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Hi again to one and all-

John Q and "Hold It Man", you both have no idea my admiration and slight
envy at your experiences in your teen years. As I've mentioned in prior posts my early peeing years were something of a dichotomy, with my parents horrified by my bladder capacity to the point they dragged me in to the doctor's office where he labled me a Lazy Bladder. Yet as pee shy as that made me I was also intrigued and secretly obsessed with discovering the peeing capabilities of the opposite sex. Were there bladder size differences among girls and could certain girls consistently go longer and more than others? I fantasized and pondered
what went on behind the door of the girl's bathroom. At my high school
was there a pissing female super star?

As close as I ever came to answering that question happened when I reluctantly agreed to go over to a fellow ninth grade classmate's home
for his help in astronomy class, an elective I had reluctanly signed up for. I think the Earth is in an elliptical orbit averaging 93 million miles from the Sun at an axis of twenty three- and-a-half degree with respect to the orbital plane, but Hal was an astonomy nut and a Star Trek nerd to the max. The only virtue Hal had as a friend beside ready answers to a myriad of science questions, was his sister, seventeen, two years our senior and the absolute poster girl for the Southern California beach lifestyle as mythical as that is. She was about 5'10", sleek, with the requisite blonde hair to mid-back and a face that would have stopped a Boeing 747. In warm weather she would sit in a lounge chair by their backyard pool and you could just see the sunlight glancing off this faint downy trail of blonde down from her navel to the bikini waistband and further down where the material puffed slightly due to all the expertly tucked, folded and stored pubic hair. This was the 19! 80's and girls still prided themselves at the ability to grow a lush growth. How the Hell she and Hal could have been brother and sister remains a genetic mystery to this day.

One especally boring evening I was over in Hal's room studying when his
sister came down the hall and walked into the bathroom located opposite
his bedroom and mere feet from the partly open door. A few seconds later I heard the eruption of urine shooting into the toilet water below. I could hardly believe it; I was hearing HER urinating! What I didn't know was the treat was just starting. Slowly but surely it was
getting more difficult to concentrate on my astronomy book because she
was giving absolutely no indication of finishing. Past the door, across the hall and a scant few feet more, this high school goddess kept up a
piss stream, loud and strong, like a female version of Manniquin Pis.
For a good two-and-a-half minutes I said nothing, too shocked to say anything and too interested in monitering her mounting pee time. But
my tension beame too great. "God Hal, your sister can pee!" Rather than
share my enthusiasm, he came back with "Aw, she always goes like that.
She always goes forever. I think she's hollow or something." Roughly
fifteen seconds later, distracted by the incessant mega-decibels from
the bathroom, Hal rose with a "I'm going to the kitchen for a Coke."

Good. With Hal gone I could use my ful senses on the performance so near and yet so far away. Her piss stream continued for another full two
minutes before tapering off to a series of splishes and splashes. As she emerged from the bathroom, she saw me from the corner of her eye and
gave no response other than to brush her hair with her right arm as she passed. She must have known I had heard her incredible pee. What, I
imagined, was she thinking inside? My teen-aged mind cooked up a fantasy
response and waited for the right moment.

Weeks past and my bladder felt like bursting each time I went over to my
newest and bestest buddy, Hal. I knew every known satillite from every
planet in the solar system. The only downside was I had not yet heard
the Great Bladder repeat a performance. But then I saw my bright shining
moment when his sister dashed past us in his livingroom and made her way
to her bedroom. My chance. A couple minutes later I said to Hal that I
had to go, could I use the bathroom. He gave a shrug which I took for "yes". Her room was adjacent to Hal's and deliciously close to the
bathroom; my piss would be plainly audible.

