Hello all, how are you all doing?

Today, I was at my friend's house studying, and working on a group project that was assigned for us. While studying, my stomach started to get the "I need to go" pressure. I needed to use the toilet for one of my two daily bowel movements. (Usually I need to go directly in the morning, and late afternoon or early evening). I asked my friend if I could use his bathroom, and he pointed to me where it was located. When I walked in, I shut the door, pulled down my pants and panties and released quite a bit of mushy poo and some diarrhea. Because of the foods I eat (grains, cereals, etc.)I occasionally get diarrhea. Anyway, while pooing, I let out a few audible farts which was quite embarrasing, especially since he was studying in the room beside the bathroom. I sat there for about seven to ten minutes to make sure that my small bout of diarrhea was complete. Well, after I wiped, I flushed the toilet. At his house, he had one of those toilets where it uses little wa! ter....Since there was little water, my poo could not be flushed (mostly all mush, toilet paper, and diarrhea). After my third flush trying to get it down, he came beside the bathroom door, knocked and asked me if I was okay. Before I could speak, he stated "I hear the toilet constantly flushing.....Are you sick?" I was soooooo embarrassed, but I had to tell him the truth, I stated to him that I had a small bout of diarrhea and that the toilet can not flush my waste down." He laughed, and asked if I was decent (meaning, am I dressed, and have I finished). I told him I was, so he asked if he could come in. Embarrasingly, I told him that he could come in, as long as if he didn't mind the smell...I was so humiliated.... He came in, went into the closet, and got a plunger. He told me not to worry, because this happens all the time. Anyway, to make a long story short, he got my waste flushed down. I asked to be left alone for another minute to wash up, which I did.....a! nd basically we studied for the remainder of the day. I was embarrassed the whole day, especially since he saw my poo, to make things worse, it wasn't a normal poo, it was mushy poo, and diarrhea. I had to go badly, but if I knew that this was going happen, I would have held it until I got home. I am not attracted to this person, and I HOPE he's NOT attracted to me. We're just friends, and that's all. It's still embarrasing though. Has this ever happened to anyone before?? Someone please let me know. Maybe it's not as bad as it really is, but it sure is humiliating.


Uncle Allen
HI everyone. I know that I do not post much, because of time constraints, but I do keep up on reading all the great posts here. Hopefully, some of you will remember me. I just wanted to respond to teacher chick. I am also a teacher. I too have noticed that students do not want to poop at school. I remember that when I went to school I did not want to poop there either. I remember many days when I had to go extremely bad, but refused to go until I got home. Once, I had an unbelieveable attack of diarrhea and knew that I absolutely would never make it all dya without going. So, I asked to go to the nurse rather than have to use the student bathrooms. I had an awful attack in that bathroom and was sent home for the rest of the day. All through high school I think I may have pooped a total of three times. Once I got to college my fear of going in public went away. Anyway, I just wanted to say that something needs to be done about this problem. I know many kids are ! afraid to poop in school and that is a horrible way to spend a day. Does anyone have any ideas on how we can help these poor kids break out of these pooping fears?

the "HOLD IT" man
I would love to be in a contest with Katrina, Louise and Jill. I doubt I would win, but it sure would be interesting to see who would win.

Last Saturday I was at a Halloween party out in the sticks. It was predominantly a family affiar for the most part but there was beer being served, and my Cousen, Katie was drinking it like it was going out of style. She also had a pint of "Jack Daniels" and was taking shots with her beers. Needless to say she was '3 sheets to the wind' that night. We had this huge bon fire burning and it was my job to keep it stoked.

Anyway, Katie was so drunk that she finaly passed out. It was a very chilly night last Saturday, so everyone was bundled up. Katie lost control, and right through her panties and blue jeans, she shot out a hissy fountain that myst have arcked about two feet into the air. I, like everyone else, was too embarrassed to time her, but it went on seemingly for ever. By the time she was through, there was a huge puddle where she was laying and her jeans and part of her coat was soaked. That would have been bad enough, but then when we got her into the house, there came a serious of very smelly farts, and she filled her pants with nice thick runny shit. It was one sight to behold. All the guys left the house at that point. Katies boyfriend was (pardon the pun) pissed off as hell, and as far as I know he hasn't spoken to Katie since then. Katie has also been very quite lately. I hope she can live it down. She's not much younger then I am, and very seldomly does she e! ver get drunk like that. She was allways able to beat me in bladder hold contests, too and we were in many. In fact, over the Thankdgiving weekend, Katie, her boy friend, two other girls who I haven't met yet and I are going to have a bladder hold. I will keep you all posted as to how it goes. We will be tested for hold time, pee ammount, pee rate and pee time.

Sir Richard Pumpaloaf:

I have been seen pissing by both men and women at the same time. I do alot of bladder hold contests and one of the rules is that you have to piss in front of everyone in order that they can take the timing and measure the ammounts. It's also the best way to keep everyone honest. I never took a crap in front of people like that, however. I don't have any problem with crapping in public rest rooma as long as there are doors on the toilet stalls, but I amv ery uncomfortable crapping infront of people where they can actualy see me. I am particularly self consience in front of women when it comes to anything thac comes out of my butt hole. I know that sounds quirky, but that's the way I feel about it.

has anyone ever had to take a dump in a cup

To Scarlet - Thanks for agreeing with me on the need for more wetting stories. And now to respond to a couple...

To Jill DL - Loved your story about peeing your pants at the movies. Was the movie over when you and your friend abruptly left, or did you have to climb over people to get out??

To Gary - Loved your story about the kid peeing his pants while selling you pizza. I think that would be great if, at 17, I could go door to door selling stuff and whenever i have to pee bad just flood my pants completely without thinking twice. Thanks for telling us about it.


Punk Rock Girl
First Todd and Diana's Questions

1. Have you ever taken a dump in somebody's house where you took a long time? Yes, I usually take a long time.
2. Have you ever had to open the window, turn on the fan and or spray the bathroom after you dumped in sombeody's house, other than your own? I think it's courteous to freshen up the bathroom after taking a dump.
3. Have you ever read a magazine or anything while taking a dump in somebody's house, other than your own? Only if there's a magazine rack in the bathroom, I wouldn't carry one in.

BLUTO: Thanks for answering my survey! I'd have no problem with you seeing me peeing right off the bat, but I'd have to get to know you before I was relaxed enough to take a crap in front of you!

Today's Post:

The term "taking a dump" has never been more appropriate that in describing the crap I took last night. I was on the phone with my parents and really had to shit. I was fidgeting, clenching, hoping my Mom would finally say, Well, Bye! But she kept talking and I kept squeezing my cheeks together. Finally, I said, well, I gotta go! She said bye and I slammed the phone down. I rushed into the bathroom yanked my jens and thong down and sat my bare ass on the toilet. Two wet loads exploded out of my ass, each with a loud fart, like PPPFFFTTT...Splash!...PPPFFFTTT...SPLASH!!! I bit more oozed out and that was it. I peed, then rolled off some paper. My asshole was covered in residue shit that was the color and consistency of chocolate pudding. It took EIGHT wipes and three flushes before my ass was clean. I flushed the toilet and got ready for bed. THat was a heck of a dump! Had it been a friend on the phone, I probably would have shit while talking to them, but I! cn't o that with my Mom or Dad. Maybe my brother. I dunno.

