and cousen had been drinking pop, fruit juices and water all day long and were holding on for deer life. They both had been holding for about 8 hours (usualy that is nothing, but they had been drinking liquids like it was going out of style that day.) They decided that they would try to extinguish the camp fire by peeing on it. When they told me about this, I decided to make it more interesting. the fire was almost out, so after issuing the challenge, I went and gathered an arm load of dry sticks and put them on the fire. They waited until all those sticks were burning brightly. When the fire was going pretty good, they both took down their panties and squated on each side of the fire. Whey spred their 'piss flaps' apart with their fingers to aim their streams more efficiently, and when I said "go." they let rip. Two thick, long, hissy pee streams eminated from t h! ose two girls. The flames started to die out almost immediately. Their peeing went on long after the fire was out, and by the time they were done there wasn't so much as an ember left.

When they got this idea originaly, I thought "No way! Nobody can piss out a camp fire!" After what I saw that day, either one of them probably could have put it out by herself. They must have peed for over two minutes.

Anyway, the next morning we examined the fire pit, and most of the wood was still a little wet.

TO MARK B-I had so many pooing sessions with the nurse friend of mine-I posted about a few of them in my older posts(you'd have to go back aways on the old posts)One thing we used to do quite a bit was go out to the woods to poop together after she made a great breakfast.She had a place that was right next to a wooded area,so we would step out her back door and take a walk to a spot in the woods and it would be in the summer and a lot of times it was pretty hot,even in the morning when we both had to go and it was amazing cause we were both morning poopers and we would both have to go right after we ate and by the time we found a spot,we both had to go bad.Sometimes if it wasn't too hot she would wear her nurse uniform with no underwear(at my request)and i would have on my biking shorts and a tank top-we would find a spot and I would get undressed and she would leave her uniform on and we would squat down facing each other about 3 feet apart and proceed do to our morning lo! ads-it was great!She would usually start first by letting out 2-3 farts as I could see her beautiful anus start to dome out and then I would let out a few good farts of my own and we would both let out ropes of poop.We both were capable of doing really long ones too and she had amazing anal control and she would let out a really long turd and then she would hold it with half of it out her butt and half of it starting to curl on the ground-it was a great sight to see and then I would try to do the same as we were both squatted in the woods with poop tails hanging out our butts-wish I had videotaped it!seeing this beautiful woman in a nurse uniform squatting down doing a good dump in the woods,well to me it doesn't get any better than that!!Then I usually would let go and the rest of my load came out and curled on the ground and she would just be holding hers and then as I was doing the 2nd part of my BM which was a lot of loose stuff,she would then let out her load-Now I'm ca! pable of doing some pretty long poops,but she was amazing-she would do sometimes 2 footers that would look like italian sausages curled on the ground and make me look silly.She was the best pooper I've seem.Then she would be done and he would just sit there looking at me do the rest of my load and enjoying seeing me poop as she would look intently at my butt as i dumped-it was great.Then when I was done,she would wipe me good as i wiped her,and we would just have a good ol' time out in the woods!(I just gave you the G rated version otherwise I don't think my story would get posted)It was some pretty wild stuff! I saw her for about 2-3 years and then she lost her job and had to move away ( across the country )to get another one and we just lost touch-I really should try to find her again-she was the best and a lot of fun and great imagination-I sometimes really miss her--well I hope that gave you an idea of what she was all about!!Check my old posts for other stuff about her-
As for me- I'm still pooing some pretty good loads just about every morning either home of at the gym-sure wish I could have a pretty lady poop buddy to share some of these good loads i'm doing and boy do they feel great coming out cause i wait til i really have to dump and let'er rip! Good stories all!! BYE

