Austin (Blake)
To Carmalita

I'm sorry I missed your post. My heart will always be with
you. Like you I have posted all the unusual adventures in my life.
It's pretty hard to keep coming up with new stories two or three
times a week. I know you must have your hands full with your
boyfriend and things. I hope you have a lovely life and those around
you appreciate you. You will be missed here, I've never seen the
moderator take this long to post. He must be as heartstricken as the
rest of us. Please know that we love you and will still be here if you
ever decide to pop in. Thanks for all your enthusiasm and
outstanding posts.

With Love,

The Leaver
I 'left' again today. It's not like this is an accident, I'm getting fairly serious about it. I picked a different bathroom, and what I thought was one of the lesser-used center stalls. I went in and peed, then flushed. This was early morning, about two hours after breakfast - my 'Prime Time' for a big movement. It was nearly erotic, not in a sexual way, but just in the anticipation. I didn't strain, just relaxed, and soon the 'Turtle Head' made it's way out. I felt stretched... it was going to be a big one.. it came out, all in one solid piece, and didn't even splash, it was so big that the tip was deep in the water all the way to the ceramic of the bowl before I released it. I wiped, but stood up, paper still clenched in my hand. Magnificent. Had to be a foot long. Oh, if only I were 'endowed' like that... I opened the door and left the stall in a hurry, entering the very last door to drop the paper in and flush. As the water flowed, I turned to exit, but the ! door to the bathroom opened and someone came in. They went to the stall where my monster was laying in wait. Eyebrows rasied, they backed out, bypassing *that* stall and heading into another.

I washed my hands and left, proud of my accomplishment. It may still be there.

have any of you males (when you were children) ever watched your father shit any stories ?

Steve S.
To Wetguy:

Great story! I too have had to go sooo bad that it felt like I was starting to go in my pants even though I wasn't.

Steve S.

hi punk rock girl, i see all these stories about girls holding in their pee and pissing a strong stream for long amounts of time. Do you ever hold your stream and pee like that or is it more just when you feel it you go? does your boyfriend get turned on by you peeing or taking a dump? would you be flattered if he did?

PV: Hi there - I would love to hear from you - hopefully you can repost your major post?

Adrian: How right you are about the cold! I know it makes me want to wee loads when its chilly! yes it is much easier not to wear anything under my skirt at least I can just dash into the ladies, hitch up my skirt and sit down. Its ok when I'm at home but I wouldnt have the nerve to go to work in one of my short skirts with no knickers on!

Althea: Nice to hear from someone else who wears slips. I often wear a slip under my skirts whether or not I'm wearing tights. I have been teased by some of my work colleagues saying that its old fashioned to still wear slips. Its not too much trouble on the toilet as I tend to pull my slip up with my skirt and then push down my tights and knickers together before I sit down and have a wee.


sarah. The best cure for constipation is to eat dates and figs. Fresh fruit and veg are also useful. Nowadays, particularly in the West, we tend to eat too many refined and highly processed foods. Constipation is often the result.

Gary. The last time I pooed myself proper was in 1981. I'd just turned 18 and was out on an office coach trip. It was what you would call an 'ambush motion' - I was stood at a urinal in the gents and as I peed, I farted too (which sometimes happens) - only this time it turned out to be rather more than a fart! Needless to say I was mortified, having thought I'd long since outgrown such accidents. What's more I'd gone for #2 earlier that day and didn't think there was any more to come. Arrgh!

Louise. Thanks for your posting which I enjoyed enormously. It's a common myth that men can always outlast women and I'm glad you were able to debunk it once and for all. Most of the women I know can last for far longer than I can without going to the toilet.

Best wishes to all!


Potty Pooper
Dylan: I'm pretty sure they did notice the poop in the tub before sis
took her bath. In any event, one of the things sis had said, while the
bath was being filled was "I'm not taking a bath while there's poop in
the tub!" (or something close to that) My memory is hazy on the matter,
though. I suspect I probably left the bathroom at this point, and so
wouldn't really know, anyway.

Mr Nobody, and Turdboy: I've never had poop-dreams like yours, that I
can remember anyway. :-) The only poop-related dream I can recall
having had was one from when I was perhaps 6, and I dreamed I was at a
shopping mall. We were going about in the hallway-like section that has
the stores all along it, and there was a sales-kiosk type place in the
middle of this. You know those places that are basically a mini-store
unto themselves in the middle of the walking area? Well, this one had
windows all around it made of... toilet seats! Dark wooden toilet seats
hung virtical, two or three per side. I don't remember what the kiosk
was selling (if I even noticed such in the dream), it was just "there."
I remember us standing there for a moment as if Dad was going to get
something from it, or was just looking to see what was there.

At a later point in the dream, we were at a restuarant... which had toilet
seats on all the chairs (but they were just chairs), may have had toilet
seats on the walls (this part is fuzzy), and had an otherwise bathroom-ish
feel. I don't remember any other details about this dream, though.

Hi LOUISE and all,

Well, I've given the holding game a whirl again, with some surprising results. This afternoon I did an easy four-hour hold (not well-hydrated) and weed in the shower. I squatted over a measuring jug and released my bladder instantly. I wasn't especially desperate to go, and passed 400mls worth.

So this evening I had another go, better hydrated, and this time I held only three hours. I could have held longer but I felt a poo coming on as well, and that made it very difficult to hold. I ended up taking the jug into the bathroom, dropping my jeans and thong to my ankles, backing over the loo in case I dropped the log, and popped the jug between my thighs. I erupted into it with pleasure, a hefty yellow stream, and when I was done I set it on the level floor to check the guage. I had 550mls, and sat down to poo. In the short time it took me to empty out and wipe (I got finished in two or three minutes) my bladder must have shrunk back from its big stretch, and I stood up, put the jug in place again, and thought about a trickling stream for a few moments -- and out came some more. When I checked this time I was up to 680mls! That's pretty much my record! What do you all reckon, does that momentary pause invalidate the result? It's hardly as if that's long enough for! a significant amount to descend from my kidneys and thus skew the bladder volume figure... Well, after that, visualizing a rainstorm couldn't get another drop from me, so I must have been properly empty!

This is fun, and I'm probably just warming up. Obvious target -- 700mls, then onward and upward. I hope one day to see 1000mls, but a 35% increase in volume is a lot to ask for...

Say, I saw an add this evening for Canadian Club whisky, all about these guys writing their names in snow with bold yellow letters. Jeez, what is it with Australia and only men being involved with urination? Women can do that too, but society just doesn't want to recognize the fact yet! I wish it would hurry up and do so...



