Barbie Doll
Hi, Barbie Doll here again.

I'm really flattered by all the responses. I'm trying to recognize all and hope I don't leave anyone out. It is not intentional if I do.

Outdoor Jane:

Golly, four girls ages 14 - 16 must be a sight to behold. Do any of you do real large poops, or go a real lot? Boy, would I ever be interested in some mutual watching. Makes me tingle.


How is my cute little fantasy girl? It is so nice to hear from you. Sort of like talking to a star in our field. I am always amazed how such a small woman can do so much. I'd even brave the stink to be there and see you go.

Those Angie and Nu vids must really be something to see. I'd love to have copies of those, but know that it can't be accomplished through this forum. We do need to protect ourselves from those who might have a little too much passion -- if you know what I mean. How much wood would those vids cause for you guys?

Thank you for taking to time to write to me. I'll think of you next time I go and if you want, I'll look and tell you the details.

Upstate Dave:

How do you manage to see so many women and girls do their thing? You must have magic or just be incredily talented in knowing where to look for them. They seem to find you as if by magic.

Thanks to Bryian, toilet dude and Michael for the warm welcome.

I have one memory to share. I was around 12 and was walking with my little sister who has always been as pretty as can be. She is five years younger than me and she told me she needed to poop real bad and asked me to help. I looked around and found some big old pine trees in a group and took her into the center where there was a small open area. She got her skirt up and panties down in a flash and was squatting facing me so I could see all. Immediately, she started shooting out those little round poops. It wasn't the total amount she did, it was the speed that they came out that was unusual. Boom, a bunch came out in under 15 seconds. She then peed hard with a hissing sound and was done with all in less than a minute. We watch each other sometimes to this day and she is still the most express type pooper I have ever seen.

See ya.

Does anyone like shitting their pants? well i do and it feels great! One day while I was swinging at a park i had a major cramp it felt like a big load but it doesnt matter to me. anyways i went on the swing cause my stomach hurt so i just sat there and shit my pants. Soft mushy poop filled my white pants and farting at the same time man it feels soo good. my pants were a mess and so were my panties so i tightend my pants so no poop would side down and i wore a long coat to cover my mucky poop filled bum. Hope u like my story!

Alex M.
Hi guys. Some of you may remember me. My name is Alexandra, "Alex" for short. I'm 24 years old, 5' 7", with dirty blonde hair, bluish-green eyes, and an "average" figure. I used to post a lot about my "buddy dumps" with two of my closest friends, Steph and Jodi. My younger brother, Eric, 22, is also tight with Steph and enjoys sharing "bathroom time" with her.

I've been trying to catch-up on many of the old posts; most of them are great, as usual.

Eric and I live in CT, about 50 miles away from NYC, and this post is about a road-trip we recently took with Steph. Steph, whom I've known, and loved, since the 10th grade, has recently moved from Albuquerque, NM up to Boulder, CO. We [meaning Eric and I] recently flew from NY out to Denver to meet up with Steph and drive out to northern CA to meet another mutual friend, Laura. Some of you may remember her, as well.

I'll try to keep this mini-travelogue as toilet-related as possible. We set off in Steph's bright yellow, 2000 VW New Beetle. It has been said that "you are what you drive," and this car fits her perfectly. I try not to place "labels" on people, but Steph is very "new age," an ardent outdoors enthusiast, vegetarian, and all-around great person to be with! Somebody on here, I think it was Jeff, called Steph a "ray of sunshine." I couldn't agree more!

The three of us set off from CO (yes, Steph put some flowers in her bud vase :-) ) and headed west. After stopping a couple of times to switch driving, and to get a quick bite to eat, we hit eastern UT. We were on a very desolate stretch of highway (I think it was I-70) when Eric said he had to "go." There was no sign of facilities for miles when Steph offered to pull over because she also had to go. I also felt like I had to pee.

So, it was off to relieve ourselves in the "moonscape" desert (please, don't take offense, any readers from Utah. It's just the best way I can describe that particular area). Steph, always prepared, grabbed a roll of TP from the trunk.

We walked a little way out; there was really no place for us to hide, but there was hardly anyone driving by. I should say right now that Steph is far more comfortable, and "experienced," with going to the bathroom outside than I am. Eric stepped to the side and stopped. He then began peeing in full-view of both of us. I was rather indifferent, but Steph was staring intently.

As Eric finished up and zipped up his fly, Steph and I were about 10-15 feet apart when we both began to pull down our clothes to "squat." Now, Eric and Steph have seen each other "go" many times; Eric and I have been a little more "awkward." I knew Eric was dying to see Steph go (and just as much, perhaps more so, vice versa), since it's been quite a while, but he was a little nervous about seeing me. I could sense this and told him I didn't mind him seeing me. We've seen each other a couple of other times, always around Steph.

