I would like to refer to Diva's former postings. I am also an opera singer and had a bad diarreah experience during an opera performance when I had to sing Zerlina in Don Giovanni. It was in November, and most probably I got some stomach virus. On the afternoon of my performance my stomach started to feel somewhat uneasy, and I felt some pressure. I arrived to the opera house about two hours before the performance. I was sitting at the make-up when suddenly my stomach started to gurgle and I felt a strange urge in my bowels. I first took long breath, and the urge started to decrease a bit. But a few minutes later I got cramps and the urge hit me again and I was sure I would have to visit the toilet very soon. The pressure on my bowels became unbearable, and so I excused myself from the make-up, quickly ran down the hallway to the toilet. I quickly ripped off my pants and panties and sat down. At the same moment my bowels literally exploded into the toilet. I released liquid shit for about two minutes continously. Then the next wave came. In the same moment I realised that I was sitting here with horrible diarreah shortly before my performance. I couldn't move, wave after wave came out of me. I am an experienced singer and I knew if I had such horrible diarreah, it was not the nerves but something serious. But I still hoped it would be just one diarreah session. After about 20 minutes on the toilet I felt better, flushed and returned to my dressing room. I put on my red long dress. I was mortified when after about 10 more minutes my bowels were full again and the urge was so strong that I had to run back to the toilet. I hardly managed to hike up my dress and pull down my panties when the cascade started again. I cried "Oh gush" and let out the most horrible diarreah I can imagine. I was crying and crying as I didn't know what to do. I was unable to cancel my performance at such a short notice and I didn't know how to make it. It felt like peein g out of my butt. Another singer came into the toilet to pee. She asked me what was wrong, as she must have heard the horrible noise of my diarreah. I answered that I was terribly sick and not sure how I could make the performance. Finally I was done and waiting for my appearance. Needless to say that I had one more diarreah session after another half an hour. Finally I entered the stage and felt horribly weak, I had lost so many liquid. During my aria the cramps started again. I had to finish the whole aria and scene with full and aching bowels, ready to empty. It was a wonder that I didn't shit myself during the aria. With my last strength I left the stage and ran directly to the toilet where I had another diarreah attack. It was nothing but brown water that came out of me. Somehow I managed to finish the performance, running to and fro between the stage, my dressing room and the toilet. After the performance I quickly redressed and drove home. On my way home I had to stop at a gas station to use the toilet. When I got home I was so weak that I jumped dressed into my bed and fell asleep. After an hour or so, my bowles waked me up quickly. I went and went and went. I had diarreah the whole night, and when I stood up in the morning I counted that I had been to the toilet about 20 times in the part 12 hours! I immediately went to my doctor who diagnosed that I had got a bad stomach virus. It took me a whole week to recover!

Mark R
To Suzie I Was refering to hospital nurses but thanks anyway Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone speak to you in 2003.

