Hot Pants Girl - No, I don't often stick my finger up my bumhole, by the time I need a shit, it's pretty messy up there! Yech. (Do you do that?? I pretty much can tell where my poop is at without reaching for it, maybe others can't?)

Bryian - Yes, my boyfriend has seen me having a good big poo many times, also vice versa. Our toilet and sink in small apt. is in the bedroom- but it's pretty much all one room- so not very private. What's the big deal?- We both think taking a shit is just like breathing- if you don't do it, you will die. Only difference is, you must breathe regularly but don't need to take the shit quite as often. Speaking of which- After no BM for over 48 hours- I had a nice one about 3 hours ago, round and firm and fully-packed. I could feel it accumulating, deep within my butt, while still at work. After coming home and a lite dinner with my BF, and he left for work, the pressure got more urgent-so I got naked in my warm bedroom and sat on throne- then it took about half an hour with my buns hung over the pot, reading a magazine and relaxing, to get it all to come out -- after the initial foot long dog of hard material. Mmmmmm, felt wonderful afterward, and I got up without wipi! ng and had a nice long hot shower.

Actually, my buns didn't 'hang'- they are pretty firm, my size is 34-25-33. When sitting on the toilet, I try never to strain. When the poop's up there waiting to come out, gravity takes care of things if I take the time. XXX, Carlota WLTP.

Had a satisfying dump this Christmas afternoon at home.Seems that since my last post of my episode at work,I've been laying some serious cable.In fact they've been so long that the begining section was way up in the trap,and they would almost stop up the toilet.Well I guess it's better than laying the whole thing in the bowl only when flushed having it fold in the middle and wedging itself in the opening.I hope this continues.Hey where's Alexa?

One time I went to an outdoor concert with some college friends. All of us had to pee, so we walked down into the bushes. The ground was wet because it had just stopped raining. I found a spot and pulled my shorts and underpants down to my knees and squatted. I was in full view of about ten or twelve people, male and female, but I'm not a very self-conscious person so I didn't really care. I peed, but when I finished and was about to stand up the ground sunk under my feet and I fell backwards. My bare ass landed in a big puddle of mud. Of course I didn't have anything to clean myself off with, so I wiped as much off with my hands as I could and pulled my underwear and shorts back up and spent the night with a muddy bottom! I took a shower when I got home four hours later! At least the show was good (The Who).

Punk Rock Girl
My office has the week off for Xmas, so I'm spending the first half of the week with my family, then driving to my boyfriend's family's place on Christmas day and spending the rest of the week there.

So, on Sunday morning, I got up and went in the bathroom to take a shit. My brother was in the shower. I leaned my head in and said, "It's Denise, can I take a crap?" He said sure. I went in, dropped my sweatpants and underpants and sat on the toilet. I pushed out a thick and firm load, with a couple of farts and pebbles following it. My brother leaned his head out from behind the curtain and said "Holy shit, what the hell did you eat!?" I said, "The same thing you ate last night", which was meat loaf. My Mom's meatloaf is awesome, but it does lead to big and smelly dumps. I picked up the air freshener and sprayed the bathroom. "There, are you happy now?" He said, "If it wasn't for you, I'd never have thought girls were capable of such nasty dumps!"

I peed, then wiped my ass a couple of times. I put the lid down and told him to flush when he was done, and not to peek in the toilet. He said, "Why would I want to see your shit?" I said, "Maybe to confirm the size and color." He said, "Gross!" and went back to his shower. I left and went down for breakfast. He was kind enough to tell everyone at the table when he came down that I had taken a dump while he was in the shower. He's a jerk!

Hope everyone has a happy holiday!



The Nature Boy
Maybe I should earn my name (based on Ric Flair, "The Man") - and share some wrestling/bathroom related stuff.

First of all, I HIGHLY reccomend Mick Foley's first book "Have a Nice Day" which is filled with pee and poop references - all male tho. In one part he says something like "wow, with all the farting, pee, vomit, and poop, this book is turning out more scatological than I expected!" Still entertaining, and a great book for anyone interested in the "behind the scenes" of Pro Wrestling.

One of my favorite parts was when Mick talked about taking a dump in the locker room of a Virginia high school. The locker rooms at my h.s. had doorless stalls, apparently this place took it further by eliminating the stall as well! Mick said it was on that bowl that he met Missy Hyatt and her husband - talk about first impressions!

If Vince is breaking new ground in the WWE lately...(can anyone say "necrophilia?" - PUKE!)...maybe we'll finally see a Diva on the toilet, instead of a male wrestler! There have been a few "backstage vignettes" with male wrestlers on the john. Mark Henry, Rikishi, and The Big Show have all been involved in those at one point.

If they do have a Diva on the toilet, my vote would be for Trish Stratus! And anyone who has seen her butt would agree! :-D (Oh how I wish I had recorded the match where upon scoring the pinfall, she turned around an jerked her pants down, mooning her opponent! Naturally the cameras cut to the front, but her wicked laugh was almost as good!

Of course I am not THE source on wrestling - I would be happy to find out I am wrong and a female wrestler (or valet, even) has been seen on the toilet - either as part of a skit, or for real!)

CANDI: About taking a dump in front of others...

