Whoa! Things have changed here a lot in the space of time that I've been gone! But I have been gone long, so I guess that it makes sense.

For any of you who weren't at this forum while I was (pretty much everyone), I'll describe myself:

College student, black (not natural) hair, peaches n' cream skin, brown eyes (one of which gets more exercise than the other two). Big boobs, big butt, slim waist. Hot stuff.

Anyway, I have a habit of going #2 outside, much as Sandra used to do, in very daring places. The last time, I made sure to eat a lot and save up some good rope inside my intestines. Then, I had a tiny bit of milk (I'm LI, so I made sure not to have too much) and waited. Then, when I felt a slight urge, I decided to go for a drive. It was relatively dark.

Dressed in a plaid knee-length skirt, jean jacket and white stockings, I found a bench with wide enough holes for, say, a thick dump cable. So, looking to see if anyone was around (which they were, but not too close, and in front of the bench) I slid my stockings down to the knees, along with my red panties. Then, leaning forward, I relaxed my anus.

The most incredible feeling coursed through my rectum as the log began to slide out, rubbing my inner walls as it passed. "Rrrgh," I grunted, passing gas smoothly and coloring the air behind me a shade of brown. This was a good one, soft enough to curl in a pile under me, but firm enough to be continuous and come out in three pieces. In all, it was about twenty-two inches long and 2.5 inches thick. A full dump smell rose from beneath me as I sat, savoring the moment. I think that everyone should try dumping in public, even just purely for the rush.

Thanks for humoring me!


Oh yes, I was reading back through recent posts and saw the thing about Pink taking a dump, and just wanted to add my opinion: awesome. Even though I'm a straight chick, seeing a girl like that would be great. Especially if it was a long one, which I'm sure Pink would produce.

Thanks again!


i was at the mall with my friend and i had to pee so i told him i will be back, i went in the bathroom and there was a kid standing there with his hand on his butt, no one else was in there, i surprised him and he looked up at me. i said are you ok, he said he pooped his pants. he moved his hand away and there was a big bulge. i took him in the stall and i peed first cause i really had to go. then i told him to pull his pants down. so he did and then i told him to squat over the toilet. i turned his undies upside down so i could dump his poop in the toilet. it was a big pile like baseball sized. it was hard and not to messy. it fell right in the toilet. i told him to wipe good and pull his pants up. he said thanks and ran out. crazy kid i think he was 6. he seemed older cause he was tall. but he acted like he was six.
the other day i was playing video games with my friend at the arcade and i saw a kid pee his pants playing a game. he was playing mortal kombat and fighting somebody, and he kept jumping up and down and then he just stood there and wet himself. it was funny cause he didnt even stop playing or try to hold it. i think he was 8. anyway i 2 hours went by and i really had to pee. i couldnt stop playing, i knew i had to go but i thought of that kid just going in his pants. so i played till i couldnt hold it anymore, i didnt even try to hold it. i just let it out. it ran down my legs and in my shoes. i made a puddle on the rug to. the arcade is really dark so no one noticed till i left. i had a big wet spot all down my legs. my friend saw it and laughed. as we were leaving i saw another kid grabbing himself while playing. i stopped and watched him, i told my friend, look at that kid, hes about to wet himself. then he did it. i didnt feel so bad cause he was like 11. this kid di! dnt keep playing though he ran to the bathroom while he was peeing his pants the whole way. well gotta go. by

Potty Pooper
Someone asked if I'd ever actually seen someone on the potty while I was on the potty, presumably
while I was in a bathroom having multiple toilets but no stalls around them... Nope, never been
in a situation like that, nor have I ever been in a group-poop, in a bathroom, in the woods or

For awhile now, I've kinda wished that I HAD had some group-poop type experiences, or engaged in
some of the more harmless and innocent kinds of scat-play with others when I was a kid. I feel as
if I've missed out on something because of that.

On the other hand, I HAVE once or twice been able to see into a stall while someone else was using
it, but I'll likely tell those other tales some other time.

And, BTW, concerning my recent story about the hallway-shaped bathroom with two toilets and just
a curtain between them... I was the only one in there at the time.

On second thought, I think I will tell at least one of the above stories.

