Hi. When I was in middle school (I'm fifteen now), I was on a field trip with my science class to a state park. We were told to wear clothes we could get dirty, so I wore sweatpants, old sneakers and a T-shirt. Anyway, this bully who always picked on me decided to play a really mean joke. He snuck up behind me, pulled my sweatpants and panties back and dropped a handful of mud into my panties. He let go of my pants and yelled, "Hey everyone, Bethany shit her pants!" I was too mad to get really upset. I didn't cry or anything. I went to the teacher and said, Kevin just poured mud in my underwear, can I go clean up? We were in the middle of the woods, so I went behind some bushes and pulled my sweatpants and panties off. I emptied my panties out, but they were still all wet and dirty, and so was my butt. I put them back on anyway, and put my sweatpants back on. I had to spend the rest of the day with a muddy bottom.

Survey answers

<1. Have you ever used a mirror to watch yourself poop? If so what did you think?> I've watched myself poop in the mirror a few times, once when I was relieving severe constipation. I hadn't gone for four days, because I was sooooo backed up. So when I finally did go, it was like a bunch of boa constrictors coming from my anus! But oh, the relief afterward...

<2. When was the first time you pooped in a pubic restroom? Describe.> It was at my music school, actually. I'm kinda mischievous, so I went in when I KNEW it was going to be bad. There was one other person in there, taking a whizz. Perfect scenario. So I go into the stall right next to them, breathing hard and farting. "Oh no, this is going to be bad," I said. I made it seem as if I was fumbling with my belt and jeans, and then yanked them down really hard and sat down, erupting with another fart and snickering to myself. I guessed, by the way that the girl had just stopped doing everything, not peeing, pooping, or wiping, that she was either listening to me or waiting for me to leave. Either way, it was an "all systems go". So then I let loose with my soft, oozing dump, sighing loudly and clearly, sitting directly over the water and pinching my anus closed every four seconds or so to maximize the splashing sounds. Then, somehow, over the ruckus I was causing, I h! eard the girl straining herself! She was having a bowel movement too! I smiled to myself, and waited for a second, then clenched my anus shut...just in time to hear the hugest splash known to man from the other stall. A very prim and proper gasp was my reward. Then I resumed my movement, lifting my big butt off the seat to make louder sounds. It was very satisfying, and the other girl, I bet, was just sitting there waiting for me to leave quickly. So I wiped, flushed my hideously beautiful creation away, and went to the sink to wash up. Having done this, I surreptitiously dropped a floppy disk next to the sink. Then I went to the door, opened it, and let it shut in front of me. Immediately, another plop could be heard coming from the stall. I waited for the toilet to flush, then opened the door...just as the other girl was coming from the stall. She was dressed very nicely, in a white blouse and black skirt, probably for a concert. But the look of pure humiliation on her fac! e as I picked up the floppy disk and said, "Oh, there it is," was quite priceless.

<3. When did you first have to poop at school? Describe.> I really can't remember the school poops.

<4. Elongated, Regular, Open seat, or Closed seat?> Um, I'd have to say regular closed, or even pygmy and closed, as my butt would completely vaccuum-seal the seat and sink in more, and that'd be cool.

<5. Legs open or closed? Why?> Closed, because i like looking glamourous on the toilet, just in case anyone's watching. Crossed, if I'm not whizzing.

Had a great dump today. I was sitting on the toilet, feeling the logs (five) slither past my anus and plop down. They were all quite firm and nice, about two inches in diameter for each, and six inches long. Those are the nice ones, that make you feel refreshed.

So all of you, go out and have an excellent dump! Everyone needs it!


To the Physicians and RN's out there:

Recently I have been dating a super nice lady who has a 10 year old son who has been burdoned with extreme constipation for two years now. I am trying to learn more about the techniques that are used in the hospital to deal with impaction. He has had treatments involving the med go-lytely. His mom talks of other sorts of treatments...some seem to include surgery. He's a great kid...very intelligent...and I need some guidance so I can talk to him about what he might be facing. Right now..his Mom is sort of in denial. She won't/can't answer his questions. I need to help in what ever way I can. This site is read by so many...I'm hoping that someone will be willing to share their knowledge with me.

Thanks for your time. Dave

To Kenny - Enjoyed your story about your experiences with that girl when you were younger.

To jim - Liked your story about you and your friend pissing your pants on the boat trip.

To Scarlet - Happy to answer the question.

