Hola mis amigos!

BARBIE DOLL: Sounds like you're going to have an awesome girl party. Those are so much fun! We're having one tonight! Can't wait! I'll be sure to fill everyone in on it. About Renee's big poop: It was just a huge pile of soft, medium sized turds. Yeah, I'd probably clog at your place, but I usually have to do the 2-3 flush thing myself for the same reasons. And yes, I do push out big fat ones. I always have. Nu was very flattered at your note. She is most definitely a beauty! She's Vietnamese with silky black hair that comes down to her shoulders. She's wearing bangs now and just looks hot. This is a just a bit of personal history, but before I got married, I was bi and very much involved with another girl named Tesa, who's also Mexican, but barely english speaking. That's how I met Nu and Angie was through her. Nu used to model lingerie, but isn't doing that anymore. As for you Barbie, you sound pretty gorgeous yourself! I wish you could attend one of our parties.
PUNK ROCK GIRL: Igualmente chica! (back atcha' hon!) Would love to hear your music and see some of your writing. You have an intelligence and openess to you that suggests to me you'd be a good writer. Especially for screenplays. I actually thought about writing one myself based on Tesa's prison experiences, but I never started. Not enough time I guess, or maybe the subject just depressed me too much.
SUDDEN URGE: Thanks for the special note! You'd be welcome to watch me if your nose could take it! I don't seem to mind an audience as long as I'm not being made fun of.
TIFFANY: Welcome hon! You just sound beautiful! Love those monster poops! Sounds like you can do the big ones too.
JAMIE SUN DEVIL: I am so happy at seeing your name again! Many sweet kisses to you. Hope life is being good to you.
BRYIAN: Hey hon,what's up?

Last night was wonderful! Nu came in to poop while I was in the tub. Lately we've been timing it pretty close that way. She was only wearing her robe, but took it off to go potty. She sat there like a princess, naked with her knees together and her back straight. She began her soft little grunts, then leaned forward with her back arched and upright, just like a centerfold. Raising her round and delicious butt off the seat by about 6" I heard this "Spffff-splicckkk" and a nice brown turd started coming out. Soft, creamy and very slow, it was about an inch around and just kept coming out slow. Soon it was tapering, then getting thicker, then tapering again, and it wouldn't pinch off! I sat up in the water, wet hair hanging down over my little boobs, and leaned over toward the edge of the tub. Nu's eyes were squinted, a beautiful little mouth pushing out soft grunts and "unh's" while this super long turd kept squishing out. Finally, with a hard grunt, she pushed it out. The! re was no plop or anything because the most of it was already in the water. Exhausted, she looked over at me and smiled. I stepped out of the tub long enough to take a peek. Her turd wasn't very thick, but it was blackish-brown, coiled and folded and had to be a yard long ! The smell was pretty nasty, and she lit some matches, then the candles. After I'd returned to my bath, I told her to bring her butt over to the tub and sit on the edge so I could return the cleaning favor. Her butt is so soft it's like silk.

I mentioned Tesa earlier because I had the extreme pleasure of pooping with her again! This time it was just a buddy thing, but she was telling me all about her new girlfriend Otmana and was so excited about her that she pulled me by the hand into the bathroom to continue the conversation. Tesa looks very beautiful these days. She's really taking care of herself. I think it's Otmana's influence. Plus, they both are in the same ESL class and can motivate each other. Anyway, Tes did an average poop, wiped, flushed and left almost no smell. Not the case with me however! Tes pulls up her pants, then tells me to shit. I leaned forward for her because she loves to see it come out. One of my usual fat cracklers poked out, stretching my butt, inching. "Que mucho," (That's a lot) she says, smiling. It was funny, because when my hard turd finally fell, toilet water splashed my butt and a few drops splashed her face because she was leaning in too close! It felt great though, and t! ook about 30 seconds to push out because it was so fat and hard. I waited for a second, relaxed, and pressed out some soft serve which splatted and smelled very bad! Tes was giggling, holding her nose and fanning. She wiped my ass for me as I stood bent over, resting my elbows on my thighs. When we came out and Renee saw Tesa, she ran over for a huge hug. It was cool. We miss her around this house. I can't wait to meet Otmana. She dosen't speak any english (barely any), but is into the same stuff we are, and man is she hot!!!! At least from her photo anyway. That's ok, I'll translate for her tonight!

Anyway, tonight is our party, Tes, Otmana, Nu and Angie will be here. Anj and Tes have settled their differences finally! Pat and Rennee will be gone. So will Jake, so it's just us girls! Adios Amigos!


LUKE--ok, its weird, but yeah I just can't imagine certain people pooping. I know that everybody does it--that used food has to go somewhere! But it really is hard to imagine sometimes that such beautiful people (especially women) do it...

RANDY--Liked your story. That was so cruel of those people to laugh and be disgusted at something you obviously couldn't control.

BRYIAN--Thank you for the story! Loved it! And yeah, it does suck when you keep needing to poop, but you're in a place where you really can't. Yesterday morning, I got up and had to poop. I held it back while I was online, then went to the bathroom. I didn't have to push too hard b/c it was ready. I did a big almost soft log. It felt so good! Then I wiped and flushed. Then, on my way to school, I felt the need again. But after I got there, I refused to go b/c I hated going with people around. Plus, the ladies' bathroom has only one toilet and no stall and is right off the edge of the study lounge, so I didn't want ppl listening or smelling, especially this cute guy in my class. So, I held it and the need went away. I guess I have pretty good control when it comes to holding back poop.

