Okay, I have read alot of posts from a few different people about perposly pooing in their pants. I have always had a desire to try this but felt kinda strange doing it. I finally decided to give it a try last weekend while my parents went away for three days. (I am 17)I wanted it to be firm not messy so I didn't eat anything with fiber in it or fruit or anything that I thought would make it soft. I had quite a bit of cheese cause I know that is constipating. Anyway, I woke up Saturday morning and went for a run which I do every Saturday. I came home about two hours later and watched some t.v. About an hour later I started to feel like I had to take a dump but I wanted to wait until I had to go so bad that I could barely hold it. So the day went on and I definatley had to go but not to the point where it was going to come out if I didn't clench my cheeks together so I waited a bit longer. Finally at about 7pm I knew it was going to happen. I got up and went into the bathroom! and peed because I had no desire to piss myself while pooing. That would be too messy to clean up. I was able to pee without letting any poo come out but boy did it take alot of work to keep that load in. I pulled up my pants and stood there waiting for the poo to come out. I could feel it starting to poke out of my hole and with my hads on the counter top, knees slightly bent, I started to push. It started to slide out of my butt and I continued to push until I could feel it touching my underwear. I took a deep breath and pushed really hard as I felt my huge load fill my briefs. OMG did it feel strange. I liked the feeling though. I pushed for another couple of minutes until I had finished pooping. I couldn't believe I had just dumped my entire load into my underwear. It was so massive that my underwear had started to slide down a bit. I don't think I could have fit anymore shit into them. I turned sideways to see what I had done and I couldn't believe the size of the bulg! e. I carefully slid my underwear down and deposited the load into the toilet. Then I had a shower and cleaned up. That was definatley a new experince. I will definatley be doing it again! Thanks to everyone who inspired me.

Today is and I'm off from work. When I woke up I was tooting my horn. The bottom of my stomach was rumbling, and it felt like the gas bubbles were fighting each other. I laid in my bed staring at the ceiling while gripping one butt cheek, spreading it apart as I ordered the unruly gas to leave. Some left quietly, while others left angrily shouting. I suddenly had this urge to take a massive piss, but I wanted to see how long I could hold it. I kept on farting, and stinking up my bedroom as I held in my piss while watching television. My bladder was so heavy. I got up and got ready for my morning shower. I got into the shower and spread my legs and pissed a gusher out on the shower wall. Ever since I mastered peeing standing up, I've been a little obsess with it. It's such a good feeling when it's shooting out like that. Anyway, as I was pushing out my piss, I had a surprise bowel movement. "Thudd!," the poop slatted on the shower floor. Two 7inch turds hud! dled together. Those were the turds that the gas was fighting with. I continued to wash up, then allowed the shower to keep running to get rid of the two turds. "Until next time America!"

FART LOVER--Loved your story. No, I've never peed outside standing up, but would be interested in trying it if I get a chance!

LUKE--great story!

I was watching "Rockstar" last night. In it, Mark Wahlberg is Chris, the lead singer of a rock band. Anyway, before he goes on stage for the first time, he tells his girlfriend that he has to piss. But he doesn't get to. I was hoping for him to wet himself, but no more was said about it. Later, after a big party, he goes into the bathroom and Tanya, the girl he sleep with (and was too drunk/high to remember) was standing up peeing in the toilet and wearing Chris's pants. Later, someone says something to the effect of Tanya being a man.

Sorry such a short post. Not much else to say. Later!


To Luke: Loved your story.

To FART LOVER: Enjoyed your story.

To Carmalita: Thanks for replying...i like reading every ones story..if it gets me excited i say i like the stories.

To Scarlet: Liked your story..i dreamed about peeing the other night but i didn't let any out and never had.

To RyanS: Sounds like you've been having some nice dumps.

To Upstate Dave: liked your story.

To AJ :o): Last time i ate blue berries i had this blue/blackish stuff in my poop.

To darngirl: Enjoyed your story.