that guy who told about the time when he was in 9th grade and he heard his buddy hal's sister piss reminded me of myself. I too, was, as a younster, pee shy and used to aim my pee toward the back of the bowl as to hit the porcelain so that i would not make a tinkling noise, when I was a teenager. and yes, I too, have been always fascinated by hearing a woman pee into the toilet bowl and it started back when I was about 18 . I had this girlfriend named dee,and I still remember the time she used my restroom at home to pee. she was almost 15 at the time, and she was cool in many ways. many women act like they don't want guys to know that they too, piss, and say " honey, I have to go to the ladies room" . but not dee, she would say " I have to piss" . anyway, this one time when I had her over and she had to pee I was curious as to how a woman sounded when she would pee. many times I could remember not being able to hear a girl piss like you can hear a guy, maybe because of thos! e toilet bowls with just the little bit of water in them and the dry porcelain in the front of the bowl where the girls just make a " hissing sound" of spray as their stream hits the bowl. but anyway, back to dee. she said she had to pee and used my bathroom, which like hals, was adjacent to my room . without her knowing, I followed her to the bathroom and stood outside the closed door to listen and see what i could hear . I heard her tinkle sort of softly I think [ well quieter than a guy] and tried to imagine seeing her urinate into the toilet bowl water. does her urine make bubbles when it hits the water like guys usually do? I was trying to imagine her stream of golden urine emptying straight down from this slit tucked between her legs and pouring into the water and mixing with the clear water in the front of the bowl, and in my mind, seeing the foam bubbles form on the surface of the toilet water. to this day I have never seen a woman make foam when she pees into the to ilet water, as my now ex-girlfriend whom knew I had this curiousity and was okay with it, had never made any foam when she would pee. is this unusual for a woman? or is this common with many women? back to dee, well, the first thing that I realized is that a girl can not direct her pee where she wishes, it goes straight down into the water if, as one other woman I knew when i asked her said, " if the water level is high and to the front of the bowl" . and so I tried to imagine seeing her pee when i could hear her urine stream tinkle into the bowl water and dee must've peed for about a minute straight, finally tapering off with a short spritz of about 5 seconds and one more drip. then she flushed and came out. later on I went in to pee and saw two yellow drops she had left on the toilet seat and had to wonder how they got there. this was not the only time, but from then on I would always listen to try and hear whenever I was in line at a public unisex bathroom and a girl w! ould go in ahead of me, and I still do. another time, when I was at this 12 step meeting in florida which was full of smoke, i would get there 5 mins late and end up sitting in the hall where the unisex restroom was. and every time when a pretty girl would "go to the bathroom" , I would listen to see if i could hear her pee through the door and get so turned on by the sound of her urine tinkling into the bowl water. sometimes I would secretly look at my watch and time her to see how long it would take for her to pee. I remember one time at that very same meeting waiting in line to use the restroom and this woman was in line behind me[ talk about pee shy! I think this is what made me less shy!] and this other woman had to go real bad. anyway, when she got her chance and went in, locked the door , I could hear her peeing real loud into the toilet bowl water for a long time, making a loud steady tinkling noise lasting for over one minute; then stop[ 10 sec.] , and start again , over and over, in probally four more long streams lasting about 30 seconds each,with breaks of 4-5 seconds between the loud tinkles for a total of about 3 minutes, 30 seconds of total. then she made one more dribble lasting about 20 seconds,and finally stopped peeing, wiped[ you could hear the toilet paper thing] and then pulled up her pants, zipped, and flushed the toilet. she must've peed for a total of about 3 minutes and 50 seconds total and I still remember that woman standing behind me after this gal's second LOUD pee stream saying in her southern drawl saying, " my lord that poor childe had to really go baaaddd, now, oh lordy, that pooor thang! I had to laugh and thought that was so cool , especially coming from a " born again" christian woman! LOL from this day on I have been so fascinated by the sound of a girl peeing and think it is so cool!

FED POOP here. I have posted a couple of times before, but not in a couple of weeks. I once raised the issue of automatic toilets, which will not allow you to leave a surprise in the stall. Today I defeated the auto flusher. When I entered the stall I covered the electronic eye with a piece of toilet paper. It flushed. I then pushed out a couple of small turds, and gushed out a much needed pee. I was careful to place all my paper in the front of the toilet when I wiped so the turds would still be visible. I then moved away from the toilet and it did not flush. YESSS! I grabbed the piece of paper over the electronic eye and left the stall quickly to avoid being detected. I don't think anyone saw me, but they will sure see what I left behind! Happy Holidays all!

Robby and Annie. I'm sorry to hear about Robby's father. May he rest in peace and rise in glory! Thanks for your latest post which made interesting reading.

Jfish. Sorry to hear about your wife's stomach cramps which led up to her accident. It sounds as though she'd either picked up a ???? bug or eaten something which disagreed with her. Reassure her though that accidents happen and they can happen to anyone.

Suzie. Thanks for your reply. Have you any recollections of nurses needing a motion (either at work or off duty) and smelling like it? I'd be interested to know.

On Friday we had our firm's Christmas lunch. Afterwards I went home and was quite windy afterwards but I didn't have any significant bowel movements which was unusual given the amount I'd eaten. On Saturday morning though I got up, went for a pee and was shaving, when suddenly the urge hit me. It was one of those times when you know you've got to have a good poo and it can't wait. Well, I sat on the loo and did an enormous load, rather mushy and redolent of the turkey, sprouts and wine I'd had the previous day. It certainly felt good to get it cleared out and I didn'tr need to wipe too much either.

