Emily of NYC
Hi guys, I have another cool story for you. First let me describe myself-blond-haired, sometimes I do it in a ponytail. (My hair is quite long, blue eyes, and all the boys like me because I have very big breasts for my age-I'm 13. I'm also quite tall for my age at 5'4". I have been constipated for a whole week-maybe because of a bad diet, and maybe because of stress-my school gives like 5 hours of Hmwk every night. I was taking the bus back home from school when suddenly I really had to go take a dump I thought I could wait the rest of the bus ride, but my urge was so strong I got off at a stop that was really far away from my house, and went into the nearest restaurant. The sign said "Restrooms for customers only." So I decided I would make myself a customer by ordering a sandwich. So then after I ordered I asked where the bathroom was-but it was out of order. I had never gone in my pants before, but I was about to. I canceled the sandwich order and continued walki! ng in the direction of my house, looking for places to take a dump in. I saw this gift store on Broadway and I went in. The bathrooms weren't for customers-it said PRivate on the door, but I ignored the sign and locked the door. As soon as I sat on the seat-the bathroom was very small-a humongous log started coming out. It was very difficult to get out. When I looked down, it was about 12 inches and still coming out. Finally it dropped. It was about 18 inches long. I thought I was finished but I realized that there was much more to come, but I didn't know how much at the time. I sat down again and started pushing out another log. It didn't take as long, but it was about 10 inches in length. Then I started spraying diarrhea every which way around the toilet bowl, but luckily none got on the seat or the floor, it just splashed on the sides of the toilet. I was groaning in pain, and I kept farting on and off. I don't take pleasure in farting, like some of the other ! posters here. Finally I had gotten past all of the grunting and groaning and I released a bout of hot, liquidy diarrhea that stung my cheeks as it went by. After that, I was basically done, only a soft log again about 10 inches came sailing out. My rear was not as dirty as I expected, but there was no toilet paper there! The toilet didn't flush properly-it probably wasn't accustomed to taking such big loads from the workers at the store. I walked the remaining 20 blocks home. When I got home, my panties were spotless to my amazement.

Hello everybody, today I discovered this site and this will be my first post.

I really love taking a dump outdoor. Last evening I felt I really needed so I took some tissues and went outdoor. Because I live in a area completely filled with houses it is no easy job finding a place I can squat without someone seeing me. But after a 5 min walk I found a public parking place where several construction-vehecicles where parked because they are constructing something nearby. I walked there and right between de shovel and some other building equipment was a nice spot on the parkinglot. I could be there without someone seeing me, so i squated down and started peeing a huge puddle, a few moments later a big soft one came out slowly. I pressed and another long log came out followed by another one. I wiped myself clean and when i walked away I looked back, I enjoyed seeing what I left behind on the ground.

Great story, micky. I can probably be comparable to Jill when it comes to peeing. Men just cant even come close there.

Louise and John Q, yes, as I stated in an earlier post, women do tend to have larger bladders and superior spincter control.

I'll have a great story for you at a better time. I have to go off line now because of a storm. I don't want my puter to get hit with lightning.

Cara, you said that you allways have to go, but you pee for seemingly long periods of time. I am assuming, in that case that when you do pee you are putting out large ammounts. If that's the case, you probably do not have a weak or small bladder, but you kidneys for some reason or another are putting out more urine, and filling your bladder up more often. This can ba a sign of diabetis. I don't mean to scare you but diabetics are allways running to the bathroom and puttinb megga amounts of pee in one sitting.



Amy (Co-ed)
Hey again everybody! I am so glad to be posting again. I have been sooo busy with mid-terms. I have a little free time so I thought I would share my latest poop story. But first I will answer Punk Rock Girl's survey

1. (Two parter) What's the weirdest place you've ever a) peed, and b) taken a dump? Explain.

a) The weirdest place I have peed was in a porta-potty with no door. It was in back of some gas station I had to stop at once. If I didn't have to go so bad I wouldn't have done it.

b) The weirdest place I took a dump was while I was in high-school. I was over at a friends house and had to go very very bad. The water line had been cut, so the water was off. I had to find an alternative. I ended up using a bucket that I guess was used to wash the car. I emptied it into the flower bed and washed it as best as I could!

