Brian, what a great story. I think guys have more fun in public restrooms than us girls. You guys always have funny stories, my husband has told me where he works they all laugh while defacating. We never talk about the act. Only recipies, and our kids and nonsence. But I guess it's because in the mens bathrooms, they don't put doors on the stalls, you are much more uninhibited, I suppose. Anyway I would enjoy the chatting, but I would never be able do relieve myself with other women walking in front of me. Do you get used to it? Do some mens restrooms have doors on the stalls? Are you ever inhibited? Happy New Year to all ! Beth

At My High School we Did not have Toilet Stalls, That's Right, Door's Or Stalls at All, The Toilets Were Right Next to Each Other With No Dividers. And I could not Believe That Some Many Teens Would Poop infront of Each Other, They would not Look at Each Other But They Would all Poop Together , And Usually It was Full, I know that I would not do a thing Like that, Even All the kool kids Wouild Poop Infront of all of Us. I Guess that Takeing Showers In Gym Did that To us. I wounder Why They Did not put Doors on the Stalls, Just to Make Us not want to Poop at School? If Anyone Else Has Run Into a Bathrooms Without Toilet Stalls, or Dividers , Please Post it Here so I can Read it, I want to know if this Only Happens Were I Am at?

To Soft Touch
A fantastic story. You definitely have superior writing skills. The story is colorful, imaginery, imaginative, lively and gave me a heartbeat. Perhaps, maureen has too much of a diarrhea case, but... Would you consider publishing these stories one of these days ?

last summer I dressed up as a baby bear in my local town carnival ( as the only female fitting into the costume ) The weather was very warm and I had drunk about 2 litres of mineral water before the parade started, so although I was sweating buckets, my bladder was starting to feel uncomfortably full as the parade moved off. I was only wearing a one-piece swimsuit inside but was already feeling hot and sweaty and the need to pee meant that I was starting to walk funny as I began to press my thighs together to help me keep control. The kids along the sidewalk thought that it was all part of the act as I did the pee-dance, stopping every now and then to put my hand between my legs to help stop me wetting myself. Suddenly it was all too late,and I could feel the first trickle of pee leak out and run down my thigh! Soon there was no holding back and I could feel my bum get warm and wet as a hot flood poured out of me, soaking the stuffing of the costume and running down my legs . When I stopped pissing myself and I looked down and saw that nothing had soaked through I was well relieved ( in more ways than one ) however I had one dodgy moment when a kid came up to me and hugged me then anounced that the baby bear had wet its nappy I was really embarassed but I think that only that one kid knew what happened-I don't know what the costume hire people thought as they didn't complain about the smelly costume ( perhaps it happens often )

John pee
hey, today i went to see titanic. it was a good movie but the one drawback was that it was over 3 hours long. nearing the end of the movie i started to really have to piss. just as the movie ended all of the guys headed towards the restroom including me. in the restroom there were two stalls and two urinals. while waiting in the line i noticed the two stalls' doors were open. in the first stall there was a guy my age(16 or 17) that had his pants around his ankles and was wiping. in the second stall there was a guy just pissing. i thought it was wierd that the first guys wouldn't close the door, mainly because there were a bunch of people standing there 5 feet from him watching him. so anyway i finally get my turn at one of the urinals. i walked up to it and started to piss. it was wierd 'cause the urinal beside mine was only about a foot away so the guy next to me (40 or so) was just about rubbing elbows with me. i could tell that the older man and i were both just about finished pissing. so then, the moment the man finished pissing, he let out 4 really loud farts and a long sigh. as if i didn't feel awkward enough, he turned right towards me as he was pulling his underwear back up and zipping his pants and looked right at me and smiled. i think he might have even tried to take a peek at my penis while i was finishing up taking a piss. it didn't really bother me too much but still it was a bit awkward. i'll post more later. thanx.

today i went to our public library and when i went into the restroom there was a guy standing there peeing into the sink. i walked in and just stared for a second and walked over to the sink next to "his" and started to wash my hands. i looked over at him and he just kept peeing. i hafta add that his penis looked pretty nice from my close view. so anyway, i just said, "hey, whatcha doin'". and he replied, "oh, a science experiment". this seemed to be a stupid answer but what could i do. just as i was leaving he said, "hey, i bet you can't do this. care to try?" "no, no thanks", i said and left. as i walked out a girl was just walking in, so i warmed her about what's inside. she just took a peek inside and said what the hell. but anyway, it was cool...or was it.

