Hola mis amigos,

Renee says "hellowe" to everyone. She and Patsy have been so busy they just don't get the time to write. Both of them are volunteering at a women's shelter. Nothing new in the poop department for me. Light loads, plops and more plops with little, or no smell. Of course, I've been eating light, so make it up tonight and by Saturday I should be ready for a very decent dump.

ALEX M.: Hola! I remember you clearly from a long time ago, you and all your friends. I think you all brought a little touch of royalty here. You all really helped make this place what it is. I actually remember a lot of older posters because I hid out here for awhile before trying it myself. I remember Steph and a girl named Jodi I think? And all those great stories. I feel very happy that you posted again. I always missed you gals and often wished that you all could meet us! Take care Alex.
BARBIE DOLL: Hola bebé! Wow, thanks for such a warm greeting! Yes, I am small, only 5'1", but I think the reason I do such big poops is because I eat a lot of complex carbos. I work out a lot and am very athletic. Always runnin'. Actually though, I've been pooping huge ever since I was a kid, so I guess I don't really know why. Oooh, I'd love it if you could see me go poopy! If you braved it, I'd definitely make it worth your while! Yes, I want to know the details of yours too!
The Angie and Nu vids are basically lesbian vids that were intended to be marketed, but never made it past the closet shelf. This last one did have a smuggled cam in the ladies room scene where Angie pooped a giant pile. That was very nice! Kisses to you mi amiga!
TRAVELING GUY: Oooohhh, soy encantada! Thank you for sharing your bathroom experience with me. I sure wish I could've been there. I love guys pooping but don't get to see it as much. Jake's usually in and out in a minute or two. A big, honkin' 21 incher huh? I love guy shits!!! Men are so cute with their big guy legs and you-know-whats! I've noticed that when I do smoothies they don't smell as bad either. Eres fantástico también!
BRYIAN: You're so cute!!! You're the answer guy! I love all your long posts of answers to people. You're a good hearted guy. For your question, Jake is my husband, not my son! I'm only 24! Besides, if I had a son, I would never expose him to anything that we do. We're all very careful about that around here. Jake's a great, open guy though, and gives me freedom without question. It's very rare. I've never met a man like him before. Especially an ex-Texas rodeo guy. Take care hon.
INA: Qué pasa amiga? I loved your post to Jeff A! What a great story about the dunes and your little friend. I also agree about the standing peeing thing. I don't know why it's so freaky to some people. It's not just guys that get wierded out, women do too. Jeeeeez, it's not like something no one's ever heard of before! Granted, I never used to do it until I started reading here, and lovelies like Louise and PV and yourself helped me find a better, easier way to pee. I miss and love you!
MEREDITH: Oh, amiga! I'm so happy to hear from you again. I think about you a lot. Hope you can get on a little more, but I understand. I'm very busy myself, buried alive in homework! Speakin' a which, I have to run. I hate psyche!!!!!! Freud probably played with himself 24/7! Penis envy my ass!!! Oh well, kisses honey, take care!


That girl in the pic today is really hot....

Anyway, I have a pee story for SCOOTER and all who enjoy them!!

