Hello one and all. I haven't posted in like FOREVER. But I'm back. I wanted to share an experience I had last week. My friend Karen and I attented a fat acceptance convention last week and during a break she whispered to me that she needed to use "the facilities." Well my ears perked up at this news so I immediately said I needed to as well (even though I didn't). I haven't weighed myself in a while but last I checked I was 270. Karen, who is fat and proud, boldly tells anyone that she is a whopping 350. Naturally, seeing this heavy but majestic woman on the toilet, straning mightily, would be an unforgettable experience. I didn't know if she needed a poo, however, but judging from her pained expression and her request that we try to find an out of the way bathroom "so we can have privacy", I hoped for the best. We waddled down the hallway, and up several flights of stairs, stopping every so often to catch our breath. I noticed that Karen was clutching one her enormous assch! eeks as we walked. Finally we located a restroom at the end of a deserted hallway. Upon entering we were surprised to notice that there were no stalls, it was just a toilet in a large room.

"Do you need to go bad?" asked Karen. I told her I could wait.
"Thank God!" she sighed and waddled over to the toilet.
"I'll wait outside," I said, turning the doorknob.
"Don't be silly! There's nowhere to sit out there, you can sit in this chair," and she pointed to the seat on the opposite side of the room. I crossed and sat down, grimacing with the effort of trying to fit my huge butt onto the chair. Then I watched as Karen prepared for her toilet activity, lowering her transparent old lady hose with little grunts, lifting her huge flowered moomoo and seating her self slowly and regally. "UGH!"

As I had a head on view of the toilet, I took in the sight. Her white thighs, buttocks, and belly jiggled as she adjusted herself. She caught me watching her. "Take a picture, it'll last longer!" We laughed. I don;t think I had evermet someone so uninhibited by their body or by its functions as I would soon discover.
"I've been constipated all day," she said. "During this whole convention I've been miserable. I just have to get some relief and I think I'll be able to go now. But I think I may have to..." her voice trailed off as her stomach tightened "make....ssssooommmee...noooiiisssee..." The strain in her voice was intense as she started to bear down. I was silent, not wanting to say anything to ruin the moment. "Uggghhh....uggghhhh...ugh!" Her grunts were ugly and unladylike. Her hands gripped her belly rolls and she bore down some more. "UGGGHH! MMMMM! MMMMM! MMMM!" This continued for several minutes until she sat back, panting.
"Having some trouble?" I asked.
"I just...(pant pant) can't get started...ugh!"
She leaned forward on the toilet, undualting back and forth, her elephantine body straining with the effort of her constipation. I think in those moments she forgot I was there. Her fat face grew dull as she stared hard at the floor, her belly heaved, more tense minutes of intense grunting concentration ensued, to no avail.
"I wonder if I could ask you a favor," she pleaded. "Could you rub my buttcheeks for me? Just massage them gently. It has worked for me before."
Unhesitatingly I crossed to the toilet and bent over her staining form. I squeezed the abundant flesh, feeling it jiggle in my hands as she again began to grunt heavily. "UGGGHHH!!!NNNNNNNGGGGGHHHH!!! OHHHHH!!!UUUHHHHH!" With each mighty grunt I pressed and forcefully squeezed her asscheeks and in this way we were successful in acheiving an evacuation. I don't thin I have ever in my life seen a bugger turd. It wouldn't flush so we just left it there. Karen's ass was in a great deal of pain afterwards, and I was sorry of rher, but for me it was worth it!

Uncle Allen
HI folks. I am sorrr I cut off my last post. I will finish my story now. Last night, I went out to dinner with some friends. I ate a steal that was seasoned absolutely wondefully. I enjoyed that meal a lot. The meat was cooked medium rare. Well, anyway we decided to go to a bar for an after dinner drink. On the way to the bar I was already starting to feel my stomach act up pretty badly. By the time we had our drinks, I really had to poop. I went to the bar's bathroom. I went into the stall which was shockingly clean and stocked with a descent roll of toilet paper. However, the stall door did not close- it did not line up with the frame. I tried to pull it shut and just leave it mostly closed (there was no lock by the way), but it soon started to swing open and would only stay half way closed leaving me exposed. I decided there was no way I could go in the stall. So I had to wait until I got home which turned out to be an hour later- between finishing drinks a! nd driving home. I only drank water as I was the driver that night, but that only seemed to speed up the bowels. Well I miracuously made it home and ran up the stairs to my bathroom, pulling clothes off at the same time. I quickly turned around, pulled my pants down started to lower myself on to the toilet and lost complete control. I started to spray diarrhea before I was even sitting on the toilet. I have had many close call before and one accident, but I never remeber having this happen. I just could not wait the extra 3 seconds to sit on the toilet before losing all control. Anyone ever have this happen to them. Next tiem I think I should ask a friend to come to the bathroom with me and hold the door shut so I can go before it gets too bad. Thanks for reading and plase respond if you have any input. Good day to all.