Thanks again for answering my survey! Peace!


I was at Wal-Mart yesterday with my aunt and my littlest cousin, who just turned three. We were lined up at the cash register and the cashier was chatting with my aunt and then she got a funny look on her face and said "Um ... your daughter's peeing." Anna was looking down at her pants, as a big wet spot on them spread, and pee was running down her legs.

My aunt apologized and the cashier said not to worry, she sees it all here. She called for a cleanup and sent the rest of the people to another cash. We ran Anna over to the bathroom and my aunt dried her off and took out some other pants she was carrying, but she had to keep on her wet shoes because there weren't any more. "See the things you have to look forward to when you become a mom!", my aunt said.

Anna was just like people were saying here. She was looking down, kind of surprised while she wet her pants, but she didn't seem very bothered or even embarrassed about it. She just went with her mom to get changed and that was that.

My aunt told me she'd never thought she'd miss having her daughter wear diapers, but sometimes that was a lot easier.

Piggy Poop
Dear Outdoor Jane,

I like to poop outdoor too (you can read some of my stories before). Here is one of my most recent poop story. I went home late night on a quite lonely street, when I felt a sudden urge of poo. I didn't want to shit on the pavement, because a few people passed by every other minutes, and I didn't like to expose my bum to strangers... I tried not to think on my urge, but it became more and more compulsive. Suddenly I caught sight of a phone box in a dark corner of the street. With a sudden decision, I stepped into it. I didn't see any people in the vicinity, so I pull down my pants and pull up my skirt a little. I put my right leg on a low shelf in the box, and squatted a bit. I lent my bum against the glass of the box, and started to push my load. A 10 inches long log started to came out, then dropped onto the floor. I pushed out some other, smaller logs, before I finished. What a relieve! I wiped my asshole some paper napkin, then I adjusted my clothes, left the box, an! d went home.

bill and kiven have there ervery a time when you and one of your little borther have to poop and there only one toilet and you can't go outside? and what do you do?

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say that I think something got messed up with the post I did, and it ended up getting (mostly) tacked on to the end of someone else's post. I am not jr, whoever s/he may be.

That's all for now, but I'm gonna post about what happened with the situation with Mallory later!

Cya later!


Hey hey....I've been lurking for a long long time. I love everyone's stories...especially PRG's. I'm into diarrhea big big big time. I don't know what about it, but I love to read the stories posted...if anyone has detailed diarrhea stories...accidents or just on the pot, please please post would be soooo appreciated.

I always think about posting, but i feel like I wouldn't fit in here...I've had some stories similar to alot of yours all but I'm afraid to post....

Infantry SPC
To Althea- I have never really had large bowel movements, and I run sprints in track, and play widereciever football in college. I like your stories. You said that you were having a bowel movement while the other girl came in. How bad was the smell? (if you could rate it on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being really bad)Do you think that your dumps smelled worse when you were in high school, and college when you were more active in sports; or do they smell wore now? I have found that mine are weaker smelling(like a 2 out 5) than when I am off for summer vacation or with the Army.

Traveling Guy
OK, Punk Rock Girl - Here you go!
1. What's the weirdest place you've ever a) peed, and b) taken a dump?
a) Off a mountain cliff at 10,000 ft. b) In the open lots of a southern Peruvian city, in the company of all ages and both genders doing the same. Some keep their distance, others strike up a conversation whilst they dump, but no one makes any effort to hide. Very neighborly. To them, as you'd say, it's just pooping!
2. Do you ever leave the door open...? No, it just isn't done in our house, although our family is otherwise very open about elimination.
3. After having taken a crap, what's the longest you've ever gone without wiping your ass? Maybe 15 minutes. That's how long it took me to find a restroom with paper after I'd really had to poop without. 4. Who would you be most comfortable with seeing you taking a crap? Besides my wife, certain friends, depending on how well I know them.
5. Hypothetical situation. You're at an outdoor event... have to shit... dense crowd... right now. a) shit your pants? or b) on the ground? Depends on where in the world I am. In the US, I'd go in my pants to avoid a possible disorderly conduct citation. But if the culture is cool with outdoor dumping, I'm droppin' trou right now!

Amazing - This site now has over 1,000 pages of old posts!

To the unnamed British Poster:

I never realy paid attention to the size of my dumps, but on the average they are over 2 inches wide and almost two feet long. I have taken some huge dumps in my day, while all the guys I ever knew couldn't even come close.

My bladder control is what I mainly pride myself in. I will concede that you might be able to take bigger dumps, but I know I got you on bladder control. My longest hold time to date is 48 hours, and I am going to try to break that record this Halloween.

Potty Pooper
Well, I went back and found the post I was talking about before (Ben, on
Page 992) and it appears he didn't really state he was going to continue
it with another post, just that if he *did* continue it there, it would
make that one a longy... :-)

Still, it probably would be interesting to know what it took to help him
overcome his poop-phobia. Might actually help others that either have
this problem or know someone that does. I gather with other kinds of
phobias, they have what's called aversion-therapy. Say you have a phobia
for cats. First they try to get you used to having a kitty in the same
room with you, then they move up to having it nearer to you, then to
having you touch the feline, and so on...

Nick: About the situation in the Arby's with the latchless toilet-stall,
I was once in that situation, too. The latchless part, not the walked-in-on
part. I was perhaps ten or twelve and was with my mom at the library, and
I had to go to the bathroom. I went to the men's room... and discovered
that the door on the stall didn't have latch. At first, I started to head
back outside and hold it, but then I had a bright idea... I went back into
the stall, wadded up some toilet paper and jammed it between the door and
jamb, keeping the door closed.

As I was sitting on the pot, I noticed someone had written an obsene grafito
on the stall-wall next to me, which I won't repeat here, tho I will state
that it involved a drawing of a male-member... I remember looking at that
and wondering why people put stuff like that where kids like me might come
across it. :-/

Billy and Kevin: I know you stated your age at one point, but you didn't
say what ALL your brothers and friends ages were in the posts when you
told of their acts.

Come to that, I've noticed in a few posts where someone said "And then a
little kid walked in and had to go..." and didn't specify what the little
kid's age was. I mean, it might have been four, it might have been seven.
Oddly enough, I've heard some people use the phrase "little kid" and it
turned out they meant someone teen-aged, so it's not always clear just
what age they're talking about when they say "little kid." In fact, any
time someone talks about a child in one of these posts, it would be useful
to state what age the child is, rather than leaving us to make a good guess.

Sir Richard:

I am not saying that there aren't exceptions to the rules. I'm sure there are alot of men with realy strong bladders and bowls and can take huge dumps, but like you I am basing my opinions on personal observations, and on the countless peeing contests that I have been in, and all the boy friends and girl friends that I have had. I can't say that there aren't any men who can pee or poop larger then I do, but I have yet to meet him. You say that your poops are 2 inches around. I do that without even feeling it. I have pooped beer can sized poops that were over a foot long. As for peeing, that to is something that no man I know can do stronger then I do. I am not saying that such a man doesn't exist, but again I have yet to meet with him.


