Just Another Guy
To Katerina: It would be an honor to lose to you in a peeing contest.
To all others like me about to brave the Christmas airport scene: Be

I don't want to be a poster glutten but I think I may be of interest to
continue the story of Hal's sister Tanya (why I kept her name secret in
my first post is beyond me), the first girl I had a crush on and one who
owned a truly phenomenal sized bladder. This fact was confirmed over the
year and a half in which I visited their residence. Moreover I choose to
believe that she and I had a little unspoken bond- I was not just another pain-in-the-rear friend of her little brother. Yes for me the ultimate reward for watching interminally boring sci-fi movies at Hal's
was when his gorgeous blonde sister ventured anywhere near the bathroom.

Someone inquired about her peeing style and as I recall it now sixteen
years later it sounded like a unified stream flowing easily but directly
into the water in a steady flow that would go on for well over a minute
before thinning out nearly to a stop only to build up again to a steady
flow. This would invariably repeat and repeat until tapering of to a
long series of tinkles and squirts. By the time she would finally reach
for a tissue and flush, her pee times were incredible. That five minutes
I stated in my previous post was not an exaggeration. Whatever reward I
got was in the few times I got to pee in her proximity and carefully study her response after my full bladdered performances.

About the third time I used their bathroom I came out and said, "Duh, Hi
there. It's me." Tanya looked out from her room and said, "something told me it probably had to be you." And she called me by my first name!
Sometime after that my bladder was just bursting from the wait when I
saw her leave her room for the bathroom. Hal was engrossed watching a TV
program about a guy in a monster suit eating Cleveland. I left his room
closing the door behind me and came face to face with 5'10" of beautiful
in the hallway outside the bathroom. I looked at her and she looked at me.
"Oh, do you have to use the bathroom too," she smiled? "Go ahead. I'll
wait 'till you're done."
"No," I said, "I'll wait. I't's your house."
"Alright then, you're choice," she soothed, "but it may be quite a wait." Tanya started to enter the bathroom while a MILLION volts of electricity shot through my body at her remark. Before she closed the door she turned to say, " by the way you asked me about (forgot). When
we're both done here, come to my room (for the answer.)"
The door closed, she started up, and for the first time my iron willpower lost to the sounds of her going and going and going. I looked
down at myself and tried to remember every bad thought I could think of.
Miss Fartuney; hated and dispised Engish teacher who gave me a D+ on my
eloquent and poetic review of A Tale Of Two Cities.

After what seemed an eternity, Tanya came out of the bathroom. My teenage legs, indeed my entire body was shaking.
"Alright then. I hope that wasen't too long for you to wait. You're turn," she smiled sweetly.
Inside I was thinking, "honey an entire Girl Scout troup could take a pee in the time it took you!" But I mumbled "Aw I'm O.K., Tanya."
I raced into the bathroom hoping she didn't see me south of the equator.

Now the reason this incident was a big turning point in our relationship
was that I went in and took the loudest and longest pee I possibly could
(you are right Katerina-large male bladders are not the equal of huge
female ones.) When the final last drop passed out of me and into the bowl, I flushed, washed my hands and opened up the bathroom door to see
Tanya right there, outside the door, holding the research material I had apparently asked about. I was pleased and startled she was there.
"While you were going I looked up (the material.)"
"Thanks." Then I said something that took for me all my human courage.
"You had enough time to get all this while I was going, huh?"
Just then she and I connected on an emotional level that we had not previously.
"Well yeah." She took a few steps back in the direction of her room then added mischeviously, "it didn't take me all that long to look it up." She began to walk into her bedroom.
"But it did take awhile to find it." She giggled and TWO million volts
shot through my body.
"Hey, don't feel bad. That didn't sound like a bad load you just emptied little guy." (I'm 6'4) Tanya almost whispered her remark to me.
"At the rate you're going, you're probably going to be able to take some real good ones some day." As she closed her door she concluded with a, "Of course I have VERY high performance standards."