One time, in my late teens, I was at a major amusement park, and happened to be in the mens' room.
It happens there was a man and his young son, a boy of perhaps 4 or 5, in one of the stalls, with
the door standing open. Evidently the tyke had just finished doing a doodoo, but hadn't yet learned
to wipe himself, so the dad was doing it for him. So, here's the kid, standing there with no pants,
facing to one side of the stall, with Dad there wiping. So I wouldn't call too much attention to
myself by standing outside the stall watching this, I instead walked the length of the restroom
back and forth, and then sort of glancing inoptrusively into the stall each time I came past it.
I could see tiny brownish "pebbles" here and there on his backside, or something like that. At
some point, the Dad said "One more," as he wiped again. Then they got done with it, flushed and
whatnot, dressed him and left. Or something like that. I suspect I probably left in the middle
of that, because I don't remember any details after "One more..."

Another time, I was at a local Montgomery Ward (or maybe it was Jefferson Ward at that time), in
perhaps my early to mid teens. I went to use the bathroom, while I was there, I noticed another
boy in a stall, and realised there was at least an inch gap between one panel of the stall and
another, near the stall door, and I could see a kind of narrow stripe of what was going on in
there. I stood there and sorta watched for a few moments. I don't think he ever noticed me,
though. I could see it was a fairly chubby kid, around my same age or younger. In fact, it
kinda looked like it might have been a playmate of mine from down the street, a boy named Toby,
and I decided it likely WAS him, but in retrospect I figure it probably wasn't. I also noticed
him pull loooong lengths of toilet paper out of the despenser, like he was going to be using
alot of it all at once. Or maybe he just liked to have it all out first, before seperating it
into shorter lengths.

I didn't stick around to see him finish his business, though, I went back out to resume shopping.

Now, concerning someone else's recent post here, the one about getting out of the stall just in
time to see a boy of perhaps 4 or 5 mess his pants, and then get spanked royally for it... YIKES!
Why do parents DO that to their kids?!? Too often they seem to expect their kids to be like little
adults, expect them to pay attention *100%* *of* *the* *time* to holding it when they gotta go, and
somehow FORGOT that while they as adults can often Hold It for long periods of time, that little kids
often can't, or forget that sometimes the SLIGHTEST distraction at the wrong time can result in an
"accident," and that such things sometimes CANNOT be avoided.

I read in a textbook once, one of those books written by a child psychologist or some such, aimed at
parents bringing up small children, where it talked about potty training a child of perhaps 3 or 4,
and it mentioned, significantly, that the moment between when a small child first notices that he's
Gotta Go, and the moment where he can't hold it any longer is fairly slim, that in fact many times,
by the time one can get him to the nearest potty chair and get his pants down, he's already started
to go in his pants, and that it's not something a person should make a big deal out of. Mind you,
that was concerning a child of perhaps 3, but I don't think a child's ability to Hold It grows
*enormously* by the time he gets to be 4 or even 5. Adults have long since gotten used to the fact
that, even the doodoo is *really* *trying* to come, *they* can still hold it while longer, but they
completely forget that, for a small child or even a young child, the moment when the doodoo starts
*trying* to come is the same moment when he *can't* *hold* *it* any longer... if only because he's
not yet gained the kind of strong muscle control down there he will even when he's just a little bit
older. It's NOT just a matter of "Whoops! You shoulda paid more attention to it, Billy!" When that
little push gets going, it's already too late, and even then, it's not always something he *can* even
notice a second or two before it starts happening. One moment he thinks he can hold it a little while
longer, the next moment... UH-OH! ...he finds that he's *already* started going in his pants! And
hadn't even felt the push ramping up!

This brings to mind something that happened at my neighbors. They had a family staying over, visiting
from out of town, and there was a girl of perhaps 4 or 5, maybe 6. She had one or more older brothers and
sisters there with her, and her mother. Well, this girl was out in the yard with them, and was wearing
just a regular little-girls'-type shirt and... boy's underpants! These underpants, however, were a coupla
sizes too big for her. She had to hold them up to keep them on her, and looked mortified about it. I
asked about this, and it seems she'd peed the bed one too many times, and they hadn't brought too many
extra pairs of panties for her... and so she'd MADE her wear her older brother's underpants, specifically
to humiliate her for the indescretion of having wet the bed! And since they were out of clean panties

I suggested they might use safety pins to make the boys' underwear fit her better, or something like that,
and she said it would negate the purpose of having her wear boys' underwear, because then it wouldn't be as
embarrassing for her. :-|

Blech! The screwball ideas some people get!

