hey i am new here. its kinda appropriate that i'm making my post now, cos i REALLY need a number 2 right now!!!! and you know what sucks? i'm not allowed to go!!! i'm up in my room (which is a converted attic) but the toilet is downstairs! once my parents go to bed, i'm not allowed to go downstairs in case I make too much noise and wake them up!!! (their bedroom is next to the bathroom) so here i am trying not to shit maself! lol seriously though, could holding a poo in for so long do long-term damage to my bowels? i can hold it in for ages, but i dunno if i can keep it in much longer! :-(

i'm still at school (am 17) and our teachers can be really strict about letting people go the toilet. i think its so inhumane. one time i needed a poo, so I asked if I could go, but the teacher wouldn't let me! i kept asking every ten minutes after that (cos i was REALLY desperate) but she still wouldn't let me out. so, i tried not to concentrate on it and kept on working, but it was no use. then suddenly i felt the uncontrollable urge to fart, it was one of those farts thats just gonna come out no matter what you do! i started talking to the girl next to me and rustled papers around so as to make a noise so that maybe people wouldn't hear it, but when it came out, it was SO loud! i've never felt more embrassed in my entire life. Its so much worse for a girl! :-( guys fart all the time, but when one of us do it, we never get over the trauma! lol ok maybe thats a bit overdramatic but its still so embarassing. have any other girls got any stories about farting accident! aly in school, or anywhere else in public, and how did people around you (particularly guys) react when it happened?

also what are normal bowel habits for a girl of my age? i usually have about three bowel movements a day, is that normal? it seems like a lot and i'm worried. also i can get really gassy at times. is it normal for girls my age to get bad gas from time to time too? i think i read somewhere that periods and hormone stuff that goes on when u are a teenager can have an affect on ur bowels is that true too?

thanx for reading! i like really gotta go just gonna risk going downstairs cos if i dont get to the bathroom soon there's gonna be an accident!! i hope i dont wake up my parents

Infantry SPC
Sudden Urge- You have brought up a very good point. I have noticed that women seem to leave skidmarks more often than men do. I always thought that skidmarks and floating turds were caused by drinking alcohol, or well should I say, when I drink (which isn't very often) I seem to leave skidmarks. Sometimes when I go to chill in a girls dorm room, I'll ask to use their bathroom to see if there are any recent skidmarks. I have never ever seen recent ones but I have seen faint ones. I too am curious to know why that is that women leave skidmarks almost every time they poop. Have at it ladies let us know!

Breanna- Good pee story. Did you have to poop before they fixed your toilet? If you did what would you have done? please add to our inquiry on skidmarks. do you leave them often?

Ever since I made a new list of which I'm going to call "wishful poop profiling of women", my infatuation with women pooping has been at an all-time high! my new sub list of poop profiling has the rankings of what is intriging to me about women pooping. If it were an Olympic event this is how I would make the judges give out points:

1) Smell (stinky is better)
2) Farts (loud and multiple farts are obviously a plus, but silent is good too. none at all isn't always bad as long as it stinks)
3) skidmarks after flushing (all it takes is one or two really good ones)
4) Size of the load ( a big load is great and possibly stinky, but many flushes like jane used to do could take away from the smell , and farts could occur while toilet is being flushed a small load that truly reeks is a plus too)
5) Duration (If a woman takes very little time, who cares, if she can get a 20/20 in points for the other four categories. If she takes a long time but has no other high points, it wouldn't be interesting to watch.)

Wiping wouldn't be rated because I've noticed many women jump in the shower right after pooping(morning poopers), and it would unbalance my scale of 100 points. i'm going to consider later how to break each portion of the scoring down even more. in the mean time tell me what you think of my rating system.

I just rented the "National Lampoon's Van Wilder" DVD and saw a pretty funny pooping scene near the end. Seems the jerk boyfriend of the female lead drank alot of laxative and ended up having to go real bad. Unfortunately he's meeting these "important" people and tries to hold it in until he can't any longer and ends up dumping in the wastebasket in front of about 4 people. It was pretty funny. You get to see him run over to the trash can, pull down his pants and briefs, sit down and unload. The cool part is that the 2nd DVD has outtakes and there are about 5 or 6 different outtakes of that scene. Very cool.

I took a dump at the department store with the 2 doorless and one doored stall. Of course, I opted for the doorless one. It's funny to see how many guys will not take a crap in a doorless stall, even if they really have to go. Mostly the younger guys. The older ones (50's or so) don't seem to mind as much. I did see one guy about 60ish who was taking a dump. I saw that he had some really nasty crap and piss stains on what were once white briefs. All those yellow and brown stains were kinda gross.

A couple of days ago, I stopped at a fastfood place on my way home and had a bite to eat. Afterwards, I took a dump in the restroom which was located outside and had a coin lock. I was sitting there about 2 minutes when I heard someone at the latch. Next thing I knew, a coin was dropped in and I one of the employees walked in. He saw me and said "excuse me" and backed out. After I came out, he was waiting to go in. He said "hi" as we passed. Knda cool.

