Shy Girl
Hi Everyone! I have been so busy and haven't had much computer privacy so it's been hard to post a lot lately. I am sure I'll have some good stories soon.

THANKS to ALL of you people who recently posted saying you enjoy reading my posts. It's really sweet of you guys and w/o a doubt there'll be more at some point.

To EPHERMAL: Will you be joining the Peace Corps next year? That is what it sounds like from what you wrote--about being sent to Eastern Europe. Unfortunately I am not at all familiar with Eastern Europe (although would love to see that part of the world at some point). My guess though is that the chances are pretty high that at least some of their toilets are those much dreaded squatters. I'd do a keyword internet search and see what you come up with. Meanwhile I'd imagine there's gotta be someone on this board who can answer your question.

To BRYIAN: Surgery? Oh dear. I know you have mentioned the hernia a few times. I hope all goes well and with you a speedy recovery from it. As you probably already know, abdominal surgery leads to something called adynamic ileus, which is a paralysis of the intestines. It happens I think when blood flow is interrupted to that part of the body or when the intestines are actually touched during surgery. It's a normal reaction to that type of surgery but post-op, your healthcare team will want to make sure that the ileus resolves itself and that your intestines start moving again and hence won't let you go until you have a bowel movement, or they might ask you if you have passed gas yet. Also Bryian, thanks for liking my posts. Hope to see you back at the board soon.

To TRAVELING GUY: Believe it or not, I'm somewhat less shy posting here than before. I'm totally up for trying the squatting position either outdoors or indoors in the ways you suggested. I'd like to try outdoors although unfortunately winter has arrived here in Virginia and there's no way I can yet without freezing my buns off! I wonder if it will be a liberating experience in the ways you suggest it might. I still go running (weather permitting) outdoors, which definitely helps loosen things up, if you know what I mean. Unfortunately it's been downright hazardous with snow and slick ice spots and my feet almost went flying out from under me while I was running yesterday and I jogged over a patch of invisible ice.
Anyway, I think that if I were to encounter a squatter a.k.a. a
"shit pit" now I might just possibly be willing to give it an honest try. I'll keep you posted.

To AUSTIN (BLAKE): Haven't heard from you in a while (since first starting to post here). Hope you're doing well. I decided to post to you again since it looks like you have some other fans on this forum who miss your posts. As you know I'd been reading the board on and off for a while before actually posting and had seen some of your earlier stories. They are really great and you seem like a really fun and adventurous guy. I might also add that you sound pretty hot! Thanks for suggesting triscuits. They really have helped me keep things moving a bit more in recent weeks. What a great idea!

To HARRY PACIFIC NORTHWEST: Welcome to the board (or welcome back). I started posting around p. 1003 so am still relatively new. Sorry to hear you have diabetes. I know what it's like to have a chronic illness although no one would know from looking at me. I have arthritis which has been treated with a lot of painkillers and pretty strong anti-rheumatic drugs which sometimes affect my GI system. However, I think the arthritis is under better control now and hopefully leads to remission soon since I've been having a lot of flares lately. From reading my previous posts it's probably pretty easy to see that I've had problems with constipation often, even when I was little...that and gas.
You might enjoy the following story I have to share that happened this summer:

Don't know how exciting this post is but figured I'd share what happened to me this past summer when I visited Seattle. Something that never happens to me actually happened. I clogged up the toilet at the apartment of the person I was staying with. Oh dear, it wasn't funny at the time. I was so upset that I started to cry that I'd done it and insisted that it was actually all the toilet paper (rather than anything that came from me) that clogged it up. Truth be told, I think it's also b/c of a water saving device in the toilet there. Anyway, the person I was staying with had just moved into the apt, and so it wasn't furnished and we didn't have a lot of stuff with us. ONe of those things we didn't have was a plunger. Seattle is a big city and so one would think it'd be pretty easy to find a plunger, but no....something weird must have happened in that city that day. We had to hunt all over town for a simple plunger.....walgreens pharmacy was out of them, QFC (a m! ajor grocery store in the region) was out of them, another store had a ridiculously priced (expensive and tiny) one, the Target store had only the rubber cup with no stick, and finally just when we were about to give up, another grocery store (Safeway) had one. It was just so weird that we had to search that hard to find a plunger and that we needed one when we least expected or were least prepared.