Jason the poop lover again. Today, I drank a lot of pop and I had to pee. I held it for 5 hours. I thought I would be able to hold it for a few more hours. It started coming out, and I went to the bathroom. I started pissing, thinking that I would be done quickly. I was wrong. I stood there and kept pissing. It kept coming out. More and more came out of me. It poured out as if I had held it for 24 hours. I could feel myself emptying, and I finally finished after 2 minutes. I felt so relieved. It felt so good. It was orange.

bill m
i was going to work one saturday morning, i had skipped going to the bathroom on friday evening. while driving to work i got this sudden full feeling near the opening. it got stronger as i drove. i finally got to the parking lot and walked to the dumpster and found a small plastic bac and went back to mt car in the back seat where i pulled down my pants and proceded to fill the bag with poop. i was lucky and didnt have an accident that time.

The last two days I have been struggling with what I thought was a water infection. However I went to see the doctor yesterday (Friday) and he didn't think it was an infection, having analysed my sample. He precribed some antibiotics for use if the condition worsened or didn't improve but not to be taken unless. I've tried to manage without them and I've been drinking copious amounts of water - as well Cranberry juice. Matters haven't worsened and, I think, have improved slightly.
I would, however, appreciate any advice, suggestions etc which peoplw might have.

Best regards to everyone!


Hi everybody, I have been reading this site for sometime now, so I thought I should post somthing.
I have never been that bothered about skidmarks in my pants and my mum has never said anything about it to me, but I do get them most of the time. I didn't think it was a big thing until I went on a camping holiday this summer with my friend and his parents, we had our own tent and his parents had a tent. We actually chose a good week to go camping this summer and the weather was hot, so I slept in my pants and t shirt, as i did at home, one morning I was outside the tent getting breakfast with my friends parents and his mum took me to one side and said I can see you have had a accident in your pants, do u have anymore or do u want me to go and buy you some, she said she had noticed yesterday as well. All it was was a skidmark but she was making a big thing of it, I told her I was fine and had another pair of pants with me but I could tell she wasn't happy and kept on giving me funny looks, especially when I was just in my pants and t shirt, or boxerbriefs and t shirt! , but my freind also wore the same to bed, so obvioulsy it was a big thing to her, my skidmark. I think after she had said somthing she expected me to go and change them straight away, but I just sat down and had breakfast which I don't think helped matters. later on that day we were out in some little town, we were outside, and i farted, i thought it was going to be silent but it wasn't and she gave me a really dirty look as if i was actually pooping my pants then or somthing, and my friend also had farted out loud in her presence and nothing was said or anything then. I don't think I will get invited camping with them again.

check this:
Fire in the Hole
In a literal case of something coming back to bite you in the ass, a Florida woman was accidentally shot in the left buttock when her 9mm handgun fell into the toilet. The woman purchased the weapon out of fear of robbery and had just recently wasted an afternoon attending firearm-safety classes. On the fateful day, the woman heard something outside her bathroom window, reached over the toilet to get a better look and knocked her piece into the bowl, where it discharged. Emergency medical technicians arrived on the scene and airlifted the hapless gun-toter's tender tush to a Jacksonville-area hospital. To ensure that such personal tragedies never happen again, Jacksonville's Armed Actors Millimeter Theater has mounted an educational production of Annie Shit Your Gun.


Hi everyone, it's been the usual for me lately except for wee's. This week I've started taking these health tablets which help with vitamin intake and I've noticed that my wee is really yellow after taking them. Not just normal yellow but in some cases a bright almost fluro yellow. I could almost bottle it and sell it to ravers as novelty.

I've seen a couple of toilet related scenes on tv lately. One of my favourite comedy shows 'Smack The Pony' just had a sketch with a couple in the bathroom. The woman was in the bath and the guy was shaving. He walks over saying "You're so beautiful" and kisses her. She then does this massive fart complete with spa like bubbles and noises.

Another scene was in a movie I hired out last night called 'Kiss The Dragon' with Jet Li and Jane Fonda. She plays a hooker who ends up working out the front of this place that Jet Li is staying. She asks if she can use the bathroom to pee but Jet Li says no. So we then see her squating from a side on view (bum exposed). Jet Li, surprised, asks her what she is doing and she explains that she has to go. So he lets her use the bathroom. We see a brief shot of her pulling her undies down as she goes into the toilet room (with the door shut). Jet Li is waiting around when this guy comes for a delivery. We can hear a faint trickle sound as Jane Fonda moans loudly "ooh it feels so good!". Jet Li then tells her to finish up but gets no answer so he goes in and finds her asleep on the loo. We see a shot of her slumped against the back wall on the toilet with her undies down near her knees.

