shy girl
hi--i've been lurking around reading posts. guess i start by saying i'm female, 28 y.o. , petite at 5'2 and about 110. pooping and farting fascinates me but i'm embarrassed to admit that and so i've been real shy about posting to this forum and waited until now. i have some questions and will share a bit that i hope some of you can respond to. some questions: does anyone know the difference between stool softeners and laxatives? do they both give diarrhea? i have a story about taking correctol and it gave me some awful diarrhea--completely watery and kept me farting and on the toilet all morning and early afternoon.
i had read a while back some postings about athletes having larger and more numerous or frequent poops and gas. is this true? anyone want to share their views and experiences?
also does anyone know what happens when you hold gas in? when someone has gas pain and bloating and goes to bed but wakes up feeling fine does it mean they farted in their sleep?
what foods make gas smell more?
anyone else have the experience that exercise and working out makes them have to go poo and/or fart?
anyone ever watched themselves go?

Has anyone here pooped in the sink, next to the toilet ect. I love it.

The first time I had no choice

The toilet water didn't work so she told me to go anywhare in the bathrom just clean it up . So I dicited to ask he again she said "If you would rather go in your pants. So I went back into the bathroom, the pressure was biulding in my bowels. I could not hold it I took my pants off. I was at the end. SO I went on the floor. It was so messy then my sister came in. She watched me Unload a hung load then I stopped. Pantless I walked over to her ready to smack her. Then I realised I still had to go so I just went there. then i was shocked to realise that I just took a dump on the carpet. I held the rest in and went to the bathroom and finshed. My mom said "don't worry about it. I was crying she didn't want me to feel bad so she took off her pants and pushed really and made a small poop on the floor and she started to pee to. She made me clean up it all but that was it

My mom is so cool!

Tiffany: Welcome sister. See my earlier posts about me in the mall when I was a teen. I was in a department store when I was 15. After dinner, I had to move my bowels. I went to the ladies room, pulled down my blue trousers and yellow nylon panties to my ankles and evacuated six long pieces of doo-doo. The first 4 dropped in rapid succession. Then the next two dropped with slowly with a fart. Then, I urinated. After sitting quietly for awhile, I wiped myself both front and back. The toilet would not flush properly. The load I left did not help. Finally, I left two broken pieces of doo-doo in the toilet. As, I was washing my hands a lady entered the stall and complained about an unflushed toilet, calling it a disgrace.

I was behind in my reading while I was overhauling my computer.

To be quick about it, Kendal and LindaGS: I was 12 y/o one Sunday at my aunt's house and I was sitting on the toilet with my dress and white slip bunched around my waist. My pink panties were at my knees. I was having a real hard bowel movement. I was evacuating these long hard pieces of doo-doo, when my kid cousin and a neighborhood boy pushed open the bathroom door. They said they were sorry. I told them it was alright. The boy said, "James, your cousin is making doo-doo." I reached over and pushed the door closed and shut them out. I just wanted to get it over with.

The scout camp story: see my earlier posts. I only urinated in the woods. If I had to move my bowels, I would use the latrine.

If you had a choice and you knew no negative consequences would happen(unless you like that sorta thing) would you rather poop in a toilet or in public(sidewalk, park, parking lot, where ever)ie...squat down pull down you pants and underware and poop. This is assuming nothing bad would happen and it was seen as socially acceptable.
Also I read a book named "The CaveClan" or something similar about prehistorical people. They described how the author thinks they had babies poop, in a cloth diaper like thing in camp and just walk ass in the open pooping or peeing where they have to. My question is how do you theorize that people (young children, grown men, grown women, and childen/teenagers) went to the bath while walking and in camp?

Jason D.
Punk ROck Girl-I really like your stories-you remind me of Em in your amazing shitting abilities

Jared-That sounded like a lot of fun with Mallory. It reminds me of my experiences with Em.
I don't have any fun stories for you guys today. As I told you before, Em is pregnant. Best wishes.

