Red-Haired Girlie
Hi everyone. I have an awful stomach flu. I felt queasy and sick this morning when I woke up, but I ignored it. So far, all I've had aside from the normal queasiness, fever and general shitty feeling is a terrible case of diarrhea. I've already filled my drawers once, and also, my little sister (17) said she feels feverish and sick too. I wonder if she caught what I have.

The first attack came on early in the afternoon. I was wearing some tight fitting blue jeans, red, full cut panties and a red Tee Shirt. I felt like I had a lead weight in my gut all day, I also felt queasy and achy, but didn't tell mom or dad I wasn't feeling so well. Well, about an hour after I arrived, dad went to town for some groceries and me and mom were chatting in the living room. By now I was feeling really sick and knew I was going to need to relieve some pressure soon. My mom got up to make us some tea, and I decided to let out a fart while she was gone. I rose on one hip and relaxed, but instead of cutting a wet, sloppy fart a rush of super-soft but not quite liquid diarrhea poured into my panties. I managed to stand up to keep from ruining the sofa, but my hot mess smashed up against my butt cheeks and made it's way down my thigh. I was mortified and crying when my mom came back. I explained that I hadn't been feeling so well and just had an accident. She to! ld me it was OK, that stuff like that happened to people everyday. I went upstairs to bathe and my mom tried to get the shit stains out; the panties were a lost cause but we saved the blue jeans. I had another attack after my ten minute bath, but made it to the toilet this time. I've been to the bathroom at least six times (completely liquid poops) since then today and I still feel awful. Naturally, my ass feels like its on fire. Anyway, I won't be sleeping anytime soon so I decided to post my tales.

PS: My sister pretty much ran by here crying just now, she was naked from the waist down. Then mom came walking by carrying her Pjs and sheets. Mom told me she had an attack of diarrhea in her sleep and messed the bed, poor kid

Hey everyone.... My name's Candi, actually Candice but Candi is so much cuter! I'm 18, dark brown hair, green eyes, 105lbs and 5'4. I just love this site! My soroity sisters are trying to break me into the whole shitting in front of them, and i'm doing alright learning..... maybe this site will help :) ~* XOXO *~

~* Candi *~

~PS~ I just LOVE guy shit stories.... mmm, they're real good hehe. So guys, make me happy and let's see some good ones posted soon!

My wife stopped home yesterday in the midst of her Christmas shopping excursion. Knowing me as she does, she batted the lashes on her big blue eyes knowingly and said "I was between malls and had to go to the bathroom. I figured you might enjoy it." Of course she was right and I looked forward in anticipation as she finished showing me some gifts she'd picked up. Then she went to the bathroom as I followed, locking the door behind us. She lowered her jeans to her knees and descended the throne. She settled in her healthy curves busting out of her Saturday sweater. She had her elbows on her thighs and scooted forward just a bit. She knows I like to watch the whole production as it exits her rear. It didn't take long for the first thick log to present itself. She'd been bound up a bit so I knew this would be a big one. The first log was about 8" long and easily 2" in diameter. It was followed by another couple of similar size and then a rest. My wife got up off the seat for a ! moment so we could both see her dump which was formidable but not as large as many I've seen her have in the last 20 years or so. Even so she thought she should flush the first part though I convinced her otherwise. She then sat back down saying "she wasn't done yet" and sqeezed out a few more which made lighter, more high pitched splashes indicative of smaller poops. Then she peed a good steady stream. She rolled up a wad of toilet paper off the roll and dabbed her hairy frontside and then reached around to wipe her ass. We both looked at the paper in her hand which was loaded with smeared poop. She remarked that was a really messy one. She wiped again and got a big smear on her right hand, much to her chagrine. She wiped a couple more times and then asked me to get a moist towelette from the medicine cabinet. I was given the honor of performing the final detailing on her dirty hole and the surrounding vicinity. When we were both satisified she was cleaned up she pulled her! jeans back up and buttoned them. We admired her large movement in the bowl as we washed our hands. It seemed a shame to flush it.

Linda GS
I may have to change my name to RS when pokemon Ruby and Sapphire come out..oh well. Sorry for my LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG absence but guess what? We moved to a MUCH bigger place. Yup and well we were without phones for a internet but now we have broadband and woohoo!!! Speed baby!! Anyway,....

