To Wondered?: I've shot some piss on my pants when taking a dump..usally when you are pushing is when that happens.

To Jason D.: Love your think she would like for you to shit for her?

To MaryBeth: So you had travlers diahreaha? Had it the whole time? must have been horrible...That reminds me of the commercial for Ammodium A.D where the family goes to Hawii on vaccation and someone gets travelers diahreaha. Any one remember that?

To Carmalita: Loved your story..1 quick question, Who is Jake? Your son? husband? B/F?

To Ben: Liked your story....I find that strange, do you still poop that way? And how do you pee?

To Punk Rock Girl: I see about the you clear it out of your history? Liked your story too about dumping in the woods. Liked your story from school

To Upstate Dave: Loved your experince. Think you might end up dating this woman?

To Katie: Loved your

To Steve T.: Liked your story...i'd say no to all 3 questions.

To Uncle Allen: Liked your story..Fried food will do that to you sometimes. Atleast if you are gonna eat KFC stay home the next day or 2.

To shithead: Did any one see what you did? You should have taking your swim suit of and just pooped in the ocean.

To Bethany: How do you feel...i remember those posts.

To Ana: Liked your story

To Mark: Loved your story.

To kim: Liked your story.

To FART LOVER: Liked your jokes...I understand them all!

To Scarlet: Your welcome...liked your story.

To Martyn: I guess its safe to shave your butt hair...never done it heard of a few people that do it. Just be carful.

To Amy (Co-ed): I see about your Liked your story too

To Mike of MD: 1. Never 2. No, not that im aware of 3. Not always 4. N/A 5. Yes 6. No 7. C. atleast 10 minutes 8. A. 1 minute 9. N/A

To Austin: Sorry, i wasn't sure what you were i think that post had confused me...Liked your story too.

To Jason: Loved your story..did your other friends find out what he was doing? And what did your friend eat?

To Joseph: Thanks for liking my story.. I kinda made my own ennema cause i didn't feel empty nor did i have one with me. I found this type of bottle that would easily fit up my hole and i filled it with soapy water. It didn't really work cause it was a small bottle. Hope you understand. I didn't use alot of soap or water, it was small. I tried laying down. No cramps, it didn't really work. Don't usall take any lax or ennema.

To enjoyed your story.

To JamesR: Liked your story.

To ~*~JLS~*~: Liked your story

To Lancs Lad: Liked your story..would have liked to see

To MUSK: Thanks for replying

CJ (U.S)

I enjoyed both your stories about the Finance Director. Can you tell me more about her? I'm curious.... What does she look like facially (hair and eye color) and body-wise? Also when she was bombing her turds could you hear any crackling or hissing sounds along with the heavy deep breathing while she was pushing hard and her knobblys were making their escape? What color were her turds? Give me all the details. I enjoy listening to good-looking women poop and seeing their big hard turds if they ever leave them there without flushing. I have never watched a girl poop in person before but I remember when I was younger (I'm in my 30's now) there was this cute girl that used to come over to my mom's. One time when I was out in the snow and came back in there was a huge dark brown thick hard knobby turd floating in the water that I know she left. Ever since then I have been really turned on by attractive women doing this stuff. I am straight but do not have a gf at present tim! e.