To Lancs Lad : Liked your story about dumping on cam..sounds cool..seen it done before

Yesterday i forgot to mention i was at work and busy(had the job of training a new employee) when the urge hit and i told some body to keep an eye on this person i had to use the bathroom. I pooped several firm logs...didn't really have time to look. Wiped/flushed and went back to work
oh and today i had to pee after break at work and i went to the upstairs bathroom and it was all steamy and sticky in there and someone used the first stall and didn't push...could see some poop on the bottom and lots of TP. need to run bye

This evening, I had my first shit of the day. For lunch, I had only eaten a big bunch of sweet green grapes and for dinner, I just had a few sandwiches and I had no breakfast. I squatted over the toilet and let out some squirty watery bubbly farts, which went on for a bit and then loose soft but firm shit just slid out of my arsehole with ease ending with a nice and juicey explosion. The shit was light brown and very smelly. I Only had to wipe a few times and then I flushed it all away.

Punk Rock Girl
TODD AND DIANA: Awwww. You guys are too nice. Thanks for making me feel so warm and fuzzy. My first name is Denise. I live in New York City. I have naturally blonde hair, but it is usually dyed black (sometimes purple or green if I'm feeling saucy). My mother almost had a heart attack when she saw I had altered my Goldie-Locks. I hate having blonde hair. It's so generic. I'm around 5'6", not too tall, not too short. I'm by no means thin, but I've got enough meat on me to have a nice ass and nice tits. I have a little pot belly which I like (as does my boyfriend). I wear a variety of clothes, but mostly a mixture of vintage and gothic stuff. I hate high heels. I usually wear either sneakers or Doc Martin boots. I usually wear thongs, but occasionally wear regular underpants. I like wearing pants rather than skirts because a) I think it's more comfortable, and b) I think it accentuates my ass more. I like to moon people!

There. I think that's painting a pretty good picture of me without breaking any of the anonymity rules.

Yeah, I love my boyfriend's crapper! It's so comfy, almost like sitting in a easy chair. My friend's toilet was also very comfy. As I've said, I'm not very self-conscious, but I probably would have yanked my pants up if someone had walked in. That's my last barrier I guess, shitting in front of people besides my boyfriend and my close friends. Perhaps I should just drop trou and take a dump in the middle of the street someday. In NYC, people would probably not even notice!

I guess I really can not ever know what having a penis is like, but I think it would drive me crazy to have something hanging down there all the time. Vaginas are great! It's always out of the way, and only gives you trouble once a month! Luckily, my periods are really quick and painless. Two or three days, minimal cramping, no effect on my mood or my bowels. I am blessed! Some of my friends get bad PMS. I'm glad I was spared that in favor of constipation. I'd rather have to push big hard loads out my ass than be buckled over in pain and screaming at people for no reason.

Well, I like you two as well! You keep in touch, too.



I am a 13yr old girl that lives in england. one day me and my boy friend who is 13 aswell were sitting on my bed in my bedroom watching a program on T.V about yoga. My parents were out at a meeting that would last 3 hours. My boyfriend isn't usually aloud in the house but I said he could come in cos my parents wouldn't know. So anyway after the yoga program had finnished he said "I bet you couldn't put both feet behind your head". But I thought I could because I had done it before so I said I would prove to hime that I could. But last time I did it I was wearing loose underwear and tracksuit bottoms. This time I had a short skirt on with very tight panties. I didn't really think about this though I just wanted to prove to him I could do it. So I put one leg behind my head without any problems. Then I put my other leg behind my head but as soon as I got my second leg behind my head my panties ripped right down the middle :( I was really panicking cos I couldn't get my legs ba! ck from behind my head probably cos I hadn't did that for such a long time the last time I did it was when I was 10 years old. Also my boy friend that I really liked could see a bit of my vagina! I could tell cos there was a huge mirror in my room on the wall behind my boyfriend. My boyfriend however didn't start staring betwean my legs he just looked at my and started laughing so I then saw the funny side of it and started laughing as well. I fell backwards onto my bed still laughing with my boyfriend. We were laughing for ages then I started laughing so hard that I felt a spurt of urine come out my vagina. cos my panties were ripped right down the middle they didn't absorb much at all most of the urine was sprayed into the air like a fauntain. after I had done peeing I got changed into some dry clothes, even though my boyfriend was still in the room. I figured that it didn't matter that he saw me naked cos he had already saw my vagina. I dried my pee on my bed with a hair ! dryer and sprayed it with deoderant. Then my boyfriend left before my parents got home. I still can't get over what happened that night hope you enjoyed my story.

