Hola mis amigos!

Renee clogged the toilet and stunk the house out so bad we had to open all the windows and doors! I saw her on the toilet with her jeans around her ankles, fanning smell saying "Pewwwwy, I stink!" Jake's going out of town this weekend, so we're all going to have a girl party here.
EMILY OF NYC: Sad story about someone peeking in your stall to make fun of you. Oooooh I hate it when people are mean to each other!! Didn't 9-11 teach us anything? Take care sweetie.
BARBIE DOLL: Nice story about the backyard vigilance! I like the heavy girl you described. It is so fun when we can do that outside together, kinda sneaky like. I love it!! I'm trying to picture how great you'd look doing that. Guess I'll have to keep picturing it all day long! Kisses my little Barbie Doll!
PUNK ROCK GIRL: Yes, I know all about those half hour poops. Generally, mine are pretty quick, but sometimes I have career dumps that take a long time. I know that feeling you described too. It's like your'e done, but not done.
AUSTIN: Thanks for the note hon, that was sweet. You'd sure be welcome here. We got 3 Texans living in the house already, Jake, Renee and Patsy.

Yesterday I pushed out a fattie that was just a monster! Big, sticky, dark brown and chunky! Oh yeah, smelly too. Each time I grunted it would go "spfffffffffffffffff--" and a fart type smell would creep out from between my thighs. Jake brought me some coffee while I pooped, then shaved at the sink while I struggled with it. Each time my turd crackled he would hear it. Such a stubborn poo and it wouldn't slip out of me. Then the gas came. It hurt my ???? bad, but it helped push the turd out. It fell with a huge "K-PLOP!" and smelled gross. Jake just laughed, his face all lathered up and said "Oh, honey, I gotta see that one." I lifted a hip, then slid my ass forward to show him a huge, rock hard log. As I was leaning forward, my bowels just relaxed and I pressed out some softer stuff. This turd was so big, and so hard, it felt like I was crapping razor blades.
Sunday I was having another large poop when Nu came in. I'd just sat down and let loose a long, echoey fart. "Excuse you," she said, then winked at me. My poop was a really huge one that kinda went "crackle-plop-crackle-plop-crackle-plop-crackle-plop---" as I slowly filled the toilet. Nu stripped down to only her panties, then began filling the tub for a bath. The sound of the water drowned out all my extra crackles, plops and splats, but she could smell the action. Nu slipped out of her panties, then lit the three candles we have on the counter. As she stood there, beautifully bare, lighting the candles, the matches killed my smell which wasn't horrible at least. We talked for awhile as she climbed into the tub and soaked. It was a nice, long dump for me. I reached behind to flush my first load so it wouldn't be floating there stinking the room up and as I did, Nu just smiled and said "Bye-bye, poopies." Anyway, she started talking to me about Angie and their next video project (which sounds great BTW!) when all of a sudden I had a wave of gas come over me like crazy. I leaned forward, squinted my eyes, scrunched up my mouth and nose and Nu giggled and said "Uh-ohhhhh, heeeeere comes a big one!" I pushed hard, "nnhh-nnhh-nnhh-" and out came this crackling monster that fell with a huge F-LUMMMP! I leaned way forward, almost off the seat, twisted my torso until I could see into the toilet. What a big one! A decent Carmalita special. It was a burrito turd, long, thick and folded. Nu said to bring my butt over to the tub, and as i sat down on the edge, she washed me up with hot water, soap and a washcloth. (a different wash cloth of course). It was the best part of the dump!! She did such a thorough job that I felt like I'd taken my butt into a Jiffy Lube or something. I promised to return the favor when the situations were reversed.
Oh well, guess that's it for now. Off to school.


Punk Rock Girl

Well, after my mega-dump the other night, I didn't have to crap again until this morning. And what a dump it was--I almost shit my underpants! I spent the night at my boyfriend's, and was still half asleep whan he got up to go to work. I was in the process of dragging myself up to get in the shower with him, when I felt a cramp shoot through my guts and my rectum fill up. I had to take a dump immediately. I clenched my buns, rushed into the bathroom, where he was just getting ready to turn the water on, and said, "Look out!". I pulled up my night shirt (one of his t-shirts), yanked down my underpants and sat on the toilet. A huge semi-soft log exploded out of my ass with a loud fart. I grunted loudly and winced as more soft crap slowly oozed out and plopped into the water. I leaned back against the tank and caught my breath. He said, "Whoa, that didn't sound too good." I said, "No it wasn't." But I felt better. I pushed out a few more mushy bits, peed and fa! rted again. I wiped my ass, which took several wipes, and flushed. I stayed sitting on the toilet for a moment, as I was a little lightheaded. He asked if I was okay, and I said yes. He turned on the water and stepped in the shower, I joined him after a few moments.

