Hi again everyone!

Sarah T - When I was 13 I got pnumonia really bad. One day my mom had to go to the store and couldn't find anyone to watch me so she left me alone. I was too weak to get up and go to the bathroom by myself so my mom spread a bunch of thick towels out under me and told me if I needed to use the bathroom to go ahead and go on the bed. After she had been gone about 20 minutes I felt a very sudden strong need to pee. It took a minute or two to get started, because I had never wet myself on purpose, only by accident but soon I felt a warm feeling as the first squirt came out. It didn't take long after that to begin completly wetting myself. At first the feeling wasn't bad because it was really warm but eventually it became cold. My mom came home a short time later. For the rest of the time I was sick this was a regular practice when my parents needed to leave. I even had to go #2 in my pants once during that time period, yuck! It felt really nasty.

I'll write more another day.



the "HOLD IT" man
Hi Folks. I just got back from seeing "Star Trek Nemisis," and it occured to me that you never hear about toilet habbits and facilities on any of the Star Trek movies or tv shows.

If there are any 'Trekies' out there like myself, I was wondering if any of you know how people go to the bathroom on the Enterprise, and what sort of facilities do they have on it as well. I never see any evidence of plumbing. Foor replicators provide all water for drinking, and they take sonic showers. Do they have sonic toilets, too?

Jimmy- I think i speak for a vast number of the posters & lurkers here when i say that you simply MUST post the name of that movie and the publisher of that textbook... lol.

Hi, I posted here last under the name apo many, many moons ago... I've been looking for which page it's on, but I haven't had the time to go over the archives page by page... oh, well. For the most part I'm a lurker, but i think it's only fair to contribute every once in a while.

Jimmy's post, though, reminded me of my most recent diarrhea experience...
I had to escort a friend to the airport not to long ago, the problem was that the night before, i had a few cheap beers (in celebration, you know... to "see him off") and the next morning I had a RAGING case of the runs.
I had a few options: I could stay home and tell him I wasn't going to be able to make it (I wasn't giving him the ride there or anything) or I could finish this bout of runny, messy hot and chunky diarrhea and go down to get some immodium AD and continue my plans for the day. I opted for the latter.
There was a problem, though... The man who usually gives me credit at the corner store wasn't there and I was stuck with a hard-a$$ who wouldn't give me a $0.50 packet of immodium AD even though i tried to make it clear in my body language that i was in bad need of it.
Long story short: I almost crapped myself in the back seat of his car but i managed to hold it until i got to the airport, where due to increased security I couldn't go to the men's room near the departures, i had to go all the way to the other side of the terminal... to where you would wait for the arrivals. I spent about 45 minutes on that toilet and almost made my friend (Quincy) to miss his flight.

How embarassing...

BTW, what ever happened to Cheri & Nealy? I miss their stories so much... but, whenever there's a drought of female diarrhea stories (my personal favorite), I read over their camping/ex-lax post and I'm satisfied. Does anybody know if they posted anything after that, and if so: what page is it on?

Keep it flowing,

i have my two cents to add to the whole pee standing sitting discussion. I don't care how you pee (i have a travlmate and use it sometimes, but for the majority of the time i sit, or if the toilet is dirty i squat). my main grip is not whether you oee sitting or standing... however you go please make sure the seat is clean for the next person!!! it is totaly gross and unsanitary to sit in someone elses urine or poop!
had a good sighting at a rest stop recently. it was a bathroom that had a considerable gap between the door and the wall on two stalls. i saw one lady about 35ish who went in pulled down and overed over the bowl i could kind of see her pubic hair, but i couldn't see a stream. the second lady came in right after her and was talking on a cell phone. she walked into the stall talking pulled down her pants and underwear with one hand (still talking) sat on the bowl and peed a short bit. she came out of the stall still talking on her phone and didn't wash her hands. gross!! i wonder what the person on the other line thought?