Billy & Kevin
Today, my old brother had a soccer game. About mid way through the first half, my little brother jeremy said he had to go to the bathroom. We were bored, so we took him. When we go to the bathroom, there was a lady about 35 sitting on the toilet. She was sitting with her legs wide open, so we can see her privates and a turd hanging out. She said, excuse me. I said, it's ok. Jeremy here just has to poop, like you. And then he hopped on the toilet. She said, you guys don't belong here. I said, look at the sign on the door. It said boys. She said she would be done in a minute. Kev, said no problem. She plopped out 3 or 4 long turds about 1/2 in thick and kind of rolled up. Then she wiped her front, then her back. SHe got up and said sorry. She was leaving hte bathroom when kev said, you forgot to wash your hands. She didn't even flush the toilet. kev said my turn and sat on the toilet. He pushed out 3 turds, about 6 in long. Jeremy was done. He made like 10 turds, about 1/2 in ! and 6 in long. I peed in jeremy's toilet and then flushed. Kev was done too. Then we flushed and washed our hands and left. We saw the lady about 15 minutes later. We said hi and she said, hello boys.

Punk Rock Girl & Friend

It's Denise (aka PRG), and I have sitting next to me, my co-worker and friend Shannon. Shannon has a great poop story, so I'm going to hand the keyboard over to her and let her tell it. Later!

Hi there. I'm Shannon, Punk Rock Girl's friend. I told her this story and she insisted that I share it with the gang at Toiletstool. When I was twelve, I went iceskating with my uncle and my older cousin Mark (who was fifteen). Everything was great and we were having fun until the two chili dogs, chocolate shake and nachos I'd eaten for lunch landed in my guts. I knew I had to take a shit, so I made my way over to the restrooms. As I stepped up onto the platform, however, my one skate went out from under me, and I twisted my ankle badly. I was laying there, writhing in pain, holding my ankle. My uncle and Mark ran over and helped me sit up. They were afraid to move me because my ankle might be broken. I said to my Uncle, I have to go to the bathroom. He told me to wait until he got me to the hospital. I grabbed his arm and said I'm going to poop in my pants. He said okay. He picked me up and rushed me into the Men's room. I was too desperate to be mortifi! ed. He took me to the nearest stall (no doors, of course) and plopped me down on the toilet. I yanked my pants and underpants down to my thighs and a geyser of diarrhea shot out of my ass. I was so relieved that I had managed to not shit my pants that I didn't care that my Uncle was seeing me shit. After a bunch of farting and squirting, I was finally done. Now I was aware, though, of the agony my ankle was in. He helped me up and I pulled up my pants without wiping my ass. He rushed me to the car and took me to the hospital.

Once I was there, the nurse helped me get into my gown. She told me to take my underpants off. I asked if she could help me into the bathroom, because I had diarrhea before I came here and didn't have a chance to wipe my butt. She helped me into the bathroom and sat me on the toilet. I took off my underpants (which somehow didn't get streaked) and handed them to her. I peed, wiped my ass and flushed the toilet. She helped me to the sink and I washed my hands, then went back to the observation room (with my bare butt on display!).

That was quite a day! My ankle was sore for about two weeks, but my pride was damaged far worse! I got over it though. When I told Denise she nearly shit HER pants laughing. I hope you found it as funny. Now heeeeeeeeeere's Punk Rock Girl!

Me again. Hope you like Shannon's story. I think it's pretty funny.

Until next time, Peace!


Hey again!
Is that girl unloading in the litter box? Looks like the cat's gonna have to find somewhere else to go.

AUSTIN: Mallory's got an older sister, who's a senior at the same college that we're at. And I take verrrry good care of my best friend.

MEREDITH: Glad to see you're back! I read some of the back posts, and yours rank high on my list! I think it would be heaven to hear/see you squeezing out crap from that round behind of yours! Keep the stories comin', girl!

BARBIE DOLL: Yours is a figure that I would enjoy seeing on the toilet as well. Knockout set of thighs and a great butt? I'll let my imagination run away, just this once...

TO OTHERS WHO MAY THINK MALLORY AND I ARE AN ITEM: I realize that in my last post, I may given a false impression, specifically from the closeness of Mallory and I. We are, in no way, shape or form, dating. And even though we do have some benefits, literally speaking, we don't consider ourselves "friends with benefits," either. That was slightly confusing, but I'm sure you all get the picture. Mallory and I have a deep-set affinity for one another, but as for a relationship, we'll have to see what develops in the future. For now, I'll just savor her defecation sessions.