It has been almost two months of my last post. Now I have finally time to tell a occasion which happened just before Christmas. I was doing some Christmas shoppings with my neigbour (Paula, she is her late 40?s) and her oldest daughter (Tia, 26). After about two hours intimate running from shop to another shop we decided to drop in near cafeteria for a cup of coffee. It was also a good moment to visit in ladies room. We have walked a lot and it made my bowels working. After finished our coffee I said to my companions that I must pop in ladies room. Tia gulped her rest coffee quickly and stood up. ?I?ll come with you?, Tia said. Also Paula followed us into ladies room. ?I don?t want to be alone?, she giggled. There were fours stalls. Only one of them was occupied. Someone was in the nearest stall. She was just leaving becouse she flushed. Paula went in the farthest stall, Tia took the next one so the last free seat was for me. As I entered in lady who was in first stall left! .. We started chatting. Paula was very quick. She took a rapid but short pee and she was already wiping as I was just adjusting my rear in comfortable position. I didn?t really need to pee but I managed pour a few drops. Tia was having a long and smooth stream. There was a promising movement in my bowels. My load was slithering down on itself and forced my anus expanding. Paula went washing her hand. My poop was soft but quite thick. I strained a bit and head of log emerged out of my anus. Only the tip of log was thick, it narrowed quickly and it broken apart and piece of poop hit the water with audible plop. I am sure that Tia heard it but I was not sure about Paula. She was drying her hands and she carried on chatting with us like nothing has happened. As we talked I realized that Tia was propably going to take a shit too. In the end of her pee she let out a long, hissing fart and her voice became strained. I let soft log glide out slowly on itself. It smelt quite bad. At t! hat point I became convinced of Tia was taking a shit. I heard a weak crackling sound and some soft groans from Tia?s stall. I leaned forward a little and looked under the partition wall into her side and I noticed that she was on her tiptoes. Very soon a loud splash was heard followed by faint plop. Just a few seconds later next part of my log broke and fell into water causing a audible plop. At the least now Paula must know that we both were taking dumps. ?Well, I think that I?ll go back to cafeteria wait for you?, she said. Maybe she felt herself outsider because we both were dumpin and she was done or then she just simply wanted to give us some privacy. After Paula left we had a short silence. Then Tia exerted once slightly and she continued our conversation after a break. Next few minutes went by puffing and talking. Tia made two good splashes. Especially the latter one was huge. I dropped two smaller lumps and finished with one thin but long snake. Tia was ready before! me because she needed wipe only three times whereas my butt hole was really smudgy. I was just finishing my paper works as several ladies dashed in. All vacant stalls were crowded at that moment. I flushed and came out. One lady was waiting for her turn and she took my stall. I was a little embarrased becouse I left quite a stink after me. Tia was waiting for me. I washed my hands quickly and we went to back cafeteria where Paula was still waiting for us.

super soaker
To Bryian - Actually, my grandparents weren't there that weekend, even though it is their cottage. My cousins' dad (my uncle) and his wife were there, but they stayed at the cottage when all this happened.

To wetguy - I got many stories from the past (below is one from today). As for your survey, here goes:

Females: Jennifer Lopez, Amy Smart (she was in the movie "Rat Race", which I saw on video this weekend, with a few bathroom scenes, that's for a future post), Jennifer Aniston

Males: Justin Timberlake, Aaron Carter, Eminem (no, i am not gay)

Also to wetguy - I am reading the earlier posts and stumbled upon your post on page 793 (from New Years Eve 2001). You talk about your brothers friend's possible willingness to pee his pants in private for convenience. Did you ever follow up on that conversation? If you haven't, here's a suggestion: If he lives near you, try to become better friends with him (if you arent already). Then, go over his house for a couple of hours (make sure your brother or his parents aren't there), and watch tv or play video games or whatever while you are over. Most likely, you will have the urge to pee, and try to start fidgeting or something similar. Then, your friend might ask why you dont do it in your pants right there, and your response is "I don't have a change of clothes." So go to the bathroom normally.
In a week or two, go over his house again and have a similar situation arise (still, no brother or parents). This time bring a change of clothes, but keep them in your car (I assume you drive). When you feel the urge, try to gently bring up the topic again if he hasn't already. Tell him that his idea of going in his pants for convenience was a good one, and that you started doing it at home. This time, wait until you have a strong urge and go in your pants (you have a change in your car). One more suggestion: Try to make him go while you are there, so you know it isn't a bluff.

