when i was in 8th grade i was in a group that went into the wilderness for 8 days to camp. the first day i had to drop the kids off to i went on top of a hill dug my hole dropped my pants with my panties half way up my thigs and let the kids drop. i crapped for like 20 min letting out some huge farts. as i was ready to wipe i was looking for some leaves walking around pants around ankles and panties on thigs as i was bending over to grbb some nice leaves i tripped lost my balance and rolled down the steep hill. i hit the bottom and landed on the trail just as the other group shows up. i was so embarassed. the other leader told me to pull up my pants and head back up the hill. i went up there embarrssed but kind of happy because my man was in the other group and he got a nice peek.

i have had an upset ???? for the last 4days. everything seems to be setteling down now but i am really going to miss the pleasurable sensations of stomach cramping and that squishy feeling i get, not to mention the fast and furious episodes of diarrheoa.

pantyhose girl

have u ever pooped in yr pantyhose by accident or on purpose??

The weirdest place I have ever taken a dump.

Before I start the story I have to give you a little history. I have the neighbors from hell.They never mind their own busniess.For example , last week I went outside to mow the law at about noon. Well here comes this guys bitch of a wife yelling & screaming because I am making so much noise.Well the night before that had a party playing loud music and so on. The next morning I came outside to the newspaper andtheir were crushed beer cans everywere. So last night I went to their house when they wern't home. I pulled down my pants and took a nasty shit right on their front porch.

Punk Rock Girl
Mike of MD's Survey:
1. How many times have you ever left your panties or undershorts in the bathroom for your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend to find them dirty? GROSS!!! Never!
2. Have you ever left the toilet while pooping or pissing and forgot to flush it? If I ever did, it was either because the toilet wouldn't flush or because I really did forget--I would never do it intentionally.
3. What was the worst condition you ever found a bathroom in? I've posted about this before, but I once had to take a shit in the trash can in a restroom of a really nasty gas station. The toilet was overflowing with shit, paper, piss, and I think puke as well.
4. How many times have went to use the toilet and no tp to wipe with? It seems like a curse with me. Many times, usually when there's no TP available at all (e.g. in public). In such cases, I usually just let my cheeks slide a little easier.

Bethany-- Glad to hear your friend was cool about your shitting incident.

I had some of the worst diarrhea in a while yesterday. I ate this cereal in the morning, which I guess was higher in fiber than I thought. Anyway, by lunch time, I was desperate to shit. I ran into the unisex, into the first available stall, yanked my pants and underpants down and had a ten minute long farting and pissing-out-of-my-ass session. It was HORRIBLE!!! Luckily, the stench wasn't too bad, but everyone in the bathroom heard these monster farts and splashing sounds for ten minutes straight. Normally I don't get embarrassed, but even that was enough to make me a tad self-conscious. My ass was really sore afterwards, and I actually had trouble sitting comfortably when I returned to my desk. I had three more liquidy shits over the course of the day, but my morning dump today was nice and firm. I hate diarrhea!!!



Billy and kevin
last weekend, we went to our cabin after our soccer game. Neither of us pooped at all on Saturday. Sunday morning, before church, I said to kev, I think I am going ot miss the sermon again. He said, you mean, dookie time? I said yeah. About 5 minutes before the sermon, robbie, who is staying with us for a few days because he just had a little brother, said he needed to go to the bathroom. me and kev showed said we would take him. Mom said one of us should go, but I said we both had to do #2. Jeremy said he needed to go too. When we got into the bathroom, the toilet was clogged. The water was up to about 3 in. below the top. I saw the cleaning guy on the way in, so I said I would go get him. robbie said he couldn't wiat and sat down while I left. I saw the cleaning guy coming with a plunger. We went into the bathroom. robbie sat there for about 2 more minutes. Then he wiped. He dropped one log and a bunch of diarrhea stuff. The guy came in and cleaned out the toilet. We flush! ed one time and jermey sat down. he pooped out like 10 little logs, may be 4 in by 1/2 in. THen kev pooped. He dropped one big log about 6 in by 1 in and about 10 logs, about 8in by 1/2 in. Finally, it was my turn. I dropped a huge turd, about 12 in x 1 in about 12 floaters, 4 in by 1/2 in. THen we flushed. everything went right down.