2. Do you ever leave the door open when on the toilet if someone else is home? If so, how often?

Right now I live in the dorms on campus. I either use the toilets in my dorm or those elsewhere on campus, which all are stalls with doors. When I am back at home I always close the door.

3. After having taken a crap, what's the longest you've ever gone without wiping your ass and why?

I sometimes sit for about 3-5 minutes. This to make sure I am really done and to allow my butthole to recover from the stretching exercise I just gave it!

4. Who would you be most comfortable with seeing you taking a crap? (e.g. husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, mother/father, brother/sister, etc.) Why?

Most comfortable would be my sister April. We really relate to each other. I think she is a closet pooping enthusiast anyway. I do have an on again off again boyfriend, I would love to drop a load for him.

5. Hypothetical situation. You're at an outdoor event. You desperately have to take a shit. You're in a dense crowd. There is no way you can make it to the bathroom in time. You're going to shit right now. Do you a) shit your pants, or b) drop trou and shit on the ground? Why?

Shit my pants. I don't think it would be a good thing to shit on the ground in front of everyone. Not everyone finds our interest in
pooping so cool. You might have some big explaining to do if you went on the ground. If you go in your pants you can probably rebound and clean yourself up a little when you get to the restroom.

I thought I would share my latest poop story which is actually another mega-dump story. I had a date the other night with my on again, off again "boyfriend". We did eat very well at a steakhouse, I was very stuffed. The next day after class ended for me at 2pm (yesterday) I had to take a huge shit. For several hours before I knew that I would soon need to take a big dump, but I had to get through my mid-terms and could not skip class (the 10 minute break between classes would not be long enough for the dump I knew was coming). All during class I felt alot of pressure in my stomach, my tight jeans did not help. Several silent farts escaped from my soon to be dilated butthole. After class ended I knew that I could not wait to walk all the way across campus to my dorm. I left class and walked down the hall with my friend Julie. We finally reached the lobby of the classroom building and I spotted the girls restroom. Julie invited me to go to lunch with her but I tol! d her that I had to use the restroom really bad and would pass. She persisted and said that she would wait for me. I told her that I was going to be a while, hoping she would take the hint. She said "oh, you are going for #2" I said yes, a big #2. She offered a raincheck and I accepted. Julie left and I walked into the large restroom. I found an empty stall in the middle and locked the door. I hung my bag on the door hook and unfastened my belt and jeans. I lowered them to my ankles, followed by my thong. The toilets in this restroom are very close to the floor, maybe only a foot high, this was a good thing since I needed the extra help that squatting usually offers. I sat down on the comfy seat, my legs wide apart, and my cheeks sinking ever further down into the bowl, pulling them open. When I have to take a big dump with what I know will be large logs, I usually open my legs wide, it seems to help with the overall experience. Not long after sitting down, sever! al small but loud farts ripped from my hole. Almost instantly my butthole began to stretch open. A very intense pressure kept building as my hole opened wider and wider. I gritted my teeth together because it was beginning to hurt. It felt like I was being split in half by this turd. At this point I began to wish I could stop and wait until later, but realized that this thing needed out bad. After several minutes the tip slowly worked its way out, it was agonizing. I leaned forward, lifting my butt off of the seat in the back. Very very slowly this monster slid out of my butt. It was long, thick and firm. After about 5 minutes I was finally free! I looked into the toilet. It was partially gone, wedged down into the hole but the part that stuck out was over a foot long and at least three inches, if not more, thick. Luckily it was the only one. I wiped twice and left it for the world to admire. Hopefully next time will be easier, until then take care all!



Thanks for your response dude! Now that I have read all 1005 pages of this forum, I have seen "Justin" all the way back to 222. Is this yours too or just coincidence. In any case they are all cool! We are definitely on the same frequency dude! I cant wait to see more of your stories!


I wish all of my past girlfriends (and to a degree my present one) had your view on things like these. You will make a great spouse one of these days. Your stories rule!