Billy & Kevin
Last month, we got to school real early because our mom was helping out in the library. Mom said we have to read the 1st 2 harry pooter books before we can go to the movie. We were reading for about 45 minutes. It was almost time for school to start. Jeremy came over and said he had to pee. I said it's almsot time for school. Get Josh and we can go together. I have make to poops. Kev heard me and said he had to poop too. Neither of us pooped the day before, so it was going to be big ones. WE went into the bathroom. There were too little kids for kindergarden there pooping. When one kid was done, we all went around the toilet for a pee. The top of the water was frozen. It was a little cold in the bathroom, but not that cold. I guess someone left the window open over the weekend (they sometimes do that when it is stinky in there). There was the turds from the kid and two or three other piles and about 1 in of pee on top of hte ice. We aimed out pee streams together and made a ! whole about 2 in in the ice. Then Josh said he had to poop. He sat down and started to go. The other kid finished. THere were about 5 piles of poop and about 2" of water. I sat down and pooped. I dropped huge turd about 12" x 2" and about 5 6" turds after that. The last few turds were full of corn from dinner. WHile I was wiping, Josh got up and kev sat down on the other toilet. Because there wsa ice still, I didn't flush. Then a big fat kid came in. We hate this kid. He looked in the toilet and said, what am I supposed to do? I said use the toilet. The ice will melt and then someone will flush it. Kev pooped out 1 huge turd too and about 5 ones with corn. He wiped. THe ice was cracked so he flushed it. Everyting went down the whole. You could here the ice going through the pipes. IT really started to smell bad in the bathroom. The kid on the toilet had diarrhea. We washed out hands. While we were at the sink another kid came in and said, boy, that stinks. He looked in the t! oilet that we flushed and said, wow, that;s a lot of streak marks. He was sat down and started to go. The first kid on the toilet flushed his as we were leaving. I guess he wanted to get rid of the smell. When he flushed it, it overflowed fast. He jumped off the toilet. He butt was wet (I think it must have got his willy too). My turds floated over the bowl and unto the floor. Plust he diarrhea was all over the floor. It was a mess. I said I will tell the office. He said oh no. The ice broke up and the water level returned to normal. He sat down and pooped some more. I told them what happened in the bathroom in the office (except hte part about the wet butt and willey). That day kids started calling him flood. It was a whole week before they stopped calling him that. We hate the kid, but we didn't call him anything (we've pooped our pants and had diarrhea too). Besides, he so stupid, there are other things to make fun of him for.

the "HOLD IT" man
Hi folks and Merry Xmas. Sorry for the long absence but life gets hectic and work is a major pain in the you-know-what.

John Q, that was an excelent story, and I had a similar experience about 3 years ago, only in my case it wasn't the whole town. It was a problem with lime build-up in my pipes. The piping to the toilet tank, being so narrow compared to other piping was totaly clogged and the tank would not refil. I also couldn't get the valve to turn one way or another. Luckily the plumber was able to come in two days later to fix it, and I could flush by filling a bucket in the tub and pouring it into the toilet after I did my business.

Well it just so happens that the day my toilet finaly gives out is the day Katie is comming over to my place for a visit and bringing a friend of hers. Wouldn't you know it that they decided to have a hold contest while on the road. I completely forgot to warn them about the toilet, and when that door bell rang, Katie and a very pretty red-head were standing at the door. The red-head imediately pushed her way past me into my living room. "Where's the bathroom" she demanded anxiously. I told here where it was. "Time her" Katie ordered. It was at that moment that I noticed that Katie was jumping around a bit. I figured out what they were doing so I offered the measuring jug, but they just wanted to see how long they could hold and how long they could piss.

