Hi everybody! I'm not sure if you all remember me as I haven't posted in quite some time so I'll describe myself-I'm 22,African American,female with an extremely petite figure-5'2 and weigh around 104 lbs. I have had a fecal fetish since I was about 15 or so. Anywho-I have a great piss story to tell. You might get a chuckle out of it. I'm preparing to move into another apartment at the end of this month. Last week it seemed like everything in my house decided to break at once-my bathtub was stopped up and my toilet wouldn't flush. It was around 10:30 PM when I discovered my broken toilet so I couldn't call maintenance to fix it until the next day. So I just peed and wiped,figuring I'd hold anything else I might have had to do until the AM. Anyway I come back downstairs and sit at my comp for the next 2 hours or so and I was drinking soda the entire time. Eventually I began to feel that urge in my bladder. I decided to hold it although I knew that I would need to take a leak ! in a bit. So after about 45 minutes of agony I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I got up and grabbed a large Taco Bell cup out of my cabinet then stripped out of my pants and white thong underwear. I then positioned the cup between my legs and let loose. It felt sooooo good! My urine was a nice dark yellow and it shot out of my pussy so fast it stung. I filled the cup just under halfway then dumped it in my sink and rinsed out my sink and my cup. I then went upstairs and wiped myself with toilet paper which I threw in the trash. This incident has taken place at least 4 more times since then and as I'm typing this I feel another urge coming on. Sometimes I don't understand why we need toilets anyway! Take care everyone! Breanna

Sudden Urge.
How many of You women leave your skid marks in the toilet after a big poop? I have come to find that about 90% of the women that I know or knew always came away from the bathroom leaving big ole skid marks. My wife always leaves hers. At work we share one Bathroom in the office and I've went in after some of our gorgeous secretaries have used it to find that they always leave their smell and skids behind.

1.When was the last time you pissed or pooped in a outhouse toilet?
2.Have you eve pissed or pooped in your pants when you was in bathroom?
3.Ladies do you prefer sitting down then standing up to piss.

big d
Okay, here's a pee story. Back in the early 70s when I was in high school, a friend's parents went out of town for a few days. So, naturally the friend decided to have a huge beer party. A lot of underage drinking was going on (It was the 70s; nobody cared). The younger brother of one of our friends brought a sleeping bag to sleep over. Well after drinking quite a bit, he unrolled his sleeping bag on the living room floor and passed out. During the night he peed himself while sleeping. It caused the green dye from the sleeping bag to soak through onto the white living room carpet, leaving a huge, wet, green spot on the carpet. The next day the morons didn't know what to do, so they tried painting the carpet to cover the stain!!! To this day I do not know what happened when they guy's parents got home.

To Season Of Joy: Thats intresting...i found a stall yesterday and the latch didn't lock all the way.

To JW: Diahreaha is worse cause sometimes i can't hold and i rather have old are you? and are you a male or female?

To The 21 year old male: I loved your story about your girl friend shitting her self in her sleep..don't know how she did that and i liked your story about your friend pooping in the toy box.

To DNA: I liked your story..would like to hear more.

To dan: I liked your story..thats kinda funny about the porto potty falling over...Did your parents or any one else say any thing about you being dirty like you peed/pooped your self?

To celebs: That sounds cool about Cameron diaz..never heard that one.

To Eric in Chicago: I liked your peeing story about being on the beach..don't think i've ever tried that.

To Lacy: The longest time i've been constipated was 5-6 days...Actully i was constipated a few weeks ago when i was on strong pain killer..i was giving milk of magesia for the constipation. When i was finally able to poop, i pooped hard balls out then a few days later i was pooping soft stringy poop, then followed by chunky wet poop. Enjoyed your story..that was nice of your mom to help old are you? were you embarssed? Would like to hear more stories from you.

To Nikki: Thats cool what you heard about AJ from BSB..Cool..when was that?

To coyote: I loved your story about that young woman coming to your house to take pics.

To wetguy: That was cool what you heard that girl say about peeing her self.

To StarShine: I liked your story about peeing in the shower.

I probably won't be posting too much this week, going away for New years will check in Monday. No new stories...
wanna say hi to PRG :) and every one else.

Hi StarShine.I sometimes do a audiable sigh of relief as I expell my bowels.I only do this when I'm alone.I couldn't do this if someone was around to hear me.Most of the time it's when I'm desperate with a lot presure in my lower intestines to push it all out.I enjoyed your post.Latter.

Hi Colleen.I've had pains in the pit my stomach also after I have a dump.Usually this happens when the bowel movement is enormously thick and long.In fact I posted not too long ago asking the same question.I figured the pain was from the contraction of the large intestines from being expanded and streched full of its contents.

To: Coleen

To answer your question, well it also happens to me 'specially if I'm constipated because you have to exert effort and sometimes you loose your breath. The other symptoms you have enumerated means that you are lacking of fiber diet. Eat plenty of v?????s so that you can normalize you BM. Please reply if it works.