To Adrian - Yes i usually try not to get desperate to pee such that I have to hold myself or piss my pants, especially in public. At home, like now, I dont mind holding myself and squirming at all because no one can see. Of course, this leads me to put off going to the bathroom until i'm literally doing it in my pants! But yes, in public, I've only gotten to the point of needing to hold myself openly on very rare, and far between, occasions. Thanks for your response!


I saw the cover to the Underground Comedy movie on DVD, and it seem the cover has two supermodles on the toilet. can you think of any other reason to buy it?!?!

Leaves before his wife reads this

John D.
I was very disappointed in the bathroom scene in the movie "Enough". I wanted to see a full view of Jennifer Lopez sitting on the toilet taking a big poop!

Sun Devil Jamie
Hello again. Hi Carmelita, its great to see you again. I am thrilled that you are producing your enormous logs. How long and thick are they??? I loved reading your last story.. I have a girl now and she is wonderful to me. It sounds like you are doing well. All my best to you.
PUNK ROCK GIRL - I love to read and hear about your stories also. A sexy girl like you producing big logs also is awesome!! I look forward to reading and hearing more of your stories.
AMY CO-ED- Glad to see you made it back to post another story. This one was unbelieveable. I love how you can produce such enormous logs.

Look forward to reading more terrific stories.

To Kenny: Sounds like a cool me if she didn't attempt to wipe after pooing that she would be itchy down there..i wonder if she was?

To Pooper scooper: Ouch that sounds like it would hurt!

To Barbie Doll: Thats cool your man admited he likes this stuff...did you show him this site? and how old is he? Thats cool you found a girl into this stuff..wish i could find someone for real!

To jim: Liked your stories!

To Scarlet: better..been better and i was only sick for less then 24 hours...maybe i ate something bad or had a little bug.I like what micha said..i that your b/f? and have you seen him poop? that would be cool

Well i gotta run...its after 4am and i would like to go back to bed before i get back up at 5:15 for work..bye

Jane (& Gary)
Hi guys! I have a very quick story. A couple of days ago after work I went shopping with my best friends Carrie and Sara. We were at Macy's when I had a sudden urge to poop. We happened to be passing by the ladies room, and I told them I had to stop by. They said they would be looking at shoes. As I went to the door to the ladies room, I let go a loud fart. I went in a stall, pulled down my pants and white panties and sat, and I let go another booming fart. Then I pushed out a series of long thick pieces of poop, about 12 pieces in rapid succession, followed by another loud fart. A strong poop smell was emerging. I flushed the toilet while seated, then sat for several minutes. I peed and pushed out only a couple more pieces before I let go one more booming fart. I wiped and flushed the toilet. There wasn't much of a lingering poop smell this time, but I felt much better after that.

Hugs and kisses to everyone.

Louise. Enjoyed your post about the night out you had with Steve and your friends. It sounds as though you all needed to wee a lot, at the pub, on route home and when you got home! You must all have had loads to drink and I guess that if it was a chilly night that would make you want to go more than usual. Great story though.

Brown Study. It sounds as though you felt mightily relieved after that enormous morning poo you had the other day. I guess working from home means that you've got more freedom to go to the loo than if you were in an office. What you did bears out my theory about women being well placed to avoid ambush motions. As you're sitting to do a wee anyway, an unexpected poo can just slide out harmlessly into the pan without it being a problem. We men often aren't that fortunate. I hope you don't mind me asking this question but in your experience do women have a sensation of needing to do #2 because they're sat down, even though the need is really only for #1?

Best wishes to all

KENNY--Loved your story. Wish I had a hot guy to poop and pee with! That girl was lucky! (And so were

Ok...a story for everybody.

A couple of nights ago, I was staying up late, playing video games and playing better than I ever had before. I really had to pee, but thought if I got up, i might mess up my game. So, since I was wearing a really thick pad for my period anyway, I just let out a little right there. It felt SO good! When i finished my game, I went to the bathroom and decided that since my pantied already had some blood on them and would have to be rinsed anyway (and that everybody was sound asleep except for me), that this would be the perfect chance to wet my panties. So, I threw the pad away, undressed down to my little black panties, sat on the toilet and peed for about two minutes. I LOVED that warm wet feeling! I didn't want to wake anybody up, so I carefully took my panties off, wrang them out over the toilet and put them in the sink to rinse them. Then I wiped myself really good, hung the panties on the shower curtain rod to dry (something my mom taught me to do if I got bl! ood on them during my period) and changed into my pajamas. Nobody ever suspected a thing!


I've never posted to this site before. Out of curiosity, is there anybody else out there who has shit outside so many times that they no longer feel normal going inside on the toiletin a humane manner?