Tuesday night, I was so sore from my gym class and my knees hurt so bad I could barely move. Because of this, I was lying in bed, but refused to get up and pee before going to sleep. I went to sleep around 11:30pm and started dreaming about peeing. In my dream, it felt so good. Then all of a sudden, the last spurt of pee felt a little TOO real for a dream. I immediately woke up. It was 4:25am. I hadn't wet my bed, but I ran to the bathroom to finish peeing and realized I had let a little spurt go in my tiny white thong. My mom does the laundry and I didn't want her to know what happened, since I had NEVER wet my bed, and even though it was just a few drops, not even enough to get on my pajamas, I didn't want her to think I had started at 19. So, I tried to soak up what little pee was there with toilet paper, dried the thong as best as I could and put it in the laundry. Mom didn't do laundry until late last night, so she never noticed. I guess it was dry by the! n. And my pee is usually fairly clear, so I got by. Anyway, after my pee, I went back to bed and decided to start holding my pee as long as I could---just for you, SCOOTER!!! I started holding right then, at 4:30am. I went back to bed, then got up and went to my first class at 9:00am. and drank a whole bottle of water. I went to work at 10:00am. and drank a whole coke. I didn't even feel the need to pee. I got home around 1:00pm and had a large class of lemonade with my best friend. Then I played video games. By 2:30pm, I was starting to need to pee, but I was goimng to hold it as long as possible. Finally, at 4:30pm, I went to the bathroom and peed--alot, but not as much as I expected I would. I also pooped a big log. It felt so good since I hadn't been able to do a good job for several days. I wiped, then got ready for my next class. :) question to all posters--have you ever dreamed about peeing and actually let out a little, like I did? Or if you do, is it just a few drops, like me, or do you completely wet the bed? Do you do your own laudry? If not, how do your parents react? Thanks to all who respond, and hope you liked my story!


Punk Rock Girl
Barbie Doll-- Hey you! I forgot to welcome you to the forum! I like taking craps outside as well. Nothing like the feel of fresh, cool crisp air against your bare bottom as you dump a load on the forest floor. Looking forward to more posts from you!

Laura-- I can honestly say I've never gotten into shitting my pants intentionally. I have shit my pants a few times accidentally, and never really enjoyed it. To each their own, though. If you like it, more power to you!

Carmalita-- You sound mighty cute yourself! I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm beautiful, but I think I have it where it counts. Thanks though, you brightened my day!

R. Smith of AR-- Well, thanks for your admiration of the female ability to take massive dumps. Congratulations on not being homosexual, but must you use the word "queer?" I don't even like it when guy people call themselves that. To me, it's the same as calling a black person the "n" word. If you don't like homosexuals, fine, but this forum is not the place to discuss it. Sorry, but it's something I feel very strongly about. People not being able to tolerate other people is the reason the World Trade Center is gone.

Peace, PLEASE.


Hey. Just wanted to say welcome back to Alex. Its been forever since you last posted here, hope you plan on sticking around.

Not much else is new, I've had some fairly large dumps at school. Last Friday I pooped and the turd was like a foot long, it felt great letting it out. Then taht night I let out a long soft one. Well I'm gonna go. See ya


Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Barbie Doll it is kind of a little bit of both, being in the right spot at the right time and people seem to be comfortable with me very easily. Alot of my past posts had to deal with my younger days though. Traveling Guy being from a small country town most of my younger life I still have the way of small country town life. The other part is posted here today. PRG keep the great posts comming! Outdoor Jane your posts I always look forward to reading as much as all the others. Alex M welcome back. Carmelita great posts as always!
Ok back to the auction. Some of the items tthat I was interested were now comming up. Marie sat down next to me and I was keeping notes on the items and explained to her my interest in them. I asked her if she had any interest in items that came across the block at any time she was here. She said yes and had bought items from time to time. I gave her a cold coke to drink and we sat and chated off and on for about 45 minutes and went back outside when the items switched to different things that I did not need to take notes on.
We both went back outside into the cooler air and I gave her a nother cigarette. She showed me the storage room where other articles were kept for future auctions. She went to me agian; I've got to roll another one come on. So we walked across the road by the old locomotives and she again droped her black shorts and hovered squated this time and started to pee a gusher! Her stream was not narrow but was at the start of it about an inch wide from top to bottom! Then it narrowed down. The force of it hitting the ground dug right into the sand and created a small depression that was rapidly filling with herr pee. She went that way for about 45 seconds. Then she did a few push type bursts and then finished. Coke or any soda goes out as fast as it goes in she commented. Boy now I feel much better. I told her she probably did. We went back over to the auction and enjoyed the rest of it. Before I left she said that she looked forward to the next time and I told her I would! be back some time again when there was one that I would be interested in going to.

To Barbie Doll: Loved your story about your sister, cool!

To Laura: I don't really like shitting my pants..done it a few times but its such a mess to clean up..liked your story by the way.