Without further ado, pee-shy me with the Lazy Bladder now very full, began peeing away one room away from the best looking girl in the neighborhood. My capabilities then were perhaps not what they are now but I kept that pee stream running for a good three plus minutes, not close to her mark of five plus but quite long enough for her to mentally generate an opinion as to the size of my bladder. I peed to the very last drop possible, and when I emerged I headed straight towards the open door of her bedroom where she was laying on her bed, an open teen-age woman's magazine open before her. "Hi, uh, I'm a friend of Hal and I had to use the bathroom," silver-tongued lad I said. She looked up, smiled and brushed her hair again, and replied
"Well I kind of had a feeling whoever it was, it wasn't either my Dad
or Hal in there." Unfortunately she didn't amplify on that remark but
as I turned she added, "feel better?"

"Uh, yeah," I said.
"That's good," she chuckled, "come back soon whenever the urge strikes
you." She was nice as she was sexy!

There's more to come but I have to save it for another day. I admit it,
I'm addicted to super peeing women.

shy girl
hi i wanted to wish everyone a great holiday.

cute girl: i will definitely answer your question posted a few days ago to me asap. right now is a bit hectic and so i'll try to post before the end of the year if i can.

i'll try to pop in when i get a chance!

Hi again, I was just browsing around the net when I remembered this site and decided to check it out again, and lo and behold someone(Tapo) is asking about me and Cheri. To answer your questions: I'm still alive, just haven't posted in a while (I think I will soon though...) you can find Cheri and my stories on pages: 899, 904, 906, 910 and 913, I went back and found them all for you, arent I nice. I got some new stories, and some old ones I haven't told. I'll get around to telling them later, but right now I gotta get heading to work.

Two things to offer on STAR TREK and using the toilet:

First, a corny joke:

Q: What did Spock find in the Enterprise's head?

A: The Captain's log.

Also, in the STAR TREK: THE NEW GENERATION series, there was an episode called Disaster wherein Keiko O'Brien (Rosalind Chao) gave birth. The grunting/pushing noises she was making as she delivered the baby always sounded to me like she was making a *massive* poop! :)

Potty Pooper
"Hold-it man" asked about toilets on the Enterprise.

So far as I know, they've never shown anyone actually using the toilet on Star Trek. In fact, in
the Original Series they never even MENTIONED bathrooms. There's reference in one of the making-of
books (either THE MAKING OF STAR TREK or THE WORLD OF STAR TREK, I forget which) about how they
weren't even allowed to have an extra door in the stateroom sets to *suggest* the presence of a
bathroom back there, because toilets were concidered VERY taboo for TV.

There's no specific reference to bathrooms in The Next Generation, either, so far as I can recall,
though by then they actually DID have (pretend) bathrooms actually ON the set, they just never had
an opportunity to SHOW one of them (since that's not something that gets put into an episode unless
there's a specific plot-reason for it).

In Star Trek V (the one where the Original Series bunch went literally searching for God) there's a
scene where Kirk, Spock and McCoy are put into the brig (by the bunch who have taken over the ship),
and at one point someone mashes a button on the wall, and this white, sorta boxy thing comes out of
the wall and the character sits down on it like it's a chair. Although it's not particularly obvious
(and they don't elaborate on it in the movie) that's the brig's toilet!!

On Voyager, we DID actually get to see the ships' bathrooms at one point, sorta. In one episode, a
character gets up in the middle of the night (I think it was), goes into the adjoining room in his
quarters, and goes to the sink to wash his face... The sink was a kind that you actually grasp the
front of the shink and tug towards you, and the sink-basin then moves itself forward autmatically and
the water turns on. And the water comes down in a sorta mini-waterfall instead of from a regular
faucet. Neet!

Somewhere about the middle of the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise, there's a scene where they
actually describe how the toilets work on the ship. They had received a bunch of questions from an
elementary school back on Earth, and were recording a video sequence to send back to them, where
different bridge-crew members were each given a pre-selected question from the bunch they'd received.

The chief engineer was quite surprised when the question was something like "How do the toilets work
on the ship?" He told them to pause recording, then turned to the captain and said, "A POOP question?!?!
Couldn't I tell them about how the warp drive works?!?!?!" to which the captain replied, "It's a perfectly
valid question!"