Jason, your story about seeing your buddy Mike take an outdoor shit was real cool. Zip, your stories are always real enjyable too. Jason's story reminded me about an experience I had a few years ago. I was visiting friends near Key West, Florida. There was a park where we had socialized a few times and late one afternoon I decided to go back by myself to walk some of the paths. Increasingly I could feel the urge to take a shit, so I headed down the path in the direction of the restroom. I already knew that this men’s room was real unusual. It was just one crudely built concrete room with 2 sinks, 4 urinals and 4 toilets lined up on the walls with absolutely no doors or partitions of any kind! Toilet paper dispensers were mounted on the wall, one behind each toilet bowl. I could tell I’d need to shit soon so I walked faster and then I noticed a teenage boy walking a bike some distance ahead of me going in the same direction. Sure enough, when he reached the restroom, he ! stopped and proceeded to lock his bike. I continued down the path and entered the toilet about 20 seconds after he did. I assumed the kid had gone in there to piss so I couldn’t believe it when I came in and he was standing in front of one of the toilets tearing off sheets of TP and wiping down the seat. I casually said something about there being no privacy in this toilet and he said “yeah, but it’s all there is.” I asked him if he minded if I took a dump too and he said “no, that’s cool.” He was friendly enough but not really talkative, which was fine by me. He looked to be around 16 years old, slim and not too tall, with dirty blond hair, and he wore black converse canvas hi-tops (no socks), white shorts and a black t-shirt. The kid pulled his shorts and boxers down just above his knees and sat down. I sat down on the toilet next to him and tried to steal sideways glances at him. He was a good-looking kid with virtually no body hair except for a fairly nice bush, and s! ome short blond hairs on his tanned thighs. His ass was white and completely smooth. He grabbed his t-shirt with one hand and pulled it up till it was just above his navel. With the other hand he pushed his cock down and started a good strong piss. “Aah”, he sighed softly as it splattered out. Just then a guy came in and walked to one of the urinals to piss. We both kind of froze up until the guy zipped and left, then we sat in silence. It was a very quiet restroom and I knew I’d be able to hear everything. I decided to hold my shit in till the kid was done with his. After a few more seconds I glanced sideways and I saw the boy look straight ahead and his face and neck muscles tense up. A short little fart came and we both laughed a little (embarrassment?). The kid took a deep breath, looked straight ahead and pushed again. “Ungh”, he gave a little grunt as he exhaled. Then he really started to strain. Obviously he was a little constipated and was going to have to work at ! it. He looked down between his thighs, took a deep breath, opened his mouth and tensed his abdomen till it looked like a washboard. He sighed then took another breath. This time he grunted and shut his eyes and his face contorted as I heard what must have been a thick log start slowly crackling out of his hole. It must have been coming out in one long piece because I didn’t hear any splashes, just the sound of it sliding out. After about 12 seconds of this, I heard his log softly slide into the bowl, and he let out another relieved “aahh”. His face relaxed. He sat a few seconds, then started to push again for all he was worth, his eyes squinted shut and he gritted his teeth. His abdomen tensed up, and then lots more shit came, much looser and smellier now. He waited another minute, then he farted again and relaxed. “Whew” he sighed and looked over at me with a smile! I smiled back and then let my shit go, two big logs sliding out one after the other. “We really had to go, d! idn’t we?” I said to him. “Yeah, it stinks in here now!” the kid said as he reached around and began tearing off toilet paper from the dispenser behind him. He stood up, reached behind and stuffed the paper into his crack and did a good wipe. I peered over and saw most of the kid’s waste, a big fat dark brown log, very firm and knobbly at one end with the rest curving around the bowl. The part I could see had to be 9 inches or so. There was also lots of much looser shit all around it, in many small pieces. The kid kept wiping, looking at the soiled paper each time. After quite a few wipes, he swiftly pulled up his boxers and shorts in one graceful motion. He flushed and left. After I finished, I walked back down the path toward the main area of the park and saw the boy again, hanging out with his friends. Our eyes briefly met and he gave me a quick smile as I walked by. Nothing makes two strangers bond better than a good buddy-dump!

I was in Lowes at 7:30 am yesterday morning and made a visit to the men's toilet as I usually do when I am there in the morning. I took the end stall and dropped my usual turd load. I always leave it unflushed for others to admire and hope that other men do the same. there is nothing better than to see a huge turd a handsome man left behind. I was finishing the paperwork when a guy takes the large stall next to mine. I could see him in the mirror as he entered. He was a tall, large framed guy with thick muscular calves. I waited to hear him shit. He grunted and it dropped with a loud splash. He muttered, "Damn, it's big". Feeling curious, I said, "Don't you hate the big ones that rip you open wide?" He replied, "I only go about twice a week and I think this is the biggest one I ever shit out". I said, "i just let out a big one, too, I almost have to rest here a minute after I'm done". He asked, "Mind if I see?" I said, "Fine by me", and started pulling up my pants. The th! rill of this combined with the after-shit-sensation in my anus gave an erection that I tried to conceal in my jeans, but the sight of the guy who went the stall to look at my shit was so hot that my erection was obvious. I looked at the guy's turd which was about a foot long and close to three inches thick and said. "Wow, how do you manage to pass that?". He came back out of the stall I used and said, "I have to work at it, but I like the feeling it gives me". He noticed the bulge in my crotch, patted it and said, "I can see that you like seeing what I did". I turned red and agreed that I did indeed. He asked me to join him for breakfast down the street which I gladly agreed to and we had some fun after breakfast that the moderator will not allow to discuss.

