Barbie Doll
Hi all:

I haven't had a chance to post for a long time but I have been reading others posts. I love the ones with an outdoor dump, especially those girls that do huge logs and lots of them. Boy -- that is a turn on.

Since I hadn't had an outdoor dump in quite a while, I planned one out. Like most people, I stuff myself at this time of year. After a really big meal, I waited until I had to go and remembered that my parents were out of town. I went to their place (I have a key) where there is a large back yard that is well hidden by pine trees. I went to my little alcove where I peed often when I was younger and lived at home. I started using it when I was eight or so and peed there at least three times a month, sometimes with my female playmates. I think that was the beginning of my love for toilet stuff. Once in a while, I'd poop there too and that was my plan now. I really had to go. There was snow on the ground, so I first dug a hole. I took off my panties leaving me in a skirt with my bottom open to the air. I squatted and pushed as hard as I could. It was going to be a big one so I had to push many times. I was making a lot of noise grunting and was hoping no one hea! rd me. Actually, I don't mind being caught. Finally, I opened up and pushed out a log that was a little over three inches wide and ten inches long. A big one for me and it hurt. I still felt real full so I bore down again. One more really long and wide piece came out. When that was done, the flood gates opened up. I peed really hard and then the poop flew out. Three, four, five, and six more hard pieces. I went to get up and then knew there was more. The rest was soft serve ice cream. Three big waves about fifteen inches long and not too wide -- about one inch. These just gushed out really fast. Shlup, shlup, shlup. I could hear them splat on the snow. I got up and wiped and looked at one serious poop pile in the snow. Since it was cold out, the pile was steaming. There was a large melted spot in the snow where I had peed. Whoa, I impressed myself.

That is about all the news from here. When I have another event, I will let you know. My sister will be staying with me for a couple days in about a week. We'll do things I'm sure.


The most usual constituents of my poops are hard round balls of poop. They tend to be like largish pebbles and slip very easily from my body, leaving very little poop that needs to be wiped away with toilet paper. I usually have 7 or 8 good sized balls that i drop in any one session, and sometimes the first few shoot from my body with a good amount of gas behind them. I usually delay visiting the toilet as long as possible, so that the first few balla shoot from my body one after another so that three or four are out before I have to apply any pressure, and then it is minimal to get the others out. Sometimes however I am troubled by an exceptionally large ball, which means i have to really strain to get it out, and it is quite sore, and leaves me a little tender afterwards. This is inevitably the first of the series.

Outdoor G
I posted before under the nickname G, cause it's almost invisible i chose a new one.

I love outdoor peeing/pooping and I go out regularly to search a quite spot for a nice dump. Cause I live in a big city quit place's are hard to find. I usualy find them on business-parks. (places where all the small industry and company's are places together) there's almost nobody in the evenings. A couple of days ago I realy drunk a lot water and I needed to take a dump also. I stepped into my car driving around looking for the best place. I found in the bussines-park some sort of emergency stair that started on the parking lot of a company. And ended in a small space with a door. As i inspected the location it seemed like it was used for more than only emergency exiting. I guess people used it every day to take a short-cut to their workspace. It seemed the best place. So I layed down a tissue (it was night, so to dark to spot my turds on the floor) and pulled down my pants. As i squated down i felt the fresh air around my butthole and i started peeing. The pee begun a! stream down the stair and after a while i heard it falling down on the concrete of the parking lot. Than i started pushing and a big log came out. Followed by some soft logs. I took some tissues and whiped my ass. threw then next to my pile and pulled up my pants. I looked down at the mess i left behind and went away. While going home i thought about the mess the people working at the company would find next workday and it turned me on.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Boy its real cold this morning. Took a while for the computer to get warmed up. I hope that everyone here in the states had a Happy Thanksgiving. I've been extreamly tied up with work so I have not posted in a bit. I have been keeping up on the posts. Great posts! Alexa great second feature at the movies! Yes I had a simaliar experence at the movies back when I was 12 yrs old.

A group of us went to see The Night of The Living Dead at the movies on a Saturday. (original black and white version) It was playing in the oldest largest theater downtown. All the balconies were open (3) and there was a hudge crowd for this movie. The center sections were filled but the side sections were not. The gruop that I came with we had to split up because not enough seats so we could all sit together.

I found a seat behind a couple of people that I knew from where I lived. It was my friend Butch and his sister Barbie. I said hello to them and There was a empty seat beside them for John thier other brother but he said he might not make it. Barbie and Butch told me I could sit with them unless John showed up. So I moved. The lights went down and the movie started.

