Barbie Doll
Hi Everyone!

Outdoor Jane:

How many girls did you see poop behind the schoool? Am I correct in my memory that you are all in your early teens? How old are you and your sister? Please tell me your hair, eye and skin tone color and how big you both are. How I'd love to see you and your sister do a poop in the woods. I'm amazed you go there most every day. Is it always in the same area or do you move around.


Please tell Renee' that it was a good job stuffing the toilet up. Was it a few big pieces or a lot of small ones. Soft or hard. The toilets in my apartment clog easily as they are the water saving type. I've learned to flush once before wiping and then again after wiping to avoid using the plunger. I'm not a real big pooper either. Some of your monster turds would never go down. I am impressed that you can squeeze out a monster and then follow it up with a lot of small ones and/or soft poop and then even do a large on again. This excites me a lot. Also, tell Nu that I think she must be real cute.

I think I have a firm date for having the girls over (sis and friends) this Saturday. We'll have a big lunch and a big dinner. Sis is bringing four friends who she knows have atleast a passing interest in poop watching. I have plans for us all to use paper plates on newspapers with towels underneath so help soak up the pee. I'll get to see them all go if they have to. They have agreed not to poop that morning so we should all go. I'll let you know how it was.

To nitecruzr: What is Boomtown? Never heard of it...sounds intresting

To Carmalita: Enjoyed your story

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story

To Jim: Liked your story

To Ephermal: Did any of the children get sick? And Has any of the kids pooped them selfs?

To Jason D.: Liked your story

To Potty Pooper: Thats true..never thought of that....Liked your stories...and did your dad ever say any thing to you about peeing your pants...LOL about the door

To FART LOVER.: Liked your story..what did you eat that turned your shit green?

To Scarlet: Already pooped my self..details at the end..I see about rock your story....You mentioned your friend pooping 3 times, i hate that especially when your working or can't really be near the bathroom. Don't you?

To Mike of MD: 1. Many times..just found some the other day 2. Many of times 3.N/A 4. N/A don't know 5. Not usally but i have. 6. N/A 7. No

To Cake: Liked your story..did your grandparents ever find out? Hope it didn't stop a pipe out and they found out.

To jr: Thanks for replying..sorry no brothers wish i did :(

This story is for Scarlet mostly, she was asking for it but you can all read it(putting it at the end so every one can read). Last night i was online after eating a big meal and a slight urge hit it wasn't all that urgent so i shut the computer off and went upstairs to get ready for bed. I was thinking about pooping my pants so i did....I sat on the toilet w/ my clothes on and pushed i really felt it coming out. Then i got up a min to see if i could see a buldge in my shorts...but i couldn't i was wearing boxers. When i stood up a little ball fell out of my pants. Then i felt more drop down and i sat back down and i pushed more. Then when i was done i stood up and unbuttoned my pants and saw this 7 " Log in there along with some small little balls. I tried to take my boxers/shorts and get them over the toilet so i could drop it in. It didn't work so i picked up the turds with my hands one by one. Then some more balls fell on the floor. I shook my boxers and shorts to ma! ke sure every thing was out(didn't want it in the laundry). Then i took some soap and water and cleaned the little bit of poop stains i had and put my dirty clothes in the basket to be washed and i wiped and flushed. When i had those stains it just looked like i didn't wipe good
well thats it gotta go bye

John D.
Usually I poop every other day but I had gone two days between poops and I started to get the "turtle's head" so I went to my favorite Dunkin Donuts with the single "mixed-gender" bathroom. The girls who work there are nice and after I saw one of them go to the bathroom, I waited until she was done and then I went in. I figure the seat should be pretty clean because the girls working there have to sit on the same toilet seat as the customers. The girls always leave the seat down too. As I sat down to take a big poop, I thought about the girl who was just sitting there. After several seconds of pushing, I wiped and saw a 1-inch thick log about a foot long.