Mike of MD
1. How many ladies are in the same restroom as you are using it?
2. How many men are in there using it when you come in?
3. Do you always rinse your hands after pissing?
4. Do you always wash your hands after poping?
5. Guys have you ever been in the mens restroom when a ladie comes into use it?
6. How many ladies drop there panties below there knees while pissing or pooping?

I have posted twice before. I
am 31 and am wheelchair-bound
because I have CP. I live in
the North of England.

I am so happy that one of my
favourite posters is back,
AMY (Co-ed)

Have you got any stories Amy
when your sister April has
offered to help and watch you?

Would you let April watch you
if she asked outright, do you
think she will ever ask to
watch you?

I would love to watch you
myself but I'm male so that
would explain a lot to other
women on this board.

Finally Amy, please keep the
stories coming and if there
are any stories of April
trying to actually watch you
keep them coming too.

See you


Well, what a delightful rock-wash that was in Spain! I can just see you and Steve in my mind's eye scouring the dust and sand from that lucky rock! :-)

Oh, how I know what you mean about being bursting when you get there and having a tough time getting your things off without wetting yourself! I usually strip off when I come abreast of the "clothing optional area" sign, and that means bend to step out of my shorts and briefs, and get everything stowed away in my pack, and with a super-full bladder that can be a task in itself -- though I usually have already relieved myself once before I reach that point, whether a squirt in the urinal at the public toilet near the carpark, a flood on a rock near the carpark itself, or indeed at a bench seat on the cliff walk on the way there!

I like your idea about tuning out the world so you can wee more easily. I remember on an early trip being unable to go with folks as close as five or six meters no matter how hard I concentrated, though on my last trip I actually squatted by my towel and released a good stream despite there being a guy in plain sight not far off.

But to lie back, focus on the sunshine through closed eyelids, listen to the sea and the wind... And let the urine go in a nice arc between my thighs! That would be really nice. I'll try that technique on my next trip. The spring is warming up here, it may not be too much longer before we get a beach day!

I had some more fun in my back garden yesterday. I had the place to myself and decides to have a wee in broad daylight. I went down to the bottom of my garden, into a corner protected by the overhang of a tree, opened my jeans, pushed them down a little and relaxed, and out came a good stream. I remember doing it all by touch, lift and splay, as I kept looking around in case anyone appeared in the bits of gardens visible from that point. Nobody did, and I emptied my bladder completely without drama. I had considered doing it onto the back fence, but I actually faced into the garden and streamed on the grass in front of me.

I feel I have a family of mentors in the Northern Hemisphere -- I'm very fond of you all!



HERMIONE -- I have a fair amount of hair around my anus and Australia is a very hot place in the summer, but I can say I've never had any ill effects from sweating down there. I would certainly like to be silky smooth in that region, but I've never shaved there because the effects would be very uncomfortable as it grew back!

JAMES R -- I'm from Adelaide, the drought-stricken place...

AUSTIN -- Beautiful poop-overboard story, that really set the scene for me!

CARMALITA -- so good to see you here again! Loved your stories as always, those poops never fail to be spectacular reading!

Cheers all,


Hello everybody! I hope everybody saw my other letter that went onto page 990. The one about the boy tripping over me when I was squatting weeing. Dear JEFF A - I hope you saw my letter.

