Barbie Doll:
I got to see an amazing site a few days ago. Just now have a chance to share it with you. I was back at my parents house (I don't live there full time) and the only other people there were my sister (the beauty) and two of her girlfriends. All those girls are around 17 and both the friends are decent looking. One a little heavy, the other a little thin.

I went down to the family room for awhile and returned only to find all the girls were gone. The backdoor onto the screened in porch was ajar and I could see a flashlight on in the backyard. This intrigued me.

i have a bit of a voyeur in me so I went out real quiet and sneeky like. When I got close, I saw my sister in a full squat doing one of her express poops (all done real fast) and they were all gigglying. Then GF #1 says it is here turn. This is the heavier one. She pulls down her pants, squats and just oozes out a softserve type coil. About an inch thick and real long. I'd guess over two feet. A big coiled up pile.

Next, the thin GF pulls here pants down, squats and begins some serious grunting. The sounds of a girl pushing hard to poop have always been a treat. After about 4-5 minutes, she begins to have some success. A fat looking poop starts out. To my amazement, it just gets fatter until it approached the width of a beer can. I could tell it was very hard too. She finally pushed it all out and the flashlight was shined on it. It was probably 10" long and looked solid and heavy. I was impressed that so thin a girl with a smallish behind could pass one like this. She told the others she always poops big like that.

Now I know some others into pooping and watching and will maybe invite them over for a big dinner to see what will happen.

Love to all. No time now to do personal notes.

Barbie Doll

To Emily of NYC: Loved your story...I don't think its right for someone to peek in the stall.

To Unnmaed poster about 1 on 1 basketball..Loved your story..have you told that one before? it sounds familar and who are you?

To stinky: Loved your story...Are you a male?

To 8th guy: Hope you had a great poop! :)

To Potty Pooper (not to be confused with PottyBoy): Loved your story..that isn't right to make a little kid hold it...You should have dropped your load in the room somewhere to prove to her..LOL

To Justin: Loved your story..wish i could have been in

To Bluto: Liked your you ever drink iced tea? If you do and you drink alot your pee might turn clear.

To Mark the Shark: Hope your feeling better and poop long has it been since you last pooped?

To Annonymous: Loved your story...maybe i should try pooping my pants haven't done it in a while...forget the feeling LOL

To FART LOVER: Enjoyed your story.

To Scarlet: What channel was "Rockstar" on? Never heard or seen it.

To MUSK: Sounds like you had a nice shit.

To Punk Rock Girl: Funny about the guys P*n*s...LOL hanging down there to drive you crazy.

To !"$%^&*()_+(girl): Liked your story.

To Masked Bastard: That movie sounds cool.

To Jason D.: I see about this means its just you intrested in her poop? and does she know your intrested?

To Joseph: Liked your story.

To Darius: Liked your army story, about the drunk guy pooping him

To Zip: Loved your always have cool experiences!

To Johnnie L>: Loved your story

To Craig: Loved your your not the same way intrested in guys pooping(im a male).

Not much happening...took a small shit last night..thats it

Billy and Kevin
Mark, I saw how your mom used to poop in front of you. Ours poops in front of us from time to time. She even poops in the woods with us (she is always very careful to not show her private parts, though). After she gets up, we usually ahve the chance to see her turds. Of course, we poop & pee in front of her too.

The other day, we were going to a soccer game. I pooped in the morning before school and kev dumped at school after lunch. About 5:00 we had to go to soccer for a game. I felt that I had to go poop, but not quite yet. I sat on the toilet for about 2 minutes after kev got off. OUr big brother tom left a big 12 in log and kev dropped about 3 3 in logs. Nothing came out of me. ABout 10 minutes later we got to the field. By then I really had to go. There was a bathroom there. I went in. One of the coaches came out of the stall. He felt about 3 big streak marks in the toilet. I sat down and made 3 pretty big logs. I wiped and flushed. I couldn't flush because there was not water. When I went to wash my hands, there was only hot water. A 4 year old kid came in iwth his dad. He looked in the toilet and said someone was already here. His dad tried to flush it, but still not water. I said, sorry, there's no water. He said no problem. The kid said he can't go in their. He want me to go first? The kdis said, ok. Then he sat down and started to fart. I left at this point.