Any Girls In Here Into Pooping There Panties? Please Respond With Stories Please!

Any Girls In Here Into Pooping There Panties? Please Respond With Stories Please!

To Eric in Chicago - Thanks for replying. "Because I just felt like it" - that's basically my reason for peeing my shorts on the beach too. Plus it's like the only place where you can do it, enjoy it, and totally get away with it!

To Bryian - Glad you liked my story. Most of the time I also just hide my wet pants to dry and put them in the laundry the next day or the day after that.

To dan - Quite and interesting story. I must say I've never been in a porto-potty and had it tip over with me in there. I also try to avoid the disgusting things. If I had a choice between a porto-potty and the woods, I'd choose the woods. In fact, the only time I remember using a porto-potty was when i was about 12 and with a friend at his brother's baseball game. I had to pee wicked bad and was already squirting in my pants, so i had to either piss in the porto-potty or my shorts in front of everyone. I chose the lesser of two evils. By the way, I am 17 and male.

This morning, I went to get my repaired car and forgot to pee before I left the house. On the way back home, I was driving alone and had a mild to strong urge to pee by this time. At a traffic light the urge rose to an extreme level and i voluntary let out a small squirt to prevent the dam from totally breaking. Since I have cloth seats, I total wetting would not be a good thing! Gotta go to bed now, finally...


Infantry SPC
Hey everyone. I hope every one had a happy holiday. I myself have been working very hard trying to find new recruits for the army. My latest assignment was the mall where I live in upstate NY. Last night while i was at my table of information, I observed many women (very attractive at that) walking by. I kept making mental notes on who I would love to have an exclusive peek at pooping, so I made a top five list. Since my job pertains to surveylance, I set my thoughts up like this:

8pm: slim black woman late 20's long black braids, very tight jeans; I bet she farts alot and leaves many skidmarks...
6:45pm: white woman, late 20's w/dirty blonde hair: quick and small, but messy...sometimes leaves skidmarks
5:25pm: another black woman w/her daughter, mid 30's: guessing, silent but takes her time, showers after,doesn't really stink it up.
7:15pm Black woman, 20's, bet she farts a little, big turds smells not too bad...
7:55pm: Black woman braids, jeans, leather jacket: farts some, but big turds skidmarks, definite morning pooper...

since this was all wishful thinking, and I'm probably way off...I'll settle for day dreaming untill one comes along who asks me to keep her company...I found myself talking to myself about what would be ideal to me the whole car ride back to my house.

I still didn't get what I really wanted for christmas(see an earlier post) but the digital camera and xbox games I got will due.

off the subject, I'm thinking of getting another tatoo(not related to poop or such things) does anybody have any suggetstions?

During the Christmas rush tales are told of a customers having a fight over merchandise in short supply.

This true tale is not about a fight over merchandise in short supply it is about a near fight during a bathroom visit at a Walmart.

I entered a Walmart a few years ago and went to pee before starting to shop. As I was entering the bathroom. An older man entered just ahead of me. The man parked his cart blocking the Men's room and a store office.

A bit ticked, I went around the cart and entered the restroom following the man. We peed and I was done just before he was. I took his cart and moved it away from the office and the restrooms. The man saw me moving and parking his cart.

The man said come back here. I walked away without any regrets for what I did.

Rambozo the Clown
This site is way too funny,but all too real, its great to see a group of people who can openly talk about thier bodily functions, Im surprised that Howard Stern has never talked about this website.

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Hi Carlotta,
I'm a regular reader to this forum and you seem to be a great addition to this forum! please keep posting daily, or as often as possible, in detail about the size, color, and consistency of each of your big logs!!! talk later.

Season Of Joy
In this season of joy let us all remember to share our toileting with all those who want to see and/or here it. So be sure you make yourself seen and heard. So now and in the coming year leave that stall door open, take an extra step back fron the urinal, let yourself be seen and heard. I agree with the poster who said that we need more stories about pee. We all do it and even those who are devoted to doodoo/poopoo. What would a good dump be without the complimentry weewee that comes with it. Everyone enjoys taking a pee and should share that joy with others. So why don't we all start the new year off right!! After midnight on new years eve and before midnight on new years day take a good, strong, wicked pee outside, then write about it here. While you are going think of the rest of the people from here who will do the same that very day. If you can't do it outside because you live in a city then go out a window, or in an elevator, or just in a quiet corner. Just! start the year out unified in pee. We pee posters should also post about our poopooing experiences if they are interesting. I also intend to visit New York City and pee on the subway. So many people do this I want to be able to count myself among them.

