the "HOLD IT" man
Gues what, folks. My damn computer crashed and I was down for the count through most of the holidays. It's gonna take me some time to to catch up on the latest, but I thought I would respond to a few ppl and share my holiday adventures with all of you.

First to Joanna. That is wierd, but it also happens more often then you might think. There have been 3 ocassions that I had to take a standing-up shit, which I'll get into at a later time, but I agree. It does feel wierd.

Punk Rock, that was a great pee story. I have read most of your posts about your BMs. I enjoyed them, though I am more of a pee fan myself. I am interested in hearing more of your peeing escapades of you have more to share. I am also interest in your opinion on the issue as to whether men or women have stronger bladders. Based on personal experience and many of the stories I read on this forum, especialy those of Katrina and Louise, I am enclined to think that women are better endowed.

John Q. that was very interesting, because a very similar peeing situation happened at my house. On New Years Eve, I hosted one of the biggest, knock-down-drag-out-every-thing-goes-(pardon the pun)peeing contests ever. This involved 15 people, so I won't have enough space to list all the results. Among the contestants were myself, my cousen, a guy I met through another web site who is into peeing, several women who he knew, and a few friends of my cousen as well. All total, there were two men and 13 women.

The conditions of the contest were as follows. In order to make things interesting, everyone pitched in 200 bucks. The reason for the money is because we wanted there to be a very strong motovation to win. With 3 grand in the pot, there was plenty of motovation to win.

The rules:

1. Everyong had to wait until the stroke of midnight, or not only did they automaticaly get disqualified, but they strip totalk naked in front of everyone for the rest of the evening.

2. This was the hard part. The liquids of choice, which everyone had to drink without exception, was diet Mountain Dew, and every 2 hours, everyone had to take a No Doz cafiene tablet.

3. The bathroom door was to be opened at all times. I even removed it from it's hinges for this contest.

The contest began at exactly 10 that morning and GUESS WHO LOST. ME!! Why? Because like an idiot, I ate Breakfast at McDonalds, and ended up having to take a huge domp, ended up being the very first to have to trapes around naked infront of all my guests. This happened at around 11:30. Anpother attack of the shits happened to a wrather attractive 35ish woman at around 2:30. The funny thing is that she didn't even feel an urge to pee, but because of the thunderous shit she took, ended up spewing out Niagra Falls. It took 3 flushes to get rid of her load. At least I was no longer the only naked person in the house. The third person who ended up naked was the other guy who was there. He only was able to hold out until 3:00 pm, and he started to piss his pants. To make a long story short, about 12 of us ended up naked before 10 that evening. It ended up being a contest between a very attractive 40-year-old Mexican woman, a very beautiful 20ish Black woman, and a ! much taller then average Japanese woman(about 56 or 57) who was also quite good looking.

All three of them made it to Midnight, but the question was, who was going to walk off with the money. Well the 40-year-old also experienced a slight bladder failure in her pants, and ended up making toilet after jumping around all over the place. She ran into the bathroom with her hand on her crotch. The piss just shot out of her as she was pulling down her panties. When she finaly did get seated on the toilet, there was piss all over the rim of the bath tub, wall, flush box and floor. She sat there and spewed violently into the toilet non stop for over 2 minutes. I mean it was the hardest and fastest moving piss stream I ever saw or heard. I fealt sorry for her. After she finished, she cleaned up her accident and flushed the toilet. The other two girls were jumping, dancing, moaning and clentching as hard as they could. Suddenly the young Black woman doubled over as though some one had punched her in the stomach. She started for the bathroom doubled over and! barely able to walk, but she still hung on. She got her panties down, and sat on the toilet. Leaning forward, she matched the mexican for speed and hardness which I thought was never going to stop. She peed non stop, but she was also crying because she came so close to winning the money. The Japanese women was realy in agony at this moment, and the sound of the other girls SSSSSSSSSS probably got to her. She was on the verge of having an accident, yelling "HURRY UP!! HURRY UUUUUUPPPPP" I felt bad for her, and told her to piss in the bath tub. Figuring she had already won the monay, (because she had) she ran into the bathroom while the other girl was still almost taking off like a rocket from her piss stream, got in the tub. Then she put on foot on each side of the tub, squated, leaned forward a l ittle, and shot an ultra high pressure piss that went straight as a rocket onto the bottom of the tub. It sounded like somebody was spraying the but with a pressure hos! e it was so hard. She even complained that it was so hard that it was stinging her as it came out, but it still fealt so good. All the time this was going on, the other girl was just starting to finish up her piss. The toilet was all foamed up , but the piss was not very yellow.