"OOOOOOOHHHH hurry up and tell me when to start" desperately said the red-head. I walked up to the door with my wrist watch in my hand. When the second hand reached the "12" I said start. A hard torrent of pee ripped into that tiolet water like never before. She held her labia apart so it wouldn't hiss, but it jetted and splansed like a fire hose for two minutes and 23 seconds non stop. She finish off with a series of short sphincter twitches. After Katie wrote down her time it was her turn. Katie did not hold her labid apart. She decided to do it a little differently. I told her about John Q's story about his girlfriend (or was it his sister)standing on the toilet and squating down on it, using her legs to support her weight instead of the toilet itself. She was facing the tank. Katie was definately ready to let loose. "Tell me when to start" she ordered. When I said start, a loud hissing twisty ribbon of pee shot out of her "piss flaps" and splashed int! o the toilet. Then she bore down so hard that it caused her to fart. The hiss rose to a major cizzle for about 15 seconds or so, then subsided back to it's normal SSSSS for most of her pee. I could see foam rising in the toilet as she continualy squeezed out her torrent. This went on non stop for 2 minutes and 58 seconds, and then she had to twitch her sphincter to let out the last few deops. That went on for another 5 seconds, making her piss a total time of 3 minutes and 3 seconds.

Then I told them that the toilet wouldn't flush and I had to use a bucket. I was mopping my kitchen floor that day and left the bucket under the kitchen sink. Katie and her friend went out there to get it. I couldn't resist a 'look-see' at what they did. The foam was clearly up to the rim of the toilet. I blew it with my breath so I could see the color of the urine. There was almost no color to it at all, and no urine smell at all. They must have been drinking alot of water or other liquids.

Well Katie came back with the bucket, and I had to take a leak, but I decided to hold and see how good I could do in comparison. I began to drink water like it was going out of style, and I took a "No Doz" tablet for the cafine. It took about 2 and a half hours for my bladder to feel like I was kicked in the stomach. I went into the bathroom, undid my fly, and aimed my 'tool' into the freshly flushed toilet. Katie and her friend stood at the door with my wrist watch. When Katie said "start" I began slowly at first, then it rose to a pretty respectable jet, but nothing compared to Katie's or her friends. It lasted for one minute and 30 seconds. It kicked up a pretty good head of foam, too but it was no more then half an inch thick, where the combined efforts of Katie and her friend was alot thicker and heaver. It was also very pale and had no smell.

hey eveyone! Now, I don't want to be the one to burst any bubbles, but I was just wondering if we could hear some more peeing stories? They never come any more! Anyways, happy holidays!

John Q Public
Red Haired Girlie:

I was reading your story about your sickness and it reminded me of the time when I was a kid and we were visiting my cousen with my parents. My cousen came down with a similar stomach flu bug, and was effected in the same way. The diareah was so bad that he filled his dwars and the place stank horibly.

He was also on the verge of throwing up. He warned his mother on numerous occasions that he was feeling sick, but she wouldn't listen to him, and admonished that there were guests in the house and he had to keep still and be polite. My parents were in the living room, and me and my cousen were in his room watching tv. They only had one bathroom in that house and his dad was in it. He realy had to go, and he was in no condition to wait around, and he finaly just lost it. Runny liqiud shit imediately seeped through his pants, ran down his leg and onto the floor, soaking into the carpeting. His parents were both enfuriated and embarassed. My sister was also there and she saw the whole thing. Both his parents yelled at him infront of all of us while his mom undresseed him and put him in the tub. At that moment he threw up in the bath tub, and to my amazement they yelled at him even more. Both my sister and I felt realy sorry for him.

The next day both his parents came down with the same thing, and had alot of trouble controling their bowls. It was one of these deals that a slight urge, like the kind you get when you have to fart, could fill your pants. Luckily the sickness was caused by something that they ate, and my sister, parents and I were spared from catching it.

All in all it was pretty gross, but I couldn't help but to think that those parents got their just deserts.

Sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope you are feeling much better. When you were in the hospital, did they have to give you any enemas for constipation? You did mention you were constipated from taking an addictive drug. Let us know. Stay well.


To Mark BB: Thats terrible what you had to go threw that wasn't right.

To The Sorcerer: I really loved your old were you then? and what did you eat if the girls said it it was a cool experience..lucky you.

To Red-Haired Girlie: Sorry to hear your sick...get well soon.

