Kelly: Certainly an 'interesting' dump.. Be sure to let us know how you got on!

Happy New year from Bonnie Scotland, and Happy Landings!
I thought you might be interested in some of my early experiences with my Aunt Helen and my two cousins Nicky and Debbie. My parents split when I was 5 and my mother had a nervous breakdown so Aunt Helen (Nellie) brought me up, and I lived with her and my cousins until I was 18. She was then 30 and a young widow with a good income. Helen was very liberal in her attitudes for 1958 Britain, for example she would often walk about the house dressed only in her underwear as did her two daughters and I soon adopted the same behavoir. She considered the human body and its functions to be without shame and detested prudish attitudes. I had only been with her a week and was having a shower one evening before going to bed when she came into the toilet, I thought to ensure I was washing myself properly. She went over to the toilet pan and lifted her skirt revealing her white cotton knickers - they were deep sided briefs - (panties to you Americans)with elastic through the leg openings, w hich she pulled down to her knees and sat on the pan. I was going to leave but she told me not to be silly as I was soaking wet and would catch the cold and to stay put as she " wasn't doing anything to be ashamed of as we all did the toilet" She then did her pee which tinkled into the bowl then farted a long squeaky fart, went "OO! OO! OH!" then there was a resounding "Kur-sploonk!" another few grunts and gasps "OO! OH! AH!" then "Kaplonk! Kerploonk!" as she dropped 2 smaller fat turds. She then got up off the toilet to wipe herself and as I was standing up I could see her jobbies in the toilet pan, 1 long fat lumpy log and two shorter fat ones. This gave me a great thrill.Over the years I would see her do a motion many times. My two cousins were also very open about such matters and I likewise often saw them doing a motion and of course I let them watch me perform. Aunt Helen, as I have said in previous posts, also did real whoppers very often, what you Americans can "Lincoln Logs", very long fat single jobbies which stuck in the toilet pan and took several flushes to go away, like the one Donny described or that Vinnie called a "led zepplin" or a "double flusher" and seeing one of these also thrilled me. Again such matters didn't embarass her in any way, if she commented at all it was merely to ask any of us using the toilet after her to give it a couple of extra flushes to help it on its way.
I hope this interests your readers and again I would ask "Pooping Girl" if she has Scots relatives as "jobbie" is very much a Scots term for a BM ot turd? Likewise "Fred"

abought a week ago i went to see the movie titanic and before going in i got 2 large cokes and a popcorn. i was really in the mode to stage a accedent before the movie so i dranke one coke really fast and sipped the other. abought a hour into the movie i was quickly abroching an accedent. i was no longer in the mood to go on myself because i was into the movie. so i tryed to ignore it but it was no good. so i hopped up and started to walk to the bathroom i was hunched over and shaking i really was in need of a pee. i had to walk slow to avound peeing all over the place. as i walked towrdes the bathroom i was in horible pain. i reached the door to find a very small line of 2 people i decided to try to hold it. i was next now and i was shaking badly i had hold it for a nother 2 minuets before someone came out. by now i was grabing my self and trying to hang on. i was very turned on. as i stumbledd in to the stall i i dint hace time to get my panties down. i! must have pee for a least 70 seconds. i was soooo releaved after wards!

Friday, January 02, 1998

Hi all
I made a pretty weird dump today. It started as soon as I got in my car for work, i could feel it "brewing." I decided to put it off until luch break when i would have the time. When lunch finnaly came i raced to the womens room, lowered my clothes and hose and started to action. I continued to push until a little poop came out, about the size of a string bean, but mixed colors of red, brown, and coated with some "mong" . Unsatisfied with this I started pushing some more and out came another one. Becoming more frustrated I really began to strain with all my might, only producing a bunch of rabbit sized poops, same colors as before. By then I decided to give up, wiped my (sore) anus and vagina, and left. I still feel full, and hope i don't have to resort to a suppository, but am going to try again in a few minutes.