My post (01/06/2002): More snow last night and today (few inches), and more in the forecast for the next three days. Meanwhile, when I was leaving school today, I was stuck in a clump of girls that was talking to a guy. While we were walking out, one of the girls somehow hit this guy in the balls on purpose (I was looking away at that moment). Right after, we got to the door (it's a side door) and he was grabbing his crotch. The clump of girls dispersed to their buses, and while I was walking ahead of this guy, a huge wet spot was forming on the front of his pants (blue denim), and he started leaving a yellow drip trail in the snow. I know this guy somewhat well, he was one of my roommates in my Washington trip last year (I have many stories from that three-day trip.) This guy is pretty popular, but he told me that he wears a pair of boxer-briefs under his boxers because he farts a lot in school and he sometimes takes a dump in his pants and he needs something to hold th! e poop. Also, he tries to hold his piss until he gets home, and he sometimes has accidents at the end of the day or on the bus. (My school is a very weird school; in fact, most people don't get teased for accidents; more in a future post.) Later everyone

On a family vacation when I was a child my mother became ill while we were driving (she gets diarreah when she is nervous). I was sitting in the front seat and my father was driving. My mother said she needed a restroom right away and saying "hurry, if we don't get there soon I'm going to have to poop in a plastic bag". Why she just couldn't shit on the side of the road beats me, it was nightime and dark enough were no one wouold notice. We got to a conveince store/gas station and she got out and ran for the restrooms, I was little still so I went in with her, it was one of those single bathroom type deals so I stood by the sink watching my mom. She sat down and immediatly a torrid of shit came out of her and she peed also at the same time, the smell was horrific.

About two years ago one of my close friends told me a story about how that morning he had to shit in a plastic bag, he was probably 25 or so when this happened. His brother had been in the shower and he had a sudden urge to shit. He knocked and knocked ont he door to the bathroom but his brother couldn't hear him to unlock the door. the urge built up very quickly to the point were he said his hands were shaking, he didn't know what to do but he knew he would lose it into his pants if he didn't think quick, so he grabbed two plastic bags (one inside the other for added strenght) and grabbed the roll of paper towels from the kitchen. He went outside and went into the bulkhead of the basement (the area where you have a large oversized door with stairs going down to a regular door to the basement, between the two doors there is often a big enough space to stand in.) shut the door behind him and pulled down his pants held the plastic bags under his ass and shit into them with! reat force, he said it was quite the load. Then did a clean up job with some paper towels, and threw the bad into the trash can outside. This must have been akward though because he had to poop in the dark.

To cutie: I liked your did you call your b/f?

To Traveling Guy: Liked your story about those guys using the park bathroom, were they old? thats funny about that parade

To DNA: Intresting have some cool experiences

To Adam: I loved your story..what did the guy say when you shared the stall with him? and how did you share it? whats your poop like? I liked your story about shitting outside too.

To unnamed poster: About the bathroom with no stalls, I liked your story.

To Marc: Liked hearing about your constipation.

To Sara: Liked your story..that 1 friend that peed with you seems snobby cause she said eew..doesn't she poop too LOL

To Mark BB: Liked your story from college

To Jon Keines: Kohls has a 2nd floor? the ones around here don't the restrooms are on the first floor to the left. Thats intresting what you did..did you ever get caught?

To Stl Susan: Thats intresting what your friends do..maybe they enjoy looking at others poops like every one here.

To megan: I liked your story...does the whole hotel use that bathroom? and is it unisex? did you see your brother pooping on the toilet?

To WD: Those movies sound cool...I don't have those channels.

To super soaker: Liked your story..thats cool you can remember when you were that age.

To Tom: That mens room does sound weird.

To JC: I clean my anus in the shower i soap up my body then i soap up my butt and work a finger in there..then i rinse it all.

To Karrel: Liked your story about your daughter long had it been since she had last pooped?

To Jenna: Liked your story about peeing in the shower

To Sara: Sounds like a nice shit you had.

