Hey everyone I am new here a friend of mine named joey told me about this site. He said to tell you that he will post again soon but had surgery and can't come out of bed until monday. anyway I was reading threw what he had posted. Punk Rock Girl could you answer his survery on page 1033? that would be awesome. Anyway I don't have much of a story other then today I was at the hospital seeing joey and outside of his room is the bathroom door... It is a unisex. Well sitting there I watched a very hot chick probably about 15 or so walk into the bathroom carrying some kind of magazine. She had a pair of like sweatpants on that said princess on the ass, it was so nice. Anyway I knew what she was going in there to do. I sat there talking until I herd the door open, it had been about 15 min. I hurried up and walked directly into the bathroom as she walked out. When she saw go to walk into the bathroom she said be prepared I really stunk it up. I was like its okay. Man! when I got in there and turn around to lock the door she was totaly right, it stunk so bad it made me gag. Well I walked over to the toilet and seen that she had covered it with tp becuase some of it was still on the seat. Anway I was amazed by what I saw in the toilet. She had clogged it up, beacasue you could see the tp in the little hole thingy where the water goes out. There was about 3 golf ball sized logs floating and tons of skid marks. Well I pissed and walked out... I went back into joeys room to tell him bye and that same chick walked back into the bathroom she saw me standing in the door way and said I must not have finished I have a ???? ache bad. Well I was already on my way out so I didn't stay around to see what she did, but when I talked to joey earlier on the phone he said she was in there for like 30 min... It must have been massive. I think I will try to get her number tomorrow if I go down there since she is always down because her mom had a hip ! removed or something I herd the doctors talking about.... laters

Dave from Upstate NY
To Buzzy: Another great buddy dump story from the gym, still would love to have a seat next to you for a buddy dump.

Today I had a sighting of a teenager who has just turned 19, desperate and wet. This lad works in my place, and had the day off to go and watch the match today, and he went into a pub in town. I was coming home from work at 6, and I saw him by co-incidence getting off the bus on his way home, with his friend. When I first spotted him, he was running towards the trees |I was walking up along, which were near the bus stop, and he was holding badly, and he started to take out his dick way before he got to the trees and was peeing!!! I was instantly interested, went over and asked if he was alright. He had a large wet down the front of his tracksuit bottoms, and his arse was a little wet. He had been holding on the bus, and started to leak, ran off the bus when it stopped, and started to lose control! This lad is young looking for his age, could easily be mistaken for 2or 3 years younger, and is about 5 and a half foot, and of average build. He looked really childish just when I! went over, with his wet pants(he dosnt shave yet),and was really embarrassed. He was wearing those loose fit type boxers, they were light blue striped(I saw cos he pulled his tracksuit down a bit to see the damage), and they were very wet. Id say had he been wearing briefs he would have not got his tracsuit so wet. He sometimes wore briefs, cos i saw him in them when we go to play football from time to time. The tracksuit was blue, and showed the wet real clear. He wondered what he would tell his parents, I told him to say he spilt drink on them. He told me he drank two pints that day, and had needed to go for bout 25mins before he lost it.
I have more stories from a lot further back than today, Il maybe post them again sometime.

Potty Pooper
Haven't posted here in awhile, tho I have been lurking...

Someone mentioned hearing a little girl singing while using the bathroom. Heh! That reminds me
of a little boy I knew (well, knew OF, mostly) when I was a kid. It's been a long time, so I
don't really remember his age (actually, I didn't pay age that much attention back then) but I
figure he was probably about 6 or 8. Anyway, he had one rather amusing quirk. Every time he
went to the bathroom to do a doodoo, he'd always sing "Plop! Plop! Fizz! Fizz! Oh what a
releif it is! Plop! Plop! Fizz! Fizz! ..." all the while he was crapping. :-D