Hey everyone! I haven't been around here in FOREVER!! I don't recognize a lot of the new people but I do remember Coprologist, the janitor, red neck and some others. Well, I found this awesome place again and I'll be here more regularly if school permits. Anyhow... since beinf home for the inter holiday I haven't had any really reat dumps. Though today, was the best one by far I have had in a looong time!! After a very big lunch at a swanky yuppy bistro grill the urge started. I went into the bathroom to pee and I let out a few farts and got the creeps!! You know... the load is "creeping" out. Well, resisted as I was with a girlfriend and shewas waiting. I knew this would be a big dump so I didn't want to keep her waiting. Anyhow, we went shopping and then met some friends at a cafe to talk and have tea (I have a cold). THis whole time I had to squeeze my sphincter muscles to hold my load in. Traffic was bad so I droped my friend off and went over to the mall to look around. Well, first order of business... my dump! I went into Pennies and headed for the mens room. Took an end stall wipd the seat and sat down. Immediately I felt my anus spread open and the dump of the year left my body. I just let it all naturally come out! It felt liike one really long turd as I didn't feel anything break off, but when it was all done leaving my body, I looked into the toilet to se my masterpiece!! I saw about 7 or 8 logs about 5 inches a piece. They were dark brown and a goood log consistancy from what I could tell. I knew I wasn't done. I let out a fart and that followed by another big load! The longest was about a foot long and it curled around the bowl. I then let more farts out and squeezed some little bits out. I literally felt 10 pounds lighter!! It was wonderful. The aroma of my shit filled the restroom and it was wonderful. I filled up the toilet so much I couldn't se my original load. I did the wiping thing about 6 times leaning on my left side and wiping front to back with a good folded wad of paper. It took two flushes to get it all down and I still left a great mosaic of skid marks in the bowl. The whole session was about 20 minutes. I wish I could have shared my experience wiith someone!! I know all of you would have been very proud. I didn't eat that much yesterday, which is kinda odd. Wait.. cornbread for breakfast, 3 cheseburgers for lunch from Micky D's (I don't get the runs from fast food places either) and for dinner I had chicken soup, more corn bread and after dinner a random batch of chips and salsa. Maybe it was the sallsa that got things going!! I wish I could unload like that everyday man... During this past semester all mym classes were Tues and Thurs and I worked MWF. I would have coffee during my 745am class and by the time my 915am class rolled around I was needing a good dump. Like clockwork I dropped my load int he library after that class. Also like clock work the same people would be in there too... how odd. The other days my dumps would vary from time and place. It could be in the am after my coffee at work, or after lunch or when I was at home getting my books for my evening class on M and W. It varied to when I could get to a toilet. During the weekends I would have a pretty regular system. I worked Saturday mornings from 5am to 10am and I would alwas have my coffee in the morning too. We would always do a McDonalds breakfast run and I would always unload my Saturday morning load at work after that. Occasionally I would deposit the left overs and home after my nap about 2pm. Sundays I would always dump after breakfast and coffee. Ahhh... schedules. I wonder what this next semester will bring! Phew! I just let a real stinker out! I eat very well now that I have my own place. My roommate and I always cook good for us and our frneds. I am 20 and have a typical mans appetite for being 20!!! Endless... I am not fat either. I am 5'9 and vary between 158-160lbs. I work out a few times a week and am constantly on the go doing things so I think that it why my metabolism is so high. I usually eat a ton and then feel hungry soon after. I don't know where it all goes. All I know is that I have had some good dumps and some sorry excuses for a mans dump. Ah well... We'll see what the new year brings!!! Happy ne Year to all. Good to be back!!!

Thursday, January 01, 1998

JC Penney is in the news again. Been working there for 2 years. always enjoyed pooping every afternoon around 3:00. Last month, I worked on Tuesday loke always, my day off is Wednesday, and when I returned on Thursday, I went to take my afternoon poop, and guess what. The management had all the doors, and hardware removed from all the stalls. I asked one of the women in maintence if the ladies doors were removed, she said, "no" so I asked the store manager why this was done? and she said it was a direct request from corperate headquarters, due to loitering and indiscreet behavior by certain individuals. What ever that means. So now, I have to keep my pants up higher than before, and I flush as I poop. I am getting to know my work buddies better than ever. Every detail of their bodies, More than I am interested in, anyway. There are some guys who will not use there stalls at all anymore, and have complained to management, about suing for discrimination. I don't care. I prefer having doors, but it really doesnt matter that much. Any body else work for Penney's?

nature pooper
to steph: I would like to know whether you enjoyed "How to shit in the woods". I have read on the web an enthousiastic critique saying that the author is a great expert in her matter... I don't know whether I can buy the book in Europe. And of course I would to know more on the experience you will have with the application of the tips (probably next sommer)? In the meantime Happy New Year to you all and thank you for the nice stories!!!