I had a lot of fun on Tuesday night because it was the birthday of one of my friends. We all went out for some drinks and we were in the same little tops and trousers. We all had pairs of red horns clipped on top of our heads. Steve thinks we should always wear them. giggle
Well when it got a bit late we were in a pub that was quiet really and we were near the men's toilets. Hey guess what we did next! Well my friends all wanted a wee. There were 8 of us you know, and we all went into the mens' for a laugh. There were no men in there or anything but my friend wanted to go and it was a riot. giggle We undid our pants and pulled them down a bit and pushed our thongs over. There was a row of 5 urinals on the wall and they were very good to stand over. I got right next to the birthday girl who was in the middle. It was really good and a giggle because the birthday girl counted down from 10 to 0 and we let rip in the urinals at the same time with the other 3 girls standing waiting for their turns. My friend did a good gusher and I did too. It felt really good because I really needed to go. giggle The door opened and it was the lady bar manager who had seen us going in the men's toilets. She said "now ladies..." but she was having a laugh with us! really and she did not kick us out. She just stayed guarding the door so no men came in while we were weeing in the urinals. I moved my hips about and squirted my wee so it made the little tablet jump around. giggle When we were finished the other 3 girls went all the way and took their pants and knickers down and stood at the urinals. Jackie was one of them and they weed just as well in the urinals as we did before.
It was a real riot and I bet Steve would have liked to have seen us.

INA - Hi girl! Going on from where I last left it, I do not understand why that friend of Steve's thought his wife's organising ability is linked to if she can wee standing or not. I mean it does not make any sense that does it? Steve thinks his fiend did not really mean a lot of what he said but he was saying silly things and one of those was weeing standing needs a lot of organisation. Silly man! Do you bet he would have been petrified if I had started undoing my pants and said to him that I will wee standing to prove girls can do it? giggle
Love Louise xx

PV - Hi girl!!! Yeah I like my leopard print thong. It has a nice pattern of spots on it and I before Steve got me and Emma in the alley I nearly wet myself and washed the spots out of it. LOL
I think I can wee well with the travelmate now. It was really good when I weed through it on that other night. I was really pleased I did not get my pants wet at all and I even thought my pussy was dry after I had done it. I hope you like my story about us weeing in the men's toilets. giggle



Wondered? Yes I often need to do #1 at the same time as #2 and sometimes afterwards. I think it's quite normal and probably has to do with passing a motion putting some pressure on the prostate gland. My guess is that it's a fairly common experience for men.

Hermione. Hi! Sorry to hear about your anal soreness. My advice would be to use some Savlon cream and make sure you shower thoroughly in that area. Hope you're soon feeling better.

Ana. It sounds to me as though you put off going to the loo rather longer than was advisable!

LEATHER PANTS GIRL. Accidents happen. I wouldn't worry too much and just put it down to experience.

Carolyn. Faced with a spouse who was 'unwell' after a beer and curry session, I don't think many wives (or husbands) would have been quite so sympathetic or understanding. You could quite fairly have woken your husband up, taken him to the toilet and insisted that he stayed there until he'd finished doing what he obviously needed to do.

Best wishes


I have been really sick over the last week.I wasn't able to do very much at all. Did I mention I was vomiting and have several really bad experiences with my bowels. It has been difficult to go to the bathroom for 3 reasons
1: I feel really sick and was dizzy
2: The bathroom is on the ground floor of my house and my bedroom is on the top
3: I'm 5 months Pregnant and am carrying 5 babies so it it really difficult to walk anyway.
The first time I tried to go to the toiliet after needing to go for hours I made it 3 metres before completely messing and wetting my maternety nighty. My sister came in and changed my clothing and cleaned up my mess. The second time I needed to go my sister brought in the baby potty we bought for my baby. I tried to sit on it but it was too low to the floor and I had another accident into it. In the end we just decided to just have me do it in bed and let my sister clean it up. personally I think she enjoyed helping me just so she could see my lower body (she's a lesbian). Yesterday when I was feeling better I let my boyfriend come over and He is obsesed with poop and pregnant women so he hopped into bed with me. and took the heavy laxitives out of my draw and we both took some. 20 minutes later my bed was really dirty

does anyone have any enema or suppository stories to tell and how long you had to sit on the toilet. whats the longest anyone ever had to sit on the toilet at one time. would love to read some of your stories.


