Barbie Doll
Hi All:

Been out of touch with this forum.

Good to see Carmalita is back. A great fantasy (of mine) story. A Carmalita dump must be a sight from one so small. Pretty brown bottom (I bet) too.

Amy (Co-ed) what a great dump. I love to hear about (and see if I can) huge dumps. Wow.

Katrina -- I love the outside stuff. What a treat to walk up and see you doing your thing.

Louise: How does Steve get so lucky. I have a guy friend (good friend if you all catch my meaning)who is so jealous of Steve. Seeing all that female parts and pee and poop.

Brown Study: Wow. You were really full girl. I never go that much.

I have some new things. Like I said, my guy finally admitted he liked to watch so I now drag him in every time. I usually hover over the bowl so he can see all. One time I did #2 on a newspaper on the floor so he could get a good look. Boy was he excited to see my 2" wide and 10" long very hard poop. He took me to the bedroom and bounced me off the mattress!

I also found a new lady who likes our thing. A new girl at work. A pretty brunette with a great butt. I went to the bathroom at my place and did not fully close the door. She came in a I could tell she listened a lot while she talked. I stood to let my poop drop off saying I usually do that to avoid getting splashed. Her eyes bugged out big time.

Later she had to go and dragged me in. She leaned way forward so I could see (if I wanted). I wanted. She is a big pooper. First lots of hard round pieces (about 8) then to huge (fat) ones about 12" each. There were near 4" wide for sure. I was really impressed. Guess I'll get to see her do more some day.

Gotta run. Be good.



i went out to the pub last night and drank far too much beer, got back in a little worse for wear and sat up with friends smokin bongs till about three in the mornin. I was quite nicely sick in the toilets which ended a good night

Another exciting day in my neighborhood.<BR><BR>

To Bryian: I am male, but sometimes I sit to pee when I really have to go bad, as I know it will take a long time. The flow of pee seems slower if I have to go worse.<BR><BR>

Lately my poop has had the consistency of peanut butter, very hard to wipe off. I wonder if it is something I am missing in my diet. ANy ideas? I think I may try this "watch yourself poop" thing everyone is talking about. Gotta run for now and get to work...

Red Demon
I've been a big fan for the longest time as has many of my on-line friends. I can't wait for your comic whe it's done. Listen.. there are many women who spend as much time on the toilet as men..some even more.(I know..many of them are in my family) My wife Elena takes longer than I do..and I take a while..and as for my little cousin Linda well..let's not go there. But hey..forget about's your story and's fiction so go with it.Sides..there are hardly ANY female superheros.. female or otherwise.

I saw a few movies people have mentioned here.

The title says everyone has their limit..mine was 15 minutes into the film. Despite that I watched it for the scene...sorta voyeuriestic..but still didn't show much. I say rent it don't buy it.

Caged Heat
YOU CAN find it on DVD and there's a scene where you can see a gal on the can(well barely) she's not pooping..either DVD sound it much better on a home Theater or something but what you hear is her peeing.(Odd that she would take the time to read while doing that..oh well)

Panic room
S'okay scene..could have been better.

I have not seen Blue Crush..but can someone tell me about the scene someone mentioned in that movie.


P.S. Have you heard of Miguel Tigre? I hear he does art too.

Guy who got an A in Business Law
Yeah, i pop in from time to time, giving lawyer-ly advice, since i did get a nice A in Business Law last year. I wanna say to Katrina, you go girl that's alot of pee. I am one of the males who can hold it for a long time. Couple o days ago, i held it for 15 hours, without any significant presure. Just didn't have time to go. Car trips, no problem-o. I can hold it the entire 12 hours no big deal. I'm sure you could beat me in a contest, but i could give you a run for your money, maybe. Just 16, but hey, i can hold a piss with the best of em.

amy survey:, bu i have been in a bathroom pooing with mirrored walls. it was kinda cool.
2.the first time i poooped in a public restroom was in high school. i went into the men's room and after gym one day and had a nice long 20 min. dump.
3.same as above.
4. can't remember
5. legs open wide with my boxers and pants around ny ankles.

To EricNCSU - I am 17 and a high school senior. I dont have time to really post anything now, but wanted to let you know that I'm certainly interested in exchanging stories with you here. Please give us details of when you pissed yourself last year if you can!

To jim - Loved your story about yourself and others pissing their pants in the arcade. How old are you, by the way, and did anyone other than your friend say anything to you as you left the arcade?


poo finder
Lately I have been eating alot more fiber and green vegetables and immediately I got more regular with bigger turds.

my mom gave me a key to the house finaly and i can come home by myself from school, this is so cool. i went to school thismorning and i had to poop pretty bad but i knew mom wouldnt be home till 6 now and i had a key. so i held it. i made it till recess and we were playing ball in the field and i felt it coming out. so i just let it, a big long banana log came out and in my undies. i had some baggy pants on so it didnt even show. i came in from recess and just left it in there. i went to class, noone even smelled it, i could smell it when i pulled my shirt up. i mooshed it when i sat down, it was gross feeling. i still have to ride the bus home casue mom wont let me ride my bike yet. but the kid next to me on the bus asked if i pooped my pants and i said no of course. i didnt pee all day eaither. and as we got closer to hoke i really had to go so bad that i was holding it. my stop came and i got up and grabbed my bag, the pee started gushing dsown my legs as i ran off the b! us i got to the door and i had totally wet myself bad. i looked down and my jeans were soaked all the way to my shoes. noone saw me though cause our porch is kinda behind bushes. i went in and threw my clothes in the washer and turned it on. i watched mom wash so i know how to use it good. i dont know how to dry them yet so i just hung them in my room behind stuff till they get dry.
oh and i went fishing on sat and we were with my friends dad, my friend is my age. and we went on a boat together. we were fishing in the middle of the water and i had to pee real bad so i just went in my pants when i was sitting down and my friend wasnt watching. i had blue jeans on and it showed up real bad but i was sitting so they couldnt see. then fishing was stopped for lunch and we rowed to the beach andi got up and my friends dad saw my pants, he grabbed my arm and took me behind a tree and said did you have an accident. i said yes and he said it ok, were in the woods so you can go all you want, he said just change before you get in my car. i laughed and said ok. i went back to my friend and i noticed his pants were wet too. he looked at me and said wow you had to g more than me. i was really wet in the but. he just had a circle ont he front. well i gotta go, i will tell more later. by

Adrian, Im glad you liked my story about the dry toilet (privy) in my Grandparents smallholding when I was a lad living with them in the Yorkshire Dales, "James Herriot Country".