I only had to pee and Steph and I were both peeing away, with Eric paying very close attention to her. I finished peeing, stood up from my "squat," and asked for the TP, which was by Steph. Eric brought it over, trying not to watch me. I could kind of tell he was "curious," which is no big deal. He's my brother and we've always been close. (note: not in THAT way!) I took a wad off the roll to wipe my vagina, and then asked him to bring it back to Steph. Steph was still in "position" and volunteered that she was trying to "take a dump."
A minute later, she let out one rock-solid turd, about 1 foot in length. She stood back up and wiped around her vagina, and then her butt. After wiping, she looked at the paper and, seeing nothing was on there, said that was a "nice, clean dump."

Steph then kicked sand over her "creation," as well as my pee-soaked TP, as a cat would in a litter box. We walked back to the car, with Steph and Eric holding hands.

That was the only outdoor incident we had. We spent one night in Salt Lake City and the next in Lake Tahoe. The three of us shared a hotel bedroom in both cities. FWIW, Eric pooped in front of Steph the first night, Steph and I both pooped in front of each other the next morning.
Eric and I watched Steph poop that following evening; I also had to poop and, although I didn't care if Eric stayed around, he left the room before I sat down. Neither Steph or I needed to poop on the morning we were leaving Tahoe, but Eric did, and he made sure to invite Steph in to watch.

We finally made it to Laura's place, near Berkeley and San Francisco. The four of us did a "group hug" and spent much of the evening hanging out and reminiscing about old times back in Fairfield County.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. After a few wonderful, memorable days, I had to get back to my job (so did Laura)and Steph, Laura, and I bid each other a very tearful farewell. I flew back to the east coast. Eric, who recently graduated from college and presently doesn't have a job, rode back to Colorado with Steph. Steph insisted that he spend some time "hanging out" there, so, luckily, he got to spend a couple of extra weeks out west.

Yesterday afternoon, I picked up Eric at JFK and on the way back, we talked about our trip and all the wonderful things we saw and, most importantly, the time we spent with our friends.

Sorry if this was too long, but it has been a long time since I've posted, and I thought I'd keep the "old-timers" (and newer posters, too) up-to-date.

Hugs and Kisses
Luv always,
Alex :-)

My experience with peeing over the edge of the toilet. I guess because I am uncircumcised is the reason I donít pee straight. Every once in a while even when I am sitting on the john if Iím not careful to push my member down I will pee over the top of the rim. This only happens when I start to pee. After that Iím fine. It is quite embarrassing if I am out in public and this happens as it gets my pants wet. I find that leaning forward tends to lessen this problem.

That reminds me of a story that happened to me. A friend and I went to the movies and decided to pee before the movie. I like to be able to sit through the complete movie. Anyway the menís room had those long stand-up urinals. Me not thinking stood a little too far away, pulled out my dick and started peeing. The problem was that when I started it did not go in the intended direction. You see I tend to start off squirting to the left. This time it was quite a bit to the left and I almost peed on the guy next to me. You would have seen the surprised look as he jumped back out of the way. It immediately struck me as funny and all I could say was ďoopsĒ all the while trying to stifle a laugh. The guy left quickly and my friend and I just broke up. From that point on I stand much closer. I have to be very careful of my aim when peeing into a toilet, as I have been known to miss it completely. I guess that little bugger is crooked cause it happens even to this day.

When sitting on the john I usually pee first then poo unless I have a particularly full bladder the then I do both at the same time. I try not to let the pressure build up on either end.

I havenít been reading many of the postings here in quite a while. I guess Iíll have to catch up on them now that I have the time. Iím in between jobs right now so I will go as far back as I can to scan the postings. Itís nice to see some of the same folks here and a few new ones too. I have some stories to relate that I will post here for you all to read and comment on. Iím glad to be back and hope everyone is doing well.

bathroom kid- I hope you are feeling better. Again, I love your posts, and I'm jealous that you get to lay in bed and pee yourself all day while I go to school. Please tell more about this when you are feeling better (i.e. what it was like the first time you did it, or what was the best time, or the last time, did you pee anywhere else, what were you wearing, etc. (you don't have to answer all of those)). I thought I might tell you a story about myself. one note about my situation... as much as i love peeing myself and other things, my parents and bor/sis don't know anything about it, so it's much tougher, and i have to clean everything myself. NOw, this happened when I was 13...I was actually home alone (Best time to pee!!) and playing football on playstation downstairs. I planned my morning, and was wearing some briefs and blue jogging pants. Anyway, after losing two games, and getting beat halfway throught the third, i decided i really had to pee. After the next p! lay started I relaxed myself. The last time I peed was about 13 hrs. ago @ 9PM the night before. I had drank at least a half gallon of liquid since then. AS I relaxed, the pee started flowing into my underwear and then down through my pants and into 1 of the 4 towels I had on the couch. Feeling restricted, i reached down and slid my briefs aside. Wow did that pee shoot out!!! It soaked the crotch of my sweats, and began to puddle between my legs faster than the towel could absorb it! I called a time out in the game and let it fly...what a relief! After a good 45 secs, it slowed down and I could continue my game. I had completely soaked 3 towels, and wet the 4th. You should have heard the sound of it as it rushed out of my penis and splashed against my a faucet! Well i felt much much better, and I was warm, so I began to take over and eventually won that game. I threw the towels in a bucket of water, and the pants too after breakf! ast (I let that juice out into them after breakfast, and it soaked the legs). Well, that's my story for today. HOpe to hear more from all of you, especially about early experiences with peeing