I was just wondering if anyone has any stories or expeiences of using a hospital bedpan. I had to use one once, and it was just horrible. I didn't even finish, I got up and went into the regular bathroom. They Suck..

George & Moira
Hello all, hope you had a Happy Xmas!
we both surpassed ourselves in the Motion department this morning 27 Dec!
Both of us had a very full Xmas Dinner and surprisingly didn't have a motion at all on Boxing Day 26 Dec.
We did however both have a lot of gas and spend most of the night farting which amused us both very much.
This morning 27 Dec, we were having our usual shower together when Moira felt she needed a big motion. Was she right about that! She sat on the pan and I rubbed her ???? ????, then after a few minutes she said "Its all comming down now!" and with a lot of "OO!s and AH!s" she passed two long fat curved sausages. They were so big that there were no "plops!" Watching her had made me need to go, (it often does and vice versa for her), so as soon as she had finished I sat on the pan, she in turn rubbed my ????, and I passed my motion on top of hers. Mine came out as two long fat turds the biggest a straight fat log, the smaller one , (still quite big about 8 inches long), was shaped like a carrot,(it did make a loud "Kur-sploonk!"). It took 6 pulls on the handle before our combined jobbies flushed away and we thought we'd blocked the pan! (as readers may have guessed, Moira and I are childless and intend to stay that way. we can therefore indulge our mutual pleasures without unwanted observers.)
An interesting point was the colour of both our stools, a lot lighter, a sort of toffee brown . Usually they are darker. We think this was down to all the Turkey breast which is white meat we had been eating for the last few days
Interested in these "doorless stalls" in US public, works and school toilets. In the UK we call stalls "Cubicles" and almost always they have a lockable door in both Male and Female toilets unless they have been vandalised and the doors broken. Even in schools there are doors though both of us recall that they were only half high in Primary (grade) school, to allow the teachers to observe and no doubt assist any child in difficulties. Doorless toilets would probably not be tolerated in the UK where attitudes are far more private towards defecation than the US.
Hope you all had good solid enjoyable dumps.

Saturday, December 27, 1997

The other morning on the way to work, I stopped to tank up the car. I decided to take a crap while the car was filling up. so I ran into the mens room, finding two stalls without doors, both in use. One guy finished right away, so I loosened my belt, unhooked my trousers, pulled down my trousers, and briefs, and jumped on the toilet bowl. Man, did I cut loose ! more than I ever dreamed was inside of me. So I just kept pooping and pooping. It felt great! I lit a cigarette to mask some of my odors, but it didn't help. Anyway, I had to scratch my balls, while I was pooping, and just as I was scratching them, the attendant came in to ask for my keys to move the car from the pump. Here I am, poop stuck in my cheeks, cigarette in one hand, toilet tissue in the other, my cell phone starts ringing!, I had to fumble thru my trouser pockets for the car keys. We were laughing hysterically, he told me to relax, but my ass was shaking from laughing so hard, found the keys, handed them to him, and ran out of toilet tissueSo he brought me in a fresh roll right away. I gave him a $5.00 tip for being so nice. Everyone at the office laughed about it all day too. Merry Christmas to everybody.

Hi, all. I'm pregnant, fairly far along, and nobody has mentioned anything on this subject I have seen so far, so I thought I would contribute some of my experiences.
Since the second month, I've had gas. It doesn't matter what I eat, everything gives me gas that is always accompanied by a very powerful odor. All day long, and even in my sleep, I am told, I fart constantly. I counted over two dozen in one hour, yesterday. I just left a couple of really hot and nasty farts while I was typing this, in fact. Try typing with your eyes watering! When I am really bad, Andrew sleeps on the couch.
The other thing is, my middle name seems to be becoming "pee". Every 20 minutes or so, I have to take a smallish but urgent pee. Our toilet is VERY low to the ground. Since I am getting too heavy to keep getting up and down that far all day, having read the posts here, (thanks, Char and Jillian!) I decided to try the "standup pee" for the first time.
I tried it in the shower at first, found that the extra weight on my middle and the extra stretching make my stream come out nice and straight, almost exactly between my legs, without holding anything or doing much except to keep my feet a little bit apart.
This is great, I just wear a dress by day and a night shirt by night, and go into the toilet, plant a foot on either side, and pee. In two weeks I have had enough practice to become an expert. Saves a lot of strain I don't need, too. Highly recommended.
When I first started this, Andrew was very surprised, I was nervous at first, too, but it quickly becomes easy and natural, and he sure likes finding the seat already up! And, I think he is listening to me pee and it excites him, but he hasn't said anything. (Yet!)
Later, all!