We all could not believe our eyes or ears as the final contest continued to spew an ocean of clear piss into the tub, and the gurgling sound the drain made as it went down. One of the guests even noticed a slight bulge in the girls abdoman where her bladder is, and how it got smaller as she emptied herself out. She had been peeing for quite a while already, but I didn't keep time because I lost track with two of them pissing. I ended up having to take a leak. Her piss continued through out the entire duration of my piss which was not very long this time. When she finaly did finish, she was rubbing her abdoman and letting out her final squirts which had taperd off in intensity by then. As everyone cheered, my cousen handed her the money. "Nest year that money is mine" exclaimed the young 2nd placer.

After that, the party ended. Because of all the cafene, I doubt anyone got any sleep. I wonder if any of them ended up having to pee when they got home from my house.

hi all happy christmas and new year

for some reason at the momment i really enjoy standing in the shower naked and peeing i dont no why i like doing it i just do i want to do it in my panties but i havent worked up the courage to yet dose any one else have the same feelings

hope to hear from you all soon *jen*

I was sitting on the toilet at home today taking a shit. It was a harder than usual one so I was just taking my time and letting it coming out slowly since I don't really have anywhere to be till tomorow.It felt good - the turd slowly inching its way out my ass. I was thinking about why since I'm a girl people often seem to beleive that I just don't poop. It's something I enjoy doing and really turns me on and I wish more people were open about it. It's embarassing thoug when someone looks down on you for doing what comes natural which has happened to me many times before. Oh well, not that big of a deal. By the way when I was done I had crapped out one 8" turd, a 4" one and several smaller peices. Happy pooping to all.

I have a story to share...

About 6 years ago when I was 16, I was shopping at a Kohl's store. Usually in the floor plan of the stores, the restrooms are hidden from public view on the second floor. I was downstairs, and I suddenly had to take a huge no. 2. I wouldn't have made it to the restrooms, and the shit would've probably bled through my pants for everyone to see as I was going up the escalator.

I thought I would quickly improvise. I grabbed whatever I could find, which was a pair of jeans that were six sizes too large and 4 inches too long in length, a box of bikini underwear (since I was near the underwear section), and a 3-pack of Dockers socks. With this stuff, I casually played it off as I was going to try the clothes on in the changing room, which was empty. I went into the cornermost stall, bent over the bench, and let out a stream of liquid dung. Afterwards, I opened the pack of socks and wiped my ass with them. Then, I covered the mess with the jeans, and got the f out of the store laughing my ass off.

Needless to say, I've never gone back to that store. I would hate to be the person who discovered the shit-laden clothing and the splattered pile of shit.

joe f.
hey!!! when other guys poop do u all put your penis between your legs and put your thighs togehter or do you seperate yo legs far apart? i useally pull my pants down to my knees and put my penis down so i cant see it? do other giys do this or do u spread your really far. please write back i would really like to know. thanx

I just thought I'd start a little survey of everyone here to post the male AND felmale celebrity(or celebrities) that you would most like to see pee/crap themselves. And no, I'm not gay for suggesting that guys also select a guy celebrity - i'm just interested in finding out what everyone thinks for BOTH genders. Here are mine (i'll give 3 for each).....

female - Britney Spears, Anna Kournikova, Jennifer Lopez
male - Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Aaron Carter

Please give yours and/or comment on mine. Thanks!


hey guys,

I have a question,

Whenever I go to Barnes an Noble bookstore, I always have to poop. What is it about new books?

punk Rock girl-Hey! Loved your story! I have had many experinces like that in my life but, lets not get into that right now. Anyway, I was wondering if you had anymore peeing stories like that???

