I was at a wedding yesterday it was great there was lots of good looking guys and the food has great well, but my stomach didnt think so.My friend Lilly came from the washroom and she said it was soo dirt and it smelt realy bad so i decided to hold it till when i got home. My ???? was starting to hurt after the first meal so i found a place were nobody was there and farted it was like a steam of gas i farted like for a 1min straight ooohhh ya it felt soo releiving... While i was farting i think i let a little spurt of shit out but i was wearing tight black pants to show off my prety bum so nothing showed. I decided i was in the clear zone about a 10 min later so i decided to dance. After a while the pain came back soo i just sat down. My friend Lily was having the same problem. We decied to walk home because my house wasnt far and Lilly whould sleep over. While we walked we farted we were both laughing at each other because we were farting soo loudly. When we were almost ho! me we just relized we had to pee never mind shit we chould tell it was gunna be messy. When we got to the door we completely forgot it was locked! We decided we whould just shit and piss our selves when i just relized the back door was open so we dashed though. Just at the last second we both triped over something and fell face first. Our ???? hurt soo much we chouldnt get back up so we pulled each others pants & thongs down. In this postion my face was beside her bum and vise versa. We made a countdown 5 4 3 2... Bang we both started farting and at the same time shiting and pissing our brains out. It was 2 things embaracing, and relieving. Lilly's bum was shooting out poop like a fountain of creamy goodness but Lilly said mine was brown water. Once we were both done we took off our each others clothes and went in the shower to clean up the front of us were full of pee and our bums were coverd in brown creamy goodness lol. We washed eachother up and passed the rest of! the gas we had left. We laughed our way to sleep ill never forget it was halarious!

Saturday me and my mom were working in the garden. My mom said she needed to pee but she didnt want to go inside. She waited a while but could no longer wait, so she reached her hands up her dress, pulled down her panties till halfway between her ankles and knees, and lifted her dress so her whole bum was out. she spread her legs and squatted down, she peed quite a stream for some time. I walked around her and looked at the pee coming out, it was cool to see it up close for once. She had lots of hair on her vagina and also in her bum crack. I am only ten so i dont have hair down there yet. When she was done she stood up and pulled up her panties, rearanged them and let down her skirt. She said she felt much better.

Hello, PV. Once on the holiday on the beach I drew my bikini bottoms over to bare my female bits and wee. It is not my favourite way though. I'm the same as my sister for preferring to take my knickers down when I have a piss outdoors. Before I came to Louise and Steve's house to write, I put my bikini on and crouched to squat in front of my mirror with the bottoms down just to see how I looked weeing on holiday. The man on my right must have seen my female bits and my jet of piss coming out! I blushed when I saw how much I was exposed. Smile. Because my bikini bottom was not down far enough, my female bits could be seen at the front as well. My boyfriend and Steve sometimes call them vertical smiles, and the couple walking across by the sea must have seen my vertical smile in between my legs, and my piss coming out. I don't really care now. I will not see those people again. My boyfriend had the best look, and it did help wake him up each time. Smile.
I think you were very strong, PV, not just for your beach weeing but for your railway station stand-up pee with the doors open. I think I'd find that very difficult so how hard was it for you? I'd like to read about your garden weeing, if you do any. A wee in the garden is a very nice, special moment. It is even more special if you have a gorgeous man with you. Can I wish you better luck? Louise says you are still a single girl.




Concerning guys having movements in the course of sporting events:

When I was in high school, My wrestling teammates and I would do laxatives to stay in our weight class. One time I had diarrhea while executing a takedown in practice and had to finish it on one of the doorless toilets with a half-dozen basketball players nearby. Actually, I did not find it too embarassing since this happened to some of the other guys before too, we actually thought it was cool- we wrestlers were a strange coterie. The worst case was one time when one guy had the runs in the middle of his bout in front of nearly one hundred spectators. At the end-of-season banquet, some of us pitched in to buy him a dozen bottles of chocolate syrup to "commemorate" the event.

One timewhile playing soccer, I was on Augmentin (antibiotic) and this combined with the greasy breakfast we had caused me to have diarrhea in my white soccer shorts (fortunately it was only seconds before the half and another dude "subbed in" for me until I could return). The other guys were pretty cool about it because some of them have had close ones as well (see my post on p. 971 for more). As for Beckham (or any other soccer player for that matter), I can only speculate.