It's worht watching because it's funny and it makes you wonder..maybe the reason we never see supermodels poop is because they really have to put that much effort into it and out comes a might KAPLUNK!!! If you listen closely enough you can hear the nasty crackiling and squelching as it comes out. One gal is so cute a she says "Thank you" with a sigh as the girl next to her hands her a bit of paper to wipe her tushie which you see. They stay on the toilet after ther done and it goes to other skits then... oddly thought near the end it quickly cuts back to those super models and they're at it again. However don't look for this scene have to go through a LOT of nasty stuff to get there. I begged my cousin to see it all and he warned me bu he said you're old enough to decide for yourself so I saw it.. BOY did i regret it. That Parnoid thing you said makes sense...I know i ahve to do a dance like I'm Hula Hooping to get out of it. Oh sometimes I wish we could mak! e movies..I came up with a silly idea yesterday when i read your posts and El's as well(thank you much). It be funny to make short films about potty stuff but well in good taste and such.. i came up with an image in my head of you and I in the bathroom and you trying to get out of a tight dress and wiggling and such to get ip up as you face me. What i don't say is that my cousin walks in and see you get it up and the pampies come down. You turn aroudn to sit and see him and he stands there red faced and says"I can see you two are busy...I'll come back later" and then he bolts off. hee hee. Oh well. Anyway..we have 3 1/2 bathrooms.two are full bathrooms and one only has a toidy and sink. However I love my cousin and Elena's bathroom and have been given permission to sue it whenever. But since we got twin ahem "in training" it helps to have extra toidies. Oh I have a funny story... MY twin sisters came down and well Hortence wa son the toidy straining..I walke dina nd asked i! f I could come in and brush my teeth.(Hey a girl needs a pretty to go with a pretty face) she said yeah but close the door so no dumb boys will see her. So i ddi and I brushed my teeth and she strained out 3 good plops while I was there. Then my cousin calls ou to her and see says "In here" He opens the dor and sees her and asks he rif she finally pooped. she nodded and said more was on the way and out came a big PLOP. I said "hey I though you said no boys could see?" She looked at me and said " He's not a dumb boy he's my Miguel" Then i learned that late the ngiht before she had had some bad ???? cramps and was crying.. my cousin came in and stayed up with her as she passed some small poops. She was a bit embarrassed but he was nice to her and she got comfy around him... he gave her some tea so in the mnoring it all came out and i had witnessed it. Kinda funny but I guess my cousin has a way with us. hee hee. Ack I'm out of time I was only supposed to be on a short while p! lease excuse my tyops and such but I'm in a rush...more stories later

I promise next time.


skate boy
sara how old are u and everyone else please tell me how old they are so i can get a better vision of u

To Terri: I know how that is about doorless stalls erotic and embarssing all at the same time.

To Sarah: Loved your how old are you?

To unnamed poster: About talking to your friend about peeing...really liked your story.

To Tommy: Loved your actully saw some guys pooping in the sinks? thats cool bet they were pretty desperate to poop...don't know of any dirty bathrooms around here.

To Billy & Kevin: Liked your story.

To IndianaMAN: Sounds like a nice dump and cool you can't wait to go home to poop.

To Jimmy: That sounds like a cool text book..guess if you ever went to china you'd need to know the terms for that stuff.

To troy: Sounds like a nice old are you?

To An Occasional Observer: I notice after leaving any movie i gotta pee..guess from all the soda i drink

To Cory: Liked your story about pooping Your self

To KT: Liked your story about christmas a few years ago.

To shy boy: Liked your story about having to poop at school

To Luke: Sounds like a good dump..where did you poop at?

To Coprologist: Sounds like a cool toy..wonder who came up with that?

To Punk Rock Girl: Sounds like a cool project you had to do...Sounds like a cool movie...i wanna see that and that other movie 8 crazy nights..doubt i will get out to see them any time soon cause i just had surgery friday..not ready to go out..haven't even showered or changed clothes..thats how bad i feel.

To Biker Trash: Sorry..i missed that part.

To Anthony K: Liked your story about shitting your self.

