Hey everyone!

I am new to this site, I found it the other night and read some posts. Today I have a story that I can tell though. Anyway I am 17 female strawberry blond hair to my shoulders, blue eyes and a nice body. Anyway I went to a supercross race in Anahim, Califonia with my bf. On the way there we stopped at taco bell, well the taco bell didn't go well with my stomach. Well I told him that I had to go to the bathroom. He said okay I will wait right here, I told him that it was okay I was going to take a shit and it is going to take me a little bit. He said alright call me when you are done. Well he and his friend we were with went to the pits, that's where he told me they were going. Anyway I went into the bathroom and took an empty stall. I had to cover the seat becuase it was not very clean. There was skid marks on the bowl and a strong oder of shit, but I had to go. I sat down and just let it rip. It was total diareah. Knowing that I was far from done I sa! t back to realax and read the program I bought. Well I shit out wave after wave every five minutes or so. After about 20 min I called my bf and told him that I would just meet him at our seats. The race was 45min from starting and I figured I would need all that time. It comes to find out that I did, even longer I missed the firts two heats. It took me 9 wipes to get clean. Anyway in about that hour and a half that I sat on the toilet I couted 19 chicks take shits, more probably did but I could only see feet and hear stuff from the couple stalls next to me. Of the 45505 people that were there I bet at least 100 women and 100 men took shits in public during this event. That is massive just think of how much tp was used. Anyway this post is quite long. Take Care

To Breanna: Thats good you got your toilet to flush.

To tony: Cool experience seeing that guy on the toilet.

To Punk Rock Girl: Cool story about peeing outside..think any one saw you?

To StarShine & Uncle Allen: I'm in the east and i think theres a virus going around here too....went to see family on new years half of them have i hope i don't get far i feel ok.

To Luke: I loved your story..were you able to finish the test? and what was your poop like? hard? soft loose runny?

To Traveling Guy: Talking about a good dump...i could go for one haven't had any good latly..mine have been all soft and chunky

To Dianna: Sounds like a good dump..what did you eat that was green?

To Freddy Boy: Thats cool you and your g/f are that close and she holds you and you guys wipe each other.

To Potty Pooper: I liked your story about messing your pants as a kid..did you get in trouble?

To jim: I liked your peeing story..and your pooping accident too.

To Eric in Chicago: Thats it was funny..i liked your pooping story. Thats cool about pooping outside and knowing a little leager had pooped

To super soaker: Im glad your like my stories..thats really cool, i liked your stories too especially about you and your cousins peeing and pooping in your bathing suits...did your grandparents find out?

To Zip: I liked your story about being at macy's cool

To JamesR: I liked your pooping story..thats cool your cousin brought you some toilet paper..have you seen him on the toilet before?

To wetguy: i see about the porto potty

To Buzzy: sounds like a nice after christmas dump.

To John Q Public: I liked your story..does your g/f feel better now? and do you feel relived now?

To Lucky Fella: Loved your story

To nick: I liked your story..what happens if you don't have to poop?

I had another pooping dream last night..i dreamed that i went out to eat and we get to the restaurant and my stomach felt funny and i had to poop...My dad was in front of me and he went to the bathrooms, i usally don't like going when hes in there but this time i followed i walk in and theres some sinks and urinals and in the back there were 2 stalls then 2 urinals then 2 more stalls. I took a stall next to the urinals and there were some kids in there and a girl too. I sat down and i was really pushing think i let some hard balls out, i was gonna show the guys what i did then i woke was a cool dream..well gotta go bye

Traveling Guy
PUNK ROCK GIRL - Hey, you really peed in a NYC alleyway? You do indeed rock, girl! Two questions for you: during a NYC visit two years ago, I had to pee while walking around Washington Sq. Park. (That's in Greenwich Village for the non-New Yorkers). The park's public restroom was cleaner than expected, but the toilet row, in a room just off the urinals and open to full view, had no partitions. It was completely open, like a military barracks. A couple of guys were taking a crap, but I didn't care nor stare - not my thing. I suppose this openness is done to combat crime, which is understandable. So, my Qs: is this arrangement common in many NYC public park facilities? Do the women's rooms also lack partitions? Or do they have partitions but no doors, or what? Thanks.