To Alexa: I feel a little better after your bench story. I've got a million stories like it. There's nothing like knowing that people are unknowingly watching me take a dump. It's almost morefun than I actually invite a girl in for my scat-play, which, unfortunately, doesn,t happen that often.

Hi - I don't know whether or not anyone is interested in more of my stories about wetting my pants when I was a young lad. I haven't written in a couple of months because I don't know whether or not there is interest, etc. I will tell one more story and see if you folks want more or not. As I have mentioned in the past, when I was young I would wet my pants frequently -- sometimes accidentally and sometimes on purpose. I remember one time, when I was 9 years old, quite vividly. I was delivering newspapers and we had 2-3 ft. of snow on the ground. Now, when I would deliver papers I would get quite thirsty. When there was snow on the ground I discovered that eating the snow took care of my thirst. The only problem with this was, eating snow also led to me needing the bathroom and/or wetting my pants in a short while. I remember one day, while delivering newspapers, I had eaten quite a bit of snow and was starting to feel the need to find a bathroom. This didn't seem ! to be a problem since I was only about a block or so from a gas station I used frequently. All of a sudden I stepped into a ditch full of snow and the bag of newspapers was so heavy I couldn't get out of the snow. I remember struggling with the bag of newspapers and the snow and realized that my need for the bathroom was becoming more and more serious. I finally decided that I could either focus on "holding it" or I could give that up and work on getting myself and the bag out of the snow drift/ditch. I distinctly remember thinking to myself that it was now too late to make it to the gas station, anyway, so I might as well just wet my pants and figure out how to get out of the snow. So, I stopped struggling with the bag and wet my pants. Just as soon as I finished wetting a man came by and began to help me out of the snow. All of a sudden he discovered that I had wet my pants. He commented that I should be old enough to not be wetting my pants. I was a little embara! ssed but, at the same time, I was relieved to be out of the snow and relieved to no longer need the bathroom so badly and didn't really care. After that day, when delivering newspapers, I would wear a snowsuit because it wouldn't show if and when I wet my pants. The only problem with the snowsuit was that it took so long to get it undone that I was, quite often, wet before I got it off. After this, on the paper route, I would just wet my pants without even trying to find or get to a bathroom if I had my snowsuit on. If there is more interest in some more of my childhood experiences I will post more.

Oo-wee, baby!

MALITA: Someone's ba-aack! Loved the Britney Spears story. Your posts are always awesome.

AMY (CO-ED): Here's some responses.

1: Yes, I have, and it was quite the show. I did it once when it was a while since Mallory had given me a view, and I was just bored. It was pretty cool, though.

2: The first time I pooped in a public restroom (at the library) was nice too, because it was one of those that was right next to the girl's restroom. I was squeezing out a very relieving log, when I heard coming in through the ever-present vent, "Ohhhhh...*crackle-crackle-crackle*...mmmm... *cracklecracklecracklecracklecracklecrackle-PLOOSH!*...oh man...ugh..." and I decided to add some sounds of my own, but they were mostly post-defecation pee sounds. I flushed as the girl was flushing, and washed my hands and came out-just as the girl, a pretty blonde who worked there, came out, and blushed a deep shade of crimson, probably because either she had heard me at first, or she knew that I heard her, or both.

3: In contrast to pooping at the library, pooping at school was annoying. I'd been optimistic the first time I had to go, and some guys came in and started yelling things at me. They weren't directly related to the act, but they had chosen this time to pester me (for racial reasons) because it was a defenseless position for me.

4: Closed and elongated. It's just so that I can watch better, or people can watch me better. I've never really liked the open-fronted seats.

5: Legs open, because I usually lean forward and put my hands on my knees so my forearms are in line with my shins.

And now, my survey:

1: How many times on average, per month, do you have a bowel movement that's so good that it makes you feel a significant amount more of pleasure than relief?

2: How many times per month do you finish a much-needed, huge, sticky dump, and find that there's no toilet paper?

3: In the aforementioned situation, what do you do, what _do_ you do?

4: What's your preference: softer or firmer? Long, thick, short, or pebbly?

5: Describe an incident when you have been seen accidentally taking a restroom break(preferrably plopping out logs, 'cause that's not a sitch where you could pull up immediately) inside or outside.

6: What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you while using the bathroom?

That's my survey!

Also, I noticed that you said, "I was wearing a short schoolgirl plaid skirt and a pair of baby-blue bikini panties...I sat down on the seat, as usual my cheeks opened wide as my butt sank down into the bowl."
First, I think that the hottest scene is of a person dressed like a schoolgirl taking a dump. Secondly, you must have a butt toilet seats are made for. I've seen Mallory's butt open up like that when she's going, and she has a good butt. BTW, for info on who Mallory is, check my earlier posts.