It was a close one. I'm glad I woke up when I did! I've felt okay since this morning after shitting. Hopefully I'll have another dump today so it won't build up like that again.



Hey Justin, your story about buddy dumping in the scouts reminded me of my scouting days. As a boy scout, each summer our troop would attend a 10-day camp in the Ozarks. We slept in sleeping bags in two man tents. About every 16 to 20 tents shared a toilet. These were concrete structures that had a wooden roof. It kinda looked like a cabin, the outside was an open sink area that could be used to wash your clothes and for personal hygiene sans showering. Inside this butthole bunker were the shitters. It had room for 8 people, 4 to a side on a raised concrete platform. Just four holes in the concrete that guys sat on, and each hole had a contempory toilet seat. You would sit back to back with the other four. Every morning after breakfast, we would always race back to the shitters from the dining hall to participate in our "group poops" as we called them. Eight boy scouts at a time dropping their loads and shooting the breeze and competing to see who could fart the loudest! ! We would all have our own TP rolls. Other guys were always waiting to drop their loads and would encourage the shitting guys to hurry up and make a place for them. It was all a lot of good natured fun! As a side note, as you can well imagine, those shit house enclaves would get pretty damn ripe, because they only came to vacuum them out after each scouting session. So you would have the accumulated waste of 50+ people baking in the Missouri sun. They took on a smell of their own.
My summer camp memories.

Mark the Shark--There is NO SUCH THING AS A REGULAR MOVEMENT!!!!!!! This is coming from someone who has always had to battle severe chronic constipation. Not everyone goes every single day. Don't judge constipation by how often or how much you go as this can change through diet, stress, exercise, menstrual cycle (for girls of course), or just randomly. What is important is how you FEEL. Try to eat small, regular meals, drink a lot of water, don't be lazy (read: exercise) and if you want to try to train yourself, pick a time every day as "toilet time" and just sit and relax. The most important thing is to go immediately when you feel the need and don't force things. Sometimes it is helpful to stick a finger up to try to ease the turds down, and sometimes just let nature take its course. Try not to stress about it and just be aware that your patterns change easily.

Bluto--Pee varies in color from dark yellow (almost brown) to clear no matter what gender you are. Think of it this way: Coke is the same in a bottle or a can, just the method of delivery is different. The digestive systems of men and women (though slightly different shapes) ARE IDENTICAL. The darker the urine, the more dehydrated a person is. So, if you drink a lot, then it is clearer. Remember that soda has a high sodium content and both soda and coffee have high caffeine contents therefore they are dehydrating.

Potty Pooper--I work at a preschool and we're very open with our kids about using the bathroom. The kids have regular times when they use the bathroom. (Literally, we tell them before snack that they have to go and pee or at least try). We have 2 kids who pee their pants a lot (mostly for attention with one, the other is still 3 whereas most of our kids are 4 and 5) and they have to try every hour. We also don't make a big deal if they do, just help them to change and send them on their way (of course talking to the parents when they get picked up). Also, the kids will tell us "I need to pee" or "I need to poop" and we tell them "Go right ahead" or whatever. We would never ever tell a kid to hold it because we want to teach them independence and being in control of your own bladder and bowels teaches independence on the most fundamental level.

One night last week, the cafeteria poisoned us and half the campus (not me thankfully because I didn't eat there) had diareha for 2-3 days. Blech!!!! So glad I didn't eat there!!