R. Smith of AR
Dear Sarah,

Hello again. This is just a follow-up to that previous entry I posted for you. One thing I forgot to ask you is although you say you do not have big B.M.s, like quite a few of the females on this forum, would you be willing to tell me the size of your upcoming B.M. production, or not? You know, it is always possible for a girl's anus to stretch open much wider than that of a boy's or man's. Take it from a man, sweetheart, because I know all about it. Anyway, your anus could also expand wider than normal if you have as much B.M. to push out as you say that you do. You see, I have read some stories here about a few young ladies who normally have a B.M. with a 2-inch diameter; yet, if they go too long between having bowel movements, their anus will open wide enough for a B.M. with a 3 or 4-inch diameter--regardless of how big or small their bottom may be. I do not want to scare you, Sarah, considering your situation, but I just want you to not be surprised if you end! up pushing out an abnormally large bowel movement.

Considering how big you say your belly is at this time, it's possible that you might also end up completely clogging your toilet, and this is a mess that your folks will have to call in a plumber to clean up. On the day when you are finally able to relieve yourself, you might consider spreading out old newspapers and "deliver" your B.M. on your bathroom floor. Be sure to bring a pillow for your head, if the floor is a hard surface, such as hardwood or tile. If having a B.M. was not such a filthy procedure, I would also suggest that you have your bowel movement while lying back on your bed, with newspapers spread out, as if you were an expectant mother delivering your first baby. I believe that if you and your folks wish to avoid a big mess to clean up in the kamode, you should consider such a suggestion. To avoid soiling your clothes, you might also see about having your B.M. while in the nude. A lot of women enjoy doing this, since for some it turns us guys on. Bu! t then, if you prefer, wear something loosefitting, such as a night gown. By the way, my favorite color nightgown is pink, and I love to look at a beautiful girl wearing one in either a JCPenney catalog or on a few select pages from the Internet.

Before I go, I have one final suggestion for you. In order to make having your B.M. a lot smoother and easier, you might also want to use K-Y jelly or the Wal-Mart equivalent. This will help you to lubricate the rectum and anus, and it will help your delivery to be much easier. Only God knows how much K-Y should be applied, considering your case, but several folks on this site, male and female, have said that they use K-Y to help with an abnormal or stubborn bowel movement. It has been a while since the last time when I was constipated, but I used a pill-based laxative to help me out. It finally shot out early in the morning, at about 2:15 a.m. or so. Luckily, I did not have to use any K-Y for such difficult blockage. Anyway, you might be best off if you follow each of these simple suggestions I have given to you--that is, if your doctor is not able to help you out. I have a feeling that he or she will, though, since most doctors are trained for such a crisis. Tim! es like this make me wish I could be a doctor for you.

Well, Sarah, that just about wraps things up for now--again. Please remember to tell me about the size and amount of your B.M. production. I would most certainly appreciate your cooperation. You see, I care a great deal for the well being of girls in a scary crisis like yours. In addition, my heart goes out to each and every one of you lovely and lovely young ladies who visit this forum, especially the caucasians. Anyway, I must say goodbye now. Take good care of each other, folks, and enjoy the remainder of 2002. I know that I will.

Best Regards,

R. Smith of AR

P.S.: Sarah, although I currently reside in Arkansas, I am originally from a midsized town known as ?????? in the state of ??????.

JR/LONDON LAD: Andrew and I are still about, and very happy thank you.

Andrew had a post last week which didn't make it, although when he told me what he'd written about, I'm not surprised ! However, the Moderator's recent comments have pricked my conscience. I think I'm the only one here with a trail of "Play Aunts and Uncles", and I very often finish up replying to the same people all the time. I don't mean to be insuler, and I certainly hate the idea that I (and others) might be putting people off the site. So I've decided to try and grow up a bit and drop the Aunty and Uncle titles. People here have helped me through some terrible and distressing parts of my life. I shall never forget that. It was via this site that I met my very best friend Eleanor. So this site has been a most positive influence for me. I don't want to stop writing here, so if the moderator wants me to change things then I'll do it, as best as I can ! This includes trying to stick to the subject in hand of going to the toilet ( except for all the above just this once! ! )

Andrew and I have been finding one another again recently with regard to sharing toilet time together. This includes yesterday when we came home from school. Instead of collecting Ellen first, we went straight home. I was glad, as I was needing to go so bad, I would probably have had to ask the child minder if I could use her toilet ! We rushed in, and I waited patiently with a hand clamped on my front bits, and the other on my back bits while Andrew had an enormously frothy wee for me. I do so love watching him do that, and listening to all the bubbly noises as the froth bursts and settles afterwards. But not yesterday. I was too desperate, for both sides of the "equation" !!

I was lifting up my school skirt and preparing to pull down my panties before he even moved away. Then I quickly moved to cover the seat with my bum. There must have been a ten second wait while my body tried to decide which of the functions was the most desperate ! Then it decided to give in and just go with the flow ! But it sure hurt, and made me gasp as the relief of easing pressure overtook me. My wee just dribble-dribbled to begin with, and a poo immediately snaked out of my bottom. I didn't push at all, in case it hurt more. But then I didn't need to push. I had to smile at the intense look on Andrew's face. It was strained, straining to see everything of me on the toilet, and straining to hear every little bit of wee and poo my body made falling into the toilet water. It was like we had never done this before, and I felt an enormous tingle rise up and down my spine as I contemplated how much he was enjoying watching me, and even more, how much I was enjoying ha! ving him watch and listen to me.

My first poo grew to quite a length, and broke off with the most gentle of flops into the toilet. Immediately a second poo formed, and plopped in rather more loudly than the first. And then a third just as quickly... sprinkle-tinkle-sprinkle-tinkle..plop ! After that third poo, the pressure was off my back end, and my body then seemed to concentrate more on the front end, and the pressure of my wee began to pick up very noticeably. I watched Andrew's expressions change as he listened to the sprinkle-tinkle pick up into a much more powerful hiss, powerful enough for my wee to be shooting well forwards now, and splattering all down the front of the toilet bowl rather than directly into the water. I basked in a warm glow of contented relief, and naughtily delighted in giving out an audible gasp, which I could immediately see that Andrew enjoyed. As my wee continued to race, I could feel that there was some more poo to come out yet, and low and behold it began to imerge jus! t as my wee began to tail away and become a steady tuneful tinkle into the water again. With this last poo, I wanted to stretch out this experience as long as I could. I wanted Andrew to enjoy it all the more. This poo wasn't going to just come out, it needed some encouragement and pushing ! And I milked it for all it was worth ! I made steady and regular little breathy grunts, like it was now a struggle to finish up. The poo came out a bit further, and just as my wee finished up, I realised that it was pretty much all out and ready to drop. I would have squeezed out a spurt to finish off my wee, but realised that would chop the poo as well.