BRYIAN - Nope, no one walked in on me because I used the lock. But just imagine someone not knowing the light was burned out in there, coming in and seeing me on the can, which was directly in front of the door. LOL! Sort of like a "haunted castle" gag. Yep, I flushed afterwards. My log was semi-soft, so it probably left big skid marks.

All, in yesterday's Rose Parade from California, there was an entry called "Bathtub Races." It consisted of 5 or 6 mini-floats, all showing kids or cartoonish characters playing in the tub, except for one - it had a boy sitting on the pot, but with his pants up. The toilet was very realistic looking. Just one more sign that we're lightening up and starting to laugh in public at what comes naturally.

Hello all, hope everyone had a good Holiday. Like I have said before I studied abroad and have some good stories from it. At one point during the trip we were camping and only had one little shed type privy which was really just a hole in the ground with cement walls. It was far away from our tents so at night if we just had to pee we would just go right outside the tents. It was mostly girls on the trip and many times I heard girls get up in the night (including my tent mates) and pee. It was very quiet at night (I have insomnia so I was awake alot during the night) and I would hear them moving around then the hiss of pee coming out of them, then once a puddle formed on the ground I would hear splashing on the ground. I don't think anyone pooped otuside the tents, we would have seen it in the morning anyway and that person would probably get in trouble.

One other memorable pee story was when I was about 15. I was in a big drug store with my parents and while they were looking around I was in the area with beauty products and makeup. I heard a little girl (about 6 or a little younger) telling her mom she needed to go to the bathroom, but her mom asked if she could wait a little and the girl said yes. Not even 5 minutes later a heard a peeing sound and looked over. The girl had stood up on the base of the makeup display wall, squatted down and was just pissing right threw her sweat pants. The cashier at the counter saw the little girl and got her mother. The little girl just kept peeing until she was finished and then when her mom saw her she said "I told you I had to go to the bathroom" The mom had to clean it up with paper towels that the cashier gave her. more quick story...I don't want to write them all but now that I start writing they keep coming to me. It's another pee one. I took dance when I was 6 and the class I was in was for girls 4-6. One day when we were practicing for our recital a really small girls (she must have been only 4) just stood still and started to pee through her little dance leotard. I remember my teacher lookign over and saying "Huh oh! its tinkle time" and she just waited until the girl was done peeing and took her to the bathroom. There was a HUGE puddle ont he floor, a lot of pee for such a little girl! The teacher's assistant got some paper towels and put them on the pee and move them around with her foot, she was grossed out by it.

Ok gang...I have tons of other stories which I will start posting!

hi im new and my names adam and ive always been interested in shit and i remember just today that i had to shit really bad. i had eaten 3 pounds of food at a buffet and i was at Lowes and it came so i went into the bathroom and both stalls were being used so i asked if the guy in the 1 stall could hurry up and he said no so i just crawled under and he shared with me i was in there for 2 hours and it was huge.
i also remember 3 days ago i was outside and i had to go really bad and so i pulled down my pants and before i went i fell into the snow ass first holy shit it was cold then i got back up and shit for about an hour im 21 and live alone reply back!!

Yes, I use a wash cloth when showing...

1) Do you use the wash cloth to clean your butt hole? If so, do you then use that wash cloth on the rest of your body?
->No, I do it the other way around. i.e. I wash my body first & then my bum.

3) Regardless of whether or not you use a wash cloth -- when you clean your butt hole in the bath or shower, how often do you clean out poop pieces that you missed when wiping?
->It happens occasionally, but only after I've had a poop in the toilet just before taking a shower.
When I know I'm going to take a shower after some potty time, I'm usually not too thorough wiping up since I know I'll do a much better job in the shower.