Hi everybody. If you remember me, I'm the lady who posted a story about pooing in a pizza box in my friend's van. I noticed that everybody here spells "poo" without a "h" on the end. I've always thought it had an "h" on the end, but I'll try and spell it right without the "h". I guess that's only Winnie the Pooh.

Anyway, I don't really have any more exciting poo stories to tell, but I just got a new laptop computer that I'm playing around with, and I just got the feeling like I have to go, so I'm going to take my new computer into the bathroom with me and try and describe the poo i'm taking. Hope you enjoy it!

I just walked down the hallway and through my bedroom and into the bathroom. I live alone so I leave the door open when I go. I undid my belt and unzipped and pulled my jeans and panties down below my knees, and put my computer on my lap and started typing this.

I'm peeing now. It's been about 2 days since I last poohed. I'm pushing a little bit. I can feel the poo inside my anus, but it's a little slow to get started. Ok, now I'm still pushing and I can feel the poo starting to come out of my anus. I just heard a little crackling. It feels pretty long. Aaaah, that felt good! It just made a PLOOP sound as it fell into the toilet. I still have to go and I'm pushing some more. This one's coming out quickly. Yes! It just made a quieter plop sound. The smell is starting to fill up the bathroom. It's pretty smelly. I think there's a little more. I'm pushing again. A short little poo just came out and made a plink sound. Ok, another small poo just came out. I'm pushing more, but I think I'm done. Now I'm peeing a little more. Yeah, I feel emptied out now.

I just wiped my ass and am back sitting on the toilet. The first poo was about 9 inches long and looked like a bunch of round pieces of poo squeezed together. The second poo was about 7 inches long and thin, and a little soft. The last two small plops were about 2 inches long, and one inch long. They were soft too, and my ass was pretty messy. I wiped 5 times with toilet paper and it was still dirty, so I got up and walked over to the sink and wet a washcloth and wiped with it until my ass was clean.

Hope everybody enjoyed my poo. I don't know why I find this exciting, but I do and I'm glad I'm not the only one who does. Talk to you all soon. I hope I have some exciting poo experiences sometime so I can tell you about them.


Can anyone tell me on what page Fat Woman's last post was on?

Carmalita: I cannot believe that your delicious spanish ways are parting ways with the forum. Personally I would prefer to see you at sporadic times than go all together, but you've every right to do what you feel. I have stood idly by reading the likes of your stories until i could muster the nerve to get going myself. Can the forum survive without you? Maybe, but it will do so with a heavy heart. A bientot mon petit chou (it's french i know but i am not versed in spanish)

Uncle Allen
HI folks. I am sorrr I cut off my last post. I will finish my story now. Last night, I went out to dinner with some friends. I ate a steal that was seasoned absolutely wondefully. I enjoyed that meal a lot. The meat was cooked medium rare. Well, anyway we decided to go to a bar for an after dinner drink. On the way to the bar I was already starting to feel my stomach act up pretty badly. By the time we had our drinks, I really had to poop. I went to the bar's bathroom. I went into the stall which was shockingly clean and stocked with a descent roll of toilet paper. However, the stall door did not close- it did not line up with the frame. I tried to pull it shut and just leave it mostly closed (there was no lock by the way), but it soon started to swing open and would only stay half way closed leaving me exposed. I decided there was no way I could go in the stall. So I had to wait until I got home which turned out to be an hour later- between finishing drinks a! nd driving home. I only drank water as I was the driver that night, but that only seemed to speed up the bowels. Well I miracuously made it home and ran up the stairs to my bathroom, pulling clothes off at the same time. I quickly turned around, pulled my pants down started to lower myself on to the toilet and lost complete control. I started to spray diarrhea before I was even sitting on the toilet. I have had many close call before and one accident, but I never remeber having this happen. I just could not wait the extra 3 seconds to sit on the toilet before losing all control. Anyone ever have this happen to them. Next tiem I think I should ask a friend to come to the bathroom with me and hold the door shut so I can go before it gets too bad. Thanks for reading and plase respond if you have any input. Good day to all.

the "HOLD IT" man

Thanks for restoring a little of my faith in the male gender. I was the one who originaly began that discussion, and I am basing it on my own personal experience. I can hold pretty good, but my personal best so far is slightly over 8 hours, while many of the women I have competed against typicaly hold for 12 or more hours, and take longer and harder pisses.


