allo im new her and i like to telle you a story from a few years ago when i was dating this girl i told her one time i realy want to see her on the toilet when she go for a poop so,that morning after 2 month i told her i want to see her on the bowl she said ok ,the night before she was a the club and have a few drink so the next morning she was on a urge to meet the bowlshe said comme whit me so we wen to the bathroom togheter she sat on the toilet and i sat on the side of the bathtub she let out a few fart and let out a big wave of soft poo she was shy a bit but i sais its ok at that time i feel a urge to poop but i let her finish after 20 minut she was empty her bowl she said i think im done so she cleen up her messy ass and we went in her room and she said that gave you a hard on i said yes and that was it she said next time if you want to see mee dont be shy aneway see you next time ,,,,another girl i met passe years ago i try to see her but she never let me see i just! see her one time and that was for a pee but now every time my new girl friend go for a poop im not far from her she let me comme in whit her every time mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm xox se-ya -next time folks

Hi all. This Saturday (Dec. 7) the Globe and Mail newspaper (Canada) has an article in the Style section about the TravelMate. The reporter says she tried it but "this is one revolution I'm opting to sit out."

I'll copy parts of it below, because they only have seven-day web access to stories:

I finally tried standing up for myself - but it wasn't much fun

By -removed-

Saturday, December 7, 2002 ? Print Edition, Page L3

For the past week, I have decided to stand up and act like a man -- in one crucial aspect. That is to say, I have cast off the final shackle of womanhood, the last lingering bond of biology, the thing that sets apart the men from the un-men: namely, the need to relieve oneself of excess water whilst in a seated or crouched position. There is no delicate way to put it. I have learned to pee standing up.


"Offers new freedom to women!" the manufacturer blasted in bold type. "Easy, discreet, safe. No more dirty toilets!" I realized what I had in my hand was a FUD (female urinary device). I had heard tell of such things -- from a butch outdoorswoman I knew who had used one while winter camping in Antarctica -- but I had never seen one before.

I squeamishly chucked The Device across the room and sat staring at it. I decided it was either the most disgusting thing in the world, or the prosthetic key to global female liberation.

It is no secret that some young girls get fixated on the idea of peeing upright. Personally, I haven't thought about it much since summer camp in 1985, when my female cabin mates and I obsessed about it during a two-week canoe trip, came up with and demonstrated various techniques for polluting Georgian Bay. Back then, it seemed like the only thing boys could do that we couldn't, and I suppose it was. A quick spin on the Internet reveals that for many women, the obsession persists into adulthood, and I don't mean in a sexual way either.


Turns out The Device was invented, at least in part, for all the (apparently many) North American women who long to go like boys, but can't stand the thought of having to touch themselves, you know, DOWN THERE.

Maybe overcoming the horror of self-contact might be the real key to a "new freedom" for women, rather than a patent-pending wizzing tube, but what do I know?

Janice from Texas, who is not thus inhibited, writes on the Web site: "Well I'm in college and you'd be surprised to see how many college girls use men's urinals. I personally find it boring to pee in regular stalls. Any woman can pee standing up, facing a urinal, looking at the wall or whatever men look at.

"Down here in Texas, at one of our stadiums, they are installing urinals for women in addition to the stalls. Usually there are long lines for the women's bathroom. My friends Judy and Karen will sometimes stand at the urinal and see who can get the furthest arc. It works best when we are all drunk!"

Sounds like fun, doesn't it cowgirls? Well that's Texas for you.

I'll spare you the details of my own experience and just say this: The Device is not the answer. It is not fun. It is messy and irritating. After a week of standing, I can't comprehend why anyone would not treat a respectable toilet the same way they treat a bar -- i.e. given the choice, take a seat.

Earlier this week, I had lunch with a colleague. There must have been some wine involved because I told him about The Device.