To the 21 year old male:
It's uncommon, but it's anything but impossible to poop in your sleep. Your girlfriend could have passing gastrointestinal problem... Some medications, some illegal drugs & excessive alcohol can illicit BM's while you sleep... Especially stressful dreams can lead to one... It can even be a neurological problem - i.e. an epileptic seizure.


Older guy
Iwas shown this site by an very old school friend back in the summer after a school reunion. We went to school in the 1950's. Things were different then and you were never - not in our area allowed to the toilet during class which meant that most of us had at least one accident each term - usually more. At the reunion we laughed about this a lot. Also we never changed our underpants each day like we do now - most of us wore them for at least 3 or 4 or even 7 days so you can imagine what they were like at change time. Everyone used to have yellow and brown stains in profusion and later lots of stiff yellow ones as well. Most of the accidents - wet ones at least were late in the afternoon as that was the longest without a break so we often went home with wet pants. In those days as well we mostly wore baggy white boxers and tucked our shirts down inside them so often our shirts had more skid marks than or pants! I grew to enjoy wetting myself and also good dumps - I hav! e plenty of experience of public ones - when I moved into briefs it was a real rsult - no need to clutch my bum anylonger.

Irish guy and Daruis - poo pants and Adam - keep up the stories and I will give my full history lesson in due course.

To jim - I liked your story about Disney World. You definitely had a lot of accidents on the trip!

To super soaker - I'm 17/m ands I loved your story about time at the beach! I always pee in my suit at the beach, even if I'm not already wet. I dont consider it to be a big deal at all. I have never crapped my pants on purpose at the beach b/c it's too messy to clean up right away, whereas pee just dries and I'm done with it. The only time I crapped my pants in a bathing suit was by accident on a desperate run back to the condo room - i've posted that story before. Glad you like my stories - I'd love to hear some of yours!

Nothing much to say tonight, other than the above replies. Maybe I'll have something tomorrow night!


I am a male and the other day i was in a shopping center and in the male washroom there is no stalls.Just a whole bunch of toilets lined up in a row.So i was in there going for a poop.And there were like 10 people all around me pooping.SO all you can here when you go in the room is "UHGGGGG!GRRRRUUNNNTTTT!crackle-crackle!PLOP!!SPLASH!!"
and i was watching the people around me and i was watching the poop come shooting out of their hole.It was fastinating cause some were firm,some were soft and this one guy had diarreah.It was nasty cause you could hear his poop falling into the toilet and it sounded like a fawcett of milky poop.And then my poop was normal sized and fairly firm.

I was online alot yesterday...I ate lunch then i ate dinner too soon and so i ate too much. I felt so bloated and i was very gassy and farting alot. I knew I'd have to poop before bed. I turned this off and i had an urge and i walked upstairs towards my room and i decided to start pushing and poop my self. I was pushing, i felt it poking out but i waited for the big push when i was in the bathroom. I instantly had a buldge in my pjs and boxers. Then i decided to sit in it for a few minutes. Then i started to clean up. I scooped the poop out of my boxers with my hand. Then i stripped naked, had poop in my boxers, on the back of my pjs and on my sock. I put my one sock and boxers in the sink with soapy water. I Then wiped my was very messy cause the poop was very soft. After i cleaned up i flushed twice and to get my pjs clean i took a little bit of soapy water on the area where the poop was. Then once i got ever thing cleaned up i hung it to dry and now know one coul! d tell i pooped in my pants. I don't think i'll do that for a while cause it was messy...well gotta run have a nice weekend!