1. Do you always cover the seat in a public restroom when you have to poop? I'VE NEVER POOPED IN A PUBLIC RESTROOM, BUT NO< I WOULDN"T COVER THE SEAT
2. Men do you put the seat up when you have to piss or leave it down? N/A
3. Have you ever pissed your pants and did not change them until later? NO
4. Ladies do you cover the seat in a public restroom when you have to piss? NO. IF ITS DIRTY, I JUST HOLD IT.
5. Does the toilet paper have ripples or not? NO
6. Do you use toilet paper afer pissing and pooping? YES
7. Have you ever found a porta-pottie that someone had pissed on the seat that was dryed and stunk a lot? NO
8. Have you ever found a porta-pottie that was pooped in and stunk a lot? YES


the "HOLD IT" man
Hi Folks:

Sorry for the long absence. Anyway I have a great story to tell, but first of all I would like to say a few hellos first.

First of all, to Scarlet. Great hold. Did you happen to take any measurments of now much you peed? I like to measure the ammount and devide it by the time it took me to push it out, and devide the number of militres by the number of seconds and figure my rate. I bet yours was pretty awesome.

Also, it's great to hear from you again, John Q. I realy liked your story about peeing in 4 states at the same time. I will have to give that a try some day myself.

Now for my story. I was on vacation in Florida the last 3 weeks, but when I got home things were so busy that I didn't get a chance to get on line until just now.

Anyway I went down there primarely to swim in the Gulf of Mexico and for a vacation, but I also met up with various people who are into bladder holding like I am, and we all got together for a contest, which was held in the room of one of the people at my resort.

The contest was primarely to figure who could hold the longest, but I suggested that we take measurments and pee rates and they all went along with it. The contestants were 3 men and 4 women, and I am now convinced that it is quite possible that women in general have larger and stronger bladders then men to.

I am not going to give out the real names, but this is how the contest went. We all drank water. It was bottled water, but we each drank 12 ozs every half hour. We all emptied out so to make the contest more fair.

Now for the results.

1st place was a Black woman, who put out 1900 mlitres in 75 seconds.
2nd Place was a tall Blonde from England with a 1500 ml pee in the same ammount of time. 75 seconds.
3rd Place was a Helf Japanese and Half cuban woman with a 1200 militre piss in 90 seconds.
4th Place was a man from England (Boyfriend of the 2nd place winner) with a 1200 piss in two minutes.
5th Place was another Tall Blonde except she was from New York, who peed 1000 militres in one minute.
Second to last place (6th Place) was me, 900 ml in 75 seconds.
And bringing up the rear was our youngest contestant, an 18-year-old Whige male with a 800 ml in 90 seconds.


1st Place 12 hrs 45 minutes
2nd Place 11 Hrs 40 minutes
3rd Place 11 Hrs 35 minutes
4th Place 9 Hrs 40 minutes
5th Place 8 Hrs 0 minutes
6th Place 5 hrs 10 minutes
7th Place 4 hrs 0 minutes

PEE RATES (NOTE: Some of the less endowed in ammounts ahd hold times did better on the rate. The rate is figured by deviding the number of militres by the number of seconds. I placed the rates in decending order.

1st Place 25.3 per second
2nd Place 20.0 per second
3rd Place 16.0 per second
4th Place 13.3 per second
5th Place 12.0 per second
6th Place 10.0 per second
7th Place 8.0 per second

All in all, it seems that the women did better in hold time, volume and pee rate.

To Billy & Kevin: Loved your story.

To ryann: Can't help you about that..sorry don't know

To FYI: Nope never happened to me.

To Luke: I've always wondered about that. I used to wonder where and when(what time) they used to shit.

To Emily of NYC: Loved your story...if you don't like them(what they are doing) get them back spy on them or something.

To randy: Liked your story.

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story

To Tiffany: Loved your had a good idea about putting up pics of the turds..that would be cool but the mods. probably wouldn't alow it.

To Madeline: Loved your shouldn't have told your friends. Accidents do happen..i've had one before.

To Michael from LI: Loved your story

To John D.: Liked your story

To Mike of MD: 1 Some times 2. Both 3. No 4. N/A 5. N/A 6. N/A 7. No 8. Yes

To Austin: Loved your exprience

To Los: Loved your story...never heard of pee smelling like that.

To Scarlet: That would be cool to hear about you and Micha going to the bathroom together.

To Desperate to poop: Nice story

To Darius: Thanks for bringing that up....i totally agree with you. I must have posted that when i shit my self working or when i pooped my self on purpose.

To John Q Public: Liked your story..welcome back

To MUSK: liked your story.