As for outhouses, there's only been maybe one time I've ever used an outhouse, and it was when I
was probably 8 or so. I was with a boys' group (something like Boy Scouts but its one our church
denomination runs as an offshoot of itself) and we were at an arranged campground trip at some
farm location or some such. We'd all travelled out to this place, and had one very large empty
fenced-in section, I'd guess an unused pasture area where otherwise they'd corrall the animals.
Anyway, we'd set up all our tents in one area, and had activities going on in other parts of the

Well, anyway, Off to one side, in this pasture, was an outhouse. It was pretty much a traditional
wooden outhouse, all planks. A single-hole outhouse. It had a plank or planks forming a bench,
and it had planks forming the front of the bench, and had a toilet seat over the hole in the plank.
At least I'm pretty sure it had a commode-type toilet seat. I would have remembered rather strongly
if it DIDN'T have a toilet seat, since I would have remembered sitting on bare wood! :-)

Anyway, I happened to notice, the one time I went to use it, that the thing was open at the back,
underneath the bench, and there was no trench dug under it. It was just the bare ground under there,
where you could see the bright sunlight streaming in from the back. They seem to have simply left
the lowermost two planks at the bottom of the back wall of the place.

My guess is that they perhaps took a shovel later and removed all the poop, but then, they could just
as easily left all the poop there, since I'd guess the outhouse was used VERY rarely, if ever. In
fact, we probably used it far more heavily than it had ever been used before, or since. By the time
anyone else ever used it, all our poop had probably long since dried up, broke down and gone into the

As for the opening in the back, underneath the bench...

It crossed my mind that some other boy could sneak back there, stoop down, and SEE some other
unsuspecting boy's bare backside, and WATCH the poop coming out and dropping to the ground. I hadn't
really developed an interest in that sort of thing at the time (other than during the time when I was
5 and I used to go poop with the 5yo girl from next door, or watch her poop) so I didn't think to go
back there and actually DO that.

Sometime much later on, it occured to me someone could have played some nasty pranks on whoever went
in there to poop... maybe splatted them with a watergun, or tickled them relentlessly on the behind,
or royally smacked buttcheeks with a paddle, or taken masking tape, creased it down the middle, and
slapped it right onto someone's crack just when they're about to poop, or squatted down there and
PEED up onto someone's backside, or waited until some kid came along who clearly *really* had to go,
then simply got right up next to the opening in the bench and yelled BOO!!! as soon as he sat down.

Fortunately, *I'M* not the kinda dude that would ever do anything like that! I'd probably just watch
the poop drop.

A. J.
Wanted to tell several people I enjoy your posts:
Shy Girl- I think your tendency to shyness and discreetness is cute and without a doubt your post really amuse entertain and tug at a lot of our hearts. I hope you are getting more comfortable here on the site. I am really sorry that you're sick. Please take care of yourself and watch your medicine doses 'cuz you're petite. Keep writing.

Punk Rock Girl- What can I say except that you're fun to read. Sounds like you have great sass and attitude.

Jared- Man, you're lucky. Where can I find a girl like Mallory? My GF is nowhere near as open as your friend.

Austin Blake-You seem like a fun guy with great adventures to report. Looking forward to more.

Well that's it. I have a paper to write.

TO ALEXA-Nice poop in the bag-I don't think I could do that in front of a bunch of people,but it sounded like a good dump,girl!
TP SHIT LOVIN"CHICK-I absolultly loved the lady pooing together in the gym showers,man I would have loved to have seen that!Isn't it great to se someone else's domed out and open asshole as they are doing a dump from up close-i used to see this nurse lady some years ago(check My old posts about some of those stories)and we would go out to the woods and we would both watch each other dump from up close and she had a beautiful butt with a great asshole that just bulged out and opened up when she pooped and then we would wipe each other's butt and have some great fun out in the wold!Great story!
TO JANE(and GARY)I always enjoy your poops Jane-wish we could do a good dump together-must have felt wonderful to let all that stuff out!Nothing like a good dump after thanksgiving-it's in the top 5 dumps I do all year! Good stuff-let's hear some more from you,Jane!
Its' been really cold here in the N.E and we got 6 inches of snow yesterday and it makes me long for the days of summer and dumping out in the woods every morning after some OJ,but now I'm getting ready to head for the gym and I'll probably take a dump there,lately it's really been fun dumping at the gym with my thanksgiving dump and my buddy dump with that guy the other day-I look foreward to sitting on the bowls at the gym,now cause it's really starting to get interesting! great stories,all!-BYE

John Q Public
Sorry it took so long for me to post. I did not fall off the world or anything like that, it's just been busy and I havent had much time for posting here.