Have good poo's and wee's everyone.

The Red Demon
HEY GANG!! I got a story, and a question....

Today I hit a Chinese restaurant...I had something called Hot and Sour soup....It was good...but I think it should have been called Liquid Plummer. I had a total cleaning out session today....For those who like a detailed description... I got a bad rumble in my lower bowels, and knew it was going to be I hit the can, dropped my pants, lowered my Fruit of the loom briefs, and sat my bare ass on the toilet, and lost about 15 pounds....It's funny, you can real bad one moment, take a huge dump and feel great afterwards... I felt like running a marathon....
Cleanup was no fun... I don't care for the nasty aftermath stories, so I'll just say I used about 3 rolls of TP.

Now, my question..I am an artist, and some people know me here. I am writing and drawing a story about a hispanic super hero. She is a poor superhero, no money but lots of heart. I want to include several scenes of her sitting on the toilet reading over papers, and documents trying to find out who killed her family. WOMEN>??? Is this realistic? Would you do a lot of reading on the toilet? I asked a my girlfrined, and she says it's not...that she only spends 5 minutes in the bathroom.. which is true. She doesn't take long going...If any women can help me out, I'd really appreciate it.. thanks....

The Red Demon...(__|__)

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

desperate to poop

That girl in the pic looks in agony. Either Diarraeoh or A big hard one. I've had both recently! However it looks like her dress would be underneath too. Surely she'd be shitting into it.

Anyway quick question. If you were in a toilet line and were desperate to poop. If it got to the point where you could hold it no more would you

a)Try and jump the queue
b)Shit your pants
c)Go in the sink/garbage can?

Has anyone gone in a sink or can whilst there has been a big line?

Hello everybody!
I have not had any time to write a letter all week.

On Saturday night last week, I went out for drinks with my husband and my friends Jackie and Emma too. Steve was very smart in a suit, and us 3 girls were in black trousers and skimpy tops. I had 3 wees when we were out in the pubs, and my friends went for wees with me and we shared stalls. Well we could not fit all 3 of us in the stall together so it was just 2 together. We just took turns to pull our pants down and hover over the toilet and piss. I have pissed with Jackie and Emma lots and lots and lots of times so we are not shy about it. We even wiped each other too! It was real good. It was just a shame I could not take Steve in with us as well.
When it was late and we were walking back home, Jackie and Emma were coming back to our house with us because it was so hard to get a cab. Steve said he wanted to be sure they were all right and they should come back with us at our house so they could call for a cab later.
Well we all wanted to wee before we got home and we went in an alley I like weeing in sometimes at night. Jackie and Emma needed to wee a lot more than me. Poor Emma was desperate. Steve took our bags and we undid our pants and pulled them down. Emma and Jackie teased Steve a bit and when they pulled their thongs down they asked him if he was watching. giggle Well we squatted and we held our pants up a bit around our knees so Steve could look between our legs. Emma and Jackie pissed their brains out. giggle I had a good gusher as well but I have done bigger ones you know. Emma did a big gusher at the start but then she did a lot of stopping and starting some gentle weeing for about a minute. Steve said he wondered how much she had done. I bet it was a lot because she made a big puddle. Jackie did too. My puddle was not one of my biggest ones but I enjoyed how my wee felt when I was doing it. When we finished and pulled our pants up, Steve gave us our bags and we watched! him unzip his pants and get his cock out. He got his foreskin back a bit and he had his wee on the wall. Jackie and Emma teased him a bit more and said things to him. giggle
When we got home we sat down for a bit and we were a bit tired and ready to go to sleep. We tried to get Jackie and Emma a cab but it was a big struggle, so Jackie and Emma just stayed at our house overnight.
They took everything off except their thongs and we went into the bathroom for a wee before we went to bed. I held Steve's willy and he weed as I aimed him. It was very nice, I liked it. Jackie and Emma giggled a bit when I wiped his foreskin with some tp. I pulled my thong off and I stood over the toilet and I let rip. I did a nice big twisty gusher and my wee splooshed a lot in the water. Steve wiped me when I finished. Jackie and Emma took their thongs off . Jackie sat down and weed and Steve watched. She gave the front of the toilet a good wash. Emma sat down too and she had a wee that lasted a minute or a bit more than that because she does a lot of stopping and starting. She did a lot of trickle trickle trickle drip drip drip trickle trickle that Steve likes watching and hearing. Well we stood so Steve could wipe us all with bits of tp.
It was good in the morning too because Steve got to see all of us have a wee again. It was nice, that. Jackie was real full in the morning and she did a good gusher. She had a shit as well, and she hovered over the bowl so Steve could watch her log come out of her bum. She did a big log about 9 inches long. Emma had a shit as well but she did 2 turds that were about 4 inches long. Steve wiped them again. It was a giggle.

