I was at work yesterday and needed to pee. I went into the ladies room and into the middle stall. I was about to use the toilet when I noticed there was no toilet paper. Incidentally, I saw that there was nothing in the toilet bowl. I went into the next stall where there was paper. As I was sitting I heard someone come into the next stall. After the rustle of clothing I heard a fart and nothing much else. Not even peeing. I finished up and went to the sink. The middle stall door opened and one of my coworkers came out...she's about 40 and works in accounting. I heard no flushing. She quickly washed her hands and left. I was curious so I went back to the middle stall and the toilet was one HUGE turd, as thick as my wrist and about 15-18 inches long. No toilet paper so she hadn't even wiped using her own tissue! And no flushing either! Strange!

Hello people,

I have read that people in India especially at the village area, do poop outdoors. If possible, any girls or ladies from India could share their experience of pooping outdoors..I simply love to hear that.

Last night i went to bed around midnight and i got in bed and i started feeling uncomfortable like i might need to poop. I had on boxers and a tee shirt it had crossed my mind to poop my self in my i got out of bed i got this old pair of bikni briefs(im a male if you already didn't know that) so i put them on, then i put my boxers back on, on top of the bikni breifs. The outside is checkered black and white...i think its hang 10 brand and the inside is just white.( i don't really wear them....i was 15 when i got them...just wanted to try them out...did any other guys do this, just buy undies to try them and see if you like them?) I laid there and pooped in my old bikni undies...alot of fun. Better then just pooping in boxers(turds don't stay in). It wasn't all that messy...Then i cleaned my undies in the sink and put them in my room overnight to dry....Then...

Today i was getting ready to go to work when the familar urge hit time to poop. Then i lost the urge at work. Then i came home and had dinner. After dinner i got online. A little while later my stomach felt funny. I felt really gassy suddenly and felt like i was gonna have cramps. I was talking to a friend online and im like my stomach feels funny, might need to go poop. I hung on for about 5-10 min then im like i better go..gotta poop now..and logged off quickly and ran upstairs and pushed out this soft load. Did wipe alot. I think it was the pizza i had yesterday or Burger king. Im surprised i didn't have diahreaha tonight(the way my stomach felt).

What is the toilet scene with Amanda Peet in Igby Goes Down? Is it a pee or poop scene?

I see a lot of pee scenes involving women in movies but very few poop scenes. Last good one I saw was in "Not another Teen Movie". Does anyone know of any more recent poop scenes with women than that one?

Once I couldn't poo,and I thought I was alone in the house,only my wife was there.I was in the downstairs shower room.My poos were really difficult and extremely slow in coming down into my opening.Man,my poos hurt.
My wife saw me straining.I cannot believe how embarrassing that was.She'd opened the door(unlike my unopenable bowels)and seen me pushing,and I was squeezing and snuffling so hard that my temples were trembling and my visage beet-puce.She walked out again,deeply embarrassed.

To Jared

Fantastic post dude! Does she have any sisters? You
better take good care of that one!

To Carmalita

AH! Your posts are the stuff that dreams are made of! I
hope things are going well for you. It always brightens up my day
to read your posts and the encouraging thing you say to the other
posters. My day is not right unless I know you are out there being
you! Have fun!

To Pooper Scopper (The guy that can't spell thinks he has a

Problem? You don't have a problem. You have a
curiosity. You have a drive, much like the growling in your
stomach drives you to get food so you won't starve and die. The
only problem that pops up is when some pinhead that's never
cracked open a science book in his life tries to understand why
you act the way you do. He's the one with the problem. It's called
ignorance. I still like to call it stupidity though when someone's
ignorance damages your freedom and lifestyle. So there. :P

To Outdoor Jane

You really have some great posts. Thanks for the really
creative stuff this time. It's nice to spice things up a bit. Us long
time posters really enjoy the break from the routine! I hope you
like my posts. They are almost always outdoors these days, since
I don't have any close friends that I can do things inside with.
Keep it coming!