Mark R
To Buzzy
post some stories about your nurse friends poos please ie how she sits pushes farts etc sound effects

Bob (Northern California)
It's been a long time since I've posted, but I'm back. A couple of posters on this site have mentioned the movie "Two Weeks Notice", and Sandra Bullock having to go to the bathroom. In that scene, is there several seconds when you can hear her moaning, or is it just a brief scene? I heard that otherwise, it's not a great movie, but that could just be from the movie reviewer's point of view. I might try to catch the matinee next week, or rent it when it comes out on video. But someone let me know how long the scene is!

I really wish on this site we could at least leave our email address so interested people could contact each other, but I'll abide by the rules. I thought of a crazy idea like starting a "Greater S.F. Bay Area Outdoor Pooing Club", where the members could go hiking together where there aren't many (if any) public facilities. Obviously, this group of people would have to act mature and respect people's privacy, or things wouldn't work right. I don't know, this is just an idea. I also thought of this other crazy idea where local T.V. stations could have "Pay-Per-Poo"!! You know, like wrestling and boxing have "Pay-Per-View", people could be paid to poo, and anyone with the money and the time could pay to watch!! I'm sure this idea has been thought of before!!

Back to reality, we just got through the busy holiday season at our retail establishment with the number of customers having to use our facilities go way up during late November and all of December. Remarkably, the restrooms stayed very clean despite all the foot traffic, so my hat's off to the customers who went above and beyond the "call of duty" (no pun intended) to help keep the bathrooms clean during this busy time!! Had to stock toilet paper often, but things remained under control. A few customers looked like they were in desperate need, but they made it 99.9999999% of the time! And it's a lllllooonnnnggggg walk to our bathrooms from the parking lot!! Well, got to go to work. Talk to You Later - Bob (Northern CA)

Potty Pooper
Well, I posted about how, when I was small, I used to get gooseflesh when I really really pooped,
and then a day or two after I posted that, I have a strong, firm BM... and, lo and behold, I get
gooseflesh! This time it was nowhere near as dramatic-feeling as the ones I had when I was a young
child, though. It's pretty clear it only happens when the starting log is big, firm, and comes out
really slow.

Mind you, when I was a child, it's possible I felt it alot more strongly simply because I was that
much smaller, or whatever. Someone suggested this gooseflesh-thing might have happened because, as
a child, one's nervous system and wiring system isn't as developed as they will be when older. I
can believe that. One time, when I was maybe four or five, I had tried to wink, having seen other
boys and girls do it, but no matter HOW hard I tried to make them do otherwise, BOTH my eyelids
closed! I tried it again and again, but no matter HOW hard I wanted to, I just could NOT get only
ONE set of eyelids to close while keeping the other open.

But, then, someone else here stated that they frequently get gooseflesh while pooping, as an adult,
so I guess that wasn't it. Mind you, it DOES seem strange that I've not felt this sensation since I
was a child... until last night. I guess it only happens with a slow, push-at-it, firm poop.

Oh well, maybe this time I only noticed it because I remembered having posted about it, and was this
time specifically LOOKING for it, otherwise it probably would have remained below my sense-threshhold.

As for this thing about how doing a doodoo makes the pee come out, or doing a pee makes the doodoo
come out... oddly enough, with me the opposite seems to be true. I have almost never had a case
where, when I started to doodoo, I couldn't help but pee. For me. the two seem to be completely
independant of each other. The times that I've peed while doing a doodoo, it has always been a
case where, partway through the movement, I could sense there was pee ready to come out, and so I
let it come out, and at that, alot of the time I have to MAKE the pee come out.

There HAVE been times when I was straining at stool, and it made the pee spurt a bit... but that's

There was ONE time when I went to pee, and found that I'd started to doodoo at the same time, and
hadn't particularly noticed a need to doodoo before it. Fortunately, I wasn't at a public urinal
at the time, or standing at the toilet with my pants up, rather, I was at home, standing in the
tub-shower, about to take a shower, and had decided to pee first... when as I started to pee, I
felt a dense, largish "marble" pushing out of my butthole. I held the doodoo, and kept on peeing,
which only marginally slowed the pee coming out. I reached back, plucked loose the little turd,
and found it to be about the size of the end of my thumb, and while it was a solid turd, it did
leave a brown film on my fingertips. I reached out of the tub-stall and dropped the turd into
the toilet, right there next to the tub.