If you truly do want to show off as you take a dump, and the others are all open about it, perhaps watching another girl pump out a thick one will help you become less shy about it. And, it'd be fun to watch someone else too. I'm guessing that you're a good-looking girl (due to the fact that a lot of people want to watch you). Therefore, just go with it and make it as glamorous as possible.
However, if you don't want to be seen while pooping, and just want to be talked into it, DON'T DO IT. It's not fair to you to force yourself to do something you don't want to. You won't feel good about it, and you probably wouldn't give that good of a show either. So just use your head in this situation.

Kendra did another dump for me! Over the weekend, we had a big party with all the people who were back home from college, and I think she overdid it a little. In fact, as we were dancing together, she whispered to me (well, not REALLY whispered, just relatively, she would have actually been talking normally) that the effects of all the pizza she was having would make this time bigger than last time. I realized what she was talking about, and it must have been apparent on my face since she smiled wickedly and nodded. So today, she called me.
"Hey Jared, wanna come over?" she asked.
"Sure," I said, remembering Saturday.
"Come quickly," she said. "I haven't had a chance to go since Friday, and I'm not sure how much longer I can last."
I came over. Mallory was out with some of her other friends (I wasn't familiar with them, so I didn't go with her). Kendra and I went into the bathroom, and she produced an easy sausage about three inches in diameter that curled around the toilet bowl.
"That wasn't so hard," she said afterward. "You wanna wipe me again?"
I was happy to, and so I did.

So, Candi, the moral of the story is, it's mostly enjoyable to watch and be watched, if you want to. Keep us posted on how everything goes!


Movie Fan
Hey Ray --

In that Sandra Bullock movie -- does she actually say the words that she has to take a shit? Or is it just implied? Do you remember the actual dialog?

The thought of Sandra Bullock actually saying that she has to shit or poop is pretty awesome.

Hi everyone. This happened to me just a few weeks ago. I was out, doingg the last of my Christmas shopping at a near-by mall. I left at noon, and had planned at eating at the food court when I arrived. It being a Saturday, the place was naturally packed. I finally got my food though, I was having a craving for a chili cheese dog and let me tell you, what I got was a monster. Mounds of meat and beans covered in melted cheese, onions lurking about all piled on a mammoth hot dog. My taste buds were singing, but my stomach was crying. About fifteen minutes after my meal, I was standing in the checkout line when the nausea struck. Nothing serious, just that queasy feeling in the pit of your gut. I hoped it was nothing more than an upset stomach, but another ten minutes passed and the crapms began: I knew that my body was rejecting my lunch. I headed for the bathrooms, which were packed beyond belief and made the mistake of deciding 'I could make it home, no problem.' Well, truth be told, I did make it home. But it was a miserable drive. My stomach was knotted up and churning the entire time and my anus was clenched thightly for the entire trip. I made it home, rushed pass my mom without even greeting her, rushed to the bathroom in the back of the house and stratled the toilet. A wave of burning mush poured out of me for several seconds. I was farting wetly, and so my poop splattered on the sides of the bowl. It was a minor attack of diarrhea, and after that I felt much better. All in all, it was well worth the chili dog!

I've been reading all of u guys posts 4 a long time now but I never really wanted to post til now. Don't u guys ever wonder how celebrities pee? Not exactly HOW they pee, but if they ever need to pee when they're performing or on live tv. Like do they ever say I need to piss or do they hold it quietly until they get home or to wherever they're staying. Do celebrities avoid giving clues that they have to piss or something? They probably do cuz u never see a celebrity saying they have to piss......Have u guys ever heard a celebrity say anything about pissing or something?Have u guys ever saw a celebrity peeing? Tell me anything like that.

Hi, I've been reading these posts for a while, and I was wondering...
A lot of times when I poop (especially if the log is big) I lose my breath, I literally stop breathing for a second, and I was wondering if this ever happened to anyone else???
Also, when I poop, my stomach hurts very badly, and the ache lasts until about 10 minutes after I get off the toilet. Does this happen to anyone else?? I have to lay down for a while to make it go away. When I'm pooping, this ache makes me have to groan because it is SOOO painful...
DOes anyone else enjoy make noises of relief, like sighs and stuff, when you drop a load?? I think it enhances the experience, and it helps me take my mind off the pain in my stomach...
PLEASE answer these questions, I really want to know if this only happens to me or if other people can give me advice.... please answer...

Bethany W.
Hi! I've never really shit my pants, but once when I was fifteen I was out with my parents and my brother sightseeing in Washington DC. While we were in Arlington Cemetary, I really had to fart. I waited until no one was around and let one rip, but it was really wet and some mushy poop came out. I clenched my butt cheeks but it got into my panties anyway. I was so embarrassed, but we were nowhere near a bathroom. We wound up walking around the cemetary for about an hour until I finally got a chance to get to a bathroom. I sat on the toilet and pooped, and used some toilet paper to clean the poop out of my panties. They were still stained, but I could wear them. I wiped my butt which was very messy, then went back out to my parents. My brother said he heard me pooping and I told him to get bent. I changed my underpants when we got back to our hotel. It's not too nice spending an hour with sticky poop between your butt cheeks, but it's better than totally shitting ! your pants!

HI, I have a problem that maybe some of the females here can help me with.

I'm 19 y.o. and just married less then a month and i just can't bring myself to take a dump when my husband is around.

I don't have a problem with peeing and have even done so while he was taking a shower (he promised not to peek)so i have been doing stinky dumps at my sisters,the gym and at work and it's geting quite uncomfortable trying to hold it in when i'm home.