The AJ thing happened last year on October. I thought it was cute...he looked all shy n embarassed after cuz the gurls were cheering about him having to pee.

The Smelly Panda
I love you, Breanna. Do you have any poop stories to share?

well tonight, I[ even though I'm male] sat down to pee like a chick at home, and for the hell of it timed myself and it took a total of 1 minute and 42 seconds. to catually pee though took 50 seconds with most of it coming out real fast in about 30 seconds and just a few left over drips. it was like you could really hear it loud at first , then about half way through it sort of got quieter as the foam began to form and softened the piss stream . it was yellow but not too dark yellow just average; and left about half a bowl of foam on the water's surface and like five minutes later there was still a bit of foam left on the water in the corners. you gals are right about the toilet staying cleaner as compared to standing up where it sprays in all directions and often misses the bowl. now I can see what all the wives bitch about ! that sounds like the andrew dice clay joke about " you want to marry this piece of shit? you want to clean up all the pubic hairs and nasty dried ur! ine on the toilet bowl rim, honey? then go ahead and marry him ! "

~* Candi *~
Hey Everyone....

Sorry i havent posted in a while... all my men are keeping me busy :) hehe. It seems everywhere I go that people are being more and more open about shitting. It was never like this! Hm. Anyways, Funny story...Me and my best friend Christina are both home from school for Christmas, so we decided to go sledding in my back yard ike old times. I needed to get gas and cigarettes on the way to my house, so Me and Christina had to go in the gas station. Well, she all of a sudden falls to the ground and ties her shoe...which by the way was already tied... i was like Chrissy, what are you doing?! She was like Oh my God, i have to shit so bad i can't even get up.... just wait here a second. Well, of course i'm laughing my ass off. So i pay for my smokes and gas, and I was like Christina, i'm leaving, and she was like bitch, haha, so she was trying to get up, i could totally see her clenching her ass. so were walking out to my carand she starts laughing, and she's like Cand! i, i think i shit my pants. Well by this time i was laughing already, and i was like Don't even think your getting in my car! She ended up going to the gas station bathroom to clean up.... she showered as soon as we got to my house... can't really blame her after her accident (haha) along with using the gross gas station bathroom... yuck! Hehe, so that was my story!

Candi xoxo

Twice Shy
Going the Korean way

I was flying Korean Air last month on one of two long, non-stop segments between the U.S.A. and the R.O.K. as part of a trip to Viet Nam (what a beautiful land!). In my hours and days of captivity, I began to get a load of their particular adornment of the lavatories. Besides having "women only" johns (there must be an advantage to using those that is all its own...), there was a placard above the commode, asking that, should the facility be left in an unpresentable way, that the patron should clean up his or her leavings before...leaving. I guess they mean to reach right down into the blue-swept stainless ware with whatever's available. It's a good thing I didn't need to drop the putrid load on any of those flights. Maybe it's because I didn't eat any of the more exotic Korean chow offered in-flight--they were good enough to warm up the retort pouches from the M.R.E.'s I brought along, and I suspect those are the kind of meals that stay with you a bit longer. Stil! l, flexing one's knees and working one's leg muscles in assuming the posture could have helped in my fight against forming blood clots from all that inactivity.

christmas was cool, I got lots of stuff, funny thing happened on christmas when we were opening presents, my cousin who is 8 got this video game for playstation and he was real excited and he started dancing around then he was holding himself we didnt know what he was doing until he turned around and was dripping all over. he peed his pants cause he was so happy about that game. my mom was tapin it so we watched it again later. he was only wearin pjs so the pee almost came out in a stream when he moved his hand away. i guess he forgot to go before he came down to open presents. i forget sometimes when im excited too so i know how he felt. he was still happy even after he changed and got spanked by his mom. well gotta go ,by

well,somebody asked about if some of us would pee outside for the new year and write about it, so here goes. I was driving back from this meeting the long way on a connecticut back road and it was snowing. I had to piss real bad and well, I turned off of route 20 near the mass. state line and onto this dirt road to piss , stopped the car , turned off the headlights with just the parking lights on for safety and got out and let it fly ! I unzipped and pulled out my "firehose" and whizzed like a siren in the road in the fresh white snow ! I lifted my penis up and sprayed the road like a fountain shooting out about maybe five feet and also pointed it up in the air while looking for cars. none were coming at the time i was hoping that I would leave my mark on the road as I often wonder what someone who passes by next will say or think when they see the obvious puddle of urine in the road, or in this case , the yellow swirl in the snow by headlights. it was cool and well i lov! e to do this in the summer along the bicycle paths and on the dirt roads at night and hope that someone will see that puddle as when I am on the bike, I simply pull my " lizard" out of my bike shorts and piss all over the roads when no one is coming . i was wondering what if I was a girl and how I would go , then I remembered when my girlfriend and I were still together. this was last year and she being the one who could not figure out ow to urinate without the use of a toilet bowl to sit on and we were driving on that very same route 20 in the winter. she told me " she had to go to the ladies room" and here we were about 20 miles from the next town in either direction and so she had to learn! I drove up this very same dirt road and turned off into this pull off right at the massachusetts/connecticut state line in the state forest. I got out of the car and took this empty soda bottle and a pocketknife, cut it in half and told her to simply pull down her pants and use that ! thing as a funnel like the FUD that katrina was talking about. [ I was telling her about those things and that they can be ordered online and she had never heard of them but said" cool idea" ]anyway, she got all worried about pissing on her pants and I tole her, " here sweetie, go in fornt of the car and squat down and I will hole it in place for you. so she did and i held the half cut bottle over her vulva while she whizzed a few off and on golden streams into the thing and it came out no problem. I still remember that very distinct odor of her sweaty vagina as she had this very sweaty smell down there because of her very heavy menstrual flow and watching her golden drops of urine come out as she had forced them out as best she could. like I had said she did not really know how to pee outside so, with her it was just like teaching a little girl how to pee all over again.

