Freshman year in high school is most definitely the worst, probably for many people. I was fairly happy with my social life at that point, but I had so many small accidents and near accidents that year. I guess from the nervousness and maybe just bad luck.

I've only had a few big accidents in my life, and only one was with peeing. The other was a pooping accident and now that i think about it that happened during my freshman year too. Ha.

My biggest peeing accident happened during school one day in my theater class. We were building a set for our play and my bladder was pretty full after all the liquids i had consumed during lunch which was the period before. I also remember that i hadn't gone when i woke up that morning so there was quite a bit of pee in me. I stopped working on the platform i was building and asked the theater teacher if i could use the bathroom. she said that was fine but to hurry. Of course, just my luck the auditorium bathrooms were locked because my teacher hadnt gotten the key to unlock them since usually no one used the auditorium until after school for rehearsals. Well, the next closest bathroom was all the way across the plaza in the other building. So i retreated back down the stairs and asked if i could use that one. She gave me a sort of annoyed look and said "Is it an emergency?" Being as shy as I was I just couldnt admit it was an emergency. So I said "no" and went back ove! r to the platform i was working on. By this point my need to go had really increased and the tight jeans i was wearing were also putting a lot of strain on my bladder. Sitting still to paint the platform was only making it worse so i volunteered to go back upstairs and find more paintbrushes. As i stood up i dribbled a few drops of urine into my panties, and i could feel my face go red. I tensed my muscles and started making my way back up the stairs to the lobby where all the painbrushes were. as soon as i got past the doors into the lobby i planned on grabbing myself but no such luck - another boy was also up there looking for boards. I went back into the walkin closet area, for no real reason since i knew the painbrushes werent there. i was just getting a bit panicky. i pretended to be looking for something and started wiggling around. Another spurt escaped into my panties. I tried unbuttoning the top button of my jeans to relieve the pressure on my bladder but it didn't ! help much. I heard someone coming so without thinking i bent over to grab apiece of wood off the ground to make it look like i was actually doing something other then trying to not wet my pants. but all the pressure from bending over caused a huge stream of pee to jet out into my pants that i just couldnt cut off. I just stood there in tears wetting my pants. then i walked out of the auditorium and skipped class for the rest of the day. only one person actually saw that i had gone in my pants but there was a huge puddle of pee on the floor and i'm sure the teacher figured it out. but nothing else was ever said about it. still not one of my fondest memories.

the rest of my freshman year was filled with dribbles during my 8th period class because i didn't have enough time for a bathroom break and well i had some issues with my bowels at school too but i'll save all that for another post, if anyone is actually interested.

As for panty hose, I remember in fourth grade in the afternoon I had to pee. The teacher let me out. I raced thru the hall to the girls room, slammed the stall door, lifted my navy dress and white slip. Then I had to tug at my panty hose to get my white panties down. I did. Sat on the toilet, I urinated for one full minute. Did it ever feel good. I had many such close calls when I was a girl. I was not so lucky in seventh grade. See my earliest posts.

Congratulations to the forum for reaching 1000 pages! Where else can we talk freely and anonymously?

This cover girl scene is in a public women's room. It could be school, work at the mall or at the cinema.

Breanna: Welcome my black sister.

Punk Rock Girl
Hello there!

I had four super-nice dumps over the weekend, each in a different crapper! On Saturday morning, I woke up and my boyfriend and I decided to head out and go shopping. I went in the bathroom, pulled up my nightshirt and pulled down my underpants and sat on his cozy toilet seat. I effortlessly dropped several chunks and a few pebbles, while my boyfriend was making us coffee and breakfast in the kitchen. I peed, then wiped, which wasn't even necessary. We had breakfast, showered and headed out.

We shopped for a few hours, then had some lunch. We met some friends and went to a bar for a few drinks, then went for dinner at a little place in the Village. We were having some coffee when my bowels shifted in my ass. I went into the bathroom, a unisex with one toilet. I pulled down my pants and thong and sat on the toilet, which seemed like it was designed for Wilt Chamberlain. My feet barely touched the floor! This one required a little more effort, but once it got moving, slid out of my ass easily. A nice sized load plopped into the water, splashing my bare buns. I peed, then wiped a few times and flushed, then went back to my boyfriend and friends.