You make a good point. Women often have alot more they have to deal with in regards to going to the bathroom where as men can just open his fly and let go anywhere. The issue of occupations is a good point, too. My cousen, Katie works in such a field, and she has a bladder the size of a football. Just yesterday I was visiting my brother in the hospital and she was there. The doctor kicked us out so he could confir with my brother, so we went to a waiting area. Katie announced that she had to pee for the past 5 hours. The room was empty except for one elderly couple. Katie very calmly walked into the unisex bathroom, and closed the door. I heard a little noises as she prepared herself. I sat in the chair nearest the rest room and got my wrist watch poised. As soon as I heard that emense hiss begin, I started timing her. For a total of 1 min and 47 seconds, Katie's SSSSSSS could even be heard over the television that was playing at the time. It was truely som! ething to hear. She flushed and came out, but I couldn't resist going in there to see if there was any residue left, and I had to pee, too. There was still a little spot of foam left in the toilet. My piss was nothing compared to Katies, but I did not have to go realy bad, and was not trying to hold. I was more concerned about my brother.

Anyway, the point is that Katie realy did not have go much worse then I did. She was not fidgeting or running to the bathroom, and only went because the docrot kicked us out to do his job. Niether one of us were desperate, and both of us just wanted to go while we had the chance because we did not want to interupt our visit with my brother with a visit to the bathroom, so we both very 'matter-of-factly' went in and relieve ourselvs. The only differenc was that mine was a normal amount, and Katies was a raging flood.

Krista -

I was in the hospital with a broken leg once, which had to stay elevated. Because of the way the pillows were piled right up to my behind, I didn't realize it until it was too late, but the urine bottle was sloping back toward me, and when I used it, it ran all right back on me and the nurse had to change my sheets.

A night or two later I forgot to be careful of this and the same thing happened again! I was so mad!

Luckily, I never did have to use the bedpan, which I would not have enjoyed. I wasn't even sure I could do it in the position I was in, and didn't want the nurses to see my results anyway (we're shy about these things when we're young, aren't we?). By the time they were threatening me with an enema if I didn't go, they had taught me to use crutches, and I was able to go to the real toilet (not easy with one leg that won't bend).

I want to start with by making a quick point. I remember once several years ago this much older dude offered some advice to me about pretty girls. “Son,” he began, if you ever see a girl who’s smokin’ good looks intimidate you, just stop and imagine her on the crapper droppin’ a big bowl bomb and that’ll knock her back into proper perspective. Now, I never really did get into using that visualization technique. But, I gotta say, this site does show some rather pretty girls in the masthead taking care of just that sort of business, and they really don’t look any the worse for it! So I guess that idea wouldn’t have worked for me anyhow. ((shrugs))

You wrote “After a few seconds I could feel a soft piece of poop peeking out of my bottomhole”

I laughed from this because it reminded me of a term that a friend of mine has for that very stage in a BM when the turd end is just starting to stick out. He called it “crowning.” When he first said it to me, however, I didn’t quite understand it. Then I got it! The turd end is like a (rather pointy) little head sticking out through a crown, which in this case is a butthole. Neat!

I liked how you came out from your encounter holding your head high.

Punk Rock Girl:
You wrote “this terrific load slowly pushed its way out, didn't break, and quietly fell into the water. I needed only one wipe and stood to do it”

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING like a pristine exit. It’s a true, rare delight. There’s also something intriguing about a splashless entry too. I call that a LougANUS.

You Wrote “I pulled down my pants and took a nasty shit right on their front porch.”

That reminds me of a very similar situation that I was privy to (how’s That for a pun?) This story has a literally explosive ending too! I’ll recant the tale next time, if you’re interested ...

All I missed:
Some good stories in there!

blue eyes
i read this site alot but this is the first time i decided to post. a little about myself... i am a 22 year old girl from the united states. this site is awesome because i thought i was the only one who thought about this stuff, it makes me feel alot less wierd.
PUNK ROCK GIRL: awesome taste in music! your stories rock, too
BRENDA: loved your story please post the others.
LOUISE: wow. your bladder amazes me... ever have an accident?
i had an accident recently (a first since age 5) and hearing about other people havving accidents makes me see it happens to everyone. i am feeling terrible about mine. knowing other people have ruined their pants at my age helps a little.
i wet my pants at the atm... i was waiting for my money...a little drunk... and i had to go bad. i was thinking about what to do and thought i could make it till i got back to the such luck... i lost it when i was waiting for the machine to give back my card. i managed to get control but by that time my panties were soaked, the crotch and butt of my pants were soaked and a small stream was running down my legs. i stood there shocked, i usually have great control, even while drinking. since the situation was in check for the moment i rushed behind the bank, pulled down my pants and peed a long stream onto the concrete. i went back to the atm got in my car and cried, i was so embarassed. i thought about going home but my then boyfriend was working at the bar, waiting for me to come back with the money i was lending him. i ended up telling him i spilled my bottle of water on my lap. do you think he bought it?

the "HOLD IT" man
Steve & Louise:

I finaly got around to reading all the posts, and I read your with great interest as I was very interest. Again, I am amazed with the results, but not at all suprised. My best piss doesn't even come close to what she can do.