Anyway, I had a very interesting experience with a cousen of mine who came in for Thanksgiving last weekend. It was Sunday morning, and I had to take her to the airport. The airport is about 3 hours from where I lived, so I had to make damn sure that I empied my bladder before I left. I emptied out, drove to my sisters house to pick up my cousen, then I went again to be sure. Just in case, I did put a diaper on.

Well, my cousen over slept and was in a huge hurry, and since she is another member of the "badder bladder" brigage like my sister, she decided that she can wait until we got to the airport before she relieved herselt. Well we starrted driving and she, after not having emptied out her morning pee, started getting pretty desperate. We had a good half an hour to go before we would get there, and as luck would have it, we ended up in a humongous trafic jam. We were both pretty desperate, and I knew that I would never make it, but I thought I would try. I, of course, failed, but she held out a bit longer, but she was realy struggling and was ont the verge of pain. I knew we had to do something, and I had one of those large 32oz plastic drink cups that they occasionaly give out at Sub Way. So, she decided to use that, then she would pour it out the window afterwords.

She removed her panties, and positioned the cup appropriately. At first her stream trickled out slowly and gently, but as her discomfort overcame her bashfulness, it quickly rose to a hard hissy torrent which left a decent sized head of foam at the top of the cup. She filled that cup THREE times, and dumped it out the window. Luckily we were in the far right lane and theree wasn't any cars next to us to see what was happening. After three good fill-ups, she finaly squeezed out the last 16 ozs or so and pourd it out. The smell of fresh uring was very strong, and the look of reliefe on her face was unbelievable.

We arrived at the airport, I had to go again, then I saw her off and drove home.

i just thought id ask you people something since my friend who told me about this site cant seem to answer me. what exactly is it about other people doin there business that turns you on. im only askin cause i want to understand my friend a little better. thanx

Sudden Urge.
Masked Bastard: Oh Yes, You can check out some of my earlier post where I go into detail about her turds. I never saw this woman have a wet mushy shit, whenever I got a peak at them they were always light brown in color and anywhere from 10" to 15" x 2" in diameter, usually with a lot of smaller pieces around the large ones. I mentioned that it took her a long time to poop, I know I sat in there with her for 45 minutes one sunday morning, just when You think she would be finished you would hear the familiar "ploop" sound of the smaller turds. All in all I think the reason she allowed me in there is because she enjoyed it as well for some reason or the other. Maybe she knew it excited me because this was and still is a very beautiful woman.

I have a co-worker whom I've known for about ten years now, nothing intimate between us nor has there ever been. We were both working late one evening and I was finishing up a daily report when she walked into the office. We chit chatted for a while until she excused herself to the office wash room. She blew my mind when said, "bring me those reports when you're done, I'll be in the bathroom". I don't know what it was but evidently she thought since we had known each other for so many years that seeing her take a poop would'nt matter that much. Well really it did'nt because I was always comfortable around her and could discuss any type of problem with her, we were good friends. Of course I finished up as quick as I could so I would'nt miss anything, I walked up to the door of the bathroom and timidly knocked. She said, "it's unlocked come on in". I boldly stepped in with the report to find her in mid poop mode. The smell was incredible coming from this woman of about 1! 20 pounds. The thing that blew my mind was that she acted as if it were perfectly normal for me to be in there. We went over the report together as I stood to the side of her. she was leaned forward resting her elbows on her legs with the paper in her hand, she was also on her tip-toes. As she would ask me about an item on the report I could hear a bit of strain in her voice followed by some gentle "ploops". She handed the report back to me and turned around and got the toilet paper from the back of the toilet, rolled it off into her hand while still talking to me and raised her butt up and wiped about two times. She got up and pulled her white cotton panties up and then her jeans revealing what looked like about 25 small medium brown turds with peanuts embedded in them. She flushed and we watched the turds swirl down the toilet neither one of us commenting on them and walked out locked up and left the building. Nothing was even said about it until the next day when we walke! d past the office together and she said "i wonder if the bathroom still stinks from last night?" and we both laughed. Of course I could'nt tell her how turned on I was.

