Hiya. I'm psting a few replies but I don't have any stories to tell right now. TO Bryian-I'll be moving on the 3rd of January but I figured out how to get my toilet to flush. Apparently my toilet has a plastic cord that attaches to the flush handle instead of a chain. So I just stick my hand in my toilet tank and pull the cord and away it goes
TO Infantry SPC-Yes I have pooped and I have yet to get my toilet fixed. I just relieved myself and then pulled the cord to flush it. Unfortunately it was a rather uneventful poop-one solid piece,dark brown,probably about 5 to 6 inches long and maybe 3 inches around. A clean wipe too-nothing on the paper. As far as skidmarks go-I leave them pretty often in my own toilet. I haven't shit in a public bathroom in years and I usually go maybe every 2 or 3 days-I fart alot beforehand. My bowel movements are usually pretty average-I hardly ever do anything impressive. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with my extremely petite frame or what. TO The Smelly Panda-Thank you for the compliment-I don't have any poop stories right now. My bowels have been pretty stubborn for the past few days. But I will definitely let you know if anything interesting comes out. *wink* To the rest of you-Happy New Year! I love this forum-I have a major fecal fetish and have only been comfortable with it for the past few months. I enjoy reading the stories,I only wish we were allowed to contact each other. But I can certainly understand that precautions need to be taken. Ugh anyway it's almost 5 AM and I need to get in the bed. Bye!

I think that this is kind of weird but i stand up to poop!

yesterday coming back from a trip for the holidays we stopped in a rest stop to rest.. and i went to the bathroom just having to go number one.. but i could hear a man going at it in the stall.. he was dropping bombs on nagasaki.. he would let out a big whooo then hee then whoooooooooo oh and over.. i could see him cuz there was no door. he was in his mid 40s and had his pants around his ankels with his knees very very far apart with his feet touching. he had brown socks and was just letting them rip. i felt bad for him becausese he was going in public infront of a line of people.. but he looked relived and it was just a fun experience..

Punk Rock Girl
I peed outside this morning. I was walking to my subway station and immediately regretted not peeing while I was still in my apartment. I was getting desperate, and with every step I took, it felt more and more like I was going to wet my pants.

There's this alleyway about halfway between my apartment and the subway station that is relatively clean and well lit for an alley. The street was mercifully unpopulated by commuters (I think half of New York took two weeks off), so I darted down the alley behind some trash cans.

I fumbled with my zipper, and yanked my pants and thong down past my butt and squatted. I peed for about a minute, keeping my legs spread so as not to get my feet splashed (luckily, I had squatted over a puddle, so splashing was kept to a minimum). It was such a great relief, although by the time I was done my buns and thighs were freezing! As I stood, I bumped my bare butt into the brick wall, which was all wet and mossy. Yuck! I pulled up my thong and my jeans and walked back out to the sidewalk.

I was ready to drop my pants and piss in front of everyone! That would have been better than peeing my pants. Luckily, I had a little bit of privacy. I would not have done it at night, though.



Joanna - Do u stand up to poop?? i was wondering do u pull your pantyhose (tights) down to your knees when u poop or do you pull them down to your ankles, isnt there a danger of poop falling into your pantyhose and panties when you stand!!?? thats if u wear pantyhose ofcourse.

<<Uncle Allen
Hello And Happy New Year to all! I am just getting over some kind of stomach virus I had for a few days. I cannot believe How bad it was. I had some throwing up and the worst diarrhea I have ever had in my life Iwas about to go to the hospital because it was so bad. I must have gone pure liquid diarrhea at least every 30 mins. for 2 and a half days. I even had a few accidents becasue Iwas so weak I could barely make it to the bathroom i'll post more another time as I want o rest as much as posssible now. Take care all >>
Hi there!

Wow that sounds like a really bad few days, and sorry you had to endure that! I hope you are feeling better now. I know that feeling of being that ill, believe me. I have a story that I will share later on about a bad food poisoning I went through a few years ago, but wanted to reply to your posting first. I have heard on the news that there is an aweful stomach virus going around the Mid-West right now, and that hospitals are becoming overwhelmed with people coming in with vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pains. They say that they can't do much for those that have this virus, that it just has to run its course.

If you live in the Mid-West, you may just have gotten this aweful virus. You have all the symptoms. They said that it takes about a week to run its course, but leaves you totally weak for a couple weeks after. So please take care and drink plenty of liquids. It's not anything dangerous or life threatening in any way, just totally annoying and miserable to go through. I have yet to hear where it came from.

I have had some very loose movements and diarrhea the past couple days, along with some stomach aches, which worried me, since I never move my bowels that often and thought maybe I had caught this stomach virus. But I realized why it happened now, since I started my period tonight, and in lots of pain with cramps. My bowels always loosen up when I am having PMS and then when I start my period. Seems my womanly cycle upsets my ???? and bowels a bit when I hit PMS and then have my period. Totally sucks. I should be fine in a few days and back to my old self once my period ends.

Take good care of yourself Allen, and get as much rest as possible, and drink those fluids!

~~* StarShine ~~*

Ray fan ---
I dont think Sandra said the word shit, It was more implied, she may have only used the word "bathroom" or phrase "..having to GO"

Carlotta, yeah i do stick my finger up by butt hole, it kinda feels good too(u should try it!)