It will Im sure interest you to know that my Gran, now in an old folks home as she is in her 90s is called Anne, as I know from Old Posts that you have a liking for women with that name. She was known as Big Anne to folks in the village we lived in as the other Anne was Little Anne who ran the Village Shop and Post Office and also was a sort of unpaid midwife, that's how things were in the countryside in those days. My Gran, Big Anne, was a tall plain quite heavily built woman with long brown hair usually tied in a pony tail or in a plait down her back. I always called her Gran as kids didnt address adults by the first names then.

Most of the small holdings and farms had dry privy toilets outside the house either using dry earth or ashes from the fire to put a light dusting over the jobbies once you had done them. This seemed to keep off the flies and cut down the smell and helped dry out the poos and help to break them down over a few days.The resulting "night soil" as they called it was combined with the farmryard manure and used on the garden and the fields. It didnt seem to do any of us any harm.

We were therefore used to seeing the turds others passed and those of the adults too and nobody was bothered about this. As to smell it wasnt really noticed with that of the animals manure being far stronger and as I mentioned the ashes or earth kept down any stink. There were some houses near the main road were the sewer ran which had flush toiets as did the Pub, the School and the Doctors Surgery, but we were up the hill and eventually we got a toilet which flushed into a septic tank but as I related on my last post my Gran and I prefered to use the old privy which we had retained for number twos and only used the indoor flushing toilet for wee wees unless in an emergency or if it was really bad weather as it tended to clog up with Gran's big jobbies and mine.

The school toilets flushed but the kids often didnt bother as they weren't used to flush toilets at home and often I saw some big turds in the pans.

I usually have a good solid motion regularly, not too hard and lumpy but not loose and mushy either, usually a big fat 12 inch long curved poo, solid but smooth and easy to pass, but often a "panbuster".

For your wee wee infection, you may have to take the antibiotics which will probably give you diarrhea but if you can avoid them try drinking Lemon Barley Water or get the pharmacist to make up Mist Post Cit or Potassium Citrate Mixture. Drink plenty of bland fluids but leave of the booze until you are better. Good luck!

Hi Toileteers!

Tim and Sarah, I have missed you! How are you? Tim, are you well?

Carmalita, dear, HA! You couldn’t resist! And what a great Carmalita poop it was, too! Hugs to you and the whole gang from Rizzo.

Hi Louise, good story about you, Jackie, Emma and Steve weeing. You must have had gallons to drink! As you did not seem too plastered, you were probably sensible by limiting or even avoiding alcohol intake! But I am certain that Steve is taking good care of you! Give my love to Damsel too! Hugs, Rizzo.

Ina, dear, I haven’t been to Berlin since when my story took place. Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, yes, but not to the East. Take care, love from Rizzo

Katrina, your bladder holding capacity is truly amazing! No wonder you have been able to hold two days worth of urine production in the past. Yes I believe that women have – on average – larger bladders than men. They have more room for a larger bladder, don’t they? However, the women I know usually have to pee as often as I do, which is quite entertaining. I always keep a look-out for facilities when I am with my wife and friends, so that in case of need I can give directions (or go myself). Cheers, it’s a pleasure to read your posts! Full of admiration, yours, Rizzo

Cara, you seem to be more in the line of the women I know when it comes to having to go for a wee quite often. One woman my wife and I knew had to go for a wee every hour or so. After two hours away from a toilet she used to say out loud that she was in dire need of a wee. Her husband was constantly on the look-out for a toilet for her. She had an extreme case of a ‘nervous bladder’. There was nothing physically wrong with her; she had had medical check-ups galore. Then she became pregnant, had a baby, and her frequent urges disappeared. She could hold her wee from breakfast until lunch, then until she got home in the late afternoon without much ado, even hold it all day if need be! I sometimes wonder if it took some spice out of her life when she became ‘normal’, wee-wise, because her marriage ended in divorce shortly after!
So, just be yourself, do not be sad that you have to wee more often than some other people. As long as you are healthy, that’s just the way you are! Keep it that way! And keep us informed like you did with poor Wendy’s predicament! Cheers from Rizzo.

Hi Tina, you are wondering what women did in the past centuries when they wore long dresses, stays, crinolines and such-like garments. As far as I know, up to the end of the 19th century and even in the beginning of the 20th century it was considered indecent for a woman to wear anything between her thighs. Contrary to what Hollywood lets us believe, women wore no panties or the fancy underwear seen in ‘historical’ films. These were introduced later. I have an old woman’s household guide book from just before WW I, and ist shows how to taylor your own clothes. Underwear was open in the crotch area, the ‘hoses’ on each thigh overlapping there and tied either to a girdle or above the waist on the opposite side; or bloomer type underwear which could be unbuttoned just below the waist at the back, and a flap lowered far enough to be able to relieve oneself in a squatting position. It was probably less complicated than wearing panty-hose, panties and tight jeans! Did you see! the film ‘The Piano’? There is a pee scene there where obviously no knickers had to be drawn back up. Then my mother told me once that in the distant past country women wore nothing under their long dresses. This enabled them to pee standing quite discreetly, everything shielded from view by an ankle-length skirt. Very practical for a wee, but a handicap for freedom of movement. I myself have seen an old peasant woman in southern Europe pee standing from under her dress. I happened upon her when I walked round a corner near a bus station.….with an eagle eye for such things! She stood alone, carrying two bags with vegetables, turning her head right and left to see if anyone was looking, right on the edge of the pavement so that her stream hit the level of the street about six inches lower down, and thus avoided splashing her feet or ending up standing in a puddle. As for going for a #2 , well that normally happens once a day, and then men are in the same predicament when it! comes to that, aren’t they? I hope you post again, take care, Rizzo

OK, folks, that’s enough for today, Rizzo

John Q Public
Holdit Man, it was sort of inconsiderate of her, but then again I am into that sort of thing. At any rate, I think it was like you said. She was probably embarassed about flushing all those times which is why she didn't, but I would have been more embarrassed about leaving a toilte unflushed.

There is also another possibility. Her baby was crying and raising a ruckus, and she may have simply forgotten to flush.

Louise, that must have been interesting. My gf likes to do the same thing when I pee infront of her, but I do not do realy spectacular gussers like you or she does. I do not have a foreskin, however so it's a little easier to aim. Sometimes she also likes mesage my body where my bladder is while I take a leak. That makes my sense of reliefe so much better.

Cara, have you ever measured your ammount when you have to realy pee badly? Just curious.