Eric in Chicago
KT: Cool story about shitting on the bus after the football game. Can you remember what you ate or drank to make it green (grape Gatorade, maybe)?

I took a big green dump a few minutes ago, thanks to a lot of Berry Blue Koolaid.

Hi all--it's been a long time (a few years) since I posted, but I totally hear what Curious Cat and Little Stinker are saying... My take about finding a partner who's willing to let you peek--ask for it. If you are really so turned on by watching someone gorgeous on the pot (or even someone you're actually in love with and in relationship with), ASK FOR IT! If she thinks you're disgusting, you don't want her anyways... If she says yes, you've found someone who's a keeper, and if she says something else, at least you can have a conversation...

As for me, I did ask, and while I havent had a full blown viewing, my sweetie has started to leave the door open... We're engaged, btw--and this was after I admitted the things that REALLY turn me on...

Don't sell out--and don't be ashamed of what turns you on. After all, if everyone who is interested in this subject ACTUALLY admitted it and sharing openly about it, it wouldn't be an obscure perversion--it would be a national sport!

COME OUT, POOP LOVERS!!! Seriously, where we're at now is where gay folks were pre-Stonewall...

Think about it.
Talk about it.


unnamed poster
hey curious cat--you're definitely not bizarre. you're normal. we all have an interest to some degree and the fact that other people don't say they do doesn't mean the interest isn't there. i'm willing to bet that many of the people here on this board are a bit more discreet about their interests off-line with other people. it's not something you go around advertising normally i wouldn't think. so no there are a lot of people like you out there. the secrecy is what veils it.

to austin (blake) if you're still here on this board. you had a lot of great posts from outdoors especially. hope you can post again sometime.

yo carmalita i miss reading your posts although i never actually posted myself. it made for some fun visits to the site. come visit again.

to punk rock girl- admire your openness and attitude since it's refreshing.

to shy girl- you're another fun one to read. keep writing.

to upstate dave- i enjoy your stories

to jared- mallory and kendra sound really neat!

to pv- still there? i enjoy.
to rizzo - do you still post? i enjoy your posts too!

will write a story of my own here sometime when i get the chance.

To Outdoor Pooper: I really loved your stories..hope someone found your log! Are you a male? When you were at the movies did you see and of the pee dripping down? and did you check out where they were sitting at the end? If you think of it if every one peed on the floor that would be unsanitary cause they do serve food, been in that kind of situation before.

To Alexa: Nice you think any one else saw you?

To Shit Lovin' Chick: Cool experience...did any one find your shit? and where was the teacher or coach at?

To Biker Trash: Liked your story about pooping old are you and are you a male or female? I liked hearing about pooping in the snow..done that once

To jim: Enjoyed your story.

To More Bastard Than Masked: Cool about walking in on your G/F

To anonymous movie guy: I agree with you...i think there might be alot more people intrested in this stuff...even in chat rooms and here i find lots of people intrested in this stuff.

To Jane (& Gary): I thought it was just Rjoggers wife that died? maybe i just don't has been a while

To Courtney: Enjoyed your story

To Punk Rock Girl: Do you like it with no doors?

To KT: Liked your story...what made your shit green?