Well folks that's it. Gotta go now but will look forward to everyone's great posts! I will try to post as regularly as I can although 'tis the holiday season and therefore very hectic in my life. Catch y'all later!

SHY GIRL: I read that u wear spandex tights when running, i bet u look so cute in them, tell me, do u ever wear pantyhose, if so, what colour is your favorite and do u wear panties underneath?? do u like to wear thick pantyhose or thin ones and here comes the real question, have u ever been caught really desperate for a pee or poop and gone in you r pantyhose by accident?? please reply id love to know..

This story may sound incredible but it is absolutely true.

I was in a local shop today and I saw a fascinating children's toy for Christmas. It was called Father Christmas Poo-pooh, and it consisted of a doll about five inches high and about three inches wide dressed in a Father Christmas outfit mounted on a stand in a squatting position and between the butt cheeks was a half-inch hole. According to the instructions on the back of the stand, you removed the head and filled the inside with sweets (candy to Americans). You then replaced the head, and a child by squeezing the doll around the middle could cause it to shit out the sweets one at a time from its rear end.

I was struck with two thoughts when I saw this object. The first was that some parents would very much object to such a fecally-minded toy, while other parents might consider that children were being encouraged to indulge in coprophagy. My own reaction was: How charming! The under-fives are very fecally-minded and would delight in such an object. The instructions were in English and French, which led me to think that it had been designed in France or Canada. I can't imagine an English or US firm producing such an object.

I also thought about suitable sweets that might be put inside the toy, for example dolly mixtures or Smarties would obviously be quite suitable. The Smarties would come out looking rather like brightly coloured sheep turds. It also struck me that turd-shaped sweets like licorice confits or mint torpedoes would be highly suitable for filling such a toy.

The instructions on the back did warn that th toy could be made constipated if large or awkwardly shaped sweets were placed inside it!

Why do girls make a whooshing noise when they pee? Do all girls make this noise?

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Donna. Thanks for your kindness and concern re my water infection. I'm following the best possible advice and keeping myself 'flushed out' - not that it's been difficult in the cold weather because it hasn't! To answer your question the doctor didn't think I had an infection because he couldn't find evidence of it when testing the sample I supplied. Admittedly I'd begun drinking plenty earlier in the day in order to try and flush it out so that might have had a bearing on the test result. Had he sent my sample off to the local hospital pathology lab I suspect they may have picked something up. As things stand the problem appears to have cleared up and I'm much better. However, I have got in hand a small number of antibiotics in reserve which were issued to be used 'only if needed' and I'm hanging on to those in case the problem recurs when I can't get to see a doctor such as over Christmas. Have you had any good wees over the last few days? If you're anything like m! e the cold weather will have made you want to go more than usual.

Steve & Louise & friends. I enjoyed your account of weeing on the way home from the pub on Saturday night and later when you got home. No doubt the cold made you all want to wee more than would otherwise have been the case.

Punk Rock Girl. I think you're right about the difference in plumbing between men and women. We have different plumbing but essentially the same bodily functions and we need to feel at ease with how we are. I usually stand to wee when using a public loo or away from home but I do occasionally sit when I'm at home - especially if I think an ambush motion might be lurking to take me unawares.

I had a good poo this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Best wishes to everyone


Hi dear Robby, good to see you back! Great story, too, about your family episode in the bathroom. Give my love to Annie, Sari and Meghan! Hugs, Rizzo

Tim (and Sarah), yes I did find your post about your most embarrassing need for a pee in the presence of a female co-worker! I do not have much time to visit this site at the moment, but I can tell you, that I gave the travelmate, wrapped in pretty paper and with a golden string tied in a bow, to my wife. ‘What is this? Oh how pretty! A pouch for my reading glasses?’ Nope, said I, read the instructions! She did. ‘Oh, how interesting! This is really neat! I will have to try this! Dirty public loos will be a problem no more! Great!’ Such were her comments. I need not have worried. She has tried it, but has not yet quite perfected the technique. It will need another few rehearsals in the shower to avoid leaks and drips. She also says that is is difficult to let go with the device in place.
I wish you, Sarah, Josie and Loewie all the best, love from Rizzo.