Jason D.
ANother great story about Em on the way. I came over to Em's house yesterday, to ask her how her doctor's appointment went. Unfortunately, Em is indeed pregnant. I wonder if you can get expelled if they find you out. Still no one has answered that question. Well, I come over, and soon, Emily says, I have to go take a shit. I say," all right Lovely Emily, see you soon." I never have the audacity to simply come in with her, so I proceed to lie out on her couch, but she says "Come in like you always do." Then Em starts talking about things like whether girls can have bigger dumps when they're pregnant and of course whether she should get an abortion. Then Em stands up, revealing her surprisingly wide asshole. Em has a really cute ass. She holds her cheeks apart. I have never seen anyone standing up while taking a shit besides Em. Of course, Em never grunts or farts or does anything of the sort. She just poses like a sexy ballerina and soon I see a medium -thick du! mp coming out of her ass. She pushes it out very slowly, so I can see every intricate move she makes. IT seems like the pleasure won't ever stop. My stop watch said that it had been going on for 4 whole minutes. Em's shit was now definitely over 2 feet long. Finally, she stopped pushing and it just slid into the toilet. But that wasn't it. Then another turd about 9-10 inches long shoots out of her ass like a jet, and after that, Em had to sit again quickly as a shot of diarrhea came out of her ass. Then Em said, "Wow. Tell me what you see. I haven't looked yet." I tell Em, "there's a shit about 2.5 feet long, that's even sticking above the lid of the toilet. THere is another shit that's smaller than that one but quite large itself, i'd guess about 9-10 inches. Then there is this very liquidy shit that's rather light covering the toilet bowl." I have to see this , says Em. Em can't even believe what she did. How tall are you exactly, Em? I ask. Em is pretty t! all for a girl. She says, I'm 5'9". I say that has to be over 3 feet of shit there. How can shit make up more than one half of your body? Em says-the large intestine's called large just because it can hold all of that stuff. I bet some was in my small intestine too. Maybe preggos can have bigger shits than regular girls." That was absolutely shocking.

Scarlet: I often go to bed with a full bladder and sometimes wake up in the morning to find a few drops of pee have escaped into my panties. My mom does my laundry and she has never really said anything. I guess a few drops of pee aren't that noticable.

There was one time where i woke up with the need to pee very very urgently and a few squirts came out when i getting out of bed. the crotch of my panties were completely soaked and stained yellow. My pee is usually pretty clear too, but unfortunately that day it wasn't and I was wearing white panties. Of course, I decided I would wash those panties on my own. But after my shower I forgot to pick them up off the floor in my tired state. My mom ended up washing them but never said anything about it.

Potty Pooper
To answer Bryian's question about why I didn't "drop my load" on the
floor or something to prove to her that I'd had to go... well, first
off, that would never have occured to me, and second, I never was a
very "devious" kid anyway. :-)

For that matter, when I was smaller, the notion of going behind a bush
or of unzipping to go pee outdoors was one I'd never encountered or
even heard of before. When I had to go pee, I'd always head for the
bathroom, even if it was some distance away.

I remember one time, when I was maybe 6, my family was staying at some
trailer park... and I really had to pee. I told my sister, who was a
little older than me, and she lead me towards a sort of public restroom
area that was some distance away from the trailer park, perhaps the
distance of a city block, along a trail through a wide-open field. I
had to pee real bad, but we walked the whole distance, because my sister
said that if we ran, it would make me have to pee even earlier and I
wouldn't get there in time.

We got there in time, though. As it happens, there was no reason at all
I couldn't have simply unzipped and peed onto the ground somewhere in that
big field, but it simply never occured to either of us: When you had to
pee, you headed to the toilet.

Some time later, when I was perhaps 8 or 9, I was at a park with my Dad.
It was a fairly large park, the kind with jungle gyms and swingsets and
tennis courts. At some point, while I was there, I really had to pee,
and told Dad about it. He pointed me to a little green building off in
the distance, way off on the other side of the park grounds, and told me
that that was probably the restrooms. Well, I headed all that way over
there... and it *wasn't* the restroom, it was a storage shed where they
kept the groundskeeping tools and equipment, shovels and rakes and such.
I looked all around me, and there was no sign of any other places that
might be a restroom. I crisscrossed the park, searching more and more
desperately for a bathroom, as the need to pee got more and more urgent,
until finally, as I was walking across a big grassy area of the park, I
suddenly, *really* peed my pants.