Hi, I'm just back after a great Christmas away with the family, and I have a few things to tell you about. The first was just before Christmas, a party of colleagues from work, including me, were out for a meal and some fun in London. We had a really good meal and then we went round a few pubs. I am fairly sensible about my drink, and I was just having small white wines (quite a few - there were several guys who wanted to buy them for me). About an hour after the meal, I could feel that my bowels were getting full (I quite enjoy the sensation), and I knew I had to make the decision on where and when to go for a dump. I went to the ladies in the pub we were at, and having had a pee, I felt that there would be no problem in holding on for a while so that's what I did. On the way to the next pub, I broke wind a couple of times, quietly, and I don't think anyone noticed, but when we were in the next pub, I let off one that was definitely audible, and a guy nearby gave me an accusatory look! Now the place I really enjoy having a poo, is the train home, so I resolved to make my way to the station, having checked my timetable. I found myself leaving with several others who were also going to the station, and somebody called a taxi. My train was already in the platform, but not due to leave yet, and along with two guys I got on. We found ourselves a place, and one guy got out a bottle of wine, but I excused myself and went to the loo. The best bit about waiting for the loo, is the moment that you get there and you know that relief is at hand, and I felt soooo good as I got my pants down and made contact with the seat. I try to be as quiet as possible when using the train loo - especially as it was still in the station, and I only pushed gently, letting out the wind as I peed. Then, with very little noise I produced two big poos and some small bits, although it was fairly smelly as some of it was sticking out of the water. Having wiped, and looked at my watch, there was still five minutes before the train was due to leave, so I flushed in the station, which is naughty, but I do like the idea of other people seeing what I did - as long as they don't see me! When I got back to my colleagues, one of them accused me of flushing in the station, and I think I might have blushed a bit. "Right" he said, "I'm going to look", and off he went, out of the door and along the platform to look under the train. He soon got back, with a big grin, and said "Nice one Jill!". I didn't know whether to be proud or embarrassed!

Did you ever notice that a woman will be more likely to close the door to the woman's bathroom; when it is opened after being cleaned. Mem are more likely to let the door stay opened if no one from the outside can see. I was at the library at the school when a woman walked out of the bathroom with the door opened, probably after a dump. She was a maintenance worker. She was probably more left-brained than most women so the opened door did not bother her, so why bother to close it. A long time ago, my friend and I dreamed up fantacy sports figures. I dreamed up the football player George (Brown-Poop) Lovejoy. When he heard of he was shocked. Brown-Poop was our favorite fantacy sports figure. I also dreamed up his girl friend, a basketball player, named Janet (Yellow-Pee) Jorgensen. My friend was a bit repulsed. That was not a very lady-like name. Women are naturally and usually more refined when it comes to bodily functions.

I was surprised at the reaction to my account of my niece Kelly and her urgent needs for the bathroom on return from school. She obviously did stage her starting to go when I got in the bathroom with her school book. I hadn' t realised it was common for some school children and students to be 'holding on' till they got home for an acceptable place for a BM. It wasn't an issue for me since I was and am a morning person. I came across a sad individual on a chat site who in her teen years had held on wanting to pee at school until she went home. On one occasion she failed to hold on and 'lost it' on the bus home, soaking herself and experiencing an orgasm at the same time. From then on she has deliberately continued to 'hold on' and then wet herself in public places (in shops, by the motor way, in car parks etc.), often with the accompanying orgasm. She delighted in telling me all about this. I found that disturbing and rather sad. Has anyone else come across such a phenomenon?
An experience I had recently may interest you. I was having an end of year meeting with important clients of the partnership I work part time for. It was some way from home, so an early start was necessary. My usual morning routine was upset, so my toilet visit was less than satisfactory. I reached the clients on time and had a very satisfactory review with them. It was all over by mid morning and afterwards I asked to use their ladies room.
This was the executive floor, and the ladies was extremely sumptuous in keeping with the prestigious status of the organisation. White and red marble with white sanitary ware and gold plated fittings. By the time I was going in I really needed to go. Nothing dramatic but the message from my bowels was clear and strong. I was well pleased with this prospect in such a place. There were only two closets, but each was like room with floor to ceiling marble and a substantial wooden door. An extractor started when I entered. I was dressed in my best business clothing (and silk underwear). Into the closet, up with the skirt and down with the navy panties. I sat on the seat and had a really good delivery it was quite quiet without any gas to speak of. If any of you men had been listening you would have been disappointed so I am giving you a few details. The relief was very welcome. No doubt I was relaxed following the tension of the meeting and the calming effect of the high class rest room. I had no difficulty, a number of firm movements and good pee. I leaned forward and little, no pushing necessary the material flowed in three separate instalments. My panties were just below the knees. 10 to 15 minutes elapsed from start to finish. I wiped my vaginal area from the front and the anal area from the rear by moving to the front of the seat. There were even wet wipes to make me entirely clean and fresh.
I am sure other female readers will agree with me that if all public rest rooms were this inviting the world would be a much more comfortable place. Many are unclean and, although you have correspondents here who have good techniques for standing and delivering, in my experience many users of public toilets are bad at aiming their urine into the lavatory. They leave the seats floors and sometimes the walls soaked and thoroughly unpleasant.