In the begining of coarse the usuall whistling and laughter and other noises were going on but it soon quited down. Butch and Barbie had large sodas and popcorn. I had just popcorn. Everyone was now really getting into the movie. About halfway through Butch went and left and went and got another soda. Barbie stayed with me but was fidgeting a little bit in her seat. She said she had to pee but did not want to leave her seat because she did not want to miss any of the movie and also she did not want to go by herself to the bathrooms. I offered to take her but she said no.

A moment later there was areal scarey sceane and she jumped with fright. She also clamped her legs shut tightly. You better take me now or I will pee right here she told me. So we both got up and went down to the bathrooms but there was a long line that actually wound partway up the stairs. This does not look good Barbie. She told me no way she could wit in the line. I thought for amoment and told her;What about the side empty areas under the balconies? She gave me a ok look and we went back up. The right side back was empty so we took two seats there.

She was wearing a skirt and she sat on the edge of the seat and pulled her white panties right down and slid her skirt out from under behind. She then relaxed and she let go with a stream that shot out and first hit the back of the seat in front of her. Then it arced down and ran under the seat. She was hissing away like this for over a minute. Then her stream slowly changed its angle and then it was just missing the edge of the seat she was siting on. She pushed a couple of times which caused a brief fast spurt and she was done. I picked some napkins that had been thrown down from the above balconies and she wiped herself. She pulled her panties back up and we left those seats and went back to the snackbar and got some more popcorn to share and a soda for her. We made it back to the seats were we were first sitting and Butch showed up a couple of minutes later and we settled back into the movie.

Harry -- Pacific Northwest
Hello all! It's been probably two years since I last posted here, and I'm glad to see the site is still up and running. :-) Not much to report on my dump habits of late, outside of finding out in August of 2001 that I have type 2 diabetes and it explained some of the problems I had been having with my dump habits--everything from the runs to chronic constipation when I would painfully pass golfball size movements with on rare occassions a major plug that took up to a half-hour of struggling, to finally pass out of my body with an exceeding loud plop into the toilet. I've modified my diet greatly so that now most of the time I produce floaters rather than the sinkers that were so common before I got my diabetes under control.

Glad to see that there are still quite a few old-timers that are still here and posting through the past couple of years that I haven't been here. You all know who you are...

Happy bowel movements everyone!


Adrian, Hi, it's Donna. I'm awfully sorry, but I realised after I last posted that I forgot to say a little bit about your recent urine infection. Louise has posted before me tonight. I agree and support her advice. A person who gets a bug down there can find it comes back when it is not properly killed off. Going to the bathroom often after plenty to drink helps literally flush the bacteria out. Would it be impertinent of me to ask you what your doctor said about that because he didn't think it was a urine infection did he?
Cara, in your story when you talk about your weeing, you could just as well be describing my old workmate with the small bladder. She was a difficult companion when we had drinks because straight after one wee, she was thinking about the next one. Her knickers were up and down so many times that she stopped bothering with them on a night out. She was always having a dribble squatting between a pair of parked cars and all she had to do with her clothes was get her skirt clear. In her predicament she stopped caring about us seeing her bare arse and what else she'd got, but she was not into shocking men the way Louise is.

Love Donna xx

Punk Rock Girl
Masked Bastard: Hey, dude. Thanks for the compliment. Being open minded AND sexy is what we should all strive to be!

Curious Cat: Don't worry, you're a totally normal guy. All fetishes are weird, that's why they're called fetishes. I don't consisder liking asses or eyes or feet really a fetish, because they're part of the human body, and people are supposed to find the human form attractive. Inanimate objects and certin activities are what most fetishes are made of. I don't think enjoying seeing girls sitting on the toilet a very weird fetish. Unusual, maybe, but not weird. I think getting turned on by shoes or being tie up is weirder that that. My boyfriend likes seeing me on the toilet, and I like him to see me. I get especially turned on when he watches me take a shit. Does this make me a wako? I lead a productive and relatively norml life otherwise. You should feel comfortble enough with whomever you're with to tell them what turns you on. I'm not tlling you you should, but feel the water, that's all. How do you think she would react? Regardless, you've always got the! gang here at Toiletstool to confide in. Plenty of open-minded and accepting men and women here!

Nothing too amazing to report poop wise. I had a nice relaxing dump this morning hile my boyfriend sat on the edge of the shower and tlked to me. He even held my hand. Looking into his eyes and chit chatting while I was dropping a load into the crapper was so nice. NOt only does it kind of turn me on, it's just the trut we have for each other tht makes me feel all warm. He's the best. I'll shit for him anytime!!!



I had a idea. Instead of finding George W. Bush toilet paper, I got
the newspaper with his picture and wipe his face on my butt. That felt good. Has anyone done this?