Punk Rock Girl
Austin- Thanks for the support, dude! Taking a shit in the woods is a very nice experience. And, I do believe, to be a serious camper/hiker you have to have to bare your ass and crap on the forest floor. Otherwise, you're just a visitor. Liked your post, too. I've never taken a shit over the side of a boat (I have over the side of a deck once, though!).

Wondered?- Hey! I usually pee right before or right after I've taken a dump. Every once in a while, if I've already peed earlier, I'll crap without peeing. But I rarely pee and crap at the same time. I don't regularly have the urge to pee a little while after taking a dump. And I believe it is physically impossible for me to squirt pee outside the toilet while taking a dump, but I always thought that would have to be a problem for guys. IT'S GREAT NOT HAVING A PENIS!!! Lemme tell ya!

Cool Daddy- While I've posted a few diarrhea stories here, I'll give you the Reader's Digest version of a more recent one. I was at an outdoor festival with some friends, when I had to shit. There were only porta-crappers, so I got on line and waited my turn. They were all co-ed, so I figured it would be gross. Anyway, I finally got in one and lo and behold, the seat was covered with piss, dirt, cigarette ash, etc. Yuck. I really had to go, so I pulled my pants and underpants down (thank Gad I wasn't wearing a thong) and squatted over the "toilet". Well, I totally misjudged my positioning, because I ended up spraying diarrhea all over the back of the seat, totally missing the hole. I said, "Shit," which I think was approporiate, and tried to readjust myself, but couldn't stop the flow of diarrhea. I actually almost slipped and sat in the pile of shit I'd made, but caught myself just in time. A few squirts and farts later and I was done. I peed (which made it i! nto the hole) and stood up. I turned around and saw what a disgusting mess I made and reached for some toilet paper to wipe my ass and at least clean the mess a little, but there was no paper. Frustrated, I said F*** it, yanked up my underwear and pants, and opened the door. There was a guy waiting to use the shitter and I said, look, it's really gross--someone shit all over the seat. He said he only had to pee and stepped in. I hightailed it out of there back to my friends and spent the next three hours with sticky shit squished between my buns. Not the nicest experience!

Scooter- I've never taken part in a pee-holding contest, but, because I was an idiot in college, I did once take part in a poop-holding contest. I was hanging with my friends (mostly guys) and drinking, and they decided to have an endurance test to see who could hold their dump the longest. I said, hey, I'll join in! Dumb. Someone actually went to the trouble of going to the drug store and buying the cheapest (and most potent) laxative they had. We each drank a cup ful (tasted gross), then just sat back and waited for nature to take it's course. Well, nothing happened for like an hour, then slowly, I started to feel pressure building up. I could tell the others did too, because they were fidgeting and sweating just like me. After a couple of hours, we were all ready to burst. A couple of the guys fought their way into the bathroom, but obviously there was only one toilet. Once he was on there, he wasn't moving any time soon! Everyone in the apartment could he! ar a long stream of farting and splashing as he shit his brains out. Finally, I was about to shit my pants, so I ran to the bathroom, hoping the toilet would be free. Fat chance. I waited a minute, then a small fart and squirt of liquid shit escaped into my underpants and I gave up. I ran downstairs, out the door and behind some bushes. I yanked my pants and underpants down, squatted and sprayed about a gallon of hot, burning diarrhea on the ground. Later when the bathroom was finally free I wiped my ass. My underpants were a mess though. All I could think of was what an idiot I was for taking part in such a stupid activity! I had diarrhea for the next three days thanks to that. My own fault!

Well, hope that satisfied all your curiosities! I actually have to take a dump right now, so I'm heading to the unisex for some coed crapping!



OT, I know, but I wanted to drop a note to say I'm okay and was computerless for ages. I'm also living in a double this year and my roommate also seems to be around quite a bit so I may not be able to post frequently. I'm waaaaaaaaaaay too busy to post for a few weeks at least, but will try to read and respond in the middle of October or so.

Punk Rock Girl

I had a mild case of diarrhea yesterday afternoon. But I was aking for it. Someone brought a few cans of chili into work and said anyone who wanted some was free to open a can. I, being a total moron, thought, ooo, ????, haven't had chili in a while. I opened a can and should have been wary of the shit when it looked and smelled like dog food. I poured it into a bowl, nuked it and ate it. For canned chili it was actually quite tasty. I only wish my bowels had as pleasant a reaction to it. Barely an hour past when I was rushing to the unisex. There was no one there, so I picked my favorite stall (the one closest to the entrance, because the toilet is slightly lower) and closed the door. I pulled my black jeans and red thong down and sat my bare bottom on the shitter.