We went back to my one friend's place and ended up spending the night. The next morning, I got up, put on my pants to hide my bare, thong clad buns and went in the bathroom for my morning dump. The door was open, so I walked right in, and my friend was sitting on the toilet and reading a magazine, taking HIS morning dump! I said, "Oh, sorry!" He said, "Sorry, I should have closed the door." I asked if he was going to be much longer, I had to poop. He said he was just sitting there reading, and was done. He wiped while stood there, and flushed. The bathroom had a faint odor which wasn't too nice, but withstandable. He went to the sink to wash his hands and said, "All yours!" I went over, pulled down my pants and thong and sat on the toilet, which was nice and warm from him sitting there. He was surprised, and said, "Gimme a sec and I'll leave." I said, "Don't worry about it, I poop in front of my boyfriend all the time." He went about washing his hands, but w! e talked as I pushed a couple of semi-soft logs into the water. I could tell wiping was going to be more of an event this time than my last couple of dumps. I peed, then wiped several times without looking at the paper. I flushed, but could tell that more wiping was needed. I wiped a few more times, until it felt like I was clean. I wiped once more and sneaked a peak at the paper. 'twas okay! I flushed the toilet and pulled up my thong as I stood up, then pulled up my pants. I washed my hands and continued making small talk with him, then joined him in the kitchen for some cappucciono! Mmmmmm!

My last dump of the weekend was late in the afternoon. I could tell that my semi-soft dump that morning was a precursor to all-out diarrhea later (that's the way it usually goes, anyway) and I wasn't wrong. My boyfriend and I had decided to go for a walk around the city after getting back to his place and washing up. We were in the Village again, where finding a public restroom is like finding a three-legged ballerina. Finally, we walked past a construction site which had a couple of porta-potties. I went in one, which was astonishingly clean! I pulled down my pants and thong and sat my bare ass on the plastic seat and relaxed. Chunky diarrhea rushed into the cesspool of a thousand dumps below me. I sat there for about five minutes, with liquid shit trickling out of my ass until I was empty. I peed, then wiped my ass (amazingly, it was actually high quality, quilted toilet paper!). No need to flush obviously, and there even hand sanitizer to wash my hands with!! I pulled up my thong and pants and exited the shitter. My boyfriend and I walked around a little longer, then headed back to his place for dinner.

Well, there's my crap experiences for the weekend. Hope you all found it a fascinating as I did. I did take a dump this morning right after I got to work; my bowels are back to normal!



Cute girl in the picture today...she looks kinda like a girl in my class...

JIM--liked your story

TOM--Welcome! I'm not really sure where my fascination started...I think it usually starts around potty training age when parents make such a big deal about peeing and pooping. They're always taking the toddler to go and they watch--so the kid learns that its interesting and fun to watch, too. And I guess some of us never grew out of it. :)

TURDBOY--I'm not really trained in psychology or anything, but I have studied dream interpretation. Dreaming about urination, defecation or pretty much any release of bodily fluid usually means you are ridding your body of something negative, like a bad feeling or way you look at life. Hope this helps!

MATTHEW C--Liked your story.

IRISHGUY--I'm 19 year old female, blonde hair, gren eyes, nice build. Loved your last story! And no, I don't mind you asking if I'm male or female...story below is just for you!

WETGUY--Liked your story about Charlie.

JOHN Q PUBLIC--Liked your story!
And now, for my story...for IRISHGUY, BRYIAN, WETGUY and anybody else that likes wetting stories or just mine in particular...
I have been wanting to wet myself on purpose for ever, but never wanted to get caught or have my mom find my wet panties. I got the greatest chance on Saturday. On Friday, I started my period, and it was much heavier than usual. I told my mom and she gave me these really long thick pads. She said they were actually for weak bladders, but she had bought them for her heavy periods and let me have some. I wore one to bed and was the first to wake up on Saturday. The box said that these were for average/heavy leakage, so I decided to try them out. I took off all my clothes except for my little blue bikini briefs with a star on the front. With the pad in place, I sat on the toilet and started to pee--just a few drops. Then I let loose a few more squirts. I touched my panties with my hand to make sure the pad wasn't leaking. It was completely dry, so I peed some more. I kept peeing and the pad kept getting thicker and heavier and warmer as I peed more. When I felt! like the pad couldn't hold anymore, i finished peeing in the toilet, removed the pad, wrapped it up and threw it in the garbage. Then I collected all the garbage in the bathroom and took it our to our trash disposal. Mom never suspected a thing, and my panties stayed completely dry. :) I never thought peeing myself could be so good!