I am interested in other guys shitting experiences, especially the constipated ones, as I am frequently that way. I notice that when I am constipated and sitting on the toilet pushing and grunting the farting sounds are really great. I fart a lot when I am plugged up and there is a wide range of sounds. It often starts with a long hissssssss. Then I push kind of hard to get things started and there is a kind of chirp. A little more pushing may bring an explosive Brrack. Then silence. As I feel the little balls moving down the shoot I a poooot, poot, pooooot, followed by a cannon ball which goes plop. I rock and grunt, bend forward and grab my knees, then sit up straight and fart and eject another cannon ball. Then the irregular rythmn starts.... ththt, plop,plop....plop, pft,....thththt, Brraut, plip,plip,plop,plop. And so on,till I have laid a bunch of little chocolate eggs. Then I feel relieved. I am hoping to have that experience this morning because I really need! to crap. It has been three days.

Guys, I would like to know if you ever experince this.


This is a cool site. I've always wanted there to be something like this where people could just go and be open about something most people are so repressed about. I love the poop stories so keep them coming. I'm a 17 year old female, short black hair, kinda thin and not real tall. I was out with two friends today. One of the girls I did't know as well because I had only known her a short while. Anyway we were out for a while and I startred to get feel like I needed to poo so I said I was gonna go to the bathroom. The girl I din't know as well said she needed to go to. So we went to this one restroom that wasn't crowded and took adjacent stalls. We both peed for a bit and that was all she needed to do so she flushed and went to wash her hands. My poop started to come out - a long turd that felt really good coming out. She finished washing her hands and she says 'hey are you done yet?' and I'm say 'no just give me a couple minutes and i'll be done.' Right then my poop breaks o! ff and falls into the toilet - splash! She says 'oh, you're doing THAT. Ew. I guess I'll just wait for you then.' I say 'Well, I gotta crap.' She says 'OK whatever.' I finish pooping and the rest of the day was rather uneventful but I still find this rather strange. Me and my other friends never had any problem going infront of each other and I found it rather offensive that she just assumed I only needed to pee and was disgusted when I pooped. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else?

Joanna, please explain how thast works...

Mark BB
One time in college I spent the night at my friend's apartment after a party. I drank a lot of beer, and it always gives me the shits a few hours later. So around 7:00 in the morning, I awoke to a rumbling stomach and cramping in my intestines. I scrambled to my feet and stumbled to the bathroom. I heard the shower going. I leaned in and yelled "hurry up, I have to go!" I heard a female voice say, "if you really have to go, come on in." I was too desperate to turn that offer down.

I went in and saw that the shower curtain was not see-through. I pulled my jeans and boxers down just past my butt and sat down. I thought maybe I could be quiet about it, so I sprayed some air freshener to try and cover the smell, and relaxed my ass muscles. Once I did that, the floodgates opened! A stream of chunky diarrhea blew out of my ass with a single loud fart. The girl in the shower (who turned out to be one of my friends) yanked back the curtain and peeked outside. When she saw me on the toilet she said, "Oh my God!" and shut the curtain again.

"You didn't say you were taking a shit!" she yelled at me. I said, "I'm sorry, I was about to crap my pants." She said, "I would have gotten out if you'd told me." I said sorry again and went about my business. She said, "Tell me when you're done so I can get out." I said in another minute. I pushed out some more mushy shit and wiped my ass. Without thinking I flushed the toilet. I heard her yell, "OW!" I said, "Oh, shit, I'm sorry!" She said, "Just get out of here!"

I went out and washed my hands in the kitchen sink, started some coffee then walked down the street to Dunkin Donuts and got some donuts for everyone. By the time I got back, she was in her clothes and drying her hair. She said, "Sorry I yelled at you. I was just surprised." I said, "Sorry I surprised you."

We ate donuts together and that little bonding experience led to us starting to go out on a few dates, and we're still together!

Jon Keines
I have a story to share...

About 6 years ago when I was 16, I was shopping at a Kohl's store. Usually in the floor plan of the stores, the restrooms are hidden from public view on the second floor. I was downstairs, and I suddenly had to take a huge no. 2. I wouldn't have made it to the restrooms, and the shit would've probably bled through my pants for everyone to see as I was going up the escalator.