PV - Hi girl!!!!
Yeah, when I had my toilet break from the photoshoot and I was hovering and weeing in the stall and I saw the urinals on the opposite wall I got such a shock because it was the first time I have gone in the men's by accident. The door had one of those stick-man symbols on it and I did not look at it properly, so I just went in. giggle Yeah, I was desperate to wee. I made it a bit worse for myself because I had a cup of water before the shoot so I would not get thirsty but it was one of those days I wee lots. When I get days like that I get full real quick and I was bursting. The poor photographer were just stuck in shock when they saw me pissing my brains out. giggle I made a lot of noise in the toilet as well. I bet Steve would have liked seeing that wee and I wish I had got it measured because I did it a long time and it was a geyser. LOL Those men now know girls can wee real heavy!

I weed in my sister's boyfriend's garden on Saturday night 3 times with my sister. We let Steve and his best friend watch us.

Lotsa Hugs!


To POTTY BOY - I really enjoyed your first post. Were ever there any lads at work who had taken a laxative and did you hear the results then? Did any of the lads ever talk about their bowel problems?

Jill DL
Hi all, :) this is my first post ever, I have been watching for a while and you all seem soo nice. A little about me : I'm a 20 year old female from Boston, I'm 5'8'' dark hair green eyes, fair skin, I'm about 129 Lbs right now, my x girlfriend rated me about an 8.5 on her shagg-a-bility scale ;) I work as a Macintosh Network admin. in a brokerage company.

The reason I decided to post today is because of a topic that Experienced Baby Minder brought up, about the pleasure a baby gets from evacuating in their diapers. I know first hand why this is true and relevant because i am a DL (diaper lover) there are two divisions of this "fetish" the AB (adult baby) side , whom love to wear diapers and baby cloths and act like a baby (not my bag) then there is there is the DL side of it. these people just like the feeling of wearing a diaper. Some like the security it offers them making them more confident in there day to day activities. Some like the aspect of evacuating in them and still others find the soft cottony insides to be a pleasure to wear and never dirty the diaper.

I my self started to wear because i found it convenient during the movies (there is a story that goes with that but that is for later :) then i found that i enjoyed the feeling of using the diaper and started to wear more often. Experienced Baby Minder is right when she said that if a diaper does not leak it stays very warm and comfortable; going #2 on the other hand is a act i only try to enjoy in the privacy of my own home (it is just too messy and odorous to do out in public) It is a real joy to never have to worry about trying to find a bathroom while out and about and or using a real groddy one when you have to GO!!! lol.

I do not wear 24/7 due to the fact that it can get expensive and i try to keep it private. I have a lot of great stories about myself and a couple of my girlfriends that i will share with you later.

I hope to be able to be part of this great community and hope you will all enjoy my true to life stories. I would be happy to answer any questions anyone has about being a DL or what aspects of it are like.

Love to all


Eric in Chicago
Plunging Plop Guy: have you recently switched to using recycled TP? For some reason, that makes some people's butts itchy. It happened to me once about 5 years ago; I couldn't figure out why I was itching and then while looking for something else, I came across an article written by a dermatologist who said that recycled TP sometimes does that. I switched back to "virgin" TP and the problem went away immediately.

Darius: I think 2Exist primarily markets to the gay community (well, the club-kid/twinkie part of the gay community). There's still a widespread perception that straight guys don't buy their own underwear, even though Joe Boxer managed to disprove that some years ago.

Irishguy: I've never pissed or shit myself during a game, but there was one time when I really should have. I was playing in pickup soccer game and it was raining *hard*. We were all soaked, and we could barely see what we were doing. I had to piss real bad, and for some reason I didn't want to go in my shorts even though they were already soaked and nobody would have noticed. I wound up holding it until I got home. It's not like I'
d never pissed my shorts on purpose at the time, but for some reason I felt inhibited.

I have pissed my shorts while running, though.