To wetguy: Liked hearing about you peeing the bed

To MEAt-LoVeR-galz: Liked your story


Saturday, December 07, 2002

Outdoor Pooper
Hi Shy Girl, thanks for the welcome. I had a great outdoor dump about 20 minutes ago. I was driving home from a bar(I met some friends) and had to shit. I pulled behind a building where I knew no cars would be coming, got out of my car, dropped my draws and squatted right next to the drivers side door. I pushed out a huge log. It hurt cause it was so thick, but felt so good after it finally dropped. It was at least a foot long. I pushed out two more small ones and was done. I wiped with some napkins I had in the glove box and drove away knowing tomorrow somebody is going to bring trash out to the dumpster back there and find a killer log.
One more story. About a year ago I was at the movies with my gf and a friend. It was a horror movie and there were a lot of teenagers. There was a group of 5 or 6 high school age girls in the row behind me. They were all very giggly. Anyway, about halfway through the film, I heard a couple of them saying that they had to pee. The others told them to just squat on the floor, but they said it'd be too loud. Naturally my ears were really perked up and my heart was pounding. The others kept making hissing noises and trying to make it worse for the two that had to go. They suggested peeing in a cup. This went on for a while. After a while I heard giggling and whispering, followed by a snap and a zipper coming down right behind me! Then I heard another zipper next to her. They squatted right in front of their seats. It was stadium style seating and one of them was right behind me, so she was just inches from the back of my head! Almost immediately I heard their piss start ! spraying out and splashing the floor. It was soooo loud. People were turning around and everyone knew what they were doing. They pissed for a long time too. The other girls were giggling loudly. It was wild. They all left just before the movie ended, or I would've congratulated them. At $9 a ticket, i don't know why more people don't just water the floor. You shouldn't have to miss a second at that price. Anyone else here ever do anything like that or have a similar experience?

Curious Cat. There's nothing abnormal about having an interest in bodily functions and you've absolutely nothing to worry about on that score. It's probably true to say that most people don't admit to having an interest of that nature though because despite achieving many good things modern civilisation is still essentially very confused when it comes to elimination and a significant proportion of the population still look upon it as a taboo subject. However, I wouldn't go so far as to say that 99% of the population aren't interested. Don't worry, you're quite normal.

Sudden Urge. I didn't dare intrude upon my beautiful aunt's bathroom sessions but I knew she had (and still has) some good ones. She's quite open and entertaining though when it comes to discussion of natural functions - something I'm very grateful for.

Robby and Annie. Hi! Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving meal and the loo was in heavy demand afterwards. I wish they'd introduce Thanksgiving in the UK!

Best wishes


Tim (and Sarah)
LOUISE: Hi dear! Yes, that was a lovely story about the three awsome ladies spraying the steel wall at the manís...Keep up the fun! Sarah says she doubts, I would be embarrassed. What does my wife think of me, eh? Well, I would probably be embarrassed about being too tempted to know what I mean. As a matter of fact something in that direction happened to me many years ago...I was in my early twenties then. I had been late for the shops and just rushed in quickly get some stuff, being the last custumer to leave. I badly needed to pee as well, but I got "kicked out" of the mall before I could use a toilet. When I found the toilet in the parking garage it was locked. I was desperate and annoyed that they would not provide a toilet after the shops closed, so I decided to find a corner for a piss. I went downstairs in the garage, right to the bottom underneath the stairs, where the urine smell was always strong...But when I came aroud the corner I found a woman, probab! ly in the same situation like me, her pants down to her knees and her bum stretched out in the air. She seemed to have just finished as there was a big puddle on the floor and she quickly wiggled her bum and pulled up her pants. I was so suprised, I did not turn round straight away, but starred for a second before I remembered to turn...I was quite embarrassed about starrig at her and about being very turned on (not so visably, thankfully)...I remember she was quite a bit older than me (probably around the age I am know) but very attractive. I did not see much, but I remember very dark beautiful hair and I remember her round bum. I just stood there like a jerk, thinking about fleeing upstairs, when she rushed away, passing me on the stairs, giving me a very embarrassed smile. After I recovered from the shock I relieved myself, having admitably a bit of fun adding to her puddle on the floor...Take care and lots of love from Sarah and me!