Andrew's head turned to the left as I looked at it, periodically. He uses his left ear to listen on the phone. He was now using that ear to listen to the end of my toilet visit. I just left my wee to come to a long drippy-drop finish. The last two or three drips fell several seconds apart. My poo still hung there. Andrew's head still moved from side to side, to listen better, his eyes glued on me. It was like watching an excited dog with its ears up, cocking its head to one side !! My poo just hung and hung, and I just knew that I was really satisfying Andrew's need for anticipation. He doesn't like commentaries. He likes the waiting, and the wondering about how many poos and what they might sound like plopping in !! I guess that is why he derives just as much pleasure from listening at the door when Eleanor uses the toilet as he does from being able to see me sitting on it. Eventually all good things come to an end and I felt gravity begin to take over, and my poo gen! tly tore away from my bottom, with a lovely distinctive plop at the end. Then just for effect, I gave out a long and breathy "AAAhhhhhhhhh" !!! I couldn't keep a straight face though, and Andrew grinned back at me ! I began the wiping process, which was a bit longer than normal as this poo had been quite a sticky one. Then when I'd finished, and I had re-arranged my clothing again into a suitable state, I turned and flushed, and the whole five minute experience was over...... but not to be forgotten !

Lots of love to everyone from Kendal xxxxxx

PS LINDA GS: I wish you could have been there as well to enjoy the experience. I feel very priviledged to be able to share things like this with Andrew and Eleanor and others of my friends. I hope that you might one day safely be able to share similar experiences. But I'm very lucky, and you becareful !! XOSXOS from Drew (!!), and lots of XOXO's from me. Love Kendal xx

PPS to RIZZO: Ellen wrote a note on the end of Andrew's post, asking if you had any more trump stories for her ?! Lots of love (and a smooth hug) from Kendal xx

Outdoor Jane
Marrisa: I poop out in the woods alot.

Last night i ate a late dinner and i ended up staying online after 2am finding some poop buddys. Any way when i was on i started getting an urge(almost right after dinner). I held it till 2am right before i went to bed and i decided to watch in in the miror(by the sink) so i lined the sink w/ tp...didn't work cause an 9 log came out of me and the Tp slid down. Didn't wipe alot and i transfured my mess to the toilet.

I think I've posted this before but got no responses. I too enjoy taking a nice crap in my pants occasionally. I only do it when I know Im going to have a reasonably firm dump. Id do it everyday were it not so messy. I also dont like having to constantly replace underwear I've soiled and had to throw away. But I LOVE the feeling of shitting my pants.

As for pantyhose, I do not cut out my pantyhose. If I have to go, I pull them down. I do not resort to extraordinary measures.

I was thinking yesterday about letting out a good piece of crap. Then wiping myself. Sometimes after I wipe myself feels good when sitting back in my chair. Has anyone had that feeling?

P.S. I need to fine some George W. Bush toilet paper. I need to wipe his face in my butt.


1850ml??? Bloody hell! That's three times more than I've ever managed! The longest I've ever held is about nine hours, but I didn't measure it that time, and I had limited fluid intake during the period. On regular intake, which was two or three cups of tea and coffee, and starting from empty, the longest is about four hours, resulting in about 600mls, though I felt I could probably get above 700 with some real concentration! I recently found an old graduated 2L measuring jug -- I'll have to try this game again!



hi! my post on page 1013 was not complete, & i do not know why. now i'm willing to re-post it, in the hope that the moderator would get it fully posted here, since i truly love this site, & i believe that my posts fit this site.


hi everybody! again it's me.

sarah: u said that u'd "been constipated a week and a half". did u mean that u have not had anything out from ur backdoor in the past 9 days? or u meant that during the past 9 days it's been difficult & dry? in any case i feel for u. why not give urself a nice warm enema to get all the solid things out? why suffer? life should be simple & joyful.

to all the other silent readers: i know 1000s of u r enjoying the wonderful posts here & trully love this site, as much as i do. so show ur love about this site by starting posting. please do not tell me that u r "too busy to write anything". we can do little work in half an hr, but we can share much joy by 30 minutes of writing. so be honest to our normal bodily functions. open up & say something. join us VISIBLY.


i've noticed that, at our office, amy, tracy, diana & lucy all shared a common hint about a phrase called "sing a song". the 1st few times i heard it, i thought it was greek. they'd ask joyfully to each other, (usually after lunch) "well, wanna sing?" or "fancy a song"? & then they'd smile knowingly & leave the office in companion (i.e., 2, 3, or 4 of them together) for a while.

well i started to get really curious about this. so this day i asked amy, "amy u love singing at work?" they just smiled to each other. amy replied cunningly, with shining eyes, "don't u?" i said, "no, not at work." laughter.

i asked, "by the way, where do u usually sing at work? why i never hear ur song? which song do u prefer?"

this time they could not hold it any longer & all bursted to laughter. i bet other offices could hear their joy.

i said dignifiedly & stately, "i think our office is a serious place, & how can u entertain at work?"

they all laughed heavily, red face & red neck.

i was totally in a dense fog, & i realized that there must have been something beyond my knowledge, so i turned to tracy, "what's behind? c'mon, tell me."

tracy told me, "okay.
once upon a time, there was a girl named ellie, & she's very pretty.
& she's rather bluntie ( = blunt)
when she felt her bladder fullie, she'd tell her mommy,
'mommy mommy, i've gotta pee-pee!'
mommy told ellie, pee-pee's not girlie, & good girls do not say it.
ellie asked mommy, 'what do u say when u've got pee-pee?'
mommy told ellie, i'd say 'excuse me,
i've gotta sing a song' instead of pee-pee."

amy smiled & asked me, "well u got it, u long nosie."
they were all smiling at me.
(long nosie = long nose, in our office)
i said, "now i got it."
diana said friendly: "u lovely stupee."
(stupee = stupid, in our office)

well that's that. so what? nobody really cared.
it's never a shame to ask. :-)

later i asked peter, "hey pete, wanna sing a song?" peter was looking at me, puzzled, & amy, tracy, diana & lucy all laughed... u C? everyone has his/her own "foggie"(fog), heeheeheehee... but once u ask & get the answer, the fog is cleared. this is life.

life is sooooooooooooooo short, so why not---------------->


hello again everybody.

yesterday i had a nice pee in ladies room at our office building. our

office was at the 20th floor of that 28-floor masion. it was about 20 pm

& we were still working on some project that had to be finished b4 24

pm. well during our dinner i drank too much juice i think. i had the

feeling of a full bladder, but i was too busy to go. we worked on & on &

on. & suddenly i was bursting, i.e., all of a sudden i realized that i was

almost crossing over the edge. i ran to the public toilet room with a

SOLID bladder.

at each floor in our office mansion, there was a men's room & a ladies

room. the men's room was rather small, with 4 cubicles & 3 urinals.

okay at this moment i ran to our men's room & tried the handle on the

door. unfortunately, the door was locked. i was explosive. i'd already

begun to leak a little. i.e., my bladder had already started singing with

its own brain.

