Hi. I've been reading the posts on this forum for about 3 months now and have decided I'm ready to post my own experiences. I'm 22 years old,African American female. I'm very petite-I'm 5'2 and about 110 lbs. I don't poop very often,about once a week usually. I just pooped a few minutes ago and thought I'd share with you all. I've had gas the past few days,so I knew I was going to have to take a dump pretty soon. Well a few minutes ago I was sitting here at my computer when the urge came. I got up and went upstairs to my bathroom,peeling off my nightgown along the way. I sat on the toilet and immediately felt my poop moving down. Finally it began to slide out-it was soft and about 2 inches around. It hit the water with a soft plop and then I urinated a little. I ended up wiping 5 times. The poop was about 5 inches long and a medium brown color. It was one solid piece and was round at the ends. Well that's it for right now but I'll definitely keep you all up to date on my bat! hroom trips!

today is sunday and i went to my friends house to play, i nocked on the door and his mom opened it. i said can your son play and she said sure come in. she said he was in the backyard. i ran to the back door and ran outside. he was nowhere around. i looked behind the trees. then i remembered our secret place and he was there. i scared him when i said hey. he was standing in the corner of the fence. our secret place was a big bush in the corner of the yard. we made a hide out there. i said what are you doing he said nothing . i smelled poop real strong. i looked at his but and it was sticking out a little. i said did you poop your pants. he said yes. my friend was only 7 so he has accidents sometimes still. i said why did you poop your pants and he said he tried to make it inside but it came out before he got to the door so he hided here. i said lets dump it out and he said ok. he had on jeans with elastic so he just pulled them down. his underwear was brown in the back. it ! was mushy poop, nothing to dump out. i told him to take his shoes off and his pants off. then i pulled down his underwear and threw them in the back of the bushes. he put his pants back on. his but was nasty but nothing more we could do. we played for hours in the hideout, digging holes and stuff. then my friend got up and started running to the door. i stayed cause i didnt know what he was doing. about 2 minitues later he came back. his pants were soaked. he peed them. i said dude your wet. he said he really had to go. i didnt notice before but while we were digging he was trying to hold it with the shovel. his mom came out and yelled for us to come in. i went first, and he was behind me real close. his head was almost touching my back, he was trying to hide the accident from his mom. i had to pee now too and i didnt know i was doing it but i was holding myself a little and his mom saw and said do you need to potty. i said oh no i can wait. then she said we dont want to ha! ve an accident now do we. she was talking baby talk, i guess cause her boy is only 7 still. i said no i wont have an accident. we ran to his room and he put some diferant pants on. he still had poop smeared all over his but. i guess he didnt care. i was still needing to pee, his sister was in the bathroom. she was taking a bath. i stayed in my friends room trying to hold it. my friend said your gonna pee your pants and i said no way. i was desperate now and i nocked on the door and asked if i could pee. she said sure come in. i opened the door and she was laying in the tub looking at me. i started to squit a little in my jeans as i tried to unzip them. she was looking right at me and i could concentrate. i started going in my jeans right in front of her. she laughed at me and said your just like my brother, waiting till the last minute. i got them unzipped and peed the rest in the toilet. she stared right at my pee pee. she was like 17 i think. i cant believe i wet my pants ! in front of her. her brother stood in the doorway looking at me and he laughed to. i said stop laughing poopy pants. his sister said what. did you poop your pants. he lied and said no. she said come here. he came in and she looked down his pants. she saw the brown smears on his but. she spanked him and called his mom. his mom came in and said you should have went to the toilet sooner. then the sister told on my friend and she grabbed his pants and pulled them down right in front of everyone, then she stripped him naked and started to clean him. right in front of his sister still in the bath and me. i sat on the toilet and watched. when she was done she came to me and said get up. she started pulling my pants down too . i said wait dont and she said come on. she stripped me naked too except for my shirt and took our clothes to the wash. the sister laughed at us standing there naked in front of her. she stood up to get out and we saw her naked. she was beutiful. i put my hands! over my pee pee so she couldnt see it. she left and the mom came back, she had some clothes. a pair of sweatpants for both of us. they were way to small for me but they stretched. they were so tight my pee pee stuck up in the front. it looked kinda funny. well the wash got done and she gave my clothes back and told me she called my mom but she didnt tell her i had an accident. she just said he was playing late. i went home and took a shower and went to bed, well im typing this first. today was crazy all kinds of stuff that never happened before. well gotta go, by

The Nature Boy
Long time lurker, once-in-a-blue moon poster here with some thougts on some TV ads here in the States. There is a lot more openess about guys taking really smelly dumps (or just dumping in general:

A NASCAR commercial where a guy (and a NASCAR fan uses a yellow "caution" flag upon leaving the bathroom to warn his wife not to enter!