Masked Bastard
I enjoy stories by:

Punk Rock Girl

For you movie fans: there’s a movie out on video called “The Luau”. It has 2 pooping scenes featuring 2 African-Americans. The first is a fat woman on the toilet eating while she dumps; farting and plopping sounds are heard. Another scene is with a young man who eats his own gold fish along with laxative-laced brownies. You also see a man’s gory, hanging hemorrhoids. Real repugnant shit, folks.

More Bastard Than Masked

I was at work this morning when i started feeling really gassy..soon i knew i needed to poop. I said Be right back going to the bathroom. Im not sure how big the log was but it felt big maybe a 8 or 9 inch log...wiped and went back to work and then 20 min. later i had to poop and it was the soft squigly kind..wiped alot then my butt started itching and before break i had to go back and rewipe. Thats it.

a friend
Alex, glad to hear that you are doing fine, I never posted before but ALWAYS enjoyed all your stories back when you were posting on a daily basis. I never knew that you lived so close to me, well 50 miles is pretty close on the internet :)

Stay Safe,


Linda GS
Heh okay sure..I'll tel you all about it. have a seat.Hee hee..I'll wait. Anyway I don't know what i would have done if those boys had come in..i doubt I would have been able to see them anyway..I had my eyes closed the whole time. trust me I would NOT have been able to get up and closed the door. I would have sat there unable to stop..sweating bullets as they watched me poop. EEEE I don't even wanna think about it!! well maybe I can warm up to you seeing me..but trust me..kendal has NOTHING on me. Heh. heh it's cute that kendal let's her little bro come with her..I don't know what i'd do if he watched me. kendal and Lynda do al the time.. doesn't meanI like it much..take yesterday for example..i got home and had been holding in a major poop for a while..i heard my cousin say they were goign to go out soon. Then i HAD to go but they weren't around so i one's home so I sat on the toidy nude.(yeah i do that from time to time as does my helps to relax! .. we're getting Elena to try it anyway..however it helps if you're alone!!!) No sooner do i stop peeing and my poop starts to come out that in the door come Lynda and Kendal. sigh i sat there and said hey kiddos. then my cousin come sin. Boy..I trust him but i felt a bit embrrassed so I leaned forward to cover up a bit..I don't know why guess I'm getting a bit older and am starting to feel shame now. but I didn't stop and out it came!!! Several spalshes later..but he kept the kiddos from seeing me.....but he saw. I got to wipe in peace mind you then took a bath. Oh well. So Eleanor.. think you'd be able to poop with me there.. what if it was your bigest poop ever and took some might to get it out?!?! i have to go sorry for the rush..later.


Jason D.
Hi guys,

Amy (Co-ed) I think your story on page 982 was the first story for a really long while besides my stories with a girl named Emily in it who takes a big dump. This Nervous Emily seems to not want anyone to know about her dumps, while my Emily loves to have others marvel at her dumps. I wonder if Nervous EMIly's dump was really big. The last story before I started writing was a story by a "Sandra" on page 940 about one of her aunts giving her other aunt an enema. Of course, the aunt who got the enema was Emily. This page also had one of Meredith's stories on it.

Bryian: MY dumps are nothing special. EMily would never care to see me shit. She would just make fun of me.

Emma: For a while, we didn't have any stories about pregnant girls. But since I made love to EMily, Ellen's story on some page I don't remember, and your story have made pregnant girls or possibly pregnant girls like Em a hot topic again.

NO cool stories today. Sorry. Emily is going to make an appointment with a doctor to confirm her worries about being pregnant.

Hi again,

Yesterday, Thursday I hadn't pooped for almost 4 days. I was severely constipated and had a severe bout of gas. Was farting and farting and the smell was unbearable. I usually have problems with constipation and I must resort to taking enemas. I took a 4 quart enema with a red fountain syringe/enema bag. I used Ivory soap to make a soapy solution, warm water about 103 degrees. Lubricated the enema tip with vaseline and inserted the tip in my rectum and opened the clamp and let the enema solution flow in. I was lying face down on the bed with a rubber sheet below me. Got severe cramps as the 3 quarts was going into me. I tolerated the cramps and proceeded to take the 4th quart. The 4th quart gave me sooo much cramps that I started to sweat and sweat and was moaning and groaning until all of the enema was in me. I then ran to the toilet and expelled the enema (but was still cramping while on the toilet). Upon entering the bathroom and sitting in the toilet I felt ! a relief come over me and suddenly everything appeared to be bright in color and clear headed. A very clean feeling came over me. Afterwards I decided to take another 4 quart rinse enema to rinse the soap residue left in my colon expelled that one and WOW that started my day on the right track. I have always taken enemas and that should be a thought for all who reads this gallery. If you cannot take a dump for 3 or 4 days and feel sort of fatigue or lousy, it must be that you are constipated and a enema should be in order. Many young people indulge in enemas, I started taking enemas since I was 11 years old and still take them today. So as they saying may go "AN ENEMA A DAY, KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY". Well you don't have to take a enema every day..Just when you really, really need one.