It wasn't really an explosion, but still a pretty vigorous stream of chunky diarrhea shot out of my ass. GURGLE-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-SPLOOSH-PPPPFFFFTTTT-SPLASH-PPPFFFTTT-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP! It hit the water hard and splashed it on my buns. And it STANK!!! I am so glad no one came in, I was lucky. I actually had to hold my breath. You know your shit smells awful when you gross yourself out! I pushed out the last little bit and felt much better. Luckily it wasn't the stingy kind, because my anus felt okay. I wiped myself until I was clean as a whistle and pulled my thong and jeans back up and washed my hands. The whole frigging bathroom smelled like used chili. I walked out, and didn't see anyone making their way toward the bathroom. I went to my cubicle and sat. I know everyone's shit stinks, but that was extra rank.




Hola mis amigos,

AUSTIN: Oh hon, I loved your story of Donna! How sexy and romantic to have her holding onto your neck while you smelled her honey hair of coconut shampoo. And you being there for her, strong and gentlemanly. I've never been in a situation like that, but would love to be! Kisses to you hon!! Oh, BTW, I've also made love on the toilet. There's nothing like it!
PUNK ROCK GIRL: I love your stories! You sound beautiful.
DEAR WONDERED: No, you're not a freak. Happens to me all the time. I'll poop and come back 2 minutes later for a pee.
OUTDOOR JANE: I love pooing outdoors as well. During the summer especially, we do it all the time. But year round, even in winter, we'll poop outdoors. It feels great in the dead of winter. My turds are steamy, then get rock hard from the cold.

I'm back in school. Man, do I hate Psyche!!! My other classes are cool, but I hate that one. I'd gone to the restroom around noon, following right behind this girl who was ????, not fat, just in between (fat is a horrible word anyway), and the restrooms have four stalls in a row. She took the back stall near the wall. Since it was just the two of us, and I had to take a monster poop, I couldn't be too obvious by taking the stall next to hers, so I used the third one. First of all, this girl has such a gorgeous face! She has a big rear end, very hefty thighs and boobs and long, reddish hair. I listened to her slide her jeans down, then wiggle into position on the toilet seat. A hard gush of pee came out then some silence. It was sooo beautiful. I heard her grunt and puff going "rnhh--rnnhh--" three or four times before some loud crackling set in followed by a tremendous "K-PLOP!!" There was silence for awhile, so I knew she was going to be there a bit. I was already sitt! ing and gushed about two minutes worth of serious piss that seemed to be coming out in tremendous force. When the dripping set in, and the last tinkles hit the water, I heard yet another "K-PLOP!--annnhhhhh" from the red-haired princess. I leaned way forward on the seat to give my turds some extra volume. I reeeaaalllly wanted her to hear me pooping! I grunted, a little louder than necessary, and some serious crackling began. It sounded like a cellophane wrapper coming off a CD, only not as loud. A few pops in the crackles, then finally "Plop-Plop-Plop-Plop-Plop-Plop-Plop-Plop-Plop-" lots of soft, poopy turds in a row. I listened as I rested, to the beautiful pooping girl in the corner stall. She grunted softly, then let loose some wetter sounding soft plops that splatted over and over again. I could smell her action now! Very sweet! Then, I heard the toilet paper roll in her stall getting one hell of a workout. How much paper did she need anyway? I wiped my butt four times! , then flushed, pulled up, buckled up and exited to wash up. We came out together and I smiled at her and said hello. She smiled back and her smile pulled the rug out from under me. I played with an earring for a second until she left, then I went into her stall. The smell was medium, but there were some good shit stains in the bowl.
I came home and Patsy was home and had to take a big dump. She had a magazine, but I asked her if I could come in and talk. She said, "Oh, I don't know. I've been putting it off since this morning," but finally agreed. Patsy gets very embarrassed over her smells. I sat on the laundry hamper while she pooped. I told her about the story at school and the ???? red-haired honey in the restroom. She liked the story very much. Patsy also took a major shit, so I was twiced entertained! It also stunk like hell!

Also, I'd gone into the restroom for a pee at the end of the day and there was only one stall open. It was open because there was a huge pile of shit floating. Why don't people flush? I'd love to have seen the girl it came out of though!

Hellos and Kisses to Robbie, Annie, Sarah S. and Meghan (sorry I'm so out of touch these days! hope all is well), PV, Ina, Steve and Louise, Rizzo, Jane and Gary and who else am I forgetting?



Hey all,

I haven't posted here in such a long time it feels strange to even do so. I 've been so busy these last few months during the summer that i haven't even had time to post. Been getting ready for university and all that stuff. However i did manage to read most of the posts that people have made throughout the summer months. I don't think i will have much time to post a lot more since I'm in uni now and am starting to get the workload that is expected.