I thought I would quickly improvise. I grabbed whatever I could find, which was a pair of jeans that were six sizes too large and 4 inches too long in length, a box of bikini underwear (since I was near the underwear section), and a 3-pack of Dockers socks. With this stuff, I casually played it off as I was going to try the clothes on in the changing room, which was empty. I went into the cornermost stall, bent over the bench, and let out a stream of liquid dung. Afterwards, I opened the pack of socks and wiped my ass with them. Then, I covered the mess with the jeans, and got the f out of the store laughing my ass off.

Needless to say, I've never gone back to that store. I would hate to be the person who discovered the shit-laden clothing and the splattered pile of shit.

I have a 40 year old who pisses in his bed and pants and poops in his pants and bed HELP!

Stl Susan
Hi all! Spent New Years at a friends in the country and found their bathroom use practice very interesting. Since their out in the country on a well, they try to convsere water at all times. So in their bathroom, they have a sign over the toilet stating to all users, NOT TO FLUSH! For New Years Eve, there was 7 of us that spent the night. I can't tell you how many nicely formed poops i got to see over the 2 days. It turned out that after every 3 to 4 toilet uses, they would go in, inspect to see if it was full enough, then flush the pees and poops down the drain. A few folks spoke opening about this practice but no one thought it was too crazy. What a great idea for others to try too!

In the summer we went on a trip to Europe. My parents, brother 12, and my sister 10, and me 15 all went. We stayed at one hotel where we had no private bathrooms. My family is very open minded when it comes to bodily functions and nudity around each other, but it is not too often we see another nude person. Since we already had gotten the room we stayed. The rooms themselves were really nice. We got to the hotel at around five oíclock in the evening just to bring our stuff and go for supper later. We went to our room and put down our stuff, and I was the only one who needed to go for a pee. I went to the bathroom by myself to pee before we went for supper. The bathroom was on the main floor, I felt pretty weird when I got in at first, there were about 7 toilets, and a shower room was further back. I only stayed in the main room where all the toilets, sinks and urinals were. I walked over to a free toilet between two naked people who were likely to go for a shower. I saw the ! toilet was really clean, so I lifted up my skirt, pulled down my panty hose, and then bent over and slowly sat on the toilet. I had a nice pee, it was pretty loud, I guess the toilet was different because all my pee splashed into the water which it usually doesnít. When I was done I took a piece of toilet paper, spread my legs and wiped my vagina. I then flushed the toilet, stood up, bent down to lift up my panty hose and lifted them up under my skirt. I washed my hands and we went for supper.
When we came back, around nine oíclock, my family wanted to go for a shower. We had seen plenty of people walking topless in the hall, so we went to our room, took off our clothes and underwear and swung a towel around our waist to walk through the hall. We walked down to the bathroom and my dad and my brother went for a poop right away. The grabbed a toilet and my mom, sister and I went to the shower room. There were two shower heads free, so we went there with three people. We hung up our towels and noticed some girls squatting and peeing over the drain. So we all squatted and peed, the pee ran nicely down the drain among our feet. We all had a shower and my mom helped my sister a bit with washing her hair. In the meantime, my father and brother took a different shower and showered there. My mom and I helped dry off my sister and then quickly dried ourselves. My whole family was done at the same time, mainly because my dad and brother donít have as much hair to wash. M! y mom and sister had a poop while we went back to our room and put on our nightgowns. I didnít really need to poop yet, so I waited a while. At around eleven oíclock I went back to the bathroom, I had taken off my nightie in our room because I didnít want to have it touching the toilet. I didnít think any one would be in the halls but there actually where, some looked a little surprised at me but I didnít care. In the bathroom there were several people on the toilets. I had a seat on the toilet and had a good poop. I was again pretty loud and a little stinky. Suprisingly, the toilet I had taken had no more paper. When I was done pooping and peeing, I had to stand up and borrow paper from someone else, so I stood up and walked to the young man beside me. I asked if I could borrow some paper, he didnít mind so I pulled a good piece of his roll and went back to my toilet. I didnít bother sitting back down, so I spread my knees and wiped my vagina. I threw the piece in the toile! t and bent over forward, and wiped my bum three times. This really made everybody look, I donít know why, but whatever. I washed my hands and went back to our room. In the halls, just the night desk attendant gave me a funny look. Back in our room, I put on my nightie and went to sleep.
This was a really cool experience, I really liked doing my business in a public bathroom. It was fun to try something new. It was also cool to see all the tourists from all over the world because they are all so different.