Katrina, I am taking your advice. I decided to drink Orange Juice and Water when I do my holds. Right now, with the liquids, I can only manage about 40 minutes until I get fidgity, so I will work with that until I can get myself to 40 min with out being too desperate. My gf like to "coach" me, and has a container standing by in case I can't make it to the bathroom.

Hey, wetguy. OK, here are the details of when I peed myself last year as a college freshman.

I know I said I often don't wear underwear, but on this occasion I was wearing shorts, and I'm not into flashing peopole when I'm sitting, lol, so I was wearing boxerbriefs, khaki shorts, tee shirt and work boots/white sox. It was a warm September night, and I had gone to a football game with my roomie. Our football stadium is off campus (which I hate) so we rode a shuttle bus to the stadium. It would be a 10 minute trip without traffic, but it's a half hour in game traffic, which ended up being the problem.

Getting to the game was no problem. At halftime, we got our ticket stubs stamped so we could re-enter, and went out to the parking lot where some buds of ours had been tailgating, and we chugged 3 beers each before running back to the game. No time to stop at the restroom, we didn't want to miss the 2nd half kickoff. Great game, we came from behind to win, but it was so exciting there was never a good time to leave and go pee. And after the game the lines at the mens rooms were miles long, and we wanted to get one of the first buses back to campus.

We got to a bus which was almost full and got the last two seats on the back row. It took forever for the bus to get out of the parking lot, and I had to pee so bad by then, and I could tell my roomie did too. We were both bouncing our legs up and down, and we were rubbing against each other in those cramped quarters. I noticed he gave the front of his jeans a squeeze a couple of times, but he never said anything about it.

Finally, we got back to campus. The bus parking area was about three blocks from our dorm. It felt so good to be out walking: now it would be no problem holding it till I could get into a building to get to a restroom. I ran to the first classroom building. Locked! Second building. Locked! I thought about peeing in some bushes, but there were way too many people around. The only thing we could do was to try to get back to our dorm. But I could tell I was about to lose it. It was hurting to walk. I had my hand in my pocket, squeezing myself through my boxerbriefs as we walked, almost trotted toward our dorm, which we could now see in the distance.

"MAN, I gotta whiz!" exclaimed my roomie. Well, that did it. I felt a sudden rush, and an uncontrollable contraction of my bladder. A long squirt, maybe two seconds, and I felt the inside of my pocket get warm and wet. I shut it off, but looking down as I continued to walk, I could see a wet spot the size of an egg on my shorts. "I'd better run up the stairs," I said. Our room was on the 4th floor of a 12-story dorm, and I didn't want anyone on an elevator to see that I'd wet my pants a little like a 3-year-old kid. I'm not sure my roomie had noticed yet, but he was about to! As I got into the stairwell, I lost it for real. I yanked my hand out of my pocket and grabbed myself hard through the front of my shorts, but it was too late. I stopped at the 2nd floor landing to try to regain control, but I couldn't hold it. The wet spot spread to the size of a dinner plate, and then pee was running down my legs onto my white sox and my boots, and onto the floor. My r! oomie, who was by then squeezing the front of his jeans too, stopped and looked at what was happening, and just said "DAMN, dude!"

At the 3rd floor landing, the wall was soaked and there was a lake on the floor. Obviously another dude had run into an emergency, too! I thought about whipping it out there and adding to the lake, which was beginning to drip down the steps, but hell, I'd already wet my pants, so it wouldn't accomplish anything.

When we got to the 4th floor landing, I let my roomie go ahead and run down the hall and unlock the door so I could run in, hopefully unseen. Fortunately, none of the other 6 guys in our suite were back from the game, so we peed together into the toilet for what seemed like forever. Nothing ever felt so good. I had been so wrapped up in my own problems, that only then did I notice that my roomie's boxers were soaked, and his jeans were wet down to his knees.

hi farts lover
infact I have had these sometimes and some times its kinda leaves a sticky mark or a stain on the underpants
hey btw love your name

JERE---Were those Mary's panties you pooped in? Sounded like they probably were, from your mom not wanting to buy costumes and all. Was she mad? Or did you ever tell her?

MARK B--I agree. Wiping after pooping is much easier in a sitting position, as the cheeks are spread more and poop doesn't squish in your crack.

COYOTE---I've never noticed foam bubbles when I pee (I'm female), but I guess some people do. I think maybe the distance from the body and the water may make a difference, as men's pee bubbles more and comes from a farther distance than women's. I also think a person's diet may affect that, but I don't know why.

ERICNCSU---Thanks for answering my question. As for my friend at the soccer game--he was in uniform, but he wasn't playing at the time, so he had jogging pants over the shorts and had his hands IN the jogging pants, but not the shorts. lol Have you posted the detailed story about you wetting yourself in college? I'd love to hear it!

THE RED DEMON--I'm female and I don't read on the toilet, but I'm sure some women do...especially if they were a super hero with lots of paperwork. :) As a fellow artist and cartoonist, good luck with your comic!

TOM--Thanks for answering my question. I never realized that the pressure could be painful, really does make sense..

BRYIAN---thanks for answering my question. Sorry to hear you've been sick. Hope you feel better now! Diarrhea is no fun at all...

WETGUY---Thanks for your descriptive answer to my question. Loved the detail! :)

Yesterday, Micah didn't come to class, so I took his homework to him. He was talking about this guy he knows that never talks to girls, and Micah said, "Yeah, when he talked to that girl, I was so shocked I about shit my pants!" I was thinking, "Go ahead, I'd love to watch!"...but I didn't say anything....didn't want to freak him out! lol But Micah does talk about pooping constantly, even if he's not talking about the actual ACT of pooping (which he does often), he still refers to it....he likes the word "shit"

Hello everybody!
I went for a swim this morning with my mum and my sister, and we were going to go in the men's toilets before the swim and stand at the wall urinal. The rule was that we could not have a wee after geting up out of bed, and we had to have our first wee of the day in the men's toilets. Well my sister was exempted because she is not playing "hold it" games for about a year.
Well we all put our bikinis on and we sneaked into the men's toilets. It was all right, and we took off our bikini bottoms. The floor was good and clean and there was no wee on the floor from men not being able to aim their willies. My mum was in the middle, and I was on her right and my sister was on her left. We were all really ready for a good wee. We lifted our pussies and splayed and we just let rip. We all started pissing like mad, and my mum's stream and mine were more yellow than my sister's because we had not weed earlier in the morning. Mum and me really gave the steel a good wash. giggle I liked all the drumming and splattering noises we made. All our bubbly wee was filling the gutter at the bottom and running down the drain. My sister did not gush as long as me and mum. she trickled a bit and she weed on the floor between her feet. It was all right though because men do it all the time eh? I bet I pissed for about 90 seconds, and I was dripping for a bit and ! so was mum. When we finished we went to the sinks and gave our pussies a bit of a wash with water before we put our bikini bottoms back on again. I wish Steve had been with us and not just to go swimming. It would have been fun if he had been for a wee with us too.