I will be in another hold contest this Halloween, and I am hoping to make 12 hours and/or 1000 mltrs. I can tell you right off the bat that I will be no match for Katie, and I probably won't do too wall from the ppl she brings with her, but I am hoping that I can at least place. I have been practicing a bit so I should be able to do that.

Has any other boys ever watched their dads poop? I like going into the bathroom with my dad when has to poop. He usually has to poop right after he gets home. I sit in front of the toilet and talk to him. His poops must be really big ones because he usually scrunches up his face and makes growling noises when he's pushing. I asked him why he did that and he said that sometimes daddies have to push really hard to get their poops out. He was pushing pretty hard then I heard the crackling sound that poop makes when it starts coming out and he started pushing and growling even more. He got tired and had to rest for awhile. I asked him if his poop had come out yet and he said that it was almost out. I asked him if I could see and he said he didn't know but I asked him again and he said ok. He sat up a little and I looked and saw a really big poop sticking out of his butt. It was really dark and bumpy. It looked huge to me. After that he sat back down and started pushi! ng some more. After some more of those growling noises I heard his poop make a big splash in the toilet. He made a few more little poops then started wiping. Do any other boys like being with their daddies when they poop and do all daddies make such big poops like my daddy does.

hello again everybody. hello us entire group. this summer i was travelling to a rather remote mountainy village in southern china, & was getting in a native family (by random choice) for a nite (no hotel there). at nite dinner the host & the hostess had told me, that for over 100s of years they & their ancestors had been using *their own toilie*, & they doubted i'd get used to *that toilie*. i asked what the hell was THAT, & the host told me that it was a "huge bowl" & that each family had one, right located outside the gate. at that moment i'd already sensed something kinda-eerrrrrr-uhmmhmhnmh-peculiar about it, so i tried to drink less fluid than i'd normally drink during travel at night. okay here came the next morning, & i had the old urge from my bowels. i'd been drinking almost zero during daytime all my travel, & not much last nite, so i was sure that would be a solid one. it was pushing against my anus with such a natural force that i could not simply ignore it. i watched my watch, it was 4:58 am. i got up silently, & dressed, & walked out of the "gate" of the family house. it was semi-dark outside, with stars shining up the sky. the sky color was a kind of clean deep blue, with much mountainy morning fogs. even in that dim sky light, i had little difficulty to find *their toilie* outside their gate. it seemed to be a huge vat made of pottery clay, dark brown in color, approximately 40 cm in height, & 60 cm in diameter. i tried to check the inside, but the sky light was not enough. it seemed that there were some waste at the bottom, & the odor of piss-&-pooh was rather strong. there was no wall, nor stall, around it, just plainly a vat under that stared sky! well, when u'r in rome, be a roman. anyway, the urge in my rectum was too urgent to allow me to search for some better "toilie", so i had to pull down my pants & sit at the edge of that vat, with my bare ass protruding up above that vat. i pushed & pushed, yet i have to admit that the sensations were too peculiar for a solid motion to be completed soon. i peed 1st, then i pushed & pushed, trying to get used to those peculiar feelings... okay, okay, the head of the 1st turd finally emerged. nice. uhmmmm, uhmmmm! i pushed more. uggggnnngggh! half of that fat knobby warm turd had got outta my anus. suddenly! the wooden doors of the gate of my host family opened with a sharp "zigniiniinini-guang-dang" sound, & out came my hostess, in her light shirt (no bra) & pants & slippers. she was walking toward me! horror! i immediately put my head down(outta habit? who knows!) but her footsteps were coming close. she was in her mid 20s & she just had had her baby girl 3 yrs ago (i'd got these info from last nite dinner's chat). she was midium-looking & not-so-sexy. anyway, she was a lady. she walked toward me, saying "hi morning, u so early", to which i responded with a shaking "h-hi u morning toooooo". she came & lowered her shorts(or panties?) & sit RIGHT BESIDES ME on the same edge of the vat! i admit i was turning red from my face through my toes. she casually chatted with me about the climate in that mountain, whether i'd get used to that, whether it'd be rainy that day, which destination i was heading for, & that she'd always had to take a dump 1st thing in the morning, & they had 20 cows, 42 horses... et cetra et cetra... i asked how about her motions during winter time, & she replied that even knives falling from the heaven could not change her this habit. she was sooooooooooo comfortable & sooooooooooooooo easy with that kind of situation. she looked sooooooooooooooo relaxed, & sooooooooooo open with practically no inhibits at all about sitting besides a male stranger at the same toilet-vat. i had the impression that she must have chatted with somebody on the vat many times already (maybe even daytime). she farted proudly & asked what the department stores in my town looked like, what did i fancy to eat, how much did i earn, & all those stuff. all the time i tried to shut my anus tightly up, while she casually farted more & peed & pushed with audible grunts. she told me matter-of-factly that she'd been eating something real hot & that those peppers had dried her rectum up & that had made her "anus really hurt", & that "peppers do hurt both ur mouths hehehe"(mouth & anus). little by little, little by little, as minutes passed by with such a "natural lady", i somewhat got used to that situation, so i pushed a bit, a bit more, & more, & more & more with moans, joining her (& me) with the most basic natural joy. she was moaning too, although to different causes. (i ate no peppers. i'd just been in-taken too less fruits & fluids.) we were working our solid wastes down our colons together, in that unforgetable blue mountainy morning, down into the same vat. finally my fat long knobby turd kersplooooooooooned inside that vat, which her turd soon followed with echoes like "kersplooon-loon-loon-loon-loon". we smiled to it. she said to me with "good for you". & i asked why? she told me that loud "kersplooming is one of the healthiest ways to respect our nature, right?" well i was more than ready to say yeah as i wiped. at this moment she also wiped. but soon she asked me, "hi gimme some tp okay? i've not gotten enough for this poop." alright, i did bring some extra tp with me (outta some travelling habits) & i gladly gave those to her. i was pulling up my pants while watching her wipe her white ass clean with those tp i gave to her. then she pulled up her shorts(or panties? it was still semi-dark & the sun had not yet appeared) & we walked inside the gate together, happily, lightly. upon getting into her bedroom (their main room), she smiled & told me "nice poop-chat with u", to which i replied "my pleasure too". believe me, travelling experiences could bring u much unexpected joy(s). bye for now. & love to hear some other unisex-toilet true experiences. more to share. love u all. joy is what life is all about. & life is sooooooooooooooo short, so why not----------------> ~make-each-day-a-sensual-journey~