Emily of NYC
Bill's Survey:
1. What do you generally eat? Tons of fruits and vegetables? Fast foods? Ribs and steaks etc? Sandwiches? I am a complete vegetarian, and I don't even touch any animal products-including eggs and dairy. I forgot the term for this kind of person.

2. How many times do you usually fart in a day? I usually fart when I'm taking a dump and never any other time. I usually fart about 5 times.

3. How big is your average bowel movement? I make extremely long dumps. About 1.5 inches thick and at least 17 inches long.

4. If you poop in a public toilet, do you leave it unflushed? Would you leave it unflushed if it's the biggest poo you ever done? Definitely not. I have compassion for other people and if my dump smells bad, I will spray disinfectant.

5. If a lady left a large turd for everyone to see in a public toilet, would you be disgusted or amazed? I would be absolutely disgusted as you probably could have inferred from my last reply.

6. How many times in a week do you use public restrooms? Out of all those times you use public restrooms, how many times do you find unflushed poo? I use public restrooms very often, about 10 times a week, 5 being for dumps and the other five for pees.

7. What's the largest poo you've seen done by a little girl? (Under the age of 12) I've never looked into another kid's stall-it's morally wrong and they deserve their privacy. But I will say that when I was a "little girl"-about 10 or 11, I was at my friend Allie's birthday party, and had to go take a dump. So I went in and released the biggest dump of my whole life that I remember in about 30 seconds. I sat down on the toilet, and pushed ever so slightly, and I felt 4 pounds lighter in a matter of seconds-It was probably about 2 feet long and came shooting out like a rocket. It took me about 10 seconds more to wipe myself and to wash my hands. It was also one of my smellier dumps. It was a one-person bathroom, and I bet the people waiting outside just thought I had gone for a pee, but when they saw the skid marks, I bet they changed their mind.

8. Do you use laxatives when you're constipated? If so, what kind? I have never used a laxative or an enema in my entire life-I've never been constipated. I make sure a take a dump every day-usually the urge kicks in sometime in the day-and it's strong-I've never gone in my pants- I always make it in time. If I haven't gone the whole day, and I'm about to go to sleep, I will always sit on the toilet and see what will happen. If nothing happens for a while, I will push my stomach in like in the HEimlich maneuver. After I do this a few times, I always manage to take a dump. I've taken a dump every day of my life since my earliest memory-when I was about 2 years old.

9. How often are you constipated? I am never constipated, and I don't even let the teachers stop me from going to the bathroom-better to get detention from rushing out of class than to be constipated-you get constipated from holding poop in.

10. Does your average bowel movement takes less than 3 minutes from start to finish? My dumps usually take 5 to ten minutes.

I love ya always and forever!


okay last year i was on a trip to suzhou (a

city in southern china, famous by its fine silks). on the road i'd

already felt the fullness down there. i could tell turdS snaking

down in my rectum, pressing against at the door, eager to

burst. yet i thouhgt i could hold them till i got to the

destination hotel.

well i made it. we arrived at 23 pm. right after checking in, i

rushed into the bathroom, locked the door with shaking hands,

took down my pants, & tested the handle of the flush tank

(one of my habbits). out of work! the tank was empty.

waaaah! at this moment i almost felt the head pushing outta

my poor anus. i got up, pressed for the last time, & went outta

the room. i had to find some other way-out, cause i was

sharing the room with a friend with whom i was not familiar.

we were at 10 floor of that hotel. i waddeled to the service

desk of our floor. nobody. public toilet? great! uhmmm?


i waddeled to the 11th floor, hoping to be able to use the

public toilet. locked! i waddeled down to the 9th floor. relief!

there, behind the service desk, sitting a service lady, silently

reading some bmagazine. maybe she was in her late 20s, who

cares with a threatening harricane bursting in your rectum,

with a flared anus & blurring vision? but i remember that she

was rather good-looking & delicate.

crossing my legs, i explained my situation, & asked if i could

use some public toilet? she replied that they had a "staff-only

toilet" at their floor, one gents, one ladies, very small, & she

showed me the direction with her fine hand & clean fingers.

i thanked her & was already running to it while i heard her

saying something like "but unfortunately sir, the gents is out

of work." this stopped me. the carpet puckered b4 my shoes. i

turned toward her with miserable face. i told her that i could

not hold in any SECOND longer! & i asked if the ladies room

was empty? she said yes nobody was inside it, & she informed

me that it was locked unless any of thier lady staff would use

it. i begged to use it. i practically said HELP. she smiled kindly

& subtly, & walked toward the ladies room with crackling keys.