StarShine, Your note to Colleen gpt me to thinking about the privacy issue when pooping. I used to be very private about it when I was a little kid...My Mother always thought she had to be with me when I pooped, and I hated it. But there was one part of it that really embarrased me more than anything...that was having to grunt when it was hard to go. I didn't mind going in front of Mom if it was easy and I
could just let it out. But if I REALLY had to bear dwon on it to get it to come out THAT EMBARRASED ME...I always seem to grunt when I bear down, I just can't help it. I can remember several time when my poop would bge there wanting to come out but needing help. I just wouldn't push because Mom was there and I'd be thinking "if you'd just go away I could get this overwith"...So, StarShine, is there a particular part of the process of pooping that you need more privacy for than any other part?-- JW

I'm a female who likes to poop her panties every few months. Don't know what happens to me, but suddenly I'll have the need to poop and I'll do it in my undies.

I want to hear about guys pooping in their underwear!

I wish I had been home enough to watch Ally McBeal when it was on. Was it true that Ally and ELaine buddy dumped once? There has got to be some way I can find out every poop scene that has happened on that show. Anyone feel like listing them all?

I dated a girl named Jean and we where really hot for each other.She would come to my appartment and we would screw all day.After an all day thing we would take a shower get dressed and get something to eat before I would take her home.While we where in the bathroom taking showers,she would sit on the toilet,pee and sometimes poop but she would never lift her ass up for me to see.I would beg her,but no she said she was to embarased.Than one early morning I took her for breakfast.She had eggs,toast,pancakes and coffee.After breakfast we took a walk in the park,no body was around.As we where walking we where also fooling around.We came to a playground with swings and she sat down on one.She had a short skirt on and her sweet ass was hanging off it.suddenly she said she had to to poop and to look behind here.She had pulled her skirt up and sliding out of her beautiful ass was a long thick log.I was so turned on,I couldn't wait to get her back to my place.More about Jean in the! future.

thank you!!!
My story...
This morning, I was doing some returns in Sears, when I felt pressure on my bowels. I was just about done shopping, so I finished up and then went home. When I finally got to my front dorr I felt like I was going to explode. I ran thru the house into the bathroom like there was no tomorrow, locking the bathrooom door behind me. No one would be home for another few hours, so I was free to take my time. I sat slowly on the bowl and leaned back for a minute to relax. I had a terrible stomach ache and I moaned a little when I sat down. I was planning on doing absolutely no pushing this time and letting gravity take it's course. I wanted this movement to be relaxing and as painles as possible. I sat and waited, and waited, and waited. After 10 minutes with nothing accomplished, the stomach pain became unbearable. I decided to push very slightly to start myself off. I sat foward very slowly, took a deep breath, and began to push veeeeeery slooooowly. The pain in my stomach was! getting worse and worse. I felt the poop coming out of me a little, so I pushed a little more. Then it came. This huge firm (not hard, but firm) brown log fell into the bowl, and my stomach was killing me, i was in agony. I groaned, both in relief and in pain. I went to sit back to try to relax, but my stomach hurt so bad I could barely move. I thought I was done at this point, so I tried to stand up. Sloooowly, I leaned foward andput my hands on my knees. Groaning and moaning, I brought myself to my feet and wiped. I only had to wipe twice, this poop wasnt at all messy. I flushed and wahed my hands. I could barely walk and my stomach was throbbing in pain, so I decided to lie down until I felt better. It was painful to walk, but somehow I made it to my bed. I eased myself onto the bed and lay on my back. I tried to get comfortable, but the pain was too unbearable, so as I lay there, I moaned uncontrollably. I have never had a stomach this bad. I lay there for 10 minutes, ! and then I felt it. I had to poop again. I never thought I'd be able to pick myself up and walk to the bathroom, but somehow I managed. Before I sat down, I decided not to ppush at all. As it turns out, I didn't have to. I sat back on the bowl expecting to have to wait, but a log started slowly coming out. I was going to sit up to make it easier to go, but this felt kind of good, so i just stayed put. as the log finished out, I moaned, but a happy moan... it was so nice to have a poop session that felt good! Then another log came out. This one was slightly wider and made me lose my breath for a second, but it moved rather quickly and when it was done, I heaved another relief noise. I still had bad pain in my stomach, but the pooping just felt so good! A third log started out, but this one seemed to need a little push. I remained laying back, but grabbed the sides of the bowl and pushed, not a lot, but enough to flare those stomach pains. The log came flying out, and I knew I! was done. I breathed heavily and sat on the bowl for a moment. I felt relieved, but I was still in pain. After a few minutes, I stood up slowly, wiped only once because there was no mess, washed, and slowly walked to my bed. The pain was building slightly and it hurt so bad it made me want to cry. I laid down very slowly and concentrated on breathing in... and out... I groaned loudly in pain, it hurt so much. I started to massage my stomach, and it helped a little. I then massaged harder and the pain started to fade. After about a half an hour, the pain was just about gone. I sat up, held my stomach for a minute, and then slowly and painfully stood up. I took a deep breath and decided it might help if I walked around a bit. I feel much better now, only an occasional pang in my stomach now and then...