BARBIE DOLL - Hi girl! Yeah, Steve is a bit lucky to see what he sees when my friends go to the toilet with me. It is just that my friends are a bit outrageous like me, and they like teasing Steve big time because he is very nice and kind and they trust him. They can just have a laugh with him you know? I started them off with my weeing in alleys, and then Jackie had a wee in front of him because she got desperate. That first time she said "oh my god I just pissed in front of your guy!" and she was shocked at herself for what she did, but she got used to it and really teases Steve if he sees her weeing. Emma was a bit more shy until about 18 months ago and now she lets Steve look right between her legs when she wees.
I bet you give your guy a good show too! When I feel ready I will have a shit on a newspaper and get Steve to watch me. It will make it easy to measure the log as well. I will have to really need to do it and be sure I am going to have a log and not a lot of little pebbles.
Love Louise xx

RIZZO - Hi guy! That is right, I was not drunk really when I was on my night out with Steve, Jackie and Emma. I like having an alcoholic drink and then an orange juice or lemonade and then another alcoholic drink, but yeah I had enough and it made me wee a lot. I do not like getting too drunk and I just drink socially. Emma had a bit more alcohol than me and Jackie and she having a giggle when Steve watched her wee in the alley. Oh yeah, you can bet Steve looks after me and my friends too when they come with us.
He is really good like that and does a lot more than just hold all our bags when we have a squirt in an alley!
I will tell my sister you have written!
Love Louise xxxxx

ADRIAN - Hi guy! I hope your water infection gets better soon. My sister has a friend who got a bit of an infection a few years ago and it burned a bit when she had a wee. Well I hope it not too uncomfortable for you when you do it. I bet I know what my mum would say to do. She would say just drink a lot and wee a lot, and go for a wee as soon as you think you can do it.
Love Louise xxxxx

JOHN Q PUBLIC - Hi guy! Yeah, when Steve wees I sometimes hold his willy for him. Getting his foreskin back a bit is part of the fun really because if it is closed over the end of his willy, he will shoot or spray his wee off to the right! So if I get his foreskin back so I can see the little slit then I know it will squirt forwards and I know where his stream will go. It is important if I am aiming his wee into the toilet isn't it? giggle
Then I like to wipe him when he is finished because I think it is a good idea.
Love Louise xxxxx

PV - Hi girl!!! Are you all right? I have not seen a letter from you for a bit.

Love and Lotsa Hugs,


Lawn Dogs Kid
Enjoyed what Kendal had to say about our holiday antics ( on page 1019 if anyone missed it, it was posted out of sequence )

I noticed PUNK ROCK GIRL mentioning a movie with a toilet scene in it called SHOOT THE MOON. Well for all the Brit readers out there, who have access to cable or Satelite, I see that this movie is being shown on the TCM channel on Sunday 17th November, at 23.45. I'll be videoing it given that both Kendal and Eleanor say they want to see it, even if it is only a child on the toilet !

RIZZO, ANNIE, ROBBIE, jr: Good to see you posting, and thanks for kind words. I'm just too busy to post and read too often now. Last post got dumped anyway, so I'm leaving it up to the girls ! Love from Andrew.

LINDA GS: Eleanor and Kendal want to know when the next meeting of the "girls visiting there" club is taking place ! I see Cousin has posted. I also see what Kendal wrote to you on 1019. I didn't spend all my holiday walking around with a hairbrush in my hand ! But still, if you'd needed a "guard", I'd have been your guy !! Love from Drew XOSXOS

While posting about films, I saw PARANOID the other day, starring Jessica Alba. There is a scene where she goes to use a toilet whilst in conversation with her captor. Don't see anything other than above the waist, and poor acting as well; it seems quite obvious that she only pretends to lift up her skirt to sit on the toilet !! Get to hear some pee sounds though. Now its confession time. I knew nothing about the toilet scene. I only got the movie because Mischa Barton is in it ( From Lawn Dogs ). Kendal seems to be growing to look more like her with every day !!

Happy viewings to everyone !

PS: KENNY: Enjoyed reading your story !

My little sister Ellen wants to post a message now.


TO UNCLE RIZZO: Thank you for my trump story. I thought it was very funny. Andrew helped me to read some of your big words you used, and told me what they meant. On holiday, I let everyone be my guard. It was funny when I asked Kendal's boyfriend to do it. He went very red because I had a big poo. He thought I would only wee. When we were in bed, Kendal and I had a trump competition. I did two big trumps. But when I tried to do another one, I nearly pooed in my pants. Kendal took me to the toilet. Lots of love from Ellen xxxx

To Billy & Kevin: Enjoyed your story..did you flush?

To CD: I used to be shy like that till i was 15. How old are you and i've also have wondered what the guy has eaten to produce that turd.

To jere: Nice expereience..thats different.

To Shy Boy: I used to be shy too..but not any more. That reminds me i've found several stalls that have a hole..but never could get a good look cause they were small ones.

To Punk Rock Girl: nice story...and just wanted to say hi, whats up.

To Mark B: Sounds like a nice dump.

To Amy(Co-ed). Intresting story..where you in a unisex bathroom? to me i don't think another girl would complain about the smell.
To answer your ?'s.... 1 I've used a mirror before to watch my self poop. 2. I was probably young..don't really remember possible as early as 5. I know by age 9 i was pooping in public. 3. I first pooped in school when i was in Kindergarten. 4.Enlogated.

To Traveling Guy: Thats intresting...where you exicted they heard you or no?

To FED POOP: Are you a male or female? i think your a male. Do you ever stand to pee?

To EricNCSU: Intresting story..i've wet my self on purpose before and pooped my self on accident. Have you ever pooped your self?

To FART LOVER: feeling better. it only lasted a day.

To JacobG in FL: Intresting stories

To Jay: Oh thanks..didn't know that...isn't it on showtime or HBO or something like that? I don't have any of them.

To unnamed poster: About farting and putting Toilet paper in there. thats intresting never heard/thought about doing that.

To Jason the poop lover: What did you drink that time? and how much did you drink? I've heard that too about steak. Maybe if you eat 1 or 2 peices it might be good for you. Steak usally makes me like that.