Speaking of which, I've gotten another show from Mallory. Well, I've had several since the one I posted, and maybe I'll post some good ones. Anyway, the latest one (how amusing, I'm posting the first and last ones so far,) was one that she didn't need as much help with. We were outside, and it was quite dark. We were walking and talking, and she started cutting some ripe ones. And even though we're not together, her farts make me hot. I can't help it; for some reason, I like it when she farts. That, and the feeling of her toned stomach muscles as she pushes out a good load. Anyway, so she says, "I have to take a dump badly. Right here, right now. Would you like to watch?"
"Yes, but perhaps we should move to a place with more shrubbery," I remarked, seeing as how the locale wasn't all that covered. We moved to a bushy area.
"Is this good?" Mallory asked.
"Indubitably," I said expectantly. She unhooked the button on her khaki booty-cutters and pulled her fluffy pink sweater up. I took down the khakis as she lowered her thong. We've made that a pattern since the first time. Anyway, so Mallory squatted as I knelt behind her and put my hands on her sides, revelling in the sight of her beautiful round buns. Once again, although we're not an item, I'm still human. Her stomach vibrated as she farted slowly.
"That must have felt good to get out," I remarked.
"This'll fell even better," Mallory said.
Her anus spread wide to reveal a dark brown soft turd, which easily slid out of her orifice. Her stomach muscles pressed slightly, propelling the feces out of her rectum.
"Mm-hmm," she said, sighing with pleasure, since she's always liked the soft and sticky ones.
"You're enjoying this more than I am," I said.
"Unnh-You bet," Mallory replied, squeezing another turd through her round globes. This one was long and soft, curling around like a soft ice cream sundae before coming out. Her anus seemed to wink at me as it closed.
"Okay, here's the tissue, start wiping," Mallory ordered. "Look-they're Wet Wipes, even better for that sticky stuff that I know is back there."
"Alright then," I said, taking the Wet Wipes. "Someone's quite bossy tonight."
Mallory parted her cheeks with her hands, allowing me to have easy access to her crack. I wiped her six times, then with the seventh Wet Wipe in hand, I said, "Last one," as I made sure to cleanse her anus thoroughly with my pointer finger.
"Whoa there, where are you going with that thing?" Mallory asked facetiously.
"Just making sure you're still awake up there," I joked.
"It's alright, I like it anyway," Mallory said, pulling up her underwear as I pulled up her khakis. She buttoned up her pants, and we left her creation in the bushes.

Wow, another novel. Well, that's all for now, people!


shy girl
okay this is a separate post but here's my laxative story. i was feeling super constipated since i hadn't gone and pooped in two weeks. i used to get constipated a lot as a kid but as an adult generally go every day usually right after breakfast like a clockwork. anyway, i had been having trouble for about two week, only able to produce rabbit pellet like turds. i tried fiber supplements but they didn't work. surpsrising constipation because i eat lots of fruits and vegetables and get regular exercise and drink tons of water. finally gave in and bought correctol because the box said "gentle" relief. it was anything but gentle! i took three pills as the box instructed for grown up dose and waited. overnight i could feel and hear my gut churning probably b/c the medicine was hurrying fod through my system. next morning i get up to pee and it feels like relief is finally on the way. but by surprise it is literally all liquid diarrahea that gushes out of my butt. i sit the! re and another. i think i'm done and then another. finally thinking i'm done i flush and go back to bed. as i look at the toilet it's filled with brown liquid. later i wake up to go again. still diarrhea but now some of the liquid is clearing up and i recognize some of the undigested food i'd eaten before. the whole afternoon i'm letting small amounts of gunk out although thinking i was done i went to the gym to work out while in my spandex shorts. thinking i have to pass gas i let go, accidentally letting out more....well you know what i mean. the experience surely cleansed my body and purged everything out but it was tired and i felt weak afterwords and thought this was anything but "gentle relief". wow. never again. the stuff is evil.