A commercial for Air Wick air fresheners where a little boy (about 8) remarks "how can something so small make such a big smell?" His mom looks at him like "Indeed!"

Another air freshener commercial that starts when a boy flushes the toilet and goes to wash his hands...and the animated toothbrush holder holds his nose! The boy then sprays the air freshener, much to the toothbrush holder's delight.

A commercial that starts with a shot of a boy (about 12) from the waist up, with a look of extreme concentration on his face...when the camera pans down we see he is sitting on the toilet - but he is concentrating on the video game he is playing with the wireless GameCube controller!

A commercial where a little girl comes into the bathroom after her dad's morning dump...her mom replaces the air freshener, and the girl is like "ahhhh, much better!"

But one type of commercial shows men and women of all ages - the Cottonelle Roll Wipes commercial! I guess it is just a reminder that we all must wipe our butt at least once a day (or so...)

I enjoy reading all the stories here - esp. Punk Rock Girl's, you rule!

I just found this site, and I thought I was the only one for all these years!

I have a question for everyone: What is your opinion of how this fascination gets started?

this morning I woke up and didnt go to the toilet straight away. I held on for as long as I could then I ran outside took a hanging flowerpot (no plants but filled with dirt)and put it on the ground. I pulled down my panties and crouched over it and peed. I peed long but didnt make a sound. I was in heaven out in the open peeing in a flowerpot. I will definatly do it again

I have this recurring nightmare. I'm wondering if anyone out there with psychiatric trianing can tell me what it means ... what's goin' on in my noggin in other words.

I'm in my early 30's now, but in the dreams, I'm back in my younger, high school days. I'm always kind of stumbling around trying to find my way through a sort of vast, subterranean lockerroom bathroom/catacomb. There is dim, flickering, yellow light coming from naked, hanging lightbulbs overhead. These bulbs are always sort of swaying, creating disconcerting shadows everywhere. The floors are flooded with about 3-4 inches of water from the endless rows and clusters of toilets and urinals, most of which are overflowing. There is excrement floating around in the water on the ground. I'm always barefoot and trying, desperately, to avoid stepping on a meandering log or pile. Often, I feel as though I strongly need to releive my bowels, and I'm trying to find a bowl sufficently unfouled enough to accomodate me. This is always fruitless, as the toilets are always broken and dirty and have doors hanging wide open off of ruined hinges.

Anyhow, I also always seem to be clad in only white jockey shorts. I also see other zombie-like figures, all male and also jockey-clad, sort of soulessly shuffling around on their own personal crap-quest of the damned. No one ever speaks. The overriding feeling I have in these dreams is one of desperation, urgency and hopelessness. I wake in a cold sweat.

Any input into this would be appreceated.

Hi dear friends,
just a quick hello as I am so working so much and hardly have time to write, but wanted to drop a note:
ANNIE AND ROBBIE(SARAH AND MEGHAN): great you are back. Missed you so much. Hope you are better and things will be improving still. I grinned about your pee outside, Robbie. You are a little piggy, but so am I ;-). The other day I spent over 500$ at a computer shop. I urgently needed a wee and asked for the toilet. They would not let me use it as it wasn't a costumer toilet. I was cooking. There was no other place around to go and I was seriously angry. Bad for them and good for me they had a quiet car park. So I opened the door of my car for shelter and used my travelmate to relieve myself on their carpark in broad daylight. I had a really bad conscience or was feeling weird afterwards, but at least I felt physically much better. What an experience. I admitedly am embarrassed...LOts of lovexxx to all of you
Love to Steve and Louise (your stories are always a delight!), RIZZO (thanks for your letter, I hope I can reply more soon), Jeff A, DONNA (nice you are enjoying the tool!), TIM AND SARAH (your bathroom story was so sweet), sweet CARMELITA, PV and everybody I shamefully forgot...TAKE CARE, dears