CARA - Hi girl!
Most of the women at work are very shy about weeing but there is a girl who is half Spanish and if we go to the toilet together then we talk and have a gossip. I go in a stall and hover over the toilet for a wee and she just stands by the open door and she watches. It is all right when she looks between my legs because I have been to nude beaches lots of times with my husband and I have done nude photoshoots and all sorts of things like that. I do not mind her seeing because I am not a shy girl. Then when the other girl wees I get to see her pull her knickers down and she does not mind me seeing everything.
Love Louise xx

RIZZO - Hello!



Hi guys

I had a really long wee wee today. As usual I got to the point of nearly wetting my knickers, but then it was my fault! I got up late and had to rush around to get out for work on time and didnt have my morning wee. By the time I got to the office I was bursting. I dashed in and said to WEndy that I just had to go. She looked at me and laughed! I ran down the corridor to the ladies and as soon as I was out of site of the corridor I pulled up my skirt and went into a stall. I did manage to shut the door and then yanked my tights and panties down. It was such a rush of relief as I sat down and weed! By the time I got to my desk word had obviously spread about my predicament as the girls grinned at me, Wendy nudged me and said was I comfy now! Well at least until the next time.

I shant make that mistake again! In fact I'm going to nip along for a quick wee wee again now before I set off home!

Punk Rock Girl
Shy Girl: Let me assure you, there's absolutely nothing wrong with you! Most of my women friends, while not grossed out by having to fart or crap, would rather not talk about it. When I'm with my guy friends, I'll share crapping stories, and occasionally even let out a fart. Usually, however, out of courtesy, decorum, whatever, I'll wait until I'm alone to fart. It's just innappropriate to fart--or burp, for that matter--with just anyone around. It's like going to a nice dinner party and saying, "That soup f***ing kicked ass, your wife sure can cook when she's not being a bitch!"

I'm not embarrassed by the need to fart or shit, but I do believe there's a time and a place to let loose. So don't think that you're weird or stupid or whatever just because you're shy about your bowel functions. I have a really cute ass, if I do say so, and I have come to understand why a guy who's staring at it and drooling might have trouble coming to terms with the fact that the same nasty crap he squeezes out of his ass also comes out of mine. Just don't think about it too much, that's all. Shit when you have to, fart when you have to, just be comfortable when you do! It's a natural part of life, like breathing. Hope that makes you feel a little better.

Might I also add, that while some men are totally grossed out by the thought of a woman shitting/farting, other men find it attractive. I don't mean in a sexual way, but it takes away some of the mystique that a beautiful girl radiates, and makes guys feel more on the same level, and less intimidated. Did I spell that right? Anyway, maybe someday, unisex bathrooms, coed showers, and sexual equality overall will be a reality. As long as guys still think I have a nice ass, I'll be happy! ;)



Brown Study
Nice picture, girl on pan with trousers down and panties nicely displayed inside. With a big smile like that it looks as if she has just passed a nice big motion and is well satisfied by her performance. I know the feeling having just doen such a motion myself.

However, can I ask what has happened as for the last few days there has been no movement here? Will it all come in a huge download rather like what happens when you do go for a motion after being constipated for a few days and have a huge dump all in one sitting? (Ive just done one like that and my bottie is still throbbing-see below).

I know FAQs say that the site doesnt update each and every day, but nothing seems to have happened for a while now, I have read Shy Girl's posting about watching her hard turds come out many times now.