I have the same thing about peeing after a poo. I have never weed over the edge of the loo into my pants / trousers, but I almost always have to go back more or less instantly to wee after a poo. Once or twice when I was younger I thought that since I had just weed I couldn't possibly want to go again, so I didn't, and just once I ended up pissing my pants cos I went out and got on a bus when I shoudl have gone back.

Darius / Mark B / Matt (if you can read this)

I have just done a fantastic poo in my pants. I am wearing Joe Boxer briefs, and felt that I needed a poo, which I waspretty sure would be a firm one. So I decided this would be agood one for doing in my pants and I just gently eased it out. It is really hard and about the size of a grapefruit and is pushing the back of these JOe Boxers away from my bum like crazy.

Bye! CKF

wondered: lol yeah ive pissed on my trousers & boxers like that a few times... now i make sure i always sit back far enough. im not fat or anythin.


I have just seen your message. Have been away on holiday and am just catching up.

To clarify matters I drove to Sue's house with my trousers down. Her house is out of the way so was able to walk down her drive with wet trousers and underwear down. I like them on when their wet and warm but once it gets uncomfortable, I can't wait to take them off.

Sue is a colleague who saw me wet myself on a night out with her and she was very cool about it. I go to her house to clean up sometimes before going home.

My wife does not indulge my behaviour.

I experimented with nappies to see how much I could get away with before it showed. While they don't contain all my wee, it makes being in meetings fun cos I can wet myself without it showing too much.

When I get bored in meetings I love to wet myself and feel the wee warm my bum. I smile to myself, knowing I'm being naughty and no-one else knowing, or sometimes suspecting, what I'm doing.

The directors' meeting was my worst accident for a long time. I really was genuinely caught short. I'm glad you liked my report though.

I discovered I like to wet myself years ago when I was gardening. I needed to go but waited and waited because I wanted to get the chore over with. I was walking to the house almost crossed legged in an attempt to stop wetting my pants.

I suddenly stopped on the patio as I felt the first warm squirt and I just had to let go. I was fascinated just watching my wee flow out of me like a steam train, warming my bum, my crotch and my legs and forming a huge puddle round me.

I have never pooed myself ... may be I will give it a try and let you know how I get on.


Not much happening at the moment. All is quiet because Kendal has been away for the weekend. Michael's face was so long, missing her, that it was almost dragging on the floor, the poor boy ! He is so desperate to see her on the toilet again, but so far she hasn't let him.

LINDA GS: I really loved your story, and so did Kendal when I told her about it on the telephone ! What would you have done if those boys had actually walked in earlier and caught you having a monstrous poop with the door open ? Would you have been able to reach to shut the cubicle door on them ? You can tell me all about that while I take a "seat". I only let Kendal see normally, but you and her are so very close I figured that I don't mind at all you being there as well ! I'll tell you my story. On Sunday, I went to the toilet but didn't quite push the door to. Thus a small reflection of me on that pesky wall must have been visible from outside ! I'd been sat there for some while when Michael appeared out of his room. He came towards the door. I was just about to shout at him not to come in as I was on the toilet when my poo splashed in with a huge CULLOMPTON and I saw him stop in his tracks ! However, he didn't immediately turn around and go back. He stared and ! moved around to get a better view !! I was just about to ask him what the hell he thought he was doing when he did turn around and go back to his room again. I guess he was just trying to find out which of the family was using the toilet, not that it was any of his business really. It was funny you talked about Kendal and Lynda following you around. Our Kendal's brother Thomas has been toddling around for some while now, and when I spoke to her on the phone, she told me how he had followed her and her step sister Emily into the toilet while they both needed to use it. They decided it did n't matter as he was only little. He is just starting to speak words which you can recognise. He watched attentively while Emily was on the toilet, and then garbled away in his baby language until he pointed at Emily, and then said, according to Kendal, "wee". She said they both cracked up laughing ! Then when it was Kendal's turn for the toilet, he apparantly pointed at her and said "we! e" again. As Kendal plopped away, she tried to correct him and said "No Thomas, it's poo. I'm having a poo. Can you say poo ?". It was then that the smell of Kendal's poo must have hit his nose, because he apparantly pulled a face and ran out of the bathroom, much to Kendal's and Emily's continued amusement. Well I suppose it is novalty value for Kendal to be watched by her baby brother, but seeing as you live with your two little ones, I'm sure it must be driving you crazy ! I know I'd be getting annoyed. But then I don't like to be watched ! Right, I'm done, time to get off the "seat". Glad we were able to share this chat ! Must do it again some time. No Boys !!! Love from Eleanor x