Hi Everyone

PANTYHOSE GIRL: Hi there. I know exactly what you mean about tights being a pain! I have had a few accidents in my time. My problem is I always manage to leave it to the last minute so I'm having to run to the ladies. The thing is at work I tend to wear short skirts as I think it looks smarter and we have to be smart in my office, so especially in the winter, tights are fairly necessary. Only last week I had an accident as I dashed to the ladies. As I pulled up my skirt I could feel a few trickles and although I managed to get my tights and knickers down I had weed a bit in my knickers evidenced by a damp patch. I have tried going without knickers and just wearing tights but I felt very self conscious at work and it didnt really help as I tend to push my knickers and tights down in one go.

The best solution for me is no underwear at all. This weekend I'm not doing a lot, as its rainign outside so I'm staying in and just put on my denim dress and nothing underneath so at least when I need a wee I can just lift my dress and sit down. Trouble is I cant really do that at work!!

LOUISE: I read some of your earlier posts - what is this device you talk about which you carry around with you? Maybe I could do with something like that when I get caught short.


Purple pooper

Welcome aboard our forum. It sounds like you've decided to broaden your horizons and experiences, I applaud that.

In answer to your question, I've never heard anyone speak of bowels in any sense other that a lower portion of the digestive/intestinal system.

Perhaps a trip to the bookstore and purchasing a good book on anatomy would clear up alot of things.

Then you can come back to this forum and get things translated into slang that are commonly used.

I remember when I was 13 everybody was talking about 69, I was frequently asked "you know what 69 is don't you?" I always said yes, but no I really didn't know what 69 was! Years later I can tell you that 69 is my favorite!

Purple Pooper

Matthew C
Today been mountain-biking with my mate Luke. Riding from my house to his I realised that I needed to crap big time. Knocked on his door his sister Jodie answered. I said is Luke ready? and said I needed to use their toilet. She said come in so I went in. I said Jodie please don't come into bathroom like the other day cos I need another poo. She smiled and went red.
I went upstairs and had a megadump, one of those where you wonder where it's all coming from - how can all that come out of my skinny bod? Must've took me 10 minutes to get empty. Luke was outside on upstairs landing, kept saying are you done yet Matt? (was he listening?). Finally done, wiped bum, pulled up pants (CK briefs today) & jeans, did up belt. Washed hands and went out. Luke said I'd better pee b4 we go, went in bathroom and shouted out Matt you smelly git. As if his shit doesn't stink!
After an hour or two chasing up and down the hillside paths on our bikes, realised that Luke, whose normally faster than me seemed 2 b struggling 2 keep up. I shouted back what's up Dude? He said I've got gut ache. I stopped said did you eat something bad are u going to puke? No he said I really need a dump. I said we can get home in half an hour he said cant last that long gonna have to find somewhere 2 go. I said it seems quiet enough here if you've really gotta go. He said believe me I have 2 go now keep watch 4 me.
He undid his belt and dropped his tracksuit bottoms then his Union Jack boxers then squatted down facing me and started to shit his load. As you'd guess he didn't need to push being so desperate. And he had the nerve to complain about the smell of my crap a couple of hours earlier!!! He was soon done and said God I needed that then asked if I had any tissue? No joy there but my "snot rag" was cleanish so as we're good mates I said use that if you want. He took it and wiped, found a clean spot and wiped again then offered it back complete with two brown smears and said Do you want 2 blow your nose Matt? I said piss off Luke. He dropped snotrag on his pile of shit (looked pretty firm but not as much as I'd crapped out back at his house) pulled up his clothes and we carried on. I'm not often there when Luke has to shit as he normally goes as soon as he gets up (know this from when I've stayed at his or him at mine) but I seem always 2 have 2 go when he's around as I go at a! ll sorts of times.

To Veronica: I've never heard of that.

To superpooper: Loved your story..Bet that guy didn't know that toilet was out of order.

To Barbie Doll: Enjoyed your story.

To Jared: Loved your experience...where did mallory poop at? indoors or outside?

To unnamed poster: about taking a dump in public...loved your story.

To PRG: Just wanted to say Hi

To the "HOLD IT" man: Loved your story...wonder who left those piles of turds?

To Adrian: Sounds like you had a nice dump!