Hay Guys (and Gals) I have a question for you. Which do you consider to be worse diarria or constipation? As a kid and yound adult I had a lote of constipation...more often that not I needed some kind of help (suppository or enema) to make myself go. Now that I'm older I'm having more and more times when I can just barely make it to the bathroom in time. So my question...which would you all rather have?-- JW

im an 21 year old male and it was 6:30 in the morning. my girlfriend was sleeping and so was i. but I woke to a strange smell. my gf farted. then I saw a big bulge appear in her pants. she was sleeping! I don't get this! i pulled open her panties and it was a HUGE ball that came out all at once! then I saw a couple of marbles shoot out. she didnt wake up til 8 that morning. how can you sleep in your shit?

when I was in kindergarten i had this friend. we were playin in the clubhouse thing when he farted. Im like, eeew! we were laughing and he said i have to go poopoo. the teacher was out of the room so he figured he would shit in the toybox. He sat down on it and out came like tons of marbles, then a big bulge. it made a loud thump. then his weiner rubbed up against this furry toy and he just pissed all over the place. sounds nasty, the teacher never found out it was him.

The is my first post on the site, I am a 21 year old female. When iwas traveling abroad we (about 25 students) had to drive about six hours to get to another school site. The area was very remote and we were all pretty used to peeing outside and pooping if nessacesary. There were many girls with us and they really were against shitting outside. On the drive we had to stop because of auto troubles. Many of us still had traveler's diarrhea and I remember one girl whispering to another "if I don't get to a toilet soon poop is going to start falling out of my butt" I don't know if she pooped herself, but we didn't get to a bathroom for another hour nearly and she seemed to hold back all that time. Also there was a time we were doing field work and there were no bathrooms, so we just peed behind the cars, btu one girl had diarrhea still but refused to go in the outdoors. She kept bending over at her waist and making these weird groans. I have a lot of good stories from trip, beca! use most of the kids had travelers diarrhea the whole trip. I did not however see any accidents, but I suspect there were some that i just didn't notice.

All right this is my first post, and I'm kind of nerveus.

One day I was in a park when I felt the need to pee, but I thought I could hold it. After a while the urge went away. Then aftr about half an hour it came back stronger and with it the urge to have a bm. I started looking for a toilet and found a port-o-john. I never been to big on using one of them but by now I really needed to go. So I went in and took care of my business. By the time I started to wipe (about 30 min later) a realy strong wind was blowing. So strong the it knocked the toilet over with me in it! When I got out I was covered in Shit and Piss. And to top it all off I had to ride the bus home. I'm 13 and wonder if anyone else has a simaler story? If so please post it.

to anna:
dont worry about it just take a dump in front of him. to us it is no big deal to poop and one of the things that interests most guys is a pretty little girl lettin out a massive dump. if u share a bed together ( and im assuming each others bodies) why are bowel movements any different? i would just go in someday when hes shaving or something so he can see you pull down your pants and take a massive dump. if he dosent react it isnt cuz he didnt like it, it is because hes shocked. if he does....which he probably will it will be a good thing for your relationship (b/c you will be with him the rest of your life) and for your sex (because you wont have to worry about pooping all over him) although thats another story :)

Eric in Chicago
Poopy Dogg: If you want to make a lot of shit, get a book that lists calorie values for various foods, look for foods that have relatively few calories for large serving sizes, and then eat *lots* of them! Those will be mostly fresh vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of water and fiber, so when you eat them they mostly turn into shit instead of fat. You can also take fiber supplements like Metamucil or its generic equivalents, but do this in addition to, rather than instead of, eating high-fiber foods. Start out slowly, since increasing your fiber too fast can cause gas and cramping (of course, that might be exactly what you want, in which case you can start out fast). You want both insoluble fiber (which increases the amount of shit you make) and soluble fiber (which holds onto water and keeps your shit firm but soft). You can take some monster dumps if you do this right. There are also some possible health benefits (while a high-fiber diet is no longer thought ! to protect against colon cancer, it does have some protective effects against diabetes and heart disease, which kill more people than colon cancer anyway; also you'll get full while consuming less calories, which is a good thing for most people).

Julia - I seem to remember a few years ago at one of the MTV award shows a backstage camera showing cameron dias having to piss.She didn't look desperate or anything, but she said "and I really have to go pee nw so see ya later" There were probably other celebs, but i cant remember off hand.

anna--sounds like an unhealthy marriage.

Eric in Chicago
PRG: How old is your brother?

Anna: I think you really need to tell your husband about your poop-shyness. Sometimes just talking about "inner dirty secrets" lessens their hold on our lives. Don't get embarrassed if he laughs; it's probably going to be the laughter of relief rather than the laughter of derision.

Wetguy: Though I can't remember the last time I went into the water at the beach and didn't pee, I can only remember peeing on the beach itself once. I was lying on a towel and just went in my gym shorts (which, if I remember right, were already wet from having been in the water). Why? Because I just felt like it. If I ever pissed in dry shorts while on the beach, it was so long ago I can't remember it.