Another time, I was coming home from school on the bus, and this was a
small, specialised school which had maybe one bus that picked up the kids
from all over the city and would it would therefore take maybe an hour or
more to get me home. Well, this particular day, I really had to pee, and
it was getting towards urgent, but it was still going to be awhile before
I finally got home, and I was hoping and praying I could get all the way
home before my bladder burst.

Well, I finally did get home, but my folks weren't there! I sat down at
the front door and waited, and waited, hoping they'd get home shortly to
let me in so I could go pee. Incidentally, this time I was wearing
coveralls, so even if I had had the notion of unzipping to go pee off to
one side, I couldn't have done it this time, because I'd have had to
drop my coveralls to do it. Anyway, I waited and waited, but finally
totally peed my coveralls, and then just kept on waiting where I was.

My folks finally came home, maybe an hour or so after I'd gotten there,
from shopping at a hardware store or something like that, and let me in.
But, here's the kicker: They knew they weren't going to be there when I
got home, so they'd *left* *the* *front* *door* *unlocked* *for* *me*!!

It had never even occured to me to check the door! I'd simply assumed
it was locked, and sat there waiting all this time!

Early this morning before I went to work, I drank a bottle of coca cola. When I got to work, I had to hustle to do two jobs at the same time; because a co-worker called out. Our regular fed-ex delivery guy had came into the office to drop off some boxes. He's a real hottie. He's muscularly built, tanned, with a cute butt; but a stinky butt at that. As he stood talking to me, a strong stench punched me right in the nose. I had to really sniff to make sure I wasn't mistaken. I eyed him and ask, "Did you fart?" he smiled and shrugged while nodding. I couldn't help myself, I began laughing then said, "Wow!, you've just laid a silent but deadly, and thought you could just get away with it; smelling your fart is going to make me fart!" we laughed, and continued on talking. Later, when he had gone, my stomach churned; I knew it had to be either from the fed-ex guy's stinky fart fumes, or from the soda. Anyway, I really had to poop because it was pushing at my anus. I quickly walked! to the bathroom. I knew this bathroom was filthy, but it was the closest. I walked in and closed the stall door and locked it. I don't like sitting on the toiletseat, not even when it's lined with paper. I lift the seat and pulled down my pants and panties and squatted over and first peed, as about five six inch green chuncks fell out slashing into the toilet like meatballs. Then I stood up and wiped about four times, including the front; then pulled up my panties and pants. I flushed and washed my hands, then walked out; thinking that I was finished. Just as I got back into the office, I felt another wave of cramps. I said to myself, "What is this?, I can't shit all day!" The cramps began to get stronger. So this time I ran, back to the filthy bathroom; hoping no one would be using it. I pushed down my pants and panties, just as I squatted over, Floooooosssshhhh! all at once more little green hulks leaped out. I turned around and looked at the little green meatballs, all h! uddled together in the cloudy water. I wiped about six times, then flushed the toilet and washed my hands. Finally, I was done. THAT'S THE STOREEEE! "TEEHEE"

TO BARBIE DOLL: I also saw a thin girl take a very big poop. It was my gf and when she stayed at my house I watched her take a really big shit. I couldnt believe that such a little girl, could have that big thing inside her.

What is it with babies? I just helped look afetr one for the first time. I mean I knew they went in their pants and they have to wear diapers until they can hold it. But don't they even care? He jsut squatted a bit and did it right in his little overalls right beside us. He didnt cry about it or anything just stood up again and went on playing with all that in his pants and the smell starting to grow. He actualy sat right down in it after a minute and didnt even seem to notice.

OMG are they all like that or ids this kid kind of weird? He was about a year and a half. Don't they hate it? His mom came back before we had to change him -- I was so relived.

Hi. I'm a regular visitor to this site.
To Punk Rock Girl: I get really turned on by your recent description of yourself, with the 'potbelly'! I love to think about you walking to the toilet, when constipated with that potbelly of yours and grunting out a very long and hard snake, which leaves you tingling down below!! Btw: What was your longest poop, in size, approximately?
To JasonD: Emily also seems to be a real gem when it comes to taking a big satisfying shit!! An excellent replacement of Kim from New Jersey who used to post here!
Keep up the great output, PRG and Emily, and post often!!

To Barbie Doll: Intresting story about your sister and her girl what you saw.

To Billy and Kevin: Liked your story

To jim: Liked your story.