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Toilet Friends!

I posted twice last week and neither of them appeared. I asked the Moderator on the courtesy phone but got no reply, then today I see there have been fewer posts to catch up with than I expected, so, assuming this one will appear, I'll try again.

BIGJOBBOY, (Great name!) Even without seeing your name, I know your posts by the use of that brilliant word SPLOSH! when a guy's turd drops! It's probably better than PLOP although there's a place in Scotland called PLOCKTON that would be a great onomatopaeic sound for a big one dropping!
Your reminiscences of the guy lodging with you are great, although I don't know why, if you were in the bathroom with him, he was embarrassed about the sploshes he was making. Some years ago I had someone lodging with me, and I longed to be in there with him as I heard him having his daily shit. He had regular habits, and so I often got the opportunity to hear him as he usually went before going to bed. That's when I first got to realise that toilet seats often clunk when someone sits on them!
Sorry your friend was so inhibited as to put TP down before dropping his turds. He obviously knew he was going to do a big one!

Someone asked recently about the significance of toilet dreams. I suppose that would depend on how important a subject it is to the person dreaming. If someone is fascinated in the subject, or has bowel problems, inevitably the subject might crop up in a dream. Otherwise, Jungian ananlysis might be interesting, although expensive.

CARMALITA, Sorry to hear you will be leaving our community, so hope you'll be able to visit now and again, and share your enthusiasm with us! Your description are very graphic! Glad you like reading mine!

OUTHOUSE SCOTT, You seem to have been in the same situation again as when you were at that parking garage and the girl stared at you on the toilet! I think it's great that at the moment someone sees you, you're dropping a loud plop! Perhaps the sounds more than the sight of a guy on the toilet is the main cause of embarrassment to the onlooker, (or sometimes the person on the toilet.)

UNCLE ALLEN, I suggest in the case of students in High School who suffer the potential humiliating bullying of others when using the toilets, that they form alliances with friends to shit together, and whatever taunts they might get if seen, make out they're completely disinterested in anyone watching them and trying to humiliate them. The bullies will soon get bored if they realise they have no effect.
In the case of serious bullying tactics, either parents, teachers or social workers MUST be told. No-one should have to made miserable like that.

THOMAS, re the guy staring at you in the toilets. I would like to look at a guy on the toilet while he's having a shit, but I would quickly gauge whether my attention was wanted or not, and if he obviously didn't want me to look, I'd apologise and leave.
I've sometimes been on the receiving end of someone watching me on the toilet, and if I don't mind that's fine, but I'd expect the guy to stop if I tell him to f--- off!