Hey Donny, your stories and Pottyboy's are quite similar. Are you and Pottyboy the same person or a diferent person. Just wondering, thanks.
PS Happy New Year to all

To Johnboy: lorie is right. never underestimate how far a woman's pee stream can go. Read Jullian's post from a couple of weeks ago and you'll see what I mean. (she says she can achieve a six-foot distance) Can you do that? The reason why is simple. A man's urethra is much longer than a woman's, so there is more resistance. Only a man with very strong bladder muscles can overcome it. Of course the diameter of the urethra has something to do with it as well, but that isn't gender-specific.
To Doug: Regarding your PROPHETIC STATEMENT: Did you know that the television talk show host Oprah Winfrey interviewed a girl who pees standing up a couple of weeks ago on her show? (Oprah's TV program is popular in the United States) We live in an amazing decade. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Hi everybody. I'm back home again for another holiday season. One thing I've noticed about New Year's is that you get drunk on the 31st, and you get loose crap the next morning. It happened to me last year. I was at a friends house and spent the night with a few others. We got to bed at 3 AM, and at 7, even though I was tired, I had to get up and sit on the toilet. It was really noisy, and I woke some people up. Oh well...counting on it again this year. Happy New Year's everybody!

Wednesday, December 31, 1997

Speaking of "Titanic". I pooped a Titanic today. In the past I referred to such a ship as "Led Zeppelin" or "double-flusher". I do carpenter work. I was at this ladies' house working on her fence when all of the sudden it occured to me that there was movement abound. I knocked on her door and asked to use her restroom. The minute I shut and locked the door was just enough time for me to pull down my jeans and claim my rightfull thrown. It was big and it hurt! It must have weighed in at.....oh who knows...But the main thing is it came out and I was relieved. I left, probably the worst smell next to exumed bodies from the Titanic in that lady's bathroom. Couldn't find a match or any air freshoner...oh well.... Also, I'd like to mention I like to look at Playboy whenever I poop. For some reason, the sight of a girls' bottom enhances my pooping pleasure. Maybe thats why I like watching my girlfriend....

Some Guy
It's true, Steph. I went in the women's bathroom countless times, but my mom made sure it was empty. :-( I have never *seen* a young girl in the mens room, but I suppose it would happen. I think it's mean to other guys in the bathroom to take girls in there because men have urinals, often without walls for privacy. There wouldn't be any boys in the women's room if women's stalls had no doors (in America). And about Titanic... wouldn't it be better to miss maybe 5-10 minutes of the movie than to wet oneself? It was good, but not that good.

Hi, johnboy. You are right about water fights being a great way to break the ice, I have had a couple experiences like that myself, but don't bet too soon on who will win. My next door neighbor has a couple teenage cousins, and one day I glanced out the window in time to see the boy pee on the girl's shoes from about three feet away. She pulled her shorts aside, and zapped him with a powerful stream that he had to jump off the porch to get away from. She gave me an inferiority complex that lasted all month. I have spent a lot of time peeing for distance since then, but I still haven't figured out how to make the stream come out straight or even go up as hers did...

