Carlotta who loves to poop
Whats happened to all the good old poop stories on here? This morning I woke up at 4 and again at 6 with a full, packed-in feeling in my bowels but darn it wasnt time to get up yet. Finally at 7 I couldn't stand it any longer and went and sat on the toilet and relaxed. After a few seconds of complete relaxation a gusher of pee was released, and then slowly my asshole expanded and a fat coil of poop crept out, forcing its way past my buttcheeks. Slow af first then faster as it massaged my hole on its way out. I looked between my legs and saw what looked like a dark rope moving past, then break off and splat in the water. A little push and out came more nice firm girl turds with a rich poop smell. I wiped and went back to bed without flushing leaving 3 or 4 nice logs on display. The bed was nice and warm and my rectum was empty and felt soooo good, and my butt passage tingled just like it'd had a gentle massage, mmmmmm, I went back to sleep for about an hour when my bo yfriend came in from work. and he must have seen the treat I left in the bowl as he immediately joined in my nice warm cozy bed and we enjoyed each others company immensely until he fell asleep about an hour later. Now Im up having cofffe at 1030 while he sleeps for the day I will go to work as a dental assistant looking in peoples holes only at the other end - haha love. - Carlotta. who loves to poop.

Wow what a great site. I am a 30 y.o. single mom of a 7 y.o girl and for as long as i can remember i've been interested in peeing and pooping.

I just finished reading a few pages of posts and love the sense of openess that you all show.

Last saturday i was on my way home with my daughter Lisa when she said to me mommy hurry up i have to go to the bathroom,so i asked her is it a 1 or a 2 and she said 2 and i don't think i can hold it for long,so i turned in to the parking lot of a playground thats like 15-20 minutes from home and pulled up to the bathrooms.

I got out to check the place first to make sure it was safe and said ok honey you can go here,and i stood by the door as she walked by me and towards the 2nd of the two stalls,and then i hear mom i can't do it here there's no doors,and i handn't even noticed when i took a quick look i just thought the doors were opened but she was right so i told her if you can't hold it you'll have to go now so i'll stand infront of the stall so if someone comes in they can't see you and she sort of shruged and in a cracked embaresed voice said ok and started to unbutton and tug down her jeans and little pink undies as i reached around her to place tp on the seat and as soon as her little butt hit the seat she let out a rather long wet sounding fart and i could hear a bunch of little plops and i did try to give her as much privacy as possible by not looking at her directly and standing sort of sideways in the stall opening but i did notice her face was really red and i know she was ver! y embaresed to have to poop with me standing there,at home she is very private about pooping and locks the door and gets embaresed if someone goes in after she's done,we've peed infront of each other lots of times but never pooped.

A teenage girl went into the other stall squated over the toilet and peed out a long hard stream and farted as she finished and my daughter tensed up and stoped going until she left and then resumed with a very gassy dump that smelled quite bad and after a couple of minutes she started to pull tp from the roll and said please mommy don't look so i turned my back as she wiped and didn't look again until i heard the flush and she was pulling up her undies and jeans.

In the car she said thanks mommy with her little embaresed voice and i said thats ok,you know you don't have to be embaresed to go infront of mommy or any of your litlle friends as long as they are girls and i told here we all do it and it's very natural,but i could see she was uncofortable talking about it so i droped it.

I am just wondering why she is not at all shy about other things like i've explained about geting her period and she has no problem with being nude infront of me,it's just with pooping that she's vey shy about.

The Nature Boy
The "HOLD IT" man....

There was an Original Series Star Trek novel I read once...(the name eludes me at the moment) that featured a ship-wide power failure. There was a scene with Scotty that started out with something like "All rooms on the Enterprise, even the smallest ones, had manual overrides for the doors in the event of emergency. And Scottty WAS in one of the smallest rooms. Unfortunately, the panel to the override was magnetically sealed. Knowing he was in for the ribbing of his life, Scotty pulled out his communicator and looked for the number of the latrine he was in..."

So, Scotty was trapped in the john, LOL! He was gonna have to call someone to unseal the door for him, but he rigged something up and unsealed the release himself.

What I gather from this is apparently there were induvidual "stalls" spread all over the Enterprise?