To Alexa: Intresting story.

To jim: Loved your story.

To Potty Pooper: Enjoyed your stories

To bill m: nice story

To Boy: Liked your story..that wasn't right what she said.

To CC: Those sound intresting.

To The Red Demon: Ewww..i try and advoid chinese food cause of that reason. zzzzz

Katrina. Whilst finding your post about long term holding and then doing such a huge wee, I would strongly advise against ever repeating your feat or trying to exceed your existing record. Holding for an hour or two is one thing, so long as you're not too uncomfortable, but holding for long periods of time could damage your bladder and associated muscles if done on a regular basis.

Punk Rock Girl. I think you're right about us men. Having to go for a motion is a great social leveller and I know I certainly find the knowledge that women have to poo as well as men greatly reassuring. It debunks the myth some men are fed that women don't have to go - at least for #2.

wetguy. I sometimes hold my water for moderate periods of time, never more than an hour or so, if I have to. However, I would always try to avoid getting so desperate that I had to hold myself. It's better to get to a toilet well before that stage is reached if you possibly can.

Billy. I enjoyed your account of the privy on a Yorkshire farm. In some remote rural areas I believe such arrangements are still occasionally to be encountered. In the past I've read books about Cotswold privvies and Nottinghamshire privvies but I don't know whether there are any on Yorkshire privvies available. Perhaps you could research the topic and write one. I don't know which page it's on, but some time ago (roughly 18 months ago I think) a former regular here, Anne the bus driver, posted an account about using an ash privvy when visiting relatives in the country. I'd like to hear more about your experiences of rural sanitation sometime.

I've been struggling with what I suspect is a water infection (although the doctor didn't think so) and have been trying to flush it out naturally by using water and cranberry juice as I think antibiotics should only be used as a last resort. However, I would welcome any advice anyone might have on getting rid of it. It's been on the go for a few days now but the symptoms seem to be slowly improving.

Best wishes to all


Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Shy girl: You are normal. That is why you are among friends like us.
Read my posts from the earliest. There are guys turned on by women's bodily functions. I had a boy or two in the bathroom with me in years past.

Billy & Kevin
It's kev again. I had the runs and poops afterwards, so I get to talk about it. Earlier this week, I had diarrhea. The next day I didn't have to go poop at all, and then the day after I really had to go. When I got up that morning. I could tell something big was going to come out. About an hour after school started, I was ready to go. Some of us go to class rooms and read with little kids. Just before I it was time to go read, I really had to go poop. Plus I really needed to pee. When I got to the class room, I told the teacher I was going to go the bathroom. She said ok. When I got in there, one kid was sitting on the toilet and another was talking to him. The other was the kid I read with. The kid on the toilet wiped. The kid I read with said, you want to go first? I need to make a dookie. I said, its dookie time for me too. So he sat down and we talked about the books we were reading. He made a little pee and there were about 4 plops. Then he wiped. THen it was my turn. I! sat down. I was almost ready to wet my pants, so I peed for about 2 minutes. While I was peeing, I made a huge log. It was so long that it hit the water before it was out of my butt. Then I made two or three little turds that plopped. While I was pooping, the teacher stuck her head in the door, and said what's taking so long? I Said we all had to poop. She said wash and hands and hurry up. I had to wipe once. Then I got up. THere was a huge turd in there. I went from the drain thing all the way the front and then curled around. I think it was the biggest turd I ever made.

YIKES!!! It's been months since I've been here. For a while, I was scared the site would be gone!

Shy Girl - To answer some of your questions... I can use public lavatories, but honestly, I don't feel comfortable if the place is crowded. I always feel like the guy sitting in the cubicle next to me will think I'm a freak if I let loose some noise I wouldn't think twice about while sitting on the john at home. I may find my noises somewhat shameful, but I never have a problem with the sounds I can here other people make. Listening to what they're doing is never an offensive experience. In fact, I frequently find myself wondering about what they've recently eaten to produce their farts, plops & splooshes.

It's stupid & illogical, but I have to admit I still find the idea of a woman farting pretty weird. Outside of my immediate family, I don't think I've personally ever heard a woman fart out loud.

Someday i would like to be in a toilet and see women above me taking a dump and see the anus flex and then the turds come out, what a turn on this would be.

Halloween accident. It was abut 1955 or so, and I was 12 years old. It was Halloween night and myself, my cousin Mary and some of my and her friends were out trick or treating. My mom didn't like buting costumes, and neither did Mary's mom, so mom usually dressed me as a little girl in some of Mary's clothes, and Mary would use some of mine. I had on a pink dress, with a blond wig, and pigtails. Mom even put a pair of girl's panties on me. She really enjoyed dressing me up like this and I think she wanted a girl). Anyhow, we were about 2 blocks from home, and I was really wishing I had gone to the toilet before we left, becuse I really had to poop bad. We had justleft a house and were walking across the yard to the next one when I tried to fart. Instead of gas a large amount of poop came out as I totally messed my panties. I just stopped and stood there for a few econds until I heard Mary ask if anything was wrong. Of course I said no, and continued on as if nothing had ha! ppened. My accident was soon noticed by the others though, and after two more houses, Mary and I left and went back home, where I told my mom what happened. She helped me to the bathroom and helped me out of my clothes for a messy cleanup.

Shy Boy
I have always been very shy about using the toilet, or even admitting that I had to do it at all. I tend to just leave it out of conversations and don’t use it when people I know are about.

When I am away in another town where I am around strangers I tend to go the other way round. I fantasise about people watching me use the toilet, I think that maybe it is a way of acting out the inhabitation with others as a stranger myself.

I travel by train to a nearby city to work, the toilets on the train station the other end have 3 stalls and none have seats. I went in one and noticed a hole in the partition between 2 of the stalls just above the toilet and under the toilet roll holder. There was nobody about so I looked through it to see how much anyone could see, and you could see all around the next stall clearly but the hole wasn’t easily visible so I suppose it would catch many people unawares.

On a couple of occasions I went in there to use it but lost my nerve knowing someone in the next stall could be watching me. Yesterday I had over an hours wait on the station and a strong urge to pee and poo (I hadn’t been for a couple of days).

I went in to the toilets, noticed that the middle stall was occupied and went into the stall with the hole in the partition. I took off my coat and hung it on the hook, pulled down my trousers and underpants and stood facing the toilet to wee. At this point I wondered if the next occupier was in there purely to use the toilet or was just in there to peep. I suppose if somebody just wanted to use the toilet they had the option to plug the hole with toilet paper.