The other day this super hot radio talk show host from my
favorite rock station was talking about a problem she had. She's a
total babe and she was talking about eating too much bran cereal
the other night and how it made her go
PPPFFFFBlooahhBlooahBlooah! (if that's how it's spelled). It
was hilarious and she was so cute about it. The show didn't stop
or anything, the male D.J.'s just made a couple of moronic
additions to what she said and they just kept on with the show.
The other noteworthy thing is that the history channel has a new
reality show. It's really going to be fantastic if you like adventure
stuff. They took an old replica of Captain Cook's sailing ship and
followed the same course he did two hundred years ago. They
duplicated everything including the food, rigging and you
guessed it the old fashioned pooper. It think it's called a
hawshole. It's a place on the forward bow where you plant your
ass and get the job done. It's just a flat bench over the water out
in the open. I also know the sailors of old would just poop down
onto the deck if they were high up in the rigging. This is one of
the reasons why swabbing the decks was such a dreaded chore.
Anyway the show should be a hell of a good time for people from
this site as well as boat owners(Rizzo and me) and enthusiasts of
all kinds. The crew is composed of some real manly men and at
least one babely babe! Does that get your imagination rolling? It
starts on the 14th.


This one starts with the good old mountain bike. While
cruising on some nearby trails, I felt a strong urge. The trails are
on some parkland that hasn't been developed. It has no bathrooms
and is quite a large area. Bikers and joggers love it. I was cruising
fast past a hispanic couple that was walking. They were young
and the man looked like a big city tough guy. I didn't want to pull
any funny business around him so I rocketed far down the trail. I
pulled off to the right, parked my blue bike and walked a few feet
off the trail. I dropped and squatted, pulling my shiny blue shorts
down. It came out all by itself. There was so much pressure built
up that I didn't even have to push. It was a monster. I have been
dutifully drinking my diet shakes for three days now. The effect
is that all that fiber in them makes a hard turd with the
consistancy of pottery clay. It's really the premium shit of all
shits. It was great. It didn't take long to ease out a 17 incher. It
was knobbly at the front and smooth all the way back to a hooked
tapering tail. I always look at people's dumps along the trail and
this one ranked high among them. It was almost as good as the
mystery turdist I posted about last summer. I buried my toilet
paper as it is much less biodegradable but I left my work for all
to see.
Okay, I'm off for Dallas. See Y'all Wednesday!

- Austin (Blake)

have you buddy dump?
do you go at some time or one at a time?
do you and your buddy have to pee or poop?
do you like it?

outdoor jane: lol! for someone who hates the untalented thing they call 'rap', I have to say thats one funny song. Make up more-they'd probably sell better than the originals.

John Q Public
Outdoor Jane, that was a great rap song, and it can certainly be use as my theme song as well. I can never sit through a movie or go on a long road trip without having to take a pee.

I also agree with the Hold It man. Women do have bigger bladders and stronger sphinxter muscles then men do, so I would say that Janes rap tune was realy written about a guy. I know that I could never hold like any of those contestants did in Hold It mans post. It's interesting that you shouls post those results, Hold It man. I was on another web site which will remain nameless because of the moderators rules, but this is a web site that is in to that kind of thing.

They sponsored a contest that involved over 300 people, most of whome were men, and about 75 or so were women. Basicaly, they also measured their pee by the ml, and in order to even place, you had to put out at least 1000 militres. According to the results posted on this site, out of all those people, all 75 women placed with an excess of 1200 ml or more, and there were several tied for first, second and third place. On the other hand, out of all the men there, who GREATLY OUTNUMBERED the women, only 2 of them JUST BARELY PLACED with 1000 militres, and according to the story, just barely made it, holding their dicks to keep from having an accident. There were also about 7 guys who actualy did have accidents (an automatic disqualification).

As a guy, I am somewhat humbled, though not very suprised. In my personal experience I have never yet met a woman who did not have a stronger bladder then I did, but then again I have a very small one myself. I've also read that women tend to have more urinary problems in later life, and are more prone to kidney and bladder infections, but I think that's because they often hold it where as a man can just 'whip it out' and pee anywhere.

So here is a little survey that I came up with, which can be answered by anyone.

1. On long road trips, who has to stop to pee more often, the boy friend or the girl friend?

2. Who has the most trouble sitting through a movie, the boy or the girl, given that both of you drank the same ammount?

3. For those of you who live together, which one of you has to get up in the middle of the night more often to pee? Boy or Girl?

4. Did you and your 'significant other' ever have a bladder hold contest? If so, who won?

5. Does he or she piss the longest and hardest.

6. Does he or she piss the greatest amount.

7. Who has better bladder control in general

8. Who is more likely to have an accident, and did he or she ever have an accident in front of you?

I look forward to the responses. PLEASE BE HONEST. I am betting that the women will prove stronger in that area.

Jared: Thanks for the awesome story you lucky bastard!

Greetings to all! A quick survey for the ladies. I've always been quite curious about the toilet paper habits of women.