To Mike of MD: 1. Most of them 2. none 3. Never 4. Yes 5. Try not to stare 6. N/A

To DAMSEL: Liked your story

Latly i've been pooping every day to ever other day....I was watching tv last night and i saw something on UPN or was it WB. I think its called center something(either center street or off center) and there was a part(came into it in the middle) where these guys were looking in to a toilet(you could see the seat and their heads looking in) and right away i knew what they were looking at. Then something that they were trying to find out who pooped. And this girl came in and shes like did you get my present she left and hes like yeah and he showed it to her and shes like i didn't do that. Then he finds an actully present from her and she left him i think. Then this other girl came on and they found out she left the poop. I think she didn't have time to flush had to go somewhere. Did any one see this? i never watch it but happened to be flipping by.
gotta go bye

Mike of MD Survey #1
1. How many stalls are open when you use a public restroom to poop or piss? IT VARIES
2. How many urinals are free when you guys have to piss in a public restroom? N/A
3. How many times have you found no toilet paper in a stall? A FEW TIMES--USUALLY WHEN I DON'T HAVE TIME TO LOOK FOR ANY
4. Have you ever seen a person through the door of a stall on the toilet? ONLY ACCIDENTALLY
5. Do you guys look at other men pissing when you are pissing in urinal? N/A

Mike of MD Survey #2
1. Do you always cover the seat in a public restroom when you have to poop? (a)yes,(b)no B. I ONLY COVER THE SEAT IF IT'S REALLY GROSS.
2. Men do you put the seat up when you have to piss or leave it down? N/A
3. Have you ever pissed your pants and did not change them until later? I'VE ONLY PISSED MY PANTS A COUPLE OF TIMES AND CHANGED IMMEDIATELY BOTH TIMES
4. Ladies do you cover the seat in a public restroom when you have to piss? (a)yes,(b)no DIDN'T WE COVER THIS ALREADY?
5. Does the toilet paper have ripples or not? DEPENDS ON THE RESTROOM
6. Do you use toilet paper afer pissing and pooping? AS LONG AS IT'S THERE, I USE IT
7. Have you ever found a porta-pottie that someone had pissed on the seat that was dryed and stunk a lot? I CERTAINLY HAVE, AND, AS MANY OF YOU KNOW, ONE OF THOSE TIMES I WOUND UP CRAPPING ALL OVER THE SEAT TO AVOID TOUCHING THE DRIED PISS WITH MY BARE ASS. NOT MY BEST MOMENT.
8. Have you ever found a porta-pottie that was pooped in and stunk a lot? YUP.

DJ Pooh: Hello. I've seen AMELIE. Great movie! There's a scene where the lead character, Amelie, is sitting on the toilet reading some letters she found. It is actually unclear if she's pooping or even peeing, as it appears her skirt is not pulled up. I think the filmmakers just thought it was a funny shot.

Luke: Remember something. While people may look beautiful and perfect outside, we all have the same bizarre and gross looking internal organs. We all have stomachs full of acid, livers, kidneys, bladders full of piss and intestines full of shit! We all have rectums, and we all have anuses. EVERYONE! Male, female, black, white, yellow, brown, checkered, gay, straight, thin, fat, good-looking, ugly. It's really not that big a deal when you stop and think about it. It's just shitting. You look at some gorgeous woman's perfect ass and think, my God, how does she shit out of THAT? The answer is, the same way you shit out of yours. Remember, our attraction for one another is a psychological thing. You find a pretty girl pretty because your brain tells you to. It doesn't change the fact that she has bowels that need to be emptied occasionally, and that once a day or so, she pushes out a load of shit from between her cute little buns. It's just digestion. Learn to! live with it!

Outdoor Jane
Barbie Doll:
I am a white girl, norwegian. eye and hear: blue eyes and blond hear. Behind the school I see only two girls do it. But in my life I have seen MANY girls outdoor and indoor. I am 17, my friend (my friend I has known from we were child) is 17, my new friend I met at the beach for a few months ago is 16 and my sister is 14. When we are at home is it(almost) the same area. Sometimed we even go in the garden. But when we are not home we do it where it is possible. I send all the the question back to you and hope you answer me...

It is a couple of days since I have written story, and thats the reason: There is almost no exciting experience more. Before I could tell you story from my hwole life, and know I have told the most exciting stories. I do it everyday in the wood, but in the lengt I think it be borring just to hear the same story without any big point like:
"Today me and my sister was in the wood. We pulled down our thongs and squatted down. I do a big poo, my sister do a little smaller poo. Thats all for know, bye."

That is the same thing happends everyday. Its exciting for us, but the story will be borring everyday. But if you not se any post from me in a while you should know that I will be here anyway to read all the other stories. I will know end my post with a song parodi at shaggy's
"It wasn't me". The new tittle is "She gotta pee".

----------She gotta pee-------------

Intro talk:
F:-Hey let me in, I gotta go.
M:-Wait, didn't you just go half an hour ago?
F:-Yeah, but I gotta go again
M:-Oh no.

