To Grant: It is plenty uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing to stand at the urinal with a really full bladder and not be able to piss. It happens when you have been holding your full bladder for awhile and then can't relax enough to go. It has happened to me more than once. It also happens to many men occasionally and even to a few women when anyone is in the restroom with you. Many have the problem all the time and can never pee at all when anyone is around. That is called having "stage fright" or a "bashful bladder" or "shy bladder" or being "pee shy." The medical term is paruresis. You can search the internet with the last term and find out more. How old are you? (Mine started in middle school when I was 13.)Was this the first time you couldn't piss with anyone around? Or does it occur in a private place like at home? If so, you should tell your doctor since you need to rule out any blockage to your urethra. If there is nothing physically wrong and it happens a lot th! en you need to find other ways to treat paruresis. (There are even books available.)You will find that there are many of us who can't piss in public restrooms. I have had the problem for 10 years but am now gradually getting better through help from others in a group setting. Go to the search engine that sounds like a baby talking.

Doesn't music with a cello being playing remind you of a deep down BM urge?

Happy new year everybody. This morning I had a strong urge to poop, so I sat on the toilet. I peed, pushed out a 7 inch log, followed by a 5 inch log. I farted a few times, let out a few smaller pieces and wiped 8 times until there was no more mud on the paper. I flushed, sprayed ambi pur, then brushed the skidmarks off the porcelein.

PUNK ROCK GIRL: I once had a similar incident to you a while ago. I sat on the toilet, released some smelly farts, pushed out 4 long turds, let out a couple of wet farts and discovered there was no toilet paper. My cousin Ryan was in the next room, so I asked him to grab me a roll and a minute later he came back with one. I wiped a number of times until there was no more brown on the paper. I flushed, brushed the skidmarks off the porcelein but now there was no air freshener, so I just warned him not to go in until the smell settles.

Catch Ya l8er.

To Bryian - My friend peed in the porto-potty. I guessed that he didnt really want to use it either because he was squirming and hopping from foot to foot before finally using it. We did use the same one, but not at the same time. It was really disgusting, but like I said, I had a choice between peeing in that or in my pants.

To Kerri Anne - I liked your story.

To Vicky - Interesting post! Got any peeing stories/experiences??? I'm 17/m

To jeremy - I liked your story.

Nothing much to report on tonight, other than the fact that I only managed to go 3 hours into 2003 without peeing. I last went in 2002 at 10pm, so I was at a bit of a disadvantage. I was trying to be able to go to bed without peeing and see how long I could hold it on New Year's Day, but I couldnt stop moving and just had to pee right then.

Anybody else want to report on how far into 2003 they went without peeing???