1. When you have a bowel movement, do you wet or dampen your toilet paper before wiping?
2. Do you use anything wet on your behind after a BM, such as a pre-moistened pad or cloth?
3. Do you wash your behind (when convenient) right after a BM?
4. Do you use powder?
5. Do you use nothing on your bottom but dry toilet paper?
6. Have you ever wiped only once after a BM?

I've always wondered if women, like men, were mainly just "dry toilet paper folk." Thanks for your time!

Irishguy I was wearing cammies so no-one knew I had shit and wet them. They only knew someone was ripping dsomr ripe farts.


Hey all,

I haven't forgotten about all of you. Recently i've enjoyed reading all the posts on this bored but there hasn't been much to post. Recently i've been having the type of shits that Jane has with all her stomach cramps and farting and all. Personally i don't really enjoy them cause they hurt too much and its all mush and gross feeling. Much of that has stopped and to be honest i think it was like a cleansing stage of mine. After all that i hadn't gone for around 2 days and just recenly i dropped a large pile in the bowl. I was actually suprised that it flushed cause i thought it would stop up the toilet. Many of you on this board would have marvelled about the size of my production but i had to flush it since its a communal unisex washroom im sharing, and some girls and guys don't enjoy the site of poop being left behind.

Oh well about that massive dump i had today, it was during brunch that i was actually feeling something in my stomach area. It faded and i thought nothing. After eating a missive brunch of eggs, bacon, hash browns, muffins and a chicken burger, i returned to my room feeling absolutely full to the top. After about an hour of idling, i started farting and decided to eat and apple for some reason. Possibly to see if i could get the urge to return. i drank loads of water too to see if the urge would return, but nothing. so i just ventured to a cubicle and sat down since i didn't want to reach three days with having a nice movement. After bolting the door and sitting down, i pushed gently only feeling the tip of what seemed to be a turd inch out. I heard a small plop in the bowl but wasn't too sure if it was the rustle of my clothes or something else. not bothering if the other pguys and girls outside heard how loud i was shitting, i continued to concentrate on my poo. after ! a short while, i felt the stomach cramp return and started to push gently. Out came a long creamy log immediatly followed by another 3 which smoothly exited my behind rather quickly. I had absolutly no control but felt chills throughout my body as that last log dropped into the water silently. I looked into the bowl and noticed a really creamy log stuck outside the water on the porcelain and the other 2 logs floating in the water. I also noticed that the water level was far lower than usual probably explaining why one of my logs was stuck on the porcelain. feeling so relieved i sat for about 5 minutes taking in the smell and listening to other people walking around outside. Our washroom is kinda strange, its sort of built as a link in the hallways. I've been told the architect built all the rooms but forgot the toilets. So here i am sitting in a cubicle taking in the smell and listing to people walk throught the bathrooms to other peoples rooms. Soon i wiped. it took 4 wipes! to get the mess of and i flushed. I notcied someone else went in the cubicle soon after i came out. they were done rather quickly since i hear no tinkle. probably my smell drove them out.

Keep up the good stories espectially from Jaredm Carmalita, Punk Rock Girl, Upstate Dave, Bryian and many others i can't remember right now.



I can connect with your scout story! Having been a scout for several years, I have personally been there and done that. are you the same Justin who had the baseball game post on p. 974? If so, it was cool because my teammates and I can relate to that experience on a regular basis.

Speaking of my teammates and our recent "team turdings":

My soccer team had our usual Saturday game after our usual all-you-can-eat breakfast. We have gotten in the habit of "borrowing" napkins from the restaurant because the doorless/dividerless toilets at the soccer complex are chronically lacking. (See my post on p. 971 for more details).

As usual, one of my teammates and I had to move our bowels, so we went to the facility, each of us with a handful of napkins. He is a black dude about my size (6'0" 165 lbs.), but he can drop enough for both of us easily. On this particular occasion, he managed to stop up the toilet, and when he tried to flush it down it almost ran over. So the next dude (from the other team) was waiting by the sink for the next available toilet and when my teammate left, he had to hover over the seat- he had diarrhea too, so it must have been difficult. Anyway, I let him borrow a couple of napkins. Unfortunately, the ultimate joke was on both of us- our teams fought to a 2-2 draw, in overtime at that!