I've got more I'd like to say, but I'll leave that till next time.
Happy toileting, P. Plop Guy

ode to an upset ????

its early in the morning
i awake and as im yawning
my ???? gives a warning
my stomach's bad again

so to the loo i'm rushing
my ???? pains quite crushing
sit down my bowels are gushing
i need to go again

i dont know what i've eaten
but my constitutions beaten
and the the muck thati'm excreating
i need to go again

my stomach pain's severe
i've had more diarheoa
my insides feel all quere
i need to go again

my ???? begins to rumble
with my button fly i fumble
on to the seat i tumble
i need to go again

my stomach begins to cramp
my buttocks try to clamp
my underwear feels damp
too late i've gone agian

30 minits i've sat here
with explosive diarheoa
i thought my guts were clear
but i need to go again

i've really got the shits
my bum just shits and shits
my god this is the pitts
but i need to go again

my ???? feels all hot
as i excreat more slime and slop
i wish that i could stop
but i need to go again

my bottom keeps exploding
and my stomach keeps reloading
i have a great sense of forboading
that i need to go again

my ????'s really hurting
with another round of squirting
from my anus brown slime is blurting
but i need to go again

my intestines feel all squirty
its been like that since 6.30
my bathroom floor is dirty
but i need to go again

this really is no fun
as my guts begin to run
oh my excoriated bum
i dont want to go again

for two hours i've been clear
of this dreaded diarheoa
out of relief i let a cheer
i dont need to go again


Uncle Allen
Hi everyone. The girl in today's looks as bad as I felt and propably looked last night. I had a terrrible diarrhea attack. Will ltell the rest another time got togo.

Big job boy: Thanks for liking my posts .
yes it is at Uni that I have been crapping such huge amounts. I've made friends with a lad called Matt and he's also got into the habit of doing his poo after his breakfast. We've often entered adjacent stalls straight away when getting back to our floor in the hall of residence. He seems to produce even more than I do, certainly by the number of plops. I seem to be just producing two or three long turds, the second and third of which normally take a few minutes to come out of me (the first log generally just drops out quickly as soon as I sit down and relax cos I'm normally pretty desperate by then. Despite doing more plops Matt still seems to get finished in about the time although he seems to have to wipe a lot more (I generally only need a couple of squares doubled). I think we both stink equally plus difficult to tell as several other lads and lasses have already had their morning dump by the time we get in so all the bad smells have merged into one sort of heavy bl! anket of shit-scented air.
Yesterday I started without checking everything was in place and found the roll had run out when I went to wipe my bum (it's those big dispensers where it's not always obvious if the paper's running low). I was glad Matt was "next door" so I was able to quietly ask him to pass some paper under the gap under the walls. Don't know why as we all need to poo but I'd have been embarassed asking someone who wasn't a mate or worse still a girl!
I agree with all the posters who think it's quite bonding "sharing" a dump even if there's a partition between us. Matt's 19 (I'm still 18) and I think he might be gay - whenever I comment on a nice girl he just shows no interest at all. I really like him though he's such great company and he seems to like being with me (not sure if he "fancies" me or not - or whether that would bother me!

Steve and Louise
To Patrick,
The kind of behaviour you outlined in your story went much further than 'teasing' and a 'mean joke'. the word you were looking for was 'bullying'. Bullying towards the worst end of the scale. I am glad the girl tricked into the wrong latrine got over the humilation of being seen on the toilet. Such things can have far reaching consequences in life, as one or two people who post here will be able to testify.
I am always amazed at how such groups of inadequates so often try to increase their self worth by trying to bring down someone they see as slightly isolated and vulnerable.
I have to say though, that you handled the situation very well and with some sensitivity when you gently pointed her towards the correct latrine.

To Kendal and Eleanor,
Louise and I have just read your recent posts, and enjoyed them very much.
Kendal, I am glad you are keeping Michael in line. It sounds like you are just what he needed. As long as he sees your allowing him to go with you to the toilet as what it is, and not having a form of power over you, then I see nothing wrong with that. Best wishes to you both!
Eleanor, Andrew is obviously a gent, holding your hand as you weed without looking where he shouldn't.
Your story reminded me of the first time Louise had a wee when I was with her. It was in a park one sunny afternoon, and she squatted while I avoided looking in her direction. Back then, Louise had only just turned 20. I was very keen not to embarrass her and endanger my relationship with such a beautiful girl, who I saw as kind, honest, entertaining and very funny. Back then, she was also a little shy - a trait you know she has banished completely. Nobody could say she is shy now!
Louise here! Yeah, Eleanor, I was shy then. I wish I had let Steve watch me wee then, because he was very kind to me and I was falling in love with him really.
Lots of love from Louise and Steve xx

To PV,
Hi, sweetheart. 680ml? That's not a low volume at all. I wouldn't be surprised if you could manage a great deal more when your rectum is empty. The poo complicated things slightly, and I would guess the space it occupied reduced your capacity by some amount.
Louise here! Hi girl! I was a bit shocked really when I found out how much wee I had done when we had the holding contest on Sunday. It really was one of my biggest wees I ever had, and Steve was with me to see it as well, and that is the best thing about it really. My sister is a bit annoyed just now because she likes to play "hold it" games, and she wees often now because of you know what. It is not like she has ever had cystitis, and I haven't either, but I do not think it sounds very nice.
Hey I liked your holding story too! Try for your 700ml record.
Love Louise xx
Steve speaking again.
Yes, you might give it a go. See if you can break your own personal record. That is my way to look at things. In most normal situations, be in competition with no-one but yourself. Just aim to a little better each time you try something. Obviously there are personal limits with things like full bladders, and I reckon I now know mine.
Have a hug from me.