Mike of MD
1. Do you always cover the seat in a public restroom when you have to poop? (a)yes,(b)no
2. Men do you put the seat up when you have to piss or leave it down?
3. Have you ever pissed your pants and did not change them until later?
4. Ladies do you cover the seat in a public restroom when you have to piss? (a)yes,(b)no
5. Does the toilet paper have ripples or not?
6. Do you use toilet paper afer pissing and pooping?
7. Have you ever found a porta-pottie that someone had pissed on the seat that was dryed and stunk a lot?
8. Have you ever found a porta-pottie that was pooped in and stunk a lot?

My name is Austin, i am twelve years old. I have never seen anybody on the toilet before, until today.

Today I had to go to the bathroom to poop really bad during school, but i would rather wait till i get home. After school, it takes me seven minutes to walk home. Well, today i ran. I got home pretty fast, i had stomach craps and i could feel that i had waited so long that i probably had diahrea. I ran fast, feeling to poop anytime. I ran into the door and kicked off my shoes, i took of my jacket on the way to the bathroom. I quickly opened the door after i had my jeans unbuttoned. When i looked in, i was shocked, my mom was naked on the toilet in front of me, I had never seen this before, by the sound of it she was peeing very loudly. I was shocked i stood still and my pants dropped to the ground, all of a sudden, a big splash of poop came out, it shot out the back onto the ground. My mom said Iam so sorry and she got off the toilet, she was still peeing, and she squatted over the sink, she told me in the meantime to quickly go on the toilet. So i jumped over, sat on th! e toilet and let loose, poop drained out of my bum. The toilet was warm from my moms bum, and there was a wet spot on the front from my moms pee. I had a pee and my mom finished her pee over the sink. She had just gotten out of the shower, she was totally naked. she had her hands on either side of her, her feet were off the ground and she was suporting her weight by her hands. I could see pee coming out of her vagina, she has a pretty strong stream. I sat on the toilet and took of my shirt and my pants. Now we were both naked, something we haddent done since i was born. When my mom was done her pee, she took my underpants and pants and threw them in the shower to rinse off. When i was done i went into the shower and washed off my bum. I even had poop on my penis and testicles. My mom cleaned up my poop on the ground and her pee from the space between the toilet and the sink. It was weird seeing my mom naked, or anyone naked, she has lots of hair on her vagina and i dont hav! e any. My mom then went for a poop on the toilet, she wiped while i dried off. Then she flushed the toilet and we both got dressed, my mom brounght my clothes to the washing machine and she said she wasnt mad.

Ok, first I have a question. I have been drinking this Cappucino flavored Slimfast twice a day...and I noticed that every time I pee, the pee smells JUST like coffee. And strong too. I swear, the bathroom smells like a starbucks or something. Someone explain. I mean...I drink a lot of beer too, but my piss doesn't smell like Guinness, ya know?

Ok, my first poop today went great. I usually have to poop/pee really bad right when I get up, but sometimes not all the crap comes out the first time. This can be really aggravating, especially when I get the urge an hour later during class. But, today was excellent...a nice thick log just slid out of my bung with no trouble...then I hopped into the shower and gave my ass a good cleaning. I hate having a dirty asshole...and even wiping doesnt satisfy me a lot of the time. My second poop today was a big one. I had just enjoyed a fine meal of broccoli, rice, and chicken. Im sure the roughage helped move things along nicely. This poop was a real hawg. I had to push hard to get it moving, but then it shot out REALLY fast. That hurt like hell, seeing as how the bastard was easily 5 inches in circumfrence. It felt like my ringpiece had torn. I was amazed at the size of it. I felt really empty and warm and clean. When I wiped, there was nothing there. Don't you love those kind! s of shits? Anyhow, I think my bung was resized. For anyone familiar with the process of stretching a piercing...thats what it reminded me of. I swear I stretched my ringpiece by a gauge.

Another question: Besides the standard brown/green/yellowish types...what color poops have y'all had?

BRENDA--Thanks for your reply. I think your mom is kinda like mine--if she noticed, she didn't say anything.

UNNAMED POSTER--I think all little kids are like that. I guess going in the diaper and waiting to be changed is just part of life for babies. They don't know anything else, so they don't think about it. I guess at that age, they're too young to even consider going in the bathroom!