joe d
punk rock girl-- i enjoi your posts.. but why the name? are u really a punk rock girl or just thought it would be a cool name? there is a song by the band the dead milkmen called punk rock girl you should check it out see if it fits you.
please write back
joe d


This message is for Bladder Girl. I've just read your posting here, and am not even sure how old it is. I know you said you wanted to hear from women only, but please don't shut me out based on gender. Ever since puberty, I have had a huge fascination with females holding their pee, either because they are caught in a situation where they must, or as a means of pleasure. Desperation is very much my thing, and I would love to hear from about your desperate experiences. I think there's a lot to share here, so please just give me a chance, and write me.

Thanks so much,

For those of us who like to know about movies with the content discussed in this forum, here are a couple of sightings.

First is "See the Sea", shown on cable television in December on the Sundance Channel. A repeat sometime in the future is highly likely, so its something to watch for. It has a scene showing panties around a woman's feet, then being pulled up to show a toilet and the turds she has just deposited. She leaves the bathroom and does not flush. Later when a second woman comes to use the toilet she discovers the load left by her guest. She expresses disgust and flushes the toilet. Then she lifts her skirt, lowers her panties and sits on the toilet several seconds with a good full side/front view of her. By her facial expression, it could be concluded that she is there to #1 or #2, or both. We don't get to find out for sure before the scene changes, but either senario can be imagined.

A second cable movie is "Bongwater", now showing on Starz and The Movie Channel. It has a scene where a girl and a male friend are hiking, and she says,"f??? it, I'm going to do it. I'm going to shit in the woods." The man says, "Go for it." She then starts clearing a space and undoing her shorts. While she squats she is discovered by a second man who is a friend to her hiking companion. She continues to squat while the men greet each other. We don't get to see any actual shit in this movie as in the first one, but with her announcement and the dipiction of her squatting, we know what's going on. Two other scenes occur where a woman announces she has to pee and goes to the bathroom, but unfortunately without visual follow up.

as she walked in to the bathroom. next thing I heard was her loudly put the seat down and then , she pulled down her purple corduroy " Chic" jeans she was wearing and her little panties , then quickly sit down on the toilet seat to urinate. again, this was one of those standard models of toilets which are round in the front and the water filled the entire bowl all the way up to just under the rim, so that even a woman can't help but to urinate into the water and make a loud " tinkling" noise when she sits and pees. and with those paper thin walls and doors it could make the pee shy [ including myself at times ] even more shy; as anyone within two rooms away could hear your urine hitting the bowl water, especially if you're a guy ! anyway, she started to pee and I could hear this hissy sounding stream of pee hitting the toilet bowl water and even though this time I did not time her, ! I could hear it tinkle loudly into the water for about maybe 25 sounded like this big,wide, twisty ribbon of female pee spraying into the water like a gusher. then I think she had either stopped for a few seconds , or her stream sort of sprayed toward the front,back, or side of the bowl and hit the china-white colored porcelain which dulled the tinkling sound for about 5 seconds. suddenly I could hear some more urine tinkling into the water again like it was hitting toward the center of the bowl straight down into the water and that continued for about maybe another 15 seconds and then stopped.I was trying to imagine what this twisty ribbon of yellow pee must've looked like as she released it from her urinary opening; and in my mind saw it mixing with the clear water and wondered if it was producing little foamy bubbles on the water's surface or not. then, after she had eliminated most of her pee; she finished up with an abrupt little squirt or two which! sounded like a small dribble as it hit the toilet water. each one probally lasted about 2-3 seconds each,and those made this " splashy spill--ooop", pause, "spill--ooop" sound sort of like a guy does when he's about finished. then I heard her quickly grab the toilet paper and proceed to wipe her vulva, pull up her panties and cords, snap them shut, zipper up; and flush the toilet bowl. then she washed her hands, unlocked the door, and came out with this smirky -looking smile on her face as if she was afraid or ashamed of the fact that women too, have to urinate, but were taught that it was " not very lady-like" when they are around the opposite sex, by their mothers. I am going to say it probally took her about 53 seconds for all her urine to come out because I think I can remember hearing this sort of hissy sound of her pee stream hitting the porcelain a bit before it straightened out and resumed hitting the water some more. I would have loved to see her performance tho! ugh, but her and I never really got that close , not even to the point of kissing and we saw each other for two years.