Soft Touch
Fiction; Too big to fit.

I work for a company that collects urine drug screen specimens for employers. By law, the toilet must not be flushed until the collector inspects the toilet after the donor is finished. Ocassionally, we will have a urine donor who also has a bowel movement while donating his or her urine. Of course the donor must inspect the toilet afterwards. This is embarrassing since the smell is usually overpowering and we must visually inspect the toilet bowl. Nine times out of 10 the person had corn the night before.

I'm glad to be back and have a lot of posts to catch up on. Merry Christmas! There seems to be a few new people here. I'm the guy that takes care of the school restrooms. I have had a week off for Christmas and must return Monday. I had a choice of jobs in this school district but I like taking care of the bathrooms best. I will have a lot of stories in the near future because I start cleaning the restrooms during the last hour of school. A lot of kids come in to go to the bathroom at that time and after school. Bye.

Friday, December 26, 1997

Ross, you are not alone. When I was working, I walked and usually had a BM before I left. Had to go in 1 hour earlier than usual (no time for BM) and started walking.(10 blocks). I got one block from the door had HAD TO GO NOW! I unlocked the door, turned off the alarms, turned on office lights and got 3 feet from the bathroom, when I shit in my pants. Luckily I had on brown slacks and I caught the shit before it came out my pant leg. I finished on the toilet, but had to dunk my shorts in the toilet to clean. I left a message on my voice mail and said I had beome ill and would not be returning to work that day. It was now 6 a.m. and still dark when I walked back home, so no one could see that I had an accident.

hi yall:)) well i was at the mall the other day with some friends im 18 redhead, long legs i like showing my legs off with short dresses i hardly ever wear panties, well Jennifer had to go poop real bad and i did also so we went to the mall bathrooms and they were broke:(, she told me she couldnt hold it too much longer that she had cramps and real bad gas,my ???? started to cramp also and i told her lets go sit down and hold it for awhile and see if it passes some.well we went to the benches and when i sat down i lifted my dress alittle so that if something did happen it wouldnt get on there,i farted 3 times and jen did also,we looked at eachother laughed and both said we cant hold it much longer,just then jen got a weird look in her face and said wendy i have to go NOW!!! she stood up pulled up her jean skirt to around her butt sat back down with her butt haning over the edge of the bench and farted and let out a huge poopie and some runny stuff and lots more she looked at me and cried i told her dont worry,i gave her some kleenex to wipe and then i did the same thing but mine was real runny,i stood up and went to jen and we hel eahc other for a min and walked away people just stared but we got outside and we kissed and told eachother we should go home and snuggle, we did and we have had other mishaps also will share with you all some other time,
xoxoox merry christmas alll:)))
luvs wendy

pooping girl
I was at the mall the other day when I felt the urge so I bought a lemonaid and headed for the ladies toilet. The place was very crowded but there were plenty of toilets and there was alot of pooping going on. I went into a stall and pulled my jeans and underpants down(purple for those interested) I sat my fanny on the seat leand forward and started to grunt which produced a loud fart the second push produced a mushy load of jobbies with gas splashing into the toilet. I sipped my drink and relaxed a minute as I knew there was more. the lady next to me had a bad case of the runs as she passed watery farts and water from her fanny. I pushed out some more poop and gas. I also tinkled twice while I pooped. As I wiped my fanny the lady next to me was doing the same. I got my underpants and pants up and left the stall to wash my hands . The lady came out of her stall and walked to the sink, said oh no and went right back into the toilet for another round of runny poop and gas. I left the toilet and went back to my shopping feeling much better