Got a girl with a real small bladder
knocking on a bathroom door.
Busted in and she barely made it
she dribbled on the bathroom floor.
She would not belive me when I said
go before we leave
we hade barely started driving
when she told me she gotta pee

When I try to drive, I see her drinking bottled water
always have to wizz and she wonders why I'm bothered
when she says pull over she means what she's saying
running to the bathroom just before she starts a spraying
you think a grown would have learnt better control
A little number one shouldn't be so hard to hold
but she goes about a 100 days
meanwhile I stand outside the bathroom and I wait

In the middle of the movie - She gotta pee
everytime we start driving - She gotta pee
she even did in the shower - she gotta pee
she gotta go every hour - she gotta pee
wakes me up while I'm sleeping - she gotta pee
to the toilet she's a creeping - she gotta pee
when we go out to dinner - she gotta pee
sometimes her friends go with her

Got a girl with a real small bladder
knocking on the bathroom door
busted in and she barely made it
she dribbled on the bathroom floor
she would not belive me when I said
go before we leave
we had barely started driving
when she told me she gotta pee

Thats all for know. I hope I soon will be back with more stories. And if you have any comments or question you want me to answer so don't hold on. I am still here and I don't leave you without saying goodbye. (which I am not do)

Poop scopper
This is for Luke. Yes Luke, I'm out here. The moderator may not post this, but I think that there are more of us out there with this problem then people think. I just can't get my mind around that fact that a pretty girl can take a poop. I am married, and have had several girl friends poo in front of me. But still I wonder? I am a medical student, and have seen a women inside out. I know exactly how the digestive tract works. And I understand it from a cellular point of view, that to be human, one must poop. But still I wonder. How about Pamala Anderson, how bout Pink, can they possibly produce a stinky load from their beautiful asses? I mean they are so hot and pure. I don't think that the DSM has a current listing for our type of problem, but I'm glad to know that I am not alone.

Undin the Greek
Hello, I haven’t post for more than a year although I regularly open this site.

Tiffany: Superb story. I know that African ladies are really big poopers. I live
in England nearby Portsmouth and in June I met an African lady 26 yo (I’m 31).
We had a relationship of only two weeks (we managed to have sex twice) but
she had to go back to her country in Uganda as her college period expired.
She was leaving with “black tears” and she said the 2 weeks she spent with me
were like years. Since then we had a telephone sex quite often and just a month ago I
proposed her a phone toilet. She got surprised and (as my ex girlfriends) pretended
that this was her private business. This didn’t last for long. After 3 weeks I called
in her mobile for the usual erotic and by herself told me: “Guess what. I was
yesterday constipated” I was surprised that this was the first time she was ever starting
a talk about her motions and I told her. Here is her story “I felt the need to shit so
I went to the toilet. I sat on the pan and OH MYGOD!!! That really hurt me!!! I
was pushing and pushing for 5 minutes and the monster was growing not only in
length but also in width!! When it finally fell in the pan with a silent FLOMP I
took a look. It was about 12-14 inches long and 2-4 inches thick. It was horrible and so painfull, even my small, sweet hole still hurts that I wouldnt like to go again. however, you guessed right! I even had to use a brush to clean the stuff, can you Imagine!
Sweetie, am likely to miss meeting you afor the second time, but anyway, when the right time comes will see each other.” After that I told her when she needs to take a dump
to call me and I can call her back to her mobile. I have actually really good stories
and they re coming soon. when she grunts pisses and then poops It makes me
really excited. I also have stories with a Nigerian lady.

Tiffany you can post a photo like the other ones in this site and you can stand so that your feces can be viewed clearly. But you can’t show directly your bottoms or vagina.

I would just like to say how much I agree with Darius about sensible and hygienic disposal of underpants if you accidentally shit yourself. Neither waste bins nor flushing clothing down the toilet is a good idea. It is important at least to clean the shit off the garments in question before either washing them normally or disposing of them.While there is some flexibilty about what may be safely disposed of by flushing down the sewers, clothing is certainly a no-no. I usually use a baby-wipe to finish cleaning my shit-hole after a dump, and although they are marked as non-flushable, I have never had problems in flushing them away.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi to you all,

Back from my holiday, had a good time in very quiet areas and apart from varying toilets I used while I was away, I didn't have any opportunities to hear anyone else on the toilet.
Some of the places I stayed in had those syphonic toilets which I detest, especially when there were two young guys staying there and I knew I'd have no chance of hearing their turds dropping in the toilet! I hate missing out on good plopping sounds when I sit on one of those and all I hear is some very quiet floomps as my shit drops. Sometimes I wonder if I've done one as it's so quiet, then I stand up and look down at all the shit spread out in the shallow water rather than all in a pile deeper down the toilet, and I lose interest in what I've done!
Anyway, I sat on some great toilets in other places and dropped some loud bum-splashing brownjobs, and really enjoyed using them!
Yesterday, I was in a hurry when I used my favourite public toilet. I was desperate for a piss as well, so as soon as I got in the cubicle I was ready to do both jobs. Someone had left a cigarette packet in the toilet, (Why do people do that?) Not wanting to pull the soggy cardboard out, but wanting to shit into an empty toilet, I flushed, then pulled my trousers and pants down without even wiping the seat first and sat down. I pissed and started to push out my shit, and dropped some really loud plops that saturated my buttocks with the splashback (Terrific!) and noticed a shadow moving outside the door, so I knew I must have been heard! when I wiped up after, I felt the piss and water from my right buttock on my wrist as I stood wiping!
I then heard another guy enter the end cubicle and have a good loud quick plop, and I had the satisfaction of knowing mine had been just as good, probably better!

It took me a while to catch up on all the great posts from the last two weeks, so here are a few responses.

JUST A BOI, Unfortunately, we're not likely to see any guys on the toilet on the "masthead" of this site, but have you tried keying in various words with a search engine? I have and have found some, but it's like "needles in haystacks". Try using toilet, shit, restrooms, and other obvious words, and you should eventually get some pictures, although you will find a lot of way-out stuff that I personally found revolting. Good luck with the search. It's out there somewhere.

