pped up and have to use an enema or something, but I must have stayed pretty well hydrated. I had a few good high-pressure wees as well today too, one squatting in the bath before I showered.

(The day after I pooped four times, the last was soft and urgent, leaving me feeling very sore back there. I used some ointment and it settled down...)

CARA -- welcome! It's good to know there are other ladies who are not "hold-it" champs! I tend to wee a lot, often in the middle of movies (I hold it at the theatre), always before sleep and always on rising, and sometimes get up in the night as well, depending on when my last drink of the evening was. I've always felt it was healthy to be well hydrated and with both high-output kidneys and a bladder that is not strained unduly. I do have sphincters of iron and have never wet the bed, despite sometimes waking and finding myself with pelvic floor cramps due to unconsciously holding back a bursting damn of urine. I can be in severe pain from these muscles before releasing my water, which does not flow as an explosion, but as a strained trickle until the urethra can properly relax. This has been rare in recent years but ten years ago it seemed I was doing this all the time. I look forward to your contributions, and welcome to the commuity!

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