I was in a final exam last week at my college and man do I regret eating pancakes for breakfast at McDonald's every day for a month. During the quiet test, my stomach was grumbling and does anyone ever get a girgle from like the top of their butt that is just uncontrollable and not forseeable? DUDE!! It's embarrassing! It stopped for two minutes and so I got up. As I got out the door and nobody in the class could see, I had to hold my ass so none of the shit would come out. I ran to the bathroom where there was another dude from the class takin' a shit. I came in and said, "Jimmy, you sound sick man." He said the tests give him diarreah. I told him me too as I sat down and let out a huge fart. We both laughed in relief about it. But, man it smelled like a party at the zoo. Pancakes make me have to go.


Do u like wearing tights (pantyhose), have youy ever pooped in your pntyhose before by accident??


So sounds liek you enjoyed poopig your panties cos u said it felt so good, have u considered pooping your panties again on purpose, i can assure you it will feeljust as good. Why dont u try pooping into yourpantyhose, thats if you wear pantyhose??

To Kerri Anne: I liked your accident story

To Season of Joy: Sounds like you had fun peeing outside

To Katie: That sounds cool what your B/F dared you to do

To Punk Rock Girl: Thats cool about your brother..does he know about this site? you too are only about 5 years older then me. I liked your story from your b/

To Traveling Guy: Liked your story...any one walk in on you? and did you flush?

To Chelcie: Enjoyed your story...i hate running to the bathroom that often.

To Publicpooper: Liked your story..did any one else poop?

To Uncle Allen: I think something is going around..part of my family has been sick..get well soon.

To Potty Pooper: Liked your story about sticking the finger up there...never heard of that when you were a kid.

To Alexa: enjoyed your constipation story.

To Vicky: Welcome! I enjoyed your story.

To Zip: I've seen that movie..its cool isn't it...I liked your stories too.

To coyote: Liked your story about peeing sitting down are your str8? I liked your other story about peeing outside..were you alone?

To Candi: Liked your story about your friend shitting her self.

To jim: Liked your story about your cousin peeing him self

To I.P.Daily: I liked your story about that girl you

To Colleen: enjoyed your story.

To Unnamed poster: I liked your story about your ex g/f named sue.

To grant: Liked your story...i sometimes get pee shy like that so i started peeing in stalls any way you get to check out whats in them.

To StarShine: liked your story.

To Accident Prone: Liked your accident story.

To jeremy: Liked your story..did you ever poop for her?

I had a dream last night that i was at the library or movie theather and i dropped something on the floor and i had to get a wet towel to get it up. Then i went to the bathroom and this kid came in to poop and he took the handicapped stall and there was no lock on it so i watched him poop...I saw to long light brown logs come out him maybe 10 inches each. Then i woke up.
I thought i had another dream...maybe i didn't
I didn't think i'd be posting alone from home, but i some private time now...gotta go bye

Traveling Guy
sTARsHINE - I think it's true for most of us that if you have to pee when you poop, the pee just comes out, and vice versa because both sphincter muscles work in tandem - relax one and there goes the other. I can remember a few times when I needed to take both a pee and a dump, but at the moment it was inconvenient to do a #2. Holding the back door closed while I peed was tricky, but I managed it. But I can't remember ever being able to hold back a pee when I was taking a dump. Sometimes when my wife is really bearing down hard during a dump, she spurts out pee in a forced way, even if she has just emptied her bladder.

pOTTYpOOPER and COLLEEN - It took a long time before before I discovered how pleasurable a good dump can be. Sure, POTTY, I've had goosebumps all over before. It doesn't happen to me every time, maybe once out of every 25 poops or so, but when it does, that tingling sensation is the greatest. And when you get goosebumps, your hairs do stand up. I know what you mean, COLLEEN, when you say it felt so good, even though it wasn't your easiest poop ever. That sphincter area is super-sensitive, so when you get just the right firmness of log combined with just the right amount of relaxation, and (for me) little or no need to push (what I call an "automatic") - wow, a dump can make you feel sooooo good all over!

This morning i went for a really BIG but sweet crap. IT WAS HUGE! I woke up and felt the urge for a huge dump so i got up and went to the bathroom but nothing came out.just then it started to get REALLY gassy and i was farting up a storm.then a Huge firm log pluged into the toilet i stood up to look at it and a log came shooting out of my but and shot onto the floor.I sat back down and started pooping for like 45 minutes straight.then it was done.It was kindda greenish.then it took 6 flushes to get it all down!it was awesome!

hi all happy christmas and new year

for some reason at the momment i really enjoy standing in the shower naked and peeing i dont no why i like doing it i just do i want to do it in my panties but i havent worked up the courage to yet dose any one else have the same feelings

hope to hear from you all soon *jen*

Freddy Boy
Me and my girlfriend live together.and every morning we get up and i go for a pee(while she holds my penis and aims i for me)and then she goes pee.And then i go for a huge crap(and she wipes my butt for me)(it's a symbol of our un-dying love)and then she goes for a crap(and i wipe her but),but she usually leaves big skid marks and it's usually watery and it leaves a nasty odor!