To coyote: cool song you made up

To Katrina: cool about the "sword fights" you had

To Shy Girl: Thanks for being concerned..see my last post about surgery..will post more at the end of all back sooner then every one was outpaitent of friday and yesterday i was tired of laying..trying to move around a bit. Liked your story too

Im keeping every one upto date on my progress..still hanging in there..doing ok, and still in pain...been peeing alot...thats a pain in the neck to keep getting up to go pee...I haven't pooped since before the surgery..i was giving milk of magnesia last night to try and help me poop since its been a while and im constipated from the medicine. gonna go now bye

Not counting childhood and assuming 'watched' means 'where other people could see' as opposed to having an 'audience' of people actually wanting to see you go as some people do in groups (which I'm definitely not into. My interest is pretty much limited to genuine wetting accidents, which are sadly in extremely short supply 'round these parts lately.) here goes.

1) Have you ever had to go to the toilet while others watched - pee'd or pooped?

Rarely, but yes.

2) Did you find it easy to go?

With #1, I'll stand a bit closer to the urinal than usual, but that's about it. It wouldn't kill me if someone could see me. With #2, I couldn't (as in 'refuse to,' not as in the 'poop-shyness' condition where try as you might, you can't) in front of people, and even in public bathrooms with stalls, I'll wait until nobody's there or until so much time has passed that it's clear that I'm just not going to have the total privacy I'd like.

3) Did you try and fart quietly or just let it out as usual?


2) Have you ever gone to the toilet and then discovered others watching afterwards?


3) How did you feel?


4) Have you ever watched someone go?


5) Have you ever watched someone go and they didn't know you were there?

Nope. (Well, maybe as a kid and I'd laugh just because "if only they knew! Hee hee, they can't see me!" but I did say not counting childhood.)

7) Do you leave ski d marks or floaties after being done?


8) Have you ever clogged the toliet up real bad? Nope!

A lot. For some reason it always requires significantly more tissue for me than for most people. I have used entire rolls, as in "unopened before, bare core after" in one sitting on many occasions. Time and tissue are directly proportional, so I've had to 'schedule' bathroom trips. I feel that I'm going to have to go at some point within the next few hours, so I have to find forty-five free minutes at some point to be absolutely sure. If anyone's had this problem and knows what to do about it, holler.

9) Do you have to grunt or is it easy to drop your load?

Sometimes I have to struggle, but I don't make any 'sound effects.'

10) In public do you not flush for others to see your load?

No, and I find it to be rather distasteful when people do. For everyone that has an interest, there are a hundred who don't, and most people don't appreciate a smelly, dirty bathroom. If you're *really* trying to enhance the next guy's/girl's experience, then keep it clean. In fact, it wouldn't hurt to make sure it all went down and flush a second time if it didn't. Whatever our interests are, to most of the world, bathrooms that smell like open sewers are disgusting.

As for the standing/sitting issue, I'm not a woman, but a lot of people who post here are and I've been reading much longer than I've been posting. The idea that all or even as many as 15% of the women who are doing it are "penis-envy idiots who have nothing better to do but wish [they] were men" is pretty far out in left field (heck, it's out of the stadium and through someone's windshield. Start with ‘ridiculous’ and work your way *down* the likelihood scale.) The women who do it talk about convenience or just plain having fun. Perhaps what's fun to them isn't fun to you, but if *that’s* grounds for high-and-mightiness... what if I deemed myself superior to all those “hobbit-envy idiots who have nothing better to do than wish they were Frodo Baggins" because I didn't like Lord of the Rings? I mean, come on.

desperate to poop

Some nice stories lately. I had a really hot creamy shit this morning. I had been farting away beforehand and already had a solid poo a few hours earlier.

I was in bed with my girlfriend and it suddenly attacked me, I hurried downstairs and proceeded with hot soft serve for a several minutes. My bum felt afterwards, the bathroom stunk but I felt much better :)

John Q Public
Jill dl:

That is a sad fact, but it does not last too far into childhood. Boys usualy stand up to pee instinctively, as girls squat or sit instinctively. That's not to say that there aren't people who adapt to various situations. There are planey of guys who perfer to sit down, and plenty of women who can stand up, but as you point out, it's natural for people to pee a certain way. It's like dogs. Female dogs allways squat to pee. Male dogs will squat to pee while they are pupps, but as they get older they instinctively learn to lift their hind leg.