i was one foot behind, panting, moaning, with the only hope

that i would not lose control in front of such a nice lady

(although slow in temper).

she opened the "staff-only" ladies room & said something like

"the tank is also out of work, mind you sir". b4 she finishing

her sentence, i was already flying inside & trying to close the

door behind me, with her out of the door.

door lock. out of work. gaaaawwd! everything in suzhou

seemed to me out-of-work!

i told her by saying "watch out this door for me, thanx!" & she

said "okay mister" from the outside of the door. i was half

sitting on the white john, the "progress" had already begun by

its own brian.

first a huge firm turd snaked out of my anus. out it went. out it

went. it felt sooooooooooooooooo nice. out it went. out it

went. the monster seemed endless. out it went. out it went.

the head had long inserted the water. at last it dropped. i felt

much lighter! i could not help but inspected.

the dark brown snake was sooooooooooooooooo thick (5 cm)

& sooooooooooooooo long that the head had already inserted

the hole in the buttom of the bowl. the visible part looked liek

30 cm long.

i felt the urge coming again, so i sit on the john again, & b4

my pushing, another fat turd slided out as slowly. out it went.

out it went. out it went. out it went. . . i was panting heavily

all the progress. moaning & grunting all the time. i bet if one

heard me from the outside, one would doubt what was going

on :-)

out it went. out it went. . . till now i had the time to look

around. this was a really narrow room, with this solo john, &

one basin for hand-washing. to my right, at the corner of the

room, there was a plastic trash box, with 1 or 2 used tp & 3

used mense-napkins inside.

finally, my 2nd turd dropped in the water, with almost no

sound. what a relief after so long time of holding, & after so

much troubles finding a john to let go!

i sighed & waited silently. 5 minutes passed. no sinister. well i

i thought i was done & i said to myself "okay let's call it a fin &

kill those monsters", so i habbitually pulled the flush handle.

horror! the tank was empty! then i recalled that the lady had

warned me something like this.

what to do?

well, not much. what do u think i was going to do with an

empty tank?

i rearched for the tp box. empty! well. i'm a good tempered

person. i seldom get angry. at least i'd got my load off, right?


well i just stood up (what a bizzare feeling to stand up after

pooping, without wiping), & turned around to take one more

look at what i'd produced (& obviously what the hotel staff,

most likely female, would be looking at). the smell was not

strong. the light in that narrow ladies room was dim, so i felt i

saw fat huge boas tangling together inside the pan. the pan

was half full.

(so next time when i know it'd be huge ones, i'd squat on

some newspapers, & let them out smoothly, lying flat without

break, & i'd be moving slowly in one direction, so that i'd be

able to check out the exact length & width after the whole

pooping. maybe someone here have already tried this? let me


"well, sorry, lady, sorry suzhou. i'm not pig. i really tried to

flush. . . u know? please forgive me. . . " saying these

inwardly to myself, i opened the door, & went out. the lady

was calmly sitting behind her desk. upon hearing my sounds,

she raised her eyes just to meet mine. i blushed, thanked her

again, & walked quickly back up to my 10th floor... my

roommate was complaining to some service staff on the

phone, saying something like "what the hell about the

facilities here!"...

anyway, i had one of the greatest poops that nite. the longer u

hold it, the greater the pleasure u get.


Hello everybody!