Great post Donny, although you are American and Im British there is so much in common in our experiences. I can echo you on using Women's Public Toilets as a young boy and even later in emergencies and when the Men's Toilets were closed etc. I especially remember when I was 7 going to a Zoo outside Glasgow (Scotland) with my Aunt Helen and two cousins Nicky then aged 11 and Debbie then 9. I had to go to the toilet just before we went home and needed a motion. The Men's Toilets were at the other end of the site and were frankly filthy so my Aunt asked if I could use the Women's toilets with her and the girls. The woman caretaker said that was okey as I was only a youngster As I went in to a cubicle (stall) a rather fat woman of about 50 or so entered the stall next to mine. I could hear all the sounds as she did her pee then with a lot of grunts and "OO!s and AH!s" dropped what sounded like two very substantial turds with loud "Ker-sploonk! Kur-sploosh!" sounds, and this excited me greatly. Also like Donny I was thrilled to be sitting on a females' toilet. On another occasion when I was about 10 I had broken my leg and it was in plaster.As I could only limp slowly the teacher allowed me to use the Girls' Toilet at school which was near our classroom, the Boys' Toilets being at the far end of the yard. I looked down all the toilet pans and found one which had a big turd stuck in it which some girl had done and did mine on top of it. As regards the different smell in a Females' Toilet, of course the horrible rank stink of stale urine is absent as there is no urinal as there is in Male Toilets. I detest these horrid pieces of equipment and do not use them, prefering to use a cubicle,(stall), whether peeing or defecating and have done this since I was a child. Also the natural healthy smells of a woman's vagina contains sexual pheromones which are attractive to males. Looking forward to more posts from Donny and the other readers and a Happy New Year to you all from myself and Moira.

pooping girl
Got home from work yesterday and had to go to the toilet as I hadn't gone at all since the previous morning. I grabbed the newspaper and headed to the toilet. I pulled my pants and underpants down low and sat down. I started to tinkle and let out some gas that was like a squeek. I leaned forward and started to grunt, I felt my jobbie start to move and had to grunt again to get it out of my fanny. I kept pushing and it seemed to just get bigger and wider, my fanny felt like it was being really stretched as I grunted and strained as the jobbie finally fell with some loud gas right after. I stood up a little and looked into the toilet and I was even surprised to see how big it was. I sat back down and as I read the paper I felt more coming and grunted again as another very large jobbie started out. This one wasnt as large but was still very thick and long. I tinkled some more and just relaxed and read for a few more minutes before I wiped my fanny and vagina and got dressed and flushed the monster jobbies down.

Just Wondering
How many of you guys try and take a peek at the penis of the man at the urinal next to you? Do you check to see if the guy next to you is bigger?

A while ago my neighbor and I had a conversation. I noticed she was wearing a suit with a man's neck tie. She did not seem to be very masculine though. At the end of the conversation I mentioned the neck tie and asked if it was fashionable for women. She said it was. Then I said "I bekieve there will come a day when women pee while standing up." She laughed and said you are so fummy. After reading on this forum about women practising peeing while standing up in the shower and having peeing contest with their husband in the shower, I believe the day is near at hand. This forum may set a new trend. Now hopefully the manufactured Dixie expression can also be a popular expression for those living south of the Ohio River: Excuse me now. I gotta pee in the toilet (camode).

Happy Camper
Happy New Year to all you happy poopers. Here are my new year wishes for myself and for a few others:

For myself - I wish that my wife will finally realize that the only way to really enjoy a good dump is to share the "live" experience with someone you love (me).

For Coprologist - I wish you would go back to school and get a Ph.D. in the geometry of a "shit", so you can continue to keep us posted with all your great stats.

For Potty Boy - I wish that some day you are cleaning a girl's bathroom that has 6 open toilets with no partitions, when all of a sudden the entire high school cheerleader squad comes in together to take dumps and they tell you that you can continue your cleaning while they dump.

For redneck - I wish that your New Year's resolution is to always leave the door open (in your own home) when you take a dump. After a few months your wife may get the hint, and start to leave the door open also, and by the end of 1998 you may be pooping together for ever after.

For Martha - I wish you would discover this site and start posting your great stories. (For those who don't know Martha, her pooping stories are as good or maybe even better than pooping girl's stories.

For pooping girl - I wish that you could experience at least one dump that requires no pushing, no grunting, and no farting.

For the moderators of this site - You home page pooping pictures are great, but I wish you could start having color pictures instead of ones in that dull black and white.

For home developers - I wish you would start designing master bathrooms without a separate enclosed stall. If I want to take a shit in an enclosed stall, I will go to a gas station. When I take a dump at home, I want to do it in a large open room with the door wide open and the fumes flowing.

For Steph - I wish that you find that man that wants to poop together with you everyday.

For all you nice poopers that love "accidents" - I wish that when you are having an important discussion with your boss, you have the worst pooping accident that one could ever imagine. You are really embarrassed until you realize that your boss is enjoying it, and is into "accidents" as much as you are. He/she gives you a big raise.