To Candi: Whats this about shitting in front of the sorriety sisters? i'd like to hear about that.

To REEK: Cool experience with your you ever poop for her?

To desperate to poop: Sounds like you had a nice dump

To John Q Public: Why couldn't you pee in the toilet and not flush in that situation..i do that. flush later

To Elise: Enjoyed your you think that woman came back to see your poop?

To Punk Rock Girl: Thanks for being concerned....been having a bit of trouble with my bowels..taking milk of magensia and this stool softner. I did manage to poop a little bit last night, not once but twice..Had a bunch of hard balls. I tried not to push and i actully kinda touched my hole so it might be easier for me to poop with out pushing(as im not to push or strain). I had had that feeling all day yesterday of being full. I thought maybe it was just gas and i told my parents i gotta try and poop. I pooped out hard balls. Will continue to take all meds till pain is about peeing outside..liked your story about your dump....wish i had one that soft cause i know i gotta be still pretty stopped up(prior to monday night..hadn't pooped since thursday night..or was it wed night).

To Stan ( the original : That sounds like something i used to do when i was a kid..go to the bathroom in another area when i was out cause i was afraid to be seen by family/friends and other people i knew.

To Jenna: Welcome..i liked your story..that was mean what someone did to you

I just mention to PRG about my bowels..everyone read that if you wish....still in a bit of pain...yet to go out, not really ready...did get a shower yesterday not so good, couldn't reach every area. Making progress..gotta go out midweek to the doc and stop by work etc. gotta go now see ya

Hi everyone. Long time reader, first time poster. I'm 18 years old and a senior in highschool. Even though I'm 18 I look closer to 14 or 15, I'm about 4'8 and 100 pounds. I have a tan, long brownish blonde hair that goes almost to my butt and green eyes.

First a little background: I was potty trained young, not much older than two. I had daytime accidents at least once a month until I was ten. I wet the bed pretty often until I was almost eight. Even though I stopped having regular daytime accidents when I was ten I still to this day have problems being really desperate or having accidents occasionally.

Last Friday I went on a field trip to Kansas City. Not sure how much info I'm allowed to give out so I'll tell you that I live in a city in Kansas that has about half a million people and makes lots of airplanes. The trip to Kansas City is about 3 and a half hours each way. Before we left we were told that we would not be stopping until we got to our destination, so I made sure to use the bathroom before we left. I slept for the first two hours of the trip. I woke up when the bus pulled over at the side of the rode. The teacher came up to the front of the bus and lectured us on the rules of the science center we were going to. He talked for about 30 minutes. By the time he was finished I was feeling the first tingling in my bladder letting me know that I needed to go to the bathroom sometime in the near future. As we drove along my bladder slowly filled. By the time we arrived at the science center I was bursting. We had to listen to a lecture from some lady, I didn't he! ar much of what she said as I was too busy concentrating on my urgent need for the toilet. As soon as she was finished talking I asked her where the bathrooms were. I quickly ran in the direction she pointed, practicially ran into the door and entered the nearest stall. I yanked down my pants and panties in one movement and fell back onto the toilet. I peed full force for about a minute and a half. When I was finished my bladder ached. I also noticed that there was about a dime sized wet spot on my pants. I used the bathroom about 4 more times during the 6 hours we spent at the science center and the mall later on. Near the end of our trip back to the school I found myself in a similar situation to earlier in the day. When we got back to the school I headed towards my car and started to get in. Before I got all the way in I decided that I didn't think I'd make it home so I used the car door as a shield while I peed in the parking lot.

I wish I had more time to write but I've got school tomorrow and need to get to bed. I'll write again soon.


Well, everything seems to be finally winding down for the semester. I haven't been stressed or anything. I get to go home the day after tomorrow! Obviously, I can't wait (do note that I am excited for other reasons besides having a throne all to myself!).