Hope you all had a happy holiday season-been busy with work and haven't had a chance to post lately,but been reading all the posts-some really good ones too!Seems like we all poop a lot more over the holidays-including me,but first,some responses-
TO MARK B-Most of the dumps my nurse friend took were in front of me,but I'm sure she did some dumps at work,but she worked from 10am to 6pm shift and she was a morning pooper and I tried to be there bright and early to have some breakfast with her and we would both have to dump pretty bad after we ate and sometimes I would sit on the bowl and dump while she sat on a bedpan (with her nurse uniform on,cause I would want her to put it on when she dumped-it was a real turn-on!!)and vice-versa-it was great-I really miss her-we really had some fun doing massive buddy dumps and then making lots of whoopie afterwards-boy was she fun!check out some of my old posts for some stories
TO PUBLICPOOPER-I'm not quite as adventurous as you,but sometimes at the gym i've pooped with the door slightly open especially when I see another guy across from me sit on the bowl with the door open and I can see him pooping-I kinda makes me want to return the show and I sit there with my legs open and poop freely in front of them and yes,it is a turn-on to me also,but I also can see it's a turn on to them too,but that's the only time I would do that
TO BILL BOOMER-WOW a full 720 degrees?that's like about 3 feet of poop(unless it was a small bowl)In small bowls I've done a few turds that have wrapped around the bowl twice,but in a regular size bowl,WOW-it must have felt great coming out! I love those kinds of dumps,it just feels great as this rope of poop comes out my ass-good dump-the pic must be something to see!!
I had a few good holiday dumps myself that were wonderful,but the best one was at the gym the day after christmas.The nite before I had a big christmas dinner with the family and my cousin makes this really great potato salad and this stuff always makes me dump a bunch after I eat it and she gave me a big bowl to take home with me-so I got up the next morning and already I could feel a bit bloated and I had a bit of a bulging belly(normally I have a pretty flat belly)and I could feel some cramps already,so I took off for the gym and I went to the stalls which were pretty busy with other guys doing their christmas dinner dumps.I actually had to wait in a line to poop,but after a few mins,a stall opened up and I went in and as I got undressed,a guy came in the next stall and sat on the bowl and moaned a bit and just exploded in the bowl with all this loose,chunky poop and that made me really have to go,so I sat on the bowl and I could feel my anus opening up as I was sitti ng down.I had no pre-poop gas as the turd started to snake it's way out my domed anus and I decided to open my legs and sit back against the tank and look down and I could see the turd coming out slowly into the water and it was still coming out!This was truelly a long one as I decided to to stop it and just let it hang out my ass-it looked about a foot long already and it felt great with me letting it hang there and I started to get an erection cause it felt so good.Then another guy came in the stall across from me and sat on the bowl and let out a tremendous amount of gas and a grunt and I then heard a bunch of crackling as he was pooping up a storm-it was great as I sat there with this big turd hanging out my butt.Then I got a cramp and decided to let this turd out and then it started to move out my butt and I passed some gas that came out as the turd was moving again and then it dropped silently into the bowl and I looked and saw a really long turd wrapped around the bo!wl-it must have been close to 2 feet long.It was smooth and shiny and about 1 and a half inches round.Boy did that feel great coming out-my prostate got a good massage from that load.but I stil felt like I had to go more with my anus feeling like it was still opened up and domed,I sat there pushing as I heard all thses other guys dumping away and after a few mins,i passed some hissing gas and all this loose stuff came out slowly at first and sped up until my anus exploded with all this really loose stuff that splashed back on my butt as I moaned in relief and was also pissing like a racehorse too-I was in heaven cause it felt so great!Then I sat there and did a few squgglies and decided to relieve myself in a really good way!Boy that was a good dump as I looked in the bowl and saw a really long turd wrapped around the bowl with a pile of pudding in the middle and the water was brown from the really loose stuff at the end-this was a serious dump!I looked at my belly and it wa s now flat from all that poopin'!!then I went to the shower and then went to do my workout and felt super.since I've been eating this potato salad,i'm doing some really big,long dumps just about every morning.Well enough rambling,Hope you all did poops like this for the holidays(esp the ladies!)It was great!HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL-lets all have a healthy one too.I'll post about a few more dumps sometime later-times a wastin'!got to go BYE

hey ppl! I have always been fasinated with peeing standing up (women I mean) so I just had to try it myself! I will give u a website that I got the infromation off. WAIt, I can't remember the url!! Well first go to ??????? and type in, how to pee standing up, instead of clicking ??????search, go to ??????. If you want to save time here are my instructions:

take off your pant/I would skirts/whatever and your underwear
then, get in the tub
make a upside down V in you Vagina (or whatever u want to call it)
don't press hard just do it so slightly
if u push to hard for ur pee, it will fly accross your bathtub probably on the wall!)
and let it come out!
it is a good idea to start with the bathtub! Otherwise, bad luck to your bathroom will come your way!

I can now succesfully pee standing up. Though I still take my pants and underwear off. If you ppl want, I will share with u my peeing in urinals/toilets stories!

Now I have a question, do u girls who pee standing up take your pants off??? SOrry, I just have to know!