CAKE--liked your story!

JUST A BOI--I totally agree with you! I like seeing the pretty women pics on this site, but I don't see why they can't alternate and maybe have a guy every other day!

BRYIAN--Thanks for answering my question. Next time Micah start talking about going to the bathroom, I'll try to join in...if I don't get too shy. ;)

Well, I'm getting the urge to poop...later!

Desperate to poop

That lady has dropped a whopper! def going to clog the bog I reckon. Particulary as it seems quite a small pan. she has her hand over stomach probably from the cramps

I had a good poop today. It was one of those all of sudden you feel a deep need to have a shit! I got cramps and let a real stinker off. I went to the toilet and dropped a load of stinky poo for a good 5-10 minutes. Boy did I feel better after that!!

Hi everyone. In a bit of a rush, so just one response today only plus a general comment to all who may have accidents in their pants.

Cake: Welcome. I loved your first post on this site. Your experience of waking up and having a good fart is quite normal. On the very, very rare occasion there can be a "follow through" of a cascade of runny shit. I could picture you, having experienced this, hobbling over to your grandparents bathroom to clean up. Just a word of advice (should you ever shit your pants again): It is not a good thing to flush a pair of boxer shorts down the toilet. I note it took you several flushes. This was because boxers (or even briefs) are too big for the system. Having eventually flushed they could easily get 'caught up' in the sewage system. We had to have our front drive dug up once because several houses had blocked toilets. The cause was a pair of boxer shorts caught on a tight bend where the jointing material had leaked into the bore or the sewage pipe causing some jaggedness. Though pee, poo and toilet paper passed through OK, the boxers got caught. I don't know whose boxers t! hey were. Certainly not mine! Do keep posting.

I remember in a post Bryian put on here some time ago, he said that if anyone has an accident and shits themselves, they should wash their underwear out and take it home. I agreed entirely with Bryian on this. Putting dirty underwear down the toilet is not acceptable, as it can block the sewage system. Throwing them behind a public toilet or throwing them into a waste bin is very unhygienic. Whether we shit our pants accidentally, or on purpose (as I like doing), we must deal with our dirty underwear in a responsible way. I personally have lots of 'designer' underpants. I would never want to throw any of these away on financial grounds, but more importantly on grounds of my responsibility to the health of others. I always wash mine after they have been pooed and/or peed in.

Sorry this seems a bit of a negative post, but I have dealt with something I believe is of great importance. But please now go on to enjoy your pees and poos. My best wishes to all of you.


John Q Public
Well, it's been a very long time but I am finaly back. I had a chance to take a trip to Nevada. We went by car, and both my gf and younger sister were with me. I did most of the driving, although I had to stop at every gas station and rest area along the way.

Anyway I had alot of interesting experiences on the road regarding peeing. I still can't decide between my gf or my sister when it comes to pure bladder strength, but I sure had fun trying. It seemed that every time my gf would do something spectacular, my sister would out do her. We made a side trip to "Four Corners" national park. That, for those of you who are not familiar with the United States, is the park where the "Four Corner States" Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado each have a corner which borders together, and if you stand the right way, you can be in all four states at once. The place was reasonably unpopulated when we were there, so I decided to piss in all four states. I had to go pretty bad, but it was just a little 'tinkle,' and it only landed in Utah and a little drippled over into Colorado. Then my gf decided to give it a try. Her thick stream started to hiss out of her, almost right on the very place where the four corners meet, and about ! 10 seconds there was a little lake in all four states. Her piss only went on for about 40 seconds, but from what I saw it had to be close to a litre. She stated that she realy didn't have to go too bad. My sister, on the other hand, was feeling a little fidgety, but since she was not to be outdone, she dropped her pants and squated over the four corners too, but her stream shot straight out of her, and though her piss was a major torrent, the vast majority of it flowed into Arizona, while a few dripples from her splashing did land in the other three states.

I have alot of stories that happened on this vacation.

I had to do a little catching up on the forum, but there are two people who I would like to answer.