I am betting that you will beat your husband and you will do so easily. You are right, alot of pee holding is mind over matter, but the bottom line is, in order to win that contest, you have to have both a larger bladder and strong spincter muscles. You can be the most stubborn person in the world, if your bladder can only hold 300 or 400 militres, that is all it's going to hold. The only thing stubborness will get you is wet pants. You will win, Louise. I believe that because in order for you to be able to piss the way you do, you have to have a very strong spincter and a large capacity.


That was a great story, and it sounds to me like your kidneys are working overtime, but you realy do have a large capacity. There are alot of factors that cause a person to have to pee, and it does not allways involve a weak bladder. Metabolism has much to do with it. Health problems, diabetes and a whole host of things that make your kidneys work will cause it to happen as well. If two people with identical bladders and spincters are next to each other, ond drinks alot of water and the other drinks nothing, the one drinking is going to have to pee before the one drinking nothing. Pleast don't get me wrong. I am not a health care expert and I am not trying to scare you, but if you pee often and in long, hissy torrents, it might not be a bad idea to have your blood-sugar checked.

Thanks to Justin, Bryian, Irishguy and anyone else I foolheartedly forgot to mention for feedback on my stories. I like all of your as well and always look forward to more!

Now about a not-so-cool experience I had recently:

I was at the mall and after having eaten several different green vegetables for lunch, I had to use the facilities. So I went to the mens' room and closed the door and did what I had to do. Just as soon as I had gotten there, some other guy entered and took the urinal directly across from the stall I was in (there were at least 4 urinals from which to choose). Anyway, he was taking an inordinately long time to urinate (I was there for at least 5 minutes), so i presumed that he was doing some "speculating" for lack of a better euphemism. I concluded this when I noticed that he was starting to take several glances back and upon leaving I invited him to take his eyes elsewhere or else he would be seing stars.

I realize this was perhaps overdramatic on my part, but I do not believe that this sort of thing should be forced upon unwilling parties, especially when strangers are involved and the facilities are more than private. Those of you who have read my previous posts recall that my soccer teammates and I routinely move our bowels around each other in "boot camp" type facilities, but we all know each other quite well and we are all straight men. Caveat: Please do not think of me as a homophobe, it's not like I don't know any gay people (not to try to sound arrogant, but after all, I am a professional musician- keyboardist to be precise with an M.A. in music), so needless to say, I've gotten the opportunity to know many such guys and many of them are pretty good guys, but we know where each other stands on these things and that I go straight. But my philosophy is that such things need to be somewhere else with like-minded people. Maybe it's just my strict Catholic background- ! I don't know


Hi Guys!
Wow I got some replies!!!

KATRINA: Yes other people have said about the diabetes thing, but apparently I dont have that - maybe I exagerated a bit as its not always that long a wee which I have - it depends how long I've been holding it for - maybe its just the relief and it seems like ages!

THONG GIRL: I suppose I do wear tights quite a lot - especially at work as I think it looks smarter with a business suit. Of course on a practical sense its not that warm here at the minute! I often wear thongs too, depending upon time of the month. Yes tights can be a hinderance when I'm desperate and there are a few times when I've wet my tights and/or knickers becuase I didnt get them down in time - maybe the solution is not to wear anything under my skirt - hehe!

DONNA: I know how that poor girl feels I get teased too. Mind you I tend to either laugh or ignore it. Mind you I read somewhere once that there are some people out there who get turned on by the sight of a girl needing to go. I dont mind the comments really and the girls I work with only tease in a nice way. Wendy, the girl I work with is almost as bad anyway and she often comes with me to the ladies - she has a different problem that she is paranoid of being stuck without a toilet to go to - I think I'm the opposite as I always forget to go before doing something such as setting off on a journey and then get in a pickle when I need to go!


heres one of my other stories. the same summer that aunt linda let me watch her poop for the first time we went on vacation in a trailer. i liked the trailer so when i got home i made a play trailer with some wood for the bottom part with wheels on it and some big cardboard boxes. it was big enough for 2 kids inside. i made it up nice inside with carpet and lights made out of flashlights and even put a toilet in. it wasnt a real toilet just a big clay pot with a top. i would hook it on to my wagon and pull it around and play camping. some of the other kids would always come play too and one time this girl named julie who was 9 years old from a few houses away came over and we were playing in the camper. after a while she said she had to go to the bathroom and was going to go home but i said we have a toilet right here in the camper pointing to the pot. she said thats not a real toilet. i said it works go ahead and try it. she looked at it funny for a minute then said ok i'll! do it. she pulled her shorts down a little bit so just her butt was sticking out and sat on the pot. her shorts were still hiding everything else in the front. i could hear pee squirting into the pot. i thought she was done but then i saw a funny look on her face. i didnt hear anything but a strong poop smell filled up the camper. she stood up and wiped and looked in the pot and so did i. there was a big soft poop curled up in there. we started laughing real hard and i almost peed my pants. julie was the first girl i saw pooping other then davids mom and aunt linda but i didnt see the poop come out of her butt.

Emily of NYC: I was under a lot of stress when I was your age. I grew up in NYC. I had 5 hrs of homework in junior high school. I believe in my earlier posts, I had to use the toilet at a pizza parlor. The owner was very friendly. Then, there was was the time I had to use the toilet in the subway station. That was not fun, either. I would rather sit on the toilet in a park or playground. I did in day camp. It was not the same as school. In school, we had closed stalls, except in high school. We used the top floor of an elementary school for 9th grade. The stalls had no doors.

Teacher Chick: My mother was not crazy about me sitting on the toilet at school. Really she wanted me not to have bowel movements at school. I had to break down by junior high school and high school. April, I went for an evening run along a wide blvd path. It was after dinner and my stomach was not settled good. I felt grumbling and cramps. So, I knew where there was a car wash on the next main street. They let me use their toilet. The room was wide and spacious and clean. I pulled down my Brooks running shorts and green, white blue and black striped panties to my ankles. I evacuated loose and leafy green and brown chunks of doo-doo and sprayed the bowl with brown water. I just let it all run out for 30 minutes. It was easy going. I ignored the knock on the door. I should have answered. I wiped good and pulled up my shorts and panties when the door was pushed ajar. The Arab man owner appeared. He saw everything and closed the door. I was relieved and got out of there. Th! e men and boys in that car wash gave me strange looks. I thanked them and took off to finish my run.

Larger Bladders
I have gone out with many girls (I am now 22). Usually I won't excuse my self to go to the men's room. I can hold my pee 6-8 hours without much discomfort. But it is on all day outings that my gfs win with the l
larger bladders. I have had a number who will be with me on an all day
outing (some lasting 12 hours or more). I remember Amber and Mick
well. Neither went to the ladies room or in the out-of-doors all that time. (I went twice.)When we got back to my apartment. Amber didn't make a move but Micky went to the bathroom right away. Amber and I listened at the door. M. must have peed for 2 minutes or more and very forcefully. I asked A. if she wanted to go. She said that she could wait longer. We all had separate beds. I listened for awhile. A.fell asleep without peeing. M. and I were up first. We peed and showered. Finally A. stumbled out. By this time she had not peed for about 24 hours. She went to the bathroom. We asked if we could come in too. She said, sure.She sat down on the toilet. We sat opposite on the edge of the bathtub.She apologized for not going at once. But that often happens after holding yourself shut for so long. Finally she pissed a gusher that went on and on for almost 4 minutes. She must have had more than 2 liters in her. What a bladder. Yes some girls could beat me and any of
my guy friends at holding.