ZIP, I too would have done what you did when you wanted to see that young guy on the toilet! I don't think it's "spying", we all like to be admired, appreciated, and respected and you were doing all three when you watched him! He didn't know you saw him, and he might have felt really flattered to know someone wanted to see him on the toilet. You could hardly have asked him, so don't feel guilty about it, but be careful.
All the recent debate about wiping techniques has made me want to watch how guys wipe their arses, and I'd like to see what they've dropped down the toilet, but I just don't want to take any risks in public toilets. I know some guys hate the idea of being watched, but some don't mind, some like it, and some are used to public shitting. It's what is on the mind of the person watching that counts, as I have been watched by a guy over a partition, and the non-verbal intense staring of some guys has annoyed me.
Tell us about the guy's fit thighs, as you saw him on the toilet! He was probably really proud of his muscular legs, so he shouldn't have minded showing them off covering the toilet!

MUSK, Hope your arse soon recovered after that tough shit you had at work recently! I was having a sore arse myself some time ago, not due to big hard turds, but haemorrhoids due to straining to do soft ones that wouldn't come out easily, or small pebbly ones that were too small for my arse to work on. I bet yours dropped with a resounding splash!
I always enjoy hearing about your shits, and how you like hearing other guys going. I used to often go every two or three days, with no problems, so it must depend on what each person's regularity is geared to. Mine only stink when they're loose or soft and float, but constipated turds are usually without any smell for me.

ANTHONY K. I don't think that pricipal was looking for a bag at all; he wanted to hear you on the toilet! Great that you wanted to have an audience, and you got one! And quite a loud shit it was! I hope you don't mind, but he'll probably enjoy hearing you again! Make the most of it, and really grunt it out next time you're on!

BEN, I'd like to hear more of your story about how you got used to using the toilet. Are you fully happy about sitting on toilets now?
I read here some time ago a similar story about a boy who couldn't bear to use toilets until he was about 10 y/o then decided to try using a public one and found he didn't mind it. He actually started to enjoy it, and became really keen to sit on the toilet for his shit.

RICK Great story about meeting that guy in the toilet, when you admired each other's turds. It sounds too good to be true......!!!!

Happy plopping to everyone, P. Plop Guy

Friday, October 04, 2002

hey there, I am new to this site and thought I would share some of my own experiences. I am a gay male and I have had several accidents in my adult life. Some where intentional, like last night when I was reading these posts, I had to pee really bad and I just sat at the computer and wet my underwear and jeans, it was cool as it ran down my legs and all under my butt. I really enjoy your posts Darius, love to here more of your stories! I too have pooped my pants, many times at home, once in bed (accident) , once in my car and a few times in public. I hope Tom gives more stories and Dork! I can't beleive you crapped your pants in front of your army buddies! wow! My most personal story happened about 2yrs ago. I was out clubbing with my buddy, on the way home I really had to take a dump. I wanted to get home on time because I was embarassed to fill my shorts in front of him. About halfway home I knew I wouldn;t make it, I tried holding on but each step I took just made it want! to come out more. I was wearing gap jeans and 2xist white jockeys when it just happened! I was horrified! Right in front of my hot buddy I shit myself!! I didn;t know what to do! As soon as it happened I started to wet myself. I stopped in my tracks and let it flow, saying sorry buddy.. he looked at me peeing and said it was ok, I told him that we needed to take the backway home because I had dumped in my briefs, to my surprise he was cool with it. He even told me that he had shit himself a few times before, he understood the call of nature! On the way home he wet his jeans to make me feel not alone!! Cool buddy! Gotta go, literally!!!

Luke. By way of answer to your question everyone from the Queen downwards has to poo, beautiful and ugly, rich and poor alike. It's one of the greatest social levellers (if not the greatest) that there is.

Tiffany. Enjoyed your post. Do you usually leave it till you get to the farting stage before going for a motion? Also, what's the longest time you've been letting off before going? I'd love to know. In my experience I haven't found it to be the case that women hold in 13 out of the average farts that occur in a day though. On the contrary, I've discovered that some are very uninhibited about it. As a general rule I think women are slightly less inclined to fart than men though because they tend not to eat quite so much and, if they do are far more likely to do it from necessity than as a 'dare' if you know what I mean.

Hermione. Hi! It sounds as though your Finance Director either doesn't go for #2 as often as she should or is prone to constipation.

I've been slightly constipated recently and rather windy with it. You could say I've had a windy time!

Billy & Kevin
Yesterday, I (billy) got diarrhea. In the morning, at school I had really liquidy poop 3 times. After that, I didn't poop at all yesterday. I wasn't really too hungry at lunch. This morning, when I got, I really had to poop and pee. I was farting a lot too. Really stinky farts. My older brother tom was on the toilet. He said he just sat down and would be there a few minutes. So I went out to the guest bathroom. Kevin was pooping there. I asked him he would be done soon and he said he had the runs. I went back to the other bathroom. I used the little potty that my little cousins poop on. I sat down peed out about a quart. I almost filled the bowl. Then I started to poop. I pooped out about 5 logs and then a ton of little turds, like 1/2 inch long. The bathroom was really stinky. I was still pooping when tom went into the shower. ABout 5 minutes I was done. The bwol was almost overflowing. I carefully picked it up and dumped it into the big toilet. I cleaned it out with a hose! (we have little hose for this next to the toilet). Then I put it back and washed my hands.