George & Moira
A Merry Xmas to all, and let us hear of any "Yule Logs" you may pass.
To UK Mike, yes our motions are usually quite large, not always so big as to stick in the pan but we usually do ones this big once or twice a week otherwise they come out as a couple of logs typically one about 9 inches long each or the second one might be a little shorter say 7 inches, both however very fat and with depth charge "Kur-sploosh!" sound effects. Our diet is not that unusual really, but we both eat a lot of white breead and I suppose there is a lot of stodge, certainly NOT the type of stuff that loosens the bowels. We will be having the typical Xmas Dinner but absolutely no Brussells Sprouts or cabbage, just potatoes.
We are both really puzzled about the Burger King / Big Mac
runs that some of the US readers seem to get and will watch out to avoid this. It seems "There's a difference at Mac Donalds you WONT enjoy!" and " Big Macs DONT make you have a WHOPPER!" We have both eaten such foods and havent had this unhappy side effect. All we can think is that people tend to gulp down "Fast Food" far too quickly, this triggers the Gastro Colic reflex, very fast and powerful peristalsis occurs and the bowel contents are rushed to the rectum before they have had time to have the fluids properly absorbed and solidify thus a watery stool is passed. Any observations would be of interest...
Have a good one all of you, happy landings folks!

Been having some long satisfying ones lately. I love to use wipes because it is so soothing and makes you feel so clean afterwards. After you have a good one your sphincter seems relaxed for awhile and you can wipe even up into it somewhat. The wipes are great for feeling totally clean no matter how messy it was. I highly recommend them. I am even thinking about a way to smuggle them to work for dumps there. I sit by the johns at work and women definitely talk more in there but alas...can't hear any sounds. Love the posts - keep'm coming.

Wednesday, December 24, 1997

New Guy
Speaking of cooped up bathrooms, the reason I bought my house was because the master bathroom was spacious and the toilet partion did not extend up to the ceiling in that "I feel like I'm pooping in a closet" manner. I like to have that 360 degree of vision when I'm pooping.

Anyone had to do a number 2 without getting to the toilet? I'm a built guy who has had to drop my load in places that aren't all that discrete. Because I workout at the gym I've got to have a high intake of carbs like corn, rice and pasta - sometimes l get caught out between destinations. Went to the shops a couple of days ago and half way home l got this uncontrollable urge to shit - went up a laneway and squatted with my back to the wall and shat close to the back gate of this house. And it was a massive shit too. Wiped my butt with some leaves and got some of my own shit on my hands. I was a bit worried someone would see me because a lot of the rear windows of houses face onto the alley. After the brief shit l walked down to alley back to the street - the guy whose back gate I shat next to came out of the front door and gave me a suspicious look. Reckon his going to get a hell of a surprise in the next couple of days.

(from before) To Alex: Yeah I've tried the new BK fries and they are the shit. I do remember my poop smelling twice as pungent as usual after taking my BK shit. This morning I woke up and had the urge to shit badly. I made a bee-line for the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. Diarhhea poured out of me almost silently and then right before it stopped, I farted a wet juicy fart. One time I remember one guy posted about how he and a bunch of his friends drank and smoked weed and he ended up throwing up and shitting at the same time. Well it happened to me recently. After a night of drinking in various bars here in NYC, me and a friend of mine went back to his place and got high. After about an hour, I began to feel very sick and minutes later I started throwing up. I'd never been so sick in my life. Midway through the ordeal, I realized that I really had to poop, badly. Feeling like the next wave of vomit was about to come soon, I quickly jumped up, ripped down my pants and boxer shorts, sat on the bowl and farted loudly as soft poop waterfalled out of my tush. I didn't get a chance to wipe myself before I switched positions and put my face where my ass had been seconds before. What a night. Bye! P.S.-I'm really digging this week's picture. Let's have some more pictures like the one this week. That little dog with glowing eyes is pretty scary though...

We were playing a war game this afternoon and one of the boys on the other side was pretending to be dead and was lying on the floor. He would not get up and was kidding us. I know a way to get him up my friend said and lowered his shorts. He began to pee over the other boys shorts and when he realised what was happening he jumped up. edward stopped peeing and quickly put his pee pee away. He jumped back and pulled up his shorts. The other kid was really mad and had these pee stains on his shorts. He chased and cought my friend and we tried to stop a fight. Just as we thought we had solved the problem and they were turning away this boy got his pee pee out and peed on my friend. He said he had got his own back now and that was the end of it. We played for the rest of the afternoon and by the time we had to go in for tea both boys shorts were dry so no ones parents ever got to find out so it was okay.