John Paul
Althea: How come it's not good to hold gas in?

Hey Fart Lover,
what kind of depends do you wear? It's easier for girls to pee in a diaper than guys b/c you don't have a penis to be concerned w/ aiming. lol. Also have you ever peed in any containers? Please tell stories if you have.


GARY--liked your story

WETGUY--liked your story

MATTHEW--I'm like you--I usually have to wipe a lot after doing soft poop. I don't know HOW this guy could get by with one wipe. Maybe he doesn't care! I know it seems odd that a guy so picky about his appearance would do that, but I work at a thrift store and often we get in nice business suits with poop stains in the back.

BRYIAN--You wish my dream was true? :P Well, it was definitely interesting...stupid alarm clock! lol

Nothing new to post here...except that in my science class we can earn bonus points for turning in scientific articles and highlighting the interesting points. So, I found one on E. Coli that mentioned it giving ppl bad, bloody diarrhea and highlighted that part...and I now have an "A" in the class! lol


These questions are for all the female members.

1. What do you generally eat? Tons of fruits and v?????? Fast foods? Ribs and steaks etc? Sandwiches?

2. How many times do you usually fart in a day?

3. How big is your average bowel movement?

4. If you poop in a public toilet, do you leave it unflushed? Would you leave it unflushed if it's the biggest poo you ever done?

5. If a lady left a large turd for everyone to see in a public toilet, would you be disgusted or amazed?

6. How many times in a week do you use public restrooms? Out of all those times you use public restrooms, how many times do you find unflushed poo?

7. What's the largest poo you've seen done by a little girl? (Under the age of 12)

8. Do you use laxatives when you're constipated? If so, what kind?

9. How often are you constipated?

10. Does your average bowel movement takes less than 3 minutes from start to finish?


I attend college right now and I'm currently taking a 3 hour math class. During this time, a lot of girls leave the room for 3 or 4 minutes. Is it possible that they're taking a quick poop? They don't bring anything out the room with them and they don't bring anything back with them, so they must be going to the bathroom?

It usually takes me 8-10 minutes to poo so the whole idea of pooing in less than 5 mintues is bizarre to me.


Are their any stores in America that have unisex bathroom? I'm talking about bathrooms where a man and woman can pee/poo at the same time. Do other countries have bathrooms where men and women can simultaneously use bathrooms?

THANKS Ladies and please answer the questions truthfully!!!

1. (Two parter) What's the weirdest place you've ever a) peed, and b) taken a dump? Explain. I have peed in a bucket while on a road trip, and i pood in an alley once

2. Do you ever leave the door open when on the toilet if someone else is home? If so, how often? Nope

3. After having taken a crap, what's the longest you've ever gone without wiping your ass and why? Never did!

4. Who would you be most comfortable with seeing you taking a crap? (e.g. husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, mother/father, brother/sister, etc.) My friends, and GF

5. Hypothetical situation. You're at an outdoor event. You desperately have to take a shit. You're in a dense crowd. There is no way you can make it to the bathroom in time. You're going to shit right now. Do you a) shit your pants, or b) drop trou and shit on the ground? Why?I would probably shit on the ground.

Any girls have some outdoor pee stories to share?

Sudden Urge.
I have another story involving my beautiful aunt Belinda. About a month after I had seen her in full view on the toilet, I was at her house playing with her daughter about two years younger than me, when I saw aunt Belinda pull into the driveway from school, She was and still is a teacher. I knew by past experience that she always took a late afternoon poop after she arrived home. I was feeling anxious to see her again since the last time was still plastered into my mind. My younger cousin went off next door to her friend's house while I stayed behind to have my "bathroom chat" with aunt Belinda...Or so I hoped. I watched her as she made her way into the house.....damn she was beautiful, a blue dress with pantyhose and high heels. I waited until she got inside and I made my way into the house, curious to see where she may be headed. She turned around and noticed I was in the room, "hello Sweety, I did'nt hear You come in". She was standing in the kitchen looking through he! r mail. Soon after she made her way down the hall to the main bathroom and of course I wasn't very far behind. I made my way to the closed bathroom door. I was trying to think of some way of getting in there with her whithout it being too obvious, so i faked an eye irritation. I asked her throught the door, "aunt Belinda, are You busy?" and she replied with "no dear I'm just fixing my hair", and I said, "can I come in, I seem to have something in my eye and I need to wash it out". She said "sure, I have some eye drops if You need them, I'll put them in for You". I made my way into the bathroom as she was standing in front of the mirror adjusting her beautiful long,wavy brunette hair. I washed my eye out while she was standing there and I was going to leave the room since I thought that her visit was just to fix her hair when she backed up to the commode and told me "close that door all the way sweety, I've gotta "poopydoo". OH YES!!!!! I thought to myself as she pulled her d! ress up and slid her pantyhose down to the top of her thighs. She leaned forward clasping her hands together. Her toes were slightly pointed inward, she had taken her heels off and she was sitting with feet almost on her tippy toes. She let out a loud torrent of pee that ended with a soft gassy fart. Of course I was almost crazy from excitement. She seemed to be in a playful mood that day as she was asking me if her "toot" stunk. In my shaken state of mind and since she was in a playful mood I got caught up into the moment and asked her before I really thought about it if I could watch her turd come out. At about the same second it took me to ask the question I snapped back to my senses and realized what I had done and I turned red with embarrasment. It seemed like the whole world stopped and the bathroom got quieter that it already was. She looked at me with a silly grin on her face and asked, "now why would You want to do such a thing?" She was slightly laughing as she ask! ed. I thought I was going to be scolded and run out of the bathroom when to my suprise she said "you know it's just gonna look like a big ole snake coming out of a hole" and then she laughed. I think she kind of understood that I was somewhat excited about seeing a woman poop and she looked at me and said, "well, ok but just keep this to yourself, OK?" She sat a little bit forward on the toilet as I peered down from behind her, this was the first time I saw her butt as well. She was looking back at me and asked me if I was ready. All of the sudden I heard a crackling as I could see her long turd slowly easing out and pointing downward toward the water. It was smooth and about the same color as peanut butter. The turd eased out as she slightly strained and grunted. she wasn't speaking at this time. The tip slowly made it's way into the water and down toward the opening into the pipe where it tapered off and kinda just fell over with a "faloop". In all I guess it was about 16"! in lenght and about 2" in diameter. She adjusted herself again and I watched as she dropped out about five smaller pieces that made a light "plooop" as they entered the water in which she replied "that was a baby turd" and then laughed. She was done and I walked back around and sat on the tub. I must have looked like a zombie because I could'nt believe what had just happened. As she rolled off the toilet paper and eased her thigh up slightly to wipe she said, "well, there you go. Told You it would just look like a snake coming out of a hole" and then she laughed again. As she arose from the toilet pulling her pantyhose up we both stood there and commented on her creation. She joked about the tip of the long one and how it was so long that it was sticking up out of the water. When she flushed the turd rose up out of the pipe and stuck sideways and I reached for the plunger since the water was getting higher and it mashed the light brown log into the porcelain leaving light b! rown skid marks all over the bottom of the toilet. When she flushed a second time, half of the broken turd came back up. A third flush took care of everything except the skid marks in which she usually left anyway. The Bathroom had a very strong pungent poop smell that lingered for about an hour after we left it.