To joe f.: I put my ***** down so i can't see and and i usally pee too.

To wetguy: I think i'll try your survey... for the guys: 1. Aaron Carter 2. Nick Carter 3. Andy Lawrence and for the girls 1.Avril 2.

To Dana: I find my self like that too..when i go to the library i some times have to poop.

To Lucky Fella: I liked your experience.

To Caitlin: I liked your story..thats cool your b/f wrote your name in the snow.

To coyote: I liked your story.

To StarShine: Enjoyed your story

To jeremy: I liked your story about pooping for that girl.

There was something on tv last night on the Simpsons where they asked the grandfather if he had to poop..did any one see this? gotta go bye

Hi... I found this site by accident before christmas and have been reading the stories with great interest. It is really good to know that there are like minded people out there who can talk openly about a subject which is the most natural thing in the world, yet we humans are the only animals that get embarrased by it or are taught by elders that it is rude. I'm curious to know why though we find it so fascinating to watch poo coming out of someone elses bottom or watching wee flooding out of a girls vagina. Can anyone explain their fascination? I have been caught a few times sitting on the toilet and if i'm honest, i found it to be a sensual experience.

Quick Survey time...this will be easy, I promise!

1) What is the AVERAGE number of poops you do a day? I'm not talking about when you're sick or when your traveling or you're temporarily constipated or whatever. On a normal day when you are in average health, how often do you shit? My answer is one.

2) When you shit, what is the AVERAGE number of squares of tp you use? Again, I'm not talking about when you are sick with the runs or severely constipated. How many squares for a normal, average poop? I use about 30 squares.

3) When you wipe, do you ever reuse a portion of the paper you already wiped with? I admit I will do this sometime because it uses less paper.

4) What is the most number of days you have ever gone without pooping? Again, I'm not talking about periods where you were sick or traveling or you were on a weird 10-day starvation diet. I mean in the normal course of your life on average days where you are in normal health and eating a normal diet, what is the longest you have gone without pooping. My longest was about four days.

5) Last question (See, I told you it would be fast!) -- are you male or female?


Fil: i'm 14. thanks for the advice, but it only happened once (as yet-i hope it doesnt happen again...). i'll be more aware of my urinating from now on, so thanks for notifying me of such a disease.

PADERBORN, GERMANY - Overzealous zookeeper Friedrich Riesfeldt
fed his constipated elephant Stefan 22 doses of animal laxative
and more than a bushel of berries, figs, and prunes before the
plugged-up pachyderm finally let fly, and suffocated the keeper
under 200 pounds of poop! Investigators say that the ill-fated
Friedrich, 46, was attempting to give the ailing elephant an
olive-oil enema when the relieved beast unloaded on him like a
dump truck full of mud. "The sheer force of the elephant's
unexpected defecation knocked Mr. Riesfeldt to the ground, where
he struck his head on a rock and lay unconscious as the elephant
continued to evacuate his bowels on top of him," said
flabbergasted Paderborn police detective Erik Dern. "With no one
there to help him, he lay under all that dung for at least an
hour before a watchman came along, and during that time, the
keeper suffocated. It seems to be just one of those freak
accidents that happen."

Mark R - In answer to your question on page 1050 yes i do have a poo with my uniform on if i need to go. I usually slide my tights and pants down to just below my knees and hitch my uniform dress up just clear of my bottom before sitting down. Then i lean slightly forward while giving a little push, and without much effort my poo squeezes out my bottom before splashing into the water below. Most times while pushing i end up having a wee as well. Unfortunately due to the shape of my vagina i usually end up spraying my legs a little, but not when i squat down outside though. Funny that. After i have finished i wipe my bottom and vagina thoroughly before standing and pulling my pants back up.

Tuesday, January 08, 2003

Fluid, That is a very good hold time, but I have NEVER been outdone by a man as of yet when it comes to holding my pee. My bf, who can bench press over 300 pounds can barely make 8 hours without drinking heavily.