BARBIE: You're also back! Glad to hear you have another pooping partner. Sounds like a real treat. Your stories are always great, though.

That's all, folks!


Howlin' Coyote
Just so you know, I'm not the same as "coyote".

I had a strange bathroom incident today. I almost *always* piss before 2nd hour, and today was no different, even though I didn't have to go too badly. So I went into the bathroom, a few people in there, and soon afterward my history teacher follows me in. (I'll call him Mr. Smith, even though that's not his real name, out of respect) Mr. Smith is a real goofball type of guy, so when I he came in, I was a bit surprised. I told him, "Mr. Smith, did you have to follow me in here?? You have your own staff bathrooms down the hall, so use those!! (There are staff bathrooms at the school, I've never been inside them, but I can't imagine them being much different from student bathrooms). He then said something funny about making me "squirm" (I forgot most of what he said, but I remember laughing). The strange thing was, I could not pee while he was in there. When he finished and left, I was finally able to go (weird huh). That was somewhat embarrassing, but funny nonet! heless :-)

Howlin' Coyote


Hi Everyone,

Today is Thursday, and at work went to the mens room to take a dump and noticed one of my co-workers was trying to take a huge dump and heard him moaning and groaning...I asked if he was okay? His reply was no.
I asked him what was wrong with him and he told me he was constipated for 5 days and was having a big problem taking a good dump.
This guy is 27 years old and told me that he ate some food a few days before and made him constipated... I suggested he take a warm soap suds enema when he gets home..He tells me he does not have a enema bag and the last time he ever had a enema was when his mom gave him one at the age of 8 years old. Well after work I suggested that he should purchase a good enema bag and use it. We went to the local pharmacy and picked out a enema syringe bag and he purchased this bag. I told him to follow the instructions on the package and to assemble the bag and hose and use warm Ivory soap suds. He said he will try and use it and hopes it will work... I suggested he lie down on his left side and let the soap solution go into him and hold the bag 3 feet about his rear end.. I will report again and will post his experience with his first or second time enema as an adult... So, for now take care and be well.


Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Friends,

Sorry I've not posted lately, I've been very busy "elsewhere".
I was also exasperated at not seeing any new posts for several days so sent a post that didn't show up, then found everything was moving again.
Coincidentally, thing weren't moving for me very much for two days; I sat on the toilet with no feeling of anything to do, pushed, and did just a few small turds. the rest of the day I felt heavy and full inside, but no desire to have a shit, then the next day, it seemed I was ready. Sat on the bog, and did a good load, and felt really empty after and glad I didn't spend time worrying about not going! It all works out in the end! This happened twice recently, no idea why.

Good to hear from you again, BUZZY, and that you're still having companionable sessions at the gym toilets!

SHY BOY, I was very interested in your shyness/exhibitionism!
I too have always been embarrassed for family members to know if I was on the toilet. I have even avoided using the word "toilet" within the family! Like you, I love being seen and heard in public toilets by others, and perhaps we both have felt we needed to release our inhibitions with others. I've read a few posts like yours so hope you continue to enjoy the sense of exhilaration when others know you're having a good one.

Sometimes when I'm sitting on a public toilet, I feel acutely aware that the cubicle was designed for exactly the use I'm making of it, and that there being no visual distractions or activities, my attention is very strongly on my immediate bodily function, when I feel the turds start to stick out, and I'm controlling them, dropping them and feeling so aware of my body, and the pleasurable sensations and sounds, I realise there must be be others who've sat on that same toilet totally preoccupied with having a shit.
Once when I looked at a young guy on a toilet who was obviously trying to do one, and I noticed him flexing his buttocks, I thought that guy was totally involved with what he was doing, no distractions, just trying to have a shit. If like with many of us, it's a supremely enjoyable activity, it's great to think that it must be one bodily function that combines a healthy outcome to eating, a relief to the guts, an autoerotic pleasure, and a means to bonding with others who appreciate that it doesn't have to be done secretly, but with pride!

No interesting sights or sounds to report, so will finish for now.
Great to know all's well here again, Happy toileting! P. Plop Guy

Had a dump at work recently and then realised that there was no toilet paper.

Luckily the toilet is unisex and there were some sanitary dipsposal bags, which I could tear up to clean myself. However, the paper was shiny and this made cleaning difficult. In the end though everything was nice and clean (I hate skidmarks!)