John Q Public
It's been a while. I've been reading the stories, but I have not realy taken the time to post much because I was busy with guests for the holidays and all.

For Christmass, I went home to my parents house. My sister and cousen were there. My gf and I decided to spend Christmeas Eve with relatives, and Christmas Day with each other which is what we did. But the main deal happened on on New Years Eve.

We all decided to get together on New Years Eve, and I think all you poop lovers are going to like this one.

My gf, sister and cousen decided to 'ring in' or should I say "hiss" in the new years by peeing simultaniously into a bucket at the stroke of midnight. Each one of them brought in a gallon of "Hinkly & Schidt" drinking water, and I also had one in the refrigerator for good measure. We decided to order pizza instead of cooking. Anyway, the girls showed up at around noon, and were already drinking water and starting to let their bladders fill up. Now heres where the story gets weird. I was severely constipated, and my gf had eaten something that gave her diareah earlier that day. She was there for about 2 hours, then she started running to the bathroom. She made a total of 4 trips in all, and each time she let out a huge load of runny shit, and a respectable hiss of urine. She did not want to be outdone at Midnight so she drank water like a fish, as much as she could, but every time she would feel her bladder start to fill up, her bowls would spas out on her! and she would be in the bathroom. Needless to say, she was pretty much down for the count.

Now my problem was just the opposite. I was having problems taking a dump, and haden't had a good dump since the day after Christmas. When my gf started having her problems I mentioned in a joking way that atleast she was able to shit, I was all plugged up. My gf and cousen, upon hearing this decided to play the "good simaritan." Under the guise of making a run for more drinking water, my sister went to the local drug store and bought a small plastic can of "Fleet" anal supositories. My gf decided that I needed "help" with what I had to do, so while my sister watched, and my cousen helped to hold my ass cheaks apart, my gf put on a pair of rubber gloves and inserted 3 of those supositories into my anus. I tried to hold on as long as I could so the supositories would have time to work, and when they finaly did, I let out a huge load of shit that almost plugged up the toilet. My gf remarked "What the hell did you do? Swallow a load of fire wood?" Eveyone laughed.

Of course I felt a hell of alot better after that.

Well New Years Eve was drawing to a close and I got my string of firecrackers ready. It was a string of 300 which I saved from last 4th of July. My gf decided that she would let out what pee she had in her at the stroke of midnight for good measure. The count down on tv began. I was poised by the fire crackers and the girls were poised by the large bucket. As soon as midnignt fel, two imense jets of pee and one very respectable one started to spew into that bucket like sone one was running the sink. I lit the firecrackers. They went off, as did many other fireworks in the neighborhood. The peeing went on much longer then the firecrackers did, however. My fg was done after a nice 45 second stream eminated from her. It ended up being a contest between my sister and cousen, which lasted for over 3 minutes. My sister was finished about 15 seconds with a series of short squirts. Then my cousen started squirting and spurting. It looked like they were playing "Spac! e Invadors" with their piss squirts. As a joke, my gf started rooting for my sister, and I starte rooting for my cousen. We eve had a mock bet as to who would win the 'war,' but at that point my sister was done, leaving my cousen to spit out her last few squirts alone.

There was plenty of foam, and that bucket was about two inches from being completely filled to the brim.

TO: Lacy

I Want to share something about my constipation problem when I was at my younger college days. It was not measuerd by time but to the effort I exert because during those days, I'm experiencing chest pains after a very painful bathroom session. >>
Hi Dreamer,

As I said to Colleen, I will say to you, if you are having chest pains after a painful bowel movement, that is not good or normal at all, and should be checked out by your doctor. Have you been to a doctor in the past about this problem?

I am a bit confused though, are you having the chest pains still, now? Or do you just mean they happened when you were younger and don't anymore? You went from talking in the past tense to seeming to be talking about it happening recently, all in one sentence, so I got a bit confused there.

Take good care!