So, thats it for now, hope you enjoyed my story!

Take Care.


I've been away for a week and busy for another week, and this is the first time that I have been able to read the posts. I do miss this forum when I am away from home.

Twice this week I have done my number 2 in the public toilets in the small town of H. Most usually I stop off to take a dump on my way to work and I often use the toilets near a well known landmark and recreational area. These toilets are clean, free and well maintained. But twice this week, they have been closed, so I went to the ones in the nearby toiwn (it was too urgent to wait until I got to work). The town toilets are very clean and well looked after by a permanent attendant, so to make it economic to have an attendant, you have to pay to go in. Usually the attendant does not sit near the door, she is in a room at the back and trusts you to put the money into a box. I am quite happy to pay when I need a shit, but a bit less happy to pay if I need a pee (but I don't use that toilet if I just need a pee).

I always feel a bit self-conscious about going in, but the place is so well looked after that I always enjoy my dump, even more than when I shit at home, because there's always the possibility of there being another guy doing his business in the other stall. My dumps are big and slow, I usually take about 10 minutes, so on Monday during the time that I was on the pot, two guys came in successively and pissed in the adjacent stall (which is strange when there is a perfectly good urinal), and then a guy went in and started to do a shit. Unfortunately there was not much to hear, no loud farts and just the odd quiet plop. By then I had finished and was washing as he came out. While I was crapping this morning, the lady attendant came in a couple of times to see to the paper towels, but I was locked in the stall at that time. I don't think it would have mattered if she had come in while I was pissing at the urinal, she has a job to do, and keeps the place very clean. I felt g! uilty on Monday, as I left the toilet full of skidmarks.

Hi all. If you read my latest post you will have seen it was my second one for the day. In fact the first did not make it.

CKF: All three posts that have not made it have either been to you (or included you). I tried responding to your question in them - so I'm afraid we are going to have to forget that matter. I'll be posting you with some more stories soon. Just make sure this post makes it first. I just wanted to you to know I've not ignored you. I'm not the sort of guy who would ever do that. So, my friend, please keep your great stories coming.

Lancs Lad: Another great story about pooing your pants! That must be great viewing on your webcam. It's interesting that you sat on the toilet still in your underpants to finish off. My earliest experiences of pooing my pants on purpose (when I was about 11) were to sit on the toilet in my underpants and just do it. I remember a guy when I was in the army who was drunk. He staggered into the toilet, leaving the door open, dropped his trousers and sat on the toilet in his underpants and dropped his load. He was never allowed to forget it - even though he could not really remember how he messed his underpants! By the way, you say you put a pair of underpants on to poo in. Makes me wonder if you don't wear any underpants normally, which I'm sure is not the case. Is it that you take boxers off and put briefs on? Just curious. Do keep your stories coming.

Must go - got lots to do.

I just saw a new one, in terms of taking a crap. I was taking a dump in the restroom that has facing, doorless stalls, and this guy comes in and takes the stall right across from mine. He was actually a good-looking guy, about 35 y.o. with black hair, tall, average build. He was wearing dark grey shorts and a white t-shirt, white athletic shoes. Unfortunately the toilet over there had shit on the seats, that why I took the stall I was in. He said "shit" and then started unbuttoning his shorts. He still had his back to me. He let them fall to the floor and stood there in his white briefs and t-shirt while he lifted the toilet seat. then he turned to face me, and pulled his briefs all the way down. What he did next was pretty cool. He backed up pretty close to the toilet, put his hands on his knees and just sort of hovered over the toilet to crap. From where I was, I could see his dick and balls just dangling there. They were darker than the skin on his legs. I think he trims ! his hair down there. Suddenly, he reached around with both hands and spread his cheeks and I saw a couple of long ropes of crap falling down between his legs into the bowl. I could easily see the muscles in his legs as they were holding him up. He had an intense look on his face as he was squeezing out the last couple of turds. He pulled his cheeks apart each time he dropped his turds into the toilet. He did this for only a couple of minutes, then stood there while wiping. He would bend way forward each time he was wiping, pulling on one cheek while wiping with the other, then standing up to grab more paper. I noticed he lifted the heel of his foot for each wipe. He turned to flush and I noticed his barely visible tan line on his butt. Then he pulled up his white briefs, adjusted them, and pulled up his shorts. He then went over to the sink to wash his hands.
It was an awesome sighting and I think I'm going to have to try that one. Especially when I know I'll have an audience!