In case I don't get to post before Christmas, I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


Hi everyone yesterday i was at the mall finishing off my xmass shopping when i felt the urge for a good poo.

got to the ladies washroom well me and forty other woman, i groaned and stood in line. a woman probably forty or so rather big stood there doing the pee dance and holding her self, i heard her fart (i assume)boy the smell coming from her. she suddenly stood still and uttered the f word and saw a trickle of pee running from her left leg, she had jeans on (not a pretty sight)she peed and peed and then farted again.

she just turned around and walked out. by now i was busting to go there was six woman still in front of me i was desperate to poo by now.

the line moved fast for a bit one teenage girl in front of me must have gave up and just turned and walked out,as she did i noticed a horrid smell coming from her again not sure if she farted or pooped her pants.

two more ladies to go and then my turn, i farted a long one i felt something in the rear of my jeans a warm soft squishy feeling no i couldnt have done it i thought but deep down i knew i grunted and strained poo begun to fill my red lace panties the air filled up with my smell.

finally it was my turn, i closed the stall door and pulled down my jeans and panties sat down to finish peeing and pooing soft smelly poo covered my panties and even leaked into my jeans a bit, i heard splashing in the next stall and a groan folowed by severall little plop plop sounds. i never bothered to wipe my bum no point i was such a mess i got up and to my horror the toilet seat was covered in poo, i couldnt leave it i hurriedly wiped it all off as best i could-- flushed and left very quickly before the next person could say anything.

as i walked through the mall people stared at me as they got a wiff of my smell plus i begun to leave a small trail of poo as it run down my legs, i decided i had better head for home. MERRY CHRISTMASS EVERY ONE.

Movie Fan
Has anyone seen the new Sandra Bullock movie? I think its called "Two Weeks Notice". I read somewhere that there is a scene where Sandra Bullock's character is the passenger in a car when she suddenly has to poop very urgently. The car gets into a traffic jam and she tells the person driving that she can't wait. Supposedly, he tells her just to go in the car, but she says she won't do that. He then sees an RV, so he stops the car and carries her to the RV as she's holding newspaper under her butt in case of an accident. The RV owner allows her to use their bathroom, and you apparently can hear her making poop straining noises inside. I haven't seen the movie, but the mere thought of Sandra Bullock doing a poop scene is pretty incredible. Has anyone seen it?

John Q Public
Brian, my cousen was about 10 or 11 at the time this occured. It was a long time ago, and we were little kids then.

Just Another Guy, that was one hell of a piss. I don't think even my sister can hiss for 5 minutes, but she certainly can put out a huge volume, and she also pisses very hard, (fast) so she and this girl you knew may be comperable.

Your story reminded me of the time when I was about 7 or 8 years old. My sister and cousen were barely discovering the toilet at that time. Back then my sister and I both shared a bedroom, while my aunt sleped in the room where I sleep now, and my grand parents stayed in the room that is used as a guest room. (By the way I also have a nice story about my aunt, but that will come later) But to get on with my story, my other aunt and cousen were over for a visit. My mom and she were down in the kitchen visiting while my sister and cousen came up to our room to play. As I stated earlier, I was about 7 or 8. My sister and cousen were only two months apart age wise.

We were all in the room playing, My sister and cousen wearing training pants, while I was in a diaper because of my condition. It was a cloth afair with plastic pants. My cousen was curious about it, and asked if I was still a baby. She pointed out that only babies wear diapers. Big girls (she thought everyone was a girl back then) "go potty in the bathroom." they both started to teas me. My mom came in to change me a couple of minutes later, and at that moment, my sister announced that she had to go. They both ran into the bathroom while my mom changed me. My sister went first. She let out a hissy sounding jet of pee that seemed like it took a long time. My little cousen exclamied "Hey, she goes pee just like me and mom!" When my sister finished, it was my cousens turn. She didn't even have to go realy bad, she just wanted to shoe my mom and my sister, and she let out a torrent just like my sister did. It wasn't as long, but it was as loud and as hissy.