I have no problem going around other females but i get real embaresed knowing he can hear me thru the door since i tend to be noisy and gassy
He hasn't said anything to me about it but i had to turn him down for sex last night telling him i didn't feel like it but the real reason was that i was holding in a big poop and was afraid i might fart or worse when we made love,so you see it's starting to effect us both.

He is very open and i have seen him on the pot and he doesn't care,but i haven't even had the nerver to fart infront of him yet going as far as going into another room to let one out.

I know that in time we will get used to each other but i'm still at the stage where i undress in the bathroom or in the dark and i blush and get all flusterd if he sees me walking around naked.

Please give me some ideas of how to handle this since my sister is geting tired of me stinking up her bathroom LOL.


hey and happy post christmas to everyone! I'm glad that my posts finally made it on... I have tried several times but they never get up, oh well.

wetguy: I do remember when I was a teenager having the same problem of forgetting that I had put my wet pants somewhere in my room to hide, only to come across them much later, and yes what a smell after so long scrunched up in the back of the closet or under the bed! I have also peed my bathing suit, it gets wet anyway so why not?

darius: glad you are still around! this morning I had a great dump in my pants! I was getting ready and was standing in the bathroom shaving and just let go in my white calvin klein briefs, I jumped into the shower with them on to finish peeing in them. It was a great way to start the day! I got the idea from one of your earlier posts around the 800's.

anyway, happy new year to everyone and keep the stories coming in 2003!

Eric in Chicago
Bryian: I guess the reason they show mostly 6-15 yo boys in the air freshener commercials is that we culturally associate boys that age with messy, stinky stuff. Girls are supposed to be pure :)

I seem to remember reading that when toilet manufacturers do "live" tests of their products, they prefer households with 12-15 yo boys because they take the biggest dumps because they eat so much. Prior to "live" testing, they all have their own, proprietary formulations of "sham poo" for testing flush power.

A No Doz is a brand of caffeine pill.

To Donna....

About toilet-training your 3 1/2 year old daughter: I can understand how distressed you were about the situation, why you confided into us and why you were so happy that your sister Brenda showed your daughter the way to go. Children usually like imitating when she saw Brenda pushing and pushing (a great kinitiative on your part, by the way...), she did the same.
It would be interesting to see if your daughter can now go alone or if she needs Branda's help again.
My daughter is 4 and has been going independently to the toilet since tyhe age of 2. I still have to wipe her bum though....

To Ray: Sounds like a cool movie

To ~~~* StarShine: Liked your diahreaha story.

To Donna: Intresting story..sounds like you guys are really open..good luck with potty training.

To STUDENT: good luck with your new g/f...has she seen you on the toilet?

This past weekend i had been watching tv and i was flipping around to MTV. There was something on about wrestling..not sure what it was called but im not really into that. I heard some guys mention something about a laxitive. I saw this on saturday and sunday. These guys and girls wanted to get this one guy back so they poured 1/2 a bottle of some kind of laxitive in this guys drink. He drank it for lunch and you see the guy wrestling and stuff and then he runs for the bathoom and he says something about having cramps and sweating his *** off. Then you see him go into the bathroom and a bit later hes like F*** theres no toilet paper. Then eventully someone gets him some and it was like 3 sheets. It was a not sure what he did to someone. Any one else see this? gotta go,....merry christmas every one..probably won't post again till the day after the holiday.

one of the funniest things about my former girlfriend was that time when we were hiking in this nature preserve in coventry, rhode island[ USA] back in april of 2002. anyway, we get there and begin to walk down the trail and she was the type that did not know what to do when she had to pee and there is not bathroom! LOL I remember on the way I thibnk she asked if there was any gas stations as she had to " use the ladies room" but in that part of rhode island there are not even any stores nearby since we passed through dayville connecticut . she did not have to go then anyway. okay, so when we got there she said, " honey, I think I'm gonna have to go to the ladies room soon but there is none I guess. I'm so ashamed and I don't know what I can do, I guess I'll have to go to the bathroom in the woods." LOL so, we hiked about 1/2 mile down the trail and she says, " honey, I really have to use the ladies room bad, oh no! i'm afraid that I will wet my pants as I've never done thi! s before, I guess that I will have to take them all off , I'm so ashamed of myself!" "don't be", I said , "tell you what . lets go off the trail here [ it was early spring and not many leaves were on the trees yet in new england] and we'll figure it out. didn't your mama, or sister ever teach you how to piss without a toilet bowl available?[ she was 47 years old] you just pull down your pants to your ankles , squat and bend foward, and then take a whizz like the young girl in that movie, doc hollywood did." " I don't know if I can do this without wetting myself, I'd better take off my pants all the way." [ here she was wearing slacks and yes, pumps believe it or not,but could walk well in them] well, I had to pee too, and so I told her, " chris, here I'll show you how a girl might pee in the woods. I used to know this crack whore back when I smoked rock while living in orlando, florida and she was good at it; in fact she peed in the bushes one day near the tennis courts in ! the middle of this suburban neighborhood where I lived with people just behind the fence!" she says, " I don't know about this, I'd better pull off my pants" . so, I pulled down my jeans to my ankles and put my " tool" between my legs straight down to simulate a girl's vagina/vulva, squatted , and then proceeded to piss like a girl would. " chris honey, I think this is how a woman pees in the woods, something like this" as I sprayed the forest leaves with my golden nectar to show her how to pee! she still insisted that she would wet herself and completely took off her, shoes first, then her slacks and underwear and while trying to squat, fell back and sat down on the leaves as her golden urine dribbled out from the crack between her legs! it was the funniest thing I had ever seen and I was just hoping that no one was walking down the trail even though we were far enough off , as there were still no leaves. she got fallen leaves all over her butt and legs and I felt like I w! as having to teach a baby to walk! it was the funniest thing ever, but you know what they say about POLISH PEOPLE in every stand up comedy skit! LOL yes, chris was polish-catholic all right and taught from a very young age to be " ashamed" of her bodily functions and being naked.