~~* StartShine ~~*

So, StarShine, is there a particular part of the process of pooping that you need more privacy for than any other part?-- JW >>
Hi JW,

Welll, it all started out when I was a little girl and lived with my brother and sister. I used to have bad constipation back then, which was aweful for a girl so young. I was so embarrassed about it, and used to make it worse by holding it so long, due to shyness about having a bowel movement when my sister and brother were home. Sometimes I would be in pain from holding back so much, and soon would have to go no matter if they were there or not. Well, my sister was so rude, and would come into the bathroom when I was in there, and literally stand there and watch me! We were not allowed to lock the bathroom door as kids, I guess so my Mom could get in if something was wrong. I hated my sister doing this every time, and told her to leave but she wouldn't. I even told Mom, but oddly enough, even she wouldn't tell her to come out and leave me alone. So there I was trying to strain and push, in obvious discomfort, and being watched by her the whole time. Sometimes ! I would end up crying. Not sure why she did it, other than being a total brat, but it really led me to become totally private when having a bowel movement when I got much older. I now lock the bathroom door and try to be as quiet as possible while I am moving my bowels. I would be mortified to have someone walk in on me while I was in the middle of it all. I guess it is just that memory of my sister being the brat and never giving me my privacy during my bathroom visits that just made me so private about it now. I feel I have earned my privacy now as and adult and enjoy it. There really isn't any part of the process of it that I am more private about than another, I just want privacy during the whole time, from the time I sit down til I am done and flushed the toilet. THEN if someone comes in while I am washing my hands, that's fine. I am one not to be embarrassed by the aroma of the room after I have a bowel movement, since I feel that everyone's waste smells, so wh! y be worried about it. LOL But I do use a nice spray afterwards when I am home, just to be respectable. When I am out and have to use the public bathroom for a bowel movement, I always just flush frequently while I am going, to keep the aroma to a minimum. Again, out of respect for others. It is a bit odd I guess, but if someone walked in on me while I was peeing, I wouldn't have any problem with it. I would just continue to go, and finish up, and wipe and be done with it, with no embarrassment. But when it comes to having a bowel movement, as I said in the other post, I need my total privacy.

Hope I answered your question! If you have any more, feel free to ask! I will try to answer as best that I can!

~~* StarShine ~~*

Lucky Fella
Recently whilst on a long car journey I stopped in a lay-by for a pee and a sandwich I had just finished a long satisfying pee and got back in the car when another car pulled up about 25 yards in front and I was treated to a wonderful floorshow. First the drivers door opened and a woman of about 30 got out and walked round to the nearside she opened the rear door and first a lad of about 8 got out followed by a girl of about 4 there followed what was obviously a well practiced routine the girl stood on the edge of the kerb with her back to the car and raised her arms above her head, her mum stood in front of her bent down hitched the girls dress up and pulled her little white Knickers down to her knees then she grasped the girls wrists the girl bent her knees and her mum lowered her down until her bottom was just a couple of inches from the road, her slit must have been about 12 inches from the kerb there was a pause for a few seconds then a thin stream of pee arched out in front of her and landed about 8 inches from her bottom I was just thinking it was hardly worth the effort when I saw the little girls bottom tense up and the thin stream changed to a thick wide stream obviously under a lot of pressure, it just whent on and on, it was incredible just how much wee this little girl had stored up inside her, three times the flow slowed a little and each time the girl pushed and the flow resumed, finally the flow stopped and her bottom rocked backwards and forwards as she strained to get the last few drops out then her mum pulled her knickers back up and she got back in the car. I now had time to look at what she had done, there was a large pool of wee which was slowly running back in a stream under the car and across the road meanwhile her brother had been stood on the grass verge pissing long and hard into the bushes, he too then got back in the car, I thought that was the end of the show but no, mum stood halfway down the car one foot on the kerb and one foot in the gutter hitched up her short dress slipped down a pair of pink panties then stuck her lovely bum out towards me, I then found out where her daughter got her big bladder from as I was treated to a miniture version of the niagera falls it was just like watching a bath tap running, her piss was running down the gutter on the other side of the layby by the time she had finished, she then hitched up her panties and as she walked round the back of the car she turned towards me grinned and waved she obviously knew that I was watching it made me wonder if she came out and gave an exhibition on a regular basis I will certainly be going back to see.