When I used to live three blocks away from the beach, I'd almost always take a big piss in my shorts while walking home (I'd always drink lots of water before going to the beach and while I was there so I'd have to piss a lot). They were always already wet from having been in the water.

Well I never wear pantyhose. I can't breathe when I'm
wearing them. I wear thigh highs instead that way all I have
to do is raise my skirt and pull down my panties.
Now let's hear from the other two women on this.

hey Everybody what is the longest time you have been constipated and when the constipation ended what was the bathroom experiance like or did u have to take something to get ride of your constipation.Please respond

The longest i have ever been constipated was about 2 1/2 weeks. it was a horriable experiance. I tryed almost every day but nothing would come out not even little balls or anything. One day i tried putting my finger up my but and help it come out but all i got out was a couple little balls. After about 2 weeks i was getting kinda consirned, and was going to ask my mom but decided not to cause i was to embarresed. one day i was alone by my self so i decided to take my clothes off (i can usually go better with my clothes off). I sat on the toilet for about 2 hours grunting and moaning so loud. I push so hard that i got a head ache from pushing.I was going to call my mom because my stomach hurt so bad from not going and from pushing, but again i got to embarrased so i decided to go to the store right by my house and buy a laxitive. I bought something took it home and took alot of it. About an hour lateer it started to work but i waited a little bit because i was doing some ! thing, about 30 minutes later i realy need need to go so i ran to the down stairs bathroom and got there just in time . I was on the toilet for about 30 minutes just pooping out massive waves of very soft chunky poo. I also had some very watery stuff mixed with the other stuff. After about 30 minutes i had stopped, i got up and about 5 min my mom came home. I was not done pooing though i still had a lot in me. Just as my mom walked in the door i had sat down to go again she asked what that smell was and i told her that i had been constipated for about 2 1/2 weeks and had tooken a laxitive to help. She asked why i hadent told her before this but i told her i had been embarrsed. she said she would have help. She came in to the bathroom and asked if i wanted her to stay with me i told if she could that would be nice. she sat on the floor rubbing my back while i pushed out long smelly waves of poo. After about 45 minutes i thought i was done but had a couple more waves of chunc! ky, watery poo. After about an other 5 min i got a little more solid poop but it still wasnt very firm after about 10 min i was done. When i wiped my butt it was so sore that my mom had to help me and was veery gentle. my mom wiped alot of times. i had to flush the toilet 3 times to get it all done. My stomahe still hurt after that and my bum was very sore. Later that night i had to go a little bit more but it wasnt as watery and not as much.

Please tell me your stories of the worst and longest time you have erver been constipated.

About celebs...AJ McLean from BSB was talking about it on TRL. He had to leave the set to pee. And the host was like...Wheres AJ? Taking a leak? And AJ came back was like"yea ya know when u drink alot of water, you just gotta go"

Had a hell of a shit this afternoon at work today. I felt an aching pain in my arse hole and I knew it was time to get to the bog quick. The toilet was empty and I went into a cubicle dropping my trousers and drawers and my arse onto the seat. It felt like an easy one - I began to push and the shit started to come out quite easily but with the worse pain I have ever felt. It literally felt like I was shitting a brick and being kicked up the arse at the same time. The pain caused me to stand up in a stooping position in agony, moaning and panting loudly and swearing. My arsehole felt terrible. I would of had great difficulty in keeping the noise down if I had company. The night before for dinner, I had chilli con carne with mince and rice. I'm having it again tonight so I might be repeating the performance tomorrow.

Happy shitting.

SOUTHERN BELLES ARE A RINGIN' OR IS THAT TINKLIN' Y'ALL? I have another women pissing story that I will post. right before mom and I were moving out of our house in florida in 1998 , which we sold through this self- sell by owner company instead of the real estate, this woman photographer came over to take photos of the inside and outside of the house. she was one of these southern " georgia peach hotties" complete with that little ol' southern drawl ,short cut blonde hair, thin, and probally about 24-26 years old. she was dressed in a pair of white casual jeans and a nice shirt top. anyway, after she was done taking the pictures, she asked in her little ol' accent " may I use your restroom, please?" , and so I gladly showed her where it was. this was the one on my side of the house and it had two doors to it, one in the hall, and one in my bedroom which was about 3 feet in front of the toilet bowl. the toilet bowl was one of those standard models, round and sort of deep with the water filling the entire bowl right up to beneath the front rim, and even girls can not help but to urinate into the water when they sit down to pee. okay, well she goes in and closes and locks both doors and I walked around into my bedroom and QUIETLY snuck up the double-closet hallway to the door and kneeled down to listen. I could hear her first put the seat down, then pull down her jeans and undies; sit down on the seat and begin to urinate. I timed her on my watch just to see how long she would go , meanwhile trying to imagine seeing her pee. she began to " tinkle" and at first she peed about 4-5 seconds; then stopped for like 6-7 seconds.[ 12 secs.] then she resumed " tinkling" for 10 seconds; stopped again for 3 secs. then let out this tinkle for 20 secs.[ 45 seconds]and again, stopped "right-quick". again she tinkled for 10 secs. stopped quickly and resumed " tinkling" for 10 seconds, then just stopped abruptly and was done. then I could hear he r grab the paper and wipe her snatch, pull up her undies and jeans and flush the toilet bowl and wash her hands. her total time was like 65 seconds, but her actual pee stream time was only about 55 seconds if you added up the 5 streams of pee. I was trying to imagine what her urine looked like as it was coming out of her peehole into the bowl and in my mind I could see this stream of bright yellow pee, about maybe 1/8 inch wide, flowing straight down into the clear water making pretty little feminine bubbles as the water turned yellow and foam was covering the water surface. that had to be one of the most memorable female pees that I ever heard. YEAH,THAT SASSY LITTLE OL' SOUTHERN BELLE REALLY KNEW HOW TO " RING HER BELLS" IF Y'ALL KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