Hello again everybody.
When I wrote my last story about Wednesday's lingerie shoot and me rushing to the toilet and going in the men's as a mistake, I forgot to say I needed another wee later. When I was wearing just a black baby doll night dress and g string I had been photographed with the other model and I went for another wee. I just had to use a urinal in the men's and I sneaked in there and I took off my g string. Well I stood over the middle one of the 3 urinals and I pissed my brains out again. I did another hissy gusher without using any fingers to aim or anything.My heart went thump thump thump because I was thinking maybe one of the men could come for a wee and find me. giggle Well when I had finished squirting and dripping I used some tp from a stall to wipe my pussy before I went back. I did not put my g string back on and one of the photo studio helpers got a bit of a surprise when I walked back and I was showing my blonde stripe. giggle



Hello to the entire group. I have a few questions for all the ladies that wish to reply:
1.When you and your guy go away for the weekend for the first time, do you shit in his presence(while he s in the room), or do you hold it until you get back from the weekend then go?
2.When you go over to meet his parents, do you go ahead and shit at his parents house or do you wait til you leave?
3Does it bother you when your man asks you do you have to shit or when he asks you can he watch?
4.Are you shy to fart or take a shit around the guy on the first date?
5.Where do most women prefer to shit besides home?
Thanks for your time Ladies if you answer the questions

To Jared: Loved your story..awesome experience.

To Upstate Dave: Liked your story.

To Carmalita: Not much is up..just got in from work..thats it..tired too..what about u?...liked your story..hey who is Nu? Do you have any children?

To Scarlet: Thanks for replying...liked your little story too.

To the "HOLD IT" man: Liked your story about that contest you had

To unamed poster who posted a reply to mike of Md...impressive that you've peed in a urinal(assuming your a female).

To Outdoor Jane: Liked "She gotta pee" cool!

To Undin the Greek: Liked your story.

To Plunging Plop Guy: What is a syphonic toilet? Liked your story too.

To irishguy: Liked your story

Yesterday i was at work and i do the kind of work where you can't really leave to go to the bathroom unless you have someone to cover for you. Any way i heard my one co-worker say i really gotta take a wizz are we done yet. Got a kick out of that. I think we had atleast another 30 minutes till finish time, till break.

Then last night after work i decided to go out to see if i could find some action in some public toilets. I went to this one store and sat for 15 minutes nothing happened and no one came in. Then i decided to leave and go to another store(needed some things there any way) and i went to the bathroom sat(didn't poop) and i put a seat cover down. Then someone came into pee then a kid came into the handicapped stall, locked the door sat down, started peeing(sitting down) and then he farted...Got really excited. Stood up for a min..then sat back down and acted like i was wiping. Then he starts wiping and he flushed..wish he would have been the type of kid that doesn't flush. then i flushed and before i came out he was gone. He didn't even was his hands. By the size of his shoes i'd say he was between 6 and 8 years old. Then i went on my way..well need to run bye

Plunging Plop Guy
Congratulations to all concerned on this site reaching its 100th page!
To the moderator and all those working behind the scenes to keep this Toilet clean and friendly, and all the many people who post here.
Best wishes for the next 1000!

After a quite itchy night in the anal region, I had a shit this morning that took a lot of wiping up with TP, and as is often the case after I've needed a lot of TP to get clean, I felt quite itchy for about an hour. Several days lately I've not had clean shits and inevitably, either I can't get fully clean or the skin gets irritated and very itchy after. Today it wasn't just my arsehole, but the perineum that were itching violently. Once I wiped so much to try and relieve the itching it drew blood, but I restrained myself today, and as I was walking in town about an hour after going to the toilet, every step I took made me very aware of my itchy arse.
Great when I stopped, and later after sitting down, it had gone.
I wonder how those of you who intentionally shit your pants avoid getting itchy skin from contact faecal matter. Perhaps my skin is sensitive, or my shit is acidic. It could be that certain organisms are the cause. Whatever it is, I don't have this problem when my turds are clean and dry. Any suggestions as to why I might be so sensitive down there?

I watched a programme on TV Channel 5 on Friday about a group of men reliving the lives of Roman soldiers in Britain.
They were issued with a sponge on a stick and told it was the equivalent of toilet paper, which would have to be shared among eight men. The living conditions were to be exactly as it was for the Romans but unfortunately we were denied any filming or even details of the latrine arrangements!

BRYIAN, You so often see very interesting stuff on TV to do with toilets, do you know before from the listings what you might see, or is there one particular channel that seems to feature this subject?