STEVE & LOUISE: I feel like a right gooseberry at the moment with Michael and Kendal being an item, but I'm still working hard on Andrew. He's taking his driving test in a day or two. Now having a boyfriend who can drive, that would be the ultimate in street cred with the girls at school !! Kendal says that my calm persistence, not overpowering him, is beginning to take effect. I hope she's right. Lots of love to both of you. Love from Eleanor xx
PS: I wonder if I'll ever be as bold as you Louise ? All these public wees you have where people can see you !!

TO EVERYONE ELSE: I really enjoy your stories. Welcome to all the new people. And a speedy recovery to all those of you who have been ill, injured, or are caring for those who are ill or injured !! Love from Eleanor x

Punk Rock Girl. Thanks for the story. I liked it.

A few years back, I used to be friendly with a guy who suffered with bowel problems, which took the form of diarreah brought on by stress.
He worked as travelling salesman, selling gas to private home owners. He would travel out of London in his car, trying to get them to change the gas company they were with to his. He told me, he had traveled to some old dear's home way out of London and he was in her small bungalow trying to sell her gas. He began to feel nauseous, then his stomach began to rumble loudly and then seconds later he felt his arsehole quivering. He then felt an overpowering urge to shit. He quickly stood up and asked the old dear if he could use her bog. He literally ran to the toilet which was right beside the living room and for the next 20 minutes was shitting explosive diarreah into and alover her pan! At one stage, the old dear enquired if he was alright. He even heard her spraying air freshener. He finally finished, but still feeling very unwell he left her home and began the drive back to London. He stopped at three service stations on the way back, to shit!

He did'nt get to sell her any gas, but he did leave some of his own in her home. And this is a true story!

Morning Dump.

Just to tell you about my dump this morning. I had cramps in my lower belly and a pain in my anus from keeping it clamped shut against the pressure, I was desparate to "go".

So everything down (oatmeal coloured "big pants" underwear if you care to know) and on to the toilet. The first turds came out quickly as I sat down and relaxed - followed by a rapid gas propelled expulsion as shit shot out of my anus.

Thought that was it but after a while some more soft stuff came out.

The smell was intense and it took an age before before I managed to wipe myself spotless (as I always do).

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I've been looking on this site for nearly a year, and I've decided ask a few questions relating to piss and poo.

Usually when I take a dump (I'm male by the way), I have to pee at the same time. I assume most people do this, but has anyone ever accidently shot piss over the edge of the toilet into their trousers/ pants around their ankles. This has happened to me a few times, mostly as a kid.
Also, does anyone ever have a sensation to keep pissing when they've had a dump. I get this sometimes and have to visit the bog again a few minutes later to empty my bladder.
Or maybe I'm just a freak.

Jason D.
I just saw Em yesterday. It was nice to see her pretty face again. Em seems to have the same worries as me. I still haven't found out if you can get the ax from college if they find out you're pregnant. Anyhow, she told me that her life at college wasn't going extremely well, and her Russian teacher who I told you guys about before failed her on another test. Enough personal fluff-talk. Let's get our hands dirty. So while I'm at Em's house, she says, "I have to go to the bathroom. Come in with me!" I know what's up. I wonder if Em holds her shits in the whole day or maybe even longer just to impress me when I come to her house. First we talk a bit, I tell her about how much I love life at Columbia, and that none of the girls at Columbia are nearly as beautiful as Em. Em smiles like the cat who swallowed the canary. She lets me look through her whole gradebook, which was pretty good, except for that one Russian test. Em suddenly shouts out, "Hey Jason, just be q uiet for a minute, I think I'm going to shit now." I have never heard Em fart once, which is not a surprise for me, she always seemed too sexy to fart. And she never grunts when she's taking a shit, either. So I am quiet, and in a few seconds I smell the terible stench of shits. Then I see Em get up from the toilet seat, but she isn't finished yet. There still is shit coming out of her ass. Finally it stops. Again, the bottom was hiding in the hole. Too bad I forgot to bring my tape measure again. I would guess this time it was about 20 inches long. Em never ceases to amaze me.