to bryian: did I ever get caught? well not because at that place they just thought that I was sitting out of the smoky room because I am a non smoker. but this one time when I was with that [ now ex] girlfiend I said after we left this pizza place, " I could hear you all the way out here, chrissy! " and she said, oh no, I am so embarrassed" and I said, don't be sweetheart, besides I was just kidding, the bowl was one of those low flow deals with the water toward the back where only guys can pee into the water. one time at her house , and this was when she got the idea that I was fascinated by listening to a woman pee , I had my ear to the door and timed her. when she got out of the bathroom, I said , " wow! 26 seconds that was quick! the other 7 minutes was wasted putting on make-up as she was obsessed with her looks and put on so much make-up like those "southern living" churchlady housewives from atlanta, to the point that her face was lily white.

RE: to bryian , yes I am male . sorry that I did not respond to you before but I figured that you may have read my latest post about my ex-girlfriend and her experience with " learning to pee in the forest" . but I am so fascinated with how women piss that sometimes I wish I was a female, except for the getting pregnant part that is. LOL anyway, today I tried it again sitting down to piss like a woman just to see how long it takes and if I am not right it seems to come out much quicker. anyway it took a total of 35 seconds for my piss to come out and maybe about 1 minute and 25 seconds in all , including the flush after. I have noticed that the reason women seem to take so long to " go to the ladies room" [ as my ex-girlfriend would say when she had to just PEE !LOL ] is because of putting on all that make-up ! just tonight while at my brother's house for x-mas I was waiting to pee and his fiancee's daughter must've took at least 6-8 minutes to get done; I waited about 4 mi nutes and then said F it I'll use the one upstairs. it reminded me of my former girlfriend with her make-up obsession but she had to be way worse! one time we were at this restaurant[ with one unisex restroom] and like three women were in line with their legs crossed waiting to piss real bad and here she is with her f???ing make-up and took 10 minutes at least! I felt like knocking on the door and saying " honey, hurry up you have about three younger girls waiting out here to piss real bad !" LOL I could see the looks on their faces when she finally came out all " freshened up" and I was thinking, " maybe this is why I got along so well with the two younger girls online I had a cyber-relationship with[ 18 and 19] as they tend to be more laid back like those girls waiting in line who were probally thinking " hurry up! I have to use the restroom for what is really important and that is to pull down my jeans/thongs, bare my "snatch" and simply PISS! " LOL probally the best r estroom story that I had heard from my ex girlfriend was this one. I asked her how a woman pees on the toilet in a long dress, I thought they had to take the whole thing off when they wear those formal evening gowns. she used to be married to this man who was an aspiring republican politician and he would take her to all those fancy " social butterfly" gala parties where she had to dress to impress. what a big deal WOMEN make out of something as simple as going to the bathroom just to urinate! she told me 1. I had to say " excuse me for a moment, I have to use the ladies room[ or powder room] " 2. I get up and go to the ladies room walk in and let the door close behind me. 3. I go into the stall and close and lock the door. 4. I lift up my evening gown[ long to the ankle dress],then, 5. undo my girdle/control top and unfasten my pantyhose and pull them down. 6. I lift up my dress out of the way onto the back of the seat and sit down to urinate on the seat. 7. I urinate into the toilet bowl water in a steady downward stream for about almost 2-1/2 minutes till I don't hear anymore tinkling noise in the water, make a few more drips and I'm done. [ I asked what does it look like? what would I see?] she said, " urine and foam and a dirty piece of toilet paper." [ how much foam?] " about 2 inches by 3 inches wide in the bowl" and finally, 8. then I pull up my pantyhose, re-fasten my girdle/undergarment and pull down my long dress. 9. I flush and I'm all done 10.unlock the stall door , come out , wash up and walk back out the ladies room door to the party and sit down again at the table. all that I can say is what a big deal women make out of just having to do something as simple as URINATE ! AND WHERE DID THOSE RIDICULOUS NAMES FOR THE WOMEN'S RESTROOM EVER COME FROM SUCH AS " THE POWDER ROOM" , " LADIES ROOM" , OR THIS ONE WHICH MADE ME LAUGH ONE TIME WHEN I WAS TRAVELING THROUGH HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA AND STOPPED TO EAT AT THIS MC DONALDS. "! NESSESARY ROOM FOR LADIES" LOL [ when the mens room was simply called " mens room" ] could this have been because many women like chris were taught as a young catholic girl to be ashamed of their bodies and their bodily functions as if women are supposed to be like robots? interesting!