"Isn't standing up fantastic?" he said. "Can't you see now why men are so arrogant and superior?" Then he told me about a Swedish university that had dismantled all the urinals and banned male students from peeing upright on campus on the grounds that it was patriarchal. Utterly ridiculous!

With a wink and grin, I swaggered off to the loo, bravely concealing my dread, thinking perhaps the radical Swedish feminists were on to something. Ridiculous was right.

It wasn't just The Device that turned me off. Summing up the findings of my research, I have come to note that there are many negatives that men conveniently fail to mention when extolling the virtues of upright urination. These include:

1) Toilet seats that refuse to stay up on their own (no doubt designed that way by female engineers) and fall down mid-stream, making a huge splashy mess unless you lean over awkwardly and hold them up with your fingers (very disgusting).

2) The need to aim monopolizes at least one hand, therefore precluding the following multitasking urinary options available to females: a) reading b) brushing hair c) filing nails d) talking on the phone (meanwhile pretending you're washing the dishes).

3) Creepy strangers encroaching on your sense of privacy at public urinals.

4) Embarrassing drips, particularly concerns khaki pants.

So you see? It's true. They never tell us anything.

I say let those stroppy Texan college girls have their bathroom liberation. This is one revolution I'm opting to sit out.

If you're looking for a great old movie with an explicit female poop scene, try to get a copy of Keetje Tippel in the original Dutch version with English sub-titles. There is a terrific scene where a female character living in a one-room apartment with her family gets up from the table, walks over to the commode and poops rather noisily in front of her family. When she is done, she rips some pages from a book and wipes her ass. The movie should be available on some of the internet auction sites for under $20.

Uncle Allen
Hi everyone. Hope all of you are enjoying this holiday season so far.
Courtney: What a terrible ordeal you had to go through on thanksgiving. I feel terrible for you and I hope you are feeling okay now. It must have been awful. Only once did I ever poop outdoors. I had a nasty diarrhea attack one night when I was about 14 yeasr old and forgot my key. I was locked out of the house and had to go in my back yard. It was a terrible ordeal. You did what you had to do.

Jim: Your story concerns me greatly. While you may have been embaressed about having an accident in school, you had no right to leave school without telling an adult first. Your teacher should not have left you alone, but if you're in school you should be old enough to know that it is dangerous to walk alone during the day no matter how close home is, and you should know that the school must have gone crazy trying to find you. I hate to sound harsh, but I get worried when I hear about school kids doing things like that.

Hi Robby and Annie and Meghan and Sarah! I was taking an exam on Friday in Spanish (3 hrs, but it only took me 2) and halfway through I had to pee super badly. I ended up suffering and working to finish as quickly as possible and didn't check it over. I handed it in, collected my stuff, walked out of the room quietly and then ran to the bathroom where I threw my stuff in a corner by the sinks and locked myself in the stall. I yanked down my running pants and thermal underwear and panties and sat down to let out a torrent of pee. I guess that was because I got up early (8:30) and then didn't have to go at 12:30 before the exam, but by about 1:30 yikes! Thankfully, I have great control (just not concentration on the exam...)

Tim and Sarah--at times it's easy to run up to the bathroom at work, but at others it's just not for the safety of the children. If I really have to go, I go, but I've gotten to the point (just from classes and everything) that I get on a schedule of peeing that coincides with my day. For example, when I get up, then I had 3 hours of class, pee at lunch (1 hour), then 4 hours of work, stop back at my room to pee and rest for a few minutes before dinner, and maybe one time in the evening and then before bed. Strangely, that does not hold up in days with different schedules.

Shy Girl--your story made me wonder about next year. As you might know from reading the old posts, I am in a constant struggle to keep things moving so to speak. I don't do well with traveling, being around people (like someone in the next room/stall who I know (waiting for me)'s okay if I don't know them more or less...anyway next year I'll be somewhere in Eastern Europe and I haven't a clue what the bathroom facilities will be. I will be there for just over 2 years and I've never ever used anything other than a regular American toilet (or those icky lantrines that had toilet-like seats and single stalls) or I suppose diapers when I was young. I have no idea what will become of using strange toilets in a strange country where I'll only have three months language training (I only speak English, Hebrew, French and Spanish...nothing Eastern European) before being sent into a community...ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT (re toileting) EASTERN EUROPE???