To Alex M.: Loved your story about your friends.

To GaryUSA: Loved your story..LOL about almost peeing on the other guy

To JHW: Loved your story about peeing your

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story about the poop holding contest, who won? Im glad i don't have to deal w/ the side effects of eating chili cause i don't like it..too spicy for me. You know i had a mild case of diahreaha the other day too..i posted about it.(atleast i thought i did't if not i'll tell u next post).

To Carmalita: Loved your story

To Meredith: Loved your stories

To FART LOVER: LOL @ your joke

To Rick: Loved your experience.

To poster about lowes: Liked your story

To Mike of MD: 1. None 2. I don't know lots 3. yes 4. yes 5. No 6. N/A

To Emma: Liked your story, hope you feel better

To MUSK: Liked your story

The other night i dreamed i was having dinner at my grandmas house and i had to pee and it kept coming and comming and by the time i ate dinner every one else was finished and my boxers got wet.

Today on my way to work i was listening to DC101 and the DJ mentioned that he had the runs and had used the hallway bathroom. He said he had been sick and now hes got diahreaha.
Gotta run bye

Todd &Diana
Kate- We LOVED your story. Can you tell us a little about Megan. The story was excellent but it would have been better if she was reading a magazine. I guess she isn't afraid to take a dump in someone eleses house. We both think that females don't have a problem dumping in someone's house. Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana!

Punk Rock Girl- Hey Hun! Do you mind if we ask you a few questions? Like what is your first name? What state do you live in? Keep in touch and we loved you story about you reading and pooping on your boyfriends toilet and taking a dumop on the wooden seat at your friends house. We also agree that it is so easy for a girl to sit on the toilet and not worry about peeing or pooping outside of the loo. Now don't take this personally, but if I had my choice I would have a vagina too. Diana wishes that sometimes too, but there is nothing I can do about that. Keep in touch and we LOVE you sooooo much. Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana!

To everyone else: This may seem wierd but we are happy. We changed one the babies names. It is no longer Amanda, We love the name Madison, so Madison it is. Amber and Madison. With Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana!

AJ :o)
Just a quick note to let you know I haven't forgotten you, died, or got mad at you. Just very busy!

I'mm make it short and sweet for now.

As I've mentioned, the deficit color of my poop seems to be a golden brown, but I was recently at this motel where they had the most wonderful blueberries as part of their breakfast buffet, and I would usually eat a bowl every morning.

It wasn't long before my poop darkened, and what came off on the toilet-paper was a sort of Navy blue.

I would talk longer, but I want to go there for breakfast this morning, so I need to get going.

But I have a whole lot to catch you up on, but that will have to wait until next time!

May everything come out all right!

AJ :o)

Hi everyone! This is my second post today. Trying to catch up with some of you as some of my posts have not been getting on.

David: Thanks so much for getting back to me explaining that you DID drive back to Sue's house with your wet trousers and underpants down! I think if I did that I'd be terrified of getting stopped by the police. I'd much rather the police see me wet if they had reason to pull me over on the road. I agree though, wet trousers and underwear are great while the pee is warm. Not so nice when it goes cold. I loved the original story and your explanation too - plus the story of first wetting yourself as a result of trying to complete the gardening chores. I really loved hearing about that experience. If you've got more wetting stories please keep them coming. Also, if you do poo in your underpants, I'd love to hear how you got on.

Lancs Lad: There are people on this board I feel I've got to know to some degree at least. So I actually recognised your un-named post as yours. I think that happens sometimes, that although we put our names in the name box they sometimes don't appear. I loved your story of how you pooed in your underpants and filmed it too. Glad you enjoyed it and look forward to more stories if you do poo your pants again. I do enjoy your posts anyway, whether you poo your pants or not.