INDIANAMAN--Thanks for the tips for ppl that are shy about pooping in public. While I enjoy peeing in public, I am a little shy about pooping. Next year, i'll be off to college, living in dorms and sharing a bathroom with everybody on the floor. so I needed those tips! Thanks!

JOHN Q PUBLIC--Thanks for the lengthy explanation. I appreciate it!

BRYIAN--Loved your post about peeing in bed. I hope your surgery goes well, and you get back soon! I'll miss you!

SHANE--LOVED your story about the 19-year-old guy wetting himself. PLEASE post more! :)

No good stories today...sorry...

Would someone write about outdooor poop orpee stories ILOVE THEM!! I am 13! aLEX LIKE TO HEAR MORE STORIES aRE YOU SINGLEE AND HAVE YOU EVER PEED OUTSIDE

While I was taking a shit the other day, I thought about this forum. It was a pretty uneventful shit, however, I did produce a very, very sizeable log. Of course, I was pooping in the dorm public bathroom, and I was a little nervous that someone would come in. People did, it wasn't all that bad. If anyone is a little bowel shy and is in college or has to use a public bathroom quite often, here are some tips that have come up with:
1)Use the bathroom at odd hours in order to get the most privacy. I find 5am a time when most people are asleep, so that is when I do my dirty work.
2)Use a bathroom that isn't on your floor. Often I do this for a few reason. 1)I won't be easily recognized. @)The bathroom upstairs is cleaner.
3)Use a courtesey flush. Not only does this get rid of a nasty smell, but it prevents an overclogging of the toilet.
4)If you share a bathroom with a few other people: Turn the shower on and shit before you shower. The soap smell should rid the smell of shit. Also, a long shower is a good excuse for taking a long time in the bathroom.
5) For us military folks': If you're living in barracks, wait until everyone is asleep or at least in bed and get up and use the head. I find barracks to be the most uncomfortable place to shit.

I do hope these little tips can help bowel shy people. If you have any other tips, I'd love to hear them, please share! Talk to ya'll later!

Potty Pooper
Have any of you ever had an experience where, without a even a hint of it a moment before, you suddenly had to go, really bad?

Well, I had that happen to me maybe twice when I was a boy.

The first time was when I was maybe nine. My house is about two or so down from the edge if the block, and I would sometimes
hang out at the street corner with some of the other kids. Well one particular evening I was standing there by myself when
suddenly, completely out of the blue, I had to doodoo, really bad, like I was about to go in my pants! I turned and ran like
mad for the house, come through the front door saying to my folks "I gotta go to the bathroom!!" as I ran through the living
room. I continued in a mad dash down the hall and into the main bathroom... and got to the toilet without a second to lose.

The second time didn't come *completely* without warning, but the need was only a barest hint until suddenly... but I'm
getting ahead of myself. This time I was perhaps nine or ten, and was alone in the house. My folks had gone off on some
errand, probably grocery shopping or something. I was sitting in the living room when I felt a need to go to the bathroom,
one of those "it can wait, but I might as well go now" things. Well, I got up off the couch, took a coupla steps towards
the hall, got maybe halfway across the living room... and then the phone rang.

So, I went to answer the phone, over in the kitchen. Bad mistake!

Now, one thing you have to understand. When I was home alone, my folks admonished me not to *let* *on* that I was there
alone. If someone asked for Mom or Dad, I was to tell them they weren't able to come to the phone right now, or whatever.

So anyway, the phone conversation went something like this.

"Hello, this is Jane, can I speak with your mother?"

"Well, she's... uh... not available right now." And right at that moment, very suddenly, I REALLY had to go!

"She's not there, huh?" the other lady surmised, seeing right through me.

"Uh... well..." And right then, all at once, suddenly I could feel my poophole opening up wide and felt the turd start
coming out, and realised I absolutely couldn't hold it any longer!

"Could I leave a message?" she asked.

At this point, all I wanted to do was get off the phone as quickly as possible, and so, as I felt the log pushing farther
and farther out into my crack, I started talking faster. "Well,I'mreallynotsure!"

And then she started giving me the message (which I don't remember anything about now), and the more I felt the log coming
out, the farther and farther it went, the quicker I spoke as it went along. And then, in the midst of all this, the log
felt like it had started curving downward and forward, as if it was going to go down *between* my legs and come out the

I said, increasingly fast, "OkayI'llmakesureshegetsthemessage!" >>CLUNK!!<< Hung up the phone and RACED LIKE MAD to the

Somehow, after all that, my underpants *still* weren't actually sullied!