Now that mega dump Ive just laid. Im a woman in my mid twenties, tall slim but with large breasts and bum. I usually have a poo every 2 days but this time I have been constipated since Wednesday last. Happens sometimes and doesnt really bother me. I work from home so was dealing with my e-mails when, my breakfast having worked its way down in my stomach and my cup of coffee kicking in when I felt the urge to do a poo and I knew there was a big load up there. I farted loudly as I went to the toilet, slipped down my jeans and white thong and sat on the pan. I did a pee, tinkling loudly then I felt my brown "lodger" deciding to leave me. PLONK! PLOMP! PLOONK! PLUNK" some hard balls broke away, rather like Shy Girl describes it, then I felt the first log emerge. I have to say it hurt slightly as it dilated my sphincter then it slowly slid out all knobbly in texture and very fat with my going NN! to help it on its way. KER-SPLOONK! NN! UH! NN! KUR-SPLOOSH! two big hard jobbie! s came out then I felt further movement, farted again, then out oozed a softer but solid formed jobbie which went FLOOMP! followed by two smaller but still solid poos quite quickly KERPLOONK" KERPLONK! that was it. I farted again did another wee wee then knowing I was finished wiped my bum and pulled my panties and jeans up. I always have a look in the pan after I have done a motion and it was well filled with my load. Four hard balls, two long fat knobbly logs, the bigger 10 inches long the other 6 inches, then a long curved smooth cucumber shaped floater with two smaller ones next to it. It took 4 flushes to get it all to go away as the big log and the equally long cucumber jammed in the pan after the first flush and I thouht Id need to push them over the hidden bend by hand. There are long brown skid marks in the bottom of the pan which I will get rid of with bleach and the brush later on.

I have to say I feel a bit hollow inside having had such a big, satisfying dump, but also have a lovely glowing feeling, although my stretched ring is still throbbing a little.

Love to all Toileteers out there.

Reading through recent posts I've noticed a bit of a theme about people who seem to be able to hold their wee for ages. Sadly I dont think I would be very good at that. However, at work today there was a big meeting and we all had to attend but werent given any notice. Luckily I had just been for a wee wee. However, wendy that i work with hadnt as when we were walking to the meeting room she whispered to me that she hoped it wouldnt take long as she could do with a wee. Anyway to cut a long story short this so called meeting took just over 3 hours. By the end I was getting a bit desperate but poor Wendy was beside herself.

AS soon as it was done she almost ran from the room down the corridor to the ladies, with me not far behind. She flew into the ladies and was pulling up her skirt as she went and she only just got her knickers down in time and was going before she had sat down. I took the next stall lifted my skirt and yanked down my tights and knickers and did the same. My wee must have been for about a minute, but when I was done, Wendy was still going. In fact she was still trickling when I had got my tights back up.

I came out the stall and grinned at her asking if she wws better now (she didnt have time to shut the door). Finally her wee stopped and she looked so relieved in fact she just sat there for a while quite exhausted I think!She wiped, flushed and we went back to our office - Wendy said that was probably the most desperate she had ever been - she said it was a miracle she didnt wet herself during that meeting.


desperate to poop
it's been a good few days without any new posts :(. I miss all those good poop stories people present.

I had a very strange poop today. It was quite long but exteremely thin only about 1/2nch wide if that.

On a sporty theme I was wondering if there were any triatheletes that have ever have the urge during a gruelling swim, ride or run?

Well I guess some of my posts didn't make it past the censors so I will repost my Halloween experience and leave out the more "steamy" details.

First of all, I don't know if what I said to Aquatic got in or not, but she makes yet another case for women having better bladder control then men. I don't live in the UK, but I do know that urinals are primarely used by men, therefore that only goes to show that men have a much greater need to pee then women do if they have to put urinals out on the streets so they won't piss just anywhere.

As for Halloween, this is what happened. As you know, I attempted to break my own record of 48 hours hold time. I began my attempt at about 9:00 am, and did pretty good. Then my Girlfriend showed up and we did out "thing" and after a little while my boyfriend came over and we all did out "thing" and when I do my "the thing" I usualy have to pee afterwords. I managed to hole it until a little after Midnight on Halloween, but I had to pee so badly that I was doubled over. There was actualy a bulge in my abdomen from my bladder being so full.

I had a measuring flask that could hole 3 litres set up and ready to go. I could barely get my panties down, and it was like somebody punched me in the gut. I finaly did get them down, and I squated over the container, and I let out with a hiss that was so hard that it actualy stung me as it came out. I didn't time myself, but it lasted forever so it seemed, and it felt SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!! I held my labia apart because of the stinging, and I noticed that my stream was not flat and twisty like usual, but it came out in a straight but thick rope that hit so hard that it splashed pee back up on me. This one also kicked up a head of foam that had to be over an inch thick. By the time I was finished, it fealt as though the pressures of all the world had been removed.

I examed the flask, and by the time I had finished, I had let loose a total of 2550 militres.

I guess I will have to attempt my new record when my girl friend and boy friend are out of town.

Hello again, I have not posted for some time.

A lot of us ladies seem to be frequently constipated – I am – and so are my close friends.