After church,we went out for breakfast. Josh had to poop. I took him. While josh was pooping, robbie came in and pooped again. He had more diarrhe. Robbie could flush the toilet, so i flushed for him. It was pretty nasty. but is wsa more solid than he last poop.

After a while, we it wsa time to go home. We stopped at a wnedy's for a late lunch. After lunch, i could feel some poop was going to come out, but that I would be able to wait. We went to the bathroom, and we peed. About 1/2 on the way, robbie's sister said she had to go #3. I said, what's that. She said diarrhea. She is 5 years old. Dad said that there is a rest stop about 20 minutes up the road. She said she couldn't wait that long. Dad said we could stop along hte road and she could poop outside. She said that she couldn't do that. Then dad said she could poop in the bed pain. He said it is like a toilet that you sit on the seat with. She said I can't do that. I said I would show you. So I sat on the bed pan, and pooped. I made one long turd, about 6 in by 1 in then a bunch of logs that kind of mushed together. I also peed. I wiped and said, can you do that? She said, yeah. She pooped and peed and wiped. She pooped out one long poop log, abotu 12 in x 1/2 in that curl! ed up, and then had diarrhea. She had to poop one more time just before we got home. She pooped out more diarrea, but mroe solid. Dad asked if she is ok, and she said yeah. She had more diarrhea at that night about 8 after dinner. We were vrushing out teeth. Robbie was pooping again (little turds this time, about 1/2 in long). Then she came in and said she was next. I told her she could use the guest bathroom, but she said she would wait. When she sat down and had a little diarrhea and mostly mushy stuff. Josh had to poop out a few turds too. About 5 by 1 in. When we were finished, by big borther tom came in. he pooped out a huge turd, about 18 in that curled up. It took two flushes to get that one down the tubes.


Cool site. Nice people here. I'm no expert on bowel movements or urination, but there's one experience I had that's worth writing about. It actually didn't happen to me, but I was witness to it. A mean joke.

I was in summer camp, and there was this new girl who was really shy. She was very pretty and cute, but for some reason she was targeted by some other kids as the brunt of some teasing. She found friends in myself and some other kids, but after she nearly left in tears!

Anyway, it was the first night and the kids were all in the showers. Well, the girls she was sharing a cabin with told her that while the actual showers were seperated for boys and girls, the latrines were coed. There was one latrine in the front of the showers and one in the back. The one in the back was girls, the one in the front was boys, but they were marked very poorly.

Well, apparently she believed them, and was too desperate to poop to hold it. She went in the latrine and was, of course, horrified to see that there were no stalls seperating the toilets. I guess she didn't want the other kids to think she was a wimp, so she pulled her pants and underwear down just barely past her butt and sat on a toilet. As soon as the girls heard poop hitting the water, the signaled for a group of boys to enter. So four or five boys barged into the latrine, pretending like the girl sitting on the toilet was the most normal thing in the world. She must have been embarrassed as , but didn't show it.

It's around that time that I was walking to the latrine. I was about to enter when the girls outside told me they were playing a joke and to play along. They told me what was up and I felt terrible, but went in. I saw her sitting there, trying to cover what little bit of her thighs and butt was showing, and saw the guys peeing in the trough and into the toilets next to her. She had this nervous smile on her face, but I could tell she was mortified. I didn't think it was right to tell her right then, so I left the latrine and told the girls what a rotten trick I thought it was.

After a few minutes, she came out. She was walking a little funny, and I assumed she had forgone wiping her butt. I went up to her and took her around the back. I said, "Look, I didn't want to embarrass yo in there, but those girls lied to you. The girls' latrine is back here." Instead of being embarrassed, she was really angry, mostly at herself for being so stupid. She thanked me and went in the girls' latrine.

Those same girls tried repeatedly to humiliate her, but over the few weeks we were there she became more and more self assured and by then we'd beceome good friends. The girls lost interest after a while and left her alone.