So, they resumed recording, and he went on to describe how the waste is sent through a series of processes,
one of which actually kills the bacteria, and then the stuff is ultimately broken down at the atomic level
(I believe it was) and the componant materials stored, and that it might later show up as boots, or tools,
or whatever else the ship might need.

In a second-season episode, which just ran this week actually, the crew had to take refuge in an inspection
catwalk area running the length of the warp-engines, because there was a kind of space-storm they had to
protect themselves from. (A storm that was travelling at warp 7, and the Big E is only capable of Warp 5.
Remember, this show is set a century BEFORE the Original Series). Anyway, there's brief mention of their
having to install two latrines into a pair of storage cabinets at one end of the space. A bit later, one
of the characters complains that they hadn't had time to put in a shower.

I can't recall any OTHER references in the show or the movies about bathrooms, though.

I DO recall there used to be a joke repeated through the 60's and 70's about how the Enterprise didn't have
bathrooms, and so you had to place down a phaser on the floor, squat down over it and "aim carefully" so the
beam would strike the poop as it dropped, and not hit you instead. :-)

Of course, all the Star Trek deck plans and such show bathrooms all over the ship, in the TNG Tech Manual,
they've even got a detailed diagram of a single-occupance escape pod, and show the toilet for THAT hidden
inside the single seat. Take the seat cushions off and there it is!

Nate in AZ
HOLD IT MAN: You asked about toilet mentions on Star Trek, well until last evening I'd never heard mention of it either, and I've been watching them for years, but on the "Enterprise" show where the crew has to hole up in a crawlspace to avoid being contaminated, Trip wonders how they are going to manage without toilets (he says THE WORD), someone suggests that they get some containers from the storage hold for the purpose. Well, you asked!

Jason the poop lover
To the "HOLD IT" man: They probably have a bathroom in each of their quarters on Star Trek. I am a Star Trek fan, and I've seen the inside of certain character's sleeping quarters. It's like a bedroom.
I have a question about your nickname. Where did you get the "HOLD IT" man from?
To the person that wants to hear more peeing stories, I posted some before, but it's rare for them to make it on, and hardly anyone talks about it on this site, probably because doodoo is more interesting. It would be nice to hear more peeing stories, especially from Stef and Jessica, and I hope the site editors let some get onto the site. I wonder if anyone has any vomiting stories, and I hope the site editors let those get through as well. And where is Stef and Jessica anyway? They are my most favorite "posters" of all because they really have some interesting stories, and Jessica loves to poop as much as me, hint the name "poop lover." Hopefully, Stef and Jessica will type at the same time so that I can see both at once.
Here's a question for everyone. Did anyone ever use the site's helpful hints at the side of the typing box where it says, "need an idea?" If not, can someone do that, because I want to see the answer to those questions.
I will answer a "need an idea" question. "Have you ever gone on the floor?" it asks. No I did not, but I threw up on the floor before. I peed in the bathroom sink a few times, and the tub about twice, just for the thrill. "What term do you use when defacating?" it asks. I use the term doodoo. I used the term pookey when I was a kid. I had classmates that use the term boo boo. I only hear the term potty when used by parents who are potty training their kids. I wonder if anyone uses the term dookey. I sometimes call the doodoo itself poop. "An awkward bathroom experience" the "need an idea" says. One time, I was at my friend Andrew's house. I pissed in his basement bathroom and he kept opening the door, and he saw me go. Then he ended up locking me in the bathroom for a minute when I was done. Another awkward experience was when I was constipated, which I posted before. Also, the time I finished doodooing, stood up, and immediately had to doodoo again. That felt good! .. And another thing, I was in art class in high school, and my stomach started hurting with pain I couldn't believe. I had to doodoo real bad. It was diarrhea. I had to hold it for a half an hour before class ended, which was the last class of the day. I went to my locker first after class, and I got to my locker five minutes after school ended. The pain in my stomach was very great, but the doodoo felt very wonderful coming out. I felt it moving through my intestings as it came out. It was very watery, but it came out in drops. It was very guick coming out. I doodooed no more than two minutes total. My stomach immediately stopped hurting. I was very relieved. I live that feeling. The doodoo kept dripping out my butt when I was done, so I had to wipe with my butt over the toilet. "A childhood pee/poop experience." I was the doodoo kid in kindergarten and no one noticed. I was the pee kid in the first grade and the teacher was very annoyed. No one made fun of me. Actually, it! was a surprisingly serious moment. No reaction from the classmates whatsoever. Once, a kid next to me said that there was water on the floor to the teacher. That was the only reaction from any classmate. The principle was tired of seeing me in the corner.
I have another school doodoo story. I was in the fourth grade and nine years old. I was doing my classwork, and noticed I had to doodoo. I quickly had to doodoo bad. I continued my work, but I couldn't consentrate anymore. I told the teacher "I gotta use the bathroom." He let me go. I was sitting on the toilet, hardly pushing. I enjoyed doodooing. It came out slowly. The doodoo was big and hard and some of the turds were spiky and others smooth. About four came out. Maybe five. When the last one came out, I remembered that I was supposed to be in class, and thought the teacher might wonder where I went. I pushed it out. I was having a nice time pushing. It moved slowly. I had to push hard to get it to move faster. I love that feeling. It's undescribably nice. It took about fifteen pushes to get it out. I was so relieved. It was brown and big. I wiped ten to fifteen times. I wanted to leave it in the toilet and go to class without washing my hands, but someone was in! the bathroom. When I got back to class, the entire class looked up at me, like where was he? Did he doodoo? The teacher said nothing, and I finished my work. It took twelve and a half minutes to doodoo.