Steve and Louise.

Hello to all of you!

I have been reading through some of the reams posts I have missed, and I must say, that I have read about some enormous bladder capacities when compared to mine. The extremes seem to be, amongst the ladies here, between Cara and Katrina, from the small bladder and frequent wees to, well, large ‘tanks’ and infrequent but super gushers.

animated by your posts I looked around in the web for ‘large capacity bladders’ and found something called the ‘Lazy Bladder Syndrome’. I advise you to have a look. It could be an enlightening experience. Try the search engine that sounds like baby-talk.
Unlike you, I am male and have to pee often. I do not pride myself in having a large bladder nor am I able to hold it for ‘ages’. After coffee and orange juice for breakfast I have to pee urgently within an hour. After that I can go without a bathroom for six hours or more if need be, but I don’t. I do not experience any pleasure in holding it in, but I do so in letting it out! I enjoy every pee! So I pee often. Then I believe that holding it in for long periods on purpose poses an unnecessary health risk by making oneself prone to a bladder infection. And that is where the fun ends.
In my opinion holding competitions are not comparable to running the Marathon, or seeing who can jump the highest or run or swim the fastest or play the piano best. I think they are just as silly as ‘who can drink most beer’. One may take part once or twice just for the experience. But to make it a habit, definitely not.
Please do not be offended by my tirade, I only wish you the best, Rizzo.

Bye Carmalita, I hope you take a peek from time to time. I will miss you and your great stories about your exciting family very much, love from Rizzo.

Punk Rock Girl,
I found your questions and I will try to answer the one about where the weirdest place I peed was.
In short, I once peed behind the Iron Curtain. Huh? This calls for a story. So here it is.

It was in the sixties after the infamous wall had been erected in Berlin, definitely separating it into an eastern and a western part. I had joined a group of youths to pay the city of West Berlin a visit, to see the museums, the memorials and that ugly wall. It was Winter and quite cold during the nights. Temperatures were around 0º F or – 18º C in their lows. After a few days we headed back home by night-train. The train had to go through the territory of the GDR. We noticed that it always slowed down to about walking-speed when it ran through a station, usually deserted. We did not see any guards. Later, when it had become quite dark except for a waxing moon already low in the western sky, my friend and I hit on an idea. We took our hip flask with brandy with us and jumped down from the running train on to the platform! What a tingle! ‘Enemy territory’! These platforms were built low, so you had to hang on to hand-holds and step down almost to rail-level before steppi! ng off. We then let two or three carriages roll past until the last one caught up with us. It was a freight car with a sort of caboose at the end. That was where we climbed up again, to stand unseen in deep shadow, talk excitedly and sip brandy out of our flask. What an adventure! (Today it seems pretty stupid, the risk we took.) Soon however the cold started to creep through our layers of clothes and I started to feel an increasing twinge in my bladder which continued all the way along and down my willie right to the tip, a mounting urge to pee. ‘Let’s go back’, I said, ‘I need a wee.’ My friend needed one too. So we hung on until the train slowed down to trundle through the next deserted station. The platform which appeared alongside was covered with a thin, white undisturbed layer of icy snow and looked slippery. ‘I think we should pee first and then go back’ my friend said squirming and crossing his legs. Good idea, I thought. So we each hung on to a hand-hold with one ! hand while stepping down the ladder-like steps toward the ground, stood there shoulder to shoulder on the bottom step, undid our flies and tugged our willies into the frosty air. Aaaah! What a relief. My friend’s stream went farther than mine out on to the platform. In this way we produced two parallel piss-trails in the pristine layer of thin snow in the dead of night in communist territory! After leaving about sixty or seventy metres of pee-streak, we jumped down on to the platform and ran forward carefully, it being slippery, overtaking the train to gain hold of the next passenger car, which would allow us to regain our compartment be negociating the corridors inside the train. We arrived back where the others of our group were, and they, seeing our faces flushed by the cold, asked us where we had been. We told them, and had a good laugh, imagining the station guard in the morning trying to figure out the meaning behind the foot-prints and pee tracks we had left!

Bye for now, have some good pees, Rizzo

Saturday, October 27, 2002

Great site!