b4 i knew it, i was rushing into the ladies room with a loud statement:

"anybody in here? pardon me if any!" the ladies room was as small as

the mens, with 4 cubicles, but no urinals of course. i tried to open the

nearest cubicle, but the door was locked! daaaannnggg!~~~~~ well, i

did say pardon & this was trully an emergency. so i tried the next stall,

& thankgodness the door could be opened. & the inside was empty. i

stepped in, unzipped, let go, & sighed. i must have peed for a good 120

seconds. feeling so relieved! then i heard some femme sigh & delicate

grunts. so i was sure i was sharing the same toilet room at least with

one lady. i could make sure that she was taking a #2, since there was a

slight stink in the air.

when i returned to our office, i tried to figure out which lady co-worker

was absent at the moment. tracy was here. amy was here. diana was

here. well, i got it! lucy was not in the office. all other offices at our floor

were locked & dark. so that might have been lucy, a good-looking girl at


another 4 minutes later, lucy returned to our office. so that was that. i

knew it was her, & she knew it was me (by my voice). but we said

nothing about it. lucy whispered to her close co-worker amy (near me),

that she was having a "rather loose bowel" today, & amy whispered

back to lucy, that probably she was going to start to have her "that

thing" (u know, i know, all people know, "that thing" is red in color), &

amy said that she'd always have runny ones right b4 "that thing". lucy

looked calm.

but when i tried to look at lucy in her eyes, she seemed to be avoiding

my eyes. lucy was a nice young lady. she seemed to be able to

understand my situation & seemed not angry at me. well i AM NOT a

rude person.

30 minutes later, peter got out & returned after about 7~8 minutes. he

said "f**k the facilities! locked again! i had to run to the 21th floor!" &

after a pause, he asked me, "hey so u've also been to the 21th floor

right?" i replied, "muhhhnmhmnh, f**k the facilities!"
life is sooooooooooooooo short, so why not---------------->


Had a different shit at work today. It was very smelly as usual, but it was a very reddish brown colour and when I wiped my arse, bright red streaks were along side the usual brown shit on the TP. I had eaten some red cherries the night before.

Is there ever going to be a picture shown of a guy sitting on the toilet?

Now that would be different.

Continuing where I left off:

~make-each-day: I think you gave up too soon! It's got to go clear eventually. Also enjoyed your China story!

Mike of MD:

1) Not married or living w/ anyone presently.

2) Often, to save water, until it gets too bad.

3) I travel frequently, so this would be a multiple tie for first place. Many service station restrooms are left in really bad condition. Bad repair as well as dirty.

4) Don't remember this happening. Hope to keep it that way!

Fart Lover: Yes, being around others who go sometimes makes me have to go also. Also, after eating a big meal, I usually have to go.

wetguy: When you're so full like that, then you think you're finished, your bladder is so numb from holding it that sometimes you can't tell there's more. I have had that happen also.

Steve and Louise: Nearly 2l, or even 1, is more than I EVER wish to contain at one time! But well done...

Emily: I think the word you mean is vegan. And even with eating only ????, I don't see how you make such big ones if you go every day! But you're right about holding it in - not a good thing - believed to cause colon cancer as well as constipation.

PRG: How do you (and all the others who do - comments solicited from you others also) wear a thong? It really seems to me it would be annoying having that thing up in there - not to mention nasty when you take it off! Kind of like a horse wearing a bridle - I would think it would drive you crazy. Do you have to "acquire a taste for it" at first? By the way...your stories are great!

Brenda: Maybe no one went in that closet the rest of the day? And of course we're interested in your other stories - that's why we're here!

Potty Pooper: Good story, but can you get it all with leaves (because they're kind of slick)? I go outside a lot, but I always carry paper!

Jared: Have enjoyed a few of your previous posts I have found, as well as this. Are you stateside or elsewhere? I have never seen a unisex in the states.

Person: What about movies?

Bethany: Yes, bring the story!

HOLD IT: Well, did you see her or not?

Gary: No, definitely not! Reminded me of when I got sent by my boss to an office of our company that wasn't currently in use - no power or water - and I had a big one to get rid of. I couldn't leave because someone was to deliver something to me there, and I couldn't miss them. I had to find an empty supply box, luckily it was strong enough to hold me, and I let 'er go there. I always keep paper in my car and had gotten that, but afterward, I had to take the box out to the dumpster so I wouldn't be found out!

Sarah: I think an enema would be the best thing to try before laxatives. Laxatives can make your pain worse sometimes. I don't know your age, but when I was a kid, an enema was the worst thing I could think of. But it really will help (use warm water). If you don't have an enema, or you're young and can't get one, go in the bathtub and get warm water running kind of fast and hard. Lie on your back, put your legs up on the wall, and slide your butt down to where it is under the running water. Lift your butt off the bottom a little, get your hole right under the water, and spread your checks pretty far. Your butt will actually take in some water this way. When you're done with that, try to go. If you don't go right away, don't get too far from the bathroom! You might have to try this a few times, but it works. I hope you get relief - you sound like you're really hurting.

Happy posting to all. Thanks for your stories and responses!

Greetings All.

Last weekend was a quite unusual one. On the Saturday when I had a chance to catch up a little with the happenings on the forum, I found my wife had earlier in the week volunteered me to take part in a "pee holding" event with er, and to post the results here.

I won't quite go as far as to tell the story of Sunday's event, as Louise has already done so, but I will make some comments. I was amazed that I was able to hold around 925-950ml for over 4.5 hours, though I have to say it was a struggle for the last 1.5 hours at least. I think I did quite well. I thought I would manage 3.5 hours tops, but the extra hour or so was a bonus.
In my time I have done a few tests of endurance, but never a bladder holding contest. 'Contest' is not really the correct word. It was more a case of Louise and I finding out what our own individual capabilities were, and it could not be described as a male versus female challenge.
I am sure I could have held on for a short time longer than the 4.5 hours, but I decided it was sensible to finish when I did. I think I had been sustained for a while by the sight of Louise naked from the waist down, but I didn't think it was wise to continue any further. Louise stood next to me and watched at I urinated quite heavily into the bucket. In her post, Louise says watching me relieve myself increased her own urge to urinate, but I must say I detected no obvious sign of discomfort on her part. I was slightly distracted by my own relief at the time, but I'm sure I would have picked up on any change. As she said in a previous post, she managed to continue a recent photoshoot with a very full bladder, and kept her cool, showing no outward signs of distress, so perhaps she was hiding it much the same on Sunday.
When it came her turn to empty herself, she was quite urgent in her requests for the bucket. She couldn't wait for me to bring it and hold it between her legs as she stood in a horse stance. She let out a sigh, and much more besides! Instantly she urinated in a hard torrent, blasting the inside of the bucket. Louise tells me I looked as shocked as her photographer had done a couple of weeks previously when he caught her in the gents' cubicle! But this really was a powerful wee, an inch wide sheet, and it lasted a long time. She was obviously in great relief, and just for a second I thought she was on the brink of having an ... well! The noise her weeing was making in the bucket was very loud, and it was a sound similar to when the bucket is in the sink being filled with water. I have to wonder how she was able to carry 1850-1900ml of urine in her body.
I don't expect we will repeat the exercise as there really isn't a need that I can see. I think we have found our limits, and with anything like this, you have to know when to quit.