super soaker
Hello everyone-

The snowstorm today (01/03/03) has caused major traffic jams. I'm sure many people have had accidents in their cars. Or many people have yellowed the snow.

Anyways, I have always had accidents, due to my unwillingness and "inconvenience" of toilet-training. I have always been very intelligent; everyone says that I am the smartest kid in the grade. However, I have been "slow" in toilet training. I wasn't "toilet-trained" until I was 4, but I have had hundreds of accidents since, mainly out of laziness of having to go to the bathroom. I wore diapers until I was 2, then I wore Pull Ups until I was 4. The Pull Ups had the stars that disappear when you wet them, but I didn't care about the stars. I just used them like diapers; I figured that since they look like diapers, feel like diapers, and perform the same job as diapers, that they were another type of diaper.

Today, I will tell some stories from when I was three and four. The earliest bathroom incident I remember (very vividly) was when I was three. I was in my living room, sitting on the couch, looking at a book. The book was on the coffee table, so I was leaning forward to "read" it. My parents were watching TV in the family room, the next room over, but they couldn't see me. I had a pull-up on under my pants when I felt the urge to poop. By this time, I could control my sphincters, but instead of telling my parents that I needed to poop, I paused my reading and pushed it out into my pull-up. At the same time, I wet the pull-up. To this day, I remember the feeling of the poop lifting me off the couch as I pushed it out. It was a firm load, so when I finished, I was sitting on top of the load and it didn't squish down. Soon after, my parents came in the room and told me that it was my bedtime. My mom asked rhetorically, "Did you poop your pants?" My dad picked me up and carr! ied me upstairs, into my bedroom, and put me on the changing table for me to be changed.

Starting on my fourth birthday for 2 years, my parents implemented a calendar system for tracking my pees and poops into the toilet. I used small stickers to mark my pees, and large stickers to mark my poops. The calendars had large boxes so I could fit all the stickers. The stickers were kept in the bathroom drawer near the door, while the calendars were on a hook on the bathroom door. I just looked at the calendars a couple of minutes ago as a reminder while I am writing this post. They are still on the bathroom door, except they are turned inward so the backs of the calendars are facing the hall. At first, I pooped only once a week, often leading to constipation. The longest I was constipated was 13 days. After the help of a glycerin suppository, the "plug" came out. It took 15 minutes, and it really hurt. I started becoming more "regular", so by my sixth birthday, I pooped every three to four days. However, until I was five, I wet the bed every night. Sometimes, I po! oped while I was asleep as well. After I turned four, I got to stop wearing the pull-ups.

Like other preschoolers, I liked to draw. Instead of drawing at a table, I used my kitchen floor as the hard surface to draw on (of course I didn't draw on the floor itself :-) ). If I had the urge to poop, and my mom wasn't around, I would often lay on my stomach and sort of "hump" the floor to make the urge go away. If the urge was really bad and I didn't have to pee, I would sometimes poop my pants. (By this time, I wore normal briefs.) If I had to pee, I would use the toilet. However, I still had many accidents, some of which I will get to in my next post because this post is getting fairly long.