While on the subject of Sci Fi - any good Star Wars toilet references? I do know that they call it the "refresher" instead of a bathroom. I can think of 2 from the novels:
Shadows of the Empire: Luke is reading a gaurds mind in preparation for the Jedi Mind Trick. He feels that the gaurd is tired, sore, and in need of a refresher!
The New Jedi Order: Hero's Trial (or Jedi Eclipse?) In a refugee camp, Han is complaining about the smell. "I bet some Gamorrean's (the green pig like gaurds in ROTJ) been in there. Can't stick to their OWN 'fresher stations....have to foul OURS!

Forgive the typos,'s late!
Saw a nice ad for

Punk Rock Girl
I went to a friend's house for dinner and to watch a movie last night, while my boyfriend went out with his buddies for a "guys" night. I was the only woman among four guys, a situation I'm used to. Anyway, we ate some dinner (pizza) and sat down to watch PINK FLOYD THE WALL on DVD. Before he started it, I said let me use the bathroom. I went in his bathroom, not bothering to close the door, and pulled down my pants and thong and sat on the crapper. I really just had to pee, but felt some pressure in my bowels. I started peeing, and figured I'd slowly let out a silent fart; instead, I let out a really loud, wet fart. Bbbbbrrrrraaaaaappppp!!! I rolled my eyes and put my hands over my face, both embarrassed by my loud flatulence, and finding it quite funny at the same time. My one friend leaned his head in, with a "WOW" look on his face. I just looked at him and said, sorry! I finished peeing, and wiped my ass, noticing that a tiny bit of wet crap had escaped with t! he fart. I pulled up my pants and flushed. Of course my buddies made fun of me for a good five minutes before starting the movie. My own fault for being so open with them about my bathroom habits.



Mr. "Hold It":

On "Enterprise" there was this wonderful sequence where the chief engineer, Commander Charles "Tripp" Tucker III, was asked via e-mail from a group of elementary school children on earth, "When you flush the toilet, where does it go?". After Tripp balked about answering the question "They're gonna think I'm a sanitation engineer!", he answered that it all goes into this box called a molecular resequencer and he claimed in a very shaky voice that it could be recycled into "boots" and other non-edible items, altho his voice betrayed the fact that he didn't want to think of the fact that the "waste" was also recycled into something else.

It's been a while, but now that I'm home again, I have some time to post.

SORCEROR: That sounded like fun! I'm not sure if Mallory or Kendra would want me to go in front of them, but you must have enjoyed going for those two! If anything else happens, please keep us posted!

CANDI: I'm just about speechless! If you do decide to take a dump in front of the sorority, tell us about it please.

ALEXA: Whenever you come back, you promised a story about your babysitter. I'm waiting with baited breath for it!

Now, our feature presentation!

Mallory was down on my floor, and we were hanging out, watching TV. She was wearing her white blouse and jean skirt that makes her look like a schoolgirl.
"I have to take a dump really bad," she said suddenly. Holding her stomach, she looked outside. "Is there anyone in your bathroom?"
"I'll go check," I said, getting up to look. The bathroom was empty.
"Coast is clear," I said. "Come on, quick."
"Um..." Mallory looked a little sheepish. "This is gonna be anything but quick."
Her butt smacked onto the porcelain as she sat down. Then she pushed. I could hear the crackle, crackle and schlup, schlup, schlup as she squeezed out soft crap. Then, I heard voices.
"Oh, sh*t," Mallory said. "Turn off the lights or something."
I did, and then got into the stall and closed the door. There was so little room that I ended up sitting on her lap. The room wasn't completely dark, though; there was moonlight flooding in through the window.
"Well, this is nice," Mallory joked. I heard some crackling below me and felt her stomach muscles tighten against my thigh. Finally, the end of her dump found the last bit of water in the bowl, going SPLOOP!
"Ahhh, I needed that," Mallory said. She had to wipe herself, since I couldn't really see too well. Then, when she moved out of the way, I could see by the light of the moon the monster that she had produced. It was about three inches thick, and piled around in front of the hole. The pile could have easily filled one of those tubs of sherbet.
“Check if anyone’s outside,” she whispered. I did, and reported that no one was there. Apparently, the people who were there had left.
“Ok,” she said, flushing the toilet. Amazingly, the whole mess went down.