Anywayz i have had quite a lot of massive and pleasurable dumps over the summer. Unfortunately i haven't been able to share them all with you. Sean and me are together now after that memoriable dump at the arts school. It's kinda weird cause we went out on a date like a day afterwards.

I haven't let him see me poop yet since we have barely been going out for two months now and i am not exactly comfortable with the situation just yet. but i guess the time will come when i will surprise him.

I remember once over the summer, i think i must have overdosed on fiber or something, but it was shortly after lunch with a couple of friends and sean, i came back craving for the washroom. I was in the situation like Trainspotting if anyof you have seen it, where i was wishing for a clean and polished toilet. Anyway, i rushed in and almost imediatly after i sat down and closed the door, soft poop came oozing out followed by loud wet farts. this must have gone on for a while until a male worker came in and left almost immediatly making an gross sound as he left. I guess my poop was really stinking. I was in so much concentration of relieving my stomach ache that i didn't notice the smell until after i wiped. The bowl was full of turds big and small with bits of undigested vegetable looking things floating in it. i was grossed out and imediatly flushed the stink away. I waashed and walked out only to be greeted by Sean telling me i was in there for precisly 16 minutes.

Today i had a stomach ache as well. In my university, the residences have co-ed bathrooms and its quite an experience. after breakfast, i was walking back to my room to get ready for class when a cramp hit me and i rushed to the nearest stall. i didn't care who was in the bathroom at the time guy or girl. closing the door, i felt a monster log slide out and drop into the water below plus a few more smaller logs exit silently. no splash. i sat for about a minute since i knew i couldn't be done and i was right. another cramp hit me but a smaller one, where i must have passed at least 50 really small creamy pebbles into the water below. it was already full but i just kept passing and passing more. i thought it wouldn't stop util a monstrous fart came. then a little more slide out and i felt empty. It took 3 wipes to clean my poop chute and as i rose to buckle my pants, i glanced at my production. The water was full with brown pebbles and i could just see a little bit of my ! 10 inch (approx) log underneath. the other two smaller ones where hardly visible. flushing, i watched everything disappear.

CARMALITA: i'm still here hon. don't worry, Mere hasn't left you
AMY CO-ED: it's great to know you're back too. nice stories about april. sounds like she can shit big too.

as for me i got some catch up reading to do on this site


Wondered, over shooting your piss while shitting is usually because you did not check the direction your cock was aimed in because your so concerned with your shitting. Also you may have simply shot your piss between the seat and the bowl that happems to me sometimes. I too feel I need to piss often sometimes after shitting.

Bobby B
Katie great story. Send some more in about you being on the toilet with your boyfriend.

Shy Pleasure Pooper
Amy (Co-ed): It is so good to have you back again. Your stories are the best! Keep posting! :)

Traveling Guy
MIKE of MD - It's about time I answered one of your surveys.
1.How many times have you left the door opened when you was pooping and sitting on the toilet in a public restroom?
-Never - I don't want strangers to walk in on me, not if the lock works.
2.Have you ever been seen a toilet by someone looking through the gap between the wall and door of a public restroom stall?
-Yep, a few times, but I think they were just checking for occupancy. I've never been stared at, though, that I know of.
3.Do you always put lid down after pooping or pissing?
-At home, almost always. IMHO, it's the best solution to the crazy "Seat up/seat down" argument. In most public restrooms, N/A.
4.Ladies have you ever put a tampon on the wall or in the waste basket with piss on it? N/A (On the wall?? What, when there's no wastebasket? Please fill me in, someone.)
5.Men do you always flush the urinal after pissing in it?
-Yes, unless it's obviously stopped up and would overflow but I must use it anyway. More & more automatics out there now, too.
6.Have you ever used the toilet when someone else was in the shower of the same bathroom that you was going to use the toilet?
-Yes, at home when my wife is showering. It took me a long time to be able to take a dump then, even though in the past I had g/fs who wouldn't have minded at all. It's no big deal for my wife when I do it, but when I'm showering she'll pee but rarely dump.
7.How long does it take you to poop? (b)3 mins, short but sweet!
8.About how long to have a piss? (a)1 minute
9.Ladies do you always use toilet paper after pissing? N/A

WONDERED? - Could be that your bladder isn't voiding completely, thus the feeling of having to go again a few minutes later. Might not be a problem at all, but if it persists, maybe you should ask a doc.

CARMALITA - Just for you, mi amiga, I did an amazing 21-incher this morning, a real smoothie. This one begged to come out, dead or alive! The best was when it first started, a sure fire automatic on the way, but it hung up a little just before seeing the light of day. Wow, did that ever feel good! Know what I mean? I leaned forward and let myself be filled with this incredibly good sensation of pressure. Then it slipped its way out with no help from me. This long one tickled me as it dropped and made its way into a cute triangle in the bowl. You topped me in the stink deptartment, though, mi amor. You're la bomba!