To Pete (US): That sounds intresting what you heard on PBS.

To irishguy: Loved your story about you messing your pants on the way home from work.

To jr: 1. any where from 5-15 minutes 2. Grunt..but quiet sometimes 3. Never shit w/ other guys...except when im in a public place but i don't know them. and no stories 4. Never 5. I have chest hair.

To Jimm: Loved your story..sounds like you've been having nice dumps...I find when i work early in the morning thats when i poop.

To jim: Loved your story..i've squrited after i peed but not that big of a spot....You should have told your friends you washed your hands and the sink sprayed water and got your pants a little wet.

To wetguy: Loved your story.

To Thomas: Liked your story..where you and your buddys pooping? And how old are you?

To Katrina: Loved your stories

To BIG-JOB BOY: Loved your stories..when you dumped in that field what did you wipe with?

To MUSK: Liked your story.

To Darius: That time i pooped those bikni briefs i laid flat.


I'm 17, blond. I was sitting in my math class the other day when my butt, not my stomach, my ASS started girgling LOUD! It was terrible. I thought if I get up, people would know I'm going to take a shit. But, luckily, the bell rang and ran to the toilet. There were two kids smoking in there. So, I ran upstairs to the next one and MAN--I sat down and exploded. The janitor came in and ran out and said "HOLY MOLY KID!" I didn't say anything. I just farted alot and let go of about 4 hot dog shits. It felt great. Some kid came in to the next stall and sat down to take a shit too. I wiped and washed my hands. All of a sudden, he says, "Hey dude you got the time?" I said, "1:46". He says, "Thanks, I don't wanna be here long, I got a test next period." I said, "Then you better fart faster" LOL...he said, "Cool".

Hola mis amigos!

Having ventured beyond page 1000 of this forum, I find myself reflecting on loved ones passed: RJOGGER and Kathy whom I love very much, and my little Juanito who still walks in my heart. I'm happy for all the new life and new members. This is a good time for me to say adios and goodbye to everybody. I'm afraid that life is just getting to be too busy for me to continue! Instead of posting sporadically, I'll just sign off here and now. I wish you all the very best in everthing that you live for, love, do, hope and dream of.


Kevin & Billy
Usually Billy writes, but today it is my turn!

Someone asked what we do when we have to go and someone is on the toilet. If we have to pee, we usually just pee in the tub (we just aim at the drain). If we have to poop, we either use the guest room bathroom, which is off the living room or use the little pottie in the bathroom for little kids. It is no big deal for us.

A few days ago, it was raining out pretty bad. Mom already left the house. Dad sid he would take us to school, but we had to leave right away. Billy, me and our little brothers all got in the car with dad and went to school. We didn't have time to go to the bathroom after breakfast because our older brother was pooping, so we just brushed our teeth.

When we got to school, dad was talking about stuff that was happening after school. Billy said he didn't go to the bathroom yet. Jeremy said, yeah dad, its dookie time. Dad smiled and said ok. We went straight to the bathroom. Some lady and her little kid went in before we did. Two other kids came in with us. The lady said, excuse me, the bathroom next door had a window open and is flooded. We said ok. Her daughter was just putting her butt on the one toilet. She said could you wait outside for about five minutes. I said, no, I have to make poops and my brothers did not get to use the toilet this morning. She ok. Billy said that he just had to pee, then we could go. All of just went aroudn the otilet and peed. The girl said, are you peeing. We said, yeah. When we were finished, i said my turn and sat done. Her mom said, are you done. She said, with peeing. Then she farted and dropped a turd. There were two more turds. Then said, now i am done. The mother said, get and up! and let me sit down. She did that and wiped her daughters butt. She started to pee while she wiped her daughter. Then she spread her legs like 1 foot across and put her arms on her legs. Her daughter siad, are pooping? She yeah. I was done and wiped myself. Jeremy had to go poop too (only me and jermey had to go). He sat on the toilet. We were all talking while the lady was pooping. The way she was sitting, you could she he turds coming out. She dropped 4 turds, two really big ones, and two little ones. Then she dropped a long turd with corn in it that curled up and floated. When she was done, she wiped her front, then her back twice. Jeremy was done pooping. I dropped one big turd that went in the drain hole in the toilet and two other turds. jeremy dropped two turds about 6 in long. He wiped his butt. I went over to ask him if he wanted help and he said no. To wipe, he stud up. The girl said, look he has dingy. Then the mother got up. I looked in the toilet said, you like! corn, don't you. She said shut up and started to leave. I said, shouldn;'t wash your hands? She just left.