First of all, Louise, I definately would have loved to see you piss down that sewer. If you are ever in the United States, come visit Four Corners Natonal Park and you can piss in four states at the same time.

Scarlet, I often dream about peeing. That is caused by your brain getting impulses from your bladder saying that you have to pee. I have dreams like that all the time. Whey I was younger I was allways peeing the bed and very often it would allways be dreaming that I was standing infront of a urinal or tiilet when it happened. By the way, I also realy enjoyed reading your hold story. Did you ever try getting your pee to foam up? I was curious because you said that when you peed at around 4:30 PM that it was a large amount. I would love to have seen that. The last time I tried to hold my pee for as long as I could I ended up peeing in my pants, and I only lasted three hours, and was in major agony for tha last half hour before my bladder just gave out.

This morning at work, I was in a toilet cubicle when I heard a guy rush into the toilet and into the cubicle and slam the door behind him. I heard him pull his trousers and drawers down and slam his arse down on the pan withn a loud thud. I then heard wet farts and watery shit exploding out of his arsehole and hitting the water like running water. I could hear him grunting and groaning over the cubicle wall and soon the smell wafted over and it was sickening. It smelt like he had been on the curry the night before. This went on for 10 minutes finally ending with a sit down piss and a final loud stinking fart.
I enjoed that one

just a boi
Jim...I liked ur story about the scouts and all dumping together like that. How old were you guys? Did most of the boys dump loudly with lots of farts? Did they mostly wipe sitting or standing? If they were sitting did they wipe from behind? I would have loved to have been there. I love stories like thats about teen guys shitting....I wanna hear more.

Sudden Urge
CARMALITA: I can't tell You how much I love Your posts. I wish I could be in the bathroom shaving or taking a bath while You came in and took a big poop. You are one in a million.


The Finance Director of the Company in the City of London I work for is 51 and a spinster.

I guess she is about 5 feet 9 inches tall. She is well-built with curves in the right places. She does have good sized boobs, sturdy thighs and a projecting, but well-shaped, bottom. She is a brunette like me, with slightly greying hair around the edges.

I have not yet observed the colour of her eyes.

She is always well manicured and dressed – generally in a pin-stripe jacket and skirt, and patent-leather shoes.

She has a reputation for not suffering fools gladly and a lot of the staff in the office are terrified of her !

I am told by a good colleague, who knows her well, that she is quite prim and proper in her day-to-day life. She apparently once farted loudly when bending down to pick up a dropped file from the floor in her office, but did not bat-an-eyelid or apologise to my colleague who was present.

I am also told that her breath can be sometimes quite unpleasant when up close - probably owing to her constipation.

She was quite vocal when straining hard and also moves around on the seat.

Her turds I saw were light brown, floating, full of protruding compact boluses, and looked uncomfortably hard to pass.

I will report if I “sit” with her again.

Anything else you wish to know about her ?

Mike of MD
1. How many stalls are open when you use a public restroom to poop or piss?
2. How many urinals are free when you guys have to piss in a public restroom?
3. How many times have you found no toilet paper in a stall?
4. Have you ever seen a person through the door of a stall on the toilet?
5. Do you guys look at other men pissing when you are pissing in urinal?
6. Do you use them in a school after other boys or girls pissed and did not flush them?

Thursday, October 03, 2002

I think you were very strong, PV, for weeing on the beach when you were very close to that man. At least two or three of my wees on the beach on holiday with my boyfriend were like that.

Once when I weed my boyfriend was on my left side where there were more sunbathers, and I had a couple on the right as well. I crouched down and squatted. I was nervous about it, but I found some courage and slipped my little bikini pants down and up to around my knees. The man and woman walking across near the sea could have seen between my legs but they did not stare at me. I was able to wee and it was a good stream with a hiss. I know everyone will want the details. I think the noise of the beach stopped the couple sunbathing on my right side near us hearing me pissing, but I guess they knew I what I was doing but they did not let on. I say that but the man was wearing dark sunglasses so he could have seen my stream and maybe my female bits too. Smile. I was never going to see him again so it was all right. I think I am becoming more and more like Louise. Smile.