Just at that moment, my two aunts cam into the room so see if my mom needed any help with all 3 of us kids there together. My cousen was asking her mom all kinds of questions as to why she and my sister pees so big and if I was still a baby. I felt totaly humiliated, being exposed infront of 3 women and two girls, while my mom powdered me and continued with my diaper change, just like a baby. At that moment I wanted to learn how to do the changes myself.

Later that evening I was in my room. My cousen had to go to the bathroom again, and she started asking alot of questions. My aunt *her mom) told her that she and my sister had very strong bladders, as do many of the girls in our family. Then she tild her that I was not a baby, that I was a big boy, but I had an "owie" on my bladder which makes it weak, and I have to go to the doctor all the time, and I also have to wear diapers and that she should not teas me about it.

That was the first time I heard the word "Weak" used in reference to me, and I felt even more humiliated, because now in addition to having to wear diapers while everyone else didn't have to, I was also "weak." It was not a nice experience, but in the long run, my relationship with my sister and cousen did grow because of it.

Hey Trekkie, just thought I'd correct ya real quick, 83 crew members on Enterprise, and I believe that's not including Captain Archer's faithful and oh-so-cute quadraped, Porthos. ;) And the other thing, the space they had to fit into was a catwalk that stretched the length of one of the warp nacelles. Imagine 83 people in stuffed onto a catwalk about 90 meters long or less, and about 5-6 feet wide. ;) Then imagine all the desperate crew waiting to use the single "jerry-rigged" toilet. Certainly brings a smile to my face. ;)


To Carlotta who loves to poop: I enjoyed your you ever see your B/F poop?

To Jana: Liked your story about your daugther.

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story about your see them pooping?

To Jared: Cool experience with mallory

To John Q Public: I see about the power situation..thanks for explaining more.

To wetguy: I know that feeling about being too sick/weak to get up and its like you wanna hold to the last possible moment that way you don't have to keep getting up to go pee.

To FYI: Enjoyed your story

To unnamed poster: about the joke...LOL

To Jason the poop lover: Enjoyed your stories

To Mark and Cindy: Liked your story..would love to hear more...have you ever pooped for her?

Been pooping alot...pooped 2-3 times yesterday still soft. I've noticed when i been peeing that sometimes it has been cloudy do you think that might be from the surgery or medicine im that possible? I haven't noticed it today. Any one else ever have cloudy urine? gotta go bye

Mark and Cindy
Had a chance for another post, so will give you part two of yesterday's story.

Cindy's thick fifteen inch log lay gloriously enmeshed in her Dad's long haired white rug, a perfect large glistening brown log in a forest of white. "So" she said to me, her face flushed with excitement, "now its your turn". My whole body tingled with anticipation, but also nervousness. I had never crapped in front of anyone before, although thinking back Cindy seemed to have been close by a number of times, and may have even barged into the toilet a few times. Before I could say anything Cindy had undone my belt, the button at the top of my jeans and my fly, and pulled my pants down. I often don't wear underwear, and that night was one of those times. I felt totally exposed, and it felt good. I squatted down, Cindy behind me, her log in front of me, and started pushing. Unfortunately that afternoon after a large lunch of sausage, beans, cabbage and potatoes and two beers I had dropped a huge satisfying load... if only I had known. I managed a high pitched feeble fart d! espite huge efforts at pushing, much to Cindy's amusement. "Come on Mark" she said grabbing a cheek and squeezing playfully. Another fart was emitted, but nothing more, although I pushed and pushed, my face getting very hot, and no doubt red, and my stomach hard from the muscles all trying to push a little bit of poo out. "Oh well" said Cindy, her eyes alive with excitement, "we will have to do something about this".

Sorry have to go, but I will finish the story soon.

Carlotta. Hi! Enjoyed your post about going for a good early morning poo. It sounds as though you were well and truly backed up. Do you normally go for #2 every day or only occasionally in response to need? Also, have you needed a #2 whilst at work?