PV, dear, good to read that you are keeping your back garden damp with your outdoor wees! We see the news about dry Australia (NSW) in flames, but it looks as if no amount of wees could change much there. Hugs, Rizzo

Hi dear! Are you still reading? Yes, my wife is learning to use that useful little tool.

Kendal dear, thanks for your smooth hug, which I herewith return to you! Your experience with Emily’s attack of diarrhoea about one and a half years ago must have been useful for helping Eleanor when she was so sick. I can imagine that the situation has created a lasting bond between you two. BTW, any news from your brother and sisters in the North? Love to you and to Andrew from Rizzo.

Louise, dear, great washing of steel walls! I always enjoy your weeing adventures! Love to all of you from Rizzo.

Punk Rock Girl, yes, I get your point. But as you live in the city you can probably make do without the option of standing for a pee. However, if it comes to the point of choosing between frostbite on your backside by squatting outside in sub-zero temperatures or not, by wetting your pants in the car or getting fined for indecent exposure or going in a bottle, or being in danger of crashing your plane because your are desperately squirming in your seat during an emergency pee-stop landing or wetting your clothes or to be able to go in a bottle, or getting your clothes wet if they so much as touch the ground or any of the fittings and cramps in your thighs from hovering when having to use a pissed up public toilet, I would say that if I were a woman, I would certainly learn how to pee standing with or without a device, just to have another option at the finger tips, so to say. All the stuff about penis envy and other motivations for some obscure psychological reason are! , with the exception of pleasure, well, debatable. I just love your posts! Cheers, Rizzo.

Yes I know. That party was a mad event and I can hardly believe I went without my panties. I got carried away. There were three of us going together and niether of my two friends were wearing any either and they dared me to go without! It felt really scary at first, even tho id had a few drinks. Not sure whether i would do it again. Might do. It was very handy when i went for a wee as I had quite a fee wees that night as it wore on. I also had to have one on the way home as we walked back and it was so easy to just hitch up my skirt and squat without the danger of wetting my knickers which often happens if i squat down outside.

Hi to Donna too. I can sympathise with ur work colleague. I have the same trouble of knickers up and down like a yoyo particularly if i have a few drinks.

Anyway, not much time tonight but I'll post again soon.

Take care everyone.

Greetings, All.
It is a rare thing that I find time to post these days. Louise is capable of entertaining everyone all by herself with her own toilet adventures, I'm quite sure.

A few weeks ago, I saw an article (with a photograph) about street urinals being installed in a part of London. From the picture, the devices are shaped rather like drinks cans scaled up to be over six feet in height, with a shallow alcove set into one side. In this alcove there could be seen a feature recognisable as a urinal, and the shape of the alcove showed there was a degree of privacy for a man standing and using it. Not so much privacy though, that a woman like my wife couldn't peek around the side to see what was happening. Louise, as some fellow posters might expect, pointed out the article specifically mentioned these devices were intended to "stop people from urinating on buildings in the area". She pointed out that neither men or women were specifically mentioned, but there is obviously the typical British coyness about wanting to admit that women actually need to urinate outdoors during a night out in the way she does. Perhaps the girls' weeing is not perce! ived to be as much of a problem for the erosion of buildings, though if more women followed my wife and used the standing position to urinate, there might be better recognition of their needs.
Louise told me she would have no qualms about using such a street urinal, and would be confident about aiming into the receptacle.
Perhaps the most interesting thing about the street urinals is the way they rise out of the pavement at 6pm and descend again at 6am. Obviously the period between these times is peak peeing time. The cylindrical design means that when descended, the urinal is flat with the pavement and looks no different to any circular metal cover. I imagine it would come as a shock to someone standing on the cover at precisely 6pm, to find they are suddenly rising upward!