We had a Christmas party at my house and one boy really had to poo real bad he was desperate when he got to the toilet and had his hand down the back of his shorts, but there was somebody in there and they were not in a hury to come out. After a few minutes of wriggling up and down he went into the kitchen dropped his shorts and undies and bent squatted on the floor as he did this his plops started to come out and he left three little logs in a neat pile which dad cleaned up for him after. At the same party my brother Simon really had to pee and was doing it in his pants. he could not get into the toilet either because of a girl in there so he went into the kitchen and did his pee into the washing machine!

To Andre
The data I gave you about the quantity of shit expelled per BM came from a survey conducted in England by a pharmaceutical company. The company's employees were encourage to take part. They gave you a polythene bag which you fitted into the toilet over the seat. You then sat down as usual and voided you bowel contents into the bag, which you then took to work and handed in. (It was an investigation into so-called probiotics, but that isn't relevant). The figures for fecal mass of 150 grams per day were based on these data. But I am sure that your right, in countries where the diet is different, the fecal mass will be bigger or smaller. But the fun thing is that on average we excrete 1 kilo of shit per week or 1 ton in 1000 weeks, which is 20 years

When I was in elementary school we had time in the library. The other children read library books and I read a large print book on health. (I am hard of seeing; I use a magnifier when I read a substantial amount.)
While in the library the kids would ask me to read them question #8. I would read it; laughing while I read trying not to be noticed by the teacher.
The question #8 in one of the sections went about like this:
Johny was listening to the radio and the announcer said. "You know you have to have a bowel movement once a day. If you have difficulty take Parker's Pills." Then they went on to ask why we need to have a bowel movement once a day.
We could imagine the local announcer, Gary Bee, using his resonate voice giving this announcement over the air waves of WCEN.

Scent--I have always been fascinated by the scent of a washroom after a woman has been inside. Often it is perfumey, but equally often, it has that universal, musky scent that leaves no secrets. I noticed that the poll doesn't really ask about scent to any great extent--could the women who post describe theirs?

Hello to George and Moira Thanks for your explanations of your diet, and your bowel habits. Do you really do such enormous loads every day? I am resigned to my fate as being rather inadequate in this respect, but I am totally fascinated by your descriptions. Do you have a favourite time of day for your movements - and do you have a favourite place, at home, somewhere public perhaps? Do certain days produce noticeably larger loads? Christmas perhaps? Do you have plans for that? Any more stories and descriptions would be most welcome!
Wishing you both well.

Tuesday, December 23, 1997

When I was growing up we lived in a household that only had one bathroom, thus had to be shared by all members of the family (6)...I can remember many times when being in the bathtub, when I was younger, and my older brother would come in and have to take a dump...I almost never heard him drop any logs, just small drops that seemed like an eternity for him to pass with small plops for each...A few years later, we moved into another house, in which the toilets (2 bathrooms), both, had very small traps...I often think that my parents did that on purpose, because, if we plugged the toilet, we got spanked for it, as we were told that "proper people do not pass large BM's, but rather break it up into small pieces that will go down the drain much easier..." I absolutely hated summer vacation from school for that reason...At least the schools had those jet toilets that would take almost anything flushable and not overflow...Thus I had to wait for the 2 days a week that I could take my dumps at church--there would be times when the logs I dumped could be up to 18 inches long, but it was such a relief to empty myself out...

Been reading the posts awhile, enjoying them alot. Two weekends ago, the high school in town had a holiday craft festival, handmade arts, home made foods and treats, etc, My wife and I had spent most of the day there. And around 3pm we met up with a neighbor couple friends of ours. We decided to all go out to dinner together, so the wives decided to freshen up in the "girls room'. Phil asked if I had to go to the "little boys room" well I figured I better go if we were going out to dinner, I better poop then and there. So we go into the "boys toilet" really, thats how the door is marked ! And to my amazement, the toilets had no dividers between them! Phil started laughing and said it was VietNam all over again!, there were 3 bowls, end one occupied, so Phil and I sat side-by-side. Phil squatted foward so as not to sit his whole ass on the seat, which had some sort of brown streak in the back. I watched in amazement as the longest turd I ever saw slid out of his ass, hitting the water. Mine were more like chunks, 3 or 4 . Then the other gent got up and handed me the one roll of toilet tissue which Phil and I handed back and forth till we were both clean. Before we were all finished, 2 more gents came in to crap, so we handed them the roll of toilet tissue, and Phil said "knock yourselves out" ha ha. We had a great steak dinner afterwards, I am glad I went, or I would not have enjoyed my dinner as much.