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Kerri Anne
When I was in the tenth grade, I had a major accident in my pants on the way home from school. I had to go BM since about 9 that morning, but held it in because the bathrooms at school were not very clean. School let out at 3 that afternoon, so myself and 3 other students decided to walk home rather than take the bus. It was a 1 1/2 mile walk home and I figured I would have no problem making it home. About halfway home, I farted several times and began to feel some strong cramps. I continued on doing the best I could to hold it in. A really big cramp came and it became apparent to me that I was not going to be able to hold the BM in and I was going to poop my pants, As the cramp peaked, I felt my sphincter muscle give way and felt the head of a large semi-soft log slide its way past my butt cheeks and into the seat of my pants. As the log was coming out, I could feel it push on my Maxi-pad and dislodge the pad. I touched the back of my pants and felt a massive bulge forming in my pants as I gave a big push. By this time, I noticed the odor, which was very strong. A minute later, my friends noticed the odor and it was obvious to them that it was not a fart and someone (me) had an accident and dumped a major load in their pants. I wore a pair of loose fitting light blue button fly jeans. My pants were full enough that my butt waddled like a duck the rest of the way home. This felt soooo good..... As I continued walking, small chunks of poop worked their way out of my underpants and rolled down my pant leg and onto the dirt path that we were walking on. When I got home, I looked in a mirror and noticed how big the bulge was. It went fron the crotch area to just below the waist line. Went into the bathroom and took off my clothes. My jeans were OK-just a few spots in the seat area and the inside of the legs where the poo had rolled down. My underpanties were a total loss. I cleaned up and changed into fresh clothes. My parents and older sisters ha ppened to be out of town that day so no one in my family was aware of my accident.

I remember as a boy(i am now 24)when i was like 9 or 10 about 6 of the boys in our neighbourhood had formed a club in the forest.In our tree house which was way up in a tree. There was a corner in our fort that we used to call the poop corner.we had a club president "george" and he would come in and tell us that before we started the meeting we would each have to go for a large poop in the poop corner, and we would all sit on the floor in front of them and watch them take their dump.So he would pick people one by one to come up, and strip butt naked and sqwat down infront of them and go for a dump.And i remember this spesific boy, would always take like 30 minutes going for his dump. I was always the fastest, but the biggest crapper.Then when we were done that, we would go over to the pissing wall and strip butt naked and go for a piss,but the fun part about that was you each got a turn holding on to their penis as they peed.And one day i remember our club went for a hike a! nd i had to go fora huge crap so i went over a cliff. then i had to go for a piss so i pulled out my penis and peed but then i had an idea to spray the other guys with my i whirled my penis around and around(we were all going through puberty then so my penis was fairley long and hairry)and they got drenched in my piss. It felt so good and it was so funny!

Season of Joy
I tool my New Year's pee about 1 am on New Year's day. I went outside into my yard just unzipped and hung it out and released a massive pee. I did not hold my dick, I just let it go where it wanted to. Such a wonderful feeling of release and freedom. I peed for about 45 sec. and the cold air on my package was invigorating. What a fun way to welcome the new year!

so, i have a boyfreind, and we are really clase. He dared me to go into the boy's bathroom, so, immideatly i did. He dared me to piss into the urinal, so i did. We had a contest.
1. Who has the best dick (not that I had one)
2. Who could piss the farthest
it was fun and cool.

Punk Rock Girl
Bryian: My brother is twenty five, one year younger than me. I've seen him on the crapper several times.