To Punk Rock Girl: I have those kinds a dumps sometimes. Liked your story too.

To Outdoor Jane: liked your should have offered to poop for those girls so you could prove it.

To Shely: Liked your story.

To Scarlet: Thanks for loving my stories!..liked your story too about your it up to him, see what he says.

To Ex-scout: Liked your story.

To Enema Guy: Liked your story

To Rick (Vancouver): Loved your story.

To FART LOVER: Thanks for liking my stories!

I posted last time about being at that dept store and finding that log, my theory was some kid came in to poop and had eatten Carrots and peas the day before because of the color. I'd say half would be #36 and the other half would be #437


BRYIAN--"Rockstar" was on some cable channel. I'm not really sure which one. HBO maybe? Anyway, its a fairly new movie, maybe a year or two old. You could probably rent it. In a post to someone else, you said you might poop your pants again to remember the feeling. Do it! I want details! :)

Not much going on...yesterday, my friend Christy said she pooped three times--not diarrhea. I guess she was just full of it. In case you're wondering, Christy is very pretty, almost black hair, blue eyes, thin yet curvy build and very funny person. :P

Also, I lady came in the store where I work and said she had had diarrhea all weekend and felt terrible. I hope I don't catch it! But my stomach has been churning today. I don't know if I'm getting sick or if I'm just nervous about talking to Micah! hehe Well, I better get to school. Hopefully Micah and Romeo will have some more poop or pee stories today!


Mike of MD
1. Men and Ladies how many times have you went into a stall to poop and found poop already in the toilet that nobody flushed down?
2. Men and Ladies how many times have you went into a restroom to piss and found piss already in the toilet or urnial that nobody flushed down?
3. Ladies how many times have you found a stall in a restroom to piss in without toilet paper to wipe?
4. Men who takes the longest poop you or your gf/wife?
5. Men do you sometime find cigaretts or butts in the toilet or urinal?
6. Ladies do you sometime find cigaretts or butts in the toilet?
7. Men and Ladies who takes the longest piss him or her?

This is my first post on this site. Well i'm 15, male from Scotland. I'd jes like to share a short story with you all.
Well, my parents had gone away to Spain for a few days, so I had to stay down my grandparents house. I had jes woken up, in the spare room which I sleep in when I stay there. I felt a real big fart inside me, so without thinking, I let it go, and to my horror, along with it a cascade of runny shit came out with it. I paused for a second, trying to think of what I should do. I quickly hobbled over to the bathroom, wiped, and decided to flush the boxer shorts! It took a few flushes bu they finnaly went down.

Punk Rock Girl - I've been a "lurker" here for a year, and I have to say just from your writings I think I'm falling in love! You rock. I wish I could find a girl here in the midwest with your outlook on life. Figures you must be in a punk band? I've played drums for 20 years, I'm 29 years old. Just letting you know that someone in Iowa thinks you are the greatest... you'd be fun to meet. Does your band travel to the midwest ever?

I actually managed to have a decent dump tonight.
For a few weeks I've been having really crap dumps! Stuff like little hard marbles or thin sloppy stuff. Last week things got better and I had a few logs which were knobbly at the leading edge, but soft at the trailing edge.
Tonight though, made up for all that. I did about two feet in total of inch and a half diameter, parallel sided, completely smooth logs. None of them went hiding around the u-bend, they were all laying in the water trap at the bottom of the toilet. Wiping? Just the twice. Luxury!

I've still not had any opportunities to take an outdoor dump. I guess I'm running out of time this year, but if the current spell of good weather continues for a few more weeks I might just get the chance....

Si :)


I really enjoyed both your stories about the Finance Director. Can you tell me more about her? I'm curious.... What does she look like facially (hair and eye color) and body-wise? Also when she was bombing her turds could you hear any other sounds along with the heavy deep breathing while she was pushing hard and having her massive bm? What color were her turds? Just curious...

I have seen some girl turds before that were almost 3 inches thick! No wonder she never flushed!

just a boi
Rick...I loved ur story of buddy dumping with that cute teenage boi (page 993 i think). I would like to see more posts just like that. I've never actually had an experience like that but I've heard and smelled plenty of attractive dudes shitting at my school. I love to watch dudes 13-25 shit and fart. I would like for once to see a guy (preferrably a teen), instead of a girl, sitting on the toilet on the picture that is featured on the front page of this site...Post a message if you agree. Laterz!!!