In regards to panty changing, I always change mine every day. I agree that mine definately collect discharge (clear to yellowish) or blood (my period gets really heavy and I'm often "just" late in dealing with it) and sweat rather than poop and pee.

Hmm...I'm feeling like I might have to poop and I should get to bed, so I'm going to sign off now.

Hi everyone

sorry its been a while since i posted on here. been reading regularly but not had much time to post anything. however i had an interesting toilet related experience at the weekend which i will share with u all.

i was at a party at a friends house - the usual sort of thing, lots to drink, music etc etc. it was my friends lucy's 21st so u can imagine. anyway as the night wore on and we all got steadily drunk i felt the urge to go for a wee. i was with a couple of friends at the time and one of them, debs, said she was getting quite desperate for a wee too. it wasnt a very big house and i guess there were about 50 people there and the only toilet was the bathroom upstairs. when we got up there we found 1 other girl waiting outside for the loo who seemed pretty desperate and was holding herself openly. fairly soon the door opened and a girl came out and this other girl ran in too desperate to even worry about shutting the door she yanked her skirt up and plonked herself down on the toilet. she weed for absolutely ages. whilst debs and i didnt watch her directly, the sound of her wee was not helping our bladder control and i could see debs squirming saying she couldnt wait much mo! re. Finally this girl finished and sheepishly looked at us saying she was sorry about not shutting the door.

we were too desperate now to worry and debs said could she come in with me, so we both went in and shut the door. debs looked really uncomfortable now and so she went first. she lifted up her black dress pulled down her pink knickers and sat down. the look of relief when she started to go was very evident. i reckon she was going for about a minute before she finally stopped. she stood up and got out the way to wipe so i could go. i had already hitched my skirt up and didnt have any panties on underneath so i quickly sat down and emptied my very full bladder into the toilet. i weed and weed for what seemed forever before i was finally empty. I wiped, lowered my skirt and we headed back downstairs. The worst part was that only half an hour later i was bursting again. i always get that if i have a few drinks. after a while they all catch up and i cant stop weeing!