Hi suzie do you have any pooping experiences of your own
and have you ever helped a colleague or patient to poo if so what method did you use i.e press/rub ???? press/part bum cheeks

John Q Public
Everyone who had questions regarding women and foam, the answer is a resounding YES. Women CAN and DO produce megga foam, expecialy if they are endowed like my gf, sister and cousen. My gf on average leaves a nice thick 'doughnut' of foam on top of the toilet water. My cousen can do the same thing, as does my sister on occasion. My sister usualy covers the whold water surface with foam. There are alot of factors that enter in. It depends on the ammount of urine and duration of the piss. The hardness of the piss also is important. I have seen extream cases where my sister almost completely filled the bowl with foam. My gf is also very gifted.

Here's a story. This goes clear back to the first month we started going to gether. It was Fall, but unseasonably cold, and we were staying up ab my brothers cabin by the lake, which had flush-toilets.

She wanted to 'show off' her peeing ability, so she bought a gallon of Orange juice, and ate only ???? for two days prior to that. The we went on a hike, and our lunches consisted of asparagas, salid, radishes and beats, which she munched on every time we looked up. She also brought that entire gallon of oj with her, and would frequently drink right from the bottle. I drank some of it, too and I also had some ???? with her, but she ate and drank the most. I had to stop and pee every all the time, but she held out until we got back to the cabin. I meediately ran to the toilet, which had a very low water level, and peed again. She held, and held, and held until she was doubled over, and holding her crotch with her hand. We both got worried that she may harm herself, so she ran into the bathroom, pulled down her jeans and panties in one yank without even undoing her belt, and so help me, I swear this to be the truth, she managed to aim her hard, thick, hissy st! ream right into that little spot of water. It made both a resounding SSSSSSSSSSS as it came out of her, and jetting sound as it hit the water. I looked over the clock that on the bathroom sink, but I was so floored by the piss stream eminating from her that I lost track of the time at about 2 and a half minutes.

Her piss went on relentlessly for what seemed like for ever, then she finaly taperd off to a trickle, chenched her bladder and let out a bunch of short hard squirts, anf ainaly she was done. The smell in that bathroom was the strongest I have ever experienced. When she got off the toilet, the foam was like a small mountain in the toilet bowl. She wanted to see what her urine looked like, so she tried to clear away some of the foam by blowing on it by waving a towel at it. It didn't work too well, and she didn't want it to get out of the toilet so we decided to wait until it cleared up. It took the rest of that day and all night for that foam to finaly thin out. There was still a pretty good head of it left, but we could finaly see the pee. It was a dark yellow in color and very aromatic. I also noticed that she raised the level of the toilet water from there being almost none there to about what is normaly found in a toilet, which was truely amazing.

Please list down all the latest movies that have the women's poop scene....

Anyone know of any foods that will bung me up a bit? I have a stomache bug that started xmas day,sickness and diarrhea1But 5 days later I'm still having diarrhea and anything I eat goes straight through me causing explosive watery shit!Not nice! Any suggestions anyone please???????

FYI - My recent posting made it to the board, but half of the beginning of the message was totally cut off. How come?

I am posting it again, in hopes ALL of the message gets posted this time around.
I am female and visit this board occasionally to read up on new postings, but never posted here before, til now. It is so cool to see a board that lets people talk about bathroom experiences. Society is so uptight sometimes about matters of relieving oneself, that is just gets on my nerves. It is such a natural thing that happens to all of us human beings, so why should we be so embarrassed to talk about it? In fact, it is sometimes soothing to talk about it, if it relates to having a bad stomach bug and being sick. To know people out there understand how you feel, and can offer support, advice, or even add a bit of humor to the situation, is great.

Speaking of 'bad stomach bug episodes', I had a horrible evening yesterday right after I ate some dinner. I have been fighting a bad cold for a long while, and just about getting over it, finally, then this stomach upset hit me from out of the blue. I had just eaten some chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, and both tasted good.

I got up from the table and went back to my sewing, when all of a sudden I felt my stomach just do a total flip, and could even hear the gurgling noises it was beginning to make. At first I thought I would be fine, thinking that my ???? was just digesting the food I had just eaten and would be fine, and continued working on my project on the sewing machine. Soon though, another wave of discomfort hit me. This time it was stronger, and I could tell I was going to have to get to the bathroom. But still, I fought it off for some reason, which was not going to work. The more I delayed, the more my stomach turned and gurgled, and I then felt my bowels totally filling up, and very fast. It was almost to the point where I couldn't hold back, and thought I just might have an accident right there and then, but somehow I did manage to gain control, and got up very slowly, and went to my upstairs bathroom.

I was so lucky that this happened at home, and that I didn't decide to go out lastnight after my dinner, or I might have had a very embarrassing accident.

Well, I finally got my pants down, and no more sat down, when everything just broke loose. At first it was very watery, but then followed with many big soft chunks, that I thought would never end. During that, my stomach was actually involuntarily contracting a bit painfully, as it seemed to be literally pushing it all out of me. I was really feeling weak already, and lightheaded, and had to sit there a while longer as more began to flow out of me. The last part was mostly like water. I thought I was finished, and wiped off really good, and flushed, and began washing my hands at the sink, when all of a sudden, yet another wave hit me. I actually felt the movement through my bowels, and again had to get to the toilet. I got my pants down once again, and sat down, and this time it was all just watery liquid, and didn't last long, thankfully. I finished up and again wiped off, flushed, and washed my hands. This time I knew I was now pretty much empty.