I am not saying that men can't have stronger bladders and I am not saying that they never out pee or out wait girls. I am guaging it by my own experience. I have been into this sort of thing for a long time and found that women for the most part have larger bladders and sphincter muscles.

Holdit man and John Q made similar observations. Holdit Man's New Years story is a prime example, though he did indicate that he lost only because he had to take a crap, and not because of bladder failure.

In my professional life as an RN, I have found that boys wet the bed more frequently then girls do, and the few male RN's who work where I work make 2 and sometimes 3 trips to the toilet for every 1 trip I and most of my female coworkers make. The doctors who are mostly male, will also visit the toilet more frequently then we do. We also have 3 female doctors on staff, and they also make significantly fewer trips to the bathroom then their male counter parts. The male doctors are allways 'screaming' at us to use the bathroom more often because of the health risk.

Now I will say that women do tend to be more suceptable to bladder and kidney infections, and I see this all the time. My girlfriend Angie had a bad infection about two years ago that resulted in a three day hospital stay and temperary incontenence. There are ways you can avoid that happening by eating the right foods, take vitimins and drink more citrus fruit juices. That makes your urine more acidic and decreases the danger of infection.

By the way, I do NOT advocate trying to hold your pee all the time. It can be dangerous and should only be done in such a way that it won't cause you damage. In fact, if you have to pee so bad that you are in physical pain, there is a real danger that the urine can back up through the uriters and into the kidneys which could be very serious if not deadly. In that case, it's better if you piss in your pants.

I was a little worried about those two women in Holdit Man's contest. It sounded to me like they were courting real trouble. Just a word of advice. I would eliminate all the cafeen in that contest, and it might not be a bad idea to begin it later in the day, like around 6 in the evening or so. At least wait until 4. That would give you a good 8 hours until midnight, and you would decrease the chances of people putting themselvs in harms way by trying to hold beyone their capacity.

When I do a hold, I usualy follow a criteria:

1. I drink nothing but bottled spring water.

2. I drink orange juice the night before so my bladder is relatively clear of bacteria.

3. I eat very little so my stomach won't squeez my bladder and I won't have to quit because of a need to take a dump.

4. Most importantly, I NEVER try to hold beyond the point when I start to feel pain or am doubled over. I was in that position last Halloween because of other circumstances, but I did not want kidney problems so I gave up on my attempt to break my own record.

Just for the record, my maximum hold time still stands at exactly 48 hours, but I drank only water, (less then I usualy drink on a normal day) and I ate nothing at all except for an apple.

I know of no man who has ever managed 48 hours.

hi all. it has been a while since i have posted. a few responses first

Megan: cool story. how old was the young man beside you? any more stories abouat when you were there? does your dad have chest hair?
any more stories about your brother pooping?

I can't remember everyone's name but there have been some cool stories here lately.

Now for some survey questions. Especially for younger guys.
1. how long do you take to shit?
2. how many times a day do you go?
3. what time of day do you most often go?
4. do you grunt an d groan or are you quiet?
5. do you have chest hair?

where is kevin and billy?

what ever happened to bobby the one who's dad seems to have big hard poops. i'd like to hear more about the hike. Have you started to have those kind of poops? he was 10.
bye for now. Happy toileting to all.

Fluid. Different people have different bladder capacities and I don't think it's something you can say is really gender related. I'm a guy with a fairly weak bladder and all the ladies I know can easily outlast me when it comes to holding. That's been my experience anyway. There are no doubt some guys who can outlast their wives, girlfriends etc but I'd say that it was very far from being the general rule. There is an important cultural difference in the way that men and women approach elimination though. Also women tend to have fewer natural opportunities to answer the call of nature than men and I think they're likelier to go to the toilet on a precautionary basis, ie go when they really don't need to, than men. This no doubt helps to feed the myth that they have weaker bladders when it 'ain't necessarily so.'