Outdoor Jane
In my last post to louise and the tips about the video-files, I forget something. That was to wish "Barbie Doll" welcome at this forum. I see you have same interesst as me. From I was a little girl (not 7 y.o. like you, but 4-5) me and my friend Lisa has love to poop outside. We had also an wooded area in our neigbourhood we always go to when we had to poo or pee. We was 10 y.o. when we get really turned on by it, and 11 y.o. when we get my sister (9 y.o. then) with us. Since that time, we have all loved to poo and pee outside. Now in summer we get a new friend at the beach who also love to poo outside. Now we are 4 girls in age of 14-16. Me, Lisa and my new friend is 16 and my sister is now 14. Again welcome to this forum. Hope you stay here.


if you don't me asking, girls & ladies please tell some diarrhea stories!

Hi Meghan, dear!
I hope you have a speedy recovery and no more pain! Will you have a story to tell when you are well again? I hope so. Hugs to you from Rizzo

Hi Ina!
How sweet of you to give me so much encouragement to seriously think of going ahead and ordering a Travelmate for my wife. If, no, when I do so, I’ll order one for each of my sisters-in-law too! But I’d only hand them out to my wife to pass them on after she has convinced herself of the usefulness of the device. I am just imagining the upstanding three women in a row, watering the shrubs in the woods. It is also encouraging to read that you and lovely Louise have managed to use it without getting your pussies wet, so that you do not have to use tissues to dry yourselves. I see an important ecological reason here: no tissues left lying around on the ground. Only very few women care to pick up their used tissues and put them in a plastic bag because they find it inconvenient or yucky or whatever.
So keep up the interesting wees, like the one in the toilet shack in the men’s side, where there was only an urinal and a hand-basin. I can just see that puzzled look on the woman’s face after she had entered where you had just left! Bye for now and love to you from Rizzo.

Kendal, dear niece,
So the situation is not as dangerous as I had assumed. Just Ellen not holding her tongue, eh? I still have to put that trump story together for her, and hope that she won’t go around in the meantime saying within earshot of her parents: ‘Has Uncle Rizzo written a new trump story for me yet?’ Just imagine the looks and the questions. So here’s to you, who now deserve to be called Miss Kendal, with a fuzzy loving hug, your Uncle Rizzo.

Hi Steve,
I see that you judged Damsel’s situation just like I did. And I think that you are quite right about the nudge in the right direction. As a ‘third party’ it was easier for you to notice the mutual attraction, which has to be there, or no amount of nudging or even shoving will give any desired results!
Then I particularly enjoyed the wee in the alley with Louise and Emma, who must have been brimming, bladders under strain, to produce such gushers. At least I am allowed to be part of the virtual audience! You are a lucky man! But I cannot complain, I have been lucky too.
Love your posts, Rizzo

Hi lovely girl! I liked your wee in Spanish waters. Here I have often seen bathers wee in the sea..But they all walk in far enough so that the surface of the sea is somewhere between crotch and belly button. Then they – men as well as women – stop for a while, get that far-away look, some start to paddle the water away on either side from their thighs with their cupped hands, others jump up and down for a rinse after they have finished, others wade back to the beach and others again just start to swim. It is all a camouflage for the same: a wee in the sea. I also enjoyed your wee in the alley with bursting Emma and your fun with the Travelmate. Keep up your posts, love from Rizzo

Nathan, good luck at the uni! I hope to read about what you encounter in the unisex toilets there!

Jane (& Gary), dear, ha, ha! Great story of you filling the toilets in the medical center, and the little girl watching you!