Just Another Guy:

That's an interesting story. The truth is, that my cousen is one of many women in my family with huge, strong bladders. My sister takes the cake, and my gf is also quite well endowed. Yes, what my cousen did on the way to the airport realy did suprise me. I knew she had a very strong bladder, but 3 and 1/2 quarts is alot for anyone to be able to hold. Although I have seen my sister take some pretty spectacular pisses on many of ocassion. I have also seen my gf come close to 3 qwuarts on occasions, like when she and my sister have contests. They know each other quite well. I met her through my sister.

Here's a story about my sister that I think you will like. She was just barely 13, and 6 feet tall. I was almost 17, and a junior in high school. During the course of that day the town we lived in suffered a broken water main, and we could not use the toilet. My bladder is nothing to write home about, but back then I had to pee all the time, and if I even attempted to wait I would have an accident. We were asked to avoid using the toilet because we couldn't flush. Anyway since hering this for the umpteenth time is probably going to bore some people, I will just say that I spend that day in diapers, but my sister simply waited. It didn't seem to bother her too much for a while. She drank the liquids she normaly drank with out any ill effects.

Well it got later and later and the water was still not restored. Finaly, at about 2 in the morning or so, I was awakend by my sister. She was dancing, jumping and shaking her legs all over the place. (Keep in mind she was just barely 13 at the time.) She was doubled over like some body punched her in the stomach. "I have to pee so bad" she said almost on the verge of teers. She looked like she was in agony, so I told her that she better just go and not worry about flushing. "But daddy told us to wait." she said. "No, Dad told us to avoid using the toilet unless it was a real emergency. If you don't pee now, you are going to soak the floor, and I think Mom and Dad would perfer an unflushed toilet to that any day."

Well, she stood there for about 10 more minutes and then a short spurt of piss shot out of her right through her panties and hit the wall from all the away at the other end of the room. She ran into the bathroom, Tore her panties down so hard that they ripped, and the hissing started before she even had a chance to sid down. Whe got pee all over the seat and flush box, but finaly did manage to sit down. Then she leaned forward and her torrent came out so hard and hissy that my Mom heard it in the next room and thought the water was back on and that I was taking a shower. I don't know how long that peeing went on, but I didn't know w hen she was going to stop. She would stop for a few moments, then that imense SSSSSSSSS would start up again and go for another minute or so. I was feeling an urge myself, and the hissing and splashing of her piss was so long and pronounced that it actualy made me let loose in my diaper. My Mom walked in and saw what was happening, adm! onished my sister for allowing her situation to become an emergency, then left the room.

When the hard peeing finaly did stop, she let out another series of short but hissy spurts in a rapid succession, of PSS PSS PSS PSS PSS

Just to finish the story I was relating to Just Another Guy:

Sorry, but my fingers hit the "enter" button by misteak. Anyway she finished off with a short series of spurts that lasted for an other eternity.

Of course the water was shut off and she couldn't flush, so I got to see what she had done after she left. The look of reliefe on her face was like none that I have ever seen before.

I walked into the bathroom. The small was very strong, and again, there was a thick head of foam that prevented me from seeing the water in the toilet. I went back to bed and when I woke up the next morning there was still some foam, but it had thing out to reveal a dark amber liquid that still gave off a strong odor of fresh urine.


The other day, I was walking through the woods. When I left home, I should have used the toilet to poop, but I didn't. Now I was there walking and the urge to poop became stronger and stronger every second. Eventually, I just couldn't hold it anymore. I was too far from home so going back wasn't an option. I had to choose for either having an accidant or go in the bushes. I decided to do the latter. Because it is winter, there were no leaves on the trees. I found a spot, but if somebody would walk by, they would see me clearly, if they'd notice me. Well, I went to the spot, watched very quickly for someone who could see me, and pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles. I began to push and the log started to come out very slowly. I really thought that it would all come out in a matter of seconds, but it didn't. Actually I thought that I had a diarrhea attack, because the urge was sooo strong. I hadn't gone the day before and therefore I was a little constipated. Then! , suddenly, I saw a woman, about 40 years old, walking in my direction. I wanted to pull my pants up, but couldn't, because there was a big log coming out of me. I did manage to hide my private parts with my hands. When she walked very close on the trail, she saw me. She was startled and glared at me but said nothing. She was standing still a few seconds and then she walked further. After that, I strainined for several more minutes, before I was done pooping. I managed to wipe with some dried leaves on the ground. Then I pulled up my panties and pants and went to home.