Haven't been able to write sooner,just able to read some recentletters yesterday. My research papers are done and finally turned in,'m hoping for a good grade on spina bifida especially the others i think i did well also,i feel so relieved,enough about that,the scene at the art shop has been lively with some good gossip stories,1st the frame lady left a gift in our unisex toilett room.I had gone in for a quick pee and finding one stall closed and the other not occupied,I was about to undress when after pulling up the lid,this huge dark brown poop all knobby was laying in clear water, for some reason i still cannot explain I just sat down and gushed my pee over it,wiped flush,had to flush it twice and the dame thing broke in half and I had to flush once more, I washed my hands and later the frame lady asked me if I found anything unusually about the toilett room, I told her someone had not flushed but that was all,she told me she had forgotten but was in a hurry and apologise! d, I told her it was okey.2nd Michael told me MR.H had said the toilett room was becoming so stinky lately he was thinking about installing a fan thing.3rd the parttime girl who is very goth with purple hair said to me and my best friend at the shop she was peeked at by someone when she was "taking a stinky dump" the other day, she couldn't guess who but she said she gave him/her an eyefull by turning and wiping in their direction, our jaws dropped at that.4th I had a major poop wth my gf, she in one me in the other talking and pooping when a customer came in and apologising out loud asked where the mens room was, my gf said in here after we are done!He left and waited outside and looked at us guiltly.I informed him it was unisex but occupied and he didn't have to be embarrased,my gf said to me she hoped he had plenty of oxygen because all he was going to smell was methane.The recent letters from everyone are terrific, bye.

Barbie Doll


My Saturday party was a blast. There were five of us. My 17 year old lovely sister and three of her friends, one blond and two brunettes. They all had decent figures and were attractive. Not models but real cute anyway.

It was about 2:00 PM that my sister had to go. She had held it for a long time. She was the first to go. Remember I told you she was the express pooper? Well this time she was not super fast but did a lot of small and large chunks with some serious grunting. The pieces varied from gold ball size to almost the size of a baseball. I had never seen her do such large ones before. She said they really stretched her because she is not real big back there. She also peed a bunch with a loud hiss.

At about 3:30 PM, the first of the brunettes had to go. She took a long time and had to push hard to get the first piece out. I forgot to tell you we were using my kitchen floor with newspapers and towels. I think this may have been a Carmalita type dump. She is not very tall and I wondered where all that she did came from. The Chinese food lunch we had certainly helped her push the other stuff she had out. It was amazing and smelled quite bad. She giggled as she went and that got us all laughing as we'd consumed some wine.

Opps, have to run now and I have a friend at the door. This one is not into poop (at least I don't think so) so I need to send this off. I'll tell about the rest of our day later.

See ya,


Today I went for pee and poo in ladies room in our office. Both stalls were free but two of my co-workers were standing in front of mirrors fixing their make-up. We said hello and I entered in nearest stall. I pulled down my knickers and sat on the pan. As I started to pee my co-workers left. Last drops were still dripping as I felt promising movement. My anus widened and turd emerged out with hissing fart. I dropped three 5-6 inches long logs. They were firm but slick. It was very easy pooping session. Whole operation (peeing and pooping) took not longer than 2 minutes. I was going to wipe when I heard footsteps and someone dashed in. I didnít wipe yet, because I wanted to listen what that comer will do. She took the next stall, closed the door and pulled down her pants quickly. She peed a long time. After a short silence she grunted a bit and I heard a plop. She seemed to be busy because immediately after plop she unrolled toilet paper and wiped only two times. She flushed! and left directly without washing hands. I did my paper works, flushed and went to wash my hands.

Hey everyone, I'm back. I was attending other avenues. I had a really good poop yesterday, I've decided to go in my panties. HEY POOP PANDIE GIRLS, have you ever poop when you were on your period?. I have, the kotex was like a diaper. "Solid" well, have to run, I'm at work. ta-ta!

Potty Pooper
PottyBoy: Since you say you're new here, I figure that you're NOT the
same PottyBoy who posted regularly back in the oldest archives at this
site. Might cause confusion if the OLD PottyBoy shows back up! :-)

Anyway, you guys want more anecdotes from me, so here goes...