One other thing. I can't resist mention a friend of mine, who told me at the weekend that he had bought a new toilet seat for his wife as a Christmas present. Who said romance is dead? <snicker>

Best wishes to everyone, and all our friends on the forum, especially Adrian, who I believe has not had the best of times owing to a urinary infection.

Cheers All.


1) If you could choose anyone in the world who would you most like to watch having a bm?
2) If you could choose anyone in the world who would you choose to watch you - and describe the ideal bm that you would do for them.

Well just yesterday I told you all about my normal round hard stones - so what happens, last night I had chili, and a few fizzy drinks, and boom, today I have a huge sticky poop. Lots of gas (quite embarrassing as I had to go at a friends) followed by a load of really sticky poop. I battled and strained to get it out, and my bum was burning from the poop that stuck to it on the way out. It came out in about four large dollops, and plopped loudly into the bowl. I wiped and wiped to try and get the poop off, and the toilet was really full. It smelt a lot too. When I finally came out he was bursting to pee, and made use of the toilet straight away. It made me more embarrassed as the smell must have been awful, and the toilet was full of poop marks. Later when I took off my panties there was a brown skid mark as I hadn't managed to clean myself up completely. An embarrassing day!

Elf Shitter
Hey again!
Now it's been 3 months since my last post here, so I thougt it was time for another. I havent’t read any of the posts during the three months, except a few reactions to my post:

RAY – are you still around here? You told about one of my favourite shitting situations: A dirty, sweaty and hpefully muscled soldier who has to squat outdoors...and

BUZZY – I loved your last gym story. I too love to take a dump in locker room facilities, it’s kind of halv-private. And sitting there naked, with a ”bulging anus”, as you say, surrounded by clean tiles, and then showering, it’s like a purification process! And when you walk around naked afterwards, it gives me a kick that others can see ”the bulging anus” that has just pulled out a massive dump.

I see that some of you tell about recent exam experiences. I don’t know what it’s like in the U.S., but here in Norway we can go to the toilet during an exam, but an exam guard follows us to the toilet (not into the room).
I also see that a debate about obsession with toilet stuff has started. As a non-American and non-British European I would like to point out that although toilet habits is a general taboo in Western culture (as well as in many other cultures), this taboo seems stronger and weirder in Anglo-American culture/the English-speaking world. I would say that Anglo-Saxons are too busy with constipation and enemas. When a society is so busy with such things, and defines them as things you can’t talk about, it’s bound to end in secretive obsession. I am sure that a child that has been given an enema on a regular basis will grow up with an obsession for bowel control and probably have ”accidents” on purpose, because this gives him/her the sense of being ”naughty”.
”Potty training” also seems essential Anglo-Saxon. I mean, there is a popular stereotype of the stern British nanny who makes the children poop at the exact time she has reserved for such things. In Norwegian culture that is much more relaxed. Of course Norwegian children also potty train, but it is worth to note some differences: In Norway children on the potty are always portrayed (in family photos, stories etc.) as ”having a silent moment for themselves”. So, from an early age, Norwegian children are thaught that sitting on the toilet is a kind of meditative action. Maybe this comes from the our near, agriculutural past, when going to the toilet meant going to the outhouse.
You should not see this as an insult, only as helping therapy from an outsiderJ
For myself, I will say that my family has always been very uninhibited about bathroom habits. Having seen my Mother on the toilet so many times (a ugly picture...), I have developed no interest in females pooping. My interest is young men shitting, because that is a group I have never seen in such situations. Since puberty I have been private about my bathroom habits, and as far as possible avoided seeing other members of my family on the toilet.
So, I think having an interest in toilet stuff or not depends on the culture you have grown up with. Earlier I mentioned Anglo-Saxon culture as a bit special in such matters and I have a good example: The South African author JM Coetzee describes in his book ”Boyhood” the conflict between being English and Afrikaans (Boer/Sout African Dutch) culture, in a young boy and the country South Africa in the 1950s. This boy partly rejects his Afrikaans family heritage because being Afrikaans means ”being uninhibited about your bodily functions”, shitting in front of others and so on... This boy seeks sophistication, and he finds it in the more reserved and refined English culture. This shows that Anglo-Saxon culture has an anal complex of ”holding it back” while rustic, agricultural cultures (Boer menas ”farmer” in Dutch) are generally more lax about such things.
But I also think that rustic societies know better how to be hygienic outside the WC. I am a bit shocked when I read about people here shitting outdoors without covering their shit, pooping in backyards etc. However tempting it may seem to middle-class kids to be ”dirty” in a dirty backyard, I don’t think we should do it. It’s not such a long time ago that cholera and other epidemics related to bad hygiene killed a lot of people in Western cities. We have eliminated them for the time being, but they can come back!
Sorry for being a moralist, but it’s a part of my national character. (We have never had any colonies or big military victories, but we hand out the Peace Prize and like to distinguish us in the realm of morals...)
I look forward to your comments on my cultural observations and lots of good shit stories!