Well yesterday I had the pee holding contest with my husband Steve. For the contest I just put on one of my short netball skirts with no knickers under it, and a white t shirt. He just had some black jog pants on and a white t shirt. Well we drank 2 pints of water each after we had both weed to get empty before we started. It was about 1 hour 30 minutes when Steve said he started feeling his bladder filling a bit. I felt my bladder filling a bit earlier than him but I did not tell him! giggle When it was about 2 hours later I looked at Steve's face and he was concentrating a bit now. At the 3 hours 30 minutes stage I was feeling fuller. I was at the stage when if we were on a night out I would cross the fingers on my left hand to tell him my urge was a bit strong but I could hold on a bit yet. When it was about 4 hours he was sitting and sometimes his knee was jumping up and down fidgetting and then he would stop. He was trying a bit now but he was real cool too!
When it was about that time I just took my skirt off so I was nude from the waist down. Well I think that perked him up a bit. giggle. Well I just kept standing up not sitting. Steve was fidgetting a lot more and it was about 4 hours 45 minutes when he calmly said "Enough", picked his bucket up, pulled his pants down and pointed his willy into it. Well he weed hard into the bucket and he was enjoying it. He was breathing deep and looking at all the wee squirting through his hosepipe. I looked too and I really enjoyed it but it made me want to wee even more! He measured his volume at just under 1 litre. Well I lasted a bit longer than Steve. I went for about 6 hours 15 minutes and I was really crossing my legs by then. My ???? felt a bit hard and inflated and I was just bursting by now. Well I got Steve to hold my bucket for me between my legs while I stood with my legs apart. It was a real feelgood wee this one. I let rip and I weed a really HUGE gusher. It felt SO good! . I just was breathing real hard and going "uh ... uh" I got so much relief from it. I made a lot of noise down the inside of the bucket too. Sort of a drumming you know? Steve looked amazed at my weeing! giggle He said I weed for about 2 minutes and I bet I did too! Well my wee was a bit foamy and we waited for it to settle so we could see how much I did. It was about 1850ml and that is my biggest ever measured wee!
Well I hope everybody liked the story. I was not really in a clash of wills with my husband. He smiled at me and he said he knew I could outlast him anyway but after the contest we got a bit of a charged atmosphere another way and we went to bed for a few hours of really nice lovemaking.

ADRIAN - Hi guy! Hey thank you very much for such really nice kind thoughts. It was like Steve said to me though, the holding contest was not really about me trying to hold my wee longer than he could, it was more about having a personal best holding time.
Love Louise xxxxxxx

jim - I liked your story.

I am a senior in high school and today at lunch i drank a can of coke like i usually do. However, today was different in that in the class after lunch I had to pee sooo bad. And there was no way i could ask the teacher to leave because she has not let anyone out to go to the bathroom yet this year, so all that would accomplish would be attracting attention to my increasingly desperate situation. Halfway through the class i had to start scissornig my legs slightly and lean forward every now and then to help hold in all my pee. It was around this time that it dawned on me that not only would i have to hold the pee for the rest of this period, but for half of the next one too until i got dismissed early. I would have absoutely no time in between to take a piss. So, most of my attention was focused on maintaining control without having to attract attention to myself. I was at the point where i had to go so bad i wanted to grab my dick, but not yet at the point where i was al! most peeing my pants. For the rest of that class, I scissored my legs more rapidly and made it through. However, the next class was tougher, naturally. I only needed to hold out for 20 minutes there, though. I was now at the point where any movement would result in a sharp urge to pee, but i managed to fight one after another. I was so embarrased that i would make myself obvious to everyone, and even more so because i felt as though i was almost squirting in my khaki pants. I counted down the minutes, and when my time to leave came, I had made it, and the urge had subsided enough such that i was able to go to my locker before leaving ( i was going to a school football game). When i got to the bathroom, I was dancing, but i managed to make it and pee without incident. That is until i went to zip up and more pee came out, creating an obvious wet spot on my pants. Luckily for me, I was changing anyway, so it didnt really matter. Anyway, this wasnt really a wetting, but it was a! s desperate as i've been in school in a long time. Sorry for the length of this post.


Fart Lover.
Hello everyone! I ordered this video of a German girl farting loud and pooping fat large and snake like turds. GIRLS AND GUYS! has this ever happened to you? Have you ever watched a video that whatever the people were doing, your body suddenly did that same thing? My farts were sounding the same way as hers, and I felt the need to take a poop. But I just remain farting. I tried to push out a turd, but it suddenly wouldn't come. Anyway, BRYIAN: you should be the president of this site. Because you always acknowledge everyone's stories. You're such a sweet guy.(smile) WETGUY: liked your stories. MUSK: liked all of your stories. DEEP CLOUD/NINE: The answer to your question is, super obsorbence. When I gotta go, I gotta go. Also, I've peed into containers, buckets, an open drain, in my panties on a chair while playing a video game, and I've even peed into a 2liter bottle once at a friend of a friend's house. Her bathroom was occupied, so I took an empty 2liter soda bottle and st! uck it just under my piss hole, securing it; then let'er rip.

Veronica. Words sometimes have more than one meaning and meanings occasionally change. You may be interested to know that in the New Testament the word 'bowels' is used to mean tender mercies! I can well understand how misunderstandings can occur, particularly when people don't use the widely understood words for certain things though!

Annie and Robby. Hi! Annie, I enjoyed the post about your recent big poo. It sounds as though you needed it badly. Am I right in thinking you'd not done anything for several days? I'd love to hear about the next big jobbie you get to pass.