Punk Rock Girl
Bryian: Hope you feel better, your recovery is quick and smooth, and you don't have too much trouble with your bowels!

JW: Hey, fellow constipation sufferer! If I'm really clogged up, sometimes leaning forward does help, but I usually sit the same way I always do on the shitter, upright. I rarely lean forward or backward very much, because it usually doesn't make much difference. Also, unlike many girls, I don't keep my thighs clamped together while sitting on the john. I just sit the same way I'd sit in a chair, whether I'm peeing or crapping, with my thighs open a bit. Agin, it doesn't make much difference either way.

A girlfriend of mine told me sometimes her menstrual cramps get so bad that she can't sit down. She either stands, slouches or lays. This, of course, makes going to the bathroom a chore at those times. She said she usually takes her pants and underwear completely off, then straddles the toilet and lets her pee or shit drop in. That must suck!

I had a rather messy and loud dump last night while out to dinner. I felt fine, but I got a bad cramp in my guts about halfway through dinner, and went to the restroom. I went in a stall, dropped my jeans and thong to the floor and sat on the seat. Several chunks of semi-soft shit blew out of my ass with a number of loud farts and splashes. The restroom was full, so I know everyone heard me! After a few more minutes of mild squirts, I was done, but I had to wipe my ass five times to get it clean! Very gooey. I went back to my boyfriend and friends and finished dinner. Later that night, I had a small, but regular dump. I got me some seriously f***'d up bowels!

I peed outside on Friday night. My office had a Christmas party, and a few of my co-workers were outside having a smoke (which I rarely do). Anyway, a few of us had to pee, so we just went into the bushes near our building. Two guys, two girls. I pulled my pants and thong down just past my ass and squatted, as did my girl friend. The boys just peed standing up. I guess it was something of a bonding experience!

Happy holiday!


Stan ( the original )
I love listening to girls/ladies having a good plop.

I have a shit at work about 3 times a week. I don't
like people I know hearing me, so I go to a toilet on another
floor where no-one knows me, and enjoy letting others listen to me,
and listening to them ( though i would rather listen to females.

I change my underpants every day, and sometimes twice. If I'm going to gym I change then.
I have a sniff at them sometimes. The ones I have had on all day smell of pee at the front, and the ones I have on for 1-2 hours at the gym
have a pleasant sweaty smell.

Do any of you females have a sniff at your knickers when changing them.

question for the women. when you urinate into the toilet bowl water. do you make foam bubbles or not ?

SARAH and KIA - what panties were u wearing when u pooped yrself, were they full panties or a thong?? were u wearing any pantyhose?? If u wear pantyhose when u poop yrself it is more likely to stay in and a lo less messy, have u ever pooped in pantyhose on purpose or by accident, id love to hear all about it.

CORY - what were you wearing when u pooped yrself, was it messy, how did it feel???

hi iam new posting but ive been reading for ages neway iam a 17 year old female and i have a storie for you from when i started my new high school. i was omly about 11 at the time and it was at lunch i had just eaten my lunch from the canteen and i had the urge to poop. so i went to the toilet. i sat in one of the stalls with my jeans and panties down i leant foward and began to poop after about a inch or so came i felt a very warm feeling on my but. i thought i cant stop now so i carried on then i realised it was the poop touching my but i panicked wondering what it was but i couldnt look cause i was still pooping. i looked in between my legs at the pan then i ralised that some meaN B???H HAD PUT CLING FILM across the pan. i stood up to see poop smeared across the cling film and my butt neway i cleaned up and left feeling very embarassed and a little turned on
see you soon *jen*