To Carrie - Funny story about falling into the mud after peeing, liked it!

To Julia - I'm also interested in hearing about celebrities peeing. I really don't know what to tell you though, except there's not much out there for obvious reasons!

To Bethany W. - Liked your story. I know what you mean about there being NO bathrooms anywhere near Arlington Cemetary. I was there when i was 14 and on a school trip. We spent like an hour there, and I had to pee soooo bad throughout the last 30 mins. I was fine when walking and moving, but if we had to stand still, I had to clench to hold my pee and not let on to everyone else how desperate i was. But luckily for my reputation's sake, I made it without going in my pants at all.

Today i went to a local hockey game and they had a promotion where a figure skating team came on the ice and performed for the crowd. I happened to be downstairs before one group was to go out, and i overheard one cute girl say to her friend, "I'm going to pee myself," - those exact words. When I heard this, I turned around, and sure enough she had her legs crossed. I don't know whether she said it because she was nervous or was truly desperate to pee. Either way, I sadly couldn't hang around to see the result, but I was just happy to see a bunch of cute girls and one that apparently had to pee!!!


I just got in...i went to the movies...I saw "The Hot Chick" I keep wanting to call it "The Other chick" for somereason...Any way there was like 3 bathroom sceens. You know that Rob schinder(sp) becomes this girl and the girl be comes him..they were put under a spell. The girl goes to bed and wakes up one morning as a man. So She is a he now and the he is a she now. Rob schinder gets up and goes to the bathroom and hes terified cause he has a P**** and hes sitting on the toilet peeing. You could her him peeing. Then later on they were at some club and Rob had to go to the bathroom and he says something about peeing his pants or g/f's panties. Then he goes into the hes pee shy and theres a bathroom attended in there. Rob asks the attendent to leave or turn around. There was some guy shitting away in the one and only stall. The attended is like if you wait for the stall you'll be here all day thats why you shouldn't eat the food was something like that. S! o then his last option to pee or pee his pants. There was one of the old fashion urinals..1 big one that a bunch of guys can all pee into at the same time. I forget what its called...Then this other guy comes in and Rob watches this guy pee..he doesn't like it. Then he comes out. Then later at the school Rob wanted to talk to his B/F and tell him it was jessica and hes really a girl. This B/F i belive is one of the Lawrence brothers(Andy Lawrence?) and hes see taking a shit on the toilet at school. It was cool..lots of kids there seeing this movie... I think PRG mentiond this..did u like it? Well gotta run bye

I happened to stop by Wal-mart yesterday....i went to the bathroom and i went in was gonna take the first stall but it was locked and no one was in i went into the handicaped stall and a boy was in there he came out and closed the door and peed. He was black and maybe about 5 years old. Right as i came in i thought i saw him crawl under the stalls. I thought about doing that so i went in...and i didn't even poop decided to leave. I went to the bathrooms in the back thought maybe there'd be action nothing then i decided to hold. Then i came home and right before dinner i pooped cause i was going out i didn't know how long i could hold. Had a few turds firm and smelly but messy cause i wiped like atleast 10 times or more. Then I rewiped my butt at the restuarant..really messy. Then I went to Wal-mart again and i was shopping and i had to poop instantly. I knew it was gonna be loose..think it was from dinner or something else i ate. I was walking fast to the bathroom! and im like people move..i gotta go now. It kinda felt like a chunk came out in my pants..but it didn't...i think it was from all that wiping i did. I sat down and exploded this chunky wet poop in the toilet and i wiped more. It was really hurting to wipe. Any one ever felt like that? Any an urge now..might hold till i go out to the movies later. Gotta run bye.

To Carlotta: Thats cool about your boy friend that you guys are open like that. Liked your story too.