After lunch, kev and I both had to poop. We were both farting all morning. The bathroom has 2 toilets, but no doors. We were the only ones in there when we got there. We both sat down. Kev had diarrhea again and I had really stinky little turds. While we were pooping, another kid came in. His mom was outside. Kev was still going. I was almost done and started to get some toilet paper. I wiped while the boy watched. When i was done wiping I got up. When I got up, there was a pile of lose poop almost up to the top of the water. I moved out of the way so the little kid could go. He immediately sat down. Then his mother came in. I was still tucking in my pants. She made a really funny face. She said, sorry. kev said its not problem; everyone poops. She said excuse me. We said she could stay if she wants. Kev finished pooping and wiped himself. It took about 7 wipes. There was a lot of liquidy poop on the paper (we always fold the paper and look at it before throwing it in th! e bowl). When he got up, the mother looked in the toielt and said no wonder it smells in here. I said, well I had something to do with the odor too. Kev flushed. We washed our hands. The kid was done and wiped once. We looked in the toilet before he flushed. There was my pile of poop. He dropped about 4 loogs about 3 in long.

We didn't poop since lunch. We will see what we make tomorrow.

i was just wondering if anyine had something like my 3 year old brother
joy he has a twin sister named kayla. everyday he has diarrhea! it comes out a lot too this never happens to kayla just joy the docter says that its an unusual twin reaction like some twins cant walk very well and some cant talk right my brother gets diarrhea everyday i am really curious if anyone has these kind of problems

Hi everyone? Sometimes my stomach will cramp up and I would sit on the toilet and my turd will shoot out feeling as though it was maybe 1in.thick by 3in. long. Small compared to the usuall. When I looked in the toilet it was more like 2in thick by 12in long. Amazing. Has this ever happened to anyone of you forum members?

Does anyone ever think certain people don't take a shit? Why is this? Sometimes, I wonder if good looking people shit. Anyone else wonder?

Emily of NYC
HI guys, I got another story for you. Just before my History class started yesterday, I got the sudden urge to take a dump. I hadn't gone since Tuesday, when I told you my other story. I went in to the bathroom, which was a one-person one. I start pushing out a really big dump. All of the boys saw me go to the bathroom, and because they think I'm so beautiful, they listened to me at the door, but of course not too obviously-they would be caught. I look down to see how big this turd is getting. it's definitely about a foot long. Finally, when I'm sure I got all the stuff out, I let it fall. All of the boys start laughing, and one says, "I just heard Emily take a really big dump." The boys are such idiots. THen I made this really loud fart, and LEnny, one of the boys, heard me and started laughing so hard he fell on the floor. Then I had a rush of this very liquidy diarrhea that lasted for about 2 minutes. I think the school food upset my stomach. I then start fa! rting a lot and groaning. The boys can't stop laughing, and one of the teachers yells at them for making too much noise. Then this final really big log, about 10 inches long, comes shooting out of my tush like a rocket. My butt was really dirty. It stunk also. I cleaned it-it took about 7 wipes, and looked to see what I had done. There was a really huge turd, about A foot and a half long. Then there was some liquidy stuff, and some soft shit, and then a very thick log about 10 inches long at the bottom. THe boys told me when I came out that I had been there for ten minutes and I sounded really sick. I said, "That's none of your business," James to the boy who said that. "YOu shouldn't be snooping in on private stuff." The boy said, "Sorry, Emily." Then the smell filtered into the hallway, and Nora said, "Ew! What is that smell!" I really stunk up the place.

great site i wanted to quickly share an accident i had recently. i live in kansas city and i am 28 year old male i was on my way from the stadium home when i realized just how bad i needed to use the bathroom. I stopped at the first convenience store i came to and when i entered i found a line for the restroom. the store only had one restroom and it was a unisex toilet. there were 4 women and 2 men waiting to use it i was worried but i got into the line. aftet only three minutes i knew i was in serious trouble. i began to feel my bowels moving and i desperately tried to stop it by clenching my cheeks togetether and even using my hand to press againtst my sphincter to no avail. the people in line began to notice my predicament just as i lost control. my poop noisily began pushing into my underwear. a large bulge began to form in back, of course i was wearing tight grey sweat shorts so the lump was easily noticeable as it formed. the poop was mostly solid but wet enough to ! cause a brown stain to form as well. i decided i had lost the battle and relaxed, letting the rest of my poop rush into my pants. the women were laughing and whispering as they watched and the men were giving me a disgusted look as i just stood there in utter humiliation as i evacuated my bowels. once i had finished i turned and walked...well waddled out hurriedly. i got into my car and sat down feeling the poop spread across my cheeks. i drove as fast as i could home. i;ve never been back into the store since.

i truly like this site and enjoy hearing from others who have endured this humiliation. this is not my only accident story there will be more to come.