This message is for Bladder Girl. I've just read your posting here, and am not even sure how old it is. I know you said you wanted to hear from women only, but please don't shut me out based on gender. Ever since puberty, I have had a huge fascination with females holding their pee, either because they are caught in a situation where they must, or as a means of pleasure. Desperation is very much my thing, and I would love to hear from about your desperate experiences. I think there's a lot to share here, so please just give me a chance, and write me.

Thanks so much,
John. >>
Hi John,

I did go by that nickname when I first started posting here, but switched to StarShine recently. Just liked the 'StarShine' nickname a bit better. Anyways, sorry for shutting you out just because you are a male, I didn't mean to do that. Guess I am just still a bit shy about talking to guys about this yet.

I am also into desperation and the pleasure of letting go after holding for a long time. I have had 3 minute pee times during big time holds, which were unbelievably pleasureable. I know I would sigh as I finally got my relief. Over the past few months of holding and releasing, I have gotten my bladder stretched a bit more and able to really hold out for a long period of time. I love it.

When I visited my friend a month ago, and went to the Harry Potter movie that was 3 hours long, I did have to pee when I got in the theater, but totally could ignore it, and afterwards, when my friend and her friend went to pee, I just simply held it, and waited for them to come out. That day I had held it for almost 9 or 10 hours with no discomfort at all. Just a very ???? bulging bladder in my lower belly, to show that I needed to really go. I remember when we both got to her house, that I did wait even a bit more, til finally the urges were getting strong, and I had to go pee finally. Sitting there I felt like I peed for about 3 or 4 minutes. I kept my hand on my lower ???? and felt the bulge going down, which was amazing. God how I felt so
very relieved after that release.

Right now, I have been holding for over 17 hours now, believe it or not. The last time I peed was 4am this morning, and now it is 9:14pm in the evening, and I am just now really feeling the urges hit stronger, but still able to hold very easily. I didn't drink much all day, so that accounts for the long holding, but have had some coffee and sprite this evening, and going for some water soon, so that will indeed speed things along. I am really into wetting while sitting here at my computer, not a lot, but little spurts and feeling the wetness around my bottom, then when I can wait no longer I go pee either into my toilet, or get undressed and pee in the tub, then get my hot shower afterwards. I can really pee good standing up, with little help from my fingers. I have a very powerful stream, and so I can just push my hips and pelvis out, let the pressure build up and then release forcefully. The stream goes out in front of me pretty well, and as long as I bear down a ! bit on my bladder, the stream stays nice and steady. I do get a bit of dribble at the end sometimes, but that is hard to avoid, since I am a woman after all. :)

I have always been fascinated with the bladder and how the kidneys work, ever since I was a little girl. I used to check out books from the library to read up on it more, and remember sometimes while reading about the biology of it, getting nice little stirrings around my lower regions, and I think it was then that my desperation fun and wetting had its beginnings. I used to pee through my panties into the toilet sometimes, to see how it felt, but had to be careful not to do it too much, since I didn't want to get caught. But now, since I am a grown woman, I do my own laundry, and can wet as much as I want. I love it. I do it rarely though, since I have to be in the mood for it to be pleasurable. Sometimes it's only 3 or 4 times a month, or if I am really feeling frisky, I will do it every other night. All depends.
Wow, my lower ???? is really bulging and hard now, and feels so good. Can't wait to enjoy some fun later tonight, when I get some alone time. Time to get the water and start filling up more! ;)

I will write about my adventures later tonight when I get the chance.

~~* StarShine ~~*

<<StarShine- Thanks for your detailed answer to my question! Although I never held my poops as a kid I sure had some hard times getting them out. One more question. Did your mother make a fuss about it? My mother would insist that I try to have a BM EVERY morning before play. Often as not she would sit in the bathroom with me and demand that I "bear down" hard. If I didn't got after three days I usually got an enema in the deal. What, if anything, did you mother do to get you to poop? Thanks, --JW >>
Hi JW,

No, my Mom didn't make a big fuss about it at all. She didn't worry at all about my bathroom habits to be honest. But my grandmother was one to worry about me a lot when I hadn't had a BM in 2 or 3 days when I was a little girl. She is the type to just come out and ask about things of that nature, which was a bit embarrassing. When I would say I was having a difficult time of it, she would give me lots of fruit and also milk, which of course REALLY makes me have to go, since I am a bit lactose intolerant. At that time though my grandmother didn't know that about the effect milk has on me. I never got an enema when I was constipated as a child, thankfully, just fed fruit and fiber and milk, til I finally would go have a movement. But they still would be difficult and sometimes painful. Thankfully I don't have that problem anymore since becoming an adult. I have the nicest movements now, but lately some of them have been a bit looser than I like, but still, I'd ra! ther have that, than hard and painful movements that are difficult to push out.