i had to wet myself yesterday. we went to the last ballgame of the year and got there early, my friend and his dad and me, we were standing outside the gates waiting to get in and i had to pee after a while. i was holding it the best i could. i told my friend i had to piss and he said he would to in a bit. there were crouds of people all around us, i couldnt move. i looked around and no one was looking at me, we were all so close together waiting to get in. so i started going in my pants. it ran down my legs, i had soccer shorts on, luckily they dont look wet after you go. but i was making a puddle on the side walk. i finished going and looked around to see if anyone saw and i spotted a kid looking at me, i think he was five. he told his mom on me and she looked over at me. my friend turned around and started talking to me about stuff, i was still dripping, my legs and socks were soaked. the gates opened and we went in. we walked around to our seats. we sat down and waited f! or the crouds to die, then i got up for some food. later i had to pee again. since i already went in my pants it wouldnt hurt to go again. i was walking back from getting a snack and was with my friend and i just started peeing as i was walking. it dripped all over the place. my friend stopped cause he saw the water running all down my legs. he said what are you doing. i told him i peed once already so i am going again. he said oh. well i gotta go bye.

Punk Rock Girl
Howdy do y'all!

Have you ever taken one of those monster dumps that took like a half hour to crap out, then left you feeling like you still have a partial log sticking out of your ass for a while afterwards? I had one of those last night. Big, solid, slow; it finally plopped into the toilet with a loud splash. It was followed by several more good sized chunks which required a lot of pushing. When no more would come out, I could feel quite a bit of residue still clinging to my hindquarters. I shook my bottom back and forth a few times, until the last little bit plopped in with it's friends. My asshole was sore, and felt like there was still a piece sticking halfway out. Finally, I wiped my ass, expecting a big smeary mess, but the paper came back fairly clean. A couple more wipes and I was good as new, though my ass still felt like more shit was itching to get out. I flushed the load down, and pulled my underpants and sweatpants back up. I haven't needed to take a dump since th! en. I'm still waiting! Maybe I'll have a nice one tonight at my boyfriend's place. We'll see.

EMILY OF NYC: Hello fellow New Yorker! Yeah, kids are idiots in high school. What, do they think your crap normally smells like gingerbread? Tell them if they get off on spying on their classmates taking dumps, they have much bigger issues than you do. Don't worry, just four more years of hell, then you can get into the real world, where people still suck, but aren't quite as stupid as they were in high school. I usually curse a lot, but I respect this forum's policies and my fellow posters. However, "taking a shit", pardon my french, is such a common phrase, I barely consider it cursing anymore. Everybody does it! Whatever you call it, shitting, taking a crap, pooping, taking a dump, dropping a load--it's all the same thing. Hope you can resolve your issues with the "bitch" regime. I had similar problems with the "beautiful people" in my HS. F*** 'em!

JUSTIN: When I was in girl scouts, they taught the girls to pee and take dumps in the woods. Although, I was totally comfortable with this, some girls got sick from holding their bowel movements in for days at a time. Me, I'd just walk into the woods, find a nice private spot behind a bush, dig a hole and crap in it. Usually, I'd wipe my ass with leaves(careful not to grab poison ivy) or I'd bring a roll of paper with me (which seemed like advertising, "I'm going to take a shit now"). A few times I forgot paper and couldn't find decent leaves, and wound up wiping my ass leter. Some of the girls couldn't squat for very long, and the scout leaders would tell them to lean their butt against a tree. Ouch!