I have a word to say about something, though. Let’s all be civil when posting, shall we? It’s not like anyone wants to intentionally offend anyone else, is it? I’m not saying that I’ve been offended (since I haven’t) and won’t name names, but let’s keep it friendly, ok? We’re all here for the same reasons (mostly).


Some replies that I forgot:

BROWN HOT PANTS: I'm guessing you're female (correct me if I'm wrong). Glad you and your g/f could have a nice bonding experience. It's not my flavor, but to each his (or her) own.

RED HAIRED GIRLIE: That must have been rather harsh. Doesn't sound like fun at all. Hope everything comes out smoothly for you! (pun intended)

TESS: That must have felt good to get out! How did it feel to you?

Anyway, gotta run, see you all later!

John Q Public
To Brian:

We had no idea how long the water would be off, and my parents were worried about odors. For the most part we went to a gas station, but my sister was afraid of the atendent, and my mom didn't like it because those facilities were allways filthy. My mom and sister held out for as long as they could, but my mom ended up making a trip to that gas station in spite of the fact that it gorssed her out. My sister was going to use the toilet at one of her friends houses, but they were all out of town. My dad was at work for most of that day, and I just used my diaper, because I was still having some problems with daytime control back then and I might not have made it to the gas station. I was getting alot better, and had almost no daytime accidents by the time I was in high school, but if I had to get to the bathroom, it was either get to the bathroom or wet myself. Since I would be running to that gas station every hour, I decided on the latter.


I don't know the exact dimensions of that room, but it was about the size of a normal bedroom. We lived in a 4 bedroom house, and the previous owner built a bathroom between the two bedrooms that were used by me and my sister, and he also put in a bathroom between the master bedroom where my parents slept and one unused bedroom that was occasionaly used as a guest room for our grandparents or other family members. There was a door at each end of those bathrooms that lead into each bedroom. My sister came through our bathroom into my bedroom to ask my advice which is why I was awakened.


Don't feel too bad. You are doing alot better then when I was your age (no cliche intended) and I didn't even go on field trips. I did okay during the day time when I was in hs, but I did not dare try to hold anything, and I seldomly lasted more then one hour and 40 minutes before I became extreamly desparate to pee, and on the verge of wetting myself. I wet the bed until I was almost finished with my first year of college, and I STILL can't sit through a movie with out having to go to the bathroom at least once, unless I wear a diaper. Having a bladder control problem can definately be a drag. Even at work, I have to be very careful about what I drink and how much. I almost never drink soft drinks or cofee. I will drink orang juice in the morning and water through out most of the day. I may have a diet cola at the movies if the person I am with offers it to me, but I even try to avoid it then.

By the way, I am very interested in knowing how things go with you, Angie and the FUD contest. Please keep us posted by all means.

Kristen - I liked your story about the field trip and of when you were sick and went in your pants while lying down.

I am 17/m and also a senior in high school and of when you were sick and went in your pants while lying down. My mom would proabably never let me wet my pants when sick even with towels under myself. Usually when I'm sick (which isnt that often) and have to pee, I'll wait for a long time because i'm too weak/lazy to get out of bed. For some reason i always think that the urge will get better, not worse. I force myself to get up when I have to be constantly moving and holding to prevent peeing my bed. Once on a desperate run to the bathroom while sick i just started peeing my shorts, and with nothing on underneath it dripped right to the floor. Luckily for me i was able to finish peeing in the toilet and wipe up the mess.