After I had finished weeing I turned around, lifted up my shirt and stood over the toilet. From this point I glanced at the hole without actually looking towards it and noticed the next guy looking through it, I could also see a silhouette of his reflection on the floor under the stall.

I stood over the toilet somewhere between a hovering and standing position (because that weren’t any seats) for some time getting ready to do it, all the time I could see he was masturbation from the reflection, although he may not have realised I would have been aware because the light was over his stall.

After about 5 minutes of standing there and gently squeezing to get the urge to go, I lifted up my shirt out of the way up as it had been slipping down, and hovered over the toilet and started straining properly, I’m sure it would have been obvious as my bum was twitching and moving as I was strining for the final stage.

I pushed out a very large load slowly, being careful not to just let it go. I let it take a fair while to come out, he could easily see it leaving my bum, I stayed where I was and finished up with quite a few small bits over the next couple of minutes.

I pulled off some toilet paper and bent right forward for a few wipes and then stood up and done the rest as my thighs were aching at that point from hovering. I wiped many times slowly and carefully as I tend to be fussy in that department.

I pulled up my underpants and trousers put my coat on and I am sure he wasn’t aware that I knew he was peeping.

Punk Rock Girl
JOE STOOL: Hey! I usually don't look at my loads after crapping. Only when I've had a monster dump and I'm morbidly curious about the size of my load. Even then, though, sometimes I'll just flush it down. I love the feeling of taking a dump, I like talking about it, I even like being watched while shitting, but I've never gotten any pleasure at all out of looking at my crap. I don't know why.

BLUTO: Maybe I am like Clark Kent! Except that instead of running into a phone booth and coming out as Superman, I run into a porta-potty, take a huge dump and come out as PUNK ROCK GIRL!

CARMALITA: You Liar! Actually, nice to have you back, if only this once. Look forward to more stories, but take your time and don't feel obligated!

I took a trip to Indiana to see a college friend who lives out there. I don't know why, but I was majorly constipated the whole time. I increased my fruit and grain intake, but to no avail. I actually thought about using a laxative, but decided against it. When I got back to NY, I felt so bloated, but still couldn't go. I had my boyfriend give me an enema. I took my pants and underpants off and laid on my stomach with only my sweatshirt and socks on. He lubed the tube and gently inserted it into my anus, then undid the clamp. I relaxed as warm water rushed into my rectum and up into my intestines. I clenched my buns together tightly, and told him to tell me when the bag was empty. After about five minutes, he said, okay, that's it, and slowly pulled the tube out.

I laid on my stomach like that for ten or fifteen minutes until the urge to go was overwhelming. I got up and went in the bathroom. I told him he could come in if he wanted but it was probably going to be pretty gross. I sat on the toilet and everything that had been compacted in there for three days came rushing out like out of a fire hose. I groaned loudly, and relaxed as my guts emptied into the bowl. I had another few minutes of wet farts and squirts, but after twenty minutes or so, I was empty, and felt so much better, I can't tell you! My guts and my ass were a bit sore from all the pressure, but it was better than the bloated feeling before.

I spent the rest of the evening bottomless, curled up next to him while he rubbed my hair and held me. I had another wet crap later that night, but went to bed feeling refreshed! Nothing like that feeling of getting rid of the trash in your innards! Take care all, and hello to everyone!



the "HOLD IT" man
Gret job, Katrina. 2550 militres is definately something to write home about. Katies personal best as far as I know is abpit 2000 or so, and mine is about 850 militres, and that felt like somebody hit me in the gut. I will try for 900 on the day after Thanksgiving.


Straining is pushing so hard that one overexerts himself. Pushing is simply applying force to relieve ones self.

Unnamed Poster:

That's an interesting story about that police woman. I don't condone what she did, but I would not have had the 'kahunas' to pee right infront of her like that unless she was involved in one of my bladder hold contests. I would be willing to bet that she has pretty good control in that area.

In any case, if you try to report the incident, it will not look too good for you. Cops usualy can get away with alot more then us civilians can. It would have been more polite of her not to watch you peeing without your consent, however.


I would love to try you and your friend Wendy out for size in one of my contests, but since we live in different countries I doubt that will be possible. I certainly admire your friend for her seeming large capacity.

John Q:

Thanks for doing those figures for me. You hit the nail right on the head when you said that Katie was the 'hands down' winner. Beckie was no slouch, either.

to the poster to movie fan:
what is the underground comedy movie? is that the title of the film?

Mark B
Hi Everyone

Today's poo was a good one. I was at home this morning. I hadn't crapped for several days, after breakfast the urge was really strong and I started to get mild cramps. So I went to the bathroom and took my trousers down, but thought of keeping my underpants on as I sat on the toilet. The idea turned me on. But then I changed my mind and pulled them down. I obviously needed to pee badly as well, as the pee started to stream out straight away before I had even started to poo. It was a bit painful as three really hard lumpy turds made their way out and I groaned and sighed a bit. Following this lot a real monster poo slipped out and dropped into the water with a loud plop. Then lots of soft and squidgy stuff came out and seemed to go on for ages.
Following all this I did masses of wiping. after I flushed ther were big skid marks left in the toilet.
I decided that wiping standing up is not so efficient because the butt cheeks are more clenched when you are in that posture and it is harder to wipe the crack. When you are sitting down or crouching the butt cheeks are more apart. Do other people agree about this?

regards to all,

Amy (Co-ed)
Hi again everyone! Sorry for my delay since last post. This week has been very busy for me as the semester winds down. I have also been very busy on the poop scene. I had three fantastic dumps this week. Each time I used a public restroom in various classroom buildings. The biggest dump was on Thursday. I had an hour break from 12 to 1 and decided to visit one of the girl's restrooms in the student center. I really needed to shit kinda bad, it had been two days and I had quite a load to release. I found a restroom located near the entrance and walked in. There were four stalls, all unoccupied. I entered the 2nd stall and locked the door. I hung my bag on the hook and lowered my panties. I was wearing a short schoolgirl plaid skirt and a pair of baby-blue bikini panties. I let them drop to my ankles. I sat down on the seat, as usual my cheeks opened wide as my butt sank down into the bowl. I spread my legs a little wider, as far as my panties would allow anywa! y! I pushed a little to get things started, releasing a long fart as I did so. I could feel my hole open as turd #1 began to slide out. It felt so good. Very slowly it exited my butthole. It finally broke off as it hit the water. It was about an inch thick and 6 or 7 inches long. I pushed again and some more poop started out. It was really stinky by now. I decided to let things go naturally. My second log was several minutes in inching out. It was also an inch thick but slightly longer, maybe 9 or 10 inches. I let out a long ripping fart that went on forever. I was REALLY stinking this restroom up by now! I could tell that I had only started to poop. Another log began to inch out. It dropped after another few minutes, it was just as long as #2. Suddenly I began dropping golf balls, each with loud splashes, followed by a fart. At this point someone else came in, they instantly made a complaint about the smell, I'm sure she heard my farting and splashing. Th! is went on for about a minute, I dropped about 8 pieces. I pushed again and felt another piece fill up my anus. After several minutes of grunting and pushing, I finally pushed out 5 more small pieces, about 3 inches long. After almost 30 minutes, I had dropped a huge load into the toilet. I wiped 6 or 7 times and flushed it away, leaving a bad stench and many skid marks!