Good toileting, everyone, P. Plop Guy


Well, in a way I think that time I squatted by my towel was a signatory moment, as it was the first time I ever did it in a way that made it obvious what I was doing. I must have been pretty well mentally oriented to what I was doing as there was no real problem in that moment, which was a blast all by itself! On your own beach wees, Damsel, I would compare it to a time when I went to a regular local beach a few years back and tried to have a wee by drawing my bikini bottom over and going off the edge of the towel, and I couldn't, even though the place was very quiet -- so in that light your own squats were remarkable! (The ironic thing is, I was able to use a urinal at an esplanade mens' room on the way both there and back!) I've twice seen girls go completely nude on the town beaches, but very rarely, it is an offense (one was simply drying her bikini over the fence at the top of the beach!), and to actually take your bottoms down and squat was, I'd have said, a very b! old thing to do, as it made the statement clear from a long way off. Brava!

Louise, I did indeed enjoy your little adventure at the photo shoot! I BET the photographer couldn't go as well, even though he tried valiantly -- 'nuff said on that topic! You must really have been desperate, and when the peeing urge is running at full blast, little things like signs on doors become secondary to the mere fact there are toilets in there!

I always remember coming back from one of my beach adventures, about two summers ago, I went for a wee at the railway station on the way home, and to get to the ladies I passed the mens' -- the door was propped wide open, there was no inner door and the steel wall urinal was in plain sight from the corridor! I nearly ran in and used it, but prudence won out. As it happens, the ladies' door was propped open too and I used a stall with the door open to do a standing shot, and that also was in sight of the corridor. I've often wondered why the doors were wide open -- must have been the heat of the day or something.

It's cold again here, no adventures to report, just the usual -- like having my last-thing wee in the sink as I brush my teeth -- it saves time and flushing water. That reminds me, we may be having water rationing this summer, so reduced flushing may be a necessity (peeing in the garden is finally the proper thing to do!)



Bryian: Loved your story of how you shit yourself on purpose. It was great reading. I noticed that balls of shit dropped on the floor. That is one of the problems of having intentional accidents in boxers. You may not like briefs, but it might be worthwhile getting one pair of them to put on when you have an intentional accident. They do keep the poo in one place - especialally the Calvin Klein ones. This is only a suggestion. I have carpet in my bathroom and would not want shit dropping on the floor out of my underwear, as it would be a pain to clean off the carpet - unless it was hard balls of shit that dropped. Thanks for geting back on the matter of dealing with underwear that we have had accidents in. Look forward to more of your stories.

Coprologist: Thanks for your post agreeing with mine regarding the hygienic disposal of underpants we have accidentially shit in. I agree too that the shit should be washed off before disposing of them or even giving them a normal wash. I always tip the bulk in the toilet and pulling them up again wear them in the shower where I can drop them and wash off the remaining shit with the showerhead. I then take them off and rub soap into them and give them a good wash under the shower stream. They are then "clean enough" to go into the washing machine. I do love your posts.

Irishguy: Welcome. I loved your first post and hope it will be the first of many. I really loved your story of how you accidentally shit in your Gap jeans and 2(x)ist white jockeys in front of your buddy. You have a fantastic buddy, who understood what had happened to you, and I loved the way he chose to wet himself so that you would not feel alone. That speaks to me of the very special friendship you both have. You mention other pooing accidents you have had. I'd really love to hear of them in detail, as well as accidents that happen in the future. You are the only other guy on here who has mentioned 2(x)ist underwear. I have quite a number of 2(x)ist briefs and boxer briefs. It seems they are a favourite amongst gay guys like us. I have slightly more CK's plus lots of other designer underwear. Keep the stories coming please.

CKF, Matt (if you have access to this) Poo Pants, Dork, Adam. Mark B and Tom: Hope you are all well. Look forward to hearing again from you all soon about your pooping experiences.

Happy pees and poos to all.

TO: just a boi. Hey dude, glad you liked my story. I guess we were around 12-14 years of age. Yeah, there was a lot of loud farting and all the usual shitting noises, but with all the talking you couldn't always hear everything real well. I think most of the guys wiped sitting. Some wiped from behind. Others would kinda lift one butt cheek off the seat and sort of come in with the TP to wipe from the side. A couple of guys even wiped from the front and that was a new way of wiping for me. Some guys would stand to wipe and then if you were sitting near them you got a real good view of the TP being inserted into their butt cracks. Yeah, those were great times. I guess I'll never have those great experiences again! I'll try post more stories for you soon!