I submitted a story awhile back , but didn't get published. My exgirlfriend who i shall call"Sue" was as a young girl a "lazy pooper". By that I mean she often would leave going to the toilet until she was really desperate. Consequently she would often poop her knickers & invariably have skidmarks on them. Which she said was a pain because of her extremely hairy anus. Sue is a very hirsuit woman, she has tried everything, but to no avail, therefore she has maintained a very hairy pubic bush with a treasure trail to above her navel & armpits for a long time. To give a picture of her she isabout 5'6", long black hair, medium build with bigger than average boobs. She is an artist & lives in a small rural town. As Sue got older she improved her toilet habits & only went every 2 or 3 days but did she do monster poops & never constipated. She forecast her need to poop by loud & smelly farts. So one day we decided to walk to the local shop for some bread. W! e always went the short way through some bushland over a dry creek via a small footbridge, about a 10 minute walk. Not far from the shop Sue said she could feel a poop coming on, her stomach was cramping pretty bad. As we aapproached the shop she let out a huge smelly fart, we waited til the smell went. We often used to chat to the storeowner, but this time Sue said she was expecting a call from her agent 7 had to rush.I forgot to mention sue was wearing a sarong tshirt& sandals. I could hear her stomach rumbling which sounded ominous. She said she was in a real hurry & was getting desperate so much so she said she would dump under the bridge. As we got closer to the bridge she started to do the "shit shuffle" walking with her bumcheeks clenched. Then we heard the sound of childrens voices coming from the creek, it was her neighbours kids.Sue let out a groan of urgency, she said she couldn't take a dump in front of them, but she was busting in real trouble. We were s! tanding in long grass just off the bridge when I said well lets hurry home. Sue said sorry rod it's too late, her bum emitted a loud fart like canvas being torn. Followed by the familiar crackling sound, then she counted123&4 as 4 turds hit the ground between her feet. She looked so relieved, followed by a long piss, most of which ran down her legs, but she did wet the front of her sarong quite noticeably. When we got home I cleaned her up, she had poop up the crack of her bum & down the insides of her legs. We then had the lunch we were going to have although bit later than planned

a happy new year to you all.
ive got a story concerning new years eve (last night, if anyone was sober enough to remember... :-) )

I was in a bar with my parents for new year (we got there at about 9:30pm... booooring) because my friends were all out at a part of town which i refused to go to because of the abysmal computerized sounds they call music and the atmosphere. At one point i needed a pee quite a lot, so i got up and went to the bathroom. once i was at the urinal, nothing came out!!! 2 guys peed in the time i was standing there! it was embarassing! why didnt anything come out?? do any of you have any suggestions? by that time i had only a few cokes (i'm a coke addict [as in the drink lol] and a Smirnoff Ice, both of which i can handle). i went back downstairs with a full bladder and ordered water. When i drank it i went back again after waiting for a while, then i peed. how couldn't i before?

anyway thats me finished boring you, bye for now.

Bill Boomer
I recently returned from a 10 day elk hunt in Colorado. As is customary following such an excursion the bowels are quite bound with greasy fried foods. This trip was no exception. As I finally got a chance to sit on my daughter's bowl in Tucson, I was not prepared for what was to follow.

It seemed to be quite difficult to move the mother lode, and I grunted for what seemed like an eternity. It could best be compared to a trash compactor as the gases were forced out wherever they could excape. Then the pain eased but the process of ellimination continued. The cheeks never slapped together and the water never splashed. I knew in the back of my mind this was a special event. Fortunatly I had the savy to look before I wiped,because the end result would have been less spectaculaaaaaaaaaar had it been cluttered with paper.

This prize winner was a "double wrapper" - completing a 720 degree trip twice around the bowl withour any interuptions!!!