Punk Rock Girl
"Lurker in Iowa": Hi, sweetie! Thanks! You've given my ego a nice big boost! While I am intermittently in a band, it's really just a hobby for me. Getting together and playing a few shows every month is fun for us, but we all have day jobs. My friends call me Punk Rock Girl (or PRG) after the Dead Milkmen song Actually, my career goals are lean more toward writing than music. My ultimate goal is to become a screenwriter. I've written a couple of scripts that are okay. And yes, they do have bathroom scenes! Hugs and kisses to you!

CuriousD: Wow! All this adulation! I can't take it! Thanks for your comments about my description of myself. I promise it's accurate. I think pot bellies are cute, and I like mine, it balances out my butt, which sticks out. I'm afraid I'm not too attractive when I'm severely constipated, though! As far as my biggest dump, I'd say maybe two feet. My dumps are usually pretty big, but that was quite an amazing one for me! Take care!

Carmalita: Hey, fellow crapper goddess! Glad to hear I'm not the only one with phantom loads threatening to invade my pants! Here's to us!

Bryian: Glad you liked my story.

nitecruzr: I hate it when they show someone sitting on the toilet, but it's obvious the person hasn't pulled their pants down/skirt up, and you don't hear any peeing or crapping sounds. We all do it, our pee and shit hit the water the same way, we make the same sounds. Why be so secretive about it? And why bother have someone on the toilet in the scene and not go all the way? Dumb.

And now for Mike of MD's survey:
1. Men and Ladies how many times have you went into a stall to poop and found poop already in the toilet that nobody flushed down? QUITE A FEW--THIS IS A REVOLTING HABIT.
2. Men and Ladies how many times have you went into a restroom to piss and found piss already in the toilet or urnial that nobody flushed down? VERY OFTEN--IF THE REASON IS TO SAVE WATER, OKAY
3. Ladies how many times have you found a stall in a restroom to piss in without toilet paper to wipe? OCCASIONALLY, THOUGH NOT WIPING AFTER PEEING IS MUCH BETTER THAN NOT WIPING AFTER TAKING A SHIT
4. Men who takes the longest poop you or your gf/wife? N/A
5. Men do you sometime find cigaretts or butts in the toilet or urinal? N/A
6. Ladies do you sometime find cigaretts or butts in the toilet? NOT TOO OFTEN, BUT EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE; WHY IS THIS BROKEN INTO TWO SEPERATE QUESTIONS FOR MEN AND WOMEN?
7. Men and Ladies who takes the longest piss him or her? PEEING IS EQUAL FOR MY BOYFRIEND AND I--I TAKE LONGER AND BIGGER DUMPS, HOWEVER.

Peace, everyone!


dj pooh
yo is it true that there is a pooping scene in the movie amelie if so is it any good

Punk Rock Girl
I've been wanting to comment on something and keep forgetting. There have been a lot of posters on here talking about having seen their parents on the toilet when they were kids. Whether or not you find this titillating or cool or whatever makes no difference to me. Just wanted to share my own experiences/feelings on the subject.

I don't recall my parents ever intentionally coming in and sitting on the toilet in front of me, although I walked in on both of them and my brother a few times. I remember one time when I was nine or ten, my brother was busy in "our" bathroom, so I went into my parents' room to use theirs. The bathroom door was partially opened so I just walked in, and there was my Dad, sitting on the pot taking a dump. He just looked up and said, "Hello there!" I was so mortified! I gasped, whirled around and ran out of the room. I had a similar reaction the few times I've walked in on my Mom on the crapper, although I got used to my brother peeing and shitting in front of me, and vice versa.

It's so weird. I never had the slightest problem with ANY of them seeing me on the toilet. Whether they walked in on me, or I asked if I could come in and pee while they showered or shaved or whatever, I never minded them seeing me peeing (out of courtesy for them, I always waited until I was alone to take a dump), or naked or anything. But I was always uncomfortable seeing them on the toilet or naked. Even now, while I certainly don't mind seeing my boyfriend naked, I am uncomfortable with seeing him taking a shit, even peeing sometimes. Luckily, he isn't much of a exhibitionist, so that's not an issue. But not only do I not mind him seeing me pee or take a shit, I actually like it. Does this make any sense at all?



I'm not really new here because I've visted this site for over a year. It's always best to start out by describing oneself so I will.

I'm a black female, 22 years old, 5 foot 8, 130 lbs, and I have a big butt and thick thighs.

My bowel movements are always huge and if I ever have a small bowel movement then something is usually wrong. This morning while I was laying in bed, I was farting up a storm. The farts were really stinky (it had a thick aroma) and my sister heard me while she was showering in the bathroom.

I enjoy when people hear me fart and that's why I don't hesistate to fart anywhere. I can't count how many times I've farted in stores out loud and proud. Everyone needs to be more open about farting (and bodily functions in general), especially women. The average person farts 14 times a day I think, but most women hold 13 of these in.

Anyway, my sister finished her shower so I jumped up and ran to the toilet because I had several logs waiting to come out. I sat down (I didn't have to worry about panties because I sleep nude) and peed. The first poop began to crackle. My butthole began to stretch and it kept stretching until it hurt. It got stuck for a minute or two and then it began to move again. I pushed and a silent fart whiffed out and sent a foul smell to my nose. The turd hit the water with no splash because it was so long. I measured it out to be 12 inches long and 4 inches thick. It was light brown in color with chunky bumps all over it. It was pointy at the end and thick at the beginning. The smell was terrible. My sister walked in because she forgot something and she looked at the turd wide-eyed. I've seen her turds plenty of times because she doesn't flush that often and they're never as big as mine. She's only 18, 5'2'', and 100 lbs.