Potty Pooper
Someone asked if anyone had ever messed his pants in the bathroom. I've done so, at least twice,
as it happens. The first time, I've already described here. Go to post 1007 and scroll down maybe
1/3rd of the way, and then go maybe 1/3rd of the way through my particular posting, and it will tell
of the time I *almost* got to the school bathroom in time.

Well, there was another time, when I was perhaps eleven or twelve, and I was at home. At some point,
I had to go to the bathroom, and I guess I must have waited too long, or misjudged how badly I had to
go. In any event, I messed my pants before I could get to the bathroom. I'm not really sure if I
messed my pants just as I *got* to the bathroom, or did so before I could even *get* to the bathroom.
For that matter, perhaps I suddenly messed my pants before I'd even *started* heading to the bathroom,
though I doubt it. Probably happened just as I got there.

What I DO remember, though, was that I was sitting on the toilet, doing a big crap, and had poop all
in my underpants, and so I was essentially "stranded" in the bathroom, without a change of clothes. I
also didn't want anyone to KNOW that I'd crapped my pants...

I decided I'd go GET a change of underpants, come back to the bathroom, wipe myself and change into the
clean pair.

It happens that my bedroom was right across the hall from the bathroom, so what I did was, after I got
done with my business, I put my cleaned-up-a-bit underpants back on, put my pants back on, stuck my head
out the bathroom door, and then >>ZZZZZZZZZIP!!!!<< dashed across the hall and into my room, where I got
a change of underpants out of the chest of drawers, and then >>ZZZZZZZZZIP!!!!<< darted BACK across the
hall and into the bathroom.... right in front of Dad, who just happened to take that particular moment to
start down the hall from his room, and SAW me dart past him and into the bathroom.

Whoops! So now I had to *explain* to him what had happened! I was so embarrassed.

Vicky im 17 myself and i really doubt anything is wrong with you
so dont worry about it if you farted in front of me i could careless because it happens to everyone.

i just got back form disney world in florida, it was awesome.
someone asked how old i was im 11 in sixth grade, i look like an 8 year old though, my friends say anyway. my friends dad can bench press me, that reminds me of an accident i had. i was at my friends house he is a fat kid but he is cool. and his dad was working out in the basement. we played games for a while then went down to wach him. i was wearing some jeans shorts i think they were a little small for me cause they were real tight, but i had to go pee but not emergency yet. my friends dad told me to come here adn he said he was going to pick me up like a dumbell and i said no way but my friend said do it its fun, so i did. he put his hand on my stomach and my chest. and lifted me up. i didnt know it yet but as soon as he pushed on my stomach i started peeing. everytime he went down and pushed me back up pee squirted out. no one even saw it until he went to put me down he grabbed my front where it was wet to set me down and he said what s this and i looked and saw i we! t my pants and my friend laughed and called me a baby. i said its cause you pushed my stomach. that was really weird.
anyway on my trip i just got back from i had some accidents. i really hate those long lines you have to wait in for rides. i was in line for a ride and i didnt have to pee then but as soon as we got to the ride i had to go. i figured i would try to hold it cause my causin was in line with me and he would be mad to get out. we got on the ride and sat down, it was a train like ride, kinda like a roller coaseter but not that fast, i was trying to hold it as the ride started, my causin saw me and asked if i had to pee and i said yes. the ride was going round corners pretty fast though and i couldnt hold it anymore casue i had to hold on the ride so i just wet my pants. it ran across the seat and got my causins but wet and it dripped on the floor. when the ride was over the guy let us out and noticed i was wet and the seat was wet and he yelled at me, i told him to shut up and we ran to a bench. i sat down. i was soaked. i was wearin white shorts to and they were yellow now. ! we got up and just walked around, i got some people looking at me but didnt say anything. i dried up by the time it was ready to go but i had to go again and this time we were walking to the car. i had to pee and i was holding myself pretty hard i am surprised my cousins dad didnt see me. we were almost to the car when i started peeing. i ran to the other side of the car and waited for the doors to unlock, iwas peeing all over the ground. my legs were soaked when i got in. my cousin saw it agian and told his dad. he said jimmy peed his pants and he looked back and saw me soaked. he gave me a towel to sit on and said it was ok. well the next day we were at the beach for a while and it is ok to pee your pants there cause we were in water. but i had to poop, i hadnt gone in three days. we were building sand castles and i really had to go. i told my cousins dad and he pointed to the bathrooms across the beach. he told my cousin to go with me. we walked fast and before we got the! re it all came out in my swimsuit. i walddled all the way there. i went in and tried to dump it in the toilet but it was sticky. i still had alot in there, i just pulled my suit back up and we ran back to the water. i jumped in and it all washed out. that last accident was on the plane home. i was sleeping cause it was a long ride and i was tired and i woke up really neding a pee and the plane was landing, i couldnt get up. the plane landed and as soon as we could get up i jumped up and ran down the isle to the bathroom, there was two people in line already. i didnt know what to do. i saw a empty row and i sat down real quick and started peeing. i couldnt stop i had to go so bad. one of the ladies in line saw me and let me go in before them. i was dripping as i walked in. i looked at my pants and they were soaked. i had on sweats this time. they were green and could see the big wet spot on my but. and could see a little one from the front. i went back to the seats and my cou! sin saw me but didnt say a word, i wandered why, then he got up and his but was soaked. he finally had ana accidnet to. he didnt have one the whole trip and hes only 8. well gotta go now, tell more later. by

TO: Lacy

I Want to share something about my constipation problem when I was at my younger college days. It was not measuerd by time but to the effort I exert because during those days, I'm experiencing chest pains after a very painful bathroom session. >>
Hi Dreamer,

As I said to Colleen, I will say to you, if you are having chest pains after a painful bowel movement, that is not good or normal at all, and should be checked out by your doctor. Have you been to a doctor in the past about this problem?