Yesterday afternoon (Sunday), I bought a beef sandwich filled with some kind of chutney. Later that evening, I was letting off the most rotten smelling farts imaginable which continued today. At work today, I was in a toilet cubicle and I farted a few times and it smelt like very rotten gas escaping from my arsehole. Then someone came into the toilet and my stomach gave the loudest and longest growl. I'm sure the guy must of heard it while he was pissing. He then left and I deceided I needed to get this shit out of me. I sat on the bog and began farting then the soft stinking smelling shit crackled and oozed out of my hole. The smell was very nasty. As I was finishing off, another guy came in and I heard him give a sharp intake of breath. Obviously my stinking shit aroma had travelled over the cubicle walls. If he thought that was bad, he should of been sitting just above it!

hey everyone! hope you are all doing well! Its turned into fall now where I live so its kinda chilly...maybe I should wet my self to warm up? It was cool to see responses to my first post!! I will keep posting..

dork:I'm glad that no one saw your accident, that would have been tough!must have been awfully uncomfortable.. do you have any more accidents or ever had an intentional?

darius: I figured out the two names! you were posted as Noel when you first entered, now I get it!! thanks for your response.. he is a cool buddy! I will gladly post more for you, tell me more of yours?

Bryian: cool story, reminds me of one I had... anymore from you?

a few years ago I was living with a gay couple, there bedroom was next to mine. One night I just went to bed when I heard one of the guys laughing and saying to his bf, "did you just shit your pants in bed!", they both started laughing and he said he couldn't believe he did it. I lay there with my heart racing. It gave me an idea, so i lay in my bed and pushed a huge log into my briefs. It gave me a thrill to know that on the other side of the wall my roomate had done the same and shit his bed! I heard the shower turn on and my roomate went to clean up. Unfortunately this meant I had to lay in bed with my filled briefs for a good 20 minutes!! ahhhhh. I had forgotten this until I read Bryian's story! thanks buddy for the recall!

well I must go shower now and get ready for work. By the way Darius I just shit in my Ck white briefs while sitting here! wow,its the size of a grapefruit!! gotta go clean up,bye

Plunging Plop Guy

In my last post, I was complaining about having an itchy arse. Anyway, the very next day, I sat on the public toilet I like using and had a firm solid shit, rather like bullets in shape. My arse was perfectly clean after, result; No itching at all!!
Before I actually decided to do it, and while I was waiting for the possibility of hearing other guys on the toilet, a guy came into the cubicle on my left, wiped the seat, sat down, then for several seconds a blast of the loudest fart I've ever heard! I had no idea at this stage what the guy was like, but after a while he started wiping his arse, so I assumed he'd had a quiet shit, he pulled up his clothes, flushed and came out. I stood at the sinks, and saw him as he came past on his way out,a well-built guy in tight jeans with well-muscled thighs and buttocks. I immediately went in and sat on his warm toilet seat thinking of his loud impressive fart, and wondered if he often lets off farts like that, and whether it embarrasses him at home if there are other peopke around to hear him! I'd love to have been in the cubicle with him as he farted, probably the decibel reading of a motor bike! What power and volume! He should feel terrific about himself sitting on the t! oilet covering it with his fit thighs as he lets off so loud! He'd win any farting competition for sure!

BILLY & KEVIN L. Glad you told that guy the toilet was public, and that you didn't take any of his arrogant objections to you being there!
As you said, if he didn't like it, he should go at home in privacy.

BRYIAN, A syphonic toilet works by a dual flushing system. Water enters the toilet to swill the stuff out, at the same time as a vacuum is created by water from the cistern going down the waste pipe, thus sucking out the shit from the toilet. What I don't like about these toilets is that they have shallow water traps with very small exits, so there's no loud plop, no splash, shit and TP can get clogged up in the outlet, if you stand and piss into it, it will spray everywhere, and unless your turds float on the surface, they tend to disappear into the outlet pipe before you can see what you've done.

POTTYBOY, Your post was absolutely brilliant! I identified with it perfectly! I was surprised about how coy your colleagues are about being heard on the toilet, but glad you waited and heard that guy's efforts and his loud plops! I wish I worked there, or perhaps I'd spend so much time there, it's better I don't! All best wishes, and I hope to hear more from you about these great sounds!