Is this universal or mostly a British problem ? - where many hold their bowels for long periods until convenient to go and then can’t !

A short questionnaire for other ladies:-

1. What is the longest time you have been constipated?
2. What was the diameter of the resulting stool ?
3. How hard or soft was it ?
4. What did it look like ?
5. Was it very dry?
6. Did you need a lubricant to pass it?
7. How many times a week do you normally go?
8. Does it amuse or disgust your husband/partner/boyfriend when you fart in bed ?

When people are describing the effort needed to pass a difficult or large bowel movement (or, for women, to give birth to a child), they use the terms "push" and "strain". Notice the "and". The two words are frequently used together. Is this a redundancy, or do "pushing" and "straining" actually reflect two distinct actions?

"Tow Truck" - I think you were sexually harassed, but did the right thing by not reporting it. Besides what you said about having to tell it in front of all those people, who are they going to believe, you or a cop?

Night Owl - Did that once on a family camping trip. There were several bathroom buildings, and the womens in one building was where the mens was in the other one I had already been in. I just went in without even looking.

Austin (Blake) - I agree about the moderator. I have read some other boards that are really disgusting. Mr. (or Ms.) Moderator, we appreciate the job you do.

Darrin - Taking care of #2 was the only thing I hated about being in scouts.

Scarlet - I try to keep it inside my body. If it gets as far as my penis and I try to hold it by clamping, the pressure on the inside of my penis is really painful. But I think some guys do that. Some of the girls here have said that they grab themselves also. And I think you have to be right about Micah. What else could it be? But I don't think I ever got up and left class in college for that reason, just because everyone would know. I didn't even like to go #2 in the public restrooms if my friends were outside because they might hear. I was pretty shy about that stuff then, and even now to an extent.

desperate to poop - Did Paula ever say what she did? I don't think I could pee while running (unless a bear was behind me).

shy girl - I was very shy about anyone seeing or hearing me, even in college. I can't remember exactly where my attitude changed, but I am still shy around someone I don't know well. However, I have been going in the woods since I was a little kid, and am not shy about that at all as long as no one is around, but I was at first.

I think a lot of guys think girls never fart, have diarrhea, etc. Richard Pryor even did a routine about it on one of his albums.

To shy girl: I like watching myself poop sometimes too.

To Jason the poop lover: Enjoyed your story...your storie reminds me of something that happened, will post at the end.

To otherchick: You must have been embaressed...did any one say any thing?

To desperate to poop: If i was here i'd either hold on or try and pee with out peeing my self.

To Steve: cool experience you had.

To Heather R: Were you embaressed at all?

To John Q Public: Cool experience about halloween.

To Jared: Cool..experience.

To unnamed poster: about that boy pooping his pants...intresting.

To Billy & Kevin: Intresting story...i thing a diahreaha bug is going around or something.

To Scarlet: Thanks for liking my one noticed any thing cause every one was out that day. I put my wet boxers in the laundry basket to dry. I don't do my own saves water when you do all of it together. Maybe your friend had to poop or had diahreaha...i think a bug is going around...When i have to pee really bad i don't usally hold my self

To Punk Rock Girl: Intresting about the those movies...Liked your sears story. Did you B/F go in there with you to cover for you? That reminds me i once went in a sears when no one was in there and pooped in a urinal just for the hell of it. That sears had since close(it was new too) didn't do well in that area.

To Mark V: The new movie Jackass has alot of toilet sceenes w/ young guys.

To Darrin: Liked your story..did you wipe your self?

To unnamed poster about camping In SC..Intresting story.

To Potty Pooper: I see about that now...thanks.

To Night Owl: I've walked into the wrong bathroom once..i was 9 at the time.

To Jay: Intresting about MTV..Im not sure who that is..who is she? liked your story too.

I took a sick day today...Woke up feeling really sick felt i needed a day. I woke up at 4am feeling really crampy new i needed to go right now. On a scale of one to ten. I rate the cramps a was severe and hurt soooo bad! I sat and when i started cramping up i pushed.I then felt so nauseated. I thought i might throw up(that would mean both ends)I know i pushed out some solid stuff. Then after that pure liquid came out. The nausea subsided and i felt a little better. I think i had diahreaha 3-4 more times. Feel ok now. I didn't wanna take a chance going to work in this condition. And any way i work around food, they say you should take a sick day if you have... Diahreaha, Sore throat, throwing up etc. Well gonna go now bye

the "HOLD IT" man
John Q:

That was one hell of a "Trick or Treat" that woman left you. I wonder if she simply forgot to flush, or if she was too embarrassed to have to flush that many times. I certainly think it was wrather inconsiderate of her to just leave it like that.