Right now, I am REALLY feeling my ???? gurgling and bowels filling up, so I know I will be having a big movement very soon. I can tell it is going to be a very loose one again. <sighs> I am also holding my bladder pretty strongly, as it is filling up a lot too, so I am soon going to be holding back both 'systems' with all I have. That takes a lot of energy, so I will probably be giving in really soon. I wanted to hold my bladder out a longer time, so I could have a nice long release later tonight, but with my bowels being a bit cranky, I don't think I will get to wait much longer. Once I release my bowels, my bladder releases too, of course. Can't hold back my bladder when my bowels are releasing, it is impossible for me.

~~* StarShine ~~*

Meghan(Sarah S's sis)
Hi Everyone!
I wanted to write something myself. Sarah is back at work, poor girl(hehe). Yesterday afternoon she came home, threw down her purse, and rushed into the parlour loo. I heard a great explosion of soft poo and she was groaning something fierce. I crept in to see if I could help. She was bent over and another blast came out. It really stunk in there. She said she had eaten lunch at a mexican restaurant. Well, she paid for it. She grunted and grunted. Finally a big piece plopped out and into the bowl. I handed her some tissue and she wiped and wiped. When she got up and we looked into the bowl she nearly got sick because it really did look awful. She had several more episodes. I couldn't help her cuz I still can't get around that well. Oh yes, I am constipated. With Sari having the runs and I being stopped up, it was an entertaining evening.
KENDAL, ANDREW, ELEANOR, and ELLEN: Hi there! Both of us are sorry that you had the runs during Christmas and New Years. It is good to have family to watch and help, isn't it. Also, we still miss granddad and are a bit weepy but we will survive. I want you to know,KENDAL, that you and Andrew are with me cyberly in the loo and I know you are helping. I still can't turn around and wipe my bum so either Sari or my roomate has to do it. Take care! Lots of Lovexxxx from Meg(and Sari)
I have to rush so my love goes to: Ina-hi sweetie, Rizzo-a big hug, Steve and Louise, Damsel, Tim and Sarah, Todd and Diana, PV-hi gal!, LindaGS, Jane and Gary, and the rest of the posters. There are so many wonderful new members here. We really do enjoy reading the stories!!


Potty Pooper
Joanna said, "I think that this is kind of weird but i stand up to poop!"

Could you be more specific about that? How exactly do you go about pooping standing up? Lay
newspaper down on the bathroom floor? Stand straddling the toilet bowl? Stand with your legs
right up against the front of the toilet bowl, and stooped down a little bit?

What, what, what?

I've read some of the posts about women being better at holding it than men. This is not true. My gues is that most girls who can outwait guys are used to waiting because they 1) like holding it
2) dislike public bathroms, so they get desperate a lot.

I am a guy, and I have out held girls on many occasions. I can easily last at least a five hour road trip, drinking included, and my personal best in time is 14 hours...none of that was sleeping.

Girls can try to reduce the amount of times that they get desperate by:

1) Squatting over a public toilet if they think it's too dirty (P.S. dirty toilets are not guys faults...we don't go in your bathrooms)
2) Give up the coffee addiction
3) Learn to ask for bathrooms. If you have a normal sized bladder, you should only need to go once per trip. No one will critisize this. Also, people who routinely go 10 hours without peeing...don't think this is normal...the normal waiting time as around 6 hours. Don't tell everyone else that they are small bladdered if they can't keep up with you.


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