Scarlet: Thanks for your note to me. Yes, it is a long time since we spoke to each other. I enjoy your posts, and will do my best to keep mine coming. All the best to you.

ucgenie: I did respond to you in one of my posts that never made it. It's good to communicate across the Atlantic with you and to hear that sometimes when you bend over for something when needing a poo, it starts sliding out anyway. For years I thought I was the only guy in the world with this problem. That's why I'm grateful for this board - to discover that a number, including you experience the same thing. If you've got good jockeys on (or briefs as we call them in the UK) that safely hold a good load you (like me) might just as well let it all go once it's started, rather than rush off to the bathroom. We may equally need to change our underwear because of a small amount of poo as much as a full load. Keep your posts coming. I love them.

Gotta go, as it's nearly bed-time.

A couple of weeks ago i was out in public, and felt the sudden sensation to go wee. I live in a pretty urbanized area, but alot of the businesses and restauraunts around here will only let you use their toilets if you're a paying customer. I was wearing a maxi pad at the time ( Always super maxi w/ wings, just in case i started) and decided that doing my wee in my maxi pad would be alot more discreet than trying to find some bushes to go into. I walked to where i parked my car and got in. I sat there, relaxed, and went wee into my maxi. I drove 5 min. back to my home, finding the warm feeling of my soaked maxi pad quite enjoyable. When I got home, I immediately went into my bathroom, and lowerd my pants and panties to asess how well it absorbed my wee. As it turned out, my maxi pad was soaked, but it absorbed my wee and kept me from embarrassing myself in public. Since then, I have on several occasions done my wees in my panties while wearing a maxi pad, just enjoying! the unusual sensation of going in my panties, not to mention the warm moist feel that comes after emptying my bladder.
Are there any other women here who have ever had to do their wee in their panties while wearing a maxi pad, either to avoid an accident, or to try it on purpose? If so, i would love to hear stories. How badly did you have to go? What brand and style of pads do you use? Also, if you decide to try this for the first time, lemme know the results (e.g. how much wee did you let out, what kind of maxi pad did you use, how well did it absorb, etc.). Thanx!

Lancs Lad

Hi all. Well, after my last exploits, I decided to poo my pants again. I set up the webcam again and put on a pair of underpants.
I then got into a suitable position and was ready to go. I pushed out the first log and I knew there was going to be more coming. I could see a bulge forming (I had the webcam monitor on) and could smell the poo. I managed to push out a couple of more logs but was unable to push out anymore in the position I was in. I knew I had more inside me so I went to the toilet and sat down - I didn't bother taking off my underpants and I began to push out a couple of more logs. After I had finished I felt the bulge - it was pretty big! I also looked at it using the webcam and I was impressed.

I am going to make this a regular thing now cos I really I enjoyed it.

Just one response at the moment:

LAURA - The answer to your question - YES! With my recent experiences I really enjoy pooing my pants. Liked your story as well. How old are you and which places do you most like pooing your panties?

Dear R. Smith of Arkansas

Thank you for your interest and concern. My bottom is much better now.

On average I go to the loo every 4 to 5 days. I pass a firm turd - usually 2 inches in diameter at the start. This thick end, about 4 inches long, is normally full of compacted boluses. The remainder is mostly smooth and about 1.75 inches thick. It is up to 10 inches long in total i.e. if not broken. More usually a 6 inch one and a 4 inch one if I pause and my anus lops it off into two.

Occasionally when I do not go for up to 8 days problems can arise if the turd’s head has compacted up to 2.5 inches in diameter and is full of hard dry boluses. This is difficult to pass and I may have to try several times during the day to expel it.

I believe that 9 days without going is my record, but a girlfriend said she once did not go for 16 days ! Perhaps she ate very little during that time.

I also fart frequently during the last day or two leading up to the turd’s expulsion. I can also get a slight headache, and an ache in the rectum – which comes and goes, but otherwise no ill effects. These large ones make a big splash, wet my bum, and often float. Little wiping is required.

I also fart intermittently on the loo when trying to expel a difficult one - as it slides like a slow moving piston up and down my rectum between exertions. I have sat on many occasions for several minutes with my hole full and at maximum dilation with no movement. This can be painful. My anus can ache for a short time afterwards, but I feel I have given it some good exercise !