Anna: My advice to you is one of two things. First of all, there's nothing wrong with being embarrassed about taking a dump in front of anyone, even your husband. However, you really do need to learn to go while he's in the apartment. It's not healthy to hold your shit for so long. If he hears farting or splashing, big deal. On the other hand, maybe you should try forcing yourself to go in front of him one day. Even approach him about it. Say, "Look, I'm really bashful about taking a shit in front of you, but it's something I want to work around." Then maybe have him come in the bathroom and sit on the tub while you're on the toilet. Then just go! Everybody's shit smells, everybody farts, everybody's shit splashes when it hits the water. There's nothing to be embarrassed about!

Hope that works for you!



Traveling Guy
While driving along on a trip last week, I had to pee badly and I knew that my gut could use a good emptying, too. It wasn't until I stopped for a train and got out to stretch my legs, though, that I realized from the pressure on both my bladder and intestines that a major event was coming up. I made it to a gas station/convenience store in a small town. The clerk on duty was a friendly 30ish woman with a bright smile, long, dark hair, and an attractive if not beautiful face. "Can I please have the restroom key?" I asked her.

She handed me a key attached to an 18-inch long piece of angled metal, a device sure to keep anyone from forgetfully pocketing it. "I have to tell you, though," she warned me, "it's dark in there. The light blew out a while ago and I haven't had time to change it yet."

"Oh, that'll make it an adventure!" I assured her We both laughed and I headed outside and around the back to the unisex. It was late afternoonon a cloudy day, almost sunset, and when I closed the door, it was pitch black at first. I had to open it again just to get the layout. The small room wasn't the cleanest, but not filthy, either. There were some skid marks in the bowl and the seat was one of those small, round ones, with no front opening. I wiped it off, the toilet rim, too, with some tp. Then I hung up my coat and closed the door, confining myself to near darkmess. Even though my eyes eventually adjusted, the faint light under the door crack was about all I could see.

As soon as my ass was planted on the seat, I started to pee. But at the same time, a huge load dropped from me before I even had time to coax it out, along with a farting burst of gas. Although it took just a few seconds to drop, it felt as though my guts had come out along with my crap. What a great feeling sense of emptying I got. And was it every stinky in there! Next, I wiped more than I usually would since I couldn't see how clean I was getting myself. With my jeans back up again, I opened the door to be able to check my production. Wow, it was one, long snake of a log that coiled around in the bowl, soft but solid, not mushy. I was worried that it might not flush down, but it did. I washed up and took the key back into the store.

"You were right," I told the woman. "It is pitch dark in there." She apoligized again. Then I decided to joke around a bit: "If I were you, though, I'd let it simmer down in there for a while before you change that bulb." That got a knowing laugh from her, so I went on. "Ah, but the only thing better than a good dump is a big, fat cigar, right?" As she cracked up, I wished her a Happy New Year and headed out.

And all the best to all of you in 2003! Here's wishing you health, happiness, and lots of great dumps and pees throughout the year!!

just wanted to say I am glad to see other men enjoy unionsuits besides me, I now wear them exclusevely, all year even with shorts and A sport shirt,short sleeve and I cut them to short length, and they are so user friendly in the restroom,everyone will love them if they try them.

One day about 2 years ago. I was really sick. I had to go to the bathroom about every 10 min. Later in the day I was laying on the couch and felt the need but thought it was just a fart. It wasn't. I had dierria(can never spell that) all down my panties. It came in about 20 -30 waves and I coudn't stop it. It took about 3 weeks to clean that up.
By the way 13 years old.