Hermione, dear!
I really enjoyed your story about Mary’s pan busters! In fact, I enjoy all your stories and look out for them with delightful apprehension!

Dear PV, so you had a lovely and peaceful moonlit wee. So did I, but on the other side of the same planet by the light of the same moon and from the deck of my boat! It didn’t sparkle on hitting the water though, because my wife and I had sailed up river where there is no plankton. Hugs from Rizzo

FART LOVER, I like your stories very much, just in case you hadn’t realised.

Leather Pants Girl, dear, please let us know how to clean messed up leather pants once you have succeeded!

Your story about Donna on the boat was very romantic and touched me. I like the way you described the sensations of holding a helping Donna. It makes her very beautiful. Cheers from Rizzo

This is getting too long, so I’ll post to the ones I have missed next time soon. Cheers and happy plops to all, Rizzo

LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi sweeties! Want another bunch of wonderful stories. You bet, I loved to hear you had good fun and success with your travelmate, Louise. It's great you finally were able to use it without spilling a drop and I hope it will stay that way! I think it could be very useful now it's getting colder and rougher weather. I would have loved to be witnessing your maiden piss with it outside! I always adjust it by the feel, you know. It's so routine for me by now. Yesterday I made good use of it again. I met an old friend and we talked long and had a few glasses. I missed the last underground train and had to take the nightbus. At changing point I had to pee badly. I already had ???? aches. I was at a big, prominent square over here, but as it was late, it was rather empty. I found a darker corner at a curved wall, which is sculptural element or something, I was a bit drunk, so I don't remember, giggle. I remember very well though, that I quickly placed my tool and.! ..PHEW....pissed and pissed and pissed. Wow, what a sweet relieve! I aimed against the wall and my pee mixed with the rain and I have to admit, I did not even have a bad conscience...It was just so needed and convenient. After that I took the next bus, which was crowded and I had to stand, but I grinned to myself, as I was still high from the wonderful empty feeling of a super piss. Wonderful to hear from you! I also especially liked the pee you had with your mom at the pool, Louise! I would also love to hear one of Steve's wonderful (male) pee descriptions again, if there is time, sometimes. Love and a big hug to both of youxxx

JEFF A: Thank you for your reply! Boy, did I love the image of your childhood memory. I envy you for that one, it sounds cool. Do you remember the smell? It imagine the smell of freshly cut grass mixing with the odour of a nice firm turd to be quite something. Am I weird? It somehow reminded me of one of my faintest memories: I was so little it all seems nearly not real, but I know it happened. When I was between four and five, I was sent away with a group of kids towards the seaside. I somehow ran away with another girl from the group one afternoon and we played at the dunes rather than with the others at the beach. The other girl was a bit older than me and all I remember is that we watched each other peeing and pooping into the sand. The funny thing is that I can't remember any other details, only the image of her turd coming out and falling into the sand, rolling over being coated by the sand sticking to it. It must have been so awesome, I never forgot the image. I t! hink we got into a lot of trouble, when we were found in the dunes...The rest of that stay was rather horrible, as I was scared being on my own and was often too ashamed to get up, as I had weed into the bed. Anyway, it's a long time ago. I would like to hear a story about you as well! Did you also ever poo while with your friends as a kid? Or do you have a nice outdoor story? I will tell you about my poo in the woods on my trip home next time, if you want me to. You would be suprised how many men ( and women) find women peeing standing the end of western civilisation. I think it's cool though, that you can't even understand, why s.b. would find that disturbing. I am honoured that you included me to the posters that made peeing stories a bit less boring to you.. I would love to hear more from you. Take care. With love, Ina

Best wishes to all and a nice hello back to PV.
DONNA: Hi, glad you enjoyed the travelmate. Did you use it in a "live" situation already like Louise? I very much enjoyed your story about your piss with Steve and many others. Maybe we can talk more later, I am getting too long. Best wishes, Ina
CARMELITA: Lovely to hear from you again, sweetie! Your stories were great. I hope we can talk again before I go away for a short while next week. Lots of love to all the lovely folks in your house! And an extra big kiss to you!

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