hi folks well this is my 5 or 6th attempt at posting so here we go
I missed how the question on women peeing standing up came about until i saw PRG's response and i quite agree let whoever male or female piss how ever they want who cares and there are proes and cons of being each sex but we cant get reborn the other so its an irronious debate.
Any way PRG how are you and your bottom well i hope. I caught the stories about your friends and you at your bf when you took a good dump
and the one in the store you sound like you dump loud can i please ask
what sort of noises you make. Oh and i particularly like the one one the night you went to yur future mother in laws (good luck with that BTW). I may of asked before but i hsve lost track of what posts have and have not made it i know at least the last 4 have not but how do you cope with needing a good solid dump on stage how good are you at holding. Take Care baby keep punking and dumping
I cant remeber who it was now they are new but i cant remeber who it was now as my reply did not get through but the girl who drops 1 9inch long i think it was 3 inch thick log every 2 or 3 days is it just the one log at a time or is there more how long do you sit for.
Can i ask if anyone has more seeing or hearing there friends from school, college days dumping strories please.
Well i will be back with a story when i have a story worth while, sorry for my long absence my elderly dad for whom i cared for and looked after died almost 6 weeks ago.If my posts make it im ready to get back into the swing.
Regards to you all London Calling
P.S How are those columptons Kendal and hows Andrew

Depends on the messiness; at least once, at most four or five.
7) Do you leave ski d marks or floaties after being done? Not too often.
8) Have you ever clogged the toliet up real bad? Nope!
9) Do you have to grunt or is it easy to drop your load? Oh yes, I grunt, when It's tough to go, which is usually for me.
10) In public do you not flush for others to see your load? Never, this is a really nasty and inconsiderate thing to do.
11) Chicks when your on your period do you have diareah or get constipated? explain... Luckily, my periods are pretty mild, with most of the cramping all in one day. It rarely affects my bowels, but sometimes gives me diarrhea.
12) Chicks when you sit down to pee do you ever just like fart or something and end up taking a shit even though that ain't why you sat on the toilet? I suppose that has happened to me a couple of times.

Good survey, dude.

PEE'D: I totally agree with that article. I have to be careful what I say, last time I talked about this I caused a controversy!!! I think people should do whatever they want. If a woman wants to learn to pee standing up, great. If a guy wants to pee sitting down, terrific. I don't give a crap, that's none of my business. It's the thinking behindd it that bugs me. The notion that peeing standing up is somehow empowering to a woman is so outrageously absurd to me, it boarderlines on offensive. To imply that women in general have such low self esteem that the only way they can feel equal with men is to piss like them is, in my opinion, complete and total bullshit. What a moronic way to think, and the same goes for people who think it's a sign of weakness for a man to sit down to pee. Jeez, get a life. I can't believe they pay people to do research on this kind of pointless crap. I sit down to pee, or squat when I'm outside, and you know what? It has never onc! e tarnished my self-image. I don't have a dick, don't want a dick, don't need a dick, don't envy guys for having a dick. Life's too short for stupid shit like that. Now, excuse me, while I go to the restroom, pull down my pants and underwear and take a nice long piss. I'll be thinking about all you penis-envy idiots who have nothing better to do but wish you were men! F*** that!

Once again, only my opinion!