This morning my alarm woke me up around 5 and I looked thru my peep hole to see if anyone was in the hall. There didn't seem to be anyone, so I opened the door to find a ton of people still awake with their doors open and some people were studying in the linge. TRECHERY!!! I really had to shit but was feeling a little shy. I decided to wait it out. I finally relieved myself about a half an hour ago. I was still a little embarrased, but I figured that it was better to bear the shame than bear the pain. I produced a massive shit (I hadn't gone since Monday) that really hurt my ass on the way out. After about 20 minutes I was done and headed out to smoke a cigarette. I felt so damn relieved.

I couldn't tell anyone why I am so bowel shy. I'm not shy really when pissing, not shy with having to change in front of people (in the Army, sometimes I have to change in front of women), and I'm not shy about puking which I know some people are. Well, it does seem that college has made me less modest, but in a few days I'll be home and no more worrying. If I don't write again, everyone have a merry Christmas.

hi im a new poster, slim 5'9 blond - My girlfriend is really into the whole pooping scene, she even loves pooping in her panties sometimes and is trying to get me into it, one day t was the weekend and me and her were sitting on my bed watching tv when i farted, , i was wearing black pantyhose under a pair of white hot pants, the kind that show off your butt cheeks, she was just wearing blue panties and a vest, she said to me wow, that stinks , i said yeah i think i need to poop badly, i turned around to get up and she grabbed me from behind and said that she wasnt gonna let me go, by this time i was getting desopeartae and told her to let go, i was really trying to get away but sdhe just held on to me, she said thast i dare you to poop right here in to your hot pants, she said she wanted to smell by butt while i pooped!! isaid what?? i managed to get away and turned towards the door whilst tugging down my hotpants exposing my pantyhose encased round butt. then my girlfirnd suddenly grabbed me again and would let me go, i could hold it anymore and gae up, i closed my eyes and now icould feel my knobbly turd inch out of my tight pink hole and touch the fabric of my opaque black pantyhose, i had to stand with my legs slightly apart while my girlfriend was on her knees enjoying the show, i moved my hand onto my butt and could feel my pantyhose fill up with a massive turd and immediatly the room started smelling stongly of poop, my gf was just sniffing away, while my pantyhose got bigger and bigger and at last i could feel the log drop into the pants of my pantyhose, and sag a little. luckily my pantyhose were quite tight so they kept most of the poop in, my gf said thankyou for doing that and tolfd me she loved me, and she said now i wanna give u a show, she bent down and starting pushing , and sure enough her panties staarting mushrooming outwards and her poop entered her pantiesd and a small brown stain starting spreading into the seat of he! r panties, by now the room stank of poop, and my girlfriend, slowly peeled my pantyhose down being carefu lnot to make a mess and threw them in the bin, she took me to the toilet and gently wiped my anus clean with a wet tissue and i did the same for her, that was a experience ill never forget, i quite emjoyed it, anyone else into pooping into their panties or pantyhose, i know pantyhose girl and cute girl love their pantyhose?? anyone else out there.

HI to CARA, punk rock girl, SARAH, GILLetc

In regards to the question about foam, yes. I often do have very foamy pisses, especialy if I eat alot of lettuce, brocolie or esparagas.

John Q, how long was that room, and what did your Mom and Dad do when they had to pee or shit?

Adrian, it did feel pretty good, but I am so use to holding that 14 hours is not realy a big deal for me. I was uncomfortable, but I easily could held out for another 10 hours if I realy wanted to. Angie was not realy desperate either. Again she was uncomfortable, but she is almost like me when it comes to holding. She and I did have a contest a while back and I won, but she gave me a damn good run for my money.

Anyway, the reason for what we did was to see how far we can project our urine streams using a Female Urinary Device, and to see how easy it was to pee in a standing position. We both found that we liked peeing standing up, and had no problems with the FUD's we were using, but both of us also agree that it is more natural for us to squat or sit and lean forward.

I told angie about this message board. She read a few posts, and we decided that next weekend we are going to try out the FUD's again, only we are going to see how far we can get our streams to go by squating and leaning, but using the FUD to aim. I know that my piss comes out faster and harder when I squat and lean forward or sit and lean forward, so we are going to see about it this weekend. I will let you all know how it comes out.