Now on BBC TV here in the UK on Wednesday 23rd there was a programme by Lord Winston about human behaviour and he examined disgust as an instinct with various substances and pictures and watched the reaction. Now the interesting part for people who post here and of this interest is that they put an artificial turd down one of the toilet pans in a Ladies Public Toilet. Now it looked very authentic and was a reasonable sized jobbie, about 7 or 8 inches or so long and maybe 1.5 inches thick and a floater. (I wonder what they used, modeling clay, putty, rubber?) Anyway they filmed some women coming in to that cubicle and all of them to my great surprise came straight out of it, I would have expected at least one to remain in and either do a wee wee or even buddy dump her own jobbie on top of it. I wonder if they knew they might be filmed (I assume the rules would make the producers of the programme ask consent) as if they had NOT known that they were being observed as an exp! eriment then I think one at least might have been quite happy to do their motion on top of the jobbie floating in the pan. I certainly would have done so if lucky enough to be able to see a nice big jobbie some woman had passed and have done so quite a few times when to opportunity has arisen. One of the women filmed was a ???? girl wearing tight jeans and looking at her fat buttocks I could well have imagined a big log coming out of her!

Im 50, divorced, with a fat lady friend who is happy to let me watch her doing her motions. We both quite often do what I read here are called "panbusters" and even "beachers" where the end of the jobbie sticks up out of the water. A 12 inch long 2 1/2 inch thick turd is commonplace for us both.

Like many here, reading back through Old Posts, I have had this fascination for defecation since childhood, and can remember getting a buzz listening to my Mum and three older sisters doing their motions in the toilet through the wall from my bedroom and being turned on by the "KER-SPLOONK"! and "KUR-SPLOOSH!" sounds, and even better sometimes seeing their big jobbies, especially Mum's, when they were too big to flush away and stuck in the toilet pan. Its good to read that others have the same experiences and turn ons. Good luck!

Hi Keven. Thanks for answering my post. If what you tell me is true, you are definately the exception to the rule, and not the rule itself. The same goes for that girl who pees every hour. Don't get me wrong. I know there are many women who have urinary problems and weak bladders. I also know that there are a few men who have very strong bladders, but I have yet meet with one in person who can hold out for more t hen 8 hours. I am not saying that they don't exist, but I have yet to meet them.

I do, however, know many girls who pee every 3 or 4 hours or even more often, and there is a very simple reason for that. On the whole, it is much harder for women to find places to pee on an emergency basis. Most guys can just go into a clump of trees, hand their wang out of their pants and let loose. Girls, on the other hand have to completely expose themselvs. (Again, I am sayint that this is in most cases, not all cases) Therefore, access to a toilet for us is a 'feest or faming' prospect. When there is a toilet conveniently acccessable, we tent to use it as much as we can, because later we may not get another chance, and will have to hold it until we can find one.

If you happen to get a chance to be in a situation with those girls where toilet accessability is limited, observe what they do. I bet even the one who pees every hour will amaze you with how long she can realy hold if she has to. Remember, most people are not into holding for the fun of it. Most people only hold out of necessity, and women end up in those situations much more often then men do. Even our occupations present those situations. Occupations that are female dominate, like teaching or nursing, make very little allowences for us to have a chance to use a toilet. I am an RN. On an AVERAGE day, I will work an entire 12-hour shift with out even a chance to take a pee, so I HAVE TO have a strong bladder. This is common place for almost all the women I work with. We have 3 male nurses who absolutely can NOT do that, and more often then not we have to cover for them while they are in the washroom. One of our guys managed to last 7 hours, but the other two! were about to wet themselvs after 4 hours.

That, at any rate, has been my personal experience.

Barbie Doll

I'm crushed to learn that Carmalita is leaving. She was my absolute favorite. I'm hoping she can drop in now and then to post one of her great poop stories. Please, please, please, Carmalita, if you are still reading the forum, do drop in from time to time. You need not respond to others which does take some time, just tell us about your little brown bottum.

I also note that this forum seems to be increasing in the number of posts from people who find, wetting or pooping their pants, or hearing about others that do, to be exciting. I'm not into this at all but to each his/her own. Also, the number of guys who are excited about hearing, watching, smelling, other guys seems to be on the rise too. I don't know for sure but suspect at least some of you are gay, which you have a right to be. I'm not sitting in judgment as I have two gay cousins, one male and one female, who I love just as much as the straight ones.

What I'm trying to say here is that the number of posts that don't interest me is on the increase, while the number of those where girls watch girls, or guys watch girls is steady or even decreasing. I hope this does not offend anyone. Guess I'm a little bummed because Carmalita, whose stories I always loved, is gone and we don't hear from Outdoor Jane or those who stumble upon girls going in the open as often as I would like. Also, the women and girls who do massive size or massive amounts seems to be more limited.

I hope to be able to get over this and post some of my experiences. I don't have one every day.

Love ya all,


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