For the happy poopers not mentioned above - I wish that you keep up the great pooping stories all through the year.

Wish #2 for myself - I wish that I would accidentally walk in on pooping girl while she is taking one of her patented dumps.

A very happy and great new year to all of you.

Tuesday, December 30, 1997

Steph, Men do accompany their daughter's into the men's room in the United States. I've seen many a man do it. Un less you stare at the men's room door all day you probably would never see it, but as a man I've seen it many times. Usually they enter the stall together(usually the handicapped stall). There was some weird comments I've heard by their young daughters.

Happy Camper -
interesting advice about picking your partner based on his/her pee/poop interests. my guess is if someones toilet habits are at the top of the 'what i want most in a mate' list, they'll be looking for a loooong time. (aside from any wedded bliss arising from this forum). i'm not saying it wouldn't be a great plus but i haven't filtered the search to 'bathroom business' yet :)

Amanda -
peeing in the shower with a girl is one of those 'kooky' fun things that seems to be 'ok' with them (some of them) even if they wouldn't give it a second thought outside the shower. i think it has something to do with them thinking "well, the shower water is running right over me so i guess my skin won't fall off if i get some pee on it". several of the g/f's i've had have not only been receptive to pee games in the shower but also, like you, had a lot of fun with it after it got started. (and water fights are something a guy can almost always win) :) one or two even initiated it before i got the chance and believe me i never miss a chance. it's actually been a great way to get to that 'next step' on a few occasions. highly recommended if any of you are looking for a way to 'break the ice'.

over and out...... johnboy

To Steph-I have no clear memories of my toilet training. But your letter made me think of something that happened when I was about 11. My mom and I was walking in the woods when I felt the urge to go to toilet. I told my mother and she gave me some soft paper and said that I just had to go behind some trees. I guess she understood that I felt it very embarrassing because when I returned after relieving myself she told me not to feel ashamed as adults too had to do it that way, and that she had done the same herself a lot of times. The only thing to observe she said, was to be sure to find a place so that one could not be seen by others. And it should be regarded as impolite to tell anyone else what was about to be done as it was a very private issue. This was the only time I can remember my mother even mention going to toilet to me. Some years later I accidentally walked in on my aunt when she was taking a dump in the back-woods at a beach.Afterwards she excused herself and said that se just couldn't put it off and asked me not to mention to anyone. Other people do not seem to be just as shy. On a car-trip the mother of one of my friends once said to us when we were preparing for lunch that we had to excuse her for some minutes as she had to go to take a dump, and off she went into the woods with some paper in her hand.

I had the same experience when going to see the movie Titanic. I had no idea it would go for so long and the last half hour I could barely think of anything else but my need to pee. However I didn't want to miss any of it so I held on. Raced to the ladies room immediately it finished but at least 20 women had beaten me. There were only three stalls and just about everyone in line appeared to be absolutely bursting. My eyballs were floating and I had every muscle I possessed pull tight. Someone a few in front of me had to go so badly she was literally dancing around. The wait must have been too much for her because when she was only three or four away from an empty stall she suddenly groaned loudly and peed down her legs and all over the floor. I finally made it myself and after peeing for what seemed an eternity I made my way out. The line didn't seem to have gone down at all and people were avoiding the massive puddle on the floor. I noticed a very well dressed woman near the end of the line standing with her legs crossed holding on to herself. I wonder know whether she made it.
Anyone else have these 'Titanic' problems?

As long as I can remember I have been fascinated by women going to the toilet. I have always put this down to the fact that in my childhood going to the toilet was a comlete taboo subject, (English middle class) never discussed and not allowed to be brought up etc.. Judging by the entries here this fascination is not as uncommon as I thought. At last there is a forum where this subject can be discussed without fear of the social stigma this causes. I have a number of questions

Shitting is one of the natural functions of being alive so it is puzzle to me as why there is this great social taboo surrounding this very enjoyable routine. Why is it that we can't talk openly about it then? Could it be that to admit that we shit would be to admit that we are just like everone else and not quite so special as we think? (Is this why us Middle Class English have such a thing about not being seen in the act?). Perhaps we would get on better if we more open about our functions?

As you see I am interested in the psychology surrounding this western taboo, it's history and where it came from in the first place. Does this have it's roots in western religion? Is it an animal instinct? The fact that young children de not have toilet inhibitions would suggest that it is not natural.