Mandy. Thanks for your kind words. I often have to get up in the night (particularly during the cold weather) to go to the loo but it's usually just for a wee although I have done the occasional poo at that time. Bowels can be fickle things though. Sometimes they can persuade us that we don't need a motion when we do and equally they can lead us to believe that we need to go in a big way when in fact we don't. It sounds to me as though you you really needed a good motion but not urgently as everything took time to come out. I'm glad you enjoyed it though and were able to catch up on some serious reading at the same time. Although I don't do it myself I think it's fairly common for people to newspapers or magazines to the loo with them if they think it's going to be a long session or, in the case of guys, a "sit down" job!

Later today I've got our firm's Christmas lunch which is usually quite a substantial affair. No doubt I'll be needing a good motion later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Best wishes


the "HOLD IT" man
I realy appreciate all the answers to my "Star Trek" question. I think the device on board NASA's space shuttle is refered to as a "reliefe valve" or so I thought.

I use to fantasize alot about seeing Troy, 7 of 9, Tasha Yar and various others from many of the series peeing. Of course 7 would have to lose all the implants. I also remember that joke about shitting into a fasor beam, and about the 'captains log.' I think I do recall not some of those mentions. Now that I th ink of it, I did see the ep where the grade schooler asked about the toilet facilities, but I didn't notice all the reas of them. I will have to look for them the next time I see those movies. You are right, though. Toilets and even bathrooms were strictly taboo back in the 60's and 70's

Just another guy, I realy enjoyed your story. Many of my experiences actualy occured in adulthood. I did often have contests with both males and females while in high school, but I do it alot more often now. I wish I could be with Katrina when she does her thing with the FUD. F minutes!! The only time anyone ever took that long to pee infront of me was about 10 years ago. This was actualy a guy. He was a friend of mine who met a woman through me, and found out about the water sports thing. He wanted my advice on how to 'impress' his new girlfriend and he wanted me to 'critique' his pissing abilities. I think he suffered from "lazy bladder" because it did take him 5 solid minutes to expel 800 mltrs of piss. It came out in a very slow trickle. There was almost no arch to his stream at all. It was down right boring. He had no bladder pressure at all. He pushed as hard as he could, to the point that he farted and it didn'd to much good.

At first I thought he was pee shy, because he never realy did this sotr of a thing before, but he wasn't. He told me that was the way he peed all the time. I suggested that he should try something to get his bladder pressure up, but I didn't know what to suggest. He still is that way today. I know Kegal exercies will make your holding ability better, but I do n't know if it will make your bladder pressure any stronger. I would love to increas my pressure so I could increas my rate. It seems that every time I get into a hold contest, I allwasy lose to the women on hold ability, piss length and piss rate, and in most cases I also lose on the ammount. Katie, on average, demonstraits twice my ability, and in some cases 3 times my own ability. My girlfriend is the same way. In face, I am ashamed to say that out of all the women I know who share my interest, I have NEVER ben able to beat one of them on hold time, piss ammount or piss rate. That is why I think that wo! men in general have all around better piss cababilities then men.

By the way, Just another guy, I would be interested to know if you ever actualy had any contests with women, and would love to hear more about that girl's piss strength. Did her piss come out hard and hissy, or was it a long, slow dribble?