Monday, December 16, 2002

Adrian, Hi. I'm very pleased for you that your symptoms have gone away. Hmm I think the drinking as a self treatment should be kept up for some time. Drinking alcohol over Christmas will do you no harm and keep you going to the toilet often enough, but if I were you I would avoid getting hungover. When you have a hangover you get dehydrated, and when you are like that, you go to the toilet less to wee less and it could give the infection a chance of coming back. I think it's a good idea to keep the anibiotics ready just in case though. I have had a good wee lately, yes. I'm going to have to be careful about this habit I've got of weeing at the swimming pool. This was last Friday morning, and I took my swimming stuff to do a few lengths of the pool by myself. In a black bikini and with an urge to wee I made my way out of the changing room and I would have sneakily given a golden rinse to the steel urinal in the gents' toilets. The cleaner who you will remember a couple of we! eks ago saw Louise having a healthy girly squirt in his metal bucket was there doing his thing, washing the floor with water from that same bucket. I didn't think it was wise to enter the gents' alone with him around but it was so tempting. Instead I went to one of the shower cubicles just before you reach the pool. I was getting a raw thrill out of just being there in a fairly open space. I dropped my bikini briefs to knee level, which is easier to say than it was to do. In the end I took the briefs completely off. Bending over was a fine balance between losing and keeping my control. I nearly wet myself before I was ready to start. The squatting position increased pressure on me to start and with my legs well spread I unleashed a pressured waterfall onto the shower floor. I'm not quiet when I wee, and there was a hiss from down there. The flow was "twisty", and it was yellow enough as I had saved it since early morning. Having a piss in the pool shower seemed just as naugh! ty in its way as entering the gents' and I enjoyed the experience. I got a little turned on actually. After my wee was over I stepped out of the shower and turned on the water to rinse the wee away down the plug hole. I swiped some water between my legs before I put on my bikini again. The swim was a boring affair after doing this.

Cara, hiya. I'm no innocent when you talk about wearing no knickers, and I can't criticise my friend for going without them for the convenience of weeing outside. The summer before last on a very hot day I had a wee in a park with Louise and Steve. All I had on was a white dress. I felt cool that way and it was very convenient when I had a squat in the bushes. Steve was shocked, mind, on seeing what I'd got when he expected I'd be wearing a thong, and I remember his face to this day.

Donna xx

Although I have visited this board for the past couple of years and have completed the survey, this is my first post. To introduce myself, I am a single 43 year old female from the UK in full time employment. I think it is refreshing to have a discussion forum on what is, after all, a necessary and pleasurable experience. We all have to relieve ourselves and I think there are far too many inhabitations about the whole subject, and discussing it, especially where females are concerned. After all girls have to go to the toilet, just the same as boys. We are just more inhibited about talking about it, especially where pooping is concerned, and I think it is to do with traditional attitudes and the perception of women as the fairer sex. When a girl enters a toilet the primary reason is not to “powder her nose”. I must admit that I have been, and probably still am to an extent, as guilty of toilet talk inhibitions as anyone. Although I enjoy reading the posts and discus! sions, I have refrained from posting, until now.

I wee quite regularly throughout the day, without giving it a second thought. They say it is healthy to drink plenty of fluids and I follow this advice, adding to the need. I am not one for holding it when I feel the urge. I think pooping is a far more pleasurable experience and I am usually very regular, going in the mornings. It is extremely rare that I go a day without pooping, but on some occasions poop twice in a day. If I have work, I poop when I wee, first thing, before going downstairs for breakfast. I always seem to have an urge at this time and must admit that I really enjoy entering the bathroom, pulling my pants down, sitting on the toilet and letting nature take its course. I just relax and can drop my load with minimal effort, often weeing, on and off, at the same time. My poo is usually soft and the logs small. It often comes out in a rush to begin with, but I have to push to finish off. I am usually done quite quickly. Wiping takes a lot of the! time as I am thorough and usually need a lot of paper. I usually poo silently, but often it is smelly.

If I am not working I usually wait until later in the morning and will use the down stairs loo. Because the room is small the odour is more prominant. I do not feel compelled to poo at home, the attraction being softer paper. If time is short I will always hold on and poo when I am out. I have no inhibitions about using public facilities, although that has not always been the case. It was a silly hang up I eventually overcome.

Hope you enjoyed this first post.