BLUTO: I think women pee the same way men do, and I think the pee is colored whatever it's colored for the same reason men's pee is. It all depends on what you drink. In pee scenes in watersports movies (and believe me, I am NOT an expert) I assume the actresses probably drink a lot of water, since water causes one to need to pee more rapidly than other liquids. That's probably why it's clear. I have no idea if I'm correct or not, but it just seems logical.

MARK THE SHARK: I have constipation often as well. I avoid taking laxatives at ALL costs. I usually increase my fiber intake, drink lots of juice, eat fruit; if it gets really bad, I'll give myself an enema, which always does the trick, if only temporarily. Usually, my constipation is not too bad, though, and only causes me to have big, stubborm BM's. If it happens a lot, go to the doctor and get yourself checked out. Can't hurt!


Outdoor Jane
Barbie Doll: Yeah, we all do large poop. How often we do this is 1 time at the day at last.

For two days ago, we go for a walk behind the school. That was in school time and it was just me and my sister. There was a wood behind the school and we both needed to do our poo. We pull down our jeans and thongs behind some bushes and do it. My sister do a very large poop. Very thick and long. I do not a so large poop, but it was firm and long. After the school many school child (including us) take the homeway behind the school in the wood. We go behind some girls that saw our poop. "Wow, look at that big one" one of them said. The other said "it was a big on the other poo to. I wonder who has do that. It can't be a girl..." They heard very exciting when they talk. They go in our class and we have told them today that it was us. "I don't belive it. That big poo? I didn't think it was possible to a girl to do so large poop." We walked with them behind the school and saw when they do it. I don't think they get turned on by do it like us, but they want to see if they co! uld do such a large poop like us. They didn't made it.....

Hi to Dave of NY and to John Q. I miss your pee stories about you and others holding. How about some more? I will post one soon.

My name is Shely. I am today 22 years old. I want to tell you about
somthing that happened to my 10 years ago when I was 12 years old. I
went to wolking trip with our house-made and an other women. She was a
big and strong woman. After we walk a little while, I felt that I have
to pee. I tald her that I have to "make pee-pee". She ordered me to
restrain till we shall return to home and than I should "make pee-pee".
We continued to walk, and my peeing pressure became stronger and
stronger and i felt i can not restrain any more. I told the house-maid
it. At first she did not want to change her previos decission, and let
me pee but when I began to cry then she decided to let me pee eaven it
was outdoors. When we passed near a grove of trees, she, I and the other
woman went into the grove between the trees. She took off my pants and
my underwear, hold me with her 2 hands where my lags are joined to body,
picked me up, with her finger opened my peeing lips and ordered me to
pee. Than I began to pee. Because that my bladder was very full and very
pressed, it came out forward with a strong streem like a bow. I peed a
large amount, and close to end the peeing-streem became weeker and
stoped at last. when it stoped, the house-made brought me down back on
my lags. I took my underwear and pants and while wearing them back I
heared the house-made lauhing and she said to the other woman "Have you
seen ? Shely peed like a boy !!!"

NOVA--thanks for answering my question. And I'm trying to get brave...its just a matter of getting

BLUTO--I'm 19 year old female and my pee colorranges from dark yellow to clear, depending on the day and what I drink. Water and lemonade makes it clear, sodas and coffee make it yellow. For me anyway. As for in the movies, I doubt the actresses are really peeing. Probably just spraying water from somewhere, unless it is a really erotic movie that actually shows her body with pee coming out.

ANNONYMOUS--LOVEd your story! Keep posting!

MASKED BASTARD--glad you liked my stories!

BRYIAN--Loved your stories!

My friend Micah is becoming so open about bathroom habits! He tells me about throwing up and getting diarrhea. Today I saw him coming out of the bathroom. Then he stopped and talked to me for a few minutes. I wish I could have gone in there with him and watched him pee. :) But he's so open about going to the bathroom that maybe someday he'll let me watch. Anyway, I've never really said anything about going to the bathroom to him. Should I? I mean, he really doesn't mind telling me about his bathroom trips. He seems to enjoy it. So next time he starts talking about pooping or peeing, should I share my experiences? Or would I freak him out? I'd LOVE to have a hot guy to talk about peeing with or even go to the bathroom with. Any guys got opinions on the subject? Or girls that have had similar experiences? Thanks!