has anyone have had an accident while out jogging? I have! I was running my usual 5 miles circuit when I started feeling something bubbling up inside my guts! I knew there was an old barn up ahead, so I headed as fast as I could towards where I thought I would be able to relieve myself in private. I thought wrong! before I got anywhere near I knew I was not going to make it! I got to the side of the barn and pulled my jogging pants down, but I could feel my running shorts that I was wearing underneath were filling up with poop. I eased them down my thigh just as another wave of diarrhoea exploded against the wooden wall. I looked down in horror as I saw the load I done in my shorts- there was a BIG messy pile - and my butt was splattered too! I managed to clean myself up and discarded my soiled shorts but only just got home before I needed to go again. I most have eaten something that did not agree with me

Hi guys. Mike (the "other one from before"), I know exactly what a "Burger King" shit is; I often have them! The semester ended on Thursday, and Steph's mother picked me up at school (Steph and I attend colleges about 40 mi apart). We all stopped at BK about half way home (It's about 2 hrs from my school to my hometown). Steph's a vegetarian, so she went to the salad bar; I had a couple of cheeseburgers ("hold the pickles, hold the lettuce"), an order of fries (Mike, have you tried their new fries? IMHO, much better than before), and a Diet Coke. I can't recall what Steph's mom had, and it's really not important for this forum.
After we left that BK, I had the urge to shit about two towns shy of my house (about 45-50 minutes into the ride). After I got home and unpacked, I went into the bathroom and let out a couple of waves of diahrrea. Boy, did the bathroom stink after that! (Mike, did your shit smell much stronger than usual after eating at BK?). I wiped five times (the soiled paper was a "watery" brown) and then flushed. I did feel much better after that. Mike, luv ya too! :) Alex

To Brett:
No, I would not raise the issue with your fiancee's brother, nor would I raise the issue with your fiancee either for that matter, because going to the bathroom is, except for our friends contributing regularly to this cheerished site, a very private moment. Telling anybody about this could be interpreted as spying and this could cast a chill in your relationships.
This being said, I once had a girlfriend who leaved the door open when having a BM and I was puzzled to observe that she did not wipe herself. Even more surprising, her panties never showed any skids....(my underwear would if I did the same). I suppose that your future brother-in-law, as well as my ex-girlfriend, must have what is commonly referred to as "clean shits".

john poop
i have been wondering about if people like to leave the door open when they poop when they're at home. when i'm at home i like to leave the door open as long as there's nobody on the same floor as me. i just think it's nice to just walk in and not worry about closing the door. it also makes me feel a little too cooped up when the door is closed. by the way, this is my first post here. i love this site and hope to write more soon.

Hello folks, love this site.
I do especially enjoy the stories about the ladies urinating in a standing position espically the ones who use the men's toilets.
This is something that has always interested me although judging by my own experiences there can't be that many women who urinate in this fashion as I in my 25 years of life have never seen a woman go in this fashion or even suggest it.
Food for thought I suppose.
Talk later, bye for now.

Sunday, December 21, 1997

Moira (George's Girlfriend)
Hi, Im George's Girlfriend, Moira. In answer to a couple of points raised by other "Big Jobbers and Super Poopers" both George and I employ a method of helping pass a large stool which some correspondents have mentioned. We sit down properly on the toilet pan but raise our feet on tip toes then push with our right hand formed in a fist gently but firmly into the ???? just below the navel. This raises the intra-abdominal pressure and helps expel the large fat logs.
The second point is that , yes, just before my period, my stools become harder and lumpier and instead of passing the usual long, fat, well formed but easy sausages the same amount is passed but as several balls and lumps from the size of a billiard (pool) ball to a goose's egg with very interesting and loud "KER-PLONK!" sound effects much to my and George's amusement. He usually accompanies me to the toilet if we are both at home and I do likewise with him.
I have also met his Aunt Helen (Nellie) who brought him up and she is still, at 70 active and still asks him, and me when we visit if we have "had a good motion?"
To answer Mike (UK) we dont eat any special diet but do avoid any foods with a laxative effect such as prunes, cabbage, bran etc,, we certainly NEVER take laxatives and are meat eaters NOT vegetarians! Both of us are quite big, about 15 stone (210 pounds) and 5 foot 7 inches tall.
Good luck to all who read this website.