My whole stomach and bowels had a very aching empty feeling, that I really hate after having diarrhea. Usually when I get it, I only go a couple times and it will be a while before the next wave hits. I didn't have anymore episodes though after the 2 I had lastnight. I guess this cold virus is affecting my stomach a bit, or either it is just due to the 2 medications my doctor gave me to help ease my cold symptoms. My stomach is so sensitive anyway.

I have been drinking water and orange juice since my diarrhea episodes lastnight, to rehydrate me, but I still feel really weak and dizzy. I ate some cheese earlier, figuring that would help 'bind' me up some. I also took a dose of Mylanta, and so far that has really calmed my stomach a lot.

My stomach and lower bowels just have a very dull ache now, and I can't even sleep. Even though I am so sleepy while sitting here typing. I hate it when this happens, but I can't argue with Mother Nature. She does as she pleases.

I was going to go out later today to run some errands, but opting to stay in, since I just don't have the energy to even move from room to room, let alone walking to bus stops in the cold. I just don't want to get more of a chill and make this cold worse, and especially don't want to chance eating breakfast and then getting on the bus, only to have my stomach start to roll and my bowels fill up once again. I'd just be mortified if I had a bad accident of that sort in public.

I am not one to really care much if I would pee my pants from desperation and inability to hold it, since that is just water and not that messy at all. But I definitely would absolutely hate to not be able to hold back my bowels, and just have aweful diarrhea in public. To have that kind of intense accident would probably make me sick to the point of throwing up to be honest.