Justin's post reminds me scouting expeditions years ago. Our "toilet" was a trench, with a blanket as a curtain on one side for semi-privacy. You could pee anywhere in the woods, but were supposed to use the trench when you had to take a shit. You could look down in the trench and see the contributions that all the other guys had made (there was dirt to toss in and cover your shit with, but it didn't really do the job). I still remember how bad the stink was. And flies buzzing all around. This was my first experience with public shitting. It was weird to squat there holding onto a tree so you didn't fall in (!), hearing other guys grunting and shitting right next to you.

Enema Guy
Hi Guys, I haven't posted here for some time. ( used to post under the name of "Chris", but that got a bit confusing as there were a couple of others with the same name at the time and when I added "UK" after the name, it was always removed. As my "new" name implies, I love enemas. To me, the feel of the warm water entering my colon and the feeling of needing to shit badly is out of this world. Don't get me wrong, I don't do it on a regular basis, just once every couple of months or so. It really is the best way of giving your insides a good clean out and most definitely the best way to get rid of constipation. I always feel much healthier and cleaner afterwards. People pay good money for colonic irrigation..........I do it for free!!!
I love reading the stories of guys buddy dumping with other guys. No offence girls, I love reading your stories too, but I'm gay, so the men to men stories are more interesting to me. Gay, bi or straight.
I've also enjoyed reading about guys shitting their pants on purpose.....thanks for your recent story "Anonymous" It was very descriptive. Sounds as if you enjoyed yourself.
Take care all.

Rick (Vancouver)

Your story about group shitting while you were in the scouts confirms my suspicions about a "finding" of mine. When I was in my teens my parents would take me and my younger brother out on trips on long weekends. One time we ended up at Symonds Yat almost on the border between England and Wales. My brother being four years younger would stay with my parents whilst I would wander down woodland paths to see what I could find.

One path led to a clearing where there was just a raised concrete base which I think this would be the foundations of a war-time building known as a pre-fab. I stood amazed at the site I saw. Scattered on the concrete there must have been around 40 piles of turds along with TP. My thought was that this must have been a boy scout shit-in and I wished that I had been there to see the action! Justin's story seems to confirm this idea. Anyway, the image was captured in my mind for later fantasies!

Unlike now, when I was in my teens I was able to hold my daily dump all day if I wanted to. When I went out walking even with my parents and brother, I would always put some TP in my pocket. Whilst wandering off and walking around I would think "if I wanted to take a shit round here, where would I go?" In the UK there are lots of areas where you could go: war-time buildings such as pill boxes, old castle ruins, run down buildings etc. Usually I could find evidence that someone had been there, and if I felt suitably interested I would quickly pull down my pants, leave my "calling card", wipe and go and later use this "find" for fantasies. I wonder if other contributors to the group did similar things in their teens.

Jason D.
Emily of NYC-

THis is absolutely flabbergasting. Just when I think that it's a surprise to have stories about 2 Emilies, now I see yours. But this is the first time I've actually seen an EMily's writing style. YOU are quite a good writer.

TO, SCARLET: Thank you for acknowledging and resonding to my post. I like your story on page 995. Just yesterday I pissed a soaker in my thong, I was glad I had a skirt on without pantyhose. I was quite embarressed, because, I was at a mini shopping center parking lot; walking towards a store. I had to turn around and walk all the way back to the end of the parking lot to my car and go home.(what a bummer!) TO, BRYIAN: I always enjoy your stories. I could relate to those itchy didn't wipe your butt good enough stories. TO, ANNONYMOUS: Congradulations on your first time pant pooping. I understand how it feels when you do it for the first time. The way you described your story, made me laugh as I reflected back on my first time. But, you'll get use to it, it's a great feeling. Nothing to really post, maybe later on in the week I hope. FART LOVER.