Hello,all-Just got back from the gym-went early today cause I had a lot of other things to do.Had one of those unexpected good dumps that when you go to poop you don't think it's going to be a good load and it turns out to be a big one.I just started on the cardio machines and I was on ther about 20-25 mins and all of a sudden I really had to go-it was like this avalanche of poop enterexd my empty rectum,so I headed downstairs and took a bowl down by the end and cause it was early,there were a few guys in there,but it wasn't too busy.There was 1 guy just finishing up and wiping as I was cleaning off the bowl and before I sat down,he left
So I sat on the bowl and let out a small pre-poop fart and my 1st turd started to come out and it came out pretty fast and ploped inot the bowl,but I felt like I had to go more,so I looked in the bowl and saw 1 10 inch kinda knobby poop that sunk to the bottom and then I sat there waiting for the rest to work it's way down.Then another guy came into the stall next to mine and I heard him say"Hey,buzzy,good mornin' I was kinda surprised and said "who's this and how did you know it weas me?"he said"It's me,Steve"Now i talk to this guy alot upstairs when we are on the cardio machines.he's a nice guy and I've pooped along with him before.I guess he recogniszed my sneakers!Then he says"Man, i really gotta go,hope you don't mind " I said" hey go crazy" and he laughed and said" are you done?" and I said "nope just waiting for the rest to work it's way down"Then he pulled down his pants and took them off-he was in the stall right next to me and sat on the bowl and right away let! out a long,loud fart and let out this groan and said "Ohhhh man" and then I heard the sound of a lot of soft poop coming out his butt and plop,plop,ploping inot the bowl and I could heard him grunting and groaning as all this poop was coming out and it sounded like quite a load.It must have lasted about 10-12 seconds and then I said " man, that was some dump" and he said" told you I had to go bad" and he grunted again and farted a wet one and did some more poop.Then I felt like I had to sneeze,so I did-now I don't know if any of you sneezed while you are on the bowl,but it was not too pleasent cause when i sneezed,a plug of poop flew out my asshole followed by a bunch of soft stuff,but it came out so fast that my asshole burned like hell and I let out a sound of pain like Ohhhhh,man as my anus then slammed shut as I turned to the side of the bowl in pain and this guy steve said" what happened?" I said When I sneezed I just dumped at the same time and it really hurt" he laug! hed and said" I never did that" I said "it only happened to me when I was about 12 years old and it hurt then too" and we both laughed.then I heard him fart and do some more loose stuff ending with this 10 second long fart and he said " AShhhh,now i'm done,the best things in life are free-you done yet?" I said "nope,i don't think so" and then I felt another urge and pushed and it didn't fell like anything ,but it turned out to be the rest of my morning load which was quite a bit as I let out a small Pffffffffftttt fart and my asshole opened up with a massive load of soft ice cream poop that burned slightly as it came out but the burning subsided and I started enjoying the feeling of all this excrement exiting my open anus and as I'm doing this,Steve was wiping and i guess he could hear me pooping away and said"Bet that feels good, huh?"I just grunted back a short "yes,it sure does" and kept shitting and man,did this feel great.It was one of those like you're sitting there a! nd it just keeps coming out and coming out.Finally it ended with a wet fart and some watery poop that sprayed the back of the bowl as I moaned in relief.Then I said" Man that was something-didn't feel like much but what a surprise" Steve said'Wow that sounded like the one I did a few days ago,aren;t they great?"then he said Enjoy" and left and I just sat there enjoying the feeling of an empty rectum and peed for a bit and then looked in the bowl and it was just filled with all kinds of poop-kinda hard to describe,but I could see it was a bunch as I flushed it down and then relieved myself(Which I had to do after a dump like that!)then wiped my messy butt and ran to the showers-That was an unexpected pleasure-Anyone else have this happen to them?good stories all!! BYE

I donít think I have ever been so embarrassed as I was at the weekend when I wet myself in a department store while trying to find the toilet.

I am 40 and had been in the pub and had three pints when I noticed it was time for me to go and meet my partner.
There was a niggling feeling in my bladder but the shopping centre wasnít far away, ten minutes walk, and I didnít want to be late.

Boy did I need a wee by the time I got there. But as she was not too happy about me going off to the pub and leaving her to do the Christmas shopping in the first place it did not seem prudent to tell her I had to go off and find a toilet.

We were in Debenhams, a huge department store, and looking at perfumes and such, when I knew I couldnít put off going much longer. Iíd had to discreetly squeeze myself and was standing with my legs crossed.

A few minutes later and I could barely stand still. I told her I had to go and asked her if she knew where the nearest loo was.

No came back the answer and she gave me an exasperated sigh ... like I was a naughty child.

I was on the third floor and found the lifts where I thought it would tell you what was on the other floors. There was no toilets listed but I figured there would be some where the restaurant/cafe was on the fifth floor.

There was some others waiting for the lift and as my now I my hand was clamped to my penis I decided to walk up the two floors.
Before Iíd gone up five or six steps I felt my briefs get warm and the seams of my jeans dampen as I started to wet myself.

I was so shocked that I squatted, pulled my suede coat out of harmís way and weed through my jeans and on to the step, widening my legs and watching the wee flow down the stairs.
I finished and fortunately no one came passed me and I went to find my girlfriend.

She nearly wet herself laughing when I told her what I had done.
It was also uncomfortable staying in those wet pants and jeans til we got home three hours later.

Iíll never put off going again.

I had a good big dump yesterday and must have passed five good solid logs. It certainly felt good|!