Being partly Irish myself (the other part is French), I think you have some interesting stories as well. I had a similar experience in the gym before too. Physical activity of any sort seem to promote regularity sometimes to excess. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Billy and Kevin,

Keep up the soccer stories! Been there done that too!


billy & kevin
Today, we had the day off for columbus day. We woke up at the cabin and ate breakfast. We had to pack up and get ready to go after lunch. Then we went outside for about two hours. When we were packing up, I said to kev and that I better make sure that we bring tissues with us because I think I iwll have to drop a load out there. He said him too. Robbie said, him too. We went outside and played hide and go seek. ABout 1/2 hour after we got outside, I siad, I have to take a dump. IT was pretty cold out (We had to wear coats). I climbed up one of the trees and pulled my pants down. I sat on a branch and put butt on the branch where it branched. Then I peed and pooped. Kev and robbie and jeremy and josh watched while it came out. I looked between my legs and could see it when they said it was like an inch out. The first part was nobby and the rest smooth. The first turd was about 12 in long. THen the other 3 were like 6 in long before they fell. After I was done, robbie had to ! go. He pooped out about 6 turds, about 12 in long and 1/2 wide. They landed over my turds. IT was weird watching it come out of his butt hole and watching the butt whole open up. It was funny, too, because after he wiped the skin around his hole was still brown. We played for about 2 more hours, until it was time to go in for lunch.

After lunch, we went back home. It was raining by the time we got home, so we couldn't go out. After dinner, we all had to take baths. Josh and Jeremy got ready for their baths while me and kev and robbie all pooped. Robbie pooped first. There were two piles of poop with corn in them and some toilet paper in the toilet, probably from josh and jeremy. When he sat down, I looked at his shorts. They had a slight brown stain. Robbie had to poop out about 6 more turds, about 3 in long. We had corn chowder, and he had corn from it in his poop. He took a shower while my brothers finished getting ready and brushed their teeth and I went poop. I saw hime wipe his butt this time, and he wiped it pretty good. He washed his butt with the wash clother last. He said look at this. He showed his wash clothe. There were some poop stains on it even though he wiped good. I guess you can't get it all off iwth toilet paper. I made one log turd, and three little turds. Fdinally, kev went. It ! was the first time for him today. He made a big nobby turd, about 12 in long, then about 5 little floaters. When my little borthers finsihed their baths, kev and me went in and took a shower. When kev washed his butt, there was no poop on hsi wash cloth, but i had a little on mine. My brothers and robbie went to bed. I had to make another poop, this time two small logs. I guess I did not get rid fo it all. I wiped my butt good. Then I spit on some toilet paper and wiped again. Sure enough, there was a little more poop in it. Then I flushed.

Teacher Chick
The stalls do have doors and they are usually pretty clean.

Shy Girl: I didnt really go in public till college either. The first day their i remember, i was dreading taking a dump in the dorm bathroom ( about 12 stalls, showers, sinks). I usually go twice a day, but i held it until about 2 at night. I went in, i couldn't hold it anymore. There must have been a bunch of girls feeling the same way as i because about 7 stalls were taken up by girls shitting. By the time i was done, i think four left, but five more had entered. By about the third week i was so comfortable shitting infront of people i was going twice a day anywhere on campus. I haven't had shyness issues since. About two months later i was shopping with my mom and she commented she had to go to the bathroom i accompanied her, cause i had to drop a load. She finished up in about thirty seconds. She was so surprised i was actually taking a shit in public. She waited outside for me. I took about 10 minutes. I noticed her figiting on the way home. When we g! ot there she bolted for the toilet. She left the door open and i could see she was taking a shit. When i walked by she stopped me and said she wished she had my courage and she could never shit in public like i did. Apparently, she had been clenching 'em for a few hours while we shopped.

I guess my mom just raised me under the impression that it was wrong to shit in public, because of her own action. I think a lot of girls feel the same way.

Potty Pooper
A few days ago, someone was posting about how, throughout his childhood,
he'd had some kind of phobia that meant he couldn't sit down on the toilet
to do his business, he had to have have newspaper on the bathroom floor
and stand there naked to do it. He got up to the time he was aged ten,
and then mentioned in passing that he'd later gone through some sort of
therapy to overcome this problem, and that he'd tell us all about it in
a later post...

Well, the later post never showed up. :-)

The first part of the story sounded so interesting, and I was looking
forward to hearing the rest of it. Sounds like a truly unique story.

Maybe he clammed-up after posting it, and just needs a bit of encouragement
to pick it up again... Come on, guy, it's not THAT big a deal! :-D

On a somewhat different note... I'm going to tell you another one of my
boyhood bathroom incidents.