(Incidentally, this was maybe 10 years ago. I was in my late 20s at this point.)

Ordinarily, under these circumstanced, I'd have gone ahead and let the poop come, while standing
there in the shower pissing, simply to see what it was like to pee and poop at the same time, but
I was getting ready for an appointment to have my picture taken with my folks, and didn't think I
had time to clean myself and the tub up after doing a dump in there... so I simply peed the full
pee and had my shower.

I figured I'd best wait until later to do the dump, since it might take too long, since sometimes
it takes me awhile to wipe myself after I do a dump... but then I realised the need might get
insistent by the time it came time for our pictures... and anyway, since I was taking a shower, I
didn't NEED to wipe! So I interrupted my shower long enough to take a quick doodoo, and then
restarted the shower.

The more I thought about it, though, the more I wished I'd gone ahead and done both bodily functions
when they'd both got started at the same time, to see what it was like.

Well, for some period after this, I tried to ARRANGE it so I had to do both at the same time. On some
day when I could feel a need to poop building up, I'd hold it all day, waiting for the need to get major,
and at the same time drink lots and lots of water all day, trying to get myself up to the point where I
really had to pee. Then, when both urges were strongest, I'd go stand naked in the tub-shower, ready for
it to commense.

I did this sort of thing several times, and yet... and this is REALLY strange... every time, and I mean
EVERY time, I'd feel ONE need really ramping up, while at the SAME time I'd feel the OTHER need dropping
back off again! It was as if ONE need was pushing the OTHER need out of the way! I'd get it all the way
up to the point where I felt like I was about pee myself, or where I was about to crap myself, but I just
couldn't get both needs to reach their peak at the same moment!

I'd feel the poop wanting to come, and try to hold the poop until I could feel the pee wanting to come,
but by the time I could feel the need to pee ramping up, the need to poop had gone away, and when the need
to pee started feeling urgent, there was no feel at all that I had to poop!

I even tried squeesing my abdomen, trying to bring on the urge to poop again, while I was really feeling
the need to pee, or try squeezing against my bladder, trying to induce the need to pee, while I was really
feeling the need to poop.

No go!

I finally just had to give it up, and do one and then the other. I even tried straining at pee while pooping,
or straining at stool while peeing. Didn't do any good.

One time, I got especially persistent about drinking lots and lots and LOTS of water one lazy Sunday afternoon,
when I could feel a need to poop building up over the day's passage. That particular day, our church was doing
a Christmas play, or some other such thing, in place of the evening service. Those are somewhat shorter than
the service usually is. Usually, Sunday evening church went from 7pm to maybe 9pm or later. The church play
(actually, this time it was more of a musical presentation, really) usually are an hour or so, if that, so we'd
be home fairly quickly afterwards.

Well, I went to the presentation with my folks, and got the whole way through it without incident, but by now I
really needed to pee. When it ended, and we were preparing to head home... well, it wasn't yet urgent, but as I
headed for the car, I started to get worried. It wouldn't take us more than ten minutes to get home, but what
would happen if the need to pee started to get urgent before we got all the way home? I figured I could *probably*
get all the way there without incident, but... what if?

At the same time, the need to doodoo was getting up there, but wasn't really major.

Well, I decided not to take any chances, so I went to the church restroom, stood before a urinal and started emptying
my bladder into it. While the pee shot out fairly slowly but steadily, almost as if there was a constriction in my
member, or as if the tube had shrunk, I think it must have gone on for three or four minutes. I *didn't* feel the
poop start trying to come when I started to pee, though, or through the whole time I peed.

A little while after I got home, I did a big doodoo. At least I think it was a big doodoo, my memory of this is hazy.
I DO remember sitting there, regretting that I'd had to pee at the church, instead of waiting till I got home, because,
with all that pee in there, I could then have waited until I felt ready to poopoo, and then tried to get started peeing,
or more likely, waited until I really had to pee, perhaps waited till the I could feel pee start trying to come, then
held myself... squeezed my member to stop it coming, and then royally strained at stool till I got THAT started coming.

With all that pee in there, I figure I could PROBABLY have gotten both needs going at the same time.