The wierdest men's room I ever saw was at a restaurant in Toronto. The urinals consisted of a tough about 8 ft wide but - instead of a simple backsplash, it had an area about 8 ft deep with various "target" including whirlygigs and things you could make spin by hitting it with your stream. Damndest thing I ever saw. Looked like a little shooting gallery.

One of the unique things about men's rooms is the sometimes hilarious grafitti on the walls. Once in the grout between the tiles over the urinals someone wrote "please don't eat the big white mints".

Another time somebody had written "Jesus is the answer". In a different ink under it was "What was the question?". Third ink color underneath that said "Who was Matty Alou's brother?".

Anyone else see clever grafitti?

I saw a rerun of Spin City and they told a scat joke. Someone asked "What's the german word for constipation?". Michael J Fox thought a minute, then said "Fahrfrompoopen?"

Well, needless to say, I passed that exam. But, the doody was terrible. I had diarreah for three days. I'm not going to be eating pancakes for a LOOOONG time. Anybody else ever call it doody?

How does everyone clean their anus in the shower or bath? Do you use a washcloth or fingers or what?

Well, needless to say, I passed that exam. But, the doody was terrible. I had diarreah for three days. I'm not going to be eating pancakes for a LOOOONG time. Anybody else ever call it doody?

I have a daughter and she ie 7 years old and i was driving her back from the library.Then she shreeked"MOMMY!!I GOTTA GO TO THE WASHROOM REALLY BAD!"i asked her if she needed to go for a poop or a pee.Then she replied"A POOP!BUT HURRY I REALLY CAN'T HOLD IT MUCH LONGER!IT'S GOING TO BE A HUGE ONE!"so i sped around the corner and tried to find a bathroom at the near by park.then i found one.we went in it was kind of dirty and there were no stalls just 5 toilets lined up in a row.She said"Mommy!i gotta go! hurry take off my pants and underwear!!"so i pulled them off and hung them on the wall of the washroom.I plopped her on the toilet.then i watched her. and i heard"PPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRTTTTTTTT!"as she let out a massive juicy fart.She gave me an emmbarrassed look,because at home we never poop infront of each other.I said"it's ok honey!everybody farts and poops.we are the only ones in here so you just push away all you want."she said ok and started to grunt really loudly.the! n out came another really wet but juicy long fart,fallowed by a nice long loud grunt and a HUGE brown log.I asked her if i could see what she had done so far so i lifted her up and looked.IT WAS THE BIGGEST LOG I HAD EVER SEEN! i said comly"Oh honey!you must be done!" and she said "not even close mommy!" and then let out another HUGE stinky fart fallowed by some wet poops.SHe pushed and grunted for about 10 minutes with a couple loud farts.Just as she was letting out one of the loudest farts so far, another woman walked in and plopped herself down on the toilet beside us.but we could see her cause there were no stalls just toilets. and the woman went for a huge poop aswell.Then my daughter let out some farts and a couple more thing but stinky wet brown logs.I asked her "are you done?" and she said "Not yet mommy i have to moore poops to do!"She looked at the lady beside us and said to her"Are you going for a Big poop too?" and the lady said "Well yes.I have been at the park ! with some kids for a while, and i had the urge to poop.But i held it for about an hour,but i couldn't hold it any longer,so i came in here.And out it's coming!OH!excuse me while i pass some gas!" and then we heard "PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTT!" and then we heard a splash.My daughter ,Lizzie,giggled."Lizzie keep pushing!" i said to her.SO she went back to farting and grunting for about another 20minutes.Then some watery poop came gushing out of her butt.I t was diarreah!!!The lady beside us was still pushing and farting away.But then she heard my daughter's diarreah and looked disguisted."I'm done moomy!"so we cleaned her up and wen we left, the lady beside us was still pooping!I was so pround of little Lizzie going for such a HUGE poop.I took her out for ice cream after that.

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