Outhouse Scott

It's been a while, but I'm back! Actually, I've been reading the posts mostly, because I haven't really recalled any childhood poop incidents or had anything happen that was post-worthy...until now! It's not really too big a deal, just embarrassing!

On my way home from work last night, I desperately had to poop. It was poking out of my asshole and my clenched butt cheeks were all that was keeping me from shitting my pants! I needed to get gas and figured I'd use the bathroom there. I told the guy to fill it up and walked to the restroom, which is its own little building.

I opened the door and flicked on the light, then closed and locked the door (or so I thought). The bathroom wasn't very clean, but nowhere nearly as gross as many restroom bathrooms I've seen. I wiped off the toilet seat (which was covered with the usual piss splatter), put some paper down on it, pulled my jeans and boxers down to my knees and sat.

A nice sized log started making its way out with very little effort on my part, and finally plopped into the water, splashing my ass. It was followed by another log. When the second log was about halfway out, I was quite shocked to see the door swing open! My ass involuntarily clenched and squashed the log hanging out in half, causing it to plop loudly into the water. A young woman, maybe in her early twenties, entered the bathroom and gasped in embarrassment when she saw me on the toilet. She said, "Oh my god!" Then she spun around and bolted out.

I just sat there for a moment, totally dumbfounded. It's not like it was the first time a pretty girl saw me taking a shit, but it had been a while since someone walked in on me in a public place! Finally, I pushed the rest of my load out. I could tell that my ass was completely smeared with shit from having clenched the one, and knew it would take forever to wipe my ass. But at that point I just wanted to get out of there! I pulled up my boxers, careful not to give myself a wedgie, and pulled up my jeans. I flushed my impressive load of shit down the toilet and washed my hands.

I dreaded exiting the bathroom, as I knew she'd probably be waiting outside. I opened the door, and there she was standing there. She said, "I'm so sorry!" to me. I said, no problem and headed to my car. I paid the attendant and drove home, doing my best to ignore the wet, sticky feeling between my butt cheeks. When I got home, my boxers had a big streak down the seat! I started wiping my ass, but it would have taken a whole roll of peper, so I just jumped in the shower and washed off completely.

Looking back on it, I still got that rush of excitement mixed with my embarrassment! I've shit in front of many people, including girls, but I need to be ready! It took me alittle while to realize that I did get something of a kick out of it!

Enema Guy
Hi Joseph.
I think you and I are on the same wavelength. I usually give myself a real gut busting enema about every two months or so. I really love the feeling of that warm soapy water slowly filling up my colon and the warning cramps. I usually shut off the clamp when the first cramps come on, then wait a while till the cramp subsides and turn it on again. This usually happens three or four times before I know it's time to get to the toilet. The feeling of letting go and getting rid of all that shit can't be beaten. I'm usually on the toilet for about an hour or so. Then like you, I give myself another enema with plain warm water and just a small amount of salt added which helps to cleanse the intestines.I always feel so much healthier and less sluggish afterwards.
Next time I take an enema, I'll tell you all about it.
I'd certainly recommend an enema rather than laxatives.

Yesterday I did really big dump. It was busy day at work and I felt growing urge to poop whole day. Finally just before our coffee-break I had a good chance to go. Like usual ladies room in our office is very busy place around coffee break and this day was not exception. Both stalls were occupied and one woman was waiting for her turn. I didnít want to wait so I headed for ladies room in entrance hall. Group of ladies just emerged out of there. There was notable scent of perfume so I suppose they or most of them were there just fixing make-up. I was alone there, all 5 stalls were free. I took second stall from the door. I locked the door and pulled down my jeans and panties. I started with few shy but very smelly farts. I did some pee and let out some farts again. This time they were silent ones but smell was still strong. I felt forcing pressure against my sphincter. There was a giant poop load looking for itís way out of my bowels but it didnít move at all without pushing.! So I leaned forward and exerted. Head of log opened my anus with loud crackling sound. I grinned and kept on pushing. Poop slid out slowly, really slowly. It was exceptional fat but luckily it was loose so it didnít cause any pain. It twisted out of my anus really slowly and I had no idea how long it was. Finally it broke off but there was no splashing or plopping sound. Obviously log has reached water, maybe bottom of bowl before it broke off and that was the reason why it didnít make any sound. I pushed rest of broken log out and I felt into water with soft splash. Immediately after releasing it I knew my bowels were totally empty. I left my arse and looked my production. First part of log was huge, one of the biggest I have ever shitted. It was a bit curvy from the other end so it was difficult to estimate itís length. Probable it was near 20 inches long, at least 15. Smaller piece was about 5. I was still wondering my massive poops when someone came in. She passed my st all and it sounded like she took the farthest stall. I sat down again to wipe and listen what she will do. After about half minute silence I heard faint grunting and suddenly 3-4 weak plops. Obviously she dropped small and hard shit balls. Right after last plop she started peeing rapidly. Suddenly peeing stopped, I heard two light plops and right after second plop she continued and finished her pee. It was really peculiar, peeing started and stopped so sharply. I started wiping. My arse was quite messy. Large turd has stained partially my buttocks. Shit was incredible sticky, I messed my forefinger with first wipe. Woman in farthest stall needed wipe only 2-3 times. She flushed and went washing her hands. After it she opened her purse and she started fixing her make-up. I was still wiping as someone came in. She went in middle stall. Woman who was fixing her make-up must knew this new comer because she started talking to her. They talked while woman peed shortly and wiped. T! hey both left together. I was finally cleaned up my ass, I wiped at least 10 times. After flushing I took a look at bowl. My big shit was gone but the bottom of bowl was full of brown streaks.

TO: Katrina- Hi, yes, I am in full agreement- hands down, women can pee harder, faster, and hold a whole lot more than most guys I ever met- This has been evaluated by me for many years,and in many situations.

Beside Jill, there have been other women who have made a great impression on me with their bladder capacity and ability to really let go.

I do recall many years ago a cousin who was visiting. I was about 9-10, and she was 19 at the time. We were out at a public forum after a long trip to the place. As we arrived, she , my youngest sister and I all needed to pee. We found a restroom with no marking as to gender on the door, and the cousin motioned for all 3 of us to enter. As we came into the room, it was small ,and had a simple sink/toilet arrangement. After letting my sister and I take care of our bladders, she flipped up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and squatted. I had grown up with 2 sisters, and had seen them pee up close many times, but now, I was looking at a side view of a full bush, and a hot, wide stream as it hissed out of my cousin. She was not shy at all about what she was doing, and I do recall being totally amazed at how much volume and how loud her seemingly endless pee was! She kept bearing down, and spraying out more and more... My sister and I both watched her closely as she finall! y dribbled,and wiped herself. All without any hesitation or shyness.

I remember talking to my sister later on that day about how much "big girls" could pee, and how powerful and long the stream was. We were impressed to say the least, and of course, my sister tried very hard to push and pee with the same force as our took a few years, but she has certainly achieved the goal!