I spent countless sleepless nights pouring over our encounter.

Everyone have a wonderful safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Hi Folks, and Merry Christmass:

Sorry I didn't get back to you all about how things went with the FUD last Sunday, but the problem was that Angie and our boy friend had to work, so we had to post pone to yesterday.

We decided to head out to his brother's cabin by the lake again. It snowed and we had a hell of a time. Luckily our boy friend drives a Tahoe. Well we got there yesterday morning. Angie and I both had our FUDS already inserted. We decided on water as the drink of choice. It didn't take it as long for our bladders to fill up as it usualy does because it was very cold, and the heat in the cabin was out of gas. We had to light a fire in the fire place.

Well we all started drinking water. Angie brought a 12 foot tape measure with him. When we were ready, we all headed outside to do our business. We let him take all the measurments. Angie went first. She held out as long as I did, but was jumping and squirming around alot more then I was. She opened her fly, pulled out her FUD, squated down and leaned forward, making sure that the FUD was aimed properly, and she let rip with a long stream of pee that fell just short of the 11 foot mark by the tape measure. It maintained it's strength for about a minute and a half then it subsided down to 4 feet, then two feet, then it just dribbled.

Next it was my turn. I was very incomfortable, but mnt fidgiting or jumping si I decided to wait another hour. By then it was starting to get dark so we had to break out the flash lights. I wanted to hurry the process so I drank another half a gallon of water and I stayed outside until I was doing the pee dance. By then I was actualy in pain. They came out. I did just like Angie did, squated, aimed the FUD, and my piss streamed actualy arched a little up before it started it's way back to the ground. Then I leaned forwared and squezed so hard that I farted. My stream swelled another foot, putting my furthest piss about 13 inches or so beyond the length of the entire tape measure. It only stayed at that mark for about 15 seconds. As I had to let up, it continued for about another minute and a half at about the 11 and a half foot point. When it got near the end, I let out about 30 or 40 seconds worth of short squirts that shot out about 6 feet. Then I dribbled ! a little, then I was done.

Now Steve, oru boy friend, couldn't believe what he saw, and we just had to put him on the spot. He was not realy trying to compete against us in this contest, but we wanted to see what he could do, so after Angie finished, he started drinking water and letting his bladder fill. While I was peeing, he was getting very jumpy and fidgity. When he decided to let it rip, he did not squat like we die. He just wipped out his dick and did his business. His stream shot out of himm to about 7 feet on the tape measure, quite impressive for a man. His stream lasted about 35 seconds then it tapord off to a series of short squirts which only lasted about 10 seconds and only made it to about 3 feet.

All in all, it pretty much went the way we thought it would.

Thursday, December 26, 2002

Candi - Liked your story. I'm 17 and male usually dont have a problem with peeing my pants when i laugh, but my 10-year-old brother definitely does. Every time he laughs you have to think he's about to wet himself.

filup - I agree, pee is definitely #1 in more ways than one. Let's get some more pee stories on this board if possible. The other half (?) of us would really appreciate it

Yesterday I was doing some cleaning under my bed when i came upon a pair of pants which I had peed in last spring and didn't put in the laundry all this time. I guess over the summer I had no need for them and just forgot about it. They smelled awful, but I put them in the laundry anyway and my mom didnt mention anything about it. Does anybody else pee in their pants in their room or bathroom and then hide the pants only to discover them later, or something similar to this?

Gotta run...really about to pee my pants but dont want to right now...catch ya later.