I have also decided to create a survey. Please respond if you can!!!

1. Have you ever used a mirror to watch yourself poop? If so what did you think?

2. When was the first time you pooped in a pubic restroom? Describe.

3. When did you first have to poop at school? Describe.

4. Elongated, Regular, Open seat, or Closed seat?

5. Legs open or closed? Why?



Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Shy Girl you are not wierd in your feelings and curiousity about watching yourself go. Hello Carmalita! Glad to see you back. Great post as always. I think I could smell that one all the way up here in upstate New York! Billy thanks for telling your country toilet happenings. I too lived in the country in my youth. Many fond memories about them. Katrina I would never able to go that long. Wow what a amount you put out! Ive got to go but will post something in a couple of days. Upstate Dave.

Traveling Guy
After eating lunch today at a cute little restaurant, I felt the urge for a dump. (Actually, I had felt it most of the morning, but didn't have a chance to do anything about it.) The men's room was small, with one toilet behind a stall partition and the urinal removed. I waited for the guy who was already in there to leave. Then I went in, wiped others' pee off the john rim, put the seat down, and dropped trou.

The first thing out of me was a really loud fart that sounded like a slide whistle dropping in pitch. That was quickly followed by another fart, this one a "BRAAAAPP." Immediately I could hear laughter from inside the restaurant and I knew it had to be from the wait staff, three women in their early 20s, because they were working near the men's room door and the only other customers were seated in another room, far from me. I knew that they couldn't help laughing at what they'd heard, it just came out of them. I would have laughed, too.

I finished my dump, which was quick and not very noisy after that, washed up, and left the men's. Those of you who know me here know that once upon a time I would have been mortified to walk by those waitresses. Not now. I gave them a big smile and it was two of them who were a bit shy to look at me. Well, they'd had their fun.

the one thing I was wondering was do women make foan bubbles usually when they pee into the water ? Iknow us guys usually do quite a bit, especially when we have not gone in a long time, like three hours. but my girlfriend , when I have watched her never does, but has said that sometimes women do a little bit. what is the deal?

To Livvie: Thats intresting about the white house

To Donnie C: That sounds like an intresting movie.

To Carmalita: Sounds like a nice should have shared it with some one in public.

To Zip: Cool experience.

To wetguy: nice story

To shy girl: nice story

To coyote: enjoyed your story

To MUSK: That happened to me last week..woke up at 4am with diahreaha.

To Billy: Liked your story.

I went to wal-mart yesterday i went to the bathrooms in the back of the store and i found 3 stalls and the first one had no door..didn't see any one using it :( Then a 5 year old kid came in and took the handicapped stall i heard him fart...i thought he was pooping but i think he only peed cause he wasn't that long. I heard several other guys come into pee and they farted...
gotta runn its late and its about time this has updated.

Re: The Underground Comedy Movie

Did said supermodels do any pushing or straining while they took their dumps, or was it more diarrhea-like? How long was the scene?

I have read posts here for a while but never posted. In our office the bathrooms are back to back, so you can hear the ladies if you are quiet. Somehow hearing them is a bit of a turn-on to me. I was in earlier for a poop and a guy came in for a poop next to me. My only thought was to get out before I could smell his poop. I definitely want my privacy when I go, although I am not shy and can go whenever I need to.

I don't have accidents, but come close from time to time. A recent story started when I was drivinf some people out to show them a job site. It was a long drive, longer than I had expected, and it was pouring rain so we were slowed down. The job site had no facilities, so we got in the car for the return. I thought I would be OK, but the urge became worse as we headed back. Too much coffee! When we got back to the office where the other guys worked, I driopped them off and they asked me to come in and talk. I said I had to get back to work. I drove back over to my office, about to burst. I parked crooked, forgot to turn my headlights off, and headed for the men's room. Ordinarily, I put toilet paper on the seat to make it "sanitary", but not this time. I flopped down and peed for what seemed like forever. Well, there is my story. Maybe more later.

Hello everyone, im back. BRYIAN: good to see u still holding up the fort! Im sorry for ur sickness tho, I hope all is well. I've been surfing other avenues, and have seen some good poops and peepees lately. HEY GUYS AND GALS, has this ever happened to u? Have u ever farted and wondered if it was a turd or what? geez, I did that at work this past week, and was horrified of the feeling in my panties. I quickly walked to the bathroom and stood in the stall with my pants and panties down and checked, nothing was there. Whew.... that was frightening. LOL. Just the other day, it happened again, i farted a hard fat pincher opening fart. I became suspicious again. Luckily, I was at home. But I checked my panties anyway, and saw nothing. What kind of farts are those? Does anybody know? Fart Lover.

I know you weren't takine a shot at women, Aquatic. I was just pointing out another fact that gives evidence to my argument that women IN GENERAL have larger peeing capacities then men do. I was not offended by your previous statement in any way. I just thought it ironic that we should be having a discussion about women being strong pissers then men, and you mention that certain local governments will provide men with street urninals so they don't pee on the streets, while women generaly do not have a choice but to hold until they can find a toilet where they can remove their panties and squat down.

If anything, I think it's to your credit to point that out. I am assumig that you are from England. I am from the U.S. and men (this is not meant as an insult or a shot against men in general)here tent to have "macho" attitudes. If a woman outperforms a man in any way, including on the toilet, there egos are wounded right away. This is not true of all men here, and attitudes are improveing all the time, but I have noticed through my personal experience that many men do not like to be defeated by women, while there are those who actualy get off on it. My boy friend is a member of that latter group, and withoug going into any details, I will say that I am stronger then he is in alot of ways, not just toilet habbits. Sufice it to say that between my boyfriend, girlfriend and myself, there exists a "heiarchy" which I am at the top, my girlfriend is second in comand, and HE is at the bottom. I won't go into any more detail then that.