I am a bit confused though, are you having the chest pains still, now? Or do you just mean they happened when you were younger and don't anymore? You went from talking in the past tense to seeming to be talking about it happening recently, all in one sentence, so I got a bit confused there.

Take good care!

~~* StartShine ~~*

Just taken my first shit in my new Liz Claiborne leather pants. A lovely 3 logged poo in a clean service station toilet.

Eric in Chicago
Dreamer: are you experiencing chest pains *now* from straining to take a dump, or was that when you were younger? That's *not* a good sign; it *could* be something harmless like just overexerting your diaphragm a bit, but it could also be that your coronary arteries are clogged and straining is reducing the circulation to your heart. Straining hard can *really* raise your blood pressure while you're doing it, and that could be dangerous. If it's still happening, and it isn't obvious that it's just a sore diaphragm or chest muscles, you should really talk to a doctor about it and make sure your cardiac risk factors are as minimal as possible.

Bryian: I was giggling at your dream about the locker room with an ATM in it. I've heard of pay toilets, but never ones that were so expensive that you'd need to take money out of your account to afford them!

Potty Pooper: I can't remember ever experiencing goosebumps from taking a dump, but maybe I just don't remember. If you've ever seen a baby shitting, you'll know that they strain pretty much *all* their muscles when doing it (pediatricians sometimes have to reassure parents that the baby isn't having convulsions). That's because their brains haven't matured to the point of "knowing" which muscles really need to be contracted to push the shit out and which don't. It may be that when you were 7 or 8, your brain still had a couple such things left to figure out. Or it might be related to the well-known "piss shivers" phenomenon.

Coyote: pissing in the snow is cool!

Sickie: I like pooping in my underwear, and here's todays story: I'd had a few beers last night, and so shortly after getting up this morning (OK, it was really around noon) I had to take a shit. I recently moved into a new apartment (my old building was being rehabbed) and while it's bigger and better than the old one in just about every respect, the bathroom is *tiny*. If I'm sitting on the toilet my face is a few inches from the wall. So a lot of the time it's actually more comfortable to go in my shorts, take them off, wipe my butt with a washcloth and then wipe out the shorts while standing up (there's plenty of room to stand, just not to sit). Of course this is all just sort of an excuse, since I wouldn't mess my shorts if I didn't get a kick out of it.

So anyway, I went into my bedroom where I keep a roll of TP and a plastic bowl for holding the used TP and laid a big plastic garbage bag down on the floor just in case there was a "mudslide." I put on an old pair of white FTL briefs and an old pair of Boy Scout shorts, bent my knees so I was in something like a wrestler's neutral stance of a linebacker's stance, and pushed. Now when I take a beer shit, it's usually the consistency of mud and this one was no exception. A *big* load came out real easy and then it was a good thing I had put down the bag, because I got a mudslide! A good-sized blob of bright-green mud fell out the leg of my shorts and onto the bag (It was green because I've been drinking lots of green pop). It felt so cool! Most of my mess stayed in my underwear, though. When I was done, I dropped and stepped out of my Scout shorts (which had a few green stains on the inside of the leg opening, but otherwise didn't get dirty, and then lowered my und! erwear a bit and started wiping. It wasn't as hard to clean up as I thought. Then I pulled them all the way down, carefully stepped out of them getting only a little bit of shit on my shoes (an old pair that I only wear around the house) and set them aside to clean up later. They were really full of green mud. Then I went over to the bathroom, washed my butt with an old washcloth, and flushed down the green-stained TP. A while later I cleaned all the shit out of the underwear and left it to dry off, after which I put it in a (tightly closed to prevent stink) drawer where I keep a few pairs of messed-in underwear.

I live alone and work from home, so I can do this almost any time I want. By the way, I don't do it in front of the computer, which is in another room that I use as my office. I've never gotten the urge to shit my pants in public, but I like shitting in the woods or behind a bush almost as much as I like doing it in my shorts. I seldom get a chance to shit outdoors any more, though (when I was in high school I had a favorite dumping spot in the woods across the street from school. I'd often see empty beer cans there, so I wasn't the only one who knew about the spot, but I never say evidence of any other kids' shit there; I guess the partiers went deeper into the woods if they had to go at all. One time, though, I was walking on one of the main paths about half an hour after I saw some little leaguers walking home from their baseball game, and I saw evidence that one of the players had dropped his pants and squatted ).

hey what does the bugle look like when u poop ur pants

super soaker
Hey everybody - Happy New Year (a day late)! Today is 01/02/03! (neat date).

Anyway, the last time I posted it was on page 1018 (late October). To remind everyone, I am 14 and male. I was hoping to post often, but high school is very demanding. I have been reading the posts from newest to oldest, and I am back to page 826.