Thank you, Jeff A, for being very sweet. I hope my descriptions made you smile after you read them. There are not a great number of men I know who I would like to look between my legs at my female bits when I'm weeing. My boyfriend and Steve have done that and I've liked it. My sister says you are an approved male in the WSPC, and that means I would perform for you no problem. Smile.
You too, Rizzo. Smile. Do you have doubts that I really am keeping away from playing 'hold it' games? I haven't been holding my wee any longer than I've had to. I try to wee about every two hours and I can do a little wee each time. I always wipe my female bits well when I'm empty.
On Tuesday night I went to my boyfriend's house. He has given me a key so I can let myself in. He was expecting me to come and stay over, but he was exhausted and was in bed but not asleep yet. I am having great fun showing him my collection of nighties, and I brought my white lace stretch short nightie that I feel very sexy in. I went for a wee, leaving the bedroom door and bathroom door open so he could listen. He was dozing but I planned to wake him up. Smile. I gathered my nightie and bent over the crapper. I do not wait a long time before weeing these days, so my streams are gentle. I made as much trickling noise as I could so he could hear. I am sure you, Jeff A, Rizzo, Adrian and Andrew would have been keen watchers.
I wiped with one stroke, but I did not wish to make myself too dry. You know. After flushing the crapper and washing my hands I went back to the bedroom and my boyfriend was wide awake. My nightie soon came off. Smile.



Jamie aka Sun Devil
Hello. Its been awhile since I have posted here. I however have been reading all posts on a consistent basis. I want to say a special hello to Carmelita and friends. I am glad to see you are still blasting out torpedos. just how long are they? I am also glad to hear that life is treating you well. Kim and Scott, a hello to you too. Kim still producing mammoth sized logs.
Emily producing horse sized poops while preggers, keep it up!!
Talk to you all later.

Did anybody catch the premiere of Boomtown Sunday night?

I was kinda listening to it while I was surfing the Net (concentrating more on the Net) - until I caught one of the scenes where a female reporter cornered a potential target in the ladies room - and tried to get an interview out of her. When the target claimed ignoraNce or whatever, the reporter - just to save face - said something like "Well since I'm in here I might as well pee", and went over to a cubicle (which had no door nonetheless), and sat down on the can.

She didn't drop tro or anything - and there were no soound effects - she just sat and chatted (I guess in a second attempt to get her interview). But this was network TV. WTF? The camera showed her sitting on the can for about a minute...

Needless to say I'll be watching that show for a while. I wonder if the show has any other neat surprises coming?

Hello everybody.
I am sorry I have not writen a letter earlier this week but I have had a lot to do. I hope this letter gets on page 1000! Please!

I think this is one of the funniest adventures I ever had.
I did some modelling work on Wednesday and I had a lot of nice lingerie to be photographed in. Bras, knickers, thongs, bustiers and stockings. I bet it was for a very adult catalogue because I had to go topless some of the time when I was modelling some suspender belts. At other times I had to be photographed with no knickers on when I was modelling stockings and stockings with a garter belt with no matching g string in the set so it is good that I am not too shy. I know front shots were taken but I do not know if they will be used. The other girl I was working with had never done any glamour work and getting shot with no pants on was a bit new to her.
Well it was just my bad luck that I was having one of my days when I want to wee a lot. I had a wee before my make up was getting done before the shoot started. I told the other girl she would be all right if she just 'thought sexy'. You know she did all right but it was me who had the big trouble. There was really a lot of pressure to get all the shots done quick and I had pressure too because I had the urge to wee again. It got a bit strong but I kept doing all the poses as I was told and I just kept ignoring how I needed a wee because I did not want to look unprofessional and stop to go to the toilet. Well when I just had a pair of black hold up stockings on I had just finished that shoot and the urge to wee was strong and I was crossing my legs. I said I needed to go to the toilet, and I went to the ladies real quick because I was bursting. Well when I went in the ladies I went in a stall and I did not even shut the door. I just hovered over the toilet and I squirted! one of my geyser wees in it. It was a really big wee and I hissed like mad. I had a really big shock because I looked out and I saw urinals on the other wall. Where was I? Then the room door opened and I was a bit shocked when the photographer and another guy who worked doing settings in the studio walked in and saw me hovering with just a pair of stockings on and pissing my brains out. They saw my gusher and everything. giggle Well I just said 'is this not the ladies then?' and they looked really shocked and shook their heads very slowly. Well I went in the wrong room by mistake, I was so desperate I really did not look at the sign properly. I really am silly sometimes. You know I embarrassed them a bit which was a thing I would not really expect because they saw me with just the stockings on in the studio but they got all coy when I was weeing and then wiping after. You know the photographer tried getting his dick out and weeing with his back to me but he could not when I! walked out and went to the sink to wash my hands. I did not see his dick and it was a shame because he hid it from me and put it back in his pants. He struggled a bit. giggle It was funny doing the shoots afterwards but I bet a lot of girls would be embarrassed by what happened to me. The photographer was very nice to me and I bet nothing like that ever happened to him before. I bet he will remember me and that is nice because I say a lot that I would like to have an audience of nice men and I got it on Wednesday. giggle
I told Steve, my mum, my sister and Jackie about it and it made them laugh. Steve looked a bit worried at first but he was all right when I told him I did not get in danger. My audience was nice.