If I have real difficulty, with an exceptionally dry one, I use a finger full of Vaseline or KY jelly.

Thank goodness I have never had piles or fissures, although occasionally a few minor blood spots on the paper whilst wiping after passing a really large hard lump.

I do believe that us women on average have larger diameter rectums and large colons to store waste food material for longer.

I shuddered when I read you had tried to enlarge your anus. Take great care or you might tear something that would be very painful - and embarrassing to explain to your doctor/hospital.

You could try bran and Metamucil (Ispaghula Husks) to give you firmer logs. A Loperamide drug may slow down your peristalsis action. But always seek advice from your doctor. Let me know how you get on.

I am 47, 5 feet 10 inches, 168 lbs, well-built, a divorcee (early marriage failure). A good career in the City of London. I have a boyfriend of long standing who is very loving in all departments. He gets very turned on by my big farts – especially in bed, in the early morning, when I am half-awake. Also my large turds - which he often sees in the loo.

Hello everybody! I have a story about seeing a guy peeing when we were in Spain. Well this guy, I bet he was about 30, left his girl on her back sunbathing and he went up towards some rocks and I guessed that he was going for a wee or something. Me and mum, we went to have a sneaky look. Well I am sure he did not know we were peeping through a little gap in the rocks at him but we saw him stand still and get his willy in his hand and point it at a rock. He stood looking down at his willy and his wee started squirting out of him. He had a nice stream and it was not a twisty stream, it was a tight stream that hit a little spot on the side of the rock. He was doing a lot of dripping as well. When he was squirting his stream he was going drip drip drip drip really fast. I bet it was because he did not pull his foreskin back a bit when he was doing it. When he finished he did a lot of dripping and then he shook his willy a bit hard really so he got all the drips off. Then he went! back down again and we went back to Steve and Jackie a minute later.
I hope you liked this story. I liked it because I like watching men having a wee and normally I am lucky enough to watch my husband do it, but sometimes I like watching other men too.

ELEANOR - Hi girl! Well I am happy that everything is looking so good now for you. Yeah it would be a lot of cred having a boyfriend who drives. Good luck eh?
Well I do not know if you would be all right with weeing in places like I do. I think you need to not mind people looking at you other times you know? Steve says I can be a bit of an exhibitionist. Well I do not mind it if somebody looks at me. I mean I have been to nude beaches like you know with Steve, and I did 3 nude modelling shoots as well. So when I want to wee I do not worry about it too much if somebody sees me weeing. I am a lot more bold on the nude beach and I do not mind it if somebody sees me weeing full frontal.

CARMALITA - Hi girl!

RIZZO - Hi guy!!!!! Well when I have weed in the sea I have not usually been in the water above my knees. I was always just up to the knees in Spain and when I was in a row with Steve, my mum and Jackie we were all in the water up to the knees so our streams could have a long way to go. It was like that when that boy saw me and Jackie from the front when we were pissing our brains out. giggle We had an effect on him.
I think some people did go in the sea like you said but we saw other people just weeing on the beach or in the rocks a bit like we did.
Hey I hope you liked my story about Tuesday night and my friend's birthday celebrations! giggle
Love Louise xxxxx

INA - Hi girl!!! Well I will see about using my travelmate when it gets rougher weather. It is about confidence and practice isn't it, so I do not know if I will want to be standing still in the rain trying to get my travelmate snuggled in properly. It maybe I need to practice more so I can do it quicker because I still remember when I tried it the first time and wee exploded all over the place. I would not want that to happen another time because I tried to do it too quick. I will be trying it again though because I had a lot of fun weeing down the drain like that. I bet you can get it in place a lot quicker than me because you have been doing it for longer. I liked your story and it makes me want to use my travelmate another time. I will be sure to have mine with me on Friday night.
I will get Steve to write a letter for you. He is very busy just now but I hope he will write on Friday. I want to see one of his weeing descriptions as well. He is very good at it.
Love Louise xx

PV - Hi girl! Well I like my mum's idea. I bet it would be quite good for a girl a bit more shy than me. giggle.
I liked your story about pulling your jeans down a bit and weeing onto the grass. That was a good one. I hope you have a laugh at what we did at my friend's birthday celebrations on Tuesday night. giggle
Hey I thought it was good when you were on the beach and you squatted by your towel and did a good stream. How far away was the guy and do you think he could see your stream? Could he see you from the side? I know I am a bad girl and do not mind if I am seen full frontal but I really think you have done well and come a long way if you can do that.