"QUESTION FOR THE GUYS: When you REALLY have to pee, do you ever hold/grab/pinch your penis through your pants? Just wondering b/c I've seen my guys friends grabbing themselves (including one hottie holding himself for several minutes at a soccer game) and wondered if that meant they had to pee or if it was for another reason (or none at all). Thanks to all who reply.


That's what pockets are for, lol. If your friend at the soccer game was wearing a soccer unie, I guess he didn't have that option! I like to hold it till I'm desperate sometimes (pee only, not into the other), and I often have to put my hand in my pocket and squeeze. It's not too obvious until it gets so bad I have to start pacing around, or rocking in my chair if seated.

I usually don't wear underwear so it's easy to grab myself through my pocket, but the downside is that even a small squirt is visible with no undies to soak it up. I'm a college soph, 19, and I wet my pants on campus once, last year. Would love to hear from anyone who's had wet accidents in college or high school, how it happened, if anyone saw, how you dealt with it.

JacobG in FL
Hi all! I have three mini-stories.

Story 1: In my office complex, we have a large food court with a restroom that is rarely used. I guess most people like to use the restrooms in their own buildings. A few weeks back, I was walking toward the restroom when I noticed a really nice looking guy holding a newspaper walk into the restroom. He was really good looking – tall, blond hair and with striking, almost statuesque features. I did not want to walk in right behind him, so I detoured to the drinking fountain. After a few gulps of water, I walked in and immediately noticed the guy’s feet in the first stall. His white pants were bundled on the floor. I automatically transfixed my eyes on this sight. As the door shut behind me, the guy suddenly stood up, waddled forward, shut the stall door, waddled backwards, and sat back down. Apparently, he had not shut the stall door, but did so when he heard me. If I had glanced toward the sinks and mirrors across from the toilet, instead of staring at his feet! , I would have seen him on the toilet. I went on the urinal. All was quiet. Suddenly, the guy grunts really loud. In fact, it was so loud I jumped. I heard the sound of newspaper pages turning. Once again, GRRRRRRRRRRR, then Kerplop, Kerplop, and a loud exhale. He dropped the newspaper on the floor then started tearing off toilet paper. He wiped only twice, then pulled up his pants.

Story 2: The very next day, I walked into that usual deserted restroom and noticed a guy wearing jeans and work boots in the second stall. I went to the urinal and heard the following:

Soft, slow mumbling, which I could not understand.
UNNNNGGGHHH, loud exhale.
Softer, slower mumbling, which I could not understand.
UNNNNGGGHHH, loud exhale.
Then, in a very whinny and soft but understandable voice - Come ooonnn! Get . . out . . . of . . . meeeeeee!
(Meanwhile, I’m biting my lip to keep from laughing out loud).
UNNNNGGGHHH, loud exhale.
Then in a very excited voice, “Okay! Okay! There it is! There it is!
(Now, I’m biting my lip AND covering my mouth to keep from laughing out loud.)
UNNNNGGGHHH, crackling, and kerplopping, and a loud exhale.
Louder, excited mumblings which I could not understand, followed by the sound of the toilet paper roll spinning.

I washed up and walked outside. I had to see what this guy looked like, so I kept my eye on the restroom as I stood in a line to place my order. He walked out a few minutes later – dark hair, about 35 years old, short, and well built. I assumed him to be a construction or maintenance guy because of the way he was dressed.

Story 3: This is about an efficient guy. I walked up to the urinal in a restroom with highly reflective walls and could see a guy sitting on the toilet in the large handicapped stall. What was interesting is that at the same time he was pushing out his turds, he would pull off toilet paper, scrunch it up, and lay it around the edges of the sink next to the toilet. He must have prepared ten little balls of toilet paper. When his last turd fell into the toilet, he had a waiting supply of toilet paper balls ready to go!

jamie lynn
hiya Carmalita. i loved your story about you doodooing while reading about britney spears. hope you hear more stories from you.

jamie lynn

Bryian-Jamie Lynn Sigler is a girl from the show "The Sopranos." She has dark brown hair, dark eyes, and a wonderful dark tan complexion. Hope that helps you out.

Well no new stories to tell right now. I have some but I'll post them later when I have more time.

Hi, everybody!

O.K. Carmalita, if you keep playing the phoenix and keep coming back, so can I!! Just re-do your "lonely" dump with my surprise visit, and I think we have another classic!~ (I hope so anyway...) so tantalizing reading your stories and just IMAGINING the realities... you super-shit girl!! Keep posting when you can. We all love ya!

i read posts every once in awhile. i wanted to ask a question. i put a piece of toilet paper between my butt cheeks so i can fart anywhere that i want without making a fart noise. i also found out that if you do that your farts dont smell. i was wondering if anybody else has done anything like that. it comes in handy for when you are somewhere like a library or in class and you have to fart you just fart and nobody can tell. please reply. thanks

Just out of curiousity...
On average, approximately how many drops or squirts of pee come out in your pants on a weekly basis?

Jason the poop lover. Once, I was at my grandmother's house and I had to piss real bad. I had been holding it for a long time because others were using the bathroom. My cousin was living there at the time and he was going to take a bath. I was in agony holding it. I finally got to get in the bathroom after the tub was clean. The water was running when I got in there. I thought it was funny that the bath water and my piss were coming out at the same time. I made a joke to myself that the tub was pissing with me. I think that was one of the longest times I had ever held my piss. I was so glad when I got in the bathroom. I watched the water fill the tub as I was pissing. Funny thing is, I kept pissing on and on. After a while, I realized that that was the longest I have ever pissed. I was amazed at how much piss I held. I felt myself getting emptier and emptier as it came out. It felt so good. The piss was orange. It's usually orange. It's rarely clear. When I was done, I fe! lt very relieved, almost as relieved as I do when I doodoo. It felt so good when I was done. It took about 3 minutes to piss. I was surprised that I didn't piss on myself at all. I thought I was going to. I was also suprised that I pissed that long. I never pissed that long before. I never pissed that much before. That's my story for the day.
I have a question. Steak makes doodoo hard. The more steak eaten, the harder doodoo is. I remember a long time ago seeing stories on this site of people doodooing 4 inch wide and 3 and a half foot long turds that did not break. How much steak do I need to eat to beable to doodoo that turd? I always wished I could doodoo a turd like that, but never did. I always wondered how I could make a turd like that. It seems like it would feel very good if I doodooed a turd that big. If anyone finds out how much steak I would have to eat to get that turd, or if theres another way to get that turd, please let me know. And I would like to hear more stories from people with turds that big.

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