I was always impressed by college beer parties where sharing bathrooms was common- I stood peeing many times as a beer filled female sat or squatted on the next toilet over, just pissing a flood! Jill can take a wicked beer induced pee as her nephew found out that morning of my last post!

Katrina, have you ever peed in front of a relative or friend who was male? Do you sit or squat at public places? I would be interested to hear about how long you may be able to pee, and a description of the type of stream that you can manage when desperate or liquid refreshment filled- As I have stated, when Jill drinks beer or wine coolers, she seems to have an incredible ability to hold, and then put out a stream that is wide, hissy, and minutes long...all without real strain! Let me know- Hey Louise...keep up the great wees! All the best, and hope to hear back soon- Mickey

Hi Robin: I enjoyed your story very much. I did have a number of similar experiences in which I was forced to hold my pee. I was very shy about admitting I had to go. One time also involved my cousin who lived near me. I was 13 and he was 15. We were at that age when we both would get spontaneous erections. Then we would unzip and show each other our penises. He was much larger than I was. But we did have one thing in common. Since we were born in the US we were both circumcised. I was staying with him over the weekend because my parents were away. After breakfast we decided to go into a nearby woods to play and fool around. We took a 6 pack of cokes along and some sandwiches. Since it was hot, we drank a lot of coke. We bet had a bet who could hold our pee the longest. The one who won the contest would take us both to the movies. Off we went. After about 3 hours my bladder felt full. But I held on. In another hour I was getting desperate. But I was pee shy and would not sto! p playing and go. He was also getting uneasy. We went on climbing trees and playing hide and seek like two kids. After another hour I needed to go really bad. I noticed him holding his penis tightly. It was time to go home for dinner. We went upstairs to his
room. He said: "you how much coke we had. You know we both have to pee. Let's go into the bathroom and see who goes the longest. The one who does will go to the movies for free." I badly needed relief. Neither of us had gone since we got up. It had been 8 hours. We both stood at the toilet. We both had boners. But he was able to pee with his. I could never pee with one and for that matter could never pee when anyone was around. Though I was bursting I couldn't go. He peed and peed for about 2 minutes. He kidded me because I wasn't going. Finally he stopped and declared himself the winner. He went out and said he would listen at the door for how long I peed. I still couldn't go. So with my bursting bladder I went to dinner. Another hour went by. I went up to the bathroom again and finally peed and peed for about 2 1/2 minutes. I was the winner but it didn't count because he wasn't there. I paid for the movie.

John Q Public

I can't wait to read the results of that contest. I bet you will win it, too.


I realy like the way you write and your total bluntness, and I totaly agree with you. My sister and gf can both hold for ever and then let loose like the proverbial race horse. I don't think my gf could go 48 hours like you did, but my sister did to close to 40 hours once. This was when I was in college. This was before I met the woman I am dating right now, who I actualy met through my sister. Anyway I was home for Xmas vacation and we were both curious as to how long she could hold it until she could contain it no longer. She started her hold at around 9 in the morning, and by 9 the next morning she had to go pretty bad, but she was not on the verge of wetting herself. 12 hours later, or by 9 in the evening, she was very uncomfortable but still not fidgeting. She did not drink alot of liquids, by the way. by about 11, she was fidgeting around, and finaly at midnight she was about to burst, and had to run to the bathroom and did actualy squirt a little in her p! ants. She just barely got her pants down when her stream shot out of her with such force that some of it sprayed between the gav where the toilet seat meats the rim of the bowl and it actualy shot across the bathroom and hit the wall. She quickly leaned forward as her stream hissed out of her like it never did before. Unfortunately I forgot to look at my watch at the beginning of her piss. I am going to guess that she had already been at it for 20 seconds or so when she started. I looked at my watch and her piss, MINUS the time that elapsed before I started keeping it, almost 3 minutes long. Then she would stop for a moment or two, thenshe would squirt out a few little hissy squirts, then she would hiss for about another 10 seconds here and there, then she would squirt again and this went on for minute and a half. It was to say the least the meanest piss anyone had ever taken in my presence, male or female. So I can definately confirm your hypothesis about women havi! ng bigger and stronger bladders in general.


I realy can relate to what your friend is going through. I can barely last two hours before I have to run to the bathroom, and then it's usualy a little one. I can't even make it to the end of a movie unless I wear a diaper or something. The funny thing is, however, I know more guys like that then women.

Scarlet and others who requested wetting accident stories:

This happened the Summer before I entered my Freshmon year in high school. I was out with other kids and we were riding around on our bikes. We decided to ride to one of our local cemetaries where there was a pond. I figured I could relieve myself behind trees, so I did not wear one of my diapers that day. We use to sneak in there to swim and fish. Anyway we were miles away from any place that had a toilet and I felt an urge comming on. My control was much worse in those days so I hid behind a tree and let loose. My sister and two of her friends were also with us. Well the day wore on, and we finaly decided to head back. I felt a little twinge, but I misteakenly thought I could hold it. We had about a mile ride. As the ride home wore on, I got more and more desperate, and about 6 feet from my own front door, my little bladder gave out and though it was not a huge torrent, it was enough to be noticable, and it did leak down my leg, all the way down to my shoes. ! Everyone saw it and laughed. They all knew of my condition, but that made it no less embarrassing, especialy with 3 girls looking on. What realy hurt the most in that deal, was that my megga bladdered sister, 3 years my junior, ADMONISHED her 15-year-old brother for not wearing a diaper. Evidently my accident embarrassed her as much as it did me. That happened often in my youth. It was as though my younger sister was realy the big sister. At the age of 12, she was taller, more athelicly cabable and many thought she was the older sibling. Today, I stand at 6 feet tall. She stands at 6 feet 4 inches. I won't go into that now, but that was one major embarrassing moment.

Althea, Punk Rock Girl, Linda, Donna, and the rest of you fine ladies who post here, please take a moment to answer my survey. I submitted it before and the response was poor. Maybe it was simply overlooked.

I've always been curious about the toilet paper habits of women. I've wondered whether or not women, like men, are "plain, dry toilet paper folk." So, ladies, which of the following are true with you? (Choose as many as you like.)

After I have a bowel movement, I
(1) wet or dampen my toilet paper before wiping
(2) use something wet on my behind in addition to toilet paper such as a "wet wipe" or wet cloth
(3) wash my behind immediately
(4) use powder on my behind
(5) use nothing on my bottom but dry toilet paper

Thank you for your time!
(6) usuallly wipe only once

Billy and Kev
Today, I had the biggest dump ever. After lunch, we had a movie about Christopher Columbus. We went to the 4th grader's classroom becuase it was bigger. About 30 minutes into the movie, I got up and went to the bathroom in the back of the class (usually, we have to poop in the bathroom by the office). When I got in the bathroom a 4th grader named Jimmy was sitting there. He was plopping out little turds. he was there about 3 minutes. Finally he said all done and wiped about 3 times. He left a bunching of floating little turds and one long log at the bottom. I sat down. I farted real loud and started pooping. A huge turd like 2 in wide and 12 in long came out. It only took about 10 seconds for it all to come out. Then 4 more turds came out, each about 6 in long. Jimmy left and another 4 grader came in, Mike. I wiped. Mike just needed a pee. I got up and went to wash my hands. Then I left while mike was still peeing. Kev went in after Mike came out. MNike and kev sat down by m e to watch the res to teh movie. Kev said to mike that was one huge poop you made. He said that I made it. Kev, wow, that was huge. I just smiled.