Shorties... KATIE - That feeling of closeness between you is exactly what I was getting at in a recent post to Jeff A.... JASON D. - You know the poetry, too... UPSTATE DAVE - You knew her less than an hour, yet she dumped in front of you!! I don't smoke, but they say nicotine can work wonders. Don't leave us hanging... AUSTIN - There's "hiking out" [for the non-sailors, that's when crew members hang over the side to balance a sailboat], and then there's "hiking out." What a picture you painted!... HERMIONE - So sorry about the sore tush. I'm a guy, but that anal stubble sounds absolutely nasty. Hope you're better soon... BARBIE DOLL - Welcome. I came later than you to the pleasures of outdoor pooping, but love it now. Tell us some stories. TO ALL - Loving greetings & thanks for sharing.

ANOTHER JOKY-JOKE TO TELL YOU GUYS! An Avon lady was in an elevator, when she suddenly had to fart. She promptly reached into her bag and sprayed the air with her deodorizer. Two floors later, a gentleman got onto the elevator. He began to sniff. The Avon lady asked, "Do you smell something?" "Why, yes, I do," he replied. "What does it smell like?" "Hmmm, I'm not sure, but it kind of smells like someone shit in a pine tree." THAT'S ALL I HAVE. I've just now pushed out a loud ripping fart and a one inch turd popped out of my arse, into my panties. It's laying against my butt cheeks. I'm making it creamy by sitting on it. I'd better go take a shower. Until next time!

dj pooh
does anyone know of any movies or tv shows that have shown a women talkin about pooping or actually showed them sitting on the can

Eric in Chicago
Wondered: I sometimes (though rarely) get what I think is the sensation you described. My guess (and it's just a guess) as to what's going on is that in the process of straining, a little bit of pre-seminal fluid leaks out from the prostate or the seminal vessicles and goes up the part of the urethra leading to the bladder. This irritates it a bit (there's a valve that prevents semen from going that way during orgasm, but it wouldn't be active when you're dumping), causing a sensation of needing to piss even though you don't really have to.

R. Smith of AR
Dear Hermione,

I just read your most recent post, and it sounds as if your motions are some of the most massive that can be produced by a female. It is truly amazing to read about women, like yourself, who can have a B.M. that is almost the same size as a newborn baby's head. Although I am a 31-year-old male, I have never in my life been able to produce a big log like you ladies can. It is truly amazing, ma'am.

By the way, in case you are wondering what 'AR' means, it is the state abbreviation of Arkansas, my current homestead. I was originally born in Tyler, Texas, and lived there up until I my eighth year. Anyway, I could not help but notice what you were saying about your most recent production of a literally larger-than-life motion. How do you ladies do it? I mean, I have tried enlarging my own anus with a wine cooler bottle, saturated with the Wal-Mart version of K-Y Jelly, in hopes I would soon begin to produce some monster logs myself. Unfortunately, this Bartles & James bottle, as smooth as it is, will not go but one or two inches up inside of my rectum. Yeah, I know I sound like I am committing an act of anal sex, which is a sin in the Bible, but I must find some way to stop having stringy turds--that measure only 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter! I have had some lengthy turds in my lifetime. Yet, even they are nothing compared to some of the massive logs I have r! ead about you ladies having on this toilet forum.

I must admit that, although I have never actually watched the opposite sex have a big B.M., I have always dreamed about this activity. There are several of us guys who are literally turned on by either the sight or thought of seeing attractive girls and ladies relieving themselves. I hope to one day get to have my chance to do so; and if it goes well, I also hope to spend the rest of my life with that girl.

I hope I have not turned you off by what I have said. It sounds as if you are married, by what I have read in your recent post. I do wish I was either engaged or married at this time, because I long for the day when I finally get to spend part of my time naked with a lovely woman. I believe this is what all guys dream about, unless they are a queer.
Obviously, I AM NOT a homosexual, and I never intend to be!

Anyway, I have enjoyed this time talking with you, and I look forward to reading your next post. Take good care, Hermione, and I hope your bottom and anus will get better after that recent big B.M.

P.S.: If you would, when you have your next big B.M., please publish the length and width of it, so that I can get an idea on how it looks in my mind. I would appreciate that very much, ma'am.

Best Regards,

R. Smith of AR
Big Butt & Big B.M. Enthusiast

Tim (and Sarah)