Kristen - I liked your story about the field trip and of when you were sick and went in your pants while lying down.

I am 17/m and also a senior in high school and of when you were sick and went in your pants while lying down. My mom would proabably never let me wet my pants when sick even with towels under myself. Usually when I'm sick (which isnt that often) and have to pee, I'll wait for a long time because i'm too weak/lazy to get out of bed. For some reason i always think that the urge will get better, not worse. I force myself to get up when I have to be constantly moving and holding to prevent peeing my bed. Once on a desperate run to the bathroom while sick i just started peeing my shorts, and with nothing on underneath it dripped right to the floor. Luckily for me i was able to finish peeing in the toilet and wipe up the mess.


Thursday, December 19, 2002

hi all cool posts hope you liked my storie
hey candi i cant belive im going to ask you this but do you have any stories about acidents or about you an your sisters shitting in front of each other.
hope to hear from you soon *jen*

my wife recently had a pooping accident in the car i was wondering if it has happend to any other ladies out there and what may have happend.i do enjoy reading these post and i am very new to all of this but i would like to know if thats happend to anyone out there

Do you think anyone inspects my panties to see whether there are marks on them, or sniffs them to see how they smell. I have two brothers, so I wouldn't be surprised, and I guess then there is also my mother. Let me know what you think, especially from your own experience.

I must say every night when I take them off I have a good look, and have a little (sometimes a BIG) sniff. Mostly there are no poop marks, but a some very faint marks / stains in front. Usually they smell of me, not of poop. Sometimes there are little faint poop 'skid' marks, and then you can just faintly smell the poop. I wonder why the marks are like 'skids' - that is thin and long, and not round spots? You would think that if there was a little poop left on you after a poop that it would make spots on your underwear rather than the long 'skids' - anyone have an explanation of that? Sometimes there are bigger marks, especially if I have had diarrhoea, and then you can clearly smell the poop.

Mark and Cindy
Hey - just found this great site. My girlfriend who is the same age as me - 17 and I have had some really fun times that I need to tell you about.