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted for a while, I tried a few times but it didn't get through. I've been having fairly regular poo's although last night I had a few cramps which resulted in satisfying soft poo.

Recently I was at a local library when I visited the toilets. I like these toilets because they have thin walls between the men's and women's sections so you can easily hear what's going on. I took the stall in the men's room next to the wall and sat to do a much needed poo. It came out with not much trouble and a bit of pushing. I put my ear to the wall and listened intently for any action in the women's room. There was silence but after a couple of minutes a woman came in and took the end stall next to the wall. She did a short wee and finished up. A few minutes after that I heard two women coming in chatting to each other, I couldn't really make out what they were saying. They took some stalls and then another woman came in. The result was three women weeing at the same time! I was hoping one of them would stay and do a poo but it was not to be so I finished up and got out of there.

Enjoy your poo's and wee's everyone.


To Irish Guy: love your stories, specially about pooing your pants whilst waiting for your boyf to leave the bathroom. Sorry I have not posted in ages..never seem to have much time.

To've gone quiet again! (like me I guess) - what's been happening recently?

Had a major poo accident on Sunday..... well maybe accident is the wrong word. Had not been feeling quite right for several days and had kept having very loose poos, but on Sunday all day I could feel a really good firm poo building up. It was so nice to feel "back to normal" that I didn't want to go to the loo until I really had to in case when I did it it turned out to be soft again. Anyway, in the end, about 9 at night, I knew that a) I had to go, NOW and b) it really was goiong to be very firm indeed. I was wearing red briefs at the time and to be honest I just thought.... "let go", so I did. A huge log slid very slowly into my pants but slow as it was once it started there was no way I could stop it.


Sir Richard Pumpaloaf
Hi all. Nice to see that my first post made it. I'll try answering a couple surveys tonight.

First, Trey's survey:

1.)do u scratch,rub,squezze,etc while peeing?pooping?

No, I just sit there and do my business if pooping. If peeing, I just stand there and aim.

2.)do u pee sitting standing sqautting or how if other please say?

I normally pee standing, but there is an exception to this rule. I usually have to pee in the middle of the night. I don't turn any lights on when I do this, to avoid waking Katie up and to also not wake myself up any moreso than need be. I always sit to pee in the middle of the night, because it is damned near impossible to hold the toilet seat up with one hand and control my aim with the other, in the dark. Before I learned that sitting at night is better, I had some problems where either 1.) The toilet seat would come flying down and cut through my pee stream, spraying piss all over the bathroom and my legs before slamming the toilet bowl with a bang loud enough to wake up the dinosaurs; or 2.) Pissing and hearing it hitting something other than water, usually with the same sensation of it bouncing off the edge of the toilet and spraying on my legs. Believe you me, there's no worse way to wake up than having to clean piss off one's legs, the toilet seat, an! d bathroom floor in the middle of the night when you never wanted to do more than squint one eye open to do the whole thing. Therefore, if anyone says I sit to pee like a girl, I'll agree with them with the qualification that I only do it in the middle of the night.

3.)how do u shit sitting standing squating etc?

I shit sitting, unless I'm doing it outside, then I squat.

4.)what color is your poop?dark brown light yellow green etc?

It's usually dark brown, but sometimes it's yellowish brown or even greenish brown. It's usually only greenish brown if I eat something like onion rings. I don't know why, but onions usually give my poop a greenish color.

5.)do you ever stick your finger up your ass to help yourself poop?

Hell, no.

6.)do u make noises while pooping?

Maybe an occasional quiet sigh, if it's a particularly thick, hard jobbie.

Next, PRG's survey:

<<<<1. (Two parter) What's the weirdest place you've ever a) peed, and b) taken a dump? Explain. >>>>

The wierdest place I peed was when I was a kid, walking down the street out in the open in a suburban residential neighborhood with a buddy of mine. He dared me and I just whipped it out and started pissing as I walked. A car drove by and blew his horn because he saw me doing it. The wierdest place I've ever pooped is in a storeroom at work, because the water was shut off. People don't usually come by there, so I took an empty box, hid behind some stacks of boxes and pooped in the empty box, then threw it away in the dumpster.

<<<<2. Do you ever leave the door open when on the toilet if someone else is home? If so, how often? >>>>

I'll poop in front of my girlfriend any time in plain sight, but nobody else. If anybody else was around I'd shut the door. I wouldn't poop with the door open if I was at my family's home, but I would pee with the door open.

<<<<3. After having taken a crap, what's the longest you've ever gone without wiping your ass and why? >>>>

One time I was driving along Skyline Drive in Virginia and had to take a massive dump, so I stopped and walked far enough down the Appalachian Trail that I was not around anyone. I dropped my pants and leaned with my back against a tree and quickly pushed out a couple monster turds. It was a mess because they were a little bit soft, but I didn't have anything to wipe my ass with, so I just pulled my pants back up and went back to my car and kept driving. I wiped my ass an hour or so later when I came to a visitor center somewhere along the Drive. Luckily, the poop stayed mushed between my cheeks and I didn't get any on my skivvies.

<<<<4. Who would you be most comfortable with seeing you taking a crap? (e.g. husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, mother/father, brother/sister, etc.) Why? >>>>

Girlfriends only. I think there's some amount of sexual excitement that goes along with dumping with a significant other. I would never let any relative of mine see me shitting.

<<<<5. Hypothetical situation. You're at an outdoor event. You desperately have to take a shit. You're in a dense crowd. There is no way you can make it to the bathroom in time. You're going to shit right now. Do you a) shit your pants, or b) drop trou and shit on the ground? Why? >>>>

Well, given *only* those two choices, I'd rather shit my pants. At least nobody would actually see the turd coming out of my ass. Unless I'm sick and have diarrhea, I can usually hold a poop for an incredibly long time, so with any luck this question will remain totally hypothetical.