Sunday, October 06, 2002

POTTY BOY: Hi All, this is the first time I've posted. It's great to read everyone's stories. I am a gay guy who not only enjoys a long-awaited performance on the toilet, (finding it very pleasurable to decide the moment when I deliberately start to slowly push a 'big-one' through after sitting there for several minutes, holding back against the mounting pressure), but find it more enjoyable still to hear another lad come in next door, and listen to him go through the 'pre-shit' ritual of dropping the toilet seat, wiping it over with toilet paper, un-buckling his trousers and letting them fall straight to the floor (with a 'clink' of the buckle as it hits the concrete), then the subtle sound of white briefs swiftly and unceremoniously being pulled down with urgency in one smooth well-practiced tug, as, at the same time he sits back astride the slightly uneven toilet seat which makes a 'clonk' as he does so; a rather public cue that he is about to start shitting.
About two years ago I worked in the Electrical Department of a supermarket. The staff toilets catered for mainly the 'food' staff, and several were 17/18 yr.old trainees. During my lunch hour I'd use these toilets every day, sitting on one of the two adjacent loos. Many of the lads would have predictable toilet habits and use the cubicles after lunch before the start of their afternoon shift in the warehouse or on the tills. The laminated chipboard partition wall of the two cubicles was about five inches off the floor, and the shoes would often tell you who was on the bog next door. The toilet block wasn't usually very busy at all, often several minutes between people visiting the urinals, and you could 'hear a pin drop' if the cisterns were'nt re-filling. If I was in there, guys would obviously realise there was someone next door if they came in for a shit, probably hoping no-one else would be !! Some would just carry-on regardless, whilst others would feel e! mbarrassed and wait for quite a while, hoping the cubicle next door would soon be vacated, or that someone would come in and use the noisy hand drier, then use that opportunity to mask the sound of their 'performance.' Others would just be too embarrassed to drop a big turd in such quiet circumstances with someone 2ft. away with only a piece of chipboard separating them, and they'd prefend they'd been (when they hadn't), then wipe, flush and go, presumably to have to 'go' later. My favourites would be the lads who'd drop their pants, sit on the toilet and hold it back for several minutes in the hope I'd soon vacate my cubicle so they'd be able to perform an 'embarrassment free,' uninhibited dump, but then realising I wasn't going anywhere, would just give-up and suffer the embarrassment, surrendering to the need to shit and eventually decide to deliberately push it out anyway !!
On one occassion I went into one of the two cubicles, but found I had to use the only other one next door, as someone had blocked the bowl with loads of toilet paper and the water level was only an inch below the seat ! Soon someone came in next door to me, saw the problem, but waited outside for me to finish so he could use the one I was in. He waited for ages very patiently, so I flushed and exited the cubicle. It was a slim 17/18 year old lad wearing a white, long-sleeved shirt (without a tie, with the top button un-done) and black trousers, who immediately explained, 'This one's really wrecked,' taking me in to show me the water level. He blushed-up slightly, but was very engaging, chatty and friendly for someone I'd only acknowledged, but never really spoken to before. He seemed in no despirate hurry, and I was equally as friendly in return. I got the impression that I could easily have raised another topic of conversation as he seemed to have all the tim! e in the World, and I'm sure he would have carried-on standing there talking, but whilst no-one else was in the toilet block I was keen for him to do what he'd been waiting so patiently to do, so I turned away towards the basins to wash my hands, signaling the end of the chat, and he, almost reluctantly, made for the cubicle that I'd just come from. There still was no-one else around at all as he shut and locked the door behind him. I heard him un-buckling his trousers, drop his pants and sit down on the toilet. I took a long time drying my hands on the hand-towel, avoiding the noisy hot-air hand dryer. It did occur to me I could have started up the conversation again, asking him a question just after he'd got on the toilet, just at the wrong time, making him have to answer whilst he's started to push hard, and hearing a strain in his reply, or a comment such as, 'I can't talk now I've got to concentrate.' Anyway, a few seconds passed after he'd got on the toilet, and I! wasn't quick to leave. I knew he was just waiting to hear me leave before dropping his load. I decided not to disappoint him and pushed the squeeky double inner and outer doors to make it sound as if I'd gone, but I was naughty and stayed, keeping very quiet. I knew he'd feel totally uninhibited now, and I was right !!! After a few seconds of absolute silence he heaved a long, loud, audible "OOOOOEEEERRRRRRRRGGGHHHHH," lasting several seconds, followed a couple of seconds later by the huge 'SPLOSH' of what must have been a massive, long, hard, fat, 'ring-stretching' turd. And then, to my amazement, exactly the same thing happened again after about seven seconds and an equally long, loud "OOOOOEEEERRRRRRRRGGGHHHHH" and an equally loud 'SPLOSH.' About three minutes after this he started wiping several times. I left as someone else came in, and he was none-the-wiser !! No wonder he was prepared to wait so long outside, although there were some public toilets on the next! floor down (Ground Floor), and other public toilets on the same floor as we were on, but way-over on the other side of the building. The lad must have been quite despirate, even though he was happy to engage me in quite a long conversation, which I thought was possibly a way of hiding his embarrassment by explaining his actions of waiting to use my cubicle instead of going in next door. At least I kept the seat warm for him !!! I am sure he would have strained silently and been much more inhibited if he'd known I was still outside the cubicle. It was clearly quite an effort for him to slowly push both of those huge turds out, and he was quite a slim, skinny lad as well. I can only imagine his facial expressions during, (and his look of relief after) that long-awaited performance !! More true stories if required ! POTTY BOY.