Coyote: I didn't realize that you live in Connecticut (I assume, I do too). Yes, Route 20 (sounds like the town of Hartland) can be very desolate. It looks like we will have more snow you can pee in :-) There's supposed to be a storm tomorrow (Friday) going into Saturday, and another storm on Tuesday. Sounds like 8-12" for each storm! (This will be like the tenth storm.) I live southeast of Hartford in a rapidly suburbanizing area.

I used to have a large area of woods behind me where I would occasionally pee or poop in. About two years ago, they started clearing it and it is now a subdivision. It isn't a good area anymore because there are too many houses. It is a little better in spring when the leaves are out.

Regarding the recent discussion about peeing yourself at the beach. My grandparents have a cottage near a local lake, and my two cousins (one is a 13 y.o. boy, the other is a 10 y.o. girl) and I would often go there to go swimming. We always pee when we get into the water. One weekend a few years ago, my cousins and I were staying over for the weekend and we each brought our bikes. It was really hot and the three of us were wearing just our bathing suits. We also were drinking a lot of water. They were still wet because we had gone swimming about an hour earlier and it was too humid for them to dry. We decided to ride our bikes up one of the dirt roads and through the woods. Each of us had a slight urge to pee, but we would ride around for about an hour before we would go down to the beach and swim. About a half hour into the ride, all three of us were dying for a piss. My male cousin and I had to poop too. I said to the other two that we should just pee our suits becaus! e they are already wet. I told my male cousin that you could just poop in your suit and the netting would hold it. Right then, I started peeing my suit while I was straddling my bicycle. I let out a fart and the firm log slid into the netting. The pee started running down my legs. After my demonstration, I told them, "Just do it." They went to the bathroom in their suits. When I sat down on the bike seat, the log went into my crack and it felt like I had a wedgie. We continued riding and we got to the beach. My male cousin and I went to the port-o-potty to empty our suits. Then, we all went swimming. We were swimming for a couple hours and we just let our bladder go whenever we needed, even if there wasn't an urge to go.

I do think that there needs to be more pee or pee/poop stories. Also, I like the stories about "accidents", intentional or accidental. I like everyone's stories, especially those from wetguy, jim, Eric in Chicago, Bryian, and Darius.

Publicpooper-Cool Story. I've had many experiences like that. I had almost the exact same thing happen to me at a Macy's in L.A. The bathroom was a large room with a toilet and urinal and sink. The door lock was tricky and didn't lock most of the times. I was sitting on the toilet having my bm and the door opened and one of the salesmen came in. I guess he was used to seeing people on the toilet so he didn't say a word, just unzipped and started to pee. The cool thing was that the urinal was on the side wall right in front of me. He was standing with his side to me so I was able to watch as he undid his belt buckle, unzipped his pants, pulled down his white briefs, pull out his equipment, and start to pee. He had no problem going. It was cool to see the stream come out and go into the urinal. He shook it off a couple of times, zipped up and washed up at the sink. While he was peeing, another guy came in, saw both the toilet and urinal occupied, and left. Another guy came in! as I was wiping, but he left when he saw me. I also don't mind much if someone see's my "privates", but I don't usually get erect during my bm.

Shortish post, cos I don't have much time !

MR PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Happy new year to you ! Just have to tell you this short tale. A couple of days after Christmas, little Ellen was sitting on the toilet having a poo, and I was having to keep her company and hold her hand. She was having great difficulty, but after 10 minutes of straining and huffing and puffing, she finally let go and there was an enormous splash ! Her little face went all contorted and she went "Ugggghhhhh, that splashed my bottom !". I said to her "Never mind, I bet Mr Plunging Plop Guy would like to hear about that !", which made her laugh ! Lots of love from Miss Kendal xxx

JW: I've experienced both diarrhoea and constipation over the Christmas / New year period. So I think I can speak with recent experience ! The diarrhoea was positively awful. It gets everywhere with all those explosions, it smells so bad, and trying to wipe your bum after it is enough to make you sick ! I was also having to have it all on my own, because Andrew's Mum and Dad so very kindly invited my Granny and Grandad from Kendal to come and stay for Christmas, so they would get to see their only grand daughter. As they are my Mum's parents, they are no relation to Ellen, Andrew, and his Mum and Dad, so I thought that was so kind. But the upshot was with so many olds in the house, us kids didn't dare share bathroom time together. However, my new years eve constipation was witnessed by both Andrew and Ellen, and although it was a painful experience, it was much better. Time was our own, no hurry, but you get a bit frustrated and want to rush things on a bit, especiall! y when you start to get pins and needles in your feet and legs from sitting on the seat for so long ! But Andrew and Ellen enjoyed watching my face go red, and my various huffs and puffs and grunts and groans. My poo didn't come out in one long bit. It was loads of small bits that all plopped quite loudly and made it fun for me, and for the watching pair ! At the end, my bum needed one wipe only, there wasn't a bad smell, and we had all enjoyed a good half hours entertainment !! So I vote for constipation, although I have to admit that I probably have never experienced it in its worst form. I've never been more than three days without a poo. Love from Kendal x
PS: I'm sure Linda GS will keep her promise and write you a story soon. After all, you've known her longer than I have ! xx