When I was perhaps five, there was a girl who lived next door who was
also five. We liked to go to the bathroom together. When one or the
other felt the first hint of a need to do a doodoo, we'd both go into
the main bathroom at my house (or her house), and then the one that
had to go would sit on the toilet, and the other would sit down next
to the toilet in such a way that he or she could peer between the bowl
and the seat, and then the first one would let loose a turd.

"Did you see that one?" I'd say, after I'd dropped the first little turd.

"Yeah," she'd say.

So I'd drop another tiny turd. >ker-plink< "Did you see *that* one?"


And on it went until I'd finished the whole BM. For some reason, it
never crossed my mind to wait until I *really* had to go, nor did I
ever get *into* a situation where I really had to go and then headed to
the bathroom with her. Probably would have been quite a different
experience for both of us, since I would have had a whole lot of doodoo
*forcing* itself out in one big movement (instead of me *pushing* out
little bits of it at my whim), and she would have seen a whole *bunch*
of doodoo coming out in one big release. Perhaps we would have found
that much more interesting than the tiny turds dropped one at a time,
particularly if the doodoo had started pushing itself out even before I
could get myself seated. Perhaps it might have influenced the way we did
this after that.

Or not, as the case may be. :-)

But, the truth of the matter is, I didn't catch on to the fact that a
stronger need to doodoo equated to more doodoo waiting to come out, not
until I was more than a little bit older.

Of course, her folks -- and in fact my folks -- caught onto the both-going-to-the-bathroom-together
thing and made a rule that we couldn't both go into the bathroom at the
same time, that in fact at my house she'd have to head to her own bathroom
at home if she had to go, and me visa-versa, so this little game of ours
didn't last more than a few short months, if even that.

Have any of the guys out there ever been able to bribe a lady, either by doing a favor or paying her money, to let you watch her poop?

So, yesterday I was half-asleep in class and didn't have to pee at all.... suddenly, I guess I lost focus too much, and I almost lost control of my bladder, and I literally had to jump to keep from peeing. I don't know if anyone saw me or not but I felt kind of dumb. I would have peed all over myself if I hadn't caught it.

Scarlet, are you a college student? I am. Feel free to email me or drop me a line on here if you want to chat a bit. Later, folks


BRYIAN: LOVED your story....keep posting such great stories! I love the ones about pooping yourself. Wish I were there....Last night I dreamed we were planning to meet to poop

Great stories people! Sorry my post is so short...gotta get offline...waiting for a call..


leather pants girl
HI everybody its been a while since i posted hopefully no ones forgotten me.

Yesterday i had to take a trip to the local 7.11 store just needed one or two things, anyway while standing in line that old urge suddenly came on-- i mean REALLYYYYYY quick before i knew what was happening a big heavy mess filled my black bikini panties.

I stood there in total shock and disbelief, the woman behind me held her nose and took a step back from me, i admit i stunk really bad.

I paid for my stuff and waddeled out of the store, i had walked so at least i never had to worry about sitting down in my smelly mess, as i walked home it felt really weird the poo kept banging against my bum and then slowely dropped down my legs onto the sidewalk OHHHHH YUCK!! this feels so gross i thought.

I finally made it home and ofcourse kathy helped me clean up.

AND now friends i have good or bad news (depending if you like my posts or not)kathy and myself are going to move away we are moving to england for a few months, we both love each other and we both decided this is where we want to live after that who knows?. just want to say thankyou to everyone and carry on pooping and peeing your pants ive enjoyed posting here and we will both eventually post here again, in mean time bye bye all and happy pooping to every one. kathy and leather pants girl (ok my names nicola)

Scarlet: thought u might be interested in hearing about this... it's fairly ironic, considering my last post about how my mom never really notices or comments on undies i've dribbled in.

This weekend i was typing a paper on my computer and i realllly needed to pee, but wanted to get the paper done more. i felt a squirt come out and thought, hey no big deal, no one is home. by the time i had finished and gotten to the bathroom i had let about 3 spurts out and it had soaked through my panties to my light pink pj pants, leaving an obvious yellow stain at the crotch and butt about the size of a baseball. SO this time i make sure i put them in my hamper so i can wash them.