Today I went to the mens room to the public restrooms take a dump.It was slow in the museum so I knew I wouldn't have any interuptions.The restroom has 2 stalls and a urinal.I took the first stall since it has a regular height toilet.After I pulled down my pants and underware I sat down and began to push holding my breath.My shit started to slide out it felt like it was semi hard.I stopped half way to catch my breath and to repositon myself cause I could feel a bit of resistance just before I stopped pushing.My turd was hitting the bottom of the bowl so I shifted myself so I could aim it into the hole.I inhaled and bore down again moving this boa down and up into the trap.Finally on my last push it broke off followed by 2 small pieces.The larger was partially sticking out of the hole with th two smaller turds beside it.It only took a couple of wipes to get clean.After admiring my masterpiece(ha ha)which was lengthwise half convoluted hard dark brown and a lighter brown softe! r side.I then flushed.The water went down then started rising to the rim.I was hoping the water wouldn't overflow.It stopped before this happened.Thank goodness.The shit went down but the bowl was still filled with toilet tissue and brown water.It must have been really jamed in there because it took about a whole minute of constant plunging to get it down.Glad no one came in.Later everyone.

Someone asked about toilet facilities in Trek. I’m reminded of the latest episode of Enterprise: Someone (Malcolm, if memory serves) was complaining about not being able to take a shower, and Trip said something to the effect of, “We only had so long to prepare, be glad we were able to put in a toilet.” (For those who didn’t see it, the ship was going through some kind of storm in space and the entire crew had to be sealed in the small part of the ship that could be shielded from the radiation in time. This, of course, gave this military that had become little more than glorifie pirates the perfect opportunity to try to steal the ship.)

I know, that doesn’t say much about how the toilets work, but note this: Trip said *a* toilet, not ”toilets.” Hundreds of crew members, one john. Things had to have gotten rather interesting.

To Kristen: I liked your surgery...i know how that must feel cause just the other day i had surgery and was kinda weak and needed assistance getting up when it was time to eat or time to use the bathroom.

To Tapo: I liked your story

To somekindofchick: What is a travlmate? Intresting story

To Billy & Kevin: Liked your story from school.

To The hold it man: Intresting story..and what is a "No Doz"?

To John Q Public: Liked your story about your old was he at the time?

To Joseph: Thanks for being concerned....i was only at the hospital for a few hours for surgery then i came home.....No enemas or suppositories for constipation. But my parents gave me a stool softner tablet and milk of magensia for a few days until i started pooping again.

To Kristen: Enjoyed your peeing storie

To IndianaMAN: Liked your you ever see any others from the dorm you are in shitting? or is every one like shy and try and shit when each other is away?

To BROWN HOT PANTS: Liked your story about you and your g/f.

To Tess: Sounds like a nice dump

Im doing alot better..went out for the first time...still have a little pain. Off of that strong pain killer, im on OTC medicne. Two days ago i pooped 2x and they were hard balls then the next day my poop was soft long and stringy from the lax and stool softner. It was like that last night too. Then i pooped this morning and it was really soft but chunky. The only med i have to take now is that OTC pain killer. Well gonna run now bye

Traveling Guy
To The "HOLD IT" Man - I don't know about toilet facilities on the Star Trek craft, but I can tell you about the NASA shuttles. (Just from reading and seeing photos, not from being there.) Space travel means zero-G, unless you're on board a revolving space station or something else that spins to create artificial gravity. We never see crews floating around on the Starship Enterprise (or in movies like "Star Wars," either). Imagine the production problems!

On the NASA shuttles, with no 'up' or'down' in space, the toilet is actually on the wall (or "bulkhead"). It looks something like an airplane toilet, but the seat has a much narrower opening in it, little more than a slit wide enough for a male's genitals and for the pee and poop to pass through. The astronauts, men and women, steady themselves using handles on each side, then plant their butts on the seat. A gentle suction pulls wastes into a chamber and holds them there. There's a cup-like device, with suction hose attached, to keep urine from floating about. I think it's needed only by females, due to the toilet's design, since a guy's apparatus fits through the seat crack. (It looks something like the cup and tube on those "She-Inal" women's urinals.) Please - I don't want to start a "women in space: cup vs. no-cup" thing here, on top of the "sit/stand" thread, but maybe the female astronauts could stand up to pee, if they chose, by using the cup/tube device?

To "flush" - there's no water - the user activates a device that vaporizes the wastes, first by chopping and spinning. You'd probably want to have your arse well off the pot before that! I don't think it's sonic, but that may not be so far-fetched for the future. You're right: why not show some of these inter-galactic folk on the loo?

And SOMEKINDOFCHICK is so right - Wipe off the seat and rim, Trekkies!