I was in perhaps the 2nd grade, which would make me perhaps 7 or 8. The
school was a rather large complex, and it must have been an older school
because the buildings themselves were massive brick things. Anyway, the
particular classroom I was in was in a smallish building on the far edge
of the place, and didn't have it's own bathroom. I think this one was a
one-classroom building, at that.

Anyway, at the end of the day, I was waiting for Mom to come pick me up,
and was starting to feel the merest hint of a need to do a doodoo. Well,
I figured it could wait until she got there and we got home, so I waited.

Well, she was getting rather late, but I kept on waiting, and waiting,
thinking any minute now she would get here, and that it would be sorta
pointless to head to the bathroom just as she got there...

Well, eventually the need started getting urgent, and she STILL wasn't
there! Finally, I realised I had to go NOW!

I hurried towards the bathroom. The problem was, it was some distance
away -- perhaps the equivalent of a city block -- inside one of the main
buildings. (Actually, I'm not sure if it wasn't just one big building,
really. In fact, I think it was.) Anyway, I finally got to the big
building, went up the steps to the main hall... got hurridly to the
little-boys-room, and entered a stall.

And *right then*, before I could get my pants down, I messed my pants!
I sat on the toilet and did my business... and a little while after that,
the teacher came to the bathroom (or maybe it was the bathroom door, I
don't really recall) and asked from outside if I was okay, and mentioned
that my Mom had arrived.

I told them that I'd really messed my pants.

Well, it turns out they had a solution for that, so when I went home
with Mom, I had on a different pair of pants and a different pair of
underpants, and had my dirties in a repainted lunchbox. All of these
they had on hand for situations like this. The lunchbox was one of
those rectangular metal kind where front hinges open and that usually
have cartoon characters or TV personalities images on them, but they'd
taken out the thermos and such, and repainted the box a solid color
(presumably so it wouldn't be mistaken for a regular lunchbox). I was
supposed to bring back the box, with the clothes I'd borrowed, the next

JANE AND GARY: Better for Gretchen to evacuate that junk food thru her bowels than to barf it up. I saw a boy of 10 when I was 16 vomiting in the street after eating a hot dog. He was right outside of a hot dog stand. I felt sorry for the kid. See my earlier posts on how I got sick at Freedomland when I was a little girl. I cringe when I think of it.

Punk Rock Girl: I had loud bowel movements from the time I remember. I moved my bowels at school maybe in 5th grade once, a few times in 7 and 8th grade, gradually in 9th, then almost daily from 10th grade thru college. I agree with you that there is nothing wrong with evacuating your bowels at school. I went to high school with two prettiest girls and they had some shocking bowel movements. I was another one. Boys sat on the high school toilet when they were desperate. My pals, David, Mitchell, Larry and Joey some of them. I knew their habits.

hi, ROBIN how old are you? i am almost 11, i had the same thing happen to me kinda. i spent the night at my friends house and we stayed in the same bed. i woke up the next morning and i was soaked, my friend was soaked too. i couldnt tell who did it. we both pulled down our pjs and our underwear was yellow. we both wet the bed. that was kinda weird. his mom was real mad cause she thought i did it, she saw me walk to the bathroom with wet pants. then she saw my friend and she spanked him. she swatted my but once too. i pretended to cry a little cause my friend was crying. i didnt have any more underwear with me and i just put my pants on over them. the pee soaked through on my but when i was sitting. i got everything i sat on wet with my but. his mom swatted my but again cause she thought i peed my pants again. then she said eww and had to wash her hands. that was funny.
i was reading that someone dared them to go in there pants. i did that too. my friend and i were playing and he really had to pee. he was jumping around holding himself, i said i dare you to pee your pants. he said no way. i said your going to have an accident anyway so just let it rip. he said no and started running to the bathrooms. i grabbed his hands and held him and he wet his pants all over. later i really had to go and he dared me to go in my pants. i said ok. i had to do both and i farted first then pushed out a big poop. my friend watched and said your but is pointy. it broke and more came out. he said my but was huge now. then the pee started gusshing out as i was still pooping. it ran all down my shorts and in my socks and shoes. i looked at my legs and they were shiny from the wet. i barely could walk home. all that poop made it hard, i kinda wobbled home like i was a baby or something. if your wonderin, mom was not home that day or else i would not have done! that. i had a baby sitter. she was watching tv when i came in. she looked over for a second to see it was me and said get ready for bed. i said ok and ran upstairs. i didnt know it but a piece of poop fell out when i ran on the stairs. when i got out of the bath the baby sitter was at the door and said give me your pants. i said no i have to put them in the dirty clothes. she said now and i gave them to her. she said eww and dropped them on the floor. she said your a bad boy. i said please dont tell my mom, it was an accident. she said ok this time. she made me clean the poop on the stairs, thats how she knew. well gotta go to bed, by