first of all,thanks katrina for the answer to my question about women and if they make foam when they pee into the toilet bowl. they do then I guess and that leaves me to wonder why my ex-girlfriend did not. I did learn something from her that I did not know, when a woman has her period and she pees, not only urine, but also lots of blood comes out and the toilet water turns sort of a golden-bloody red color with gnarly streaks of blood. chris was 48 and well had this bad peri-menopause problem which was almost non-stop. anyway, I am so fascinated by the way women pee that often I sit down like a girl just to see what it is like to be female and pee. my ex girlfriend actually got a kick out of this and one night at her house when i did this, she said, " yeah honey, thats exactly how a woman sounds when she goes to the bathroom"[ chris could never say "pee" , or " piss" as she was " too nice" ] in fact I am suprised that she even let me watch her " tinkle" like she did, but a! fter I allowed her to see me she was cool with that! anyway, so after reading this tonight, I finally had to pee after like about 12 hours, which for me is very unusual. anyway, being so fascinated by the way women pee I sat down and peed. it lasted for about 34 seconds total, but most of it came out in the first 22 seconds[ I timed it from 0:23 to 0:57 on my watch timer.] and was done by 0:45 seconds. the total time took about 1 minute and 26 seconds and that included from first closing the door and pulling down my sweat pants and sitting, to " wiping" [ like a girl would] without flushing. the pee came out sort of a dark golden yellow color and made lots of foam covering about 2/3 of the toilet bowl water's surface and while I was peeing I could smell this sweet urine smell and toward the end , could hear the sizzling sound of pee " hissing" into the foamy water! I hope that my next girlfriend is cool about seeing her pee, and not a " MS PRISSY" like my neice who refused! to read one of my short stories after reading the part about a woman urinating and saying " that's disgusting" . but then again, when I first met my [ unfortunately now ex] girlfriend, she too was that way. when i showed chris this picture I downloaded from an old web site called " of this cute young girl sitting and pissing[ you could see her urine stream coming out the front] she told me, " that's disgusting" LOL oh well , then again, it is her "tomboy" friend back in oregon where she lives that calls her " ms. prissy" and sometimes I wonder why?

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Greetings All.

Firstly, R.I.P. Robby's dad. I was sorry to read of his sad death, and can Louise and I offer our condolences to Robby, Annie and all. Even though someone special is now missing, can we wish you all the best over the festive period and the future.

I've enjoyed reading about the adventures of Louise and her mother at the local pool. It actually seems as if the swimming was secondary to the weeing beforehand.
This morning as I've finished work for Christmas I was dragged along to the pool by Louise, her mother Donna, Louise's sister (known here as 'Damsel'), and Louise's three friends Jackie, Emma and 'Pia'. I met the six ladies as they emerged from the ladies changing areas, and all in bikinis they were a stunning sight. I wasn't sure if they were planning to invade the gents' again, but they elected to go for a wee in the shower cubicle they have been having using recently. Outside the shower, Louise removed her swimwear and stood naked in the cubicle. She asked me if I was watching, parting her legs, bent slightly at the knees in a 'horse' stance. There was a slight splutter from her genitals, and then the began urinating properly. She began gushing an inch wide sheet of urine, twisting and spreading a foot or so after leaving her body. There was a hiss which was music to my ears, and she was a captivating sight. To finish, she increased pressure and stopped abruptly apart! from a few remaining drops that fell. She jumped up and down once, twice and shook her bottom to shake off the remaining drops of urine from her labia. Next up was her sister, removing her swimsuit while Louise put hers back on. Hard to distinguish from Louise, she stood in the same way as Louise. Blushing a little and looking down at her genitals, willing the urine to come out, she eventually dribbled. Then came the gusher, hissing as Louise's stream had. Not as heavy a gusher as Louise's, but still strong, ending with another dribble. Donna next, standing legs apart but straight. Impressive figure and in excellent shape with smooth skin. Without any delay she began urinating, with a similar gusher to Louise, the hissing pronounced. Number 4 was Jackie. In contrast to the three blondes preceeding her, she is a gorgeous brunette. Like Kelly Brook only better. Having removed her swimsuit, she stood in a horse stance, looking down between her breasts at her genitals topped wi! th a neat, narrow strip of short black pubic hair. Inner labia prominent like Louise and family, Jackie began squirting a yellow stream of urine. Her inner lips were parted slightly and I think this caused there not to be a twist, so the stream stayed quite tight as it left her body travelling down to the shower floor. Emma was number 5. Smaller than Emma, a shade lighter in hair colour, she preferred to half-squat.This was the slowest wee. She began urinating gently, frequently stopping then resuming. There was a brief gush and hiss in the middle, but nothing to rival the previous four performers. By her own admission she did not have a strong desire to urinate. Lastly was Pia, a petite 17 year old blonde, and utterly gorgeous. Apparently I am the only male to ever see her naked, which I regard as quite a compliment. She stood on the balls of her feet, legs apart and straight. "Come on!" she urged herself. "Come on. Piss!" she ordered herself, and there was some chuckling f! rom her and among the other women as she looked at her labia, the inner lips the smallest of the women in this group, fully shaven apart from a pencil thin strip of hair at the top. Finally came the blast. Pia began urinating in one of her characteristic focused blasts, a heavy pressurised pale yellow stream accompanied by a sizzling noise from her genitals. The pressure eased, then it returned with a vengeance. She was blasting a spot on the shower floor. I believe her streams are so focused due to the small size and shape of her labia - less to deflect the stream and turn it into a sheet. A breathtaking, surging, focused emission. When she was done, I took her dainty hand when she stepped out as she seemed nervous of slipping on the wet floor. Louise pulled down my trunks to let me know it was my turn, much to the amusement of the other women. Unfortunately the displays of female weeing I had just witnessed had had a certain effect on me, and rendered me incapable of urina! ting at that time. It also gave me a problem pulling my trunks back up again, and again the ladies found this amusing of the ladies! I can't repeat the things they said, or were suggesting as a remedy. Emma even turned on the shower, to wash the girls' urine away for one thing, and perhaps to act as a psychological trigger for me. It didn't work, as the sight of six beautiful women urinating was a trigger for something else of course. I was able to urinate after the swim, though I was slightly cold due to being wet. I took down my trunks, drew my foreskin back a little, and began urinating in a thin focused stream onto the shower floor. The ladies gathered round to watch. At the end, I had a series of squirts as I clenched and unclenched. The girls chuckled at this, and my wife took over the job of holding my penis and squeezing the last drops out of my foreskin. Finally, Jackie turned the shower on again to rinse the urine away.