I had a wee in the bathroom sink on Monday night. Nude, I perched my bum up on the sink and I dropped my right leg down so my pussy was squirting into the basin. It was a big wee with lots of hissing.

RIZZO - Hi guy!!! Steve and I likied your story about your friend's wife Chrissy weeing over the side of the boat into the sea. Hey maybe you would have liked me to be there and wake you up. giggle I bet I could!
Steve likes me in my leopard print thong too. He got me a matching bra with yellow straps and leopard print cups and I am sitting wearing nothing but them right now. Can you see my wicked smile? He says I am cat-like, and well I will pounce on him tonight when we go to bed.

JOHN Q PUBLIC - Hi guy! Thank you very much for what you said to me and I am happy you liked my story. Yeah, I would have liked a bigger audience when I pissed down that drain into the sewer. I would really like to come to America for a lot of reasons and yeah, I would like to go to the "Four Corners" and piss in all 4 of those states. I could piss in the same spot as your girlfriend and your sister and emulate them. It would be good to do it at least twice, once squatting and another standing. My husband has read your letter and he says I could make such a flood when I wee that I would not need to stand in just the right place. giggle
Love Louise xxxxx

TIM AND SARAH - Hi!!!! I found your letter. I hope you are all right, Tim. I liked your story about Patrick and Josie talking about the standing weeing.
I am happy you liked the story about us weeing in the men's urinals. I hope you have liked my other stories too!
Lotsa Love. Louise xxxxx

JEFF A - Hi guy! Steve has really stepped up my kung fu training now and I have a lot less time to write letters. I am doing lots of bag work now and sparring with people Steve knows.
Love Louise xxxxxxx

PV - Hi girl!!!!! Yeah, I remember you told me about that cheerleading squad who go and stand to wee in the mens'. You know I bet I would have fitted in with them, do you think? I had a giggle at that man you said was standing in front of the rocks and looking up at the cliff with his hands behind his back. Yeah it sounded like he was weeing.
Oh yeah, I know me and mum were naughty for peeping at through the rocks at that peeing man. Mum is interested in things like that too. She says Steve is better to watch and I think so too.
I really really liked your story about weeing on the beach when the guy was able to see your stream. My sister is right, it was really brave of you to even try doing something like that and I am really happy for you that you had a good piss just like that. I have done things like it and I know it is not easy for a girl just to wee openly like that when strangers can watch, but I have really enjoyed doing it.
I had a wee in the bathroom sink on Monday night. Nude, I perched my bum up on the sink and I dropped my right leg down so my pussy was squirting into the basin. It was a big wee with lots of hissing.
Hey I hope you read today's story. It was one of those silly things that seems to keep happening to me and I bet a lot of girls would have been really embarrassed.



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