Happy crapping,
Sir Richard Pumpaloaf

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

BIG-JOB BOY (Posted last two times as 'POTTY BOY,' but realised someone already has this name). 'MATTHEW C' & 'NICK,' I loved both of your fantastic stories. MATTHEW C's really did-it for me !!! It sounds as if you're also living in the UK. I have chosen 'BIG-JOB BOY' as my nickname, as my Mother used to ask me when I was small, "Do you want to do a big-job ?" To me this not only referred to the act of shitting, but whether I felt like there was a large turd to come outor not, and usually there was !! I think I had quite a good apetite, but the type of food I was fed would produce some really fat, hard, wide, long & lumpy turds. We had two toilets; one upstairs & one down. One of my earliest scares was when I needed a poo & went on the downstairs toilet, accross the hall from the kitchen. I must have been about 4 or 5 years old, and left the toilet door slightly ajar. There was a circular, low-level (mottled glass) window by the side of me, facing t! he front garden & street. I soon realised the 'job' was far bigger than I'd expected, and I started to panic after pushing a bit, shouting to my Mum, "It won't come out," She remained calm & tried to confort me, suggesting I lean forwards acutely, then sit right back, then go forwards again, over & over again in the hope it would start the 'big-job' coming, but it didn't. I was starting to panic again as I somehow imagined it would mean a trip to the Doctor and an operation to remove the 'monster.' Mum got me a cup of hot water & told me to sip it, assuring me that it would come out, but I'd have to keep the pressure up. I really felt it would split me, as it still just felt impossible to do and was far too wide, and wasn't even starting to poke out of my bulging hole, but after many minutes anxiety, my anus must have started to very slowly surrender to the huge lump. I felt a lovely sence of relief and a warm, cosy feeling in my stomach (not to mention a! very sore hole) when it did eventually drop with a huge 'SPLOSH' as I was awkwardly perched astride the mahogany toilet seat. A couple of years later, during the Winter, my parents would allow me to have a plastic (adult sized) potty in my bedroom during the cold evenings, as there was no central heating in the house at the time, and they were worried about me catching a cold on the upstairs loo. I was also given a smooth, flat-topped spherical fan heater. The hot air was blown out around just under the rounded top, which I enjoyed sitting on, (having dropped my pyjama bottoms) 'pre-shit' in the evenings sometime after tea, in a kind of rude ritual when I could feel I needed a really big shit. I'd position my bedroom potty adjacent to the fan heater, ready for me to place both hands on the carpeted floor, and swivel myself onto the potty after my bum & legs were comfortingly warm, ready, at my leisure to control the performance of the 'dirty deed.' I'd love to hol! d it back as long as I could, perhaps letting it come so far, but them pulling it back in again just before the 'point of no return.' I would frequently perform two enormous, long, fat, wide, knobbly, dry turds covering the whole of the base of the potty, adding considerably to it's weight. I'd often follow my efforts by a long, strong pee, unless I'd already gone just before; which I used to try & do, or else I might have problems directing things downwards, with all the excitement, and wet the carpet instead !!! I remember finding the pre-shit' ritual of warming my bum/legs first before a good dump really erotic, and especially the 'performance' itself !! I'd deliberately enjoy deliberately taking a long time to slowly push out my fat logs, even at that age, and I'd look underneath whilst doing so, jacking myself up slightly off the potty. Later in my late teens, when I needed a big shit and was in the mood, I'd strip naked, apart from a pair of white briefs, go fr! om my bedroom to the upstairs toilet, stuff white toilet paper in the back and around the front of my pants, sit upright astride the loo, perhaps with a mirror set-up behind, then just push hard, (when I was ready), against the resistance of the material. I'd erotically feel and hear the toilet paper start to crinkle and the waisteband at the back would be pulled slightly down as the large load was delivered. Some would look like a round cow-pat afterwards, but gave a lovely warm feeling around my semi open, or closed, hole. The best were the firm, knobbly, long, fat ones which would hold you open in mid-shit until you either pulled the waisteband down a lot more at the back to allow the performance to be completed, or just rudely pushed the lump firmly back up again to do it once more, until your muscles just go into spasm to eject it once and for all !!! I'd also experiment, just squatting naked with bare feet either side of the pan, amplifying the 'SPLOSH' after easing! a 'big-one' slowly out. Has any guy enjoyed, or still enjoys, this type of experimenting on their own, or done it regularly, or as a 'one-off' event for someone ? For some reason white pants/briefs/guys who are slim/smooth really excite me. Thanks for listening to my ramblings !!!

shy girl: I never tried Correctol. Dulcolax is murder. Athletes have huge bowel movements because they are active people. Their colons are stimulated. I was that way in high school and college. I was a cheerleader and a tennis player. I still play tennis. Sometimes, before or after a game I have a bowel movement. See my earlier posts. Vegetables and fruits will give a gassy bowel movements. I go to a gym and I have to evacuate before or maybe in the middle and at the end of my workout. See all my earlier posts. I go to this gym with no stalls or doors in women's toilets. We are recessed far behind the lockers. There are two toilets next to each other. Before, I started my workout, I had to rest my bowels. I pulled down my green shorts and black Hanes Sport briefs and evacuated a raft of chunky doo-doo. Along came another black girl and took the toilet next to me. She pulled down her navy spandex shorts and black panties to her ankles and spread her knees apart like me. She s! aid she could not not work out with doo-doo in her stomach. I heard her evacuated three loud plops and a fart. She urinated. She was younger than me and she was admiring me. Then, without warning she let out a fart and another piece of doo-doo. She reached for toilet paper and wiped herself from behind. When she stood up there were four huge pieces doo-doo. There is another girl. She is Chinese. She is always having huge bowel movements at the gym.
Holding in gas is not good.
Thomas and Irishguy: Don't do that. Laxatives are dangerous.

to: Punk Rock Girl:
1. (Two parter) What's the weirdest place you've ever a) peed, and b) taken a dump? Explain. I have peed in the woods

2. Do you ever leave the door open when on the toilet if someone else is home? If so, how often? Only with my roomates and boy/girlfriends.

3. After having taken a crap, what's the longest you've ever gone without wiping your ass and why? I forgot to wipe my when I was a pre-adolescent. The residue dried on my anus and I was itching. I learned.

4. Who would you be most comfortable with seeing you taking a crap? (e.g. husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, mother/father, brother/sister, etc.) Why? My parents, roomates, boy/girlfriends, cousins have seen me.

5. Hypothetical situation. You're at an outdoor event. You desperately have to take a shit. You're in a dense crowd. There is no way you can make it to the bathroom in time. You're going to shit right now. Do you a) shit your pants, or b) drop trou and shit on the ground? Why? I would not allow myself in that position. When I feel the urge, I go.

Potty pooper: My cousin Camille and I used to sling toilet paper over the seat and would make doo-doo to see the consistency. A neighbor boy I played with in first grade used to do the same thing.


MALITA -- Hugs for my Latina sister in the Pacific Northwest! That was one spectacular poop-odyssey in the basement, grrl! HOT! I may not have had much to contribute, but it would have been fun to try! Please give my best to your whole wonderful family, and let them know they're never far from my thoughts.

BARBIE DOLL -- Amazing kitchen poop party! One question -during the day/evening of the event, did you leave everyone's product on the papered floor until everyone was finished, or clean up after each member of the party as they went? If the former, the kichen must have smelled gamey in the extreme by the end of the evening!

(DONNA -- Hi there! Great to hear from you again, I always look forward to your words of fun and wisdom! Well, yes, I could have weed on the fence, but I wanted to be more daring, and faced into the garden, as if for all the world to see! Today I was doing some gardening, and as I was getting finished I wanted a wee. As it was fair weather I decided to do it outside, so I went behind my garage, drew my shorts and thong over, and had a nice standing wee into the leaf-litter under a tree. It felt great! Hey, I look forward eagerly to that story you mentioned!)

Cheers & hugs to all,

PS: Love the urinal masthead photo!


I've been a bit under the weather in the last week, and used a lot of pain medication that left me a bit constipated. I've just been able to start eating normally again, and for the last day or two produced only nuggets ("bumshot," I used to call them!) I felt like I wanted a proper turnout thisafternoon and sat down gladly, to produce more bunshot, but it was larger, and my last turd was a bit difficult. It stretched me a bit and felt tight coming through, a large, knobbly depth charge, very hard but not too dry. Not very long, four or five inches, nothing like my usual length -- but I reckon an inch and a half thick. Given all the medication I used I had been worried I might be completely stoX

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