Katrina, 'hold it man' and all interested in Halloween holding. Of the various condtenders you've mentioned I think the nurse will probably win (although I expect some nurses have been known to discreetly use a bed pan during long shifts). As for the runners up, I think it will be a close contest between the airline pilot and the teacher, both of whom do jobs where they are unlikely to have to hold for very long periods of time but can't go to the loo at will either.

Best wishes to all


MALITA -- I'll miss you terribly, darling, as I'm sure we all will. It's so hard to let go of someone you care for so much as we care for you and your whole wonderful family. Take care, and may all your poops be magnificent!

STEVE & LOUISE, DAMSEL, DONNA, INA, CARA and may others, I've been trying to post a major reply for the last week or more, I even tried posting it in three segments in case the length was causing some kind of failure in the post system, but it's not appeared. I'm not sure if it was simply not making the editorial cut -- I'm pretty sure the content and weighting were okay.

Please be assured you're all in my thoughts, and I always look forward to your posts.



Mike of MD
1. How many times have you ever left your panties or undershorts in the bathroom for your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend to find them dirty?
2. Have you ever left the toilet while pooping or pissing and forgot to flush it?
3. What was the worst condition you ever found a bathroom in?
4. How many times have went to use the toilet and no tp to wipe with?

Matthew C
Great story. Just in case anyone's wondering you're not my mate Luke though!

fabulous site! more than 1000 pages of post. more than 1000

pages of shared joy.

Melissa, Bethany, Carmalita, JaLe, Hermione, Shy Girl,

Eleanor, Althea, Natalie, Barbie Doll, dylan, Jared, Undin the

Greek, Outhouse Scott, PRG, FART LOVER, MEREDITH, i trully

love your posts.

last nite i took a nice poop. i wiped & inspected what i'd

produce. there silently lying in the bowl were one firm fat 14

incher & 7 smaller chops, all deep brown in color. i was happy,

cause i rarely take fat firm turds lately. i do enjoy feeling

some firm sausages sliding out of my anus.

i flushed b4 taking 3 warm enemas. the whole process took

1.5 hr. i applied plain warm water. after each enema, warm

water with some minor turds gushed out of my butt (like liquid

diarrahea). i enjoy the fullness & the relief.

i wished to see "clean water" come out, to feel the utter

feeling of cleanness. however, after the last enema, i was still

gushing out brownish yellow "liquid diarrahea", with

thouthands pieces of minor undigested residuum. i began

feeling a little tired, plus cold (the heating system of this

district had not been running yet), so i quit further attempts.

why cannot i see some "clean water" coming out of my

bowels? any suggestion? thanx for listening & tips.

more to share with all you wonderful persons. bye for now.


Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Mr. Nobody
Turdboy: I have a very similar recurring dream... haven't had it for a while, but I used to have it all the time.

In mine there's no specific lighting, but you describe the subterranean part bang-on. I'm usually carrying things like I'd need for a shower, and sometimes I need to use the facilities, sometimes not, but they're always like you describe... broken, missing seats, piled high with excrement, feces on the floor, urine, etc.

Sometimes there'll be tiny, unlit little cubicles that I feel I can use, sometimes not. A funny variation is that sometimes the toilets are arranged on tiers, so that some of them are several feet above the others, almost like bleacher seats!

Another funny recurring dream I used to have, with an easier explanation: I'm at someone's house, and I need to use the washroom. Sometimes the owners are in the dream, sometimes I'm alone. Typically I can't find a bathroom, but I'll find a closet (nearly always with sliding doors, and in their bedroom) and I'll proceed to start whizzing in their shoes or on the carpet. I go and go and go, and I start to get annoyed that I'm not feeling any relief. At this point I usually wake up... you guessed it, needing to pee! Luckily my dreaming of going never resulted in me actually going.

I've lurked here for eons, but I've never posted until now... your dream reminded me so much of my own that I felt compelled. There must be something symbolic to it! Here's hoping we figure it out :o)


My last post didn't make it for some reason (I don't know why) so I'll try again.

Veronica. Hi and welcome! Language is a fickle thing and some words change their meaning whilst some take on more than one meaning. I think the word 'bowels' is a case in point and historically it has been used, I know, in more than one way.

Annie & Robby. Annie, I enjoyed the account of your latest poo. It sounds as though you were well ready for it! Had any good big jobbies since?