Annie (Robby's cousin). I enjoyed your account of an urgent outdoor poo the day or so after Thanksgiving. Did you have a lot to eat at Thanksgiving? My guess is that all the food you'd eaten caused a build up of pressure and gave rise to what was an urgent need for a poo, especially if you'd not done a #2 for a day or two.

Louise. Hi! Enjoyed your latest weeing post. You'll be pleased to know that I'm feeling much better after my recent infection but I'm still taling care to drink plenty and have the cranberry tablets or juice if it's available.

Best wishes to all


Monday, December 9, 2002

Hello everybody!
I had some fun with a drain on Saturday night with Steve and my friends. We did not stay out too late because Steve was getting very tired and I knew he needed to go home and get some sleep.
Well we were halfway home and my friends Jackie and Emma were with us too. We needed a wee and we went in an alley we do not use a lot. It has a drain grid in the middle of it and it is lit, so we could see what we were doing. I was a bit desperate to wee and Jackie and Emma were too really. Steve was bursting as well because he had not had a chance to go for a wee before we started the walk home.
Well it was ladies first and it was me first because I was the quickest. I was wearing some black pants and I pulled them down and my thong too and I squatted over the drain. I put my left foot a bit forward so Steve could see my wee stream squirting out of me and down the drain. I let rip and I did a huge hissy gusher. All my wee started going down the drain and it was making a lot of splashing and dripping noises. It was a bit loud really. giggle Well my pressure let off a bit and I did some more gentle weeing for about a minute before I got it finished with a lot of dripping. I just had to shake my bum to get the drops hanging off my pussy lips and then I pulled my pants up. Jackie could not wait any more and she got her pants down. She has a really lovely bum and she let Steve watch her pissing like mad down the drain. She did a good gusher and she hissed as well, and her wee made a lot of noises dripping down the drain like mine did. Emma was bursting and she was we! eing before she really got squatting properly but then she did a lot of stop start squirtingt but it was a bit heavy. She did the same as Jackie and she let Steve watch between her legs when she was pissing. When we got finished, Steve got his willy out and we watched him wee a strong stream down the drain. I was having a bit of a giggle with my friends and we teased him a bit. It was best when he was on his last drops and he was getting his foreskin dry. giggle
We teased Steve a bit more when we got to our house and we wanted another wee a bit later. I took my pants off and so did Emma and Jackie, so we all did hissy gushers sitting down on the toilet and we let Steve watch. We got him to wipe us too and he did not mind! When Steve wanted another wee I aimed his willy for him and it made my friends giggle.
Well I hope you liked my story. It was a bit cold to be taking my pants down for a wee but I preferred baring my bum to pissing my pants and feeling colder. I forgot my travelmate so I could not give my friends a laugh with it.

JOHN - Hi guy! I like weeing outside and so do my mum and my sister. I like doing it when my husband Steve is with me and watches me. I have got caught a few times when I have been doing it as well, and I have shocked a few men with how heavy I squirt.
I like doing it in an alley on the way home after a night out. Sometimes I do it in the middle of a night out if I can find a nice alley somewhere. I have done it in parks and on beaches and I can wee standing too. I do not always squat like a good girl.
If you look at the old pages on here you will find stories from me telling what I have done, and I hope you like reading them.


Kerri - My niece messes her pull-ups a lot and she's four - and her mom's a fusser too. I just do the same thing - I help her up on the toilet and tear the break-away sides out for her so she can at least finish up like a "big kid" and I never fuss about it. I don't have much trouble cleaning her up, it's the toilet seat that's a pain to clean because the mess gets everywhere (Especially under the seat and lid - I usually manage to get most of it off). Only problem is flushing because the messy pull-ups underpant needs the flush handle held a few seconds for everything to go down (At least, it leaves no evidence). I've been on my sister's case about it, even tho she gets upset with it she isn't treating her like it was intentional anymore. If I were you I'd tell YOUR Mom about it because she probably can figure out the right way to smack some sense into your Aunt's head. You're a really wonderful cousin for doing the right thing.