Well, I am going to miss this board for a couple of weeks. I won't have any internet access except for a unix shell to read my e-mail. I don't know what kind of crapping I am going to do while we are gone. I'll report when I get back.
Later y'all.........

About 3 or 4 years ago my family was returning grom a trip to Wisconsin. We went to the Chicago Museum of Art along the way. I was desparate for a pee when we got there. We went to the bathrom, then we saw a display of Monet. About half way thtough I found I had a choice to make, either make a puddle on the floor or head quickly for the bathroom again. So, I ran through the display, got directions for the bathrooms which were down 2 or 3 floors, peed then had to have some one lead me upstairs to the display. There I waited at the end for the family.
Interesting, I had not been desperate for a pee in about 3 years then get hit twice in one morning. The cause may have been partially that my Father was not feeling well, we thought he could have an ulcer; we think it was due to a bad meal the evening before, also I can get pretty tensed up, so I may not have emptied very well when I peed the first time. It seems relaxation helps in going #1 or #2.
I would like to leave with one closing comment. Of the petty things in life none is worse than needing desparatly to use the toilet in public.

I heard my 88-year-old grandmom go into and then leave the bathroom, and then about ten minutes later I had to go. When I got in there were poop skids in the toilet! Grandmom!? EEwww!
I bordered on bladder abuse tonight. I hadn't peed in a little while and then some of my friends and I went to the movies where I proceeded to drink a large soda. Near the end of the movie I started to have to go pretty badly, but I wasn't missing the end just to use the bathroom. When it was over I didn't want to wait in a bathroom line, so we just left. We drove around for about a little bit looking for someplace to eat and by this time the pressure was almost torture. I should mention that my friends are pretty funny guys and each time I so much as chuckled the pain doubled. We finally got to a diner and I headed straight for the bathroom and pissed for a good minute. My kidneys hurt for a little while after that. I can only remember one time in my life when I had a more urgent need to urinate, but that's another even less interesting story.
I also shit three times today and the third was a bit explosive. I have a question: has anybody (probably only guys because of the prostate) ever experienced a situation where your stomach is killing you while you're having an explosive bm, but it also feels really good (because it's rubbing against your prostate)? I just did. I can't make up my mind whether I liked it or not...
Lorie: thank you for your incredible story. It was truly awesome, although I can honestly say I've never actually smelled a dead gorilla. My female car-pool partner needed to pee while riding in the car to work, so we pulled over so she could pee on the ground next to the car. It's not that there is anything special about this except that she is a rather beautiful brunette whom I thoroughly enjoyed watching pee. Since we are close friends, it wasn't a big deal for her to do this in front of me. In fact, I saw the whole thing take place as she got out, unbuttoned and dropped her pants, squatted, let go, and wiped right there in front of me, bare butt and all. On the way to work we joked about the rather large wet spot she left in the dirt next to the road, and how leaving toilet paper behind on the ground after a pee was an 'acceptable' form of litter if you really had to go badly.

My fiancee's brother has an interesting habit when he has a bowel movement that I thought I'd share with you. He doesn't seem to wipe his arse after having a bm. On two occasions now, we have both had to have bowel movements in public toilets and have been in adjacent cubicles. The first time, I clearly heard quite a bit of plopping coming from him and then he just pulled his pants up and left. I thought maybe there was no toilet paper in there and he was a bit embarrassed to ask me for some. The second time, it sounded like he had a mild case of the runs. There was a bit of farting and quite a lot of loose plops. After he left again without wiping, I went into his cubicle and found plenty of toilet paper there. His actions really disgust me as I think it's very unhygienic. He is a tremendous guy and we get along famously but I can't work out why he does this. I am looking for some advice. Should I raise this topic with him, with my fiancee or should I just let it go?

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