Lotsa Hugs,


Thursday, September 26, 2002

MUSK, I really liked your story about the gas salesman with his nervous ???? suffering from the runs or the “tout de suite” at an old ladies home!

Hello fellow toileteers!

I see so many good posts I would wish to comment on, but that would make this far to long. In fact, I have a hard time already trying to keep up reading!

Alex, good to see you back!

Meredith, liked your story!

Eleanor, thanks for keeping me updated on the developments in your corner of the world. I hope that Andrew passes his driving test at the first try. The examiners can be nasty. I bet you will double your efforts to catch his attention. You might have to make some little concession though, toiletwise…. Grins!

Louise, hi gal, I hadn’t commented on your leopard print thong yet! I must say that it is a hot item, sizzling in fact, or better, hissing hot! And then your story about you and seven other friends in the mens loo at the pub, weeing in the urinals simultaneously after a count-down, is really superb! The land-lady on guard would probably not have let any of us in to join the fun.Cheers!

Wondered, it has happened to me too. When I eject a not so soft jobbie, I need to push my penis down, or the stream will go through the gap between seat and bowl as soon as the jobbie is out.

Punk Rock Girl, love your stories!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carmalita, dear, I enjoyed your account of the looks and sounds of that red haired princess! I too like girls not to be too skinny as I am slim myself (without being angularly bony), and I don’t want to end up bruised by bones clashing when I give or receive a hug. Of two, at least one needs to be at least a little bit padded. Have a trial hug to see what I mean, Rizzo

Here’s a little story from my experiences of voyageing under sail.
A loud noise of pouring water coming from somewhere very close obliged me to surface from my dreams. I carefully opened my eyes. It was still quite dark, just before dawn. The gleaming polished brass clock on the bulkhead at the foot end of the pilot berth where I lay was just visible, and showed the time to be just a little before 6 a.m. I could hear my wife’s regular breathing from the settee berth just below me. The thrumming of water came from somewhere outside the hull, but really close. Blast the chap on the boat tied up alongside in the marina! Would he have to hose down his decks at the crack of dawn? Uncivilized bloke, I thought crossly, holding the hose over the side so that the stream hit the water right next to my ear. Right then a shuffling noise made itself heard above my head. The sound of water weakened for a moment, only to resume its full volume immediately after. I became wide awake. What was the guy doing stepping over on to MY deck? Another shufflin! g of feet above my head let realisation sink in that it was not the neighbour, but that it must be one of our guests from the aft cabin peeing over the side! It could only be Chrissy, the blonde well-built wife of my friend. She must be sitting on the rounded, five inch wide teak capping of the bulwark right above my face, feet on the side deck, bum shoved out beneath the lifelines and over the side, peeing hell-for-leather! The stream must be hitting the sea less than six inches from my right ear! After a while the sound of pouring water diminished to a drip, then a squirt and some more drips. Shuffling of feet and footsteps to the cockpit and beyond to the aft cabin was followed by silence.
She had probably not wanted to walk through the saloon where we were sleeping to reach the toilet in the fo’c’sle, and had not wanted to awaken us with embarrassing noises of peeing and pumping out afterwards. All the same, I wished I had had a porthole in the hull right there, to be able to take a peek out and upwards to see that stream being ejected from an unruly curly jungle of tawny pubic hair. How did I know about her hairdo down below? On the first warm sunny day, only yesterday, she had put on her new bikini for the first time to sunbathe on deck. It was a sky blue one with darker blue vertical stripes and cut relatively high. She did not care much about trimming her hair, and the bikini bottoms were just a little bit too narrow to accommodate her nether coiffure. From time to time she grabbed the material in front and gave it a pull to one side to cover up some tawny curls, only to have another tuft pop out on the opposite side. Those fumbles in the crotch-area! did not go unnoticed by the people promenading on the quay and boat-watching. We observed some hilarious effects on some members of the male part of the spectators, too!
I was reconciled by the above thoughts and forgave Chrissy for having woken me up by peeing over the side at such an unearthly hour. In fact I looked forward to being woken up again like that in future. What a lovely wake-up alarm that would be!