After school, I had to poop again. because it was still raining, we stayed int he after school program. Billy had to go too. Our cousin billy was on the one toilet. my brother billy said he didn't go since the day before. he sat done and farted. Then he put out a turd that was about 1 inch by 15 in. Then 4 more little turds. Then it was my turn. I put out 3 little turds, like 4 by 3/4 in. When we flushed the toilet, the otilet didn;t flush good. The water level rose and fell, but none of the turds Went away. We stayed and talked to cousin billy who was still pooping. He was having one of those poops where lots of real little turds come out. Then a little kid came in and sat down on the toilet that didn;t flush good. He dropped one huge turd, wiped and flushed. Billy was done and wiped and flushed. The toilet overflowed and about 5 turds came out. Fortunately the water went into a drain. We told the kid that it was sort of blocked before he flushed. We all washed our hand! s and went to the office to tell them the toilet wsa blocked and flooded.

About an hour later, we got back home. We had to pee, so me and billy went to the bathroom with jeremy. Jeremy had to poop. We all peed first. Tom's turd was still in the toilet. I guess he didn't know we left already (usually, the last person to use the toilet in the morning flushes it, usually me or billy). We had corn for dinner the night before and there was brown water around the turd and corn floating in the water.

Traveling Guy
Last week at a conference a few hundred miles away, I helped three people organize a brief awards ceremony. All three were in their late 20s to early 30s. I'll call them Bill, Melissa, and Sue. I had just met them the day before, but they were already friends, it seemed. I invited them to my hotel room next morning for the planning session. As we worked, I noticed that Sue was getting a little fidgety and beginning to look slightly uncomfortable. Soon, she excused herself and asked to use my bathroom. The rest of us kept working, but after Sue had been gone for about five minutes, Melissa raised her eyebrows, shrugged, pointed over her shoulder with her thumb and said, "Hmm, she must be taking a long one." Bill and I just smiled and nodded.

After a few minutes more, we heard the toilet flush. Then a minute or two later, Sue emerged from the bath. I had already noticed that there was no exhaust fan in there, not a working one, anyway, just a vent with no air flowing through it. Although Sue left the door open for only a moment as she came out, that was time enough for all of us to get a good whiff of the really ripe poop smell that wafted into my small room. As Sue returned to her seat, Melissa broke the clumsy silence, trying to deal with the obvious: "Nice way to treat our host, Sue! Stink his place up, why don't you?!" Bill and I tried hard not to laugh, but neither of us could avoid a chuckle. Poor Sue blushed about ten shades of red. She apologized and said she just couldn't hold it and didn't think she would make it back to her room or a restroom. I offered that it was no biggie and that I've done worse. We all got back to work and I thought it was over. Wrong.

After the trio left, I went in to take a pee. I was a bit curious to see if Sue had left any skid marks, but not one could be seen. Then came the nasty surprise. When I flushed, the water rose like the Danube last summer, headed for the rim. I ripped off the tank top (this was a home-style potty, not the vacuum breaker kind you see in public restrooms) and flipped down the stopper ball just in time to avert a messy flood. The water in the bowl slowly dropped until it was lower than usual and made a "GULUMP, GALUMP, GALUMP" sound. And there in the bottom of the bowl, along with some now shredded TP, the offending monster poked its head out. I couldn't judge its length because only a few inches were exposed, but it must have been a good two and a half inches wide. I called housekeeping, intending to leave for the next session, but the maintenance guy came right away, plunger in hand. "Problem with your toilet, sir?" he asked, and then uttered this funny "Oh" as so! on as he looked. He probably thought the log was mine, but I didn't care. "This is a tough one," he said as he tried to slay the dragon. It took him lots of plunging and several flushes to get things back to normal. LOL! Life on the road!