ROBBY & ANNIE: Glad to see your post with the rushings for the toilet ! Hope you are all starting to feel better now after your sad news, and hope that Meghan is recovering. It sounds like she still needs help. Pity Andrew and I can't help with that, but it sounds like she has enough willing volunteers ! Happy new year ! Lots of love from Kendal, Andrew and Ellen ( & I'm sure Eleanor too ) xxxxxxx

LINDA GS: Broadband might be quicker, but it doesn't make you post more often does it !? Just kidding ! I'm dying to hear your reaction to the story I posted about the last day at school, when those girls threw water at me and made it look like I'd wet myself ! I bet you've not had to experience that before have you ?! And now that you have three toilets, does that mean that Cousin doesn't come in when you are "visiting" any more, not having another excuse like cleaning his teeth or something, seeing as he can do that elsewhere ? I hope not. That would be sad. Tell him he's got a willing cyber girl who would be more than happy to have him accompany her to the toilet ( hope I don't get in trouble with Elena !! ) Happy new year to you all ! Lots of love from Kendal xxxxxxxx and a very smoochy XOSXOS from Drew !!!

And a happy new year to everyone else like BRYIAN ( i think we should call you the dreamer, with all your lovely dreams !!) and RIZZO (smooth hugs !) and PV and STEVE & LOUISE and JANE & GARY & all other posters, old and new ! xxxxxxxx

AUSSIEROD,............ I was doing some work around the house the other day, laying some concrete near the back door in fact. I was kneeling down trowelling away, quite happy with the job when I got this sudden urge to poop. My stomach started to cramp up rather badly which is not a good sign, especially when I started to fart. I was at stage where i could not leave the job, I was shaping some wet concrete near a drain. So I decided to try to hold on, I hadn't had a shit for 2 days & realised if I do shit in my pants it will be a big one. I was wearing an old pair of bike shorts that were really tight, they used to ride up the crack of my arse & certainly showed off my tackle. As time went by I knew if I didn't go right there & then I'd fill my shorts for sure. I could feel my spinchter muscle trying to hold back the inevitable, the poop had moved right down now & really wanted to get out. I was determined to get this job finished though, then all of a su dden I let rip this loud unannounced fart. This huge turd emerged from my hole, I realised then I was going to shit myself so just let it flow & flow it did. The first turd must have been 8" long followed by the second about 6" , the third was about 2" long. So here I was finishing off my concreting with my shorts full of very hard poop, which had moved down to my balls. When I stood up I felt like I had a grapefruit between my legs, I had a huge bulge out the back of my shorts. I then cleaned up my tools with this monster in my shorts, then went to the bathroom. Dropped the contents of my shots into the toilet bowl & had a shower.The shit had started to dry by then & was hard to get off my pubic hair, although I was able to wash out the shorts, wonder when I shall have the next accident, soon I imagine quite a nice feeling actually. Do many of you enjoy pooping your pants, I know I have for many years, I think the anticipation is terrific. I guess I am one of th e more mature age people that post. Like to hear from mature age women who also enjoy or have occasional intentional accidents. Until reading this didn't realise there were so many peoplein to it Joanna, You are not the only one who stands up to poop. I often do it when I have to go to a public toilet. I piss first, then turn around & stand over the bowl, I spread the cheeks of my arse & let it drop into the bowl. Also find doing that way the wiping is minimal, sometimes I only need one wipe. Sometimes there is no paper, so a quick wipe with my finger does the job, then go & wash my hands. so do not feel alone.

Aussierod................Today I went shopping at the shopping centre, before I left I could feel a poop on its way, but was in a hurry.When I arrive at the centre I'd completely lost the urge to poop. Did my shopping, then had to take a piss, by then I had forgotten that I needed to shit before I left home. Went to the toilets & stood up near the urinals, undid my tracksuit pants cord pulled out my penis & began a real gusher. Half way through I tried to fart, sort of cocked my leg to let it out, I farted alright but the shit I'd put off at home also came out. All I can say is thank heavens it was a hard one. The guy standing next to me, looked around & said how my fart stank. I made some comment, but waited till he finished because the turds were still coming. I could feel a huge bulge in my jox, once the other guy left I waddled to the cubicle & emptied out my jox. 3 massive turds went for a swim. Luckily I wasn't very messy, gave myself a cursory wipe the! n headed off home where I could take a shower. This is not the first time this has happened to me, but never have shit myself in such large amounts. Has this happened to any of you posters, male or female. An unexpected poop while farting.

After lurking here for ages I thought I would finally post something. Let me know what you think, I have more stories if anyones interested. This is one of the most vivid and embarrasing incidents of my childhood. I look back on it now and laugh.