Did anyone ever doodoo only blood before?

Amy (Co-ed)
Hi again everyone! I finally found time to post again despite being very busy with end of the semester finals and all. Like most others I went home for Thanksgiving, ate too much, took a big dump on the Friday night afterwards, as did April, my little sister. Last night I took another big shit as well. It was very memorable, thought I would share it with you. I was over at my friend Karen's apartment studying for a big final with her. I had needed to take a dump earlier in the day but kept putting it off. After about an hour of studying I could not get comfortable, I needed to go really bad, I could also tell that it was going to be a rather huge dump. I hated to take a shit like this at Karen's, but under the circumstances I was out of options. I asked Karen if we could take an extended study break so I could use her restroom, hinting that I needed to take a big #2. She laughed and told me to go shit, pointing at her restroom. I laughed as well as I walked into he! r restroom and closed the door. I wriggled my jeans down to my ankles and lowered my panties as well. I sat down on the toilet, immediately letting out several loud farts that echoed into the bowl. I guess Karen could hear me, because she said from outside that "I guess you really have to go!!!" I apologized to her again as I started to pee as well. I felt an urge to push. As I did so, I could feel my butthole expand outward. I could also feel a big turd moving out. The funny thing was nothing came out for several minutes, I just pushed ever few seconds, only to hear my asshole crackle and to feel a huge piece of shit wanting out. Finally I pushed out a small "golfball." As I continued to push, more "golfballs" began to fall out with loud splashes. I had to push very hard several times to get them out, almost thinking that it wasn't going to happen, but feeling very full of poop at the same time. My whole dump was this way. I ended up counting each poop ball, I ! had over 40 when I was done 15 minutes later. I felt soooo much better afterward. My poor butt got a workout in the process. I only had to wipe twice, but had to flush several times to get everything down. Karen laughed again as I exited her bathroom, asking if I felt better. I told her I most certainly did! Hope everyone is doing okay, talk to you again soon!!!!!

I was a senior in High school amd my math teacher wouldn't let me go poo. i ended up pooping my pants. the rest of the year I was called #2.

I like these poop stories here, especially dealing with Shy Girl's constipation problems. How I wonder how cruicial was that

Hey everyone I am new here a friend of mine named joey told me about this site. He said to tell you that he will post again soon but had surgery and can't come out of bed until monday. anyway I was reading threw what he had posted. Punk Rock Girl could you answer his survery on page 1033? that would be awesome. Anyway I don't have much of a story other then today I was at the hospital seeing joey and outside of his room is the bathroom door... It is a unisex. Well sitting there I watched a very hot chick probably about 15 or so walk into the bathroom carrying some kind of magazine. She had a pair of like sweatpants on that said princess on the ass, it was so nice. Anyway I knew what she was going in there to do. I sat there talking until I herd the door open, it had been about 15 min. I hurried up and walked directly into the bathroom as she walked out. When she saw go to walk into the bathroom she said be prepared I really stunk it up. I was like its okay. Man! when I got in there and turn around to lock the door she was totaly right, it stunk so bad it made me gag. Well I walked over to the toilet and seen that she had covered it with tp becuase some of it was still on the seat. Anway I was amazed by what I saw in the toilet. She had clogged it up, beacasue you could see the tp in the little hole thingy where the water goes out. There was about 3 golf ball sized logs floating and tons of skid marks. Well I pissed and walked out... I went back into joeys room to tell him bye and that same chick walked back into the bathroom she saw me standing in the door way and said I must not have finished I have a ???? ache bad. Well I was already on my way out so I didn't stay around to see what she did, but when I talked to joey earlier on the phone he said she was in there for like 30 min... It must have been massive. I think I will try to get her number tomorrow if I go down there since she is always down because her mom had a hip removed or something I herd the doctors talking about.... laters

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