Well it turns out when i went out later that night my mom decided to be helpful and did everyone's laundry. When I woke up in the morning she brought a basket of my clothes in my room. I asked her if she had gotten the sauce stain of my white tank top and she said 'yes, but i can't seem to get the stain out of these.' and she held up the pink PJ pants with a faint stain still pretty noticable on the crotch. BUSTED. Ermm so I just kind of turned over and pretended i didn't hear her or went back to sleep. VERY VERY EMBARRASSING. So obviously she knows i at least partially started going in my pants. err.

Melissa : you work with pigs ! how could she leave a large turd and NOT flush? did you report her to management? i would have

I have always been so discreet and shy when I gotta poop. I never go unless I am alone. I would always hold in my shit at school, anywhere I was at. Last month I stayed at my ggf house, and the next day I really needed to poop bad, but couldnt bring myself to shit at her house. I was holding in a solid turd all day.....just waiting to get home. Anyone else with this problem?

I ate dinner tonight then afterwards i had dessert and a few minutes i felt all crampy. Then i went and pooped and i pushed out a few hard little balls. Then im like nothing else is happening so i flushed. Then 10 min later i had to go again(knew i'd be back). This time i was really soft and liquidy. I feel allright now...but i might try and poop again before bed...have to go out tomorrow.

oh yesterday when i read messages wasn't in the that great of a mood to problems made me excited. Cause of that i took the rest of the week off(don't wanna say what..getting too personal).

Then a little while ago there was something on TBS on cable and these guys where in this bathroom and they were standing in front of urinals and they were about to install a bunch of tvs at each urinal, did any one see this? I don't even know what it was called.

If you had a choice and you knew no negative consequences would happen(unless you like that sorta thing) would you rather poop in a toilet or in public(sidewalk, park, parking lot, where ever)ie...squat down pull down you pants and underware and poop. This is assuming nothing bad would happen and it was seen as socially acceptable.
Also I read a book named "The CaveClan" or something similar about prehistorical people. They described how the author thinks they had babies poop, in a cloth diaper like thing in camp and just walk ass in the open pooping or peeing where they have to. My question is how do you theorize that people (young children, grown men, grown women, and childen/teenagers) went to the bath while walking and in camp?

To Tiffany: Enjoyed your story.

To anonymous movie guy: Sounds like a cool movie..never see it.

To Althea: Liked your stories

To Billy & Kevin L: Liked your story

To Ellis: nice story

To Plunging Plop Guy: I never know what im gonna see on tv

To Darius: Thanks for responding

To POTTY BOY: Loved your story.

Nice pic today..need to go

This morning, I was approaching my office building and I smelt the most revolting smelling fart in the wind(pardon the pun). Further ahead of me was a slim youngish construction type guy in his late 20s. I saw him approach and began talking to the office porter outside the building and I heard him ask him, if he could use the toilet. The guy then made his way to the entrance, followed closely by me. He spoke to the security guard, who pointed him through a door on the left. I showed the security guard my pass and folowed closely but not too closely behind the guy.
He seemed to be in a hurry and I could'nt believe my luck. He then entered the toilet and before I reached it, I heard a door slam and a toilet seat being slammed down. There were only two cubicles and I went into the empty one. I heard him pull down what sounded like a tight pair of briefs with a loud desperate sigh. He then sat down and let out a loud wet explosion followed by a load of sloppy shit hitting the water. He sighed quite loudly and then began letting out some loud wet squirty farts. The smell began to travel over the wall and it was the kind on smell that made your eyes water. Every so often, he would sigh quite loudly and then began letting out some more wet shit and farts. He was done after 10 minutes. He wiped only once, flushed and left the toilet without washing his hands. I quickly went into his cubicle and it really stunk and he had left three small slimy turds floating and a lot of skidmarks and I'm sure some in his tight drawers as well. By time I ! got to my office, I was nearly fifteen minutes late, but it was worth every stinking minute of it.