Anyaay, that's it. I like the fact that she overcame her embarrassment and was brave enough to face the girls--and boys--who tricked her.

hey I have a response to all of the holding contest times. I don'tknow who it was, but they were saying that from their experinces that girls could hold it longer than guys. I find that to be quite the opposite with my experinces. It is allways the guys that are holding it for a long time and the girls that have to go sooner. Typically i feel like i have to go to the bathroom about every 1-2 hours. where as my brother can go all day without peeing. I have been able to hold it for 5 hours before, but after that time i was withing seconds of peeing my pants and having some serious pains in my bladder. when i finally get to go i am peeing for forever.

I'll try my survey one last time. Perhaps it has been overlooked because it has always been posted near the bottom of the page. I kindly request that it be posted closer to the top this time, and I thank you.
I've always been curious about the toilet paper habits of women. Is their toileting much like that of men? I will thank you fine ladies of this forum to answer these few questions.

When you have a bowel movement, do you
(1) wet or moisten your toilet paper before wiping?
(2) use a pre-moistened pad or cloth in addition to toilet
(3) use powder on your behind?
(4) wash your behind immediately?
(5) use nothing but dry toilet paper on your bottom?
(6) usually wipe only once?

Thanks in advance, ladies.

Hi! I haven't posted in a while, I have a story but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'm just curious if anyone has any childhood memories of accidents while at the hospital/doctor?



Believe it or not I just had another poop! My second one this week which is a bit unusual for me. I've been gassy ever since my last dump a couple of days ago and a few minutes ago I felt the urge to go. I went upstairs and since I was wearing only a shirt I just sat on my toilet. After a few seconds I could feel a soft piece of poop peeking out of my bottomhole,then it began to slide out making a little noise. I broke it in half and the last part of it immediatly began to slide out as well. Both pieces were soft and the entire dump was feeling soooo good. The last piece came out but I could feel more inside of me so I continued to sit there. A small piece dropped out and I was done. I was sure I'd have to wipe quite a few times but only had to wipe twice. I actually wiped my vagina first (I peed before I pooped and I am shaven for those who want to know) then my bottom. I looked in the toilet and saw 2 medium browm 4-5 inch logs and a tiny pebble on the bottom of the toilet! . Flushed and washed my hands. To answer a question someone asked me (I believe it was Jared) I do get gassy before my dumps. Oh and is anyone in the South? Like the TN area? Just wondering. Thanks. Breanna

Emily of NYC
Hi guys and girls, how are U doing today. I was in really high spirits when I received an "A" on a really hard history test. But those spirits suddenly flew away when I felt the urge to go take a dump towards the end of my science class. However, I was doing a lab experiment and I wouldn't get the readings if I left the room. SO I made an exception and decided to hold it for the remaining 10 minutes. I was desperate to go when the bell finally rang. So I went to the girls' bathroom. BUt to my horror, both of the stalls were taken. Actually, only one was, but the girl in it was just peeing. But there were these two obnoxious highschoolers in front of the free stall, so when I said "Excuse me" they were bratty to me and wouldn't let me in. But when I threatened to tell on them, they let me go in. (I don't like to tell on people and be a snitch, unlike Marcy who used to post here) So I pull down my pants and sit down on the toilet bowl, before releasing a rush of ver! y liquidy and smelly diarrhea. THe highschool girls who were still talking with each other said, "That girl is really stinking up the place. We shouldn't have let her in. DO you know what her name is? I don't." I sure hoped to GOd they didn't know who I was, but the other highschooler knew and said,"I think her name's Emily." Ignoring them, while letting go of diarrhea, I was pushing out some long solid logs, about 2 that were 13 inches long. Finally I had to go, cause I was gonna be late for my next class, but I knew there was still some poop left in me. So I wiped myself and flushed the toilet." The other girls couldn't help laughing at me. I think they were jealous cause I'm so much more attractive to the boys than them-they were really ugly.

Love ya always-Em

Punk Rock Girl
Marissa: I shit in the woods, if I have to go, whenever I go camping or hiking with my boyfriend. When I was growing up, our house was right next to the woods where I would often play and walk around, and sometimes I'd shit in the woods rather than walk back to my house to go. Of course, I'd have to wait to wipe my ass as well, but I hadn't discovered thongs yet, so that wasn't usually a big deal.