Best Wishes to all over the Christmas period from Louise and myself. We hope you have a happy time, and take care, everyone.



Kendal is here with me right now. We both of us just wanted to say how very sorry we are to hear about Robby's father. What a sad time to lose him as well, just before Christmas. But as Kendal is just saying to me, at least he made it through thanksgiving, which we are led to believe is more important to our friends across the Atlantic.

LOUISE & STEVE: A very happy Christmas to you two. Did you see Kendal's post on page 1044 ? I still laugh until I've nearly peed my knickers whenever I think about what happened to her. I would have been completely mortified. Thank goodness it happened to Kendal who just seems to take everything in her stride.

LINDA GS - or is it RS ?! Hey, I hope I can take part in the toilet games between you and Kendal. She is so naughty, hoping to embarrass your Cousin like that. I have to say when I wear a tight skirt (not often, in case someone thinks I've got a big bum !) ( Kendal is saying I don't have a big bum. She's just being nice !) I can't be bothered to squirm around and lift it up high enough to go. I just undo it, and pull it down like I would if I'd got my jeans on or something. Kendal says that's far too easy, and that it is much more fun to hula hoop around like you said. She says its also more fun for the people watching. Well, if it was just us three that would be ok by me. But if there was any threat of your Cousin coming in, then NO WAY ! I won't even dare to go the normal way if he's likely to come in ! GIRLS ONLY, and then only you and Kendal ! Well, I've already had my poop for the day. It was a single, big, bum splasher ! Some of it though was sticking to the ! back of the toilet bowl. Kendal grinned and said she'd try to pee it off into the water. I told her I thought that would be impossible for her to pee that far backwards unless she manipulated herself in some strange way. She smiled, and said maybe Michael ( her boyfriend and my brother ) would like to watch. I was gobsmacked ! I told her she couldn't let him watch her try and do that. He'd see her bits and the way she would have to hold them. I hadn't even contemplated the fact that he would also see my poo ! But she went to fetch him anyway. Then once in the bathroom again, Michael and I both watched while she pulled down her pampies and stepped right out of them. Then she sat down on the toilet the wrong way around, with her bum showing from behind (much to Michaels delight no doubt !), but with her skirt smoothed sufficiently down her legs at the front that he couldn't see her bits. I would never have thought of all this, but then that's Kendal for you ! We both watche! d her stream of wee emerge from between her open legs, or rather from under the skirt. It was hitting the pooey area, but not from above it. So she stopped weeing, moved a tiny bit further forward on the seat, and then began again. But it still wasn't quite hitting the spot. She stopped weeing again, and looking at me, she said, its no good, I'll have to direct it. I told her "you can't !!". She took a sideways glance at Michael, who had turned puce, and then back at me. "Oh yes I can......" and she made a move with one hand to begin lifting her skirt. Then she stopped, grinned, and said "... but I'm not going to !!!". Honestly, she is such a tease to Michael ! When her wee had finished, and not all the poo was washed off, she then invited Michael to finish the job off, and embarrassed the poor boy further by pointing at his crotch area and saying "in that condition", his wee would surely be jet propulsed and do the job she couldn't manage ! I just couldn't help laughing u! ncontrollably, while Michael politely declined, muttered an excuse, and scurried away to hide. She is so naughty. Linda, I hope you and all your family have the most wonderful Christmas, and that you enjoyed my story, and I hope to hear one from you in return as soon as you are able. Love from Eleanor x