I was astounded that this was done without a spinal - aided only by my limited birthing knowledge. I knew the only way to prove and document this wonder of the world was to get my camera. Whoever said "shit happens" would realize that it doesn't jus happen in cases like this.

I have been offered big bucks for the negatives, but have held off so far just in case Guiness would quesion the accuracy of the dimentions. I had it copyrighted and you can order prints at

I am not sure i you remember me too. I am the boy who found the underpants with worms. I WILL SOON BE POSTING Almost every week.
TO MODERATOR and all posters:

yes, going to the toilet is such an enjoyable experience. the pleasure of taking one large crap just makes me so happy. WHEEEEE pooping is so fun!

just wanted to say I am glad to see other men enjoy unionsuits besides me, I now wear them exclusevely, all year even with shorts and A sport shirt,short sleeve and I cut them to short length, and they are so user friendly in the restroom,everyone will love them if they try them.

well tonight, I[ even though I'm male] sat down to pee like a chick at home, and for the hell of it timed myself and it took a total of 1 minute and 42 seconds. to catually pee though took 50 seconds with most of it coming out real fast in about 30 seconds and just a few left over drips. it was like you could really hear it loud at first , then about half way through it sort of got quieter as the foam began to form and softened the piss stream . it was yellow but not too dark yellow just average; and left about half a bowl of foam on the water's surface and like five minutes later there was still a bit of foam left on the water in the corners. you gals are right about the toilet staying cleaner as compared to standing up where it sprays in all directions and often misses the bowl. now I can see what all the wives bitch about ! that sounds like the andrew dice clay joke about " you want to marry this piece of shit? you want to clean up all the pubic hairs and nasty dried ur! ine on the toilet bowl rim, honey? then go ahead and marry him ! "

Happy New Year everyone! Just rang it in here 2 hours ago, with a toast, and then went out to listen and see the fireworks around the neighborhood. Hope you all have a very prosperous, fun, peaceful, hopeful, loving, and of course enjoyably happy 2003!

I had a very loose bowel movement around 8:30pm lastnight, which did feel pretty good, emptying out. Although I did get that achy feeling afterwards, like I usually do after such a loose movement which I don't enjoy as much, but it didn't last long thankfully. It wasn't really diarrhea, but wasn't really totally solid either. Just nice extremely soft thin logs that moved through me, and out of me pretty fast, and no effort on my part, which I love. I enjoy just sitting down and relaxing and having my bowels just release nice and easy. I hate having to push or strain. I had eaten a bowl of broccoli soup about 3 hours earlier, which I KNEW would REALLY move my bowels in a few hours like always. I was right, and got the little gurgling sensations and sounds 3 hours later, and it wasn't an urgent call, but just the signal from my bowels to say, "Excuse me, you should really get to the bathroom soon." LOL I have had some nice movements this past week, which is so good, ! since usually I don't have but 2 or if I am lucky, 3 movements a week. I wiped good after finishing up and took a nice hot shower right after. If I hadn't peed in the toilet after my bowel movement, I could have released my pee in the shower and enjoyed that like I sometimes do, but unfortunately, when I move my bowels, my bladder automatically empties too, either before, during or after my bowel movement, with no control from me. Always been that way.

Are there others out there like that? That just can't hold back your bladder when you relax to have a bowel movement? I have tried it and never succeed. It is really bad for me if I am trying to hold back diarrhea, and also have to REALLY pee as well. I have to get to the bathroom very soon, since if I didn't, I'd end up having an accident both ways, which would be more than humiliating. I do remember many times when this happened, not accidents, but having to really hold back my bowels and my bladder at the same time. Talk about concentration and slow movements. LOL I'd get to my home, and out of the car, and right up to my upstairs bathroom. Then I have to admit, it would feel intensely nice to just sit down on the toilet, kind of spread my legs a bit for comfort, and totally let it all go, after having to hold back both 'systems' for a long while. THEN I would REALLY audibly sigh deeply with relief. :)

I drank some coca~cola around 10pm, then I had a glass of wine this morning at midnight to toast in the New Year, and my bladder is really signaling me for release as I sit and type this at 2am. Nothing major, just a little urge, and one I kind of enjoy due to the nice tingle I get all down below when my bladder first starts contracting as it is a little more than half full or so. ;)

Well that is all from this gal this morning, for now. Hope to write soon with more 'nice movements' and pee stories! Take care all and again, Happy New Year! Or I should say, "Ha'pee' Poo Year!" LOL