Cindy's Dad is a real jerk. he banned me from her house. That night her folks went out, so Cindy and I staged a break-in. We broke a side window with a screw-driver, then let ourselves in with her key. They have this white long haired rug in the middle of the hall. Cindy dropped her jeans, and her really cute and sexy little white flowery knickers. She squatted over the rug, and I heard her grunt a little. We hadn't discussed exactly what we would do, but I had thought we would just make some sort of mess. When I saw Cindy's bear white bum as she squated I knew exactly what sehe had in mind. A little fart escaped, and she laughed - so did I. I could see the little rosebud between her ivory cheeks expanding, a little brown dot getting bigger and bigger. I couldn't help staring, and in fact squatted down next to her, my eyes fixed on that brown spot. The natural smell of her rose from the glistening dark brown cigar that was starting to grow from the spot. It was thick, gl istening brown, almost steaming. I couldn't beleive something that thick could be growing out of that tiny little hole. I could hear the noise it made as it escaped, accompanied by tiny little grunts that Cindy made in forcing it out. It just came and came, until it stretched all the way from her bum to the white furry rug - a good ten inches. She had to start straightening her legs to let it grow to its full length, a proud straight fifteen inches, before her bum nipped closed, cut the log free and let it fall softly into the long hair of the rug. We both looked down proudly as it lay in the middle of the rug - a gift from her to her Dad. we looked at each other, and started laughing until the tears rolled down our cheeks. It smelt wonderful, filled the room with a fulsome natural stench, unmistakable and rich.

If you want I will tell you the rest of it when I post again. Until then enjoy your next squat!

Adrian and Louise, thanks for the welcome to the board. I agree that most people probably enjoy going to the loo as much as a hot bath or bar of chocolate etc. I certainly do, especially where a #2 is concerned.

I had to get up for a wee last night. Only to be expected after the office Christmas bash! I had an urge to poo as well so decided to go then and there, instead of waiting until the morning, to make myself more comfortable. It turned out to be more of a need to fart. I did poo, but not a lot. It felt like an incomplete job which would need to be finished during the day. I was right and felt an urge after breakfast, following a lie in. I did not have work. I could tell it would not be my usual quick poo, so took a newspaper with me, which is rare, to the smallest room in the house (the downstairs loo). I wanted to finish this time and read some articles whilst dropping relatively small solid lumps until I was done. I was very relaxed and their was no straining. I would release lumps and then find that nothing else was on its way for half a minute to a minute, the urge going away and returning. I was surprised by the size of the pile of poo I did, as it seemed ! less from the sound of the splashes. It was virtually odour free and little wiping was required. All in all a very pleasant and enjoyable experience, like the hot bath I would have later.


jfish. Accidents are quite normal and most people have them occasionally. Your wife is quite normal in that respect. You don't give much detail about the accident in question or the circumstances surrounding it. Was your wife unexpectedly taken short (perhaps due to a ???? bug) or was she long overdue for a good poo and just tried to hold it for too long?

BROWN HOT PANTS. Interesting post. Your girlfriend should not, however, have stopped you going to the toilet. However well intentioned, it was an encroachment upon your rights. It's one thing for her to get something out of you needing to go but it's quite another for her to stop you going.

Mark R. I know nurses have been known to get desperate for a wee on long shifts, although I don't know any recorded incidents of nurses getting desperate for a poo at work or ending up cutting farts because of it. In the old days I think any nurse who cut the cheese on duty would have been sent to the lavatory by matron without much ceremony or delay. Perhaps Katrina and Suzie could shed some light on this though.

Suzie. Hi! Great post. I always wondered what happened in nurses homes.

Louise. Hi! Enjoyed your account of your latest swimming pool wee with Donna. It's a pity Damsel couldn't be there though. I think Steve would have enjoyed it without a doubt.

Best wishes to all,

Hey I think it will be my last letter until the new year this one, because I am going to be very busy during Christmas and we will be away for some days anyway. Well I do not know what it will be like in the new year, but I will be doing a lot more kung fu training in January than I am now. I have some more modelling work as well so it will really take my time up. It may be I will not be around very much to write letters for a bit.
I will try though!