Even for years later, I never did have both needs reach their peaks at the same time, both *always* tended to act
mutually exclusive. I think there was only ONE other time, in fairly recent years actually, where it happened that I
started to pee and poop at the same moment. That time, I wasn't in a situation to take advantage of it, though. Wasn't
all readied to take a shower, or anything.

Oh well, can't win for losing I guess... :-)

Great Teacher Umikun

It must be fun playing "Torpedo Drop" in the toilet. BOMBS AWAY!!!! :-D

Anyway, how do you manage that? Do you bend over? And how do you deal with the upsplash from deploying your depth charges?

joe d
tv fans-- on the drew carey show tonite there were alot of scenes in the bathroom.. i think it was called golden boy..there you go

Hello Everyone! I have been lurking at this site for quite some time now but I have finally decided to post. I have enjoyed all aspects of peeing since I was a young girl. By the way, I am a 21 year old female. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I'm about 5'1". Anyways...I decided to post one of my recent occurences today and a story from my past.

About a month ago, me and my boyfriend went on a weekend road trip to go skiing. We decided to split up the driving. On the way to the ski lodge, I was driving and my bf told me to stop because he desperately needed to pee. He had been squirming for a while and now I knew why.WE pulled over and he jumped out of the car. He must have been freezing cuz it was snowing outside. He pulled out his penis and almost began peeing when I opened the car door. He knows that I like to watch him and he yelled over that if I wanted to watch I better run because he was about to start. I ran over and told him to write my name in the snow. He finished up to about halfway to the 2nd "i" in my name. He had nothing left. I told him I'd finish the job for him and I wrote the"i" and the "n". It's hard since i'm a girl but i got it done. With a few more uneventful pee stops, we made it to the ski lodge and had a great weekend. On our way home, we decided to stop at a rest stop for some dinner. ! It was about 9 o' clock when we pulled into the rest stop. Right before we got out we saw another couple pull up in their car with a young boy who looked about 5. The boy got out and held his crotch while bouncing up and down next to the car. We decided to stay in the car to see what was about to happen. The parents also got out, and the mother looked liek she hadn't peed in a while, and the father looked quite uncomfertable himself. The mother hobbled over to her son and told him to go pee with daddy. The father took his son's hand and moved them to the front of the car while the mom stayed on the passenger side outside the door. The mother immediatley dropped her pants and began to pee with what looked like great pleasure. The father and son both had unzipped their pants and were peeing in the direction of our car. The young boy was spraying his pee all over the place, and the father's knees buckled when he released his pee from pleasure. When the father finally finished,! the mother was still going. He helped his son zip up and the mother finally finished her stream. They went inside and bought some snacks and what looked like soome rather large drinks and got back in the car. Right before they pulled out, the young boy got out of the car and peed again for about another 30 secs. because he obviously was cut off short by his dad.
After they left, both me and my bf ahd to pee as well, we were contemplating where to go, when we decided on the picnic benches in front of our car. I sat on the end of the table and lowered my pants and peed off the side of the table, while my bf peed on the bench. He helped wipe me and then we went inside and bought our dinner. It may seem somewhat unimportant to you but my bf and i enjoyed all those little things we get to do, especially where pee is involved.

Anyways, about my story frm when i was younger. I was always somewhat of a tomboy. I didn'y have any friends that were girls, only boys. We made a club in my backyard where i was like the "leader". Everyday, i would line up the boys and watch each and everyone of them pee. They thought it was fun, and i enjoyed it as well....i must go but i will have more stories.