Hi, this is my first post here. I Love this site. For as long
as I can remember, I have been taken with the act of having my bowel
movements in public preferably on toilets where there are no stalls. The less privacy the better. There used to be a toilet at a JC Penny's in california that i used to love pooping in. It was a large room with only a toilet and a urinal. One day at around noon, I was there and really needed to have a bm. I walked in and it was empty, So I put down a seat protector, pulled down my shorts and sat. I just had on a short shirt and my shorts and tenny shoes. there was no hiding my privates as I sat there having a massive, smelly and messy BM. Just then, the door opened and a guy walked in, he just stood there watching me as I pushed out my poop. I still had a ways to go and needed to wipe yet when the door opened again and four more people walked in. So now I had an entire audience as I finished my BM. The entire room smelled like fresh poop. There was this one other guy who kept looking at me, I reached for the tp and bent over to wipe my bottom. It took awhile but I ! finally got cleaned up as i was being watched. I didnt even mind or try to hide the fact that i had grown erect, It made me feel good. Are there any other people out there who are like me? I would really like to here from more of you. I have lots more stories if you liked this one. Peace and Happy New Year !!!

Uncle Allen
Hello And Happy New Year to all! I am just getting over some kind of stomach virus I had for a few days. I cannot believe How bad it was. I had some throwing up and the worst diarrhea I have ever had in my life Iwas about to go to the hospital because it was so bad. I must have gone pure liquid diarrhea at least every 30 mins. for 2 and a half days. I even had a few accidents becasue Iwas so weak I could barely make it to the bathroom i'll post more another time as I want o rest as much as posssible now. Take care all

TO: Lacy

I Want to share something about my constipation problem when I was at my younger college days. It was not measuerd by time but to the effort I exert because during those days, I'm experiencing chest pains after a very painful bathroom session.

Punk Rock Girl

Hope everyone had a great Holiday!

I was at my boyfriend's family's place for the weekend after Xmas. On Saturday night, his mother made some delicious caserole out of the leftover turkey. It was great, but gave me a very bad case of the shits. A couple of hours after dinner, we were just sitting and quietly enjoying each other's company, when I felt an intense churning in my guts. No question, I had to take a massive shit.

I excused myself and went upstairs to the slightly more private bathroom, but someone was in there. I felt my rectum filling up with crap. A couple of small farts escaped, as did a little squirt of diarrhea. I clenched my buns together and ran back downstairs. I rushed into the bathroom, yanked my pants and underpants down, sat my bare ass on the toilet. An extremely long, loud and powerful rush of diarrhea jetted out of my ass into the toilet. It was accompanied by one long loud fart. I knew for sure that everyone could hear me, but it was too late to be discreet. I couldn't have even stopped if I wanted to!

After the initial explosion, I sat there catching my breath with my forehead propped on my hand, groaning as soft-serve shit slowly oozed out of my bottom with the occasional wet fart escaping for good measure. It was HORRIBLE. I was in there for about twenty minutes and there wasn't a moment of that time that liquid shit and/or farts were not coming out.

Wanna know the punchline? NO F***ING TOILET PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!

I sat there shitting my guts out for almost a half hour and at the end of it all there was no TP. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! I got up, noticing that there was barely any solid shit even visible in the water, which looked like flat Coke. I searched through the cabinets and there was no TP at all, just one or two sheets sticking to the otherwise empty roll. Judging by the sticky and wet feeling between my cheeks, I had a lot of wiping to do!

Well, at some point in my shitting session I had heard the upstairs bathroom door open and close, and someone come downstairs. Rather than walk out to the living room and say, "Hey, where's more TP so I can wipe my ass?", I decided to head upstairs and finish off in the bathroom up there. I flushed the toilet (of course it didn't all go down and required another flush), pulled up my underpants and pants (careful not to give myself a wedgie) and went upstairs. I had forgotten that his parents have a bidet in the bathroom upstairs. What a relief! I took off my pants and underpants and straddled the bidet and let the cool water rinse my sticky, stingy bottom. I'll tell ya, you don't get a cleaner ass with anything else! I dried off, put my pants back on and went downstairs. I said "Sorry, but it was an emergency! I hope I wasn't too loud."

The next morning, I had a firmer, but still soft BM, then that night took a nice solid dump. I had another big solid dump this morning. Aaaaaaahhhhh! My ass is happy again!

Happy New Year!