I went and saw Star Trek last Friday, and I noticed that Marina Sirtress (Deana Troy) seems to have aged very little. I would realy love to see how good she is at peeing. I would also love to see that cute little Wesly Crusher and his mother both taking a piss into a measuring flask.

Mark R
Does anyone know any nurses who would post about poos which are done at work?

My ???? has been behaving very badly lately, and I had a huge poop today, one of the biggest I can remember. The smell was awful, and it really filled the toilet up. I am eating a lot of fruit at the moment so that must be why. It was pretty soft, and there wasn't much gas, but lots and lots of very smelly poop, a very dark brown in color.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Mark BB
Sarah T: I was never really told to go in my pants, but once my mother refused to let me go to the bathroom when I was with her at her friend's house. She kept saying, we're leaving, we're leaving, just wait. Well, I had diarrhea, and finally I couldn't hold it anymore. Liquid shit blew out of my ass, filling up my underpants, overflowing and running down my pants, and getting on the floor. My mother screamed at me and dragged me outside. She took me in the back, peeled off my shit-filled shoes, socks, pants and underwear so I was naked from the waist down, with her friend's two daughters watching through the window! She turned on the hose and sprayed me uuntil all the shit was gone. Her friend gave her a towel and I rode home with a towel wrapped around my waist. By Monday, the whole school knew I had shit my pants (I was seven). It sucked. It took about a month for kids to stop making fun of me about it. My mother felt bad a couple of days later and told me she'd! listen to me the next time I said I had to go. Nothing like that even happened again.

When i was a nursing student i lived in the nurses home along with several other nurses. One afternoon after my shift i was in another nurses room having coffee when i felt the urge to have a wee. i asked her if i could use her loo. Help yourself she said so i wandered into her bathroom, pulled down my knickers and lifting my skirt, i sat down on the seat. I had just started to wee when she walked in and knelt down in front of me and asked if she could watch. Her eyes were fixed between my legs as i always weed with them open. i didn't feel embarrased so i opened them wider so she could watch the wee gushing out between my lips. After i had finished, she got some loo roll and placing her hand between my thighs wiped my vagina thoroughly before dropping the paper down the pan. What an experience.

Donna. Thanks for the advice. You'll be pleased to know that whilst I enjoy a drink in moderation I won't be getting drunk over Christmas. It's not something I've ever done and I can't imagine what pleasure people who do derive from the experience. However, I will be following your advice and keeping my fluids topped up. I enjoyed your account of a wee in the shower before getting in the swimming pool. My guess is that you hadn't been for a long time and were well ready for it. I can well imagine Steve's surprise on the occasion when you weren't wearing any knickers and I think I'd have been surprised too. That said, they're a fairly modern invention and, up to Victorian times, ladies just used to wear very long skirts which made it easy to answer 'the lesser call of nature' ie take a discreet wee when out in public.

Mandy. Hi! I think it's great that there is a forum where people can simply enjoy discussing what everyone's got to do. Bodily functions are a great social leveller and everyone from the Queen down to the humblest subject/citizen has, like it or not, got to go to the loo so to speak. I think a lot of people do actually enjoy going as much as they enjoy a good soak in the bath, a bar of chocolate or a glass of wine. Certainly I enjoy a good poo and a good wee when I've not had one for a couple of hours. I'm pleased to hear that you keep your fluids topped up and are well flushed out. The importance of that for helping to keep infections at bay and maintaining good health can't be overstated. I think a #2 once or twice a day is healthy and it seems to suit me as well. There are people though who only go for a motion every two or three days or even once a week and, so long as that's normal for them, it's perfectly okay.