To FYI: That sounds like a nice dump.

To Carrie: I loved your story...did any one see you that you knew? and when you fell in the mud did people think you pooped your self..was it embarrsing?

To Punk Rock Girl: I loved that old is your bro? and have you ever seen him on the toilet?

To Nealy: Liked your story.

To Butt hole cleaner: 1. No i don't 2. I stick some soapy water up there and clean it that way. 3.maybe several times a week or less.

To Bethany W: Liked your story.

To Anna: That must be hard pooping around him

To Eric in Chicago: Thats true about that...boys are usally messer. Thanks for telling me all that.

To coyote: I liked your story about your g/f peeing in the woods..liked the others too.

To StarShine: enjoyed your story.

To Poopy Dogg: To make your dumps bigger..try eating more and lots of starches..that might help

To The Nature Boy: Liked your stories..sounds like you had a nice dump.

To coyote: That sounds cool about south park...wish i'd have seen that..i don't usally watch south park.

To MsStallMime: I liked your story..thats cool what you did

To wetguy: I loved your peeing story..thats cool..liked that other story too...when i pee my pants sometimes i usally just hide them to let them dry then put them in the laundry.

To Daniel: Thats cool you pooped outside with a friend..liked hearing that.

To Suzie: Liked your story about your friend watching you poop..did you ever watch her?

I posted yesterday about having to poop...i never did have to poop again..i thought i might..any way gotta run now bye

Hi, I've been reading these posts for a while, and I was wondering...
A lot of times when I poop (especially if the log is big) I lose my breath, I literally stop breathing for a second, and I was wondering if this ever happened to anyone else??? >>

Hi Colleen,

I am so glad you brought these subjects up, and I wanted to answer you. I too lose my breath when I am going to the bathroom, especially if I am having a lot of trouble, and have to really bear down hard to go. I hate those times, but they are few and far between since I drink lots of water each day, which seems to help my bowels stay looser and not bind up so badly. Sometimes though, I do have to gasp, to take in air, and breathe, since I realize I had been totally holding my breath while having a bowel movement. My head sometimes get to feeling light and dizzy, so that is another hint that I have been holding my breath for too long. I guess we sometimes are so into getting relieved that we forget about breathing at intervals.

<<Also, when I poop, my stomach hurts very badly, and the ache lasts until about 10 minutes after I get off the toilet. Does this happen to anyone else?? I have to lay down for a while to make it go away. When I'm pooping, this ache makes me have to groan because it is SOOO painful... >>

Yep, I have the exact same thing happen to me, but it usually only happens to me when I have mild or bad diarrhea, like I had this past weekend. I end up feeling so emptied inside, that my stomach just aches terribly, as well as my bowels. It is aweful, and I also have to either sit down in a chair, or recline a bit in bed for it to ease up. The times when I have a really difficult time moving my bowels, my stomach will ache but it isn't totally painful, just achy, from straining and pushing so hard with my stomach muscles, and doesn't last very long after I finally get relief. In fact when I do finally get it out of me, I feel so relieved and glad it is over. I have had some really long times in the bathroom, which have been embarrassing, since I've been asked if I am all right and why I was in the bathroom so long. I hate that. My bowels tend to go from one extreme to another, all depending on the foods I eat, and how often I eat throughout the day. I can be bo! und up so bad one week, only having one or two movements that week, to having mild diarrhea the next week and have to literally run to the bathroom. It is scary when that happens when I am out in public, to feel my stomach start churning and growling, and knowing that I have to find a bathroom very soon. I have been lucky to make it though each time it has happened while out.

My advice to you is to try drinking lots of water each day, at least 6 or 7 glasses throughout the day. It may help in lessening your time spent in the bathroom, and make it easier for your bowels to move, and there will be less pushing. You'll just be able to sit and let go, and it will virtually slide right out of you, without any straining. I love that I can have those kind of movements lately since drinking lots of water each day. Try eating foods rich in fiber too, but don't overdo it, or you will be having mild diarrhea. You didn't really say why your stomach hurts so much after having a bowel movement and during it, but I assume it might be from straining so much and having to push too much during it due to some mild constipation. Your bowels take up a lot of water while digesting your food, and a lot of it gets absorbed into the waste product itself, and little is left in the large intestine to help aid in moving the waste out of your body. But if you drin! k lots of water each day, it will help a lot in aiding your large intestine in moving that waste through, and less strain on you. So you may have a lot less pain afterwards.