Hi everyone,
Today I went Sears Dept. store went to the sporting goods dept. to buy a basketball, a basketball hoop and a pair of sneakers. I suddenly needed to poop real bad. I went into the mens room sat in one of the toilet stalls and tried to push a log or two. Unfortunately, I again became constipated. I pushed and pushed with no success I finally gave up and was feeling very uncomfortabe holding the fecal matter inside me. I left the store and could not wait until I got home. So upon reaching my house, I took off my jeans, boxer shorts, shirt and started to prepare a 3 quart enema to clean out all of the fecal matter that was imbedded inside my colon. Like I have posted on here in the past, I took a bar of Ivory soap, some lemon juice warm water about 103 degrees F. and filled my fountain syringe (enema bag)a hot water bottle type syringe, lubricated the enema tip with vaseline and inserted the tip into my rectum opened the clamp and let the water flow into me. I got seve! re cramps and felt the soap suds girgling inside my colon. Then I really had the urge to take a big dump. Went to the bathroom and expelled the enema then I felt better. After 1 hour I took another 3 quart plain water enema and did the same thing expelled the enema. This should keep me regular for the next 2 or 3 days without pushing any hard logs. There is nothing better than a 3 quart or 4 quart enema if you are constipated like I am always. In the next 2 or 3 days I will try again to let nature take it's course. So thanks for listening to my story and will post again if I have more stories to tell. If anyone else has any enema and constipation stories to tell, let's hear from you.


Sir Richard Pumpaloaf
Hello All. I've been a lurker here for a while so I decided I'd give posting a try.

To Barbie Doll: I would have loved to have been at your party. Do you only like watching girls poop, or do you like watching dudes as well?

To Teacher Chick: I don't think it's only the girls who don't like pooping at school. Back when I was in school I would never take a dump at school. I'd damn near shit my pants before I'd take a dump in those bathrooms. First of all, the cubicles didn't have any doors. Secondly, they were hangouts for hellraisers. Who would want to try to defend themselves while having a turd hanging halfway out of their ass? They smelled so bad inside of dried up urine that you'd just about honk if you stayed in there long enough to take a crap. Lastly, the toilet paper didn't come on rolls, but in little squares half the size of a napkin. The running joke was that you were supposed to take a square, fold it in four, tear a little piece out of the middle and stick your finger through it, then wipe your ass on the finger and pull the square off to wipe the shit off your finger. Then the little piece you tore out of the middle was for wiping the shit out of your fingernail. Onc! e in sixth grade, I got the urge to shit like first period in the morning, and had to hold it all day. I leaked a small amount of liquid poop into my pants during last period trying to relieve some pressure that I thought was going to be gas. By the later high school years, it wasn't nearly so bad. I could sneak out and drive home to have a poop.

To Katrina: While I'd like to observe more women shitting and confirm your theory that women do larger poops than men, my experience says otherwise. When I take a healthy dump, I usually do turds about 2 inches in diameter and a foot long. My longest ever was about 2 feet long. If I ever have to poop bad enough to go at work, it's a guaranteed clogged toilet, let me tell you. My ex-girlfriend Wendy was kinda shy about pooping in front of me, but she would usually let me sit next to her while she pooped and then I'd take a peek in the bowl after she got done. Her poops were always less than 3 quarters of an inch in diameter and never more than 7 inches long. She'd also sit with me while I took a dump, and when she'd see my dumps after I got done, she was always amazed that someone could shit so much. My new girlfriend, Katie, usually does turds that are about 1 to 1-1/2 inches in diameter, and 4 to six inches long. She usually does five or six turds per sitting. !

Finally, I've seen a question floating around here (no pun intended) about other people watching you poop. I don't like other dudes watching or hearing me poop. This is why I don't like taking a dump in public restrooms. Usually if I'm in a public restroom and another guy walks in, I'll sit there holding it until he leaves. I don't mind females watching me poop as long as they're into it as well. No matter how bad it smells, I don't find the smell of women's poop offensive. I think smelling other men's poop or hearing them pooping is disgusting.