I have many other 'accident' and stomach upset stories I can tell to this board, as well as actual nice 'movements' that were much enjoyed, but it is now 3:22am, so I need to get going. I am going to go lie down and rest, since I can hardly keep my eyes open while sitting here. I will definitely share more stories here later on. Who knows, I may have more to tell later today, if my ???? and bowels decide to go on the rampage again.

~~~* StarShine ~~~*


Hi girls, As u read from my earlier post, i love wearing pantyhose, just wanted to know, do u girls love wearing pantyhose too?? if so, do u norammly wear panties or a thong underneath, cos i normaly dont, and becasue of this sometimes if im desparte to poop and im too late to go to the toilet i norammly have an accident and the poop goes into my pantyhose, thankfully i tend to wear opaque pantyhose with the control top which acts as my panties and are qiite tight so keep most the poop in. I was wondering whether any of u guys have had an accident in your pantyhose, or if u suggest i wear panties underneath to stop the mess from getting too bad? pleas elet me know?? id love your suggestions

Poopy Dogg
How do I make my poops bigger?
I would like to be able to poo like everyone else. It is embarassing when me and my friends go buddy-dumping and I'm through before everybody. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

The Nature Boy
Ahh, almost as good as Thanksgiving. A bunch of relatives, a huge meal, a limited number of crappers - the Christmas poo stories! I usually have several female relatives and friends that oblige me with material...

First of all would be my 16 year old cousin Jenna. She is about 5'5'', slim, and tan. She occasionally does beauty pagents and that sort of thing. I know a beauty queen that is more than open about her bowel habits - I love being me!

Well, she is actually a person that has a trait I hate - high metabolism. She eats all day and never gains weight. So naturally she ate a lot Christmas day, when most all of the family piled in to Grandma's house! I was in the kitchen eating an orange when she came in. I asked her if she wanted some. "No, oranges give me the trots. Besides, I need to poop bad, but I can't go with all these people here!" This was suprising because this was the first sign of poop-shyness I had ever seen in her. Finally everyone left but me, her parents and Grandma of course. As soon as my brother's family was out the door she jumped up and headed to the bathroom and said "All right, I'm dying to poop! I didn't want to stink the place up with everyone here!" and shut the door. After about 30 seconds I heard a long fart. She came out probably 5 minutes later, buttoning her red jeans with a releived look on her face. There was no smell, but her movements are usually very solid (s! he is usually constipated in fact)....more on her in a future post

I've mentioned my sister-in-law Michelle before, who never shuts the bathroom door while taking a dump. A few weeks before Christmas she had gone out to eat earlier in the day, and she said the meal did not agree with her! Later on I was at her house, playing with my nephew. I had not really noticed Michelle's absence of about 3 minutes when I heard her voice from the bathroom: "I'll be out in a few minutes...I'm not being anti-social, I'm trying to get rid of this bellyache!" A few minutes later she called me to the walk in closet to help her with a heavy package. I walked in the bedroom and WHOOOOA! Obviously she had been very successful in removing the cause of her bellyache, as the smell was overpowering! Either she had a cold or had become de-sensitized to her own smell while on the crapper, because while she does not mind talking about pooping she usually does NOT want ANYONE to smell it...!

Anyway, I was all excited about giving my brother his spiffy new Leatherman tool on Christmas, so I go up there and naturally...he's taking a dump! Michelle fixed that after a while though...yelling "Hey, you've gotta hurry up - I'VE gotta poop now!"

Oh yeah, if anyone is interested, I too had a good dump this morning as well. I ate light yesterday, as I try to rarely over-indulge. I spent the night at my brother and sister-in-law's house. I tried to go when I first got up, but that rarely works for me. A shower, coffee, and nutri-grain bar later though and I was quite ready! I guess Jenna isn't the only one that gets loosened up from fruit, as overall the whole thing was rather mushy! I was also suprised at the amount - and the smell! I came back in to brush my teeth 10 minutes later and it was still very ripe in there! I'm glad that Michelle is a heavy sleeper, lol - I just hope the smell was gone by the time she finally did get up!

Happy Holidays everyone!

I've been away for the christmas holiday..did check in no updates. I just got home now, very early 6:30am. I had to get a ride home at 5:30 cause my siblings had to go to work today and i had no other way to get home...I got there Monday night and i ate a late dinner. I went to bed about midnight and i was up about 4:00 with cramps. Im like i better go poop now. It was mild..I pushed some hard stuff out then some loose stuff came out. Smelled bad and i wiped alot. I thought it was from a steak sandwich i ate that night. Then i had one last night just plain..i figured it was the toppings. I woke up again about 4:30 feeling blah like i need to i went cause i knew i'd have to leave soon. I pushed hard stuff out again and then loose stuff followed wiped alot..smelled again too. On the way home i felt like i might need to poop...but luckly i didn't have a strong urge..feel ok. Probably will try and poop before i go out later. Any one ever eat these steakums and feel the! way i do? i don't know whats in them probably won't eat any more...maybe its the same as Mcdonalds..McDonalds does that to me too.

While i was 5 y.o old cousin peed his pants...gotta go bye

and so, eric cartman was on the toilet bowl tonight taking a shit in SOUTH PARK. obviously they didn't show that, but they did show the part where he looks into the bowl and sees MR HANKEY , THE CHRISMAS POO ! that talking piece of shit. it was that funny episode where they had that indipeddent film festival come to south park, colorado and the sewers overflowed with crap from overuse and " too many people eating tofu and health food" . in the end, MR HANKEY dies, then comes back to life after eating chef's chocolate salty balls and proceeds to cast a magic spell which causes the sewers to explode and spray shit all over everyone in town. it had to be one of matt stone's best ones ever!

Hope the Holiday saeson is wonderful for all of you .....busy times as usual on this end...but, all that activity did not get in the way of Jill being able to totally impress someone new with her bladder prowess!!!

Over the Holiday, we had my sister's family staying with us...her oldest daughter had recently married this past year, and the new husband was our house guest as well . After a long, busy Christmas Eve, and many liquid refreshments, we finally got to bed about 1AM.

With all of the company staying at our home, the 2 bathrooms certainly got a workout. The upstairs one is just a short walk from our bedroom, and one that adjoins it.

About 4AM, Jill was stirring, and i was half asleep myself. I happened to reach over to touch her, and found that remarkable "Basketball bladder syndrome" swelling Jill's belly...telltale signs of a HUGE pee on the way! She quietly said" I really gotta go, but , I don't feel like getting up"....She has done that many times before, only to roll over on her very full bladder, and actually go back to sleep for another hour or 2, making for spectacular amounts and pressures upon finally letting her huge bladder have some relief. I guess this time was a bit different, since she again repeated her need to empty .

She quietly got out of bed, and while getting ready to head the short walk down to the bathroom, we heard stirring in the next room where my niece and her new to the family husband were staying. Then footsteps, and the telltale sounds of someone urinating...good strong pressure, but, no obvious "female" hissing . The door was left open, adding to the now broken silence even more. Jill , not knowing who it was figured she would head to the bathroom anyway, and simply call out to whomever it was to not flush since she was the next in sense in waking everyone up with a loud flush.

I could hear her quietly call out to inquire who was in there as she stood right utside the door. As our new nephew in law continued to let his pee flow, he answered back to her that he would be done in a second. As he dribbled out the last, he asked Jill , who was still standing at the doorway where he could find some aspirin...She simply came into the bathroom with him, and directed him to the area of the meds cabinet for the aspirin. I was laying quietly to see what the next move was going to be. I heard more conversation as they discussed the disadvantages of too much wine as a headache creator, and then the subject went to how too much drinking makes one pee as well.