Hi everyone,

Well, I had some more stomach gurgling, like yesterday, but this time it was actually diarrhea. I guess it was from lastnight's glass of wine. I only had one glass, and no more, since I don't drink but at New Year's, and even then it is only one glass or two. But I guess it irritated my stomach because today after I had dinner, my ???? began aching and gurgling. I didn't think at first that I would have to go to the bathroom to move my bowels, since I had a pretty nice loose movement yesterday. To have 2 movements in two days straight, is VERY rare for me. But while sitting here, I felt some gas on my stomach, and when I began to let it go, thinking it would ease my ???? discomfort a little, suddenly my bowels began to move. Now that is a bit scary, when I am not expecting it. I had to instantly pull back with all I had to stop it to save my panties and pants, and knew then that I was going to have to get to the bathroom. When I did, it was mostly like water a! t first, but finally got a bit solid as it began to really flow out of me, but still more watery than solid, and much different than yesterday. I was feeling a bit sick while it happened, but the more I emptied, the better I began feeling. Took about 10 minutes, and I was finally done. I had to obviously wipe pretty much to clean up, and flushed, and then that derned achy empty feeling began to happen around my lower stomach like usually happens when I have such a loose movement. I came back down here and now drinking some alka-selzer in sprite, which is helping to really ease my discomfort and calm my stomach. I hate the taste of alka-selzer in plain water, so I put the tablets in sprite or 7-UP and they dissolve just as nicely, and it tastes really good. I just sip at it slowly, and after about an hour, I should feel so much better. I have always had ???? troubles since I was a kid on up til now, and I hate it. But know from experience what to take that helps my s! tomach calm down. I am all empty now, and don't feel anymore gurgling at all, so I shouldn't have any more movements tonight, thankfully. Don't get me wrong, I love the feeling of a good bowel movement, but not when it makes me feel bad or is way too loose and mostly like water.

Take care all! Talk to you soon, especially if I am wrong about my stomach not acting up later on tonight.

~~* StarShine ~~*

TO: Lacy

I Want to share something about my constipation problem when I was at my younger college days. It was not measuerd by time but to the effort I exert because during those days, I'm experiencing chest pains after a very painful bathroom session.

Accident Prone
Waiting in a bus queue over Christmas I had an embarrassing episode when I wet myself.

Me and a few colleagues went for a drink in a town centre pub on Christmas Eve. I had left the car at home cos I knew we would finish work early and I would have a few pints.

I had four pints and had gone to the toilet in the pub once. The bus stop is directly opposite the pub and I left it to the last minute to leave and catch what should have been the 4.10pm home.
I joined the back of the queue.

There was about ten people waiting. After ten minutes the bus was nowhere to be seen and I had started to feel a niggling need to go to the toilet. The bus trip home is 20 minutes and I thought if the bus came soon I'd be okay.

Another fifteen minutes went by and by now I was rocking to and fro and squeezing myself. My bladder was banging like 10 drummers and I was very uncomfortable.

I thought if I could just sit down, cross my legs and give myself a good squeeze I'd be able to hold it . So prayed for the bus to arrive.

I thought about going back to the pub but knew the second I left the queue the bus would come and I'd miss it. More people had joined the queue and I would have lost my place.

Five more minutes went past. It was dark, cold and miserable and here I was, a 40-year-old man, so desperate for a piss I wanted to cry.

I crossed and uncrossed my legs, squeezed and bounced but finally realised the inevitable was going to happen. I'd left it too late to get back to the pub and in frustration and desperation stamped my feet, letting out a moan as I started to wet myself.

My wee came in a fast , thick and hot hissing stream warming my legs and thighs. The relief was unbelievable even if I had weed in my pants.

I must have peed for two minutes, forcing out the last squirts. My pee flowed down both my legs wetting my underwear, trousers, socks hitting my shoes and forming a puddle from which those nearest to me edged away.

The woman next to me looked at me and the puddle I was making and said: I bet that feels better out than in. It did, I told her, and said I just couldn't wait any longer. She said she'd noticed I was struggling and had been thinking to herself that I needed a wee.

The bus didn't come for another 10 minutes and I was soaked. I got on and took off my coat and spread it over my lap, spreading my legs for comfort. I looked under the coat at the damage and could feel that my bum was wet as well as my front and all the way down both legs.

About five minutes from my stop I felt the need to go again. I waited til I got off the bus and was hurrying along the street and decided it was pointless trying to make it home and wet myself again.

I have often played Russian roulette with my bladder but have never pissed myself before ... so at least I know what my New Year's resolution should be.

hi this is something that happened to me when I was about 9 or 10
I was playing near our old school during the holiday this girl i was playing with watched me while I peed against a tree I thought nothing of it at the time then she said wanna watch me poo? I was a bit surprised but nodded and she said I,ll do it here, she put her hands up her pink gingham dress and slid her panties down just a little I didn,t see her private parts as she didn,t pull her panties down very far just enough to bare her bum her panties matched her dress she squatted down with her back to the tree leaning against it. her dress was short so she didnt lift it out of the way I watched as she started to poo
first her little hole opened up and a small knobbly poo came out slowly and got bigger ,between her breath,s she said can you see it cos i can feel it coming I said yeah then it fell to the ground and she pushed again and the rest came out really fast and was a bit sloppy and it neatly folded it self on the first knobby bit, Ive finished
she got up and wiped on a tissue and pulled up her panties and we went back to play on the swings

Mark R
Hi suzie

Have you ever been for a poo with you uniforn on if so would love details ie grunts, farts or pushes. Do you sit forwards when having a poo?