Happy shitting and listening! P. Plop Guy

Tuesday, October 07, 2002

Hi y'all!
What a picture in the masthead today! I am wondering if it's liquid poop or pee dripping into the pan. If it would be liquid poop, then she would have been in too much of a hurry to remove her T-shirt, bra or whatever. So it must logically be pee.

The other day my wife and I had anchored our boat near some mud flats in order to watch the various birds wading there at low tide. Later, when I hauled up the anchor with the windlass mounted on the bow, I was fearing that the chain would come in all muddy towards the end. That would mean rigging the little portable electric pump-and-hose to wash off the mud as th chain comes over the bow roller. The chain was clean, however. Only the plough-type anchor had muddy flukes. And dangling on its point was a pair of what had once been white knickers with a flower pattern in blue, and a big dark brown stain. Someone must have chucked them either into the river or into the toilet, because there was a sewage outlet further upstream.
I leaned over the bow and gave them a shove with end the handle to work the windlass, and they splashed into the water. Then I stood right forward, and, leaning against the pulpit with my hips for stability, brought out my willie, pulled back the foreskin with thumb and index finger of my right hand, took careful aim, squeezed my willie shut, pushed against my bladder so that the pressure of my wee made my willie grow thicker for a second – yes, it seemed to balloon out between my fingers - , and let go with a mighty squirt. Some bits of the mud flew off the anchor-fluke on the its left side, but alas, my bladder was empty before I had even cleared all the mud from that side only. It would have needed the combined efforts of Louise and Damsel plus PV to have got the job done! Yes, and Ina as well for a final wash-down to make it shine! Not that it would shine very much though, being made out of galvanised steel.

Kendal, dear on-line niece!
Any adventures with Kate and Emily to report? Is it time for me yet to take your WSPC-medal out of its box and to give it some polish? Smooth hugs from your Uncle Rizzo!

Louise, dear,
You are a naughty girl, ‘forgetting’ your thong after a wee wearing that black negligee. Gave your photographer a temporary third leg, eh? I would have loved to have been there. Grins from Rizzo.

Hi Damsel, dear,
Apart from wearing out your boyfriend and providing us with good stories you are being quite a sensible girl, healthwise. Good for you! Hugs from Rizzo.

Carmalita, dear,
I love your stories! More jewels for the Carmalita collection!

Punk Rock Girl, dear,
you too, with your little pot-belly (how endearing), make my eyes light up!

Ephemeral, dear,
you do have a good repertoire of measures to combat constipation! I do not know if you know the following, which might be worth a try:
When you get up in the morning, the first thing is to drink a smallish cup of luke warm water to gear up your digestive tract.
During the day, have some dried apricots. About six to eight of these spread over the day should do.
You can also eat a kiwi-fruit for breakfast and another in the evening. All those little tiny pips, you know!
The above measures work well for my wife, who this year has, finally we hope, changed from being continuously bunged up to a regular morning shitter!

Ok, I have to go, bye veryone, peaceful toilet-sessions to all, Rizzo

Hi everyone. This evening I came drove home in the car, parked it up. I could feel the urge of a poo just beginning, but it did not seem urgent, so I walked to the local shop to get some milk (just two minutes away walking). There was a queue at this small shop to pay. No check outs there. I could feel my need to poo was getting urgent. I paid and got outside the shop. This big firm turd just suddenly and uncontrollably slid into my white CK boxer-briefs. Fortunately it rolled into a ball and did not drop down my leg (a problem with any style of boxers). About half way home another firm but slightly softer turd slid out, and curled up with the first. The weight of shit was almost dragging my boxer-briefs down inside my trousers. It was difficult to walk with such a load in my pants. My trousers were a fairly loose fit, so I don't think anyone saw any bulge. Hope not, because I knew most people around (at least by sight). However, I did love the feel of this great warm lo! ad against my bum. When I got in I dropped my pants to tip it into the toilet. My boxer briefs showed few signs they had just been shit in. I did strip right off and have a shower. I do like to feel really clean after filling my pants. I washed the boxers in the shower and they are drying in my room. They'll go in the next proper white wash before I wear them again.