Just saw that my first post came up! this is a great site and I am enjoying all the posts...

Randy: sorry to here about your humilition, but glad that you shared your story! can;t wait to here of more of your accidents

Darius:I'm confused , is there two darius'? I saw a Darius in old posts and a Noel are you the same one? Either way I liked all the posts

CKF:if you are still in the site, I read your post about shitting yourself in black ck flys while at the computer..understand the urge while reading the posts so I did the same thing in white ck briefs..

This morning I had an 'accident'. My bf went to take a dump which usually takes him about 1/2hr!! I had to go bad, I was undecided as to whether to just shit my shorts or try and wait. I was only wearing my white briefs and decided to just do it because I knew he would be awhile. I stood in the hallway outside the bathroom and just let go! I knew it was a large hard one so it was cool to not make mess. I felt it touching my underwear and starting to fill my pants as it pushed them out.. what I wasn;t expected to do was piss myself!! I stood there and all of a sudden I just started to pee and couldn;t stop! at that moment my bf came out of the bathroom and saw me standing there peeing myself, Iwas so embarrassed because I had never really pooped myself in front of him!! He asked if i needed the bathroom and I said not anymore I already shit my briefs!! He was aroused!!! Anyway more stories next time, hope this one is ok....

question:any of you men ever pissed or shit yourself while in a sporting game or event? would love to know about it! wonder if david beckham has ever shit himself while playing soccer!!?