Happy crapping,
Sir Richard Pumpaloaf

Scruffy: Why you naughty boy, you! Blush-giggle-wink. :)

Bethany: That bathroom sounds quite deplorable! One time I had to take a dump and stopped at a gas station in some DELIVERANCE/TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE type backwoods town. I went in the bathroom and nearly puked. The toilet was overflowing (literally) with shit, piss, paper and various other unidentifiable substances. I ended up shitting in the trash can in the corner of the room. There was no paper, so I drove the rest of the way to Pittsburgh with a messy bottom. Looking back on it, it was probably a pretty stupid thing to do. Judging by the creepy inbred looking guys eyeing me up in the parking lot, I'm lucky I didn't get ass-raped and barbecued.

Trey: In answer to your queries...

1.)do u scratch,rub,squezze,etc while peeing?pooping? Scratch, rub, squeeze what? I just relax when peeing, and push when pooping. I don't really push or rub any other part of my body.

2.)do u pee sitting standing sqautting or how if other please say? I always sit when peeing on the toilet, and squat if peeing outside.

3.)how do u shit sitting standing squating etc? Same as peeing.

4.)what color is your poop?dark brown light yellow green etc? My poop is almost always dark brown, but the softer it is the lighter it is. I usually have very firm BMs and they're dark brown; when I have diarrhea, it's usually like a tan color.

5.)do you ever stick your finger up your ass to help yourself poop? Not usually. I had heard that if you suffer from constipation it can help to lube your asshole with vaseline, so I've done that a few times. It helps a little.

6.)do u make noises while pooping? You mean other than the obvious farting and plopping? I am usually pretty quiet actually. When I have diarrhea I'll groan, mostly due to cramps.

Thanks for answering my survey everyone!



ROBIN--Liked your story. My friend christy says if she's in a situation where its not okay to pee and holds it for a long time, she ha trouble gettingstarted and getting it all out. But I've never had a problem...if I gotta go, then I've GOTTA GO!

1.)do u scratch,rub,squezze,etc while peeing?pooping? NO. NO.
2.)do u pee sitting standing sqautting or how if other please say? SITTING UNLESS I"M IN THE SHOWER--THEN STANDING
3.)how do u shit sitting standing squating etc? SITTING
4.)what color is your poop?dark brown light yellow green etc? USUALLY DARK BROWN, BUT DEPENDS ON WHAT I EAT
5.)do you ever stick your finger up your ass to help yourself poop? NO
6.)do u make noises while pooping? SOMETIMES I FART

IRISHGUY--Liked your story!

BUSINESSMAN--Loved your story

WETGUY--I agree! I want to hear more wetting stories too, especially from guys! I would share, but I've always had great control and never a chance to do it on purpose...but I'm trying! :)



Jill DL
Hi guys and Gals,

I wanted to tell you about how i became what i am today.
(part 1)
The story goes..... back about 4 years ago (I was 16) may girlfriend and I got our drivers licenses. and that summer we spent a lot of time at the movies and the beach. Now this was a blast cause one day we would work on our tan's, and the next we would cool off in the movies. the only problem we had was that we hated to keep getting up in the middle of the movie to go and pee and miss part of the movie. So we started to try and hold it through the whole movie. we were successful a few times but the last time we did it there was a problem. about 1/2 of the way through i started to feel the pressure building in my bladder. "no prob" i thought. I just crossed my legs and went on watching. as the movie progressed so did my urgency to pee. about 3/4 the way through i shoved my hand into my crotch and pressed hard and began to bounce my leg. Kimmy (thats my girlfriend's name at the time)asked if i was okay and if i was going to make it. I said i was fine and don't worry about! me. "its only 20 minutes longer Jill" she said. I bit my lip and held on as tight as i could. i was doing well until one part in the movie where i couldn't help laughing and thats when it happened. A (rather long) jet of pee shot out of me and soaked into my panties. I gasped and froze; too scared to move. Kim asked what was wrong. I told her that i think i just wet my pants. she said to uncross my legs so that she could look and see if there was a spot. I did and she said that she couldn't tell . then she touched the crotch of my jean shorts to see if they were damp and when she did that another burst of pee shot out. I batted her hand away and clamped my legs together.
"can you walk to the bathroom?" she asked.
"I think so"
"okay, I'll walk behind you so that no one will see"
"okay, lets go."
we went to the bathroom together (unseen by others thank God) and i saw the damage. the whole crotch of my shorts were dark blue and wet. I ran into a stall dropped my shorts and let the torrent flow. I must have peed for about 4-55 seconds straight.
"give me your shorts Jill, I'm going to dry them off:
I pulled them off and handed them under the stall door.
Kim dried them off with the hand dryer and we went home after that.