<<DOes anyone else enjoy make noises of relief, like sighs and stuff, when you drop a load?? I think it enhances the experience, and it helps me take my mind off the pain in my stomach...
PLEASE answer these questions, I really want to know if this only happens to me or if other people can give me advice.... please answer... >>

Yes, there have been times that I do sigh in relief once I finally get it out of me. Especially if it was a difficult movement, or even when I have the diarrhea, and feel that I am finally done. I don't moan or groan during it, since I don't want anyone hearing me do that, but the sighs of relief do happen at the end, although low in volume, so no one hears. Yes, I am a very private person when I am having a bowel movement. I always want total privacy. It is just the way I have been all my life. I don't mind being watched or have another woman in the restroom when I am peeing though, that doesn't bother me at all, but when I am having a bowel movement, I want TOTAL privacy.

To end this letter, no you are not the only one this all happens to, and I am glad you wrote here to express yourself, and in turn I was able to write back, to let you know that someone else out there experiences the same things as you do in the bathroom. I just hope I have helped some, and really hope your bowel movements become much less painful in the future. If not, I would suggest you see your doctor, as it could mean something is wrong, if the pain is really bad every single time. Sometimes discomfort and achiness happens, but if you are having terrible pains, something could be wrong.

Take care Colleen! If you'd like to talk more, or need to ask any other questions, you can e-mail me if you want.

~~~* StarShine ~~~*

I have a short little story to share here, and wanted to put this into a different post, since it deals with peeing. My last post was mostly about my nice smooth bowel movement earlier this evening.

I wanted to take a shower about an hour after having my bowel movement, since I had been too weak from my cold, that I still have, to shower earlier in the day. A hot shower always makes me feel so much better, and relaxes my body too. So I got the water going and heated to being just right to step in, and took off my clothes, and hoped in to enjoy the hot water wash down my body. Well, in my haste I didn't realize that my bladder had filled up more in that hour since I last relieved it along with relieving my bowels. I was not going to get out of the shower just to sit and pee into the toilet, and by the urges I was getting, I didn't want to wait til I was finished showering to go. So I was getting kind of aroused at the thought of just letting go and peeing in the shower. I had done this several times before, in and out of clothing while standing in the tub, so this was not the first by any means. Well, I didn't use my hands at all, and as always just thrust out! my hips and pelvis a bit, spread my legs a little, and let the pressure build up, til the urge hits me hard and then I totally let go. The stream came out perfectly straight, and arched a bit of course, and I kept bearing down on my bladder, making sure the stream stayed steady, which it did for a good minute. I couldn't see the clock this time so I have to estimate. I wasn't as full this time around anyway, like I was an hour before. The stream began to lose pressure, so I stopped it off, and waited a few seconds, then left go again, and this finished it up very nicely. I never felt any of it hit my legs at all. So I am getting very good at peeing while standing up. Since I am pretty 'well-endowed' down there, which I love, (especially during my 'playtimes' which I won't go into here) <grins>, I don't have to use my fingers or anything to pee standing up in the tub, which is very nice. Although if I were to pee through a zipper in my jeans, THEN I would need ! some assistance from my fingers to make sure I didn't get them wet. God it felt sooooo good seeing it rush out of me, and feeling the heat of it pouring past my 'lips', but so nicely that there wasn't any splashing, since it went directly down the drain. I felt so nice and relieved once again, and also more aroused than ever, while taking my hot shower. So I am probably going to try a nice 'playtime' later tonight once I get to bed, which will need the assistance of a couple of my fingers of course, ;) since I need another kind of 'release' now. ;) Thanks for letting me share this! It is so much fun to be able to share these stories with others! ;)

~~* StarShine ~~*

Anna. There isn't an easy answer to your problem. Going for #2 at work or when you're visting your sister is fine up to a point but it's not really satisfactory in the long term. Your husband will know that you need to do #2 as well as #1 and I'm sure it doesn't affect the way he feels about you one bit. It's a perfectly natural bodily function and nothing to feel ashamed or embarrased about. I hope that in the course of time you will grow in confidence and overcome your shyness in this department. Best of luck.

Suzie. I enjoyed your account of the motion you had in the nurses home with your colleague watching. I'm sure it was great. Look forward to hearing more of your stories.

Butt hole cleaner
Couple of questions for everyone who uses a wash cloth when they take a bath or shower:

1) Do you use the wash cloth to clean your butt hole? If so, do you then use that wash cloth on the rest of your body?

2) If you don't use a wash cloth, how do you clean your butt hole? Do you stick your finger in there or do you just let water run on it, or what?

3) Regardless of whether or not you use a wash cloth -- when you clean your butt hole in the bath or shower, how often do you clean out poop pieces that you missed when wiping?

Personally, I do use the wash cloth on my butt, but I clean it very thoroughly with soap before using it anywhere else on my body. And yes, I do sometimes get little poop particles coming out in the shower.

Louise (soiled motorist)