Bryian: Loved your story of how you shit your checkered black and white bikini briefs under your boxers in bed. I found this so exciting. What position did you lay in when you pushed the shit out. I've sometimes shit myself on purpose in bed, wearing briefs under my boxers too. I need not have suggested you got briefs to poo in, as you already had some. Like you, and possibly lots of other guys, I have bought underwear of different styles to see if I like it. I have those I wear very little (as I did not really like them), but most are worn regularly.

irishguy: I loved your story of how you filled your briefs while waiting to get into the bathroom. I guess the fact that you uncontrollably wet yourself was the result of pushing the turds out while needing a pee. Once it started there was no stopping it. If your bf was aroused by what you had done, it looks as if you'll have no problems if you shit and piss your pants again when he's about. That must be good to know. No - there are not two "Darius'". I originally posted as Noel. Then a friend discovered I was on this forum and made things very difficult for me. I do not see him any more now. After a few weeks I began to post as "Darius". During the first half of September I posted as "Darius (Noel)" as others were confused too. Just to clear up any other confusion - I am a gay guy with two great sons (mentioned in my old Noel posts). I got married naively thinking I'd become straight. That just did not happen. My wife died young of a terminal illness a few years ago. My! sons know nothing of my sexuality (my wife did) or of my great interests in pee and poo. That is why I have to be so careful in cleaning up after pooing my pants so not to "give the game away"! Do keep your stories coming please.

That's it for tonight. Enjoy your pees and poos everyone on here.

I had the largest poo today in the mall. The first part was long, thick and hard and it took a while to come out. When it finally splashed into the water, mushy gooey poo poured out of my anus and onto the 9 inch log. I pressed the handle but the toilet didn't flush. It was out of order so I had to leave my smelly poo for someone else to see.

That's all for now.


anonymous movie guy
TO JARED: That was an awesome story! That chick sounds pretty hot! Your a lucky guy. She's definetly a keeper!

I watched The Sweetest Thing a Couple days ago and it has a pretty good scene with Christina Applegate trying to pee in a urinal! I woukd definetly be a high reference from me! See ya guys later!

P.S. I'm going out on a limb and am actually going to submit my e-mail address. I've noticed nobody else has so I'm going to be the first!

Experienced Baby Minder
I was surprised the first-time babysitter who posted about her first exposure to diapers a couple of days ago didn't get more of a response. After all, babies are the champions when it comes to peeing and pooping misadventures. They have a new one every hour or two.

So ... what about sharing some of our baby and diaper knowledge and experience? And lighter moments ... 'cause there sure are lots where babies and bathroom functions are concerned. (And toilet training too!)

First of all, to answer the young babysitter's question -- I definitely agree with Carmen that babies really aren't bothered by going in their diapers. The idea that their pee and poop are messy or dirty is something they have to be taught. It doesn't come naturally. (I've even looked after a couple who siezed unfortunate opportunities to play in it ... but let's not go there...)

If you think about it, wetting a diaper is quite different from wetting your pants. As long as they don't leak, wet diapers stay warm, snug and comfortable. I've read a couple of parenting articles that admit straight out that to a baby, wetting, and wearing wet diapers, probably feel kind of nice.

And, amazing though it may seem from an adult point of view, pooping isn't any different. For a baby it's a build-up of tension, and then the pleasure of release. Release is accompanied by spreading warmth -- and by interesting, earthy smells that they have no way of understanding might be distasteful to those around them.

I'm no psychologist, but Freud did write about the "anal stage" of development, and it's a widely accepted theory. It may surprise you to find out that it really comes down to recognizing that for a certain period, babies find it pleasurable to poop in their pants. I suppose this makes some sense, since some of the body's most sensitive areas are right there in the diaper.

So no, the little boy you were looking after isn't in any way wierd. At that age, kids may pause for a moment as they wet or fill their diaper. They'll unconcernedly do this anywhere, any time -- on your lap, in their car seat, at the store, in the sandbox, in bed -- and then on they go, either uninterested in what they're now carrying in their pants, or perhaps finding it mildly pleasant but of no great importance.

Even older kids, past the toilet training age, may really not care very much if they've wet (or even dirtied) their pants, so long as the day is warm.

Naturally, this all leads to some epic messes and embarrassing moments for parents and baby minders.