Person: You forgot to mention that after the girl shits on the ground, she slips while getting up and winds up sitting her bare ass in her own shit. She shits twice more in the book, then later remarks to herself something about having such horrible diarrhea and no toilet paper, implying that she hasn't wiped her ass for days. Yuck!

MY BOWELS ARE OFFICIALLY BACK TO NORMAL! I had a nice, firm, thick and long dump about a half hour ago. I was in the unisex, sitting on my fave crapper, not expecting much more than a couple of chunks to drop from between my cheeks. Instead, this terrific load slowly pushed its way out, didn't break, and quietly fell into the water. I needed only one wipe and stood to do it, not being able to resist glancing in the bowl--a sixteen incher! My ass feels all warm and cozy now. I look forward to my boyfriend squeezing it tonight! ;)



Gruntly Bogwell have been a most gracious and willing informant of your movements and those of your extended family, your descriptions are classic, your writing superb...I was just going some over our earlier posts...when we were the darlings of the toilet forum...but the time comes to move on (no pun intended). I respect your decision, cyber-love always and best wishes where ever you go and what ever you doo doo (sorry I couldn't resist...). Smiles, everyone Smiles...Via con Dios, Carmalita. Yours truly and forever. Gruntly

John Q Public

It sounds to me like you might have a blockage. It might not be a bad idea to see a doctor about that. My neighbors niece had that problem. It made her as sick as a dog and she ended up spending the Christmas holiday in the hospital.

Mr. Nobody:
Whew! It’s a relief (pun intended) to know someone else has had a similar dream. I mean, I would wake up after one of these things and, after claming down, think “what the hey?! Am I slipping into some kind of scatological insanity here?” Interesting detail you noted about the toilets being stacked in tiers, and also the darkened stalls in your version. In my dreams, like I recanted, there are both neat, regular rows of toilets, urinals, stalls etc., AND sort of odd clusterings of same in other places. Strange ... yes, and the stalls are always very darkened and foreboding inside, almost like a presence lurks there. I want to find a stall to go into, but they are way too scary, so I just keep moving. It’s funny you mentioned showering too. I forgot to note this in my account, but showers are another factor in these nightmares. There are always these shower heads sticking out from the walls and sort of weakly drizzling cold water onto the tiled floor.

I stared reading a book a short while ago about myths and legends concerning the idea of a “hollow earth”. The author noted a psychological parallel in the unconscious mind between the interior of the world or underground caverns and the mysterious depths of our own bowels. It was interesting stuff.

I thought your other dream about peeing in your neighbors shoes was really amusing. I might have to actually try that sometime!

You said: “I'm not really trained in psychology or anything, but I have studied dream interpretation. Dreaming about urination, defecation or pretty much any release of bodily fluid usually means you are ridding your body of something negative, like a bad feeling or way you look at life. Hope this helps!”

Thanks for your help! Actually, though, in these dreams I don’t get to actually relieve myself. This makes me think that I have feelings, possibly, about “unfinished business” regarding my H.S. days. Problem is, I graduated and went to college so I have no idea what that might be!

You asked “when you wake up, do you have to poop?” No, oddly enough, I don’t actually have to physically poop. It’s just that the dreams are vivid and make me think that I have to poop. So, it’s not like a pee dream where you really DO have to pee on waking.

I wish I could meet some cute chick over a log sesh. That really sounds fun! I just don’t know of any same-sex bathrooms ‘round here (other issues, like situational awkwardness, aside).

And, in my mind’s eye, I can really very easily see Pink making an absolutely gigantic umber snake. I see her looking up with a sort of self-satisfied and defiant look as the thing unfurls beneath her. It’s weirdly alluring! Bjork would look hot too. I’m guessing, however, that this won’t appear as a spread in Spin anytime soon. The mainstream is soooo dull.

This part might be a little self indulgent. I’m new to this forum, and want to explain why I’ve chosen “TurdBoy” as a screen name. It’s inspired by a particularly funny episode of South Park in which Cartman is continually derided and called “turd boy” by an abusive babysitter.

northern dandy
all this talk about a top 5, let me wax philisophically on this and think. Hmmmmm, how bout: (for on the toilet peeing/pooping)
1 oprah
2 salma hayeck
3 phoebe from friends
4 the girl dharma from dharma and greg
5 michelle branch (american dreams nbc 4)

squatting 1. the red head girl on grounded for life
2. pink, no doubt
3. jessica alba
4. jillian barberie
5. the genie in i love genie

*sorry for not knowing the names of some of the listed, but i hope you all watch enough television to know of whom i speak of. props to PRG and bryian and scarlet and all erotic story tellers. thumbs updown on the selection? changes?