Uncle Allen
I did not realize that Jim was 12 years old. At that age he would propably be safe alone. I guessed I just assumed that he was younger. I teach children who are younger and so when I read stories about school kids sometimes I just automatically think of them as being young. However, I live onthe East Coast near New York City. There are certain areas here where a child would not be safe alone on the streets due to possible kidnappings. That does not mean the whole country is that way so do not be worried about visiting. It's like anything else- you just have to know where you are. I will sign off for now because I am getting a little off topic for this forum. I just wanted you to know that I was not trying to give a bad impression of the entire area- just wanted to make sure all of the posters are safe.

Happy Holidays to all- The holidays tend to create some great situationf for posting on this site. I'll post some stories soon

Tommy. I generally try to avoid using public loos for bowel movements and I prefer to stand for a wee when out and about precisely for reasons of hygiene. There have been (fortunately rare) occasions when I've had no choice but to use a public loo for #2 though.

Katrina. Enjoyed your latest post. After waiting 14 hours you and Angie must both have been pretty desperate for a wee. No doubt it felt good to get it out of your system.

Simpson. In answer to your questions I would love to be allowed to watch Anne Robinson go for a bm. I wouldn't mind being watched myself by Davina McCall.

Sarah T.
Hi,have you ever been told or allowed to do it in your pants as a child???

when other girls go t the toilet on a trash can, do u sit on it or stand over it like the one on the masthead. i actually sit on it, it gets uncomfortable but its ok. what do other women do?

I recently used a public bathroom that had no stall doors. It was kinda embarrassing but erotic at the same time. There were 4 toilets and no stall doors. Women sitting all exposed ... some acting embarrassed and some exposing vividly.Exposing myself while others were waiting for a toilet to become avaibale, I opend my legs and wiped from the front. Then I grabbed some additional tp and reached around my rump and wiped. I found it a great way to expose and sneak peeks.

I was on a trip to Warsaw. When I arrived at the airport I felt the need for a #2. I went to the toilet and saw a cleaning woman just starting to clean the men´s toilets. She was in her forties and a little ????er. As she did not understand what I said to her in english I showed her what I meant. She smiled and said O.K.. I went into the second stall but did not lock the door. I had some problems to push the log out and began moaning a little bit louder. Suddenly the door was opened and the cleaning woman stood in front of me. She had a tp roll in her hands and gave it to me. I showed her with my hands that I would finish in a few minutes, which she obviously understood and she kept standing where she was. I started to push and while a big fat log moved out my asshole she watched curiously my face. After the log has moved out I relieved some loud farts. "Uhh" she reacted. I stood up from the loo with the tp in my hands but without wiping my ass. I turned round and looked at! my jobbie. The woman came closer and looked over my shoulder into the loo. "Ohhh" she mentioned. I pulled up my trousers, took my purse out of my pocket and gave her 5 PLN. She laughed loudly and said: "Dien dobre!". I went before the stall and watched what she would do as I had not flushed the toilet. She left the stall and returned with a piece of cloth. Then she started cleaning the seat and the outer parts of the loo but did not flush the toilet. The odour of my jobbie meanwhile filled the whole stall but this did not bother her. After she had cleaned the toilet from outside and the seat, she suddenly closed the door but did not lock it. I could hear that she pulled up her apron and down her pants. The hissing sound of a peeing woman could be heard. Then silence. I thouht over what to do. At least I opened the stall door and looked inside. A look in her face showed that she was pushing. I went in front of her and looked over her back. She bent a little bit forward and m! oved her ass a little bit up. Now I had an excellent view on her asshole, which slowly widened. Three, four logs with increasing size moved out of it and fell on my big jobbie. "Oh, marvellous, how wonderful!" I moaned. She took the tp roll out of my hand, took some sheets and gave them to me. The sign that I should wipe her clean - what I did. Five times she gave me clean tp sheets but not without taking my hand with the used sheets to have a look on them. Then she stood up, pulled her pants up and her apron down. Standing in front of the loo we both looked on our natural products. After some minutes she smiled at me and again I took my purse and gave her 10 PLN more. She gave me the sign that I should flush the logs away, but I did not and went to entrance door. At this moment I was astonished that nobody else had entered the toilet while we made our show. But standing outside I saw a notice at the outer side of the door, which said in polish that the toilet was under cle! aning. This was the first time for me that a toilet woman exactly knew what a man would like and that she could earn some tips if she is helpful.

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