DEAR MEGHAN: Get well soon, dear! We are very sorry about what happened and hope you will be fine again real quick. Lovexx to you and ANNIE, ROBBIE and SARAH!!!
DEAR RIZZO: Hi my friend, nice to hear from you again! Thank you for your thoughts. Sorry, I havenít replied earlier. We are back home and I am working again and itís all quite exhausting, so I usually fall asleep right after dinner. Last week we all had a slight cold and the kids kept us up all night with coughing and spluttering and peepee soaked beds and panties ( they both have occasional accidents when they are sick). I was so tired, I fell asleep on an important buisness lunch the next day: Just a few minutes dozing off, while this other guy kept twaddling away, but it did not leave an excellent impression, as you can imagine.... I can just be very thankful, my boss was understanding and is one of the most patient people I ever met. I hope you are well! I completely agree to what Ina said about ordering a travelmate for your wife. I am sure your wife will not be shocked, but be pleased about your care even if she might not try it out right away. At least thatís th! e reaction I got from Sarah. Maybe she would have never tried it out without the more experimental Hannah by her side, but she is very grateful to have the possibility now. She wants to write a bit about it later. Take good care and lovexx from all of us!
DEAR JEFF A: Thank you for your reply! I think it is wonderful, you are so open about things with your wife and she even watched such a video with you. I told my wife about it and she said she does not really want t see such stuff (which is fine with me), but she could imagine having similar thoughts, lol. I loved your childhood memory, you told Ina about. I grew up on a farm and witnessed many similar occasions. I once played with my sister and her friend in the hay. Her friend said she needed a toilet and Hanah said she did as well. We made the deal, I could watch if I would pee for them in return. They just squatted in the hay and soaked the spot with pee. My sister got up, but her friend stayed and grunted. We both watched interested while she laid two fat logs into our barn. She whiped with some hay (must have been itchy) and we admired the work. If you are into watching girls doing a pee ar poo, a farm is a very cool place to grow up at... All the best to you and y! our wife and thanks again.
STEVE AND LOUISE: Hi dears! How are you? Thank you for the good wishes, Steve. We are ok, but Josie and Patrick are seriously missing each other. It seems to be more than a little holiday flirt ;-). I guess our Josie is about as shy as your lovely Louise, Steve;-). I also suspect, that little Patricka already learned the essential lesson that weeing standing is not not only reserved to us males: We watched a television movie together in which a little boy did a pee showing the girl something she couldnít do. Sarah overheard Patrick whispering to Josie: "They donít know what the girls in Afrika can do..." LOL Remember? Hannah taught Josie and her clever way to make Josie feel able but prevent her from getting into trouble, was to tell her this is what the woman in Afrika do, but not over here, so keep it a secret...Thank you for all your lovely stories, Louise! Your birthday pee at the urinals was a riot! What a pretty image! Lots of lovexx from Sarah and me
EPHERMAL: Glad you are fine. Take care, dear.
PV: Hope you are ok. I liked your garden pee very much. I came home the other day with a very full bladder to unfortunately find the toilet occupied by Josie, who just settled down for a big poo, so I was sent out by Sarah to pee in the garden, lol. I have to admit, I probably like it as much as you. Take care!

On Saturday evening Sarah and me decided to take a bath. I ran the water and undressed and sat on the loo for a wee. I did not want to poo, but while I weed I felt an urge and a few little turds slipped out. Sarah came in and smiled at me and I apologised for stinking the bathroom up. It did not smell too bad, but as we have toilet with a tray, it always stinks more, as the poo is not covered by water right away. Sarah smiled and said no worries and actually she was glad as she might have to do the same and was less embarrased this way. Of course, I liked to hear this. She also lid some scented candles, just in case, lol. I quickly finished and emtied the bowl and after some cuddling I was sent into the hot water, as I was naked and getting cold. Sarah sat on the toilet after undressing. She only wore a white shirt now and looked incredibly beautiful with her hair put up behind, but some locks falling into her face. She is still tanned from the summer, with her hair bei! ng bleached by the sun and the white shirt made a gorgeous contrast to her lovely body. She smiled at me and relaxed and a big gusher of pee hissed and tinckled into the bowl. She leaned forward, still weeing, and her body and face tensed up and she took a deep breath: With closed eyes she let a huge fart rip. She got deep red and went "oops" , but I just grinned at her and blew her a kiss , which was returned. She continued to try and squeeze a bit, but not much sucsess. We chatted a bit and it was so wonderful and relaxed. Suddenly the door opened and Josie toddled in sleepy. She sniffed and asked if mum was pooping. She went towards her and stood next to the toilet. Sarah stayed all relaxed and smiled and stroke her hair. She explained she was trying to poo, but the smell was from dad, who had to go earlier. Josie just yawned and went: "phew..." ( actually we could not smell as much as her, as we were longer in the room and probably adapted to it.) Sarah asked Josie if sh! e wanted to wee and hugged her from behind. Then she pulled her panties and pyjamas down and lifted her up, sitting her on the loo between her legs. I could tell Josie really liked it and cuddled in her mumís arms while letting her wee go. She giggled and said she had done a poops (fart). They cuddled a bit and kissed and Sarah whispered something into her ear. It was so wonderful to see them like that, I couldnít stop smiling at them. After she finished Josie washed her hands in my bath and gave me a kiss, before Sarah brought her back to bed. I just soaked in the bath, smiled about this wonderful sight and relaxed not knowing there was more treat to follow: The door flew open after a while, but was quickly but quietly closed again. Sarah hurried to the loo, quickly sat down and moaned. She whispered: "Now, itís finally coming", and soon I heard some crackling and lots of flomps and thuds. Sarah leaned forward and sighed and smiled at me. A soft, nice poop smell reached my ! nose. She starred at the floor and softly grunted and continued emptying herself. After many more turds dropped softly onto the others, she tinckled a bit. Sarah announced with a grin (imitating one of our kids): "Aaaall finished..." I asked if I should come and whipe and she guessed I only wanted to see the I grinned and she said look quickly but stay in the water, dear. I got up and took a glimpse while Sarah whiped and then quickly flushed to stop the smell. She had done big, healthy load, very impressive ;-). We had a nice relaxing evening after that, starting with a wonderful hot bath.