Best wishes for everyone


TREKKIE: Thank you for your wonderful comment regarding the sitting/standing issue. To me peeing standing is indeed a question of convenience and fun. It has nothing to do with wanting to be a man or feeling inequal if I sit down. That's not the point. There is one reason though why I would maybe want to be a guy: Maybe then I could piss just the way I want to, sitting or standing in any situation without some "open-minded" people feeling the need to give their "opinion" by calling me an idiot. On the other hand I don't feel like I need to justify myself so won't add much more to this topic. I just found your contribution very funny and to the point. It's like doing yoga without wanting to be am indian...Thanks, I already thought I was the only one, who was enstranged by the unnecessary insults of this...

RIZZO: Good to see your wife reacted so nicely! I hope she won't give up, it takes a while to fully master it. But then she will be equipped with another freedom of choice. I was very happy to have it on a recent walk with the current cold over here. All the best, Ina

ROBBIE, ANNIE, SARAH, MEGHAN, LOUISE, STEVE, CARMELITA, PV, JEFF A. and other friends: Hope you are all well and I wish you all some nice holidays and a lots of health and happiness! Love Ina

The Sorcerer
Well Indoor Track has started,and I'm wondering why we still do cross country -_-*.well it is warm where we are at.Anyway after a Track Meet we usually get alot of time to hang out before we leave,mainly cause we finish early.So me and two girls on distance(we're the only ones that don't do sprints too)decided to walk the cross-country path.They had seen me go to the bathroom before,and I guess they liked it very much and wanted an encore,cause onf the girls asked me if I had to take a track dump.Well I'm not one to disappoint.So I searched for a log in the bushes and they followed.I finally found a nice smooth log after afew minutes and sat down on my sweatshirt,my butt hanging over the edge,and my pants and boxers sitting up high on my thighs.

"Nice butt!"one of them said almost immediately.They made some other jokes as they had a clear view of my butthole.The comments never ceased as I began.I pushed hard and my zipper-like farts started.They went into a fit of giggles making jokes as I finally felt a turd coming out. "I can see it coming out!" one of them said as the tip of what must be a hard turd started to poke out.I pushed and grunted,but this turd did not want go come out.Before I could say anything one of the girls shouted "I'll help" excitedly and grabbed my buttcheeks and spreaded them.The comments on my dump nearly tripled as I leaned forward with my elbows on my thighs and pushed hard.The girl holding my butt giggled with laughter as this hard,long turd slowly crackled out my butt."You stink bad" she said making a funny face as I started letting out tons of farts.

The other girl made a whining sound and said she wanted to help me too. I really didn't need it,but I was enjoying it all.So it ended up with each girl grabbing one cheeck and spreading it."Cute butthole!"the girl said as she joined the fun,obviously observing closely.I pushed again and more zipper-like farts started.It really did smell over here,but they were taking it.I see something coming said one of the girls as I pushed hard and a smooth,but long turd started snaking out.As soon asit landed I grunted in surprise as a FAT turd started pushing out.That's a big one said one of the girls excitedly as it slowwwly moved out.They began laughing hard and giggling at the loud crackling noises the turd was making.I pushed hard and it fell wit a loud thud.Almost immediately I felt a series of PoopBalls(that;s what I call em)started shooting out my butt with barely a pause in between.The girls started giggling madly. This was probably the best show they had ever gotten.After a! bit the poop balls stopped,and more series of nasty-soundin farts began. One of the girls playfully ran her finger up and down the top of my crack.I'm sure she came very close to touching the next set of turds that started plopping out.Fairly medium-sized turds mixed with poop balls started slithering out.After awhile the turds stop coming out,but I could STILL feel poop in there.I couldn't believe how big this dump was,but probably cause I hadn't gone in a week,but pigged out all week as well."Nothing comin out your butthole now" said one of the girls looking itently in my crack,but as soon as she said it I felt an explosion of mini turds shoot out my ass.Some were even hard to get out.