I hope my little poop story brought entertainment to someone and I'll try to post more when I have the time. I will only contribute fart stories and poop stories.

I also have a QUESTION for the MODERATORS. I was reading the FORUM RULES and it said no requests for videos, pics and other media files. I understand this forum is visited by CHILDREN but we all come here by our OWN FREE WILL and it's NOT EASY finding people who are open about this type of stuff.

Wouldn't it be great if we could post PICTURES of our TURDS to go along with our stories/descriptions? I don't think that would be harmful to anyone because everyone knows what poop looks like. Besides, I would love to show off the turds I do every day. I have a digital camera and I know other people have scanners and cameras so let us contribute more.

I'm not asking to post pictures of ourselves, just our poop. To go along with the story...please consider it or give an explanation why it's not a good idea.

Thanks a million!!!!!!!

Aside from the tremendous resources somehting like this would use, paragraph 4.5, in the FAQ about covers it.

Hi. I've only had one accident, not including when I was little. When I was in seventh grade (twelve years old), I was on a field trip with my history class to Washington, DC. I was wearing a cute flowered dress, a jean jacket, pink polka dotted socks and purple sneakers (it was the 80's, you know?). Anyway, we were walking down the street, on our way to the Natural History Museum, when I felt like I had to fart. I had a bad cramp in my innards and it was getting worse. After a minute, I realized it was more than a fart, and I had to take a shit. Very badly! We were barely in the door, when I asked a security guard where the bathrooms were. He told me and I ran toward them without getting permission. I heard my teacher yell for me to come back but I didn't care. I ran down the hall and saw the bathrooms, trying to clench my cheeks together. But the pressure got to be too much and just as I was about to get in the ladies room, I shit in my panties. I rushed into ! the nearest stall, yanked up my dress and sat on the toilet without pulling my panties down. I kept shitting and farting until I had a big pile in my panties, all squished up against my bottom. It was so gross. Luckily, no one knew. My teacher came in and asked if I was okay. I said yes, just give me a few minutes. She said okay and told me not to run off like that again. So, sat there for a minute in my own shit, then very carefully lifted my bottom off the seat and pulled my panties down to my thighs. I knew my butt was covered in shit, so I didn't want to get it on my dress, so I sat back down. I slowly and carefully pulled my panties down just past my knees. I lifted one leg and pulled my foot through one side, being careful not to get any shit on my sock or sneaker, then did the same with my other foot. It was very acrobatic. Luckily the shit was soft, but not runny, so it stayed in my panties. I put them on the floor, careful not to spill any shit. I sett! led back down on the seat and pushed out more shit and a few more farts. Then I went about cleaning my butt, which took nearly a whole roll of toilet paper, and required at least five flushes (I don't quite remember). When my ass was finally as clean as I could get it, I carefully picked up my shit-filled panties and threw them in the garbage. I peaked out the door to see if anyone was coming, then soaked a paper towel with water and soap, and grabbed a handful of dry paper towels. I pulled the back of my dress up, uncovering my butt, and scrubbed it with the soapy paper towel, then splashed my butt with water to rinse it. Then I dried myself off with the dry towels and threw them away. I wahsed my hands really well, then joined my class in the main hall with the stuffed mammoth. I spent the rest of the day with no underpants and of course it was windy out, so the boys may have gotten a few glimpses of my bare buttocks. I do not know. If they did, they didn't say an ything. That night in the hotel we were staying at, my girlfriends asked me why I had been in the bathroom so long. I don't know why, but for some reason I told them the whole story. It only took about two weeks for the whole school to find out about it! I was pretty mad, but I only got teased a little about it. It really wasn't a big deal. I think it's really funny now, even though I was embarrassed then. To this day, a few of my friends from high school still call me poopy-panties! How mature. Well, that's my story. I have not shit my pants since then! I'll write another post if I do though!

Michael from LI
Hi. Once when I was eight or nine, I went to a amusement park with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin on Long Island. My cousin was a couple of months younger than me and she and I did lots of stuff together. But on the way home from the park, she got really sick. She ended up throwing up and pooping in her overalls at the same time. She was so upset, she cried the whole way home (a half hour). By the time we got to their house (I was spending the weekend), the car smelled like equal amounts puke and poop. Her Mom helped her out of the car. She was still crying. As she went inside the house with her Mom, I could see a big bulge in the seat of her overalls. I felt so bad for her. My Uncle got some cleaning stuff and cleaned out the car. I offered to help but he said no thanks. I went inside and sat in the living room and watched TV. It was around 8:00 when my cousin finally came downstairs. She had on a Rolling Stones night shirt (I think it was an old t-shirt of her da! d's), underpants and socks. She sat next to me and said she was sorry she threw up and pooped her pants. I said it was okay, it happens to everybody sometimes. That made her feel better I think. We're still close. We go to the same college! Bye for now!

To movie fans:

I understand that there's a scene with Amanda Peet on the toilet in "Igby Goes Down." There was a perfect opportunity for this to happen in the movie "1999," but I guess the director opted not to do it. Glad we finally get to see this beauty in such an intimate position.


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