It was a gross experience! Has this happened to anybody else???

I was travelling after spending Christmas with parents. I'd had a good time seeing them and my old friends eating lots you know how it is. And my routine was all over the place. I was on the motorway pushing on as quickly as I could. So much so that I ignored the warnings from my body. And then, there was a jam. I was on my own in the car and we stopped and didn't move, or if we did move it was a few yards. And you guessed it I needed the toilet. So I had to hold it. In a jam you are surrounded by people in cars, lorries and coaches, and its impossible to do anything private in the car. So I had to hold on as best I couldm which usually isn't a problem for me.

However, the jam lasted a long long time and after a while I just couldn't hold it any more. I had plastic bags in the car so I sat on them to protect the seat, I couldn't drop my jeans, because of the people around. I also was able to get a towel from my holdall and sat on that. And with relief pee'd. That was OK, but my body wanted more and although I had been farting quite a bit, I was hoping to hold my poo in. No chance, with the pee starting the poo just decided it was time to come out too! It came and came. I couldn't believe I had that much in me, and it all went into my pants and jeans, lifting me up on the car seat. It was really awful and the smell was overpowering. I was so embarrassed and upset. I shed some tears at the awful situation. Eventually, the jam cleared and we could continue, but I couldn't stop at a service station and get out because of the mess in my clothes and my smell. I just had to get back home so I could get clean as quickly as I could.

Next time I will always stop as soon as the hint of needing to go arises.

Its warning to others, I hope nobody else has had the same as me, it was so upsetting and felt very degrading.

Saturday, December 28, 2002

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone,

Hope you all had good holidays and festivities! A friend I once knew and who was absolutely over the top as regards his interest in men shitting sometimes sent me Christmas presents of dried fruits and high fibre nuts and cereals. He was convinced everyone had really big shits on Boxing Day due to eating a lot at Christmas, but unless he'd supplied everyone else with food parcels containing similar, I wouldn't think that the day after a food-binge would automatically produce big shits on cue. I sometimes have small shits one day, and a load to do in the toilet another day with no direct correlation to my diet.

Yesterday I sat on the public toilet, and after waiting to hear other guys have a good shit, and not hearing any, I let my own drop. To sit on a comfortable plastic toilet seat, with a long drop under me, and feel great as the turds start to get pushed out, make plopping sounds under me and splash my arse, as I just let it all happen has got to be a fantastic privilege! To feel well and perform well on the toilet, and to do so in a clean environment, and have the freedom to do so must be something that a lot of people in many countries all over the world would love to be able to do. Let's all remember what most of us are so fortunate to be able to do; the fundamental human right to go to the toilet in comfort, safety and with dignity whenever we want.

Today I had one of the best shits I've had for a few weeks! I went at home and had to push out some firm turds that really felt like individual solid turds, rather than pieces of one moist turd that has no distinct sensation of friction to it or being ejected dramatically! Again, I felt great after, my arse feeling tingly and empty, and well-splashed. A smell in the bathroom rather than a stink, and the satisfaction of knowing I'm right in my thinking that I don't need too much fibre and that the results are good, satisfying shits.

Happy toileting to everyone here, P. plop Guy

Robby and Annie
Hi Friends!
Well, I guess my last post was too long on thanks and not enough subject matter. I will try again. First off, I want to thank my close friends here for their support and condolences. You helped me through a difficult time! I will post more in the future. Here is a Christmas Eve experience. We had a traditional Christmas eve, Britain style! We went to church and on the way back most of us needed to go to the loo. When we got home Ellen, Annie's daughter, beat Sari to the nearest toilet. She started groaning. She was grunting up a storm we heard and the first plops of poo come dropping out. Sari and Annie were in quite a right state. Her Mum had gone to the other bathroom and Annie suddenly screamed;"I can't wait". She and Sari dragged Meghan out to the patio. Mind you, it was 30 degrees out there. They all dropped their pants and knickers and squatted. Sari let out a huge stream of wee and Annie like-wise. They were shaking so bad the wee was going all over the place. Whi! le this was happening they were trying to hold poor Meghan up and she was weeing and a large log of poo was exciting her bum. Well, I looked over and Annie's twin boys were standing beside me transfixed at this. They started to giggle and I started to laugh. Finally Annie finished weeing and then Sari. They both had to clean up Meghan. This took 10 minutes. They finally got back in and raced to my large bathroom and took a hot shower. Annie said something to me as they were passing me but since this forum has young people on here, I won't repeat it,LOL! Annie or I will post some replies soon. I hope this makes it to the final cut.
WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY NEW YEAR especially: KENDAL-a big hug to you!, ANDREW, ELLEN(love to both of you), ELEANOR- a big hug to you, dear! INA- hope you are ok! RIZZO-hi dear friend, LOUISE, STEVE, DAMSEL, PV, DONNA, TIM, SARAH, JOSIE, LOEWIE, JANE AND GARY, TODD AND DIANA(and the girls), ADRIAN, BRYIAN, EPHERMAL-Hope you are ok,too!, CARMALITA AND JAKE, LINDAGS, ADELE, and GOPWELLER.


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