Curious Cat, is your toilet fetish normal? Perhaps not, but in the words of Batman, "This is not a normal world." In the very wide spectrum of sexual interests, yours certainly seems to be rather harmless, however. It is probably not as uncommon as you think either, just still very much in the water closet. My obsession with the bathroom activities of women has been with me for as long as I can remember, and will doubtless remain. Websites like this one indicate that we are not alone.
Indeed, the bathroom is the last frontier of privacy and this does add to the excitement. I find this forum informative, supportive, and friendly as well as exciting. In short, welcome!

Hi ALEXA.I enjoy reading your post especially when you posted about your after Thanksgiving dump.I wonder If the guy walking the dog made the return on your side of the street to see what you've produced.That's something I would've liked to see myself.Have you ever clogged up the toilets in house when you were growing up?Can't wait to here your Anna stories.Later.

In response to Vicarious I figured now would be a good time to post. I haven't posted for a really long time. My first step in getting a partner was actually this. A couple days ago, I gave my best friend Chis a printout of a favorite story that turns me on (it was from a ways back.) We don't talk about it at all yet because I'm so embarassed about it. We only email each other. He thinks I'm very strange. I wrote to him that I need his help to get a partner. I need words of incouragement from everyone here. I don't know how I could ever do it. I want to poop in front of a cute girl and watch her. I can't even imagine this. I only dream about it and wake up disappointed. Does anyone know the chances of someone being interested are? Everyone always talks about success stories but I never hear about failures. I know there are a lot of people that like it, but when you consider the percentage of people into it, there are few. I am very easily embarassed too. I ! would not even poop in a public facility (with stalls) untill I was like 12 years old. Please help me.

WETGUY--Hey! You mentioned maybe peeing in yur bed if Double Dare was interested in the story...well, I am too! So, if you decide to, I want to hear about it. :)

CURIOUS CAT--I'm not sure how many ppl are interested in other's bathroom habits or watching a significant other on the toilet. You said that your past girlfriends have found it weird or gross, but personally, I'd love to date a guy that's open about peeing and pooping and letting me watch. :)

BRYIAN--Yeah, I saw Simpsons when Homer and the toilet fell through the ceiling right after Bart says, "Hey Mom! Our crap-shack is going to hell!" And Marge says "Watch your potty mouth!" Then Homer falls in and screams, "HEY!! I'm in here!" LOL I never miss an episode! lol

In my history class, we were learning about the Roman Empire. My teacher said, "You're all going to LOVE this next emperor guy! His name was Commodus!" Well, everybody laughed, then asked why he was important. And the teacher said, "Well, he was a bad emperor and his reign led to the fall of Rome. So...I guess you could say that with COMMODUS in charge, Rome went down the TOILET!" Well I cracked up! Then my friend Christy had to add to that---"That with COMMODUS on the THRONE, Rome went down the TOILET!" I guess Commodus was just CRAPPY

PS- I got a great grade on that test! lol


Hi Robby and Annie and Meghan and Sarah! I was taking an exam on Friday in Spanish (3 hrs, but it only took me 2) and halfway through I had to pee super badly. I ended up suffering and working to finish as quickly as possible and didn't check it over. I handed it in, collected my stuff, walked out of the room quietly and then ran to the bathroom where I threw my stuff in a corner by the sinks and locked myself in the stall. I yanked down my running pants and thermal underwear and panties and sat down to let out a torrent of pee. I guess that was because I got up early (8:30) and then didn't have to go at 12:30 before the exam, but by about 1:30 yikes! Thankfully, I have great control (just not concentration on the exam...)

Tim and Sarah--at times it's easy to run up to the bathroom at work, but at others it's just not for the safety of the children. If I really have to go, I go, but I've gotten to the point (just from classes and everything) that I get on a schedule of peeing that coincides with my day. For example, when I get up, then I had 3 hours of class, pee at lunch (1 hour), then 4 hours of work, stop back at my room to pee and rest for a few minutes before dinner, and maybe one time in the evening and then before bed. Strangely, that does not hold up in days with different schedules.

Shy Girl--your story made me wonder about next year. As you might know from reading the old posts, I am in a constant struggle to keep things moving so to speak. I don't do well with traveling, being around people (like someone in the next room/stall who I know (waiting for me)'s okay if I don't know them more or less...anyway next year I'll be somewhere in Eastern Europe and I haven't a clue what the bathroom facilities will be. I will be there for just over 2 years and I've never ever used anything other than a regular American toilet (or those icky lantrines that had toilet-like seats and single stalls) or I suppose diapers when I was young. I have no idea what will become of using strange toilets in a strange country where I'll only have three months language training (I only speak English, Hebrew, French and Spanish...nothing Eastern European) before being sent into a community...ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT (re toileting) EASTERN EUROPE???