Hi all, here's another story from the nurses home for you.
It was a saturday evening and both my friend and i were off duty and going up the club for a few drinks. When she called for me i was on the loo so i shouted for her to come in. She walked into my room and i called out that i was in the loo. She came into the bathroom and saw me sitting on the pan with my legs apart. She positioned herself so she could get a better view and asked what i was doing. Trying to go to the toilet i replied. I know that she laughed but is it a front or back job. I told her i was trying to have a poo. She seemed interested in this and asked if she could look between my legs. I joked I suppose you wanna watch it come out? She looked at me and said yes she would if i didn't mind. I was a bit embarrased at the thought of having my bottom watched while pooing but agreed as she was a good friend. i sat right back on the pan and took my trousers and knickers off so i could open my legs really wide for her. She put her face right between my legs and as! i strained a little, a piece of poo appeared forcing my bottom open. I pushed a little harder and she watched as it slid out of my bottom into the water with a resounding plop. Ast the second piece squeezed out i started to wee again probably with all the straining. She got a double whammy watching me pee and poo at the same time. When i had finished i took some tp and began to wipe my bottom with her eagerly watching me. I got dressed and we went to the club. I must admit i found it to be be very sensual and i got mu own back three days later. Still that's another story.

Merry Christmas all.

Hey Movie Fan....Ive seen "Two Weeks..." and true Sandra Bullock, after eating a few chili dogs, almost craps her pants in traffic in the car. We never see her sitting on the bowl, they just show her getting ready to sit. NO crap sounds either, just a lot of moaning.

Mark R
Hi Suzie do you have any poo stories I would love to hear them see ya in 2003

igesting the food I had just eaten and would be fine, and continued working on my project on the sewing machine. So though, another wave of discomfort hit me. This time it was stronger, and I could tell I was going to have to get to the bathroom. But still, I fought it off for some reason, which was not going to work. The more I delayed, the more my stomach turned and gurgled, and I then felt my bowels totally filling up, and very fast. It was almost to the point where I couldn't hold back, and thought I just might have an accident right there and then, but somehow I did manage to gain control, and got up very slowly, and went to my upstairs bathroom.

I was so lucky that this happened at home, and that I didn't decide to go out lastnight after my dinner, or I might have had a very embarrassing accident.

Well, I finally got my pants down, and no more sat down, when everything just broke loose. At first it was very watery, but then followed with many big soft chunks, that I thought would never end. During that, my stomach was actually involuntarily contracting a bit painfully, as it seemed to be literally pushing it all out of me. I was really feeling weak already, and lightheaded, and had to sit there a while longer as more began to flow out of me. The last part was mostly like water. I thought I was finished, and wiped off really good, and flushed, and began washing my hands at the sink, when all of a sudden, yet another wave hit me. I actually felt the movement through my bowels, and again had to get to the toilet. I got my pants down once again, and sat down, and this time it was all just watery liquid, and didn't last long, thankfully. I finished up and again wiped off, flushed, and washed my hands. This time I knew I was now pretty much empty.

My whole stomach and bowels had a very aching empty feeling, that I really hate after having diarrhea. Usually when I get it, I only go a couple times and it will be a while before the next wave hits. I didn't have anymore episodes though after the 2 I had lastnight. I guess this cold virus is affecting my stomach a bit, or either it is just due to the 2 medications my doctor gave me to help ease my cold symptoms. My stomach is so sensitive anyway.

I have been drinking water and orange juice since my diarrhea episodes lastnight, to rehydrate me, but I still feel really weak and dizzy. I ate some cheese earlier, figuring that would help 'bind' me up some. I also took a dose of Mylanta, and so far that has really calmed my stomach a lot.

My stomach and lower bowels just have a very dull ache now, and I can't even sleep. Even though I am so sleepy while sitting here typing. I hate it when this happens, but I can't argue with Mother Nature. She does as she pleases.

I was going to go out later today to run some errands, but opting to stay in, since I just don't have the energy to even move from room to room, let alone walking to bus stops in the cold. I just don't want to get more of a chill and make this cold worse, and especially don't want to chance eating breakfast and then getting on the bus, only to have my stomach start to roll and my bowels fill up once again. I'd just be mortified if I had a bad accident of that sort in public.

I am not one to really care much if I would pee my pants from desperation and inability to hold it, since that is just water and not that messy at all. But I definitely would absolutely hate to not be able to hold back my bowels, and just have aweful diarrhea in public. To have that kind of intense accident would probably make me sick to the point of throwing up to be honest.