Potty Pooper
Someone here asked if any of us tended to stick one's finger up into his or her
poophole to see if s/he could feel turds in there, and then would try to poop. If
you go back to post 1003, and scroll to the bottom, you'll find a longish story by
me, in the middle of that, I tell about how I used to to exactly that, when I was
maybe 8 or 10, while sitting in the bathtub.

I've got a question for you guys now. I can remember one point in my life, when I
was maybe 7 or 8, and when I really had to go and the starting turds were kinda dense,
alot of times as I started to poop, it felt as if all of my little hairs were standing
on end, total goosebumps, as if all those muscles had to come into play in order to
help the poop move on out of me.

Anyone ever experience anything like that? Or am I the only one that that happened
to? And no, there was nothing "scary" to me about doing a doodoo, nor did I feel
any kind of "chills" (that is, nothing there "made my blood run cold") or such that
would suggest any kind of fright-reaction. I simply got gooseflesh, in a big way, to
the point that all those little muscles seemed to be pulled as taut as they could go!
Anyone got any idea WHY I was getting this effect? It stopped happening after maybe
a year or two.

To Breanna: I enjoyed your story..did you get every thing fixed? or have you moved yet?

To Mike: 1. Never used an out house toilet 2. Yes i have 3. N/A

To big d: I loved that

To wetguy: What did your friend do when he used the porto potty? pee or poop? did you both use the same one? Liked how you let a squrit of pee

I went out to breakfast and dinner last night..i ate a whole lot both meals. I was online about to get off when a small urge hit me to poop. I got off and got ready for bed then i pooped. I sat and i had my pjs down to my thighs cause it was chilly in there. It started coming right out..pushed a bit and the turd dropped into the bowl...then i farted a litte then i had a few chunks of poop on the top that was floating. I stood up and looked in the bowl i had 1 big firm log about 8 or 9 inches and those few chunks i wiped maybe 7 times and then i flushed.

I had this peeing dream last night about being in a locker room and for somereason i peed on the wall right by a ATM machine..was weird.
gonna go...probably won't post till late thursday again cause im going away for the new year...have a happy new year every one!

I'm back after a long time. Sorry about the no-post situation, but I've been busy (not school-related) and so it's taken me this long to post.

LACY: Longest time I've been constipated was quite recent, for about a week. I finally got to go about four days ago, at a movie theater, when I was tired of sitting around and getting nothing. I settled down on the toilet seat which was quite small, actually, especially for a public toilet. So anyway, I was determined to break the streak of failed attempts, and had come prepared, with a tube of Vaseline. Lubing up my rear passage, I folded my arms over my thighs and set to work. Just then, another person walked into the bathroom and took a stall next to me. A smile crept across my lips. I started grunting, softly at first, but then a little louder, and I felt the turd start to move. Lodged in my nether canals, the fecal blockage was having a tough time staying in motion; it kept stopping and starting, and was getting thicker instead of thinner. However, I was not going to back down from something inside me, so I leaned forward and pushed on my already heaving stomach mu! scles with my hands (would have been nice to have someone massage my stomach here). It seemed to help, and the long compacted mass that wanted to take up permanent residence in my bowels was finally getting kicked out by the landlady. My stomach was joyous as the offending filth slid out from between my cheeks, crackling loudly. I decided to add my own sound effects, making a melodious discord which must have sounded, to my commode companion, like this: "Unnngh"-crackle...crackle...crackle-"Nnnnn!"-crackle-crackle-crackle..."MMMMMPH"...cracklecracklecrackle -SPLOOSH! -schlupschlupschlup-"Ahhhh" -schlupschlupschlup as the boisterous beast (which I would later estimate at 3 inches across, 1 foot long) crashed down, giving way to much softer excrement which oozed from my anus, with a consistency between pudding and peanut butter. After wiping (which was a little tricky because of the soft parts and the fact that my anus was throbbing) I was faced with the possibility that it might! not all go down. Crossing my fingers and closing my eyes, I reached over and pulled the flush. It flushed! A miracle! So it ended up okay.

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