What do other people do when, after the event, they find that there is no paper?

John, UK

blue crush question
the scene in blue crush happens almost near the end of the film. the main female character goes to a nfl party (beacause she falls in love with a quarterback) and goes into the restroom to get away from all the people she's not associating with. the scene is about 30 seconds long and you only see her from the waist down from underneath the stall door. she's wearing a black dress and she hikes it up and sits on the toilet. she also starts talking on her phone. blue crush comes out on video on january 14th.

Traveling Guy
I'm still flabbergasted by last night, fellow Toiletstoolers. At work, I saw an ad for an interesting presentation at a local university. I went there straight from work, arrived early, found the lecture room, and threw my things on a seat. Then I set out to find the men's room for a badly needed pee. I didn't know that building very well, but I headed in what I thought to be the right direction. At a place where one hall meets another, the outside door suddenly opened and a woman in her early to mid-30s walked in and asked me, with a cheery face, "Pardon me, but is this Strickland Hall?"
"Mmm hmm," I nodded, returning her smile. "By any chance," I asked her, "are you going to the presentation in 157?"
"Yes, I am," she answered.
Pointing over my shoulder, I told her, "It's about half way down this long hall, on your left."

I was about to make a right and keep searching the next hall for the mens', but before I could get away, she asked me, very openly, "Are you going to the bathroom now? Because I really to find one before this program starts."
"As a matter of fact, I am," I said. "I'm not sure, but I think they're down this way. At least I didn't pass any back there. Care to search with me?"
She tagged along and we found our goal at the far end of the second hall - except for one problem: there was a men's room, all right, but no women's to be found alongside it, nor anywhere nearby.
"Sorry," I apologized, "but it looks like I led you on a wild goose chase. I have no idea where the ladies' room is." Then I thought I'd go out on a limb: "Of course, I don't mind if you use this one. There's no one else around here, and I won't tell mom," I laughed.
A big smile flashed across her face and she said, "Well… I could. I really do have to go badly." I gestured to her, but she hesitated and gestured to me, saying, "You go in first."

I didn't argue. I headed past the two toilet stalls for one of the three urinals at the far wall, thinking that she'd come in later while I stood guard. But before I could get that far, the door opened behind me and the woman called, "Is anybody else in there besides you?"
I checked under the partitions and called back, "Nope, just me."

To my amazement, she came in, made a bee line for one of the stalls, and quickly slid the lock shut. And then bim, bam, boom, before I had even begun to pee, she was on the pot (or maybe over it?), hissing a really strong stream. I thought, Is this really happening? Now, I'm not usually pee shy, but all of this caught me off guard, so it took me a half minute or so before I could let loose. Just as her stream was subsiding, mine started to roar. I was aiming into one of those old, stand-alone urinals, high and wide at the top and curving down to a lower, narrower bottom, sort of a keyhole shape. Just imagine a giant, graceful vase for huge sunflowers. Down inside, there's about as much water as in the bottom hole of a toilet. (I think these are called "bassinet" style. They look something like female urinals, but I don't think they were intended for that.) Anyway, this woman, whose name I didn't even know yet, hadn't been shy about letting me hear her piss, so ! I aimed straight down into the water, and it was loud. I could hear her pulling off paper and when I had finished, we both flushed at about the same time, but she stayed in the stall.

"Wow, we both really had to go, huh?" she asked from behind the door.
I was still in amazement. After washing my hands, I asked if she was ready to leave, or if I should go ahead.
From the stall, she said, "I feel a little awkward about walking out of here, you know, if someone in the hall were to see me. Could you check out there, please?"
"Sure," I said. After sticking my head out, I told her, "Coast is clear!"
"Okay," she said, "just give me a second." I heard water at the sink briefly, then the paper towel roller, and then she emerged. As we made the long walk back to the lecture room, she said, "I hope you weren't embarrassed by that, or think I'm crazy or something. When you said you didn't care if I used the mens' room, I thought you wouldn't mind. I just couldn't hold it a second longer."
I told her, to the contraray, I was happy she would trust a stranger and then I explained about having lived in countries where unisex public toilets are common. It turns out that she had, too. In her case, it was southern France, but also in Latin America, like me. Well, that was quite the brief conversation! "What's the big deal, everybody has to go…," we agreed. We sat next to one other for the presentation on cross-cultural communication, on of my favorite topics.

No, there's no romantic tale to tell here, Toiletstoolers. I'm a happily married guy. But I did make a new friend last night, one of a really special kind. I'll let you know if we ever run into each other again.