I have many other 'accident' and stomach upset stories I can tell to this board, as well as actual nice 'movements' that were much enjoyed, but it is now 3:22am, so I need to get going. I am going to go lie down and rest, since I can hardly keep my eyes open while sitting here. I will definitely share more stories here later on. Who knows, I may have more to tell later today, if my ???? and bowels decide to go on the rampage again.

~~~* StarShine ~~~*

Mark R
To suzie I remenber visiting someome in hospital and a nurse walked past me at that actual minute she farted and it reeked I saw her sit down at the desk then I started talking to the person I was Visiting I then looked back and she was gone. she must have gone for a poo.

I had been having a terrible time with toilet training my 3 1/2 yo
daughter Cathy she just wouldn't poop in her potty only pee and i had tried everything including puting the potty chair next to the toilet and siting her on it when i had to go but all she would was pee and then later poop in her pullups.

well one day my little sister (she'22 i'm 26)had slept over at my place and in the morning we were at the kitchen table talking and i was telling her about my problem with cathy and how she wouldn't be able to go to pre school if she wasn't toilet trained.

A few minutes later Brenda says,be right back i've gotta go potty,so as if it was the most natural thing in the world i asked 1 or 2 and with a funny look on her face she said umm i said please take cathy with you maybe if she see's someone besides mommy it will work.

Brenda said i wouldn't mind except for two things,i haven't gone for 3 days and i don't think it's going to be to nice and i'm in the middle of my period and bleeding so bad i'm wearing a tampon and a maxi and i i don't think you want her to see all that stuff.

I said no big deal she's seen me change mine and knows all about it and besides i'm begging you,i'm desperate so plzzzzzz,and i tell you what i'll go in with you and brush my hair or wash my face or something like that,ok.

Brenda goes whatever lets just go allready so i grab cathy from in front of the TV and in to the bathroom we go and as Brenda is closing the door i'm striping my little girl and puting her on the seat and she says mommy do you have to go poop and i said no but aunt brenda does and i want you to be a big girl just like her.

My sister lifts up her robe and pulled her panties down as she sat on the bowl letting out a loud fart before her ass hit the seat and her panties went down around her feet complete with the used pad and my daughter says ohoh aunt brenda it's your monthly time, and i said see she knows all about it and my sis says quite i'm trying to go and i could see the look of concentration on her face and as the first plop hit the water followed by alot of gas and my daughter started to chuckle but brenda didn't care by now as she was in the middle of what sounded like a real mean shit as she strained and went ughhhhh ahhhhh and so on, a serious shit smell started to fill the room and i noticed my daughter pushing a little and i hoped for the best,and boy my sister wasn't kidding, was she ever going,and cathy says mommy,aunt Brenda is sure doing a big doo doo,phewww, and Brendas face just got real red and she put her head in her hands and said oh my god this is sooooo embaresing and! i just smiled.

A minute later Cathy goes mommy i,m done so i go and look and she did a poop,there were actualy some little logs in with a good amount of pee,i was so happy,i guess i couldn't hear my little ones tiny plops with all the noise my sister was making,i was so happy that i hughed my sister right on the toilet and as she was wiping her butt she said i'm like real happy for both of you but i just can't change my pad and tampon with you guys around so please GET OUT!
So we did and i know how hard that was for my sister to do since she is a very private kind of person and isn't into shareing when it comes to this kind of stuff and i love her so much for what she did for me.

Later she told me i guess it was like a female bonding thing.

HOT PANTS GIRL- Yes, I've put my finger up my bum(butt) many
times to see how close it is to coming out. I usually do this in the
shower so I can was my finger off.
I just done with a big poo here at the university where I'm
visiting. I think it's the largest one in a while.
I enjoy all the poo stories from the women, so keep
them coming.

~ *Candi* ~
Jared~ I was so excited to see that you wrote me a little post! I will most definately inform you when i get the balls to shit in front of my Sisters..... I'm just so shy about shitting! And They're all so open about it! They all make fun of me for it, but what can I do! Maybe you can give me some tips?...