Hi there again,just want to tell u about an experience that I happend to witness a few years ago . i used to date this lady who lived in a small country town. She was an artist by profession & a hippy by nature.She is 5'5" med build, with long dark hair. I had known her a long while proir dating her & we had spent a fair bit of time together. We used to travel out into the country while she did some painting. That was the first time I saw a woman stand up to piss, Sue I shall call her, told me she never sat down always had a standing piss, accurate as any man so she said & never spilt a drop. She spreads her labia with her fingers & piss comes out like a jet. Sue said it makes it that much easier when she has to piss in public, she often went into the mens toilet because hers were occupied. From early puberty to now she had a bit of a problem because she was so hirsute. Sue tried every cream, lotion & potion plus shaving without success, so she let it gro w. The downside was that this governed her clothing. Had to wear sleeves all the time to cover her hairy armpits & bicycle shorts to cover her pubic hair thayt ran up to her navel & very noticeable too.She told me as a child she was a lazy pooper, by that she meant she would always hold on to the last possible moment . Often she had skid marks on her panties & ther were times when she held on too long at the wrong time. She said she pooed her pants a few times, she said she used to be concentrating on her painting so much she did not notice the need until it was often too late. As she got older she only pooped every 2 or 3 days, she said, each time it was a series of large logs.....ringbreakers she called em . One day we decided to walk to the local shop to get the paper, being a hot day she wore just a tank top, sarong, & panties. We had to walk through some bushland & over a small bridge to the shop. As we arrived at the shop Sue began getting stomach cramps & did a few good farts, she wispered to me that she could feel a big poop coming & not to spend too long in the shop. While in the shop I could here her stomach making rumbling noises. We quickly excused ourselves, said we were expecting a phone call from her agent. On the way back she said she was getting desparate to have a shit, apart from that she needed a piss as well. She quickly handed me the paper & grabbed her crotch , she said she didn't think she'd make it home in time was starting to dribble piss down her legs.The only thing she could do was have a poop in the creek under the bridge, so she started to do the shit shuffle,walk with tiny steps clenching her bum cheeks. Boy was she desparate. As we approached the bridge we heard the voices of kids playing in the creekbed, it was a dry creek. She said Oh no!. The kids belonged to a neighbour, they shouted out, Hi Sue & started to talk to her, fortunately they would have seen on ly our head & shoulders. Sue was desperate, I mean in real trouble now, turned around to me & said i cannot hold it anymore. She let out a huge fart & said too late now \, I could hear a crackling sound as she spread her legs. Then a gushing sound, while chatting to the kids Sue had a shit, three big turds landed on the ground between her ankles, followed by a stream of piss that wet the front of her sarong. She wispered that she felt better now, but had to hurry home as the poop had gone down the back of her legs. When we got home we discovered she'd messed herself qutie a bit, couldn't get rid of the last bit & it had squashed all around her pubic hairs, thighs & ankles

Holdit man and various others, I will be sure to post the results of my FUD test after I do it next Sunday. As for toilets on the Enterprise, I allways assumed that they existed, but just weren't talked about.

Just Another Guy, 3 minutes is nothing to sneeze at, but let's face it. Women do have stronger bladders. The more I think about it, the more I read on this site, and the fact that I have never lost a contest to a man all seem to support that statement. That is not to say that ALL men have weaker bladders and ALL women have stronger ones. I know that there are women who have urinary incontenece and there are men who can hold for long periods of times and piss like race horses, but all in all I believe that women are better equiped when it comes to kegal strength, bladder size and room for the bladder to expand. We also have stronger pelvic floor muscles and stronger abdominal muscles to aid in having the baby so it stands to reason that we can hold more urine. It's human physiology pure and simple. I can't dead lift a 500 pound object, but I know alot of men who can. My (or should I say our, mine and Angies" boy friend can do 50 reps with 300 pounds, but his bladd! er is at best half as strong as mine and Angies.