Traveling Guy
Amy - I don't like to post 2x in one day, especially since my first one was long, but I always enjoy your posts, so here are my answers:

1. Have you ever used a mirror to watch yourself poop? What did you think? A few times, a few years ago. It's amazing how much the anus stretches.

2. When was the first time you pooped in a pubic restroom? In elementary school. I was embarrased because there were no stall doors.

3. When did you first have to poop at school? See above.

4. Elongated, Regular, Open seat, or Closed seat? Elongated forever! Much more comfy. Closed is OK at home, but open is more sanitary in public restrooms. I don't like closed seats there.

5. Legs open or closed? Why? Slightly open. I find it easier to relax, and I'm an easy pooper, so relaxing is key.

1. Have you ever used a mirror to watch yourself poop? If so what did you think? yes i thought it was kinda cool, but strange in a sense because the only poop that i have seen come out of an ass is from . it was kinda different for me, i prefer if it is girls poop coming out.

2. When was the first time you pooped in a pubic restroom? Describe. i cant remember the very first time but i remember the most memorable. it was when i was in france and the guys bathroom was out of order and i had to use the womens. one of the best experiences of my life! i got so much insight into peeing and especially pooping plus i took a big dump myself. i absolutly enjoyed it and will never forget it.

3. When did you first have to poop at school? Describe. i remember in like the 5th grade, not the first but the first i could remember. my teacher would sometimes come in to check and see if we were all done with our bathroom breaks and one day SHE came in and checked thinking it was all done but i was still pooping, she walked in on me and insted of being shocked she just simply said time to go and life like it was no biggy

4. Elongated, Regular, Open seat, or Closed seat? elongated it provides for more comfort and more of the feel of being in a womens bathroom.

5. Legs open or closed? Why? open, always open. it helps for "stuff" to flow freely and sometimes i get an erection and it helps with those things too.

just as a side note i love all of you girls who post about pooping you are all awe!some.

Early this morning i was on here reading the new posts..never got back to bed. Any way something told me im gonna have an urge to poop. I thought it might hit about 5am since i was up earlier for work today. It didn't I get to work and i guess about 6:30 it started to come on, i started feeling gassy. I wasn't sure if i could hold but i did till the 8:30 break time. I must have been in that bathroom 10 minutes(no one else was in there). I walked up to the bathroom and i had to pee too..i sat and pushed then i sat and peed. I sat a few more minutes pushing to make sure i was done. I then stood up looked at it and i had this nice 9 inch turd with corn in it, i also had 2 or 3 smaller pieces. I had been eating corn for 2 days. That big meal the other day did it to me. I wiped about 10 time. I flushed and continued on with my break. Later on i had to go back and rewipe cause i was feeling itchy.

Just Another Guy
Katerina, 2550ml! You have indeed confirmed what I have
suspected all along, that there are women who have bladder
capacities well off the right of the bell curve. And their
outputs even exceed very large bladdered men such as myself.
As a male, my observations have always been a bit tempered
with the belief women were somewhat shy about revealing
their peeing ability. I shall now revised that misconception
after reading your exploits. Not all women are unduly modest.

Besides the nurse episode some years back, I would love to
share an Easter vacation experience which should add more
spice to the bladder size discussion. This took place a
couple of years back when eight of us drove in a SUV towing
a boat from near UCLA in Los Angeles to Lake Havasu on the
Colorado river. For those not familiar with the physical
geography this is a trip of about 300+ miles and 6 hours.
Unfortunately I was the designated driver.

As such I was also the only one of the group not partying
it up with beer and more beer, and took evil satisfaction
when everyone's bladder was bursting by the time we crossed
the desolate Mojave desert. Finally after the protests from
the rear turned to pleading, I pulled the SUV over to the
side of the road near some boulders and desert shrub.

The four women dashed off in one direction while my three
buddies headed in the other. Soon the trio of guys returned
to the vehicle and together we waited for the women. And
we waited, and waited. It was so long that we were all
getting concerned that perhaps they had gotten lost in the
vast wasteland of the Mojave. Just as we were about to start
a search and rescue expedition, the four females emerged
from behind some boulders and Joshua trees in a highly
excited and giddy state that was a complete puzzle to us.
Nor would they tell us what brought them to that emotional

We reached our destination, checked-in, had dinner and later
that evening my girlfriend at the time and I went back to
our hotel room to retire for the night. My bladder sufficiently full, I went into the bathroom leaving the door
halfway open and began to pee into the toilet while Sara
climbed into bed. I peed and peed, the urine sound carrying
through the door into the adjacent room. Without being too
boastful, when my bladder is full I do take some pretty
long pees and Sara would often do a little act like barging in the bathroom and stare at me with a mock incredulous expression and her hands on her hips. She would follow up
with a comment like "can you tell me what day that thing is
going to finally dry up and finish?" Or she would simply
barge in and stand next to the toilet and stare at her wrist
watch; you get the idea. But that night nothing occurred
depite me taking a fairly long pee of several minutes.