Potty Pooper
Hello Dylan, liked your story about the pretend trailer. Building
things like that is the sort of thing they used to do in the "Little
Rascals," only they did it with crates and old planks. Kinda wish
I'd seen some of those shows when I was small, I might have tried
building some of the concoctions they used to do. But, then again,
my play interests used to run along different lines. (More on that

Incidentally, how old where you in that story? You said one of the
other participants was nine, but you didn't say if you were younger
or older than her. You also stated that the clay-pot-and-toilet-seat
"toilet" really worked. Did it really work, or were you just pretending
that it did? If it did work, how DID it work? I'd envision a large
container of water mounted somewhere high up, with plastic tubes running
down to the clay-pot bowl. On the other hand, if it didn't have any such
flushing mechanism rigged up in it, all you really had to do was lift
the clay-pot out of its place, carry it outside (or into the house to
the real toilet) and dump it out... assuming there wasn't a hole in the
bottom of the pot, where some of the poop and pee might have dripped
out, but then presumably you would have plugged that hole.

Kinda wish I'd had such an elaborately-set-up "toilet" to use. I did one
time go on a pretend toilet, but it wasn't something where I'd actually
*made* it look like a toilet, merely something I'd decided to pretend was

Anyway, when I was a lad, I didn't generally go in for pretend houses made
out of cardboard boxes, instead I liked to pretend I was an animal, for
want of a better word, a sort of cartoon-type animal, you know, an animal
that walked and talked and had human-like furniture in its home.

A few times, I and my older sister (I guess she's two or three years older
than me) liked to play "bird," and we'd create a great big "nest" out in
the back yard, collecting pine-tree needles and stuff together into a big
circle, generally surrounding a tree trunk. Other times I'd pretend to be
a snake, by taking a long belt and hanging it off the back of my pants so
it would drag along behind me.

One time, when I was perhaps 8 or 9, I pretended I was a squirrel, with
his own complete squirrel house. I marked out parts of the back yard
into different "rooms," seperating them out with sticks and broom-handles
and the like to represent the "walls." I had a living room, bedroom,
kitchen, and all that. I used found-items to represent the furniture.
And I had a bathroom, tho I might have added that on later in play.

I had over another boy, from a ways down the street. I think he was about
8. He and I pretended that we lived in the same squirrel home. At some
point along the line, though, I had to go to the bathroom. I think I may
have gone inside then and asked Mom, "Uh... where do squirrels go to the
bathroom?" perhaps expecting her to describe some sort of squirrel-specific
kind of bathroom-facilities. She said something like "Out in the outdoors,

Well, at that point, I went back outside and set up a pretend bathroom there
in the "house." I don't remember what other found-objects I used to represent
the bathtub or the sink, but I distinctly remember taking the big, plastic
bucket we had and setting it up in there to use as the "toilet."

And then I pulled down my pants and underpants and did my business in the
bucket. Didn't bother me one bit, or for that matter cross my mind, that I
was plainly visable to the other boy while I was doing this. I don't really
think it bothered him too much either, tho we did both feel self-conscious
about it at the end of the day (or at least I did) about having done this.

Anyway, as it started towards evening, he headed back home and I dismantled
my "house" and put the things back away. Well, the next day I started
feeling really self-conscious again, this time about the fact that I'd
left the poopoo sitting in the bucket, out in the back yard, worried that
my folks might see the bucket and notice what was IN it, and know that it
was MY poop. At some point, I went back out there and dumped it out onto
the grass, figuring it would look just like the poop our family dog left
all over the back yard. What's peculiar is, my recollection states there
was no toilet paper in the bucket, which means I hadn't wiped, just shat.
It also seems to me that, this second day, at one point it actually rained,
which better made me able to discard the evidence, because it filled the
bucket and made the poop float to the top (and not stick to the insides),
thus making it easier to empty it onto the lawn. The lack of toilet paper
probably helped hide the fact, too.

Another time, when I was a little bit younger, I was pretending to be an
adult person (rather than pretending to be another anthromorphic animal),
and that I was somewhere else than in a house. That is to say, I was
pretending parts of the house were different places, like work and such.
At some point, I had to go to the bathroom. I went into the main bathroom
at our house to do my business, but as I got there, I decided that... since
I wasn't really "home" and that the place I was had a different layout
than home, I'd pretend that the bathroom had a different layout, too. So,
I pretended the toilet was over where the bathtub was, so I plopped myself
down on the edge of the bathtub, down towards the end opposite from the
plumbing, and pooped into the tub.