There is, I believe a lot of pain caused by this taboo. Nearly all the accidents mentioned here are the results of us not being able to admit that we shit and maintaining the pretense until nature takes over, often with disasterous results, embarressment, even being arrested. I used to have accidents as a child, is there anyone out there that didn't?

One particular incident is engrained in my mind, which probably had serious psychological effects on me later, happened in my first year at school. I got urgent messages from my ???? so I put my hand up and tried to attract my teacher.. "miss, miss etc.." She would not respond so of course I did, by involuntarily dropping a large jobbie, down my trowser leg (we wore short trowsers in those days), on to the floor. As you can imagine it finished the lesson and I was the main subject of entertainment in the school for the next few weeks...

How many road accidents are caused by desperate drivers not able relieve themselves in public? I have heard that a Freeman of London is allowed, by ancient rites, to relieve himself in public over the rear wheel of his carraige! What a good idea, it should be that everone is allowed to do this, after all we allow dogs and horses this freedom.

I am glad there are some women contributing to these discussions who are willing be open and their thoughts and experiences in these areas.

New here and thouroughly enjoying the posts

Hi again, and I wanted to comment on Steph's post. Up until the age of 7 or 8, I used to accompany my mom and sister into women's restrooms. Most boys probably start using the men's rooms at 5 or 6. This is an interesting point for me cause I believe this is part of the reason for my interest in bathrooms, especially young women's restrooms. Many times I sat on THEIR toilets, thinking about how my butt is contacting the same seat as a GIRL'S BUTT!!! (remember, I was 7 or 8). I was intrigued also that a GIRLS bathroom smells so different. One time I cut off a turd halfway with my asshole making a huge mess. It took forever to clean up and all the while I was listening intently to many women tinkling, gabbing, dropping loads and farting in this busy, messy, womens restroom surrounded by the smell of girls' piss!!! There were other times I spent a long time in the women's restroom with my mother and sister pleading with me to hurry up. We never did put paper down on the seat like some people do, but we were told not to sit in poop if there was any on the seat. This whole thing is also the reason that I took the job as school custodian - the only things I do are cleaning kid's restrooms and fixing plumbing. The other custodians know that I don't mind doing the bathrooms (they HATE cleaning them) and the schools never have to call in the district plumber. For the holidays some of the girls put decorations up in the restrooms (and everywhere else), wrapping red and green ribbons around a few of the toilet seats in a spiral, with tape if you can believe that. I thought that was cool.

Steph: Actually, I do believe I was raised by wolves. I have no clear recollection of being potty-trained. I would have to say that Mom probably did this at home and dad did this when we went out. I'm not really certain, but this is what I would do (should I ever have children) and I believe that this might be what I was taught. Peace and Good health in the New Year! Sharkey

I have seen a few young girls in men's restrooms and locker rooms. Steph, it is heard of in the United States. There are a lot of single parent families and busy Moms.
Once a man I knew took his 4 year old daughter in to the men's locker room to dump. The urge arose suddenly. She all the sudden it came, woosh!
A 4 or 5 year old girl was looking staring at me while I was taking a shower. I actually put my hand to block her
view of me. I have white hair all over my body even my pubic hair. I am shure she wondered how I got hair so white.

Great story, great mental images! Sounds like fun.

Monday, December 29, 1997

Hi guys! My friend Alex gave me a copy of "How to Shit in the Woods," by Kathleen Meyer as a Christmas gift. I have not yet had a chance to read this, but I understand its about techniques for females who need to relieve themselves outdoors. I often hike, and have peed out of doors, but have yet had the need to take a dump outside. There have been occasional postings about toilet training (both personal recollections and accounts of training kids to use the bathroom) on here; I do vaguely remember my European-born father training me to use the toilet when I was about three or so. I mention my father is European (from Switzerland) because there have been posts on here about Europeans being more "progressive" when it comes to using the toilet in the presence of others (than Americans), particularly those of the opposite sex. During my travels in Europe, I have seen not only mothers accompany their young sons into women's toilets (something not unheard of in the states), but men escorting their daughters into the men's room, something I think would NEVER happen on this side of the Atlantic. I would like to stress that my father has not seen me (his only child) naked, never mind on the toilet, since I was potty training; Steph's question of the week is: Who was responsible for training you to use the toilet, your mother, father, or both? Happy holidays, peace on earth, good will toward all! Steph.
P.S. My mother also helped toilet-train me...