Those who posted about Halloween holding. I think the nurse will probably win and hold the longest, with it being a close run thing between the teacher and the airline pilot.

Beanna. Welcome. Liked your post. I'm surprised that you didn't drop a much bigger load if you'd not been for several days or a week though.

Cara. I can well imagine that ladies who don't bother with knickers or tights find it a lot easier to go to the loo and avoid wasting valuable seconds if the needs is an urgent one. In fact Victorian ladies just more long skirts and could answer the call of nature, particularly when outdoors in a garden, very easily. The only drawback for a modern lady wearing a shorter skirt is that she might feel the cold badly in winter and that would probably make her want to go to the loo much more often than would otherwise be the case.

Carmalita. Sorry to hear that you're going but if you're busy I'm sure most people hear understand. I don't post quite so often as I'd like due to pressure of time. However, I will be sorry to see you go as your posts have always been enjoyable. I hope very much that at some time in the future you will have a chance to return or pop in and say hello. Good luck!



Hi like the storys of poo pooing & pee peeing! I'm 19& a brunette & 2 days ago i pood &peed in a lay by i was totaly bursting for a streamie so i pulled in got out of my car but 2 my horror not a tree or bush in site at that point a dribble of wee trickled in to my panties i had no option but to pee at the kerb btween my car & the pavment so i opend my car door pulled up my skirt sliped my knickers down and squatted and weed a stream of urine on to the tarmac just as i was finnishing my 4 year old daughter said that she needed a wee wee so i wiped and pulled up my knix and fixt my skirt got my girl out of the car took hershorts and pants down lifted her up and let her wee

Traveling Guy
My turn to survey. The masthead says, "It is non-fattening, natural, pleasurable..." With that in mind,

1) How often (every 3rd dump, every 10th, 20th, never, etc.) do you have an "automatic" BM - one where you have to do little or no pushing, just relax and it comes out on its own, or almost on its own?

2) How often (see above) does a dump give you a pleasurable sensation, beyond simply sensing the poop coming out?

3) Is that pleasant sensation usually just around the anus, or do you feel it in other parts of the body, too, e.g., abdominal area, legs, arms, neck?

4) If you know the pleasure mentioned above in #1 and #2, describe a memorable experience. Give us details.

Carmalita - We've said goodbye here before, but let's say it again. Adios, mi amiga! The sights, the sounds, the smells, all in surround sound and living color - it's been one great, vicarious trip, hon. Gracias!

Breanna - Welcome aboard! "Slide out..." - that's the best!

Tom - I'm sure no expert on your question, but I guess Freud comes as close as anyone to helping those with our interests understand ourselves. (I know a lot of people may pooh-pooh this, but it's just my way of trying to sort things out.) He'd say that we got fixated in the anal stage, his second stage of development, after oral. When I was very young, my mom emphasized having regular BMs and I also remember her telling me to push out when having one, that if I pushed in, I could hurt myself. (As I think about that, I wonder how dear mom could have made such a fuss over something so natural.) She gave in to the urge to purge and used laxatives too often, and sometimes gave them to me, too. Ironically, that was often after I'd passed a giant stool that clogged the toilet. At the first chance when I was sick, she'd always want to give me an enema, too. I've always suspected that my mom shares our interests, but we've never talked about it. Was that the beginning ! of my interest in bodily functions? I don't know. I just know that I have one, but I also have a "normal(?)," happy life. I'd like to hear what others think about your question.


Today something happened that I've never had happen before... I went to use the mens room in the office towers, and while I was standing taking a piss at the urinal, I dropped a log in my shorts!! It came so fast that I couldn;t stop it! I was peeing and when I farted it shot out.. there was a business man in his mid thirties standing beside me peeing when this happened. I was wearing my usual briefs so it was contained but I was afraid that the smell gave me away since it smelt more than a fart. I finished peeing and then went into the cubicle to empty my shorts. When I came out, the guy was standing fixing his hair in the mirror. I went over to wash my hands, he kindof looked at me like he was going to say something and then he left... I don't know what he wanted to say, but I presumed that he knew that I had just shit my pants while standing next to him! I'm glad he didn;t say anything because i would have been embarrassed! Has this ever happened to any of you men out! there? After today i am thinking of using the cubicles even if i stand, just to prevent the embarrassment of an unexpected load!

question: any of you guys out there ever accidently loaded your gym shorts while lifting weights or working out?