A bit later in the day, it came time for my older sister to take her bath,
and Mom was filling the tub as both of us looked on. Well, Mom didn't notice
the pile of poopoo I'd left in the tub, but my sister did, and kept mentioning
it to Mom. "Hey, brother pooped in the tub!" "Aren'tcha gonna do something
about the poop?" and so on, but Mom still didn't notice the poop, or hear what
she'd said, and continued filling the tub. :-D

Noon today, Sunday, I had a very hard shit. Sat on the toilet and began pushing hard, eventually with some loud straining, I let out a fart followed by a slow rock hard knobbly shit exiting my hole. It was a long and painful one and I had to cut it off to take a breather and give my poor sore hole a break. It stank as usual. I began pushing and straining again and another dry hard shit began to slowly come out. By time I had finished, my hole felt quite open and uncomfortable. I then wiped quite a few times with wet TP.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

I found this site and think it's great to find where folks talk freely about such things. So I thought I'd ask a question that's been puzzoing me lately. I grew up in a household that believed in faith healing, so I never went to any doctors until I was college age. Then I needed to because I started having symptoms of colitis or "irritable bowel syndrome" or the like and needed to get it checked out. Guess you can imagine it being rather freaky to first go to doctors over such things. But anyhow, what my question is about: when I started sharing all this stuff with my boyfriend, he was amused to learn of one of my misconceptions, and that was about the meaning of the word "bowels". From all my growing up experiences I "deduced" that the word meant what my boyfriend has explained to me are more correctly called "buns" or "buttcheeks", and that bowels are a more internal thing. Still to me it has always seemed natural to think "bowels" meant "buttcheeks", and it still seems n atural for that matter. So my boyfriend and I use the word "bowels" now between us lightly to mean "buttcheeks" or "buns". My question is, has anyone else out there ever had that misunderstanding of the menaing of "bowels", or am I the only one?

When i was a youngester in grade school i was always constipated, then we had a trip to the swimming pool, well after an hour in the pool i had to go, i went into take a poo, there were 3-stalls 2-occupied and one had a paper sign that said clogged do not use, well i tore off that sign through it in toilet and set down and left my dump onto it, it was a long hard logs, already on top of someones elses logs that had clogged toilet. While i was in there leaving my dump another young guy came up and said i got to go hurry, well i wipped my butt and didn't flush, this guy sits down, about 20-minutes later i see this guy trying to flush all this down toilet, he has plunger and water and turds are going every-where, i see some of my hard logs floating on floor, what a experience.

Barbie Doll

I was out of town for a couple days helping elderly relatives move. They moved from North Carolina to Maryland to be closer to their daughter and her husband (my parents). Guess I should have called them Grandma and Grampa huh.

Anyway, I flew down on Sunday and was with them when the movers packed their belongings on Monday and loaded the truck on Teusday. After the truck was loaded and gone, I drove them up to Maryland in their. I ate way too much as we went out for all our meals. I also get a bit constipated when I travel so I did not do much when I was gone. This past afternoon (Wednesday)I made up for it. Carmilita, Outdoor Jane, and others, you would have loved to be there. Even if it wasn't outside -- too cold and rainy for that. I really let go of one of my larger dumps in recent memory. I pulled down my jeans and black undies, sat on the throne and pushed out the first piece with a lot of straining. It was very fat for me (I'm not real big back their)and very long too. The second piece followed in a hurry and took me by surprise. It too was hard and fat and was about 9 inches long. I would have placed the first one at a foot long. The third and last piece was much softer an! d quite thin but it just kept coming out. I can't even guess at length because it coiled up around and on tip of the first two. That last one stank bad. Wonder how it would stack up against your Carmilita? I may be spelling your name wrong here and apologize if I did.

My thanks to all who say good things about me -- blush. I like to read your postings too. Some one of the guys asked me if I liked to see a guy poop. Not really as the guys grow older and get hairy. Sorry about that. I did enjoy it when I was young but I only like women now. Some of them that post here sound real hot. I am not gay, or even bi as I date males and do the boogy woogy with them.

I got some bad news from my little Sis. While I was gone, she saw the friend (the one that couldn't go at the party) do her thing. This is the girl who could open her rear hole. Sis told me it was awesome. One big, hard, long, and very fat piece. Man I'm pissed I missed that one.

Please post and tell all about what you do in those moments when you empty your bowels. Love to read about it!!!

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