supersoaker: yes that was in hartland all right, you guessed it. and the plow truck was coming down the road and unlike in the summer-fall spring when theres no snow, there is no safe place to pull off unless you have the big ol' 4x4 to get you unstuck out of the snowbanks. anyway, on that road no one was coming at the time, it was this small rural dirt road off of route 20 . I have another one about this summer when my GF and I were still together and we were hiking near there in that forest on the metacomet trail [ I think ] and i had to piss. and so, I unzipped and pissed right in front of her on the trail and let out the biggest gusher which cascaded about maybe 8 feet and was about a 1/4 inch wide . I pissed for about 1-1/2 minutes and she just stood there with that guilty pleasure look on her face and sheepish grin and watched and said " oh jeez" like the chrissles was known to do :) anyway, after I was finished I had asked her if she could smell anything [ cause I s ure could]and what it smelled like and she said, " sort of like a balsam smell, it has, in a way." yeah, I think I had opened up her mind a lot for the good catholic girl she was. I guess that was because as she said, " since you have never been married, you probally never got the chance to see a women urinate in the toilet bowl, but when you are living with someone of the opposite sex, it's second nature" . to freddy boy: I love that part about how your wife holds it for you and aims it too. one night while over my girlfriends house I asked her to do this and she said, " oh no, I couldn't and shook her head. finally, after asking her again and again, " please sweetheart?" she agreed and said " I don't know if I can do this , I never even did that for jeff"[ her late husband who died young at 44 when she was 37]. " oh jeez, I'll try" so i put her hand on my penis and let her hold it and showed her how to aim it correctly and she held it and grinned " as I urinated into the t! oilet water and she smiled her sheepish grin as she stood and stared at the bubbles form on the water surface as the urine mixed with the water. afterwards she said, " this is definitely a first , I never even done this with jeff" as i could see that it blew her mind for sure ! later on she allowed me to watch her " go to the the ladies room" [ her words for a woman urinating LOL ] and she first pulled down her black slacks and her white undies , then sat down on the toilet seat to urinate. I had her open her legs and sit sort of back so I could see . all of a sudden I could see this stream of urine at first, thin and in about two short sprays make a tinkling noise as they hit the water and sort of went sideways; then another straight twizzle about 1/4 inch wide and strong like a funnel out from her snatch as it hit the water loudly tinkling making little swirls in the bowl water. then her stream broke into like two sprays and ran down the length of her vulva toward th! e back, then straight out and down into the water, and finally a few quick spurts and she was finished and took the toilet paper and wiped herself. I asked her to let me see what it looked like, and it was yellow but had no foam at all and just two little piss swirls real small in the water toward the front. then she flushed and was all done. I always used to joke with her about her name, " chris" and said " chrissles , chrissles, how I love to watch her pissles" . she replied " pissles ! how cute, pissles " I said , " there goes that diet root beer you just drank three hours ago" and she just laughed. I bet her priest NEVER told her about that ! LOL

Kerry Anne. Hi! I enjoyed your post. It's not surprising that you ended up having a major poo accident though. Holding it for upwards of 6 hours would test the control abilities of anyone, especially if they needed to go badly for most of that time which I suspect you did. Had you been for a motion the previous day or hadn't you been for a few days?

Dianne. If you spent 45 minutes on the loo you must have needed to do a fair amount. It sounds as though you were well backed up.

Vicky. Hope you got to a toilet alright. There shouldn't be any restrictions on you going to the loo either at home or college though and I'm concerned that you've had those sort of restrictions imposed on you. Is there a sympathetic tutor or counsellor you could discuss the problem with? As for freqency, three bowel movements a day are perfectly normal if that's what you're used to. Some people go for #2 several times a day whilst others only go every two or three days or even once a week. So long as it's normal and comfortable for you, that's all that matters.

Steve & Louise. You'll be interested to know that I had my first wee of the New year at 12.12am on New Year's Day. It felt great.

Happy New Year everyone!


Hello everyone,

Just remembering some bad incidents from times past. Thought I would share them tonight, since I am up anyway thanks to cramps from my period. :(