Have some good pees and poos everybody, Rizzo

Hello everybody.
Well today I had a bit of an unusual wee. I was going to see my sister and I felt like I needed a wee on the way. I knew there was an alley behind some shops that I could go in. I was dressed in a red one-sleeved top that let me show my left shoulder and belly, and blue jeans that kept showing the top of my black thong at the sides and the back. I know Steve likes that but I didn't mean it to be seen like that today.
Well I went behind the shops in the alley and I took my jeans down and I pulled my thong down to my knees as well. There was this big drain over a sewer so I squatted over it. I let rip and I pissed my brains out down the drain. I hissed a lot and I heard my wee dropping and trickling into the water in the sewer. It made all sorts of different dripping sounds you know? Giggle It was a bit loud and I went on weeing a long time. Well a door behind me opened and a boy, I bet he was about 15, look out at the noise and I bet he had a big shock when he saw me squatting my bare bum over the drain. Well it was just a bit obvious I was weeing a gusher wasn't it with all the noise and everything. I do not know why it is I keep getting found and seen weeing by schoolboys and giving them shocks! Well I just gave him a little smile but not too much and he just stood watching me. I do not think he saw my wee squirting out but when I wiggled my bum it may be he got a quick look at my p! ussy when I was shaking the drips off. Well he will have seen the wet grid on the drain. When I was pulling my thong up he got this real funny look on his face and he sort of tensed and I bet he had an accident in his pants. Oh dear! giggle Well then I pulled my jeans up and I walked out of the alley real cool. LOL My sister laughed for ages when I told her what I had done.
You know when I was weeing in that alley I was thinking of the nice men like Jeff A, Rizzo, Adrian, Upstate Dave, Robby, Andrew, Mickey, Richard of USA (where are you???), Scott, Hold It Man, John Q Public and Austin. I bet you would have liked to see me having that wee.
Love Louise xxxxx

FART LOVER - Hey girl! I liked your story about standing and pissing into the bushes. I do things like that often really. Do you want to be a member of the WSPC (Women's Standing Pee Club) that we have on here. We have some other girls like PV, Annie, Sarah S, Meghan, Carmalita, Renee, Nu, Kendal, my mum and sister who are all 'members'. That is a bit funny really because we know how to pee standing up without members. LOL Hey how tall are you with a 38DD size? I am 5 feet 9 and 36D.
I dress a bit like you with mini-skirts and thongs during the summer months. It makes it easy just to stop and have a wee outdoors.
Love Louise xx

ELEANOR - Hi girl!!! I just thought last night after I wrote my last letter that I should have said I find weeing in the places I do very exciting and I get a thrill out of it. My heart goes thump thump thump, and well really I think it is the thought maybe I will be discovered that is the biggest excitement.
If you really like going to the toilet in private and really do not like the thought of somebody seeing you then it maybe weeing in a public place is not for you. It may be you would not like it and that is all right, it is not like there is any pressure on you to do it. It would not be a good idea to come out with me and my friends when you are old enough to drink though. giggle
I know what you mean about feeling like a gooseberry when Kendal is with Michael. Well, yeah, it is right they will want to get time alone and you will need to let them but I bet there are the other times when they really want you being with them too. It would be good if you talk about it with Kendal and tell her how you feel. I bet she will understand and see what you mean, and you will get time to spend together. You know I felt bad when I started going out with Steve because I had much less time with my special friends.
Lots of love. Louise xx

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