Peace. :^)


Tonight I was at the store, which has two single restrooms for each gender. While I was in the men's room peeing, I heard the door open, close, and lock on the other side. I heard the rustling of clothing through the wall (and with a ventilator fan running). After about 1 minute of silence, I heard a loud diarrhea fart next door; then the occupant immediately flush the toilet. I finished up and went outside. I heard her running the sink. I don't know whether she was trying to cover more pooping sounds or if she flushed again to get rid of a bad smell. I saw her when she left, and she was a moderately attractive middle-aged woman.

Harry -- Pacific Northwest, USA

To answer your question about hernia surgery, I had one done back in April 1982, and was told after the surgery was over, that I would not be discharged from the hospital until I had produced a bowel movement in the toilet in the room I was in at the time. I had a movement late the following day, but made the mistake of flushing the toilet, and was told by the nurse on duty at the time that I was NOT to flush the toilet until either her, or one of the other nurses on duty had verified that I had a bowel movement by checking the toilet bowl themselves. So, two days later, after the surgery, I finally had another one, but being it was in the middle of the night, I had to wait until that morning before I was discharged and could go home. I was also warned by the doctor that did the surgery, along with a couple of the nurses, that if I needed to strain to get the mass to move on out of my system, that there was a chance that the hernia could come back because the wound ha! dn't had any time to heal internally. If I did have the urge to strain, I was to take my time sitting until the movement came out of its own accord...


1.Have you ever pooped at a nightclub,if yes what was it like?
Yes, I have. The toilets were crowded, vandalized, and dirty.
2.Have you ever pooped at a bar restroom, if yes what was it like?
Yes, I had diarrhea and I went into a crowded,loud,smoke filled
restroom with grafitti all over.
3.Have you ever pooped in a public bathroom at a carnival or fair, if
yes what was it like?
Yes, I got a stomach ache at a fair and went into a stall with pee
and poop all over the bowl. Of course it was crowded, dirty, and
had writing all over the place.
4.Have you ever pooped in a locker room bathroom stall, if yes what was
it like?
I did once at the gym I always go to. There is toilet paper all over
the floor sometimes, but it's usually clean.
5.Have you ever went into a public restroom with a friend and let him
watch you poop?
I've seen women go into bathrooms together, but I always tell a friend
to accompany me. When I am at a bar or club, he usually stands outside
the stall door and talks to me. I hate that because he can hear the
farts and plopping sounds or me peeing. I like when I enter the stall
,and he talks to me while he's looking in the mirrors. One time I was
at a nightclub, and I was drunk and had diarrhea. So my friend helped
me to the bathroom and through the crowd in the mens room. He took me
into a stall and pulled my pants and panties down and sat me on the
toilet just as I let out a huge wave of diarrhea into the bowl. He
helped me wipe and get my clothes back on. I was embarassed because
there weren't doors on the stalls so everybody saw. They were all
gossiping about it behind our backs.

John Q Public

It'a funny you should be reading articles on Female Urinary Devices. About 5 years ago I was on a vacation in Minisota, in the Remer area to be exact. I was staying with my gf (not my present gf) in a cabin on Big Thunder Lake.

Anyway to make a long story short, we met up with a cousen of hers. Her cousen, was one of these women who became obscessed with standing up to pee. She was, in fact, a Wisconsen State police oficer bo occupation and having a convenient way to relieve herself was one of the major problems on her job. Men could just run into an aly and wip out his cock. Well this woman, as it turns out, was using one of these devices, and since curiosity got the better of us, she was good enough to demonstrait while out on a hike in the woods. Both women knew of my limitation, and I was wizzing all the time. Then as the pressure begin to build, the girls had to relieve themselvs as well. My gf went first. She let out a rather respectible stream while squatting next to an old tree stump. She was nothing like my present gf or sister, but in a pinch she could hold pretty good. Then it was her cousen's turn. This woman was no slouch either. She suprised us when she opened her fly! and wipped out this hose that had to be about 7 or 8 inches long and about as wide as surgical tubing. She then let out a long torrent that shot out of the end of that tube for about 7 feet before hitting the ground. It was realy something to see. She peed like that for almost a minute. Both of us were amazed at such ability.