*Candi* XoXo

There was this young lady who was of Sicilian descent. She was attractive and had dark brown hair and a light complection (not your typical olive skin). She now had a PHD in psychology.

I was in a group and we went to an event in Midland Center For The Arts. She was walking some place and somebody in our group asked her where she was going and she said in an outspiken New Yorker Sicilian fashion, in a loud voice, that she was going down the hall to pee.

A while later we celebrated my birthday on Super Bowl Sunday; we had a lot to eat. Instead of saying "I am need to pee" ahe quietly asked the hostess if there was a bathroom upstairs.

When she was done she stayed upstairs with the ladies. It is interesting how these psychology types say that men and women are alike however their actions prove otherwise.

There was this young lady who was of Sicilian descent. She was attractive and had dark brown hair and a light complection (not your typical olive skin). She now had a PHD in psychology.

I was in a group and we went to an event in Midland Center For The Arts. She was walking some place and somebody in our group asked her where she was going and she said in an outspiken New Yorker Sicilian fashion, in a loud voice, that she was going down the hall to pee.

A while later we celebrated my birthday on Super Bowl Sunday; we had a lot to eat. Instead of saying "I am need to pee" ahe quietly asked the hostess if there was a bathroom upstairs.

When she was done she stayed upstairs with the ladies. It is interesting how these psychology types say that men and women are alike however their actions prove otherwise.

What's up, well I'm now out of school and will have more time to posts. I also am not single anymore, I met this girl who is about my age. She's 22 and I'm 21, but we're both seniors. We started dating about a month ago and are now deciding to be serious. She is a very attractive and lady-like, kind of like my first girlfriend. I wonder if I will ever get to experience her peeing or pooping, actually I can't even picture her doing something like that. I like you guys stories, they especially the one about the guy who talked about a childhood experience of seeing his friends sister go to the bathroom, I can't remember his name. I think thats how my interest started, becuase I seemed to have a lot of childhood experiences like this. Well, I'm about to leave. I have a question though

Why does some peoples shit hardly smell but others can easily stink up a public restroom. Is it what people eat. I can never really have a smelly dump, even my big ones aren't that smelly. Especially in a huge public restroom I have hardly any smell. But why does peoples poop differ like this?

Hey Trekkie, just thought I'd correct ya real quick, 83 crew members on Enterprise, and I believe that's not including Captain Archer's faithful and oh-so-cute quadraped, Porthos. ;) And the other thing, the space they had to fit into was a catwalk that stretched the length of one of the warp nacelles. Imagine 83 people in stuffed onto a catwalk about 90 meters long or less, and about 5-6 feet wide. ;) Then imagine all the desperate crew waiting to use the single "jerry-rigged" toilet. Certainly brings a smile to my face. ;)


To ~ Candi ~: Funny story

To jfish: That sounds from MD too.

To The Nature Boy: Intresting ad...speaking of that i see alot of commercials for the airfreshners and its always seems to be boys 6-15..any one ever notice that before?

To Alison: Liked your story

To COYOTE: I really liked your peeing stories..did you ever get caught listing?

To FED POOP DEFEATS AUTO FLUSHER: Thats cool what you did

To tia: enjoyed your story.

To Movie Fan: I haven't seen that movie..sounds cool

To Mark and Cindy: Loved your story..can't wait to hear the rest.

To Adrian: I'd like to hear about your dump after that thing you went to.

To coyote: Liked your story...are you male or female?

I had some weird toilet dreams latly..the other night i dreamed i was going away in this limo and i get in there and theres like 100 seats and there was 2 bathrooms on there.
Then last night i dreamed something about peeing...i could have sworn the toilet was an oven and you had to crawl in there..weird!

I rented movies the other day. This one movie was called "Buying The Cow" and theres a sceene where this guy is in the bathroom peeing at the urinal. Later on you see this other guy who thinks he might be gay in the bathroom at some guys house and he throws up..well thats it..gotta go bye