In regards to panty changing, I always change mine every day. I agree that mine definately collect discharge (clear to yellowish) or blood (my period gets really heavy and I'm often "just" late in dealing with it) and sweat rather than poop and pee.

Hmm...I'm feeling like I might have to poop and I should get to bed, so I'm going to sign off now.

Well, I just want to share my own toilet experience when I was in my grade school days; I was 12 years old then. In our school, sometimes, the males' room was always busted so we share with our co-female classmates(not simultaneously). One time, I had an urge to pee in the middle of our class so I ask permission to my teacher and she granted it. I checked first the ladies room if there were girls inside the room. First, I found that no one was there but I forgot to check the bottom of the cubicles(where toilets are situated). Whwn I was about to pee in the female urinals, I heard a plop sound in one of the cubicles then followed by a grunt. I curiously checked at the bottom of the cubicle and I saw two pair of womens shoe with the toilet support in the middle. I ran out of the ladies room with my pants still unzipped but from affar I wait till the woman reveals herself.I was suprized when I saw that the lady from the toilet was a teenager(maybe an On- The- Job Trainee)and ve! ry beautiful. From that moment till now, I often had a fobia when seeing female cubicles or female restrooms.

John Q Public
Hi Again:

I was going over all the posts that I missed, and I noticed Scarlet's question about guy's holding ability. I also noticed other questions along that same topic, and it was going on the last time I was on this post.

To answer Scarlet's question:

I have a very limited bladder capicity. When I was a kid, I wet the bed until I was a junior in high school, and prior to entering high school and even through part of my Freshman year, I had daytimne accidents as well. This is due to a medical condition which effected the developlent of my bladder and sphincter muscles. To this day, I still can not sit through a movie without having to get up and go to the bathroom unless I wear a diaper.

I have much better control now, but I often wake up at least 3 times during the night to pee, and when I am awake I usualy have to pee about every hour and 15 minutes, and more often if I drink alot of liquids. I have a younger sister who is just the opposite. She seemingly never has to go to the bathroom and when she finaly does, it's like some one opened the flood gates. Even when she was pregnent, she could hold out for 5 or 6 hours, almost 3 times my ability.

Most of the guys in my family are much better endowed then I am. My older brother, for instance can hold for 8 or 9 hours, and I have two cousens, one male and one female, who both have good ability, but the female has about twice the ability as the boy. My sister and gf can both hold for 24 hours or more if they realy try, and as I stated in a earlier post which did not get posted for some reason, my female cousen filled a 32 oz soft drink cup 3 times on the way to the airport on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

So all in all I would have to confir that women do have bigger bladders and stronger sphincter muscles then men do. That's not to say that some men can't have realy strong abilities, and that some women have to pee every hour, but based on my personal experience that is what I believe.

Let me tell you a short story about the time my younger sister was pregnent. It was her 7th month, and the baby was constantly sitting on her bladder and her hold ability went down drasticly. We went to the movies with my gf and her bf, and she STILL made it all the way home from the movie withoug having to pee. My gf also made it home, but she wasn't pregnent. My sisters bf had to run to the bathroom right after the movie, and I had to run to the bathroom twice during the movie, imediately after the movie and I was the very first one in the bathroom when we got home from the movie. My pregnent sister went in to the bathroom after I did and let out a hard, hissy stream, that was still impressive, though not as impressive as she usualy did when she wasnt pregnent. My gf went into the bathroom and let out a longer and harder stream, but she had been holding for a longer time.

Had a party here last night....after dessert i really had to poop badly...i was trying to hold off till every one left but i couldn't so i went upstairs and pooped. Had a log then some softer chunky stuff on top with alot of corn..i ate corn yesterday and the day before. I wiped alot. My cousins were here, i was hoping i'd hear something from them :) . The only thing i saw was my cousin Chad who is 14 go into the bathroom before he left, i think he peed, i was hoping he'd poop. Then he came out and his family left
I went to bed pooped alittle more....then i woke up around 5am and i couldn't sleep and i had to pee so i did that dare what was on here(forgot who posted it) but i peed my self in bed :). I didn't completly pee my self but i was soaked though.
....Any way

I have to mention something here...After this week(Thursday) I might not be posting much. I have to have surgery on Friday...(outpaitent)..I have a hernia...does any one know if that will effect my pooping? im sure i can't eat there for won't poop alot. and im not sure if i'll feel up to posting..eventully i'll be back(you might not notice if its any thing like this updates)

Well gotta go bye

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