I worked today...after work i decided to go out to dinner to this new fast food restaurant in my area....Took for ever to get my food any way i ate and then peed. The bathroom had one door with a bolt lock, a urinal, sink, toilet and hand drier. I was hoping some guys/kids would come in and poop while i was in there...but only one boy came into wash his hands(BTW i didn't lock the door). I thought well maybe hes not gonna do any thing cause im in there. I left and i decided to go to this dept. store all in the same shopping center...Something just told me to go there. I was figuring i might have to poop after eating...but i didn't(do have a bit of an urge now...will try and poop before bed). This is the same dept store where i had to stop at last week cause i had a bit of diahreaha. I walked in the bathroom, theres a bunch of sinks, 3 or 4 urinals and 3 reg sized stall and the last stall(4th one) is a handicapped stall. I checked all the stalls out. The HC stall was clean, t! he next one over had some TP in the bowl, and some squily, soft poop and the stall over had TP...I moved the TP over and i saw this hard log in there...It was about 7 inches and the top was a greenish/light brown color and the end was an orangest/red color. I thought i saw a pea in it. I started thinking, a bunch of kids must have some in there sometime after school to poop and didn't flush. Wish i would have been in there when they were there. I sat didn't do a thing(had just peed at the restaurant) and some kid came in to pee at the urinal. Then i left and i saw a few kids and im like wonder which one pooped and didn't flush. I also thought well maybe they ate at the restauarant and came over there with there parents. I flushed that toilet washed my hands and then i checked the first stall out and it had TP and it had been flushed but didn't go all the way down..Then i left.

To Masked Bastard

Classic name, dude! You Gotta keep posting!

To Carmalita

I'm glad you liked my last post. It really came from the heart.
It's always so nice to hear from you. Makes me want to count my
lucky stars. If I ever go up to see my best friend in Oregon, I hope I
bump into you!

To Ben

Dude! Sorry to hear you had so many tough emotional
experiences growing up. I was really self-conscious as a kid too. I
would have been mortified to get walked in on. Now days I'm
totally the opposite. I get lonely if I don't have company.

To Emily

Good one dear, you sound like a little cutie. Glad you were
able to make it in time. Don't worry about those snotty other girls,
next time you catch them in the stall!

To Fart Lover

Thanks for another excellent post. Your writing skills are
really hilarious. You give each fart a personality of its own. Looking
forward to next time!


No post, too busy. Keep up the good work all!

Love Austin

Monday, September 30, 2002

Emily of NYC
Hey guys; I'm new here, but I 've been reading the posts for years. FInally I have a good story to tell you. I am in 8th grade. As my ENglish class was ending, I felt like a needed a really big dump. So I wait for Mr. MItchell to finish the class, and he says that it doesn't pay to go to the "KItty LItter Box" as he says when class is just about over. So I run to the girls bathroom clutching my cheeks together-all of the boys saw me and laughed at me. All of the stalls were open. I chose the one nearest to the door. I start pushing out a really big dump-I think I'm constipated because I'm so nervous at this really hard school I'm at. It doesn't hurt, but after 2 minutes I'm still pushing it out. I don't look at how long it's getting, but after about another minutes I finally drop it. Within a nanosecond of that, I shoot out this stream of very liquidy diarrhea that takes just about as long. It really stinks, and usually my poop doesn't smell. This troop of girls! who I'm not particularly fond of comes in then and Annie, one of the girls, says, "Ew! What's that smell? Did somebody die in here? Then Gabby says, "NO but someone probably pooped." REbecca says to the other girls, "I have to see who's s****ing." I hate it when people curse. I wanted to yell "stop cursing!" but then they would find out who I was by my voice. Then REbecca looks through the little crack in the door and shouts "It's EMily! It's EMIly!" ALl of the other girls cackle. I thought about telling on them, but I decided not to. LUckily, I had a free period next, so I wasn't late for anything.