Hi Fellow Toidyteers!!!
I am baaaaaaaaack! I want to thank you all for your concern and wishes. I may have to move up to where my Dad is in the next few months. That will be painful for Annie and the girls. I want Annie to come with me. Now on to the subject. Some belated replies.
****DEAR RIZZO: Hi dear friend! Glad to see you are still full of wonderful weeing stories. That one on the boat was pure gold! Hope your wife is ok. Take care and we will speak soon again!
****DEAR INA: I am sorry I haven't responded. Hope you are alright. I had a wee outside of a concert hall in my Dad's city. It was a hoot. You don't have a public wee in that city!! Take care and many hugs and xxxx from Robby
****Dear KENDAL, ELLEN and ANDREW: Hi there! Kendal, thank you for that wonderful hug. It calmed me down. Is Michael your boyfriend now? You should have a man besides Andrew now. Ellen, have you had some nightly poos? Andrew, is Eleanor letting you peak now? You are such a gentleman. Well, take care and I will try to keep up from now on! Lots of Lovexxx and hugs from Uncle Robby
****ELEANOR: Hi dear! That was a funny story that you told. I really enjoyed it. Take care! Lovexxx Robby
****STEVE.LOUISE, and DAMSEL: Louise, thank you for letting me watch you as you had that alley wee!! You looked ever so ravishing! Steve, I am enjoyed those Spain stories! A riot! Damsel, you and your boyfriend are really good weeing adventures. Keep it up! Take care! Lovexxx Robby
****PV: Hi gal! Weeing on the beach, huh! Just like you! You are that firey redheaded firehose,LOL! Take care! Lovexx Robby
****SARAH amd TIM: Hi dears! That story about the bath was great! I hope to be on here more regular. Love to Josie and Loewie! Take care!! Lovexxx Robby
****TODD and DIANA: Hi there! Madison is a wonderful name. Good change. Hope you teach them to read on the toilet! Take care!! Lovexxx Robby
****DEAR CARMALITA: HOLA! You are still the dump queen!! Thank you for your thoughtfulness! Love you lots!! Robby
****EPHERMAL: Hi sweetie! Sorry you had that with diarrhoea! Good advice on constipation! Good luck on school! Lovexxx Robby
HI AND LOVE TO: Jane and Gary-hi there!, Gopweller, Upstate Dave, Mere and Amanda, Adrian, Adele, Jeff A-glad to see you are ok!, Ellen and Little Lou, LindaGS-hi gal! and all of the other new and old posters here!


John Q Public

Way way back in either 89 or 88, there was a radio station that operated out of Morris Illinois. Super CFL (or WCFL)was the name of it. It was an attempt to bring back the 'good ole days' of super CFL when it was a Chicago Rock station on AM back in the 60's and 70's.

Anyway, there were two DJ's on every morning. One, the woman, was named Gina Collage, I don't remember the guy's name.

Anyway, one morning they decided to have a "Badder Bladder" contest among themselvs and the loser had to do a 'remote' broadcast from the rest room WHILE they were doing their business.

GUES WHAT, FOLKS. Gina WON that contest BY FAR. In fact, they had a 6 hour radio show, and the guy ran to the bathroom in desperation long before it was over. Gina showed no desperation what so ever through out the entire show, and didn't even go for a pee after she her co-host lost. She sat there very calmly talking and doing her show with no sign of strain what so ever, while the desperation in her co-hosts voice was painfully obvious. It's funny how your post reminded me of that contest so many years ago. By the way, Gina was also a total babe back then.

So I would like to add another surbey question for everyone.

In your opinion, do men have larger bladders and better sphincter control then women, or do women have larger bladders and better sphincterr control then men?

Outdoor Jane
Austin (Blake): Thanks for your responding my stories. I really love to mean something special to somebody. I wish I could keep the stories coming, and I will.... as soon as I have some good outdoor experience.

To everyone else that have give me responding to the song: I just want you to know that the text isn't written by me. I've found it on the internett when i search for outdoor pee. It is a good song and especially for me that like that sort of music (rap).

I thanks for anything responding at my story, and I always be here on the site so ask or give me comments if you want to. Hope I soon will be back with some stories.