To Katrina,
I freely admitted to Louise on Saturday that there was no way I could expect to match her bladder capabilities. I happen to know from personal experience that many women can outwee men in terms of capacity and delivery.

To Adrian,
I have to say thanks very much for all your concern, it is very much appreciated, but there really is no need to worry as Louise and I do not genuinely compete with each other. We are partners, not opponents, and that is the way it should be. Once a competitive edge creeps into a relationship then you start getting into "battle of the sexes" territory, which is ridiculous and totally the wrong path to take. As you pointed out to Katrina, Louise is very capable of causing some significant floods, and the way she dispenses her urine can be quite breathtaking. Could I hope to match her performance? No chance. None.

To Carmalita,
Gonna miss your posts, babe. Take care, and give my best to Jake, Renee and all.

To PV,
Hello, sweetheart. I send my regards. I'm also glad you are having fun talking with my mother-in-law. You will see where my wife gets her tendencies from.

Best Wishes to everyone else.


Thursday, October 24, 2002

Just found out I'm going on a surprise holiday with Kendal, leaving tomorrow, to Portugal for a week during our half term school holiday ! Michael as well. Non of us knew. My Mum and Dad and Andrew's Mum and Dad have been having clandestine meetings !

LINDA GS: I'm enjoying our little "meetings". I wish you could be with us too. Mind you, I warn you, Kendal says I'm very scary when I sit on the toilet for a huge poo. Fortunately, I've not had a problem one since the one I told you about. Today's was easy peasy, slipping out long, soft and smooth, and with a gentle flop to rival Kendal's floppers anyday. Kendal said I should have it in your honour. So that one was just for you Linda ! Even Kendal wasn't there to see it. She was otherwise occupied with my brother. Love from Eleanor x.

Its been really funny in my house. Kendal is keeping Michael at arms length with regard to toilet visits. She has let him go with her for two or three wees, but he had an accident again the one time she let him watch her poo again. She says she is weening him slowly !!

Went for a trip to the cinema with Andrew. On the way home, I needed a wee so bad, he had to pull over in the entrance to a field. It was pretty dark, so I asked him to come with me, knowing that he wouldn't be able to see anything. He held my hand while I went, so that I wouldn't over-balance and sit in my wee or something ! He was so sweet. Then when I'd finished, he had a widdle himself.

Take care everyone, especially Steve and Louise. Love from Eleanor x

Panay Hose Girl, I very seldomly wear pantyhose, but I do wear leatarts when I go to dance, and No, I do not cut out the crotch. I have a very strong hold ability so I just wait until I have a chance to use the toilet then I pull them down. I have also worne tights on occasion. I do have some crothless pnties that I wear for my boy friend or girl friend from time to time.

Holtid Man, youre on. Let me know how well you do this Halloween. I can't wait to hear the results.

im about 5'4 and 110 im not a very big girl.I have a very big problem ive been constipateda week and a half its hard for me to bend over and my ????s big.I try to go every 3 hours but nothing hurts alot and i normaly dont poop big at all i need help i think it might hurt alot.i am going to try to get out .ill keep posting

Any girls ever poop out in the woods?


Hi to all on here. I don't seem to have much time to post lately. Apologies to any I may not have responded to. If I've missed you in the following, do post me and mention it please.

One of the reasons for not posting is that I have taken time off to do decorating in my house. Yesterday, I needed to take the car to the garage for servicing. I needed to leave it there all day. So having dropped it off, I walked to the gym and had a session there. I then walked home. Only 1 mile. Part the way home I felt the need to fart. I did so and it was not all gas. Some diarrhoea came out into my black Yves Saint Laurent briefs with it. Though I love shitting my pants on purpose - I hate diarrhoea. I got to my house, and as I went to unlock the door, whoosh - another great load of diarrhoea flowed into my briefs, and began to run down my legs inside my black tracksuit, as my briefs could not contain it all! I went straight into the shower to undress, deciding that this liquid poo was better dropping in the shower than on the carpet in my room or the bathroom carpet. Having stripped down to my briefs I could feel another load about to burst forth. I thought, "Well! , you might as well do this in your already shit-filled briefs now!" I pushed and all it was was a tremendous fart. The noise was awesome as it blew into the molten shit in my briefs. Difficult to describe - but a deep squishy noise as it it were travelling through a drain pipe. Has anyone else had a good fart into diarrhoea laden briefs? I got cleaned up, and glad my tracksuit and briefs were both black, as white in this instance may have still shown the stains. To be on the safe side after, I put briefs on with jersey boxers over them in case of another accident. Actually I never shit again yesterday and have not been at all today. There seemed no reason for such a short-lived period of diarrhoea.

Irishguy: Well, it is me again at last. I've really found your latest posts great. I loved the one where you pissed yourself as you walked home from work, and then with one block to go you finished the job by shitting a firm load in your briefs. How I wish I could have been walking with you. I'm sure I would have pissed my pants too, and if I was ready for a shit, would have pushed it out into my underwear too. I find when another guy "does it" in his pants, I want to do the same. I also loved your story when pissing at the urinal in the office tower and a log dropped into your briefs. I find it exciting that the guy next to you probably realised you'd shit your pants, though he said nothing. Do keep your great posts coming.

CKF: Hope all is well with you. Look forward to more of your "filling" experiences.

Bryian: Thanks for getting back to me, saying you laid flat when you pooped your bikini briefs in bed. I prefer it that way myself, though I have done it in my underwear in bed with my knees raised too. Sorry for mis-spelling your name last time.

Wetguy: Your posts are great. I think the teacher you mentioned ought to be disciplined for making you (and others) wait when you are just so desperate to pee. When the bladder is so full it can do damage to your kidneys, as they cannot properly function if the urine is 'backing up to them'. I personally think you should just get up and go to the toilet when you are that desperate. When the teacher goes mad, tell him/her that you are not prepared to put your future health at risk. Medical opinion states that you should urinate when you need to within reason. There is a limit to the time we can sensibly 'hold on'. I blame my teachers for some of the damage done in this area, which today makes it very painful to hold on too long now. On four occasions in school I could not hold it and wet myself in class. I got into trouble for that too! I was totally embarrassed with my last wet pants in school (when I was 13). I made such a huge puddle under the chair, and my classmates ! started calling me "Pisspants" after that! I don't think teachers here in the UK would get away with such Draconian methods. I'd be interested to hear what does happen if on a future occasion you do walk out to take a pee.