Hey, I'm new posting to this site! People (my faves being Punk Rock Girl, Carmalita&Co, and Barbie Doll)are so open with everything they do in that private place called the bathroom. I've only had one female friend who didn't mind my seeing her with her pants around her ankles and panties to the knees, my best friend Mallory. Anyway, I'll describe the two of us, since that's what all us newbies do. I'm an Afro-American college student, 19 yrs old, slightly muscled, with huge Steve-Urkel-like glasses. Mallory is a Korean-American college student, 20 yrs old, and a tomboy. She has a very nice body, which is strange for the amount of food she eats, big boobs and butt, and brown hair with highlights. Anyway, the first time I saw her, it was the first day of the last week that we were at home, while her parents were out. We were in her living room wrestling, waiting for the pizza guy to show up, and her stomach suddenly started rumbling. "Oh, time-out," she said, putting a ha! nd to her stomach and letting off a huge fart that went BRRRRRRRRRRRRRAPP! I was pretty cool with her farting around me, as I am now, and I made some comment about the world having enough natural gas pollution.
"It's kicking in," she said.
"What's kicking in?" I was wondering.
"I had some prune juice today, to help things along," she said, smiling wickedly. "And I think whatever's cooking in me is about ready to come out."
"Okay, I'll just wait for our pizza," I said.
Mallory made a face. "Come with me, it'll be a while."
I must have looked really strange, because Mallory burst out laughing. "You looked so scared right there. It's not like we're not best friends, right?"
"Right," I said.
"And I know you're going to be listening anyway," Mallory said dryly. "So you might as well come. Besides, I want you to see me."
"What?" My mouth dropped open. I couldn't imagine getting the chance to see this voluptuous beauty unloading.
"I think that we should be closer than we are even now," she explained. "What better way to be close than for you to see me on the pot?"
I shrugged nonchalantly, but my heart was nearly smashing a hole through my ribs. She took my hand and led me to the bathroom. I had never used the bathroom at her house, so seeing it was new to me. She crossed to the toilet at the far side of the room.
"Here it comes, the big show," she said.
I went over to her and as she unbuttoned her jeans, I put a hand on the side and pulled them down for her. She smiled. As she sat, she pulled her panties to her knees, which is definitely the way that I'd like to see people on the toilet.
"Oh, this is going to be good," she said. An audible fart was emitted from her creamy buns, making way for a turd. It squished out of her butt loudly, and was soon followed by another. It made a sound like "Spl-spl-spl-ruuuuck!"
"Sounds relieving," I said, kneeling at her right thigh. She moved up on the seat and leaned forward. Peeking into the bowl, I could see half of a smooth looking dark brown log, about three and a half inches thick, and another, folded over it, the same size. Then her stomach rumbled again, and she moaned a little.
"Is your stomach hurting?" I asked.
"Yeah, I'm getting some cramps," Mallory said.
"Do you have any plastic bags?" I asked, getting up.
"Yeah, in the cupboard in the kitchen," she said, in a strained voice. I quickly went, got a plastic bag, and went back into the bathroom. Mallory was hunched over, holding her stomach. I filled the bag with warm water and went to her.
"What are you doing?" she asked. I gently unfolded her and placed the warm water bag against her churning abdomen. She visibly relaxed and exhaled.
"Thanks," she said gratefully. Her stomach rumbled again, and she winced a little, but she didn't seem in as much pain.
"Time to get rid of this stomachache," she said. Her anus opened like a rose, letting out something similar to hershey squirts, but more continuous and mushy, not runny. This displaced the water in the bowl, as there was so much in her. Then, a more adherent log, but very sticky, started coming out.
"I love this feeling, it massages my anus of the way out," Mallory said, purring with pleasure.
By this time, you can imagine how colossal the smell was. However, it wasn't the bewildering stench of fried rotten eggs, or the sick repulsive smell of dead animals. Rather, it was a rich healthy smell that rose from behind Mallory. So it wasn't as offensive, and even could have been tittilating.
The sticky log was the last. Dropping into the pile with a plop, it topped off the impressive pile.
"Well, I'll let you wipe now," I said, turning around while still sitting. I heard some wiping sounds, and then Mallory's voice saying, "Done."
"I can hardly believe you're don-" I said, turning back around, but was stopped by the sight of Mallory's very messy browneye in my face.
"I can't believe you just did that," I said, chuckling. Mallory giggled and rolled off some toilet paper.
"Just a little joke," Mallory said good-naturedly. "And now, since you've seen the goods, I believe there is a certain ass that needs to be wiped."
I raised an eyebrow, but she said, "Oh come on, it's the icing on the cake. And you enjoyed the show. Admit it."
I had to admit, it was amazing. I did hope for more later. So I took the paper and bent her over my knee. Wiping her gently, I cleaned off all the mess from her beautiful cheeks. Then, she pulled up her panties, and I pulled up her pants. But I held the flaps of her pants for a while.
"So, Jared, how was it, really?" Mallory asked.
"A strange way to bring two strange people together in a strange relationship," I said. "But hey, I don't argue with what works."

That's all for now! Ha, that's funny, since this is so long.

Infantry SPC (soon to be Infantry CDT)
Tiffany- Great story! keep them coming. I think you are right about women needing to be more open about their bodily functions. I wish there was a way to find a way to talk out side of this forum. You could share you photos of your toilet bowl creations with others. I know I would love to see those pics.

I just started taking a medication for cholesterol that makes me fart alot. I don't like the fact that when i'm in class at college, I have to hold it in and it's very discomforting...

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Welcome to Tiffany. Barbie Doll that sounds like your upcomming party will be a good one. Let us know how it went. John Q Public great start to the vacation. Sounds like the girls peeing could rival the Hoover Dam!:-) PRG dont worry about with your parents, that happened along time ago and it seems you do alright now. You are very open and seems to me you have alot of self esteem.

Well this morning I had a ring streacher of a shit. I sat down and started peeing quite hard and my anus opened up as wide as it would go. I did not have to push this one out. The movement was not very fast but steady. As this one was passing it slowed down my pee stream but I still continued to pee as this one moved along. When it started to narrow down the speed picked up and with out a splash it was in the water.

I wiped my anus and cheeks which it was not that bad. The color was light brown and it was smooth with a number of cracks in it. The front was more then 3 1/2 inches around for the first 7 inches. Then the rest of it was tapered down to 1 1/2 inches for the remaining 10 inches. When I flushed it spun around bent but did not break as it went down through the trap. I think that one was my monthly monster! Upstate Dave

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