I have not got a lot of time to write my story because my mum has been so long writing, but I had my work Christmas party last night. I took Steve with me like he took me to his party. He had a bit of trouble with women wanting to dance with him again. I didn't get to dance with him for ages.
Well we got a cab home and I was a bit nervous about getting home because I was at the desperate stage of wanting to wee. I showed Steve my fingers crossed on my left hand which is my signal that I will really have to wee soon. It was not a long time before I had to cross fingers on both hands and we just got in front of the house. Steve was real quick paying the driver and thanking him, and I was real desperate. I got in the garden and I knew I would not get up the stairs to the toilet in time. Well Steve was very good and he untied my tie belt and took down my leather trousers and he pulled down my lacy white thong. Well he just picked me up in his arms. It was reallt romantic and he held me in his arms under the light and well I just lost my control then and I let rip. I did a really huge gusher and all my bubbly wee was splattering on the patio! I looked at my shadow and I had a big arc of wee shooting out of my puss. giggle It was a really huge gusher. Steve is stro! ng and can hold me in his arms like that for a long time, so I could just let it all out and wee like mad and not worry about being dropped or having to get down or anything. It was really romantic and I could kiss Steve while I was weeing. I liked doing that.

MANDY - Hi girl! Yeah, I love going to the toilet. I always like shitting especially when I am having a big log, but weeing is more my thing. It is always good to have a huge wee after waiting for a bit to make me gush and get the pressure up.
It was the party last night for the office I work part time, and I had to get up for a wee at about 5:30. I did not feel very good on my feet and my head thumped a bit. I do not drink a lot normally you see. Well I like to stand up over my toilet and wee but I just sat down and the cold seat woke me up a bit and I did not like it. I let rip and I really washed the bowl with a big gusher. giggle I did not wee very much when I got up at 8:30 though. It was one of my gentle wees.
Love Louise xx

ADRIAN - Hi guy! Yeah I bet my sister would have enjoyed being with me and mum at the pool that day. We will have to do that when Steve is with us you know. I like the shower my mum wed in near the pool and I have thought about having a wee in it, but I do not think I have ever done that. I bet my friend Jackie would come and wee in it as well if I dared her to! giggle
Love Louise xxxxxxx

INA - Hello! I hope you like my latest stories. You are right as well. Weeing standing is about choosing how to do it isn't it? I do not have to sit or squat to wee just like guys do not have to stand up.It is not about wanting to be a guy. I would not want that, I like being me, you know?
I have seen Steve squat to hide and wee on a beach. You know, he just got his willy out of his trunks and let rip. You know nobody could tell him he is less of a man because he did not stand! He is really all man. It is just about him doing what was the thing to do at the time.
Lotsahugs. Louise xx

PV - Hi girl! I hope you are all right. I just want to say Merry Christmas to you down in Aussieland from me and Steve. I bet he will get to write a letter himself on about Monday. He will be a bit less busy then and it may be he will tell you about some of my wees that he has seen.



Adrian, Hi. Yes, I'm the same about alcohol. I hate hangovers, they are very unpleasant. One too many of those when I was a teenager taught me to be more sensible. I went for a wee in the morning and I didn't go again for the rest of the day until after 8pm at the earliest. I topped up my fluids through the day and started feeling better but I was so dehydrated that I went that long before going for another squirt.