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Greetings All.

To Fart Lover,
Greatly enjoyed your post about standing and peeing into the bushes. See my wife Louise's posts about standing to pee. You could find them entertaining.

Some personal replies can follow when I have had a chance to catch up on the old pages, but first I would like to tell the story from early this morning.
For the first time in a while I was to have a weekday morning bath with Louise. Getting out of bed, Louise padded naked to the bathroom to begin running the water. She commented that she needed a wee but would wait until we were in the bath together. When she had filled the bath, she called to me and after stretching, I turfed myself out of bed and strolled to the bathroom. I took Louise's hand and we climbed into the bath together and immersed ourselves.
Louise first. She rose to her feet, water running off and dripping from her tanned, shapely form. Standing facing me with her feet comfortably apart (about a foot), bending forward and resting her hands on her knees, she announced she was about to start weeing. I looked between her legs and a few drops of urine began to fall from her labia before a heavy gusher suddenly burst downwards into the bathwater. Golden yellow and sparkling, her torrent of urine had no twist as such but was a wide stream splooshing loudly in the bathwater between her legs. She spent much of her time looking down and watching herself, but she glanced up to look at me, the corners of her mouth turning upward before a wicked grin appeared with a chuckle. There was the characteristic female urine smell wafting up from the water as she continued to squirt her own scent into it. It was also a breathtaking sight, and her gusher slackened off a little for a few seconds, then seemed to return heavier tha! n before. She is a very beautiful girl, no more than when she wees like this. Eventually, her stream was reduced to a trickle, and eventually a mere dripping as she sat down in the water once more. She looked at me with expectation, and I got up out of the water and stood.
To keep this reasonably clean I am not going to repeat my wife's comments as I retracted my foreskin just enough to expose the urethral exit. To ensure my foreskin did not ease forward again and disrupt the flow, I continued to hold the end of my penis with two fingers of my right hand under the head and my thumb on top. This is my usual method when I hold my penis for urination. Louise and her mother seem to take delight in drawing attention to how I am a little larger than average in that department, but to clarify things I should point out it is not too large for our own good. In other words its size is not quite sufficient to prevent my wife from doing certain things, if you get my drift.
Anyway, I allowed my body to relax, and I could feel the urine on its way as I pointed my nozzle towards the bathwater. On its way,yes, here it comes... from my urethral exit there was a brief spurt, and then a proper stream which gathered pressure and attained a slightly greater distance. Louise made a brief appreciative comment and she watched as I continued squirting a narrow, tidy and fast moving stream into the bathwater. The colour was a deeper yellow than at other times due to the greater concentration of my night's production, and there was a splooshing from where my stream landed in the water, but it was nowhere near as noisy as when Louise was urinating. The flow rate at this point seemed quite constant, and I continued to squirt a near perfect jet of urine. After around 30 seconds, the flow reduced quite quickly, and at that point I began tensing my pelvic floor to force out a series of brief spurts, in the process making Louise grin and she chuckled with amus! ement. Right at the end I allowed the last few ml to run out of my penis and drip into the water. Even though I was going to sit back down in the bathwater, I pushed my foreskin forward over my tip so that the drops of urine retained in the folds would be squeezed out and drip into the water.
That is where I have to finish telling the story, but Ina, I hope you've seen this, and it is the sort of thing you were asking me for.

Personal replies in my next post.

I would expect Louise to be able to post tomorrow. She has had little free time over the last four days.
I enjoyed her story about urinating down the drain in the alley to the rear of the shops. I can't blame the boy who discovered her for needing a change of trousers afterwards if he had a rear view of her squatting the way she does.

Best wishes to everyone,


Hi all. Billy and Kevin: nice story. Do your brothers know about this forum if so maybe they could post some time. what are thier ages?

no name poster: i liked your story.

Justin: nice buddy dump.

Craig: cool story like to here more. who takes longer you or your dad? who smells it up more.

No new stories with me but still like to know how many younger guys have orwill have chest hair? Thanks bryian for your answer and do you have any brothers if so any stories? Prom stories too guys. thanks. happy toileting all.

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