I reasoned her lack of playfulness was due to fatigue from
the long trip. I returned to the bedroom and slid in next
to her under the covers making some dumb remark about it
being "not my best pee effort." To my surprise Sara turned
over and said "I wasn't going to tell you this because it
might hurt your ego, but..." Hurt my ego? What could hurt
my ego?

"Well, you remember when we all piled out of the van and
we were gone so long you guys wondered where we were?"
"Yes," I said.
"Well.. and you promise not to say anything if I tell you?"
Sara told me that the foursome went behind some outcrop
rocks and began to pee a few yards apart. Three of them
finished in a reasonable amount of time and waited for the
fourth member, a girl we barely knew named Jennifer, to
finish peeing before returning to the SUV. Sara and the
others stood discreetly to one side of a boulder while on
the other side this Jennifer leaned butt up on the rock
and peed and peed and peed. Sara said they could see the
top half of her torso over the rock, and after a considerable period of time, politely called out if she was
all right. Back came the reply "oh yeah, sorry, but I got a
ways to go still." A that junture jaws almost dropped but
they continued to patiently make small talk while this women
irrigated the desert.
"I hope you don't mind but I let my friends in on our little secret. I told them that my boyfriend was just like
that- when he goes, he just goes and goes." My ego inflated
wondering how the women took the information.

I should not have felt so superior, since this Jennifer
continued to pee and pee, well beyond anything Sara had ever
witnessed in me. As for flow rates that's anyones guess
but her pee times became such that the girl's concluded
that she must be having problems with a tampon or something
and Sara ventured around the boulder to lend a hand and
help in some way. Long story short, when she got there, Miss
Super Bladder was standing there up against the sandstone,
legs stiff and wide apart with her hands on her knees and a
multi-directional misty spray arching on to the sand below.
"I was sooo embarrassed. What could I say? Hey just go
ahead and pee. No rush. Everybody pee like that. Right!"
By that time, even Jennifer started to realize her pee was
getting really outrageous and hurredly stopped her stream
when the others followed Sara to investigate. What she had
left in her bladder who knows since the situation deteriorated to giggles and superlatives. Women.
"As I said, I didn't want to tell you if it would hurt your
male ego. But alongside her you are just a drop in the bucket, a little drop in the bucket."

After that I was even more in awe about the size of the female bladder and even more positive that women can't keep secrets.


Friday, November 15, 2002

Punk Rock Girl
To Hermione:

1. What is the longest time you have been constipated? This last time was pretty bad, four days, but the worst I think was a whole week. I only managed to crap out a few pebbles until I finally gave in and had an enema.
2. What was the diameter of the resulting stool ? Hard to say, since it was all watery by the time I got it out.
3. How hard or soft was it ? Very soft and watery, with lots of hard, knobby chunks.
4. What did it look like ? Like chocolate syrup with chunks of chocolate mousse in it.
5. Was it very dry? Not after the enema.
6. Did you need a lubricant to pass it? Nope.
7. How many times a week do you normally go? At least once a day, sometimes twice.
8. Does it amuse or disgust your husband/partner/boyfriend when you fart in bed ? I actually rarely fart in front of my boyfriend at all, although he is often in the bathroom with me when I'm taking a dump, and of course hears me fart then. He doesn't seem to mind it.

I've heard of the "Underground Comedy movie". Do the models really shit, or is it just pretend with sound effects? I know on uncut versions of the REAL WORLD, BIG BROTHER and JACKASS, among other shows, they've shown people on the toilet really shitting, though I don't know how often they've shown the resulting load.

The picture today is pretty cute, today being 11/13/02. The girl looks like she's very reluctantly allowing herself to be photographed on the crapper. She also seems to be enjoying it quite a bit! I think that's how it was with me the first time I let a boy see me on the toilet. I was a little shy, but still got a little rush out of it!