Now I don't want to invade Steve and Louise's privacy and get in their way, but I've worked my way up to writing about my memories one of my daughters' most memorable wees from their teenage years. I'm involved in it too, and both Louise and my younger daughter have posted their own memories of it. I'm sure you will remember it, PV, when you read through.
We were on our first foreign holiday together on the beach. My daughters were 15 and 11, Louise of course the elder. I had not yet quite plucked up the courage to go topless, but Louise had on our second day. She was only 15 but she was already a beautiful young woman, lovely figure, and very well developed up top. Her long blonde hair was eye catching enough but her other goodies were drawing glances. I was wary of some of those young men looking at her tits and bum but Louise sensible. She didn't stray far away from me. My younger daughter was a smaller, younger Louise without the chest. To skip some uneventful sunbathing time, I pick up the story when I had been strongly wanting to wee. My younger daughter was crossing her legs and she told me she needed to wee. It was three of us when Louise in her black bikini briefs sat next to me and said she was needing to go. We then moved to an area down the beach without so many sunbathers, and we found a place near the wall. ! Holidaymakers walked up or down the beach and I was getting desperate for a squirt. So were my girls. I consoled my younger daughter who looked like she would cry and she was near to having an accident in her bikini briefs. Louise knealt opposite me, eyes closed with her legs tightly shut together. Her time was near. So was mine. Mercifully, the walkers went on their way past us. Nobody near enough to see us in detail, but some young couples at least 30 yards away from us. With the girls I shifted a few feet to the left of our towels and other things, and we squatted down. After a last check both sides I slipped down my black bikini briefs to expose what I'd got to the beach. My younger daughter was more unhappy over this than Louise, and her cheeks flushed crimson but slipped her blue briefs down over her bum and held them clear in front. Louise was very careful and although her bikini briefs showed almost all of her bum anyway she was less keen on slipping the briefs down ! than she had been over taking her top off. She was going to wet herself if she didn't do something about it, so she slipped them down and clear to expose her bum to the beach.To me squatting opposite her. She had a healthy and very tidy growth of pubic hair a shade or two darker blonde than her head hair, her private parts peeking through down the centre. My poor younger daughter had a thing about having no pubic hair at the time, and couldn't wait for her own to grow, but she was virtually bald down below. I unleashed my golden waterfall at the sand, pissing as hard as you like. My pubic hair was getting a soak. My younger daughters copied me, and Louise pissed a torrential stream, hissing at least as loud as me, flooding the sand. Her pubes were wet, but mine was drenched. I had such a dense blonde forest down there before I started trimming my pubes that some of it used to clump and urine dripped from it. My younger daughter weed a strong straight blast. It was such a sha! me for her because she was nervous of someone passing and seeing what she'd got between her legs. More chance I was spotted as a genuine blonde but I think the girls escaped sight. Louise's bronzed bum was seen but squatting down how she was, her womanhood was protected from sight even if her stream of piss was visible. It was a relief weeing but a bigger relief to make ourselves decent again and get our briefs up. Mine were feeling damp because of my wet pubes. I'm glad I've started trimming.

Donna xx

LOUISE: I hope I won't upset Kim, but I really wouldn't want to keep having massive poos like that one I described. I like having my dainty ones ! Besides, it means I'll make three or four plop sounds instead of one or two for Andrew or Ellen or Eleanor, and if he's lucky, Michael, to listen to !! Haven't seen Kirsty and Charlotte on the toilet much recently, because there isn't room for four of us in a cubicle, so given that Eleanor is still shy around other people, I team up with her. Love from Kendal xx

LINDA GS: My dear friend, so that was why we didn't hear much from you ! We can't get broadband where we are in the country. Maybe soon. You've really wetted Andrew's appetite for the Underground Comedy Movie. Unfortunately, his mate with the credit card hasn't been able to get hold of a copy yet. And if he does, Andrew has already said I won't be allowed to watch any of the rest of the movie. He's not as liberal as your Cousin. Speaking of whom, If Cousin did catch me trying to wriggle out of a tight dress and see me pull down my pampies, I hope I could manage a quick plop before he had time to escape, just to see him go redder than he would already be !!!! By the way, that was a lovely story about Hortence and your Cousin. I shouldn't try to embarrass him really, should I, seeing as he is so kind and considerate, just like my Andrew ( sorry, I mean Drew !! ). So, you have three bathrooms now ? Excellent ! So now us girlies can get up to our adventures without fear! of disturbance from others, given that they can "go" elsewhere now, and won't be held up by our games ! Now, a toidy movie, that would be so cool. I've often wondered what I must look like while I'm on the toilet. You can never really tell can you ? We'd have to promise not to show anyone else though !! Better move on to my story ! Speak to you soon, and a very happy Christmas to you and Cousin and Elena and Lynda and Kendal. Lots of love from Kendal xxxxx
PS: My baby brother Thomas is pretty much toilet trained now. Emily tells me that he hasn't had an accident in the day for over two weeks !!