Hey Rick, I enjoyed your story about buddy dumping with that teen. I'm in college now. When I was a soph in high school I was playing 1 on 1 basketball with my buddy Jeremy during lunch hour at school. When we were through we went back to the gym area to change for classes. We each had gym shorts and Ts on. Our h.s. was all boys (then, I think it went coed a coupla years ago) and the bathrooms were old. In this one, the toilets were right out in the open, no
dividers. Jeremy announces, "I have to take a dump." I froze, not knowing whether to leave, but he keeps right on talking to me, about the game and whatnot. Meanwhile, he wipes the seat, pulls down his shorts and jockstrap and sits down. I almost died. This kid was very cute, blue eyed, dark blond hair, the kind you think never shits. While he's talking I hear him pissing into the bowl. Then he gets quiet for a second, kind of arches his feet, and crackles out two turds -- plop, plop. By then the place started smelling and he looks at me and grins and says: "Sorry dude." I just said: "No problem, dude." I then watched as he wiped sitting down. After each wipe he inspected the TP until it was clean. Great memory.


Great story. I think I have let out a couple drops once or twice while dreaming about peeing.
Hope to hear more.
P.S. congratulations on the shower pee. Be braver ;)

This happened when I was 8 years old, We had been to the beach, and were on the way back home. I was napping in the back of the family station wagon. I awoke to find we were stuck in traffin on a bridge. The draw span was open. I had to poop real bad. My ???? was hurting. I realized there was no place to go, and was trying to hold it. I finally told my mommy I had to go to the bath room. She said, "So do I" just hold it until we can stop. "But..."I started ti say. She interupted and said, "just do it in your pants if you can't wail" I didn't say anymore, but I think she thought I had to pee. A few minutes later I farted a couple of times, then as I tried to fart again, I pooped in my pants. I just sat there embarrassed.It was very soft and mushy, and it smelled real bad. Mom soon asked, "Have you pooped in your pants"? I said, "Yes, you told me too' I tried to wait, but I couldn't".It was another 30 minutes before the brifge closed,and we were finally able to drive off. th en another 45 minutes to find a piblic bathroom. My dad complained about the smell the whole way. Finally, we got to an Esso station that had public bathrooms, and mom got some clean underpants and shorts out of my suitcase and took me into the ladies room and changed my pants. There were a few comments about wasn't I too old to be pooping in my pants, and such. It was vert embarassing

8th guy
oh my gosh, i have to poop so bad right now, i think i'm going to poop in my pants!!! wow, what ever happened to you cloud? i enjoyed your posts and i never see them anymore! or are you just lazy like me and just read em but never post anything? hehe, okay, well i hafta poop so i'm gonna go, bye

8th guy

Potty Pooper (not to be confused with PottyBoy)
Well, I discovered this place about a week ago when Googling for
something else... and I've been sorta lurking since then, and
reading it a bit at a time from the oldest posts forward.

I am a man in my late thirties.

I suppose you'll want a poop-story from me, so here goes.

This one happened when I was about four. The particular daycare I
was in had naptime about partway through the day, and everyone was
expected to lay down on their cots and then the lights were turned
out, and then the lady left the room. We were supposed to stay in
our cots until naptime was over, but one particular day four or five
of us got off our cots and went into the adjoining bathroom, stood
around the toilet in a little circle and peed, yacking away about

In the middle of this, the lady came back in, presumably having
heard us yacking, and immediately shood us back to our cots,
scolding us about how naptime was to be strictly adhered to.

Well, perhaps a couple days later, it came naptime again. She came
in and announced it was time for our nap... and right at that second,
I realised I had to go to the bathroom, and this time it wasn't to go

So, she comes in and says "Naptime!" and I say "I gotta go to the

She ignored the request, and started us all towards our cots. Perhaps
she thought this was a thinly disguised attempt to get out of naptime.