I wonder how she managed it without any leackage in her pants?

cute girl

I noticed u didnt wear panties to the party, but u said before that u wouldnt dare go without panties anywhere, did u wear pantyhose?? i like a girl in pantyhose, have u ever peed in yr pantyhose by accident, please tell, u sound real cute to me.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I made two posts a couple of weeks ago and thought they hadn't made it. So I thought I might be in trouble with the moderator again and stayed away for a bit. Then blow me if Eleanor didn't find both of them posted together like one post even though they were posted a couple of days apart, on page 1030, well out of date sequence ! I thought perhaps my short post in answer to BUCKET'S question had caused the problem. Perhaps I should have had more faith !

Anyway I'm here to tell about this mornings story. Aunty and Uncle had been out very late at a party and didn't get in until 2am, the dirty stop-outs !! So they were fast asleep at half past seven when I woke up. Ellen was fast asleep as well. She had woken several times in the night, so I left her to catch up with sleep. But I snuck into Andrew's room to wake him, the lazy bones !! That was because the poo that I hadn't had yesterday was well ready to come out this morning as soon as I woke up, and I wanted Andrew to come with me. Well, he dragged himself, bleary eyed, out of his bed, and followed me to the downstairs toilet, where I thought it would be safer for him to come with me. I lifted up my night shirt and downed my pampies to the "poo" position on my legs ( about four inches above my knees ) and then sat on the toidy. It was cold and I shivered and curled my arms around myself to keep warm. I could tell from the look on Andrew's face that he wanted to come in! and cuddle me to keep me warm, but he stayed outside as we had agreed in case some one got up upstairs, then he could escape away and no one would know what we were doing. I moved further forward on the toilet seat as my wee tinkled loudly, so that it then pitter-pattered quietly down the front of the bowl. When it had finished, I couldn't be bothered to move back again, and I started my poo there and then.

And oh my goodness, it felt soooooo very good ! It wasn't hard, and it curled out of me slowly but easily. It went on... and on... and on, and after about 15 seconds, it felt like I must have made the biggest poo ever ! I then felt it break off, but it made no plop noise at all. In fact it made the tiniest "slip" noise as it entered the water below. Andrew cocked his head to one side. He had heard something but wasn't sure. I nodded my head at him to indicate that he had heard my poo. Then to my surprise, he looked behind him to make sure no-one was coming, and quickly slipped into the closet with me, and he peered behind me down the gap left between my bum and the back of the toilet seat to look at my poo. His head drew back, his eyebrows raised high in the air, and a huge grin spread over his face ! I was quite embarrassed, one, that he had come in and looked at my huge poo, and two, he must have seen my second poo hanging about six inches out of my bum !!! Just as! he backed off, that poo dropped off with quite a SCHLOMP. I know I went red, and he saw. He smiled again, and gave me a kiss on the head, and went back to leaning on the door frame. But I shook my head to explain that There was no more poo. Surprisingly, I only needed about three wipes. Then I got up, and was quite shocked at the large poo I had made. It was sitting out of the water. I started to laugh, because it reminded me of a dog sitting up and begging for food from a table !

But that was not the end of the story. Andrew stopped me from flushing, and to my surprise, he pushed down his PJ bottoms and sat to have a poo himself, on top of mine. His pose on the toilet made me want to laugh again. He sat with his legs apart a bit, and with his hands turned inwards resting flat on his legs, which made his elbows poke outwards. And as he began to strain, his muscles sort of rippled, and I had an image of Chris Eubank the boxer flash into my mind. Remember how he used to pose with his elbows out, flexing his muscles "saying" look at me, I'm the best ?!! It was typically noisy and splattery, and probably more smelly than usual, as most of his poo would have been sitting on top of mine ! When he had finished, I didn't want to look. He told me most of my poo had now disappeared under something resembling a cow pat ! Ewwwwww !! All I hoped was that the toilet would cope when he flushed it. But it did, no problem. I think the toilets here are stronger! flushes than the toilet is at my old house, where Eleanor now lives !