Irishguy: Good to read your post. It can be so embarrassing to have a genuine accident as you did in your car, especially when you have to eventually get out of the car with a load in your pants. I can imagine how you must have felt to have your neighbour come up behind you and obviously able to see your bulge at the rear - that must have been so embarrassing! Like you, I love to poo and wet my pants, but in private. I have done it outdoors on purpose, but only when I'm sure no one will notice - like on a dark evening. That sounds a complete disaster to wet your bed - though I can remember that happening to me on one occasion when I was about 16 and was dreaming I was peeing in the toilet. How old are you? I guess the older you are - a wet bed would be such a shock. I know it would be for me! I have posted occasionally, but a number of my posts have not made it. Do keep your posts coming, I like them.

Matt: Hope you're alright. I keep looking for a post from you. Trust you've had a good first term at uni and some poo and pee stories to tell.

Happy Christmas to everyone on here.


Sunday, December 23, 2002

HOT PANTS GIRL!! I used to do that all the time when i was younger! I thot I was the only one who done that so I never said anything!
This is my very first post. I've been reading for ages. I have a thing about young men on the toilet taking a poop. I particularly like Plunging Plop Guys posts. Is he still around?
Anyway, I might post my pooping stories later but just now I'm a lil shy and dont know what to say!

~ Candi ~
Hey again, everyone!!! How's everyone been?! I've been great, actually i have a funny story to tell today.... It happened when i was in 9th grade while i was at school. My best friend Chloe' and i were walking to class together, she wasn't really paying attention and totally fell down the steps. I'm talking completely on her ass all the way down. I was laughing so hard... and yeah you guessed it, i wet my pants laughing! SO embarrassing, let me tell you.... i had on tight LIGHT jeans too, so there was NO way of hiding it! That's when i decided it was just time to leave school, haha.

Keep the shit stories coming everyone!

~* Candi *~


Have u ever put your finger up your bum to see if u need to poop?? and to see how near the poop is to coming out??

Nate in AZ. All my pee stories got on this site. I hope you will try again. Remember pee is #1. Some of us like them best.

Yes I am female


I suppose u r right, she should have let me go, but u see shes a lot stronger than me and i was desparate, so i had no choice but too fill me pantyhose, but she did help me clean up afterwards.

cute girl
SHY girl:

yes please answer my question, id love to know all about it.

well we live in maryland and she was stuck on the beltway in traffic.she had tried to hold on as long as she could but said that she started to have really bad cramps and couldnt take it anymore.She said that she knew it was going to be alot so she put her coat underneath of her ,because she was wearing a skirt,and just let go.I was just wondering if any other women have had accidents in the car and what may have been their situation

The Nature Boy
ack, I think I forgot to finish my post! I saw a nice ad for Cottonelle TP in a magazne today. Showed a woman in a blue bikini with print "Feel the clean with new wider ripples!" Seems to be something new, the media admitting that women, men, and little kids need to actually wipe their butts!

Jana...I loved your story. I guess that everyone is shy about certain things. I've had female supervisors be MUCH more open to me about their bowel habits than some of my own flesh and blood relatives!

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone,

JILL, Yes, I'm still around and glad you like the sort of stuff I like to talk about! Been very busy lately, and haven't seen or heard much of interest lately, but will share any interesting sights and sounds from public toilets as they happen!

Having "average " shits myself at the moment; neither hard nor soft, rather uninspiring the last few days, but I've got company staying and my food intake is quite variable.

BRYIAN, Hope you're on the mend, and getting back to normal. I've not had any toilet dreams lately, but always interested to know what your are like!

KENDAL, Andrew, and family, also ELEANOR and Michael, Best wishes to all of you, good to hear from you again recently Miss Kendal!

JACOB G. DANIEL, DAZZ, DREW, Best wishes to all of you, and also to all my other friends on this forum, and to all the new people!
Happy Christmas, Chanucah, and holidays to all! P. Plop Guy

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