For what it's worth, anonymous young babysitter, I found all this as surprising as you seem to when I first looked after babies. But you get used to it. If you do much baby care you'll change a lot of diapers, and it'll all come to seem pretty matter of fact.

I have been working lots of hours. Then my computer was not operating right. So,I wiped off the hd and reinstalled my programs. I now teach in a girls school. I left the financial district.

I just came home from a birthday party for a 60 y/o man. I had to urinate urgently. I did not want an accident. When I got home, I took off my windbreaker, lowered my trousers and white FOL briefs to my knees and urinated for 20 seconds.

Tiffany: Welcome to the forum. It is nice to have a sister. My cousin, Camille and I shared a finished basement for a slumber party. I was 13, she 18. One Saturday morning, we were in sleeping bags when we woke up. I crawled into her sleeping bag. We were talking intimately, when we decided to make a trip to the toilet. Our uncle put in a finished bathroom. I pulled down my white Carter's panty brief and urinated for 20 seconds. It built up in me overnight. I had no shirt and I was flat-chested. I wiped between my legs. Camille was waiting. She told me she had to move her bowels. After I flushed, she opened her nightshirt, revealing a black bra-panty brief set. She pulled the panty to her knees and sat on the bowl. I heard a riveting, crackling sound and she evacuated chunky handfuls of doo-doo all at once. Then, she urinated for 10 seconds immediately after. Then, she farted and another handful of chunks evacuated. She said this was the shit she takes at school in the ! morning. I asked her about her black underwear. She told me it was a Maidenform. I did not get black underwear until the next year. Her bowels stinked the bathroom as I sat on laundry basket. We talked about our changing bodies,school, boys, girls. Then, she reached for toilet paper and wiped herself from the back. When she stood up, chunks filled the bottom of the bowl to the water line top. She flushed and then we took a bath together.

Welcome Darius. I used to let my boyfriends in to the toilet with me and vice-versa. See my earlier posts.

Billy and kevin: good story how old are your brothers? I wish they would tell their stories.
survey questions:
1. has any one had to poop at the prom or on a date? if so i would like to hear the stories especcially from the guys.
2. how long do you spend taking a shit?
3. how many times a day do you go?
4. do you talk to your neighbor in a public bathroom while shitting?
5. do you have chest hair?

nothing new with me but will tell a story like scout master another time. I have to run. happy toileting to all.

Barbie Doll

Outdoor Jane:

A quick response to describe myself. I'm 22, red hair, female of course, 5'8" 129 lbs and blue eyes. I have that kind of peaches and cream skin tone that a lot of redheads have. I'm reasonably pretty, I'd say a solid 8 on a 1-10 scale. Some others put me a little higher and I love to hear that. I've been told I look like a young Jane Fonda (around the time she did Cat Ballou) -- How I wish that were true.

My best features are my legs and butt. Just fortunate to be given a knockout set of both.

Our party is set for tomorrow (Saturday). I'm very, very excited as I will probably see some new girls go. It always excites me to see another girl go. That is why this forum is so super. I will tell all about it.


Billy & Kevin L
A few days ago we both had the runs for a few hours. After that, we made huge piles of little turds. Our little brothers also got the runs.

Yesterday morning, before school both of woke up a little early and had to poop. We have those toilets that have only a little bit of water at the bottom. Anyway, I got up first. I went and sat on the tiolet. Kevin came in a minute later. I made a turd about 6 in long followed by a pile of little turds. While I was wiping, Tom came in. He said, good, I have to go. Kev said, you can use the guest bathroom. He said he would wait. He went into the shower. Then kev sat down and dropped another pile of little turds. My little brothers came in. Josh sat on the little pottie and Jeremy waited until kev was done, which was about two minutes. Josh made a pile that came up almost to his butt hole. when he wsa done I emptied the potty. our turds where kind of dark brown, our borthers were light brown. We were washing our hands when Tom was done taking a shower. He dried himself and went to the toilet. He sat down and made a monster 2 ft turd. Then he flushed. It was funny, becuase ! it took us about 10 minutes to make the turds, but the toilet took care of them in about 3 seconds. Of ocurse, there were still a lot of streak marks in the toilet.