RIZZO: I hope you found my reply from two days ago, itís in the old posts as usual...

ANNIE: Thank you for your hello! That was very sweet. Hope you are alright again after that big baggle poop...giggle. I took Josie to a doctorís appointment with me last month. We were sitting in the waiting room and looking at a book, when she suddenly lifted her bum and let out an ultraloud, ripping fart...She sighed in relief and went:"Oh dear, pardon me!" The whole room was laughing including us. When I told Sarah, she said these where originally my words, when I let one escape. It was funny....Love to all of you from Sarah and me (and the kids)

Aussierod,, G'day how r u all???????? My name is Rod from Australia. I do not believe what I have found , a group of people who share the same interests as i do, thought I was the only one in the world. I have filled in the survey , didn't realise there was so much detail in having a shit.All my life I have been interested in the art of crapology, thought I was the only student......there's a whole classroom. Started with me from when I was a kid, I was always a lazy pooper , by that I mean always leave it till the last minute. consequently would always have skid marks in my jox. Sometimes the poop was coming out with quite a determination and I would have quite a clean up to do . As I got older I improved alot, but always had this latent fascinations about females toilet habits some are very private and some seem quite open , almost willing to share. My first experience with the latter was when I lived with this lady who had no inhibitions whatsoever. Can rememb! er on numerous occasions, because of our similar daily work schedule we would often need to poop at the same time. so we devised a plan of both sitting on the bowl at the same time. I would sit down first, spread my legs , she would lift up her dress , pull down her nickers , I would then move back a bit , enough to give her an opening to drop her shit and they were big.I must admit this took a bit of practice . The first few times she sat too far back amd pooped on my cock. We never gave the practice a second thought , no sort of moral judgement , everyone has to shit sometime, we were in the position to share. We looked at it from a fun not sexual point of view, used to laugh at each others turds, like whose had the most artistic shape. One time I was laying tiles on the floor and had to remove the pan, she had to shit in a real hurry. We got some newspaper and she took her shorts off, never wore nickers at home, dropped the biggest longest turd I have ever seen . She was ! really proud , have to be at least `12 inches long and hard as a rock. So ever since then I have had a real fascination for women and their toilet habits. Since then a few real life incidents have come my way, quite a few in fact, these I would like to share with u at a later date. Reading the posts iy appears most of the authors are from the U.S. or Britain are there any from Australiawho would like to share their mtoilet experiences with me ?

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, everyone,

MIKE, I wish I worked where you do at that warehouse you described! Being introduced to those other guys sitting on those toilets with no doors, and all friendly and uninhibited! May you have many happy visits to the toilet there!

BRYIAN, Foamy piss happens to me sometimes, but I can't remember the circumstances. I've also heard a guy having a loud piss in a toilet, then when I've looked in the unflushed toilet, it's quiet foamy. I think that if you direct the stream into the centre of the water, that tends to churn it up a bit, so perhaps it all depends on where you aim it. I had a toilet dream recently. In this one I was having a really good shit, completely surrounded by other people who were as disinterested in what I was doing, as I was unconcerned about them! However, the turds felt so good coming out, I would have liked either some attention, or privacy so I could enjoy pushing them out better. Being ignored and yet surrounded wasn't any fun!