We went on a school camping trip, I was about 13 or 14 years old. There was one space to few in the mini bus so I ended up getting a lift with a teacher in their car, I'll call her Miss Smith. We had been driving for about an hour and a half when I started to feel sick. I opened the window and sat back but it didn't help. Miss Smith asked me if I was OK, I told her I felt sick. She said that she would stop at the next services so I could get out the car for a while.
Then we got stuck in traffic, about another half hour past and I was starting to get some stomach cramps. Then a few minutes later it hit me, I held my stomach and almost doubled over in my seat. I could feel a really bad poop building up. However being a tough 13 year boy I did not want to admit it. After another few mintes it was getting bad, I was squirming around in my seat holding my stomach. The traffic still wasn not moving, Miss Smith put one hand on my shoulder and asked how I was feeling. I said I didn't feel well, then she asked me if I needed to go toilet, I just nodded.
We could see a sign ahead saying services one mile away. In the next few minutes we only moved a few metres. Then suddenly I got a bad cramp and nearly pooped myself right in my seat. Now I had no choice except to admit my need, I turned to Miss Smith and said I had to go to the toilet. She said she knew and to try and hold on a bit longer. I said I did not think I could wait until the services. She said OK and started to pull over. We were in the middle land and I took a while for us to move over. She said she would stop as soon as we moved over and I could go in the bushes. When we finally got onto the hard shoulder I opened the door and rushed out. I made it about two steps before I tripped and fell by the car. As soon as I hit the ground I lost it and a load of mushy liquid poop filled my boxers. As I stood up I could feel it running down the back of my legs. I took another few steps and another wave of poop forced its way out into my boxers and I started to pee. I t! ried to hold in what was left but I could not stop. Still peeing I ran few metres and went behind a large bush. I pulled down my tracksuit bottoms and boxer shorts. I finished my pee on the grass and let out a final wave of gassy liquid poop. Then I just stayed there crouching down not knowing what to do. Then I heard Miss Smith asking if I was OK. I called out that I was. She said to come out when I was done.
I stayed where I was for another few mintes before I heard her coming towards me. "Are you sure your OK back there?" I slowly stood up and pulled up my clothes. I walked forwards around the bush and saw Miss Smith. Walking towards her in tears I said I had an accident. She just looked at me for a second. The front of my light grey trousers were soaked, there was a massive wet patch at the waist and down both legs. She came towards me saying, "Don't worry it's only pee, We'll..." when she must have smelled the poop. She walked over looked at my butt. She told me not to worry and led me back to the car.
I stood by the car, she rummaged around in her rucksack on the back seat for a while and then pulled out a roll of toilet paper. She handed it to me and told me to go behind the bushes and clean myself up as best I could.
I went behind the bush, I took off my shoes and then my trousers and boxers and put them on the ground. I wiped over my privates, my butt, and my legs with the toilet paper I must have used most of the roll. A few minutes later I heard Miss Smith coming towards me again. She stood on the other side of the bush and asked how I was. I said my clothes were covered in poop. She said she knew, then she threw a towel round and told me to put this on. I wrapped it round myself and came out. She asked how I was feeling. I said much better. We walked back to the car and I got in.
I spent the rest of that 3 hour drive wearing only a t-shirt and a towel. When we got to the campsite I stayed in the car and Miss Smith got some a change of clothes out of my rucksack on the minibus for me to change into.
That was certainly an interesting start to the trip.

Meghan and Sarah S
Hi Everyone,
Meg is down here in Houston visiting me and scouting out schools. We had a first the other day. I have a full bath next to my bedroom and a half down next to the living room. We had a small get-together with friends the other night and after we had eaten Meg's date went to use the toilet. Meg said she had to go bad so I helped her upstairs. As we were passing the lower loo we peeked in and saw the guy sitting on the toidy shitting his brains out. Well, Meg turned red and tried not to look. He had his head down and was bellowing like a moose!! We heard several big logs Cullompt into the bowl. Obviously this guy had a full intestine. We stood there for a moment and then went to the other loo. I helped Meg with her pants and she sat down. She started yelling and bellowing like the guy and I started laughing. Meg was laughing too and so hard that she pushed out a whopper of a log. It had to be 15" and big. She sighed and I helped her wipe up. We went downstairs and her date ! turned a bright shade of red. He knew we had seen him. It was the first time we had seen anyone other than our father or male cousins on the toilet. We have to run but we want to send our hugs to: Kendal, Andrew, Ellen, Eleanor, Rizzo, Steve and Louise, Ephermal, Jane and Gary, PV, Todd and Diana, Damsel, Ina, LindaGS, Adrian, Sarah, Tim, Loewie, Josie, Adele, Donna, Carmalita and Jake. We can't forget the rest of the new and old story tellers!! We enjoy the posts!! Has anyone heard from Kimmie and Scott?


Howdy again,

Ok, this will be my last post of the morning. I am REALLY getting sleepy, and going to try to lie down for some rest, if my period cramps will let me. :( God the cramps are persistant this morning!! I took Advil twice now in 6 hours, and still they rage on! Grrrr! Sometimes I HATE being a woman! :(

Well, enough of that, here's the story:

This was March of last year. I remember just coming home from visiting a good friend, and spending the weekend at her and her family's home. It was just for the weekend and was a lot of fun. Well, on Sunday I remember I began to feel kind of yucky, and laid down on her couch most of the day, and even fell to sleep for a while. She kept asking me if I was all right, and I told her I would be fine, just feeling a bit nauseous and tired. Well, soon I began to feel somewhat better and went out with her for the day. That night, I packed my bag up to leave to come back home. I began to feel very yucky now again, but didn't say anything to my boyfriend, who was driving me home that night. I did the 'mind over matter' thing and it worked pretty well, and I made it home without any 'incidents.' I kissed him goodnight and thanked him for riding me home, and went on in my house.