BIG-JOB BOY: Nathan, Thankyou for your comments on my previous posts :(Page 1004). Matthew c, Jim, Luke & Musk:- Great posts recently too !! Nathan, as you can see I changed my name from 'Potty Boy' to Big-Job Boy, as someone already had posted as previously as Potty Boy some time ago. I really loved your short post about going on the toilet in the morning at Uni., and the fact that the amount you poop seems to have increased. Yes, I almost always have a long, forceful pee after a good 'performance', especially it it's a big load I've been building up to do for say a couple of days; (which are the one's I most enjoy doing). I often have the same problem having to direct a real 'stiffy' bowl-wards after, or during, a good dump, so that I pee into the toilet, as there isn't much warning that the pee is about to start coming out. I assume you live in the UK ! Actually, it wasn't clear whether your first dump of the morning is still at Uni. or at home. Obviously ! you now usually just have the one dump, waiting to do part two at the same sitting, so I imagine you do it at Uni. now, as you mentioned about the girl you fancy who has her dump at the same time. When I was a student at Exeter College I would 'go' with a fellow student to the seventh floor loos (just two cubicles) & we would both 'go' at the same time after lunch. Once we were in another annexe building of the College, the other side of town, and I waited for him just outside the single cubicle, but inside the toilet block itself, having asked him first if it was alright if I came in & waited for him ("If you want to," he said, rather reluctantly, I would soon see why !!). There was the usual six inch gap around the base of the old & thin cubicle partitions & I had a side-on view as I saw his trousers drop to the floor, then heard him pull his thin, tight briefs down those smooth, slim legs of his, as he wasted no time and sat astride the toilet with a 'c! lonk,' as the uneven toilet seat took his weight. We were both 17 years old. I heard him struggle & strain a few times and realised he was finding things a bit hard, which excited me a lot. The toilets were deserted apart from us. Then I heard the 'SPLOSH' of a huge 'ring-stretcher' plunge into the water, "What a run," I heard him say. He was obviously well overdue to force out that huge monster, no wonder he felt slightly awkward about me coming in the block to chat to him, knowing what a 'big-one' he had to drop, & knowing I would hear everything !! Perhaps another side of him felt proud & wanted me to hear it drop. I wish I was at Uni. with you Nathan, as I love to deliberately, slowly ease out a huge log myself. Once, I was heading for the loos and a slim 18 year old lad, that I knew, was just in front of me. He went in one of the two cubicles, and I went in the other. I heard him unbucking, putting down the toilet seat, then heard him pulling off a! load of toilet paper which he dropped straight into the bowl to mask the sound of his turds dropping. I struck-up a little conversation with him and noticed the embarrassment in his voice, as he was poised there waiting to start his shit, and for me to leave, but obviously preparing to shit anyway. It was so quiet, but he did wait for a few minutes, then, without hearing any straining at all from him, I heard the heavy, wet thuds start, as he was pushing out his logs down onto the wad of soggy white toilet paper in the bowl; five big, firm, long, smooth logs in all. The great thing was that he wiped & left 'without' flushing & I was able to see what he'd done. Perhaps he wanted to leave them for me to see !! I do find the act of 'performing' is so erotic. For me it's more erotic to witness someone else perform (who I am attracted to myself), but it does make me horny anyway. Have you tried pushing a 'firm-one' back up with a wad of toilet paper when you've le! t it come out a bit ? It's a great feeling !! Do you wear boxers or white briefs ? I like white briefs, but have worn boxers. I normally have no set time of the day, but 'go' when I need to. I do enjoy holding it back for a few hours to make it bigger and more pleasant to perform. Happy shitting to all. Will post again soon.

a couple of years ago, I was at a friends flat and I needed to take a shit badly. We were in his living room and he was on the phone. I walked down the long passage to the toilet and prepared to let out a big stinking shit. I opened the toilet window and put my jacket against the bottom of the door so the shit scent would'nt seep out. I sat on the toilet and let out a big stiff stinking shit which filled the pan. I flushed and continued shitting. When I finished, the toilet stank. I opened the window further and sprayed Dettox air freshener alover which is suppose to neutralise all smells, but it was'nt doing a good job with my stinking shit! I went back into the living room and as I was walking along the passage, I could smell my shit. I felt embarressed and even more so when my friend, who did'nt say anything about my pungent shit, began spraying the passage with air freshener.
That's why I don't like shitting in other peoples toilets.

Some times when i poop, i see something like red dots in my poop. Do you know what it is? Thanks

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