did anybody see CSI last night? This girl put eye-drops in this guys' drink to give him the runds, but she overdid it, and he ended up dying.


I love ALL your adventures -- the night out when you all invaded the gents' was a riot! I used to write to a gal in the States whose cheerleading squad used to do the same, their college bar even had a standing arrangement, if you'll pardon the pun, so that when the girls went in the guys used the stalls to give them some room! It also reminded me of the times I used gents' in the company of invading women -- that was early in my AP rehab!

Naughty! You and your Mom peeping at that peeing guy! GRIN! It reminds me of the guy I saw watering a rock last summer -- he was pretending to inspect the cliffs above him, hands behind his back, but his posture was just too perfect not to be watering the terrain in front of him!

That time on the beach, I'd say the guy was about 15 feet away, I knew he was looking my way, and seeing me from the right side with some rear in the angle. My stream would have been clearly visible to him, and I surprised myself by being able to do it! I found myself thinking it would be good to do it that way with absolute nonchallance, just arrive, put down my towel, and get down and have a thorough wee before sunbathing, oblivious of the rest of the world as it were... But if I do that I can't piddle everywhere, on average every ten minutes during my stay at the beach! I'll be empty!

No more adventures to report, it's turned cold and rainy again -- though I did do the handbasin in the bathroom again a couple of nights ago, and I did pee and poo simultaneously this morning on two occasions. I've been a bit loose, and crapped about four times in as many hours, my bottom was a bit sore afterward, but not for long.



Johnnie L>
Ive been a reader here for a long time, but hadnt posted. I like to see the stories of having to pee and poo in places where its hard to find a restroom. also I have some stories from the younger days in school where there always was a lot of pants wetting and some pants filling poo. It would be interesting to share some of those if we can get a number of peeps telling their storys.
I myself never minded using a public restroom, sometimes holding my breath while I peed or if seated taking a crap holding toilet paper over my nose and mouth to breathe.
I know a number of classmates that refused to use the toilets and would hold their water all day and would not poop if they had to.
As a result every year of school there would be a few mates that would have accidents. What was really annoying and embarrassing was if one mate seated by you made a puddle on the floor and you had to sit and watch it. Sometimes it would run under your desk and piddle up there.
So, ok friends, why not let us hear about some of your experiences?

David (optional)

I am so pleased you understand about my wetting incidents. I am not a great writer but this site, pun intended, has given me release for what gives me pleasure but have had to keep hidden for more than 10 years.

As you have probably guessed I am married in name only. It suits both me and my wife to stay married - but my colleague Sue has recently become more than a friend to me (which is another guilty secret I have) ... she just doesn’t find what I do disgusting and, although, she couldn’t do it herself says ‘whatever makes you happy’.

I suppose the first time I wet myself in front of her was to test her reaction. In the past year we have been for drinks after work and I knew my feelings for her had developed into something other than being her boss.

She is my age, bright and makes me laugh (Yeh, I have wet my pants. a time she doesn't know about, laughing with her). She pretends to be a tough bitch – but underneath she’s generous and kind.

One thing I love about her is her live-and-let-live attitude, as long as you’re not hurting anyone else. Though she’s 42 she comes across as half that when she’s away from the office.

We were walking between pubs when I told her I couldn’t wait for the toilet and was going to wet myself. I had to keep stopping to cross my legs and was holding myself so she knew I was in dire need of a wee.

I think she found it exciting and I know I did. She just told me to let go if I wanted and she wouldn’t be embarrassed or disgusted.
We went back to her house in town and she washed and dried my clothes and listened to me talk about this particular pleasure.

She found this site a few months ago and encouraged me to contribute. For the first time I don’t feel I’m alone in enjoying wetting myself – (as I said Sue doesn’t judge me but won’t join in) – so I am glad I can share my experiences with you.