Gary: I liked your story of how you farted at work and filled your briefs with diarrheoa. Though I love filling my pants on purpose with firm or softer turds, I do hate diarrhoea in my pants! It is just terrible. From my own experience (above), I can relate to how you must have felt. Did your boss realise you'd shit yourself when you said you were sick? It's a good thing you'd got spare clothes at work to change into. Have they put toilet paper in that toilet now?

Gotta go for now.


Cara and PANTYHOSE GIRL: I wear pantyhose. It is a must. However, during warm weather, I will either wear pantyhose and no slip or slip with no pantyhose or no slip or pantyhose, just panty brief. In the winter, I will wear pantyhose under my trousers. You should wear underwear to work. Some girls where I used to work did not wear underwear. At my new school job, I've had to tell some of my female students to wear at least a bra and panty. The headmistresss told us not to admit them to class, otherwise.

to potty pooper
i was 12 years old when i made the play camper and saw julie poop in the pot. i'm 16 now. the toilet didnt really work i just would put some water in the pot and take it outside and empty it in the woods if somebody used it. it wasnt a pot for plants. i dont know what it was made for but it had 2 handles on the sides and was brown and had a top that you could lift off and had no holes in the bottom. it didnt get used much. i pooped in it twice when i first made the camper just to see what it felt like to poop on something other than a real toilet then julie pooped in it but a few other boys and girls peed in it. i accidentaly dropped it and broke it after i peed in it once near the end of the summer but we werent playing camper much any more anyway.

neat story about the pretending you were a squirrel and pooping in the squirrel house. what happened the other time when you pooped in the tub. did your mom notice before your sister got into the poopy water?

Hi I am ninteen years old from new york. I love reading the poop stories here on, so i thought i would write my own. last saturday i was out on a date with the cutest guy. We has just eaten at a mexican restaurant and i was have stomach pains for about two hours afterword and i new a big poop was coming on, i could feel it! We went back to his house to watch a movie. The pains got worse and worse my stomach was rumbling out of control. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks, i was going to explode. I thought, how embarrasing to stink up his bathroom like this and besides i knew that it was going to take a while to empty this load of poo. I sat there trying to hold it, i was sweating from the stomach pains and from clinching my butt together, trying to keep from squirting everywhere. My boyfriend asked if i was feeling alright and i said that i was fine, but really i was about to lose my bowels all over the couch. I was wearing a mini skirt with noth! ing underneath which made the situation worse. THen i had another rumble and i couldnt hold it any longer. There was an empty popcorn bowl on the floor next to the couch. I lifted my skirt and let loose into the bowl. I exploded runny diarrhea into the bowl, it sprayed every where, the bowl soon filled up and overflowed but i was not done,i let out a huge sigh of releif followed by a stinky fart and some more liquid poop, about 4 or 5 minutes of squirting and i finally stopped. Diarrhea was on the carpet everywhere. I looked and my boyfriend and apologized. He said that it turned him on a we started to have sex after that, I got some more stomach pains and began pooing more diarrhea during it all, it was the greatest experience.

Sudden Urge.
Jared: I have a lot more stories such as the last one I posted, there were just very few times I actually got to see her in that form, it really depended on what mood she was in at the time. I think the real thrill to me was that a beautiful woman such as she would even allow me in the bathroom with her. Most women like her would scoff at the very mention of joining them in the bathroom.

To Breanna: Enjoyed your story.

To unnamed poster about red dots..thats odd..never heard of that...i wonder what it could be.

To jim: Loved your story..did you get punished?

To The Nature Boy: I've seen some of those commercials. The first several ones you mentioned...but after that i haven't seen those.

To unnamed poster who peed in the flower pot: Loved your story

To TurdBoy: Enjoyed hearing about your sounds odd. Do you wake up and have to poop?

To Matthew C: Loved your old are you and your bud? Sounds like a cool experience!

To Luke: Loved your story.

To Kevin & Billy: Loved your a kick out of what you told that lady about the corn in here pooop...LOL

To Traveling Guy: Liked your story.

To Potty Pooper: Loved your stories about

To MUSK: Liked your story

Nothing new..haven't pooped in several days..need to run time to get ready for work.

Hi everyone
Just thought i'd post about this huge dump i had last night. I mustn't have gone in about two days, and felt the urge, so i went to the toilet, sat down and waited. I had to push a bit, since nothing was moving for a while, but then it started going. My ass opened up, but it apparently wasn't enough, because nothing was coming out. I though, hmm.. huge one, this is. So i relaxed and tried to pee, to loosen things up. I pushed again, and it still wouldn't come out. It took several tries, but finally i pushed super hard and the huge turd came out. After i got it going, the rest just eased out. Most of it came out in one huge log. When i was done, it felt really good, very relieving. My ass felt tired, but relaxed. After that, i decided i didn't want to go around with a dirty ass, so i got in the shower. I parted my cheeks, and let water flow between my buns. I washed it off as i normally do, and it felt kindof mushy/soft. I kinda wished i hasn't washed, because it felt goo! d, nice soft residue in/on my hole. It took a minute or two to get clean, but i finally got out of the shower, and went to bed.
Today, i had to take another dump in the evening. I sat down and pooped it right out, then pulled up my pants and left. I'll shower tomorrow morning (as i usually do inthe morning).
That's all for now.

Hey, just wanted to say that the girl on the masthead looks awful happy for some that looks like she has a diarrhea stain on her panties.

Also, for those of us into the world of fiction, looking for books with diarrhea in them:

Chief Honor: In the first chapter, a group of hockey players slip Ex-lax into a female goalie's hot choloate. She gets desperate and skates off the ice, sadly i've never read the entire book and don't know how this situation unfolds.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon: In the Chapter "Fifth Ending," the heorine drinks from a stream and there are two rather descriptive scenes of her having loose bowel movements. Also, later in the book it is mentioned that she suffered 'watery bowels' but no detail is given.

Flowers in the Attic: Never read the whole thing, but there is a scene tha mentions how one of the children locked in the attic gets diarrhea when she eats certian fruits.

Savages: There is a scene where several women eat a strange fruit and a rather descriptive paragraph depicting the effects on their stomachs follows.

Thats all for now, I know a few with guy diarrhea scenes, if you want me to post them. Until then, laterz.

Not including when you were little, when is the last time everyone here shit their pants? I did just last week, and it sucked.

I work in a warehouse, mostly paper and plastic products. I usually do inventory, so I'm often in some corner of the warehouse where most people don't go. Anyway, one day last week, I was working deep in the catacombs, far away from anybody. There's no bathrooms in the area, and no plumbing, so they set up a small portable toilet and a makeshift stall made of particle board. It never gets used, so the smell is just like cleaning fluid.