Outdoor Jane
Scruffy:Thanks for the responding.
Carmalita: Thanks for your nice responding, you sure look pretty you to. I would like to see you do your bussines (especially outdoors) Me my friends and my sister also have it like a year around tradition.

I longing for more outdoor stories. If you have someone, please write it down. Hoping I will be back soon with another exciting story.

Greetings from Outdoor Jane and my sister.

BillY and Kavin
Our friend RObbie is staying with us for a few days. He is on our soccer team. He mom had a baby two days ago. We went up to the cabin this weekend. After lunch, we went outside to play. Robbie sometimes joins us for poop at school after lunch and isn't shy about it. We were playing hide and seek in the woods. After about 45 minutes, kev and my little borther jeremy had to poop. SO they went behind some bushes. They were about 8 of playing. A few of us peed on their turds when they were done. I siad I would be back here in about 1/2 hour for a poop, probably. About 1/2 later, Robbie said, can you show me how to poop outside? He said he never did it before. I said ok. I told him to take his pants down to his knees and just squat. I showed him. I drooped a huge 12" turd and about 3 little ones. He dropped about 8 little turds, about 4" and 3/4" around. I had some tissues in my pocket and gave him some to wipe (I always carry some, just in case). His little sister came by while! he was pooping. She asked if we could take her home to poop. We said, why not go out here? She ok. She dropped her poops on my pile. She made like 5 turds, about 1/2" by 8" They curled up. All of our turds had lots of corn from last nights dinner.

About an hour before bed, our little brothers had to take a bath, and then we did. Our older brother Tom was pooping. He dropped one log that was about 12" x 1" and then 3 little turds. Robbie said he is next. Me and kev still had to go. Our little brothers were farting all night too. Usually, when they fart like that, they have to go too. Our little brothers like to take a bath and then stay in the shower with us. We helped out little brothers get in the tub. About 2 minutes later, Robbie finished on the toilet and kev went. Jeremy (5) got his legs in the tub. He peed while he was squatting before he sat down. Josh (6) said he would do the same thing. Josh kept farting. So when Josh started to pee, he said, ut oh. I said what's wrong? He said I am pooping and can't stop. I told him to turn around. He had a little turd, about 2" out of his butt. I got some toilet paper, put it around my hands and told him to poop on it. He pushed out a log about 6: and 1" around. He said! he had more to go. I siad, ok, just keep pooping. He pooped out 3 more turds, about 4" and 1/2"> There was still corn in it. Then I told kev to hold up. Kev stood up while I dropped the turds in the toilet. There wsa a pretty good pile in the toilet. Kev sat down and finished. I used the otilet paper around my hands to finish cleaning my brother. Finally, it was my turn to poop. I sat down on the toilet, and Jeremy said he needed to poop again. I told him to dry off and come over here. I was making one of those poops where little turds keep coming. He came over. He pooped again in my hands (I had tp around them). I wiped him again. He made about 20 little turds about 1/2 " long. THen I wiped myself. By that time, my brothers were to get in the shower with us. I opened the drain. Just before I was about to turn ont he shower, Josh said he need to poop now. i said, do you want to dry off and get on the toilet or poop in my hands. He said, in your hands. He made a monster p! oop, about 12" long and then 5 little turds all full of little peices of corn. I never saw such a big poop from him. I dumped it in the toilet and wiped him. Then we showered (my brothers mostly rinse off). My mom came in while we were in the shower. She sat on the toilet and peed. Then she farted and pooped. She said to make sure we clean behind our ears and clean our butt holes. After were done brushing our teeth, I had to pee. There was a huge pile of poop in the toilet. Mom made 3 little turds, about 4" long. THen I flushed. It all wnet right down, although there we some big skid marks.