There was one time when I had eaten at a fast food restaurant, this was a few years ago. The restaurant will remain nameless, but I should say their name, since they caused me 2 weeks of total misery. Well, anyway, I ate a roast beef sandwich with some 'special sauce' on it, and some fries, and a drink. It all tasted wonderful, and I ate everything I had ordered. I got home, and still felt fine that evening. Well, I got to bed, and just about fell to sleep when my stomach woke me up with such pain, and was gurgling loudly, and I felt instantly nauseous. You know, that REALLY bad feeling that SOMETHING is about to happen? Ugh! Aweful! I just about made it out of bed and into my bathroom when I totally lost my dinner into the toilet. I threw up for what seemed like hours, and thought my insides were coming up. I was so miserable that I was almost near fainting. Finally it eased up, and then suddenly I felt my bowels fill up, and knew I would have to turn around and! sit down right away. I just about got sitting down, when the diarrhea began, and it was aweful. It just poured out of me like water, and I was again feeling nauseous, so I had to put a bucket in front of me, just in case I threw up some more. Ever have that happen? Getting sick both ways at the same time? It's aweful! This was ridiculous, and actually scared me for a time. I felt like I was dying slowly. Yea, it was THAT bad. That went on all night, and I never really left the bathroom for long, fearing that I'd never make it back in time. I knew this had to be food poisoning, and didn't know if I should go to the hospital or just ride it out. I decided to do the latter, being that I am pretty stubborn when it comes to going to doctors or hospitals anyway. Well, the next day had the same scenerio of throwing up and the intense diarrhea. I was just drinking water, which was all I could handle, since I knew I needed to stay hydrated. This went on for 2 weeks, but as! the days progressed, the bathroom visits became less and less. But the diarrhea just kept up, and I thought my bowels would never get back to normal. I was praying for a normal bowel movement. I know I cried many times. Slowly I began to come out of it, and was very weak though, and my lower stomach totally ached completely. Each time I tried to eat some food, an hour or two later it flowed out of me like water, but the throwing up stopped, thankfully. Finally after the 2 weeks, my movements became more solid, and finally got back to normal by later on in the 3rd week. Needless to say that I NEVER went back to that fast food restaurant ever again!! I should have sued them for almost killing me! But they would have wanted proof it was their food that caused my food poisoning, so I am not sure if I could have proven that. Not sure how to go about that. But I didn't care. I was just glad I was getting better, and survived one of THE worst 2 weeks of my life.

~~* StarShine ~~*

Hi all, I am new to posting here. Interesting reading some of the posts, some funny, some tragic. Anyhoo, I do have a story to share. This happened to me a few years ago when I lived in the Northeast U.S. It was February and some freinds and I were coming back from a show at the civc center when we stopped for dinner. The place was pretty clean and an all around nice place to eat at so I did not give it a second thought, this was a Sunday night by the way. By Monday night I was starting to feel anxious in my stomach (not real sick, just a little odd). All that night I could not sleep well, tossing and turning,just not gettin' comfortable. I think I finally nodded off about 3am or so and woke up with the clock at 6. I got up feeling not too good but not a hopeless case either with the urge to go potty. I got up, went to the bathroom, dropped my pants and sat down. Without hardly trying, a steady amount of soft poo started coming out of my bottom, this lasted for about 5 mi! nutes. I sat and waited for the usuall big fart I could feel building up. When it came out it was not a fart but a big release of soft poo. I thought to myself, oh boy I'm in for it now, feels like I'm starting with diarrhea. I cleaned up, took a shower and all the other normal morning stuff to get ready for work. I was feeling better so I thought that eating something on the way back Sunday did'nt sit well. I went to work feeling fine but that soon started to degrade as the day wore on. For the next couple of days I had a mild case of the runs on and off. Kind of weird, I'd feel fine then all of a sudden I'd feel the rumble and the pressure and go to the restroom. I'd sit down and sure enough, a steady stream of diarrhea for about 5 to 10 minutes. By Thursday morning it seemed that what my body was trying so hard to fight off was getting stronger and my body was getting tired of it. Being busy at my office, I was too hard headed to take a day off or two to rest. Upon going ! to the post office Thursday morning to mail a package, I was waiting in line when I started with that familiar feeling! Oh great, this is no place to be for this! Luckily, I managed to hold it until I got back to my office. Once inside,I went straight to the rest room. Luckily this restroom was away from the busy part of the building so I could make noise and not be embarrased by it. After I finished this time, I went home. Upon returning home, I got out of my car and walked up the driveway just as another cramp hit. I could not hold back a fart and soon felt that slippery feeling between my cheeks that I had not felt since I was a little kid. I went inside, got to the bathroom just intime to let loose with some of the worst diarrhea I have had in years!! It felt like I was peeing from the wrong hole (not too graphic I hope). That was it, I stayed home for the rest of the week, watching TV, tring to sleep and having to take a major dump every couple of hours. By Sunday after! noon I was recovering and by Monday I felt brand new again (just in time to go back to work). I found out later that a stomach bug was going around and was not what I had ate at all and that I would have to let it take its course anyway. Funny thing, when you get that sick, you feel like a million bucks when its gone. Makes you appreciate good health when you have it. Ah well, hope this story wasn't too long for ya. Good health to everyone and I'll post again soon.