Mark R
Hi suzie

Have you ever been for a poo with you uniforn on if so would love details ie grunts, farts or pushes. Do you sit forwards when having a poo?

Hi Fat woman do you have any more stories about helping your fat friend to poo the last story on page 1015 was cool
could we please have a little more detail for example as what happened as it was coming out and what did you do ie press harder on butt cheeks tell her to push harder could you see it in there? what sound did it make and how you helped her

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi to you all,

PUBLIC POOPER, I enjoyed reading your account of how you had a shit on show recently, and how you enjoy the experience! The most "public" toilet I've ever sat on was one with a door that had an 18 inch gap under it. In Britain toilets without doors are unknown except in certain schools and other institutions, and as for toilets with no partitions, in Britain I can't imagine them getting any use except in absolute emergencies, or by some very uninhibited guys if they need a shit. I'd love to sit on a toilet and have an audience, as long as I wasn't regarded as freaky for being so visible, so would like to be one of several all shitting together and all making a lot of plopping sounds!
You said that one guy looked at you while you were on, and that seems to happen quite often according to what people say here. Could it be that they can't believe a guy is uninhibited enough to shit with no door in front of him, or is it just curiosity at how you sit?
Perhaps those who watch are turned on, and like seeing a guy on the toilet! I certainly am, but because I am, would avoid being too obvious if I saw a guy shitting on the toilet.
Anyway, I for one, would be interested in hearing more of your public shit sessions!

MUSK, Your last painful shit suggests you should see a doctor about either your anus having some condition that needs treating, or that your diet should be less spicy, or perhaps modified in some other way.
Knowing you really enjoy a good shit, and hearing other guys having a good shit, I hope you will soon be free of having these bad shits that you seem prone to. I've been there, and understand what a "pain in the arse" can be like, and am SO glad to be rid of all that suffering I went through, and so glad to look forward to my daily shit now!

One thing I've noticed over the past year along with my (usually) clean arse that needs very little wiping after a shit, is that I hardly ever leave skidmarks down the toilet! A friend who shared my interest was always leaving thick dark skidmarks down the bog, and he was really proud of them! So am I on the very rare occasions when it happens.
Does anyone know what causes them? is it the speed at which the turds plunge down the toilet, or is it a diet-related thing?

Best wishes to all my friends, those now lurking, the new people, the regulars, ROBBIE & ANNIE, BRYIAN, and many others. P. Plop Guy

hey and happy new year to everyone! It's freezing cold and snowing heavy where I am, real winter weather now! Time to break out the long johns to stay warm or maybe I should just let hot pee run down my legs to warm myself up!

sickie: I am a guy who has pooped his underwear, I posted the other day about my wonderful large load I pooped in the morning in my white jockies while shaving. It was rather large and extremelly pleasurable as I stood there letting my large load drop into my shorts, feeling it fill my pants squeezing between my ass cheeks....

darius: are you still around? We used to post back and forth in the fall but I haven't heard from you in awhile... are you still on here? You always have such good vivid stories about pooping your pants... any advice on pooping my pants in public? How does one do it without getting caught? Im always afraid that someone would notice if I was to drop my load in my jeans... anyone else have any ideas?

dork: are you still with us? reading back on old posts you also seem to enjoy doing a good job in your underwear, do you still indulge yourself? Id love to hear about it...

The other night, on new years eve, I came close to having a public accident. My bf and I were coming home and I had to pee real bad. When we got in he went straight into the bathroom cause he had to take a dump. He was in there for what seemed like forever, anyway by the time he got out it was to late for me , I had already pissed my shorts. I knew I wasn't going to make it so I took off my jeans so it wouldn't require to much clean up and once I was stripped down to my jockeys, I just let go pissing myself for what seemed like ten minutes. My balls were all hot and soaked and the piss was running all down my legs down both thighs and even soaking the crack of my ass. It felt so good being so warm and wet. When my bf came out of the bathroom he wasn't surprised when I showed him that I had wet myself, in someways I suspect he purposely took his time in there knowing that I would wet my pants... what a great way to ring in the new year!

so happy new year to everyone and happy peeing and pooping...