Hey...I was just thinking...I'll bet the White House has a lot of cool bathrooms to take a great dump in...........My family and I went for a tour there in 1998 and the guide told us there was something like 57 bathrooms. I remember thinking cool!!!!

I really like this site and have been reading the posts for about a month now. Peace Liv

Donnie C.
Desperate to Poop: Have you ever heard of Grete Waitz? She is a German marathon runner who got cramps during a race, and ended up having diarrhea all over herself...on TV. However, she did NOT quit; in fact, she won!! At the finish line somebody quickly put a blanket over her. This event is well-documented on the 'net.

Punk Rock Girl: There's a movie made well before "Once Upon a Time..." that strongly implies a woman pooping - in her pants. It's a 1966 Western called "The Shooting." Millie Perkins plays a nameless woman who hires some men to kill her enemy. This lady also has some serious emotional problems, and she deliberately messes herself several times. However, there's only one direct reference to what she does, when one of the men mutters "She soiled again." The movie is based on a book, "The Revenge," by Adrien Joyce. The book is said to be far more explicit in depicting the woman's bowel "problem". Another note: "Adrien Joyce" is a pen name for Carole Eastman, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of "Five Easy Pieces"! (And it just so happens that one of the first adult women I ever met that had a bowel problem was named "Carole"...she wore a cloth diaper.)

"The Shooting" is available on video and DVD, and occasionally pops up on U.S. cable TV.

What's up 'yall? I'm the "sound man". While I love all aspects of female crapping, sound effects (particularly those of exertion) are my favorite. I've only posted here a couple of times - somewhere between p. 950 and 975. I tried to submit others, but they didn't make it (due to length, I presume). I offer my humblest apologies to anyone whose expectations I aroused with my promise of more stories. While I was able to post one of the three that I talked up, I had to leave out crucial details to keep the length down. Anyway, I've decided to give it another shot, as interaction is an important part of this forum, and conciseness in my writing is something that I need to keep striving for.
PUNK ROCK GIRL: I really appreciate your stories, as well as your warmth and down-to-earth sense of humor. In fact, it is you who inspired me to post again, as a result of burning curiosity about your latest constipation story. While I felt genuine empathy for your struggle and enjoyed your typically lovely details, , I was baffled by the fact that you (of all people) didn't look at what you produced. This seemed odd, given your level of enthusiasm for defecation, as well as what sounds like an extrordinary BM (even by your standards). Is this unusual behavior for you? Were you too foccused on the pain to care? Or, perhaps, were you genuinely afraid of the monster that had come out of you? Anyway, I'm curious, as I have failed to look at my shit only once in my 31 years, just to prove to myself I could avoid doing it. Instantly, I regretted it. I'd also be curious to know if shitting without looking is done by others out there, and further, if it is more typica! l of females.
Thanx 'yall

What's up 'yall? I'm the "sound man". While I love all aspects of female crapping, sound effects (particularly those of exertion) are my favorite. I've only posted here a couple of times - somewhere between p. 950 and 975. I tried to submit others, but they didn't make it (due to length, I presume). I offer my humblest apologies to anyone whose expectations I aroused with my promise of more stories. While I was able to post one of the three that I talked up, I had to leave out crucial details to keep the length down. Anyway, I've decided to give it another shot, as interaction is an important part of this forum, and conciseness in my writing is something that I need to keep striving for.
PUNK ROCK GIRL: I really appreciate your stories, as well as your warmth and down-to-earth sense of humor. In fact, it is you who inspired me to post again, as a result of burning curiosity about your latest constipation story. While I felt genuine empathy for your struggle and enjoyed your typically lovely details, , I was baffled by the fact that you (of all people) didn't look at what you produced. This seemed odd, given your level of enthusiasm for defecation, as well as what sounds like an extrordinary BM (even by your standards). Is this unusual behavior for you? Were you too foccused on the pain to care? Or, perhaps, were you genuinely afraid of the monster that had come out of you? Anyway, I'm curious, as I have failed to look at my shit only once in my 31 years, just to prove to myself I could avoid doing it. Instantly, I regretted it. I'd also be curious to know if shitting without looking is done by others out there, and further, if it is more typica! l of females.
Thanx 'yall

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