Hello all. Sorry I havent posted for a long time but to be brief about it, George and I had a little bit of marital difficulties. He is 50 and decided to have a mid life fling with one of his customers, a girl of 25 who was owner of a business in Southern England who's IT systems he supplied and maintained. At one stage it looked like we might get divorced but in then end he came back with his tail between his legs and we have sorted it all out.

Hermione, you and I have a lot in common and I have enjoyed reading your postings which echo much of my own experiences. I am slightly taller than you, the same age but at 252 pounds, (18 stones) half as heavy again, Im a big ???? lassie as we would say in Scotland. I have to admit to having a big bum thankfully balanced by large full breasts. I have waist length ginger hair.

Now if you look back through Old Posts you will read many of my experiences passing big panbuster "jobbies" as we call turds in Scotland. A typical motion for me would be a long fat solid turd from 12 to 16 inches long and 2.5 inch thick (diameter) for much of its length tapering to 2 inches then to a gentle point. Occasionally, if Im really constipated I will pass a hard turd which can be 3 inches thick to begin with, usually very compacted boluses and a bit difficult to get going. I too use KY Jelly to ease it out. Normally my jobbies are 2.5 inches fat and lumpy to begin with then smoother after the first 4 inches or so and quite an enjoyable sensation to pass. Like you and your friend I often pass panbusters which are too long and solid to flush away first time or even after a number of flushes and require to have a bucket or a few of water thrown down the pan or even to be pushed over by hand.

I have passed large turds since childhood and am not in the slightest bit self conscious about this. I was quite relaxed about letting schoolfriends accompany me to the toilet to watch me doing a motion, likewise my young brother who often came in with me at home and even on a couple of occasions his male mates. Of course George comes in with me at home.

At work we have a unisex staff toilet as in Ally Mac Beal, (to comply with the Offices Act we have also sexually segregated toilets for clients and those few staff who prefer this). As a result I often hear others doing big solid motions and see what they have passed and my efforts on the pan are also heard and seen by others. I dont react like your Finance Director although I am a senior partner in my firm. Recently I was seated on the pan at work and Paula, my secretary was doing a wee wee in the one next to mine. I grunted "NN! UH! OO!" as it was a bit hard and lumpy and very fat. Next door Paula chipped in, "Moira, are you a bit constipated again?" I gasped and said, "Yes, its a big hard jobbie and it doesnt want to come out!" After a few seconds it did start to move and I passed a big knobbly compacted lump, what we call "passing a jaggy brick" here in Glasgow which made a resounding "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" Paula remarked, "That sounded huge!" I replied, having a look b! etween my legs at this beer can sized log floating in the pan beneath me, "Yes, its a real brick but I havent finished, there's more on its way!" This time the jobbie was smoother but still firm and solid and slowly slid out of my back passage as I went "NNN! UH! making the crackling sound many mention and sliding into the pan with a "FLOOMP!" I did another short wee wee, then wiped my bum, only one wipe as it came away cleanly, pulled up my pink Sloggis (panties) and adjusted my skirt. Knowing that Paula would want to have a look I opened the door and she came in and saw the hard 6 inch long "brick" and the fat but smoothe curved jobbie next to it, a lighter brown 12 incher with its last 3 inches with a pointed end sticking up out of the water. I pulled the flush but both jobbies stayed behind, so I left them.

Like you I have both had other users make critical comments of the "Yeuch, who did that horrible thing?" but far more have like the girl you mentioned gone into the toilet, saw my big jobbie and stayed in there perhaps doing their own, a buddy dump, on top of mine. Perhaps it turned them on to see it as much as it did me to do it? I first observed this at school in the Girls toilets with other girls following me into the cubicle I had just used when I had done a big jobbie which had got stuck.

I have sometimes been blamed for clogging the toilet pan when someone else has done the big turd, but in one case I did one at a friend's house and it was a huge panbuster but her teenaged son got the blame, (or credit) for it as he often did such big whoppers himself.

Not wanting to go on too long, unlike the big torpedo I did this morning, which is still stuck in the pan for George to see when he comes in from playing golf, Ill sign off now and will tell you all about recent toilet fun in a lovely restored Victorian Public Toilet when George and I went on a second honeymoon to make up again, which Im glad to say we have.

Love all, and I look forward to reading more of your toilet tales Hermione!

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