i just got back form disney world in florida, it was awesome.
someone asked how old i was im 11 in sixth grade, i look like an 8 year old though, my friends say anyway. my friends dad can bench press me, that reminds me of an accident i had. i was at my friends house he is a fat kid but he is cool. and his dad was working out in the basement. we played games for a while then went down to wach him. i was wearing some jeans shorts i think they were a little small for me cause they were real tight, but i had to go pee but not emergency yet. my friends dad told me to come here adn he said he was going to pick me up like a dumbell and i said no way but my friend said do it its fun, so i did. he put his hand on my stomach and my chest. and lifted me up. i didnt know it yet but as soon as he pushed on my stomach i started peeing. everytime he went down and pushed me back up pee squirted out. no one even saw it until he went to put me down he grabbed my front where it was wet to set me down and he said what s this and i looked and saw i we! t my pants and my friend laughed and called me a baby. i said its cause you pushed my stomach. that was really weird.
anyway on my trip i just got back from i had some accidents. i really hate those long lines you have to wait in for rides. i was in line for a ride and i didnt have to pee then but as soon as we got to the ride i had to go. i figured i would try to hold it cause my causin was in line with me and he would be mad to get out. we got on the ride and sat down, it was a train like ride, kinda like a roller coaseter but not that fast, i was trying to hold it as the ride started, my causin saw me and asked if i had to pee and i said yes. the ride was going round corners pretty fast though and i couldnt hold it anymore casue i had to hold on the ride so i just wet my pants. it ran across the seat and got my causins but wet and it dripped on the floor. when the ride was over the guy let us out and noticed i was wet and the seat was wet and he yelled at me, i told him to shut up and we ran to a bench. i sat down. i was soaked. i was wearin white shorts to and they were yellow now. ! we got up and just walked around, i got some people looking at me but didnt say anything. i dried up by the time it was ready to go but i had to go again and this time we were walking to the car. i had to pee and i was holding myself pretty hard i am surprised my cousins dad didnt see me. we were almost to the car when i started peeing. i ran to the other side of the car and waited for the doors to unlock, iwas peeing all over the ground. my legs were soaked when i got in. my cousin saw it agian and told his dad. he said jimmy peed his pants and he looked back and saw me soaked. he gave me a towel to sit on and said it was ok. well the next day we were at the beach for a while and it is ok to pee your pants there cause we were in water. but i had to poop, i hadnt gone in three days. we were building sand castles and i really had to go. i told my cousins dad and he pointed to the bathrooms across the beach. he told my cousin to go with me. we walked fast and before we got the! re it all came out in my swimsuit. i walddled all the way there. i went in and tried to dump it in the toilet but it was sticky. i still had alot in there, i just pulled my suit back up and we ran back to the water. i jumped in and it all washed out. that last accident was on the plane home. i was sleeping cause it was a long ride and i was tired and i woke up really neding a pee and the plane was landing, i couldnt get up. the plane landed and as soon as we could get up i jumped up and ran down the isle to the bathroom, there was two people in line already. i didnt know what to do. i saw a empty row and i sat down real quick and started peeing. i couldnt stop i had to go so bad. one of the ladies in line saw me and let me go in before them. i was dripping as i walked in. i looked at my pants and they were soaked. i had on sweats this time. they were green and could see the big wet spot on my but. and could see a little one from the front. i went back to the seats and my cou! sin saw me but didnt say a word, i wandered why, then he got up and his but was soaked. he finally had ana accidnet to. he didnt have one the whole trip and hes only 8. well gotta go now, tell more later. by

So, StarShine, is there a particular part of the process of pooping that you need more privacy for than any other part?-- JW >>
Hi JW,

Welll, it all started out when I was a little girl and lived with my brother and sister. I used to have bad constipation back then, which was aweful for a girl so young. I was so embarrassed about it, and used to make it worse by holding it so long, due to shyness about having a bowel movement when my sister and brother were home. Sometimes I would be in pain from holding back so much, and soon would have to go no matter if they were there or not. Well, my sister was so rude, and would come into the bathroom when I was in there, and literally stand there and watch me! We were not allowed to lock the bathroom door as kids, I guess so my Mom could get in if something was wrong. I hated my sister doing this every time, and told her to leave but she wouldn't. I even told Mom, but oddly enough, even she wouldn't tell her to come out and leave me alone. So there I was trying to strain and push, in obvious discomfort, and being watched by her the whole time. Sometimes ! I would end up crying. Not sure why she did it, other than being a total brat, but it really led me to become totally private when having a bowel movement when I got much older. I now lock the bathroom door and try to be as quiet as possible while I am moving my bowels. I would be mortified to have someone walk in on me while I was in the middle of it all. I guess it is just that memory of my sister being the brat and never giving me my privacy during my bathroom visits that just made me so private about it now. I feel I have earned my privacy now as and adult and enjoy it. There really isn't any part of the process of it that I am more private about than another, I just want privacy during the whole time, from the time I sit down til I am done and flushed the toilet. THEN if someone comes in while I am washing my hands, that's fine. I am one not to be embarrassed by the aroma of the room after I have a bowel movement, since I feel that everyone's waste smells, so wh! y be worried about it. LOL But I do use a nice spray afterwards when I am home, just to be respectable. When I am out and have to use the public bathroom for a bowel movement, I always just flush frequently while I am going, to keep the aroma to a minimum. Again, out of respect for others. It is a bit odd I guess, but if someone walked in on me while I was peeing, I wouldn't have any problem with it. I would just continue to go, and finish up, and wipe and be done with it, with no embarrassment. But when it comes to having a bowel movement, as I said in the other post, I need my total privacy.

Hope I answered your question! If you have any more, feel free to ask! I will try to answer as best that I can!

~~* StarShine ~~*

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