Once again, to Robby and Sarah and Meghan ( and I'm sure Annie must be sad as well ), we both pass on our deepest sympathies. I'm going to have to go. Kendal is now in floods of tears, feeling sorry for Robby I'm sure. But I guess as well she is so very sad for her own Dad, and especially in this house where she shared her life with him. I'm off to hug her better.

Seasonal greetings to all the wonderful people who contribute to this site. This site was my saving grace at a very low point in my life, or rather the people here. Write to you all again soon. Love from Eleanor x

Louise and Damsel
My last letter went on page 1044, and so did mum's. She has a real good memory about the beach!

ADRIAN - Hi guy! This is just my last word before Christmas. I do not think the cold really makes me wee more than when the weather is warm. It just does not get me like that. I bet when I wanted to wee on my nights out last week I would still have wanted to do as much if it was the middle of summer because I had a few drinks you know? I do not think mum is affected by the cold that way so I think she is like me really. I bet it must be really inconvenient if you need to wee more often when it's freezing.
Hi, Adrian. It is all right for her to talk. Somehow, somtimes I get strong urges to wee being brought on sooner in the freezing cold. It's not funny wearing a thin bunny girl costume on a silly night out. I knew how silly it was, but I went ahead with it, and I had to bare everything when I needed a wee outside on the way home. On a warm night I think I would have made it back without having to stop half way.
Love from Louise and Damsel xxxxxxx Merry Christmas

KENDAL - Hi girl!!!! Louise here! I liked your story and it was funny at the end when nobody would believe it was water on your skirt and not wee! giggle It was bad of those older girls to pick on you though when you were sitting in your stall. I went to an all girl school and there was just a little bit of that kind of thing going on but it was mostly all right really. I bet you and Eleanor are a lot like me and Jackie were when we were at school. I have just one or two stories from when I was in school toilets that I have not told yet. I think I should tell them after Christmas eh?
Your dainty logs will make plops, and I like it when I do that too, but a big log will make one big splash and I bet Michael would like hearing it don't you?
Love Louise xx and Merry Christmas

SUZIE - Hi girl! Well you asked me if me and mum ever watch each other shit. Well yeah, we do sometimes. It happens a bit less since I went to live with my boyfriend Steve when I was 22. He is my husband now. Before I met him I was often in the bathroom with my mum. When I was a little girl it was natural me seeing a big lumpy log coming out of my mum's bum. My sister's bum too! giggle They saw me shitting and it was never a thing I have been shy about. We never were shy when me and my sister were teenage girls. We would just wee and shit in front of mum whenever we felt like it. Mum would wee and shit in front of us too.
My best shit in front of my mum was when I had diarrhoea on the morning of my wedding day. Mum and my sister had to hold my wedding dress up while I had all that brown goo coming out of my bum, and I had a wee as well. My mum, my sister and my best friend all wiped my bum and my puss so I would be clean for my husband. It was good that I was never shy because I bet it would have been embarrassing if they never saw me with my pants down.
It was a good story about the other nurse watching you wee and then wiping you. That can happen if I am on a night out with my sister or one of my best friends and we share a stall.
Hey will you be telling your stories after Christmas?
Love Louise xx

ROBBY AND ANNIE - Hi. Hey, sorry about your dad, Robby. He had not been well for a while had he? Your letter was a good one but the bad news was saddening.
Love Louise and Damsel xxxxx

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