John Q, I see what you mean about doing alot of drinking. How have things been going with your kegal exercises and fluid drinking? I was curious because we had discussed this some time ago, I think it was during the Halloween season. I was tried to break my own hold time record, and you tried to make it through a movie without having to pee. I advised that you should practice strengthening your bladder by drinking liquids, getting so you can be comfortable at a certain level, then try to increas your hold time little by little. It works like a charm in most cases. Keep up doing the kegal exercises, too. You do n't want to let those muscles become too apithead.

Annie and Robby
Hi Dear Friends!
Just a note to tell you that Robby's father passed away last week. All of the family was there to support us. After the burial we were all sitting around thinking up funny things about our lives and Robby suddenly blurted out that he and I had watched each other on the toilet since our early days. Well, no one seemed surprised and one of our cousins said she had known it for years and proceeded to tell us this story. When we all were around 14 and 15 we were down in Texas visiting our aunt. She was very Victorian in her thinking. Robby and I snuck down to the little house we had in the back. It had a small toilet. I had to poo so I pulled off my shorts and knickers and sat down. Robby stood next to me and rubbed my neck. Suddenly he thought he saw someone at the window. We turned and no one was there. Well, I went back to my grunts. I pushed out three big logs and some small balls. It really hurt. Robby handed me the tissue. I wiped with nearly all of the roll. Robby the! n sat down and told me to rub his ????. I did and a whopper of a log CULLOMPTED out into the bowl. He wiped and we spent awhile trying to get all of the poo to go down the pipes. Our cousin told us that she saw us in the toilet and then went down to some clump of trees and squatted. She said she let out a torrent of soft poo. She said she had always wanted someone to see her do her grunts. I told her she should have spoken up and joined the fun. We just may have a third party in our "old age" toilet fun!! We are spending the holidays in Texas with all of my children, Robby's two girls and my Mum. Robby and I, Sarah S, and Meghan want to wish all of the posters here a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR especially: KENDAL, ANDREW, ELLEN, INA, RIZZO, TIM, SARAH, JOSIE, AND LOEWIE, JANE AND GARY, LOUISE AND STEVE, DAMSEL, EPHERMAL(hope you had a great Chanukah(sp), ADRIAN, TODD AND DIANA(and the girls), ELEANOR, LINDAGS, DONNA, AMY(COED), CARMALITA AND JAKE, RENEE, ! NU, AND OF COURSE OUR MODERATOR!

Adrian - Hi thanks for the reply. I could tell you things that would really shock you.
Mandy - Your story on page 1042 was very interesting. Are you shy generally? have you ever been watched while going to the ll or watched anyone else?
Louise - It was great to hear that you and your mom can watch each other wee without getting embarrased. Do you watch each other poo?
Me and my mom were always weeing together. I have even weed with my dad around. He caught me having a poo once. I don't know who was most embarrased, him or me.
I really believe going to the toilet is natural and could tell some really naughty stories.
Keep up the good posts everyone..

hey, I haven't posted in awhile but I have been checking in on the posts, its interesting to see so many new posters, thats great...
It has been a busy fall and descent into winter, mostly accident free! I did have one accident on thanksgiving, I pooped my pants in the car on the long drive home! It was a situation that I didnt want to happen but traffic was bad and I couldn;t hold it the whole way home so I had to let go because I was tired of feeling it poking out and straining to keep from pooping myself so I just lifted my butt and let go... it felt better when i let it out but was a little uncomfortable to sit down when I was done. I was wearing briefs so luckily when I got out of the car it didnt go anywhere, although I did have a bit of a walk and the bulge was large and obvious. When I got home my neighboour who lives upstairs was coming in behind me and he noticed because he gave me a funny look. I was embarrassed.... i like to poop my pants and wet them but only in private or if there is no risk of being caught.

A few days ago I had another accident. I woke up in the morning to find that I had wet my bed!!! This was something I havent done in years. I didn't even no I had done it until I woke up to find my shorts soaked. I was dreaming of going to the bathroom and in the dream I was in the john with all these jocks and everyone was pissing together, some guys were even sitting on the can with the door open letting others watch them shit. I guess I must have peed for real when I was dreaming this.

Darius: are you still around? post again and share some of your stories...

dork: are you visiting the site anymore? any more 'accidents' to share?

well, have a great day to you all and cant wait to read more of your posts!

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