So, I'm working and I start having what I thought were just gas pains. My guts really cramped up, and I felt like I had to fart. No one's around, so why not. I relaxed my ass--BIG MISTAKE. A huge load of diarrhea gushed into my jockeys before I even had a chance to clench. By the time I stopped the flow, I'd already filled my jockeys. It was gross. I waddled over to the portable toilet and pulled my jeans down, which had diarrhea streaking down the legs because it had overflowed.

I sat on the toilet and pushed my loaded underwear out of the way. More liquid shit sprayed out. I noticed then that whoever set this toilet facility up didn't think to put paper in the stall. What could I do? I pulled my shit filled underwear and shit streaked pants up and made my way to the front.

I just walked past my supervisor and said, I'm sick, I need a few minutes. I went in the locker room and got out my extra clothes. I went in a shower stall, took off my clothes and threw my jockeys and jeans in the trash. I took a loooooong shower and washed my self good. I got dressed again and went back to work. I wound up using the portable toilet again, and I did make it in time--but I forgot there was no paper and spent the rest of the day with a dirty butt.

Not my best day at work.

the "HOLD IT" man
Brian, I have no idea. I allways assumed it was a dog, but dogs usualy don't leave such huge turds. There was literaly no place to stand in that phone booth for all the shit that covred that floor.

I hada an interesting experience while out on my walk last night. I usualy walk about 2 to 5 miles, and my route takes me along a corn field. This particular corn field is not yeet harvested. Anyway I was walking along and I heard some rustling about so I stood still to listen to hear what was going on. I then heard a hissing sound that (you guessed it) ended up being somebody taking a pee. This hissing sound went on for a very long time, and I could tell by some of the other noises made that it was a girl doing it. I did not want to be too obvious so after the peeing stopped I slowly started to walk away, but I wanted to see what she looked like so I tried not to go too far from that area.

billy and kaven what if you some where and there only one toilet and you can't go out?

Yesterday's (Monday's) posts haven't made it up yet, but I want to add a question to the one I put up Sunday.

I have been reading back over some of the earlier pages, and many of you seem to have plenty of friends that you share these experiences with, in the woods, at home, at the beach, or wherever.

Obviously, I've been in the mens' room with friends, and we've done our business in each other's presence, but I can't think of any females that I think would be receptive to this, and I wouldn't know how to bring it up if I did.

I can see from your posts that this is an intimate and bonding experience, as I would think it would be, but where did you find friends of the opposite sex who were willing to do this? And how did you get to the point where it first occurred? Did you ask...did it just happen...were you in a situation where there was no other choice...please share!

I would also like to say that I appreciate the closeness and caring that I can see exists between the posters here. It seems that this is "an intimate and bonding experience," even when not done in person!

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Carmelita with a heavy heart Im sorry to hear you are leaving. But I do want to say I enjoyed the many posts you had on the forum. Best wishes to you and Jake and I hope that lifes chapters continue with many new pleasurable experiences. Robbie and Annie hello to yo and I'm glad that your Dad is doing better. Welcome Breanna to the forum. Lot of good stories the last two days from everyone. Nothing new to report from here as far as recent happenings. Catch you all later. Upstate Dave

You guys were right, he didn't joke about my diarrhea accident, and nothing came of it! (whew...)

Anyway, today after lab, I needed to use the bathroom. It was my usual morning time when I need to relieve myself, so I told my friends that I will meet with them later on in the day to go over the study material. So, I hurried into the ladies room, and little did I know there was a line for each stall. As I walked in, I couldn't believe it. So many people waiting for so few toilets. As I waited in line, my stomach couldn't bare the pain. The cramps were getting worse, and I thought I would not make it. I crossed my legs while standing hoping that it could relieve the tension. The person in front of me asked if I was okay, I said that I was, but I really need to go. She stated, I can tell you need to poo, I stated that I did, and since she only had to pee, she let me in front of her. I was so thankful.

Finally after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, a stall was vacant, and I hurriedly entered. I didn't even have time to toilet paper the seat, I walked in, shut the door, put my coat on the hook, pulled down my pants, panties and sat. As soon as I sat, I released at least 5 or 6 large pieces of poo. The relief was simply unreal!! I sat there for a while longer, just letting out audible gas, some mush poo, and only urinating here and there. I realized that other people needed to use the toilet as well, so I wiped, flushed, washed up, and exited the restroom.

While studying in the library later in the day, I needed to go again. So, I hid my valuables (calculator, Lap-top, etc.) and I made my way upstairs to the Library Univ. ladies restroom. This time, NO LINES, no one in there.....I was at peace. I entered a stall, closed the door, toilet tissued the seat, pulled my pants and panties and let go. At first I just urinated, but when the urinating ended, I released quite a bit of audible gas, and very little mush poo. I guess I hadn't completely finished from earlier in the day. Boy oh boy, did it feel good. As I was wiping, someone else entered the stall beside me, and let go as well (diarrhea), I believe she had to use the toilet more desprately than I. Anyway, I flushed, wiped, and washed up. Well, it's time I go, have a good one, and I will talk to you all later on.


Oh, before I forget, I have a vomit/diarrhea story from one of my good friends who got sick last week. If you would like to hear it, simply let me know. I honestly felt bad for her, as she was puking so badly, that she couldn't stop pooing (basically the same thing happened to me in September when I had the stomach flu). So, the nice person that I am, I stayed at her dorm throughout the night to take care of her. I will tell you all later. (Now my boyfriend has the bug.......Luckilly I already had it, and won't get it again....knock on wood)


Hey, just wanted to say that the girl on the masthead looks awful happy for some that looks like she has a diarrhea stain on her panties.

Also, for those of us into the world of fiction, looking for books with diarrhea in them:

Chief Honor: In the first chapter, a group of hockey players slip Ex-lax into a female goalie's hot choloate. She gets desperate and skates off the ice, sadly i've never read the entire book and don't know how this situation unfolds.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon: In the Chapter "Fifth Ending," the heorine drinks from a stream and there are two rather descriptive scenes of her having loose bowel movements. Also, later in the book it is mentioned that she suffered 'watery bowels' but no detail is given.

Flowers in the Attic: Never read the whole thing, but there is a scene tha mentions how one of the children locked in the attic gets diarrhea when she eats certian fruits.

Savages: There is a scene where several women eat a strange fruit and a rather descriptive paragraph depicting the effects on their stomachs follows.

Thats all for now, I know a few with guy diarrhea scenes, if you want me to post them. Until then, laterz.