I could then hear the water run very shortly as a glass of water was drawn for the aspirin washdown. Some more conversation, then......the unmistakable sound of strong female pee hissing loudly into the toilet. It started out nice and steady, then all of a sudden, she shifted into "powerpiss" mode......Whoa! She has a way of readjusting her position on the toilet to be able to let it fly, and that is exactly what she did... the stream went into a powerful , very loud, very long hiss for some time... all during the stream , the conversation continued. I was focused on the "shower-like' sound that was filling the entire upstairs area now!!! All of a sudden the stream abruptly ended...a bit of slow tinkling....then, here it goes again!!!! About another 30 second strong hiss, then a series of what must have been 99% air coming out of her for about another 30 seconds....just a loud real pee hitting the water....loud and hissy....then a short series of "pst. pst, ! psssssst " finish ups, the an audible " whew" from Jill... the next sound was of the paper roll , and then a mutual "see you in the morning" interchange between the bathroom partners.

The next day , I asked Jill about her middle of the night meeting, and she simply stated that they wer talking about the snow that had been falling all night, and that he was having trouble swallowing the aspirin, and she simply needed to pee, so......hey, he's family,right????

When the nephew in law and i were hanging out the next afternoon, I casually asked him "did your headache go away after you got some aspirin last night?" " Oh, yeah, " he replied...." " I heard you got to witness one of Jill's famous pisses" ...His reply was simply" Wow...I never heard or saw any woman go like that before ....does she do that all the time?

Another family member initiated into the Jill monster bladder witness program!!!!Any one else have any good "holding stories" to share from your holiday???????All the best for a great New Year.....Mick

Hello everyone...I have been reading this site for a while now and decided to post my experience last Saturday, as well as my benefit from it.

First off, I am a 32 year old female and am a graduate of mime arts. I have spent the last ten years performing in theatres, but recently took my act to my local park sidewalk (yes I wear the face paint, the outfits, the whole nine yards). Anyhow, last Saturday I was all ready to leave but observed myself in the mirror and practiced a couple routines. My stomach suddenly seemed to turn upside down. I limped toward the bathroom and pulled my suspenders and pants down. I sat on the toilet and blew out brown liquid and wet farts. I looked at myself in the mirror, as I have a full lenght mirror hanging on my bathroom closet across from the toilet. This was the first time I had ever went in my outfit and makeup. It was strange at first, as I grunted and the faces I made looked silly in the makeup. Suddenly a lightbulb went off in my head. I had been looking for a new routine, and I had found it! I whiped after I was done and hurried off excited. I took a couple tablespoon of pepto just incase and left for the park. Ten minutes later I was there. I started off as usual, in an attention stance (I do that until enough people are around) and go into a robot routine. By the time I came to my new idea, a crowd of probably 15 was around. I suddenly haulted my routine and grabbed ahold of my stomach with one hand, and leaned into the air with the other, looking like I was leaning against a wall. I started to limp, my hand still leaning into the air. I then made a pulling gesture, as I was going into my stall. I turned and faced the audience, then squatted down and rested my bum, as if I was on a toilet. I then put my hands out into the air on my sides, as if I was pushing on the stall walls. I then began to make grunting and strain faces and stomped my legs, continuing to push on my stall walls. A couple in the audience rolled their eyes and walked off...another said "thats sick" and walked off. After straining for a few more seconds, I let arms down and hung them and my head loosely, signaling I was finished, but stayed squatting. I then raised my head and hand and did a releif gesture, as I whiped my forehead and blew air out of my O shaped mouth. I then gave a crooked smile and and grabbed into the air and made a ripping gesture and whiped my bum. The reamaining audience appluaded and laughed. In my eyes, my new routine was a success, despite a couple thiking it was sick. Maybe it is, but I sure like it.

I hope everybody had a good Christmas.

I just wanted to ask everybody here to tell whether you deliberately pee in you bathing suit on the beach but not necessarily in the water. Last summer when i was on vacation with my brother and his friend (I am 17/m, they are both 14), me and the friend were sitting up at the chairs. I had been drinking a coke, and since that always goes straight through me, I soon had to pee. I ignored it at first but then told "Phil" because there was no point in fidgeting and not telling him how bad i had to pee. The ocean was at low tide at that time, so it would have been quite a walk just to get to the water to pee in it, and it was a cool day also. I decided the best thing to do was to just pee in my bathing suit right where i sat. So when i got a real strong urge I just started pissing in my bathing suit. Phil heard it splashing to the sand below me and asked if i was pissing myself. I confessed yes since it was the easiest thing to do, and he was surprised at started asking why! i did that. Well i had planned to sit and let it dry and then maybe go in the water to rinse off. But just my luck, right after i finished peeing in my swimsuit, we hear thunder and are forced to go back to the condo room. So i get up and nervously felt my ass. Sure enough, it was totally soaked with pee. I gathered my stuff and hurried to the room before anybody could see (except Phil of course).

First of all, I'm sorry if i told this story here before, I honestly can't remember!

Second, has anybody ever peed their swimsuit on purpose on the beach, out of convenience? Please post if you have!


Carlotta who loves to poop: What happened to the good poop stories around here? I don't know...
Perhaps it's just that time of year where people are simply too busy to have any good ones or notice when something interesting happens.

In my case, what looked to be the best BM I've had for more than MONTH happened yesterday around 1/4 to 2. I dropped 2 stools, each about 5"L by 1 1/2"W. Each had good colour, cohesion & was shaped like a carrot. As well, I only needed to wipe once or twice so cleaning up was a breeze. Obviously, that BM didn't produce anything record breaking by any stretch of the imagination. But it was welcome none-the-less, since all I've been able to pass for ages are just 'marbles', 'pellets' & the rare 'golf-ball' sized turd. Even when I'm *not* constipated...

Not that I want diarrhoea, but just about everything that's come out of me for the longest time has been round & hard. I'm getting sick & tired of it.

One bit of good news is that I've become involved with a lady in the medical profession (though not a Dr.). After some honest talks with each other, I found out that she wouldn't be offended if I accompanied her during a BM. She did, however, make it clear that it wouldn't arouse her either. (One way or the other, it wouldn't matter.)

Mark R
Hi Suzie do you have any stories about your own poo experiences also do you have any stories about helping patients to poo example pressing ???? parting/squeezing ass cheeks would love to hear details of any stories

Mark R

Does your nurse friend have any poo stories about her own poos especially work poos would love ton hear them look forward to tbem speak to you soon

Jill, nice to see your message. I had two experiences pooping outside with a female friend when I was about 10. Boy did we ever get into trouble when the parents found out! I had many more experiences growing up when I pooped with friends and scouts who were boys, which didn't land me in trouble, just a bunch of red-faced and embarassed boys.... I still think a youngish, fit guy taking a dump is really hot. There are others here who feel the same (guys and girls alike). I've been lurking for awhile now because most of the stories here seem to be about women shitting. Great to have you here! Ciao, Daniel (UK)

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