Hi glad one or two of you liked one of my childhood stories
I,ve a few more when I can remember them to those that asked
did I poop for her ? yes I did .it was about a week or so later as a
matter of fact just before we started back at school I remember my mum took me to get a new school uniform so I was wearing the old one well just the shirt pullover and grey shortpants the blazer was getting a bit tight hence the new uniform. I went to the same place as my friend did
she said I need a wee, so we went over to the tree,s she pulled up her navy blue skirt and white panties down and did her wee which made a puddle on the ground ,are you going to do one i said no but I nearly said I need a poo ,I felt a bit embarresed about it but thought well she did it in front of me last week,and I havent done it in front of anyone
for a long time since I was about five so I unbuttoned my shorts
she asked are you gonna do a poo? I nodded and pulled my shorts down
a little I tried to pull them down as far as she pulled her panties down last week ,I squatted down with my back to the tree as I did so my penis flipped up over my waistband of my underwear ,it was getting a little bit hard at the time Idon,t think I knew why but it just did sometimes ,she giggled and said i can see your thingy I nearly fell over but managed to stay squatted I thought this won,t take long I didn,t really want her to see me straining and grunting so I tried to do it slowly and let it come out by itself but I needed to strain really hard to get it started I felt my hole open up and my poo slowly coming out it was a bit hard at first ,and I stopped to catch a breath when she said keep doing it it,s on it,s way it,s a big one I grunted
nnnghhh ahhh then it came out really easy and I kept straining all the way till it touched the ground and curled up in a pile it must have been about six inches all together I felt quite relieved after that,
she said see if you can do some more I grunted nnnnghh aahh but nothing came out ,you must be finished did it hurt your bum no I said but I was glad it was all over ,since then I,ve done many poo,s in thing,s and once or twice while I was up a tree and numerous times in my shortpants

Sunday, January 05, 2003

desperate to poop
oooh that girl has left a big skid mark/pooh in her knickers.

Happy new year to everyone and good pooping. We went to Glasgow and it was wicked. Mind you it made for some interesting pooping. Two stories.
Firstly new years eve my girlfriend and I went to a big do in a car park. There were loads there and of course the toilets were porta-loos. There was 30 of them on one end and another 10 down the side. The queues weren't too bad but I still saw a few pee and possibly poo dances. The cubicle I went in wasn't very clever. But then the sign said recommended only 10 uses in a 40 hour week! There was a big poo smell and a bit of poo round the rim. There was also a tampon in there.
Luckily I only had to pee as it was a tad cold. My girlfriend (i'm a girl too) Had to poo though. She said her's was disgusting but she just added to the load and didnt even try to flush.

Coming back we stopped off at a service station and the queue for the ladies was very long. two coach parties had stopped also. This time we both wanted a poo. Thankfully we made it inbetween the two parties so didn't have to wait ages. still it was long enough for me! I crashed my but down on the seat when i got in and let rip a resounding paaaaaaaaaaaaaarpppppppp followed by some hot soft serve. The lady next to me was also pooping but not the runs. It sounded like a big log was coming out. Mind you she had told me in the queue there's a big un ready to drop. I did notice a few pee/poop dances in the queue.

When I came out I took my time washing and watched the queue. There were a few who were looking very desperate and one was hunched over clutching her stomach/bum. I didn't witness any accidents though. My G/F took ages. She can really drop a big one when she needs to. I overheard a few comments like "That girl in the end is taking forever!"

StarShine- Thanks for your detailed answer to my question! Although I never held my poops as a kid I sure had some hard times getting them out. One more question. Did your mother make a fuss about it? My mother would insist that I try to have a BM EVERY morning before play. Often as not she would sit in the bathroom with me and demand that I "bear down" hard. If I didn't got after three days I usually got an enema in the deal. What, if anything, did you mother do to get you to poop? Thanks, --JW

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