I have to say I am quite impressed with your record (trusting your not exaggerating) but my experience is much the opposite. I have been known to go up to 24 hours without peeing, on average I only pee 2-3 times during the day without having any discomfort. My comfort levels can be conditional, sometime perhaps on a psyciatric level. I haven't payed much attention to guys, but most girls that I know go every 3-4 hours, that is I'm not sure if they are desperate, but it does seem to be quite often. And there have been some occations where girls have gone almost every hour, and I would listen and hear a gushing pee lasting at least 30 seconds each time! Its amasing, I always wonder where all that pee comes from. As far as taking a dump goes, It definately has to do with more than the sphincter muscles. I know that mine cant be all that strong, but on a normal basis I only shit about once or twice a week with little to no effort. Its about your diet but more importantly for me, the amount of food. I know that I can eat most anything most of the time (emphasis on MOST) and it not affect the consistency of my movements. I've never heard someone take a crap or been informed they just had / were going to, but from what I've been told most people go once a day. One friend (a girl, one of the girls that as on few occations had a lot to pee every hour) has told me she shits about once a day, either in the afternoon or late evening. So anyhow, before I take up too much room, I'd like to hear back from you about the strange varying bodily function control between the sexes


Carmalita, if you ever check back here, so sorry to see you go, I have read a few pages of posts, and you seem like a really sweet girl.

Hey everyone!

BARBIE DOLL: Once again, hot stuff. You must be quite the good view on the throne, one I'd love to see dumping. Keep those great posts coming! =)

BREANNA: Welcome to our forum! Are you usually gassy before a dump? My friend Mallory (see earlier posts for details) is quite gassy before a dump, and her farting drives me wild, heh heh. Glad to have you here.

MALITA: I'm sorry that your schedule has become too full to accomodate posting. If there's any way possible, please stay, as your posts were #1 in a lot of people's eyes and hearts. But if not, since it's not fair to you to try and force you to stay at our happy forum, I would like to wish you the best of luck in your further life, and the same to all your household friends, Jake, Nu, Patsy, Renee, Tesa, Angie, and Otmana, who made us all smile. Here's to you, Carmalita.

On a lighter note...

Just heard some really thick, full-sounding plops in the unisex bathroom this morning. I was in there taking a much-needed urination/defecation break when someone rushed into the stall next to me, and I definitely heard and saw high heels clacking on the bathroom floor. Strange, because this was usually the time of zero bathroom traffic, especially in the unisex. Nevertheless, a girl was definitely in the stall right beside. Oh yes: these stalls were the kind with walls that reached all the way down to the ground, but had a little gap in the back. I had just finished wiping, so I sat quietly. I heard some rustling of clothing, and the girl settled herself on the toilet seat, farting quietly. After a while, I was about to leave, but then she let out a light grunt, hardly audible, probably shouldn't have even been called a grunt. It was more like a catching-of-breath, so to speak. This prompted some much more audible crackle-spiffling, as the log that this girl was pushing! finally exited her body with a full-bodied "FLOOP-OOP!" I would have to guess that this girl got a little backsplash on that one, judging by the way it sounded as if someone dropped a rock in the water. She barely had time to sigh in relief, because then she caught her breath again, squeezing out another good one. "PLOOOP!" was the sound that the second one made, not quite as loud, since the water was probably shallower. Then a lighter "PLOP" followed, probably the end of the second, which had broken off prematurely. The girl beside me wiped swiftly, as it was a short time before the toilet flushed and she exited the stall. I decided to see who this was, and I flushed as she was walking to the sinks. She then gasped and whirled around as I came from my stall. She was a nice-looking brunette girl from my Chem class (and I later found out her name, Clarionne), and she was wearing a yellow hoodie and a beige patterned skirt.
"Oh my gosh! Were you in there that whole time?" Clarionne asked me. I realized that this may not have been the best of ideas. I didn't really have to answer, since she knew the answer. She turned a deep red and turned to the mirrors, washing her hands intently and avoiding my gaze.
"I'm sorry if I startled you," I said, taking the sink alongside and washing my hands. She still didn't look up, so I continued. "It's not like we weren't here to do the same thing."
"Yeah, but..." She trailed off.
"I'm not disgusted or anything, if that's what you think," I said.
Clarionne regarded me quizzically. "You're not?"
"You're human, just like me," I said. "So you do the same life activities as me."
So, I ended up making an appointment with Clarionne for lunch and we had a long conversation about uptightness in society. It's good to know that another person will be able to dump proudly in public, and the world is going to be a better place.

Hey, what happened to Amy (Co-ed) and Meredith?

Anyway, I noticed a "leading lady list" for the top 5 girl celebs who you'd want to see dropping a huge bomb, so I decided to add my own, both on the pot and squatting:

Throne queens:
Kirsten Dunst (Spider-Man - Mary Jane Watson)
Sanaa Lathan (Brown Sugar - Sidney)
Natalie Portman (Star Wars I/II - Queen/Senator Amidala)
Beyonce Knowles (Austin Powers in Goldmember - Foxxy Cleopatra)
Angelina Jolie (Tomb Raider - Lara Croft)

Squat list:
Alison Lohman (White Oleander - Astrid)
Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Jen)
Lucy Liu (Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever - Sever)

And maybe we'll see Avril Lavigne _really_ take a dump in the future!

Stay cool n' fine, everyone!


Potty Pooper
There's only one time I can recall having done a doodoo out in the
outdoors -- other than when I was out camping with a boys' group, that
is -- and it happened when I was about 8. It was during the summer,
and me and my folks were travelling by car on one of our annual trips
to stay with Gramma in another state.

At some point, we were way out on the highway, in the middle of nowhere,
when I had to go to the bathroom. It was figured there probably wouldn't
be a gas station or other such place with facilities for miles and miles,
so Dad pulled over to the side of the road.

I'm not sure now if the ground slanted upwards from the road, or if it
layed flat, it seems to me that it slanted upwards, though, sorta like a
hill, only much much wider... :-) Anyway, there was a bunch of plants
with large leaves (likely kudzu or some such thing) spread thoroughly
out all across this expanse next to the highway, and these plants came
up a bit off the ground. He said to head out into those and do my

I asked "What about toilet paper?"

He told me to just use leaves instead, and sent me on my way. I don't
think it would have ever occured to me to use leaves had he not told me
to. Anyway, I went off into the plants several feet, and found that they
came to a point somewhere above my waist but below my shoulders, my memory
is a bit fuzzy on this. I remember that I essentially disappeared from
veiw once I was among the plants, but could still see over them down to
the road, though I can't recall if this was while I was standing up or
while I was squatting down. Seems to me it was while I was squatting
down, though.

Anyway, once out there, there was plenty of space between the plants for
me to do what I needed to do, and it was bare ground out there *under*
the planets, so I picked a spot that seemed about right, pulled down my
pants while squatting, and did a doodoo. And, of course, I used leaves,
plucking them off the plants as needed. These were fairly large leaves,
too. During this BM, I found it mildly amusing that I could see my folks
and the car, down there next to the road, even while I squatted there

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