To Scarlet:

Been reading backwards through the pages and found your survey.

1. If you are peeing in a public restoom, do you prefer using the toilet or urinal and why?

Urinal, quicker, saves water.

2. How often (if ever) do you have a peeing acident/wet yuorself on purpose?


3. How often (if ever) do you have pooping accidents/poop pants on purpose?


4. Do you use the opening in your underwear while peeing or just lower the waisteband?


5. Do you undo your belt and button on pants while peeing, or just unzip?


6. Where have you peed other than in a bathroom?

This might take a while. Really, almost anywhere you can think of. It's a lot easier for a guy to be inconspicuous. If you have a specific question, I will answer it, but almost anywhere. I am in the woods a lot, that's one of the most frequent.

7. Are you pee shy/ don't care/ turned on by others hearing you pee?

Pee shy once in a while, turned on if it's a girl.

8. Have you ever let a girl hold your penis while you pee? If not, would you?

No, I haven't, but I guess I would if it was my wife. I can definitely tell I am in the minority here, but I don't really believe in premarital sex. However, after that, anything goes! So, yes, I would!

I guess it could also happen in the hospital or something like that too. When I worked in a hospital I had to hold a disabled man's in a urine bottle. Didn't enjoy that.

9. When you pee, do you just take out your penis, or do you bring out your testicles too?

Only Willy. Can't really imagine bringing the boys along!

10. Do you wet the bed?

Not to be gross, but not with urine. Abstinent guys have another problem, however! And it's really disgusting...I wish I knew a solution.

11. What do you think of girls interested in watching guys pee or poop?

I am likewise interested in them. It seems from reading here that this is sexually stimulating for some, emotionally for others. I guess I'm some of both. I don't really understand that, either.

Question for you: I shaved my "area" once to see what it would be like, and nearly died when the stubble was coming back. Do you find this to be a problem? How often do you shave?

The weirdest place I have ever taken a dump.

Before I start the story I have to give you a little history. I have the neighbors from hell.They never mind their own busniess.For example , last week I went outside to mow the law at about noon. Well here comes this guys b

To sarah: Liked your story...hope your feeling better. you might wanna try a suppository or ennema.

To dylan: Liked your you still poop in that thing?

To heather: Loved your story..thats cool your B/F liked it. Thought youd be really emabaressed.

To Jimm: Loved your story..sounds like you had a nice big was it?

To Person: Never heard of any of those...sounds cool.

To Gary: I shit my self last year...i was 20....liked your story..when i shit my self i was at work and didn't go back for several days afterwards.

To the "HOLD IT" man: Liked your story...wonder if the girl pooped too?

To Bethany: Liked your story.

To Jared: Liked your story.

To Potty Pooper: Loved your story.

To Brenda: Loved your story.

To Punk Rock Girl: Loved your story..did you see your friends turds?

To Scarlet: Liked your story.

To ~make-each-day-a-sensual-journey~: Liked your story.

To wetguy: Liked your story.

To Fart Lover: Thanks...sounds like a cool video.

To Mike of MD: 1. Never. 2 Yes 3. Dirty 4. Never

To irishguy: Liked your story

To Musk: Liked your story.

Last night i was online and i had to poop so i went to the bathroom. It really hurt coming out. Pushed out several logs and then i wiped alot. Need to run, time for work. bye

I was thinking yesterday about letting out a good piece of crap. Then wiping myself. Sometimes after I wipe myself feels good when sitting back in my chair. Has anyone had that feeling?

P.S. I need to fine some George W. Bush toilet paper. I need to wipe his face in my butt.

of a wife yelling & screaming because I am making so much noise.Well the night before that had a party playing loud music and so on. The next morning I came outside to the newspaper andtheir were crushed beer cans everywere. So last night I went to their house when they wern't home. I pulled down my pants and took a nasty shit right on their front porch.

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