Well, I kept telling her I had to go, and she kept ignoring me. I told
her more and more emphatically, since it was getting obvious she didn't
believe me.

She made me lay me down on the cot, face down like usual, then she
turned out the lights and left us there.

So, I lay there on the cot, trying to hold it as long as I could, perhaps
thinking she might change her mind, think maybe I did really have to go
and come back to check on me, or perhaps thinking I might be able to hold
it all the way through nap time.

Well, I held it and held it, for as long as I could, but finally I felt a
mass against my backside, spreading out and filling the back of my pants.

At this point, there was nothing else I could do about it, so right about
then I let myself go to sleep.

I genuinely have no recollection what happened when I woke up from naptime,
but I do know that point, of course, it would have been really obvious to
her, that I *indeed* I really *had* needed to go to the bathroom. Probably
gave her something to think about, for the next time it came naptime, and
some child said "I gotta go!"

Hey anyone here have any memories of shitting in their scouting days? I was in Scouts between the ages of 12 and 14 and remember seeing quite a few friends take a dump. On one field trip we were all told first thing in the morning to go to this clearing and take a shit if we could. Most of us got over any shyness real quickly and we usually faced away from each other, I guess because we didn't want our buddies to see our red and straining faces. Some dudes got pretty constipated because they were nervous about going ad held it in, but eventually one friend did it with me, after I encouraged him. We were both 14. I've never had any problem shitting in front of anyone. So I pulled down my pants and boxers and squatted down. I started to push out my turds to get him relaxed and he just watched me as I squeezed them out. He said: "Hey dude, that's a real big dump." Then he said "ok here goes", and he pulled down his pants and briefs and squatted near me. He strained and pu shed, his stomach heaving, until his hole opened very wide and I could see this big fat log crackling slowly out of him. He looked a bit shy when he saw me watching his asshole. My friend's turd hit the ground and broke off and then he shat a few more soft turds. I had the toilet roll in my backpack and we just passed it to each other as we wiped our assholes together. It was all cool and we are still friends and laugh about those Scout days.

I've read a lot of posts on this site and if I'm not mistaken some of the girls here would pee for their boyfriends if it would make them happy. I don't know what the drink of choice is in building up a big bladder, but I would think that it's just a variety of drinks. If that's the case, then when it comes time to pee the piss should be yellow, shouldn't it? Unless water was being drinked for the entire time or a gross majority of the time, I would think that the piss from the female would be yellow. Am I wrong in this logic? Personally if any girls on this forum see this and they can relate in pleasing their boyfriends or husbands as I described, then can you please tell me if your piss is usually clear or yellow? I (I'm a guy) really can't remember a time when I pissed and it was clear, even if I drink a lot of water. I've seen quite a few movies and the girls' streams are clear colored. Maybe it appears clear and when it hits the ground, which is not shown in said movies , the yellow is apparent. But I think instead of a really natural pee scene, I think the female actors just drink nothing but water before shooting the scene. I'm not trying to be ungrateful because I enjoy the scenes, but it's just that I'm certain I would enjoy yellow pee more than clear colored. It's a weird aspect I'm focusing on, but do you all see where I'm coming from? Or better still, is there anyone that could relate to what I'm saying? Thanks for your time in reading this

Mark the Shark

Is there a doctor in the house? I have been having problems with bowel movements for some time now, being horribly constipated. So earlier in the week I went out and decided to buy some medication to help. What I bought is Surfak - it's active ingredient is 240mg of docusate calcium. Would this have any bad effects if taken over a period of time? I have been taking it for about a week now and my bowel movements are not regular yet. Though I have started having movements again, it does not seem as regular as it should be...

If anyone can help, please let me know!

Thank you,
Mark the Shark!

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