Yesterday, I was just about to enter my usual public toilet, when another guy was just a few yards away and heading the same way. I could tell either by telepathy, instinct or his body language that he was wanting a shit, and as he was young, good-looking and wearing jeans, I looked forward to this prospect. Once inside, I rinsed my hands at the sinks, and saw him go into the end cubicle. As I stood in the next cubicle waiting to hear him, all I heard was a LOT of paper being pulled off the roll, and nothing else until a lot more was torn off as he wiped his arse. When he came out, not having flushed the toilet, I went in only to find he'd made a nest of paper in, and on the toilet!
I flushed it, but there was so much paper it that the water filled almost to the top before it all went down. Anyway, it didn't get blocked, and it all flushed away, but that guy must have been so keen to avoid contact with the seat, or with the water that he's wasted loads of paper! He's also denied me of some listening pleasure too!
I've no idea what sort of shit he had, but there was no smell.

Recently, my own shits have been dull, and occasionally moist which makes me itchy, or rather quiet, so it can only get better!

I forget who posted it, but recently I read here of a girl who burst in on her brother when he was 15 and sitting on the toilet. What I found quite impressive about the incident was the way he reacted to such an intrusion. Probably natural sibling assertion, but the idea of the guy protesting very angrily at his sister seeing him on the toilet seems to reinforce how he valued his private, even sacred bodily function, and while the idea of a guy being quite uninhibited about being seen on the toilet having a shit is agreat turn-on, the idea of someone fighting to preserve his privacy sounds very much a quality worthy of admiration! Perhaps like others, he likes to determine who has the privilege of seeing him on the toilet!

Good and productive toileting to all! P. Plop Guy

Well, this is it for a while. I won't be able to post for an indeterminate time, because of lack of schedule time. But I decided to post my Thanksgiving story here, so as not to leave you hanging.

Ah, the joys of Thanksgiving...the way you can eat as much as you want, not even caring about who's watching you, because everyone is eating as much as you or more. The way that afterwards, you know that you absolutely need a dump, and it's a guessing game as to how your dump's going to be. Anyway, this Thanksgiving, I really overdid the eating thing. I had at least five full plates of real food, then a whole bunch of dessert. I thought I was going to explode! But, luckily, that didn't happen (yet). So anyway, this weekend, I was hanging around, still not having gone since Thanksgiving, and I was kinda disappointed, because I was still eating afterward, the way that I do regularly, and I barely had to go. I wanted to wait until I really had to go before going. So anyway, when I got back to college, I was doing my college thing until about Monday evening, when the urge to move my bowels came. It wasn't urgent, just a gentle reminder that there was truly poop in my intesti! nes. So I decided to think of a good daring place to take this dump. The bench wouldn't be good enough, I needed someplace more public, like a movie theater or the side of a residential road. I decided on the side of the road.

So around nine, I drove around, looking for where there would be more people around. I don't know why, but the thrill of dumping a giant load right in the middle of a bunch of people is irresistable. And by the time I got to the supermarket, the need to go was irresistable too. It felt like a bunch of elephants were learning how to dance on my guts. I literally was sweating profusely by the time I parked. So, as I was coming out of the car, I was glad I was wearing a skirt and leggings, instead of pants. I pulled the skirt up and knelt next to my car over a plastic bag, looking around. Then I pushed, making audible sounds. At once, a really thick movement started out of me. I thought I was going to be ripped apart by this thing, it was so huge. It was at least four inches across, and firmly packed in my butt. I gasped and panted, and managed to push it far enough to start it actually moving. It grew to about a foot in length, then landed on the bag with a thump. It looke! d like one of the yams that I'd eaten. But this seemed to be the finger in the dike, and now everything flowed freely out. But when I say freely, I don't mean it was diarrhea, I just mean it was softer and easier to pass. Much easier. It came out more swiftly than I had expected, coiling around my large blocker a few times before dropping out. I felt about twenty pounds lighter. Just then, I saw someone walking the dog on the other side of the street. It was a young-looking guy, and he had noticed me and was trying not to stare. Poor kid! I would have loved for him to be right behind me, watching my expansion, smelling my ghastly smells of my freshly laid pile, seeing the faces i made while straining. Oh well, can't get everything you want.

I'll probably post about the childhood things with Anna tomorrow, and then take what would normally be thought of as a vacation, but I'm actually doing more work instead.

The best is yet to come!

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