The enjoyment for me is in a full bladder and trying to keep my pants dry as long as possible once I realise I need to go. I try and time the waiting and have a contest with myself. I love the feeling of relief and naughtiness when I let go. That first flush of warmth is so comforting.

One time I was on my motorbike. I’d gone out for a long ride and was in my leathers which are difficult to get undone. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to wet my leathers, black and well worn, but in the end I had little choice.

I was five miles from home and needed to go badly. My bladder was thumping and I had occasionally squeezed myself. I thought about pulling over and going behind a hedge but getting my leathers off is a real pain.

Then the traffic just came to a standstill. There were temporary traffic lights which were causing chaos. I took the opportunity to get off my bike lean against the saddle, get a good hold and press my legs together.

After 10 minutes, the traffic started moving again and I got back on my bike. Concentrating on riding took my mind off my bladder but not for long – and I was biting my lip, sucking in as hard as I could.

I needed to wee so badly I just couldn’t continue riding til I’d gone. I could see my road from where I got off my bike and stood by the side of the road pretending to be checking the bike, weeing myself for all I was worth.

I was amazed that the wee didn’t show on my leathers ... I’d spread my legs and my wee was thick and lovely and warm on my legs and in my briefs. It raced down my legs and on to the road and my boots.

I finished my wee, which took two minutes or so, and gave my leathers a feel. They felt wet, and my briefs certainly were, but there was no visible sign I had wet them. I decided to push my bike the rest of the way home enjoying my warm underwear.

And I was especially pleased that I could walk into the house and talk to my wife without her knowing what I’d done. I had to smile to myself as she chatted away about how I seemed to have got over ‘that phase’ as she put it.

I took a nice hot bath and have since wet my leathers on many occasions.

Great stories here, although I just can't see the attraction of peeing or pooping in your pants. To me part of the satisfaction of a good dump is when it falls out of your bum either into the toilet bowl or onto the ground if you have to go outside.
I'm male, 17 next month and very slim. I have had three proper girlfriends who could all confirm that I'm not gay! But I'm not interested in girls shitting (rather not think about that)but I am fascinated when my mates go sit on the toilet. Am I weird for that?
I normally go round my mate Ben's house after school. He's just turned 17 and always has to take a shit virtually as soon he get's home. If his mum's not in I always try and creep outside the toilet door and love to hear his turds hit the water. When he's done I always pretend I need a poo as well (I don't as I always do mine in the morning) so I can go in and smell his shit and sit on the warm seat. I really don't know why this is - I don't fancy lads but we're really good mates and we share everything else (have even had a threesome). Perhaps it's just the one aspect of his life that I feel I can't share. I'd love to have the sort of buddy dump with Ben that you guys describe on this site.
In the morning I share bathroom time with my Dad to save time as we're a big family (but only the two of us male). So once my sisters have finished in there he has a pee then wet shaves at the sink while I'm on the bog having my shit. I then have a shower and Dad follows me on the bog, then he has his shower. I'd love to share with Ben.

Saturday, September 28, 2002

I took a shit in the bathroom at my dorm this morning after my morning coffee. But, man my bowels were cookin'! It made me so excited my cock couldn't go into the bowl to pee. I almost peed in my face just as my roomate walked in to pee in the urinal. He saw me through a hole in the door and said "Luke, you eat beans and dogs last night?" I said "Yah, now I'm fillin' up the tank with dogs!" It stunk too man...dude!

HEY!, TO ALL FEMALES READING THE POSTS! Have you ever took a piss outside standing up? I did last week, in some bushes along a busy highway; it was thrilling. I had a pbone call from a friend to come and pick him up, because his car conk out on him. I had to rush out of the house with a fitted pollo shirt without a bra. It was pretty embarrassing, because I have size 38DD naturally perky breasts. I was wearing my mini skirt with my thong and a pair of flip flops. I started out on the highway and not long after I was on the ramp, I had this sudden urge to take a huge piss. I really had to go bad, so I pulled over and carefully exited my car and ran into some bushes. I spread my legs and held the crotch of my thong over and aimed my pointer as it erected outward, and shot out my piss into the bushes. It was so good coming out that I groaned while gyrating my hips. My piss dribbled to a stop and I didn't even get any on me. It was awesome! Well, gotta go!

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