This is my first post here. I usually pee in the shower, and since reading about Char and Jullian's "stand up to pee" technique, I have tried my skills at "aiming", with great surprise. One morning a couple of weeks ago my husband joined me in the shower, and I showed off my new skill with a distance of at least 4 feet. He couldn't believe it! Since then I've practiced my new skill in the shower every day. Sometimes my husband and I have "water fights" in the shower, which is a lot of fun!

We are just back from a short trip to Michigan City, Indiana. While on the trip we went into a rest area, near Michigan City.
We enter the reat area and saw a foyer. On the right and left of the foyer we saw a men's and woman's reatroom. I wondered shy. My Father said that a restroom would be open when the bathrooms are cleaned. A VERY GOOD IDEA for desparate little ones and not so little ones! The sex of the janitor is made more irrevelant. If malls had this, pooping with the rear over the back of a bench would inexcusable!

story: Well I went to see titanic, a great movie i might add but i didnt realize that it was so long. at the end of the movie, there was a mad rush for the women's bathroom, and I had to pee so bad. There were about four stalls, and there were about 30 women in line. Luckily i was at the front, when i finally got to go, i must of pissed for a minute and a half. when we were out going to the parking lot, some mothers had taken their daughters to go pee in between the cars in the parking lot. any women expereince this, or men, i had to pee so bad, my eyes watered, anyways happy new year!

Happy Camper
Hi - I have posted several times since I discovered this site about six months ago, but I never did say too much about myself. I am a male in my early fifties, so I am one of the older folks that reads this site. I was afraid to talk about my fetish until I started reading this and other similar sites on the web. It's good to know there are so many that feel the same way. My "thing" is that I have always gotten real turned on watching a female sit on the pot, especially when pooping. I get no thrill watching a man poop; in fact that turns me off a little. I also get no thrill from reading the "accident" stories. I also enjoy being watched by a female when I do my business, so as a result I never close the door when pooping in the master bathroom. I enjoy it when my wife comes in to brush her teeth or wash up when I am pooping. My problem is that my wife of many years was real modest with her bathroom business. The door was always closed. I finally started pushing it, so that now she never closes the door when peeing, but pooping is another story. She occasionally leaves the door open, but I think it is when she has a clean Lincoln Log type poop. When there is a messy one she always closes the door. I also thinks she plans most of her pooping when I am at work, so she doesn't have to deal with the door. With my next house, I know that I will have a master bathroom with no doors, and especially I will never have one that has an enclosed stall. I am still working on my wife to be totally open with her business. My advise to all the readers out there that have the same fetish that I have is as follows: Don't get involved in a relationship if your partner is real modest about his/her bathroom business. It is too hard to get someone to change, and you will be much happier waiting for the one that is more open with their peeing and pooping. It is better to find out early in a relationship where your partner stands. My suggestion is that the morning after you spend your first night together with someone that you think you might be interested in, go into the bathroom when your partner is doing something like brushing teeth, washing hands, etc. and take a pee like it's no big deal. Observe the reaction of your partner. If the reaction is one of emphatic disapproval, then it is best to move on to someone else. If the reaction is neutral, wait and see if your partner gets the hint and follows suit by coming into pee or poop while you are in the bathroom, etc. (of course this may not happen to the next date or so). Remember it's very hard to get a modest person to change. Please take my advise. I am still working on my wife after many years of marriage.

George and Moira
Nice one Donny! (Dec 27) Moira and I really enjoyed your description, and I can tell you that I do what you did when I pass one like that! This is the type of Turd both of us often pass and which my Aunt Helen used to do when I was a kid staying with her and her daughters Nicky and Debbie. As far as I know she still does "panbusters" like these as an old lady in her 70s! Liked the story "Soft Touch" in principle but would much rather have read about good big solid BMs being passed as neither of us like Diarrhea , (Im glad neither of us often suffer from this horrid affliction.)

To the person known as SOMEONE: Do go back to Sunday Dec. 21 posts and find mine, about the high school boys toilet room, 3 bowls with no dividers, guys were waiting to use them, and not teenagers either, grown men, squatting next to each other, including myself, You see, If everyone is doing it, it is no big deal. Try it and let me know. Your friend, Ralph

Beth: I can honestly say that I have never come across, nor heard of any public restrooms in Australia that have stalls without doors. I can also say that I would certainly NOT use a stall without a door to do a BM unless I was about to poop in my pants (and even then it'd be awfully embarressing)!

Sunday, December 28, 1997

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