The girls giggled insanely at the explosion of turds and farts.They were both squeezing my cheeks in excitement,and one of the girls was still running her finger up and dnwon my crack.Right after the explosion of turds I felt a thick and knobbly turd move out and just stop midway and hang.They began laughing madly and making jokes as I tried to push it,but it just hung out like a tail they say.It took quite a while to push the turd out inch by little inch.It crackled all the way until my "tail" finally thudded to the ground.I pushed to see if there was more and all that I got was a LOUD fart that they had to make jokes about.This had to be my biggest dump ever.I looked at my pile and saw all kinds of pieces of turds.They giggled insanely as they switched between looking at my turds on the ground and staring at my butthole hoping for more turds.

Finally they let go and immediately pulled out some small wads of toilet paper.They were obviously expecting to get me to go to the bathroom.I stood over and bent over as one of the girls playfully squeezed and grabbed my cheecks open, while the other dug into my crack with the Toilet Paper.They both kept switching positions playfully wiping me until there was nothing left.I let out a few final farts and pulled up my pants and boxers after they gave me playfull smacks on the butt for a job well done.We were about to go when one of the girls said she had a surprise for me.She pulled her pants down and sat her shapely ass over my pile.I watched in expectation as her tigh butthole spread and she let out an explosion of the most poopballs I've ever seen before.That's basically all that came out her butt.More and more poop balls shot out as she farted noisily during her dump.The other girl laughed quite openly.The girl dumping was done in just a few minutes though.She bent o! ver like I did and let me spread her big cheecks and wipe her.She farted consistantly while I wiped her saying she couldn't help it,but I think it was her sense of humor.I didn't mind the view though!I wiped her till her little hole was more than clean,and she pulled up her panties and pants and said she hoped I liked it.That was a nice gift for me.Now I'm just waiting on the other girl to do it too :D.

To John Q and to Just Another Guy: Tell us more about those big bladdered women in your life and more about yourselves. How many times a day does your cousin pee, John Q and your girl friend, Just Another Guy (and have your measured her output)?

Hello everybody! My last letter went to the bottom of page 1041, so I hope nobody misses it.

This morning I copied my mum from when she went swimming all by herself. Well I went with mum, and we left the ladies' changing rooms and we checked the men's toilets but we decided we were going to have some fun in that shower again. I had a white one-piece swimsuit and my mum had a blue one. My sister could not be with us and that was a bit of a shame.
Mum is right. The swimming pool is one of our favourite places to have some weeing fun. I have not weed in the actual pool for years though, but I weed when I was in a hotel pool a few months ago when it was going to be cleaned anyway.
Well today it was clear outside the shower cubicle there and I untied my swimsuit at the neck and I pulled it right down to my knees. I did not think about why we were in the one-piece things until then when I realised they were more daring for doing this. Well I stepped into the shower but I did not squat. I reached behind be to hold my swimsuit back and I just stood there with my legs apart. I let rip with a good hissy gusher. SSSSSSS...SSSssss It was a bit noisy as well when it splattered on the floor of the shower. I had a big twist in my stream and it was like a yellow rainstorm when my wee landed on the floor you know? I got my feet splashed a bit too. I stopped a bit suddenly and then I started weeing again and when I clenched my bladder I did little quick squirts and sometimes they kept going with a bit of a hiss. I did a bit of dripping at the end and I got out of the shower to pull my swimsuit back up and tie it. My mum did it like me. She pulled her swimsuit d! own and she stood up. She started pissing and she had a good twisty, hissy gusher too. It was a giggle doing it like this. I think next time I will have a squat though. Mum's gusher did not last as long as mine and she had a bit of a trickle before she stopped. She did a bit of dripping to finish and that was it. I should have waited to put my swimsuit on because I did not wash my puss after my wee. That was what mum did when she got rid of our yellow wee by turning on the water you see. She just splashed some water on herself down there.
Well we went for our swim and mum had a bit of a surprise when she learned she had not tied her swimsuit well behind her neck. It came untied when she was swimming and it came off down to the waist and bared her melons. giggle She had to stop and tie her swimsuit up again but I do not think anybody really saw.

KENDAL - Hi girl! It is really good when you have sent a latter for us to read. Are you going to be a new Kim with logs that big?
Love Louise xx

MANDY - Hi! Welcome!


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