After lunch at school, kev had to poop again. It wsa 3 nromal turds followed by a small pile of little turds. I didn;t have to go until this morning at soccer. We had a game early in the morning. We both got up and peed. Our little brothers got up and pooped some normal turds and some little turds. Then we went to the soccer. The gmae was at our school. After the game, we were going ot go to McDonalds down the street for breakfast. I really had to poop after the game. So both us and our little brothers went to the bathroom at school. It has two toilets and no stalls. Anyway, we went in and one of the fathers is on a toilet. He is real fat like his daughter. He said, you can wait outside. I said, yeah we could. Then I sat down and started to poop. I said there is nothing to be ashamed about pooping. And, this is a public bathroom. If you want more privacy, go home. Then he said you shouldn't come in here with someone else in here. I said there is a reason why there are tw! o toilets. Besides, if you are worried about your pooping, stop eating so much. He got really mad. I finished my pooping. I pooped 3 big turds, I guess because I didn;t go since yesterday morning. Kev got on the toilet and pooped out 3 turds too. Then we all peed into the toilet and then flushed. The old guy started to wipe while we were washing our hands. He got up as were leaving. He made two little turds.

I took a dump yesterday in a three stall bathroom at the library. All of a sudden, while I'm farting out a dump, another dude comes in and takes a huge shit. But, he squatted down and wiped himself. Did anyone ever see this or hear of this or even DO this? The dude squatted down where if I look to my right, I could see his butt spread open over the floor with the toilet paper wiping it. I think some shit was hanging too. It was really gross, man. And he farted when he wiped too!

Well I pooped in my panties again. I hate it when I do that.
I just got done with lunch at MCL and was going to the pool at the
university that I hang out at. I had to fart but I didn't know
that it would be a wet fart. When I did some went in panties and
then I knew that I would have the runs. I tried to make it to the
bathroom but some came out in my panties just as I was about to sit
PUNK ROCK GIRL- I have a question. I hope you don't mind.
After your boyfriend bends you over the couch and "lubes"
you up to take him in your bottom, how long is it before
you expel what he has given you? How long is it before your
poop gets solid again?
Keep the post coming everyone. I enjoy them all.

Jane (& Gary)
It's hard to believe it's been three years since I first posted here. I also noticed that the forum is now 1000 pages long! It's been a strange but enjoyable trip.

Last week I took my niece Katie and 11-year old neighbor Gretchen to the movies. Toward the end of the movie, Gretchen began to complain about a stomach ache. As soon as the closing credits began, she dashed to the ladies room. I followed her and saw her rush into a stall and slam it shut. She yanked down her jeans and panties to her ankles and sat, and I heard a furious cascade of soft poop that ended in a thud and a booming fart. I took the stall next to hers, bringing Katie along, and I let her pee first. Meanwhile, I heard Gretchen pee for a minute, then she moaned, "Oh no", and I heard another round of plops in rapid succession. Katie finished peeing and flushed, and I sat down. I made a loud fart that started out high-pitched and ended in a booming bass sound. Katie laughed, and I said oops. I pushed out a couple of medium pieces of poop, peed and was done. In the next stall, Gretchen continued to groan, then gasped as she pushed out another massive rush! of soft poop. I began to smell her poop, and she flushed the toilet while seated. As Katie and I washed our hands, I could hear a continuous succession of plops from Gretchen. We were drying our hands when I heard Gretchen push another massive wave of soft poop. She flushed her toilet again. I went to her stall and asked her if she was all right. She said she would be OK but might be a while. I told her that Katie and I would wait outside for her. As we exited the ladies room, I heard another round of plops from Gretchen.

We waited just outside the ladies room for another ten minutes. There was no door, so we could hear every flush. The wave of ladies from the movie we watched dwindled until Gretchen was alone in the ladies room. I heard about four more muffled flushes of the toilet that was from Gretchen. Another movie was letting out, and another crowd was going to the ladies room. Finally, Gretchen emerged, looking tired but relieved. I asked her if she was OK. She said she felt must better and thought it was the combination of hot dogs, nachos, ice cream and popcorn that upset her stomach.

Poo Too Big To Come Out
My poo is too big to come out.I want it to, I push and push so hard,but it's just too darned tight.

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