Potty Pooper
As an addendum to my most recent post, I should point out that the little
girl (who's name, btw, was Shell) and her family moved away a few months
after that. After that, I kinda lost interest in the sort of scat-play
(if you could call it that) which we'd been engaging in, at least for a
little while.

Oddly enough, I remember that at one point, when I was fairly small (and
it must have been around the above time, maybe a year before) I absolutely
did NOT like doodooing. I remember specifically that when I rather had to
go, that the feeling of doing a doodoo seemed rather unpleasant, as if the
turds were almost abrasive against the inside of my poophole is they came
out, and the push itself (of it coming out) felt rather uncomfortable too,
so my recollection of sitting on the toilet at that point in my life was
always one of discontent, of staring at the floor until the deed was done.

Paradoxically, though, I also remember having a major doodoo fixation
during my earliest years, of constantly thinking about poop. One time,
for instance when I was quite small, and was out on a walk with my folks,
I picked up a handful of pebbles formed sort of a fist around them, and
let them dribble out from the bottom, imagining it was doodoo dropping
out of a backside! :-D

Well, anyway, we had a sort of toilet-seat adaptor thingy on the toilet,
at least during the period when I couldn't stand the feeling of doing a
doodoo. It snapped onto the top of the regular toilet seat and formed a
little bit of saddle-shape in that the shape of it sort of wrapped itself
around my behind and whatnot, and it had neat little handeholds to either
side... or something like that. I remember it only very dimly.

Seems to me that we'd stopped using it by the time I started the watch-each-other-doodoo
game with the girl from next door, though. In any event, by this point the
feeling of doing a doodoo seemed to have lost it's uncomfortableness, or
maybe it was only uncomfortable when I *had* to go.

I sometimes wonder, if she hadn't moved away, if we would we have devised
more interesting ways to play in the bathroom.

In any event, I didn't do any other kinds of poop-play until maybe a coupla
years after this, when I started into a habit of playing around while doing
a doodoo. By this point, I'd gotten more enamored with doing a doodoo,
to the point that I'd sometimes try to *bring* *about* a BM whenever I could.

If I was taking a bath, often times I'd stick a finger up my poophole to
see if I could feel a turd in there, and if I did feel one, I'd try to
*make* myself have to go. Sitting in the bathtub, I'd push and strain
at stool, I'd press against my abdomen (tho I didn't know about the
rythmic-pressure-for-twenty-seconds-or-more trick someone described here),
and I'd take bits of soap and ball up bits of toilet paper and cram those
into my butthole, trying to fill up the space in there and so trick my
body into thinking I really had to go (which, actually, didn't particularly
work that well :-) until finally I felt a BM about to get going, at
which point I'd climb out of the tub and sit on the toilet. Trouble
with this, though, is this didn't result in a big BM, just a little BM,
so it was a bit of a disappointment.

As I stated before, I hadn't yet worked out the fact that the more strongly
you gotta go (naturally-arrived-at, that is) the more poop there was waiting
to come out, and therefore the more satisfyingly big-durationa BM I'd have.

One of the other things I liked to do when I had to do a doodoo was to string
a length of toilet paper across the middle of the toilet seat, sorta like a
suspension bridge, and then doodoo ontop of that, to see how long it took
before the paper snapped thru and the poop dropped to the bowl, or I'd
place toilet paper onto one side of the toilet seat, and then sit my
behind down on top of that toilet paper and doodoo onto that, or I'd put
the lid down, cover it over with a couple of layers of toilet paper, sit
down on that and (try to) doodoo on it. Problem is, with my behind planted
down firmly on the lid, I found that the doodoo just wouldn't come out. At
other times, I'd lift the seat and sit my behind down IN the bowl, resting
it on the bottom of the bowl, and crap ONTO the bottom of the bowl.

After two or three years, though, I kinda outgrew this phase.

I didn't know of any other kids in the neighborhood that were into this
sort of thing. I've sometimes wondered what sorts of things we could
have come up with if I HAD been another kid like that. Probably would
have devised all SORTS of things to do during a doodoo...

Probably just as well, I guess. Probably would have mortified our
respective parents. :-)

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