The first time I ever pooped in front of a girl (except for when I was little) was when I was thirteen, and it was also the first time I had seen a girl naked. I was at a slumber party and there was this other girl I liked there. We were talking, and neither of us really liked too many of the other people at the party. I think we were both so happy just to be invited that we accepted. Anyway, we were peeking around in the basement, and I started to feel like I had to poop. She said, "I wonder if there's a bathroom down here, I have to pee." I said, "Yeah, I have to go too." We found one, it was a big full bathroom with a shower. She said, "Let's pee together!" She was wearing a t-shirt, pajama pants and socks. The thought of seeing her pulling those pants down and getting a glimpse of her bare butt and thighs was overwhelming (those 13 year old hormones were kicking in), so I said okay, without thinking about the fact that I had to poop!

Anyway, we went in, and locked the door. She went to the toilet, pulled her pajama pants and underpants (they were yellow with Care Bears on them, I remember vividly) down to her ankles and sat on the toilet. I heard her pee hitting the water, and I remember being surprised that it sounded the same as a boy's pee hitting the water. I always thought girls' pee was more trickly or something. So, she finished peeing, and wiped between her legs then stood and pulled up her underpants and pants. She said, "Okay, your turn!"

I said, "Well, actually, I don't have to pee."

She said, "Oh, you just wanted to watch me?"

I said, "Yeah, but I do have to go."

She said, "You just said, you didn't."

I said, "No, I mean, I have to poop."

She said, "Well, you got to see me on the toilet, now I get to see you."

So, reluctantly, I walked to the toilet, and pulled my sweatpants and underwear down just past my butt and sat down. At first I couldn't relax, then finally, I pushed. First just a fart came out, and she giggled. Then I felt a big piece of poop start coming out. It plopped into the water and splashed really loud, and I farted again. She laughed again. I pushed a couple more pieces out, and they splashed into the water. When I was done, I rolled off some paper and wiped. Luckily, it was really solid, dry poop and I only needed one wipe.

She said, "I've never seen a boy poop before." I told her I'd never seen a girl poop.

She said, "Well, I don't have to right now, but maybe another time. I owe you one!" I stood up, careful not to let her see my penis and started pulling my pants up. She said, "Wait, don't I even get to see your weiner?"

I said, "Okay, but you have to show me your stuff too." I pulled my pants and underwear back down to my knees and let her see my penis, which was getting a little excited! She said, "Cool!" I said okay, now you. She pulled her pants and underpants to her ankles, and pulled her shirt up over her chest. She didn't have much breasts or pubic hair, but there was a little of both. Then she turned around and said, "Wanna see my butt?" She had a really cute behind!

She pulled her shirt back down and her pants back up. I said, "You're a really beautiful girl!" She said, "You're a cute guy."

I did finally get to see her poop a few months later, at her house when we were studying. She had her own bathroom. She said, "I have to poop, do you want to watch? I owe you." I said okay. She undid her overalls and pulled down her underpants (white with pink polka dots this time) and sat on the toilet. She peed, then I heard several quick plops as poop fell into the water. She didn't fart though. She flushed the toilet and pulled up her underpants. I said, "Don't you have to wipe?" She said, "I don't need to. It wasn't messy." She pulled back up her overalls and we went back to studying.

We are still friends to this very day, but other than peeing and pooping in front of each other a couple more times, and a little fooling around with our clothes off, we never really did anything. I'm not into scatology or watersports or anything, but they're a couple of very fond memories of mine from when I was a kid. It's been nearly twenty years now, and I still think of those few times we took our clothes off and used the toilet in front of one another. You don't experiment with each other like that once you hit fiteen or sixteen, and then everything is less mysterious, even if it's still exciting. I don't think kids should be having sex when they're twelve, but I think it's good for them to explore each others' bodies and get comfortable with being seen naked and engaging in their bodily functions. It's all natural--maybe if people would allow their kids to explore and experiment more often, there wouldn't be so many kids getting pregnant and having venereal d! iseases. I don't know.

Pooper scooper
About a year ago, I had a severe case of food poisoning that turned out to be some kind of blood poisoning and I was in hospital for about 4 weeks. I had the most chronic case of diahorrea, with the hot brown liquid rushing from my red raw butt at least 15-20 times a day, no joke. I couldn't eat or get out of the bed, and when it came it was uncontrollable, I had a permenent bed pan under me until I became so weak I couldn't even lift myself onto it (I lost 12kgs from an already slight frame). As you can imagine, there were quite a few accidents where I just had to let it go, hospital gown, sheets and all! Very uncomfortable. The worst thing about it was the agony my butt hole was in every time it gushed out - like a burning, stinging paaaaiiinnn! Once it was over I actually had to have this medicated cream for months to put on my hole so the skin would grow back properly.

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