Jamie Sun Devil
It is nice to see you to Carmelita. Everything with me is great. I am very much in love with a new girl and have been for a little bit now and it is great.
Just out of curiosity, I know you are pumping out those monster logs, steamy and long and thick. How long and thick are your logs.
That is question I would like to pose to all the females out there. What is your average production and if they are usually long, thick, or just a lot of "golf ball sized".
Please let me know.

Punk Rock Girl: I'll be happy to oblige you with some responses to your survey questions...........
1. Two parter) What's the weirdest place you've ever a) peed, and b) taken a dump? Explain. Weirdest place for me to pee was in the woods in a residential area of my friend's g/f's neighborhood,(MD). I was maybe 15 feet away from them but they weren't paying attention. b) for a dump, one time I casually went down in my basement, when no one was home and set a brown paper bag on the ground and pooped onto it, it was fun.
2. Do you ever leave the door open when on the toilet if someone else is home? If so, how often? Um no, I've never done that as far as I can remember, just as a courtesy to them. It's more something I would do with a g/f.

3. After having taken a crap, what's the longest you've ever gone without wiping your ass and why? Uh I think the longest was somewhere in the area of two hours, because at high school, in the boys room, there was not tp and it was urgent, so I had to just deal with my briefs absorbing the mess till I got home.

4. Who would you be most comfortable with seeing you taking a crap? (e.g. husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, mother/father, brother/sister, etc.) Why? My wife, and girlfriend, they would be it. I would look at it as a bonding thing and a kinky sexual thing for me to hopefully share with 'em. If i had a sister i think i might be comfortable with it, whether it would be allowed under my parents' roof is another thing. My mom did give birth to me and I shouldn't be shy around her, but at this point in my life it's emotionally irreversible for me to feel comfortable in that situation with her, vice versa would give me a boner though ;) (reflex).

5. Hypothetical situation. You're at an outdoor event. You desperately have to take a shit. You're in a dense crowd. There is no way you can make it to the bathroom in time. You're going to shit right now. Do you a) shit your pants, or b) drop trou and shit on the ground? Why? Tough one, I keep changing my mind about it, but for now I'm going to say that I would shit in my pants, because I think it would be less criticized by the people than shitting on the ground.

Nice questions PRG, rock on! P.S- if you were to meet me, and we started to be potential friends, how long would it be before i reach friend status that you would shit or pee or in front of me? (I read that you are comfortable in front of your husband and friends* wink wink ). lata

Dylan: great story man, when I read it, I could picture it nicely.

thong girl
to cara,

do u always wear tights?? have u ever peed in yr tights by accident or purpose?? id love to know, im into peeing in a big way too!

Great site,
I have a story to tell, I was sitting at home watching t.v. one weekend. There was a knock at the door, I looked over and saw a young boy standing there. I opened the screen and there was a boy, I guess about 8, he was wearing a white pokemon t-shirt and blue jean shorts. The shirt was not very long, only reached to the top seam of his shorts. His shorts were really tight, like they were a size too small for him. Now in one hand he was holding a pizza order form, the other hand held a pencil clenched tightly over the crotch of his shorts. He asked in a out of breath kinda way "Do you want to buy some pizza's", I said "sure". I grabbed his form and said do you have a pencil. He switched hands quickly, the now empty hand sqeezed tightly his crotch and he handed me the pencil. I filled out the form and was still trying to figure out what to buy when he started bouncing from one foot to the other, then had both hands on his crotch. Then he said in a cute voice "I am goi ng to go pee my pants, I will be back". I was shocked as he ran to the tree in my yard and pretended to play with the bark on it. There was a river flowing down his legs and onto the grass. When he was done he ran over and said "I'm sorry, I really had to go", I told him he could have used my toilet but he said he is not allowed in strangers houses. His shorts were soaked, he had on white socks and those slip on shoes that all the kids wear now. The socks were yellow on the inside of his legs where the pee ran down. The shoes were part leather and cloth, the leather part of the shoes were shiny from being wet. His shorts were so wet that when he turned around it soaked his but too. I gave him his form back and he said thank you and turned to walk away, I said "You better go home and change before you go to the next house" He said "No i will be fine, it will dry off". He ran to the next door soaked and all. Well gotta go.

last night i took a shit that didnt feel like much but it hurt quite a bit and damn, was it big-I guess i'll need to work on my shit length and width estimation techniques :-)

PRG-Do you like the Sex Pistols?

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