RIZZO, PV, ROBBIE, ANNIE, SARAH, MEGHAN, JANE & GARY, EPHERMAL, LONDON LAD, and everyone else..... Happy Christmas !!!!!!!!

We had our last day at school on Thursday, and what a day it was ! There was a disco for the whole school at lunchtime. But after a few minutes of jigging around, I realised that I would have to go to the toidy. My friends were all enjoying themselves so much, I decided I would go by myself rather than drag any of them with me. As a result, I decided to head over to the quiet end of the school to the toilets there. I went in and shut myself into one of the cubicles, and settled down for a relaxing whizz ! I was still in the middle of my widdle when I heard the door to the toilets open, and several older girls came in laughing and giggling. When they realised that someone else was in here, one of them began asking questions. "Who's in here then ?", and then knocked on my cubicle door. I thought I'd better answer.

"Its Kendal".
"Kendal hey... from what form ?"

I then heard a lot of whispering and quiet tittering, and I began to suspect that my privacy was about to be invaded. I automatically smoothed my grey school skirt down my legs as far as it would go, and cringed waiting for them to decide to look over the cubicle walls at me ! But instead, I heard a tap being turned on, and before I could realise what was going to happen, what must have been a handful of water was thrown over the top of my door, and landed with a big splat on the front of my skirt. I screamed, and they all went rushing out of the toilets with loud hoots of laughter ! Having finished my "quiet" tinkle, I wiped myself, and got up to inspect the damage. I thought to myself "well, its only water". I was just about to leave the bathroom when the door opened and in walked one of the teachers. She said to me,
"Oh, Kendal, you're in here are you".
And then she looked at the big wet patch. She is an absolute pet of a teacher and so kind, but rather misguided on this occasion ! She said,
"Oh, Kendal.... you poor girl !! ... Well don't worry my dear, it doesn't matter. We all have little accidents from time to time. Do I need to organise a mop and bucket ? Where did you wee yourself ?"

I stood there with my mouth opening and shutting like a goldfish. She really thought I'd done a puddle in my panties !!!

I stammered " Oh... no miss.. you don't understand... I haven't weed myself !" Miss looked at me over the top of her spectacles. "Now Kendal, I've already said it doesn't matter. You don't need to deny it. Now, you'll need to borrow some clothing. It won't do for you to smell of wee all afternoon will it ?!"

"No miss, honestly, I haven't weed my pants.... I... I accidentally got water on myself ( not wishing to say exactly how it happened ). Here, you can sniff my skirt if you want", and I lifted up my skirt with the wet patch. I don't know if I really believed that she actually would sniff to see, but from the horrified look on her face ( a sort of "sniff your wee soaked skirt ? No way ..!!! look ), she told me to pull my skirt down at once, and to report to the nurse/secretary !

I gave up trying to argue and walked meekly by her side. We passed several kids who stared at my wet patch. Miss made it all the worse by saying to them "That's enough of that, there's no need to stare !", making it seem more obvious I'd wet myself, when I hadn't !

She left me with the secretary. The Secretary lady is a nice lady as well, who said "Dear me Kendal, how embarrassing for you. We'll soon get you cleaned up !". I pleaded my innocence once again, and told her how I had told Miss that it wasn't a wee accident, and that I'd invited her to sniff and see. The Secretary put her hand in front of her mouth, and stiffled a laugh ! She decided that no kid would invite a teacher to sniff if they had weed themselves ! Thank goodness, someone believed me at last, and without having to tell on the girls who had done this to me ! The Secretary showed me to the staff toilet area, and told me to switch on the hot blow dryer to dry my skirt. So I spent about 10 minutes with my skirt pulled up under the spout of the dryer ! The Secretary looked in on me a few minutes later. It was rather embarrassing standing there with my panties on view, but needs must !

When I got back to the disco, there was only Charlotte there. Eleanor and Kirsty had gone looking for me. When they got back, I told all three the story of what happened. Then I found myself all alone again, while they all went to the toilets before they wet themselves from laughing !!

Very merry Christmas to everyone. Love from Kendal xx

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