Love to everyone ( you know who you are!!! )

And to LINDA GS: where is the thanksgiving poop story ?!!! and to Cousin, I left you a message in my last post on 1030. Read it. I'll be expecting your response to my resumee of the Paranoid movie !!

Lots of love from Kendal xxxxxxxxxx

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, everyone,

BRYIAN, I hope all went well with your operation, and that there was no pain or discomfort when you had a shit. I was once told that every man has a hernia, although not all need surgery. Whether lifting or coughing is what causes them to become a problem I don't know. Best wishes to you and hope to hear from you again soon.

I was definitely being listened to in a public toilet this week. There was a guy in the next cubicle making no sound at all, and when all was fairly quite, I decided to have my shit. This involved a bit of pushing as I dropped my well-formed solid turds that plopped loudly, and really splashed my buttocks, and occasionally my balls, and so for added effect, i grunted as they came out, and made satisfied sighs of pleasure. I could tell the guy next door was interested as he tried to do one as well, and he seemed to be very quietly vocalising his efforts too. I felt great! I was also surprised that when I wiped up, and he'd gone quiet again, he made no effort to leave the toilet at the same time in order to find out who he'd been listening to!

It's been very cold here recently, so I've not been as thirsty as usual. This might account for the fact that my turds are mostly bigger these days, although I can't provide a scientific explanation. I always think less water drunk, smaller turds, so whatever it is, I'm doing well! Just over a year ago, I was still having problems in getting the right amount of fibre in my diet, and as this year draws to a close, it looks like I can say this has been a very good year for shitting!

Someone recently posted and asked whether their interest in other people shitting is "normal". Statistically probably not, but who knows how many people share our interest, and what is normal anyway?!
Everyone I've ever met is unique in all their different characteristics, behaviour patterns and attitudes, and so the spectrum of human sexuality, desire, erotic interests, and personal body-fascination and awareness will reflect this.
Don't worry about conforming to other's ideas of normality, be yourself and keep in company with those with whom you can identify!
Many of them are here and have all thought at some point "is it just me?" No, just scroll back to the beginning of this forum and read all the thousands of messages from people who love using toilets themselves, and other people using the toilet!

Best wishes to all those regulars I especially like to hear from, and hope to hear from you again soon!

Good and healthy shitting to all! P. Plop Guy

It was Wednesday night, and I had been invited out for the night with a group of friends. They meant it to be a night for dressing up as bunny girls! So, we all were dressed in identical outfits. Skimpy black leotards that revealed lots of cleavage. I was nearly spilling out of mine as they only had thin shoulder straps. White pom-pom tail, white ears, white cuffs. Black fishnet tights and white stilettos. My boyfriend was there too because I wanted my friends to get to know him better. It was very reassuring having him with us, which was another thing.
The outfits were a problem in the ladies because everything had to come down when I went for a wee. The leotards would not stretch enough to pull them aside and I had to do it by crouching over the toilet with the leotard and tights down to my knees. I tried to go often without waiting, and every half hour I went for a quick wee with one of my friends if someone else was going.
I found it difficult when we were going home though. The really cold weather was not good with only a thin leotard and my boyfriend gave me his jacket to wear. My friend was not that lucky and had to walk with us in just the leotard. The cold encouraged my bladder to fill, I think and I went into an alley like I do with Louise. My friend needed a wee as well. She didn't care my boyfriend was with us. I gave him his jacket and he waited for us. Oh, was it cold or what? I had to pull down my leotard and tights again to crouch and squat with my friend. The chilly breeze got me and I felt frozen. I weed and weed and weed a gusher that would have felt very nice only for the cold. I had a long trickle at the end and I wanted to go to my man's house very quickly to get warm. My friend was as naked as me with her leotard down and she was weeing and weeing as much as me. The outfits were not very suitable for the weather. I had no paper and I did the bum wiggling thing as well as! I could and pulled my leotard back up over my frozen boobs. It didn't make me much warmer in that cold wind.

Thank you, Rizzo, for your reply. Really, I should have realised why my boyfriend's wee jet changed direction when his foreskin was all the way back. I did have a closer look. Big Smile. I've told Louise and mum what the answer is. Louise said she has checked Steve too. Smile.



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