Well, I never knew that the night was going to turn VERY ugly, VERY quickly. I went up and unpacked, and felt so sore from riding a horse earlier that day with my friend. She is really into horse riding and her and I had went on an hour's horse ride earlier that day. I decided to take a hot bath, hoping that would ease my muscles pains and aches. As I bathed though, I began to REALLY feel sick to my stomach. I immediately got out of the tub and dried off, and put my jogging pants on with a sweatshirt and proceeded to go lie down in bed. I really hoped this would pass over, but as I laid there in bed, my stomach really began to churn and gurgle and the nausea got worse. I knew I was going to have to get to the bathroom. I immediately got up, and almost ran to the bathroom, and just about made it when I began to throw up into the sink. That didn't last long, and was mostly just dry heaving. I then felt my bowels totally fill up, and I pulled my pants down and sat! down and it flowed out of me in watery chunks. That just about concluded when another wave of nausea hit me and I had to get up to throw up in the sink again. So there I was, standing there with my pants and panties around my ankles, throwing up into the sink, which was again mostly just dry heaving and not much coming up. Talk about humiliating! Jeeze! I remember screaming for my grandmother to help me, and bring some pepto-bismol up to me, and she got up there to find me in that condition and didn't know what to do. She kept asking me what was wrong, like I could answer her at the time! Jeeze! I hadn't even been able to wipe at all after the diarrhea I had, since I had to get up so quickly to throw up into the sink in front of me! Yuck! I was just a mess! Finally both ends calmed down and I went to lie down in bed. Well, that didn't last long, and I called to my grandmother to come help me out of bed and to the downstairs couch. My legs trembled from being so wea! k, and she literally had to hold me up and guide me down the stairs. You see, I HATE to be alone when I am that sick. Don't know why, but I just need someone there with me, since I just get really scared when I am THAT sick. That whole rest of the morning I threw up every 2 hours into a dishpan (an old one that she doesn't use anymore, of course), and finally was getting it all up after all the dry heaving earlier that didn't produce anything. It was now flowing out of me like water as I threw up, and I eventually began to feel better. I finally stopped, thankfully, since I REALLY HATE throwing up. I TOTALLY loose my breath and get so in a panic, that I feel like I am going to faint. I would much rather have several diarrhea attacks in one day than one throwing up incident that same day!

A friend of mine talked to me later that next night, and told me that it was good that I got it all up and out. Since the diarrhea and throwing up are just ways that the body gets the virus or whatever is making you sick, out of your system. Ugh! What a horrible way to have to do it though!

Thankfully I began to feel so much better that next morning and was already eating some fruit and drinking some juice later that next day. I am thinking that maybe all the jarring of my ???? and bowels from the horse riding earlier in the day, MAY have contributed to my being so ill later on that night. I have a VERY sensitive ???? anyway, and have all my life. What do you all think? Ever get really sick after a really long horse ride? The horse that I was on really jarred me a lot, and my poor little bottom was more than sore when I got off. I am not really into horse riding at all, but my friend just loves it, and does it whenever she needs to relax. I have only rode 3 times, on various visits to her and her husband's farm, and just never really enjoy it at all, sorry to say. My friend says I am a natural at it, but still, I'd rather just take a long walk, than be bounced around by a horse. LOL

Well, later that week, I told my boyfriend what happened, and said that I was soooooo glad that I didn't end up getting sick on the ride home with him in his truck that night. He was sooooooo sweet and said that if it had happened he would have totally been there to help me, and comfort me. He also said that the mess from me getting sick 'either way' wouldn't have bothered him at all, and he would have helped me clean up and then gotten me medicine to ease my discomfort. Now THAT is love! I totally realized then how much he loves me, and also how much I love him, since I told him that I would always be there for him in sickness and in health as well. It won't be long til we are married, I can sense that! I can't wait to be honest!

Well, enough of that mushy stuff! LOL Sorry!

Take care all! I am off to bed, since I am REALLY dozing off right here at my computer, but still 'ouching' from the cramps! Ugh!

~~* StarShine ~~*

Dear Lacy

The longest I have been constipated is about 13 days not so long as your 18 days or so.
I normally go every 4 to 5 days, but sometimes more than a week.

I am 47 years old, 5 foot 10 inches tall, and weigh 168 lbs. How old are you ?
I guess you must be in your teens ??

I do not believe in taking laxatives, but occasionally lubricate my anus and lower rectum with a fingerful of Vaseline or KY jelly, if a fat stool will not come out.

If I have been constipated for more than a week I tend to fart a lot especially on waking up in the morning.

I am a big eater but not very many sweet and fatty things.

My stools can be very hard to pass when they become fat and dry. Each stool is a mass of compacted boluses are about 2.5 inches in diameter i.e. wide, and usually about 6 to 8 inches long. They usually float and fail to flush.

If the stools are softer they are like a large cucumber.

What sizes are your stools ?

Sometimes I pass hard balls (like golf-balls) first of all.

My anus can throb for sometime afterwards.

Do not worry about constipation unless you pass some blood then its time to see the doctor.

Please reply and let me know how you are getting on.

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